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[USA-MI] [H] Pokemon Games, Main Line Nintendo Games, Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, GBA / DS / 3DS / N64 / Gamecube / Wii Games[W] Paypal

2023.05.29 22:55 You_Savvy [USA-MI] [H] Pokemon Games, Main Line Nintendo Games, Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, GBA / DS / 3DS / N64 / Gamecube / Wii Games[W] Paypal

Will only respond to people who post in the thread. Selling lots of games and consoles.
Taking only PayPal F&F at this time.
Please let me know if you want pictures of anything or want to see any boards, all games are 100% authentic. Some cases do have varying degrees of damage and anything that stands out will be noted, please look through the pictures or ask for more to know exactly what you’re buying.
Everything is tested and working.
Shipping is $5 on all orders.
Consoles and misc Price Condition
Black Nintendo "new" 3DS XL $220 In great condition with minimal ware, screens are perfect, comes with OEM charger but no stylus
Jungle Green N64 $200 Comes complete with controller, expansion pak, and cords, in fantastic condition
Cobalt Blue GBA SP $70 Used with ware
Gameboy/Color Games Price Condition
Pokemon Blue $50 Loose, brand new battery
Pokemon Red $40 Loose, label worn/faded, brand new battery
Zelda Link’s Awakening $32 Loose, battery still working
GBA Games Price Condition
Golden Sun $42 Loose
Pokemon Ruby $50 Loose, has no label but authentic cartridge, brand new battery
DS Games Price Condition
Pokemon White 2 $150 CIB, back of cover has small tare
Pokemon White 2 $160 CIB
Pokemon Black 2 $125 Loose
Pokemon White $60 Loose, 1 small bracket on the back broke off, still plays fine
Pokemon Soul Silver $140 CIB
Pokemon Soul Silver $105 Loose
Pokemon Conquest $60 Loose
Pokemon Ranger $25 Loose
Advance Wars Dual Strike $25 Loose
Professor Layton and the Last Specter $84 CIB
Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box $16 Case and inserts, no manual
Animal Crossing Wild World $22 CiB
Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu $10 Loose
Custom Robo Arena $24 Loose
3DS Games Price Condition
Pokemon Y $24 Loose
Pokemon X $24 Loose
Pokemon Ultra Sun $28 Loose
Pokemon Sun $18 CIB
Pokemon Sun $14 Loose
Pokemon Moon $18 CIB
Pokemon Moon $14 Loose
Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright $40 CIB
Project X Zone $60 CIB
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate $20 CIB
Kirby: Triple Deluxe $15 Loose
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D $28 CIB
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D $20 CIB, nintendo select
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King $90 CIB
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team $32 CIB
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions $60 CIB
Bravely Second: End Layer $30 CIB
N64 Games Price Condition
Zelda Majora's Mask $60 Loose
Zelda Majora's Mask $60 Loose
Paper Mario $70 Loose
Mario Party 3 $55 Loose
Mario Party $35 Loose
Rampage 2: Universal Tour $30 Loose
Donkey Kong 64 $25 Loose
Banjo-Kazooie $25 Loose, slight label damage
Banjo-Kazooie $25 Loose, slight label damage
Rocket Robot on Wheels $60 Loose
Gamecube Games Price Condition
Zelda Collector's Edition $50 Loose
TMNT Mutant Melee $28 Case and game, no manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $30 CIB
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 $28 Case and game, no manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Mutant Nightmare $45 CIB
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes $50 CIB
Metroid Prime $30 CIB
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour $28 CIB, barcode sticker placed on the back of the cover art (not the plastic shield), did not try to remove it myself
Mega Man X Collection $30 CIB
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut $20 Loose
Super Mario Strikers $45 Loose
Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights $24 CIB
Army Men Air Combat Elite Missions $20 CIB, case has some damage
Wii Games Price Condition
Mario Party 8 $28 CIB
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn $110 Case and game, cover art is very faded
Mario Strikers Charged $12 Case and game
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2023.05.29 22:25 Cr1stian98 I found this air fryer bymy apartment dumpster and has hrease buildup which resulted in a burning smell from it. It retails for $80. Is it worth cleaning and reselling?

I found this air fryer bymy apartment dumpster and has hrease buildup which resulted in a burning smell from it. It retails for $80. Is it worth cleaning and reselling? submitted by Cr1stian98 to DumpsterDiving [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:15 frogmicky Got my Airfryer an hour ago and cooking on it

Today the mailman delivered a COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Qt 5 qt airfryer and I love it so far. Cant wait to cook more items, I just finished eating some fresh broccoli that was seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder & oil.
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2023.05.29 21:53 IndependentSail811 Any helping hands experiencing extreme inconsideration from front end management? Any advice for combating it?

This has been happening for years but it gets increasingly worse the longer I’ve been here. I’m wondering if any other helping hands have had success in getting some respect. We push carts in 80 degree weather and upwards, and all other weather conditions like the pouring rain but they’ll have the audacity to only schedule two people at a time for 5 hrs. They now want us to water the flowers out front for floral. What is floral doing if they’re not watering the flowers? There is no shot they are busier than the front end and certainly not busier than helping hands except for select holidays.
They blame us for litter on the ground (the store manager screamed at us and told us that “it’s filthy out here” as if it’s our fault that their customers litter). They’ll take away people on helping hands to throw them inside on register or make them do cart to curb while simaltaneously asking someone to collect trash from off the ground leaving 1 person to pull the entire parking lot by themselves. (Our parking lot is way too big for 1 person to do it by themself). They’ll ask for all of this at the same time but will turn around and YELL at us over the walkie saying things like “helping hands this side is empty it needs carts” “helping hands why isn’t plastics done” “helping hands cafe needs carts” but they make us do everything other than carts.
On top of this we are one of the busier stores in my state and they have installed locking wheels so they are cracking down on the 8-10 rule and writing people up for breaking it. They care more about their brand new wheels and less about how no one wants to spend the whole day under the scorching sun. And please they refuse to do the math. If there’s only 2-3 ppl most we can bring in at a time is 20-30 carts which all of us have been able to pull perfectly fine solo. But we always have at least 10 ppl walking in the door so there would be a deficit in carts and even if we do follow the 8-10 rule they get mad when we can’t fill the vestibule.
They also keep telling us that the vestibule only gets empty because “all we do is stand around” I will admit guilt for standing around sometimes but I’d like to see them walk around for 8 hours straight in blazing hot heat and watch them not take a breather. Not even for a couple minutes. It’s borderline abusive. Especially when I go in and see them standing around laughing it up in the air conditioner about something that’s not even wegmans related. They’re hypocrites. And they can clearly admit that being on your feet for more than 4 hours at a time can take a toll on your feet which is why they give cashiers and other departments mats. They want us CONSTANTLY moving because apparently customers complain if they see us stand around which is not true, it’s the service manager and the store owner complaint even tho they’ve never stepped a foot outside. They care more about complaints that aren’t even real than our health and safety
They have threatened to retrain the whole of helping hands if we keep standing around but they conviently forget that maybe manual labor is a little tiring.
Lastly the Walmart next to us also typically schedules 1-2 ppl to pull carts but they have a MACHINE that helps them pull the whole lot at once, but the wegmans somehow expects a full store with the bare minimum amount of people in 80+ degree weather with no machine only a strap in a parking lot that is 5x bigger than Walmarts and most other wegmans. No matter who I go to nothing ever changes they have no respect for helping hands and they keep dumping other departments bullshit on helping hands (while cutting hours SEVERELY, I legit only had one four hour shift and so have a few other people. But if we’re to have a second job they require at least two days a week so that in itself is contradictory)I get that we’re “helping hands” so we are obligated to help other people but why should I have to help them when I get yelled at, not an ounce of respect, and called lazy for taking a breather from the heat? I’d be ok helping other departments if they could respect how busy and overworked we get sometimes. Pls have a little empathy 😫
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2023.05.29 21:50 Powerful-Gal Part of my finds from today. One item may be cursed.

Part of my finds from today. One item may be cursed.
I left out the small engine oil, car related soaps and six bottles of rubbing alcohol. I had no room on the counter for the air fryer I found or the lap blanket that's in the wash. Here is the rest of my dive results. All are from apartment complexes. Can you spot the item we are joking is cursed?
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2023.05.29 21:41 jam1974 May the Luck Be with You Ultrean Air fryer Giveaway (06/04/2023) {WW}

May the Luck Be with You Ultrean Air fryer Giveaway (06/04/2023) {WW} submitted by jam1974 to giveaways [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 21:41 jam1974 May the Luck Be with You Ultrean Air fryer Giveaway (06/04/2023) {WW}

May the Luck Be with You Ultrean Air fryer Giveaway (06/04/2023) {WW} submitted by jam1974 to sweepstakes [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 21:34 pde1996 New Air Fryer Owner Seeking Costco Air Fryer Recipe Recommendations

I'm excited to announce that I've just joined the air fryer club and can't wait to start cooking with it. As a proud Costco member, I'd love to hear your favorite air fryer recipes using Costco finds. Share your go-to appetizers, main courses, and even desserts! Feel free to include specific recipes or seasoning recommendations. Looking forward to your delicious suggestions!
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2023.05.29 21:34 lSherlockl [WTS](USA-WI) NPO VSK94 W 9a-91 kit, KWA RM4 Magpul ERG, Agency Arms G17, FNX 45, JPC, Some entry level guns: GE GBBR AR15 Mlok, Matrix M4, SRS parts, Mini 40mm launcher, Misc & More

large batch of cleanouts from me some freinds/teammates. I will do my best to get back to each and every one of you but this oils the largest listing I have done in quite some time. First come first serve if i don't hear a response within 24 hrs. I will move on to the next person in queue if there is one. Just trying to be clear and avoid any messes.
Prices DO Not include shipping and are all OBO unless noted otherwise. Not really interested in trades at this point well maybe (I have a odd interest in a m1919 ) but feel free to ask and or offer, but really cash is king. I can quote USPS, UPS, and FEDEX. Payments handled via PayPal and local pickup is a option in east central WI.
Most of the smaller items are Flexible and or I am willing to deal on if buying other stuff.

NPO AEG VSK 94 w 9a-91 kit
Sales overview:
New never fielded NPO AEG VSK94 all stock, Includes the gun, Upgraded lightweight suppressor, 4 additional midcap mags (for a total of 5), conversion parts if you wanted to convert it to the 9a-91 (grip, upper reciever w folding stock, outer barrel, inner barrel, and barrel nut if running it without supressor and original manuals and documentation. This is a beautiful odd gun that is absolutely built like a tank all steel receiver with a hard phosphate coat same as the real deal. the VSK94 historically is/was used by the spetsnaz, fsb count4er terrorism units and other russian special forces as a 9x39 subsonic DMR as a easier to manufacture alternative to the likes of VSS. The 9A-91 primarily has seen use with Russian police forces. It is used as a cheaper and more versatile alternative to the SR-3M Vikhr
I did a video look at this gun in detail here: . Gun was shipped in parts from russia, so no original box, I assembled it and went over install and reviewed it as i went. I did also examine the gearbox as well while it was out of the gun. You can find a internal review here:
Asking $875 Obo for everything

KWA RM4 ERG Magpul edition
Sales Overview:
This gun is used I have fielded it a few times but pretty low milage (i tend to collect more than I play).
Package include, Gun, 1x 30 rnd mag w/cutoff, 6x K120c's with cutoff, Leapers red/green dot, magpul backup rear iron sight, and original spring/recoil weight.
This gun is a blast to use, but it really wasnt getting the feild time from me over my other replicas so decided to sell it. Its a great PTW or "realistic" training type of weapon due to functioning bolt cutoff and that all mags can be locked to a realistic 30 rounds if desired, disabling the trigger after the last round fired and requiring you to hit the bolt release after changing a mag before you can fire again (note its not a GBBR the bolt doesn't actually blow back)
Asking $550 OBO

Agency Arm G17 Fatal 13 Build
sales overview:
This was a personal build fielded a few times, was really my fist deep dive into pistol building and stippling.
Build itselft is CNC aluminum G17/18 agency arms slide ported on the top. High pro sights, RMR replica (will include a new battery for it). Lightweight BBU, Guarder nozzle, Threaded aluminum outer barrel, stainless steel inner barrel lapped with a maple leaf bucking and ikey, increased dual recoil spring, Agency arms trigger, agency arms magwell. Custom frame work stippling done by your truly.
Asking $355 obo

VFC FNX 45 Tactical Pics:
Sales overview:
VFC FNX 45 tactical with original box 2 additional leak free mags (for a total of 3), spare backstrap, and 3 spare mag seals. used in good condition full stripped cleaned and relubricated before sale. picked it up as I had been wanting one for awhile, but then got bitten by the AAP bug.
Asking $165 obo

MODI/Flyee JPC Coyote New
MODI/flyee JPC size L in coyote brown brand new never fielded. decided I'm really just more of a chest rig guy. made from 500D ballistic nylon has a wide range of adjustment and has the proper rubberized webbing sort of material on the shoulder straps. Includes original closed cell foam plates.
Asking $65

Golden Eagle GBBR NIB
Selling this never been gassed or fired can be tested or chono'd on request. The GE GBBR system is a WA clone this means you can use WA upgrade parts (Which basically means GHK parts as they also run on the WA system). The receiver is Polymer but the hand guard and barrel are metal. The handguard is what they call the delta style which is sort of this interesting almost triangular shape see pics. From what I have heard these may not be the most amazing GBBR but are a fair base/entry into the GBBR world without breaking the bank with reasonable aftermarket part support.
evike link: (its the delta mlok 13") if you want more details
Asking $175 OBO

Echo1 TROY TRX M7A1 M4 (7" variant)
Another Entry sort of gun metal upper and lower, was originally destined to be a custom build out for a team mate but ended up going another direction. comes with standard nicad/nimh and basic wallwort charger, personally i would still look to move over to lipo but its a starting point. Troy industries trades on the receiver sights etc. Interesting battery compartment/buttstock setup
evike link:
asking $175 OBOSOLD

Matrix Raystar M4
New in box, selling for a freind. Stock was originally damaged in shipping and was replaced, original buttstock will be included as well but as mentioned is cracked.
Poly upper and lower comes with everything pictured. Interesting design on their flash mag I kind of like the larger pull tab. Not a whole ton to talk about its new and its a cheaper starting gun.
Asking $110 OBO

Cybergun Python .357 NIB (4" version)
Its a Co2 revolver not too much to say, unfortunately it is one of the hotter shooting variants shooting a quoted 380-410 FPS range with .2's. Comes with the 6 Shells and speed loader. New in box never used or fired.
here is product link if you need any more info
Asking $75SOLD

M4 Short mags
70 rnd sort pmag clones with ranger plates and top covers.
asking $20 for the lot of 3 or $8 ea

SRS Project/Scrap Stock
Was originally a tan stock used as a dye test for dying the nylon fiber a camo pattern and masking techniques. Then later was modified and material removed to test fitment of a CO2 reg into the stock. you still should be able to lock-on the stock plate or the spacers but you will be missing several of the latching or locking teeth on the sides.
Asking $10 OBO

Gate Aster V2 rear wired.
Not OEM packaing but brand new never installed comes with all the materials required to install
Asking $65 OBO

Compact Rail mounted 40mm Grenade Launcher
Evike link (visually explains it better as product shown out of pkg):
Really more of a minimalist 40mm grenade shell holder picatinny mount. See evike link for more details on usage/installation options as I didn't want to open it for product photography.
Asking $20 OBO

LCT OD G3 Grip
Asking $8 obo

Hi Capa Mag bodies
jsut the bodies themselves if you have a damaged or beat up one AW/WE in origin I believe, no valves or other parts included.
Asking $8 for the lot or $3 ea

Silverback Parts
Silverback Fast Hopup (right)
New unused Silverback Fast hopup for srs rotary style adjustment takes aeg buckings.
asking $35 obo

"SOFT AIR" SCAR springer
yep lovely pretty plastic scar spring rifles brand new in box and yep not great, on the plus side I believe they take a standard AEG style mag, have 1 left available.
PRICE ill toss one in with any major purchase if you ask or $10 + shipping

HK 51 Extended outer barrel (believe it was designed for the CA series)
14MM CCW its a extended outer barrel nuff said
Asking 12 OBO

Smaller Stuffs (desc should be on the image in the Imgur album)
Make offers here!
Description QTY Price status
M4 Target Grip. basically PSG1 style grip for M4's 1 $12 SOLD
LBX Project Honor Camo/Sets. Small combat Shirt x2, Youth Pant x1 (fit the wife) measured 30-32 waist $10ea or 18 per set or 15 for whats left OBO Small/youth set 30-33 waist via measuring SOLD SOLD SOLD
ACU UCP Unuforms, coat and kneepads 2x Lg/long pants (34-36 i think), 2 lg/long shirts, 1x parka, 1x knee-pads/elbopads $ 15 per set or 9 per piece. parka $15 obo and knee-pads/elbopads $8 OBO for the lot
MISC Pouches and Gear Drop leg platform, bowman headset, longer smg type taco, 3 cell ACU mag pouch, black camo holster, 2x black holster, handcuff? pouch, Desert storm era Goggles (for looks I dont think i would trust them) $ ~2-4 Ea or make a offer Only handcuff pouch, left available
"China Camo" 1x MC set 32-34 waist has darts in it to enlarge not sure exct size but perhaps up to 36?, 1x desert camo forget the name 32 ish waist. 1x 32 Mossy oak pants. $ 8 per set or 4 per piece OBO

anything in THIS image
also this nagant stock its plastic for a Co2 nagant 44 free just cover shipping or bundle with anything else

whew there we go, and i do have permission to keep this separate from my services thread.
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2023.05.29 21:09 Acceptable_Ad1685 Our solution to frozen pizzas

I noticed a number of posts commenting on the cost of simple things that used to be cheap like frozen pizzas.
Our family started to make simple pizzas using:
Sauce of choice Tortilla Cheese of choice Toppings of choice
Put sauce, cheese, toppings on a tortilla and toss it in the air fryer, oven, or whatever.
They honestly come out better than the super cheap frozen pizzas anyway imo and you can definitely make a lot more of them for cheaper…
We do them as breakfast pizzas sometimes too with eggs or whatever on them but of course toppings add to the cost ultimately…
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2023.05.29 20:54 KingHotDogGuy [TotK] I think I cracked the timeline. I call it One Impa Theory.

At the end of Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda leave the Master Sword in Young Impa's time and return to the era of Skyloft. Ocarina and the other games will happen in the future.
Young Impa remains behind. The Goddess Hylia passed away a short time ago to eventually reincarnate, but Demise has just now been defeated by a mortal with the sword and the Triforce. The Triforce is in Impa's care, with instructions from the Goddess to hide it from mortal history. The Master Sword is here, despite not having really been created yet. I think this is the world of Breath of the Wild.
A step back to view the full timeline. Before everything, Rauru and Sonia founded Hyrule and encountered Ganondorf who becomes the original Demon King. These seem to be the earliest events on any timeline because they are. They have no sword that seals the darkness and no knight, evidently only gaining knowledge of them from Zelda. The only mention of gods or goddesses is Ganondorf’s statement that the Zonai must at first have resembled them. And for once the sage’s stones haven’t been passed down by their people since forever, we see them handed out for the first time. So this really is the beginning of known history, at least for now.
Years later we get the first Great Calamity, the one supposedly depicted on Impa’s tapestry. But the tapestry is a lie, because Impa told us at the end of SS the Goddess said the Triforce had to be hidden from mortal history. The tapestry just says the Calamity was defeated by the hero with the sword aided by a princess, this basically describes the Hero of the Sky's intervention in this timeline and is what Impa wants to happen if the Calamity does happen again. But the real story of the first Calamity is the story of the past in Skyward Sword, as first depicted in the intro cinematic and later modified by us: the Demon King’s armies came out of the earth to take the Triforce from Hylia, Demise wounds Hylia but she seals him temporarily. Hylia passes away, but Ghirahim suddenly appears and uses Zelda’s spirit to bring back Demise, who is then defeated by the hero with the Master Sword and the Triforce.
Skyward Sword’s present day is the second Calamity in the timeline where Hylia sealed the Demon King herself and then created the Goddess Sword. Hylia is reborn as Zelda, Link creates the sword and defeats Demise, but they remain unaware of Ganondorf's buried corpse with Rauru's arm, so it remains there for Koume and Kotake to reanimate for Ocarina of Time. (I know the pits behind the Sealed Temple which isn't close to Hyrule Castle so this is a little shaky here for a couple reasons but I think it basically holds up.)
Breath of the Wild is the second Calamity in young Impa’s timeline, where the Hero of the Sky appeared at the end of the first Calamity with the Master Sword and defeated the Demon King, then left the sword there and returned to the future. Crucially this explains how the Master Sword is present in the story of the first Calamity and in BotW, but doesn’t exist in Rauru’s time, and neither does the legend of Hylia confronting Demise and raising Skyloft. That legend is based on the first Calamity, and was passed down in a future that won't happen anymore because we altered the first Calamity, but the Master Sword was brought back from that future. (TotK's Mother Goddess statue gives you the White Sword of the Sky I think as a nod to the fact that because of this loop in the SS ending the Master Sword and Goddess Sword are both present in this world.)
Whatever exactly Hylia is, she’s not mentioned in Rauru’s time, or in the tapestry legend, but is widely worshiped in BotW+TotK. In SS, Demise talks about the humans he knew “clinging to their goddess.” But people in Ganondorf’s time don’t seem to know Hylia much less cling to her, if anything they cling to their Zonai overlords, so SS Demise must be talking about events from his previous return in the first Calamity. Hylia must first appear before the first Calamity, and dies before Impa and future Link intervene to defeat Demise. Impa leaves Hylia out of the story of the Calamity because Hylia told her to leave the Triforce out, but she doesn’t try to erase all memory of Hylia, because she is still going to be reincarnated in the future. Presumably, our BotW+TotK Zelda, in addition to now having consumed a Zonai secret stone, become an immortal dragon, and returned to human form, is Hylia reincarnated. Basically she's the same Zelda from SS, it's basically the same year, but in a parallel universe where the Sheikah brought Skyloft back down right after the Hero of the Sky beat Demise.
Why One Impa Theory? I figure the truth of BotW+TotK is most likely found in the backstory of the most recent title as is usual in Zelda, and when you look for common threads, what you see is Impa. She's one of the original characters dating back to the NES Zelda manual, but she is not part of Demise's Curse, so I don't think she's being reborn. It's possible the Sheikah are reusing her name, and it's unclear how to tie SS+BotW Impa to Ocarina, but we see Impa prominently reintroduced in Skyward right alongside the expanded role of time travel in the story, and then in BotW and TotK, while her sister Purah perfects an anti-aging rune, Impa is kinda in the back seat, but mostly concerned with finding Zelda. At the end of TotK she's still talking about her tapestry, and definitely giving off an air of knowing a lot more than she's telling. If I'm right, she not only knows the tapestry is less than half the whole story, she knows the location of the Triforce, the origins of the Master Sword in an alternate future, and that their friend Zelda is probably a reborn goddess. There's also clearly some connection between the Sheikah and Mineru or other Zonai that Impa could probably explain, along with Hylia's story. Impa is really holding out on us.
Also, since this means the tapestry is a version of Skyward Sword's history modified by Impa, the most likely reason the tapestry hero has red hair is that she combined attributes of the Hero of the Sky, with our main man Groose.
It's shaky in a few spots, and it ignores the inclusion in the game of many items and ruins from other games. But I think it works better than anything I've read, and coming after Skyward Sword's heavy narrative I really don't think this game is meant to disregard or reboot the timeline. And as for ruins, it is notable that the primary locations from the surface in SS, the Sealed Temple and the three springs, are all here in basically the same condition, and even after exploring all our TotK sky islands, there are no ruins from Skyloft.
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2023.05.29 20:29 JustAGuyInTampa Best way to clean grease from air fryer out of tile/wood?

Best way to clean grease from air fryer out of tile/wood?
Never thought that all the grease would fly out the back of an air fryer and now we have a big yellow stain. Any tips on how to clean it without damaging the tile or wood?
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2023.05.29 20:26 nobes49 Week 20: Favorite Kitchen Tool - Grain bowl with crispy chickpeas (Air-fryer)

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2023.05.29 20:13 Mysterious_Push7526 My Car Only Starts On A Decline

Looking for advice on why my 1984 325e manual would only start on a decline.
Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel pump relay and housing, air filter, various cracked hoses, plugs, oil, battery, and fluids. And it has a half tank of gas.
Thank you for any help ❤️
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2023.05.29 20:10 FemmeCreature Low cost and energy meal prep

Hey Folks! New here. Been vegan for ten years, leaning more towards WFPB over the last year. I love to cook and cook quite healthy and vegetable forward dishes but haven't shied away from oil and also keep convenience items around for when im busy or tired.
Recently was told to go on medical leave for 6 months to a year for health issues. It seemed like a good time to really get intentional about health and go mostly wfpb. Unfortunately one of the reasons I'm on medical leave is I get very dizzy and can faint and I also get intense fatigue I can't push through. A lot of my usual meal prep is harder for me these days. My symptoms are also triggered by heat so being in a hot kitchen or standing over a stove can make me sicker faster. My usual fresh summer recipes require a lot of vegetable prep that I can't always get through. On top of that, due to medical leave my income is greatly reduced.
So I'm looking for some good meal prep ideas that are low cost but also low energy input from me and require less standing. I do have 2 instant pots and an air fryer which I use very regularly. I get cheap produce delivered once a week and try and get it chopped and in fridge saver containers the day it arrives but sometimes I can't get that done in one day. I have a small herb garden. I require a higher salt diet for my health condition. I do have a large freezer but it's full of pizza and stuff right now that I'm trying to eat less of at the moment so there is not a ton of space. I have three teens and make dinner for them half the week so I need some good large family meals and I also like to keep the fridge and pantry stocked with lots of healthy snacks.
Looking for any ideas on meal prep, low-energy recipes, shopping ideas, etc.
Tl;dr: I have more time but less money and energy and am having trouble feeding myself, help.
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2023.05.29 19:55 Nonpareilchocolate I made the peach fiesta spam bake

I made the peach fiesta spam bake
Top photo is after baking at 375 for 20 minutes in air fryer. I did 2 10 minute sessions because it's just spam. I didn't think I needed the 30-odd minutes called for in the original recipe and didn't want to burn it if it only needed 10 minutes.
I tweaked it a bit for me, since I'm diabetic. I used peaches in their juice. The recipe calls for using the syrup that usually comes with peaches, but I used sugar free apricot preserves (which I've used before), Splenda brown sugar in place of regular brown sugar in the recipe, and a bit of juice from the can to thin the preserves. I've been using these products for years and no longer notice a taste difference. Others might, and in that case, you should stick to the original recipe.
I have to say, I'd eat this again. I've never had hot peaches on food; they were nice with the preserves. I don't know if I'd worry about making the spam loaf pretty. I'd probably just slice it and pour the peaches and sauce over the slices, then bake. I give it a 8.5. It has a good rhythm and you can dance to it.
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2023.05.29 19:46 Omni_Skeptic Mirror Matchups can be improved by concentrating attention-based abilities on units anticipated to be built in those matchups in particular

One of the frustrating parts of mirror matchups has to do with the fact that virtually anything you can make, so can your opponent. This makes countering the opponent's army difficult since any unit switch you can do, so can they, which puts the losing player in a tough spot since they will always have less of whatever mirrored composition is occurring. Oftentimes, mirrors turn into an arms-race up the tech tree until you both get the "general purpose" composition and then your goal is to get *more* of the general purpose composition than your opponent. This makes it incredibly difficult to come back from a deficit. Starcraft 2 tried to solve this in part by making units quite fragile, giving the losing player the ability to make a single big play to come back if they took a good enough fight. While this has a place in the discussion, I think it would be prudent to provide some units that are expected to be used in mirror matchups abilities which benefit from increased attention.
One failed example in Starcraft 2 was air superiority. Vikings and Pheonix, for instance, are the basic air superiority units for each respective faction, so without knowing anything about the races one can make an informed guess that if one player is making these units, the other player might be too. This means it will be a numbers game and the fight will come down to an a-click, which is not interesting and does not give the player with less of the unit great ability to come back.
An example of a hypothetical ability to correct this issue would be having a unit that "fires up" its engines for only a brief second directly after being issued any command by the player manually, increasing the attack range of the unit by 2 for just that single second. In the example of a basic air superiority unit like the viking, if both players are sitting behind siege lines, the "losing" player has little opportunity to try and chip away at the opponents' viking count with their own because all of the opponents' air units have the same range and speed, meaning engaging them will just lead you to trade evenly (something not good to do if you are behind) because you cannot outrange or try to disengage without taking losses if it starts going badly because you can't outrun them. With an increased range triggered by manual control, a player who is explicitly issuing manual orders to the unit would have the opportunity to kite the opponents' units if the opponent had lapsed attention on those units, rewarding the player with more attention to spare rather than the player with more resources to spare.
The obvious good example of an ability which was done successfully in Starcraft 2 addresses not the range but the ability to trade "free" shields and then "freely" disengage in PvP using blink. If you are looking at your stalkers, and they aren't looking at their stalkers, you can avoid taking hull damage on yours while they are taking hull damage on theirs (at least until they re-dedicate their attention). Because the stalker is the main unit built in the PvP matchup and it was specifically allocated a utility-based ability, I would make the case that this is actually the reason PvP is the most preferred mirror matchup in Starcraft 2
It is my hope that Stormgate will try its best to allocate the few slots for utility-based abilities in the game specifically onto units that are anticipated to be built in mirror matchups
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2023.05.29 19:18 reibish Bread machines are a godsend and an ADHD-tax break

So I made a post yesterday showing my banana bread surprise and realized that I have not sung the praises of a bread machine enough. I only just realized how ADHD-friendly they are. If you like to bake or like fresh bread (and other goodies! JAM!) but know darn well you can't keep up with the time management of rising, kneading proofing, etc, or deal with the cleanup, please consider getting a bread machine!
Bread machines are the set it and forget it of baking. You put all the stuff into one pan, drop the pan into the machine, and magic. Even better, you can offset the baking time. Eg if you suddenly remembered right now you need fresh bread but don't have the 3 or 4 hours and need it ready in 8, most machines will allow up to 13 hours to delay having the program done (not recommended for whole wheat though). It literally beeps at you to tell you when to check the dough (or you can turn this off on most machines!).
Cleanup is easy, it's all in one pan. When the bread comes out right it's just a quick wash. You can make yogurt in most and jam too. And get this: cake comes out actually fully baked. No squishy spots in the middle! Also the machine turns itself off. Typically it will keep something it baked warm for an hour then power down. And if you unplug it in the middle of a program, it will recall if you restore power within 10 minutes.
The price can be a bit off-putting in the beginning because right now with food costs and whatnot you're looking at $120 for a basic 2lb machine. I got a Dash 1.5lb machine last year for $85 but looks like it's been discontinued. However I have not purchased bread in a year because of it and even with the cost of ingredients I've definitely saved tons of money just on bread alone.
I know some people either love or hate appliances like InstantPot or air fryers -- they never appealed to me because just too many moving parts and extra stuff to have around, but a bread machine fit the bill. It's one pan, no fans, no complicated pieces, extremely versatile, and pays for itself.
Another minor but I think helpful thing that I really like about it: the recipes are very straightforward. It's literally: put these things into the pan in this order. Push buttons. Check when beeping if preferred.
That's all! Sorry for the novella. I just realized there's a lot of talk about food prep, baking, budgeting, etc here and this is one of those things that has greatly reduced my ADHD tax liability :)
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2023.05.29 19:17 MyNamJedi NBA script is Eric Spolestrolestra Dad

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2023.05.29 19:12 gaikravik Best Discounted Offer On Chefman Air Fryer 8 Qt with Probe Thermometer, 8 Preset Functions, 1-Touch Digital Display Compact Cooker, Extra Large Nonstick Square Air Fryer Basket with Window, Dishwasher-Safe Parts, Black

About this item:
  1. FRY WITH THE POWER OF AIR: Don't sacrifice great taste for healthier cooking. Serve all the delicious fried foods your family loves using 98% less oil. Air fry chicken, vegetables, pizza, French fries, frozen foods, and even leftovers to a perfect crisp in minutes.
  2. PROBE PERFECTION: This big air fryer includes a removable integrated probe thermometer and advanced probe technology that effortlessly cooks chicken, fish, and meat to your ideal doneness with real-time temperature updates on the digital screen. It offers non-probe presets too!
  3. EASY TO USE: Our best rated air fryer offers intelligent touch controls and 8 preset cooking options to streamline setup so you can air fry with accuracy and take the guesswork out of making meals.
  4. FEED THE FAMILY: The 8-quart large airfryer capacity holds enough to feed a family of 4-6 to get dinner on the table quickly. Additionally, the square-shaped large basket saves space while providing ample interior cooking surface.
  5. CUSTOMIZED CRISP: With a cooking temperature range up to 450°F, you can create the perfect dish nearly oil-free no matter what’s on the menu. The new Hi-Fry option is the smart way to add a crisp finish when you crave that extra crunch.
Buy Best Discounted Offer:
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2023.05.29 19:05 TrulyTranscend 4.2.5

Update 4.2.5 is now live on Steam, Paradoxplaza and ModDB.

Major Features

- Restored Lone Star’s Hand Warband path’s previously incomplete Legion events and decisions. The additions from this include access to a small number of wargoals, a modest branching chain of new events and decisions for marching to Castra Sol Rubrum, the alternate ability to join Lanius’s Horde should Lanius form the Eastern Legion and the choice to serve as a subject rather than being annexed into Lanius or the Legion proper should Lanius be alive and loyal to Caesar.
- Made a round of touch ups to tech balance. More significant changes include melee equipment buffs, Knight and Scribe changes, small adjustments to many industry techs. The full details can be found here:


- Added several new character bios to Baudelio Ranchers, Guardians, Iron Alliance and Slags
- Added unique pictures to some downfall events
- Added 2 achievements “Judgement Day” and “Through the Fire and Flames”
- Added Mojave Territories back to the West Coast bookmark
- Added a leader description to Jack Vickers in Baudelio Ranchers
- Added 2 additional crossings between Rapids and Tohono Nation
- Added starting coastal forts, outposts and bunkers to parts of southern NCR and western Legion states
- Added a line of forts to NCR’s focus “The Crimson Caravan Routes” and two different lines to “Protecting the Boneyard”
- Added a line of forts to the Legion’s focus “Uniting the Wastes”
- Added a starting debuff to Washington BoS and The Cause lost when one annexes the other
- Added an army buff spirit to Hand Warband’s “The Masters of Texas” focus
- Added a spirit to the Legion’s “Legionary Training”
- Added a tech reducing Infantry Combat Width to the Legion’s “The Tip of the Spear”
- Added a starting timed debuff for Vault City tied to the 2275 Selection
- Added 10% starting stability to Vault City to partially offset the above
- Added a starting idea debuff for Shi which is gradually lessened by and related to the debates
- Added a temporary idea given to Shi by their early Navarro news event
- Added war support to the options for Shi’s Navarro Intervention event
- Added starting -10% Construction Speed to the NCR Economy modifier in exchange for -1% Consumer Goods
- Added 5% starting war support to TV Town
- Added 5% starting stability to Nuevo Aztlán
- Added 5% starting stability and war support to Tlaloc
- Added 5% starting stability in exchange for 10% war support to Shi
- Added 15% starting war support in exchange for 5% stability to Petro Chico
- Added starting Tool Procurement, Resource Production and 5% war support to Stormmongers
- Added more building slots and resources to a handful of Legion states
- Added a starting radar station to Weather Monitoring Station
- Added starting ports to: Ocotillo in Rapids; Needles in Mojave Territories; Dry Wells, Kingsman and Poston in the Legion; Tacna in Tohono Nation; and Santa Rosa plus both islands in Valle Bandits
- Added Reservation to the Legion research group at gamestart
- Added 1 military and civilian factory; 5% war support; and slightly more resources, infrastructure and building slots to Baudelio Ranchers at gamestart
- Added 1 starting civilian factory and slightly more resources, infrastructure and building slots to Cowboy Country and Tohono Nation
- Added 1 starting dockyard to Cowboy Country
- Added 1 starting anti-air and radar station to Rusty Hooks
- Added 1 more level of Air Base to Flagstaff, North/South Phoenix and San Antonio
- Added 1 starting outpost to New Canaan and New Jerusalem
- Added 1 starting outpost to Arroyo’s victory points
- Added more starting forts to Monterrey
- Added starting Scout Kit and Anti-Tank Rifle tech, 5% war support, +10% trade opinion,
Wasteland Militias law and 250 manpower to Arroyo
- Added additional influence and coercion for Arroyo as AI
- Added starting Anti-Tank Rifle tech and 3 more Naval Module techs to Gente Del Sol
- Added Asymmetric Warfare tech, Assault Canoes and a Spec Ops template to Navajo at gamestart
- Added Industry Planning, Construction Basics, Crowd Gear, the Wasteland Survival Training law, slightly more building slots and 10% stability to Iron Alliance at gamestart
- Added Mobile Maintenance Crews and more fuel to Two Sun at gamestart
- Added starting Power Armour Frame Hardening tech to Heaven’s Gate
- Added starting Lightweight Metals tech and more energy to Eagle Rock
- Added starting Caravan tech to Standing Rock
- Added 1 military factory, 10% war support and 450 manpower in exchange for 8% stability to Mad Trains at gamestart
- Added 1 starting military factory to Two Sun and Withered Dogs
- Added 1 division, full division equipment and the Funding the Army law to Scorpion’s Bite at gamestart
- Added starting Slashing Melee to Cypher’s Warband
- Added a scientific tech research bonus to NCR Hayes’s first expansion focus
- Added starting production to Californian Way and Baudelio Ranchers
- Added descriptions to Ejército Mexicano’s Cartel and Militia Blues spirits
- Added positive AI strategies for Arroyo and the choice in their 3rd event
- Added AI scripting for Mojave Territories to prepare for the First Dam Battle better
- Added localization for “Anti Air Weaponry Research Speed”


- Changed the icons for vehicle techs Mobile Assault Weaponry and Improved Turrets
- Changed the localisation and icon for Wasteland APC’s to Great War APC’s
- Changed the localisation and icon for Wasteland Bus to Wasteland APC’s
- Changed maximum and minimum opinion from +/-100 to +/-200
- Changed high stability factory and dockyard output from up to +12% to up to +15% and mobilization speed from up to -20% to up to -15%
- Changed high war support mobilization speed from up to +100% to up to +50% and Core Attack and Defense from up to +8% to up to +10%
- Changed base monthly population gain from 0.016 to 0.015
- Changed base suppression needed per 1% resistance from 0.38 to 0.35
- Changed the wartime building destruction cooldown from 25 to 20 days
- Changed the scale of land unit experience gain from 0.07 to 0.06
- Changed the maximum shore bombardment bonus from 0.25 to 0.3
- Changed base damage output in Air Combat to be 25% higher
- Changed maximum planes in air combat simulation from 500 to 750, making the peak lethality of air combat higher
- Changed enemy bombing war support penalties to have a lower cap (60% to 50%), but scale 33% faster
- Changed the base enemy air superiority penalty from -18% to -20%
- Changed outpost and coastal fort construction cost from 700 to 800
- Changed Naval Base construction cost from 3000 to 2500 and added a per-level cost of 500
- Changed the modifiers on some industry techs slightly
- Changed the base coring cost from 25 to 30
- Changed “Large Territorial Administration” factory output from +10% to +5%
- Changed Trade Law levels to give +5% less Trade Tariffs
- Changed decision State Funded Radio Programming’s effect slightly
- Changed the start caps for established organizations from 50k to 25k
- Changed the AI to produce more aircraft under some conditions
- Changed the Scorched Earth operation to be cheaper
- Changed Reno and Vegas tourists to add 1k more caps and 2k more bonus
- Changed traits Fortification Expert and Fortification Engineer to be weaker
- Changed trait Armaments Organizer to be stronger
- Changed effects of some Settler and Raider start events to be weaker
- Changed NCR, Shi, Valle Bandits, Three Rivers, Vault City and Washington BoS starting resources to be slightly lower
- Changed some Arroyo crisis events to occur slightly sooner
- Changed Tlaloc and Diana’s “God from the Machine” to be slightly weaker
- Changed Lost Hills’s Knight and Scribe intros to grant a stronger final modifier and be auto completed soon after “The Paladins” rather than requiring manual completion
- Changed Lost Hills Training Facilities to now affect all units
- Changed some Lost Hills decisions to last longer
- Changed Lost Hills’s “Council Reforms” and “Preparing for the Ceasefires End” to add 1 more Administration Center capacity
- Changed Lost Hills’s “Our Right” branch to have more flexible prereqs
- Changed Lost Hills’s NCR cooperation decision to cost 100 less
- Changed Lost Hills’s Paladin Sway idea to add +5% more political power
- Changed some Lost Hills foci in the NCR War, WMD and Scavenging branches to be stronger
- Changed Lost Hills’s starting resources to be higher
- Changed two Lone Star advisors and some Hand Warband foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed the shared Attis Army capstones to be slightly stronger
- Changed Cerberus’s resistance and compliance bonuses to be in their modifier--rather than traits--alongside added -50% trade opinion
- Changed Cerberus’s Attis and Shale Traits to grant supply consumption -15% and production efficiency base +15%
- Changed Ironmongers’s Mastersmiths law to grant 1% less conscription and its starting debuffs to be slightly higher
- Changed The Cause’s ATA focus to also upgrade Glorious Purpose and changed other foci very slightly for balance
- Changed Washington BoS starting -20% compliance and +10% war support modifiers to -5% political power and +10% war stability
- Changed some Washington BoS foci to be weaker
- Changed a Washington BoS unit to start on Capitol Hill
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Cartel and Militia Blues ideas to be added at gamestart and changed the events that start their branches to add 5% stability or war support
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Zapata Alamo Chapter event to be 40 days later
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s “Superior Mechanization” and “The Liberation of Texas” foci to be weaker
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Ironmongers wargoal to be locked till Tlaloc’s death
- Changed some Standing Rock foci to be stronger and added intermediate electronics and construction tech to the tree
- Changed Shi’s starting production and templates to be slightly better
- Changed some Shi foci slightly for balance - Changed Shi’s “Big Trouble in Little California” to need 2 prereqs instead of 1
- Changed Two Sun’s vehicle bonuses to be stronger
- Changed Legion AI to be far more likely to avoid the civil war for a leader with max glory rather than choosing randomly
- Changed the Legion’s “Raider Rumble” to only raise resistance temporarily
- Changed the Legion’s Dam Loss branch to be much stronger and have some added effects
- Changed the Legion’s Legion Training spirit to no longer buff speed in exchange for buffing all special forces rather than only spec ops
- Changed the Legion’s autonomy laws to reduce license cost more
- Changed the Legion’s “Commercial Dock Development” to reduce invasion penalty more
- Changed the March West event to make any subject of Lanius’s be Caesar’s rather than being freed and removed from the faction
- Changed the Lanius Caesar’s Warden trait to be weaker
- Changed Lanius and Vault City to get the “Prioritize Consumer Technology” decision instead of “Basic Hygiene Education”
- Changed some Vault City pre-election and Lynette foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed some New Mexico states to have slightly less water
- Changed Lynette’s “The Patrolmen” recovery rate buff to infantry defense
- Changed TV Town’s starting infantry and militia templates to have 2 more battalions
- Changed TV Town’s “Stopping the Sandman” to take 15 less days
- Changed TV Town’s starting spirit to add -15% lack of resources penalty and no longer add -15% division experience
- Changed New Vegas’s Jewel of the Mojave spirit modifiers slightly and changed its percentual conscription malus to be flat
- Changed New Vegas’s Robotics Genius to grant 10% less fuel capacity in exchange for -2.5% securitron cost
- Changed New Vegas’s starting securitron template to be better
- Changed New Vegas’s starting event factories to be slightly less
- Changed NCR AI to pick Kimball 5% more (now 40%) and Hayes 5% less (now 20%)
- Changed NCR Dollars to give +5% less Trade Tariffs
- Changed NCR’s Self-Sacrifice Myth to be weaker
- Changed NCR’s Military Complex debuff event option somewhat
- Changed the NCR’s Hub crisis debuff to be slightly higher
- Changed NCR’s “The Sentries of Shady Sands” to grant a stronger, more specific fort line
- Changed some NCR government laws; some Moore spirits, traits and expansion branch foci; and some Hayes expansion branch foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed NCR’s Dornan general and advisor, Oscar Stone advisor and Admiral Doherty advisor to be slightly weaker
- Changed some NCR Hayes main branch foci to be stronger or shorter
- Changed NCR’s “Roaring Economy” to take 60 days and add 5% less war support
- Changed NCR’s “Retool the Ranger Corps”, “Denounce Kimball’s Rhetoric” and some post-election Kimball and Allgood foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed NCR Moore’s BoS decisions to cost more
- Changed the NCR Civil War “Ranger Divide” idea to grant more debuffs and be removed in Calhoun’s main tree instead of the expansion tree
- Changed Californian State and Californian Way to get -10% stability at the Civil War’s start
- Changed Californian Way to get slightly more of the NCR’s units and stockpile in the civil war
- Changed Mojave Territories’s starting spirit to add 5% less war support
- Changed some Mojave Territories’s civil war branches to be slightly weaker
- Changed some NCR puppet tree shared and country unique foci to be weaker
- Changed MacArthur’s upgraded Salvatore advisor to be slightly stronger
- Changed MacArthur’s Chicago foci to bypass if a people nation
- Changed some MacArthur advisors and lower foci to be weaker
- Changed MacArthur’s APA/Vertibird stockpile from 50 and 20 to 30 and 15 respectively
- Changed some MacArthur focus prereqs slightly
- Changed MacArthur’s APA purchases to cost 2 more energy
- Changed MacArthur’s starting Outsider Law to add +1% more resistance target
- Changed some The Last Patrol foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed the TAA’s Rio rebellion branch to add 5% less net war support
- Changed some early Texan BoS ideas slightly for balance
- Changed Alamo Chapter’s Emergency Production spirit to be slightly stronger
- Changed Alamo Chapter’s Alamo Defenders to have less battalions but more support companies
- Changed Alamo Chapter to have 300 less extra guns
- Changed Alamo’s “United Texan Front” focus to require all 4 of its prereqs rather than only 1
- Changed some Reservation Willem main path foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed New Canaan’s Defender Priest advisor to be stronger
- Changed some later White Legs foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s starting research speed bonus from 5% to 2.5%
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Raw Poseidon Energy” and “Walking Artillery” to give 1 less factory
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s Aggressive Policy buff to be for Hardin rather than Veronica
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s manpower from Veronica’s path to be lower
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Victory at Sunburst” focus to add 5% less stability and war support
- Changed some of Mojave Chapter’s weaker post-sunburst foci to be shorter or stronger
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Enlist the Families” to add 3 less civilian factories
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s Securitron Vault decision to have higher cost and duration
- Changed a small number of Mojave Chapter’s strongest Big MT and Sierra Madre foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed Montana Chapter’s post Fort Verity foci to take 5 more days
- Changed Montana Chapter’s “No Problem is Too Great” to add less infrastructure
- Changed some Montana Chapter foci to have slightly more prereqs
- Changed a few Eagle Rock industry and blimp bonuses to be slightly weaker
- Changed Eagle Rock’s starting blimp stockpile from 24 to 15
- Changed a few Shale’s Army foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed Three Rivers’s “Buy The Latest Model” to add sophisticated power armor tech and APA schematics rather than free APA
- Changed two Three Rivers doctrine buffs to be smaller
- Changed Hangdogs’s “Open The Box” to take 40 less days
- Changed Hangdogs’s “Big Wrenches” and “The Army of Denver” to be slightly weaker
- Changed many Desert Rangers NCR foci and Snake Vargas’s leader trait to be weaker
- Changed Desert Rangers’s capstone to take 30 more days
- Changed some Maxson Chapter advisors and foci to be weaker
- Changed Maxson Chapter’s Vault 0 capstone effect to be smaller
- Changed some Gente Del Sol advisors and early ideas slightly for balance
- Changed Gente’s 3rd event to add 1 less arms factory in one option
- Changed two Gente research bonus foci to be weaker and two weapons foci to be stronger
- Changed the strength and order of Eighties’s “Life is a Highway” branch foci slightly
- Changed “The Devils of Utah” for Eighties and “The Eternal Quest of the Pure” for Rotpurgers to grant -5% more Trade Opinion
- Changed start spirits for Baron’s Eyrie, Bismarck, Coal Consortium, Metal Mouths, Niitsitapi and The Pursuant to be weaker
- Changed Max Sec’s tiered NCR spirit to be weaker
- Changed Overwatch Tock’s description to be shorter
- Changed the NCR Baggers unique puppet branch to be disabled
- Changed the Snowmads and Mad Trains formables to have slightly weaker effects
- Changed the New Mariposa formable to add compliance and reduced resistance rather than coring every respective state
- Changed the Legion’s Phoenix branch tithe foci to add more caps - Changed some top-half Navajo foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed Snowmads’s leader trait to be weaker
- Changed Iron Alliance’s formables to grant stronger, slightly altered effects
- Changed Lanius’s focus “A False Goddess” giving wargoals on Twin Mothers even after they’ve fled to Paradise


- Fixed the assign medal unitview GUI quick button not being visible
- Fixed the retain cores popupwindow GUI checkbox for releasing countries not being visible
- Fixed sphere state ownership checks for subject countries not accounting for the state being owned by another subject with their same overlord
- Fixed an error leading certain coring related modifiers to have been dramatically increase
- Fixed the Steal Army Supplies operation not rewarding equipment properly
- Fixed the NCR getting locked into the Bull’s Demesne if the Legion Civil War occurs and they are unable to capture all of Caesar’s core territory
- Fixed Culto Al Sol having no advisors and no caps income
- Fixed some Reno/Vegas tourism localisation
- Fixed Mojave Chapter’s Legion targeted defense modifier not applying due to a coding error
- Fixed some Mojave Chapter foci having lower durations than intended
- Fixed Gente Del Sol’s 3rd event having an option with no effect
- Fixed an exploit where Troll Warren could take its Bone Dancers and Chemult Station wargoals despite taking the non-aggression pact
- Fixed the Lone Star and Hand Warband theorists having swapped bonuses
- Fixed various NCR, Caesar’s Legion, Standing Rock, Stormmongers and Montana Chapter foci and decisions which lacked wargoal alerts/triggers or proper state control triggers
- Fixed some compliance or resistance effects which mistakenly used decimal values
- Fixed Honduras’s AI Defense Focus being erroneously high
- Fixed an oversight which made AI weights for certain sets of manpower laws too high or low
- Fixed a bug that led certain nation AI scripts for diplomacy or armies to malfunction
- Fixed the Hand Warband focus “A Slave To Be Admired” not giving a commander
- Fixed the NCR being able to try and push investments on the Mojave Territories
- Fixed Troll Warren being unable to progress in their tree if the Marrow Drinkers annex the Carcass Walkers before they do
- Fixed Eclipse Uprising receiving generic advisors


- Removed 5% starting stability, 2 military factories and 1 civilian factory from MacArthur
- Removed starting Automation tech and 1 infrastructure from Vault City
- Removed starting Ohm’s Law from Ejército Mexicano
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure in 10-Signs for the Legion and Fort Lyon for Maxson Chapter
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure and 1 of each factory from a Manitoba state
- Removed 2 starting infrastructure from Los
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure and military factory from Bitter Springs in Mojave Territories
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure from: Eden, Ashton, Hopeville, Arroyo and some states for Shi and Sky Reavers
- Removed 1 of each starting factory from Timberline
- Removed 1 starting civilian factory from Navarro Territories, Sky Reavers, TAA, Stormmongers, Rupertsland Trading Co. and Old Believers
- Removed 2 starting civilian factories from Batford Brigade
- Removed 1 starting military factory from Hangdogs, The Pursuant, Baron’s Eyrie, Three Rivers and Whitecourt
- Removed 5% starting stability from Vault City and Whitecourt
- Removed 5% starting war support from Mojave Chapter and New Vegas
- Removed 3% starting war support from Lanius

Technical Changes

- Added more AI event choice scripting for NCR, MacArthur and Texan BoS
- Added a debug decision to spawn Alamo Chapter for Texan BoS
- Changed Alamo’s AI focus plan to be more optimal
- Changed minor parts of some nation starting production for quality of life
- Changed minor parts of AI army composition and research behaviors to be more optimal
- Fixed misc. localisation errors for many nations
- Fixed missing bypasses for select wargoal foci
- Fixed some unused and inaccessible NCR focuses still being enabled in the code
- Fixed missing localisation for certain modifiers
submitted by TrulyTranscend to OldWorldBlues [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 19:01 dd14xx Jasco fan controller - exclude/Include

Hi, I have several z wave devices on my ST hub (GE, Zooz primarily, and some Schlage locks) - and it has been working fine for a year or two.
Over the last month or so, I've been having some random issues with devices going offline. In most cases, I've been able to re-add them. Except this Jasco fan controller. It just randomly disappeared from ST - doesn't just show offline, but just gone.
The switch works manually - no issues, but can't see it in ST. I tried to exclude it (set hub to exclude mode, and tapped up button once) - hub reports nothing to exclude. Tried to add - hub reports nothing found. Tried to reset (3 up/3 down) - the switch doesn't show the blue LED blinking as it should after reset. Tried air gap before/after all these steps - no difference. I've also tried network repair.
Any recommendations on what I'm missing?
The only other open issue (just in case it is relevant) is that one of my Schlage BE469 locks goes online/offline randomly without me doing anything.
I have not added any devices recently.
submitted by dd14xx to SmartThings [link] [comments]