River rock siding panels

Painted the Salmon River on a rock our postman gave me!

2023.06.05 09:26 Hopeful_Conference27 Painted the Salmon River on a rock our postman gave me!

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2023.06.05 09:16 Main_Energy_1556 Found this in shower wall

I am adding an access panel on the other side of my shower wall. When I opened up the wall I found this mess with spliced wires. Any advice? Obviously should probably get an electrician involved, but the way my bank account is set up…
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2023.06.05 09:06 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 16. Machination:

"Ikn ultro irthir tairais."
I focused on what looked like a meeting room, the sounds of busy Humans reached my ears.
"I can hear their chatter." I said. "For the next twenty minutes, as long as I maintain my concentration, I will hear them."
I let my body relax, focusing on the words, letting them flow through my mind. "I can hear them talking about us, complaints that they got put on 'lizard duty', complaints about how we should have just died off by now. I can hear them talking about me, they are approaching."
The voices grew louder, chairs being moved, the creaking as they sat down, the door sliding shut.
"You all know why we're here." A gruff voice spoke. There was a shuffling of papers. I spoke the words as I heard them. "What the fuck do we do about these goddamn lizards?"
They muttered among themselves, uncertainty, fear."
"More importantly." Another voice spoke. "What do we do about the bulletproof motherfucker? They've got fucking magic that stops a bullet, magic that chases you down and blows your fucking head clean off- I watched as my buddies got killed by those freaks of nature."
"Kobolds." Another, softer feminine voice spoke. "Always chaotic evil creatures, looked them up myself." Another voice spoke. "Based on what the lab coats say, anyone who gets turned into one gradually becomes more like them in mindset and morality. Now, I'm just a humble player, and part of me's fuckin' ecstatic over the fact that one of my favorite games're real-"
"Get to the point." The gruff voice spoke.
"We're disconnected." The softer voice spoke. "Everything we know about the universe is a lie, and as sure as God is my witness, I'm pretty sure this problem of ours is caused by an evil god named Kurtulmak, the God of Kobolds." The room went silent. "That means they've probably god Clerics working under her, plotting nothing less than the spread of her will."
The room erupted with arguing.
"Quiet down!" Gruff Voice shouted. "Corporal, since you're the expert here, what do you suggest?"
"Well, they're clearly using magic, so it stands to reason they've got enough Clerics and Druids to maintain their food supplies. We can't risk any of our fliers going over the quarantine zone, and launching a nuke is just going to cause problems. With Clerics, they can cure any disease or poison we throw at them, and that's not even going into what happens if any when they go underground. Therefore, I think the only reasonably course of action is tapping into that same power they have."
"How?" The question was simple.
"Well, the existence of certain older mythological deities, such as Bhaal, imply that at some point, there was connection. Maybe the rise of Christianity severed us, maybe it just happened regardless. But considering we're against Kobolds, our best option would be to try and make contact with the God who has a longstanding hatred of them."
The room went silent for several moment, followed by Gruff Voice asking, "Whom, and how do you plan on achieving this?"
"The Gnome God, Garl Glittergold." Soft Voice spoke. "He once nearly wiped them out at the height of their power, and based on the reports, our bulletproof Kobold seems to be at the very least a worshiper of Kurtulmak. As for the how, the only thing I can think of is observing one of his holy days, the Communion of Laughter- he's the jovial kind of deity, you see. I'm thinking, if we can get him to notice this going on, he'll be more curious than not as to why an outlier is suddenly paying homage to him, and we can explain our situation to him."
"Draw attention to a god who hates these 'Kobolds', and get him to do what we can't." Gruff Voice said. "I think it's a long shot, but literally anything is better than nothing. When is this holy day?"
"The thirteenth, sir, about five days away, if we can manage it."
"Corporal Martel, I'm investing in you the authority to set this up. Anything and everything you need. we will get it as quickly as we can. We only have one shot at this-"
"It's every thirteenth, sir." Martel stated.
"The Communion of Laughter is held every month on the thirteenth. The best case scenario is it works, we get rid of the problem, and then we can go home. Worst case scenario, we party each month and have a boost in morale."
"Very well. Every thirteenth, we'll try our damnedest to get this guy's attention. Dismissed."
They left as my spell petered out. I shook my head and looked at the others, they were stone-faced.
"Five days, huh?" Nakk said softly.
"Their plan won't work." I said. He looked at me, confusion clear in his eyes. "Part of the deal for letting our Emperor out of the cavern below was his agreement to agree to compromise. Even if they remain enemies, with Bahamut interceding on our behalf, Glittergold won't be able to do a damn thing about us. Either he attacks us, and loses Bahamut's support- especially since he'll be attacking innocent victims of Tiamat's actions- he refuses to attack knowing Bahamut will get on his ass about it, or the more likely scenario, he won't even notice at all."
I paused, thinking for a moment. "That said, we need to ensure everyone is safely underground in the event that Glittergold does attack. The day of the thirteenth, we need everyone evacuated underground to Darastrixthurhi. If Glittergold decides to reenact its destruction, he'll have to contend with the fact that it's underground, surrounded by solid rock, as dug out by the first Kobold who would have already anticipated a second destruction."
"We could just kill them." A Rogue remarked.
"We could, but then we're attacking a potentially devout follower of Garl and that might piss him off even more. I will be convening with our Emperor, and I will be making an effort to bring Bahamut's Temple into this. Nakk, I want you present, we tell them I asked you to provide me the means to spy on our enemy."
Nakk nodded.
A Rogue ran over to us. "Leader, the Council has requested to convene."
"It'll have to wait." Nakk spoke. "Imperator, I will follow your lead."
The Council room was quiet when we entered, Tudru and Kuvli looked annoyed, they were glaring at Galax, who was holding his Holy Symbol in hand and silently uttering a prayer.
"We're all here." Merti stated as Nakk and I sat down.
"We are still missing one person." Galax stated. "He will be here soon."
As if on cue, the door opened and my Emperor strode in. Everyone did a double take, except Galax, who simply opened his eyes and looked at us all. "I have had a vision." He said.
"Not this shit again!" Tudru sighed. He stood up. "I'm not fucking having any more of your religious bullshit, from anyone!"
"Tudru, sit down." I said.
"No! Fuck you, Ruuk! Fuck you, Galax! And especially fuck you-!"
My Emperor grabbed him by the throat as Tudru fronted on him, his eyes blazed with divine fury. "I invite you to calm yourself, Fighter, or your people will need to replace you."
Tudru went silent, all anger replaced by terror.
"The Temple of Bahamut and I have, at present, made amends." I stated. "If your concern, Tudru, was that we were going to be at each other's throats, rest assured any further aggression will take place outside of the town." I looked at Galax. "Do not forget that Galax has had accurate visions in the past, I do not think it would be prudent to ignore him simply because he and I have been fighting."
"It's not just you two." Kuvli stated. "They're too fucking high and mighty for their own good, I still remember what he said. Out of his hands, my ass!"
"That's not even going into the shady shit you've been doing." Tatla said. "Don't think I haven't noticed those Sorcerers going in and out of your Tower like that."
"The same Sorcerers who I found today underneath where we sit, who were gathered around an altar, bleeding on it, so they could summon a Demon for power?" I asked. Everyone- except Tallyn- expressed surprise at this.
"I gave them a simple ultimatum." I continued. "Since they could not be trusted with the interests of the Warren, they could either submit to my Master, and have the oversight they desperately wanted to avoid, or I would kill them." I looked at everyone. "At present, my Master has given them a collar which will choke them if they willingly do anything that will harm the Warren. They fucked around, they found out. This will be the case for any spellcaster who endangers the Warren for personal power."
"Do you hear yourself?" Tudru asked.
"Do you have a better option?" I asked. "If so, I will happily release them."
Nobody said anything. I looked at Galax. "Your vision." I said.
He nodded. "I had a vision." He spoke. "My God had delivered to me a platinum blade, and he spoke. 'This blade is the end of your life. Wield it without hesitation.' And then he was gone, and in his place stood a white dragon, who laid upon my hand a single nugget of gold, and then came forth a black dragon, who did the same, and so it was with a red, green, and blue dragon, until my hand was weighed down by the gold. Yet even as I strove to drop the gold, it had melted into it, forming a golden manacle that was as hard as steel, that chained me to my temple. And it was then, and only then, that the sun was blotted out as if by an eclipse, and our town was destroyed."
"What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?" Tatla asked.
"I know the answer." I said. All eyes were on me. "Nakk, please tell the Council about my request to you."
Nakk nodded. "You asked me to send some of my rogues to infiltrate the enemy's base of operations." He said. "You wanted them to get a good look at the interior, and provide silent images for you."
I nodded. "I cast a spell known as Clairvoyance." I said. "With it, I listened in on their base. They were talking about us, and I'm sorry to report that they don't even see us as former citizens, just evil creatures that need exterminated."
I paused, letting everyone come to terms with that.
"How does this relate to the vision?" My Emperor asked.
"I overheard a meeting. One of their own has a plan to, on the thirteenth of this month-" My Emperor's eyes widened, he instantly knew. "-to perform a ritual known as the Communion of Laughter, one that venerates the Gnome God, Garl Glittergold, who destroyed Darastrixthurhi countless ages ago. The thirteenth is five days away."
"It is likely to work." My Emperor said. "But I have learned from that time, I have reinforced my rebuilt fortress, there is solid earth between it and the surface, even then, it is already beneath a mountain. I am certain, should he come, we will survive."
"Bringing in an entire fucking god?" Tudru asked.
"While you remain safe underground, I will confront Garl alone." My Emperor spoke. "Even if he seeks to kill me, so long as I have one faithful remaining, I will not die."
"I'm sorry, Master." I said. "I am not letting you be alone." He looked at me. "Order me as you wish, I have already disobeyed a God to stand at your side."
"I will go too." Galax spoke. "Garl Glittergold will have to contend with the reality that the faithful of Bahamut is willing to stand beside a foe, for we are innocent victims of a cruel mistress."
I looked at the rest of the Council. "The rest of you, please do what you can to ensure the safety of the people. Everything I have done has been for them, I refuse to let them die."
"How can we trust this isn't some sort of trick?" Tudru asked.
"Zone of Truth." I said. "But at this point, since you clearly don't trust us, you'll find a reason as to why we couldn't possibly be telling the truth."
The room was tense.
I could no longer count on Tudru having my back, Kuvli might still have some regard for us. Nakk was on my side, certainly-
"I will." Kuvli spoke. "Five days will prove whether or not they're telling the truth. We continue as normal, and when it's time to go underground, we will."
"Tell us something, Ruuk." Tudru said. "And be honest with us. Have you ever at any point harbored any desire to take over?"
"Clarify the question, please." I said.
"So, you deny it?"
"Clarify the question." I stated.
He paused for a moment. "Have you, at any point, made any efforts behind the Council's back to establish a different form of government?"
"It is my will, that this land one day bears witness to my Empire." My Emperor spoke.
"I'm talking to-"
"And I am answering!" My Emperor snapped. "Just as Bahamut would wish for a nation that holds true to his ideals, who serve him faithfully, so too do I. Under my command, Ruuk lays down the foundation necessary to- if this Council either falls, or deigns to relinquish power- take command. I have named him my Imperator, my faithful call him such. He still clings stubbornly to the necessity of this Council."
"No matter how many times it's brought up, I'm still going to say no." I said in the most exhausted voice I could muster.
"There have been an increase in dissatisfaction with us doing our job..." Kalith spoke. "What is stopping them from simply tossing our authority- such as it is- aside and establishing something else?" He looked at the others. "If it comes to such, I will take up that responsibility."
At first, I was confused as to why he was doing that. I was the Imperator, but then I saw the glares directed at him.
'Merti, Tatla, Galax, and Tallyn.' I mentally noted. Tudru only glared after it became apparent there were others who were doing it, and it wasn't like he wasn't paying attention. Kuvli simply stared at him with no outward expression. With Nakk rolling his eyes, putting on a show for the others. Rekka just looked away.
That made it potentially four people on my side, not counting Kalith. We actually had the advantage.
"No." I said. Kalith looked at me with wide eyes. "That isn't something we can decide on. The only way something like that is happening is if the people overwhelmingly support it. Even then, I couldn't possibly take that kind of role."
I shook my head. "Besides, we need to focus on the threat at hand. Five days from now, we are all going to be facing the potential of death. Merti, Tatla, even if you don't believe us, please work hard to stock up on enough food to support everyone. No matter what, we need to survive, at least long enough for our enemies to lower their guard."
They both looked at each other, then nodded. "We trust Galax's visions, and since you can corroborate something that at least makes sense with it in context..." Merti trailed off.
"We'll do it, for the good of the Warren." She said.
"Galax, do you think your Clerics would be willing to work together with ours to spread the news? So far, the people have only seen us bickering, knowing there is a danger and that we're already making efforts to ensure everyone's survival should heighten our chances of getting people to listen."
Galax nodded. "You brought the sword to me that signals the start of this, one that could have only come about had you any love for my God. We will do this."
"So, what, me and my Fighters are just fucking useless?" Tudru asked.
"Can you fight a mountain?" Kurtulmak asked.
"N-no..." Tudru replied.
"Tudru, Kuvli, you've been working your warriors hard, I know everyone's been using magic to heal sore muscles. That means each and every one of your Fighters and Berserkers are strong. We're going to need that strength to get everything we need moved down in Darastrixthurhi."
I could see in their eyes, in spite of their outward hostility and aloofness, they respected me and wanted to support me.
"Nakk, you know your Rogues better than any of us, do what you need to in order to keep us safe, and tell the Monks that we're not leaving them topside, they're coming with us and that is non-negotiable."
"On it." Nakk replied.
"For someone so unwilling to lead an Empire, you're certainly quick to give orders." I looked at Tallyn. "Are you actually against such a thing for moral reasons, or because you want it, but know you shouldn't take it?"
"Tallyn-" I started.
"Tell us honestly." He said.
My Emperor lightly tapped my back, then he scraped his claw up, then down. So, this was it, then. I looked down, rubbing my hands together, I spoke, "I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't appeal to me." I looked up at him. "But I can't."
Based on the expressions of the others, it seemed that earned me a few brownie points with them.
"Rekka, can you and your Artificers come up with something to ensure we have fresh air underground? I know there are shafts that bring fresh air in-"
"I'm already mentally building the schematics." She said.
"What will you and Kalith be doing?" Tallyn asked.
"I'll be organizing my Sorcerers to ensure everything goes smoothly." I replied. "He and his Warlocks will be doing much the same as me." I paused. "Tallyn, I'm not actually certain what Paladins do, exactly."
"I can lead my Paladins to heal anyone who gets hurt, that should be enough."
"It will have to be." I said.
That was the end of the meeting, nobody made any comment on how I effectively took command. Galax and Tallyn were the first to get up and leave, with Merti and Tatla leaving shortly after.
"Tudru, Kuvli, Rekka." I said. They all looked at me, "Was it my imagining, or does the idea of the Warren becoming an Empire not bother you?"
"No." Kuvli stated bluntly. "It does not."
"It's pretty much inevitable at this point." Rekka said.
Tudru averted his gaze. "I'd be lying if I said it did." He said.
"Then will you support your Imperator when needed?" I asked. Only Tudru and Rekka looked surprised.
"Finally." Kuvli said, smiling. He walked around the table over to me and knelt. "We've been waiting since day one of us Awakening for you to say something like that."
"Imperator." Tudru said hesitantly. He did the same as Kuvli, and knelt.
Rekka followed suit.
"Swear your fealty to me, and our God, our Emperor, Kurtulmak." I said.
"I swear." They spoke.
"In the days to come, I want the people to demand I take command. If anyone speaks out against this, have them detained, so that when I do take command, I release them and show I am a magnanimous leader. Is this understood?"
"Yes, Imperator." They all spoke. Tudru smiled as he said it, it was clear he had been wanting this for a long while yet.

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2023.06.05 09:03 MonkSoft4418 river ward bug?

so i have been trying to get his “following the river” mission show up for me. i waited a few days in-game, fast traveled to random places, and did a few side missions. he texted me that he wanted to hang out but a mission did not show up for me. is this a bug? has anyone managed to fix it somehow?
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2023.06.05 08:53 gym-rat-antenna I wanna make a rogers best moments comp but i cant find these clips on youtube to download pleaseeee help me find them

Is that the come back and kick me whistle?
I’m a responsible guy

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Put her back in there she’s an inside cat

Francine I have an unregistered gun in the glovebox say officer if you want me to shoot our way out of this

How the hell am I supposed to take down a CIA helicopter? Wait! If I take these twigs, this small rock, and my bubble gum

How about some road head to celebrate

Time for the homeless? I have sex with the homeless!

Where I had sex with 5 homeless men what? That was a side mission sometimes I do side missions a lot

Why are you talking to me don’t you know what Grindr is we did what we came here to do

That's a little trick I learned to quiet newborns when I worked in the maternity ward. Quite a few people are still looking for this little lady, I'll tell you that much!

Meet me In the bathroom ill drill a hole between the stalls

He's not gonna call. He thinks you can lose ten pounds, but that's why he doesn't call. He dies in that fire. So you didn't NEED to tell me about the ten pounds. Someone needed to.

Probably shouldn’t have farted before I started that walk

Plunger penis and plunger nipple scenes

Im gonna keep swinging my baby lasso till I catch me a man

You’re dragging me to your bedroom! Be in the moment Roger enjoy this

The scene where he’s in kink gear on the bed with Stan
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2023.06.05 08:40 medicalee [TOMT][Album][1994-2014] Likely indie rock/pop, folk, or alternative. The album cover has pine trees in the foreground on the left side of a white house. Possibly a black border around the image.

I thought this was a The National album but it’s not. I can’t remember the artist at all. It’s vaguely visually similar (in my foggy memory) to the cover of It’s Immaterial by Black Marble.
Thanks for any and all responses!!
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2023.06.05 08:39 Green_Accountant6530 Here’s How a Content Marketing Agency Can Boost Your Business Performance

Sydney is New South Wales’ State Capital with a growing population of 5.23 million people. The city is one of the bastions of technology in the Asia-Pacific region with content marketing agencies flocking the city. The region is located in the coastal basin of New South Wales bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Blue Mountains, Woronora Plateau, and Hawkesbury River in all its sides.
Read more : https://www.geniusupdates.com/heres-how-a-content-marketing-agency-can-boost-your-business-performance/
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2023.06.05 08:29 IneverGiveUp01 A Fresh Perspective: Could Rational Recovery be Your Turning Point?

Hello everyone,

Imagine being trapped in a destructive cycle for eight long years, knowing you need to escape but feeling utterly powerless to do so. That was my reality. I'm a 26-year-old man who, from the tender age of 12, found himself caught in the relentless grip of pornography and masturbation addiction.

By 18, I was painfully aware of the damage it was causing and desperate to break free. I tried everything – NoFap, meditation, sports, cold showers, even punishing myself, but to no avail. It felt like my addiction was an unshakeable opponent. But then, something changed. I discovered a strategy that changed my life. If you're struggling, I want to share this with you...

Caught in the grip of this addiction, I would spend an average of seven hours per day, even peaking at thirteen hours sometimes. The toll of this habit was heavy, affecting my personal, professional, and social life severely. Yet everything changed when I discovered Jack Trimpey's Rational Recovery method.

While his book provided me with crucial insights, it was his comprehensive AVRT Demonstration, where Trimpey guided an alcohol addict towards permanent abstinence, that truly filled the missing pieces in my fight against addiction. The Rational Recovery method fundamentally shifted my perspective towards addiction, helping me to recognize and silence the voice of my brain (the Beast) pushing me to consume. Today, I want to share my experience, hoping it could be an effective solution for many of you. You can access the entire demonstration at the end in the 'Useful Resources' section.

Understanding Addiction and Navigating this Guide

Let's talk about what addiction really is. Addiction isn't about the behavior itself, but rather the desire to escape pain and seek a better life. It is marked by ambivalence, a feeling of being torn between two minds. Overcoming addiction involves breaking free from the grip of pleasure and reclaiming control over oneself.

Before I delve into how I applied the Rational Recovery method and the results I got, I want to pose a simple but powerful question: If I placed a big red button in front of you that, when pressed, would instantly eradicate your addiction, would you press it?

If your answer is 'yes', then you have all the reasons you need to quit. I've been where you are now, writing pages upon pages of reasons to stop, yet relapsing despite knowing how harmful it was. It's important to recognize when a pattern becomes harmful, it's time to stop.

As you explore this guide, remember the importance of keeping an open mind. Let's borrow some wisdom from Mark Twain, who once said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” It's a nod to the importance of being receptive to new ideas and methods. This guide may offer a different approach, but embracing it might bring about the change you're seeking.

What is AVRT?

AVRT (Addictive Voice Recognition Technique) is a transformative strategy that I've found invaluable in my journey to overcoming addiction. This technique helps you recognize and differentiate yourself from the 'addictive voice', the part of your primitive brain structure that fuels your addiction.

Think of AVRT as your personal defense mechanism that works under any circumstance, regardless of your emotional state – be it sadness, anger,boredom, loneliness, or stress. The aim here isn't to suppress these emotions, but rather to stay in control of your actions, no matter what you're feeling.

The 'addictive voice' – which we'll call the 'beast' – is a sneaky internal saboteur. It's the part of you that wants to continue with the harmful habit, despite you consciously knowing it's not beneficial. AVRT is about learning to separate this beast from your own true will, thus empowering you to reclaim your life.

The power of AVRT lies in this distinction between you and the beast. Once you master this technique, you'll learn to reject the rationalizations and temptations that originate from the beast. The dissociation from the beast is what makes it possible to make a firm, irrevocable commitment to quit your addiction. By not identifying with the beast, you can prevent yourself from suffering commonly associated with resisting addiction.

In essence, AVRT isn't about fighting or resisting; it's about recognizing, dissociating, and reclaiming control of your life.

What is the "beast"?

The "beast" is a term coined by the Rational Recovery method to denote the part of your brain pushing you towards your addiction. We call it the Beast because, like a wild, uncontrollable animal, it cares about nothing but fulfilling its need. It is a cunning inner voice, whispering that you need to engage in porn and masturbation to feel satisfied, relieved, or happy. This voice, often referred to as the Addictive Voice (AV), can be quite deceptive. It might paint you a picture of an enticing scene, produce alluring sounds, offer a moment of relief, or even present a false promise of control—"Just be more careful next time."

This beast manipulates you with excuses, deceptive emotions, and outright lies to make you succumb to your addiction. But let's make one thing clear: the beast is not your friend. It's your worst enemy. It's a parasitic entity that has latched onto your life, thriving on your addictive behavior. Like every living thing, it fears its end, and that end comes when you stop feeding the addiction. It has no regard for your well-being, your relationships, your life goals, or your health. Only its survival matters.

As you read through this guide, it's crucial to remain aware of the Beast's interference. Remember, the Beast manifests as a voice in your head or as an emotion, pushing you towards addictive thoughts and actions. You might experience feelings of resistance, discomfort, anger, fear, anxiety, or even a cringe reaction. These are the Beast's attempts to disrupt your progress.

While the Beast can attempt to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, it does not and cannot control your actions. It's your survival instincts that the Beast taps into, but your ability to make decisions, to govern your actions, thoughts, and emotions is uniquely yours.

The Beast may present itself in thoughts like, "This is too difficult to understand," "This won't work for me," or "I'm an exception to this method." Understand that these thoughts are not your own, but the Beast's desperate attempts to maintain control.

In its relentless quest for satisfaction, the beast views everything, including you, as expendable. It's the embodiment of your addiction, caring for nothing but its next fix. It's deaf to reason, blind to consequences, and immune to remorse.

If this description resonates with you, don't panic. You're not 'sick.' It's merely an error of association made by your body - an error in the script, so to speak. It mistakenly believes that this addictive behavior is as vital for your survival as breathing or eating.

Take these moments of resistance as signs that you are on the right track. You're threatening the Beast's existence, and it's trying to fight back. Recognize these voices for what they are, continue moving forward, and know that each step brings you closer to reaffirming your control and freedom from addiction.

[How to Proceed]

Recognition Technique

Let me share an effective exercise, adapted from the Rational Recovery book, that could help you end your porn and masturbation addiction right now.

Start by observing your thoughts and feelings about watching porn or masturbating, both positive and negative. The thoughts and feelings that encourage continued use represent your Addictive Voice (AV), while those advocating for abstinence represent the real you.

When you learn to identify and understand your AV, it becomes an easily defeated foe causing you to indulge. All it craves is pleasure. The main tactic of the Beast is to seize control of the pronoun 'I'. It will try to convince you by saying things like "I want to watch porn" or "I need pornography ".

However, you can effectively counter this strategy. By simply adding a 't' and shifting the 'I' to 'It', you can remind yourself that these thoughts are not truly yours, but are the Beast's manipulations. So the sentences become, "It wants to watch porn" or "It needs pornography ".

By changing "I" to "It", you dissociate from the discomfort or distress. Yes, it's that simple, placing it squarely on the Beast instead of yourself. It's crucial to recognize that these feelings are the Beast's attempts to coerce you back into addiction.

Now, tell yourself, "I will never consume porn or masturbate again", and listen for any negative reactions – this is your AV responding. Conversely, if you think, "I will consume porn or masturbate whenever I please," any pleasant feelings that arise are also your AV asserting control.

This recognition technique dispels short-term desire, making abstinence effortless. Complete separation of 'you' from 'it' results in complete recovery and hope for a better life.

Picture the AVRT technique as a form of gardening. The Addictive Voice is the weed trying to overtake your garden and sapping nutrients from the other plants. Recognizing the weed for what it is and uprooting it preserves your garden's health. Similarly, identifying and acting against your Addictive Voice safeguards a healthy and fulfilling life free from addiction.

Shifting Technique

Shifting is another powerful technique to help you dissociate from the beast of addiction. The idea is to alternate between viewing your addiction from the perspective of the beast and your own.

When viewing addiction through the Beast's eyes, you visualize what it craves the most about the addictive behavior and imagine the associated pleasure for a few minutes. It will express sentiments like "I want this now!" or "Please give it to me!", and you may start to feel the beast getting excited, happy, or impatient.

Then, shift to your perspective and reflect on the pain and negative impact the addiction has on you and those around you. Allow yourself feelings of disgust. Let your own feelings now take over, and you will find that your Beast withdraws and you feel either neutral or put off. This back-and-forth process allows you to dissociate from the Beast.

Think of Shifting as toggling between two TV channels: one projects a seductive yet distorted image of addiction, while the other reveals the harsh reality of its damage.

Introducing the "Big Plan"

The idea of the Big Plan in Rational Recovery is to make a personal commitment to lifelong abstinence from addiction. This commitment, for me, took the form of the decisive statement, "I will never consume porn or masturbate again". It involves pinpointing a day and an hour for your turning point. For me, that was a Sunday at 12am. This moment represents a clear and definitive end to your addictive behavior and the start of a new chapter in your life. You can decide to commit either immediately after going through this post or by specifying your day and hour. It's entirely your choice, and we'll discuss this in more depth later.

Your Power Over the Beast

The Beast, despite its intimidating name, is in fact harmless. It may try to coerce, manipulate, and instill fear, but it is important to remember that it is powerless without your consent. It cannot force you to return to the addictive behavior; only you can make that decision. In fact, you are the main authority, the one in charge, and it's the Beast that fears you.

The Beast is aware of your power and control, and it's terrified of it. It knows that you can shatter its illusions in a snap, without any difficulty. You're the one who makes the call, not the Beast, and it fears your unyielding decision to quit the addiction forever.

Its tactics may often involve fear. It's like the Beast is pointing a gun at you, but the truth is, its gun is empty. It's just a bluff, an illusion. You know it, and the Beast knows it too. It's simply trying to maintain its influence by resorting to fear tactics, but you can see through its lies.

"Don't trust yourself in tempting situations...you're not strong enough yet." – The Beast's voice:

The Beast tries to maintain control by suggesting certain places, events, or people will trigger a relapse. You might hear it whisper, "You can't go to that event, you might relapse," or "Avoid that location, it's too risky." This is simply the Beast's tactic to keep a hold on you, aiming to make you believe you're not completely in control.

By simply recognizing it for what it is - a tactic of the Beast to undermine your confidence - you can dismiss these fear tactics and reaffirm your control.

What if I Lose Control?

The Beast within you is a cunning entity, ever ready to exploit your moments of doubt and vulnerability. It whispers falsehoods, instilling fear and shaking your confidence. But don't be swayed, for you have always held the reins. The Beast may inhabit a corner of your mind, but it lacks the power to control your actions.

Not convinced? Try this: Extend your finger in front of your eyes and move it, then ask the Beast to do the same. The Beast can't because it doesn't hold sway over your physical actions.

The truth is, you've never truly "failed" in your endeavor against addiction. You've always had the choice, and sometimes you've elected to surrender to the Beast's desires. But that doesn't equate to losing control. It merely shows you gave in, momentarily, to the Beast's whisperings.


Recovery from addiction isn't about becoming a superhero or uncovering the universe's hidden secrets. It's about realizing that we don't have control over every aspect of life. However, we do have control over our actions, our reactions, and how we choose to face life's unpredictable events.

Do you choose the path of self-discovery and freedom from addiction? Or do you prefer to remain confined by the restrictions that addiction imposes? Be cautious: the Beast may distort your perspective, asking, "Where are the benefits?" or suggesting, "You haven't gained anything," and even instigating impatience by incessantly asking, "How long until I see the benefits?"

But don't fall prey to these distortions. Escaping addiction isn't about immediate gain or fixing all your life's problems. Recovery isn't a magic solution; it's a step towards personal empowerment. It's about gaining freedom and unlocking your potential, not just as a person in recovery, but as an individual capable of resilience and authenticity.

Concentrate on the liberation that breaking free from addiction brings. Let's choose this path towards a life where addiction no longer controls us, allowing us to genuinely live and experience life to its fullest.

Understanding the Real Reason You're Engaging in This

Engaging in this addiction is solely for pleasure and nothing more. Every other justification is a fabrication of the Beast. It's designed to make you believe that giving in to your addiction is the only route to happiness or relief when you're feeling depressed, bored, lonely, stressed, or miserable.

Speaking from personal experience, I used to think that I turned to pornography and masturbation because I was lonely, stressed, or had a rough day. I thought that because I spent my entire day working alone on a computer, my environment or lifestyle was to blame for my addiction. These were excuses, a way to avoid taking responsibility for my actions, guided by the Beast's narrative.

The key to recognizing the Beast is noticing that the conversation always bends towards indulgence in your addiction.

Imagine you're having a tough day, and you begin to feel down. Instead of recognizing this as a passing mood, the Beast seizes this opportunity. It will amplify your negative emotions by saying things like, "You're always unhappy, aren't you? You know what would make you feel better... just one quick session won't hurt." Or, "You're so lonely, this is unbearable. Just indulge, it's your only comfort." These harsh whispers are the Beast's attempts to deepen your feeling of depression and nudge you towards the addictive behavior. Depression doesn't create addiction; addiction does.

The Beast's goal? To make you feel so low that resorting to your addiction seems like the only way out. Conversely, when you're content and joyful, the Beast will persuade you to give in, arguing it will amplify your satisfaction. Just think about it. If you're living what you perceive as a perfect life, the Beast will still argue you could feel even better with pornography and masturbation. It's a never-ending, destructive cycle.

Understanding and Separating Desire

Desire, in its essence, is not a negative emotion; it's a natural human condition. It propels us toward achievement, drives creativity, and gives meaning to our experiences. It also plays a crucial role in our relationships and our sexuality. The key in overcoming addiction is not to extinguish desire altogether, but to discern between healthy desires and those manipulated by the Beast.

Imagine your desires as a beautiful, roaring river. It's full of life, movement, and potential. This river represents your natural, healthy desires - things like connecting with others, pursuing your hobbies, personal growth, and even your sexual desires. These are your desires, part of who you are.

Then, there's the Beast's desire - a poisonous stream trying to merge into your river, attempting to hijack your natural flow. This stream carries the pull of addiction, steering you away from your authentic path, manipulating your thoughts, and distorting your perceptions.

Recognize this poisonous stream and refuse to let it merge with your river. This is not about damming the entire river or stifling your desires, but about rejecting the poisonous stream that the Beast introduces. It's about retaining your authentic desires and letting them guide you.

Identify that any thought associated with the desire to indulge in the addiction is coming from the Beast. By doing so, you begin to differentiate between what you truly want and what the Beast wants. This understanding will empower you, helping you keep your river clean, vibrant, and true to its course.

In the whirlwind of addiction, it can be easy to confuse the Beast's desires with our own. I, too, was lost in this confusion. I believed I was drawn to endless layers of perversion, thinking that I was attracted to the limitless exploration of perversion. But deep down, this wasn't me, it was the Beast's influence, its relentless push for more and more. Upon reflection, I realized my true desire was much simpler and profoundly more meaningful: to love and be loved. To have a wife, to raise children together, to share in the mundane and the magical moments of life. That's my authentic desire, not the empty promises of temporary pleasure the Beast kept pushing. This profound clarity is a stark contrast to the Beast's corruption, a beacon that can guide you back to your true self.

The goal is not to eliminate desire, but to reclaim it, to keep it authentic and personal. Desire is a part of your humanity; it's the Beast's manipulation of it that leads to addiction.

The Myth of Relapse and the Power of Perfection.

The Beast might sometimes whisper, "It's okay to relapse. You'll do better next time." This is a shrewd strategy designed to maintain its hold on you by normalizing relapse as a part of the recovery journey. It uses these tactics to sow seeds of doubt in your mind, aiming to eventually lead you to relapse. Rational Recovery, however, views this differently: the key is making a definitive decision—your Big Plan—to abstain from the addictive behavior and sticking to it under any circumstances.

Human beings are perfectly capable of achieving perfection in certain aspects of life. Consider the professional athlete who plays a perfect game or the musician who delivers a flawless performance. They do so by making a firm commitment to their goal and adhering to it diligently, without allowing any room for mistakes.

Similarly, your recovery journey can be perfect too. Once you make your Big Plan to abstain from addictive behavior, you can stick to it perfectly, without any relapses. This is the ideal that Rational Recovery promotes—not "try, fail, and try again," but "decide and stick to your decision perfectly."

Your Beast wants you to believe that perfection is unachievable, as this gives it room to persuade you to relapse. But don't let it fool you. You have the power to make a perfect decision and stick to it.

What if it's too Difficult or Painful?

Instead of pondering over this, consider a different question: 'For whom is it too painful or difficult?' Any discomfort or difficulty associated with ceasing the addiction stems from the Beast, not you. Observing the Beast's distress is a positive sign - it shows you're successfully dissociating from it.

Remember that humans can only fully experience one feeling at a time. When you start feeling discomfort from abstaining, it's crucial to recognize that this isn't your discomfort. It's the Beast that suffering. The Beast is protesting because it's not getting what it wants. This suffering isn't negative for you; in fact, it's a positive sign. It means you're successfully asserting control over your decisions, as the Beast's discomfort indicates that it's losing its influence over you.

Most importantly, remember: you are safe. You risk nothing by quitting this addiction. Every feeling of discomfort or fear is from the Beast, not you. Your well-being and safety are never in jeopardy by choosing to stop. By rejecting the Beast's influence and asserting your control, you reclaim your freedom from addiction.

How would I know what I will do in the future?

While predicting your future actions may be impossible, you can certainly define what you would never do. Consider the activities that you find disturbing, unhealthy, and reprehensible - those that you would never engage in.

Now, add porn and masturbation addiction to that list. As you do this, pay attention to your Beast. It might try to concoct far-fetched scenarios that seem to justify succumbing to the addiction. Recognize these for what they are: desperate attempts by the Beast to manipulate your thoughts. By doing so, you can effectively disregard its interference and remain true to your values.

I'm scared to relapse, what should I do?

Relapse anxiety is a common pitfall many encounter on their NoFap journey. You may be confidently progressing, then suddenly a thought creeps in: "What if I relapse tomorrow?" This thought triggers anxiety, shaking your belief in your commitment.

From the Rational Recovery standpoint, relapse anxiety is the Beast's deceptive voice trying to manipulate you. It incites fear and uncertainty, making you feel as if relapse is imminent. The Beast attempts to shake your confidence and sense of control. But here's the truth: relapse anxiety is an illusion, a tactic used by the Beast to tighten its grip.

Combat this by distancing yourself from the Beast and recognizing that relapse anxiety is a deceptive tactic used by the Beast to instill fear and weaken your resolve. Remember, you risk nothing by quitting this addiction; you are safe. Any discomfort you experience stems from the Beast, not you.

Reiterate your Big Plan: "I will never consume porn or masturbate again." By affirming your decision and distancing yourself from the Beast's influence, you can dispel the anxiety and stay firmly on your path. Remember, you are in control, and you will always stay in control, the fears conjured by the Beast hold no sway over you.

The Beast's Attack on the Dreamscape

The Beast's intrusion into your dreams should not be a source of fear. This isn't a situation that requires extensive concern, this is just a sign of the Beast's distress.

There are generally two types of dreams where the Beast tries to assert its influence. The first type are explicit sex dreams, designed to reignite the desires and cravings associated with your addiction. The second type are dreams where you see yourself relapsing, which can be distressing and seem all too real.

When your neocortex (the real you) goes to sleep, the Beast sees an opportunity to attack and tries to regain influence over you through these dreams. This is evidence that you are on the right track. Your progress towards your goal of freedom from addiction is causing this panicked response from the Beast.

Remember, no matter what happens in your dreams, you are in control in reality. These dreams are just dreams, and they do not have the power to make you do anything.

Understanding 'Blue Balls' and Nocturnal Emissions in Recovery

Experiencing discomfort or an aching in the testicles, often referred to as 'blue balls,' is something that some individuals might encounter during their decision to quit their porn and masturbation addiction. Similarly, you may also experience nocturnal emissions or 'wet dreams' during your journey to recovery.

These phenomena aren't signs of harm, danger, or relapse, but rather physical manifestations of your body adjusting to your firm decision to quit the addiction.

While your body is adapting to a new, healthier state, not reliant on constant sexual stimulation, the Beast might attempt to distort these occurrences into negative experiences. It might tell you that nocturnal emissions are relapses, causing unwarranted fear and anxiety. But remember, you're in control.

Consider these sensations and events as physical signs of your transformation, a testament to the changes happening within you. It's important to remember that not everyone experiences this, and even if you do, it's not something to be overly concerned about. These adjustments are something you are more than capable of handling. As your body adjusts to your new lifestyle, such events will likely decrease and eventually stop. Don't let the Beast use these natural bodily responses as a scare tactic.

Gradual Reduction: A Beast's Strategy

In your journey of breaking free from addiction, you might be tempted to adopt a "gradual reduction" approach - cutting back little by little rather than quitting outright. This strategy, while seemingly logical, is often a ploy from the Beast, setting you up for failure.

During my own journey, for many months, I was enticed by the concept of gradually reducing my addictive behaviors. The approach felt less abrupt, seemingly offering a smoother transition. Even the Beast within me suggested compromises such as, "Let's start by indulging only in the afternoon," or "How about we limit it to weekends?".However, I discovered through experience that this gradual reduction strategy often creates more problems than it resolves. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, by not making a clean break, you're continually feeding the addiction, keeping the Beast alive and active. It's akin to trying to put out a fire while still pouring small amounts of gasoline on it - it keeps the flames going, never fully extinguishing the fire.

Secondly, when you set specific times or days for indulging, you're not freeing your mind from the addiction; instead, you're refocusing it. You find yourself constantly counting down the hours or days until your next 'allowed' session. This fixation lead to a persistent preoccupation with the addiction, turning the process into something torturous and counterproductive.

Lastly, even on the days where you've decided not to indulge, the Beast is still at work. It doesn't take breaks. It try to convince you to deviate from your plan, asserting things like, "You're going to do it in a couple of days anyway, so why not just do it today? Why wait?" This becomes a recurring battle with the Beast, undermining your resolve.

The gradual reduction method keeps the addiction in focus, maintains the Beast's influence, and undermines your resolve. It's far more effective to make a clean break and assert your decision to quit outright. Remember, you're not losing anything by quitting - you're freeing yourself from the Beast's control.

Counting Days

Why should you spend energy on counting days for an activity you've resolved never to engage in? The Beast excels at setting goals and then weaponizing them against us.

Here's how the Beast use day counting against you:

Making a big deal of milestones: The Beast lead you to focus excessively on reaching a certain number of days, weeks, or months. While milestones can be motivational, the Beast use them to create unnecessary stress and pressure, saying things like "What if you don't make it?" or "Imagine how bad it would feel to start over."

Justifying a lapse: "You've made it 100 days, you deserve a reward!" or "One slip after so many days won't hurt." The Beast use the number of days as an excuse to suggest that it would be "safe" or "earned" to indulge in the addictive behavior.

Creating a false sense of security: The Beast suggest that after a certain number of days without indulging in the addiction, you're "cured" and could safely return to the behavior without becoming addicted again.

Undermining early progress: In the initial stages, the Beast belittle the small number of days you've been free from the addiction, making statements like "You've only managed two days, you'll never make it a week."

Leveraging bad days: If you're having a tough day, the Beast say, "You're miserable even after 30 days clean. See, quitting doesn't make things better. Might as well go back."

Remember, these are all tricks of the Beast trying to manipulate you into returning to the addictive behavior. The Beast will use anything, including the count of days, to try to get what it wants. The best way to deal with this is to remain steadfast in your decision and continue dissociating from the Beast.

So, instead of getting trapped in the Beast's game of counting days, surrender this act to it. We can concentrate on the broader scope - liberating ourselves from the Beast's clutches, embracing enduring change, and regaining our freedom. Day counting becomes insignificant because it no longer illustrates our path. Our chosen journey is one where the Beast's urges hold no power, and our authentic liberation takes the limelight. Let the Beast obsess over counting days, while we commit to a life of emancipation and self-discovery.

Why Punishment Doesn't Work

Self-punishment is a common response to addiction, yet it often proves ineffective. This can take many forms, from physical discomfort to emotional torment. In my own battle against addiction, I tried various self-punishment strategies. On the physical side, I would resort to self-harm. Emotionally, I burdened myself with negative self-talk, depression, feelings of hopelessness, anger, sadness, and even thoughts of death. It's important to note, however, that these intense feelings of guilt and self-condemnation were amplified by the Beast. The Beast utilizes such negative emotions to paint addiction as the only respite, the only 'good thing' left in life. It is a manipulative trick to keep you chained to the addiction.

Yet, over time, these painful memories have faded, while the seductive pull of the addictive behavior has remained vivid in my mind. It's a compelling illustration of the human condition: we often forget pain and remember pleasure.

Consider individuals who struggle with drug addiction. They might end up in a hospital after an overdose, experiencing immense physical pain. But as time passes, the memory of this pain dissipates, while the allure of the drug, the pleasure it brought, remains clear and tempting. This imbalance often leads them back into the cycle of addiction.

This became evident to me during the last week leading up to my final decision to quit - my Big Plan. It was the most challenging week of my life; I was counting the days until my liberation. Now that I'm free, when I think back to that week, the Beast tries to rewrite the narrative, calling it the "best week of all time!"

This disparity between the memory of pain and pleasure underscores why self-punishment is an ineffective strategy for long-term addiction recovery. Rational Recovery offers a different approach. Rather than relying on the fleeting memory of pain, it focuses on recognizing and dissociating from the addictive voice—the Beast.

Arguing with the beast

Let's clarify something: arguing with the Beast is futile. The Beast is single-minded, craving only the satisfaction of its addiction. Moreover, it's cunning, capable of playing both sides of an argument.

For instance, the Beast might implant thoughts such as, "You could indulge now, it's not a big deal." Then, to create confusion and feign agreement, it might echo that very idea, saying, "Yes, I could indulge now." It's essential to recognize that both these sentiments are from the Beast. It is a clear demonstration of how it can promote the idea of indulgence while also pretending to be 'you' to create an illusion of consent.

In the Rational Recovery technique, every thought or feeling associated with the indulgence in the addiction is identified as coming from the Beast, including its attempts to take possession of the pronoun "I".

You are the decision-maker here, you are in control. Your will is what truly matters, and the Beast must inevitably conform to your decisions.

Dealing with White-Knuckling and Intense Urges

Feeling urges, cravings, or hunger sensations is a natural part of the recovery journey. In fact, it's a positive sign, an indication that you are making progress. However, these feelings can turn into white-knuckling when you identify with the Beast's thoughts and feelings. When you start saying things like "I'm so horny" or "I need a relief ASAP," you're identifying with the beast voice. When you find yourself arguing with the Beast or doubting your decision to quit, you're in the grip of white-knuckling.

In my own journey to recovery, I experienced these urges, cravings, and sensations. But rather than identifying with them and turning them into a struggle, I recognized them as signs of the Beast's distress, not mine. It was the Beast who was desperate and frustrated, not me. This recognition made these moments not just bearable but even satisfying, as they signaled that I was on the right track in my recovery.

The power of these urges and cravings diminished with my Big Plan, my absolute decision to never indulge in the addictive behavior again. Even if you find yourself in a white-knuckling situation, remember that you can shift your perspective. Recognize that every thought encouraging the addictive behavior is coming from the Beast, and use the Recognition or Shifting techniques to help you dissociate from these thoughts and feelings. After that, reaffirm your Big Plan, stating firmly and clearly, "I will never consume porn or masturbate again." This firm commitment to your Big Plan will dispel all doubt, releasing you from the grip of white-knuckling.

The Big Plan: Your Commitment to Freedom

Taking a firm decision is a critical step in overcoming addiction, and this is what making a Big Plan entails. This plan is a complete commitment, devoid of room for negotiation or compromise. When you formulate a Big Plan, you're making a promise to yourself to never indulge in your addiction again, under any circumstances.

Choosing a specific day for your Big Plan can help add a sense of occasion and finality to your decision. For instance, I personally chose a Sunday at 12am. Your Beast will likely agree to this arrangement, looking forward to a "last hurrah."

But as you approach your chosen day to initiate your Big Plan, the Beast may start getting anxious. It may whisper, "I can't let this go!" or "Let's postpone the Big Plan, and enjoy this for now!" This is not your voice. It's the voice of the Beast, trying to make you delay your decision and panicking at the impending loss of its control.

Your declaration for the Big Plan could be: "I will never consume porn or masturbate again." This phrase embodies the essence of the Big Plan — a firm, unyielding decision that signifies your commitment to stay addiction-free.

In your journey to overcome addiction, the video I am about to share will be invaluable. It features Jack Trimpey, the founder of Rational Recovery, directly guiding you through the process of making a Big Plan. Although Trimpey focuses on alcohol and drug addiction in the video, his guidance applies to any addiction, including pornography and masturbation. Carefully absorb his words, understanding their relevance to your personal struggle.

watch this video, skip to 33:39 for the Big Plan section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n2YH8RLd_4&list=PLazOJVze5_z3BdcDSF3uPtN8Vu9VDqVJl&index=3where


I've spent a month compiling my experiences and sharing the tools that aided me on my journey. You are free to ask questions while I'm around, but please note that I'm not a regular Reddit user and won't be able to answer indefinitely. For those interested in Rational Recovery, all the information you need is in the "Useful Resources" section. If you found this post helpful, please consider upvoting or sharing it with friends who might benefit from it. Always remember to dissociate from the Beast and stand firm in your Big Plan. Holding unwavering trust in your decision is the key to defeating the Beast. May you embrace your journey to freedom and experience the liberation you've been longing for. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Useful Resources

Rational Recovery Book : https://www.amazon.fRational-Recovery-Cure-Substance-Addiction/dp/0671528580/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=rational+recovery&sr=8-1
AVRT Demonstration (AVRT Live Vol 1-5) : https://www.youtube.com/@DeborahSpringborn/videos
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2023.06.05 08:22 pidgeon_man99 Repeated sightings

Over the past two years I have repeatedly saw sightings of an inhuman form lurking just beyond clear view. For context I live in Ohio along the Ohio River, just a mile or two from West Virginia and the first time I saw what I now believe to be a Wendigo watching me curiously from the wood line just beyond my back yard. I’ve then seen what I believe to be the same creature coming home from late night shifts. there is a remote turn where I have to turn my high beams off, and seemingly intentionally. Every time I turn them off I see a silhouette of something rush across the road on all fours before reaching the other side and returning to a bipedal stance. I’ve tried turning my high beams on to catch a glimpse of it on several occasions but cannot react fast enough to catch it. Is there any way this is a Wendigo or any other cryptid?
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2023.06.05 08:18 gigslistinfo Biz Tips and Tools for Nomads?

Early web I worked in touring entertainment, dancing in cabaret, fire dancing for rock bands and EDM parties, segment manager for festivals. Different from being a solo nomad, but it’s safer and all expenses paid, as well as pay. With digital there’s more options to be solo. You don’t have to be an entertainer or good looking or fashionable to have an audience and get paid for it. POD is a big one, sell t-shirts and journals with photos of your nomad expeditions. Signup with an influencer agency as a side gig. They get you gigs and handle all the paperwork and visas and expenses paid and you get paid. Nomad on your other jobs during the journey. You can find influencer agency calls and funding for projects on GigsList dot info in the Gigs section. https://GigsList.info/gigs :) (Photo from THE NOMAD (FILM) )
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2023.06.05 08:16 PostDisillusion Help? Rumbling sound & heat at front corner

Help? Rumbling sound & heat at front corner
Hey all, recently there has been a low rumble coming from under the hood while I’m driving. It only happens while moving so I can’t look for it while in neutral. It becomes more intense at higher speeds but it doesn’t follow the rpm of the engine directly. Its hard to hear but I know the sound of my engine well and this is new. I looked for wear on belts and fans (without dismantling anything) and I noticed a lot of heat around the front side panel near the headlight (headlights off during the previous drive) just on the driver side (RHD). Anybody got any thoughts on where to start the investigation? Something around the wheel perhaps? Please let me know if this has happened to you!
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2023.06.05 08:16 dark_signals I can't wait for my roommates to leave so I can never speak to them again

I've seen lots of threads on here with the same issue as me: early 20s, live in a house with 3 other people, and two of them refuse to clean or help in any way while also being the cause of the most messes, trashing the house constantly, and causing problems all the time. I'm the only one who cleans and puts money into buying cleaning supplies. And every thread that's like this gets comments that say the same thing: stop doing it, stop letting them walk all over you, let the trash pile up until they finally clean, etc.
No. You do not understand. I have lived with these people for a year, they move out on June 15th, and if those actions are taken they simply will not do it. In fact, nobody will. It will get worse and they will live in their own filth and then we will all live in their filth. At the beginning of this year I refused to clean up cat messes on behalf of not owning any of the cats who lived here and the two of them, who have a cat that pees on piles of clothes on the floor, made a massive pile of clothes next to the laundry room and let it sit for months. The cat peed and pooped on it until it soaked through layers of clothing into the carpet. It was actual genuine hoarder shit I had to live with. Eventually the landlord was scheduled to come show the house and nobody was doing anything about it, and yes I know I should have left it and let them get kicked out but we would have all been blamed, I know what I should have done, but I cleaned it up, I threw a bunch of their clothes away and shampooed the carpet the best I could and told them that it absolutely could not happen again. We added another litter box, I started cleaning the litterboxes every day even though I don't own a cat, and things got marginally better. From the point of view of the person who owns this cat, it's okay if she pees on clothes because they're dirty already. Seriously. And that's just one example.
We tried to get a cleaning schedule going. We tried to get organized, to bother them into helping, to get a chart or something started so we could all split up the work, and every single time it fell apart into them doing the absolute bare minimum while moaning and complaining the whole time and then not doing anything at all on their own. Weaponized incompetence, etc. The dishes they make dirty don't get cleaned if I don't do it, they literally just sit and attract flies and make the rest of us suffer. In September of this year I got COVID and I naively thought someone else in our house would actually do their own dishes for once. The only person who did any was one of my other roommates who has sensitivities to smell and tries their best but could not for the life of them get down to the bottom. When I got better after 5 days of genuinely being really sick in the basement of our house, I went upstairs and found the kitchen trashed, because they trash the kitchen every two to three days and we were living with a fifth roommate at the time who made it even worse, but worse than usual because it had been backlogged 5-7 days.
My roommates leave food out for days. If they drop something, they don't pick it up. Clothes stay on the floor and couch. We've already covered the cat pissing issue. One of them walks around the house eating popcorn dropping it all over the floor in a trail and then not picking it up. They've lied to me before to avoid helping clean.
They would live like this. They think this is okay. 'They're doing this because they know you'll do it' I do not care dude I want to live somewhere clean. I want to live in a house that isn't a hoarder house all the time. I want clean dishes and carpets that don't smell like pee and if I don't do it, I will have to live without those things. I cannot do that. The fifth person who was adding to this situation when they lived here moved out and believe it or not, things have been better since they left.
I hate them both so much. I hate that they both are polyamorous and have multiple budding relationships when I don't do anything but clean. I hate that one of them works part time and has all the time in the world to do this shit and doesn't, in fact she's the one that moans and complains and drags her feet the most. I'm done being a live-in maid for people who don't give a shit and I hate that the simplest solution is to do nothing and see whatever rock bottom our living spaces could hit that's the same as or worse than a pile of clothes with cat piss and shit soaked into them.
I hate seeing stuff about how this means I'm enabling them, even if it might be true. What am I supposed to do? Like, have I not tried everything possible to fix this situation? I literally cannot argue with them just not doing it and living in their own filth time and time again. If it gets bad enough they will do the bare minimum to put off doing more to let it get worse.
Writing this I'm realizing maybe I am enabling them. But I wanted somebody to care. I just wanted to not live in their filth all the time. I felt like I had to pick my battles, either hold their hands and bother them to do the smallest cleaning task that would ultimately be left undone or done to the lowest standard possible unless they can have sex with someone as a reward or just cut my losses and do it myself. I feel so bad mentally right now thinking about it. I'm so angry and so sad, things have gotten worse recently because they're getting closer to moving out and one of them threatened suicide, my remaining roommate at least tries and dude that's all I ever wanted, man, I just wanted somebody to try. I know my bar is low as fuck man I know that I'm a doormat but man I just want to live somewhere clean, man. I feel horrible. Their behavior bothers their partners as well so I know I at lease have some people on my side.
I've actually lost a lot of hope and faith living with these people this year. Like I know it's just cleaning but it's more than just cleaning. I feel like I don't have anyone in my life I can depend on to help me, even when I ask for help. My therapist told me last week that maybe it makes me feel like I'm not worth the reciprocation, and maybe that's true, but at the same time it doesn't go that deep. They just don't care and they never did. I can't wait for them to be gone so maybe I can feel a little less like I'm going insane for the first time in a year.
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2023.06.05 08:14 iceward New Build: PSU, Mobo, CPU, Ram

Link to parts list. Got all new components for a new build. Assembled them about a week ago. Sat. and Sun. I was only missing one case fan, so got everything situated and looking prettier for cables (at least for me). Hooked it up to monitor, power, etc. Flipped the PSU switch, pressed the case power button, and nothing. Well nearly nothing. The GPU little red led near the power PCIE connector was on, and the motherboard has an rgb light on the back side of it that was scrolling through the rainbow. Other than those, nothing happened. The monitor didn't even wake from sleep. No beeps from the motherboard or red blinking error-code light. So I started troubleshooting. Turned off the power unplugged. Checked all connections at the PSU end And on the motherboard. Reconnected power same result. Turned off power and unplugged again this time I removed the GPU and disconnected its power, disconnected everything from the motherboard except the front panel power switch, CPU power, and motherboard power. I plugged my monitor into the motherboard. Plugged the PSU back in, turned on, and nothing really changed. The only difference at this point was that the case fans and CPU fans pulsed for an instant. They didn't even actually turn, more like the power flowed for an instant making them jerk very slightly. I did some reading on Google, and looking around. So I took off my air cooler, cleaned the thermal paste off the cooler and the CPU. Re-seated the CPU, and took out one stick of ram. Applied new thermal paste and reinstalled the air cooler. I plugged it back in turned it back on and the exact same thing happened again when I press the power button, rainbow motherboard lights and almost nonexistent fan movement. I turned it off and unplugged it, swapped the stick of ram, plugged it back in turned it on, and got the same thing. Turned off, unplugged. Then I disconnected all the case fans, CPU fans, and the power switch front panel connector (shorted the pins to try turning it on after this). Plugged in turned on, and still same result, rainbow lights from the motherboard and slight jerk of movement from the fans. Whenever the GPU has been hooked up when I try to turn it on, it does turn that red LED on. I don't have access to any alternates for CPU, motherboard, PSU, ram. I would appreciate any suggestions or help Narrowing down the issue to at least know what part maybe damaged or defective. Or, find out what the heck I did wrong! Thank you to anybody that offers a suggestion or any kind of help. If I do find out that something needs to be returned, I don't have any experience with this in terms of replacements for computer components.
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2023.06.05 08:11 diito Dual pondless waterfall feature, one side is not getting water?

I bought a house with a dual waterfall on hill in my backyard 4 years ago. For the first couple of years it worked fine. I pulled the pump in the winter and in removed all the leaves and debris, powerwashed the whole thing, reinstalled the pump and then rinsed/replace water until the whole thing ran clear.
Last year I did that and I discovered the pipe on one side of waterfall was cracked and was leaking water so the whole system didn't work. I had someone out and they replaced a section of pipe so that side didn't leak. I was not home when they came out and did the work. When I turned the system on to test it was immediately apparent that while they did fix the side that they came out to the other side was having an issue now too. The volume of water was much lower and just a trickle. I called the same company to come back and long story short they did and did something but essentially said they didn't build the system and didn't know what was wrong with the other side but that there was probably a rock stuck somewhere (which I don't see how as there is no way one could make it in there, and it would be an additional charge to fix it. I said yes and they clearly didn't want to do the work so never came out again as they said they would. These guys had a ton of 5 star ratings. I didn't find someone else as it was already near the end of the season at that point.
This season I'd like to get it fixed or fix it myself. The working side is higher up the hill and has a ~3" line with a ball valve in the middle that seems to control the flow on that side only, presumably to be able to match the volume to the other side. The non-working side has a ~2" line. Water is VERY slowly filling the spill box and out in a trickle so some water is getting up there. There are no indications of a leak anywhere I can see. Does anyone have an idea what it might be? I will call another pond company but I'm wondering if would be a good idea to call a plumber and have them scope it from the spill box?
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2023.06.05 08:09 sadnesslaughs An immortal warrior with centuries of combat experience settles down to run an orphanage. Slave traders kidnap some of the children.... Big mistake.

“Miss Alexandria?” The child called out, tugging on the warrior’s dress. She had been asleep in her rocking chair, enjoying the small amount of rest she got from the chaotic orphanage. She opened her one good eye, staring down at Bronson.
“Did Lucy hit you with her training sword again? Honestly, she’s going to make a feisty warrior someday.” Alexandria chuckled, only to squint when she noticed the look of fear on Bronson’s face. She immediately stood up from her chair, staggering a little as the chair violently rocked from the sudden movement. “What happened?”
“Robed people. Lots of them! They came out of the woods and grabbed Lucy and the others. I… I wanted to help, but…” Bronson teared up, wiping his snotty nose on the edge of her dress.
“No, no, dear. You did good. Now I can rescue them. If you didn’t tell me, I might never have known. Now, where did they go?”
“T-towards the waterfall. The one near the big dumb dumb rock.”
“The dumb dumb rock? Oh, right, the one you all drew a face on. Never thought the dumb dumb rock would become a marker. Stay here and keep quiet. If anyone comes to the door that isn’t me, hide. If they find you, stab em with something pointy.” Alexandria instructed.
Alexandria went and found her sword, sliding it into its sheath. As she was about to leave, she heard Bronson call out. The child was already rummaging through the kitchen, looking for something sharp to hide with.
“Are they monsters?”
“Worse.” She headed out, following the path the kids took, finding her way quickly towards the dumb dumb rock. From the rock, she followed the water, seeing bloodstains along the way. As she continued to follow the stains, she finally came to the slavers’ camp, noticing that the blood hadn’t come from a child. Instead, it came from a slaver who was holding his shoulder.
“She stabbed me. The little brat stabbed me with my dagger. What sort of kid does that?” The slaver whined to his unsympathetic friend. “Not to mention she was biting my arm the whole time I carried her, calling me all sorts of names. Who raised that monster?” Alexandria smirked, unable to help feeling a little proud of what she was hearing. “Good job, Lucy.” She whispered to herself as she pushed past the nearby trees, stepping out into the clearing. As soon as she stepped out, she drew her blade.
She swiftly beheaded the wounded slaver, not bothering with a grand entrance. The slavers’ friend too stunned to move after the strike. With the first slaver down, she went straight for the other man, driving the blade into his knee before he could even think about getting up. Alexandria leaned her weight onto the handle of the blade, pushing it deeper.
“Where are they?”
“Where are who?”
“My kids.” She put more of her weight onto the handle, staring into his eyes as she did. “Where are they?”
“Boss has them. I’m only the one that grabs them. I don’t have any other role in the-“ She swung her fist, cracking it against his jaw. After the hit, she pulled her blade free and held the sword to their chest.
“And the boss is?”
“Right behind you.” A grizzled voice laughed. A hand went to wrap around her throat, only to miss as she ducked and sent an elbow flying into the man’s stomach. Alexandria glanced back at the man, noticing a dagger in the man’s scabbard. She pinched the dagger and drove it into his stomach.
“Attack before speaking. That would be my advice to you if you weren’t a dead man. Now I’ll ask once this only once. Where are my kids? The answer will determine how quick this all is.” Her attention was pulled away from the common slaver, focusing on their boss. She shoved the man to the ground and placed her foot on the wound, applying unhelpful pressure, digging the hell of her shoe against it.
“Go to hell.” He said, coughing up blood. Trying to keep some bravado in this situation.
Alexandria saw something strange on the man’s face. That split second smirk. She knew what was coming. Her back was turned and that idiot behind her had found a weapon. She could easily kill him before he attacked, but she wanted to give them a brief glimpse of hell before they went there. As the sword pierced her toned body, she didn’t even flinch, feeling the hot pain that she had felt hundreds of times. The confident grin of the boss fading as the grey-haired warrior still stood over him.
He couldn’t speak, but there was something about his look that amused her. The boss’s eyes were wide, filled with fear as he squirmed beneath her foot. Alexandria turned her head, peering over her shoulder at the slaver behind her. They had already released the sword and were fleeing back towards the dumb dumb rock. As they were about to escape, a small child jumped out wielding a sword nearly as big as herself. She swung it, almost taking her own arm off with the weapon. The blade collided with the slaver, hitting their side, throwing them to the floor.
“I… hah.. heard your voice, so I escaped from the rope they tied us up with.” She hunched over, panting, trying to get her breath back.
“Look away for a moment, dear.” She said as she placed her foot over the boss’s mouth, trying to muffle his screams as she killed him. Once she was done with the boss, she went over to the other slaver. Alexandria making quick work of them, too. When she turned back to Lucy, she could see her peeking through her fingers.
“Wow, you were so cool. You were like. Swing! Woosh, bang.” Lucy cheered.
“I was not like swing, whoosh and bang. It was swing, slash, chop.”
“Whatever, it was cool. When are you going to teach me that?”
“Aren’t you a little scared? You were just being held by slavers?”
Lucy placed a finger to her lip, thinking about it. Before responding with a loud.
“NOPE. I knew you would save me. Plus, Bronson escaped. It was only a matter of time before you got here.”
“Your confidence in me is charming. Now, where are the others?”
Alexandria followed Lucy to a tent, helping to free the others. When she finished freeing the last child, she found herself a little confused. Why did they all look so afraid of her? Had they heard the screams? Alexandria couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious about her warrior ways. She was trying so hard to be a good caretaker. Sadly, a scarred and one-eyed warrior didn’t make the most motherly figure.
“Um, Mom?” Lucy said.
“Yes, dear?” Alexandria felt her heart jump for joy at being called mom, those worries leaving her for a moment, as she crouched before Lucy. “What is it, dear?”
“You have a sword stuck in you… Wait, I’ll get it.”
“Wait, Lucy!”
Without wasting a moment, Lucy tugged on the sword, pulling it out, much to the horror of the other children. The others assuming they had just watched their caretaker get brutally killed in front of them. When the sword was pulled free, the wound closed.
“I’m ok. I promise. It’s a magic trick. Please stop crying.” Alexandria gave Lucy a cold, motherly stare. The child guiltily looking away, pretending not to notice it.
Eventually Alexandria calmed the children down, guiding them all home. As they neared the orphanage, she noticed someone had forced the door open. She released her grip on the children’s hands, rushing into the orphanage.
“WHO THE HELL IS IN HERE? I’M IN A BAD MOOD, SO UNLESS YOU WISH TO SEE YOUR OWN INSIDES I WOULD SUGGEST LEAVING.” She screamed, hoping she was out of earshot of the children. As she glanced around the room, she would notice a rather proud Bronson holding a fork while a man sat in her rocking chair, nursing his shoulder.
“Trent? What are you doing here?”
“Oh, hey. I just heard some slavers were in the area and wanted to warn you. When I noticed the door was locked, I assumed the worst and broke it open to offer my support. Well, seems you didn’t need my help. Your guard valiantly stabbed me with a fork.” Alexandria turned to Bronson, who triumphantly held his fork up, showing her. She let out a giggle as she walked over to Bronson, ruffling his hair before turning to her friend.
“You let yourself get stabbed by a fork? Your reflexes have gotten slow. Were all my years of training you for nothing? Also, what is with that beard? How do you ever expect to find a nice wife if you can’t keep yourself looking tidy? Oh, is that mud on your shoes, too?” Alexandria grinned, giving him a lecture. She could see him sliding down deeper into the chair, in more pain from the lecture than the fork wound. When she finished tormenting him, she finished it with. “It’s good to see you again, friend. I’ll be right back.”
“I kept him here all by myself.” Bronson smiled.
“Yes, you did. Now be a good boy and make sure the others are ok when they get inside.”
The rest of the children entered, Lucy still holding the sword that she had pulled from her mother. When she saw Trent, she threw the sword aside, jumping onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Uncle Trent, it’s so good to see you again. I stabbed someone today.”
“Huh? Oh, um. That’s nice.” He said, patting her back, before giving the other kids a smile.
“Uncle Trent? Where?” Bronson muttered, staring at the man.
“Right here. How could you not tell it was him? He’s Mom’s friend. He used to travel with her a lot. She said he was hopeless. Remember?”
“Ouch, you didn’t have to repeat that part. I’m more of a historian than a fighter. It’s not my fault I’m a little hopeless with a weapon. I can carry my own in a fight, though.” He tried to defend himself. Wanting to remind them that being an adventurer was secondary to his work as a historian.
“Uncle Trent? You’ve gotten fatter.” Bronson said with a harsh, unfiltered bit of childish honesty.
“Oh, um.”
“I didn’t know you had a beard.” Bronson joined the hug, getting on the other side of Trent.
“I thought it made me look more sophisticated. Don’t you agree?”
“It makes you look old.” Bronson responded.
“Ah. Maybe I should shave it.” He laughed, only to see Alexandria watching him, a smile on her face as she threw the bandages on his lap.
Aren’t you going to fix me up?”
“It’s just a scratch. You can handle it. I have to make sure the kids are alright, anyway. You can stay for dinner if you would like to, Uncle Trent.”
“Don’t you start calling me that, too.”
“You should be happy. It means they think of you as family. I guess you spend a lot of time around here. “
“Of course I do. I record history and you’re the best source of it I can find. No one else has lived-“
“Oh, right. Sorry. I should be going. I just wanted to make sure you’re safe.”
“Make sure I’m safe? I appreciate it, even if it’s unneeded.”
“Aww, you’re going already, Uncle Trent. I was hoping you would spar with me. Mom’s too strong.” Lucy whined.
“Next time. I promise. I’ll bring some presents too.”
“Yay. I want a castle.”
“A little out of my budget. How about a replica sword?”
“Yes. Make sure it looks dangerous.”
“What do I get?” Bronson asked.
“A new fork.”
“Aww, I don’t want a fork.”
“Fine, maybe I’ll find you something else. If you promise to behave.”
“Ok.” Trent stood up and made his way to the door, giving them a wave. “I’ll see you later. Maybe next week if I’m not busy.”
“Ok, bye Uncle Trent, sorry about stabbing you.” Bronson said.
“It’s ok. I appreciate the apology.”
When he left, Alexandria gathered the children, making sure they were all ok. When she was certain they weren’t hurt, she asked them what they would like to help cheer them up. Lucy tried to get the group to agree on a new sword, but she was outnumbered by the vote for cookies. A vote she wasn’t upset about losing. The kids went to play as Alexandria went to the kitchen, preparing the treats.
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2023.06.05 08:00 Kinsey916 Record of Subreddit, chapter 4

Apple snaps back to their usual cheery mood.

Apple: "Sorry folks, I forgot to announce the next fighters."

They say as they put their hand behind their head. They snap their fingers and point to the sky.

Apple: "Let's get right to it then, folks!"

Apple points to the East entrance.

Apple: "Hailing from Brazil, this next fighter has improved a traditional fighting style! Don't underestimate him, for his attacks are killing machines! His kicks can knock a tree down in one hit! Standing at 5'9" and weighing 117lbs, welcome, u/IllustriousTear8707!"

A young Brazilian man walks into the light, wearing a tank top with Brazil's colors and a pair of black boxers. But on his head are a pair of pink headphones with cat ears attached. Apple throws their hand at the West entrance and starts the introduction.

Apple: "He came all the way from Japan! The legendary yokozuna of the modern day has come to claim victory not for himself nor his country but for his sport! Being the champ for twelve years in the ring, he fights to show others to never underestimate sumo! Standing at 6'4" and weighing 351 lbs! Welcome, u/Ahrensann!"

When Ahren gets into the ring, the ground rumbles a bit. He wears a purple mawashi. Apple raises its hand, about to declare the next round to begin. But before they can, Tear stops them.

Tear: "I'm sorry to intrude, Pitou, but doesn't this sumo have some sort of ritual to perform?"

Apple shrugs, but as they do, Ahren lowers himself to the ground, touching the floor with his fist.

Ahren: "I only do that for sumo fights. This is not a fight, more like a slaughter."

Apple raises their hand and throws it down!

Apple: "Heaven or hell? Let's rock!"

In an instant, Ahren rushes at Tear. At 27 miles an hour, Ahren is about to slam his palm into Tear's face, but before Ahren can, Tear counters with a faster counterattack! He slams his foot into the side of Ahren's head. The attack is strong enough to send Ahren toward the ropes! Ahren lands on his back but gets up in no time.

Ahren: "What... Was that?"

Tear stretches his arms out, posing as if he were on a cross.

Tear: "This is my capoeira style. Do you like it?"

Ahren lowers their body again, preparing for another rush! When he moves again, he's slower than before. But Tear puts his hands in his pockets and stomps the ground, launching himself toward the sumo! Before the two collide, Tear goes for a frontal kick! His leg shoots up and hits Ahren's face, knocking him back up straight! To follow this, Tear spins and delivers a roundhouse kick! The last blow is powerful enough to send Ahren outside the ring, over the ropes.

When Ahren lands on his back, he stands back up. He's bleeding from his nose but starts walking to the ring again. Before Apple hits ten, he's back in the ring. When he stands back on both his feet, he points at Tear.

Ahren: "You're strong, but you can't win. If that was your strongest hit, I'm good from here."

Ahren sticks a thumbs down at Tear, and Tear smiles.

Tear: "You're wrong. My capoeira hasn't reached it's peak yet."

Tear T-poses, as his sweat glimmers in the light. With his face looking into the sky, he looks down at Ahren.

Tear: "Ahren, will you help me further my skill?"

Ahren doesn't react, their face stern as usual. Tear forms tears in his eyes.

Tear: "No matter. We'll reach the gods with my kicks in no time!"

Tear gets into a grappler's stance and rushes at Ahren. When he gets in range, Ahren goes for a palm strike but leans backward and throws himself back. Ahren goes past Tear, and Tear lands on his hands, going for a kick to the back. The strike hits Ahren's shoulder blade and knocks him unbalanced. Tear gets back on his feet, and Ahren turns around to face Tear.

Tear turns up his music and points at Ahren.

Tear: "You'll never touch me."

Tear closes his eyes and starts jamming to the music. Doing weird dances, confusing Ahren. Ahren rolls his eyes and lowers his body to the ground. Soon, Ahren rushes at Tear but faster than the first attack. Tear still has his eyes closed but soon starts singing.

Tear: "Imperial force defied, facing 500 samurai. Surrounded and outnumbered 60 to one, the sword face to the gun."

When Ahren gets close, he releases a barrage of palm strikes. But no matter how many he throws, none hit Tear. As Tear dances around each strike, he mutters a few more words.

Tear: "Bushido dignified. It's the last of the samurai."

In an instant, he hits Ahren in the temple with a kick.

Tear: "Surrounded and outnumbered!"

As Tear keeps dancing to his music, Ahren falls to the ground. A small dent in his temple. For Tear stabbed his temple with his hallux. Apple runs over Ahren.

Apple: "Are you ok? Do you want to surrender?"

Ahren snaps back to consciousness. Standing back up.

Ahren: "I had the most beautiful memory. My family and friends are watching me win my first victory. The odds were stacked against me, but I still managed to do it..."

Ahren formed two fists and slammed them into the floor, cracking the foundation.


Tear peeks open one of his eyes, looking disappointed that he didn't knock him out yet.

Tear: "Fine, guess I'll end it with this next one."

Tear starts spinning like a ballerina. Not stopping for a second. Ahren smiles and charges at Tear. The sumo rushes at the highest speed he's gone before as Tear keeps spinning, gaining velocity for each spin. Ahren gets in range, thinking, "He's spinning on his left leg, meaning he'll strike with his right. I'll have to be ready for it."

But when he gets closer, Tear squats and directs a kick to Ahren's left knee. Slamming so hard he breaks Ahrem's patella! A pain shoots through Ahren's body as he falls. Before his face can hit the floor, he catches himself, turning to see Tear standing above him. But to follow up with the assault, Tear does a front flip, landing the soles of his feet into Ahren's head, slamming it to the floor.

Tear walks away from the fallen foe, singing a different song.

Tear: "Fighting gold!"

But before he gets out of the ring, Apple taps his shoulder. Tear turns around to see Apple pointing at Ahren. Tear's eyes widen, seeing the sumo still standing. Ahren smiles with blood covering his face. He leans down and puts his hands on his broken knee, and soon a blue light comes from his hands. Smoke comes from Ahren and forms the shape of Florence Nightingale. When the cloud dissipates, he lifts his leg as if for a pregame ritual and slams it into the ring's floor.

Ahren: "Is that the best you can do?"

Tear's eyes fill with fury, having enough of this fighter. He pushes the headphones harder on his ears, trying to drown out all noise but his music. Soon, Tear's head is full of negative thoughts.

Tear: "SHUT UP!"

A large black smoke cloud forms behind him, showing the image of the Brothers Grimm, but in their hands together is a large book. They slam the book onto Tear, causing a burst of wind to push people back. The smoke engulfs Tear as it circles into a sphere. Ahren stops smiling, sensing the pressure of danger. Soon, out of the smoke cloud, Tear's headphones fall from the smoke.

The smoke expands, even making Pitou back up. A gigantic canine paw slams into the ring's floor. Soon, another one appears and does the same thing. Next, an enormous canine head comes from the smoke. It roars so loudly it causes the smoke to disappear, showing off the rest of this considerable-sized dog. Despite his new form, Tear manages to form a few words.

Tear: "Big... Bad... Wolf."

Instantly, the wolf rushes over to Ahren, its jaws spread wide enough to crush the sumo. But before it can kill him, Ahren catches the wolf's jaws with two canine teeth on both sides. The wolf pushes Ahren backward, closing to the ring's edge.

Ahren: "This... Is nothing to a sumo like me!"

The wolf rises itself, pushing Ahren closer to the ground.

Ahren: "Aw, screw it. You wanted my best? Well, here it is!"

While smiling, Ahren uses all his strength and headbutts the wolf's upper lip, knocking it back. He lowers his body and pushes all his power into his legs to jump at Tear. By shoving his head first into the beast, he pierces it and soon comes out the other side with Tear in his hand. Tear opens his eyes, finding them in the air. Ahren is holding him by his shirt's collar. With his other hand, he raises it and slams it into Tear's face with a downward strike. The blow is powerful enough to send Tear flying toward the ground. He soon hits it with a loud thud, creating a crater. Ahren lands ungracefully, landing on his stomach.

But soon, the sumo stands back up. Ahren smiles and hits his chest with a closed fist.

Apple runs over to Tear, already seeing him unconscious. He points at Ahren and shouts.

Apple: "Winner, u/Ahrensann!"

The crowd cheers, never seeing a match like that before. Soon, two men with a stretcher come over and carry away Tear. Apple points at the jumbo screen and says the next pair of fighters.

Apple: "Up next, the first match of block B. u/Masterpotato002 versus u/King_Herc!"
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2023.06.05 07:59 healthylifeblogs Visit the Beautiful Places in Darjeeling: Exploring the Queen of the Hills

Visit the Beautiful Places in Darjeeling: Exploring the Queen of the Hills
Visit the Beautiful Places in Darjeeling
Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is a picturesque hill station in the Indian state of West Bengal. Known as the "Queen of the Hills," Darjeeling offers breathtaking vistas, serene surroundings, and a unique blend of cultural diversity. From lush tea gardens to magnificent viewpoints, this charming town has something to captivate every traveler. In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the beautiful places in Darjeeling that should not be missed.
  1. Tiger Hill: Start your exploration of Darjeeling with a visit to Tiger Hill, one of the most famous viewpoints in the region. Wake up early and make your way to Tiger Hill to witness the spectacular sunrise over the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, including the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga. The sight of the first rays of the sun illuminating the snow-capped mountains is truly awe-inspiring and a moment you won't soon forget.
  2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: No visit to Darjeeling is complete without experiencing a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, fondly known as the "Toy Train." This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a marvel of engineering and offers a nostalgic journey through the picturesque landscapes of Darjeeling. Hop aboard the quaint steam-powered train and enjoy the scenic views as it chugs along its narrow-gauge tracks, passing through charming hillside villages and verdant tea gardens.
  3. Batasia Loop: Located on the way to Ghoom, the Batasia Loop is a fascinating engineering feat. It is a spiral railway track that allows the Toy Train to negotiate the steep descent of the hills. Visit the Batasia Loop to witness the mesmerizing view of the train curving around the loop, with panoramic vistas of Darjeeling town and the surrounding mountains. The site also features a beautifully landscaped garden and a war memorial dedicated to the Gorkha soldiers.
  4. Tea Gardens: Darjeeling is renowned for its tea production, and a visit to the tea gardens is a must-do when in the region. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush tea estates, such as Happy Valley Tea Estate or Makaibari Tea Estate, and learn about the process of tea production. Engage in tea tasting sessions to savor the distinct flavors of Darjeeling tea, known for its delicate aroma and exquisite taste. The serene ambiance and scenic beauty of the tea gardens make for a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.
  5. Japanese Peace Pagoda: Perched atop the Jalapahar Hill, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is a symbol of peace and tranquility. The gleaming white structure with its golden spire offers panoramic views of Darjeeling town and the surrounding mountains. Take a peaceful walk around the pagoda, enjoy the serene atmosphere, and soak in the spiritual ambiance. It's a perfect spot for meditation or simply to find solace amidst nature.
  6. Observatory Hill and Mahakal Temple: For a glimpse into the spiritual side of Darjeeling, visit the Observatory Hill, which holds great religious significance. It is home to the Mahakal Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The hill offers panoramic views of Darjeeling, and the temple is a hub of religious activities and festivals. Take a moment to offer your prayers and experience the vibrant religious fervor of the place.
  7. Darjeeling Mall Road: Indulge in some leisurely shopping and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Darjeeling Mall Road. Lined with shops, restaurants, and quaint cafes, this vibrant street is the heart of Darjeeling town. Explore the local handicrafts, pick up some souvenirs, or simply savor the flavors of local cuisine at the charming eateries. The Mall Road also offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and a chance to interact with the friendly locals.
  8. Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park: Escape the hustle and bustle of the town and spend a tranquil afternoon at the Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park. Situated about 10 kilometers from Darjeeling, these beautifully landscaped gardens are adorned with natural rock formations, gushing waterfalls, and colorful flowers. Enjoy a leisurely walk, have a picnic, or simply unwind amidst the serene surroundings.
Darjeeling, with its natural beauty, cultural richness, and captivating attractions, offers a unique and enchanting experience to every traveler. Whether you're seeking panoramic vistas, spiritual retreats, or a rendezvous with nature, this hill station has it all. So, pack your bags and embark on a memorable journey to explore the beautiful places in Darjeeling, where the tranquility of the hills and the warmth of the locals await you.
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2023.06.05 07:54 No-Mess-6751 I 👀 K IS STILL MISERABLE!!!

I took some time off from THE LOUD FOUL MOUTH OF THE SOUTH, I just got to the point that I couldn't stand to look at her much less 👂 to her! But I see she's still the same old miserable HAG 🤡, the only thing different is she's complaining in a bigger house and I see she and Bio have miraculously resolved all of that child abuse allegations, so did it or did it not ever happen 🤔 how does one go from accusing someone of such abuse and torment to the point of having children in tears on LIVES bleeding their heart out of the torture they indured to running into to the abuser's arms hugging and crying like no love lost between them, it's absolute mind boggling, this FAMILY is cuckoo!!! I'm going to say it right now I never trusted Bio either, I knew when Michelle and 🌙 back tracked that Bio would too even considering Reddit was on her side from the very beginning, I guess 🐦's of a 🪶 flock together!! A bunch of cuckoo's 🤪🥴!! I still don't know if I can stomach watching K, I come across her Lives and I can't stand her disgusting mouth and the KULT is just a bunch imbred morons, just too stupid for my taste but I know that I will definitely be coming back here to get my fill of K, Reddit Rangers ROCK!!! KEEP SHINING THE LIGHT 🚨 AND SPREADING THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SCUM I MEAN SCAM OF A FAMILY!!!
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2023.06.05 07:53 Ride5789 I’d love to put some solar panel lights/caps on the end of my deck porch posts. Where do I even begin with the shape of this post? (Picture)

There’s the picture! Each side starts at 3.5 inches wide, and then shrinks at the top to a 2.5 inches or so. The shrinking happens over like .75 inches of height… if that makes sense.
Anyway I’d love to find some solar panel high quality lights that fit these posts on my deck. With the way the tips are shaped, where would you even begin? I think white frame would look cool to match the white posts.
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2023.06.05 07:49 FrossT96 New case or new fans for better GPU temps (3080 FE)?

This is my first time posting here, so apologies if my formatting is wrong.
I've been tinkering with my PC recently to try and get it quieter. I played Deep Rock Galactic (3840 x 1600 / 120FPS) with the side panel removed recently, and I noticed that there was this GPU temp drop shown on HWinfo64 (83°C 75°C) . It might not be much, but it was enough for the GPU fans to really wind down and be quieter than I've experienced before.
Relevant Specs below:
Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-04
GPU: 3080 FE
Exhaust Fans: These cooler master fans x3 , 2 on top and 1 on the rear
Intake Fans: Stock x1 and this Thermaltake fan on the front.
So is this just a case of there not being enough airflow inside the case to cool the gpu? What fans can I replace the existing ones to get a similar result, if any? Alternatively, what case would better facilitate airflow for the GPU? Lower cost options preferred, but I'm really just gathering info at this stage. Maybe I'll just continue playing with the side panel removed in the mean time to keep it cool. Thanks in advance!
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