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A subreddit dedicated to singesongwriter Julien Baker, and her other musical project, Boygenius.

2023.06.05 08:00 Kinsey916 Record of Subreddit, chapter 4

Apple snaps back to their usual cheery mood.

Apple: "Sorry folks, I forgot to announce the next fighters."

They say as they put their hand behind their head. They snap their fingers and point to the sky.

Apple: "Let's get right to it then, folks!"

Apple points to the East entrance.

Apple: "Hailing from Brazil, this next fighter has improved a traditional fighting style! Don't underestimate him, for his attacks are killing machines! His kicks can knock a tree down in one hit! Standing at 5'9" and weighing 117lbs, welcome, u/IllustriousTear8707!"

A young Brazilian man walks into the light, wearing a tank top with Brazil's colors and a pair of black boxers. But on his head are a pair of pink headphones with cat ears attached. Apple throws their hand at the West entrance and starts the introduction.

Apple: "He came all the way from Japan! The legendary yokozuna of the modern day has come to claim victory not for himself nor his country but for his sport! Being the champ for twelve years in the ring, he fights to show others to never underestimate sumo! Standing at 6'4" and weighing 351 lbs! Welcome, u/Ahrensann!"

When Ahren gets into the ring, the ground rumbles a bit. He wears a purple mawashi. Apple raises its hand, about to declare the next round to begin. But before they can, Tear stops them.

Tear: "I'm sorry to intrude, Pitou, but doesn't this sumo have some sort of ritual to perform?"

Apple shrugs, but as they do, Ahren lowers himself to the ground, touching the floor with his fist.

Ahren: "I only do that for sumo fights. This is not a fight, more like a slaughter."

Apple raises their hand and throws it down!

Apple: "Heaven or hell? Let's rock!"

In an instant, Ahren rushes at Tear. At 27 miles an hour, Ahren is about to slam his palm into Tear's face, but before Ahren can, Tear counters with a faster counterattack! He slams his foot into the side of Ahren's head. The attack is strong enough to send Ahren toward the ropes! Ahren lands on his back but gets up in no time.

Ahren: "What... Was that?"

Tear stretches his arms out, posing as if he were on a cross.

Tear: "This is my capoeira style. Do you like it?"

Ahren lowers their body again, preparing for another rush! When he moves again, he's slower than before. But Tear puts his hands in his pockets and stomps the ground, launching himself toward the sumo! Before the two collide, Tear goes for a frontal kick! His leg shoots up and hits Ahren's face, knocking him back up straight! To follow this, Tear spins and delivers a roundhouse kick! The last blow is powerful enough to send Ahren outside the ring, over the ropes.

When Ahren lands on his back, he stands back up. He's bleeding from his nose but starts walking to the ring again. Before Apple hits ten, he's back in the ring. When he stands back on both his feet, he points at Tear.

Ahren: "You're strong, but you can't win. If that was your strongest hit, I'm good from here."

Ahren sticks a thumbs down at Tear, and Tear smiles.

Tear: "You're wrong. My capoeira hasn't reached it's peak yet."

Tear T-poses, as his sweat glimmers in the light. With his face looking into the sky, he looks down at Ahren.

Tear: "Ahren, will you help me further my skill?"

Ahren doesn't react, their face stern as usual. Tear forms tears in his eyes.

Tear: "No matter. We'll reach the gods with my kicks in no time!"

Tear gets into a grappler's stance and rushes at Ahren. When he gets in range, Ahren goes for a palm strike but leans backward and throws himself back. Ahren goes past Tear, and Tear lands on his hands, going for a kick to the back. The strike hits Ahren's shoulder blade and knocks him unbalanced. Tear gets back on his feet, and Ahren turns around to face Tear.

Tear turns up his music and points at Ahren.

Tear: "You'll never touch me."

Tear closes his eyes and starts jamming to the music. Doing weird dances, confusing Ahren. Ahren rolls his eyes and lowers his body to the ground. Soon, Ahren rushes at Tear but faster than the first attack. Tear still has his eyes closed but soon starts singing.

Tear: "Imperial force defied, facing 500 samurai. Surrounded and outnumbered 60 to one, the sword face to the gun."

When Ahren gets close, he releases a barrage of palm strikes. But no matter how many he throws, none hit Tear. As Tear dances around each strike, he mutters a few more words.

Tear: "Bushido dignified. It's the last of the samurai."

In an instant, he hits Ahren in the temple with a kick.

Tear: "Surrounded and outnumbered!"

As Tear keeps dancing to his music, Ahren falls to the ground. A small dent in his temple. For Tear stabbed his temple with his hallux. Apple runs over Ahren.

Apple: "Are you ok? Do you want to surrender?"

Ahren snaps back to consciousness. Standing back up.

Ahren: "I had the most beautiful memory. My family and friends are watching me win my first victory. The odds were stacked against me, but I still managed to do it..."

Ahren formed two fists and slammed them into the floor, cracking the foundation.


Tear peeks open one of his eyes, looking disappointed that he didn't knock him out yet.

Tear: "Fine, guess I'll end it with this next one."

Tear starts spinning like a ballerina. Not stopping for a second. Ahren smiles and charges at Tear. The sumo rushes at the highest speed he's gone before as Tear keeps spinning, gaining velocity for each spin. Ahren gets in range, thinking, "He's spinning on his left leg, meaning he'll strike with his right. I'll have to be ready for it."

But when he gets closer, Tear squats and directs a kick to Ahren's left knee. Slamming so hard he breaks Ahrem's patella! A pain shoots through Ahren's body as he falls. Before his face can hit the floor, he catches himself, turning to see Tear standing above him. But to follow up with the assault, Tear does a front flip, landing the soles of his feet into Ahren's head, slamming it to the floor.

Tear walks away from the fallen foe, singing a different song.

Tear: "Fighting gold!"

But before he gets out of the ring, Apple taps his shoulder. Tear turns around to see Apple pointing at Ahren. Tear's eyes widen, seeing the sumo still standing. Ahren smiles with blood covering his face. He leans down and puts his hands on his broken knee, and soon a blue light comes from his hands. Smoke comes from Ahren and forms the shape of Florence Nightingale. When the cloud dissipates, he lifts his leg as if for a pregame ritual and slams it into the ring's floor.

Ahren: "Is that the best you can do?"

Tear's eyes fill with fury, having enough of this fighter. He pushes the headphones harder on his ears, trying to drown out all noise but his music. Soon, Tear's head is full of negative thoughts.

Tear: "SHUT UP!"

A large black smoke cloud forms behind him, showing the image of the Brothers Grimm, but in their hands together is a large book. They slam the book onto Tear, causing a burst of wind to push people back. The smoke engulfs Tear as it circles into a sphere. Ahren stops smiling, sensing the pressure of danger. Soon, out of the smoke cloud, Tear's headphones fall from the smoke.

The smoke expands, even making Pitou back up. A gigantic canine paw slams into the ring's floor. Soon, another one appears and does the same thing. Next, an enormous canine head comes from the smoke. It roars so loudly it causes the smoke to disappear, showing off the rest of this considerable-sized dog. Despite his new form, Tear manages to form a few words.

Tear: "Big... Bad... Wolf."

Instantly, the wolf rushes over to Ahren, its jaws spread wide enough to crush the sumo. But before it can kill him, Ahren catches the wolf's jaws with two canine teeth on both sides. The wolf pushes Ahren backward, closing to the ring's edge.

Ahren: "This... Is nothing to a sumo like me!"

The wolf rises itself, pushing Ahren closer to the ground.

Ahren: "Aw, screw it. You wanted my best? Well, here it is!"

While smiling, Ahren uses all his strength and headbutts the wolf's upper lip, knocking it back. He lowers his body and pushes all his power into his legs to jump at Tear. By shoving his head first into the beast, he pierces it and soon comes out the other side with Tear in his hand. Tear opens his eyes, finding them in the air. Ahren is holding him by his shirt's collar. With his other hand, he raises it and slams it into Tear's face with a downward strike. The blow is powerful enough to send Tear flying toward the ground. He soon hits it with a loud thud, creating a crater. Ahren lands ungracefully, landing on his stomach.

But soon, the sumo stands back up. Ahren smiles and hits his chest with a closed fist.

Apple runs over to Tear, already seeing him unconscious. He points at Ahren and shouts.

Apple: "Winner, u/Ahrensann!"

The crowd cheers, never seeing a match like that before. Soon, two men with a stretcher come over and carry away Tear. Apple points at the jumbo screen and says the next pair of fighters.

Apple: "Up next, the first match of block B. u/Masterpotato002 versus u/King_Herc!"
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2023.06.05 07:49 musical_connoisseur_ Should I sing a Vocaloid song for a talent show?

There is talent show coming up on Tuesday (tomorrow) at a choir camp I’m attending and the auditions for said talent show are occurring today. I’m really hesitant on live competition based performances like this since I’ve had a plethora of bad experiences in this area. But it’s my first (and last year, as I am about to be Senior) year doing this and I really want to do something I enjoy, which is singing AND showing my love for Vocaloid.
The song I am planning to do is an english cover of Shama by Niru Kajitsu. I absolutely LOVE this song and it was my absolute jam during my sophomore year. Plus, it’s in the ‘“sweet spot” of my range (I’m an Alto, if you wanna know lol)
However, I’m thinking over this again and I’m starting to feel like it’s a terrible idea since it’s kind of a niche song and also because of the english lyrics (the line that concerns me is “So once they’re -drunk off this brandy bottle-“).
Of course I could change it, but I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with a different line with the needed syllables that also retains the meaning.
So what do you all think? Is it do-able? Or should I go with a different song like Yoru Ni Kakeru (Racing into the Night) or “I Really Wanna Stay at Your House”? (Neither are Vocaloid songs, but they’re my other options).
Please let me know and share any thoughts or ideas you have! They would be greatly appreciated ❤️ Thank you in advance!!
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2023.06.05 07:38 hedwiqius On College Rock and the modern "College Alternative"

Tl;DR: I'd like to have a general discussion about College Rock and the concept of "alternative radio", then and now. What bands/sound make up the "canon" of modern college alternative for gen z? Is there one, or has the internet made music taste too individualized enough for it to be a meaningful concept?
Hey /LetsTalkMusic. I've lurked here for ages but this is my first post so let me know if I break any of the community etiquette.
Recently I've been listening to a lot of what is generally considered to be "College Rock", that subset of alternative bands which played prominently on college radio stations in the 80s and 90s. The likes of Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Stone Roses, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Hüsker Dü; and then R.E.M, Pavement, Mazzy Star, Cake, the Sundays, the Zombies. Just a few that come to mind, and some of these broke into the mainstream but had their origins in college rock.
Obviously, these bands all have very different sounds and backgrounds, and yet it seems that they occupied this unified space in the culture of Gen X going through college. Despite not having been prevalent on mainstream rock/pop radio stations (save for some breakthrough bands like R.E.M.), most people who went to college in the 80s/90s are familiar with them.
Observing the current trends at mine and other colleges, it doesn't seem that a unified collection of non-industry musicians are being pushed in a similar form.
For the purpose of this post, I'll define the criteria for "college alternative" as modern music that is enjoyed uniquely by a college demographic, shares a similar context, and is pushed as the alternative genre without being represented by the music industry.
This is by no means an "old music was better" write-up. There are so many fantastic artists of various genres today. It is interesting that these artists, however, don't seem to share a distinct college movement in the same sense that the 80s and 90s had. This surely has much to do with the downfall of radio and the rise of internet. Music is now discovered through decentralized forms of media. There is no community of radio hosts curating a collective music taste for people to be exposed to upon entering college. Music is now much more individualistic, both in ritual practice and in taste. Where I attend school, a small percent of the students actually listen to the radio, and every student with a passion for music has a very personal, eclectic music taste.
The likes of Tiktok complicate this even further, as it popularizes musicians entirely separate from the mainsteam industry, but also does not push any unified sound. Songs on Tiktok can gain popularity regardless of their band, genre, or even era.
On the other hand, it could be said that there is still a collective consciousness of alternative artists, it's just that this space looks very different than it used to. With hiphop replacing rock in mainstream music, the alternative stream likely followed suit. While they don't dominate the radio, most of Gen Z recognize the likes of Tyler the creator, Kali Uchis, Daniel Caesar, Phoebe Bridgers, Rex Orange County, Thundercat, etc. My only hesitation is that each of these names have dubious industry connections that water down their "alternative-ness".
Then perhaps this boils down, in essence, to capitalism and the way that music industry functions. Many of the alternative bands of the 80s and 90s surely had industry connections that allowed them popularity over other thousands of good bands that never made it. In the 21st century, this is only more true as monopolies coalesce and music as an industry is more focused. There is no easily-defined alternative radio because any really "alternative" music is too detached from the industry to have a large presence in our collective conscience, so this music is confined to eclectic listeners who find them through streaming services or niche internet communities like this one. In some ways this is a good thing, as it allows for a much greater variety of music to take hold among young people. It can also be a detriment in that non-mainstream music loses its function as a social tool to connect with wides group of people with shared music taste.
Reigning it back in, I am curious about this community's perception of "College Alternative" music as it stands today. Does such a movement exist, or is non-mainstream music too individualized for that now? What bands would the modern alternative consist of if we were to define it?
Or perhaps College Alternative never existed as a movement, but was prescribed as a term after the fact, in the same way that Classic Rock is an umbrella to define whatever rock used to be mainstream.
Furthermore, is it a good or bad thing that the forum of music has changed in this way?
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your responses.
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2023.06.05 07:29 A_horse_a_piece77 AI: Good News For Bad Guys

AI: Good News For Bad Guys
ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage right now.
In fact, AI and GPT together are almost the only drivers of positive stock market performance today.
A small group of companies with advanced capabilities in AI/GPT (Microsoft, NVIDIA, Google, Apple, and a few others) are rallying sharply on the profit and productivity potential offered by the new technology.
If the AI/GPT plays were removed from stock market indices, the remainder of the stocks would be down on a year-to-date basis. Whether this performance is a bubble or a genuine leap based on fundamentals remains to be seen.
History is filled with investing fads that fizzle out.
Still, there’s no doubt about the impact. That said, GPT has a dark side that is quickly coming to the fore. What do I mean?

Good News for Bad Guys

Malign actors can use the speed and comprehensiveness of GPT to produce fake images and content. They can then push that content into social media and mainstream channels to cause market rallies and crashes.
In other words, for market manipulators, inside traders, and geopolitical adversaries, GPT is one of the best tools ever invented. Here’s a recent case in point…
Last Monday, May 22, a story appeared on Facebook, Twitter, and several other media channels showing a large building on fire near the Pentagon along with speculation that a terrorist attack might be underway.
Stocks immediately began to sell off. Within minutes, it was realized that the building fire photo was fake (based on some windows that had an irregular instead of uniform appearance).
And indeed, the entire story was fake.
The image of the building with billowing smoke was generated by AI. Investors should get used to this type of AI-induced panic that can manipulate markets.
The AI/GPT technology is already in the hands of bad actors and they won’t stop using it just because this one fake was detected quickly.

Computer vs. Computer

Most stock trading is done by computers primed to look for keywords in breaking news. This was a case of computers selling stock based on what another computer was reporting with the use of a fake photo and fake news.
It’s computer versus computer using AI/GPT as advanced weaponry. Here’s why that’s so potentially dangerous…
Today, stock markets and other markets such as bonds and currencies can best be described as “automated automation.” What do I mean?
There are two stages in stock investing. The first is coming up with a preferred allocation among stocks, cash, bonds, etc. This stage also includes deciding how much to put in index products or exchange-traded funds (ETFs, which are a kind of mini-index) and how much active management to use.
The second stage involves the actual buy and sell decisions — when to get out, when to get in and when to go to the sidelines with safe-haven assets such as Treasury notes or gold.
What investors may not realize is the extent to which both of these decisions are now left entirely to computers. I’m not talking about automated trade matching where I’m a buyer and you’re a seller and a computer matches our orders and executes the trade. That kind of trading has been around since the 1990s.
I’m talking about computers making the portfolio allocation and buy/sell decisions in the first place, based on algorithms, with no human involvement at all. This is now the norm.

The Demise of Active Investing

Over 80% of stock trading is now automated in the form of either index funds (over 60%) or quantitative models (under 20%). This means that “active investing,” where you pick the allocation and the timing, is down to less than 20% of the market. Although even active investors receive automated execution.
In all, the amount of human “market making” in the traditional sense is down to about 5% of total trading. This trend is the result of two intellectual fallacies.
The first is the idea that “You can’t beat the market.” This drives investors to index funds that match the market. The truth is you can beat the market with good models, but it’s not easy.
The second fallacy is that the future will resemble the past over a long horizon, so “traditional” allocations of, say, 60% stocks, 30% bonds and 10% cash (with fewer stocks as you get older) will serve you well.
But Wall Street doesn’t tell you that a 50% or greater stock market crash — as happened in 1929, 2000 and 2008 — just before your retirement date will wipe you out.
But this is an even greater threat that’s rarely considered…

Shouting Fire In a Crowded Theater

In a bull market, this type of passive investing amplifies the upside as indexers pile into hot stocks like, for example, Nvidia, Google and Apple have been recently. But a small sell-off can turn into a stampede as passive investors head for the exits all at once without regard to the fundamentals of a particular stock.
It’s like shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. AI could issue the false alarm that sends investors scrambling for the exits.
Index funds would stampede out of stocks. Passive investors would look for active investors to “step up” and buy. The problem is there wouldn’t be any active investors left, or at least not enough to make a difference.
There would be no active investors left to risk capital by trying to catch a falling knife.
Stocks will go straight down with no bid. The market crash will be like a runaway train with no brakes. It all comes back to complexity, and the market is an example of a complex system.
One formal property of complex systems is that the size of the worst event that can happen is an exponential function of the system scale. This means that when a complex system’s scale is doubled, the systemic risk does not double; it may increase by a factor of 10 or more.
The emergence of AI-generated “fake news” can amplify these market movements.
As the technology improves, which it inevitably will, it’ll become increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from fiction. Stories like the fire near the Pentagon will become much harder to debunk.
Investors need to understand these technological developments before their portfolio holdings are badly damaged.
One thing we can be sure of is that the threat is not going away.
Written by James Rickards at the
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2023.06.05 07:18 astaroh [Discussion] What keeps you playing Wurm Online and not other MMOs? What do you enjoy about Wurm that other games can't provide you?

This is a sort of general discussion post since this subreddit board holds 1.4k members but only displays 2 posts this month and 21 posts in the last 12 months. I love the game and know firsthand of the hundreds of passionate players who have created massive projects, hilarious memes, etc, but it saddens me to see such a barren subreddit. I believe that many gamers visit the subreddit boards of games they might like to try to investigate the community, see what players have accomplished in-game, or find memes to enjoy. I'd like to see a post like this somewhere so when someone new finds this subreddit, they may find what keeps real players spending time and money in the world of Wurm.
I've been loving this game second life for over a decade now and to this day it has a hold over me. No other game I've played comes even close, and that includes all the look-a-likes over the years like Life is Feudal, Haven and Hearth, EVE Online, or Mortal Online (I'm not calling them copies or in any way disparaging them, just sharing that other sandbox MMOs personally don't do a thing for me).
I personally love sharing bred horses with others, allowing neighbors who have zero interest in the in-depth Animal Husbandry to always have a good horse or two. I also really appreciate friendly duels, not-so-friendly murders and thefts, and helping out others wherever I can. Wurm Online allows me to be as creative as I want, using Slate to build a haunted castle, filled with black sheep, ebony horses, and gold lamp posts. It's always been a goal of mine to construct two towers and connect them with a rickety rope bridge and to recreate Falador from RuneScape using gleaming marble. I am fascinated by learning about mechanics in-game, like how the many meditation paths work. By meditating on the Path of Love, you can enchant nature tiles, letting players heal twice as fast while standing on them and letting grass-grazing animals feed on them far longer than regular grass tiles. Another thing I enjoy is spelunking abandoned ruins of old deeds. I have a habit of repairing everything in sight, mostly to train the Repairing skill but also to keep all this junk alive for someone else to wander by and take what they might need.
I will never forget some of the player-built wonders I've seen:
What is Wurm Online? A sandbox, medieval life simulator where players directly change the world every single day. In the beginning of each server, there are no roads, no buildings. It's an untamed wilderness. Over many years players change the world in real time, adding roads leading to far off vistas, dredging canals to allow fasteconvenient travel and shipping routes, and shave off the tops of mountains to build grand castles. There is an economy that persists between players. Using an in-game currency, anyone can sell anything for any price, allowing players to independently offer goods + services in person, by mail, or an NPC merchant. There is only one type of non-player-owned NPC merchant and they do not buy anything. They sell a very limited stock of magical items that most players ignore entirely.
Wurm Online boasts 129 skills and 10 characteristics which range from 1-99.9999 and allows players to spend as much time as they'd like raising skills without limits. There are no classes or hard caps on skills, like only being able to train a total number of skill points (Mortal Online, EVE, Life is Feudal). Like RuneScape or Skyrim, you can potentially reach 99.9999 in every skill one day! All skill increases also increase characteristics (like Body Strength or Mind Logic) and most skills also increase their parent skill (like Farming increases the Nature skill). Each skill grants a special title at 50, 70, 90, and 99.9999 which allows you to show off your talent to other players!
The vast majority of constructed items and buildings are fully destructible. On PVE servers, you can only destroy your own buildings, but anyone may bash off-deed fences and un-pave highways. On PVP servers, you can mold the entire island to your will, including flattening others' deeds into dust. Everything off-deed decays over time, so as time goes on, tamed lands will become wild once more. Monsters will wander rampantly, and all buildings/roads will eventually disappear.
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2023.06.05 07:16 kaashcustoms Elegant and Enduring: Engraved Necklaces for Father's Day

Elegant and Enduring: Engraved Necklaces for Father's Day
Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a gift that will stand the test of time, look no further than engraved necklaces. These timeless pieces exude sophistication and elegance while showcasing your dad's personality and style. There are countless alternatives for designing a one-of-a-kind artwork that will be treasured for years to come, from classic monograms to poignant phrases. Read on as we explore some of our top picks for personalized necklaces perfect for Father's Day.

Why Engraved Necklaces are the Perfect Father’s Day Gift?

There are few personalized gift for Dad more personal and heartfelt than an engraved necklace. Whether you choose to engrave your father’s initials, his favorite quote, or a special message from you, he is sure to cherish this gift for years to come.
Here are just a few of the many reasons why a personalized necklace makes the perfect Father’s Day gift:
It’s Unique: An personalized necklace is not something you can pick up at the local drugstore. It’s a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift that shows you took the time to find something special just for him.
It’s Timeless: A quality piece of jewelry is something your father can wear and enjoy for many years to come. Unlike other gifts that may gather dust on a shelf, a customized necklace is something he will actually use and appreciate.
It’s Personal: An engraved necklace allows you to say exactly what you want to say, in your own words. Whether it says "I love you, Dad!" or "Best Dad Ever," he will definitely value the thought that went into this gift.

Different Engraving Ideas for Necklaces

There are many different ideas that you can use when you want to have a necklace engraved for your father. You can either go with something simple, like his initials or name, or you can get more creative and try to include a special message or memory that you have shared together. Here are some different engraving ideas that you can use for necklaces:
His Initials: This is a classic option that will always look chic.
Your Relationship: Whether it's "Dad" or "Daddy," engraving your relationship on the necklace is a sweet way to show your love.
A Special Memory: Does your dad always tell you the story of how he met your mom? Or maybe there's another funny story that he loves to tell over and over again. Whatever the memory may be, engrave it on the necklace so he can always cherish it.
An Inside Joke: If you and your dad share a silly inside joke, put it on the necklace! He'll get a kick out of seeing it every time he wears it.
A Quote: Choose a quote that is meaningful to both of you, whether it's from a favorite book, movie, or song.

Tips on Selecting the Right Design

  • Think about what type of design your dad would appreciate. Is he more traditional or modern? Does he prefer simple or intricate designs? Thinking about his taste will help you zero in on the right style.
  • Consider the meaning behind the engraving. What message do you want to communicate with your personalized gift for Dad? Whether it's "I Love You," "Best Dad Ever," or something else entirely, choose an engraving that will resonate with your dad.
  • Take into account the material of the necklace. Would your dad prefer gold, silver, or another metal? Or perhaps he would like a leather or beaded necklace instead? Selecting the right material is important for making sure he loves and wears his new gift.

Different Types of Engraved Necklaces Available for Father's Day

Personalized Bar Necklace: This style features a horizontal or vertical bar pendant that can be engraved with your father's name, initials, or a short message. It features a modern, clean appearance.
Family Tree Necklace: This design incorporates a tree-shaped pendant with individual branches representing family members. Each branch can be engraved with the names or initials of your father and his children, creating a symbol of love and connection.
Coordinate Necklace: Engraving the coordinates of a significant place, such as your father's birthplace, the family home, or a memorable location, on a necklace can be a unique and meaningful choice. It allows your father to carry a special location close to his heart.
Photo Locket Necklace: A locket necklace is a timeless piece that can hold a small photo of your father, your family, or a cherished memory. It can be engraved with a message or initials on the front or back of the locket.
Custom Symbol Necklace: If there is a particular symbol that holds significance to your father, such as a meaningful icon, religious symbol, or a favorite hobby, you can have it engraved on a necklace. It allows him to carry a symbol of importance and personal meaning.

How to Take Care of an Engraved Necklace?

A personalized necklace is a wonderful way to show your father how much you care. Here are some tips on how to take care of a custom necklace:
  • Store the necklace in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it in an airtight container, as this can cause the engraving to fade over time.
  • Clean the necklace regularly with a gentle jewelry cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage the engraving.
  • Take the necklace off before participating in activities that could cause it to become damaged, such as swimming or exercising.
Read Also: Unlocking Personal Style: How Men Custom Jewelry Empowers Fashion
Engraved necklaces for Father's Day are not only luxurious, but they also have lasting power. These pieces of jewelry commemorate your father's memories with you while giving them something special to wear. From photo engravings to custom messages, these pieces will show him just how much you care about him and will be a timeless addition to his collection. With so many choices available, there is sure to be the perfect gift that conveys your heartfelt message perfectly!
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2023.06.05 07:13 jmbmrcd An Open Letter For Youths

Dear Avid Reader, Over the past few weeks, I have experienced various enlightening moments that have motivated me to become more aware of the environment I interact with. My family and a close family friend of ours have encountered different challenges, and our friend came close to losing her connection with her loved ones. This life situation has emboldened me to convey a message, with the intention of helping people recognize the true value of time, akin to the preciousness of gold. In a similar sense, a particular quote has captured my attention profoundly: "We desire time the most, yet we utilize it the worst." In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to get caught up in our own ambitions and desires. But amidst the chaos, it's important to take a moment and reflect on the blessings that come our way. Gratitude is a powerful virtue that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us. One of the greatest blessings we often overlook is the love and presence of our parents. They are the ones who have supported us through thick and thin, believed in our dreams, and nurtured us into the individuals we are today. They have sacrificed their time, energy, and resources to ensure our well-being and happiness. Yet, as the years go by, we often forget to express our affection and gratitude towards them. We assume that they will always be there, but the truth is, time waits for no one. Before we know it, the years will pass, and our parents, like all humans, will eventually leave this world. There was a clip that appeared through my social media, reviewing and recommending about a book entitled “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by Dearly Departing.” It reveals that one of the most common regrets people have later in life is not spending enough time with their loved ones, particularly their parents. They wish they had taken the time to show their love and appreciation, to have meaningful conversations, and to create lasting memories together. They long for the chance to say "I love you" one more time or to share a heartfelt moment that can never be recreated. Let us not wait for regrets to overwhelm us. Let us value every moment we have with our parents and cherish the love they give us. Take the time to sit with them, ask about their day, listen to their stories, and genuinely show them how much they mean to you. Your presence and affection will be a priceless gift that they will hold close to their hearts. Remember, time is a precious commodity that cannot be bought or reversed. It slips through our fingers like sand, and once it's gone, it's gone forever. So, make the most of every second you have with your parents. Create beautiful memories, laugh together, share your dreams, and make sure they know just how much you love and appreciate them. In cultivating gratitude and demonstrating affection towards our parents, we not only honor their sacrifices but also create a deeper bond that will endure even when they are no longer physically present. Let us seize the opportunity to express our love and gratitude today, for tomorrow may never come. With Love, Melvin M.
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2023.06.05 07:10 caseofhearts My ranking and rating of the last two seasons of Broadway in New Orleans.

The 2022-2023 season just came to a close in New Orleans. I’m so thankful to have seen almost all of the shows the past two seasons. Im feeling inspired so here is my combined ranking AND rating for the 21-22 and 22-23 season.
1) To Kill A Mockingbird 4/4 stars I was blown away by the writing, acting, and pace. I tend not be a crier and I balled my eyes out. When it comes down to it, I think I’m just more impressed and engaged with an amazing non-musical than musical and wish we had more of them. My eyes were glued to the stage and my ears were clinging to every word.
2) Hamilton 4/4 stars This was my third time seeing Hamilton and I probably have a bit of Hamilton burnout from listening to the soundtrack so often a few years ago but told myself not to let that effect my rating. All that’s been said about Hamilton has already been said and I will always adore it. It’s such a detailed amazing piece of work. I just love the breadth of lyrics.
3) Six 4/4 stars I went into this knowing nothing about it and was captivated. I’m kind of in my Hamilton listening phase with Six and the writing gets more clever the more I listen to it. I would see it again, it’s such a fun but clever ride.
4) Fiddler On The Roof 4/4 stars I had vague memories of this, probably from seeing the movie and possibly an off Broadway production as a kid. But this is my first time appreciating it as an adult. It can be a bit by the books, but I found it profound and sad and have thought about it often since. Our Teve was incredible I might have given it a 3.5 right afterwards, but all that it’s given me since pushes it to a 4, kind of the opposite of..
5) Hadestown 4/4 stars I left Hadestown in awe. The music was beautiful, chilling. I love an orchestra on stage. But now that some time has passed, it hasn’t really done much for me emotionally and the plot is a bit weak. I’ll keep it as a 4 for how it made me feel after the show. Maybe it needs a rewatch.
6) Jesus Christ Superstar 3/4 stars
I didn’t know a lot about this beforehand but I can’t say I wasn’t engaged and intrigued throughout. In moments, I thought it was too weird and at others I thought it wasn’t weird enough. In moments I thought it was cerebral and other moments thought it was a high production Christian rock concert. Overall it was memorable and I often wonder how those of different faiths would view it.
7) Mean Girls 3/4 stars
This exceeded expectations for me. I like the movie a lot and grew up with it but honestly assumed the show might kind of be trash. I remember after it was over saying wait, was that pretty good? Overtime it’s not that memorable to me but I remember laughing often and really enjoying the fun choreography.
8) Moulin Rouge 2.5/stars
I left this thinking, “wow a lot of people who don’t like theater would adore this.” Actually for some reason I left with a lot of specific thoughts: I wish it was weirder and more circusy. I don’t like Jukebox musicals but this was well done for a Jukebox musical. I tend to love simple understated sets but boy was it kind of fun to see an extravagant set with grandiose lightning and design. The plot is so boring/non existent (I think that’s supposed to be besides the point).
9) Tootsie 1.5/4 stars
I think this did everything it was supposed to do and was well acted but it was profoundly unfunny to me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
10) Anastasia 0/4 stars
No. I’ve never been so bored watching theater in my life. Was it a musical? I don’t remember one song. I left ranting about the awful set design and then looked it up and read it won all kinds of awards for the set and projection. I don’t get it. I hated that it was all projectors- and even if I Was to accept it, I didn’t find the projection engaging either in an impressive technical way or a charming older way. For fans, I don’t mean to offend. Would love to hear a different perspective.
Did not see: Cats, Frozen, Pretty Woman, Tina Turner
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2023.06.05 07:08 Electra0319 [piofiore] the lyrics to this song made me think of Nicola, so I made this to show my love (more info in body text)

[piofiore] the lyrics to this song made me think of Nicola, so I made this to show my love (more info in body text)
When I was playing 1926 this was trending on tik tok, and this song specifically made me think of Nicola because if the lyrics of the song. and when I was singing it I would say Lili instead of Mary. The lyrics match a lot of points in their story. One part in particular was
"But through all the sorrow We were riding high And the truth of the matter is I had to let you go, let you go" Making me think of the ignoring her part but still realizing he loved her etc and there are lyrics before and after that matches up also. Give it a read and you'll see what I mean.
There love truely felt the most genuine of any of the LIs and as I've said many times on this sub I could write a novel about why Nicola is her true love and not Dante. (both love and story supporting reasons) and I think at some point I will definitely do that.
Do you agree with my thoughts on the song? On Nicola? I always love hearing people opinions on these things!
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2023.06.05 07:01 AutoModerator Daily Readings

1.) Pray the Nine Psalms of the Diaspora (123-131)
2.) Study Proverb 3
3.) Contemplate Matthew 4:4

Pray the Psalms of the Diaspora, and when you do, consider replacing the word "LORD" with "Jesus Christ" and "Israel" with "Church." Like Israel in Babylon, we are the Church in the world, apart from our holy Temple in Jerusalem.
Their Temple was built of gold and silver, but ours of God Himself — the Temple of Jesus Christ.
Then study the wisdom of Solomon and use it throughout your day to love all people just as Christ has loved you. Finally, if you are able, contemplate the words of our Lord — what He said, what He meant, what it means to us, His Church.

God be with you all!
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2023.06.05 06:50 thecursedmanCLW Clockwork

A bond that is unspoken,
The chains that remain unbroken,
A lifetime of war,
Leaves a tired heart so sore
A weight on the shoulders of an angel.
A crack in the heart of steel,
Is anything real?
Do we really feel?
Life is a game we keep playing,
The words that I keep saying,
Do they mean anything to you?
Do you even care?
Sorrow lingers in the air,
It's so unfair,
The things you do to me.
Unspeakable hate,
Heart full of rage,
I'm turning the page,
I'm burning the bridge between us,
I'm letting go of the past.
Life's keep moving to fast,
Eventually we all have to die,
I'm tired of wasting time.
All those countless years I spent picking up the pieces,
I let myself fall apart,
Though I knew it all along, deep in my heart,
You were waiting patiently for a kick start,
You were a work of art.
Like a storm you are raging with energy,
You have the power to rip through cities,
But you took pity, yeah you took pity on me.
Like sand in the hourglass of time,
I am but a memory fading.
I would have died for you,
But our love was never true.
Deep in my eyes past the oceans of faded blue,
There's a hopeless light, a light that still burns for you.
And though many more years will pass, I'll spend my time wishing for you.
My heart of gold will fade to Black,
Yet I'll yearn for you to come back.
You'll move on yet.. I'll still be holding on.
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2023.06.05 06:42 antsam9 If I could re-do my first play through, I wish I would've done this.

  1. Play however you want, but if I could give advice to a friend starting tomorrow, I would suggest:
  2. Don't overlevel, generally, you want to keep it 10 levels an act, finish act 1 by level 10, act 2 by level 20, etc. That preserves the sense of progression, fun, and keeps you moving. Also feel free to just blitz through the story if you want, just don't overstay the soft level cap I'm suggesting if you can.
  3. Getting to level 50 means no more skill points, so you are basically doing the same skill rotation against max level enemies. it's like hitting the level cap in beta, it kinda kills the mood.
  4. Don't waste time with constant comparison for upgrades. Equip the good drops, dump all the maybe useable yellows into the stash, salvage or sell the blues/whites until you get to about 100,000 gold per 10 levels. This way, when you finish the act, you can compare all your yellow drops, aspects, etc and pick which ones to use,upgrade, or salvage for the current act.
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2023.06.05 06:37 Unfair_Top_8510 AI is crazy man holy shit " my favorite girls are that of whom are on the clock as I type this post, please help me find the mysterious death of Dante's hat, to restore my faith in reddit.''

the grand redditor helps dante find a fedora to replace one he lost
Is there anything worse than wearing a green hat? Maybe a gold hat? Well, dante might not feel too lonely now if he were to know that one redditor has lost his special fedora. That redditor is redditor extraordinarius, who was introduced to Dante by the devil may cry 6, the redditor who did not even give the sparda anything to change into his special devil may cry 6 fedora.
After seeing Dante was missing one of his hats, and seeing his pictures, grandpa told the devil may cry 6 that if he does not do anything to help him, then he would be looking at him and that he. vergil is trying to become the supreme redditor on redditspards to save dante from the dark demons.
Here are some more pictures of dante wearing his old black fedora
sparda told me that if I wanted to save Dante from the evil tortures, then I
"may be able to find a precious fedora on redditspards and change it to the special one"
"Once I changed into my special fedora, I would be able to fight and defeat all the evil demons and save dante from their tortures forever. After I saved dante, then I would be able to become the ultimate redditor and save countless redditors from being tortured as well. I would be able to wear that exact fedora then i get time with lady sparda."
One redditor, sparda, was so touched by the pleas of dante to please help him with his hat that he created a post, called "The Mysterious Death of Dante's Hat" and he offered to help. This is where he asked for the redditors help, since he is only one person.
"Please help me find a beloved fedora to replace my special one. Please help me find a grand devil may cry 6 fedora to replace my fedora, my favorite girls are that of whom are on the clock as I type this post, please help me find the mysterious death of Dante's hat, to restore my faith in reddit. I do not know if the devil may cry 6 knew the death of dante's hat, but I do know that he made sure that a special hat was made, just like he did with all the other things that helped him become a supreme redditor. He lost his hat after I was summoned into hell, and left me to look for it. I will not lose faith in reddit now, I know that he is searching and searching for me and all of my loved ones to let them return. All I ask now, that I get my hat back."
He went on to explain that women are better then birds of a feather . But it might have been a slut dragon, since he told his followers to wear a dappa, meaning a hat. He also told them to wear hats, which one, we are unsure if that was the sparda or what, but it was some other redditor.
"I had the honor of meeting sparda on Wednesday, and on Thursday, the redditor fedora vergil contacted me to tell me that he was having problems with a hat. This hat was a purple, devil may cry 6 fedora.
I contacted grand devil may cry, to see if I could get a devil may cry 6 fedora back. After he told me that a devil may cry 6 fedora would not be available
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2023.06.05 06:18 DudeNeedsToTalkRN What is going on in Senegal in 2023? Explained in details #FreeSenegal

Skip to the Last part for 2023 specifics reading everything would really enlighten you tho.
Location and Alliances
French Control / Neocolonialism
Senegal was a well ruled country despite its politics being mainly ruled by France from the shadow, France hold the reserve of CFA Francs currency and print it for 15 countries. 15 sovereign nations are entirely dependent on France's currency. France also control most of their seaports and has priority in every new market offering with mandatory acceptance for these nations. Despite its many resources Senegal is a very poor country it has gold, zircon, lots of sea territory for fishing, clay and many more industry needed resources and forestry that I can adequately explain. France also has military bases in most of these countries until recently they've been kicked out by Burkina and Mali. Recently lots of Gas and Oil sources have been found in Senegal and that could change the lives of millions of Senegalese citizen (keep that in mind as you read)

Abdoulaye Wade, Macky Sall, Dirty Politics and Spiraling Debt

3rd Mandate, Abdoulaye Wade vs The People (Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour incl.)

Link Archive Protest Youtube:
Link Archive Macky Sall Coallition :

Hopes, Justice, Regrets and Embezzlement of Funds

Dynasty Faye-Sall, War of Gains and Scandalous Deals (Petro Tim Oil & Gas)

Then slowely but crescendo new names started popping in the government, branded as the FAYE-SALL dynasty : Macky Sall, his wife Marieme Faye and the in laws Aliou Sall and Mansour Faye.
See here the BBC documentary that angered the Senegalese citizens:
See video here:
see video here:
The others (Moustapha Niasse, Youssou Ndour, Mame Mbaye Niang...)

The Claws of France gripping harder

Harder Living Conditions

The Rise of Ousmane Sonko

Macky Sall's 3rd Mandate, Sonko-Adji Sarr, 2021 Protests

Amnesty International Article :

2023 Protests

After sentencing Ousmane Sonko to 2 years of prison, he is at first kidnapped while he travelled back home from Ziguinchor occasionally touring the country ,held at home and the people are out protesting to end this masquerade, for Macky Sall to either leave Sonko alone and finish his 2nd term or to leave the country altogether.
There's already 600 political prisoners before the protest.
The police shot live rounds, beat up and runned over several people.
And a new type of tear cas that can blow your limbs.
The people are fighting for a better future. Macky Sall doesn't care about Senegalese people. Senegalese so desperate for a better future that many died at sea on shipwrecks trying to reach europe on rafts or canoes.
In 2019, 210 senegalese people died in the mediteranée trying to reach europe because there's nothing left of hope of a better future in thish country, in novembre 2020, 414 senegalese people died at sea trying to ge to europe according to IOM
The 2023 protest showed an escalation of violence from the police, the constables and the 'nervis' these paid militias that have gone increasingly violent with machetes and semi automatic rifles and handguns. Fighting along side the police they have killed 28 people officially many were shot.
The Freedom to tour the country that Macky Sall was offered by Abdoulaye Wade is what Macky Sall is denying Ousmane Sonko.
The 3rd mandate that Macky Sall thought for is what he is denying us all.
Abdoulaye Wade never asked for the police to shoot at civilians, under his presidency killing in broad daylight wasn't a thing, he may have been a bad tyrant but Macky Sall infinitely a hating arrogant good for nothing that is acclaimed as Political Genius a lapdog if anything.
A warzone atmosphere against unarmed civilians.
The government issued an order for the internet to be cut off
Everybody is using vpns to keep the outside informed. Today, June 4th the mobile data were cut off only wifi network worked in order to keep protesters at home.
A terrible rumour that spent chills down my spine earlier today a senegalese citizen called on live tv saying he saw DEAD BODIES IN REFRIGERATED TRUCKSS BEING THROWN AT SEA near the Diamalaye Beach. The senegalese citizens are enquiring about it. Some people have confirmed through text but I am yet to believe it until photo or video proof is shown. We are talking about mass execution I will not believe it until I see proof of it.
This a very long and tedious thing to write and I'm doing it because I am afraid the Senegalese people will be cut off from the world and die in the dark.
The sound of an entire nations going silent is something I have witnessed once and I hope I never do.
ECOWAS took a neutral stance may the wrath of God be upon them.
For once in my lifetime I wish for Military Coup if it means the killers will be stopped. Please save the longest lasting WEST African democracy.
Please Spread the word under #FreeSenegal. A senegalese fearing for his freedom.
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2023.06.05 05:22 Noke15 Not sure that my purchase's fits/is good. My old machine broke so I need a new one asap.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. 
-Hardcore gaming with this PC and possibly streaming. Gll AAA games now and for the next couple/few years. Competitive online games like MOBAS (LoL), CoD and other FPS, MMO's locked/above 144FPS (144hz monitor)
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes? 
-Between 2000-2500€, biggest performance for the buck in this range.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy. 
-Asap, this month.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc) 
-CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, case (everything besides monitor, keyboard and mouse)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location? 
-Portugal, but can purchase stuff from spain ( or any other store with deliveries to portugal).
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated. 
-Im keeping keyboard+mouse and monitor - Both razer, monitor: not sure about the model, an asus w/ 144hz.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU? 
-Not sure, not an expert so id say no.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, 
-DDR5 Ram, 1tb SSD, the best in terms of performance, dont need more space, I dont tend to play more then 3 games at once and a top graphic card like 4080 or 7900 XTX
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics. 
-Ethernet cable (wired). No need for anything here
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components? 
-Not really, as long as it has good airflow, the parts fit inside and has overall decent quality im good. (Looking good is a plus/ nice to have, not a must have).
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference? 
Im not sure if im picking the right parts for the price or if I could be getting better ones or at least good matching alternatives.
Do I really need a CPU cooler, are they worth it?
Is my power supply good enough?
Does everything fit in this case?
Is the case good enough (air flow wise)?
Would you change the Graphics card model to NITRO+, saphire or merc?
Thanks in advance
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5 GHz 8-Core Processor €327.90 @ Switch Technology
CPU Cooler Deepcool AK620 68.99 CFM CPU Cooler €65.97 @ PC Componentes
Motherboard Gigabyte B650 GAMING X AX ATX AM5 Motherboard €231.90 @ Globaldata
Memory Kingston FURY Beast 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL40 Memory €147.02 @ PC Componentes
Storage Western Digital Black SN770 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive €68.80 @ PCDIGA
Video Card Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24 GB Video Card €1239.15 @ PC Componentes
Case Phanteks Eclipse P400A Digital ATX Mid Tower Case €75.80 @ PCDIGA
Power Supply Corsair RM1000e (2023) 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply €177.50 @ Switch Technology
Case Fan Phanteks PH-F120SK 50 CFM 120 mm Fan €9.90 @ Globaldata
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €2343.94
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-05 04:13 WEST+0100
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2023.06.05 05:22 chowies It seems all my previous dota knowledge has been subverted.

Title. There were some fundamentals to which I understood the game and played the game and worked. However, with 7.33, all these understandings have either become wrong or opposite of the correct thing to do.
For example, as a pos 1, early game if your team starts a fight with maybe 3v3, the right thing to do would be take the space your team is giving you, come out of Jungle and shove the lanes abit. HOWEVER, in patch 7.33, the truly best thing to do (if you're able to) was to join the fight and contribute however minorly. This may mean TP-ing to the fight or walking awkwardly all the way there (your teammates might have died BUT enemy has no more BIG SPELLS OR ULTS). The assist gold and exp for just being around often means it's worth it. If you had farmed away from the fight, you might struggle if your farming item isn't up. Only fringe cases where you really have 0 contribution and your safe farm is really efficient (think heroes like medu) is it good for you to stay away from the fight.
Another example would be how if you were losing fights, the correct thing to do as a team would be to take less fights, split up and farm, try to turtle up and farm up 1 key item before trying again. Plus, with a bigger map, there would be more space for you to split up and farm. But, in 7.33, that's the WRONG thing to do. You need to just pull up your bootstraps, group up more and continue fighting in hopes you get a pick off using smoke or hope the enemy goes in 1 by 1. The reason is because the gold and xp from killing and assisting would be extra juicy and help you comeback faster than if you tried to farm it back.
So, tell me I'm wrong or your thoughts, or any other subverted truths. From what I've seen on streamers, the way they play the game also reflects these new understandings/fundamentals. As an old player, becoming aware of these new truths has been shocking to say the least; paid at least 500 mmr to learn these.
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2023.06.05 05:09 notlikethatglue What do I know about glue

Yo glue. You don't use this place so you'll never hear this but I got to tell someone and I'm not going to send it to you and sound even crazier I don't want you thinking I'm some kind of psychopathic stalker and I want you to feel comfortable and respected with your boundaries. So let's get down to brass tacks.
Girl when I think about you and all this s*** that went on and I think about me. It reminds me of when in pulp fiction Bruce Willis is popping Marcellus Wallace (Ving rhames) in the face saying "you feel that?" That's your pride f****** with you or some s*** like that.
Man glue how the hell are my feelings going to be hurt and how can I be so selfish as to even think that I deserve to be respected or put any expectations on you I'm not going to go into huge detail. Reason being is because the rest of the world will hear it but you probably won't but at least out there in the void I'm going to make it to where the respect you deserve this voiced from me and that you're honored for the things that you've done selflessly. Being thet our sister birthday was yesterday and she's no longer with us I think she would smile from above knowing that I finally said something like this.
Hey let me say thank you for real. Thank you for shutting my ass down and thank you for this list I'm about to go through which I will go into detail at a later time.
I'm going to write a story about our lives. I'm telling you it's going to happen. I started three separate writings and I'm ready to scrap them all to tell our story. I'm going to focus on that in my writings anyways on to the summary of what glue means to me or what I acknowledge about glue.
What you were up against.
When we met. You a teenage girl. Abandoned by one parent in a very vile way. The other parent was raising you. We were running around, you got sick, and you were in the hospital for weeks with some very serious troubles. Towards the end of the hospital stay cuz I was in there with you the whole time. The other parent came said that they won't going to deal with you and for you to figure it out a young girl in the hospital. The crazy part is you had done nothing wrong. That was my first real dose of surrealism in people next to some childhood stuff from one of my mother's boyfriends. And shortly after you were told you didn't have a home to come back to as a teenage girl in the hospital the doctors came in and said you would never be able to get pregnant or bare children. You moved in with us me my mom and my sister. And after all that you have been through you would think that you'll be nervous or anxious or things will be awkward. No. You stepped into the home and you immediately brought light into it that it was missing. You immediately were a part of the family and you were a part that was missing the whole time that no one ever knew about. You became a daughter to my mother a sister to my sister and more important things than my words can express right now to me. You kept a strong mentality and glue you were always the caretaker. You dealt with me a young pig-headed man very much in love with you with the drug addiction you catered to me. But not like a slave you catered to my soul there is never someone that I can ever dream of to treat me the way you did. You were loyal man you were my everything. I was yours. None of this is going to be an order but I've traveled with you across the country. We moved to Louisiana. I got a job on the tugboats. You were in the middle of a new scary town. And here I was gone 30 days at a time. But you held on. That was a really stressful time when I look back and that was a time when even though it was an experience I regret that decision because being gone that long from you at that young seemed okay then but even though my buddy's family was around I should have been there. But we did it the best we could. Eventually that didn't work out I'll never forget two cats in a 1984 Ford escort and all our s*** driving all the way to the East Coast. That escort could do some runs now. Anyways we moved to the beach. Being close to home my drug addiction was still an active Factor at all times you held on every time you could. When we move to the beach we decided we were going to do other things we came back to the city. That's what my sister move to the beach with her friend and we were in the city and got to call she had been in a car wreck.
We fly down to the beach before that even cut my sister out of the car we made a 2-hour drive in about 45 minutes. They will my sister in you were right by her side by my side you were there fam you were going through it with me, with her, with the parents. The wheel her in she said she couldn't feel her legs. Boom paralyzed never going to walk again. Thank God she lived and thank God she has such an amazing sister beside her during it all.
After rehabilitation the situation that it happened put my mom into a absolute mental tailspin. So we stuck around as my mother could barely function to tend to my sister.. to your sister. So you a young young woman who had been s*** on by her family. Took over my mother's role and began caretaking for my sister, all the while taking care of my mom with her mental episodes and and down time, and taking care of a loving man with an addiction that had selfish tendencies and you filled the role of all three caretakers and still manage to love me and show me affection with a smile on your face. You took care of the whole house. You took care of the animals. I'm not talking about any of the good really that I did or anybody else did I just want you to be recognized here.
We decided to move to Florida after a long time of you taking care of my paralyzed sister and helping her acclimate until she started lighting it up. What she took off and became president the Honor society went back to school started doing fundraisers was in the Miss wheelchair state runnings eyeballing Ms wheelchair America..once she got in her groove... We went on to Florida.
In Florida you dealt with a man that had just found the purest cocaine he had done in a long time for dirt cheap prices. Through pretty much the whole stay we were there the years we were there. But I wasn't completely a lost cause so in Florida you became a business partner, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a teammate, a valuable asset, Chief cornerstone that all things business relied on between us and my buddy that we went into business with. Your pragmatic approach and abilities dominated with mine. The things I fell short in you could put into place... I don't want to say my inventiveness and idealism was the exact complimentary opposite to that where you lacked. But I'm going to be straight up with you you were just as inventive, sellable, full of ideas, practical enough to make it happen, and able to execute. So you were still at a young age early twenties the most amazing business partner I could ever ask for. Not to mention the fun in the sun the palm trees the tacky gold the new cars living on the beach man I was built for that s*** and I know you were. Eventually when the big collapse of the towers came, and us with our lack of savings which was a big part my fault. After September 11th the market just crashed and we didn't do business and s*** started going backwards and we sold our debt for what a couple thousand bucks? To watch my friend hold on to that business and buy us out of all that debt until it finally bankrupted was insane he really held on to that dream.
Anyways by the time we get back to our hometown not only is my sister been in a wheelchair now my sister develops a tumor on her pituitary gland Cushing's disease. My drug addiction is full force when we pull back into town. You jump right into action taking care of her everyone and by this time your family had got back in your life your parents. And you forgave them and let them in boy I'll never forget to work it took for you to get over that I remember the days that I sit with you and helped you work through that stuff. But you forgave you opened your heart and you opened your arms and embrace family. And you took care of everyone.
We get married. I get you pregnant the first child. I'm so far in addiction now that we're back home ground zero for those old habits. You're neglected, I'm high, selfish,I'm ashamed so basically I either don't come home because I've been up all night High s*** spending all of our money. And I mean all of it taking right out of my pregnant wife's and the baby's mouth to serve my f****** addiction. and you just held on. Remainder Rock still taking care of my sister. Still being there for my mom. And absolutely the polar opposite of what the doctor said when we first met about not being able to have kids. So after neglecting you constantly pawning off tons of responsibilities on you and spending every penny we had and expecting you to take care of the kids and never being home and being unavailable because I had a disgusting ratchet ass bottom of the barrel love affair that started with cocaine but once I tried to sling and learn how to cook cocaine became Crack to be exact. I traded you, businesses, vehicles, Mom Dad the kids, stability love, God, futures, anything everything I traded for that nasty b**** crack. Mind body Spirit trade it at all.
And what did you do you kept managing with what you we had you kept trying to hold it together and you held on for dear life.
Now you had already become a daughter to my mother and you were a sister to my sister so my part to play in that has nothing to do with y'all's relationship at this point. There's a very painful thing that I'm even scared to talk about maybe one day. Anyways finally you said you couldn't do it anymore I had driven us in the dirt I had literally turned us into basically homeless people with kids and I just could not stop when I would get to the bottom I'd bring a jackhammer and I'd find a new bottom. And you finally took your eyes off of me and you looked at what was the most important our child and you said it's time to separate you had to do it. Our separation you still tried to work with me as I got off the drug short-term and you came back and that's when I got you pregnant. That's what I want to talk to you about one day when we have time. But that has nothing to do with the honor you deserve because you are always were and not a doubt my mind always will be a loyal honorable commendable Royal woman a true virtuous woman.
Anyways when we started talking again during the separation I got you pregnant again. We got back together to try to make it work for both our kids now. But I wasn't going to give up crack for you all the families all the religion all the money and all the happiness in the world. I was that f****** stupid. God is good because I didn't 12 step my s*** out of there with that God come down and put a disgust and a chill in my bones about that s*** and made it disappear overnight. Maybe another time because it was way too late when it happened. Anyways I got you to raise two kids stole all of our money stole all of our food stole everything we didn't even have gas half the time. You hold on. You held one. I still have the claw marks in my soul from where you didn't want to let me go because you were that committed and that good of a woman. That in tune with family.
You went on to raise the kids by yourself you hooked up with another dude he got you pregnant then you dealt with him abusing you physically. Torturing that household. I know he's changed but I know some of this s*** that he did to my kids because I could see it in their eyes every time I would drop a fork. Thank God they healed from that. Whether they healed fully especially one of them I don't know. But then the question would have to be raised does the pain in the issues they go through revolve around him or revolve around the traumas from me. Cuz a dad supposed to be there. You basically dealt with him terrorizing y'all raising hell you've told me some of the things that he used to do to you I don't see how you can still talk to me like he needs you and you've got to be there for him but that's on you and I respect it but the way that you explain some of the things that he did to you to me it makes me sick to my stomach because I could just never see myself like harming you physically over and over and over again and doing things to you in other forms of physical abuse and getting pleasure or control out of it. But I can see taking you everything you ever owned and never given our kids a chance or anybody else and giving it all to crack can I so I don't know there. I just know it blows my mind. But I think it comes a lot from the fact I left us so bottom of the barrel out back from my addiction that as long as somebody was providing you felt some form of security over top of what I left you with which was complete insecurity. Maybe that's why you stuck around for the abuse and still justifiy it over top of the things I've done to this day.
You raised his kid, you raised my kids, you were the one true parent you were two dads you were one mom. You were a counselor, a provider a mediator a caretaker a teacher a protector a shelter a guide a mentor a motivator a problem solver you were a parent and you played the role of three parents. Plus you worked plus you were there for my family whenever they needed you. You were there for my sister all through her Cushing's disease. And there's so much more because you were building towards the future on your own establishing financial security vision for yourself holding the fort down getting damn near no financial help from me none 00.
I incurred 135,000 child support debt with you. How's that for deadbeat dead? See this isn't about the arrogant narcissistic guy you think I am this is about who you are. Let's just fast forward so we getting locked up for child support even though you had already told me you weren't working on getting all of that got rid of. And yes you may not believe this but my whole f****** inheritance is going to you not one red cent goes to me because you earned that. Yo you earned like 50,000 times that times a hundred times 50. All of the money in the world in my opinion is still not enough compensation if it was given all to you for the things you've done.
Now fast forward to my sister dying she's on her deathbed she's checking out. you stay and active part of her life and you check on her and you stay by her side and you are there with her as a friend you coming you become her caretaker in the end you help my mother you stand by my family side we see my sister into the Afterlife and we live the lives we live.
I come to the city out of the blue I'll come to find out there was a warrant out I get arrested. With some help from another family member if y'all bond me out with $13,000 cash. A week later I'm called by the courts they said we didn't have to show the decision could be made without us there and when we pop up they walk out and they say here here's your piece of paper sir. You owe $14.75. I'll look at the piece of paper it says Mr so and so your debt with child support enforcement has been cleared in full please pay us these $14 processing fees and your case is closed. You smiled me a smile at you.
And you said the most horrific thing I've ever heard in my life from someone. I'm being cynical here because it was really the most amazing thing but I hate the term because I'm a basket case. You looked at me and said be better do better.
Fast forward after that I started trying to get my s*** together started trying to help you with vehicles and stuff around the house and somehow... Some f****** way... I had the audacity to get offended by the way you were treating me. And I had a nervous breakdown. And I begin saying things to you the absolutely weren't true that I absolutely didn't mean and I f****** flaked.
You with no contact to protect yourself.
Look at what you have done how could I have done that?
Anyways I've seen my mom turn on you with her words. I've seen your parents turn on you, I've turned on you, seen your friends turn on you, I've seen a world I've seen your ex's turn on you, but you know what I've never seen you turn on the people that you give your ability and your honor to and your bonds to I've never seen you turn on them ever.
You didn't turn on me you were protecting yourself.
Glue you were the strongest f****** woman I've ever met and you are worthy of an award that his world renowned and recognized because there are so many things that I haven't said here.
You are The Rock, you are the glue, you are the ties that bind... You are the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 versus 10 to 31 is the description of who You are. Even to the point of where our kids were raised by you to place the dwelling now that you're at. You have taken in so many other people's kids you're like a parent to everyone. You excel at every job that you do. Vital asset to every team that you join. Highly efficient highly intelligent. Insanely gorgeous. Smart funny. God your sense of humor is so f****** awesome.
I'll see things in pictures my brain sees things in pictures and I just see pictures of you sometimes where always if we were around somebody that was down you would do the goofiest s*** you had to do to get them to smile because that's what you do. Just like sis did and this is her birthday gift from me because she told me several times to think about how hard you have worked. And she begged me to draw that picture before she died I got it toward the day before she died it was so important to her that picture is me holding her hand and her grabbing a star and her feet rooted to the ground and the roots coming into my feet and it says my brother taught me to reach for the stars my sister taught me to remain grounded.
And it's weird because I look at that and I think about how much of a icon and how much of a aura and presence glue was see y'all were glue one and two. And I'll go get that picture that she had me draw and it brings these overwhelming senses of things because I miss her so much but it brings you into the picture too because you always kept me grounded and I could envision anything anything on vision and you could take it for what it was and you could be like okay it's not that practical but it can be done and you would make the systems that made it happen no matter what it was I could create anything with you. You are after all Earth. I'm air. Reach for the Stars grounded etc.
Do you have so many amazing qualities and you have done so many honorable things. And for my sister's birthday I honor you her sister because the things that she said really ring true now. If you never talk to me again I respect it, if you want us to try to have some kind of working amicable relation I respect it but I have to have communication, you are so much of everything good and honestly I still love you so much thatI fall apart in your presence. But forget me man for real f*** me. Glue I want you to be happy you deserve happiness and if I take away from that then I need to shut my f****** mouth and I need to take that s*** so I went down and I need to smile because I know that you're happier. I truly know what it's like to want something so bad because I have for years but I never got healthy I'm just now getting around to taking care of myself. But I have for years wanted you and when I couldn't have you that's when you became Bruce Willis and you was popping my ass in the face saying you feel that boy that's your pride f****** with you.
Will glue I'm swallowing my pride. I want you to be happy no matter what I want you to be honored. If you ever do decide you want me in your life in any form please give me the communication I need to approach it healthily if not I'll f*** it up. I'm not even going to ask you what you want I'm not going to bug you but if by some chance in hell you ever find this letter just know at any point anytime you can reach out to me and ask for anything. I have taken and taken and taken and you have given and given and given it's time for me to sit the f*** down shut the f****** and love you the way you're supposed to be loved. And that means unconditionally loving you for who you are not loving you for me loving you because I absolutely adore who You are and I want to see the best life you can have happen.
You probably can't see your value and priceless coming out of my mouth or anyone else still does not do it justice.
Going to write a story about us glue.
And I promise to never promise again and just show you by allowing you the power dynamic you deserve to make your own choices and get the happiest healthiest life you can without me interjecting you've done it well this far better than me. Have made myself look like a total helpless loser in this but we both know what I'm capable of and what I'm about. If you need a roll for me just communicate it. I'll give it my all even if giving it my all means standing outside the box looking in but never burdening you with the fact that I am anymore.
And I'm not going to bring it up. Man I hope one day you get all the things you deserve.
You're admired appreciated loved and honored. By many. You are the Chief cornerstone woman. You are woman all woman.
I love you always will. Have my power dynamics take what you need and should you ever need me to flex my power because we both know all you got to do is make the call and I'll flex on whatever the hell you need me to as hard as you need me to and I'll scoop my ass right on out the way if that's what you need after it's done
Thank you glue
Buy some odd chance should you ever want me to be the one to try to love you communicate with me and point me in the direction I'm so f***** up out here I need direction and I know that they could be poisonous to you so you being The logical thinker that you are take that for what you will.
I've never been able to fully give myself to anyone else because I truly feel that to this day I will take my love for you to the grave.
You're that special.
Should I ever get a chance to love you and stand by your side of your man again you're going to have to let me die and and come out of the death of at least once because I'll die of happiness and wake up I just I wouldn't know how to handle it.
To me it's like imagine somebody said hey here's this egg but it doesn't have a shell that's just made of the rubber stuff that holds the shell together and you've got to run this egg 3 MI of mountain terrain in 20 minutes or the whole world ends.
Well I would just take the f****** egg and throw it on the ground. That's how I've been treating things. That's what I'm relearning everything.
It could be a detriment to you you know the sign of this always protect yourself and do what's best for your happiness but if I could love you again and be your man the things I would do I can't tell you because that would be the same old same old and honestly I just don't know.
I just know I love you you've always been everything to me and there will never be anyone that compares and there never has been.
Thank you for who you are
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2023.06.05 05:01 BinarySwagStar 710 Labs concentrate tiers question

Ok so I’m kind of new to dabbing I’ve really only have bought gold and live rosin from MUV , cold cure from Insa and MPX from grow healthy. My question is I understand the persu sauce is more involved then 710s , Rosin but what do the tiers actually mean the description for T1-T3 sauce is the same and all tiers of rosin is same using 90u. So what makes a difference in the tiers of their concentrate it’s really confusing for me. I could understand if sauce was T1 and Live Rosin was tier 2 and badder was T3 but different tiers using same extraction method I’m confused. Could someone clarify and please tell me your experience with different tiers.
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2023.06.05 04:52 dark_zoroark My workplace is making me depressed

I am a 23F who works in a tattoo shop with two older men. My mentor is the owner of the shop (we’ll call him Tristan) and is a sexist, racist, homophobic asshole. What’s funny is that he isn’t even the worst. The other artist that is there (we’ll call him Calvin) has 6-7 baby moms who are all around my age. He also has a gambling addiction where he’ll spend $800+ a day on lotto machines. Calvin likes to make advances on me and when I turn him down he becomes the devil incarnate. He has told me that he is purposefully mean and rude to his apprentices so that they learn to respect him because the information he gives them is little bits of ‘gold’ which is funny because after 20+ years of tattooing his work is quite shit. He has screamed at me, shut the door in my face, thrown expletives at me, and has gotten into many arguments with me all because he’s my ‘senior’ and I need to run every walk-in by him first before I get my turn even though my boss Tristan has told me that Calvin takes all the walk-ins and I need to take more for myself. Tristan will also set up tattoo appointments for me such as a recent matching rubber ducky tattoo on a younger lady and her grandmother. Calvin got very upset that I came in early to do these tattoos because he thought I was coming in early to help him clean (even though I did before my appt came in) and I didn’t give him one of the matching tattoos. I told him that Tristan set this appt up for me and he is my boss and mentor. I also said who gets two matching tattoos from two different artists especially when they’re paying together? Calvin didn’t like this and berated me about him being my senior and I have to run everything by him first. I’m tired of being told two different things from my boss and the other artist. When I go to my boss about Calvin berating me and getting mad about what he (the boss) is telling me my boss is always on Calvin’s side. I don’t know what to do and I want to find another shop but who wants a tattoo apprentice who is only a few months into their apprenticeship and was taught from a different studio? I am depressed and I cry everyday. People love my work and love coming in to get tattooed by me but I can’t even do that now because I’m always crying!! What do you guys recommend? Were you in my situation?
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2023.06.05 04:44 joelala1 Am I on the right track?

I am looking to replace my Eero system with Unify. Primarily because my Eero system is great when it's great, and terrible when it's not.
I will eventually want to setup a few VLANs - Private, Guest, IoT (maybe an additional one for kids). I unfortunately have 2 areas where my cat5 is bundled and I have 1 cat5 running between 2 switches to connect them. I have 3 Eero pros right now, and 2 beacons.
After reading through the sub quite a bit and doing some research online I am thinking my setup will include the following
Fiber - Firewalla gold(already own this) - Unifi Flex Mini Switch (I will need 2 of these due to having 2 areas where cat5 runs to in my basement.
I THINK I want to use the Cloud Key G2 Plus controller and have 1 In-Wall AP's, and 2 U6+ APs. The reason I ant 1 in-wall AP is because I like to hard wire devices near this access point. The other 2, I do not care as much about hard wiring in those areas though I do have a Cat5 there so the AP will be hardwired. I might need 1-2 U6 extenders to extend wifi to areas like my detached garage where I currently use a beacon.
Can you experts tell me if I am on the right path here? Am I wasting time/money moving away from Eero? Am i completely off in regards to my setup? Are there better ways to do this?
Also - Is this interface for Unifi easy to setup and navigate? I imagine I will do most of my setup within firewalla once I am up and running.
I tried to do as much research before posting as I could. But Unifi is very new to me, I am tech savvy but I am not a network pro by any means.
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2023.06.05 04:43 It_Is_Maam Restarting the credit history game again kinda sucks

Prior credit history - 8 years in Canada - 3 CCs 30k CL total - Auto loan history of 2 years - 790 credit score
Moved to the US from Canada last November, started my credit journey with Bank of America with a secured card (1k CL). Started banking with Chase end of December and went in branch to speak with an advisor about what credit card I can get, and was told I’m pre-approved for a CSP. They helped me apply and was instantly denied, reason being insufficient credit history. Called the recon line a couple of times but got the same answer. Decided to apply for a CFU at the end of February and surprisingly got approved (2.8k CL), and it’s been my daily card since. When the 80k promo came out, I wanted to try for the CSP again, and held off until the very end of the promo to apply again. Same result as last time unfortunately. Called recon 3 times and got the same denial, was told there’s nothing they can do. Since I travel extensively for work and fly exclusively Delta, I thought maybe I’ll try my luck with Amex. I know Platinum is probably off the table since my US credit history is too short, so I decided to give Amex Gold a try. It made sense for me because I do expense a lot of food and buy groceries whenever I’m home, and the 3X on travel is not too shabby either. Annnnnnnnnnnd it’s denied. Called recon and was told too many new bank cards opened, and isn’t eligible for a manual review. The most mind blowing instance was me calling Bank of America to graduate my secured card (more than 6 months since opening) and was denied, despite being a platinum preferred rewards customer (maybe it doesn’t really mean anything). Oh well, sucks I’m missing out on the points game right now, especially with multiple business trips planned in the next few months to hit that spending requirements. But I guess the it’s the universe’s way of telling me to be patient 😅 Not giving up though and will certainly try again in a couple of months.
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2023.06.05 04:35 Thefreezer700 Looking for some help

Hello, i am the creator of the roleplay game World of Nosgoth. And right now i am pitching for ideas and looking for aide. To start off the premise, its set in the demon realm and the players are hylden. So when it comes to hylden. What are your thoughts? In game they are designed to be subjugators, conquerors, rulers of the damned. Right now the idea is setting up a massive world of 6 cities each with their own flavor and political schemes. Going to make the hylden a faction that is about establishing arms and armies subjugating other hylden and demons alike. Subjugate through power or wealth or schemes doesnt matter to me. Could even be a powerful mage who summons giant demons and binds them so they dont fade away. If anyone is good at designing maps especially cave systems please let me know I would like for this to be a world template for anyone to host, and make it where players can accumulate wealth and power through various means. Maybe you found a rare water hole that was deep in a demon lair, sell the water for thousands of gold. Maybe you found a massive portal that leads to the material realm where you can capture humans and vampires to sell to an arena or work camp. Or you could just build up a force of demons, use magic to control their minds or establish caravans and use the wealth to threaten the cities with inflation.
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