Bus from peoria to chicago o'hare

Will it play in Peoria

2011.09.09 01:43 Mr_Oppenheimer Will it play in Peoria

Anything to do with Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas. (East Peoria, Morton, Bartonville, Chillicothe, Washington, Metamora, Pekin)

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We are a hub with many links to area sub-reddits, events, and information. This is a way for Central Illinois Redditors to connect with a larger online group than 1 city alone.

2016.04.01 01:52 TOPHER767 Spongebob Memes

home of the finest spongebob memes and art

2023.06.05 09:41 TheRealJ33BUS My Ex ( 24 ) and I ( 27 ) broke up last week and now she wants to try again…

So literally around this time last year I met this girl ( I was trying to go after her best friend but after some drama long story short we started to date ) and everything was okay I guess, she had just got out of a 5 year relationship and I just got out of a 7 year one. We took things slow at first and eventually we would have our fights but eventually it turned into every day, like I would forget to text and I’d get an ear full and she’s come over un announced and I’d loose my shit, I’m not claiming either of us were perfect and we did try to fix this issues, I was constantly ask her to go out and do things ( the bar, a walk in the park, grocery shopping) but all she would want to do is watch Disney+ and do the nasty. Eventually in September we went on a 3 week break to see if this would help. Well after we got back together it went back to the same repeat situation, there came a time in December where I asked her to spend a Sunday with me so I could treat her to a spa day as a Christmas gift and when that day came I got ignored all day cause she was “ at her exes visiting her dogs “ I could never ever find out if this was true or not as she wouldn’t let me near him as he would “ move awake and take my dogs “ according to her, anyways on that day I lost it as I spent around $400 on mani pedi reservations and message appointment as during the holidays they weren’t accepting refunds. And we eventually stopped talking for the last week of December, now everything from January to march was okay, things got worked on a bit and I was hopping things would get better, but when march came it was her “ birthday month “ not her birthday so the whole month I was basically on eggshells, she would yell at me if I touched the radio or the thermostat in the car, but yet would let her best friend do whatever to the car, on the day before her bday she didn’t want to go out and do something she just wanted a repeat of Disney+ and fun time, and the next day on her birthday I found out that she was on a party bus with the girl who basically got me hammered by ordering me doubles instead of singles and got black out drunk she took advantage of me. And according to her when I found out I shouldn’t have gotten mad as “ since I haven’t told the cops it didn’t happen “ and yet I said okay and continued to be with her, ever since march it’s been fights over and over and last week we got into an argument as I told her I’m felling distant as we’re not doing anything besides fighting over spilt milk and when it comes to doing other things you do it with other people and so she hung up on me and I didn’t get a call or text until she messaged me 8 hours later saying “ hey I’m almost at my cousins I decided to go there for the weekend “ ( btw her cousin lives 3 hours away ) and so I told her “ if we’re going to have all these fights and not be a couple and you’re just going to run away from me and your problems then I think it’s best if we end this and focus on ourselves “ and so she blocked me and I didn’t know this till the next day when I called and it only rang once when I called so I just accepted the fact. Now follow just a couple hours ago I get a call from a blocked number and it’s her asking if we “ can actually try again “ and that “ things will be different “ but I honestly don’t know what to do as I still have feelings for her but I don’t want the constant fights and feeling like fuck buddies.
TL;DR ~ Me and my ex broke up cause of constant drama and now she wants to try again after a week of being broken up
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2023.06.05 09:39 No-Taro-186 Opportunity to get into flooring

I have never been actively interested in the business, this opportunity came into my life from posting my resume to craigslist and a professional reached out to have me apprentice.
After doing research I am not sure it is the path for me. Pay is great, work is physically demanding. I am 24 years old so now would be the best time to get into the business but I don’t think I will enjoy it. After going through this community I see that almost everyone who does flooring loves their career but doesn’t enjoy the strain on the body.
I will also be taking a 1 hour bus ride each way to and from the job site.
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2023.06.05 09:37 Old-Astronaut4653 Demo work!

Demo work!
Just wanted to share my progress! Pics are before demo, the way I purchased my bus (from another Skoolie person)& where I’ve gotten to currently. Unfortunately the paneling on ceiling was incredibly damaged & very poorly adhered. The insulation underneath was incredibly lumpy. I decided I couldn’t live with it like that & will be redoing w spray foam insulation & wood planks (instead of paneling). Once the paneling was taken off I found the insulation was literally taped to the metal frame, so I’m really really glad I didn’t just leave it, bc wtf lol.
The previous owner only lived in it for 3~ months before selling, & before demo I could tell it still needed a lot of work. But I’m really happy w the progress so far & excited to see the finished product!!!
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2023.06.05 09:36 person349 Sta Lucia Mall Cainta to SM Baliuag Bulacan

How to go to SM Baliuag Meycauayan Bulacan from Sta Lucia Mall Cainta via LRT/MRT/Bus or anything basta mabilis ang commute and hindi mahal?
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2023.06.05 09:30 glo75001 Auli Tour Package I Auli Travel Package 2022


Airplane – Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, roughly 300 kilometres from Auli, is the closest airport. Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is a domestic airport located around 20 kilometres from the city centre.
By train, there are railway stations in Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Dehradun. Rishikesh is the closest railhead to Auli (250 km approx). Auli may be reached via bus or taxi from Rishikesh.
By Road – Joshimath is 16 kilometres apart by road from Auli. Between Joshimath and Rishikesh, state transport buses run often (253 km). Between Joshimath and Rishikesh (253 km), Haridwar (277 km), Dehradun (298 km), and Delhi (298 km), Local Transport Union buses and State Transport buses run (500 km). Auli may be reached via ropeway, bus, or cab from Joshimath.
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2023.06.05 09:25 collegedhundo12345 MBA In Welingkar Mumbai

Blogger Visit:- https://collegedhundoconsultant.blogspot.com/2023/06/mba-in-welingkar-mumbai.html
The MBA is a distinguished degree that employers greatly esteem, and it provides a variety of accessible options to help students advance their careers. Students interested in pursuing an MBA In Welingkar Mumbai , Mumbai, should become familiar with College Dhundo consultants. We constantly update students and parents about seat availability, fee schedules, and ongoing development to make the admissions process simpler.
Here is a detailed study of the institute Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, usually referred to as WeSchool, was founded in 1977 and is a division of the esteemed S. P. Mandali University in Pune, having campuses in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The college has long been regarded as one of Mumbai's finest business schools as MBA in Welingkar Mumbai develops professionals holistically. The college has received approval from the All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi. Fees StructureThe MBA fees at Welingkar Institute of Management is Rs. 6,80,000.LocationThe institution is situated on Lakhamsi Napoo Road, across from Matunga Gymkhana in Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is roughly 10.6 kilometers from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and 1.6 kilometers from Maheshwari Udyan Bus Station. The institute is only 2.3 kilometers from Ravli Junction Railway Station, the closest railway station.InfrastructureWeSchool Mumbai features a well-planned infrastructure and provides a range of other amenities to aid in the efficient operation of the college. The institute offers various facilities including a hostel, library, conference room, auditorium, gym, laboratories, canteen, and Nirvana hall. The institute features separate dorms for males and girls, each with the necessary amenities. Students at Welingkar Mumbai have access to sporting equipment for activities including chess, carrom, and table tennis. There is a convenience store on campus where students may get all of their necessities as part of the WeSchool Mumbai facilities.Courses offered📷WeSchool Mumbai offers a variety of postgraduate courses, including P.G.D.M. programs, M.M.S. programs, full-time programs, part-time master programs, and executive programs. Moreover, it also provides a Ph.D. program. The institute provides courses involving the Master of Management Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Management (P.G.D.M), Post Graduate Programme in Management, Master in Human Resource Development Management, Financial Management, Information Management, and Marketing Management. In the management category, the institute was placed 68th in 2020 and 72nd in the NIRF India Rankings for 2021.Admission ProcedureThe candidate's performance on the entrance exam (CAT/XAT/ATMA/CMAT/GMAT), which is followed by a group discussion and an individual interview, determines whether they are admitted to the P.G.D.M. programs. Admission to the P.G.P. program at Welingkar Mumbai is determined by how well the applicant performed in the thorough personal interview. Admission to the M.M.S. program is decided by the results of the entrance exam. The performance of the applicant in the Ph.D. The entrance Test (PET) as well as the individual interview is taken into account while determining admission to the Ph.D. program at WeSchool Mumbai.Due to its excellent teaching staff and superior educational structure, WeSchool Mumbai is a popular choice for those who want to pursue an MBA. The placement is also excellent over there. Collegedhundo will help you with the complete enrollment process if you desire to study MBA in Welingkar Mumbai. Your admissions process will be made simple by our knowledgeable academic staff. To learn more about our services, visit www.collegedhundo.com📷S.P. Mandali's Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool), Bengaluru, functions under the aegis of S.P Mandali Trust, an educational society of repute based in Pune, Maharashtra. We School has a state-of-the-art campus in Mumbai and Bengaluru. WeSchool’s Bengaluru campus has steered its’ way in Management Development & Research through pioneering programs for freshers and working executives. The campus situated in Electronic City Phase 1 is a prime location for academia-corporate connections with leading IT companies in its neighborhood. WeSchool’s Bengaluru Campus offers 2 years of full-time PGDM programs approved by AICTE. The institute offers PGDM - PGDM flagship program’s multidisciplinary learning offers a fine blend of general management and functional specializations offered in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations.Welingkar Mumbai provides a range of postgraduate programs, including executive programs, full-time master's programs, part-time master's programs, P.G.D.M. programs, and M.M.S. programs. Students who are keen to pursue mba in welingkar mumbai should consult the College Dhundo firm. Our competent academic staff will make the admissions process simple for you.📷Welingkar provides a range of postgraduate programs, including executive programs, full-time master's programs, part-time master's programs, P.G.D.M. programs, and M.M.S. programs. Students looking to pursue mba in welingkar mumbai must connect with College Dhundo for grasping and managing the application process. Each student who picks us will have their career changed by our efforts. Make an appointment with our expert viaAccording to NIRF conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, welingkar is one of the top 68 B-Schools. Members of College Dhundo keep students informed of new developments for mba in welingkar mumbai which aids kids in selecting a better career. 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2023.06.05 09:24 FreddyBlackJack [MY CON] -=US TOUR=- Wrap up MEGAPOST - Final Thoughts, Discussions, Questions, and Reviews

[MY CON] -=US TOUR=- Wrap up MEGAPOST - Final Thoughts, Discussions, Questions, and Reviews
Please post all final thoughts, discussions, questions, and reviews regarding the MY CON U.S. leg of the tour here!
What did MooMoos think of the tour? Finally hearing them live? Meeting the ladies, meeting other iMooMoos?
Previous MY CON Discussion posts: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4
Fanmade events:
Personal note:Thank you to all the MooMoos (not just in the U.S. but also all over the world) who organized the many fanmeets, prepared gifts, dressed up, made signs, shared their photos and videos, answered each others questions and help with anyone's needs, and worked with the modteam here during bothe legs of the tour. THANK YOU!
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2023.06.05 09:07 7DicksToDie Gloworm festival via public transport?

Hey all, has anyone ever travelled to Gloworm festival from Nottingham via train, bus, taxi? If so, how was it? Any tips?
Will be travelling there with my wife and toddler. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 09:02 leeeee231 3 Day Itinerary

Hello, I am going to Calgary/Banff later this month and I was wondering if this itinerary is too ambitious:
Day 1: Drive from Calgary to Banff around 10 am. Arrive around 11:30 - 12pm. Take the bus to Johnston Canyon and hike to the upper falls. Leave Johnston Canyon around 3pm. Drive from Banff to Canmore to check into our airbnb. Drive from Canmore back to Banff for the Banff Gondola.
Day 2: Wake up around 4 am to drive to Lake Louise to arrive by 5 am and watch the sunrise. Do the Tea House Hike and then take the connector bus to Moraine Lake and back.
Day 3: Drive the icefields parkway
Day 4: Return to Calgary

Any feedback is appreciated! I am mainly concerned about Day 2. If we are waking up at 4 am we will probably have time to do more but I also do not want to be overly ambitious.
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2023.06.05 08:52 Actual-Ad-8880 Visiting UK in June, Anything to consider?

Our friend group(6M) are planning to tour rishikesh, haridwar, mussoorie for 5 days starting from 15th june. Via public transport. Train to Delhi, then bus to rishikesh then bus to mussoorie. Booked hotel in Rishikesh, Mussoorie. Planning for 1 day night camping. Anything else to consider?
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2023.06.05 08:42 oreyjaatheeyam Suggestion Request: Best way to travel to waverock every day from Secunderabad

Hello all,
Due to this Godforsaken rules of working from office, I've to travel to waverock from Secunderabad everyday. Suggest the best way to go. I'm looking for a low stress solution, cost is a consideration but not an issue. I don't have a vehicle of my own and do not plan to procure one anytime soon. Moving to a home nearer to the office is also not an option. Both due to personal reasons. So far I've explored the below..
  1. Metro: I have to get down at raidurg and take an auto/some other mode of transport to waverock. Sounds stressful and longer
  2. MMTS: same as metro
  3. Bus: 113M/W would go through my route but apparently it's not functional anymore. This would've been ideal because it drops directly at waverock. Pls suggest if any others exist.
  4. Carpool: Tried Sride no responses around my location. Suggest if you know others.
  5. Colleagues: Many stay around kondapur so not a great option.
Any suggestions will do. Serious answers only.
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2023.06.05 08:41 That_Permission5911 YAKUB: The evil scientist who created white people.

What follows here is obviously a myth, but the thing is, this story is not just a meme, but is taken seriously by many, and has a long and very real history.
Time for the story of the evil black scientist that created white people.

The story of Yakub comes from a black supremist / seperatist religious group known as the Nation of Islam (NOI). They have a paramilitary wing known as the Fruit of Islam (FOI).

The NOI was founded in 1930 by a white man, WD Fard. That is not his real name, as he changed his name over and over, hidding behind about 58 different aliases during his life. WD Fard is the first known source of the Yakub story. WD Fard and Elijah Muhammad were likely influenced by the Moorish Science Temple, and were possibly even members. Timothy Drew's Moorish Science Temple said that early pre-Columbian civilizations were founded by a West African Moor "named Yakub who landed on the Yucatan peninsula". WD Fard was rumored to have attempted to take over the Moorish temple, but failed, under the name David Ford-el.

It is thought that Wallace D. Fard was the same man as Wallace Dodd Ford, an inmate in San Quentin Prison. According to San Quentin records, Wallie D. Ford was born in Portland, Oregon, on February 25, 1891, the white son of Zared and Beatrice Ford, who were both born in Hawaii.

On August 15, 1959, the FBI sent a story to the Chicago New Crusader newspaper, stating that Fard was a "Turkish-born Nazi agent who worked for Hitler in World War II". This was refuted by the NOI, which called it propaganda and sued the news outlets that failed to check with them about running the piece.

WD Fard was last heard from in 1934. He was linked to the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World and Japanese agitators such as Satokata Takahashi, and Ashima Takis. This led many NOI members to express pro-Japanese sentiment and refused the draft to fight against the Japanese military, stating that they would not fight people whom they regarded as fellow members of the Original Asiatic Race.

After Fard, the NOI was headed by Elijah Muhammed.

Malcolm X publicly accused Elijah of "having 8 children with six different teenage girls" who "were his private secretaries."

Over a series of national TV interviews between 1964 and 1965, Malcolm X provided testimony of his investigation, corroboration, and confirmation by Elijah Muhammed himself of multiple counts of child rape.

Many people suspected that the Nation of Islam was responsible for the killing of Malcolm X. Five days after Malcolm X was murdered, in a public speech at the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours' Day on February 26, Elijah justified the assassination by quoting that "Malcolm got just what he preached", but at the same time denied any involvement with the murder by asserting in the same speech: "We didn't want to kill Malcolm and didn't try to kill him. We know such ignorant, foolish teaching would bring him to his own end".

Elijah's pro-separation views were compatible with those of some white supremacist organizations in the 1960s. He met with leaders of the Ku Klux Klan in 1961 to work toward the purchase of farmland in the Deep South. For more than ten years Elijah received major financial support from white supremacist Texas oil baron H. L. Hunt due to Elijah's belief in racial separation from whites.

The Nation of Islam's mythology states that Yakub is the biblical Jacob. Malcolm X also states that John of Patmos was also Yakub, and that the Book of Revelation refers to his deeds: "John was Yacub. John was out there getting ready to make a new race, he said, for the word of the Lord".

His wife’s name was Maitseye, which means “Miss Manners.” After being married Yakub and his wife started to recruit followers to take part in a special mission.

Yakub taught and proved that there were certain aspects of our imagination and bodies that were deliberately suppressed by leaders and the 24 elders. He taught that the freedom and peace that they were experiencing was false because they were denied knowledge of aspects of mind and body. Yakub simply knew that “if your peace could be destroyed it was not worth much.” He reasoned that the ancient people experienced peace and freedom simply because they had not experienced evil and ignorance which was suppressed by the Elders.

The name Yakub means “big head scientist”. Yakub would be known by this name until he came into the fullness of the understanding of his mission. He realizes that his mission was that of a creator, God of the non-blacks, and patriarch of the Israelites. After this realization, he would no longer be called Yakub but would be called Yahweh.

Yakub created white people in a eugenics "grafting" experiment, to give the evil locked inside of black people a flesh of its own.

The Whites where uncivilized savages at first. Moses and Jesus where both sent out to help them. Jesus created the religion of Christainity to allow Whites to take over the world. Moses taught them to walk upright, use fire, stop eating babies, etc.

Yahweh / Yakub founded Judaism:

"My children, I Yakub, your creator, greet you here on the Island of Pat-mos in the year of eight thousand five hundred and fifty. First, I shall thank you, my created people, the Albinoid people, for adhering to my rules of planned parenthood and selective breeding to bring you into existence. I am here to pass on to you my final piece of wisdom which will allow you to rule the world for 6000 years. I first envisioned creating you when I was just a boy, after the darker tribes killed my mother and father and mocked and teased me in school. I have developed the best methods for controlling the darker tribes. You, my special people, my chosen people, my precious Albinoids, you will have many empires if my program is implemented."

The NOI says the original blacks where members of the Tribe of Shabazz. It claims that this Tribe inhabited Egypt's Nile Valley as well as the area around Mecca in the Arabian peninsula; Elijah Muhammad claimed that Mecca was the Tribe's original home and "the ONLY HOLY SPOT on our planet".

After Malcolm X split from the group, disgusted by the extremism via a change of heart in a visit to Mecca where he saw whites and blacks pray together in the Sunni Muslim religion, he denounced violence and said the revolution could be bloodless, and accept whites as brothers. Malcolm X was murdered. The new head of the group, Louis Farrakhan, hinted strongly that he had something to do with the murder plot.

Qubilah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, was arrested on January 12, 1995 accused of conspiracy to assassinate Farrakhan in retaliation for the murder of her father, for which she believed he was responsible.

Many, including Malcolm X's family, have accused Farrakhan of being involved in the plot to assassinate Malcolm X. For many years, Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, harbored resentment toward the Nation of Islam—and Farrakhan in particular—for what she felt was their role in the assassination of her husband.

During a 1994 interview, Gabe Pressman asked Shabazz whether Farrakhan "had anything to do" with Malcolm X's death. She replied: "Of course, yes. Nobody kept it a secret. It was a badge of honor. Everybody talked about it, yes".

Farrakhan played a key role in getting two of the country's largest gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, to sign a ceasefire in May 1992.

Farrakhan had also organized the Million Man March through Washington DC in 1995 which united a range of African American groups to counter negative portrayals of black manhood; it was the largest black demonstration in U.S.

In conflict with the white US Government, the NOI made intelligence connections. Gamal Abdel Nasser, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein are a few. The LaRouche movement is another.

Kurt Frederick Ludwig was a German spy and the head of the "Joe K" spy ring in the United States in 1940–41. It involved Paul Borchardt, a German archaeologist, who was was fired from his university post and confined in Dachau for being a Jew. He was let out and agreed to travel to the U.S. posing as a refugee and to spy for Germany due to patriotism. He was caught by a janitor informant and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ludwig himself as sent to Alcatraz, but was released in 1953 and deported shortly afterwards. Borchardt was known for his theory that the mythical city of Atlantis was located in Tunisia.

I believe there is an intersectionality between the Borchardt Atlantis theory and the Yakub myth, but at the moment, cannot put into words exactly what it might be.
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2023.06.05 08:33 Sensitive_Law5929 How to go to Meteora from Istanbul?

I have do some research on how can I go to Meteora from Istanbul but I still do know how it might work exactly. The only thing I am sure of there is a bus directly go to Θεσσαλονίκηf which is still far away from Meteora, so I am wondering if there are other ways I can get there?
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2023.06.05 08:33 abaybailz 2 Month Itinerary Check - Northern Honshu ideas?

My husband & I are wrapping up a year of travel around Southeast/East Asia with 2 months in Japan...starting tomorrow! (We're heading from Busan to Fukuoka.) A couple notes:
- We're aware the weather's hot and rainy in much of the country this time of year, but unfortunately this was the timing that best worked out for us. We're also trying to take a somewhat slower pace and prefer to avoid any 1-night stays unless truly necessary.
- We do not want to rent a car at any point (we've never driven on the left, plus our IDPs will expire in early July). So while we want a mix of cities and nature, we need to stick to destinations we can access by train or bus.
- The second half of the trip is what we're really unsure about...we're thinking the weather will be nicer in the Alps and Hokkaido, but Hokkaido especially seems like we'd need a car to explore further. It seems like with Sapporo being so far from Tokyo (where we need to fly home from), it makes sense to split up the trip back with a few days somewhere in Northern Honshu, but we're not sure what would be both convenient and worth a visit.
Any advice is much appreciated!!
So here's what we have actually planned:
Fukuoka - 3 nights
Nagasaki - 3 nights
Beppu - 2 nights
(Overnight ferry to Osaka, then train to Kyoto)
Kyoto - 5 nights
Kinosaki Onsen - 2 nights
Osaka - 3 nights
Hiroshima - 3 nights
Tokyo - 10 nights
And here's what we're considering for the rest of the trip:
Kanazawa - 4 nights
Takayama - 2 nights
Shin-Hotaka Onsen - 2 nights
Matsumoto - 2 nights
Nagano - 3 nights
Hakodate - 2 nights
Sapporo - 5 nights
Somewhere in Northern Honshu?? - 3 nights
Tokyo - 4 nights
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2023.06.05 08:27 Maggot133EC1 Rate my play list

Rate my play list submitted by Maggot133EC1 to Slipknot [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:27 Emster12345 Hi, can anyone please tell me options for getting from Arugam Bay to Colombo?

Hi, can anyone please tell me options for getting from Arugam Bay to Colombo? We want to leave tonight but the night bus is fully booked. Thank you
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2023.06.05 08:25 bobjones333 Columbia Heights Newcomer

Hey guys! I’m a 23 year old guy looking to live in Columbia Heights. My parents are very wary of me purchasing in CH after all the news stories they’ve read and what they’ve seen online. I’ve heard and read mixed reviews online and really feel like the best way to see is from the people who actually live there. I’m planning on living around 13th and Monroe, so a little NE of the metro. I’ve lived in Chicago before so I’ve got my fair share of city experience, but want to see what I may be getting myself into safety wise here. Thanks!!
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2023.06.05 08:25 RUIN_NATION_ Flash Point Should Of Been A Full Season Or Very Least Half A Season

Flash Point was highly disappointed since it was one and done kind of thing for how big flash point is for the flash we should of got a full season with him slowly noticing changes but he wouldnt be losing his powers and memories. I would of loved to seen flash point go like this. Barry Wakes up at star labs same thing as the pilot with lady gaga playing and he wakes up and see's wells walk in not wheel in. He freaks out but it isnt Thawne we see its the og wells. by doing flash point he actually reset the timeline to the way it should of been first go around. with Harrison instead of Thawne We Dont see a few faces eddie cisco joe or iris but we see Hartley and Ronnie Kaitlyn. its now the time he should of been the flash later on in his life. he is all rdy in charge of ccp CSI his parents know about his powers.
This time line tho Oliver is still killing random people on the list never went the straight and narrow path they cross paths during flash point. He ends up having the talk with Oliver about your better then this you dont have to kill. that would be the first few episodes middle of the season would have some baddies we would end up getting in the tv shows timeline but Barry has no memory of these bad guys yet. He wouldnt have Thawne captured downside we wouldnt get whos the Villain now flash from Thawne. Lets say the big bad for this flashpoint would actually be hinted at to have been Savitar but we would only get flashes of him setting him up for the tv show's time line. Since he is the future flash this would make the most sense. Thawne is still wiped out in this version zoom is from another earth and with out vibe being on the team we can travel to those earths yet. Maybe Barry would be with Patty in this version she knows about him the day on the bus/train he asked her to stay?

This is just what I was wishing for back when they did flash point mainly I wanted a full season of it since its such a huge story plot point.
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2023.06.05 08:24 young_grasshopper627 How do Doordashers prevent bike theft theft?

I live in an urban city, where crime is rapid (Chicago). Need some extra income while job searching and was going to try door dashing. I'll need to fork over a couple hundred for a new bike, but I can't seem to decide between a regular bike, electric bike or an escooter.
I'm terrified of the bike getting stolen, so I was just going to get a regular bike. That way if worst comes to worst, I'll only be out of a couple hundred, instead of over a thousand (ebike). I was thinking of an escooter, since they are light and I can roll them in and out restaurants, apartment buildings, etc. without locking them up on the street.
The problem with the escooter is that I'm worried about getting injured on it, since safety studies show they are more injury prone than bikes. I'm middle-aged and already have a mild herniated disk in my lower back and don't want to risk a fall. I had an old manual kick scooter years ago and wiped out twice on it, so I'm wary. I told my family about the possibility of getting an escooter and was jokingly told me to make sure my life insurance was "paid up."
My elderly father even chimed in and asked did I really want to risk getting hit by a car, and becoming crippled with all the crazy drivers in downtown Chicago (where I live) ? This made me even more paranoid door dashing all together!
Anyway, I'm just trying to get some advice on pros and cons of bikes vs escooter for delivery. And how you to protect bikes from theft, if I choose to get the later. Any thoughts appreciated!
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2023.06.05 08:21 procrastinatador I'm incredibly burnt out and starting to freak out on a study abroad trip but have a while longer to go before I can stop. Can I have some advice please?

ADHD with very severe RSD Suspected ASD Suspected borderline Suspected multiple instances of neurocognitive disorder Anxiety Depression CPTSD
I decided to do a study abroad trip and I'm starting to think it was a big mistake. I am 5 days in in a big city in another country and have over a week left to go before I go home. The journey here was long and overall due to modes of transport I took, I was traveling for about 3 days. It was a lot to handle.
Part of me doesn't even know if it's burnout because it's been getting a lot worse when the schedule changes or I spend money and something gets canceled/can't be done. We have mostly pretty packed days and also have to do some sort of extracurricular every day and then go back to our hotel and write about both of those and post pictures. Sleep. Repeat.
To give you an idea of how burnt out I look, they have to ID you if you look under 25. I'm 23. I tasted some mead at a little business the second day of the trip and got ID'd. Yesterday was day 5 and I did not get ID'd in a big chain store with stricter regulations on IDing people. I bought a whole bottle of wine and drank most of it. It helped while I was drunk but I'm back to where I was before this morning.
It also doesn't help that I can't have my ADHD meds here.
A couple times where it got a lot worse and haven't really subsided were:
-the plane didn't have food for me with my dietary restrictions and the flight attendant was rude about it and told me that "that's what I ordered so that's what I was getting" when I already hadn't had an actual meal in about 2 days, and that was, in fact, not what I ordered. I called twice beforehand to make sure that this didn't happen and was told they would definitely have food for me and accidentally touched barley and ended up minorly glutening myself and getting sick, not to mention I was so upset that I couldn't have a meal the whole time after not eating anything but the occasional nut bar for going on 3 days at this point I spent most of the flight fighting back tears. It was an 8 hour flight. That was dinner. For breakfast, they had me down for a meal that was mostly gluten when everyone else got one that wasn't that I actually could eat most of, but didn't get. I wanted to jump out the fucking plane door at that point but I'm used to feeling like that and knew I wasn't going to do anything, but it was still distressing. I know it's an overreaction but I really do think its just borderline.
-when we took too long on a bus tour where you could just get off whenever you wanted and had a destination with tickets we missed, but the class was saying "oh we can just do that tomorrow because the tickets are good then" but some of us already had plans and had bought tickets for other things that we weren't supposed to go alone to that were expensive and the people I was going with that were scheduled for that time. I wouldn't have been able to go to them if I had gone with most of the class. Apperently, the class just decided that not all of us had to go on this excursion without consulting us (because we all had to go at once to use the tickets).
-I was pressured to buy a ticket to a novelty bar with the class and was too jet lagged to go and knew I wouldn't have a good time, so I just didn't go after buying the ticket.
-when some people I was supposed to go somewhere with didn't tell me they when they were going and I only found out as they were getting there. I got on a train and wasn't too far behind them luckily (they waited up a lot at the attraction and I was able to catch up with them quickly, we've been hanging out a lot and they're awesome to me otherwise. We all have ADHD and the medication we've all been on is illegal here and we haven't been taking it so I really do suspect that this was an accident) these people have been good to me and otherwise a really chill group to hang out with.
-I bought a salad and didn't realize it had pasta in it (I have celiac) and absolutely hate wasting food so I tried to see if my classmates wanted it and nobody did. This literally prompted me to go buy a bottle of wine and drink most of it, although I was definitely getting there already.
A while back (after I signed up for this class though) I was wrongly put on lamictal because a psychaitrist (who was well known for doing this apperently) decided that I probably didn't have ADHD but bipolar disorder, despite me telling him that ADHD medications had worked well for years. If you don't know, this is very bad, and I was a literal dumbass in thinking that the doctor knew best on this one because I was in a course on ADHD where they had just talked about this and how it can mess you up if you have ADHD and not bipolar to be put on a mood stabilizer and literally make you suicidal. Well, it did more than that to me. I was on it for 3 days and everything shifted, but I had been there before, except this was different. I was a lot more overstimulated by everything, communicating was hard, etc.
A few years ago I did a substance and well, I was barely functional the next day, then the next, and so on. It's been 4 years since then. I've healed and learned to cope somewhat, but the only thing I've been able to do is school. It's too much if I try to do anything else, and at the beginning, I was failing half my classes despite being on ADHD meds that were working and trying my hardest because my brain just wasn't working. I took a year off and slowly started to pick up speed and almost managed an A average this past semester. I need to get an A in this class and the rest of my classes.
So I'm not sure if I originally had very prominent autistic traits. The ADHD ones were, but I'm here asking you guys about burnout and overstimulation and the feelings around changing plans now because I'm experiencing them and this sub probably has a lot of experiences with them. What do you guys do? My emotions are all over the place but only in a negative direction. I don't want to be here anymore but won't graduate on time without these credits. How am I supposed to stick out the rest of this trip? It's got a little over a week left, then I have to travel for days and deal with jet lag I'm still not over from getting here and keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I'm constantly exhausted. I've already told some friends I'd come stay with them for a few days at the end of the trip.
Please give me some advice so I can just get my credits and get home here? I am not having a good time and just need to get this over with. I've tried listening to music. I might watch some cartoons. I'm too exhausted to do much else.
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2023.06.05 08:20 kuuui Sublease for July and Aug (AVAILABLE FOR LEASE TAKE-OVER FOR NEXT YEAR)

I'm looking for someone to sublease my double room for the months of July and August, as I will be graduating. Rent is $1200 and utilities. Furniture (Bed, desk, dresser, closet space, etc.) would be provided in the room. There will be 1.5 bathroom (1 full bathroom unit and a toilet unit), and also an in-unit washer and dryer. Looking for someone who is respectful and clean, male-identifying a student (Undergrad or Grad). Parking is available on the street. The area is Bay street, a 10-15 minute walk from the base of campus, and the 15 and 19 bus is within 3-minute walk away. Please message me if interested!
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2023.06.05 08:18 PastorBlinky JJ Bittenbinder, Sept 1 1942 - May 26 2023

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