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2023.06.05 09:29 CorrectAd8416 Manila Bankers Life Insurance Products 2019

Manila Bankers Life Insurance Products 2019 – Insurance products are becoming more and more commonplace as more Filipinos become interested to invest in a life insurance policy.

It is important to find an insurance provider that can present a variety of choices when it comes to your insurance. Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation offers a variety of products that meet any situation and need.
MBLIFE Products
There are many products under the umbrella of Manila Bankers Life Insurance. The company aims to give its clients the freedom to decide what kind of life insurance to get depending on their needs.
In the beginning, life insurance was only about a parent wanting to pay in advance for their funeral, just so that their family will not have that gloomy responsibility when it would happen. At present, this is still one of the integral parts of life insurance, but it has evolved and developed into so much more than that.
Money Saver. As the name would suggest, this product would encourage savings. Its special feature would be a “yearly treat” awarded in the form of a money incentive given to the insured. This money can be spent on travel expenses, educational expenses or even to add to savings of the insured.
Life Shield. This product would protect the insured and their family from any financial crisis that may befall them. The special feature would give reimbursements for any money lost because of hospital confinement and it would also offer a disability benefit.
MPower. This policy would help prevent financial crises for families in the event of the passing of a loved one. The special benefit one could get from this would be what is called the After Life Pension. This means that even if the insured person would pass away, their family would continue to receive monthly financial assistance.
MB Life Plan. This would be the life plan provided by MBLIFE. It provides lifetime coverage and would give a respectable memorial service to the insured. It would also give the family cash benefits in case of the loss of a loved one.
Group Life and Health Insurance. These are packages offered in bulk, to cover a large group. Mostly for employees and their families. Many different packages are available to suit the needs of the employees. Group Hospitalization Benefits and a Managed Care Program would be included in the group packages.
Creditors Life Insurance and Micro-Insurance. This type of insurance is meant to safeguard people in the lending industry from the financial risks that accompany that kind of business. The policies would protect business owners from the loss of their investment and even in the event of the death of a borrower.
Out of the many packages offered by Manila Bankers Life Insurance, there is bound to be one that fits your needs. MBLIFE makes sure they have something to offer everyone. Their uniquely designed packages make sure that everybody has the chance to be protected from financial ruin.
Think ahead and get a life insurance plan with Manila Bankers Life Insurance today! Get insured now and never have to worry.
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2023.06.05 09:28 Melodic_Eggplant_896 Boardroom Meeting Suggestion

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2023.06.05 09:28 Tornookthetooka Ohio 😢

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2023.06.05 09:28 Away-Researcher-2540 I get high ping on some games

So today i've tried Ready Or Not on geforce now and i was NOT ready for that ping, i don't understand geforce now at all most of the time when im playing some games like destiny, ghost recon breakpoint, watch dogs 2 i get around 10-20 ping on EU southeast but when i play Ready or not, Rainbow Six siege or even rocket league i get over 70 ping. Btw every time i do a network test i get 20 ping never over it and my internet is not that bad my download speed is really high. Maybe someone else can help?
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2023.06.05 09:28 Dear-Factor-80 What’s this? Is this hyperpigmentation? My top lip has this weird line where it suddenly becomes lighter without it being gradual and Idk what to do to make it less visible. When I’m wearing lipgloss or lipstick it still looks visible cause of how different the 2 colors are.

What’s this? Is this hyperpigmentation? My top lip has this weird line where it suddenly becomes lighter without it being gradual and Idk what to do to make it less visible. When I’m wearing lipgloss or lipstick it still looks visible cause of how different the 2 colors are. submitted by Dear-Factor-80 to u/Dear-Factor-80 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:28 shurtadigital Are there boundaries to your creativity in the digital world?

Are there boundaries to your creativity in the digital world?
📷Ignite Your Digital Presence! 📷 📷 "Creativity is limited online." 📷 Is it true? Are there boundaries to your creativity in the digital world? 📷📷📷 In the digital world, your creativity has no boundaries. Harness it to craft compelling campaigns that captivate and inspire, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. 📷📷 📷Join us in exploring the untapped potential of the digital realm. Unleash your creativity today and let your small business in Vejalpur shine like never before! Share your favorite inspiring quote in the comments below and tag a fellow entrepreneur who could benefit from embracing their creative potential. Together, let's revolutionize the way we engage and connect in the digital landscape! 📷📷 #DigitalCreativityUnleashed #BoundlessDigitalInnovation #InspireThroughDigitalCampaigns #SmallBusinessEmpowerment #VejalpurBusinessCommunity #DigitalMarketingMagic #DigitalSuccessStories #DigitalInspiration #EntrepreneurialJourney #SmallBusinessGrowth #UnleashYourCreativity #DigitalMarketingStrategies #CreativeCampaigns #DigitalBrandImpact #InnovateAndInspire #DigitalPresenceMatters #DigitalEngagement #OnlineVisibilityBoost #CaptivatingContentCreation #DigitalBusinessGrowth #IgniteYourBrand #DigitalStrategyExpertise #TransformYourBusinessOnline #DigitalMarketingMastery #DigitalRevolution #SmallBizEmpowerment #shurtadigital#vejalpur#digitalmarketingagency 📷
Digital Marketing Agency
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2023.06.05 09:28 ZayoKarod Why do some trans people love to headcanon fictional cis characters being trans?

It’s probably the most annoying thing ever in this community, because there’s so many original and canon trans characters out there yet trans people want to headcanon popular fictional characters that are cis as trans.
All it does is spark more controversy and hate for the trans community. If y’all don’t want people to hate on you why are you sparking more hate towards your community? I’ve only seen trans people mostly do this. There’s dozens of Twitter posts of Gwen from Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse being ‘’trans’’ even tho she’s a cis woman and Samus Aran being ‘’trans’’ and it’s done nothing but spark controversy.
Same with Harley Quinn being trans, and when these people get rightfully called out for wanting others to agree that so said cis character is trans, they love to play victim and set a bad example for their community. Why can’t y’all create your own trans OCs instead of trying to imagine characters that are cis as trans? It’s not that hard and it’s the reason why society is going backwards and failing nowadays.
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2023.06.05 09:28 suprem_lux Full prompt (souless) vs A.I assisted (excellence)

After all theses month of scouting, we can clearly see a trend and not many people will like what I'm going to say
Currently, we see two type of user who use A.I generate softwares:
  1. Hobbyist, great defendant of the "A.I will put artists out of jobs" usually using only PROMPT to generate images. (midjourney, dall-e, etc) -- they usually generate the most standard shit, always hunting for the "best prompt" possible, copying all trends, etc. Yes, usually boring, souless.
  2. Artists, using their design sense, taste, trained eye, fundamentals to create A.I assisted image. They design all their shit themselves (3D, painting, you name it), and they use A.I to pixel-perfect it. (stable diffusion, control net, etc)
I've seen numerous case recently on twitter from Japanese artists on the latter category and I was absolutely blown away by their results.
Current artists are actually the true winner of this era. Because A.I is technically excellent, you don't have to train 10+ years to achieve technically good digital art but I recently understood that you still need a shitloads of fundamentals to make a "good image" and this is where hobbyst, dev, and usually most of what they call "tech-bro" are completely off with their narratives.
Lately, I have growing respect from people being legacy designer and using their skill + A.I to create something, people using full prompt to generate images are going to be as disappointed as much as when NFT people said that NFT were going to change art forever. Full prompting won't change much.
I personally think with everything we've seen since the beginning of this era that full prompting images will unfortunately mostly remain in the hobbyist zone while open source A.I + ControlNet will elevate current artists like crazy as they use it as a real tool, as an addition to an already complex technical workflow (3d, painting, sketches, etc)
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2023.06.05 09:27 missashley94 28f [chat] It's a warm night where I live, and I'm looking for someone to chill out and chat with :)

I’m a strong, but quiet individual. Fairly shy. Passive and patient, until pushed too hard. Don’t mind cold weather or the rain. I love movies (all types) probably more than I love myself. I'm also a huge Disney fan and can have long conversations about any of their movies. Not hugely aspirational with my career, but a strong work ethic and make a decent living, and my life outside of work is much more important to me than how I earn money.
I enjoy interior design and decorating. I'm really into designing living spaces and decorating them. I think my dream job would be to own an interior decorating service.
As for sports, I played soccer back in high school and I still like to watch soccer to this day, although I no longer play. I don't have a favourite team or anything. When I do watch it's usually Premier League or something else from Europe. I also like watching basketball. I don't play, but I'm a Raptors fan and I love to watch.
Also, I enjoy working out and jogging. I play video games. I mostly play on PC. I don't play any multiplayer games because I suck at them, so a lot of single player games like RDR2, Cyberpunk, Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, Tomb Raider, Last of Us, stuff like that.
Tell me a bit about yourself, like your name, age, and where you live.
If you feel comfy sharing a selfie, please do!
I'm looking only for people over 18. I like chatting with older people because in general they are more mature, but really I don't want to chat with anyone over 60 either
I hope to hear from you. Let's be friends! :)
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2023.06.05 09:27 QNAinterviews Data Analyst Jobs: Your Ticket to Unlocking Endless Career Opportunities in the Digital Age

In today's data-driven world, the role of data analysts has become increasingly important. As businesses and organizations gather vast amounts of data, there is a growing need for professionals who can extract valuable insights and drive informed decision-making. If you have an analytical mindset, a passion for numbers, and a keen eye for detail, pursuing a career as a data analyst can open up a world of endless career opportunities. This article explores the realm of data analyst jobs, discussing the skills required, the demand for data analysts, career paths, and the future prospects in this dynamic field.

1. Introduction

In the era of big data, organizations are collecting massive volumes of information from various sources. However, without the ability to analyze and interpret this data, it remains meaningless. This is where data analysts come in. Data analysts are professionals who collect, clean, analyze, and interpret data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that drive business growth.

2. Understanding the Role of Data Analysts

Data analysts play a crucial role in transforming raw data into actionable insights. They utilize their technical skills and analytical expertise to make sense of complex data sets and provide valuable information to decision-makers. Data analysts work with various tools and technologies to extract, manipulate, and analyze data, helping organizations make data-driven decisions.

3. Growing Demand for Data Analysts

As more businesses recognize the power of data in gaining a competitive edge, the demand for skilled data analysts continues to grow. Organizations across industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, and technology, rely on data analysts to extract insights that drive strategic decision-making.

4. Required Skills and Qualifications

To excel as a data analyst, certain skills and qualifications are essential. Proficiency in statistical analysis, data visualization, and data manipulation tools like SQL and Python is crucial. Knowledge of Excel, R, and other programming languages can also be valuable. Strong analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and effective communication are important traits for data analysts.

5. Types of Data Analyst Jobs

Data analysis encompasses a broad spectrum of roles and specializations. Here are a few common types of data analyst jobs:

Data Analyst

A data analyst focuses on collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data to identify trends, patterns, and insights. They work closely with stakeholders to understand their data needs and deliver actionable recommendations based on their analysis.

Business Analyst

Business analysts often overlap with data analysts. They analyze data to understand business processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies to optimize performance. Business analysts leverage data analysis to drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts utilize data analysis techniques to assess financial data, perform forecasting, and make recommendations for investment decisions. They analyze financial statements, market trends, and economic indicators to evaluate the financial health and viability of businesses.

6. Data Analyst Job Responsibilities

Data analysts have various responsibilities that revolve around data collection, analysis, and reporting. Some common job responsibilities include:

7. Tools and Technologies for Data Analysis

Data analysts utilize a wide range of tools and technologies to perform their work effectively. Here are some common tools used in data analysis:

SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL is a programming language used for managing and manipulating relational databases. Data analysts use SQL to retrieve and manipulate data, perform aggregations, and generate insights from databases.

Python and R

Python and R are popular programming languages used for data analysis and statistical modeling. They offer a wide range of libraries and packages specifically designed for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.


Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, particularly for smaller datasets. Data analysts often use Excel for data cleaning, basic analysis, and creating visualizations.

Tableau and Power BI

Tableau and Power BI are data visualization tools that allow data analysts to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports. These tools enable stakeholders to easily understand and explore data insights.

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

SAS and SPSS are software packages commonly used in data analysis. They provide advanced statistical analysis capabilities, making them suitable for complex data analysis tasks.

8. Career Paths and Advancement Opportunities

Data analysis offers various career paths and opportunities for growth. As you gain experience and expertise, you can explore the following career paths:

Data Science

Data science is an advanced field that involves using statistical and machine learning techniques to gain insights from data. Data analysts can transition into data science roles by expanding their knowledge of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Data Engineering

Data engineering focuses on the design and implementation of data systems and infrastructure. Data analysts with a strong technical background can transition into data engineering roles, working on data pipelines, data warehouses, and data architecture.

Data Management

Data management involves overseeing the collection, storage, and organization of data within an organization. Data analysts can advance into data management roles, where they focus on data governance, data quality, and data strategy.

9. Future Trends in Data Analysis

The field of data analysis is continually evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing business needs. Here are some future trends in data analysis:

Big Data Analytics

With the exponential growth of data, big data analytics will become increasingly important. Data analysts will need to develop skills in handling and analyzing large datasets using technologies like Hadoop and Spark.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in data analysis will revolutionize the field. Data analysts will need to acquire knowledge and skills in machine learning algorithms and techniques to extract valuable insights from complex data.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

The focus of data analysis is shifting towards predictive and prescriptive analytics. Data analysts will be expected to develop models and algorithms that can predict future outcomes and provide actionable recommendations.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, pursuing a career as a data analyst can unlock endless career opportunities in the digital age. With the increasing reliance on data-driven decision-making, organizations across industries are in need of skilled professionals who can analyze data and provide actionable insights. By acquiring the necessary skills, staying updated with the latest tools and technologies, and continuously honing your analytical abilities, you can embark on a rewarding and fulfilling journey as a data analyst.


Q: What is the average salary of a data analyst?

A: The average salary of a data analyst varies depending on factors such as experience, location, industry, and the specific job role. On average, data analysts can expect to earn a competitive salary, ranging from $60,000 to $90,000 per year.

Q: What skills are required to become a successful data analyst?

A: Successful data analysts possess a combination of technical and soft skills. Technical skills include proficiency in statistical analysis, data manipulation tools (such as SQL and Python), data visualization, and data modeling. Soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail are also essential.

Q: Is a degree in data analysis or a related field necessary to become a data analyst?

A: While a degree in data analysis, statistics, mathematics, or a related field can be beneficial, it is not always a strict requirement. Many data analysts have successfully entered the field through alternative paths, such as self-study, online courses, or practical experience.

Q: What industries employ data analysts?

A: Data analysts are in demand across various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, e-commerce, marketing, and consulting. Virtually any industry that collects and utilizes data can benefit from the expertise of data analysts.

Q: How can I stay updated with the latest trends and developments in data analysis?

A: Staying updated in the field of data analysis is crucial for professional growth. Engage in continuous learning through online courses, webinars, workshops, and industry conferences. Join relevant professional associations and communities to connect with peers and experts in the field. Additionally, follow reputable data analysis blogs, publications, and thought leaders to stay informed about emerging trends and best practices.
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2023.06.05 09:27 Financial-Grade-5407 Age verification when buying alcohol in Belgium is done on trust (self service till)

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2023.06.05 09:27 arzsapkota No tip expirement failed with order never getting delivered

Me and my friends planned to order some cans of soda with a pre tip of $0. I am a delivery driver myself and wanted to see how the driver would react and if s/he would steal it at given circumstances. I asked the driver to drop the food below the buzzer. I also had the delivery set to meet at door. We had 2 camera at the top the entire time monitoring if anyone gets in or out of the apartment while I was downstairs doing laundry. Sadly the order never arrived. As soon as the driver left i went to check for the order and called the driver to hear what he would say. He insited on it being delivered. I have video proof of this all. I have just done a similar order from different restaurant to see what the next driver does. If the driver drops the food off we planned to drop $50 tip for 2miles and couple of cans. The next driver is on his way now. But I am so pissed at the way the driver earlier spoke to me. I have video proof of this all. I know how mad we get when we get no tip orders and all so i wanted to give something back to someone who would for some reasons pick the order up. It was just a loss of $19 so i dont want to provide the video proof or dislike or do anything to the driver. But I am honestly disappointed considering what happened today. The concierge is a friend of mine and ill get the video proof of the intercom area just to be sure. I dont plan on reporting him with video proof but the way he talked to me on call honestly pissed me off. What do i do now. Experiment failed so bad lol
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2023.06.05 09:27 whocreatedjah Posted this comment on a “popular JW video” on YouTube. Am I wrong?

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2023.06.05 09:27 TheTikTokCommunity MORNING EVERYONE. how is everyone today

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2023.06.05 09:27 mpopbelpop Types of cars to book for road trip (LA - SF)?

hi all! My partner and I will be heading to US in Dec, and looking forward to a road trip from LA to SF!
Sorry this is a long one. Here’s some background:
Here’s our itinerary for reference:
Day 1 to 5: pick up car in Los Angeles Airport (Avis) upon arrival. Explore LA.
Day 5 to 9: Explore Joseph tree > Grand Canyon.
Day 9: Drive to Las Vegas (rest stop). Return rental car at Las Vegas
Day 10: Fly from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara airport. Pick up the rental car near Santa Barbara airport (Avis)
Day 11 - 13: Drive up to Big Sur (if roads are open) and Monterey.
Day 13: Drive to Yosemite
Day 16: Drive to San Francisco. Return rental car near hotel. Note: this is to save the valet parking fees which is $70/night, and we think we might not need the car the following day
Day 17: explore SF by public transport, ferry, foot. Half day at the Alcatraz.
<3rd part of trip>
Day 18: pick up rental car. Flexible plans (Muir Woods, Golden Bridge and/or Napa).
Note: we can’t return the car on Day 19 as it’s a major public holiday and most rental shops in the city are closed
Day 20: return rental car at San Fran airport
Our questions:
  1. Do you think that Avis would be the best option? We’ve taken into account its wide network and our membership.
  2. Considering the costs and weather constraints, what cars should we book for each part of the trip?
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 09:27 HumbleBear75 I’m no chef

Has anyone here been in charge of a medium sized kitchen and been forced/pushed through a food rep that you know is in the owners pocket? Changing items that our store loves/sending group messages later at night? I’ve been off today but I’m speaking to my GM tomorrow morning about it. Seems sketchy, would love any input you beautiful bastards (the group message is me, my food rep, and our owners son”)
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2023.06.05 09:26 LFuculokinase Have any other folks experienced a sudden increase in bullying?

I’m in my 30s and have lucked out by not experienced bullying in regards to my nose until the end of last year, when I suddenly started receiving comments from random men on instagram telling me that I’d be pretty if it wasn’t for my nose, some of whom go on to tell me I should end my life. And what’s even weirder is that it’s not limited to photos with my face in them. Even neutral comments I make on medical posts (I’m a doctor) will result in similar angry comments in my DMs.
I don’t have a bunch of followers on social media; I’m about as boring as one can get. And I just have a basic Roman/aquiline nose. I’m starting to get so weirded out by this that it’s affecting my day-to-day life. I’m realizing now that this is truly all people can see when they look at my face, since none of the comments have mentioned anything other than my nose.
For instance, last week I posted information about clinical vs forensic autopsies and received a comment from random guy who said “maybe you should perform an autopsy on that ugly beak of yours.” They’re not actual funny jokes or even poor attempts negging, and none of these men seem to know each other. Long story short, I suddenly can’t post anything without someone obsessing over my nose, and I cannot figure out what is going on.
Is this happening to anyone else, or am I just cursed? Lol like what on earth is happening? Is this due to increasing anti-semitism? I’m trying to make sense of this.
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2023.06.05 09:26 ellatino230 I have a question, in Chronicles and Genesis, why is the name of the king’s wife is mentioned?

In this verse, its the only verse that a wife of a king is mentioned “And when Baalhanan was dead, Hadad reigned in his stead: and the name of his city was Pai; and his wife’s name was Mehetabel, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Mezahab”
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2023.06.05 09:26 unknown_cashregister I need to stop being friends with my best friend

For context: I am 14F and they are 13NB
We started off as friends, then dated for almost 4 months before they left me, I have abandonment and attachment issues, and all throughout our relationship they lacked communication.
They said I had things I needed to work on before I get into any relationship, but never said anything about theirself when we split. They NEVER communicated this to me at all during the relationship, that I was becoming too much, or my issues were becoming a problem to them, or what I did wrong during it. And they had one of our other friends do all the talking [they just sat there and stared at me] at lunch time at school in front of people [which is bad, bc I have social anxiety and started sobbing in front of everyone making me very insecure.] They were also in love with someone else the whole time [To explain, they are polyamorous, I am not. All they did was rant about this person and beg me to let them date her. I wasn't comfortable with this so they didnt.] They admitted to lying to me a lot, including for about a week before we split, saying they lied when they told me they loved me the whole week. Now we are just friends again, but it's not the same. I won't get over them as I still love them. I know I shouldn't. I want things to be normal again. Everyone I talked to told me to leave them for good but I just can't. We were perfect as friends before, why can't we be now? We rarely talk anymore and I hate it. They were my only reason to keep going. It's getting so hard now. I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.05 09:26 icapaige427 How to support 4yo with moving across the country

Hello all!
My son is 4 years old and got diagnosed with level 1 autism. He is usually very well behaved and is super sweet.
However, we recently moved across the country and it has been extremely hard for him. He lost his "person" (grandma) and is now struggling. I am doing my best to help him with the transition but I don't know if I am pushing him too hard.
Some background:
We needed to live with my MIL for a year when he was 1-2 (COVID). She became his person and was also his daycare provider. However, she didn't follow any boundaries and spoiled him. He does not know the meaning of no because she will buy whatever we don't. She also gave him whatever he wanted to eat and would never encourage him to try new foods.
Now that we moved it is a shock to his system because he doesn't get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. I am trying to slowly transition him away from eating junk all the time but I don't know how to convince him that new food won't kill him. I have a stock of his favorite foods (Kraft dinnechicken nuggets) so that he won't go hungry but I always feel like I'm "giving in" when I feed it to him. But he won't try new food if he knows that those two are options. I never force him to eat. I always make a plate of what we are eating and ask him to try something - even just licking it, using sweets as a reward since he is always asking for some. But I am normally unsuccessful and he ends up eating KD.
I do bring him shopping with me to try and get him to choose something with varying success (got him to switch to cheerios instead of lucky charms!)
Another thing is the meltdowns. I knew to expect them with the move but.... I don't know how to handle them. My husband does not understand or have the patience and makes everything worse and I just don't know what to do. I try to bring him to his bedroom and cuddle with him (he gets anxious if I leave him). Once he is calm enough I try to talk him through what happened and what we could change. Is there anything else I can do?
Finally bedtime! He always needs someone is bed with him as he falls asleep, but the closer he gets to sleep, the more he fights it and he gets violent- biting, kicking, hitting. Usually I give him 3 warnings then walk out of the room for 5-10 minutes (depending on what I hear on the other side of the door - if he is being destructive I don't reenter) I will then ask if he is ready for me to come back in and start everything over again. The third time I leave, I don't come back because I am usually past my breaking point then. Am I doing this all wrong and making things worse? He tells me he doesn't like it when I leave and I have tried to explain to him that I don't like it when he hurts me. I feel like a failure.
If you read all this, thank you. Any and all advice will be read and appreciated, even if I don't respond. If you have any questions, let me know!
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2023.06.05 09:26 mesaflooring Maintaining Commercial Flooring: Tips for a Long-Lasting and Beautiful Floor

Maintaining Commercial Flooring: Tips for a Long-Lasting and Beautiful Floor
If you’re like most business owners, your priority is to keep your company running smoothly. And if there’s one thing that can get in the way of that goal, it's having commercial flooring in Mesa that doesn't work as well as it should.
Fortunately, with a little TLC from an experienced professional or keeping a checklist of the essential maintenance items that need to be completed by your internal team, your floors can look great for years to come.
Why You Need a Commercial Floor Maintenance Plan
It's important to have a plan in place for maintaining your commercial floors. After all, it's not just about making them look good. It's also about keeping them safe and sanitary, which is especially important if you run a business that deals with food or medical supplies.
A good floor maintenance plan will help you keep your building looking new for longer while saving money on replacement costs. It prevents accidents from your team and visitors and maintains a certain pride in your appearance that boosts your overall business branding.
You may need to adapt your commercial flooring. In Mesa, there are many temperature and weather-based events that require different strategies. Some common material types include:
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Concrete Replace with Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Rubber
  • Stone
  • VCT
  • And more
Be sure to consider the outside temperate for your thresholds and any impending dust storms, extreme winds, and sunspots around your business to avoid staining or loose debris.
Daily Tasks
Every day is a new opportunity to impress your guests. It doesn’t matter if you are running a retail shop in Scottsdale Phoenix or a new frozen yogurt bistro in Mesa. You need commercial flooring that keeps things tidy and neat. That means sticking to a plan that includes:
  • Sweeping hardwood and tile from loose debris.
  • Vacuuming carpet in any high-traffic areas.
  • Spot cleaning any accidents or spills.
  • Mopping at the beginning and end of each business day.
  • Scrubbing the floors for your facility so they are bright the next morning.
  • Buffing if you have hard surfaces.
Weekly Tasks
These are the tasks and maintenance items you want for commercial flooring. In Mesa, you can get away with only addressing the following once per week. Of course, if your space is busier than expected during the holidays, you may want to double up on these items.
  • Mop hardwood and tile floors.
  • Disinfect any commercial flooring surface.
  • Move furniture or bulky items for vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping.
  • Run a surface brush for any dangerous holes or imperfections.
Monthly Tasks
When considering what items you want every month, look at it from the customer's perspective. This is the perfect time to check for any loose tiles or grout that may trip a walker. You should also check for signs of water damage or moisture. The rainy season in Arizona is short but incredibly powerful. You never know when a bit of water will creep into your business.
You should also deep clean every month. Get into all the nooks and crannies of your business flooring so it sparkles.
Special Maintenance
Regular inspections of your commercial flooring are important. If you notice damage or wear, it's time to clean and repair the area. If the damage is too severe, then it may be time to replace that section of flooring with new material.
Clean up spills as soon as possible so they don't cause permanent staining on your carpets or other soft surfaces. It's also essential to check for signs of wear and tear on hard surfaces such as tile floors; this will help prevent cracks from forming in the future!
We hope you have found this guide to help you understand the importance of commercial flooring. In Mesa, you want regular maintenance so you can enjoy all the benefits it brings your business. If you have any questions about how we can help, contact our team for additional tips and the best products you can use to make your business shine.
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2023.06.05 09:26 a_HerculePoirot_fan Poll: Should r/malaysia go dark from June 12th-14th in protest of Reddit's API changes?

Poll: Should malaysia go dark from June 12th-14th in protest of Reddit's API changes?
malaysia is considering joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all 3rd party Reddit apps.


Reddit recently announced major pricing changes to their API, which is the software interface that all major 3rd party applications and bots rely upon to function.
The pricing changes are so extreme that major apps will be forced to halt their operations due to their inability to bear the expenses. For instance, Apollo's developer disclosed that they would need to pay Reddit over $20 million per year in order to continue operating under the new pricing structure.
According to the consensus among these app developers, Reddit is attempting to render them financially unviable to force users into switching to the official Reddit mobile app. Not only will they be required to pay exorbitant amounts, which they cannot afford in order to maintain access to the API, but the revised Terms of Service also prohibit these apps from utilizing ad revenue to offset the additional costs.
You can find some of their statements below:


Credit to u/wandering-monster
Any users who rely on 3rd party applications (like those above) to browse Reddit will find that the apps will cease to function after July 1st, when the pricing change goes into effect. Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface.
Further reading:

What's the plan on June 12th?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. During this time, you will not be able to view or interact with the sub, which means no ad revenue for Reddit. This screen will appear instead when you attempt to view the sub:
Setting the sub private isn't something we should take lightly nor can we decide without your input, so we need your feedback on whether or not you feel this is something malaysia should be a part of. The poll will be up for 3 days.

View Poll
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