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2023.06.05 09:26 LovingMary I could CRY - looking for content

I could CRY - looking for content
I followed this girl on Instagram (wholeheartedly Han) who wrote the most BEAUTIFUL litanies and sold the book of them. I never bought it because they were all Posted on her Instagram. However, they are all deleted now, and she has stopped selling her book. These are an example of her litanies. Does anyone have an extra copy of the book I can buy off of them? Or any additional screenshots of her litanies? Thank you! God bless
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2023.06.05 09:04 I-Wear-Clothes Cat Respiratory Issues

• Cat • Neutered male • DSH • 7 years old • Started Thursday (6/1) • Cat has a history of “flare-ups” as far as nasal discharge, congestion and sneezing. It’s happened since he was a kitten but it typically resolves itself, and when it does happen, he behaves 100% normally as far as appetite, playfulness, using the bathroom, etc. Occasionally (3-4 times in his lifetime) when it does not resolve itself he gets a Covenia injection. Multiple vets have been unable to pinpoint why this happens. They mostly just blame his immune system and that he has a very indented nasal structure compared to most cats. • Current symptoms: nasal congestion, head lurching forward (sometimes it’s like a gag, sometimes he doesn’t gag), occasional vomit, had diarrhea for a couple of days (only pooped three times total, is currently soft but not back to normal. No mucous or blood), eye discharge (liquid and some boogers), general lethargy. He shows little interest in things he usually does, but is still somewhat interactive such as coming to lay on my lap or walking around the house. He is currently being fed wet food multiple times a day and he slowly eats that (usually would scarf it down).
He was taken to a vet on Friday who said he would not give him an antibiotic because he didn’t have a fever and the other cats in the home are not symptomatic. He was given a cerenia injection, and I was instructed to buy OTC nasal drops and fortifloria for him. That is all they would do. The vet he was taken to is the only one in the area who does same day “urgent care” visits, so I can’t get him in quickly elsewhere for a second opinion, but I do plan to call that same vet tomorrow when they are open to say he is not improving. There are no 24/7 clinics in my area.
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2023.06.05 08:58 brunei_fm "Why does MoRA say haram this and haram that?"

What it means to be haram in Islam
Haram is an Arabic phrase which linguistically means "forbidden", and used in Islam to label something as forbidden.

Why does MoRA care so much about pork?
Allah SWT said: إِنَّمَا حَرَّمَ عَلَيْكُمُ ٱلْمَيْتَةَ وَٱلدَّمَ وَلَحْمَ ٱلْخِنزِيرِ وَمَآ أُهِلَّ بِهِۦ لِغَيْرِ ٱللَّهِ ۖ فَمَنِ ٱضْطُرَّ غَيْرَ بَاغٍۢ وَلَا عَادٍۢ فَلَآ إِثْمَ عَلَيْهِ ۚ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٌۭ رَّحِيمٌ ١٧٣
He has only forbidden you ˹to eat˺ carrion, blood, swine (pork), and what is slaughtered in the name of any other than Allah. But if someone is compelled by necessity—neither driven by desire nor exceeding immediate need—they will not be sinful. Surely Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

As we all know, MoRA is holding the authority of anything related to Islam/Muslims, so this is one of all things they do. This is why MoRA usually raise the alarm when they detect even a bit of pork or dubious meat (may be slaughtered in other than Allah's name) in any food product sold in stores.

Why the delay?
This is one of MoRA's many flaws, delaying in something or finding out when it's been out in stores for a long time. I still have hope though that they'll fix this, maybe after 2035.

Allah says no eating. Then why do they even care about diaries, sofas, or heck- car products?
Rasulullah SAW said (not exact translation): "If any one of you is licked by a dog, he'd have to wash the licked body part 7 times, one time with water + dirt. (Imam Muslim)" Licking here is automatically applied to skin and excrements.
It is also known to Muslim scholars that pig skin is najis (filth), but they have different opinions on washing technique. Some scholars say that they should wash only 1 time, but some scholars made qiyas (redirected) to the hadith above.
The najis includes the hair and skin, therefore this is why MoRA plans to pull every strand of pig hair from every single store in Brunei.
This is also why MoRA does samak to every masjid after finishing construction, because open spaces mean dog may have went inside and peed.

But international halal agencies not haram?
They follow their own rulings, that is why Muslim countries have different Ministries of Religious Affairs. If Brunei detects, then Brunei will be the only one not eating. It would suck though if other countries' MoRA just hides the pork from Muslims.

This is backed based on the Qur'an and Sunnah with ulama' opinions, and it only applies if you are Muslim. Non-Muslims are under this rule because the government wants Brunei to be an Islamic state (not State).

Replies and discussions in the comments are very welcomed.
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2023.06.05 08:11 Onceyougettoknowme I thought it was a spider bite.

I thought it was a spider bite.
I got this bite about 7-10 days ago. At first I circled it with a sharpie to see if the size was growing but it wasn’t. The circumference is about the size of a quarter, maybe a little smaller. It doesn’t hurt unless I touch it or press it against something. The mass is hard. I have had no fever or red streaks emanating from it. When it first happened I did see two little holes in the skin, which is why I’m thinking spider. I live in an urban city apartment and have not been out in nature any time close to when I got it. It did get a little smaller but it’s now hard as if I have a marble under my skin, though it doesn’t protrude as far out as a marble would. Going to the doctor is hard to do because of my schedule but I do have insurance. If I absolutely must go to a doctor, can it wait a few days so I can make an appointment or must I go to urgent care walk in? Urgent care is not the same as the emergency department.
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2023.06.05 07:42 malcolm58 High fines and demerit points on SA freeway, but dozens of motorists claim innocence

Several South Australian motorists have been slapped with hefty fines for speeding on the South Eastern Freeway but claim they are innocent and poor signage is to blame. Dozens of people have been hit with fines of almost $1000 for speeding on the South Eastern Freeway, but they claim reduced speed signage was not visible. Roadworks for the South Eastern Freeway upgrade project at the Heysen Tunnels temporarily reduced speeds along a section from 90km/h to 60km/h from late April to early May.
But regular users of the road say they were caught unaware, travelling at the normal 90km/h for the stretch at Crafers. The government has started an urgent investigation given the number of complaints. Mount Barker home support worker Hayley Hudson is facing a $952 fine and five demerit points after she was clocked at 84km/h down the road she uses regularly on May 1, unaware of the speed change. “When I got done it was 8pm and apparently the overhead speed thing was 60 (km/h),” Ms Hudson, 45, said. “When you come down the hill, it’s 90.”
She has been left distressed by the fine and is worried she will lose her licence as she can now only afford one more demerit point.“I have a child with a disability so I need my licence,” she said. She cares for her daughter, Lola, 8, and needs to take her children to school.
But she is not the only one who has been caught unaware of the speed limit change. Dozens of others have aired their frustration on the Adelaide Hills Chat Facebook page. “I got one too and have never had a speeding fine,” Kirrily Chambers wrote. Another person, Mandy Layden, said her husband was caught out by the reduction and now is on a “good behaviour agreement for 12 months to keep his licence”. Ms Hudson has disputed the fine and hopes the infringements can be overturned “if enough people come forward”.
A Department of Transport spokesman said in a statement that the cameras were working correctly. “The speed camera at Crafers is electronically connected to the Variable Message Signs and Managed Motorway located along the Freeway, and therefore cannot expiate offences for a speed limit other than what is displayed,” he said. The statement continued that the reduced speed limits were, on multiple occasions, “temporarily reduced for approximately one hour” in the early hours of the morning for the works. Due to the large number of people appealing their fines, an investigation has been launched into whether the speed camera and signage were working correctly.
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2023.06.05 07:22 Its_science_fools Is this Lyme?

My husband had a tick this past Saturday in California. A friend who has taken wilderness first aid took it out, but worried it was only partially removed. We have the tick (or part of it?) in a plastic bag. My husband will take it with him to urgent care tomorrow at 8am, right when they open. In the meantime, wondering what you think?
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2023.06.05 07:11 vallelyfamilymucc1 Cheap Tb test

Looking for a cheap Tb test? Valley Family Medicine Urgent Care Center has you covered. Our dedicated team offers affordable testing options without compromising on accuracy. Experience quality care and timely results, all at an affordable price point.
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2023.06.05 07:09 bigmason233 Question about symptoms, bit last week

Was bit by a deer tick last Saturday and removed the tick within a few hours. I had a hot itchy circular welt develop that I assumed was an allergic reaction to the bite. Over the next few days the itchiness faded and the classic bullseye rash formed albeit smaller than those I've seen online.
Went to urgent care and was given 7-10 days of dpxycycline. I've been on doxy for 4 days now and the rash is looking more faded and I haven't developed other symptoms. My question is: do you think it is possible that I won't develop other symptoms before it is cured with the doxy? Should I ask for a longer course? Hoping to hear from some of you that have shared this experience.
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2023.06.05 07:02 Affectionate_Bear561 Rethinking my soon-to-be cvs career

I need advice, but first some backstory- I’ve been working for cvs for 5 years as a tech and then intern and I just graduated and am studying for naplex. Today at work we had a man come in for a script for doxy syrup for his child. I told him we don’t have it in stock, told him where he could get it, advised him to call the doc for an alternative if he can’t get to those other stores.
For some reason, his wife decides to bring the child to an urgent care for a new script and spends a lot of money there. We fill the script (same med, dif strength) and she YELLS at me saying I’m stupid for not just dispensing the other strength and do the math to match the correct dose and saying that i cost her 10k in urgent care bills. I try to explain that we still would’ve needed a new script but she doesn’t listen and is just nasty to me.
Even though countless patients came in after her and told me how helpful I am, this one person really ruined my day and I can’t stop thinking about it. Up until now, I was happy to stay with cvs but now I’m rethinking it. I don’t really want to be a clinical pharmacist and I usually enjoy talking to patients but I don’t know if I can handle this for the rest of my career. Sorry for the long story but any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 07:01 Pinkcountersink Passing out and chronic stomach pain is starting to keep me home from work.

I have had chronic stomach pain for about two years which is sometimes accompanied by passing out. I have seen two doctors about this issue, one attributed it to anxiety and the other told me I'm just dehydrated and the symptoms will go away on their own.
I have tried ignoring the symptoms and drinking more water, but nothing seems to help. This issue is now starting to affect my work and I created a reddit account just to try and find some answers.
I've tried IBS diets, cutting out common allergy foods like gluten, limiting my salt intake and eating small portions. Nothing has provided any relief.
The symptoms: Sharp stomach cramps every morning. Frequent heavy bloating. Nausea which improves after using the restroom. Lots of gas. Constant fatigue even after lots of rest.
Symptoms become much worse with any alcohol consumption or a fever with high temperature. If I have more than one or two drinks I will wake up in the middle of the night with the following symptoms:
Intense stomach pain. Dizziness. Feeling extremely hot. Ringing in ears. Blurred vision. Nausea+vomiting. Tight and fuzzy feeling around my head (like wearing a tight helmet) On occasion, I will black out for several minutes. (This has happened 5 times in two years) Pounding heart.
I went to urgent care in the UK after blacking out, which they ruled as dehydration. I then visited my doctor in the US after blacking out again. After running some tests I was told I have anxiety and prescribed Anti-Depression medication (I chose not to take these)
I am on one medication which is the mini-pill that I take to treat adenomyosis. My stomach symptoms began before I started the medication, and did not change much after I started taking them. I am in my mid 20s and a healthy weight.
I just want to get some idea of what's going on with me and how I can lesson these symptoms. I'm terrified of drinking or becoming sick because blacking out is incredibly terrifying and extremely painful as it's always accompanied by horrible stomach pain.
Any help or ideas as to figuring out what this could be is really appreciated as I am starting feel like I'm running out of options.
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2023.06.05 06:27 Jasreha Benadryl Reaction?

Hi all.
I had a weird experience today and I’m still not 100% back to normal, and I need some reassurance, I guess.
I take 150mg of Bupropion daily. Sometimes I miss a dose, but it’s not super often and I’ve been trying to get better about it. I took Benadryl today (I was bad and took 2 25mg tablets, but I’ve done that before). Left for work, everything was fine.
The minute I was standing again I was not okay. Hot, disassociating, brain fog, generally felt weak and jello-y. I wound up leaving work within an hour and sitting in my car a good 45 minutes because I was scared I was going to pass out. Came home, took a 4 hour nap… And I still feel fuzzy and what I can only best describe as slightly high.
I’m reassuring myself by telling myself if I still feel like this in the morning I’ll go to urgent care or something, but does anyone have any insight? The Benadryl was the only change from my normal routine, and even then, I’ve taken the same dosage before and this has never happened.
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2023.06.05 06:03 pro-daydreamer- First timer dealing with 1mm stone

It's been almost two weeks. My pain has improved significantly, it's still there but it's manageable and more intermittent. Is it unheard of to take this long to pass such a small stone? I was told it would take roughly a week, and the figure I found when I googled it was 8-12 days. The urgent care doctor prescribed Flomax but only a ten day supply, should I try to get that refilled? I've been straining my urine but I wonder if somehow I missed it, or it happened to pass the one or two times I forgot to use the strainer.
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2023.06.05 06:00 LucyAriaRose AITA for spending a lot of time in my bunker away from my family?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/ThrowRABunkerMan. He posted in AmItheAsshole
Mood Spoiler: Hopeful
Original Post: May 22, 2023
My grandfather was an incredibly talented man who also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and he was convinced that the nuclear apocalypse was going to end the human race at some point, so he built his own bunker and then buried the entrance because he was convinced that both the KGB and the CIA were watching him and wanted to keep the bunker a secret. Yes, he was a crazy man. My dad inherited his house but never lived there, so when I had my first child in 2018 and got married in 2019, my dad made me an incredibly generous offer for the house. I bought computers that were more expensive than the house.
The bunker became kind of an urban legend, mostly because my old grandpa used to tell a lot of crazy stories, but out of curiosity I went looking for it and found the entrance. THE OLD MAN REALLY DID IT!
So, thanks to being stuck at home during the uneventful 2020 and 2021, I started remodeling the bunker to look less like a Fallout Vault and more like my own man cave. Everyone loves it, especially the kids (My nephews and friend's children). So the house is decorated to my wife's taste, while I can do whatever I want in the bunker, play gaming, fix computers, set up a whole home server, work from home, etc.
However, lately she has been complaining about me being distant and spending a lot of time there and less time with her and our child. She is pregnant again, so she said she was worried, but I just promised to spend more time at the house. After a few weeks that wasn't enough for her and she accuses me of abandoning her.
I'm asking for judgment here because I'm trying to be there for my family, but this bunker feels like it's the only thing that's really mine and where I can actually have a break, but my wife has said she's going to seal the entrance otherwise I might miss the birth and not even notice. Should I just move all my stuff into the house and forget about it? Am I really being neglectful, or is this just her pregnancy hormones talking?
To be clear, I do help with the house chores and spend time with my son when I'm there and I have an intercom in the bunker so my wife can just call me if she needs anything and I'll go up there immediately.
ETA: Everybody is asking me this. I spends at least 6 hours at the Bunker on week days. I work there so I think is reasonable, and at least 4 hours on weekends. But yeah, ur right, I need to make arrangements.
I forgot to mention: Our son goes to kindergarten so my wife has time to work and sometimes be alone at home.
ETA 2: Guys, I swear I'm taking notes. I'm just trying to understand what I should change about myself and how to talk to my wife about this. Remember that I spend at least 6 hours WORKING, not scratching my belly. My manager allows me to log out early if I finished my work for the day but can't log out if I've been working for less than 6 hours. I also spend time talking with my team on Slack.
ETA 3: So many of you are picking up on my language. I would appreciate if you explain calmly why my choice of words is so bad so I dont fuck things up when I speak to my wife.
Mini-Update: I had a talk with my wife. Overall I think it went well since she told me everything, but there are so many raw emotions right now and I was sent to sleep in the spare room. She had no mercy on me but we needed this talk so we can have a clear path for our future together.
Relevant Comments:
More about the bunker:
"The entrance is like 900 feet away from the house. There was also a tunnel connecting it to a hidden place on the basement but it collapsed I don't know how many years ago, so we sealed it."
"Yes, the city inspected it and is ok. I didn't bother with the tunnel because it seems to be badly built and there was a risk that could keep collapsing if we tried to fix it. We also had to add more columns and reinforcements to make sure it won't collapse. I was recommended to have yearly inspections."
Clarify- you say you work AND game? Are you doing those at the same time?
"No bro, when I mean working, I mean having a fight with my IDE until shit works, and when I mean networking, I mean talking to my team on Slack. Speaking to your team is as important as doing the work itself. Also can be spent reading doc. Then after finishing, I can game for like an hour before going up."
"Yeah, I see how bad it sounds. Year sometimes can be 2 hours, but hear me out. I usually don't play online games, but single player games with a linear story and clear objectives. So is easy to do the "Till next check point" (Tho modern games can be saved at whatever point) and log out.Yeah I think I should stop doing this or do it inside the house."
Where did you work before you had the bunker?
"Before getting married I just went to the office everyday but had my main computer in the bedroom. When we first moved into this house, I got a room to place my computers. During this time yes, had more contact with my family but it was harder to make it feel like an "office"."
OOP is resoundingly voted YTA
UPDATE (Same Post): Most likely May 23 (next day, based on comments and web archive)
I talked to my wife. I asked her to be very honest and I promised to let her talk until she was done. First of all, it's not just about the time I spend in the bunker now, but she felt completely alone taking care of our little baby while I spent almost all of my free time remodeling and building and when it's done I'm just down there. I explained to her that it was basically my office now, she understood and apologized and then continued to explain herself. I'll just quote the gist of it because we talked for hours.
"I haven't been my own person since my first pregnancy, I feel like a doll, every day is the same, I'm bored, frustrated, angry, just when I thought it might get easier, I get pregnant again, how many years until I can just be me again".
"You have a big hole underground where you can play and not care about the word, I haven't read a book in years, I can't read 2 pages without falling asleep"
"Yes, the house looks nice, but what about a place for me? I don't want a Kindle, I don't want audiobooks to listen to while cooking or driving, I want a PHYSICAL collection, where do I put them? When was the last time I went to a library? When was the last time you gave me something made of real paper?"
(For context, she's always been a bookworm, loves books and the aesthetic of having shelves full of them, but it's true she hasn't read in a long time, I gave her a Kindle for our anniversary and I pay for her audible subscription, I thought those would be good substitutes, but they're not)
"Stop thinking that a screen can solve everything, I need you with me, I married a human, not a sim, download some emotions.
"I want to write again, but how? When? Will you read my first crappy drafts or just take a look and say it's okay?"
"Can you have our son in the bunker for a few hours a day? He's bored here, he won't be bored down there."
It was hard, but I needed it, and she needed it.
I'm going to move my gaming consoles into the house and see if I can set up SteamLink to stream games from my gaming PC to our TV or something. We agreed to go on dates outside the house, and I'm going to take on more responsibilities around the house.
I want to address something. I was told by my parents that I had to "help" with the house, "help" with the kids. But then I come to Reddit and it turns out that "helping" is a problem.
You talked a lot about mental load, this was the first time I heard about it, who was supposed to teach me that? "Helping", not having addictions, being loyal and always being there seemed like what every good husband does, now I realize it was just the bare minimum. I feel like I have to relearn everything, and it's hard to realize that I'm a bad husband and father for thinking that the bare minimum was all I needed to have a long and happy marriage. I became a reddit villain by being clueless, but I accept that.
I'll see you again soon, thank you all.
Update Post: May 29, 2023 (1 week from OG post)
Hey guys, I hope you remember me. I'm the bunker guy. Not much has happened in terms of big events, but things are getting better.
After the talk I had with my wife, I started taking more responsibility around the house. I've been taking on as much as I can so she can rest. Except I'm a terrible cook, so I have some frozen and instant food that I just heat up and call it done, but I've been taking our son to school and picking him up, spending more time with him in the Bunker (he loves it), I've been gaming in the living room because I moved my consoles there and successfully set up Steam Link. So overall, my wife is sleeping more and has a few hours to just do nothing. She is much calmer now. She said she loved being able to just chill on the couch and not have to worry about anything. This pregnancy has been rough on her emotions so I'm glad to see her like this.
She also spent some time with me in the bunker, doing her own work, sleeping, or just hanging out. She even got The Sims and started playing again. The first thing she did was build an almost exact replica of our house. We also did a lot of cuddling down there and even had sex. I have to admit, I'm loving every second of this new dynamic, even though there are still a few things that need to be changed and tweaked.
I offered to build a room for her in the bunker, but she says it gets a little claustrophobic after a few hours and she likes sunlight, so that was declined. Then I suggested building a shed for her. She said nothing, but after a few hours showed me a shed she built on The Sims, a hexagonal brick structure with a U-shaped couch in the middle, a door, and bookshelves on every wall, connected to the main house by a fenced-in path. I think it looks nice, so I will send it this week to the same people who helped me rebuild this bunker so they can convert it to CAD.
Nothing is perfect yet, I have a lot to learn and haven't started couples counseling yet (that will be in about 2 weeks) but I am trying my best, I have been an idiot for way too long and have a lot to make up for. Thank you all again.
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2023.06.05 05:26 EmmarJay My great grandfather has been missing for over a century. I know what happened to him.

The day seemed like it would be ordinary until the aeronautical community’s most sought after document showed up on my doorstep.
It came wrapped in brown kraft paper tied off with twine, and the exterior packaging had no return address nor any indication of a postage stamp. It was as though it had been simply bundled up and dropped into my wall-mounted mailbox by a random passerby.
No part of me was willing to surrender the strange parcel without opening it first. Regardless of who its contents truly belonged to, my eyes would be the first to see it. I removed the twine and then dug a thumb under a fold in the packaging paper before clawing it away to expose a brown tan notebook circa 1900. It was full grain buffalo leather with a crisscross of cord for the spine and a thick hand cut string keeping it sealed shut.
When I undid the string, the pages that had been gripped tight by the leather fanned out gently then returned to their original position, my eyes landing on the front page. It was without a printer’s mark and read in big handwritten type: “THE DIARY AND RECORD OF HENRY H. HELGELAND.”
I knew in that instant the package was in the hands of who it was rightfully sent out for. Not just because I’d recently lost my job as an associate at our city’s art museum but because of a separate, much deeper connection to the diary’s author.
Perhaps it’s in my best interests to turn it over to the National Archives, or the US Arctic Research Commission, or maybe even the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, but at the risk of seeing it blue-penciled to death, I’ve elected to instead share it here and now.
The world needs to know what happened.
Henry H. Helgeland — my great grandfather — was a severe looking man with a walrus mustache and a bone to pick with anyone who ever doubted him. He was born in Oakland, California in 1871 and was, by all available accounts relayed to me, well-behaved and well-liked. His father worked a lucrative job in the shipping industry, transporting timber between San Francisco and the Central Valley. Two years into Henry’s life, his mother would contract a fatal case of diphtheria and die shortly thereafter; when he was old enough to understand what had happened, Henry “yearn[ed] fervently for a reunion to mend [his] great anguish and sorrow.”
Near the turn of the 20th century, Henry attended Stanford University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he learned everything from thermodynamics to machine design. But it was a lecture about polar transportation that would ultimately kindle his interest in a separate enterprise: arctic exploration. Indeed, the race to the North Pole was well underway, with naval officers, geologists, and aeronauts around the globe vying for the chance to make history. My great grandfather, like many of his peers, propounded the theory that he, and he alone, would be the first to reach the Great White North.
In 1895, Henry graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and sought to expand the member list of the so called Ascension Society, a student organization he’d assembled to aid engineering graduates with materials science. Many of its constituents had engaged in research projects and experimental setups to hone their craft of mechanical systems, but in time, however, the venture would instead prove a hotspot for investors and philanthropists. Donations averaging up to $5,000 helped fund and promote the fantastic ambitions of my great grandfather. So long as the Ascension Society was gracing him with their support, he’d be the first to reach the North Pole.
In early 1898, armed with enough capital, Henry used the proceeds to purchase the materials required for the balloon.
A notable circus at the forefront of traveling attractions in the early twentieth century was The Fielding Troupe. With its impressive lineup of talent — from fire eaters and aerialists to equestrians and strongmen — the ensemble drew crowds from nearly every town in western America during its historic run. Its wide reach would ultimately reel in many notable faces, including my great grandfather.
Prior to a performance in Oakland, the Fielding Troupe led a procession through the town around Stanford University, announcing their arrival with a parade of wagons, floats, and animals. The strategy, as it were, was to drum up as much publicity and fanfare as possible. Evidently it worked, as a healthy fraction of the faculty and student body at Stanford made the trip over to Oakland in order to see the troupe in action.
Surrounding their arena with two hundred feet of heavy duty tent canvas, the troupe put on a show for the ages the night Henry was in attendance, with extravagant acrobatics, trained animal performances, and a special appearance from Curtis the Clown. Following a skillful display of juggling and good natured audience ribbing, Curtis’s master stroke was an intricate stunt involving balloons and wire flying. Firstly, he would inflate several multi-colored balloons and tie them off with string, securing them firmly in his grip. They served as a flashy distraction from the piece of flexible metal snaking out from the harness he had concealed under his equally flashy costume. Then, with a whisper of strength, a couple stagehands hoisted the balloon-carrying clown thirty feet into the air to make it appear as though he was levitating by virtue of the balloons alone. A separate performer — a marksman — showed off his sharpshooting skills with a Winchester model rifle and gunned down the balloons, exploding each one as the stagehands loosened their hold on Curtis’s harness until he was eased to the ground.
Henry watched the routine with eager delight. Seeing Curtis the Clown float above a hundred or so onlookers helped stir within him a plan. The ceiling of the Big Top Tent where Curtis had concluded his ascent represented more than the centerpiece of a traveling circus.
“Ascendancy,” Henry muttered to his wife Ruth. “This is how we get to the top of the world.”
The spherical vessel measured sixty-five feet in diameter, with a capacity of over 200,000 cubic feet. Its construction was overseen by Henry and a couple french engineers who installed in its gondola three berths and ample ballast to keep it stable. The gondola, a carefully constructed assemblage of wicker and chestnut wood, was built as such to bar any interference to the magnetic instruments of the explorers. Keeping it shielded against severe weather conditions was a varnished silk calotte and a vaselined net composed of over four-hundred hemp cords. A bamboo pole was attached bellow the carrying ring to attach the side sails and, perhaps most notably, the balloon was fitted with hemp and cocoa nut fiber guide ropes to help steer and maintain a consistent altitude.
After two years of exhaustive construction, work on the balloon was completed in 1900. Henry named it Ascension, after the society that funded its creation.
What follows are several selected passages lifted directly from Henry’s memorandum, transcribed by me. The first entry reads:
“At nine o'clock on the forenoon, May 5, 1900, under the auspices of the Ascension Society, we embarked from the 71st parallel on our quest of the Pole. Our great journey sets off from Point Barrow, Alaska following a grueling adventure aboard the steamer Sursum. I, Henry Helgeland, travel forth, accompanied by Charles Ringvold, esteemed navigator, and Edward Meyer, long celebrated physician, into the arctic wilderness. Together, our efforts will generate a most formidable team and an unwavering spirit. We will ascend.”
Indeed, the SS Sursum disembarked from a port in San Francisco in mid May of that year; it offered easy access to the Pacific Ocean and sailed through the Bering Strait, covering over 3,000 nautical miles before reaching Point Barrow on July 2.
When the balloon took off, carried by a fierce north east wind, it was to a thunderous applause from those that had come to bear witness to the bold endeavor. Among them were crew members of the SS Sursum, high ranking associates of the Ascension Society, and carpenters tasked with helping the balloon reach its initial phase of liftoff.
As it elevated to 300 hundred feet and passed around an onlooking whaler, Henry was reported to have shouted: “To the top of the world, hurrah!”
36 hours would elapse before a second entry was made.
“July 4, 1900, Lat. 77° 48' N, Long. 143° 4' W. We are soaring at a height of 600 feet above the Earth's surface, traveling at a speed of approximately seven kilometers per hour. Our morale remains similarly aloft. Charles relayed to me that, God willing, we anticipate reaching the pole in roughly 800 miles. Beyond the drag ropes lending their ballast to our journey, optimism is our guiding force. We will ascend.”
Turbulent air currents had a different plan in mind, however.
“July 5, 1900, Lat. 80° 8' N, Long. 138° 37' W. Alas! Our aerial journey came to an abrupt halt yestereve on the 80th parallel. We voyaged as many as 500 miles before a forceful downdraft spun our vehicle on its vertical axle and compelled it into a sharp descent; we had lost what we estimate to be just over 100 cubic feet of gas.
“Edward suffered severe injuries during the initial impact and claims his vertebrae have been shattered, leaving him immobile. We’re at the mercy of the floe on which we now rest, at the mercy of the Polar Sea. Should we face the specter of death, we shall meet it with unwavering honor. We will ascend.”
“July 6, 1900. We find ourselves solitary in the barren expanse, accompanied only by bergs, ice-fields, and majestic glaciers. Our rations encompass a container’s worth of hardtack, enough salted beef for approximately one week, canned stew, dried apricots, some chocolate bars, and seven bottles of ale.
“Edward’s outlook remains grim; he suspects he’ll never walk again. In witness of his current state, I’m beginning to share in such apprehensions. Edward, whom we have reposed on on of our sledges, fears that the opportunity to make known the great love he holds for his mistress Rebecca is one he’ll never be granted. ‘You shall be reunited at once,’ I assured him. ‘Our journey to triumph will not be thwarted by minor inconveniences.’
“We’ve plotted the course to our next destination: that being Herschel Island, located off the coast of Canada in the Beaufort Sea. Charles — who shares in Edward’s dismay — estimates a three month footslog spanning just under one thousand miles is in store for us, perhaps more given Edward’s ailment. I am determined to see this mission to its completion, yet survival remains a paramount desire. Who’s to recount our extraordinary journey should we fail?
“While establishing our encampment and scouting the local flora of the area for additional sources of sustenance, I happened upon a plant of an unknown species. Half a meter tall, bulbous tubers, and thin roots terminating in clusters of white flowers; intuition suggests this is a water hemlock, which precludes it from edibility. Nevertheless, I shall regard this finding as one of great fortune. A portent of divine value. We will ascend.”
Two days later, gold prospectors off the Alaskan coast at Nome beach were in the process of emptying their sluice boxes when from the sky flew a carrier pigeon directly to their mining site. It bore a label with the inscription “Helgeland” and contained the following dispatch:
“July 7, 1900. First dog watch. Three southerly traveling carrier-pigeons were sent off at approximately 7 h. 40 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, the following among them. This is Rear Admiral Charles Ringvold of the United States Navy and the Helgeland Balloon Expedition of 1900. Our hopes of reaching the pole have been reduced to naught. Assistance urgently needed. Our destinies have hitherto been unknown, and now my fears have been actualized. GO IN TERROR OF HENRY HELGELAND. He is not who he proclaims to be. I volunteered for a man of honorable stature and venturesome drive. The man before me betrays neither.”
The remainder of the message was a hasty scrawl, decrypted only by the best in linguistics and modern codebreaking.
The communication was immediately passed off to the Smithsonian Institution, where word fell within the earshot of Ascension Society proponents and additional members of the US Navy. A follow-up expedition — a rescue team led by Captain S. P. Matthews — was put together at once with the authorization of the Secretary of War.
Months later, after a congressional bill introduced to secure grant funding for arctic exploration — and thereby a rescue mission for Helgeland’s lost expedition — was successfully passed, the USS Greenwich departed from the San Francisco Naval Shipyard with a crew of thirty boatswains, medics, and deck officers among others.
What they would ultimately uncover puzzled them all.
“July 7, 1900. The team has fractured. We are without our provisions and without the morale that has served us thusly.
“Charles and I set upon the pursuit and capture of a walrus, a most strenuous task in the Arctic Circle. Furnished with a Winchester model .40-82, the sport skews in our favor but we are in no short supply of peril. These are one ton beasts with the strength of a hundred strongmen as they stave the ice, and yet it is not them I should have feared.
“’I can’t allow you to proceed further.’ I heard the click clack racket of the Winchester as Charles chambered a round and raised the rifle, training its twenty inch barrel toward my back after I had volunteered — quite ignorantly — to take the vanguard.
“’Charles?’ I managed between clattering teeth.
“’You’re a man of bold stature. An honorable man at that. But not honorable enough to die for. And that’s it, Henry. I will not die for you.’
“’You speak out of distress, not rationality.’
“’I’m as rational as one permits when I say we won’t all make it to Canada. You can’t expect us to sledge Edward for the next month and retain our strength. Our sanities.” I could hear him gulp, ‘our lives.’
“’You’re not who you say you are.’ I realized in that moment. ‘Not even an ensign would renounce his own crew. Who are you really, Charles?’
“His credentials were a farce; a clever scheme to scrape through the expedition’s vetting process. He was no navy-man nor expert nor navigator and if you piled his life’s accomplishments on top of one another, they’d be equal to that of a cretin.
“’Doesn’t matter any more, Henry.’
“’Then why haven’t you shot me?’
“I sensed beyond his terror a hint of reluctance and felt within him the trepidation of an amateur. The man had never wielded a firearm in his life and wouldn’t start hence.
“’In Your infinite mercy, hear my prayer. In Your boundless grace, grant me Your forgiveness,’ he muttered below his breath. I could’ve believed he’d have squeezed the trigger if not for the unexpected convulsion that suddenly brought him to his knees. Befallen by the strange attack, Charles unhanded the Winchester and collapsed to the ice in the midst of a crippling seizure. And in a matter of moments, he had succumbed to death.
“With some activated charcoal or perhaps an emetic, he could have eluded such a painful demise. I stepped over to look upon his body, his pupils dilated to the size of dimes. Reviewing the immediate symptoms, intuition tells me he’s become the latest victim of hemlock poisoning, the kind of amateur mistake I’d expect from someone such as Charles. Ideal timing, if I may speak candidly.
“Hope remains alive. I will ascend.”
Investigators with the crew of S. P. Matthews found everything except answers.
It took them all of three months to zero in on the campsite left behind by Helgeland’s expedition. Any prospect of finding the balloon itself was dropped by the wayside to preserve manpower and time.
The camp was discovered on the 79th parallel, not in any particular state of disarray but with enough evidence to suggest conflict had broken out between the members. Edward was discovered in a tent with the rest of the rations and a bullet hole stamped in the side of his head. There was no telling how long he’d been dead for.
Forty-five meters away from the camp, buried under a stalagmitic gathering of ice and snow, was the body of Charles Ringvold. A followup inquiry would prove my great grandfather’s claims that he was a fraud, but like Charles himself, the truth is buried deep under the surface. Edward and Charles are commemorated for their failed — albeit honorable — efforts in the face of great opposition.
The body of my great grandfather, however, was never found. Theories thus abound in the saga of Henry H. Helgeland and we are no more the wiser now than we were a century ago. He is remembered for murdering his men in cold blood, deserting them, and then yielding to the elements somewhere in the frozen hell of the arctic. The carrier-pigeon message sent by Charles corroborated the apparent facts.
But I know the truth. Because only I have the answers.
“July 8, 1900. All that remains is me, for everyone else has vanished. Edward and I regaled each other with stories of our mistresses as night fell upon our place in the arctic wasteland. Rebecca, Edward’s beloved, works as an expert seamstress in San Francisco and will no doubt be devastated when news of his fate reaches her. But the great memories they shared together, I assured him, will serve her well in the years to come.
“‘You shall be reunited at once,’ I whispered to him once more before executing the dying man with the Winchester. It is my turn to face whatever awaits me on the ice.
“My great anguish and sorrow have been mended.
“Ruth is calling to me now. Our son promptly requires our presence.
“I shall go to them."
The fruitless search for my great grandfather peaked at last with the unearthing of a path of footprints snaking away from the tent where Edward’s body lay. Investigators followed them for approximately ten meters before they abruptly ceased. Captain Matthews is quoted as saying: “it was as though the walker had simply floated away.”
And indeed, it was our family that won in the end, for my great grandfather received exactly what he wanted. The final, undated entry of his diary is comprised of but three simple words:
“I have ascended.”
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2023.06.05 04:47 NeuroSpicy_Potato Tell me everything you know about IOP/partial hospitalization

I need help. All the help. Tell me everything!
I've suffered from anxiety for about 20 years. I got lucky 20 years ago and the first medicine I tried worked. Been on the same med, upping the dosage as needed every few years, ever since. It's starting to not work anymore. Like...barely working. I'm in quite a bit of distress. Barely functional. Can't see my psychiatrist until Wednesday. It's currently Sunday night. I'm (figuratively) dying over here.
Went to one of my local psychiatric urgent cares this evening. I was referred to one of their day programs. This terrifies me. I'm a night owl, and I have autism. So being in a strange place with strange people for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks.....yeah. I already am barely functional, and having to miss work and upending my sleep schedule is terrifying to say the least. Oh yeah....and we're not allowed to have our phones on us. My one comfort item that has helped distract me through damn near everything. In a locker. For 8 hours. Fuck.
Plus sides? I'd get therapy 5 days a week. I'd see an actual psychiatrist in person, I think daily, which can be useful when switching meds. Though I'd be surrounded by new people which is scary, they'd be people currently going through what I am. That can be both comforting and triggering though. I'd be forced to get back on a normal sleep schedule. I'd hopefully learn new coping strategies. The ones I'm using aren't quite doing the trick anymore.
Downsides? What if it doesn't work and it just ends up being torture and sends me into a deeper spiral and gives me PTSD? Let's see...strange people, strange place, etc. I'll be without my phone for 40 hours a week. They call it "partial hospitalization" instead of IOP, which concerns me.
Are the risks worth the rewards?
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2023.06.05 04:46 Azine1288 What are my chances as a Canadian Applicant

Hi guys,
I was looking through this subreddit and was wondering what you guys think about my stats. I have a 3.35cgpa and 3.22sgpa with a very strong 2 year upward stand (I got my degree with distinction). I had a rough two years (got 2.9 and 3.1 for my first and second year respectively, due to covid and my classes moving online and having a hard time focusing on school while providing for my family).
I have over 150 shadowing hours, 150-200 volunteering hours. I have over 2100 hours of manual labor since the start of my university degree and about 500 hours from a security job as a bouncer in my last year.
I have strong LORs:
- with 1 being my biology professor who I also did over 150 hours of research with him.
- A committee letter from my campus food bank
- My general dentist who I shadowed over 150 hours
- And my manual labor boss who knew me for 8 years and watch me grow into the person I am today.
I am taking my cDAT in july 25 and have been studying hard for it hoping to get 20+.
Also, in my first year during my first semester I ran into an issue of academic fraction which I will be disclosing on the application section. (It was a lab report issue in a first year physics lab)
I am also first year Lebanese male where I was born in panama and Immigrated to Canada.
In my personal statement I talked about having a rough up bringing where my family didn't have much and I took it upon myself to help take care of them. I also included a little story about how I went to the dentist when I was 7 years old and my family couldn't afford to pay for the treatments but the dentist still operated and helped with my cavity which inspired me to become a dentist like him and help others who can't afford to receive dental care.
I am applying to 15 American dental schools:
I really appreciate any advice + opinions on this.
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2023.06.05 04:41 InsuranceAltruistic1 Do I need to worry about getting a tetanus or rabies shot?

F22, Indiana.
I was outside on my front porch and i stepped on something and the end of it got stuck in my foot. It was barely stuck in my foot and didn’t hurt too bad, but it did draw a tiny amount of blood. (You can’t really see where the poke is a few hours later) When i pick it out to see what it was, it was an animal tooth. Which is extremely bizarre but it was very clear that it was that.
I’m thinking about going to urgent care tomorrow. My first thought was tetanus, but then i read online that rabies is 100% fatal and got terrified. But i’m not sure if i am overreacting because the tooth was not connected to the animal (even though the tooth did look very recent) and i figure that disease would pretty much die immediately without a host. Recommendations?
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2023.06.05 04:17 Equivalent-Fox6889 46 [F4M] Illinois, USA - Sensualist...Seeking

So, here's what's up, guys!
I'm 46, never been married, no kids to speak of. I live alone in this cute little lake house of an apartment with a loft.
I'm shy yet passionate, a good writer but I'll stutter if we ever speak.
Guess I'm looking for what everybody's looking for and I tend to lock up my sexuality for a good long time even though there's such a well of passion and curiosity there. So why not post this here instead of arduously hinting at what I want in a relationship? I'm one of those people that strangers come up to and tell their entire life story to cuz I listen. Anyone making a dedicated attempt to get to know me? SO few and far-between. Consider myself quite an open book, a sinner, an Angel of Mercy, someone sensual who loves nothing more than to take an entire day and make it a classic make-out session with the right guy.
That's where it all usually goes sideways! And I'm sure that's true for you as well. Gotta be the 'right' guy. You should be witty. That's actually probably one of my very favorite things in the whole world, unless you turn sarcastic TOWARDS me, then I'll probably experience an epic chipping away at my self-esteem in tiny doses until ... it's over. I like to laugh, it's halfway to getting me horizontal and there's nothing cuter than a woman dissolving into laughter with a twirl of her hair around her index finger and a subtle lip bite to conclude, cuz you now have my attention.
You gotta be intelligent because after all that sex we're gonna have I'm gonna wanna talk about it, about life in general, our pasts, our futures, our everyday lives and anything else we can squeeze out of our brains.
I'd love if you had a libido and were clear about that. I find that in my fantasies the men I conjure kinda never shut up. And it could be just the simplest thing but it leaves me reeling, repeating over and over a phrase you've whispered into my ear or said directly to me during a critical moment will push me over the edge every time and I'll adore you for it. Who wouldn't love to wake up every morning with the potential for a loving, primal tryst? I don't care if our breath is bad, if we smell like sleep, if your hair's crazy, I wanna feel that alarm clock pressing up against my back saying 'Good Morning, Sugar.' And that's just the morning round...I want you to want me beyond reason, to be able to be verbose about how much and why. I want someone who thinks 'God, how did I get this girl...' cuz trust me...I'll want you and wonder how I got you.
I'm a big writer. Won an award for it, wrote for my township newspaper as a teenager, had teachers keep my essays for future classes to show them how one should be constructed. And of course that spills over into love letters. And texts...chats... I'm a huge multi-tasker so I'll be able to carry on the conversation as well as slay at work, trust me.
Oh age-range...You should be I suppose at least in your late 30's to 50's I think. What else...Oh! I'm in the Central US Time Zone in case you're wondering. Midwest girl, northern Minnesota born and raised, living in Illinois currently.
Probably 'nuff said, huh?
Are you up to it?
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2023.06.05 04:03 Big-Ad-7254 Not sure what this may be. Went to urgent care Doctor says it’s most likely dermatitis but could possibly be scabies

Not sure what this may be. Doctor says it’s most likely dermatitis but could possibly be scabies and prescribed permethrin 5% cream just in case. Thoughts? Itchy, but not many bumps in one area. Noticed them started about 5 days ago.
Recently moved to a new apartment. Bought some stuff off fb marketplace. Noticed it after I brought in a desk. Just cleaned everything. Still noticing new ones a day later.
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2023.06.05 04:02 Entreprenuer_356 5th metatarsal shaft fracture - being offered surgery as an option

Hi all -- New here. Two weeks ago I broke my 5th metatarsal doing box jumps (cool cool cool), slipped wrong. It's the "dancer" type --- split on the shaft. It's a pretty clean break. My first ever broken bone too. I actually FINISHED the class, thinking I had just twisted something, and just modifying. Went into urgent care later that day then right to the orthopedic sureogon that afternoon. I don't have a picture, but when I went in for my 2 week follow-up nothing had really changed. When I first went into my orthopedic surgeon the day it happened he made MY DAY by telling me that because of the nature of the break I only needed to walk in a boot for a few weeks and could put weight on my heel, we'd monitor it, and then I'd start full weight bearing about 6 weeks out.
When I went in on Friday (2 week check up) he told me he just wanted to "send it to his lead surgeon" for a second opinion. Now they are telling me that "it COULD absolutely be non-operable, but it's a borderline case." And if it doesn't heel and I ultimately need surgery down the line it'll be a WAY harder and more painful surgery... which sounds like an awful ending. Going through all of this to only end up with that. I'm being told that if I do it now, it'd be surgery on Wednesday, NWB for 1 week, post-op appointment 1 week out I'd be back in the boot full weight bearing for 6 weeks.
I've been reading up a ton today and it seems like this type of break really does normally heal itself. IDK what to do, I have to decide tomorrow to get in for surgery on Wednesday. I have a toddler, and a ton of summer plans that I'm going to already be limping around for. I don't want to risk waking up in August to find out I need a tough surgery. But I also don't love the idea of the complications that come with surgery. Idk, has anyone opted to get surgery for this kind of break before when presented with both options? How painful was it? HOW BAD are the actual possibly complications of surgery?
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2023.06.05 04:02 BryanGT Just how much can obesity suppress Test?

I'm 39, 6'1" and 371lbs.
The past couple years I've felt constantly exhausted, shown many signs of diabetes, and have had some pretty serious cognitive issues. I finally got my ass to an urgent care facility (no pcp at the time) and they ran some preliminary bloods to check things out. Prior to about 4 years ago, I lifted every day, had a dialed in diet, and was moving decent numbers. I always wanted to have a hormone panel done but never got around to it. I asked them if they could get that through, and they were only able to get test done.
A quick neuro test, EKG, blood sugar; all came back ok. The panels they ran came back great as well, but showed triglycerides were high, a vitamin d deficiency, and my test was at 155. I've since gotten established with a pcp who reviewed my results. He said that a B21 deficiency could also cause some of the symptoms I've had that mimicked diabetes, but my A1Cs are good; he doesn't seem to think I'm diabetic. He put in for a full hormone panel as insurance would want to see 2 low labs to approve TRT, he wanted to make sure nothing else was going on, and we could talk about what TRT would look like going forward. I started a multivitamin and do feel a little bit better; starting to notice memory recall is improving.
Has anyone seen obesity cause numbers that low? Are there any studies that can put a number on this? I found only 1, that supposedly correlates 1 BMI point with a 2% reduction in total T, but nothing else.
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2023.06.05 03:48 Jealous_Lawfulness_2 Discomfort With BOS

I’ve never paired up with the BOS. I’ve always been a Railroad person because I feel for the Synths but hate the institute for playing god.
This game is so massive that I always find something new upon replaying. Today I took a BOS squire to the Medford Hospital to show them combat and it was fucking weird. She was like 12 years old. I’ve never seen this quest before. Between that and the BOS’s intense military, demi fascist agenda I’ve always (and now especially) found them to be a very uncomfortable faction.
Is there a deeper meaning to this groups background? Are they an equally monstrous faction compared to some of the worst in the game? Is there more context to their darker parts? I found the side quest of Initiate Clark to be lightly compelling in a way where I could express my preference for mercy, understanding and humanity instead of violence. But when I went to take care of the actual threat of his feral ghouls, he attacked me so I had to kill him.
I guess in short, I don’t know what to make of the BOS. Are they poorly written or are they really evil on some level I haven’t seen.
Thanks for reading.
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