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This is for every draya Michelle fan….post all draya pictures and videos!

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This is a trade I did today I just wanna know if it's a win fair or lose for me
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2023.06.04 04:23 PolexiaAphrodisia Alternatives to oil cleansers for first cleansers/removing sunscreen?

hi all! I have dry, sensitive skin and occasionally get eczema around my eyelids. I want to very carefully and slowly start reintegrating tret into my routine, but can’t figure out how to best remove my sunscreen. every oil cleanser I’ve tried has back fired and caused bumpy texture or CCs on my forehead and chin.
is micellar water my only option? if so, are any brands better than others? I know Dr Dray isn’t the end all, be all for skincare recs, but I know she hasn’t had the best things to say about micellar waters before… so I’m just curious if there’s something else I could be using.
currently, I’ve been using Vanicream cleanser and alternating between Vanicream in a tub and Eucerin Eczema Cream for babies. I’ve also been using Australian Botanical Gold SPF 50 and Innisfree Airy Sunscreen Stick SPF 50.
thank you all <3
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2023.06.03 20:32 bmkomplex Gold Bond retinol face and body cream

Has anyone tried gold bond age renew retinol overnight body and face lotion for kp? Not sure if the concentration is high enough to see much of any results for a while. Dr. Dray mentioned liking it in her May favorites video and I’ve had nice results in the past using 0.25% tretinoin, I just couldn’t keep it up because the tret is too pricey to cover large regions on my body.
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2023.06.03 11:48 annwicked Is it ok to use spf on damp skin?

The other day i saw Dr Dray tiktok where she says there's no need in using separate moisturiser while applying sunscreen. But moisturiser is applied on damp skin to lock in moisture, while spf said to be applied on dry skin to work properly.
So what do you guys do? Ignore moisturiser and use spf on dry skin? Or still use moisturiser before sunscreen?
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2023.06.02 23:59 CazOnReddit Alright, Let's Talk About the 3rd Pick & a Potential Siakam Trade With Portland

Alright, Let's Talk About the 3rd Pick & a Potential Siakam Trade With Portland
So have you heard that the Blazers are looking to shop around the 3rd pick and Anfernee Simons for a star forward? Yeah, let's finally get into this.
The Blazers lucked themselves into a rather unique position, both with the pick they got - having jumped from 5th to 3rd in the draft - and with the team who managed to get the 2nd pick being the Charlotte Hornets who are likely to draft forward Brandon Miller over G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson, with Scoot seemingly falling to 3.
This would make Scoot the 2nd young guard the Blazers recently drafted and their 3rd under 25 guard to play next to Dame...if they weren't trying to shop the pick around.
They have a perfect opportunity to finally do a rebuild...and yet, here we are with yet another rumor about the Blazers trying to build around Dame and get him the help they've left him without for...what, 8 seasons and counting? Like the Rockets who are alleged to be interested in moving the 4th pick, I don't think the Blazers really should be trying to do a two timelines, pseudo rebuild while contending around Lillard.
I also don't think the package they can put together is as great as it's often hyped up to be. As we'll get into, a package around Anfernee and the 3rd pick plus a player or pick or two is quite decent in a vacuum but it certainly isn't good enough to get to get you that Top 10-15 player in the league who can singlehandedly win you a series - if not, a championship. It certainly isn't enough to outbid the likes of the Jazz or, more significantly, the Thunder who may opt for a splash in the offseason as their core develops into a young, hungry playoff team with some greater veteran presence around them.
I'm just going to say it: If Portland really is saying "time's up" and putting together one last effort to compete against Dame, they need to do more than get Siakam, O.G., Karl-Anthony Towns or whichever star's name pops up in rumors leading up to the draft. Not to say those players won't improve the team, but none of them - and yes i'm including Siakam - are good enough to elevate a former lottery team like the Blazers over the past 2 seasons to a Top 3 seed, let alone guarantee a championship.
A duo of Siakam and Dame, Dame and KAT, etc. can be part of one's core championship team but they need the right supporting pieces around them in order to win. To put it mildly, the Blazers...do not have that. Jusuf Nurkic has seen significant regression as a defender and the bench is one of the few to make the Raptors bench look like a bastion of basketball greatness. It shows on the floor and statistically, and it's a large reason why the Blazers have been one of the worst defensive teams in the league over the past, one of the worst when it comes to rebounding and in general being near the bottom of the Western Conference before they pulled the plug on their most recent season in an attempt to tank for a Top 4 pick.
If the Blazers are actually going to commit to Dame, they need to engage in a paradigm shift this offseason. Rework the starting 5, the bench and go all-in getting Loyalty McLoyal the team he should have had around him for years instead of endlessly running it back with minor tweaks to who his #2 is.
That means either getting your pick back from the Bulls and shopping the 4 firsts/3 swaps you can or removing the protections and dealing out the 3/3 you would have to improve the roster. Don't just get Siakam, KAT or whoever and set them up to fail with Damian because it's not fair to either player to put them in that situation.
Go after Buddy Hield, see if Myles Turner or Clint Capela are going to be available, or if the Wolves are desperate enough to sign and trade Naz Reid to recoup some assets after the costly Gobert trade - if not, try signing him with the full MLE. And you don't stop there! However they plan to shake up the roster in this hypothetical scenario, they need to significantly improve the center position/rotation and their bench to give Dame an actual chance of winning a ring with what few years left they have in his prime.
Also fire Chauncey Billups, he's a bottom 3 coach and the only reason I can't say he is not the worst is because I can't say the Raptors coach will be objectively worse/better without knowing who will head either team. He isn't 3rd, that's for sure.
But anyway that's the Blazers prerogative. What exactly could the Raptors see in a potential pick that, presumably, revolves around Pascal Siakam?
Since I can be a bit of a wordy writer, i'm going to add some TL;DR sections for each playepick discussed in this little piece for those that want a quick breakdown.
Note: This is not a trade proposal; this is a compilation of the assets and players who could be included in a trade for Pascal Siakam. Additionally, this is not an endorsement of trading Pascal Siakam, etc. in a deal with the Portland Trailblazers.
Anfernee Simons
The main player who's been the subject of a contentious discussion between Blazers fans and Raptors fans. Whether you think he's overrated, underrated or somewhere inbetween, it is undeniable that Anfernee Simons would have to be included in the trade at minimum.
I can't speak for the Blazers and I won't pretend to speak for all Raptors fans so let me just say this: I like Anfernee Simons. He's one of the more exciting players in the league under 25 even if he doesn't have the same ceiling as a guy like Zion or fellow player nicknamed "Ant" Anthony Edwards.
A borderline All-Star guard with a combination of shooting prowess and explosiveness, he had a breakout season in 2021/22 when Dame went down due to an injury and thus became the Blazers lead point guard in his absence. He's a genuine 3-level scorer who can splash from outside, pressure the rim for a high-flying dunk and he's effective in the midrange too. If nothing else, it cannot be overstated how nice it would be for this team to have another player who's a reliable, 38.7% from 3 volume shooter on a roster so thoroughly lacking in outside shooting
And before you say it, yes, Anfernee Simons is a point guard. This isn't a case like CJ where his skillset is that of a 2 who can do some playmaking but shouldn't run your offense, Simons does have some issues with dribbling the air out of the ball before making a pass, but he is a point guard. He isn't a typical point, operating more as a shoot-first point like Lillard, but he's still capable of cracking out a notable number of assists while getting buckets; he dished out 6 dimes a game with nearly 28 points in the games he's played without Dame as the lead point.
All 11 of them last year.
Yeah, you might have seen some posts or stats online of what Simons has done without Damian Lillard; in his breakout season of 2021/22, the Anferno was putting up a similar number of assists and cracked 20 points per game, albeit over a more significant sample size of 30 games. And in 2022/23, Anfernee Simons put up 27.9/2.9/5.7 (2.4 turnovers so an AST/TO of 2.38:1 which is solid) while shooting a staggering 41% from 3 on 11 3s.
Those numbers are impressive in a vacuum; his true shooting of 62% is especially notable. However, they require some context and should be taken with an enormous grain of salt.
For one, it's a very small sample size over a lengthy period of the season where teams haven't had to plan for Simons to be the main guard to focus their defense on. He's still the 2nd option so it's not like there's no film watching or the like, but if Anfernee Simons permanently becomes the lead point guard of a team, opposing teams will gameplan around him and his weaknesses more significantly than the very few times where he's asked to be the lead ballhandler in Dame's absence.
His 2021/22 stats, while still a limited overall sample size, do suggest he'll be able to dish out a similar number of dimes as the lead guard (Dame had been ruled out due to injury during the season so teams did have to gameplan around the Ant for a large portion of the season instead of a handful of games scattered throughout the season) and he still has room to grow as a playmaker but once again, it was only a sample size of 30 games so it is hard to draw much out from the games he played.
Speaking of drawing conclusions from said sample size: Yes the Blazers went 4-7 within that 11 game sample size - and bear in mind this sample included games where the Blazers were still trying to contend while facing a variety of teams i.e. not every team was a playoff or contender. That isn't great, however, Ant was generally not the main reason they lost since the 2022/23 Blazers as a whole were pretty terrible all year, even before they blatantly tanked. The same is also true of his breakout year when the Blazers lost Lillard due to injury, they just weren't a good team.
If there is a point of contention around Simons that one can draw from his past 2 seasons, it's his defense which...it's bad.
It's really bad.
He's improved this season on that end to the point where i'd say he's a better defender than Dame - even if his overall defensive rating doesn't support this, the eye test does - but that's like saying Spencer Dinwiddie is a better defender than Trae Young. While Chauncey Billups hasn't been doing either one of Portland's guard any favors, it doesn't change the fact that being better than one of the worst defenders in the league is not an accomplishment to be proud of. All coaching issues aside, Simons is still a notable negative on that end of the floor. He has a propensity for losing his man via ball watching, he's not great at closing out on the perimeter and he's not a lane disruptor by any means. It's not impossible for him to improve as a defender - he's 6'3 with a 6'9 wingspan and much of his defensive weaknesses come from a lack of discipline - but as of right now when his shots aren't falling he's a major liability on the court and his flaws on defense were not well hidden when paired next to another notably poor defender in Dame.
There are a couple of other habits that Simons needs to address - he could stand to be less trigger happy as a scorer and work more on his playmaking given all the promise he's shown in that area - but that's the main issue with Simons. He's a very skilled guard with a similar approach to the game as Dame on both ends of the floor. And we all know Dame isn't locking down the opposing team's point.
Does Anfernee Simons seem like he'll become a guard on the level of Dame? No but that's a ridiculously high bar to hold him to, especially with the limited opportunities he had and will continue to have when he's behind Dame in the guard pecking order. Anfernee is a good player who often shows glimmers of true greatness on offense but whose defense (or lack thereof) is going to require very careful teambuilding to limit exploiting said defense in the playoffs. Perhaps he'll need to be the full-time point to fully achieve his potential as a playmaker but while he doesn't scream All-NBA caliber, he's someone you can easily see eking out a couple of All-Star nods at his peak and is, at worst, a staring-caliber guard. As for whether he can be the lead of a championship contender...we'll get to that when we talk about the pick he'd come with.
TL;DR - Anfernee Simons is an intriguing young player with upside as an explosive, shoot-first PG but one whose poor defense does mean the team's starting lineup/bench has to be built around carefully to account for his current (and likely ongoing throughout his career) weaknesses.
3rd Pick
It's whomever is left from Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller. Maybe you trade down to 4 for some more assets if you're a believer in Amen Thompson, maybe you take Amen if you think he's the best player available and the Rockets won't negotiate for Scoot/Miller but yeah, it's one of those three via the 3rd overall pick.
Before we get into the players, I do want to briefly mention that I actually did a post a while ago on a different sub going over trades involving the 3rd pick and to put it bluntly: The 3rd pick has good value but it doesn't have as much value on its own and trades involving the 3rd pick for an All-Star or even All-NBA caliber player are very rare.
The closest trade to what the Blazers would want in return was in 2000 where the Atlanta Hawks traded the 3rd overall pick to the Vancouver Grizzlies along with Brevin Knight and Lorenzen Wright for Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the 27th overall pick. That 3rd pick turned out to be future HoFer Pau Gasol but no one knew he'd become that at the time. As for what the Grizzlies gave up for the pick, Shareef Abdur-Rahim was not a perennial All-Star nor was he an All-NBA level player. He was a solid player that became an All-Star in his debut season for the Hawks...and that was his only All-Star appearance.
With that in mind, it is a bit wild that it's so commonly suggested that Simons and the 3rd pick alone should be enough to acquire an All-NBA talent like Siakam, especially with how much inflation we've seen in trades for players of that caliber of late or even players who are a step below. Concerns about his contract expiring lowering his value are baffling, as if a team's front office wouldn't talk to him about an extension before making such a trade. Moreover, it's not like the Raptors need to deal him out when they can simply re-sign him in 2024.
Now this year, when Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller could be up for grabs, the 3rd pick has a lot more value given how highly praised those players are, so let's put aside the debate on what is fair for Siakam for a moment and talk about the presumed 3rd overall pick, Scoot Henderson.
The 2nd best player in a draft class containing the best prospect since LeBron James. He's projected to go 3rd because Charlotte is allegedly interested in taking Brandon Miller at 2nd but we'll touch on that later. For now, let's talk Scoot:
  • Henderson is a freakish athlete and a terrific floor general; he racked up an average of 6 assists a night on an AST:TO ratio of 1.94:1 and is a strong option on offense due to his abilities as a slasher
  • His usage as the G-League Ignite's offense, be it ball screens or handoffs, displayed his ability to break down a team's defense
    • To delve deeper into his production as an offensive guard, his percentage rate of ball screens (43.7%) is only matched or surpassed by 7 players across the entire NBA. 7!
  • Despite the athleticism, Scoot is generally good at controlling the ball and not turning it over due to careless mistakes driving to the basket
  • For a guard, he's a pretty solid rebounder and, if nothing else, he puts in the effort on defense even if he's not necessarily someone who screams "Future DPoY"
  • Intangibles are hard to really quantify but Scoot is the definition of someone who "has that dog in him" and he's someone you trust down the stretch to make the right move
  • He puts in effort on defense but he's only 6'2 with a 6'9 wingspan and, well he's no Kyle Lowry when it comes to taking charges or the like
  • His shooting is...a work-in-progress; he tends to default to long 2s which he isn't great at making (38% overall), his free throw percentage is only 75% and his 3-point shooting is a measly 31% off the dribble
Needless to say, there's a lot to like about Scoot; if Victor wasn't in this draft, he'd easily go #1 overall. He's often compared to Derrick Rose or even Russell Westbrook as this uber explosive guard who can seriously pressure the rim while generating solid passes for his teammates which is a good comparison though one obviously hope his outside shooting pans out more like Curry or Trae than Russ or Rose.
Losing Siakam would obviously hurt the team in the short term but as far as what Scoot brings, there is a lot of upside to him that would raise the ceiling of the team in the long run. His ability to get to the rim, combined with his athleticism would make him the perfect guard for a team that thrives in transition like the Raptors. He would also have chemistry with another player the Raptors have been rumored to be interested in/may take at 13 in Leonard Miller as they played on the same team but we'll talk about the 13th pick's potential prospects another time.
For now, let's go over one of the problems with trading for Scoot Henderson if he is still on the board, besides the obvious hypothetical of "he might never become a player as good as the one you're giving up" or "what do you do with Fred when you brought in Scoot and Simons" because what you're really asking is this: Is a backcourt of Scoot/Simons the team's guard duo of the future?
This brings me to my big problem with a “trade for Simons + 3” trade if the 3rd pick does end up being Scoot: A backcourt of two undersized guards, one of whom is unproven against NBA competition on defense and the other of whom has been one of the worst guard defenders in the league is not a duo of guards you can build a contender around in the long-term unless both of them become significantly improved defenders. Or at the very least, it's a duo that has historically not led to notable championship contention.
Blazers fans would know this well given their team has only had one year where they weren’t the in the NBA’s basement as far as defensive ratings go, be it with CJ or Anfernee as Lillard’s sidekick; the furthest they ever got with either was the Western Conference Finals and the best their defense has even been was 10th. Every other season, the Trailblazers defense has been amongst the worst in the NBA. Part of those Blazers teams' failures can be attributed to bad coaching, but a more significant portion of the blame be laid at the feet of Dame being a bad defender and undersized who has been paired with bad, undersized guards throughout much of his career.
You can get away with one bad defender or a starter who’s undersized for their position on a championship-caliber team which, if you’re rebuilding by trading away Siakam, that is what you’re hoping to take a step back for. As an example, Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t known for being a lockdown defender and yet the Mavericks won their first and only championship to date with Dirk as the weak link on defense. He was also a phenomenal offensive talent whose weaknesses on defense were mitigated by how much momentum he was able to generate for his team but I digress.
You can get away with running several smaller players for a limited time to force mismatches on offense with the right lineup. The Warriors dynasty comes to mind, where Golden State would close games using their “Death Lineup”. However, that lineup revolved around 4 Hall of Famers (Klay, Dray, Steph, Igoudala) where Steph is the lineup’s weakest link on defense, and this is before we acknowledge that they were able to include yet another HoFer in Kevin Durant to replace Harrison Barnes in a different incarnation of the Death Lineup from 2017 onward.
For that matter, it's not wholly impossible to win a championship with a duo of small guards - the Pistons repeated in the 89/90-90/91 with 6'3 Joe Dumars and 6'1 Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons were contenders throughout the 90s - but it is damn near impossible if your lead guards are bad defenders. Whatever can be said about Thomas' various off-court controversies, notably with him being found liable for sexual misconduct during his stint heading a woman's basketball team a la the New York Liberty, he was a phenomenal defender, as was Dumars.
Hell, the Raptors won in 2019 while having Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry share the floor a fair amount of time in the Finals though it is once again worth noting that both were terrific defenders at the time. Even if one wouldn't call their efforts All-Defense caliber, they were both positives on that end of the floor.
Historically speaking, you cannot be a championship-caliber team with two of your starters being undersized negatives on the defensive end barring them being surrounded by generational defenders or said starters being generational offensive players who can make up for how many points you’re giving up on the other end of the floor.
Simons is a gifted scorer with good playmaking but is a truly sorry defender. Scoot Henderson is a talented passer but is undersized for the position and how he fares defensively with teams hunting him as the smallest player on the court will remain to be seen. But with neither of them likely to be a Dumars/Thomas-level defender and the offensive capabilities for one of them being the main question mark as to how good a player they could become, having both of them as the foundation to your team's backcourt seems to cement the duo's future as a non-contending entity.
Let's put this into perspective with some statistics: Of the past 40 years, the only championship to ever be won by a team with what could be considered a bad regular season defensive rating was the 2000/01 Lakers. That team had two generational talents in Shaq and Kobe, and that season is itself an outlier when compared to the rest of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers era that it shouldn't even count. All other championship teams were at least 12th or higher for their season with most championship teams being in the Top 5 in defensive rating.
By the by, in case you're wondering: That team who had 12th in defensive rating was the 1995 Rockets led by the generational talent in Hakeem Olajuwon and said rating had a lot to do with untimely injuries to the 95 Rockets core. That team they still managed to have the 7th best offensive rating in the league despite Drexler's absence for much of the season is a testament to Future Raptors Retiree Hakeem's skills as the best big man of the late 80s, early-to-mid 90s. Are we noticing a pattern here?
Even if we ignore the question about what to do with Fred, the question of what the Raptors backcourt looks like is far more pertinent if it is going to involve some combination of Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons with, presumably, Gary Trent Jr. and another guard coming off the bench for relief. Is a backcourt of Anfernee Simons and Scoot going to turn this team into a Top 3-6 offense for the season without plummeting this team's defense off of a cliff? And if you don't think so, when do you move one of them to open up the 1 or the 2 for another player?
This is a question the team will likely have to answer once they've seen how Simons and Scoot fit togethefit with the rest of the roster; I don't see a 3-team draft day deal where Simons or the 3rd pick are moved elsewhere barring that aforementioned moving down to 4th and I don't see this team without Siakam/with Scoot and Simons being a serious contender for several years even if they do pan out. But it is a question that has me concerned in regards to how this team will function when it's developing a dynamic duo of players who will be picked apart in the playoffs barring one of them turning into a terrific defender.
Whatever else one can say about Point Scottie or even Scottie Barnes when he was crammed into the starting Shooting Guard position for much of the year, it is hard to argue that having either Scottie or Trent & Simons/Scoot as your backcourt makes way more sense defensively even if having both Scottie and Scoot complicates matters on the offensive end since neither are great shooters and Trent's defense is a touch overrated at time due to is propensity to gamble for steals.
All this being said, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Henderson becomes an All-Defense-caliber player or for Simons to a climb out from the deep hole he's dug for himself as one of the worst defenders in the league, and Scoot is still a phenomenal talent. These concerns should be noted, but they shouldn't serve to deter from selecting him 3rd if such a trade were to go down. As a prospect, there's very few players in this draft class who could serve to singlehandedly raise the floor and the ceiling of this team in the long run.
Speaking of other players, however, it should be acknowledged that Scoot isn't the only potentially available player at 3; while all accounts suggest the Hornets prefer Brandon Miller at 3, Scoot is the best player available at 2 and there's no guarantee the Hornets draft for fit. So here's a quick rundown of Miller and a player the Blazers have recently worked out, Amen Thompson:
  • Brandon Miller is a 6'9 forward (boo, we have enough of those!) who can shoot (yay, we need more of that!) and has some notable playmaking upside even if his decision-making can be questionable at times. He's a player you could see as either a #1 or a high level #2 option on a championship team though he's not the most switchable guy on defense and you have the usual rookie concerns i.e. "he needs to get the NBA body to thrive". He's gotten a lot of comparisons to Paul George but i'd say his playmaking is further ahead from what PG13 was as a prospect.
  • Amen Thompson is someone I talked about in the trade for the 4th pick & he's a very interesting player. A high ceiling, low floor player with unreal athleticism, a 6'7 lead guard who's arguably the best passer in the draft class but has serious questions about the competition he's faced in OverTime Elite/his shooting being as bad as it was. Think Ja Morant but with defense and, again, at 6'7 with a much longer wingspan.
I feel like the trade makes more sense if the Raptors were to go for Amen or Miller but we won't know who the Hornets will chose on draft night until the day of & ideally you'd trade down for 4th to get Thompson plus assets if you're sold on Amen. Plus like I said, it is possible that Scoot does become a good or even great defender so one might not have to worry about choosing between him and Ant down the line.
TL;DR - Scoot is an amazing prospect but his pairing with Simons could be a major problem in the future if both don't improve defensively. Ironically, the 3rd pick becomes simultaneously more valuable for other teams/less valuable for the Raptors if it's Scoot and vice-versa if it's Miller due to those concerns. Thompson is a wildcard at 3 depending on who has the pick/how willing the Rockets are to trade up to 3rd.
Nassir Little
Portland is reluctant to deal out Sharpe. We can debate on whether or not it's fair value for an All-NBA caliber player like Siakam, how much his contract being expiring should affect a deal (we'll ignore the fact that he can be extended by Portland and that any front office making a trade like this should be doing their due diligence by speaking to Pascal Siakam beforehand) or how good Sharpe actually was as a rookie overall instead of solely focusing on that stretch where the Blazers let him do whatever because they were tanking but regardless, the Blazers seem intent on keeping him. Fair enough, Masai is likely aiming for more than Anfernee and 3 - especially for the reasons listed above if it is Scoot Henderson - but Sharpe is likely a hard sell for the front office even if they are going all-in i.e. they want to keep at least one young guy on the roster for the long-term.
That being said, there's still the matter of salary matching, and that's where one of Nassir Little or Sharpe has to come in (They're not going to move Nurkic in the deal for Siakam unless they have something lined up for their center situation i.e. tampering for Naz Reid); the only way for the Blazers to neatly absorb Siakam into their cap with just Simons is by renouncing their rights to Jerami Grant and they need to re-sign him/move him to the 3 (Grant is a really bad rebounder for a PF; the man is a career 4 RPG) if they are serious about competing with Dame.
So...yeah, Nassir Little. Little is what people think O.G. is: A good defender who is often injured, Little is a solid 3 & D wing who, unlike Anunoby, has never played more than 55 games for a given season. Granted, 2019/20 and 2020/21 were shorted to 72 seasons but regardless, injuries have hampered the 23 year-old in the same way that Otto Porter Jr.'s potential was sapped due to a career-long battle with injuries. Still, when considering his age and production, his newest contract ($28M/4 years) is amazing value when he's healthy.
But much like Otto (who I think technically could be sent in such a deal due to the rules around incoming/outgoing salaries), the question of when he's available is a common one. Little is a good young player but one whom you shouldn't get your hopes up about changing the team's direction.
TL;DR - A little salary (sorry) is needed for the deal to happen on draft night & Nassir would be a decent choice for forward depth off the bench. One will have to carefully factor in injury concerns when evaluating the team's depth.
Keon Johnson
So like I said, Sharpe is likely to be ruled out. I debated if I should cover him at all but i'm honestly not sold on Shaedon as a prospect and we've already met the quota for rants with the "Simons/Scoot frontcourt will be exploited" talks. That said, I don't think the Raptors would settle for just Simons and the 3rd pick or the 3rd pick plus assets from a 3rd team were Anfernee moved due to the aforementioned backcourt issues with Simons and Scoot. For now we have Keon Johnson.
Fun fact: When the Raptors were expected to draft 7th in the 2021 draft, Johnson was a common player mocked for the 7th pick.
He wound up going in the 20 to the Clippers (via the Knicks in a trade) who eventually fleeced the Blazers in a deal including him for Norman Powell.
Keon Johnson...hasn't really done a whole lot thus far. He was noted for having an impressive vertical of 48" at the 2021 combine which broke a previous record, he's a terrific athlete and he's about the same age as Scottie so he lines up with a rebuild or retool around Barnes...
...and that's where the positives end. Like I said, Keon hasn't demonstrated all that much on either team he's been on. For a guard, he's not a great ball handler, he isn't a good shooter, he's got decent size and the speed to be a good defender from 1-3 but his potential on that end does not All-Defense caliber. He'd be a throw-in that you'd hope can develop over time, likely spending a lot of time in the G-League because as of right now, he isn't going to be a significant contributor on either end.
TL;DR - Keon is on a rookie deal so you'd be taking a flier on him/betting on your development bringing out the best in him if he were included.
Other pick(s): As far as immediate draft capital goes, the Blazers have the 23rd pick in this draft, which is around the range where players the Raptors have been rumored to be interested in/interviewed (Bilal Couliby, GG Jackson) would likely be available. There's been some speculation that the Blazers could send this pick to the Bulls so they can get their owed pick back from Chicago but nothing concrete has come out regarding whether the Bulls would settle for that vs. hoping the Blazers make the 1st round and lose so they can get a pick in the 16-20 range.
That said, the future pick owed to the Bulls is where things get tricky if the Raptors did want a future 1st: The Blazers pick is protected until 2028. It is technically possible for them to offer a swap in 2029 but without the protections being removed on the Bulls-bound 2024 1st (The 2029 pick cannot be moved due to the Stepien Rule), any future draft capital would need to come in the form of the 2023 trade deadline's currency of choice: Second round picks.
Some of the notable 2nds include:
  • A 2024 2nd that could come from the Hornets or Wolves
  • A 2028 Warriors 2nd
  • This year's second via the Hawks which is 45th
  • The Blazers own 2nd in 2028
Not that these are a good substitute for a first-rounder but with the Blazers draft capital being restricted and the CBA's changes to 2nd round contracts, it's better than no future firsts if the 2023 Knicks pick is considered a bridge too far.
TL;DR - There is some interesting draft capital here beyond their own 1sts, especially if the 23rd pick is available in a deep draft like this, but ideally one would want a future 1st from the Blazers rather than a handful of 2nds given Dame's limited window.
I was originally going to talk about the 4th overall pick too but this got a bit lengthy so I made that into a separate post. As far as the 3rd pick package, in some ways it's better than one surrounding the 4th pick because Simons is a flatout better player than any one the Rockets would send back but it's also worse when you factor in Simons or Scoot's respective ceilings vs some of the potential prospects that could come in a 4th pick package?
You're getting significant depth at the guard position if it is Scoot/Simons but there's a huge question mark as to how good the defense will hold up with two undersized guards, one of whom is a bad defender, will hold up in the playoffs.
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2023.06.02 14:36 CaseyGomer Am I the only one who uses the Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil as an oil cleanser/makeup remover?

It seriously works the best! And it’s cheap. Been doing this hack for years.
I caught it from a recommendation by the board-certified dermatologist Dr Dray on YouTube.
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2023.06.02 11:35 Opposite-Lead4150 Some quick myth busting about tretinoin, aging and sunscreen

From a recent post here I realized how much confusion there still is about these topics. I blame skincare influencers. But anyway here’s my best attempt at dispelling these myths 👍
Is 80-90% of skin aging due to the sun? No.
Not because the sun doesn’t contribute to skin aging, but because the specific numbers in that claim have no scientific basis. There is simply no way to quantify a broad concept like skin aging this accurately and this permanently. I know you’ve heard these numbers from Dr. Dray many times, but no. If you believe in this, the burden of proof is on you to find a single scientific paper that actually computes this number instead of just repeating it. Someone on Reddit has already tried and failed, his attempt will save you some time.
However, if you rephrase the question like:
Is a significant part of skin aging due to the sun? Then yes.
Photodamage is a significant part of skin aging and it is due exclusively to sun exposure.
Is ALL of facial aging due to the sun? No.
On top of photodamage, visible facial aging is also due to chronological aging (intrinsic aging that happens due to the passage of time). Arguably, the most visible signs of chronological aging are facial fat loss, bone resorption and bone remodeling, and tretinoin won't help with that. But chronological aging also includes the slowdown in collagen or elastin production, for example, and tretinoin can help increase both of these.
Does tretinoin make your skin more sensitive to the sun? Yes and no, but mostly no.
When we say that an ingredient increases your sensitivity to the sun, it means that it either:
The current academic literature suggests that tretinoin does none of these things.
However, logically speaking (but I haven't seen any research on this), starting tretinoin might temporarily increase your risk of sunburn. That's because you may experience a disrupted barrier function while your skin acclimates to tretinoin usage, and the skin barrier normally acts as a protective barrier against external factors, including UV radiation.
How come I've been been told to only use tretinoin at night then? That's because, like most retinoids, tretinoin is highly unstable and degrades upon exposure to sunlight.
Do I HAVE to wear sunscreen when using tretinoin?
You don't HAVE to do anything. But, due to photodamage, there is little sense in ditching sunscreen when using tretinoin, esp. if the goal is anti-aging. And obviously, the case for sunscreen is even stronger during the retinization phase.

Hope this clears up some confusion.
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2023.06.01 22:17 peppermintapples [Routine help] Delayed reaction to Epiduo/anyone have experience with Arazlo? Especially with history of PD

Hi all!
I could write a whole saga about my skincare ups and downs (especially since last summer), but I'm trying to keep this relatively short.
Still, tl;dr: Long history of acne/recent history of periorificial dermatitis; dermatologist thinks I had a one-month delayed reaction to Epiduo that resulted in a big contact dermatitis flare so she prescribed me Arazlo. Questions at bottom!
So, after not realizing I had perioral dermatitis for at least a few months, I saw a derm after it had already spread to being periorificial dermatitis in early March. She prescribed me clindamycin lotion 1% and told me to use it twice a day as well as a 4% benzoyl peroxide wash in the evenings.
At my 6 week follow up, my PD was much more under control, and she told me to continue using the clindamycin in the AM, stop using the BP wash, and add Epiduo (0.1% adapalene/2.5% BP) to my PM routine. I started off using the Epiduo every 3 days and then after a week or two later started using it every other day, all with the sandwich method. I didn't "grease the orifices" as Dr. Dray likes to say, because my derm cautioned me against using Vaseline because of my PD, but instead I tried to leave a pretty good margin around my PD areas, which at this point was back to mostly being just immediately perioral.
Things were going really well! I didn't really experience a purge (I think I had purged earlier from BP), and a little over 2 weeks ago my face was almost completely clear of active acne and my PD was barely noticeable.
Unfortunately, early last week I started noticing a few more bumps on my forehead, and the PD I'd had under my right eye seemed to be starting to come back. But then on Friday (about a week ago), my face exploded in what I thought was my PD making a massive comeback all over my forehead and around my eyes. But over the next few days as it calmed down, I realized that it looked and felt significantly different from how my PD had manifested, and had a suspicion that it may have been caused by a contact allergy instead. I also stopped Epiduo last Friday and clindamycin yesterday. I've been eating bland and low-inflammatory foods since late March to try to help my skin that way too, so I don't think it was diet related.
I saw my derm again this morning (Thursday) to ask about it, and she said that it could have been a delayed reaction to Epiduo, and advised me to stop using it, but said I could keep using the clindamycin. (I asked if I could start using the BP wash again to minimize chances of antibiotic resistance, and she said it was a good idea.) She also prescribed me Arazlo (tazarotene 0.045%) lotion, saying it'd be gentler on my skin. Currently, my rash has gone down a lot; it's almost gone from my forehead and is concentrated on my eyelids/around my eyes, and weirdly enough, on my nose as well as right around my nostrils. It still feels different from my PD to me, and my derm also thinks it's part of this recent rash. It's very itchy especially around my nose. There are a ton of tiny bumps that feel a little raw if touched. She prescribed me Elidel to use on my eyelids, but I'm kind of hesitant to use it especially with my history of PD.
So, my questions for you all are:
-Anyone have any experience with Arazlo lotion, especially if you have sensitive skin? And is it really gentler than Epiduo? I tried looking up posts about it, but it doesn't seem nearly as prevalent as tret or adapalene.
-Do you think it's likely that I had such a delayed reaction to Epiduo, especially if my skin had seemed to be tolerating it well? My derm also seemed unsure about it. I'm bummed if that was really the reason, because I was really liking it!
-Any experiences with Elidel, especially anyone who had/has PD?
Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 00:36 pottemans Yes, you CAN use Tretinoin on your under eyes.

EDIT: People claim i’m advising everyone to do it, so I’m gonna be a little more clear. I am NOT saying everybody should apply it under the eyes. I’m also NOT saying it can’t cause dry eyes. I’m NOT saying everyone that claims to have dry eyes caused by tretinoin are untrue. The only thing I’m saying is that the research backing the meibomiam gland dysfunction is very sparse and a lot of dermatologists/optometrists (including online derms and my own derm) say it’s fine to use under the eye, so YMMV. Do your own research, ask your own dermatologist and optometrist. I only wanted to spark a conversation about this.
I feel like this is still such a grey area, but i’ve had more than one optometrist and dermatologist tell me this and also have some experience myself.
Firstly, the research that’s available that advises against it because of the meibomian glands really only talks about oral isotretinion. There’s just not a lot of research on this. Secondly, those papers are very sloppy (for example, cite other articles that talk about isotretinion but interpret it as tretinoin).
Personal experience: I’ve used the 0.1% Micro formulation almost straight up to my lash line for more than a year with no issues. I built that up with applying the 0.04% micro and avoiding the under eye, then slowly building it up to daily, then eventually switching to the higher strength. I had no dry eyes, but dermatologist (including the YouTube derm Dr. Dray) have explained that experienced dryness could be temporarily (and thus, go away after quitting Tretinoin).
The results I have are amazing. Dark circles, under eye wrinkles and even my slight hooded eyes improved dramatically. I have no eye dryness and can wear contacts daily like usual.
Obviously, still be careful since the skin under the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive. As always YMMV. But it’s not a “hard no” to apply it under the eyes.
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2023.05.29 22:52 Ladyzeppelin83 [Acne] Can the biotin in Athletic Greens cause an acne flare up?

[Acne] Can the biotin in Athletic Greens cause an acne flare up?
Would love to try Athletic Greens but hesitant due to the concentration of Biotin and B12.
I know from research, my own experience and Dr Dray (bless her, really) the link between these two vitamins and acne breakouts. Does anyone know if this is a potential problem of AG1 for those of us that struggle with acne sometimes? Has anyone else experienced these side effects from AG1?
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2023.05.27 17:30 wintertaeyeon benzoyl peroxide surprisingly works

Just a rant, back in March this year, pimples and texture were suddenly popping out on my skin after years of having clear skin as i never had issues regarding acne. it started with tiny bumps then got worse after i got my microdermabrasion and laser, expecting it would heal my 2 pimples BUT it got worse instead.
not to mention, i was consistently using La roche posay Effaclar duo to get rid of the tiny bumps i had earlier.
So these past 2 months ++ i’m dealing with pimples that i never had before, redness, let alone texture after years of having flawless skin. i keep on using LRP effaclar duo, thinking it might be purging but i think it just made it worse so i stopped. i couldn’t wear makeup, i stopped taking selfies and even stopped taking jobs offer on social media (i have my own platform on tiktok) just because i lose my confidence + i have 0 knowledge about acne cuz i never had this issues.
then did my research for weeks, understand and learn about skincare term that i never give a damn before, take note on people’s advice, going on reddit forum, youtube and completely DITCH tiktok for awhile as i feel like tiktok is saturated and often spread lies about skin. Reddit and Youtube are way more better and transparent.
At first i thought i had a damaged skin barrier but i realised none of my skincare was harsh as i never incorporate any harsh exfoliating serum, acid and so on so i believe it is an adult acne.
i found out about benzoyl peroxide and bought OXY 5% gel and an even PanOxyl 4% Face cream wash but never had the courage to use on my face as I WAS SCARED that it will do more damage on my skin till 2 weeks ago. I followed Dr Dray’s instruction on how to use Panoxyl BP face wash and gel, and you know what? My skin has cleared A LOT.
I’m not even kidding when i say the texture and persistent active acne just went away without i even know. Every other day, i always get small reddish pimple that will stay for weeks before it left a mark but ever since i used BP, all of my pimples are under control and never come back again. Now, I’m left with 1-2 small persistent acne that are slowly flatten as well as PIH and PIE hence i’m using Tretinoin (which so far no side effects yet) to get rid of it. During tret off days, i’m using BP, it pretty much clears my annoying acne the next day (if i have any).
I was very naive about skincare before, I always thought BP or some kind of acne treatment are harsh to the skin but now i realise that you need to be really gentle when dealing with skin then you’re good. Before adding BP in my skincare, all I used were gentle face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen. It has been like 2 weeks or 3 i believe and my skin is getting better, i was also on antibiotic for 2 weeks but i don’t think it helped that much in just 2 weeks though.
Now, I’m currently on Tretinoin and BP. Hopefully, these marks will fade very soon!
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2023.05.19 23:19 ebinemenes Got to rank 1 Legend Arena with a Death Dealer Ray + Injury Aria auto battle team

Just saw this post: https://www.reddit.com/EpicSeven/comments/13m1ra2/a_guide_to_autoing_champ_arena_with_dr_dray_and/
and I had to share my team too. Here's the secret tech:
I use it for 95% of my attacks and tap the Auto button since most defenses are just fat.
Teams to avoid: Anything with Rimuru or Celine, and full aggro defenses with single target.
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2023.05.19 22:04 No-Coyote914 There is a ~50% chance that your "all mineral" sunscreen contains at least one chemical filter. Actual numbers in post

First, I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with chemical sunscreen filters. For several years I bought into the myth that mineral sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens. Thank you to Lab Muffin and Dr. Dray for setting me straight. However, some people find that chemical sunscreen filters are more irritating, especially around the eyes, and/or sting if they get into the eyes. So they prefer mineral sunscreens.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that many sunscreens that claim to be 100% mineral actually contain at least one chemical sunscreen filter. I was surprised when I saw Lab Muffin's video about this.
Hidden chemical filter #1: Butyloctyl salicylate
Butyloctyl salicylate is almost identical to octisalate in both form and function. Because of an FDA loophole, it is not required to be listed as an active ingredient. Sunscreen companies have exploited this loophole to boost the SPF of their mineral sunscreens while still claiming to be a 100% mineral sunscreen.
The sunscreen companies aren't using small quantities of butyloctyl salicylate either. Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Fluid SPF 50 lists butyloctyl salicylate as the 2nd ingredient and on the exact same page, they say that the sunscreen is "free of chemical filters". Dr V Inzincable SPF 50 lists butyloctyl salicylate as the 4th ingredient. Meanwhile Dr V promotes mineral sunscreens as better than chemical sunscreens.
Because the FDA technically doesn't classify butyloctyl salicylate as a chemical filter, there is no limit to how much sunscreen companies can use. Cotz, which stands for "contains only titanium and zinc", has a silky foam sunscreen that I had recommended to a lot of people before becoming more educated. Butyloctyl salicylate is the FIRST INGREDIENT!
How prevalent is butyloctyl salicylate?
I obviously haven't checked every sunscreen, but of the 40 "all mineral" SPF 50 or higher sunscreens sold at Walgreens, 19 of them contained butyloctyl salicylate (48%). Of the 12 "all mineral" SPF 50 or higher sunscreens sold at Sephora, 9 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (75%). Overall that's 28/52 sunscreens (54%).
The prevalence of butyloctyl salicylate is slightly lower at SPF 30. That makes sense because the ingredient is used as an SPF booster. Of the 16 "all mineral" SPF 30 sunscreens sold at Walgreens, 8 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (50%). Of the 27 "all mineral" SPF 30 sunscreens sold at Sephora, 10 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (37%). Overall that is 18/43 sunscreens (42%).
What about skincare companies that claim to be medical grade? I looked at 3 of the most well-known.
Skinceuticals: 3/5 (60%) "all mineral" sunscreens contain butyloctyl salicylate. EltaMD: 2/5 (40%). Colorescience: 7/16 (44%)
So not much better.
Hidden chemical filter #2: Polysilicone-15
The second hidden chemical filter in "all mineral" sunscreens is Polysilicone-15. In Europe this is known as the UVB filter Parsol SLX. So far I have only seen it in some MDSolarsciences sunscreens which, by the way, also contain butyloctyl salicylate. So their "all mineral" sunscreens contain not one but two chemical filters.
If you want to know more about this topic, please see Lab Muffin's video titled "How mineral sunscreens are dodging laws".
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2023.05.19 19:17 QQSeason A guide to autoing champ arena with Dr. Dray and his harem

Here's a short and sweet guide for the 8 lads who own Dr. Dray and are also way too lazy to do arena but yet want the conquest points.
It's pretty simple - the core team is DDR, Roana (can be replaced by Scarowell), Maid (can be replaced by Destina) and Injury Belian (can be replaced by Solitaria on Fairytail).
Here are the builds of my units.
DDR - 391 GS (according to Fribbels)
Belian - 422 GS
Destina - 390 GS
Scarowell - 396 GS
Roana - 334 GS (LUL)
Maid - 368 GS
Relatable gear, really.
It can auto most of the annoying shit that's floating around to stall you to death. This team works best on bluestacks while you press auto, forget that you have it opened and play better games like Tears of the Kingdom.
Units you should avoid:
- Green Celine. She cleanses too much, her single target damage is too damn high and the evasion is too annoying. Press the refresh button or kill it with other teams.
Units that are a bit risky to face:
- Rem. If demon mode is active RNG can make you lose (I still auto those teams though, prolly around a 85%ish chance)
- Lermia. Dr. Dray can actually control her quite well but sometimes she dishes out too much damage. Still safer to face than Rem.
Everything else is free game, imo!
2 examples of my weekly attacks and the winrates. This really isn't 100% foolproof but it's better than letting your flags go to waste. It's slightly more effort than doing literally nothing so that's why am I tolerating it.

Enjoy your conquest points!
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2023.05.19 17:37 _diagonali_ Need some help with routine

Need some help with routine
So I’ve been devouring Dr Dray videos for the last few months and trying to figure out what on earth to do for my skin. I’m in my 30s now and want to figure it out after years of struggling. Before I found Dr Dray videos, I was buying random products and trying them and I don’t have a routine and am clearly bad at creating one and knowing which products to use when. Today I used Cetaphil Gentle Clear with SA, followed up with a good dollop of Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion, and then Sun Bum sunscreen. I , however, am not great about doing this every day as I’m not a great morning person and sometimes roll out of bed too late. At night, before I shower, I will use Panoxyl as a mask (face, chest, back, and booty) for 5 mins before I get in the shower. I also added DHC oil cleanser recently since I read that might help with my sebaceous filaments that are quite prominent on my nose and chin - I use that kind of randomly to be honest , before I cleanse. I also have Effaclar 2% SA that I use kind of interchangeabley with the Cetaphil.
I have Effaclar adapalene and use that when I remembethink about it. Maybe a few times a week.
Other products I don’t know when/if to utilize :
Ordinary Azelaic Acid suspension Ordinary Glycolic Acid toner Ordinary niacinamide zinc serum Global beauty vitamin c serum
I made the mistake of using Oxy pads (I know don’t take me out) because they were convenient to bring to work and use when I woke up late. I definitely think the alcohol in those messed up my skin recently.
I’m just in need of some direction. I know my pores are large, I get hormonal acne, have sebaceous filaments/blackheads. My skin is very oily. And I do moisturize a lot. Definitely some redness happening too but I also just think that’s my skin? Thanks for any tips or advice y’all can give me!
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2023.05.19 12:28 wintertaeyeon starting tret today menarini 0.025%

starting tret today menarini 0.025%
after weeks of research and doubt, i finally got myself tretinoin 0.025%. i’m honestly a bit scared but i’m gonna start really slow, probably once in a week for first month. gotta keep dr dray’s video really close to me
my skin was very bumpy, sudden pimples popping out since march, idk what triggers it, i guess it’s the adult acne. it has been 2 months now, it is better than before but still struggling. so i think why not use tret as it’s accessible (do not need doctor script) for acne and anti-aging.
wish me luck and please drop your successful tips to get through this. finger cross xx
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2023.05.19 01:38 No-Coyote914 [Sun care] There is a ~50% chance that your "all mineral" chemical sunscreen contains at least one chemical filter. Actual numbers in post.

First, I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with chemical sunscreen filters. For several years I bought into the myth that mineral sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens. I thank Lab Muffin and Dr. Dray for setting me straight. However, some people find that chemical sunscreen filters are more irritating, especially around the eyes, and/or sting if they get into the eyes. So they prefer mineral sunscreens.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that many sunscreens that claim to be 100% mineral actually contain at least one chemical sunscreen filter. I was surprised when I saw Lab Muffin's video about this.
Hidden chemical filter #1: Butyloctyl salicylate
Butyloctyl salicylate is almost identical to octisalate in both form and function. Because of an FDA loophole, it is not required to be listed as an active ingredient. Sunscreen companies have exploited this loophole to boost the SPF of their mineral sunscreens while still claiming to be a 100% mineral sunscreen.
The sunscreen companies aren't using small quantities of butyloctyl salicylate either. Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Fluid SPF 50 lists butyloctyl salicylate as the 2nd ingredient and on the exact same page, they say that the sunscreen is "free of chemical filters". Dr V Inzincable SPF 50 lists butyloctyl salicylate as the 4th ingredient. Meanwhile Dr V promotes mineral sunscreens as better than chemical sunscreens.
Because the FDA technically doesn't classify butyloctyl salicylate as a chemical filter, there is no limit to how much sunscreen companies can use. Cotz, which stands for "contains only titanium and zinc", has a silky foam sunscreen that I had recommended to a lot of people before becoming more educated. Butyloctyl salicylate is the FIRST INGREDIENT!
I obviously haven't checked every sunscreen, but of the 40 "all mineral" SPF 50 or higher sunscreens sold at Walgreens, 19 of them contained butyloctyl salicylate (48%). Of the 12 "all mineral" SPF 50 or higher sunscreens sold at Sephora, 9 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (75%). Overall that's 28/52 sunscreens (54%).
The prevalence of butyloctyl salicylate is slightly lower at SPF 30. That makes sense because the ingredient is used as an SPF booster. Of the 16 "all mineral" SPF 30 sunscreens sold at Walgreens, 8 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (50%). Of the 27 "all mineral" SPF 30 sunscreens sold at Sephora, 10 of them contain butyloctyl salicylate (37%). Overall that is 18/43 sunscreens (42%).
What about skincare companies that claim to be medical grade? I looked at 3 of the most well-known.
Skinceuticals: 3/5 (60%) "all mineral" sunscreens contain butyloctyl salicylate. EltaMD: 2/5 (40%). Colorescience: 7/16 (44%)
So not much better.
Hidden chemical filter #2: Polysilicone-15
The second hidden chemical filter in "all mineral" sunscreens is Polysilicone-15. In Europe this is known as the UVB filter Parsol SLX. So far I have only seen it in some MDSolarsciences sunscreens which, by the way, also contain butyloctyl salicylate. So their "all mineral" sunscreens contain not one but two chemical filters.
If you want to know more about this topic, please see Lab Muffin's video titled "How mineral sunscreens are dodging laws".
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2023.05.14 00:27 miniwyoming It isn't that complicated.

Small-ball (or small "death" lineups) only work if, as a group, they are elite defenders who can mitigate a high-variance offense.
You can go small-ball when all 5 players are anywhere from above-average-to-elite defenders (for their size), you have the 2 best shooters in the NBA, 2 ultra-elite defenders (Andre + Draymond), 1 elite on-ball defender (Klay), and 2 who could hold their own (e.g., Steph + HB/Wiggs).
Basically, elite defense worked together with unstoppable offense in this totally synergistic way. If your shots weren't going in, your elite defense could slow down the other team enough. That happened plenty. If your shots were going in, you win, taking more 3s than other teams. If both worked, you saw blowouts (a la 73-9, games being over in the 3rd).
Let's come to terms with the elite defense; it's done. It seems unlikely Klay will return to form as a formerly elite on-ball defender. Even if he's physically completely healed, he'll be 34 by next post-season. Draymond is the same age (34 by next post-season). Draymond can put up the VERY OCCASIONAL elite defensive masterclass. But only maybe every 5 games in a season. In the post-season, when it needs to be every other game (or even more often), he just doesn't have it any more.
Without that elite D, There is no mechanism to counter the variance around the shooting--and that's without the massive drop-off from Klay and Poole. Combine it with that, and it's lucky we didn't get bounced in Round 1.
Even if we believe that a THIRTY-SIX YEAR OLD (36, foo) Stephen Curry is "still in his prime" (and that itself is some prime copium), it's not enough for a 7-game series. And pushing his usage even higher--like what some of you want--is DELUSIONAL AF. Not everyone can be a Lebron, in terms of slowing the decline of age.
And let's not even get started on JP. Dude is a dumpster fire with $128m guaranteed. You can't go small-ball with JP, because of the utter lack of defense. Add in his utterly regressed offense, and he's a hot, unplayable, mess. We're prob going to have to dump Poole (even if Lacob has to burn a ton of money).
And, come on now, Andre is washed. Dude is now more injury-prone than if AD and GP2 had babies born without cartilage. That dude is done, and is eating up a roster spot for NOTHING. We gotta get rid of Andre; I mean, WTF is this dude doing on the roster--this has to be some kind of back-room deal they gave him. I just don't understand why they can't do that with him on the staff.
In order for this core to stay together: i.e., Steph + Dray + Klay, not only do Klay and Draymond have to take team-friendly deals (and I mean HUGELY friendly), they also have to have WAY REDUCED workload.
Klay needs to come off the (end of the) bench, as a shooter when we need floor spacing--unless he finds his way back to elite defense (which, even if he gets in great shape, he's still going to be 34).
GP2 needs to get fully-healthy; he's 3 years younger than Klay and Draymond, and can still likely give elite defensive performances, if they let him get right this off-season.
I assume DDV will get the bag and go (and, frankly, he was garbage during the playoffs).
Wiggs, fine, I guess. He seems dependable when not injured, and I assume the "personal matter" is a one-off situation.
But, even if Steph stays Steph, GP2 replaces Klay in terms of on-ball-elite-D, and Wiggs is a Harrison Barnes-type, WHO THE FUCK is going to replace Andre & Draymond if you're going small???? Who will replace Draymond & Bogut if you're going big? And, if GP2 replaces Klay defensively, who's going to replace his shooting??
These are the zillion-dollar-questions. Between the last two spots (assuming it's Steph, Wiggs, and GP2), you'll have to find an elite shooter (Klay's value), a incredible versatile and elite defender (Dray), and either a second elite-defender (Andre) or a high-IQ-passing big man (Bogut). How the hell do you fill that hole with 2 spots?
Plus, GP2 seems to have stamina issues. I don't see him as a plays-30-to-35-minutes-a-game kind of guy. He seems like a super-high-intensity-but-limited minutes kind of player. So, if you give GP2 24 minutes, who's going to play the other half's worth of elite-defense?
And, however much I love Loon for what he did in the Sac series, that was an interesting series that uniquely played to his strengths and hid his weaknesses. Against "real" bigs, he struggles. So, Sac was perfect in that he could bully Sabonis for boards, and rebounding was the one big thing Sac didn't have. Loon could feast, and help carry us. That's not going to work on an biggemore-experienced team (Lakers with AD and Bron). Plus, Loon creates a spacing problem with multiple non-shooters.
And something needs to happen with Kuminga and Moody, as potentially workable young players. I think it's reasonable to think that if they were given the run of an entire season to develop, they could do some things. But, even then, a small-ball lineup of Steph, Wiggs, GP2, Moody, and Kuminga is maybe passable on defense, but lacks any size.
Even if we believed that Moody could become a Klay-type player, as an outside threat with good-to-great defense (he's okay on defense, but not elite like Prime Klay), that still leaves the size issue.
Kuminga would have to BULK UP. Just as an example, Lebron would have an inch--but 40 pounds--on Kuminga, and even Draymond, while shorter, would have 20 pounds on JK. Kuminga, while tall enough, is simply too light. And, I'm not sure he has the defensive IQ of Draymond.
Replacing one of those guys (say, Moody or GP2) with Loon simply gives you spacing problems (since neither Kuminga nor Loon can really shoot, and GP2--for whatever reason--has been passing up shots lately. Even wide-open 3's).
So, either we get an ultra-elite versatile defender, turn one of Moody or Kuminga into that, or we stop doing this small-ball thing and do what other teams do; get a premier big, and then add a few wings. Steph + Bogut was virtually unstoppable, esp once you add in Draymond and prime Klay. But they're done. Steph + Dray can still work, for a time, as long as they both have the legs to run their PnR--which won't be feasible at their age. And, motion offense doesn't work once everyone is old and can't run. It especially doesn't work if anyone isn't either an elite shooter or high IQ.
TL;DR - Get rid of everyone who isn't at least a + defender (including Poole, and asking Klay to come off the bench). Find a good big who can pass and protect the rim (like Bogut, even if not super-mobile); hey don't really even have to be able to shoot, though a hook/oop package would be nice. Find/develop a new Draymond, and get Draymond to come off the bench. Preferably all of the above.
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2023.05.12 09:19 whileyouareinHS 1st post here

Ok I just turned 45 a few minutes ago so I officially qualify to post on this sub 🫣😂 I remember reading a teen magazine article in middle school where Meg Ryan said no matter what use moisturizer on your skin every day. And for the most part I have. But the skincare routine moment passed ol’ broke me by in my 30s. I learned a lot about carrier oils & butters some years ago but not until recently have I gone full obsessive with a skincare routine. I started in Jan with the holiday sales. I just some purchased new things again in Mother’s Day sales/with birthday coupons & they’re slowly arriving. I can’t stop watching Dr Dray & Doctorly & am annoyed I may have burned through them all already. Any other YouTube skincare expert suggestions? I did want to share my routine but this has gone on too long for a midnight birthday post & I should get my information straight so see y’all again soon! Here’s hoping it’s never too late!
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2023.05.11 17:18 loginpage She invented dyeing hair 😍😍😍 Is there anything she can't do?

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2023.05.11 16:50 titaniumelemental Tall Vanicream cold brew, Dr. Dray would approve

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2023.05.10 00:29 MultiPass21 2023-24 Warriors Cap - and Why Jordan Poole's Contract Isn't a Bad Thing

LONG. There is no tl;dr. Read it or don't - it's up to you.
This is meant to be exploratory and a discussion. If you’re still in your feelings about last night, that’s ok, but probably better served in another thread. I also understand I’ve interacted with many of you in more contentious dialogue about officiating. I’m willing to suspend that for the sake of this conversation. I hope you will, too.
Lots of comments about how destructive JP’s contract is - and I want to point out why that’s not necessarily true. As a reminder, his contract doesn’t kick in until next season.
First, some housekeeping:
I’m going to start with the 12 guys we have under contract for next year, including Draymond and DDV picking up their options. I’m also adding in the salary for the 19th overall pick and an arbitrary $2.15M salary for a 6th year veteran minimum. The minimum changes depending on years of service, so I picked something near the mean.
Given that, the 2023-24 Salary Cap Table looks like this (sorry for link ... couldn't get table to format the way I wanted):
You’ll see that we’re entering the 2023-24 season with $216.6M in cap hits. That’s about $82.5M over the cap … not a great spot to be for a team facing a second-round exit to what many believe to be an inferior opponent.
There’s been a lot of talk about what the Warriors needed to do last season to retool for this year. This is quick:
Now, Wiggs was a critical piece that needed to be resolved. His family issues aside, he’s historically been healthy and consistent (even if falling a bit short of expectations). His $24.3M cap hit in 2023-24 is very team friendly and I don’t care to discuss it any further.
This brings us to Jordan Poole. Coming off the 2022 championship run, his name was being spoken in similar conversations with Anfernee Simons and Tyler Herro. Simons had just signed a 4-year, $100M deal and Herro had just signed a 4-year, $120M contract … and neither of them had helped their teams win a championship. We can pretend JP wasn’t a valuable name last summer, but I think that’s dishonest. He then signed a 4-year, $128M deal … which maybe had a bit of sugar on top after he was punched by Draymond Green during training camp. JP’S EXTENSION HAD ZERO IMPACT ON FINANCIAL AND ROSTER FLEXIBILITY FOR THIS CURRENT (2022-23) SEASON.
“But MultiPass, that’s the point. It’s too much money and the Warriors should have waited.”
Waited for what, exactly? Him to prove himself in the 2022-23 season? Sure, maybe. But what if he had further ascended and became a legit max-level player? What if he fell off completely and regressed to G-league levels (like, real G-League levels, not us being mad at JP and calling him a G-league player) … There was no perfect answer here, so Joey Lightyears and Bob Myers took a bet that he’d continue to ascend under the guidance of Steph, Klay, and Coach Kerr. Nonetheless, the contract was signed.
I’ll come back to his contract in a minute … For now, I need to address Draymond and DDV’s Player Options.
For the sake of simplicity, let’s pretend both opt-out and leave the Warriors through Free Agency and the Dubs get nothing in return. Going back to our Salary Table, we now have $184.3M on the books, which actually gets closer to $187-190M after filling their roster slots with veteran minimums. That puts the Dubs at a cool $53M over the cap – still a bad place to be, with an All-World defender and dynasty definer out the door, along with a rotational guard.
Now, let’s bring back Jordan Poole … After these current playoffs, many users of this sub are done with him, so let’s let him walk in RFA for whatever he gets on the open market. So now, JP has left, along with Dray and DDV. The Warriors cap situation in 2023-24 must be looking good … yeah?
Not quite … Still $21.6M in the hole (~$24M after filling the roster), and now missing 20ppg in addition to the other key rotation pieces that left.
And because the Warriors are in the repeater tax AND over the cap, there’s no wiggle room to add to the roster besides Veteran Minimums, the NBA Draft, and Two-Way Contracts.
And we haven’t even touched on Klay’s contract and possible extension since they wouldn’t take effect until the 2024-25 season, but that only makes the situation hairier.
Now, what I’m suggesting here is (hopefully) clear by now. The opportunity cost of JP’s deal is abundantly clear. Even if you conclude now, with the benefit of hindsight, that JP’s contract is an overpay, the Warriors at least still have the flexibility now of utilizing his salary slot to get something in return, even if the Warriors have to sweeten the pot with draft capital, and even if they only get 60 cents to the dollar in return. Bringing in $15-20M in bench pieces and back-end rotation players is still going to be more impactful to the remainder of the Steph era than continuing to build the roster with kids too young to drink and two-way players who won’t play come April. And, of course, this is only further emphasized and backed in any scenario where Draymond actually sticks around since it would dig our heels even deeper into cap space oblivion.
Just to reiterate my first point; this is meant to be discussion-based. I’m happy to hear and consider any constructive feedback or input you have. I also wasn't able to cover every "what if" scenario, so if you'd like to better understand a scenario, let me know and I'll do my best to speak to it.
I’m also happy to answer questions as it relates to JP’s contract, the Warriors cap situation, and other CBA-related matters involving roster construction.
Thanks, and cheers.
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