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2023.05.12 02:51 orangey3 Name the 3rd / 4th gen kpop idols quizzes

I have a lot of free time so I made a quiz! Check this out and try it if you want to. Enjoy! Thank you.
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2023.05.08 20:22 Outrageous-Bottle-72 Apparently I was calling an Ateez member by one of his ship's names instead of his own name.

I don't really know much about Ateez outside of their popular songs (Btw Halazia>>>>>). I definitely don't know members outside of San and well, another member I thought I knew but as obvious from this post I didn't.
If you know, there's a popular "guess the 4th gen male idol" quiz going around on twt. I came across it. I gave it. I did badly. I went through the corrections. Apparently academic quizzes aren't the only thing I'm bad at.
I was so sure I got the ateez member right. But no. I found out his name was Yeosang. I thought his name was Woosang (that's what I had entered). I searched up who Woosang is- I was so damn sure there was a Woosang in Ateez.
I then find out it's the ship name for Yeosang and Wooyoung. Wild that before even knowing their member's names I learnt a ship name. It's even funnier cause Wooyoung and Yeosang are two of the members I lowkey remembered by their faces (I thought I also knew the latter by his name but, oh well). Well I guess I'm definitely never forgetting their names now.
Tldr: I used to call Yeosang as Woosang, a ship name between him and Wooyoung, and learnt about it today because I did badly on a guess the kpop idol quiz.
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2023.03.09 22:55 Prestigious_Plant_87 looking for female soloist (?)

my friend was quizzing me to see how many kpop songs i could recognize by the mv. the song is pretty upbeat and it’s by a female soloist i believe and it features a guy. he raps his verse and what i could make out was “girl, i thought you my remedy”. i searched this lyric up but it’s not coming up at all. there’s also a scene where she’s in the middle of this huge circle with flowers, her hair is up and there’s also a scene with a race car (?). that’s all i remember pls help i’m going crazy 😭
Edit: It’s Play by Chungha
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2023.01.16 10:01 reddit_user_09z I got called out for something and I know I was wrong but I just need to get this off my chest :D

Before anything else, I know I was wrong in the situation. It's just one of those times where you know you're wrong and you just feel annoyed and guilty and ashamed about it, you know? My best friend is busy so I can't rant to her about it but if I rant to the said friends about this then they'll probably make fun of me. So anyways, me and my friends agreed to study together somewhere after school because of an upcoming exam. We got the food, chose a spot, and we brought out our notes together with our books for the little study session. Time skip, I took one of my friend's phone because I had been quizzing her and she had pictures of my notes that she was looking at, basically cheating, she knew she was cheating because she had this about-to-laugh smile. I asked for her phone, telling her not to cheat and look at the notes but she continued scrolling (she could've been joking around with the "continued scrolling" but I needed to be reassured that she didn't cheat herself). She wouldn't give it so I took the phone from her and asked her to answer the question, she stared at me, the same about-to-laugh smile still plastered on her face, trying to think of the answer. My finger softly tapped her phone screen and it opened a photo, if it was personal I obviously wouldn't look but I saw from the corner of my eye it was a photo of one of the kpop idols she biased a lot, he was also from a group I supported. I looked at the photo and showed a reaction because, let me tell you right now he looked fiiiine. Then, obviously, she noticed and asked what it was. Yatta yatta yatta, it got into this thing where I told her to answer the question first before I could return the phone to her. She was almost yelling as I held her phone in my hand, not looking at the screen because she wanted me to give it back to her. Here, I understand I was wrong and I should've given it back to her but in the moment I was playing around and didn't think much of that, moving on. I don't know how else to word it but she was being sort of loud, making screeching noises and whining (I don't want to make it sound like I'm blaming her but this is the only way I can describe what noises she was making). Before I was about to give it back to her, a lady in around (I'm guessing) her mid to late 40's came up behind us and told me to give her back the phone. From what I remember she said "Excuse me, please give her back her phone. It's hers. Please show respect for the owner's belongings" and it was told in a sort of teacher scolding you way. So of course, I gave it back and she went back to her seat. After that happened I just felt some heavy feeling in my stomach and wanted to run away even if I knew I was wrong. It's like the feeling of just playing around and then suddenly an adult steps in to stop it. Just that feeling. But I understand my friend probably wanted it back but I just wanted to let this off my chest because it's just one of those times where you know it was a bad thing to do but you still feel annoyed for getting called out. Yea, thank you, this was longer than I expected.
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2022.11.25 22:31 strawberriefrogs i think i’m a lesbian?

~i posted this on the lgbt page as well but i’m hoping here i’ll find some nice ppl to talk to also!~
hi everyone! this is my first post on this app, so i’m not 100% sure i know what i’m doing but i really just wanted to talk about this with people who don’t know me personally.
I’m a 23 F and i’ve identified as a bisexual woman since i was 14. However, these past few years i’ve been starting to question myself again and im not too sure where i stand with my sexuality. I feel like i might be a lesbian (i’ve even taken those quizzes online just for funsies) and i’ve asked my friends on their opinions as well.
Based on my irl experiences with dating, i’ve mostly just talked with women and dated women. I feel like this is more natural for me and i’m a lot happier in these relationships. When i went out with this one guy, i always felt some sort of ‘ick’ around him and he honestly was a very nice dude. He also was very touchy and liked physical affection (i don’t like that kind of affection but i tried my best for him.) We also had similar interests (kpop and anime) but i just honestly don’t know why he still gave me ick.
When we finally became intimate with each other, i realized i didn’t like any part of the situation and stopped talking to him after that day. (When i’ve been intimate with women i never had a problem)
So, i’ve decided to i just wanted to date women from then on.
I still tell people i’m bisexual, and i completely base this off the fact that i still like male celebrities (like kpop boy groups and male actors) and i do see them as ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ so i think i am attracted to them. It’s just men in real life that i don’t find attractive or appealing.
I cant tell if it’s the fact that these celebrities i like are only because i know i can’t actually be with them, or because they’re made to appeal to the female audience.. if that makes any sense.
I’m not sure if it might also have to do with the fact that my family is homophobic, and i just wanted to bring a guy home to please them. I always pictured myself bringing home a girl and declaring my love for her and have them deal with it.
My friend also told me i could just identify as queer, but i’m not sure if i want to.
I also chose bisexuality as my sexuality when i was 14 simply because i LOVED one direction and that was enough to say i liked men and women (i also really loved cara delevigne at this time)
However my experiences have changed since then and i don’t know my ‘label’ anymore. I would love to hear what everyone else might think! Thanks!
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2022.11.25 22:17 strawberriefrogs confused

hi everyone! this is my first post on this app, so i’m not 100% sure i know what i’m doing but i really just wanted to talk about this with people who don’t know me personally.
I’m a 23 F (she/her) and i’ve identified as a bisexual woman since i was 14. However, these past few years i’ve been starting to question myself again and im not too sure where i stand with my sexuality. I feel like i might be a lesbian (i’ve even taken those quizzes online just for funsies) and i’ve asked my friends on their opinions as well.
Based on my irl experiences with dating, i’ve mostly just talked with women and dated women. I feel like this is more natural for me and i’m a lot happier in these relationships. When i went out with this one guy, i always felt some sort of ‘ick’ around him and he honestly was a very nice dude. He also was very touchy and liked physical affection (i don’t like that kind of affection but i tried my best for him.) We also had similar interests (kpop and anime) but i just honestly don’t know why he still gave me ick.
When we finally became intimate with each other, i realized i didn’t like any part of the situation and stopped talking to him after that day. (When i’ve been intimate with women i never had a problem)
So, i’ve decided to i just wanted to date women from then on.
I still tell people i’m bisexual, and i completely base this off the fact that i still like male celebrities (like kpop boy groups and male actors) and i do see them as ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ so i think i am attracted to them. It’s just men in real life that i don’t find attractive or appealing.
I cant tell if it’s the fact that these celebrities i like are only because i know i can’t actually be with them, or because they’re made to appeal to the female audience.. if that makes any sense.
I’m not sure if it might also have to do with the fact that my family is homophobic, and i just wanted to bring a guy home to please them. I always pictured myself bringing home a girl and declaring my love for her and have them deal with it.
My friend also told me i could just identify as queer, but i’m not sure if i want to.
I also chose bisexuality as my sexuality when i was 14 simply because i LOVED one direction and that was enough to say i liked men and women (i also really loved cara delevigne at this time)
However my experiences have changed since then and i don’t know my ‘label’ anymore. I would love to hear what everyone else might think! Thanks!
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2022.11.19 23:54 KillinDuckz New fan here! Went back and binged the first 100 eps of AKBINGO. I have some thoughts...

Hey everyone, so I discovered AKB a few years back, through Produce48 and have been listening to a few songs here and there but never really got into the group. Until recently, when I decided to dive into the group and learn more about it. So I started watching "Sayonara Mouri-San" and wanted to watch something more so I decided to start watching AKBINGO from ep 1, so I could learn more about the group and get familiar with the older members and the golden era of AKB!
And what can I say other than I'm completely hooked on it! The episodes are very entertaining and easy to fly through given that they're all around 20 minutes. I started watching like 2 weeks ago and already watched 100 episodes ahaha
I have many thoughts and opinions about what I just watched and wanted to talk about it with someone, so this is the best place I could think off to have a discussion and talk about it, that's why I'm posting this here...

- Innapropriate comments and concepts: This is the biggest "problem" I indetified with the show so far. Also connects to what I think is the biggest problem with AKB48 in general.... the sexualization of the members. Like there are so many things that are just pervert bait and clearly made with the intent to please the creepy 40 year old incels. Like one of the reocurring concepts for some early episodes was that they brought middle age guests and the members had to "win their heart" and become their oshimen... a.k.a flirt with them. I had to skip those episodes because it was so uncomfortable to watch the girls ( many of them minors) flirting with 40 year old perverts. The underlying sexualization or hint at it with the members was something that made me feel very uncomfortable and put me off sometimes during my watch.
There is also the innapropriate comments made by the hosts from time to time that really left me baffled. For example, in one of the early episodes, there was the concept that the members were ice cream shop waiteresses and they had solve quizzes, then suddenly one of the hosts says "Megumi works as a stripper at night..." LIKE WHAAAAT?!?! How can he say something like that about one of the members???? How is a comment like this even ok to air??? Did no one think this was too much at the time?? I understand that its a show from 2008-2009, but even so it's such a rude and unneceptable remark to make... Imagine being the parent of one of the members and hear a comment like this about your daughter... wouldn't you be outraged???

- The Kami 7 popularity: A reocurring trend I saw with the episodes so far is that the show always revolves around the same members. Usually the Kami 7 plus five or six other members. There are many members that appear in the episodes but get like zero screen time, they're just in the background, they're basically the audience lol.
I'm not criticizing this decision tho! Business wise it makes sense to try to give the popularity and bring the spotlight on like 10 members instead of trying to make everyone famous and end up not making anyone stand out. Now I'm not sure if the Kami 7 got popular because of the show or if they were popular at the time and they were given the spotlight on the show because those were the members that the people wanted to see and consequently the ones that would bring higher ratings. Y'all have to let me know ahaha
Either way I also feel like their spotlight is deserved, because if they're getting it, then it is because they are the ones that were thought as having the most potential to gain popularity. Also I really like all of the Kami 7 members and can understand their appeal and charm! It's just kinda sad to see the other members sitting in the background just watching and doing nothing lol

- Itano Tomomi absence: Something that I found really weird is that despite being considered on of the Kami 7 and being really popular, Tomomi is not present in a lot of the earlier episodes?? I expected her to appear in every episode like the other really popular members... Did she have a lot of overlapping schedules?

- Akimoto Sayaka: She's a really entertaining member that really caught my attention. For the Kpop fans like me, doesn't she remind you of Girl's Generation's Sooyoung? Her bluntness and savageness mixed with her tall frame really remind me of Queen Sooyoung ahaaha

- AKBINGO airing time: Can someone explain me why did this show originally air at like 1am or 2am?? I doesn't make sense to me lol

That's it for now lol. Thank you if you came this far and read all of it. I hope I can discuss my thoughts and opinions with you guys!
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2022.11.18 01:38 lucyzaap Hey guys, think you can do well on this quiz? I didn't so well myself 😂
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2022.09.04 14:40 alisawu-sydney Week 6 uni events

KEY: ⚡️ = free entry; 🍿 = free food

Monday 5/9

Tuesday 6/9

Wednesday 7/9

Thursday 8/9

Friday 9/9

Saturday 10/9

Sunday 11/9

We had links embedded for each event but Reddit didn't like it so we had to remove them... for anyone interested you can find the events list with links on our FB.

Hope to see more of us around campus!
Events collated by Flynn & Alisa for UniLink.
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2022.08.12 19:36 No_Video1364 r/the_kpop_quizz Lounge

A place for members of the_kpop_quizz to chat with each other
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2022.07.12 13:14 Mother_Pain_6724 A few ways Quizzes are taking the world by storm!
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2022.06.17 18:25 ConradIsMyDaddy How to Graduate from the University of Waterloo's Computer Science Program with the Least Amount of Effort

hello uwaterloo!
my name is u/conradismydaddy and i recently graduated from the University of Waterloo (class of 2022 holla) with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science 🎓
i got accepted into the University of Waterloo in 2017 with a 93% average in high school. i actually got rejected from CS at first, rather I got accepted into CFM and then conveniently switched in to CS after 1st year (i heard they're tryna block off this loophole now). getting into the University of Waterloo Computer Science program was a dream come true... for my parents. i personally didn't care for it too much, i kinda just did school because i just thought thats what everyone had to do. so ever since first year, my mission has been to graduate from this school with the minimum amount of effort. and i came here today to say that despite a few minor speed bumps, that mission has been completed.
so as a parting gift, i wanted to share with yall my Lazy Man's Guide for Graduating from the University of Waterloo Computer Science program
now, if you’re on a quest to maximize your CS education, to learn as much as you can, to make the most out of your tuition money, to absorb as much knowledge as you can from Waterloo’s world renowned CS program, to be able to say at the end of the degree that you’ve masted the art of Computer Science - this guide is definitely not for you
this guide is for those of you, who just like me, just don’t really care that much. this guide is for those of you who have found themselves stuck in CS and realized midway through that you don't even really like the field. this guide is for those of you who are kind've dumb, suck at coding, and don’t know how to write a proof for their life. this guide is for those of you whose parents forced you in to CS even tho your true passion is league of legends or psychology or some shit. this guide is for those of you who just wanna get sick co-ops and make bank as a FAANG software engineer, and don’t care about all this education stuff. this guide is for those of you who want the allure of a Computer Science degree but don't really want to put in too much work. this guide is for those who just want to get this school shit over with.
to those of y'all who this guide might apply to, for whatever reason you're here, whether it's a good reason or stupid reason, to those i say: welcome, i applaud your mission and i am here to help you achieve it.
i am going to split my guide into the 3 parts of your degree that you are going to have conquer: 1) The Mandatory CS courses (1A -> 3A), 2) The Elective CS courses (3B onwards), 3) The Breadth and Depth Electives (every term)

Preamble: The Heuristics

since this a guide to graduating with the least amount of effort, the rest of the guide is going to be based off these 2 heuristics:
Heuristic #1: a pass is a pass - the goal is to pass, nothing more. there is no need for getting high grades. that means that 50 (or in some cases 60) is the magic number.
Heuristic #2: your time outside of school is more valuable - time is precious and any amount of time we can save from doing school stuff is a W
under these 2 heuristics, i argue the optimal path towards graduating is to go with the Bachelor of Computer Science with absolutely No Specialization program plan. this is because, as we will see later in the guide, the freedom that we get from not going for any minors or options or specializations will, if used wisely, save us a lot of time and effort.
again, if none of these heuristics resonate with you to any extent, or you're realizing that hacking your way through a university education is completely stupid and a waste of time and money - i completely agree with you. but i already spent 5 years doing it and figured i might as well share in case somebody else wants to do the same. so this is your last chance to turn back. if you're still with me, take a seat and make sure to drink some water while you read this.

Part 1) The Mandatory Courses (1A -> 3A)

we begin with the mandatory courses. this is the hardest part of the degree, and unfortunately its unavoidable. in the vanilla Bachelor of Computer Science pathway, you will have mandatory CS, Math and Stats courses chosen for you up until 3A. so if you want to graduate with a CS degree, your first 4-5ish terms are likely going to be your roughest. but fortunately, if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you can stay strong and muster your way through, the rest of your time in university afterwards should be a breeze.
from 1A to 3A, you should be taking the required courses in the suggested sequence. you don’t really have a choice here. given this limited freedom, this part of the guide is going to be a bit more suggestive. you are obviously going to have to take these mandatory courses, study, and pass them. BUT, the good news, is that these courses are basically the same few courses that thousands of waterloo students have taken year in and year out for decades, so the path to passing these courses shouldn't exactly be a mystery.
given this fact, one easy resource you can take advantage of is past resources. there's no reason to ever go into a course in the dark. a simple search for the course you're taking on google/reddit/chegg/coursehero/github should yield multiple results of past guides, notes, midterms, assignment answers. often times courses change their syllabuses and thus these things can become outdated, but more often than not these resources are going to have some very accurate reflections of what you will face in your course. past exams are my favourite resource for studying for exams. why try and waste time learning all the possible content when you can just practice the types of questions that you know are most likely to be asked? a tip for past exams, is to try and find students a year or two above you who can send you their crowdmarks. the more recent an exam is, the more accurate of a reflection it will be on the exam you will get. github can also be a goldmine, i basically got carried in courses like CS 241, CS 350 through various github repos (shoutout Robert Xu).
now, it's great that there's a boat load of past information out there on the courses. however, you can find as many past midterms and assignments as you want, but those alone won't be enough to save you. you're still going to have to put in a bit of work yourself to learn at least some of the material and do some of the assessments. in fact, most professors i've talked to are completely aware of the github repos available online, and express little to no concern for them because they know that if you completely rely on them you have no shot at passing the mandatory exams.
so while past resources are very helpful, i still think there is another resource that can be potentially even more valuable. and that resource, is the 1000 other math/cs kids taking the exact same courses as you at the same time.
my biggest tip for surviving the mandatory courses with minimum effort, is to make friends in your courses. this way, you never have to do an assignment completely on your own ever.
for the average person, Waterloo Math/CS courses are pretty difficult. but if you got into CS in the first place, you must be at minimum pretty smart already, and so is everyone else in your classes. your peers are going to be your biggest resource if you want to shortcut your way through your courses. you guys can form teams (doesn't have to be a lot of people, could just be you and 1 other person) that work together and help each other tackle your courses. you don't necessarily have to optimize here for finding the the smartest people to work with. from my experience, it can be better to work with people you actually enjoy spending time with, work well with, and have the same motives as. (***just make sure to be a little bit smart about how you work together. it's pretty hard to get caught for policy 71 but still be cautious***)
i'm assuming for this tip, that you aren't a genius that can do all the assignments alone, because if so, why are you even reading this guide in the first place? i'm also assuming that you can tolerate social interactions. i understand that some of you are shy or prefer to be alone, and some of you work better alone too. but i think it's generally the case that more things can get accomplished when humans work together towards the same goal.
you might be wondering, why make friends when I can just go to tutorials, office hours, piazza, etc.? going under the assumptions of our heuristics, these things just take up too much of our time if we're just aiming for a 50%. it's easier to just ask somebody in your class that knows their shit for help on a question that you're stuck on. obviously, you're gonna have to contribute to the team too and be that person once in a while who sacrifices their time to go to office hours and clarify an assignment question for your homies. don't be a freeloader. nobody likes freeloaders. if you are going to do so, make sure that you at least pay your friends back with an expensed Kinkaku dinner at the end of the term. ngl i had to shed out a few dinners in my time here. worth every penny.
the other thing you can take advantage of, is that most of the content you learn isn't exactly cumulative. i'll actually argue that most of the concepts you learn in your courses are never going to be used again ever in your undergrad. apart from a few instances, i never really had to revisit any specific theorems, formulas, or proofs from calc, lin alg, or stats. i never had to code again in racket or R. however, there are a lot of basic principles/skills that you learn and develop in these courses that are gonna be used everywhere. these include but are not limited to: general mathematical logic, writing proofs, debugging effectively, learning how to copy your friends answers without getting caught, etc.
so my next tip is to aim to understand the problem solving techniques, not to memorize the course content. again, following the heuristics i outlined, knowing the basics of putting together a proof is usually good enough to get you to 50%, and that's good enough for our purposes. don't sweat the small stuff. by paying more attention to the fundamentals and less to the surface level concepts, you can pass all your mandatory courses AND the latter elective CS courses with much less effort. i must add that this, by extension, means that you do not have to do every assessment that the prof assigns you. often times it makes sense to skip a random question on an assignment that's really tough and doesn't really tackle the core concepts of the course
some courses that I think are worth paying closer attention to are: MATH 135 for proof skills. CS 136 for C knowledge and general coding and debugging skills which will be really helpful for like CS 246 and CS 241.
some courses I think that are less useful and you will never have to think about again: CS 135 because fuck recursion (altho it might be useful for CS 341 when you do like BFS and DFS and shit), MATH 137/138 (i highly recommend doing MATH 127/128 instead btw, they're suitable for your degree requirements and not many people know that), CS 245, CS 251, CS 350. oh and MATH 239 (fuck this course it was good for nothing).
this tip about focusing on the fundamentals actually leads me to my next tip.
class is usually a waste of time. but there are a select few professors who have really good lectures which aren't a waste of time and are actually helpful.
this applies mainly to 1st year and 2nd year courses, because those courses in my experience are generally the ones with the best professors. guys like Carmen Bruni, Dave Tompkins, Dan Wolczuk, Alice Gao, etc. tend to teach the lower year courses, and they are going to be better at identifying for you what's fundamental for passing a course and driving them into you than you can yourself. i highly recommend diving through and reddit to get info on the best profs for your courses. don't waste your time going to classes if the prof sucks or you're just not going to pay attention anyways, but also don't waste your time trying to learn something fundamental when you can just drop into the lecture of an amazing prof who can bless you.
that being said, i would never recommend going to class 3rd year and beyond. some of you might even decide that you've got school figured out much before this, only you can really decide. the general expectation though, is that if you paid attention in 1st and 2nd year, you should already have enough skills to pass these courses without any hand-holding from the prof.
ok so those are my 4 main tips for passing the mandatory CS courses. in summary: take advantage of past resources, make friends in your courses, focus on the basics not the fluff, and consider attending the best profs lectures in 1st and 2nd year.
now onto the more fun and hacky stuff, the elective CS courses.

Part 2) The Elective CS Courses (3B onwards)

once you've passed all the mandatory Math/CS/Stats courses, your life should get a lot easier. 3B onwards was pretty much a breeze for me. that's because if you're in the vanilla CS degree plan, you can literally pick whatever CS courses you want to fulfill your degree requirements. apart from the mandatory courses, you will have to take 6 CS electives. 3x CS 340-398 or CS 440-489, 2x CS 440-489, and my favourite, the 1x CS 440-498 or CO 487.
given that we're dealing with 3rd yea4th year level courses now, not all of them will be a walk in the park obviously. the University of Waterloo offers a lot of very exciting, very useful, very challenging CS courses like the big 3, AI, ML, concurrency, distributed systems, computer vision, and shit like that. but under the heuristics of this guide, we will pay no mind to these courses. after doing a ton of research over the years and through personal experience of trial and error, I think I've been able to identify the absolute easiest and most time efficient 3rd/4th year level CS courses that Waterloo offers, and i'm here to share them with you. of course everybody's definition of easy and time efficient is different, but i think there are a few distinct upper year CS courses that are vastly and universally easier than the rest.
there are 5 courses which in my opinion are the 5 easiest upper year CS courses in the entirety of the Waterloo course catalogue. i am going to refer to these 5 courses as "The Little 5". there's been enough discussion about "The Big 3", it's about time we go the other way around eh?
i've found that these courses all have a mixture of some or all of the following characteristics:
now without further ado, here they are, "The Little 5":
CS 492 - Social Implications of Computing - this is the holy grail of CS bird courses imo. there is 0 coding, no exams, and the assignments are just writing english sentences. a significant portion of the grades breakdown does come from in-class participation, but you don't actually have to attend the lectures or participate because if you do well enough on the assignments, you can safely pass with a 50% and easily tank the participation mark. you can't fail this course.
(CS 492 is only offered in specific terms. if you can't take CS 492, i heard CS 490 and CO 487 were easy too, but those are redundant if CS 492 is being offered.)
CS 449 - Human-Computer Interaction - this is the other holy grail. there is 0 coding, no exams, and the entire course is done in a group, where you have weekly tasks. the weekly tasks are basically just writing stuff and drawing stuff, they are very untechnical and you will never have to look at the lectures to do them. the downside is you do have to meet with your group weekly because a prof/TA will come and check in with your group, which does takes up a bit of time. but regardless, you can't fail this course.
CS 445 - Software Requirements Specification and Analysis - this one is very similar to CS 449. it's a group based course with no coding, no exams and handwritten weekly tasks. except the tasks for this course are a bit more technical and a bit more annoying (you have to draw charts and shit sometimes, and sometimes you actually have to glance at the lectures to know what to do). there is a final exam, but it was worth very little (like 20%) and there was no requirement that you have to write the final exam to pass the course, so it's a very easy skip. in general, you can't fail this course.
CS 446 - Software Design and Architectures - this is yet another group project based course with no exam. except this one is mainly coding based. you're going to have to build an android app which is annoying. fortunately, that's all you have to do. there are no lectures, and nothing really outside just building your project. the final app doesn't have to be good so long as it fulfills some basic requirements. as long as you have a group of more than 1 person and can write some Java/Kotlin code that compiles, you can't fail this course.
CS 398 (soon to be CS 346) - App Development - this is a brand new course and a new hidden grail right now. it is ran by Jeff Avery, and will go by the course code CS 346 starting Fall 2022. this is to my knowledge, the only other group project based CS course that Waterloo offers, and it lives up to the hype. its basically the same thing as CS 446, you build a Kotlin project with your group and there's no exam. but since it's newer and masterminded by Jeff, this course has a much smoother ride. while in CS 446 you kinda just make an android app by yourself, CS 398 does a great job of holding your hand along the way while you build your project. it's also a much simpler project. for my term it was a simple note taking app. again as long as you actually have a group of human beings. you can't fail this course.
for the longest time I've had trouble finding a 6th course that has the characteristics I listed above, and I never ultimately did. I ended up taking CS 458 - Computer Security and Privacy to fulfill my final elective CS course requirement which was kind of a bitch, especially A1. if anyone has any input for other courses that might fit the bell as the 6th course, I would love to hear. reddit usually likes to point out CS 348, CS 349, or CS 370 as the bird upper year CS courses, none of which I can comment on because I haven't taken them. but i've heard good things about them from other people. the only thing is i kind've doubt that they will be on the same tier of easiness as The Little 5, sheerly because they have exams are all mostly individual based. (although i heard CS 348 changed up the structure of their course and now has group assignments?)
alright so if you just take the The Little 5 + one more CS course, congratulations you should have completed all your technical degree requirements! now all that's left is my favourite part of them all: the breadth and depth electives.

Part 3) The Breadth and Depth Electives

these are the courses that you have to take to fill up the rest of your 40 credits requirement beyond your degree requirements. this is the part of the guide where you have the upmost freedom to take whatever the fuck you want.
have you been a kpop fan for a while and wanna finally understand the words they're saying? take KOREA 101. want to learn more about the soundtracks from your favourite movies? take MUSIC 246. fuck it, if you like Harry Potter you can even take ENGL 108P.
there are a million ways you can complete this part of your degree. just make extra sure that while you pick your electives, that you are mindful of your breadth and depth requirements. this means taking 1 or 2 courses in all the different subjects that waterloo requires (for whatever reason), and also taking 3 courses under the same subject with 1 of them being 3xx or higher, or 3 courses under the same subject that form a prerequisite chain.
bird courses 🐦🐦 are a very commonly discussed topic on this subreddit. the issue is that a lot of people view bird courses as primarily a way to boost their overall gpa. however, we do not care about that for our purposes. for this guide, "the birdiness scale" is simply gonna be a measure of a course's degrees of easiness and time efficiency. of course under our heuristics, the goal for us is the find the birdiest courses of them all.
much like I had guiding characteristics for finding the easiest upper year CS courses, I have some characteristics that I've found common in all or most of the birdiest courses. now, easiness and time efficiency are very dependent on the individual, and when it comes to breadth and depth electives, it especially isn't easy to compare courses across different disciplines. these are the characteristics in courses that I personally find the birdiest. i also wanted to bring up a couple specific factors that you might overlook when deciding what courses are actually the birdiest for yourself.
i personally think that the more subjective/creativity based courses like english or art can actually be birdier under these heuristics than a lot of the commonly discussed bird courses such as HRM 200 or ECON 101. this is because you don't have to spend as much time reading and learning about stuff, and instead you can just spend your time doing the assignments. of course, if you are not a good writer or a good artist, you probably won't get a good grade on these assignments. but that doesn't matter for our purposes of course. i've found that it's pretty difficult to write an essay that doesn't meet the passing requirements. pretty much as long as its written in english, meets the word count, and ran through grammarly one time, it should be good enough. who is the professor to say that you're opinions are wrong? who is the professor to say the painting you drew is bad? the point is, the more subjective a subject is, the harder to fail.
in addition, when it comes to these more creative based courses, assignments are usually bigger, and less frequent. that means all you have to do is, a few times a term, start the assignment the night before its due, and cough up something. it is a lot more time efficient to write an essay full of BS, or draw a painting full of scribbles than to sit down, read, and memorize enough facts to pass a test.
so that's my case for looking into more creative courses for your breadth and depth electives.
however, another factor that can definitely be important for determining the birdiness of a course for you, is your level of interest. writing an essay on the current technological landscape might in theory, be a lot quicker than memorizing the facts on different rocks. BUT, if you find writing boring and are actually very fascinated by rocks, then it will probably be easier to take the course you are more interested in. and of course, not all creative courses are easier than non creative courses. for example, i took MUSIC 275, a course on producing music in Ableton. if you've had no experience with music production or the Ableton software, learning how to put together an arrangement might be a lot more difficult for you than memorizing some facts on your favourite rocks.
so ultimately, when it comes to finding the birdiest breadth and depth courses, there is no hard guide really. there are a lot of commonly known bird courses, you know your CLAS 104, HRM 200, ECON 101, MUSIC 140, REC 100, etc. which you should definitely consider. but i encourage you to think about the characteristics that make a course birdy to you.
just for the sake of it, i'll drop some of my personal favourites out of the ones i've taken that you might not have heard of
GEOG 219 - How Pandemics Change the World - this is a new course that they started because of COVID-19, and man is it 🐦. there are weekly discussions, but you don't need to do them because they're only worth 10% of your grade overall. instead, there are just a few writing assignments, and some of them are extremely short (1 page double spaced). it was online and had no exam.
ENGL 119 - Communications in Mathematics & Computer Science - this is perhaps the most elementary course i have taken. this course is about writing in professional settings for tech people. so we focused a lot on writing proper sentences (subjects and clauses and what not) and our assignments were to make resumes and cover letters. no exam. i had a lovely experience.
ENGL 108D - Digital Lives - the assignments were just reflections on different articles on the topic of digital media, which i found fairly interesting. it was online and had no exam.
MUSIC 275 - Music and Technology - as mentioned earlier, a course just about making music. we had hella creative freedom so it was hella fun. basically just messed around with random sounds the entire course. the songs i made were not good at all, but good enough to easily pass still.

Afterword: Don't stress

when we're students, we tend to overly stress about... everything. our paleolithic nervous systems create fears out of thin air that we're going to fail a course or not going to graduate, etc. for whatever reason. these fears usually don't help us at all. if you have higher aspirations such as getting good grades, getting good co-ops, i can't help you there. hopefully there are other guides out there for that. but if you simply want to graduate, i can guarantee that if you follow this guide, you should be able to easily walk out of this school with a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree in your hands, while having saved a lot of your time, and having the ability to look back and say "damn, why did i even stress".
so seriously, don't stress, the point of this guide is so that you don't have to waste any time stressing about if you're going to graduate or not. you definitely will. all that stress is pointless when you look back.
i spent a shit ton of time in my first 2 years here stressing about whether or not i was gonna graduate
in fact, the only reason why i was able to come up with the contents of this guide was because i stressed so much in the beginning. i never coded at all outside of school, i hated math, and i was never interested in cs at all. i spent all that time obsessing over finding all these hacks to make Waterloo CS as easily doable as possible because actually learning CS was the last thing i wanted to do, and so hacking my way through was the only way i thought i could graduate. you can tell how obsessed i was just based on how fucking long this guide is.
in reality, if i just didn't stress as much as I did back then and decided to just study like a normal CS kid, i probably could've just graduated just like anyone else. but admittedly, all the hours spent creating excel sheets optimizing my course plan, all the research finding the absolutely best professors, all the smart friends i made, all the alumni i contacted to collect crowdmarks of past exams, all the research i did finding the birdiest courses of all...... all of it was wayyyyyy more fun to me than just sitting down and studying like a normal kid. it was kind of just like playing a video game.
either way, i'm hoping that i spent all that time stressing and obsessing so that you won't have to.
did i waste 5 years of my life and a shit ton of money? definitely. did i have one hell of a time doing so? fuck yeah.
it's been an absolute honour memeing with you ladies and gents these past 5 years.
i wish you all the best on your journeys, whatever they may look like.
u/conradismydaddy out ✌️

tl;dr --if you want to graduate from the University of Waterloo CS with as little effort as possible, follow these 3 steps:
  1. stumble your way through your mandatory courses by taking advantage of past resources, making friends in your courses to do assignments with, focusing on the bare minimum material you need to learn and complete to pass the course, and committing time to the lectures of the very best professors.
  2. once you're free from your mandatory courses, take "The Little 5" CS courses and coast your way through them.
  3. fill your breadth/depth electives throughout your degree by establishing your criteria for what a bird course is, and stacking those courses. my recommendation is to take mostly creative based courses because they save time overall and although they may be harder to do well in, they are harder to fail.

**EDIT - fixed up some grammar mistakes, added notes under Part 1 that more recent crowdmarks are better than older ones, and that you should consider not doing every question on every assessment that the prof assigns you. also added a tl;dr for those who were asking for it
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2022.05.03 16:37 joesen_one 220503 Weekly NCTeatime 🍵

Hello NCTzens, welcome back to this week's NCTeatime! Sorry for the delay 🙇🏻‍♂️
This is a free-for-all thread. Feel free to share a story, ask a question, drop a recommendation, or talk about anything else, NCT-related or not. This is also where you'll find a recap of what happened in NCity during the past week.
Please remember to follow the rules as well as the general Reddiquette. You can find our past weekly discussion threads here.
Weekly Recap:
General Reminders:
As always, take care and stay healthy this week, czennies 🌱
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2022.01.13 11:27 SeaweedShakerMan-23 [JC] to those of you considering nyjc :) pros, cons, rules and chances of getting in

HI JUNIORS! im a j2 this year and i hope this can help those of you who are trying to decide if you should come to ny👀🤝
-⏰if you take a more common subject combi, school generally starts at 8:30am. unusual combi: may need u to report to school earlier, like at 8am. if you’re lucky you will have late days where school starts at 9:30am or 10am☝️☝️🌞
-mostly dress down days (i.e. no need to wear full school uniform, can just wear any comfy school-related t and pants/skirt) i will talk abt more attire rules later on 👚👖🧦
-sheltered 2 min walk 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️from lorong chuan mrt, if you run u can probably reach within a minute lol🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
-📚📚college is open on weekends too for students to come back to study. on normal days it opens till 10+pm for students to study, but library closes earlier, ~early evening. but nearer to exams, library will open until quite late🌛~8pm based on personal experience 😍
-supportive network of peers and tutors here 👯‍♀️👩‍🏫when you stay back to study nearing exams, student council provides free food and packed meals 🍱🥙🥗🥪🧃🥤
-have plenty of student interest groups (SIG) that you can join. eg korzy🇰🇷🇰🇷 (kpop dance), jfire🇯🇵🇯🇵 (japanese culture) and many more. not compulsory but it adds to your portfolio and you can even start your own sig😎👄🙋‍♂️
-good notes and tutors generally very ✨friendly✨and open to consultations but ofc there may be some 😬less friendly😬 ones here and there 😾👹👺
-subject combi loophole muahahaha regardless of which stream you enter by, you can choose any subject combi you want 🤜🤛 (e.g. if you enter by arts stream you can still be a science student 😏😏) yes it will surely still apply because ny actually takes pride in this loophole😃💅💅
-lots of college events you can take part in like illumiNYte🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ (night walk in college) and the NYght (talent show) 🎤🕺
-NEED TO WALK UP A HILL EVERY MORNING 😴😴very tiring😪😪10x the tiredness if you’re late for school😔
-plenty of quizzes and tests every other week📖📑📚😖😖and all of it adds into your final promotion score 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️very normal to have 3 quizzes/ tests in a week..:(
-only level 5 classrooms and the container classrooms beside the carpark are airconditioned 🙁🙁☹️
-mugging culture which MAY BE GOOD! but can get more stressful nearer to exams 📆📝🤨 and also difficult to find seats in library nearer to exam period 😢😢
hair: anything not too off from black or brown is accepted 👩‍🦰👩‍🎤🧑‍🦰have seen people with chestnut brown hair and even small blonde streaks in ponytail and tutors didn’t say anything🤪even have a friend who came in last year with streaks of dark red hair and no tutors pointed it out🥸🤩
piercings: almost 100% certain that no tutors care about this so even if u have 5 piercings on each ear you’re GONNA BE FINE😼😼😼
socks/ shoes: literally anything👟👞🥾🧦just don’t come in slippers 😵🩴
; i got 9-4/ 7-2! what are my chances of entering? ; no one really knows but no way the cop is gonna fall to 5 so you are pretty much safe 💆‍♂️😌 (edit: the cop for 2022 actually did drop to 5. i was wrong.)
; i got nett 6! what are my chances of entering? ; again, no one knows but ASSUMING THE COP WILL NOT CHANGE, NOT GONN LIE that is a teeny bit risky 😟🥸 for 2021 the cop was 6 for both streams but i heard that less than 50 people in the cohort entered with nett 6 ☹️☹️😞
; ny is my dream school, should i put nyjc as my first choice as my first choice although i fall short of 1-2 points? ; YES PLEASE DO!!! cop of 6 last year is just a gauge after all AND NO ONE WILL KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR SO JUST PUT AND LEAVE NO REGRETS ✋🤚🖐✋
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2022.01.05 09:13 WanganHedgehog On the topic of mod applications

Hello and happy new year WeHateKpop! For the first time ever I will be running mod applications for the sub and discord server simultaneously!
For aspiring WeHateKpop mods, you must meet the following requirements:
If you have met all these requirements, you may apply for mod in our discord server ( and follow the application format posted there and specify that you are applying for subreddit mod.
For aspiring Discord server mods, follow the posted format and specify that you are applying for server mod.
Mod aplications will remain open for both subreddit and server until January 15, 2022.
That is all and best of luck, fellow kpop haters.
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2021.11.18 05:50 moonwalkergage Generating Quizzes for KPOP to Earn FUFU✌

This is a great privilege to bag some NFTs while 💤being creative and having fun at the same time. I'm really looking forward to getting on the ride
Being creative with quizzes can earn you Fufu. For instance, discussing trending topics about one of fufu's genesis drop; Kpop votes can help you generate questions such as:✍
What is Korean Pop?
👀👧Is Korean pop, K-pop, K pop, Kpop, K-Pop, and KPOP the same? What is Kpop music?
Why do you think netizens think that each Kpop generation has key iconic beauties?🧒
In the past, compared to Irene and Tzuyu, Jisoo had fewer hot topics, but over time, the female 👩‍🦰👩‍🦱idol’s influence has skyrocketed. What brought about such an increase?👄
For October 2021 ranking, based on Oct. 28 data, what can you say? Prettiest kpop female idols 2021. Laure Apr 30, 2021, with 1920 Views. It's crazy that I don't really care about celebrities but I'm falling in love with Jisoo. No makeup but still pretty what do you think?👨‍🌾👩‍⚖️💭
This is my first time seeing a project, gamified NFT distribution through interactive play to earn 💐💮 quizzes. Imagine a project offering you to earn with creativity game playing. Very rare to see. Don't miss out! 🌾🌿
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2021.10.23 23:10 flower_soon Golden Child: the group that absolutely lives up to their name (and here's my essay-length post explaining why)

This is going to be a long one with lots of links (you might want a cup of tea and a snack as you buckle in), so I'll split it into two posts, beginning simply with the basics for all kpop groups: vocals, dance and discography, and following with all the fun extras to get to know the group a little better in part 2 soon if you're hopefully still sticking around by that point (which by then is probably a sign) . . .

The Fundamentals

1. Vocals
They've earned their nickname 'Live Child'
It may not be very well known outside of their fanbase, but Golcha have some fantastic singers. They're blessed with two incredible main vocals, Y (a.k.a. Sungyoon) and Joochan (who coincidentally share the same birthday!) but in total, 5 of their 10 members have made appearances on King of Masked Singer which says something for their confidence in singing at least. The other three are lead vocalists Jibeom and Seungmin, as well as one of their rappers, Jangjun. Joochan's also had a chance to showcase his vocals when starring in the musical 'Sonata of a Flame' previously.
Additionally, they have absolutely gorgeous vocal tones that are quite varied. For a quick introduction, here are five of their members performing their song, Pass Me By, and covering EXO's The First Snow on It's Live.
Of course you can find them singing behind the scenes despite failing to harmonise lol and on radio shows, as well as Woollim's 'The Live' series. However, another thing I appreciate about them is their effort to include a couple of live stages every promotion cycle. I don't want to overstate things or raise expectations unfairly that they sing every stage completely live or there isn't broadcast editing etc., but you will find plenty of evidence of them singing live in the Woollim tradition:
2. Dance
Upholding the knife-like choreo legacy of their seniors
Golcha are fantastic dancers, as expected of most groups in this day and age. Take this little super fast dance break in Fanfare for example. If you enjoy the big movements and sharp angles of Infinite's choreography, a lot of Golcha's earlier songs still share the same company trademarks with really great attention to detail in order to match up moves satisfyingly. Their synchronisation is certainly impressive and can be seen showcased in those songs like Sea and It's U.
They've definitely diversified their repertoire since then, working with a number of different well-known choreographers outside the company such as Choi Youngjun, but they've maintained the same fantastic synchronisation. An example of their later impressive choreo that keeps more with the trends would be One (Lucid Dream) which is one of my personal favourites.
I'd be remiss to not mention the actual members though too. Their leader Daeyeol's role can't be understated when it comes to directing their dance practices since trainee times. He's also the one responsible for coordinating this seamless boy group mash-up performance of EXO, BTS, GOT7, Seventeen and NCT from a couple years back (here's the practice to get the full effect).
Their main dancer Donghyun also regularly posts his dance covers on their YouTube channel which you can find under 'Special Clip', but even their main vocal, Y, who was probably the least confident in dance when beginning as a trainee now does too.
Furthermore, they've covered a wide variety of kpop artists on music shows, including Infinite, Seventeen and EXO, and never fail to express their admiration for their sunbaes too (seriously Joochan might be a bigger carat than I am) which is one of their many endearing traits as a group.
3. Music
Something for everyone, with characteristic overflowing energy!
Not only do they have some fantastically cinematic, story-driven MVs like Burn It (zombies, anyone?) and Ra Pam Pam, their discography in its own right is wonderful and brilliantly varied.
To prove the boy-groups-only-dark-concepts people wrong:
A mix of both:
For the second gen. sound lovers:
Pure upbeat energy:
A sports concept trilogy:
. . . and everything in between, from mostly rap-based all the way to retro funkiness, they probably cover it.
If you're starting out, I'd recommend their most well-known bangers first: Wannabe (catchy, a great styling era and they also performed it on Road to Kingdom) and One (Lucid Dream) which is the song solely responsible for dragging me in to become a fan - the bridge is honestly S-tier and the equivalent of pure glacier water to your eardrums.
Ok, if that massive wall of text wasn't quite enough for you yet, I'll make sure to link Part 2 when it's up later too. If you managed to make it this far, thanks for reading! :)
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2021.09.19 13:56 CrystalMaze27 33 f4m Feels like my body screeched to a halt at 30 and started going in reverse. I know when rain is coming.

33 F4M, New York
Single/Taken/Complicated: Single
Seeking: Relationship, Friends, Platonic
Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic aegosexual (I recently learned what that was and boy does it fit me to a T)
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 33 in October
Height/Build: 5’2”, very not slender at 170lbs. Not trying to lose weight, trying to make better choices.
Physical Description: brown skinned, dark hair and eyes, glasses, cleans up well.
Personality Description: Are we really a good judge of our own personality? I’ve been told I’m funny, bit of a dick sometimes, and smart. I’ve also been told I create a very safe space for people to share, that I don’t judge. I think I’m emotional, but all online quizzes say I’m logical so 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m an introvert with occasional extroverted tendencies (especially when the weather is nice).
Interests: Reading, anime, manga, Kpop (and I mean Kpop, not just BTS), good shows, good movies, things that make me think, usually character driven. I’m the creative type, so DIY, baking, decorating etc. I particularly go nuts at Christmas. I’m a part of several fandoms, but I’m not pushy about them (at least, I hope I’m not).
Location: East Coast
The asexual discovery is relatively new, only in the last month or so did I connect the dots. I knew I wasn’t feeling what everyone else was feeling growing up, but I told myself it would happen in time, with the right person. Making the realization was very freeing, and telling the people closest to me even more so.
I’ve never been to the beach so I don’t know if I’d like long walks on it, but it sure would be nice to try that cliché. I’m a bit of a night owl, I prefer the winter to summer, but I really like transitioning from one season to another throughout the year. I get excited about sharing new information I come across. I can self isolate at times to recalibrate.
Ideally you would be my opposite, with just enough commonalities to keep us connected. There’s more info about me in my profile, if you’d like, when I was looking for love and friendship in all the wrong places.
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2021.08.10 16:28 mayankap17 Made a trivia quiz on female kpop idols, if anyone wants to give it a go...

I have tried to make this fun and hard trivia quiz on female Kpop idols where you have to guess the idol from their childhood photo.
I have tried to make this quiz fun and interesting as much as possible. It features 20 kpop idols some might be hard to guess but it will be entertaining.
If anyone wants to give it a go, here's the link: Guess these Female Kpop idols from their baby photos!
Please let me know if you guys like the quiz? Let me know if you guys have any suggestions/requests for future quizzes. Also, how easy/moderate/hard was the quiz?
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2021.07.30 08:34 denzith Last call for IDOLCHAMP MV promo voting! 1st place gets ads in 1650 Internet cafes nationwide

Last call for IDOLCHAMP MV promo voting, closes 4PM KST. 1st place reward: 120k pc launch screens in 1650 Internet cafes nationwide Korea.
Felt the benefits are quite tangibly worthwhile so I’m posting here if anyone is interested to help! Most votes can be gathered quickly, minimal ad watching ;)
Previously, DC had won a public TV spot ad by IDOLCHAMP voting.
⏰ Voting closes 30th July, 5pm KST
🏆 MV on 120k PCs on launch screen, in 1650 Internet cafes nationwide.
🗳 Voting can be found in the main page, 2nd banner at the top. Or. the ‘Vote’ tab (scroll down until the thumbnail with Yoohyeon).
Idolchamp votes visual guide
Votes are done with red/blue hearts. Hearts can be gained by:
  1. Daily first post in the Community Tab
  2. 30 likes on your post
  3. Daily log in (newest app store update)
  4. Commenting on any in-app event
  5. Watching ads (Menu- Free charging tab, max 5)
  6. Answering simple multiple choice quizzes (Answers can be found on onlyquizanswers on Twitter)
As always, kpop is a hobby and comeback support participation is voluntary. Please do not feel obliged or pressured to participate.
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2021.06.02 00:50 MNC05 My inconsistent style journey, what i did (how you can find yours)

Btw most fashion trends recycle every 20 years but mostly looking glamorous and dressing up is still looked down upon, because “eFfOrTLeSs” beauty is the trend atm.
i don’t know which flair to use besides advice but i’d be glad to help you out finding your three main styles (it doesn’t have to be 1 particular one since you’re not a 2D character lol). I’ll include a TL;DR for finding your style faster (lowkey quizz).
My 2020-2016 style
(I honestly went from 2016 Kardashian style, 2017-2019 kpop idol inspo, 2020 wanting to try alt)
Make up: matte make up, sharp eyeliner. Darkened eyebrows. Mostly harsh and little to no soft ness at all (which didn’t work for my high trust features).
Pros: not attracting any public attention Cons: not feeling confident at all, never have the mood feeling my best and prettiest. It made me feel really below average. Attracting more people with toxic low self esteeem.

In 2021 when i finally found my style I looked for (basically i found my femininity again). And accepting that you don’t have to act like what you feel and say, accepting your own “paradoxity”.
The fabrics i wanted to wear: mine is soft and thinner fabrics like silk and satin.
Clothes: dresses! I never felt more amazing in them especially midi dresses! Waist emphasis (tucking in your shirt, belting, not having oversized tees). Avoiding prints, i just like having one color.
How i want to be: wanting to be seductive and hot (femme fatale inspo), yet mysterious and calm appearance at the same time (ethereal like, serenity).
Knowing my best colors: neutrals (from white to browns, often i’ll wear black but never greys), soft and muted cool colors.
Always adding glittery and shiny jewellery to complete the look (so simple yet elegant).
I found out i’m really fond of gloves: searching for your accessories. Search for your signature look.
Make up: soft eye make up, blush usage, lipgloss, letting my eyebrows as it is.
Shoes: heels and boots!
Extra: doing more things with my hair than only putting it in ponytails and let it loose; half up half down/elven like hairstyle, curling it more often.
I Speak slower to tone my voice down (which makes my voice sounds calmer and more approachable, been insecure about it since people tell me it’s annoying and ugly.)
Attitude: becoming more aloof, acting dumb and not telling everything. Saves you from a lot of drama and stress.
Hanging out with people that aren’t unsupportive. And finally getting to know my selfworth.

How to find your style (a journey for yourself). More in a quizz like text if you don’t mind that.
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2021.05.23 09:18 ohsomeday_ Voting guide for Korean music shows - an updated version & wiki page

Hello rNctizens,
This is late, but we've put together a new wiki page – Music Show Voting, which you can reference during NCT promotions in case you'd like to participate in fan voting! This guide is broken down by show first and includes a calendar for voting activities in KST time. The Wiki page will always be there in the NCT Support Guides section and will be updated in case of any show criteria or voting procedure changes.
Below is a copy of the page. Let me know in the comments if anything is out of order!
(If you see this and install StarPass within the next 30 minutes, you can give one vote for Dream in Inkigayo Live voting!)

Music Shows and Apps how-to

The Show

Tuesdays 6:00pm KST @ SBS mtv
Requirement for a win: artist must perform on the day of the broadcast.

Show! Champion

Wednesdays 6:00pm KST @ MBC Music

M Countdown

Thursdays 6:00pm KST @ MNet
Requirement for a win: artist must start promotions by being on at least one music show.

Music Bank

Fridays 5:00pm KST @ KBS

Music Core

Saturdays 3:30pm KST @ MBC


Sunday 3:30pm KST @ SBS

Calendar for pre-voting (KST time)

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun app:
vote vote vote vote StarPass - The Show
vote vote vote vote Idol Champ - Show!Champ
vote vote vote vote MWave/WhosFan - MCD
vote vote vote vote MuBeat - MuCore
vote StarPass - Inki
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