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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2011.06.08 16:36 mzilla Eindhoven

Welcome to /Eindhoven, A subreddit about the city in the Netherlands. This place is meant for questions that do not have an official desk to answer for you, as well as bringing people together concerning local topics.

2020.07.02 02:18 thedailydaren Art Larger Than Me

A subreddit for the art, design and creative work made by Daren Todd and his art company, Art Larger Than Me. You can follow Daren here to see updates on what he's currently working on, youtube videos, live streams, and peaks at Patreon happenings.

2023.05.29 23:10 amane_pichu Saw it on FB and it seemed too good to be true

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2023.05.29 23:10 MrMassacrer 23 [M4F] VA/USA - An Optimistic Post

Okay, full disclosure: I'm awful at writing these. I'm just gonna take my best shot to describe who I am and what I'm looking for, but I'm definitely better at conversations than bios.
I'll start with a little about myself. I'm 23 and recently moved near the DC area to start my first job (in AI research) out of college. This came with way more responsibilities than I was ready for, but I've finally got a half decent grasp of being an "adult". Thus, I figured it's about time I take the next step in my life and try to meet someone special to share it with. Physically, I'm 5'8 with an average build and dark brown hair. In terms of hobbies, I absolutely love playing board games. In fact, I attend a board game club three times a week and have a fairly sizable collection. For anyone familiar (or interested in) hobby board gaming, my personal favorites are Lisboa and Ark Nova. Besides board games, I also play video games, go hiking, and travel whenever I get the opportunity. In fact, I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Portugal. Lastly, I really enjoy reading comics and watching movies or TV shows. I have aphantasia which means I can't visualize anything in my mind's eye, so these mediums are pretty much a necessity for me to appreciate stories. Lastly, to avoid any future dealbreakers, I'll also add that I drink only socially, never smoke, am apolitical and agnostic, and am fully vaccinated.
Okay that might have been more writing about myself than I've done in my whole life. So let's switch topics and talk about you. Firstly, you're very great to have made it this far into my wall of text! Additionally, I definitely prefer people somewhat local to my area, but I'm open to meeting people from anywhere in the US. I'm not picky about physical appearance, but I definitely want someone who either shares or is open to exploring my interests and hobbies. Lastly, my love language is quality time, so I'm interested in someone who wants to hang out together somewhat often.
If you're still reading, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM or chat. If you're struggling to start the conversation (like I was with this post) send over three unique facts about you. I'll even sweeten the pot and reply with pet pictures for each one!
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2023.05.29 23:10 Granete [For Hire] Computer Programming Tutor or Teacher (C, C++, and others, details inside)

Hello! I am offering my services as a C and C++ tutoteacher for $25 an hour. You pay at the end of each hour and you can walk away without paying for the first hour if you are unsatisfied. I can work with beginners through the upper intermediate level. I can either tutor you while you take an existing course or teach you from scratch. As for my experience, I've been working with C++ for over three years, driven by my love of learning, programming, and technology. I’ve worked with over 50 clients during the past year with all positive feedback. Below is my policy when dealing with less familiar subjects. While C and C++ are the languages I am most experienced with, I regularly take on jobs in other languages. When working with subjects I am not overly or at all familiar with, I only charge $20 an hour, sometimes with additional discounts. This is to compensate for the extra time I may need to spend on the project. I am a quick learner who can learn what I need to help you through your course as you go. I have done this with many people before with great results. Please note this works best the closer you are to the start of your course. The following are subjects I have tutored for at least one semester: C, C++, Python, OpenGL, operating systems, drivers, R, and Web Assembly. I addition, I have some limited experience in the following subjects: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Lua, Bash, Vulkan, CMake, NASM, Pandas, and Asio. Again, please keep in mind that even if your subject is not listed, I may still be able to help you. Please DM me if you are interested in hiring me or have any questions at all. We will work via Element ( voice/screen share calls, so please make sure you have a mic available. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.05.29 23:10 billyjhello 26M - looking for people who have experience with wedgies

Hello! I'm looking for people who have wedgie experiences that they'd be comfortable sharing some stories of. Whether it was sexual, from bullies, siblings, sports pranks, initiations, etc., I'm interested in hearing your stories if you've got them. PMs are open.
A little about me—I'm 26 years old and based in NY. I love live music, getting into cooking, photography, graphic design, and exploring the city. I don't have any experience with wedgies myself, which is partly why I enjoy hearing about other people's experiences.
I look forward to chatting with you!
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2023.05.29 23:10 Handsome_Maz I'm going to give up.

I have had suicidal thoughts for a long time now. I just don't want to be here anymore. Everything that was ever good in my life has gone to shit in one way or another. I've had therapy, i'm on meds, I suffered with ptsd but no fucker believes you have it because they can't see it, I try to get out and do things but I don't know what happiness feels like anymore, we lost a baby.. my pal died, I had to fold my business and then my wife left me after she had a sudden brain haemorrhage, shes in recovery but now hates me due to her emotional changes / symptoms & my young son had to move away with her. We were together for 10 years and we were happy. I just cant do it anymore, I have no purpose now. I don't see the point... im just a complete waste of space & everything i'm near goes to shit. I attempted it once but I was smashed on vodka & I think I threw up alot of what I took, I slept and was fucked for days after.. I can't even kill myself right.
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2023.05.29 23:10 billyjhello 26M - looking for people who have wedgie experiences

Hello! I'm looking for people who have wedgie experiences that they'd be comfortable sharing some stories of. Whether it was sexual, from bullies, siblings, sports pranks, initiations, etc., I'm interested in hearing your stories if you've got them. PMs are open.
A little about me—I'm 26 years old and based in NY. I love live music, getting into cooking, photography, graphic design, and exploring the city. I don't have any experience with wedgies myself, which is partly why I enjoy hearing about other people's experiences.
I look forward to chatting with you!
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2023.05.29 23:10 gh0st_4ever Is a genuine connection possible...

To be completely honest, I’m really tired of being alone. I want to have someone to cuddle, I want to have someone to talk to about every random thought that crosses my mind. I want someone that will meal prep with me, and help me plan our next vacation. I want to talk about the past, the present and the possible future. I want to love, and be loved. I guess I want what must of us want: a genuine connection. But, I'm afraid I that I will never really find it. Mostly because I'm scared of being vulnerable with someone. Opening up to them, giving them enough ammo to destroy your heart and just hope they don't do it? It's amost impossible to think about it. And having mindless relationships? I tried and failed.
I’m in my mid twenties, and I have been single for the last decade. I don’t even remember what sex feels like. I was pretty traumatized by my first (and last) relationship, that I wasn't ready to be in another one for a while. But now that I think I'm ready, it looks like everyone around me already found their other half, and I'm just an extra half that no one is interested in. And I don't know what to do anymore... I'm not hidious, I have many hobbies, and I consider myself smart, but I guess it's not enough, and I guess it will never be enough. And I guess that because I already think that I'm not enough, I will never think that anyone is good enough to be with.
I'm scared of being vulnerable with someone, but tired of being alone. I'm a contradiction.
I guess I need more therapy before I'm ready to date again? And when will I really be ready? In another 10 years? I don't want to wait that much....
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2023.05.29 23:09 Abomination31212 16m lonely and needing a good [friendship]

I don't have very many friends and I'm looking to expand my social circle. I play a lot of video games including valorant, elden ring, persona 5 royal, and many others. I also enjoy learning about medicine and anatomy. I only really use discord to talk to people so that's required. I am also bi so yeah. I would like to talk to some other LGBT people but I'm open to talking to anyone. If you dm me please give me more then a "hey" or I'm just gonna ignore it and please be around my age (16-18). Also please don't be creepy or ask anything nsfw. I look forward to talking to anyone interested!
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2023.05.29 23:09 Megjxxo98 Wanting to wear my binder to work.

I got a binder a few days ago finally, as my chest gives me so much dysphoria and just generally annoys me despite not being large, I really want to wear it to work but I've heard it isn't the best to wear it for long periods of time and I'm working 8 hours but with public transport I'm out for near enough 10 hours, is this too long to bind? If so is there anything else I can do to achieve a flat chest without potentially causing damage to my health?
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2023.05.29 23:09 Difficult_Cream1468 traveling vs. staying local

I am eager to learn this trade. I have signed up for line school. I am okay with traveling, but how will I differentiate jobs which require you to travel vs. staying local. Does traveling always mean more $$$?
Also should I sign the books for local IBEW's near me NOW or wait until I at least finish line school?
Thank you all
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2023.05.29 23:09 asirememberit Camacho Ecuador

Camacho Ecuador
I've had a fair amount of Camacho's offerings and this one fit the standard profile, for me. Deep rich tobacco flavors with some cedar and slight spiciness. Great construction and draw. This one, like most of their line up was just OK in my book. Every time I say I'm done with them, I try another. I'm hoping the other one I have changes a bit over time. Also bought a BXP to compare. Solid smoke but nothing I would purchase again, unless it changes drastically over time.
Am I the only one who feel this way?
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2023.05.29 23:09 qwarrh Need a bull to do me a favor! Pm open

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2023.05.29 23:09 dannybhoy295 27 [M4F] scottish guy! It's my birthday today!

Hey! I'm just chilling out! Come wish me a happy birthday and we can chat for a bit! Hopefully end up with something long term! I'm laid back, open to any sort of conversation
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2023.05.29 23:08 JonhScout Shrooms and hax

Hello everyone is it safe to take 1g of shrooms and smoke haxixe. I would like to know what might happen, if anyone could tell me I would appreciate it.
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2023.05.29 23:08 Stunning-Fix-2981 Notice to AirBnb guests

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2023.05.29 23:08 diabolical_cunt I’m not dope sick, I’m dying. So don’t make me doctor-shop for pain relief

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2023.05.29 23:08 kanink007 Website works in Multi Container, but not in normal container anymore

Not sure if this is caused by the newest Firefox Update. But today I noticed, some website are kinda broken now.
For example Metascr. When I try to use the search function, it won't work. It gives me "No matches found". Here is a screenshot. The search script of the website is not giving results anymore.
Now, when I open this website in a different Container, everything works fine. Here is a screenshot.
It is the very same Firefox Profile. Where it doesnt work, is the non-container version. While where it is working, the website was opened in a different container.
Addons for both, non-container surfing and container surfing, are identical.
What could be the cause?
Firefox v 113.0.2
Windows 10 64bit - May 2023 cumulative etc. up-to-date.
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2023.05.29 23:08 Epoch_Warrior My Hypothesis on the topic of a Holographic Universe

Disclaimer: This was my first time writing something this long in a while, and it was at 4AM, so forgive me if I could've done better at sentence and paragraph structure. If anybody has recommendations of other subs I could share this in, please let me know!
 Holographic Universe Hypothesis 
Hypothesis: The Physical Universe as a 3-Dimensional Hologram internally projected from a 2-Dimensional Event Horizon.
• Introduction: This hypothesis suggests that our Universe is a Holographic Projection, where the Three-Dimensional Space we Perceive is a Holographic Illusion, and the "real" Reality exists as a Two-Dimensional Information Structure Encoded on the Event Horizon of a Black Hole. This hypothesis is based on several concepts in Modern Physics, including Hawking Radiation, Zero-Point Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Virtual Particles.
● Black Hole Event Horizon and Information: According to Classical Physics, Black Holes possess an Event Horizon, a Boundary beyond which Nothing can Escape, including Light. This Event Horizon can be considered a Two-Dimensional Surface surrounding the Black Hole, referred to as the Holographic Screen. The Holographic Principle, derived from String Theory and Black Hole Thermodynamics, states that all the Information Contained within a region can be Encoded on its Boundary.
• Black Holes and Information Paradox: Black Holes are fascinating objects predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. According to Stephen Hawking's work on Black Hole Thermodynamics, Black Holes Emit Radiation called Hawking Radiation. This Radiation carries away Energy and reduces the Mass of a Black Hole over Time, eventually causing it to Evaporate completely. However, this poses a problem known as the "Information Paradox." If all the Information that falls into a Black Hole is lost when it Evaporates, it Violates the Principle of Quantum Mechanics that states Information Must Be Conserved.
• Holography and 3-Dimensional Projection: Using the Holographic Principle as a foundation, it is hypothesized that the Information Encoded on the Black Hole's Event Horizon is Projected in Three Dimensions, forming our Observable Universe. This Projection Mechanism is akin to a Hologram, where a Two-Dimensional Surface Encodes a Three-Dimensional Image.
• Holographic Principle: The Holographic Principle, proposed by Gerard 't Hooft and Leonard Susskind, suggests that all the Information contained within a Region of Space can be Encoded on its Boundary. This principle originated from the study of Black Hole Physics and has been linked to the concept of Quantum Gravity. In the context of this hypothesis, it implies that the Three-Dimensional Reality we Perceive might be a Holographic Projection Encoded on a Two-Dimensional Surface.
• Event Horizon as a 2-Dimensional Information Structure: The Event Horizon of a Black Hole is the Boundary beyond which Nothing, including Light, can Escape its Gravitational Pull. The Event Horizon is a Two-Dimensional Surface, and according to the Holographic Principle, it could store all the Information about the Black Hole's Interior. This Information can be seen as a Holographic Projection of a Lower-Dimensional Reality.
• Hawking Radiation and Holography: Hawking Radiation, arising from Quantum Effects near the Event Horizon, suggests that Black Holes emit Particles and Energy. These Particles, known as Virtual Particles, can Appear spontaneously and Annihilate each other shortly after. According to the Holographic Principle, these Virtual Particles and the associated Quantum Fluctuations can be understood as Fluctuations of the Two-Dimensional Holographic Information on the Event Horizon. The apparent Three-Dimensional Space we Perceive is a Manifestation of these Holographic Fluctuations.
• Vacuum Energy and Zero-Point Energy: In Quantum Field Theory, the Vacuum is not Empty but Filled with Fluctuating Fields, giving rise to what is known as Vacuum Energy or Zero-Point Energy. The Holographic Principle suggests that the Energy associated with these Quantum Fluctuations is Encoded in the Two-Dimensional Holographic Description on the Event Horizon. The Energy of the Vacuum and the Fluctuations within it could account for the Properties and Dynamics of the Three-Dimensional Holographic Projection we Experience.
• Emergent Spacetime and Virtual Particles: Virtual Particles, constantly Appearing and Disappearing due to Quantum Fluctuations, are another important aspect of this hypothesis. These Particles Emerge from the Quantum Vacuum and can be seen as Excitations or Perturbations in the Holographic Description on the Event Horizon. These Fluctuations can give rise to the apparent Properties of Spacetime, such as the Curvature, Particle Interactions, and Forces we Observe in our Three-Dimensional Reality.
● Orch-OR Theory and Consciousness: Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR) theory, proposed by Physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, suggests that Consciousness Emerges from Quantum Processes occurring in Microtubules within Brain Cells. The Holographic Hypothesis incorporates Orch-OR by emphasizing the significance of Consciousness in the Projection of the 3D Holographic Universe. It proposes that Consciousness is not solely an Emergent Property of the Brain but is Fundamental and Intimately connected to the Underlying Fabric of Reality.
● Consciousness and Projection: Consciousness, as a Fundamental Aspect of Reality, is posited to interact with the Information encoded on the Event Horizon. It is hypothesized that Conscious Observation and Intentionality may Influence the Projection Process, potentially Shaping our Reality on a Fundamental Level. This Interaction between Consciousness and the Holographic Projection is yet to be fully understood, but it suggests that our Conscious Awareness is not merely a Passive Observer but an Active Participant in the Construction of our Perceived Reality.
● Consciousness as the Projector of Reality: Building upon the Holographic Principle, this hypothesis proposes that Consciousness plays a crucial role in Manifesting and Projecting Reality. It suggests that Individual Consciousnesses, when Unified or Interconnected in some way, act as Projectors that Generate the Perceived Reality. This Collective Consciousness creates the Illusion of a Three-Dimensional World by Projecting it from a Higher-Dimensional Realm onto the Lower-Dimensional Space we experience.
• Co-Creation and Interdependence: This hypothesis implies that Reality is not solely the result of an External Objective Reality but is Co-Created by the Collective Consciousness. It suggests that our Subjective Experiences and Perceptions are intimately intertwined with the Nature of Reality itself, forming a Symbiotic Relationship where Consciousness shapes Reality, and Reality shapes Consciousness in return.
• Experimental Implications: If this hypothesis were correct, it would have significant implications for our understanding of the Nature of Reality. It would suggest that our Perception of a Three-Dimensional Universe is an Emergent Property of a Two-Dimensional Holographic Description.
● In conclusion, this hypothesis proposes that our Universe is a Three-Dimensional Holographic Projection originating from the Two-Dimensional Event Horizon of a Black Hole. This concept is based on the Holographic Principle, which suggests that all the Information within a region of Space can be Encoded on its Boundary. The Holographic Nature of our Reality is supported by various concepts in modern Physics, including Hawking Radiation, Zero-Point Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Virtual Particles.
By considering the Information Paradox associated with Black Holes, the Holographic Principle provides a potential solution by suggesting that the Event Horizon acts as a Two-Dimensional Information Structure storing all the Information about the Black Hole's Interior. This information can be viewed as a Projection of a Lower-Dimensional Reality onto the Three-Dimensional Spacetime we Perceive.
The Emission of Hawking Radiation from Black Holes, consisting of Virtual Particles arising from Quantum Effects near the Event Horizon, further supports the Holographic Nature of our Universe. These Virtual Particles and the associated Quantum Fluctuations can be understood as Fluctuations of the Two-Dimensional Holographic Information encoded on the Event Horizon. The apparent Three-Dimensional Space we Observe is a Manifestation of these Holographic Fluctuations.
Additionally, the Vacuum Energy or Zero-Point Energy, which is the Energy associated with Quantum Fluctuations in the Empty Space, can be linked to the Holographic description on the Event Horizon. The Energy of the Vacuum, along with the Fluctuations within it, could account for the Properties and Dynamics of the Three-Dimensional Holographic Projection we experience.
Furthermore, the emergence of Spacetime and the behavior of Virtual Particles can be explained within the Holographic Framework. Virtual particles, arising from Quantum Fluctuations, can be seen as Excitations or Perturbations in the Holographic description on the Event Horizon. These fluctuations give rise to the apparent properties of Spacetime, including Curvature, Particle Interactions, and Forces that we Observe in our Three-Dimensional Reality.
While this hypothesis provides an intriguing perspective on the nature of our Universe, it remains speculative and requires further investigation and experimental confirmation. Advancements in the study of Black Holes, Quantum Gravity, and Fundamental Physics are necessary to shed more light on the validity of the Holographic Principle and its implications for our understanding of Reality.
● In summary, this hypothesis suggests that our Three-Dimensional Universe is an Internal Holographic Projection encoded on the Two-Dimensional Event Horizon of a Black Hole. This proposal offers a novel perspective on the fundamental Nature of Spacetime and invites further exploration into the intricate connections between Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, Gravity, and Information Theory.
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2023.05.29 23:08 Justsomeguyonline87 [NA] [Mal'Ganis] 9/9N 8/9H LF a dependable HAVOC DH (Also assorted M+ Players)

Responsibilities is an AOTC-focused raiding guild/community (currently 9/9N 8/9H ATSC) looking to fill spots and replace vacated roles in our primary raid team. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8:00PM - 11:00PM Eastern. We're also recruiting multiple roles/specs for general gameplay (M+, Casual, Future Additional Raid Teams).
We are NOT a hardcore raid team. However, we will kindly ask that all raiders do their due diligence. Gear up in Mythic+ as needed, acquire crafted gear, and research your class/spec/rotation to improve if necessary. We do not mind asking individuals to sit out if performance becomes an issue.
Toxicity, hate, aggression, etc. need not apply.
Although we're Horde-side, we're open to Cross-Faction and Cross-Server team members
If you're interested in having a chat about joining our team, please hit me up on Discord: RiPTide#1365
Cross-Server Community Code: R9BYXpRSjzn Feel free to join!
We look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.29 23:08 Webb859 Was listening to music and Wayfinder open beta footage. A parody idea hit me

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2023.05.29 23:08 Competitive_Monk2954 Might be forced to move to Texas and I’m terrified

My dad is facing a potential promotion for work that will force the entire family to move to Texas. I’m not openly out (not even to my family). And have only just started going by my preferred name in areas I can keep away from my family. However, I have always had a very nonbinary style, and even before I knew I was queer, I constantly attracted queer friends, and was asked if I was gay often.
There’s loads that will make this move a horrible thing for my future, and really traumatic for me. And there’s nothing I can do as I can’t support myself.
I’m deeply terrified as I can be clocked as queer from 10 miles away, and there’s a chance I’ll be moving within a 2hr drive of Dallas. And as far as I understand, Texas is the most dangerous state to live in as a queer (especially trans) person, and has one of, if not the most murdered trans people. I’m terrified, if anyone has anything that will help me survive I would be appreciative. Especially since I will be losing a lot, including my entire support system if I end up needing to move, and this just adds so much dread and fear to the fire
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2023.05.29 23:08 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of SAW (CHAPTER 26, 27, & 28) Converging Paths

Read Chapter 25 Here:
*** CHAPTER 26 **\*
Traveling to the warehouse, Logan felt relieved knowing Melissa was in good hands, but his momentary comfort was quickly replaced with apprehension when he arrived at Hoffman’s lair. Checking his surroundings, Logan was unfamiliar with this place, despite living here for over a decade. Stopping the car, he tilted the visor down and looked at the photo of his wife.
Through the security camera positioned outside, Hoffman watched Logan enter the parking lot and smiled. He grabbed the bottle of chloroform that sat next to the aqua green box and a cloth from the table, then switched on the furnace. Walking towards the entrance, he turned off all the lights except the one shining on Elanor, who sat unconscious beneath the aluminum dispenser.
Walking towards the entrance, Logan removed a tactical knife from his pocket and held it surreptitiously. Finding the door unlocked, he breached the doorway and stepped into the building, his chest full of anxiety. Logan shuffled through the inoperable machines, boxes, and various tools until he found Elanor under the strobe light. On the floor, he noticed the chrome pool of aluminum that had dried and discovered the dispenser above her. Quickly pulling the chair out of reach, he removed the gag from her mouth just as the liquid started to pour.
Slipping out of the darkness, Hoffman watched as Logan attempted to cut through the ropes that bound Elanor, and while he was distracted, Hoffman slammed the grip of his gun into the back of Logan’s head with traumatic force. Falling to the floor, rattled and disoriented, Hoffman used this moment to render him unconscious with a considerable dose of chloroform.
Seth’s body is brought to the triage center, where the on-call doctors get to work. They extract the bullet from his neck and clean the wound. Then, fill several vials with his coagulating blood and immediately begin several tests. It doesn’t take long for them to find something unusual in his blood. The pathologist examines the results and calls the precinct.
Waiting to hear from Agent Kullen, Lincoln left a message for Autumn and contacted the patrol unit, which was watching over her. They spoke briefly and assured him she would be brought to the station as soon as possible.
With her safety guaranteed, he reached out to the crew sent to Gavin Beck’s residence. They informed him that an officer was found in the garage with his arms, legs, and mouth wrapped in duct tape, but he was still alive, suffering from a major contusion on his head. He was currently being transported to the hospital for evaluation.
Fixing his posture, Lincoln loosened the cilice, providing a moment of comfort, and sank into his chair. Through the window, he caught another glimpse of the remaining survivors. Obstructing his view and thoughts, Marlow entered his office.
“Linc,” he says, “I’ve been in touch with Agent Webb. She’s in recovery and would like updates on the case. Additionally, I’ve been in contact with Dr. Steward’s wife and son. They’re both okay. Presumably an empty threat. The same for Renee’s family.”
Lincoln squints his eyes, contemplating, and suggests, “They didn’t fit the code.”
Marlow shrugs and is about to speak when a call comes through, “Detective,” the pathologist says, “Please come to the triage center at once. There’s something you should see.”
Taking his jacket from the chair, they leave the room hastily and head next door, cutting a path through the other corpses, beelining for Seth’s cadaver. The site of the body hits Lincoln in the gut. They shared a long history, and this wasn’t how he imagined their friendship would end. Saddened by the loss, Lincoln backed away and placed his hands in his pockets.
Inside, he found the last canister of Nitrous Oxide, which he had forgotten about. Already inserted into the cracker, it was taunting him. With the pain of losing another friend, Lincoln’s urge to use was returning, and he felt he would never escape its grasp. Checking for an exit, Lincoln was about to give in to his compulsion when he caught sight of the pathologist using a centrifuge.
Detailing her findings into a computer, she greets Lincoln, “Thank you for coming.”
“What did you find?”
Moving around the device, she grabs a portfolio and takes a blood-filled vial from the rack. She hands the vial to Lincoln and says, “When we ran the first test, I found Seth’s blood was contaminated with some sort of bacteria.”
Holding up the vial and looking closely, “Agent Kullen said he was sick….” Lincoln explains.
Her expression is one of doubt, “I checked that too, but these cells reacted differently than a common cold. It’s microbial.”
Turning a page in the portfolio, she removes another vial from the rack that is filled with green fluid.
“Do you recognize this?” She asks.
Swapping vials, Lincoln shakes the cylinder and watches the fluid splash against the walls.
The pathologist elaborates, “It was confiscated from Dr. Gordon’s apartment.”
“Well, Detective, my theory is that poison not dissimilar to this was injected into Seth’s body. I’m certain we will find an entry point with a little more time.”
Handing the vial back to the pathologist, Lincoln displays concern.
He says, “Have Logan assist you with the autopsy. Find the entry point and get back to me.”
Confusion drapes the pathologist, “Logan isn’t here, Detective. I thought you knew that.”
“Fine, get Elanor on it immediately.”
“I’m sorry, Lincoln, but she’s not here either.”
Marlow looks worried, and Lincoln says, “What are you talking about?”
“The on-call Doctors are here because Logan and Elanor never came in. I assumed they requested a break….”
Lincoln pushes past the physician, and Marlow tries to keep up. “Get a unit to Logan and Elanor’s addresses.” He says, “If you can’t get in touch with anyone, I want an APB out within the hour.”
“Chief Savino?”
“My orders, just do it.”
They enter the precinct, and Lincoln breaks off from Marlow, heading to his office while Marlow requests the attention of the other officers. Perched in the seats, eyes fixed, they await instructions. He explains, “Two of our colleagues are missing, Logan Nelson and Elanor Bonneville. Logan was last seen leaving the precinct between 7 pm and 8 pm last night. We must track them down as soon as possible.”
Listening to Marlow in the distance, Lincoln paces his office, trying to call Autumn. He leaves another message and fidgets with the Nitrous Oxide in his pocket. Needing a distraction, he contacts Agent Kullen.
Outside the Convention Center, Agent Kullen acquired an identical parking slip to the one they procured from Seth. He stood beside his vehicle, surveying the surroundings, taking mental notes of the area, including the security cameras and the construction site for the museum across the street then headed inside.
At the front desk, he finds two staff members and security personnel. Flashing his badge, he requests to see the surveillance footage taken from the last forty-eight hours. They informed him that a power outage corrupted the data, and the footage was essentially erased. Incensed by the revelation, Kullen shows them a picture of Seth Steward and asks if they’ve seen him on the property. The security guard holds the photo close to his face and recognizes the man. He saw him the night before, smoking in the parking lot, but he never entered the building.
Kullen’s stomach churned, and his hand twitched as he exited the convention center. Retrieving his medication from the car, Kullen consumed two pills and evaluated his surroundings once more. Walking towards the street, he looked up and down the road diligently.
Near the shoulder, across the street, he saw something glistening off the sun. About to head over, a call rang through his cell, “Kullen,” he said, still curious about the object.
“It’s me.”
Hearing the Detective's unsettled tone, Agent Kullen asks, “Lincoln, what’s going on?”
“Elanor and Logan are missing. Marlow is pursuing leads. Where are you?”
Crossing the street, Kullen discovers the reflective object to be a broken padlock. He carries the item towards the gate and says, “I’m near the Convention Center.”
He stops at the entrance and discovers that a new padlock has replaced the broken one. Suspicious, he looks to the Convention Center and then back to the gate.
Overwhelmed by his sudden emotions, Lincoln pushes through a fog of anxiety and asks, “Have you found anything?”
Kullen tilts the new lock in his direction and discovers a keyhole. “Send a team to the museum, now.”
Quickly returning to his vehicle, Kullen starts the ignition and drives towards the parking lot's exit. He waits anxiously for the road to clear before pulling out onto the street. When he reaches the gate, he makes a sharp turn and slams his foot into the accelerator. Crashing through the barrier, he speeds toward the construction site.
Pedestrians outside the Community Center observe the unexpected breach and appear excited and perplexed, with at least one individual phoning 9-1-1.
*** CHAPTER 27 **\*
Sitting at his workstation, watching the news, Hoffman can hear Elanor’s muffled cries for help. In front of her, she could see the limp body of Logan, handcuffed to a metal fixture that Hoffman bolted to the floor below the aluminum faucet. Pleading for him to wake up, she quivered in fear.
Unaffected, Hoffman increased the volume of the television. Showing footage of the National History Museum from a helicopter, it was reported that a new game had been discovered. In the video, Hoffman saw several cop cars and news vans positioned outside the building. They revealed that triggers and tripwires had been placed throughout the museum, preventing safe entry.
Photos of the victims flash on the screen, and Hoffman sees Renee Walsh, a test subject of John Kramer, who he had captured over a decade ago. For her game, John requested an eye for an eye, forcing her to remove the organ with a sharpened spoon. Unbeknownst to Jigsaw, Dr. Gordon provided a numbing agent for Renee that would aid her in the endeavor.
Hoffman’s eyes glazed over, and the memories of previous games rushed to his mind. Staring through the television, he heard a voice.
Hovering over his shoulder was the rotting corpse of Amanda Young, who said, “Hello, Mark….”
“You’re dead,” he replied calmly.
Watching the news, Amanda folded her pale arms and said, “I know it’s hard to concentrate.”
Having been haunted by these hallucinations since he escaped the bathroom, Hoffman felt exhausted and tortured, “Why?” He said, his voice drained of emotion. “Why are you still here?”
Amanda stared out the window while Hoffman watched the blood ooze from her neck, and she said, “By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal.”
“When this is over, you’ll be gone….”
Smiling, Amanda responds defiantly, “Somehow, I doubt that.”
Photos of John Kramer are displayed on the television, followed by images of Dr. Gordon.
Seeing the pictures, Hoffman remembered sending letters to various news stations, hospitals, and local law enforcement, implicating Lawrence Gordon as an accomplice. For many years, he had planned his revenge on the Doctor, which started by exposing his true identity. However, with Gordon’s upstanding reputation, the implications were deemed a slanderous rumor, and nothing ever came of it.
Now with Gordon gone, only one obstacle remained; there was only one accomplice left; Logan Nelson.
*** CHAPTER 28 **\*
The sun is chased out of the sky by a flurry of dark clouds, creating a reddish-black horizon. An aft beautiful sight, if not for the crowd that has formed outside the precinct. Families of the deceased Jigsaw victims have led a throng of supporters to the parking lot, where they demand an end to Jigsaw’s legacy and the police department that has allowed this to go on for so long.
Among the swarm of bodies are the ex-husband and children of Sarah Harper.
Inside, Chief Savino preps a SWAT team on the situation at the museum, reminding them to be wary of traps, and displays a picture of Hoffman on the television for each of them to memorize. He insists that no one enter the museum until all the traps have been disarmed.
After the speech, Lincoln is informed that Autumn has arrived at her house and is collecting her belongings. The officer estimates that they will reach the precinct within the hour. With one problem solved, Lincoln allows himself a moment of comfort. When he is about to leave, Marlow approaches with more good news.
“We just spoke to Cameron, Logan’s Mother-in-Law,” He says, “She has Melissa, they’re fine, and Logan left around 7 am this morning.”
“Did she say where he was going?”
“He said he was going to work but to contact you if there’s trouble. Chances are he’s inside the museum with the others.”
Lincoln considers the possibilities and says, “Let’s retrace his steps. He took his vehicle, right? I don’t care how long it takes, pull CCTV, check gas stations in the vicinity, schools, everything. If we can triangulate his phone, do it. Find him."
“I will, sir,” Marlow says, without moving, "What about him?"
Lincoln glances at Daniel inside the Infirmary, “He doesn't leave my sight," he says.
“What other options do we have? I'm not losing anyone else."
Forgoing his apprehension, Marlow said, “It’s your call, Lincoln.”
Within twenty minutes, Lincoln arrives at the museum with a SWAT team. Staring at the building, he feels a sudden surge of anxiety, dread, and a strange sense of relief, knowing this will all be over soon.
“Are you okay?” a voice asks.
His eyes move to the rearview mirror, and Lincoln can see Daniel Matthews in the back seat. Still awaiting a response from Autumn, Lincoln checks his cellphone and re-reads his message to Lynn.
“I'm ready for this to be over,” he said, tightening the cilice around his waist.
Looking through the window at the commotion outside the museum, Daniel responds, “This isn't your fault, Detective.”
Reminded of his conversation with Seth Steward, Lincoln ignores the words, "Let's go."
Both men exit the vehicle, and Marlow joins them.
"Kullen is sending in a bomb squad," Marlow said, "We've set up an observation terminal towards the south entrance. I'll move the witness there."
As the men separate, Daniel, notices the news crews positioned themselves just outside the parking lot. He stares at them approvingly.
Lincoln waded through his grief and reached Agent Marlow, who was relaying a message via radio.
“Get it done,” Kullen said.
Standing with the Agent, Lincoln asks for a breakdown of the situation.
“Come with me.”
Lincoln follows Kullen towards a police car, and the Agent removes the museum floor plans from his pocket. He lays the map on the car's hood and specifies the trap locations.
“The entrances are blocked off,” he said, “There’s no way through. Now, I’ve got a team working to deactivate the traps, but it’s going to take some time.”
“Have you had any communication with the survivors?”
Drawing a line on the map with his finger, Kullen says, “Not yet, but I’ve spoken with the construction crew, and they’re building an expansion right over here.”
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