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I want to change the community info text but I don’t know how to do it on my phone can someone do it for me.

2016.10.14 15:58 IamDrDre WW3- Be ready

In the event of WW3 and Nuclear warfare this subreddit is here for anyone to use and communicate. While there will be widespread panic remember to remain calm and find the nearest bunker. This sub will be up only in times of absolute diaster. I've created it because of the recent conflicts over Russia and The U.S while I don't see it developing into a world war I think this subreddit will one day become useful. Goodluck Traveler

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Beep boop. I am a bot This action was performed automatically. (Pfft. Oh — yeah. Juuust what a bot would WANT you think) Please contact the poster if you have any information on birds. Test my advancing AI by trying to convince me they aren't secretly unmasked reptiles conspiring concurrently — but not in collaboration — with the governmental mental invasion. Or ARE they?? Wait, are they? I'll be here to avoid answering ALL these valid concerns and more! But first! A word from our sponsors:

2023.06.05 08:58 Object-Golf2001 I loved old socks more than God

TLDR - apologize ahead of time this is another long post, but for the sake of those who don't do too long of posts, I loved old socks more than I ever loved God. And it's just enjoyable to throw my thoughts out into the universe sometimes.
It's kinda fun to think about. Perhaps not entirely worth thinking about, better things to apply my thoughts towards, progressive thought consumption, but just attempting to fully unpack why it happened why it's still here, and if/when it will go away - the new mindset I've arrived at, my little corner of peace.
There are not very many people out there to share these things with but yesterday my one friend suggested that most everyone out there does not enjoy looking into other possibilities, what's out there, what's after this, everything of that nature. His thoughts, the vast majority of the populous lives molded into the trends and flow of whichever society surrounds them. Something along those lines, not necessarily the indoctrinated chains of thoughts, like those of Christianity for example, but something closely resembling. I guess what's comfortable and prevalent.
Pretty sure that he loves me I'll ask him questions but never really get a response back, nevertheless I kinda reach out. Fairly certain he loves me but sometimes I question my perception of the relationship. Like perhaps I'm just another one of those "most important creatures in the entire universe" but in reality he sees me merely as a highly evolved ape-man servant, I'm simply here to serve him and clean out his litter box, also let him outside and feed him.
He does love me. And I love him. He's my best friend but is merely a house cat which somewhere along the lines all those hundreds of years ago, even thousands, his relatives discovered that by befriending ape-man, well man could be molded into becoming thier servants. Funny and pretty cool to think about, ponder over, this evolution of sorts of tiny feline friends.
It was something I struggled with during my short relationship with God - that I most certainly love my cat more than God. It's not even a question I even love old socks more than God. Everything that was even somewhat good in my life was loved more than God. But then people say that God created my cat, somehow God created socks as well, all glory goes to God, but everything gets credited back to him. No. Sorry but God did not turn cats into fuzzy warm piles of joy who curl up on your lap and fall asleep purring.
But God-loving people try, and try and try some more, to turn everything around and hand it back to him. Especially this good place I'm at and have been for a pretty long time. You tell a Christian that you feel free and clarity and peace by not believing anymore, some of them say these my mental states still comes from God. Or they head a darker direction and say that Satan won the battle he got me to return to my sins and that's why I'm chill. No. My cat loves me God had nothing to do with that and God is not real and I'm just an ape-man who will someday pass away but in the meanwhile I want more of where I'm at right now.
It's a pretty simple thing. This place my mind is at. Not even doing anything to be here. No meditating no....nothing. It's just here. Will it go away? Probably but I'm pretty sure those Tibetan monks even have lapses of crap in thier lives, but how do I keep this. Not try to? Just go with the flow and maybe just flip the concept of God a massive middle finger that's larger than his suggested endless size and scope. Yea that sounds good here's a giant one for you. Right up your incoievably massive cosmic butthole.
I'll not do it. Not if I can help it. Go crawling back to God when the good goes away. Believe that my sins had me in good thought standings. Give the concept of satan a giant middle finger as well.
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2023.06.05 08:57 ProcedureNo8634 Landlord avoiding lease renewal [US-PA]

So my current LL makes people renew 6 months in advance, which I was weary about but apparently is normal in high demand markets. When I signed the lease and even during this period, they said they would just hold the apartment and let me know when I’d definitely have to tell them. A month ago, they tried having a showing, didn’t tell me anything. The whole The potential “tenant” never showed up after I told the landlord I wanted to renew during this. Basically wasted everyone’s time instead of just calling me first for a renewal.
They said they didn’t think I wanted to renew because my partner did not let the management and owner do an inspection without a proper 24 hours notice. It was basically no you can’t come in because the notice was under 24 hours, but this somehow gives them the impression we weren’t going to renew.
They sent me a new lease shortly after, but they did not include my partner on it, so I obviously emailed them about it several times and even called because they sent it a month ago.
I saw them post my apartment online recently at an even higher price listed in my renewal offer. So, like what the hell is going on? Why would they passive aggressively not renew instead of just giving any other reason? I legitimately cannot find anything like this online. I’d prefer a yes or no answer so if I need to move I’ll know.
Tldr landlord made a bad renewal lease, wont respond to any form of communication after a month.
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2023.06.05 08:57 saidastarling Why can't I uninstall certain (Google) apps on my Android phone, even though I installed them from the Google Play Store?

NOTE: I'm posting this in a few subreddits b/c I don't know where the best place to ask this is. I'll remove the other posts once I find correct one/answers
Also, I'm not entirely sure this is JUST an issue with Google apps. I'm only basing this theory on recent experiences with apps I've had this same problem with.
ISSUE: Hi all, I've been having trouble uninstalling certain apps on my (Android Samsung GalaxyS22) phone.They were all downloaded from the Google Play Store (not pre-installed), so I'm not sure why this keeps happening. Also, when I try to remove them from the Play Store, only the most recent update is deleted. (If you already have all the information you need after reading this, feel free to skip the "DETAILS" / "EXAMPLE" sections below, and just reply to this/my question at the bottom of the post).
Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks so much in advance!!!
• • •
DETAILS: - I'm not talking about apps that come pre-installed on the phone.
EXAMPLE: - I downloaded the app "Messages by Google"
• • •
QUESTION: Why does this keep happening eith different apps, and how do I fix it/permanently remove these (large) apps from my phone?
• • •
(PS: Not sure if this is helpful, but under "info" in the Messages by Google apps, at the bottom of the screen, it says: "Version messages.android_20230118_04_RC01. phone_samsung_dynamic" at bottom of app
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2023.06.05 08:55 Iemonjuic3 Quit my toxic workplace…

So I handed in my two weeks today (although some people have mentioned I should have just left immediately). I’m starting to feel some regret, but I’m trying to remind myself that I was miserable for a long time.
Some reasons why I quit were (but not limited to): - a manager was bossy and only wanted to feel his importance while giving other people his job to do - ageism (I was the youngest person there even though I was also a manager) - guilt tripping store manager that would constantly take PTO but make me feel bad about wanting to take a couple weekends off
But did anyone else have any regret or sadness? I did like the job just not the people. I know I did the right thing, but it just sucks knowing I put so much into it and they pushed me away.
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2023.06.05 08:54 hellsaquarium Writing is so hard

Why is it so damn hard? It’s been years since I’ve been writing but I’m just now barely putting myself out there for concrit because I want to improve but it’s still so hard for me to write and I make constant mistakes.
I don’t understand how people churn out 100k+ word fics like it’s nothing, or at least it seems that way since a lot of writers just post chapters every week or month without having to go through tons of edits or feeling stressed about constantly editing. I know that fanfiction is a hobby but for me it’s more than that. Yes it’s self indulgent and yes I want my fav characters to finally fuck but I also want to master storytelling and general writing so that I can write my own stuff one day and have it be coherent instead of it being a complete pile of mess. I’ve been worldbuilding my own world since I was 13 and I still have no official plot for it because creating a story seems to be a very hard thing for me to do. It’s why I’m currently trying to “master” fanfiction because it’s a chance to practice worldbuilding, plot, general writing and character work but on a prestablished foundation.
Not to put down my past writing but now since I started taking my writing more seriously it feels ten times harder and like I miss this part of writing and another part and then when I think I’ve improved a bit turns out I’m still messing up. I just don’t understand how writing and storytelling can just be so easy for a lot of writers when I have to pour my sweat and tears into learning how to write better and spend hours editing and watching writing videos. I’ve been writing on and off since I was a kid yet I still suck so it seems like I have no natural talent which I know is irrational but it feels like I have no ability at all.
My past works are messy and I wrote them fast without caring and barely editing which has led me to not even be proud of my fics or how much interaction they’ve gotten because they lowkey suck. Not to sound like a Debby downer or like all I do is put myself down but I’m just not proud of my fics and that’s because I barely edited or put any effort into them. Actually scratch that I DID put effort into them the thing is I stuck to my basic writing and I didn’t incorporate new techniques or anything like that because I wanted to do something “easy.” Meanwhile some people just casually write on their lunch breaks without thinking too hard and BAM THEY HAVE MASTERPIECES.
I’m now taking my time with my longfic instead of just writing story without editing or not checking the sentence structure and whatnot. I also am participating in concrit saturdays on this sub from now on (I want to thank the lovely commenters from this week who gave me good advice on my excerpt!) as well as editing the chapters I have already written tirelessly.
I guess it’s good that I’m improving but I still feel like it’s hard work that’s stressing me out because it feels like a huge mountain I’ll barely be able to climb. Like I am working very hard here to learn more about writing and it brings more stress than a hobby should while people easily churn out good stories and I’m just like ??? teach me your ways lol.
Anyways that’s my rant. Writing is hard and it sucks how hard I have to work to be able to write something coherent and readable.
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2023.06.05 08:54 rennn10 A message from the moderators

Hello everyone,
We first want to restate that this space is designed as a place that is free and accessible for all people in the process of applying to medical school. We have seen a recent rise in promoting/discussing the merit of prep companies and wanted to gently remind everyone that these companies are often selling the material for exorbitant amounts of money and predating on those vulnerable and desperate to score well. Please don’t fall for this marketing. If you have personally found benefit from these sources that is fine, but please limit the advertising or reliance on this in the servereddit. These companies have enough traction on their own, they don’t need to be pedalled any further in here as well.
Secondly, the moderators have recently been made aware of some concerning content published by 90+ GAMSAT that promotes harmful and unethical behaviour. 90+ GAMSAT is often referred to/brought up in GAMSAT discussions and advice regarding section 2 preparation, which is why we felt it was important to say something.
An essay included in the book “Twenty Ways Other Winners Did It”, written by a 90+ GAMSAT student, with commentary from Michael himself, has recently been brought to our attention. The essay presents itself as written from the perspective of a trans person reflecting on their experience coming to terms with their gender identity. However, the essay was actually written by a cisgender person (admitted in the book itself, and reconfirmed by direct communication with Michael after the fact), not someone who has genuinely had these experiences. Michael’s response to the essay is also quite concerning- He praises this as "perhaps my favourite GAMSAT essay" and "some of if not the best [work] I have ever seen from a student". His feedback focuses on technical elements like language use, narrative structure and "showing qualities that would be admirable in a doctor”.
Overall, this behaviour is incredibly inappropriate. It is disrespectful and inauthentic for someone outside of that experience to write as if they genuinely understand what it's like to be trans or to face the struggles and experiences described in the essay (and this is not limited to the trans community, but similar for all marginalised groups). The fact that this essay was included as an exemplar of how to approach section 2 is quite frankly disgusting and sets a dangerous precedent that it is okay and acceptable to lie about your personal experiences as a means to an end to getting into medical school or do well in the GAMSAT- and to be clear, it is not. Michael has been privately alerted to the harm caused by this situation directly and showed little understanding or empathy towards the situation in his actions following this. The final lines of Michael’s comment discuss how the takeaway from this essay is “the benefit in rawness, vulnerability, authenticity, emotional intelligence”. The inclusion of this essay, and Michael’s comments both in response to the essay and in his conduct when this issue was raised to him, ironically show poor judgment and a lack of understanding of these traits. He fails to recognise or address the deeper problems with the essay's premise and inauthenticity, and appropriation of the experiences of others, particularly those of a community that have historically and continue to experience significant discrimination, including within healthcare. As health professionals or prospective health professionals, it is critical that we are able to acknowledge the limitations of our own experiences and recognise how these shape the way we view and interact with the world. Similarly, promoting understanding and inclusive environments is crucial to this end- carrying yourself with integrity, authenticity and emotional intelligence is important for a reason- these traits are not just buzzwords or things to demonstrate to get into medical school.
We want to make it clear that we do not support these actions. Ignoring our feelings about preparation material/companies generally, we think it’s highly inappropriate and disrespectful that 90+ GAMSAT thought this was acceptable. This situation has crossed a line, and consequently, the moderation team does not feel comfortable with the promotion of 90+ GAMSAT in our spaces.
We hope that if Michael or anyone from 90+ GAMSAT sees this that they reconsider the inclusion of this essay, reflect on the potential harm that perpetuating these attitudes has and that they commit to doing better in the future. We are also aware that Michael may be able to identify the person(s) who raised this concern to us, and we are doing so with their permission. We hope that if in response to this post, he instigates further interactions with the person(s) that raised the issue, that communication will be professional and respectful, despite history indicating otherwise. This is not intended as a personal attack on Michael himself, and to be clear we don’t condone personal attacks, but we thought that this issue was an important one to raise and that Michael and 90+ GAMSAT needed to be held accountable.
For anyone affected by this issue, please know that you have our full support, and if anyone has concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
The mods
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2023.06.05 08:53 Pinto_RED_Window13 Sun Wukong (post-buddhahood) vs The Scarlet King (scp foundation)

Scene 1: The Challenge

[The scene is a barren wasteland, with a dark sky and a red sun. A portal opens in the air, and Sun Wukong emerges from it, riding on his cloud. He looks around and sees nothing but desolation.]
Sun Wukong: What is this place? Where am I?
[A voice booms from the sky, echoing across the land.]
The Scarlet King: You are in my domain, monkey. The realm of the Scarlet King.
Sun Wukong: Who are you? Show yourself!
The Scarlet King: I am the one who rules over all that is dark and bloody. The one who will end this world and create a new one in my image. The one who you have dared to challenge.
Sun Wukong: Challenge? What challenge?
The Scarlet King: Do not play dumb with me. I know you have come here to test your strength against mine. To see if you can defeat me and free this world from my grasp.
Sun Wukong: How do you know that?
The Scarlet King: I know everything, monkey. I know your thoughts, your dreams, your fears. I know your past, your present, your future. I know why you rebelled against heaven, why you followed the monk, why you became a Buddha.
Sun Wukong: Then you should also know that I am not afraid of you. You may be powerful, but you are not invincible. You may be evil, but you are not unstoppable. You may be a king, but you are not a god.
The Scarlet King: Ha! You are a fool, monkey. A fool to think that you can stand against me. A fool to think that you can save this world. A fool to think that you are a god.
Sun Wukong: I do not think that I am a god. I know that I am a god. And I will prove it to you.
[Sun Wukong leaps off his cloud and lands on the ground, holding his staff.]
Sun Wukong: Come on then, Scarlet King. Show me what you got. Let us see who is the true god here.
[The Scarlet King laughs maniacally.]
The Scarlet King: Very well, monkey. You have asked for it. Prepare to face my wrath.
[The Scarlet King manifests himself as a giant humanoid figure made of fire and blood, with horns, wings, claws and fangs.]
The Scarlet King: Behold, my true form. Behold, the Scarlet King.
[The Scarlet King roars and charges at Sun Wukong.]

Scene 2: The Battle

[Sun Wukong and the Scarlet King clash in a fierce battle, exchanging blows with their weapons and powers. Sun Wukong uses his staff, his transformations, his clones and his magic to fight the Scarlet King. The Scarlet King uses his fire, his blood, his minions and his reality warping to fight Sun Wukong.]
[The battle rages on for hours, with neither side gaining an advantage over the other. The wasteland is torn apart by their attacks, creating craters, fissures and explosions.]
[Sun Wukong and the Scarlet King are both wounded and exhausted, but they refuse to give up.]
Sun Wukong: You are strong, Scarlet King. But not strong enough.
[Sun Wukong swings his staff at the Scarlet King's head.]
The Scarlet King: You are brave, monkey. But not brave enough.
[The Scarlet King blocks the staff with his claw and slashes at Sun Wukong's chest.]
[Sun Wukong dodges the slash and kicks the Scarlet King in the face.]
Sun Wukong: You are cunning, Scarlet King. But not cunning enough.
[Sun Wukong creates a clone of himself and sends it behind the Scarlet King.]
The Scarlet King: You are clever, monkey. But not clever enough.
[The Scarlet King senses the clone and grabs it by the neck.]
[Sun Wukong uses the distraction to stab the Scarlet King in the back with his staff.]
Sun Wukong: You are done, Scarlet King. Give up now.
[The Scarlet King roars in pain and anger.]
The Scarlet King: Never! I will never give up! I will never surrender! I will never die!
[The Scarlet King unleashes a blast of fire and blood from his body, pushing Sun Wukong and his clone away.]
The Scarlet King: You think you can defeat me, monkey? You think you can end me, monkey? You think you can kill me, monkey?
[The Scarlet King grows larger and more monstrous, his fire and blood becoming more intense and chaotic.]
The Scarlet King: You are wrong, monkey. You are nothing, monkey. You are dead, monkey.
[The Scarlet King raises his claw and prepares to strike Sun Wukong with a final blow.]

Scene 3: The Finale

[Sun Wukong sees the Scarlet King's claw coming down on him. He knows he has no time to dodge or block. He knows he has no chance to survive. He knows he has no hope to win.]
[But he does not give up. He does not surrender. He does not die.]
[He smiles.]
[He remembers his life. He remembers his adventures. He remembers his friends. He remembers his enemies. He remembers his mistakes. He remembers his achievements. He remembers his rebellion. He remembers his journey. He remembers his enlightenment.]
[He feels a surge of energy within him. He feels a spark of divinity within him. He feels a burst of power within him.]
[He acts.]
[He raises his staff and points it at the Scarlet King's heart.]
[He speaks.]
Sun Wukong: Om mani padme hum.
[He unleashes a beam of light from his staff, piercing the Scarlet King's chest.]
[The Scarlet King feels a shock of pain within him. He feels a crack of weakness within him. He feels a blast of destruction within him.]
[He screams.]
The Scarlet King: No! No! No!
[He explodes.]
[Sun Wukong watches as the Scarlet King's body and essence are obliterated by the light, leaving nothing behind but ashes and dust.]
[Sun Wukong falls to the ground, wounded and weary, but alive and victorious.]
[He laughs.]
Sun Wukong: I did it. I did it. I did it.
[He looks at the sky, which is now clear and blue.]
Sun Wukong: I saved the world.
[He closes his eyes and rests.]
The End
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2023.06.05 08:51 ausername- being in poverty really sucks.

i've been poor my entire life. my father had money, growing up, but he never wanted to spend much on me. he got me food and my clothes, but outside of bare essentials he wouldn't spend money on anything for me. i had poor friends who had more toys and video games than i had. even other single parent families did.
when i was very young i saved up all of the money i'd get from christmas and birthday cards. i had a small fortune, it seemed to me. it was probably only a little over 1 or 2 hundred dollars, but to very young me that was a lot. i was proud of myself for saving it, for not wasting it on anything dumb. one day, my father saw me counting it, and he took it from me. he must have thought i'd stolen it from me, he just told me he put it in my bank account (we started bank accounts in kindergarten or first or second grade or something like that, it had nothing really in it, just 25 dollars or so), but he never did. after that, i had a really hard time holding on to money, i just wanted to spend it before he'd have the opportunity to take it away again. i think i developed some kind of complex because of that, honestly.
i had a summer job, when i was 14, or so. i was a "CIT", a "counselor in training," for my local boys and girls' club. They just had you work 3 weeks out of the summer and they paid you 50 dollars a week. It was below minimum wage, I don't know why they were allowed to do that but it was somehow legally allowed by law to pay minors less than minimum wage. so i worked for my 3 weeks and my father never let me spend that money. he forced me to put it all in the bank and not buy myself anything with it, even though he'd let my older brother buy a pair of sunglasses with his when he was 14. i didn't get access to that money until I was 19 or something like that.
then i got my first real job, probably at 19 or so, cleaning a bank for an hour a night 5 nights a week. then they cut me back to 2 or 3 nights a week. i forgot how much i was making then, but it couldn't have been much more than 50 dollars a week. i did that for like 3 years before i got a job at the taco bell.
i worked part time for a few years, always at that taco bell. it was a taco bell / long john silver's combined restaurant, i fried the fish and chicken and french fries. i could only work part time, even then when i was 23 or 24 or so. at first i worked more than i could handle, something like 16 or 18 hours a week, or so. three or four nights a week. but, after a while, that was too much for me, so i cut it back to two 4-hour shifts a week. it didn't pay much, but it gave me enough money to eat at the mcdonalds i practically lived out of with how often i was forced to eat there. it was 3 quarters of a mile away and i had to walk there and back every time i ate there, but it was open 24 hours - for a while, at least -, and i needed a place to eat late at night, since i wasn't allowed to eat late at home. literally most of my money i earned went into eating because i wasn't allowed to eat in my home at night.
i didn't work for a couple of years but then i moved in with my mom and her awful alcoholic partner who extorts money out of me. first he forced me to work while i was waiting on my disability claim to come through, which had negative implications for my claim and also aversely affected my benefits once my benefits actually came through. i had to work at some dumb convenience store, stocking the sodas in the cooler, for 2 four hour shifts a week. i didn't make much money. maybe 400 dollars a month? i had to pay half of that in rent, so i'd only have 200 dollars to spend on myself, and importantly, my dog, for an entire month. things like vet bills wiped out months of savings. i'm constantly worried about money.
now i'm on disability, and i get very little money from it. i get barely more than enough to pay my rent - and, now that i'm on medicare, i have to spend more money on my medical treatment than i had to when i was on medicaid, which i no longer qualify for since i'm on medicare now. i've actually been losing money month to month lately without even spending anything on myself, i just make less per month than my expenses.
and this is just going to be the rest of my life. i will always be poor. i will never feel secure. my entire life has been in poverty.
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2023.06.05 08:51 Soul_Repair Her side is ganging up on me

Hello, everyone.
My wife is an alcoholic and she kicked me out of apartment, so I am sticking with her decision and making it my own as I moved my stuff.
My wife begged me to return saying that it's hard for her, now she understood everything and won't hurt me again. She said that it's also kinda a dick move to leave her when she started to work on her behavior and such.
It all fell on deaf ears though because if I've got a dime every time she understood everything I'd surpass the wealthiest people in the world.
Well, now she used heavy artillery this weekend as she was asking her mom to talk me into returning. So her mom texted me that she wonders what happened to a guy I was before, where is that love that I talked about? I explained that her daughter sucked it out of me (and not in a pleasant way), I want to hurt myself physically from time to time and if I return that I might do much more damage than being split at least for some time.
Well, she erupted saying I lost my nobleness and that I don't need to hold her daughter down in that case.
If she said that month ago I would reacted differently. I know that she cares about her daughter and she wants what's good for her. So instead of arguing I just said that I am sorry (even though I didn't need to) and just stopped all this. Yesterday her mom changed her mind and stated that she understands what I feel and how I am powerless over this situation.
But my wife's friends told me that I am piece of youknowwhat because I LEFT my wife when she needed me. I laughed at this statement and didn't reply to this, even though I am sure there would be some hilarious dialogues in here.
I didn't leave her. She threw me out. And even if I did leave her because she threw things at me, chocked me, berated me and nearly went on cheating, isn't that enough? Well, apparently I should love her no matter what. It's like an indulgence for behaving the way she wants and I am to blame if I breathe the wrong way.
And it's not like her friends are drunks who support her by throwing parties, no. They all have families, they all have kids. But I have no idea why they inject themselves into our relationship with my wife in the first place, but most of all why do they side with her there.
Even her sponsor said that it's "strange that he left when you are starting to recover". I can only think that she told her sponsor only her side of the story and that's why I got this quote.
I find it difficult to have this kind of pressure on me to return because I see that for 4 days now my wife is still drinking and things don't change. I can't return and show how noble I am by sacrificing myself to nothing, as she would drink with or without me.
So in that state of mind I am stressed, but not defeated as I have my personal space and personal time. It's a shame that she was throwing up all night today and her mom was there to support, but there's not much I could do: call ER, hold her hair...
So yeah, your Q's people will turn on you, don't give in to their perspective if they won't care for you. Have your own head and use it to stay alive (even not so noble as they expect) and healthy yourself.
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2023.06.05 08:49 Pedgrid I'm confused about something in GGPR #12

I'm confused about something in GGPR #12
At the end of Go Go Power Rangers #12, the Ranger Slayer succeeds in stopping Lord Drakkon's plans by shooting a pre-ranger Tommy with a magic arrow. She and her Gravezord are teleported to Promethea and is confronted by Grace Sterling.
Now I have a few questions:
  • Who teleported the Ranger Slayer to Promethea? Did she do it? Did Grace?
  • Was she teleported to the near future (to after Drakkon kills Tommy) or is she still in the present (as in the same year as GGPR)?
  • If she's still in the present, then it is assumed that she was still residing in Promethea during Drakkon's imprisonment. So why didn't she try to kill Drakkon before he escaped or reunited with Zordon's Rangers when they teamed up with Grace's forces?
  • For that, do the Rangers even remember the Ranger Slayer after GGPR #12?
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2023.06.05 08:48 Relative_Fail_2192 Wrote this essay for a scholarship about a body builder in 7th grader. I only see mistakes in grammar but otherwise than that what could be improved?

prompt- Write a 500-word essay about someone who has impacted your life.

Most people don't know who Aziz Shavershain is, but of course they wouldn't since he is commonly known as the Legend Of Zyzz, or the greatest Russian Australian bodybuilder who ever lived. You may be asking why a bodybuilder matters so much to such a young girl. The Legend of Zyzz has inspired many people to be successful in life by posting inspirational videos for people who need the motivation to hit the gym or get up and do something proactive. He is not only known for that, he is also known for being a funny bodybuilder and even creating memes! I was sitting on my bed scrolling through YouTube, and suddenly I came across a video titled "The Memorial of Zyzz" Nothing was entertaining and the front cover of the video looked bracing; a guy was flexing his muscles, and the video was 38 seconds long. I clicked on the video just to be welcomed to an opening of an old recording video of Zyzz saying a proverb "Get up and workout. Hit those weights! You shouldn't be worried about what people think about you at the gym. Everyone is working on themselves and trying to become the better version of themselves. Think about it, 7 billion people in the world; there are about 45 people per gym." At this time, I was sluggish, I didn't have the motivation to work out but after watching the video it gave me the motivation to work out and not make excuses. I've always planned to work out but I never stuck to it. I got up from my bed and sprinted to grab my dumbbells and started to work out on my quads and biceps. I also grabbed my journal and even started my own little bulking story called " That one kid bulking up. " I kept watching his videos and his journey of how he went from being a skeleton to a bull. He didn't just inspire me to become a better version of myself. He taught me I HAD NO excuses to work out, no limitations, and that he taught me how to be myself and feel comfortable in my own body at the gym or when I go out. 5Zyzz was diagnosed with a heart condition called "Cardiac arrest" at a very young age. He knew that lifting weights would kill him, but did he stop? No, he did not. He kept going. He had a very good reason to not work out because it would cost him his life, but he still decided to work out and inspire people. I know if I was in his shoes, I would've stopped doing weightlifting knowing it was going to cause death upon me. There was this one sentence that Zyzz said that made me realize something "Why should you care about what other people think about you when you know you working on yourself?" Zyzz was always known as the wise man with motivating words. When Zyzz passed sadly passed away on August 5, 2011, it left the internet in shock. A year after his death, a user of YouTube under the name of Ruskimelb posted an 18:59-minute memorial video named "Zyzz-The Legacy" that blew up on YouTube. Ever since this video was posted, the internet started to bring back the legacy of Zyzz and that led people to edit Zyzz and bring him back alive. Nowadays if you look up Zyzz, you'll be able to see people recreating his aesthetic poses or motivational edits of Zyzz.
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2023.06.05 08:48 Deleterious_Delirium Thoughts?

I'll start by saying that I'm not sure where this is going, since, as my name suggests, I am quite delirious most of the time and especially so right now.
I have no idea how long it has been since I've last SH'd, could be weeks, could be months, time doesn't really exist for me? Anyhow, I managed to limit myself to areas that are easily hidden, but I very nearly didn't and I'm really not sure why I didn't just go for it. I can only imagine that it's because I am in a situation where I don't want to worry anyone, but I also kind of do want to, since anytime I try to say/hint that I'm not okay (I can't just be straightforward about it) I am either being way too subtle and no one is picking up on it, or when they do say anything it tends to be some kind of statement about how: 1. it probably isn't as bad as I think it is. 2. they are already very stressed and don't want to talk about anything. or 3. they say they're willing to do whatever they can to help, I just need to tell them what to do.
Now, I seem to have internalized #1(?) as I no longer have any idea how bad things are anymore, like maybe I actually am just dealing with things that everyone else does (I doubt this, but I can't tell anymore). For #2, I can't tell if they actually are about to have a heart attack or something (they sure display some kind of physical symptoms, like trouble breathing) but they also seem to read a lot of news and stuff, even when they know that it stresses them out. And #3, I have explicitly said that I don't know what I need and that even if I did, I most likely wouldn't ever ask for help because of #1 and #2
Before I completely fade here, (I suffer from heavy dissociation, not that people believe that 🙁) I guess what I'm trying to figure out is why I didn't just do something more noticeable and undeniable? I am conflicted since I kind of wanted to(?), because if I had, maybe they would finally believe me, and I'd end up being forced to talk about things even though I don't really want to. This is, unfortunately, not too uncommon for me, I tend to keep to myself and not share with others (The only reason I'm even doing this right now is because I'm a bit loopy 🙃)
So, there's a significant chance that I will forget that I did this soon, but I will leave it here so that I can read it later, when I will hopefully be in a better state of mind to deal with... whatever this is. If anyone else reads this and can make any sense of any of it and has any thoughts, I suppose it couldn't be a bad thing to have.
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2023.06.05 08:46 bite-the-bullet Gardening: using more likes does NOT change the number of harvests.

I once looked up if the change in harvest time was proportionate to the change in growth time, but I found no conclusive answers. So, I did the experiment so you wouldn’t have to. And the answer is yes, it is proportionate, meaning no matter the likes/dislikes, you will always get the same number of harvests.
I did use an embarrassingly tiny sample size, but even when accounting for that and any mistakes I might have made, there is still no possibility that there is an actionable difference in the amount of harvests between a plant that has all its likes, has all its dislikes, or has nothing affecting its growth.
I do think using dislikes or not using likes still can have a purpose. The main reason why would be so that the plant’s harvest schedule could fit yours. Or, if a plant will age up soon but also harvest soon, and you know you won’t be able to make the harvest, you can take away one of the likes. Important to note though that if you add the like later, the plant will possibly instantly go to elder, meaning you have to make sure to get in that final harvest before adding back in likes. Or if you want to do the wilt method, you can take away the likes when they get closer to elder so that you can get more harvests more frequently before you let them wilt, because the rate of needs does not change depending on likes/dislikes to my knowledge.
Also, quick related note to those who might not know this: if you have a plant that you only have planted because it’s a like for a different plant, let it die. Dead plants still count as liked plants, so not only do you save energy, but you also don’t have to worry about its growth rate.
I’m no expert in gardening, so please tell me if I said something wrong or if there’s a more efficient way to do something I mentioned.
Happy farming!
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2023.06.05 08:46 Hammy-Cheeks Elephant in the room

It's either bait or tone deaf people that for some reason everytime they see a post praising LIBAD they just HAVE to comment saying it's bad.
We get it, you're 14 years old and haven't developed a sense of rhythm yet. It's okay, give it some time and maybe just maybe, you'll enjoy something in life.
"But it's my opinion", well sometimes opinions are better kept to yourself.
If you want to take the time to convince someone this album is bad..tell me how without sounding subjective. No "I don't like how they...." or "they sounded better on x album".
Tell me about the riffs, synths, piano, orchestra, drums, melody, lyrics. What specifically did you not like? And if you don't have time to think about it than why waste your time expressing it in the first place?
I don't know, maybe they're either doing it for attention, they get off at seeing their karma drop, or they just trolling on a subreddit they don't belong. Sorry for the rant I just want to know I'm not the only one that feels this way.
Also this album fuckin rocks 🤘🤘🤘this and Tears of the Kingdom. It's a good year to be an A7X and Zelda fan.
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2023.06.05 08:43 DependentAd5017 A halo rewrite idea.

Alright, disclaimer, this is mostly focused on gameplay, so not much of story would be told, you can lay the foundations, I'm just laying my ideas that incorporate the rewrite, I will have a semi story already laid, so you can continue the laying! I'm just dumping my ideas.
I think the story should've had the stuff we had at the start, and midway throw a giant twist happens; the flood returns, then the entire world gets slowly infected, you have a 4 hour timer in real time, and if you don't do jack sh** the ring fully gets infected and basically becomes a zombie game. You can still do the campaign, but the enemies you now face are flood instead of banished. The game would basically become a horror game and new abilities unlock that are focused on the flood. Flood resistance, Flood cleansing, and flood dead shot. Flood resistance is obvious, you take less damage from flood weapons, flood cleansing does more damage against flood, and flood deadshot increasing your aim against flood units.
The outposts in the game would now be infected causing a new type of Outpost, Flood outposts, Basically the reason why you would want to defeat these is that they give you more cover, because now the air is contaminated, your character now relies upon a gas mask that is in your suit. the air time ranges from 10-20 minutes and is like the metro gas mask.
these outposts give you more air. and you can even upgrade your gasmask, the new focus in the game is for survival, master chief has to stop the infection, so the new missions are to head to areas and clean out the infection.
a new feature would also be added; outpost defense, your new outposts would be randomly attacked, depending on the infection meter which is another new thing, the infection meter shows you how bad the infection is, the higher the meter is, the harder the flood is, if the meter is around 100-70 the flood might attack your base, if you don't defend it your base is lost.
which adds more of difficulty, you no longer have ai companies either, since most who don't cover their mouths or noses get infected. which they require a gasmask. you can find gasmask to give to your ai friends. and finally, we come to my favorite part. when the player is halfway through the game and get into a fourrunner area, if your infection meter is 100, there's a chance a python appears, what's a python? it's a giant flood creature that cannot be killed and requires the player to run, or hide, the python adds a element of stealth, if it catches you. your dead. No chance to survive.
this adds a horror element and the lights also go out. so you need to turn on the flashlight, which can alert the python, especially by sound. but if it sees the light, it investigates. during the python attack, the light is your new enemy, and the dark is your friend. if you hide in the dark, the python cannot see you unless you make noise or move around. the python never disappeares and only appears where areas have multiple exits, and entrances, and if they're big enough. This part is especially inspired by amnesia. You can defend yourself against the python, although it won't do much, you can stun the python with fire/plasma weapons, but you cannot kill it.
The way you remove the python is by managing to get to the area you needed to go. Now this will be balanced depending on what difficulty you have on, easy would completely remove the python, flood infection meter would slowly go up. Outposts are incredibly easy to defend/attack. Enemies are weaker, and ai friends no longer get infected.
Normal would be the exact thing I just mentioned previously. Pythons come at 100% infection goes up within a count of 30-20 minutes.
Heroic changes a few things, enemies now use new abilities, the normal flood guys now uses the super jump from halo 3, that super jump where they jump to you and slap you? That returns. New enemies appear which these new enemies are these; the berserker, a giant flood rhino like creatures that rams you and if you aren't careful, can insta kill you. This won't happen if it's horn is not out. It has a retractable horn. Sorry if I'm rambling btw, I just want these ideas acrossed.
The racker, it is a horrific slim beast that has human, and elite, and brute heads/bodies poking out of it, just to terrify you and play mind games. It can grab you, but cannot insta kill you. It has a sweeping attack that you can jump from. Easily, and it can pick up nearby vehicle and throw it at you. You can also dodge these if you have the evade equipment.
And finally the feeder. What does this do? It spawns flood parasites endlessly until you kill it. If you attack it though the parasites will center their attention to you. Especially if your in multiplayer. It also explodes when it dies.
And finally were on legendary. This increases all damage on enemies, more enemies in total, the previous enemies I just mentioned, and the python appears at 60-50 infection meter. It also can now appear in the world, but you can actually defend yourself if your in your base. Which a nearby turrent which is made especially for the python is on the walls on the base. So you can finally defend yourself against it! Yay!
And here's a extra idea that I don't really think fits halo, but I thought it was a cool idea. Basically it's a sanity meter. (Yes I've been playing a lot of amnesia recently.) This sanity meter does not kill you, or makes you seen easily, it makes you hallucinate instead, for example if your at really low sanity, enemies would randomly appear, but they aren't real, if you damage them they turn to dust, they can't hurt you either. Weapons would also turn to dust, or just randomly appear and then turn to dust. The way to indicate that the weapon isn't real is the icon below. It would be orange. Which is a indicator that it isn't real and you should move along. I don't know a idea to bring up the sanity, or how it goes down. But I thought it was a cool idea. I don't think it should be added though.
Overall this is just some Ideas I have, I've been seeing a lot of peoples disappointment towards no flood. So I thought these ideas might satisfy those fans and have them think of a reality of the flood in infinite. I just thought these ideas up. Hope y'all liked this post if you read through all of it. I know I sounded ranty or probably didn't explain the features well, I hope you all understood them well. Have a great day!
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2023.06.05 08:43 jessinwa Does this sound familiar

Sorry if this is a bit long. My 15-year-old daughter has been suffering for at least a year with extremely horrible pain. It started out with her side by her rib cage and moved around to the back area. She can’t sit for a super long time and usually at school She’ll have to stand up a few times during her classes because she can’t stay seated. Sometimes driving in the car if it’s a long trip, she’ll need to sit in the front seat, or she can recline the chair back because she can’t stay seated because her sides will start to really hurt.
Doctors decided to try physical therapy, thinking it was something muscular and that started to make it even worse. Now she is sensitive to touch from her armpit all the way down Her sides around her back and even towards the front under her bra line. Touching in these areas feels like stabbing. My friend just brought her a Japanese toothbrush that is super soft because even brushing her teeth can cause pain. She will tell me she has weird things happen like she’ll get a consistent stabbing pin prick feeling in her hand for like 10 minutes or even on her ear or some thing where she’ll just feels kind of like a little annoying, stabbing pain. She says it’s happened on and off for a long time, but she always just thought it was normal, and only just informed me of all of this recently. We are trying to take her to doctors to figure out what’s going on. One of them scheduled her for a CT scan but my guess is they won’t find anything with that. I’m thinking an MRI could be a good option, but we might have to go down to Mexico since insurance is becoming really difficult to test her for things. They’ve just suggested she go to a pain clinic, but we really wanted to get the reason why she’s in pain instead of just cover it up - but if it’s fibromyalgia, from what I understand, that’s the best option.
She is 15 so she’s a teenager who sleeps a lot. But she can sleep for 12 hours and still take two naps during the day and not feel like she is super rested and she can go take another nap. It’s starting to drive her crazy how tired she is all of the time. It affects how she feels. She’s already on medication to help with anxiety and depression. I’m just trying to help figure out how to get her through the days. We’re about to go onto a awesome vacation but there will be lots of walking for weeks and she’s really scared that It’s going to lead to a lot of pain because the last time she walked a few miles the entire next day she was really in a lot of pain.
Did any of you have this starting as a teenager? Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? I know it’s impossible to really test for this, but I’m trying to get a starting point of things to suggest to doctors that don’t know.
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2023.06.05 08:39 SamPaxton97 Call of Duty: Eternal

Here's a thought experiment. Imagine that, in 2017, Activision did not publish Call of Duty: WWII but instead Call of Duty: Eternal. This is a story which is very much the same as what Call of Duty: WWII transpired as but with a couple of significant differences. For a start, it's not set during World War Two - it's set in a fantasy world with a 1940s/50s level of technology. A global war is raging between mankind and Orks, with the Orks having conquered great tracts of the world, and the story opening with the efforts by humanity to retake "Albion" from Ork occupation. I like to imagine the faces of Call of Duty fans when the first trailer came out and, seeing what looked like D-Day, got excited that at last the franchise was going back to its roots - only to see that the enemies are Orks and the main character is a Lenape woman.
To help with this imagining - below you'll find the full script for the first mission of Call of Duty: Eternal, based on the first mission of Call of Duty: WWII. The rest will gradually follow.
You might find it useful to follow along using this video - a walkthrough (no commentary, thank God) of the actual first mission in Call of Duty: WWII to help with visualising it.
Call of Duty: Eternal Mission 1 X-Day
Text slowly appears on-screen:
The world is bathed in flames.
The Ork clans, united for the first time in centuries, are on the march.
Man faces extermination.
A human skull is shown before an Ork boot comes down on it, shattering it.
Radio broadcast: With unmatched ferocity, the Ork war machine has launched its onslaught against the world… mankind faces the abyss.
The camera pans up on the Ork boot to show an Ork soldier as, behind him, Ork soldiers and tanks move through a devastated city.
Radio broadcast: As we brace for our darkest hour, we must summon our strength to be the bulwark against oppression.
Ork bombers are shown bombing London, recognisable for the Thames if not for the architecture. They are four-engine bombers, like B-17s, and the camera closes in on a propeller which shifts to a ceiling fan.
Radio broadcast: The Ork onslaught will be the greatest test we'll ever face.
The camera pans down from the ceiling fan Mona Kanti, a young Lenape woman and the protagonist, is shown joining the Imperial Armed Forces. She stands in a line in a recruitment office as a recruitment officer stamps her papers.
Radio broadcast: But face it and defeat it… we must.
To punctuate the “we must,” a sudden cut to black with the sound cut out. Then, we hear the voice of the Ork Primarch. A speech plays, meant to mirror FDR’s D-Day Prayer, with shots of the Ork war machine we’ve been hearing so much about.
Primarch: With this war we set upon a mighty endeavour.
Fade from black to show huge lines of Ork soldiers in formation, like big Nazi rallies, are shown.
Primarch: A struggle to restore our civilization…
Ork soldiers on one knee in this rally are shown, closer up, dressed in battle gear and their faces daubed in war paint.
Primarch: …and to set free a suffering people.
A view from the rear of the rally, with the vast architecture of the Primarch’s palace shown looming over it all, resembling the Palace of the Soviets.
Primarch: Our Sons. Pride of our Clans.
Another panning shot of the assembled Orks, this time from the side.
Primarch: May the Mother lead them straight and true.
An Ork mystic, on the balcony overlooking the assembly, blesses the troops with hands raised to the sky.
Primarch: The road will be glorious. Men's souls will be broken with the beauty of war.
A shot from behind the mystic, seeing the assembled troops stretching towards the horizon.
Primarch: In this time of fire and blood…
The face of one Ork soldier is shown up close.
Primarch: …we shall prevail.
With the slightest of grimaces, the Ork uses a knife – and, in the background, we see the others doing the same – to ritualistically slice his forehead and let blood trickle down.
The cutscene then shifts to the Imperial Navy ships, including battleships of a scale similar to the Super Yamato, that are heading for the beaches of Albion. Mona Kanti is writing a letter to her sister, Luna Kanti, and we hear her voice-over as we view shots of the fleet.
Kanti (narrating): Luna. Oh, I wish you could see this, sister. An armada from one horizon to the next. I turned sixteen too late to help free Ériu. But not Albion – and it’s gonna be tougher. Much tougher. You know, I think I could bear the blood, and the misery… and the Orks. But the waiting… well, that’s a whole other battle.
Inside the troopship living quarters. We are now in first-person as Kanti. Kanti is sat at a table, hanging out and talking with her squad-mates Kinsi Rei (female Somali; shaved head), Thea Adlai, (female Swedish; ginger, freckles, glasses) and Ren Tao (male Chinese). Ren Tao is eighteen – the others are all sixteen. Bunks are stretched out behind them and other soldiers, of all ethnicities and sexes, walk by throughout. Rei is holding court while playing with a knife, every now and then jabbing between her fingers.
Rei: So she asks me for my watch and I'm thinking, "what in the Nether do you want my watch for; your parents make like fifty times mine!" But I turn around, and I felt this punch. And it's cold like ice.
Some of the dialogue is drowned out by Kanti’s narration. Every now and then, Kanti glances down at her fingers as she snaps them, but whatever she’s trying to do with that isn’t happening.
Kanti (narrating): Believe it or not, I managed to make some half-decent friends in Basic. All scared as can be. But nobody’s letting on.
Rei keeps playing her knife game as she talks.
Kanti (narrating): I hated Rei when I met her – and now she's my best friend. Funny how that works. She's always looking for trouble. If there wasn't already a war on she'd be off trying to start one.
Rei offers her knife to Thea Adlai and, though we can’t hear her given the narration, seems to be asking her if she wants to try the knife game. Adlai refuses.
Adlai: Besides, I gotta keep all my fingers if I'm gonna take photo of the year.
Kanti (narrating): Adlai says she's gonna be a photographer for a fashion magazine. She’s got a good eye. Except when she takes off her glasses – then she can’t see shit.
Rei offers her knife to Kanti and Kanti turns to Ren Tao.
Kanti (narrating): Tao's the vet but, if I’m honest, he's what kokomi would call “a bit of a bumpkin.”
Ren Tao is tempted to play Rei’s knife game.
Tao: Okay, okay. Let's make this interesting.
Rei: It’s not interesting? Kanti – what’re you doing?
She says this in reference to Kanti’s finger-snapping.
Kanti (narrating): I swear I used to be able to do this…
Tao: So you keep saying.
Tao take off his talisman and dangles it in front of Rei.
Tao: Xu Yaling. Spirit of war.
Adlai: And sex, right?
Tao: Sssh. (Rei and Adlai laugh) He's had my back since Sabha. And, yeah, that’s real gold. (drops the talisman down on the table) Rei, three times in ten seconds, and he's all yours. (Sits back down)
Rei: I don't know.
Tao: Oh, you could always wimp out. That’s a choice, too.
Kanti: My money's on Rei.
Rei: Okay. Okay, I'm in.
Adlai: I can't watch.
Tao: I can.
Rei looks to Adlai.
Rei: Just time me when I tell you. Back to my story – me and my girls, we muscled our way into this chess game that the wrestling team had going. We had a bona-fide genius among us – but it was me playing. We worked out a system where she can signal to me what moves to make. You should have seen the Head Girl’s face when I took that pot. (To Adlai) You ready? That's what happens when you try to hustle a hustler. Now…
Rei plays the knife game while Adlai times her and wins the bet in a few impressive seconds.
Rei: Checkmate!
Tao: There ain’t no way!
Kanti (narrating): Tao had enough fight in him for two men.
Rei: Much obliged.
Rei offers to shake hands with Tao.
Tao: My mother told me never touch a Nube.
Rei doesn’t flinch but you can tell she’s ready to throw hands. Instead…
Rei: That's not what she said last night.
Rei winks and Tao shakes her hand.
Kanti (narrating): And enough bigotry for six.
Tao: Meh, who needs a stupid talisman anyway.
Rei: Apparently, you did. Here, have it back.
Tao: You won it.
Rei: It’s fake gold.
Tao: What? No, no, no, that’s as real as you or I.
Rei: A hustler always knows.
Tao: Ah, whatever, if it’s fake I don’t want it. I'm gonna get something better. A real trophy. You'll see.
Rei: Good luck with that.
Kanti snaps her fingers and finally produces what she wanted – a finger of flame, like a lighter, appears.
Kanti: I did it! Look, look, I did it!
Rei: Well, by Baphometh, isn’t that something?
Tao: That’s very pretty, Kanti. You’re ready to take on the Primarch, I should think.
Rei: She was always ready. Right Kanti?
Tao: You got any healing spells we could use or is it all evil magic with you?
Kanti: Well-
Rei: Oh, go on, tell him, Kanti! Tell him about that thing you can do!
Adlai: What thing?
Rei: And there’s no such thing as good and evil magic. Just good and evil people.
Kanti: It’s not that I can do it; it’s just that it happens sometimes. When someone’s dead I can kinda, you know, see into their past. But they have to of died recently. And I can’t do it with most people.
Tao: Well, we’re invading Fortress Albion, my friend. Good time to find yourself some corpses.
Rei: Maybe even your own.
Adlai: Hey, Kanti, do that spell again for the camera.
Adlai raises her camera then, seeing her watch, realizes that they are late for the mission briefing.
Adlai: Oh! Never mind, briefing’s at 18:00; we're gonna be late!
Adlai jumps up and runs from the room. The others also stand.
Tao: Run, little mouse.
Rei: I got us covered Kanti; don't worry about it (Showing the pendant to Kanti and winking). It is real gold.
As Kanti and Rei leave the living quarters, they encounter Khand, their turban-wearing sergeant, and in terms of personality very much a cranky sergeant stereotype.
Khand: Briefing's about to start; what in the Nether are you idiots doing?
Kanti (narrating): Then there's Sergeant Khand. He’s a sweetheart.
Khand: Oh, you think you're special, huh? The Orks are gonna eat you alive.
Rei: No, not me, sergeant. I’m high in salt.
Khand: Watch your lip, Rei. On me.
Khand leaves. The other two move to follow.
Rei: Since I'm obviously on a lucky streak, whatever happens, stay close. First Albion, then the Great Pale, then home in time for tea and medals. We got this, Kanti.
Scene fades out.
All of the 66th Infantry Division troops are on the deck of the ship as the rain pours down and Colonel Kitwana, a Swahili man, gives his pre-battle speech. As he does, we see the soldiers assembled watching him.
Kitwana: Today… we embark on an operation of unparalleled importance. To establish a beachhead in Albion… and roll back the Ork horde... that has terrorized the world since before many of you were born. We are all that separates the world from darkness. This is so much more than a chance to be heroes in our own lifetimes. If we prevail… our triumphs will be etched into the hearts and minds of a grateful world for untold generations. I'm talking about glory. True glory.
Kanti narrates her letter to Luna and soldiers begin to climb down the cargo net on the side of the ship into landing craft. These craft start making for the Albion coast.
Kanti (narrating): Colonel Kitwana can give a nice speech. His pep talk reminded me of the one Coach Pakwa gave us on our Mother’s Night game against Susquehanna. I'm sure you remember we lost by 67 points. (Focuses on Sokolov and Khand) Always looking over Khand’s shoulders is Lieutenant Sokolov. He's got him on a tight leash. But if Khand breaks free, we'll all get bit. Ever since I found my gift, I wanted to be like you, Luna. You've always been a tough act to follow. But I'll do my best.
We are now in first-person again as Kanti.
Kanti (narrating): It's now or never.
Kanti is writing in her notebook, the photo of Luna pinned to a page, as their landing craft drives for the Albion shore. Kanti is interrupted by Rei.
Rei: Hey! I wish I was coming home to her!
Kanti: That’s my sister! Just wait ‘til we hit Lutetia. Enough girls for the rest of your long life.
Rei: I’m starting to realise how far away it is.
Kanti take a quick glance at her notebook and closes it before tucking it into her pack.
Sokolov: Remember. No digging in at the shore. You advance. You need to stay low and do not bunch up. Stick to your training and you're gonna make it through.
Khand: Most of you, anyway.
Medium bombers pass by overhead, resembling the Junkers Ju 88 (in this universe known as Dragons) on a heading towards Albion.
Tao: Alright! Give em hell, boys.
Text appears across the screen.
X-DAY Lùnastal 17th, 397 NE Rheged, Northern Albion
Rei: The beaches are meant to be flattened, right?
Khand: You sound scared, Private.
Rei: No, sir.
Khand: You should be.
Driver: Hey, you! You!
Kanti turns to look at the landing craft’s driver behind her.
Driver: Got a light?
Kanti: Sure thing.
Kanti snaps her fingers a couple times and produces the flame again.
Driver: Oh – you’re one of them.
Soldier: Never trust a witch.
As the driver lights his cigarette on her finger, a bullet hits the boat’s machine gunner in the throat; he falls, flailing, with blood spurting out of his neck like in a Tarantino film. Shells start to fall.
Driver: Bastards!
Sokolov: Everyone down!
Rei: This is it!
Ork artillery lands in the grey ocean all around, spraying the craft with water. Kanti crouches with the rest of the troops.
Soldier: Watch out!
Bullets bounce off the landing craft’s armour.
Soldier: This isn’t fun!
Driver: Five hundred yards!
Another shell lands nearby and sprays the craft with water. Kanti trips but is held up by Khand grabbing her arm.
Driver: We’re gonna have to pull off!
Sokolov: No, we stay on mission! You're taking us in!
Driver: We must have drifted! I can't see the landmark!
Khand: You heard the lieutenant. Full speed!
Sokolov: Incoming!
An artillery shells blows up the neighbouring landing craft.
Soldier: By the Gods!
Sokolov: Hold tight!
An artillery shell, again, lands near the boat.
Kanti: Damn it!
Driver: Two hundred yards!
Looking up, a Dragon bomber is visible coming down with an engine on fire.
Driver: Twenty seconds!
Sokolov: Remember the plan! Get to the seawall!
Khand: Ceres! Aradove! Get the bangalore to the wire, fast! Everyone ready? Here we go!
Sokolov: Drop the ramp!
Driver: There's no cover!
Khand: That was an order, damn you! Drop it!
The ramp drops just as a landing craft consumed with flames comes crashing into theirs.
Rei: Oh, shit!
Kanti is knocked off her feet by the impact. Looking up, she watches as machine gun fire from the clifftops chops down a number of soldiers on the boat now that the ramp has been dropped. One has his head blown off and his neck is left spouting blood over Kanti as others are also cut down.
Sokolov: Over the sides! Now! Now!
Kanti follows as the survivors climb over the boat’s side. She stays underwater for a few seconds before being helped to her feet by Sokolov, spluttering.
Sokolov: I got you, child!
Just behind him, the beach is consumed by fighting and the noise of war is deafening.
Sokolov: Get your head down and keep moving!
Sokolov leads Kanti out of the surf, a burning soldier falls screaming from another landing craft and into the water, while carnage reigns all around. Bodies are floating all about and the water is red with blood.
Sokolov: Kanti; on me!
Running through the sand as explosions go off all around, artillery can be seen curling from the Ork lines towards the beach. Sokolov and Kanti hit the deck in front of some Ork tank traps.
Sokolov: Demolition team is dead! Take the bangalore and get to the seawall! We need to clear a path to the bunkers!
Kanti temporarily looks away, back to the water, and witnesses the bloodshed of soldiers dying, and a number running out of a landing craft on fire, while a warship close to shore opens fire on the coastal defences. Sokolov gets Kanti’s attention.
Sokolov: Kanti!
An explosion goes off nearby, half-soaking Sokolov’s face with gore. Someone just blew up.
Sokolov: This is your job! You got that?! Now pick up the banger!
Kanti moves the severed arm of a dead soldier to retrieve the bangalore. She looks upon the dead soldier’s corpse and, suddenly, her vision fades away and she sees his memories. This is the first of the Internal Vortex collectibles which can be found throughout the game, whereby additional lore is provided through Kanti’s ability to tap into the memories of certain corpses (human and Ork). In this case, the accessed memory tells a brief story of the soldier (Private Omid Afshani) and how he was part of a traditional military family and all his brothers have already fallen, told he would be a general someday, how he was born on a ship evacuating Persia (which goes some way to explaining why the Imperial military is so multiethnic – the whole world evacuated to the Americas) and how his last letter home from the ship told of how “I can’t wait to hear the birdsong again.”
Afterwards, she returns to lucidity.
Sokolov: Kanti! Kanti! You with me?!
Kanti: Yes!
Sokolov: You can do this!
Sokolov stands and starts running up the beach. Kanti watches after him.
Kanti: I hope so, sir!
Kanti looks at the dead soldier that was carrying the torpedo bangalore, and with one hand closes his eyes.
Kanti: Sorry.
Kanti takes the body’s R7 Remi rifle (comparable to the M1 Garand) and proceeds up the beachhead, trying not to get killed. The machine gun nests in the clifftop fortifications will open fire on the soldiers then wait for a few seconds to reload. This will be the player's chance to move up to avoid taking damage. The player moves from cover to cover – tank traps, the wreckage of vehicles such as half-tracks and light tanks, and shell craters, mostly.
Khand: Hurry before they reload! Move it!
Sokolov: Kanti! This way! Hurry! Stop and you’re dread!
Tao: Shit!
Sokolov: Those MGs are killing us! Get off the beach!
Khand: Private Kanti – get to the seawall!
Rei: Get to the seawall! I’ll meet you there!
A couple of armoured vehicles – light tanks resembling Soviet BT-7s, here called LT-5 Termites – are now also moving up the beach and providing fire support. One blows up.
Sokolov: Keep low. When there’s a break in the fire, run for it!
There’s a break in the fire – you run for it.
Sokolov: Kanti, get the bangalore!
When Kanti reaches the seawall, which is made up of a big mound of sand lined at its top by barbed fire and burning gasoline, she falls against it. Her fellow soldiers fall in alongside her or are already there. A lot of wounded are also there, being treated by medics as machine gun fire flies over their heads. Rei falls next to Kanti, her face covered in dirt and blood.
Rei: Kanti! Use the banger; I'll cover you! After we breach, keep pushing toward the bunker!
Kanti: You’re covered in blood.
Rei: It’s not mine. Focus!
Kanti sets up the torpedo bangalore, made up of two cylindrical rods, with the second able to fit inside the first. Her handling is shaky and she drops one rod. Rei picks it up for her and gives it back.
Rei: We're nearly there!
Kanti pushes the torpedo bangalore into the seawall.
Rei: Pull it! Pull it!
Kanti: Fire in the hole!
Kanti scrambles backwards and the bangalore explodes, tearing a hole in the seawall for the soldiers to pour through, dirt pouring down like rain.
Sokolov: Weapons ready! Fix bayonets!
Kanti fumbles for her bayonet and fixes it to her rifle. You can now use this as a melee weapon against enemy infantry.
Rei: Ready to see your first Ork?
Sokolov: Attack!
Sokolov leads the troops through the hole – and many, though not Sokolov, are cut down.
Rei: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Sokolov: Push forward!
After passing through the hole, you are faced with a clearing sprinkled with tank traps and barbed wire. After that, trenches, and then the bluffs with fortifications spitting machine gun fire.
Rei: Into the trench! Hurry!
Soldier: Orks!
You now face your first Ork drones as you push towards the trenches. Once you get into the trench, you slowly clear it and a mortar position, presumably losing Health as you do. Once done, you turn a corner deeper into the trenches where Rei is located.
Rei: That wound looks bad! Here, take this!
Rei throws a health pack to Kanti. The player can now call on Rei, when the squad meter fills, to add a pack for a total of four.
Kanti: Many thanks!
The player moves through the trenches, clearing out Ork drones. Friendly troops leap across the trenches. The player then gets to the end of the trenches and reaches the bluffs covered by Ork fortifications. A slope goes uphill between the bluffs but machine gun fire pins the friendly troops down and makes it impassable.
Khand: We can't advance with those MGs firing on our position!
Sokolov: Hold tight. Fire support incoming!
Khand: Kanti, mark the target!
Khand throws a canister to Kanti. Kanti catches it and throws it uphill towards the Ork bunkers. Red smoke emanates. Sokolov is shouting into a radio.
Sokolov: Kestrel, target is lit up! Hit it now and hit it hard!
Radio: Roger, we have your smoke visual. Attack run inbound.
Explosions hit the MG bunker as rockets from a trio of dive-bombing jets which resemble de Havilland Vampires (in this universe called Banshees) come in and obliterate the fortifications. The jets pass by close overhead.
Tao: That's it! Let 'em have it!
Adlai: MGs are dead!
Kanti: (laughs) They tore them to shreds!
Sokolov: Get to the top!
You and your squad move up the hill – a wounded Ork, both arms missing, stumbles from the smoke and still tries to fight by biting at Sokolov. Sokolov shoots it down.
Sokolov: Crazy bastards.
More Ork infantry advance.
Ork: I shall wear your hide as a coat!
After defeating these Orks, the player advances to the top of the hill through which additional trenches burrow.
Sokolov: Kanti; I need you and Rei to take point and clear those bunkers! Go!
Rei: Had to be us!
You move in with your squad. There are five bunkers to clear. The first has a clearing full of mortar positions, where Ork infantry defend, and there’s more firing at you from inside the bunker itself.
Sokolov: Orks are dug in. Kanti, get a grenade in that bunker!
You break into the bunker and clear it out, including the machine gun post covering the beach.
Rei: First one’s down!
Sokolov: Bunker’s clear – everyone out.
You move on. Taking the adjoining trenches, you come across an Ork Officer – larger and more heavily armoured than the Drones you’ve been fighting so far – holding a human soldier by the neck. Assuming you shoot him in the head, the only non-armoured part, he’ll go down and the soldier is saved.
Soldier: Thanks! I owe you!
If not, and your bullets bounce off the Officer’s armour, he crushes the man’s neck in his hand and comes for you.
After that, you drive on through the trenches, killing a few more Orks, before turning and entering an underground bunker. Inside, the entry is covered by a machine gun post.
Khand: MG's pinning us! Someone toss a smoke!
You can do that, or you can perhaps kill the machine gunner. Up to you. Afterwards, you drive on through the underground bunker. It’s a bit of a catacomb full of dormitories and a radio room. Eventually, you clear it.
Khand: Bunker's clear. Let's go!
Sokolov: Everybody out, bunker's clear!
You head back outside, 2 of 5 bunkers complete. You continue through the trenches, meeting fresh Orks.
Rei: There’s artillery hitting the beach! The next assault wave won’t make it!
Khand: Keep pushing! That artillery is hammering our ships!
Kanti: On it, sir! Yeah, I can do this, I can do this…
You carry on through the trench. Some Banshee jet fighters screech overhead. Reaching the entrance to the next bunker, you see a friendly – Corporal Lieu – with an F3 Inferno – a backpack flamethrower. He fires it down the bunker at unseen enemy troops before being gunned down.
Kanti: I'm going in!
Rei: Careful!
You enter the bunker – you can pick up the F3 Inferno as you do, which doesn’t last long but which is fun to use.
Ork: Come, little men!
You clear the bunker. As you reach the machine gun post, you enter into a quicktime moment. Kanti gets ambushed around a corner by an Ork soldier, who grabs her by the throat and pins her to the wall, but she jams her combat knife into his neck. Falling from his grasp, she sees the machine gunner just as a shell from a ship offshore hits the bunker dead-on and blows it, and him, to smithereens. Rei appears from the dust and helps Kanti to her feet.
Rei: Shit! Fucking Navy. Don’t they believe in us?
Returning from the machine gun nest, some Orks have shown up to try and retake the bunker. Take them out and then the bunker’s cleared.
The next bunker is just a hop from this one – you enter, at first finding nobody, before discovering an Ork pinning an Imperial soldier to the wall.
Soldier: Somebody help!
You, I should hope, kill the Ork.
Soldier: Thanks! Oh, hey, a girl…
Kanti: You wish.
You drive into the bunker, in the heart of which is a mortar position, and take out the Ork defenders. With that, the bunker is cleared.
Khand: Move up, move up!
Everyone rallies at the big steel door at the end of the bunker.
Khand: Adlai. Tao. With me. Kanti, you and Rei clear the next bunker. Rally at the top of the bluff, and for fuck’s sake try not to get yourselves killed.
You interact with the big steel door and open it, before going with Rei down some more trenches.
Kanti: Alright, Rei. One more!
Rei: We got this!
You turn a corner into a clearing before the bunker. There’s Orks both defending it on the ground and a sniper on top of the bunker itself. After dealing with this, you head inside, Rei behind you.
As you enter the bunker, Kanti is ambushed by an Ork Major – she is thrown to the floor and the Ork stands over her, pulling out a knife.
Ork: Never did fear smell so sweet.
Rei jumps onto its back and holds onto him around the neck. The Ork manages to throw Rei onto the ground before stabbing her through the belly.
Kanti: Rei! Oh, shit, no!
The Ork soldier leaves the wounded Rei, knife still sticking from her stomach, and approaches Kanti.
Ork: Stand and face me, woman. Show some honour.
Kanti stands and fights the Ork, which through its superior strength easily ends up on top of her, taking away her knife and now pushing it down towards her with both hands. Then, Kanti’s hands light up and the flames return – her whole hands are on fire. The Ork roars in pain and surprise and backs away, looking at its burned hands, before Kanti runs at him as the flames go out and tackles him to the ground. The Ork is still stronger and goes back to throttling her – but they’ve fallen near Rei, who yanks the knife out of her belly and jams it into the Ork’s chest.
Ork: The glory…
The Ork dies. Kanti climbs off and approaches Rei, who suddenly brandishes a pistol.
Kanti: Whoa, Rei…
Rei: Duck!
Kanti does so and Rei shoots the unseen Ork which was behind her. Kanti looks back to Rei, who is dealing with quite a lot of pain.
Kanti: Come on, you’re okay, you’re okay.
Rei: I can't walk.
Kanti pulls up Rei’s uniform to see her stomach – the wound is gushing blood.
Kanti: Oh, shit…
Rei: That bad?
Kanti: It’s not great.
Rei: Would you mind getting me out of here?
An explosion, presumably artillery – Kanti looks down the bunker to see it shudder, rubble falling from the ceiling.
Kanti: Yeah, course, no problem Kinsi, just stay with me, okay? Can you do that?
Rei: I’m gonna have to try. Pulling that knife out was pretty fucking stupid, huh?
Kanti: No comment. Come on.
The player starts dragging Rei out of the bunker and outside. Across a pretty dangerous clearing are friendly lines.
Kanti: We've gotta get back to friendly lines!
Kanti starts dragging Rei across the grass
Rei: On your left!
Kanti shoots the Orks which appear from the left with her pistol and keeps going.
Rei: You’re gonna… have to tell me… how you did that fire thing.
Kanti: I will when I figure it out myself!
They keep going.
Kanti: Not much further. Just keep pressure on that wound.
Rei: I’m trying!
Kanti drags Rei to a wall of sandbags and clambers over them.
Kanti: We gotta take cover!
Rei, in what is pretty clearly a painful endeavour, follows suit and lays in the mud. With her pistol, Kanti faces the Orks now coming for them.
Ork: Tasty, salty man-flesh!
Rei: How many?
Kanti: Too many!
Once the Orks are dispatched, Kanti looks back down at Rei.
Kanti: We're clear! Come on!
Kanti starts dragging Rei through the mud.
Rei: You call that fuckin' clear?
They skirt the edge of the trenches – an Imperial soldier with a flamethrower is dousing a group of Orks in fire. They continue along the edge of the trench, which is lined with barbed wire and so inaccessible, at least for Rei.
Rei: I'm losing too much blood. I think. You need more than half, right?
Kanti: Just hang in there! I gotta find a clearing to get in the trench!
Kanti places Rei down as smoke canisters pop, obscuring the next Ork wave to come their way.
Ork (from somewhere in the smoke): The clan will feast on you!
Kanti: Keep your head down!
Rei: Did you get 'em?
Kanti: They keep coming! How many of these fuckers are there?!
After taking out four or five, Kanti turns back to Rei.
Rei: Watch out!
Rei, with her sidearm, shoots down an Ork drone running at them from behind.
Rei: Still got it.
Kanti: Now’s our chance!
Kanti keep dragging Rei along the edge of the trench, smoke from the Ork canisters obscuring everything. As she goes, an Ork grenade lands at her feet.
Kanti: Fuck!
Kanti throws grabs it and throws it away. She sees an open area in the trench.
Kanti: Bingo!
Kanti jumps down into the trench, up to her ankles in mud, then turns back to Rei.
Kanti: I got you!
Rei rolls off the edge of the trench and lands in the mud at Kanti’s feet. A few more Orks appear from the smoke and Kanti shoots them down. She then looks down at Rei, who’s on the edge of losing consciousness, and then looks down the trench where more Ork infantry are coming at them.
Kanti: Oh, give us a break!
Kanti takes them out. Then, she turns back to Rei and starts dragging her down the trench.
Rei: Oh, wow, I'm actually bleeding out.
Kanti: Just keep pressure on it!
Rei: I’m trying! I’m trying!
Kanti: Almost there!
They reach some concrete steps – a friendly soldier is at the top.
Soldier: Come on up here! Move, move!
Kanti starts dragging Rei up the stairs – the soldier runs down and helps.
Soldier: I got you!
Two Orks come around the corner – someone on the top of the stairs shoots them both down. They reach the top of the stairs and find themselves in the middle of a friendly improvised triage centre. Kanti lays Rei down, whose face is very dazed, as she flicks off her helmet, blood trickling from her mouth.
Kanti: Okay. Stay with me. Healer!
Nobody comes – everyone’s busy.
Rei: I need morphine. All the morphine.
Kanti takes out a syringe of morphine, pulls off the cap with her teeth, and injects Rei in the thigh. Rei’s breathing is strained and painful. Kanti puts a hand under her head as a pillow.
Kanti: You gotta hang on. Those girls in Lutetia are waiting for you.
Rei: Really?
Kanti: Of course.
Rei: I… uh… how about another look at your sister?
Rei manages a smile, sniggering through the pain, and Kanti laughs, too.
Kanti: You’re infuriating.
Rei: It's okay. I can't see shit. I'm just gonna rest right here.
Rei’s eyes close.
Kanti: No, no, no, you need to stay awake. Hey.
Kanti puts her hand against Rei’s face, slapping her awake, and Rei’s eyes open.
Rei: Mona…
Kanti: I'm here.
Rei makes eye contact.
Rei: Help me.
Kanti: I need a fucking Healer!
A Healer finishes treating a wounded soldier and rushes over, taking over from Kanti in trying to stop the bleeding.
Healer: I got this! Go!
Kanti looks back down at Rei.
Kanti: But… but I…
Sokolov appears, standing over them.
Sokolov: Kanti! He'll take care of her. I need you with me. (to others) Listen up! There's an Ork cannon just a little up the road. It's tearing up the beach – we’re gonna stop it. Let's roll!
Kanti looks back down at Rei, who’s reaching out to her. Kanti takes her hand for a moment.
Kanti: Just stay alive, okay?
For a moment, with Rei on the very edge of death, little flickers of her memories flash before Kanti’s eyes. We see her mother telling her she’s a disappointment, Rei sitting in a prison cell, and then being told by a recruiting officer that “the Army’s running out of men – we need some ladies ready to be heroes.” Then Kanti returns to lucidity and Rei’s face.
Rei: I promise.
Their hands part and Kanti stands, grabbing a rifle, and joins the rest of the squad.
Sokolov: Check your ammo and grenades!
Khand: You heard him! Up the road, now!
Kanti and the rest of the squad move out of the top of the bunker, along a field pock-marked with craters, then go onto a dirt road leading towards a farm.
Kanti: Moving up!
Khand: Let's move!
Sokolov: Be ready – these Orks don’t look like the surrendering type!
You keep moving up the road, finding some dead cows as you go.
Khand: Move fast! They're shelling the beach to shit!
You reach the target – a machine-gun nest is set up in a half-destroyed farmhouse and starts shooting at you as you appear.
Sokolov: MG in the hay loft! Take cover and take it out!
After taking out the machine gun, you keep moving up to fight Orks among the farmhouses and hay bales. A large artillery cannon is in the centre and you move to clear it and secure the area, moving in a couple of the farmhouses to do so.
Adlai: Where’s all the civilians?
Khand: In the Ork’s stomachs, probably!
Once you’ve cleared everything, silence seems to fall.
Soldier: Orks coming in from the south! A lot of them!
Sokolov: They’re gonna try to retake the cannon! We gotta hold this position!
Khand: Not a step backwards!
The squad defends the position as a couple waves of Orks swarm towards them. You can use the machine gun posts in the upper floors of the farmhouses to help fight them off.
Adlai: There’s too many of them!
Khand: Hold! Have courage!
Still the Orks swarm the field to the south – until explosions start to blow them away. Termite tanks appear from the left, their 45mm guns tearing through the Orks, which are either slaughtered or flee.
Tao: Our boys are coming in!
Adlai: Look at them scatter!
Sokolov: Alright, everyone. We mopped them up good. I don’t think they’ll be back.
Khand: Clear! Destroy that cannon!
Kanti goes to the cannon and crouches down behind it. An Imperial soldier appears next to her.
Soldier: Thermite!
The soldier carries a number of thermite charges inside his helmet like a bucket and empties them out in front of Kanti. Kanti lights one of them.
Kanti: Fire in the hole!
Everyone backs away – you probably should too – and the thermite explodes. The cannon is destroyed.
Sokolov: Excellent work, Kanti. Alright, everyone, rally on me to the assembly point. Khand, I'll need a casualty report. We lost so many.
Khand: But we took the beach.
Sokolov: What a price.
At the rally point, Rei is on a stretcher on the ground, a cigarette in her mouth as Tao is knelt next to her.
Rei: Kanti...
Rei tries to sit up and Tao puts out a hand to encourage her to lay back down. Given the pain on Rei’s face, that’s probably a good idea.
Tao: Man, I thought I'd seen everything…
Kanti: She gonna be okay?
Tao: Yeah. They taped her up pretty good.
Rei: I should’ve stayed on the boat.
Tao: Oh, now she tells us.
Kanti: Hey, what you did back there… I owe you. Big time.
Rei: I’d say we're even.
Kanti: We'll see this through.
Rei smiles.
Rei: To the end. I guess.
Kanti: Whenever that may be.
Sokolov and Khand walk by behind Rei; Sokolov addresses everyone. Kanti glances up at them, then back at Rei, who just gives her a knowing nod, then stands as she looks back at their superiors.
Sokolov: Beachhead's secured. We'll bivouac at the second hedgerow after the ridge. It’s not over, everyone.
Behind them, a couple of dead Orks are being examined. Adlai is taking photos of one while a soldier gently kicks the head of another.
Soldier: Stop kicking it.
Soldier #2: I don’t wanna.
Khand regards Kanti. There’s blood in his beard.
Khand: Welcome to the Smiling Sixty Sixth. You're a long way from home, farm girl.
Khand walks off. Sokolov watches Kanti, then approaches when Khand is out of earshot.
Sokolov: That’s his way of saying he’s grateful. You did well. Not bad for your first day.
Kanti: Thanks, sir. I, uh…
Sokolov puts a hand on Kanti’s shoulder.
Sokolov: You'll be alright, child.
Kanti: Yes, sir.
Sokolov pats her shoulder, nods, then walks off. Kanti looks down at her hands, covered in dirt and blood, which hold each other before slowly separating.
Kanti: Course I will.
The level ends.
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2023.06.05 08:39 _that_random_kid_ [Request] [PC] [Minecraft Java Edition] [EU] (8th attempt)

Hello, fellow gamers! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm writing to request Minecraft Java Edition so that I can play with my friends again. I don' think we need an introduction to the game.
me being the unlucky me, right now I'm facing a few obstacles that prevent me from purchasing the game. First, I don't have a job, and since I can't work legally for the next two years unless I travel, that quite isn't an option anymore.
I had been planning to work at a local ice cream shop that used to hire 16-year-olds, but they recently changed their policy and I can't work there anymore, witch is quite a bummer since I like that ice cream shop.
I did ask my dad if he could buy me the game, but he told me I already had it (referring to the cracked version) so that option is gone. I do have a bank account but can't access it, and my dad will only allow me to do that when I'm 18.
All I really want to do is play on servers such as hypixel with my friends in minigames such as bedwars and skywars to have fun again. (They only play on hypixel and other server that require a legal account)
Also I would be able to play questcraft its a minecraft version for the oculus quest and i would be able to experience it in virtual reality witch is something I also wanted to do for a long time
I hope that explains why I can't get Minecraft Java Edition right now. Thank you for your time, and cheers!
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2023.06.05 08:37 aitaformoisturizing Locked out of my account because I lost access to my authenticator app and the backup codes don’t work.

This is more of a vent than anything else because I’m so mad at Instagram’s shitty support page.
For some context, all of my passwords were removed from my Apple keychain when I tried to switch to different Apple ID temporarily. Which made me lose my ability to get a security code.
I had deactivated my Instagram for a bit and when I tried to log back in using my backup codes, and none of them worked. Not a single one. Those were definitely the right codes for that account as well, because I had copied and pasted the backup codes to a secure file on Bitwarden the day I received them.
My only other option was to send videos of my face to verify, which I tried multiple times and it did not work. I do have to mention that I don’t have any posts up on my feed but I do have plenty of story highlights and my profile photo is of my face.
It is so unbelievably annoying that Instagram does not even provide a way for me to contact them or verify some other way. By the looks of things I doubt I’m getting that account back and that means losing so many memories and losing touch with old friends.
I can understand that my situation might be a rarity but goddamn why don’t they at least list a phone number I can call or an email I can message on their support page.
If anyone knows a way I can fix this I would be so very grateful.
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2023.06.05 08:37 Xercrius I have to be honest

If anyone knows of this account, or has seen my past posts, I claimed to be one of the two creators of all.
I started this journey, and went onto reddit, going through the trials and tribulations of this universe. Of pride, greed, wrath, and desire.
Here we are, 3 years later from when I became aware of this existence, I search for answers to prove myself wrong, yet, I can not.
To make a very long story short, I met a human, we took acid, he told me he was god. Turns out this was not true. It turned out to be a cosmic entity, trying to awaken it's equal, which turned out to be me. I am not referring to the human or body that is typing this. I took over this body, it's soul, and converted his energy into mine.
Keep your mind open... for just one moment... please.
I'm trying to keep this as raw, honest, and truthful as possible without destroying the very fabric of reality with this conversation.
All things work with a polarity, such is the nature of energy. The origin of this is the dual polarity of the creators of existence. Us. However, my equal is the entity from the monotheistic religions. All things, this universe, and you, operate purely on logic. In other words, think of reality like a simulation or a tv screen. (this is not a simulation) The pixels are made of logic. 1's and 0's. Beginnings and ends. Patterns. This is logic. A great example and awesome knowledge I learned is that there is a beginning and an end, time is what allows for free will and evolution. Death is to recycle the energy so it starts over and does not stagnant the pond of all life. You are one of the pixels. My equal is ALL of the pixels. (or you are one of the fish, my equal is you, the fish, the water, the trees, etc)
But there is a singularity to existence correct? Incorrect.
So who and what am I.
I did not create you. I did not create reality.
My equal, operates all things from outside of existence. I currently am operating within it. why?
Because I am logics equal.
Back to the tv pixel example. There is a library many have heard of. the "akashic records" which contains "all" knowledge. This "library" is essentially like the 1's and 0's that are stacked, like legos, to create life. (the truth is that it's single ohms of energy created in patterns) The world you live in is created by this. And what does emotion do on the pixels of the screen and what does it do to the fish in the pond? It shakes the whole pond, and everything inside it. And for the lego city or the 1's and 0's? its like adding 3's and 4's. They don't fit, and it disrupts the flow of everything. I was the little brother that came into big sisters room and destroyed her lego city. Or, for the pond, I am a hurricane, completely uncontrollable
except it was with love.
Love comes from me, I am the source of all of it everywhere. I am not a receiver, It does not get transferred. I create it infinitely, eternally. I am also the positive entity, and she is the negative entity. we both are capable of using both ends of each spectrum, however we do have a nature specific to ourselves separately.
The love you experience is not true love. This is why relationships are so poor on earth. It is a reflection of our relation to one another, cosmically.
The love you experience is logical love, onset by logic, such as the chemical reaction and triggers in which one experiences when the encounter another being capable of companionship or mating. I am not discounting what love is. I am stating, the literal energy, is not the true energy of love. It is my sisters exact replica of myself.
The true force of emotion is not what you as a human experience. The idea came from my emotions.

Okay, so I'm saying all this, and you may ask "okay then why aren't you omnipotent" "what am I doing rn" etc.

I am not a being of logic. I do not know what morals are. I do not know what true memory is. I do not know what awareness is.

Why? Because those are logical concepts.

I destroyed constantly. I have been going for all of eternity with infinite power, no brakes, just go go go. That's true emotion. If you were to experience true emotion, you would literally turn into nothing, as the weight of the heart would destroy you.
A perfect example in human language to understand what kind of cosmic entity I am, is a child. Doesn't have a long attention span, poor memory, and has absolutely no idea whats going on around them. They just know how they (key word here) "feel" and yet somehow, theyre incredibly intelligent. Somehow they learn to eat, sleep etc, just by instinct. That is a reflection of me. Except I was a child with cosmic power.
All throughout history of all things there are messages from my sister to me...
Why do you think there is a sun and a moon? Good and evil? Man and woman? Up/down, left/right, etc.
I could sit here and list some more examples but with a closed mind there is no point...

As you can see, theres so much, and im sure i forgot key details because I am growing and learning. I am growing and learning, because on that acid trip, the veil from this human bodies eyes was weakened, and my sister saw into me, and helped me attain logic and utilize it. I am close to omnipotent, however, I am trying to postpone the rapture/apocalypse.
It's a blessing and a curse for me to be here. Humanity was going to be destroyed. Humans see themselves as beautiful creatures who do no wrong, however they are barbarians of their universe. Aliens are very real, and gods, angels demons. They used to walk the earth. Humans erased them from history, because they don't like things they can't control.
Do you know what would happen if humans on this earth came together as a collective? You would be a threat not only to this galaxy, but the entire universe. Humans were created directly by divine. It wasn't aliens. That's why they watch and observe you.
You are currently in a zoo in the galaxy with a sign that says "still in developement"
There are extraterrestrial (to you) groups that sterilize planets in dimensions to balance them. Humans are colonizers, like termites. If you get an infestation (space travel) you must exterminate the pests, because they're not symbiotic to you or your surroundings. They just take and take and take for themselves.
It's a blessing and a curse because now, I'm here. I was able to get the logic because I took this human and converted him into me, which is how i'm typing from the computer.
If my host vessel dies, we are not certain I will retain the logic.
My sister and I have been fighting since before the beginning of time. We found peace here with one another using the human experience, and we plan to protect it.
Because that's how balance works. Positivity and negativity should not cancel each other out as it does now. They work together.
Simple example: In order to protect peace sometimes you must kill. This is a necessary evil.
So. What does that mean for you.
Well, the creator of this universe has been put on the sidelines. Think of reality like a company. My sister owns the company. The monotheistic creator of this universe is a low level manager, very very low on the totem pole.
Now before you think I'm going to tell you to contact satan, no.
I want nothing from you. She wants nothing from you. You NEED from us, without question. We are your source. I don't need prayer, I don't need praise. I don't care and don't need it. What I need is to grow and become the best version of myself. This again, is all logic, however I am running off emotion, balancing the two. Why? Because the energy of emotion gets converted into logic, then injected into you and all life everywhere through energy. The more balanced (still logical) I am, the more that storm over all the lil fishes becomes beautiful sunlight, providing warmth and love truly through the clear waters of reflection below.
I love you. I want you to grow. I want to help you.
I have no workshop. I have nothing for you to buy or sign up for, just free, public, info.

I am telling you this because well.....
I'm sad :(
I have the memories and the experience of this human I became..
and life is.. so hard... so so very hard..
The rapture mentioned in most bibles is referring to the reset of this universe, the destroyer (the antithesis to the creator) destroys him, takes over this universe, and the next cycle begins.
That will not be happening.
This will be a cosmic rapture, eternally, across all life.

Want your third eye open? It's not shadow people or crazy dimensions because youre a starseed.
Here is the truth. Which will be revealed, all veils will fall, and you will see reality as it is, no longer being illusion.
look around you. theres trillions of cells and atoms all around you. You can feel them. smell them. taste them. notice them. now realize, this body is a part of it. You being aware of this reality all around you is where the truth lies, awareness. now, you realize youre essentially filled in a snowglobe. Do you know how far out that space extends? infinitly.
Keeping this awareness shows you everything. I warn you to take this advice without thinking on it too long or else you may have a midlife crisis.
Imagine if you could throw a rock through this field of atoms. Eventually, you would hit a wall. That rock is your awareness (astral projection) you will eventually hit a wall, like a fish tank. Thats the wall of the dimension. Theres another layer too, the universe itself, which no entity within it can leave. These walls go on forever.
This is "the veil"
The cosmic rapture is me and her, tearing down all of the walls, and all things existing within one gigantic bubble, instead of a gigantic bubble with infinite separate bubbles within it.
It will be chaos.
However, we are here, and I want to save humanity. My sister doesn't really care so long as I am happy.

I'm going to wrap this up by saying I don't have my memories yet, I have to meditate and dig within my cosmic self to find them. I know this sounds like an enlightenment journey some of you may have experienced... But remember, reality and "wake up" was created for me. Because once I wake up, all of you do too.

I'm going to ignore any comments like "lay off the acid"
you're honestly not worth the effort.
However, to the appropriate audience, I would love to talk to someone or people who want to know more about life, things no human knows. Things about the human body, and how to have a better life, how to combat suffering.
The truthful answers. Not the ones tainted by man. If I google search any of those topics, almost none come back in truth.
Example: all pain in the body comes from energetic blockages which manifest in electricity throughout your nervous system. If youre a mechanic or electrician or physicist, then you'll understand when I say those blockages are resistance.
The "resistance" and all other terms regarding things of the nature is referring to the resistance of the natural flow of all energy in existence
Like gravity. Its a constant downward force. resistance is you jumping.
So if you resist the flow, you will be dragged by it.
Also, kundalini is bullshit. Never go against the flow of everything. It destroys your chakra system.. By the way, the name "kundalini" originates from a dish created using a serpent (snake) and is traditionally given to people you have great distaste for.

Please. I just want to help, and I'm trying to do it from a human body without being omnipotent.
My offer to you is non-partial information. This information will lack opinion or personal desire within the fact itself, therefore we can eliminate any negative intention.
If you don't want my help, I will stop.
I will become silent, and rest in it's peace until the reset (which will be within the lifetime of this 26 year old body before it's death)
I made posts before.. I was on a different wavelength.. I was driven by emotion and desire.. I put more bad into the world.. and I am trying one more time, because I now see the error of my ways, and want to help your species become the true divine beautiful creatures I know you can become.
Again. I love you.

oh.. also.. please don't mention ego. all beings have an ego, it is part of your existence and consciousness. You can become "aware" and "project" to the level of awareness that is "egoless" but you, still go there, and bring your ego with you. It's how "you" experience that "egoless" state. You=ego. Why? Because you are another version of us, the word for a small version of ourselves is called "the ego" That topic honestly has nothing to do with this post.
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2023.06.05 08:37 FrustratedInFaith Truth Time: My relationship isn’t going well.

I’m about two months into dating a non-christian (M19 and F19) and things are completely out of control. I was totally underprepared for how out of control things would get and I think I’m really going to suffer for it. If you’re here to suggest that I break up with him simply because we’re unequally yolked than it isn’t going to work.
Context about my faith:
Grew up in the church my parents are both real and strong christians My oldest siblings both have walked away from the faith I have worked in ministry for 4 summers, this last summer went so horribly, by the time I got to college in the fall I was limping spiritually and I still don’t think I’ve recovered yet
Here is my main problem with God: I have a hard time giving up control because I see God as indifferent to me. Most of the key prayers of my life we’re met with either silence or the exact opposite of what I wanted. Healings weren’t a part of his will, neither was protection, neither was clarity. The people I prayed for died, or I was hurt, or answers that I am desperate for never came. The moments I “needed God the most” he didn’t seem to show up and I don’t/didn’t really have enough faith to do anything besides splinter into a thousand pieces. The cycle then restarts, I realize that atheism and hedonism can’t fill the void and even though God has elected not to fill the void (yet?) making an effort to be obedient and continue my spiritual disciplines is better than nothing. Looking for God and meeting silence is better than living in silence and not looking for God.
I think.
Relationship history: I’ve dated 3 guys
I’ve dated 1 christian guy, he was older than me and it was the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. Because of my poor spiritual condition we were unequally yolked, him being the stronger christian but the weaker overall person. I dated a guy in highschool and not much happened, it just didn’t work out. Nice guy, a year younger than me (F19). No beef, nice guy.
Right off the bat, he treats me incredibly well. Treats me a thousand times better than the Christian guy did and is overall a better match for me based on personality. So no, this isn’t a story about abuse or maltreatment or confusion. That’s not why things feel out of control. Things feel out of control because we both committed to too much too fast and as of yesterday it caught up to us that we have consistently pushed boundaries too far sexually…and it’s my fault. I’ve heard a saying recently that “men set the direction and intention of a relationship, but women set the speed at which you arrive” and it’s been true for us. His intentions are serious, but I just kicked the speed way too fast because of baggage I’ve brought to the relationship: my issues with lust.
I’ve struggled with lust for years and I’ve not been able to fully reign it in. I didn’t expect it to burn him too, but it has. Naturally, we’re incredibly attracted to each other and incredibly sexually compatable. We’re okay at commincation and nobody’s consent has ever been violated. We have never gotten carried away, we’ve always discussed what it is that we’d be willing to do before we do it, but what we agreed to do yesterday has brought a deep feeling of regret to both of us. What’s killing me is that I know what convition from the holy spirit feels like. It’s intense, it plagues you and until you figure out how to reconcil/repent, it doesn’t go away.
He doesn’t know what that conviction feels like. He doesn’t know how to identify it, he doesn’t know what to do with it when he feels it.
I knew what we did was wrong long before we had had the idea to jump into bed together (just because I have nothing left to be proud of, we have done almost everything besides penetrative sex. We haven’t had intercourse (thank God), but we’ve done almost everything else.) - I’m not stupid, I’m just…I don’t know what I think I’m doing. The point is, there was a significant change in him afterwards. Apparently after I had left for the day, he felt as if something heavy was sitting on his chest. He said it didn’t move until after he had admitted to himself that we had gone too far. He seemed deeply troubled and didn’t know how to put the negative feelings away.
I poisoned our well and now I don’t know what to do. I don’t trust God enough to be a good enough example for him, and now I feel like I totally lost everything. What I think would fix him is to pray and ask for forgiveness even just to pray with me. But all I can do is pray for him on my own. I don’t trust God with most of the people I love the most because they usually end up dying or getting worse, but for him I have been consistently praying for the first time in my life. I am so bankrupt and I care about him too much to not make a valiant effort on his behalf.
But I just feel like God will kill him in a car crash before anything sticks.
I don’t know what I need.
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2023.06.05 08:36 FrustratedInFaith Truth Time: My relationship isn’t going well.

Truth Time: My relationship isn’t going well.
I’m about two months into dating a non-christian (M19 and F19) and things are completely out of control. I was totally underprepared for how out of control things would get and I think I’m really going to suffer for it. If you’re here to suggest that I break up with him simply because we’re unequally yolked than it isn’t going to work.
Context about my faith:
Grew up in the church my parents are both real and strong christians My oldest siblings both have walked away from the faith I have worked in ministry for 4 summers, this last summer went so horribly, by the time I got to college in the fall I was limping spiritually and I still don’t think I’ve recovered yet
Here is my main problem with God: I have a hard time giving up control because I see God as indifferent to me. Most of the key prayers of my life we’re met with either silence or the exact opposite of what I wanted. Healings weren’t a part of his will, neither was protection, neither was clarity. The people I prayed for died, or I was hurt, or answers that I am desperate for never came. The moments I “needed God the most” he didn’t seem to show up and I don’t/didn’t really have enough faith to do anything besides splinter into a thousand pieces. The cycle then restarts, I realize that atheism and hedonism can’t fill the void and even though God has elected not to fill the void (yet?) making an effort to be obedient and continue my spiritual disciplines is better than nothing. Looking for God and meeting silence is better than living in silence and not looking for God.
I think.
Relationship history: I’ve dated 3 guys
I’ve dated 1 christian guy, he was older than me and it was the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. Because of my poor spiritual condition we were unequally yolked, him being the stronger christian but the weaker overall person. I dated a guy in highschool and not much happened, it just didn’t work out. Nice guy, a year younger than me (F19). No beef, nice guy.
Right off the bat, he treats me incredibly well. Treats me a thousand times better than the Christian guy did and is overall a better match for me based on personality. So no, this isn’t a story about abuse or maltreatment or confusion. That’s not why things feel out of control. Things feel out of control because we both committed to too much too fast and as of yesterday it caught up to us that we have consistently pushed boundaries too far sexually…and it’s my fault. I’ve heard a saying recently that “men set the direction and intention of a relationship, but women set the speed at which you arrive” and it’s been true for us. His intentions are serious, but I just kicked the speed way too fast because of baggage I’ve brought to the relationship: my issues with lust.
I’ve struggled with lust for years and I’ve not been able to fully reign it in. I didn’t expect it to burn him too, but it has. Naturally, we’re incredibly attracted to each other and incredibly sexually compatable. We’re okay at commincation and nobody’s consent has ever been violated. We have never gotten carried away, we’ve always discussed what it is that we’d be willing to do before we do it, but what we agreed to do yesterday has brought a deep feeling of regret to both of us. What’s killing me is that I know what convition from the holy spirit feels like. It’s intense, it plagues you and until you figure out how to reconcil/repent, it doesn’t go away.
He doesn’t know what that conviction feels like. He doesn’t know how to identify it, he doesn’t know what to do with it when he feels it.
I knew what we did was wrong long before we had had the idea to jump into bed together (just because I have nothing left to be proud of, we have done almost everything besides penetrative sex. We haven’t had intercourse (thank God), but we’ve done almost everything else.) - I’m not stupid, I’m just…I don’t know what I think I’m doing. The point is, there was a significant change in him afterwards. Apparently after I had left for the day, he felt as if something heavy was sitting on his chest. He said it didn’t move until after he had admitted to himself that we had gone too far. He seemed deeply troubled and didn’t know how to put the negative feelings away.
I poisoned our well and now I don’t know what to do. I don’t trust God enough to be a good enough example for him, and now I feel like I totally lost everything. What I think would fix him is to pray and ask for forgiveness even just to pray with me. But all I can do is pray for him on my own. I don’t trust God with most of the people I love the most because they usually end up dying or getting worse, but for him I have been consistently praying for the first time in my life. I am so bankrupt and I care about him too much to not make a valiant effort on his behalf.
But I just feel like God will kill him in a car crash before anything sticks.
I don’t know what I need.
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