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2023.05.29 23:16 GloriousMistakes Neighbor wants to share the cost of fence between our property line but are we obligated if the new fence was moved completely inside his property and it looks like they are not attaching it to our fence afterall

The fence on our shared property line fell about 18 months ago and two weeks ago we got a quote to rebuild it for $3400. A week later our neighbor came over and said he was getting a whole new fence (from the guy that gave us a quote) and asked to share the cost of the side that is on the property line. my husband verbally agreed but said we didn't have the funds as we just had a baby and one of our dogs is on cancer treatments. He said we would have to make payments if it was going up soon.
A couple days ago the builder comes over and says the cost for that side of the fence is now $4000 and we owe him $2000. He said the additional cost was due to our neighbors picking out a more expensive material. The builder also said it would connect to our fence that's still standing (the only part that fell was the shared side). He said he was willing to take payments but we needed to talk to him about what we could afford.
Three days ago, without any notice to us, they started putting up this fence. They are actually currently in our yard putting up the shared side as I'm writing this. We noticed the fence is no longer on our shared property line. They moved it in about three inches so it's totally on his property. There is also nothing that shows it's going to be connected to our fence and since it's moved there is a gap where it meets our fence. We asked the neighbor today (who is out there building it with the crew) if it would be connected to our fence and he said he thought it would be. And basically the conversation was over. He just got back to working.
Now my husband says he is going to have to talk to the builder to verify if it will be connected to our fence because our neighbor won't give us straight answers even as he is part of the crew building it. We don't really trust our neighbor. When the fence fell 18 months ago he came over and asked if we wanted to buy the wood from him so we could hire someone to just put it up again. I thought it was fishy because when we bought the house, it was specifically mentioned to us it was a shared fence. I couldn't understand why we would have to buy the wood from him. And he didn't even up of the fence. It was put up by both of the previous owners for his house and mine.
Before we pay anything, what kind of documentation should I get to show we both own this fence this time? I don't want another situation to arise if the fence falls where he says its all his wood. When we said we wouldn't pay it, because we assumed it was shared, he sold it and had it hauled away before we could put it back up. He kept all of the money from the sale. We don't even know what he got for it.
And are we even obligated to pay since it's no longer on our property line? I don't want to be a bad neighbor but we honestly just don't have the money right now. It's why it isn't already fixed. The guy putting it up hasn't given us any invoice or documentation on the fence. But I imagine he is going to aquire soon how we are going to pay our half. I feel like we are being scammed yet again by the guy but my husband tells me to quit being sceptical about everyone.
We are in South Dakota and the only thing I can find for laws is relating to cattle owners. We don't own any livestock and we are in a city limit.
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2023.05.29 23:08 Pensacolahomebuyer 5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash - Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC

5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash
1- Traditional Listing Expenses. 2- Quick Closings. 3- Uncertainty of Repairs. 4- No Stress. 5- Time is Money.
Selling your house for cash provides a quick sale, avoids commissions and fees, allows you to sell your house as-is, provides a smooth sale experience, and allows you to get the cash fast. For those reasons, it makes sense to consider contacting a cash home buyer if you need to sell your home quickly. It’s the perfect solution for those who may be experiencing a difficult or challenging time, such as facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other life-changing events.
Wondering which method is best for you? At Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC, our professional buyers will outline each option to help you determine which is best for your circumstances, a traditional listing or selling your house for cash in Pensacola directly to Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC. Call Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC at 850-346-4995 or send us a message!
(850) 346-4995
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2023.05.29 22:58 almostthcrazycatlady Royal Typewriter U.S. G.O.W.

Royal Typewriter U.S. G.O.W.
I got this typewriter for free at a garage sale, but the tag says U.S. G.O.W. Property and I can’t find any info on “G.O.W.” On Mr. google. Google did tell me it’s royal brand typewriter from the late 30s early 40s. This tag was the only writing on it.
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2023.05.29 22:57 almostthcrazycatlady Royal Typewriter U.S. G.O.W.

Royal Typewriter U.S. G.O.W.
I got this typewriter for free at a garage sale, but the tag says U.S. G.O.W. Property and I can’t find any info on “G.O.W.” On Mr. google. Google did tell me it’s royal brand typewriter from the late 30s early 40s. This tag was the only writing on it.
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2023.05.29 22:46 NoLimitRocky GTA Online PS5 modded acc for sale Dm me!!

7.8 Billion Cash,Modded outfits, Fast Run,Cars,guns,and properties for sale Dm me!!!!!
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2023.05.29 22:45 WallStreetUniversity U.S. balance of payments

The U.S. balance of payments is a statistical record of all economic transactions between the United States and the rest of the world over a specific period. It provides a comprehensive summary of the country's economic interactions with other nations, including trade in goods, services, income flows, and financial transactions. The balance of payments is divided into three main components:
  1. Current Account: The current account records transactions related to the import and export of goods and services, income from investments, and unilateral transfers. It includes:
a. Trade Balance: The trade balance represents the difference between the value of exports and imports of goods. A positive trade balance (surplus) indicates that exports exceed imports, while a negative trade balance (deficit) indicates that imports exceed exports.
b. Services Balance: The services balance accounts for transactions related to services, such as transportation, tourism, financial services, and intellectual property.
c. Income Balance: The income balance tracks income flows from investments, including earnings from foreign investments owned by U.S. residents and income earned by foreign residents from their investments in the United States.
d. Unilateral Transfers: Unilateral transfers include transfers of money or goods between countries without any corresponding economic benefit. Examples include foreign aid, remittances, and grants.
  1. Capital Account: The capital account records transactions involving the purchase and sale of non-financial assets, such as real estate and intellectual property. It also includes capital transfers, such as debt forgiveness or the transfer of ownership rights.
  2. Financial Account: The financial account records transactions related to financial assets and liabilities. It includes:
a. Direct Investment: Transactions involving the acquisition or disposal of long-term assets (e.g., equity shares) by foreign investors in the United States or by U.S. investors abroad.
b. Portfolio Investment: Transactions involving the purchase or sale of financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, between residents and non-residents.
c. Other Investment: Transactions related to short-term financial assets, such as loans, deposits, and trade credit.
d. Reserve Assets: Transactions involving changes in the official reserves of a country, such as gold, foreign currencies, and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).
The balance of payments is designed to ensure that all transactions are accounted for and that there is a balance between the current account, capital account, and financial account. If there is an imbalance between these components, it results in a surplus or deficit in the overall balance of payments.
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"Rome was not built in a day neither will you pass SIE by studying for one day"
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2023.05.29 22:20 Ashamed-Friendship64 Cheapest structure in Hollis, queens (18k upx) next is 25k. Easy flip. Open to a little negotiation

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2023.05.29 22:08 kairosins Osteochondral Lesions- ankle

I haven't seen my surgeon in a few years; he retired in the pandemic. This is a rare condition so to find a surgeon who's current on research requires flights. I'm wondering if there are any new treatments in the last few years or if it looks like we will have any surgical options any time soon?My question is primarily about the ankle. I had a "successful" microfracture that lasted 4 years and a failed BioCartilage with BMAC.I've read studies that show they're growing real hyaline cartilage in the lab. How long will it be before this is commercially available, either in the U.S. or Europe? Since it's easier to obtain patents in Europe, are there countries to watch? I have a bone-on-bone ankle that I really need to repair. The pain sucks and is limiting, and I am not doing any of these graft surgeries with high 5-year failure rates. I also had a hip microfracture with a labral repair that's starting to flare a bit again. USA/45/f/178/5'8/no meds for thisI think I have a form of EDS, but the last rheumatolgist I asked yelled at me for suggesting it and I gave up. In Serbia recently where it's easierto see one, I had a rh workup and I am ANA+ but the rest were negative, or at least what we can translate. I am having cartilage issues in my throat, so maybe there would be drugs to stop all of the cartilage, but getting diagnosed for anything is so frustrating I have given up. This all began in my early thirties. Diagnosed "hypermobility" I also now have severe big toe pain that I suspect is related, but I haven't seen anyone because I'm just exhausted by never finding answers or solutions and I'm not injecting steroids into my toes to destroy more cartilage so.
Any hope for new surgeries? I was a patient of Dr. Clanton at Steadman-Phillipon, he's retired. I do get the occasional HA injection but they're expensive and not covered for ankles. I really need some timeline for regenerative medicine that's actually going to work. Anyone have some newer research to give me some hope? I live in the northeast now if there are top centers near NY you can recommend that specialize in this.
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2023.05.29 21:34 lSherlockl [WTS](USA-WI) NPO VSK94 W 9a-91 kit, KWA RM4 Magpul ERG, Agency Arms G17, FNX 45, JPC, Some entry level guns: GE GBBR AR15 Mlok, Matrix M4, SRS parts, Mini 40mm launcher, Misc & More

large batch of cleanouts from me some freinds/teammates. I will do my best to get back to each and every one of you but this oils the largest listing I have done in quite some time. First come first serve if i don't hear a response within 24 hrs. I will move on to the next person in queue if there is one. Just trying to be clear and avoid any messes.
Prices DO Not include shipping and are all OBO unless noted otherwise. Not really interested in trades at this point well maybe (I have a odd interest in a m1919 ) but feel free to ask and or offer, but really cash is king. I can quote USPS, UPS, and FEDEX. Payments handled via PayPal and local pickup is a option in east central WI.
Most of the smaller items are Flexible and or I am willing to deal on if buying other stuff.

NPO AEG VSK 94 w 9a-91 kit
Sales overview:
New never fielded NPO AEG VSK94 all stock, Includes the gun, Upgraded lightweight suppressor, 4 additional midcap mags (for a total of 5), conversion parts if you wanted to convert it to the 9a-91 (grip, upper reciever w folding stock, outer barrel, inner barrel, and barrel nut if running it without supressor and original manuals and documentation. This is a beautiful odd gun that is absolutely built like a tank all steel receiver with a hard phosphate coat same as the real deal. the VSK94 historically is/was used by the spetsnaz, fsb count4er terrorism units and other russian special forces as a 9x39 subsonic DMR as a easier to manufacture alternative to the likes of VSS. The 9A-91 primarily has seen use with Russian police forces. It is used as a cheaper and more versatile alternative to the SR-3M Vikhr
I did a video look at this gun in detail here: . Gun was shipped in parts from russia, so no original box, I assembled it and went over install and reviewed it as i went. I did also examine the gearbox as well while it was out of the gun. You can find a internal review here:
Asking $875 Obo for everything

KWA RM4 ERG Magpul edition
Sales Overview:
This gun is used I have fielded it a few times but pretty low milage (i tend to collect more than I play).
Package include, Gun, 1x 30 rnd mag w/cutoff, 6x K120c's with cutoff, Leapers red/green dot, magpul backup rear iron sight, and original spring/recoil weight.
This gun is a blast to use, but it really wasnt getting the feild time from me over my other replicas so decided to sell it. Its a great PTW or "realistic" training type of weapon due to functioning bolt cutoff and that all mags can be locked to a realistic 30 rounds if desired, disabling the trigger after the last round fired and requiring you to hit the bolt release after changing a mag before you can fire again (note its not a GBBR the bolt doesn't actually blow back)
Asking $550 OBO

Agency Arm G17 Fatal 13 Build
sales overview:
This was a personal build fielded a few times, was really my fist deep dive into pistol building and stippling.
Build itselft is CNC aluminum G17/18 agency arms slide ported on the top. High pro sights, RMR replica (will include a new battery for it). Lightweight BBU, Guarder nozzle, Threaded aluminum outer barrel, stainless steel inner barrel lapped with a maple leaf bucking and ikey, increased dual recoil spring, Agency arms trigger, agency arms magwell. Custom frame work stippling done by your truly.
Asking $355 obo

VFC FNX 45 Tactical Pics:
Sales overview:
VFC FNX 45 tactical with original box 2 additional leak free mags (for a total of 3), spare backstrap, and 3 spare mag seals. used in good condition full stripped cleaned and relubricated before sale. picked it up as I had been wanting one for awhile, but then got bitten by the AAP bug.
Asking $165 obo

MODI/Flyee JPC Coyote New
MODI/flyee JPC size L in coyote brown brand new never fielded. decided I'm really just more of a chest rig guy. made from 500D ballistic nylon has a wide range of adjustment and has the proper rubberized webbing sort of material on the shoulder straps. Includes original closed cell foam plates.
Asking $65

Golden Eagle GBBR NIB
Selling this never been gassed or fired can be tested or chono'd on request. The GE GBBR system is a WA clone this means you can use WA upgrade parts (Which basically means GHK parts as they also run on the WA system). The receiver is Polymer but the hand guard and barrel are metal. The handguard is what they call the delta style which is sort of this interesting almost triangular shape see pics. From what I have heard these may not be the most amazing GBBR but are a fair base/entry into the GBBR world without breaking the bank with reasonable aftermarket part support.
evike link: (its the delta mlok 13") if you want more details
Asking $175 OBO

Echo1 TROY TRX M7A1 M4 (7" variant)
Another Entry sort of gun metal upper and lower, was originally destined to be a custom build out for a team mate but ended up going another direction. comes with standard nicad/nimh and basic wallwort charger, personally i would still look to move over to lipo but its a starting point. Troy industries trades on the receiver sights etc. Interesting battery compartment/buttstock setup
evike link:
asking $175 OBOSOLD

Matrix Raystar M4
New in box, selling for a freind. Stock was originally damaged in shipping and was replaced, original buttstock will be included as well but as mentioned is cracked.
Poly upper and lower comes with everything pictured. Interesting design on their flash mag I kind of like the larger pull tab. Not a whole ton to talk about its new and its a cheaper starting gun.
Asking $110 OBO

Cybergun Python .357 NIB (4" version)
Its a Co2 revolver not too much to say, unfortunately it is one of the hotter shooting variants shooting a quoted 380-410 FPS range with .2's. Comes with the 6 Shells and speed loader. New in box never used or fired.
here is product link if you need any more info
Asking $75SOLD

M4 Short mags
70 rnd sort pmag clones with ranger plates and top covers.
asking $20 for the lot of 3 or $8 ea

SRS Project/Scrap Stock
Was originally a tan stock used as a dye test for dying the nylon fiber a camo pattern and masking techniques. Then later was modified and material removed to test fitment of a CO2 reg into the stock. you still should be able to lock-on the stock plate or the spacers but you will be missing several of the latching or locking teeth on the sides.
Asking $10 OBO

Gate Aster V2 rear wired.
Not OEM packaing but brand new never installed comes with all the materials required to install
Asking $65 OBO

Compact Rail mounted 40mm Grenade Launcher
Evike link (visually explains it better as product shown out of pkg):
Really more of a minimalist 40mm grenade shell holder picatinny mount. See evike link for more details on usage/installation options as I didn't want to open it for product photography.
Asking $20 OBO

LCT OD G3 Grip
Asking $8 obo

Hi Capa Mag bodies
jsut the bodies themselves if you have a damaged or beat up one AW/WE in origin I believe, no valves or other parts included.
Asking $8 for the lot or $3 ea

Silverback Parts
Silverback Fast Hopup (right)
New unused Silverback Fast hopup for srs rotary style adjustment takes aeg buckings.
asking $35 obo

"SOFT AIR" SCAR springer
yep lovely pretty plastic scar spring rifles brand new in box and yep not great, on the plus side I believe they take a standard AEG style mag, have 1 left available.
PRICE ill toss one in with any major purchase if you ask or $10 + shipping

HK 51 Extended outer barrel (believe it was designed for the CA series)
14MM CCW its a extended outer barrel nuff said
Asking 12 OBO

Smaller Stuffs (desc should be on the image in the Imgur album)
Make offers here!
Description QTY Price status
M4 Target Grip. basically PSG1 style grip for M4's 1 $12 SOLD
LBX Project Honor Camo/Sets. Small combat Shirt x2, Youth Pant x1 (fit the wife) measured 30-32 waist $10ea or 18 per set or 15 for whats left OBO Small/youth set 30-33 waist via measuring SOLD SOLD SOLD
ACU UCP Unuforms, coat and kneepads 2x Lg/long pants (34-36 i think), 2 lg/long shirts, 1x parka, 1x knee-pads/elbopads $ 15 per set or 9 per piece. parka $15 obo and knee-pads/elbopads $8 OBO for the lot
MISC Pouches and Gear Drop leg platform, bowman headset, longer smg type taco, 3 cell ACU mag pouch, black camo holster, 2x black holster, handcuff? pouch, Desert storm era Goggles (for looks I dont think i would trust them) $ ~2-4 Ea or make a offer Only handcuff pouch, left available
"China Camo" 1x MC set 32-34 waist has darts in it to enlarge not sure exct size but perhaps up to 36?, 1x desert camo forget the name 32 ish waist. 1x 32 Mossy oak pants. $ 8 per set or 4 per piece OBO

anything in THIS image
also this nagant stock its plastic for a Co2 nagant 44 free just cover shipping or bundle with anything else

whew there we go, and i do have permission to keep this separate from my services thread.
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2023.05.29 21:10 3rdIQ Possibly Selling Home Without Realtor Marketing - Have Attorney and Other Questions

My last two home purchases were from: 1) a friend that was selling their home ahead of getting married, and 2) through a family trust fund, and I was a friend of the family. Neither property was listed with a realtor, and each seller arranged for all the closings. Seller #1 ran everything through their bank and the title company. And Seller #2 was the bank that managed the trust, and they ran everything through a Realtor who charged 1% to handle all the standard closing paperwork. For each sale, I submitted a generic written 'offer' and gave them $500 in escrow money, and in a few days had a signing appointment at a title company.
Now, I'm in the sellers shoes for one home sale, and through word of mouth, I have been contacted by two interested buyers. The Realtor in Sale #2 above still manages and coordinates all of the services to transfer the title for 1%. And I've just learned that one of the local title companies will take care of all aspects of real estate closings for a flat rate. I've had four friends buy and sell homes in this same manner in the last two years.
I'm not interested in doing the full blown FSBO deal (handling my own marketing, showing, etc.,) but I just might be fortunate enough to find a buyer that makes an official offer. I'm curious if I'm missing something because in this sub-Reddit and also reading online articles.... I've seen several people recommend an attorney when doing person-to-person sales like I've described. Under what kind of circumstances would an attorney be a benefit? And for anyone that has retained one, what kind of fees are typical?
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2023.05.29 21:01 for-while Implications of Short-Term Loan to Parents

Background: I'm in my 20s and renting in Dublin. I may want to buy a property in the next few years and have managed to save enough for a deposit.
My parents are sale agreed on their house (contracts signed by buyer) and looking to put down a deposit on a new build. However, they need to transfer the deposit to the builders before the the funds from the sale of their current house will be released to them.
If I were to lend them the ~50k EUR required for a period of a month or so, would this impact my consistent savings record when I come to buy my own place, as this would diminish my savings temporarily. Also, would this have any tax implications for either myself or my parents. Is this a bad idea for any other reasons?
I imagine they would only pay max 450 EUR interest on a short term loan from a bank for this period so this may be simpler.
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2023.05.29 21:00 harry_lancer Augmented Reality Devices: Insuring The Way We Experience Digital World and Meta-Verse

Augmented Reality Devices: Insuring The Way We Experience Digital World and Meta-Verse


In recent years, technological advancements have brought us closer to the realm of science fiction. This has blurred the line between the physical (Universe) and digital world (Meta-verse). Augmented Reality(AR) has emerged as groundbreaking technology that seamlessly blends the meta verse and physical world, transforming how we perceive and interact with our environment. This has been enabled by devices such as AR smart glasses and headsets. In this article we will explore augmented reality devices, AR insurance, and the different insurance policies available to purchase.

Section 1: Understanding Augmented Reality Devices

Definition and Functionality

a. Definition

By definition Augmented Reality is a technology that enables user to experience enhanced real-world environment by overlaying virtual or data on it. This enables the user to virtually see objects without blocking them out of the real or physical environment.

b. Functionality

The functionality of AR device will center the field under which it is developed to operate. This field vary widely, some of the very common field are:
  • Entertainment and Gaming
  • Training and Simulations
  • Navigation and Spatial Mapping
  • Remote Collaborations

Types of Augmented Reality Devices

A. Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) or Smart Glasses

B. Handheld Devices (Smartphones and Tablets)

C. Wearable Devices (Smartwatches and AR-enabled accessories)

D. Projection-based AR devices

Section 2: Insuring Augmented Reality Devices

10. Types of Augmented Reality Devices Insurance

When it comes to insuring AR devices, there are several types of insurance coverage available that can provide protection against potential risks and damages. Here are some o the most common types of insurance coverage for AR devices:

1. Property Insurance:

Property Insurance covers physical damage, loss or theft of an AR device. It provides financial protection for the device, covering the cost of repair or replacement in the event of accidental damage, such as drops or spills, fire, theft or vandalism.
Highly recommended to end user or consumer of AR gadgets.

2. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance offers coverage for mechanical or electrical failures of AR devices.

3. Cyber insurance

As AR devices rely heavily on technology and connectivity, cyber insurance is essential. This policy covers damages caused by data breaches , cyber attacks or loss of sensitive information. Costs covered by this policy include potential legal liabilities, reputational damage and data recovery costs.

4. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects against claims of property damage or bodily injury caused by the use of AR devices.
This type of insurance will cover legal expenses, settlements or judgements in the event a lawsuit is filled against device owner or alleged negligence or harm caused by the device.
Liability insurance is best suited for businesses or individuals who provide AR devices or services to others.

5. Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance provides coverage for claims arising from defective AR devices that cause ham to users or third parties.
The policy ensure that the insured party can handle potential product-related lawsuits and compensation claims. Highly suitable for manufacturers, distributors, or sellers of AR devices.

6. Rental or Lease Insurance

Rental insurance protects against accidental damage, loss or theft of the rented or leased equipment during the agreed upon period.
This insurance provide peace of mind and financial protection for the equipment value, for businesses or individuals renting or leasing AR devices.

7. Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance compensates for lost income, ongoing expenses, and potential additional costs associated with temporary closure or disruptions to business operating AR devices activities.
Essential to business heavily dependent on augmented reality devices, this insurance will enable businesses recover financially from lost income and manage ongoing expenses during the interruption period.

8. Professional Liability Insurance / Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)

The E&O protects businesses or individuals involved in development, design or distribution of AR application or content against claims of negligence, errors or omissions related to AR solutions.

9. Extended Warranty Insurance

Extended warranty insurance provides additional coverage beyond the normal manufacturer’s warranty insurance for AR devices. It offers protection against defects, breakdowns, or mechanical failures that may occur after expiry of the standard warranty.
This policy ensures that consumers or third party can receive repairs, reimbursements or replacements of the covered issues. Mostly suitable for the end user.

10. Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual property insurance safeguards AR device owners or developers against claims or losses that may arise from patent or copyright infringement.
The policy will cover the legal expenses, damages or settlements of disputes resulting from intellectual property disputes related to AR content or technology.

7. Companies that offer AR Insurance for AR insurance devices

Below are some of the known companies that offer insurance for AR devices.
  1. Upsie
  2. Safeware
  3. CoverCloud - UK based
  4. Worth Ave. Group
  5. SquareTrade
  6. Protect Your Bubble
  7. Gadget Cover
When considering insurance company for your AR devices, it's essential to carefully review policy terms, coverage limitations, exclusions, and pricing to ensure that you select the right insurance provider and policy that meets your specific needs.
Insuring augmented reality devices is crucial to protect your investment and mitigate or control potential risks associated with damage, liability or loss. Depending on your needs and involvement with AR devices, different types of insurance policies, such as Augmented reality property insurance, liability insurance or others indicated above, can provide the most needed necessary protection.
It’s important to note that the availability and specifics of these insurance types may vary depending on the insurance provider and the nature of the AR device usage. It’s a good idea to consult with insurance professionals or brokers to determine the most suitable coverage options based on your specific needs and circumstances. Also shopping or enquiring from different companies or brokers may help compare different policies, this will help to ensure to purchase the best policy to meet needs required.
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Pet Insurance: 29 types of pet insurance to choose

Commercial auto Insurance

Residential Insurance: 31 Types of Residential Insurance.

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2023.05.29 20:34 DarkChance20 Capital Gains Tax For Foreign Property Sale

Hi, my parents are planning to sell a house in a foreign country and buy one in the US. I was wondering if anyone knew how the tax process of this works or if anyone can point me to any resources that can inform me more on this. What % would they get taxed for selling their foreign property and buying one in the US? The property is going to be sold for roughly 150-200k. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 20:31 AlbanianKek Do recent graduates usually move to find the right job?

I just graduated with my BBA and I’m pretty lost as to what to do. I work at a commercial property management company making $20 with no benefits. So I’m looking for something better and not really sure what direction to go in. I live in Northern Idaho and there’s not many good job prospects tbh. I feel like I may need to move at least to neighboring Spokane, perhaps even farther. What would you guys do if you were me?
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2023.05.29 20:16 sporkland Consequences of real estate and commercial real estate collapse?

I feel somewhat hopeful for the first time for SF. Prices were way too high for the density that the city is at. It was impossible for restaurants and non rich people to live and work here which lowered the dynamism and energy in the city. I'm hoping the collapse will create opportunities for restaurants, artists and small business owners of all stripes to start things again and thrive.
I'm curious though what the impact of the massive drops in asset prices will be. Presumably home owners will hold on and increase rentals. The commercial real estate companies will all collapse and hand the properties to the banks thereby collapsing the banks and requiring a govt bail out in which all the debt is wiped out? Are we in danger of having poorly maintained or dilapidated buildings in the core?
Curious what other folks thoughts are.
Full disclosure, I bought a place at the peak and got a great interest rate but the asset price is down significantly.
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2023.05.29 20:06 Gante-Avardo Tenant not paying up and we are in dire need of money. We will lose our house if I don't fix this soon, please help.

We've had a tenant on our commercial property for some years now. And he hasn't been paying the whole amount for multiple years(2-3). There are no running rental agreements. We are in dire need of money and have multiple good rental offers for our property. What can we do? How long do such cases last in the court if we file one now? Any quicker ways to get rid of the tenant that don't get us in trouble?
The tenant knows that he has got a very good deal and won't be willing to evict ever, in my opinion.
We are doing so bad that if we don't pay up some money further up, the whole property will be seized by a loan shark(yes, it's on a loan). We live next to the commercial part on the same property and will lose our home along with it.
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2023.05.29 20:04 EarthInternational9 Another long term stalker followed me around from NJ? in 1993, RE/MAX Suburb and sales agent from Marlton NJ thought that my presence was only reason she & her husband had good sex? What did they pay someone else for ILLEGAL slave promise?

It's getting so sad that people hyped me as cure for bad sex or aphrodisiacal for married couples. I didn't offer them anything OR AGREE TO ANYTHING, but numbers on ALL my old business cards were turned into escort agencies to keep me from being respectable, profitable women or considered good mom.
I was dating first husband when I stayed at this couple's house. SHE WAS ANOTHER AGENT AND FAMILIAR WITH COMMISSION ONLY SALES INCOME NIGHTMARE. I lost most of my real estate business because guy said he was only able to get together on weekends. I stayed there in extra attic bedroom. He had their home number from calling my office after 1994 & 1995. Office number them was 609-988-1800 or pager 609-855-7055. He had Westfield NJ number from business cards he had. Find it in NJ business records or my cloud drive. HOW MANY TIMES DID HE TALK TO THEM AFTER I MOVED TO NEW PLACE?
What were they offered in exchange for making me seem more sleazy that I ever was? Can you imagine occult world trying to turn you into djinn. Isn't that something to imagine? I just think some guy gave people sales pitch about sex with me. He wanted me in brothel and free of kids because he thought sad mom would be "available"? I said no to men often after 2005 because I was single mom and I wanted to be there for my kids. I have large numbers of occult people harassing me to turn me into djinn? Is there occult people who think I am supposed to be made into their djinn or switch lives with their djinn? I heard I have satanists who think I'm an angel that they must trap in hell because they were cast out. The energy I have is something misunderstood as sexual energy, but it's why I had special assignment from God to do something specific while I was alive, or maybe after I die with knowledge I had but didn't use.
Do you know when I STOPPED using my NJ real estate license? 1997 when I moved away from NJ and then 2000. RULES AND REGULATIONS MATTER TO ME. THESE ARE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. I didn't renew when I moved to TEXAS in summer of 2000. I couldn't sell property in Florida, so could ONLY do referrals thru NJ main office! That's right. Hater showed up and made contracts and sold people homes JUST TO SEE ME IN BROTHEL LIKE THEY CHOSE. I made my sister in laws mad on Facebook, so they all worked together with rest of family that didn't even KNOW me.
I didn't OWE anyone anything for selling THEIR house without permission SINCE i DIDN'T SELL HOUSES WITHOUT PERMISSION. What happened? Someone had mortgage with my SSN that they lost (as result of identity fraud of using OTHER people's ssns for finance!!) Mortgage regulators caught them, but they gave excuses?
I was honest about my situation even if I made typo (wrong year) in title. I don't care. I have an accident this week, But pray it's not me falling off bridge because of their spells, hexes and witchcraft.
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2023.05.29 20:01 omeesc Strategic funding will fuel Arctic Fox Lithium’s pursuit of James Bay lithium potential

Strategic funding will fuel Arctic Fox Lithium’s pursuit of James Bay lithium potential
Arctic Fox Lithium (AFX.c), a relatively newly listed company (as of January 2023), has already captured the attention of lithium investors due to its impressive portfolio of projects. In particular, the Pontax North Lithium Project stands out as a notable asset. Situated in northern Quebec, it boasts abundant S-type pegmatitic granite intrusions known for their lithium potential. Recent developments, such as Allkem Ltd.'s discovery of a new high-grade zone near Arctic Fox Lithium's project, further validate the region's rich lithium resources.
With previous context stated, Arctic Fox Lithium Corp. has made substantial progress since the beginning of 2023, as highlighted in their latest news release announcing a non-brokered private placement. Sharing some of the key advancements that solidify their position in the James Bay region of Quebec:
Financing Initiative Arctic Fox Lithium has arranged a non-brokered private placement to raise gross proceeds of up to $1,350,000 through flow-through units (FT Units) and up to $1,500,000 through non-flow-through units (NFT Units). This financing serves as a vital catalyst for the company's exploration and project development efforts in the James Bay region.
FT Units: Funding Exploration and Tax Benefits The FT Units, priced at $0.18 per unit, consist of a common share and a non-transferable share purchase warrant. The gross proceeds from the sale of FT Units will be directed towards eligible Canadian exploration expenses. This funding will support Arctic Fox Lithium's exploration activities in the James Bay region and qualify for the Canadian government's critical minerals exploration tax credit. The tax credit enhances the financial benefits associated with the exploration expenditures.
NFT Units (not those kind of NFTs…): Advancing Projects and General Working Capital The NFT Units, priced at $0.15 per unit, comprise a common share and a share purchase warrant. The proceeds from this portion of the private placement will be utilized to make option payments on the company's mineral projects and bolster general working capital. These funds ensure the company's ability to secure and advance their projects while providing financial flexibility for ongoing operations and potential growth opportunities.
With their rapid progress and strategic positioning in the highly prospective lithium region of James Bay, Quebec, Arctic Fox Lithium is IMHO positioned well for success. The company's focus on assembling a portfolio of properties in a mining-friendly province, driven by Quebec's ambition to become Canada's leading lithium producer, creates an ideal environment for their projects. Furthermore, the projects' close proximity to existing lithium operations, such as Allkem Ltd. and Stria Lithium Inc., only reinforces the untapped potential of the region.
Arctic Fox Lithium's recent financing initiative strengthens their position as a key player in the lithium space. This funding will support exploration, project development, option payments, and working capital requirements. With their strategic vision, impressive portfolio, and the promising James Bay region as their backdrop, Arctic Fox Lithium is an attractive opportunity for lithium investors. The future holds great potential for the company, and I am excited to witness their continued growth in the ever-expanding lithium market.
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2023.05.29 20:00 AutoModerator /r/SoundersFC Weekly Ticket Exchange - Week 22 - May 29, 2023 through Sunday

Please use this thread for all ticket sales, giveaways, trades, or requests. This post is scheduled to be posted every Monday at 5pm Pacific. This is the only ticket thread for the week, all others will be removed.
As always, please read the rules and use discretion when posting. SoundersFC and its Moderators are not responsible for damages that might occur as a result of these weekly posts.
BE AWARE OF SCAMS. Use good judgment. Please update your comment when you have completed what you need, but don't delete.
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Seating Chart and Virtual Seat Viewer Attending A Match wiki page
Important Note: Automoderator will remove any posts with emails or phone numbers in them. Please do not post personal information here. If you are selling or buying a ticket, use private messages. This is for your protection. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 19:50 HyenasGoMeow Any Accident Benefit adjusters in here? [Canada]

I have worked 6 and a half years as an Auto Property Damage adjuster; I have handled all aspects of claims handling for all possible auto claims out there [commercials, personals, thefts, total losses, hit and runs, chains etc.] and conducted whatever was necessary to close files - including subrogating against uninsured third parties or the ones not signatory to DCPD.
I have recently accepted a role as an AB adjuster at a different company. What am I getting myself into? How is it like compared to Auto PD claims? I liked Auto; including the disputes, the angry insureds and to some degree.. the work load (within reason ofc). I am switching because I felt like a change, Auto is getting boring and AB sounds fresh and exciting. AB training will be provided.
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2023.05.29 19:36 Classic-Usual-3941 Am I the only one who misses, and didn't hate, Target Canada...?

(btw I know that apparently this isn't an official Target subreddit)
You sure hear more about the people who give them vitriol for the perhaps short-sighted vision of ONE man (Steinhafel). All of a sudden the whole company is "durrrr, bad...". It must be the hip thing to hate Target up here now.
I am a Canadian customer who absolutely loves Target stores. I may be a bit obsessed too. When in the US I just HAVE to go to one, it's "the law" lol.
I am a very loyal customer to boot. I prefer Target over the other guy any day. I have autism, and Target's style is less aggressive and "in your face" than the competition. While W-world is like, "WHOA", to me, Target feels more laid back, relaxed, quieter, friendlier and all that. I also far prefer the shopping experience as a whole.
I get it that perhaps, just perhaps, the Canadian launch was hyped. But did people honestly expect the SAME stores as the US? In a different country with different laws, standards, etc?? Wow... People just don't get it, I swear.... They don't realize that those awesome products from the U.S., some of them aren't sold in Canada at all, right? By ANY retailer?? And we have different norms and stuff? Some of them aren't even LEGAL up in Canada for sale! Target is just a store, right? They have to follow the law and all like the other companies! Why did Target specifically (and NO other U.S. retailer!) get, ahem, targeted with such ridiculous expectations, almost like they had to get right immediately OR ELSE, when the company had NEVER EVER had operations outside the U.S. in its HISTORY? I mean, HOW DARE they have issues, amirite? Pathetic!
I do not blame Target, at least, not 100%, for bungling this expansion. Whether the CUSTOMERS like it or not, they get part of the blame for expecting something that was just never gonna happen. When other U.S. stores, like Target's mortal competitor, expanded up north, they did NOT get bombarded with those unrealistic demands. Now they complain about the lack of competition here in Canada. Ha-ha. I warned shoppers that this was what we'd get if we allowed Target to head back south. Now they are dealing with the consequences and they don't like it. Well, that's tough!
People are now begging Target Canada's "predecessor" Zellers to come back and save them. The VERY SAME Zellers they crapped on and insulted and wished Target would replace. PLEASE.... You just can't please people these days...
I was in line on Day 1 of my local Target store's opening. I was hyped like everyone else, sure, but I did not expect carbon copies of, say, the Plattsburgh NY store. I left with C$80 worth of products and became a regular. I'm in Quebec, a province whose retail sector is absolutely pathetic, and I was like "finally. A place I can count on!"
2015 arrived. Doomsday was here. Target announced an imminent exit from Canada. The expansion had failed. As a shopper, I never got over it. Canadian retail has done nothing but worsen since. Quebec is now a desert, populated with the ruins of what used to be great stores.
I see people dumping on the company all the time. Suddenly the whole company is a "copout", a "sham". All manners of garbage. Why? Because they rejoiced at seeing Target fail. Why? Because the company was run by flawed human beings like all of us.
And I'm sitting here wondering "will there ever be a Take Two?". Not just for my selfish needs because all we have left in Canada is the horrible W and godawful stores, but because if Target wants to continue growing, and survive globalization, they don't really have a choice logically. Sure, they can go the online route, but because of shipping costs/customs and all that, that ain't gonna work. In facet it already didn't. Remember that Borderfree venture on
I can't even visit a former Target store without getting choked up. One of my local stores was turned into a Walmart? I can't even browse the place without wanting to leave, thinking about how great Canadian retail COULD have become. What a depressing situation. And I saw this coming.
What's a guy to do?
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2023.05.29 19:31 Pro_Ana_Online Solution to Delivery Issues (UberEats/DoorDash/GrubHub/Postmates/etc)

This isn't another post complaining about how "my order wasn't delivered" or how my last order for some smoothies arrived an hour later and was completely melted (which pisses me off). Instead, I am going to focus in on the root of the problem, and the solution, from a legal perspective.
"Pirates, ninjas, and hurricanes." <-- This is the problem (please read as I am super cereal)
The underlying issue with all these delivery complains relates to the concept of international and domestic shipping of "FOB" (Free on Board) as reflected in the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). If you've ever read a sales contract that involves shipping, FOB is one of the standard terms in the industry.
This is when the burden shifts from the seller to the buyer for delivery. So let's say you're buying an industrial piece of equipment from Hong Kong, or a ton of canned shrimp from Singapore, to be shipped across the pacific, to a port in Los Angeles, that then gets shipped by train to New York City. FOB describes when the previous person's responsibility ends (i.e. does the factory only guarantee delivery to the originating port, or to the destination port including the ocean crossing; and the same with the train).
To facilitate commerce and to deal with risks of storms, piracy, train accidents, etc., the burden shifts at specific points.
With these food delivery services it sounds like the burden ships the moment the delivery contractor picks up the food from the restaurant.
Therefore, there is a strong need for food delivery ype insurance because clearly these drivers are being attacked by ninjas and pirates or being affected by hurricanes (caused by climate change) at shockingly high levels. That's the only explanation I can see.
The solution:
Just like with international and domestic freight shipping, this provides an opportunity for an insurance company to step in such that with your order you can click the checkbox to add optional insurance, just like travelers insurance when buying a plane ticket.
There is a super cereal petition about this:
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