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Jujutsu Kaisen

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JujutsuKaisen is a subreddit dedicated to the ongoing manga and anime series "Jujutsu Kaisen" written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, and animated by MAPPA. Check out our sister sub Jujutsushi for serious manga discussion.

2014.07.20 23:24 ldgoisdhgio Fan Dubs: English Anime Dubs by fans!

This is a subreddit where you can offer to join up with other users to dub anime. I had this idea when I found out a few tricks for dubbing over episodes. For releasing of dubbed over content legally. I believe we'd have to make a you tube video with just audio that can be synced up to the video. I hope this takes off. It can be great fun for anyone who wants to become a voice actor.

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2023.06.05 08:02 airbornchaos proof read

Please pardon me if this is a known issue, I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous. System details below.
I left for a camping trip 26 May, and returned late yesterday, 3 June. I left the computer on, and let it "sleep" for that time. Mainly, because my spouse isn't interested in learning how Linux works, and I have an application she may need to use while I'm away. So I left it open so it was easy to access. (She says she never needed to, but it was available. )
Today I notice strange behavior of my mouse and keyboard. In Libreoffice, and Firefox, the CTRL key shrinks the size of the project or page. Just using CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+Z shortcuts here, each shrank my window to 40%.
In other pages on Firefox, attempting to use the auto-fill feature for name, address, etc, the selections flash in and out, well before I can make a selection. And when trying to use a media player, such as VLC and Celluloid, if the mouse pointer is in the player window, the file fast-forwards. Simply mousing over the player causes the file to quickly fast forward in 10 second intervals.
I've not seen any of these behaviors before I left. When I returned I did run the update manager, it's most likely one of those updates needs to be rolled back, but I was so tired, I don't think I even looked at what was getting updated. At first I thought it was the driver for my SteelSeries mouse, but the driver-less keyboard is also showing strange behaviors. I'm not really sure where to start troubleshooting. Any suggestions?
System Information:
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2023.06.05 08:01 LoneWolfInCyberia The 6 Day War begins in 1967, as Israel Air Force under Maj Gen Mordechai Hod launches a series of strikes on ground aircraft in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. 450 aircraft were destroyed as were Egyptian airfields, giving Israel a definite advantage.

The 6 Day War begins in 1967, as Israel Air Force under Maj Gen Mordechai Hod launches a series of strikes on ground aircraft in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. 450 aircraft were destroyed as were Egyptian airfields, giving Israel a definite advantage.
While many factors could be mentioned in Israel's victory during the 6 Day war, the major one would be the air force and the tactics used during the War. Among the combine Arab armies, only Egypt had a strong air force, with both MiG-21's and Tu-16 Badger Medium Bombers that were capable of inflicting heavy damage on the civilian centers. Recognizing this fact, Israel made a suprise pre-emptive attack on the Egyptian aircraft as part of Operation Focus on June 5, 1967. Egypt had an excellent array of aircraft, yet it's air defense infrastructure was primitive, they did not even have proper air shelters to protect their aircraft. Add to it, Egypt was fighting it's own rebel forces, and that meant it had to shut down their air defense system. Israel took advantage to bomb the Egyptian aircraft on the ground, and also used special tarmac shedding penetration bombs, that effectively damaged the runways, and prevente the flights from taking off. 338 Egyptian aircraft were destroyed, around a 100 pilots killed, it effectively meant Egypt's Air force crashed even before it could take off. With the strongest air force in the Arab coalition put of order, it meant that Israel had complete superiority over the skies.
The Egyptians did far better on the ground, though, giving a tough resistance to Israeli forces, inflicting heavy casualties. However the fact that Israel had a ready made air force to back up meant, that it could call on them whenever the going got tough. For eg at Sheikh Zuweid, which witnessed some of the toughest resistance from the Egyptian forces on ground, Israel had to call on it's air force to break it.

Another important factor was the Battle of Abu-Ageila, where the Israelis were commanded by Ariel Sharon, who would later go on to become it's Prime Minister. Located in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, Abu-Ageila, was considered strategically important. Israelis had a significant advantage in armor, with around 150 modern tanks,AMX-13's, Centurions, Super Shermans, while the Egyptian Army was saddled with tanks of WWII vintage. Israel also had the better intelligence, and also engineers who could help in clearing their way through the minefields. Though Israel scored a decisive victory over Egypt at Abu-Ageila, the Egyptian units were still intact and could have prevented them from reaching Suez. However the then Egyptian Minister of Defense, Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer, panicked after the fall of Abu-Ageila and ordered all units in the Sinai to retreat within single day. This set off a panic retreat of sorts, with the Egyptian units leaving behind heavy equipment, which led to Israel to capture large swathes of territory as well as equipment.

Egypt was also hampered by a lack of military preparedness, individualistic leadership, promotions that were based not on merit, but on loyalty and kinship, no proper feedback and of course Israel's overwhelming superiority in weaponry and a far more professional army.
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2023.06.05 08:01 -Spaceisawesome- BEHOLD: my really poor art skills :]

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2023.06.05 08:00 Kinsey916 Record of Subreddit, chapter 4

Apple snaps back to their usual cheery mood.

Apple: "Sorry folks, I forgot to announce the next fighters."

They say as they put their hand behind their head. They snap their fingers and point to the sky.

Apple: "Let's get right to it then, folks!"

Apple points to the East entrance.

Apple: "Hailing from Brazil, this next fighter has improved a traditional fighting style! Don't underestimate him, for his attacks are killing machines! His kicks can knock a tree down in one hit! Standing at 5'9" and weighing 117lbs, welcome, u/IllustriousTear8707!"

A young Brazilian man walks into the light, wearing a tank top with Brazil's colors and a pair of black boxers. But on his head are a pair of pink headphones with cat ears attached. Apple throws their hand at the West entrance and starts the introduction.

Apple: "He came all the way from Japan! The legendary yokozuna of the modern day has come to claim victory not for himself nor his country but for his sport! Being the champ for twelve years in the ring, he fights to show others to never underestimate sumo! Standing at 6'4" and weighing 351 lbs! Welcome, u/Ahrensann!"

When Ahren gets into the ring, the ground rumbles a bit. He wears a purple mawashi. Apple raises its hand, about to declare the next round to begin. But before they can, Tear stops them.

Tear: "I'm sorry to intrude, Pitou, but doesn't this sumo have some sort of ritual to perform?"

Apple shrugs, but as they do, Ahren lowers himself to the ground, touching the floor with his fist.

Ahren: "I only do that for sumo fights. This is not a fight, more like a slaughter."

Apple raises their hand and throws it down!

Apple: "Heaven or hell? Let's rock!"

In an instant, Ahren rushes at Tear. At 27 miles an hour, Ahren is about to slam his palm into Tear's face, but before Ahren can, Tear counters with a faster counterattack! He slams his foot into the side of Ahren's head. The attack is strong enough to send Ahren toward the ropes! Ahren lands on his back but gets up in no time.

Ahren: "What... Was that?"

Tear stretches his arms out, posing as if he were on a cross.

Tear: "This is my capoeira style. Do you like it?"

Ahren lowers their body again, preparing for another rush! When he moves again, he's slower than before. But Tear puts his hands in his pockets and stomps the ground, launching himself toward the sumo! Before the two collide, Tear goes for a frontal kick! His leg shoots up and hits Ahren's face, knocking him back up straight! To follow this, Tear spins and delivers a roundhouse kick! The last blow is powerful enough to send Ahren outside the ring, over the ropes.

When Ahren lands on his back, he stands back up. He's bleeding from his nose but starts walking to the ring again. Before Apple hits ten, he's back in the ring. When he stands back on both his feet, he points at Tear.

Ahren: "You're strong, but you can't win. If that was your strongest hit, I'm good from here."

Ahren sticks a thumbs down at Tear, and Tear smiles.

Tear: "You're wrong. My capoeira hasn't reached it's peak yet."

Tear T-poses, as his sweat glimmers in the light. With his face looking into the sky, he looks down at Ahren.

Tear: "Ahren, will you help me further my skill?"

Ahren doesn't react, their face stern as usual. Tear forms tears in his eyes.

Tear: "No matter. We'll reach the gods with my kicks in no time!"

Tear gets into a grappler's stance and rushes at Ahren. When he gets in range, Ahren goes for a palm strike but leans backward and throws himself back. Ahren goes past Tear, and Tear lands on his hands, going for a kick to the back. The strike hits Ahren's shoulder blade and knocks him unbalanced. Tear gets back on his feet, and Ahren turns around to face Tear.

Tear turns up his music and points at Ahren.

Tear: "You'll never touch me."

Tear closes his eyes and starts jamming to the music. Doing weird dances, confusing Ahren. Ahren rolls his eyes and lowers his body to the ground. Soon, Ahren rushes at Tear but faster than the first attack. Tear still has his eyes closed but soon starts singing.

Tear: "Imperial force defied, facing 500 samurai. Surrounded and outnumbered 60 to one, the sword face to the gun."

When Ahren gets close, he releases a barrage of palm strikes. But no matter how many he throws, none hit Tear. As Tear dances around each strike, he mutters a few more words.

Tear: "Bushido dignified. It's the last of the samurai."

In an instant, he hits Ahren in the temple with a kick.

Tear: "Surrounded and outnumbered!"

As Tear keeps dancing to his music, Ahren falls to the ground. A small dent in his temple. For Tear stabbed his temple with his hallux. Apple runs over Ahren.

Apple: "Are you ok? Do you want to surrender?"

Ahren snaps back to consciousness. Standing back up.

Ahren: "I had the most beautiful memory. My family and friends are watching me win my first victory. The odds were stacked against me, but I still managed to do it..."

Ahren formed two fists and slammed them into the floor, cracking the foundation.


Tear peeks open one of his eyes, looking disappointed that he didn't knock him out yet.

Tear: "Fine, guess I'll end it with this next one."

Tear starts spinning like a ballerina. Not stopping for a second. Ahren smiles and charges at Tear. The sumo rushes at the highest speed he's gone before as Tear keeps spinning, gaining velocity for each spin. Ahren gets in range, thinking, "He's spinning on his left leg, meaning he'll strike with his right. I'll have to be ready for it."

But when he gets closer, Tear squats and directs a kick to Ahren's left knee. Slamming so hard he breaks Ahrem's patella! A pain shoots through Ahren's body as he falls. Before his face can hit the floor, he catches himself, turning to see Tear standing above him. But to follow up with the assault, Tear does a front flip, landing the soles of his feet into Ahren's head, slamming it to the floor.

Tear walks away from the fallen foe, singing a different song.

Tear: "Fighting gold!"

But before he gets out of the ring, Apple taps his shoulder. Tear turns around to see Apple pointing at Ahren. Tear's eyes widen, seeing the sumo still standing. Ahren smiles with blood covering his face. He leans down and puts his hands on his broken knee, and soon a blue light comes from his hands. Smoke comes from Ahren and forms the shape of Florence Nightingale. When the cloud dissipates, he lifts his leg as if for a pregame ritual and slams it into the ring's floor.

Ahren: "Is that the best you can do?"

Tear's eyes fill with fury, having enough of this fighter. He pushes the headphones harder on his ears, trying to drown out all noise but his music. Soon, Tear's head is full of negative thoughts.

Tear: "SHUT UP!"

A large black smoke cloud forms behind him, showing the image of the Brothers Grimm, but in their hands together is a large book. They slam the book onto Tear, causing a burst of wind to push people back. The smoke engulfs Tear as it circles into a sphere. Ahren stops smiling, sensing the pressure of danger. Soon, out of the smoke cloud, Tear's headphones fall from the smoke.

The smoke expands, even making Pitou back up. A gigantic canine paw slams into the ring's floor. Soon, another one appears and does the same thing. Next, an enormous canine head comes from the smoke. It roars so loudly it causes the smoke to disappear, showing off the rest of this considerable-sized dog. Despite his new form, Tear manages to form a few words.

Tear: "Big... Bad... Wolf."

Instantly, the wolf rushes over to Ahren, its jaws spread wide enough to crush the sumo. But before it can kill him, Ahren catches the wolf's jaws with two canine teeth on both sides. The wolf pushes Ahren backward, closing to the ring's edge.

Ahren: "This... Is nothing to a sumo like me!"

The wolf rises itself, pushing Ahren closer to the ground.

Ahren: "Aw, screw it. You wanted my best? Well, here it is!"

While smiling, Ahren uses all his strength and headbutts the wolf's upper lip, knocking it back. He lowers his body and pushes all his power into his legs to jump at Tear. By shoving his head first into the beast, he pierces it and soon comes out the other side with Tear in his hand. Tear opens his eyes, finding them in the air. Ahren is holding him by his shirt's collar. With his other hand, he raises it and slams it into Tear's face with a downward strike. The blow is powerful enough to send Tear flying toward the ground. He soon hits it with a loud thud, creating a crater. Ahren lands ungracefully, landing on his stomach.

But soon, the sumo stands back up. Ahren smiles and hits his chest with a closed fist.

Apple runs over to Tear, already seeing him unconscious. He points at Ahren and shouts.

Apple: "Winner, u/Ahrensann!"

The crowd cheers, never seeing a match like that before. Soon, two men with a stretcher come over and carry away Tear. Apple points at the jumbo screen and says the next pair of fighters.

Apple: "Up next, the first match of block B. u/Masterpotato002 versus u/King_Herc!"
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2023.06.05 07:58 MuscleStore5- Mens Clen Cycle

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2023.06.05 07:58 MuscleStore4- Mens Clen Cycle

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2023.06.05 07:57 MuscleStore3- Mens Clen Cycle

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2023.06.05 07:56 cryingbutt Display settings + bluetooth devices reset upon reboot

Everytime I shut down and reboot my computer, my display settings reset and I have to rearrange my monitors in display settings, change the refresh rate, etc. It works great until I turn off the computer or restart the computer. Then upon reboot it resets and I have to do it all over again.
Same goes for my bluetooth computer speakers. Unlike Windows where I would connect once and it would auto connect upon reboot, I have to manually connect to the speakers everytime I restart the computer.
How can, or can I, get these settings/connections to stick upon restarting my computer?
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2023.06.05 07:56 Musclestore2_ Mens Clen Cycle

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2023.06.05 07:55 chucknorris_0304 Indian Citizenship and illegal immigrants situation in Manipur!

Indian Citizenship and illegal immigrants situation in Manipur!
The attached excerpt of a news article is very disturbing for me, primarily because of the ease of getting an Indian Citizenship and involvement in governing the country. I respect the person "Nehginpao Kipgen" because of his achievements in life and may his soul rest in peace. What I do not respect is how easily a person can become a part of Manipur. It may partly be the fault of the law makers due to their myopic vision or due to negligence towards the ethnic tribes of the northeast.
In papers, the government is keen on developing the northeastern states as this is the gateway for the whole south-east Asian trade relations. When the time comes to show that it really matters, people tend to back off citing some reasons as this won't give any vote bank. The taxpayers will hate the northeastern states as they take up a major chunk of taxpayers' money, what they fail to understand is that the Northeast is kept deliberately kept backwards so that the political godfathers can have control over the region. The people of these states are also to blame, as most are unable to come out of the backward mindset and do something substantial for the economical growth rather than depending on the government.
The PMO is totally indifferent towards the whole riots and incidents in Manipur, the Home Minister probably acted out of peer pressure due to the media but no fruitful results and showcasing his political experience by blaming the High Court.
The violence and riots happening in Manipur is misdirected as "Hindu-Christian", "Meitei-Kuki" "Ethnic Clashes", but what people seem to ignore is the fact that this is the starting of a much bigger problem. With a JNU faculty "Dr. Thongkholal Haokip" acknowledging the influx of Kuki immigrants from other countries, primarily from Myanmar and Bangladesh to help their Kuki brothers in need is very concerning. He constantly says "what option do we have?" to justify the issue of illegal immigrants. They might have same ancestral roots, but this will affect the Kuki people settled in Manipur for a long time. The bigger problem now would be to identify who were staying in Manipur and who re the illegal immigrants.

P.S. A quick google search shows how one can become an Indian Citizen:,YEARS%20preceding%20the%20twelve%20months)
Indian Citizenship by registration can be acquired (not illegal migrant) by:
(3) By Registration (Section 5(1))
Persons of Indian origin who are ordinarily resident in India for SEVEN YEARS before making application under section 5(1)(a) (throughout the period of twelve months immediately before making application and for SIX YEARS in the aggregate in the EIGHT YEARS preceding the twelve months).
(5) By Naturalisation (Section 6)
Citizenship of India by naturalization can be acquired by a foreigner (not illegal migrant) who is ordinarily resident in India for TWELVE YEARS (throughout the period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application and for ELEVEN YEARS in the aggregate in the FOURTEEN YEARS preceding the twelve months) and other qualifications as specified in Third Schedule to the Act.
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2023.06.05 07:54 damodharhyd WoodWorks Design in Kukatpally

Best wood works Kukatpally
Home Decode -Wooden Main Door Design works at Kukatpally, Front Door designings, Full Front door wall Works, Designer Sofa Works, Dining Table works, Wooden Main Door Works in Hyderabad Price List. Wood working services different in terms of products, but often specialized in the production of Simple Main Door Works Hyderabad Units with wall support designs, Modern Dining tables, or supporting parts such as handles or legs. Main Door Design Works Photo in Kukatpally wood working services are staffed by carpenters of Home Decode.
Every Dream of customer will be maximum satisfied:
In Modern days we are very tierd due to the work temption's, bad weather, traffic, Modern Wood Works Price List in Kukatpallty mental illness for this all will make you dizzy after reaching home, your home must welcome with Pleaseant and ambient look which starts with your main door, living room with best cussioned sofa to relax. To help you get best wooden work services we are Home Decode always with you. Woodwork is a form of art that has been around for centuries. Main Door Design Works in Kukatpally It involves the shaping, carving, and assembly of wood to create objects of beauty and utility. From furniture to decorative items, woodwork has a variety of applications and is a popular craft for both hobbyists and professionals. In this essay, we will explore the history of woodwork, its various techniques and tools, and its modern applications.
Designary Wood Work in Kukatpally
Wood work Design in Kukatpally Price List has been practiced by humans for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations, wood was used for everything from tools to weapons to shelter. Wood Works Design in Hyderabad Phone Number As societies developed, wood became an important medium for artistic expression. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used wood for decorative and functional purposes, creating intricate carvings and furniture. In the Middle Ages, woodwork became even more prevalent, with the rise of the guild system and the development of specialized craftsmen. Low Price Main Door Design in Kukatpally During this time, wood was used to create ornate furniture, altarpieces, and other decorative items. Gothic architecture, with its intricate wood carvings and tracery, is a testament to the skill and artistry of medieval woodworkers. During the Renaissance, woodwork continued to flourish, with artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci creating masterpieces in wood Works Cast Per sq Ft in Kukatpally. The Baroque period saw the rise of ornate furniture, with elaborate carvings and gilding. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Industrial Revolution brought about mass production of furniture and other wooden items, but also led to a decline in craftsmanship as machines took over many tasks.
Woodwork Cost in Kukatpally involves a wide range of techniques and tools, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. Some of the most common techniques include carving, turning, and joinery. Carving involves the removal of wood to create a three-dimensional design. It can be done by hand or with power tools such as chisels, gouges, and knives. Carving requires skill and patience, as the wood must be removed carefully and precisely to achieve the desired result. Turning involves spinning a piece ofBest Wooden Works in Kukatpally Phone Number on a lathe and shaping it with cutting tools. This technique is used to create cylindrical or rounded objects such as bowls, vases, and spindles. Turning requires a steady hand and a good eye for symmetry. Joinery involves the use of various techniques to join pieces of wood together. This can be done with simple joints such as butt joints or more complex joints such as dovetails or mortise and tenon joints. Joinery requires precision and careful measurement to ensure a strong and stable connection. In addition to these techniques, woodworker Designs For Hall use a wide range of tools such as saws, planes, rasps, and sanders. Power tools such as routers, drills, and sanders have also become common in modern woodwork. Today, woodwork is still a popular craft, with a wide range of applications. From furniture to art, wood is used to create objects of beauty and utility.
Some of the most common applications of woodwork include:
Furniture: Wood is still the most popular material for furniture, with a wide range of styles and designs available. From traditional to modern, wood furniture can be found in homes and businesses around the world.
Decorative items: Woodwork is also used to create a wide range of decorative items such as bowls, vases, and sculptures. These items can be made using a variety of techniques and can be both functional and beautiful.
Architectural elements:
Woodwork is often used to create architectural elements such as doors, moldings, and staircases. These elements can add character and style to a home or building. Woodwork is a rich and varied craft that has been practiced for centuries. From the Egyptians to the modern.
Main Door Design Work near Kukatpally
The main door of a home is more than just a point of entry. It serves as the first impression of the home's aesthetic, as well as providing security and protection. Main Door Designs Works Kukatpally Phone Number A wooden main door is a classic choice that can offer both beauty and functionality. One of the advantages of a wooden main door is its natural beauty. Wood has a unique texture and grain that can enhance the character of any home. It can be stained or painted to match the existing decor or left natural to showcase its natural beauty. In addition, wooden doors can be carved or designed with intricate details to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home's exterior. Wooden doors are also known for their durability and strength. Door Designs Works in Hyderabad They are able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Indian Main Door Designs Works Price in Kukatpally This means that they will last longer than other materials and require less maintenance over time. Regular cleaning and occasional staining or sealing can help maintain the beauty and functionality of a wooden door for years to come. Another advantage of wooden main doors is the security they provide. Wood is a sturdy material that can withstand forced entry better than other materials such as fiberglass or aluminum. Additionally, wooden doors can be equipped with high-quality locks and hinges to further increase security and peace of mind for homeowners. When choosing a wooden main door Design Works in Kukatpally, it is important to consider the type of wood used. Popular options include mahogany, oak, and cherry. These woods are known for their durability and strength, as
Customized Main Door Design Work Kukatpally:
well as their beautiful appearance. Wooden Customized Main Door Design Works Kukatpally Phone Number is also important to consider the design and style of the door, as well as its size and shape. A wooden main door should complement the architecture and style of the home, while also providing a welcoming entrance for guests. Customized Door Design Works Price List in Kukatpally In conclusion, a wooden main door is an excellent choice for homeowners who value beauty, durability, Customized Main Door Design in Hyderabad Online and security. With proper maintenance and care, a wooden door can last for many years and provide a warm and welcoming entrance to any home
Dining Table Design Work near Kukatpally
The Wooden dining table Design Works in Kukatpally Phone Number is often the centrepiece of a home. It's where families and friends gather to share meals, conversation, and memories. A dining table is not only a functional piece of furniture, Smail Dining Table Works in Hyderabad but it also adds to the ambiance and style of a home. Choosing the right dining table can make all the difference in creating a welcoming and comfortable dining experience. Round Dining Table Design Works in Kukatpally Cost When selecting a dining table, there are several factors to consider. The size of the table is one of the most important considerations. The table should comfortably seat all members of the household and any guests. Additionally, Modern Dining Table Design Works Phone Number it should fit the available space in the dining room without overwhelming the room or impeding traffic flow. Dining Table Design Works Price List Kukatpally Another important factor to consider is the material of the table. The most common materials used for dining tables Design Works in Hyderabad Phone Number are wood, glass, and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wooden Dining Table Design Works near Kukatpally offer warmth and natural beauty and are durable and long-lasting. Glass tables create a modern and sleek look, but may require more maintenance to keep clean. Metal tables can be sturdy and stylish, but may not offer the same warmth and comfort as wooden tables.
The shape of the dining table is also an important consideration. Rectangular tables are the most common shape and can accommodate more people. Round tables are ideal for smaller spaces and promote conversation as everyone is facing each other. Dining Table Works Sq Pt Price in KukatpallySquare tables are less common, but can be a good choice for a more intimate dining experience. The style of the dining table should also match the decor and style of the dining room. A traditional wooden table may be appropriate for a classic or rustic-style dining room, while a modern glass table may be a better fit for a contemporary space. The color and finish of the table should also complement the surrounding decor. In addition to the dining table itself, the chairs that accompany it are also an important consideration. Dining Table Design Works With Price in Kukatpally The chairs should be comfortable and functional, and complement the style of the table. It's also important to ensure that there is enough space between the chairs and the table for comfortable seating and movement.
Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing:
choosing the right dining table can enhance the dining experience and add to the overall style and ambiance of a home. Factors to consider include the size, material, shape, style, and color of the table, as well as the accompanying chairs. With careful consideration, homeowners can select a dining table that meets their functional and aesthetic needs and creates a warm and welcoming dining experience for all.
Sofa Set Design Work Kukatpally Phone Number
A Wooden sofa set Design Works near Kukatpally is a staple piece of furniture in any living room. It is not only a functional item, but also an important element in the overall design and style of the room. Choosing the right sofa set can create a comfortable and welcoming space for family and guests, while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room. Sofa Set Design Works With Price Hyderabad One of the most important c when choosing a sofa set is comfort. Low Price Sofa Set Price in Kukatpallysofa set should be comfortable and provide enough seating for all members of the household and any guests. The cushions should be soft and supportive, and the frame should be sturdy and durable. It's important to test out the sofa set before purchasing to ensure that it meets these criteria. Another consideration is the style of the sofa set. Best Sofa Set Makers Works near Kukatpally The style should complement the overall decor of the living room. For example, a traditional sofa set may be appropriate for a classic-style living room, while a modern sofa set may be better suited for a contemporary space. The color and fabric of the sofa set should also match the surrounding decor. The size of the sofa set is also an important consideration. It should fit comfortably in the space and not overwhelm the room. Additionally, it should be able to fit through any doorways or hallways leading to the living room. Modern Sofa Set Design Works in Kukatpally The material of the sofa set is another important consideration. Leather is a durable and easy-to-clean option, but may be more expensive. Fabric is a more affordable option and offers more variety in terms of color and pattern. It's important to choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain. Sofa Set Works Center Phone Number Hyderabad In addition to the sofa set itself, the accompanying chairs and tables are also important considerations. The chairs should complement the style and color of the sofa set, Best Wooden Sofa Works in Hyderabad while also providing comfortable seating. The coffee table or side tables should be the right size and height to complement the sofa set.
A sofa that's worth a thousand words - because it speaks to who you are:
choosing the right sofa set is an important decision that can enhance the comfort and style of a living room. Factors to consider include comfort, style, size, material, and accompanying furniture. With careful consideration, homeowners can select a sofa set that meets their functional and aesthetic needs and creates a warm and welcoming living space for all
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2023.06.05 07:54 Musclestore--1 Mens Clen Cycle

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2023.06.05 07:53 saw_wooo Cured? My trip to Cambodia and my gastritis

So I went to Cambodia for 3 weeks to have my wedding and be with my partners family. Prior to this I was horrrified after having a trip to the ER for severe inclination and chest pains. I stuck straight with the diet and took the PPI’s prescribed to me. The week before going I had a follow up with my doctor and did a stool sample along with a blood sample, the blood said I still showed having Hplori while the stool said I didnt.
I mentioned to my doctor that I was gunna be out of the country for 3 weeks and she had set me up for a larger dose of PPI’s for my trip since I wouldn’t be able to visit my pharmacist and get refills. Well turns out even with the doctors notice and contacting the pharmacy personally they weren’t able to give me a new order of them sooner so I wasn’t gunna have them with me. I panicked a bit but remembered my parents were going to be going a week later to Cambodia to attend the wedding as well so I was able to get my mom to bring my prescription with me.
At first I was so worried about how my stomach would handle anything out there and since I didn’t have anything to take I played it safe and stuck with the diet for the first few days. My body felt perfectly fine not a single bit of unsettling feeling or anything. Within a few days I tried some marinated pork, and coffee and even sauces with citrus inside them and nothing happened to my stomach. I felt perfectly fine it was such a shock considering when I was in the states and tried to divert even a hair from the diet my stomach felt Like it would implode.
My parents arrived and when they got there I took one of the PPI’s and within 3 days of taking it daily as prescribed my bloating came back and my stomach seemed to not be settling with any type of food that was being thrown at it. I was unsure why it was happening but since I was better off without the PPI’s before I stayed away from them the entire trip, the bloating subsided after a day of not taking them and I was back to eating whatever I wanted.
I’m back in the states now and back to being just as horrified about eating anything potentially out of the diet for fear of having a reverse effect but it genuinely made me beg the question whether or not the food in America is that bad or processed that it can cause my gastritis to flare up while in Cambodia every single dish I ate my body was perfectly fine with. I’m having another blood drawing and stool sample in the coming weeks to double check and make sure I’m still cleared but has this happened to anyone else who travelled outside the US?
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2023.06.05 07:48 Reasonable-Job6925 Window a/c unit issue

Window a/c unit issue
Can someone with HVAC experience please diagnose what the problem is? When I bought the unit, it worked beautifully. Now I struggle to get my apartment below 80 degrees.
It is a Denali Aire window AC unit, I don't remember the BTU rating but I know I sized it right when I bought it for its current location.
It's only a year or two old. When these graphs were recorded with thermal sensor, the filter was freshly cleaned. The thermal imaging also shows that the highest temp is on the right side of the unit. The lowest temp is the air coming from the front of the unit, the recordings were taken from inside.
The fins on the inside are clear and straight, the fins on the outside are bent in a few spots but i wouldnt think enough to cause issues. Shortly before it shuts off, the power cord also gets noticeably warm (through the thermal imaging), there is no apparent damage to the cord/plug/outlet. Only the compressor (?) shuts off, the fan continues to run.
Hopefully that's enough information Thank you
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2023.06.05 07:43 Mr-Planet 2 Months. 3500 Miles Later // Rivian R1T Thoughts, Concerns & Prayers (Review/First Impression)

2 Months. 3500 Miles Later // Rivian R1T Thoughts, Concerns & Prayers (Review/First Impression)
Two months ago my life changed for the better when I got my R1T. Let me just say; I love this truck, I love this truck, I love this truck. The R1T is also my first-ever EV. After two months and 3500 miles, I'm here to tell you all that I have loved, hated, and everything in between. I hope this can be helpful for anyone who is considering making the jump to the Rivian family / EV world.
Last Vehicle: 2020 Ford Escape SE Hybrid
Rivian Config: 2023 Rivian R1T, Adv. Pkg., Quad Motor, Ocean Coast/Dark Ash Wood, Rivian Blue, 21" Wheels
First Thoughts
-Wow. This truck is stunning. I never did a First Mile (I know that was dumb, but I recommend everyone do a First Mile). But holy cow the inside of this truck is a work of art.
-Dang, this thing is Fast!! Pulling out of the SC and first time letting loose a little and Holy S&#%! This is a truck that drives like a sports car.
-The sound system is incredible. I love listening to music in this rig, it just sounds so good.
-Love my colointerior combo. Definitely a little worried about keeping it clean in the long run, but I'm hopeful.
-The acceleration. This truck has made me a speed demon. You'll love showing off launches to your friends, but no one ever talks about all the solo launches you'll do owning this thing. Definitely have broken my previous land speed record as well. On a practical level, the truck's acceleration is great when you need to speed up and pass someone or get to speed on an on-ramp.
-The ride is incredibly smooth. While the truck may drive like a sports car, it certainly rides like a truck. Roomy inside for all passengers. Even smooth off-road once you kick it into off-road mode. Mostly have only played with All Purpose, Sport, and Off-Road: Auto. Excited to play with those more, but honestly it's just truly amazing how differently the truck handles in different modes. It's like driving a whole new vehicle each time.
-No gas!!! I have an L2 charger at home and use DCFC for road trips. Around town with the L2 charger is amazing. The savings I've had for owning a similar-sized ICE truck are insane. No oil changes, much less maintenance. Definitely loving the EV lifestyle so far.
-Holy storage Batman. Storage everywhere!! Frunk, Gear Tunnel, Bed, Bed Compartment, Back Seat Compartment. I don't think I've come close to filling up this truck once yet on any of our trips.
-The Tech in this truck is amazing. I love the big multiple screens/displays. Clear and easy to see. Same for all the cameras. The top-down view is amazing for parking. I was worried about parking a truck around the city, but the cameras make it a breeze. Fast phone chargers. 120v outlets everywhere. Air compressor in the bed. This truck is a tech masterpiece. Always a crowd pleaser, some party trick to show off.
-OTA updates are the future for vehicles! The truck has gotten a handful of updates since I purchased it. Super cool to see new features getting added and customer concerns get addressed.
-I drive a cool car now. I really didn't expect this part, but people on the street will turn their heads. People will come up to me in parking lots or at chargers and talk about the truck. I even caught one guy reversing down my street to come to talk to me about it. It's a really fun experience.
-The A/C... I can't say it doesn't work, because it does. Just not consistently? I've felt it blow the absolute coldest of air. But every once and a while; on really hot days, the truck refuses to do anything but blow hot air. No amount of fussing with the settings or doing resets seems to fix it. I have a ticket open with my SC to fix it and will report back. Hoping they find something, but reading other Reddit/forum posts makes me not so hopeful. The truck can get really unbearable on 100+ degree days and makes traveling with the pups somewhat scary. Hopefully, they fix this at my appointment!
-Lack of RAN / having to use crappy charging networks. At home, I'm in bliss. I plug my truck in each night and wake up with a nice charged battery. Road trips so far have been hit or miss. It doesn't ever seem like I go anywhere with a RAN charger, so I'm forced to use lesser charging networks. Some days this works out fine: pull up, plug in, charge quickly, and be on your way. Other days are filled with trouble: broken equipment, offline stations, long lines, rude drivers, throttled charges, disconnecting chargers, etc. I really long for the day I get to use a RAN charger.
-Range Anxiety is real. I do my best to overcome in my transition to EV life, but it's definitely hard coming from a Hybrid that could 600mi in a tank. I think with everything in regards to EVs it's best to think of them as their own new kind of vehicle rather than constantly comparing them to ICE vehicles.
-All these accessories are so expensive. I know the truck has a high price tag itself, so if you can afford that you shouldn't complain, but it still hurts. $60+ for a front license plate holder clamp. Let alone all the stuff I want to buy for camping now...
-I don't looooove my wheels and I think it's too expensive to change that now. Wish I got the 20" wheels, but went for the 21's for range. I hate the look of them. Took the plastic covers off and that helps a lot, but still not my favorite looking wheel and super expensive to change.
-You're essentially buying a $100k truck from a start-up. Fingers crossed they don't go under. But also a slim amount of SCs means long wait times for appointments in busy areas. Everyone at Rivian I've dealt with has been super nice to be fair.
Trips Include
Various Day Trips, LA to the Desert / LA Nat'l Forrest
LA to Coachella and Back (in a Single Day on a Single Charge!)
LA to San Diego and Back
LA to San Gregorio to SF to LA (most recent, longest trip)
First-Time EV Thoughts // Rivian Fun Stories // Future Plans // Closing Thoughts
-Fast Charging really isn't that bad of an experience when everything works properly and the charger is in a decent spot. Everyone groans about charging on the go, it's the thing I get asked about the most by non-EV owners. Yes, I know getting gas only takes 10 minutes tops. But when you can pull up with no line to a 350kw charger and have it start working right away; you can recharge the truck up to 80% in under 45 min. On trips you try and plan the charge stop around a meal or somewhere you can go shopping, and it's fine. You get 3-5 hours of drive time per charge and there's no reason I wouldn't want to stop after that time anyway. A good charger has a bathroom, restaurant/store, and trash can nearby (bonus points for chargers with doggie areas).
-Plug in at your destination when traveling, even if it's just the L1 Charger and if it's only overnight. Trust me, get into the habit of doing it every time you travel. 20-30 miles in your battery can mean the difference between making it to a 50kw charger or a 350kw charger 25 miles further down the highway. I saw someone in here say ABC once, Always Be Charging. It's a good adage for having an EV at home, but I feel like it really rings true on road trips. If you stop somewhere and there's a fast charger there's really no reason not to plug in and charger while you're there.
-I don't understand why EV chargers aren't treated more like gas stations. Seems like it'd be a good opportunity for them to expand. It would also be nice for charging areas to be shaded as generally, you see someone waiting in their car having to run the A/C. Hopefully, we see public charging stations improve as more people get EVs.
-I'm actually kind of excited for Ford drivers to start using Tesla chargers. You always see no wait at SuperChargers and a long line at the non-tesla chargers when I travel in California. Hopefully, that will help clear up some of the CCS chargers for the rest of us.
-Just because it's an EV Truck, doesn't mean it's not a truck MPGe-wise. Yes, I save a TON of money on fuel compared to let's say a Tacoma. But that doesn't mean that I pay the same in electricity as a Chevy Bolt driver. The R1T makes sense for me and my lifestyle. I can use the truck for work and personal life to its full extent. However, I don't think this is the perfect EV for every first-time EV owner.
-I kill so many bugs now. It's crazy. Every drive is a slaughter. But the real question is, where do EV drivers get windshield cleaners like at the gas stations? They never seem to have them at chargers.
-Someone once said I was like Night Rider driving my R1T, I thought that was really funny. My second best experience was pulling up to a truck stop in the middle of the desert and popping the frunk surrounded by 4x4 ICE pickups.
-I really want to buy a pop-up tent for the back of my truck. My thoughts are for future travel having a fast camp option. How do you like to camp out of your R1T, what are your must haves? For me, I love the idea of getting an RV spot and charging off the hook-up. Having a tent that is set up quickly would be ideal. I'd probably also want to bring a small electric kitchen and a few chairs to eat at the tailgate. Thinking this would be a greater initial investment, but cheaper than getting hotels with chargers; especially since I often travel with 1-3 dogs in the truck with me :)
-I think this truck is my favorite thing I've ever owned. It's certainly my favorite vehicle, but man this truck is something else. I just love driving now. Can't wait to see where I go in this!
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2023.06.05 07:37 Xyveryl RE: Tangents

Tangents Post:
Tangents :
Few people have my capacity for ruthlessly tearing apart others on a psychological level... And to be honest, I'm not too comfortable with that capacity useful as it can be to completely destroy a person's illusions and instate my own illusions to force them down a path that won't bother me or those I care for... I almost lost that friend when she witnessed when I get pushed too hard... Luckily the very obvious toll it took On me afterwards helped preserve that friendship... One of the few people I could ever consider as one of my friends.
Essentially, I surround myself with people as quirky as myself, who comprehend what it actually means to be human, and have compassion for those who are also struggling with their own issues.
The conversation tends to be erratic because none of us are particularly enthusiastic about conversation, for me it's the fact that it's text based, for them, they are more introverted.
All that's to say, don't let that immature girl ruin your efforts to find those who will lift you up even when You're shutting yourself down. It's hard to handle betrayal... My response tends to be seemingly boastful, as a person with more perceptivity would recognize it as insecurities, a good person will try to address the issues, a bad one would try to take advantage of the easy targets, the I'm perceptive would either get annoyed and leave, or just let me go unchecked, and unlock me without all Of that.
This is my own solution for handling betrayal, since with bad actors, they never get past the ray targets to the actual me, and so their efforts to hurt me fail spectacularly, for those who wish to fix me, a good one will eventually recognize that they've been tricked, and then brush that off and let me wind down on my own, thereby weeding out toxic positivity... And for people who just target me from the start? I just wait.
If they show me something I can work with, then I'll eliminate then without remorse... And they'll be unable to complain about it either. As I won't be the one enacting the revenge... I will trick them into doing it themselves...
I don't wast time actually thinking about revenge, since the best revenge happens nearly all on its own, with Barely a single minute of effort on my part.🤔
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2023.06.05 07:37 DrZoo4040 Keep paying extra towards mortgage or start putting it in stocks?

Hey all, I'm looking for some input on what to do here.

The Loan
I'm 32 and I have a 30 year home loan for $117,600 at 3.625% that began in June 2016. My standard mortgage payment is $536.32.
In June of 2020 bumped up my monthly payment $250 and started paying $786.32 per month. In October of 2022 I bumped it up again and started paying $1,036.32 per month.
My current remaining balance is just under $90,000.

About Me
I make $125,000 a year.
I have a stock account with an advisor that has balance of about $48,000.
I have a rollover IRA with the same advisor from my pervious job that I left a year ago and it has a balance of $72,000.
I contribute 6% to my employer 401k, and they match 3%. Its current balance is a tad over $11,000. $7,500 is vested. I'll be hitting a vesting bump very soon.
I max out my ROTH IRA each year and I started doing that ~3 years ago, also with the same advisor.
Savings balance is $25,000. About $10,000 in US Bank, the rest in Discover Bank.
I transfer $1,600 per month from checking into my US Bank savings account.
I have monthly transfers to Discover Bank for home insurance, auto insurance, home property tax and truck property tax. ~$475 per month.
I'm getting married next year. My fiance makes around $45,000 a year.
No other debts.
No kids.

The Question
As stated in the title, would I be better off continuing to pay extra towards the mortgage for a while or should I start putting the extra money that goes towards the mortgage into the stock account?
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2023.06.05 07:36 lostinlife248 I want to make things right. Any genuine advice regarding PG & career?

(I’m sorry if it’s irrelevant to this sub but I’m looking for advice)
Context: I was so immature & misguided, I pursued my 12th from NIOS then proceeded to go with IGNOU, that too with an unfortunate gap of a year.
It's been nothing but regret. Constant regret. Every day, I look at people going to these prestigious universities and achieving milestones in life. My desire while watching them or reading about them reaches 7th heaven, but it shuts back right into the deepest void recalling I will never be able to get here since I lack "formal education" and I would simply be considered a failure. Which can be true in a way.
I, 20.5M, did my 10th from a very good school CBSE and changed the school due to financial reasons. The faculty there was full of crap. Teachers didn't care what students did. To top it off, I formed a toxic friend group. They kept me misguided & astray from studies while themselves studying nicely. Resulting in, I got compartment in 2 subjects. I was stunned & ashamed to attend the PTM. It wasn’t like I couldn’t clear the compartment & I was ready to give the re-exams.
There, my class teacher advised my mom that he pursue his 12th from NIOS. I was freely told that you won't have to go to school daily and will still get the certificate. I asked what about the college admissions, will there be any issue? She said "No" - that's it.
Having mentioned I was too immature, I felt this was a great deal. No school but certificate... No one was there to guide me through this as parents aren’t much educated either. In 2020, the year got over. All my best friends from earlier departed slowly & I was in my own bubble. Locked in a dark room the whole day, phone, & depression.
Just when life could've been better, I decided to pursue my bachelor's from IGNOU. It was solely my decision. No one is to blame but me. I should've been mature enough by that time to decide what was good for me! What's even worse? I opted for BA (English) - "Because I just wanted a Degree". You have all the right to laugh and be disgusted with me at this point. Totally oblivious to life, I watched Netflix, and YouTube, played games, etc. Started feeling emotionless and left. I was just living. In May-June 2021, caught COVID. No idea yearly re-registration is a thing in IGNOU. Guess what? Missed it. A year wasted. Just, wasted.
In Sept 2021, my sister advised me to forget it and pursue my education in Canada. I'll do something, but you can't keep living this way. I agreed and gave my IELTS, cleared it with 7.5 Bands only to hear that with NIOS, you can get into hospitality courses which I didn't want. Again, I fell into that same dark hole.
In May 2022, decided to end all this & take some hard steps. Made a resume and started applying for internships. I kept my NIOS hidden in my resume because I didn't want it to become a hurdle. Luckily, I got a call from 2 places (full-time and part-time) - pursuing them religiously ever since. Part time ended in January while full-time is going on. I alone am handling nearly all digital things. It’s a startup & I don't have a dedicated manager. I’m the intern, executive, & manager. Learning, experimenting, & figuring things out on my own.
In terms of background, I feel like a huge failure and idiot and moron, and careless. This time, by hook or by crook, I'll be planning to pursue my master's from abroad. Wish I had a little maturity earlier. But this very thought of carelessness and improper education background scares me to the core in terms of getting into a university & getting a good job.
Sorry for such a long post but this might be first time ever I am talking about this with anyone.
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2023.06.05 07:35 Arthurs0909 Ehhh, 2 days won't be that bad

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2023.06.05 07:35 DavidTheKingDGK Things I would fix if I was supercell

Im a 10 year veteran of COC, and I've played Clash Royale and Bawlstars since they were both betas. I am curently ranked 28 on Floodrush and have been top 10. Davidtheking. Upvote to get these things to supercell. Here are my personal hot-takes on flood rush. I play on android. The game is great, love to amass my army, and use different techniques based on what I'm given, to create a better army that i may smash into rival players with. I believe this game is special and i've practically neglected my COC clan and my BS club for the last week and half or so, so I could spend more time playing FR lol. It is so much fun. In this time I have experienced bugs, and realised there are a few ergonomic things I would correct as follows. Main Game Bugs. -Crashes. Game will sometimes crash, sometimes also has trouble reloading up to three times. -Improper Loading In? Ocean appears as pink, sometimes preceeding a crash. As if not loading well I guess, sometimes including horizon, or ground layer. -Troop Recall. May be depending on troop type and range. Seems like I can run 10 meters in game to recall may army and other times I have to run 1p0 meters. Feels inconsistent. I would rather all troops recall just as fast every time, regardless of range or type. If I get 10 meters away, I want everything to come to me right now. I think this would make player encounters more controllable and more skill based when it comes to the outcome. Lets the Seeker shine a bit more. My General Wants For The Game Right Now -Auto pick up of already held cards that are of a higher level. -Ability to amass bigger armies faster. Now hear me out. I see the point where if armies build slower everyone feels like they had a good shot more. But, on the other hand I'd rather see a 300 vs a 290 than see a 110 and an 85. Just me. Maybe a game type where taika is produced at 2x. - Multiplayer. I want to team up with my buddy as the same color and really get things going. Even 4v4. Imagine a farmed 500 power team vs a farmed 500 power team. -Less time Before Map Shrink, more Taika in between. Makes for bigger, more varied armies, and allows a farming strategy type to more fully evolve.
Off the top of my head this is what I have. Feel free to upvote and add your own ideas in the comments. I see where you guys are going with the seeker abilities, and the troops types, (watefire) love it. This a true great phone RTS. Cant wait for the Flood Rush future.
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2023.06.05 07:34 psychgirl88 Feel like I ruined a graduation..

I don't know who else to talk to this about.. I'm going to try to change details for privacy purposes and such. I'm still pretty upset.My nephew's graduation from High School was today. This isn't just any graduation. My nephew has Autism Spectrum Disorder. I'm sure a lot of your nephews do. However, my family was told when he was a tot that he was low functioning and not going anywhere in life. He's now 18, socializes with peers without any help, has no BT in school and is mainstreamed, and is going to a local state college. He has a decent social circle, worked a part-time job for the past two years independently in which he saved and bought his own car, I can go on and on. Basically, best case scenario, period.Him and I are heavily bonded. I admit, I'm a bit neurodivergent myself. I think that's a part of our bond.

Neurologist have tested me and I'm negative for ADHD, ASD.. However, I'm positive for OCD.. Panic Disorder, and CPTSD hence I'm hanging out here. I also have sensory issues (which plays into this story). Nephew has the same sensory issues. If he states he's in pain from certain sounds, everyone immediately shuts down whatever sound it is and make sure he's alright. I think that's great.Ever since I was child, after nephew came along, and clearly up until today, I state I have sensory issues a variety of things happen... usually: ignored, the sound will be turned up louder, I'll be called a liar, I'll be called selfish... on and on. Once I even got (after a certain sound was not only very painful, but induced a migraine) to "close my ears" and a few people started laughing at me.. but I digress.My nephew called me up and begged me to come two states away.

Which is a 10 hour drive. Just to make sure you guys know I'm not a total bum. I told my boss/job months out. I saved up for a very nice gift. I left my makeup bag at home in a rush and spent close to $100 on makeup this morning just to look beautiful at his graduation for him (redic, I know, but he's so important! Also, I was breaking out badly). Yesterday, with the whole family and his little sister, I spent the whole day with him and praised his maturity in buying his own car and paying for his own gas ( I legit did not know teens still did that).So, there is a wide age gap between his mom and myself. About 10-11 years. She was the original scapegoat and I was originally a lost child. Middle sister was always golden child who grew up into a Grandiose Narc. Dad is a Grandiose Narc. Mom is a covert Narc. When oldest sister moved out to college, I became the new scapegoat.A car was rented. We were 15 minutes away from the ceremony place. Before we were about to leave, middle sister began what I called "poking" to get me to big reaction. You know the type, so I look like the problem.

Usually, I am quite wise to these pokes. As an adult, it is quite rare they happen nowadays. However, 10 hour drive, little sleep, strangers outside my hotel room having a drunken memorial recital for Tina Turner from 11PM to what felt like 4AM (how long can someone drunkenly slur Proud Mary over and over again?) it was not good. Her "poking" was my sensory issues. Purposely making the sounds that bother literally no one else, but she knows bothers me (the particular sound was chewing hard nuts with her mouth open. She was sitting right next to me in the car). When I asked her to stop because I'm in pain, she told me to stop being so selfish and not everything is about me. For the record, I didn't ask her to stop eating, I asked her to please chew with her mouth closed.Immediately, mom and dad begin to defend their Golden Child.

Everything escalates until I'm having a full blown panic attack in the middle of the car. My PRN, which is a scheduled drug (Klonopin), is in the hotel room. My choice is to head to graduation with a severe panic attack surrounded by people I don't know, who will probably think I'm having an asthma attack because I'm breathing hard and make the entire graduation about myself.. or I can walk about to my hotel room (we were still in walking distance), take my Klonopin, see how it effects me, and either show up late to graduation or go to his celebration party afterwards. I felt like this is a no-win situation. I made it back to the hotel.

My boyfriend, who is also a little neurodivergent as well and gets what i'm going through, helped me breathe through the panic attack until I got to the hotel room and talked me down. I txted my oldest sister and told her what was going on, and I would meet everyone in a few hours at the afterparty. The Klonopin effects me a little different each time depending on the circumstance. There have been times that I can take it for a panic attack, and continue on with my work (from home of course). This time, probably due from the traveling and lack of sleep, I could barely stand up, I had no business going anywhere.I woke up after several nightmares of being the biggest failure of an Aunt a few hours later. I called oldest sister to tell her I'm feeling a little better, and I can take an Uber down to his graduation party and join everyone (big party.. not just family from both sides, but lots of school friends and community friends). She basically monotonously said "You weren't there.." over and over again. "He specifically wanted you there. And you weren't there." I literally tried to explain myself like "I didn't want to make his graduation about myself, I was having a severe panic attack, it was unfortunate.." Her whole tone was "I'm not mad, just disappointed" I said "Well, is it ok if I come down to say Hi and apologize?"

She responded "Well, he's having fun with his friends now and the parties winding down, so maybe you should just give him a call tomorrow."Look, btw, perhaps some of you would interpret my no win situations as assholish. I know some of you will. I felt like an asshole trying to make this decision. Please don't kick me while I'm down. Then I realized that I've been trying to explain my anxiety to my family since I got diagnosed in my early 20s.. Everyone, including oldest sister, has seen me have several panic attacks over the decades.. If it doesn't click for them how fucking debilitating it is for me by this time after 20+ years (had my first Panic Attack at 13) I'm done explaining.This is now ridiculous. You can Youtube what a panic attack looks like and feels like. Who the fuck wants someone sobbing and heave-breathing through a whole damn class's graduation? I have therapist and medical doctors notes and a pharmacy of meds in my hotel room for this shit. Anyone with eyes can see I'm not making this up.

I get oldest sister is upset her son's graduation wasn't perfect and he was disappointed, truly I do. I realized if I got food poisoning of the stomach bug no one would want me around them at graduation. However, because my illness isn't visible, I get brushed off?I think it's just a bigger theme picture of everything else in my life for the past two years.. Everything is correct in the background. I'm ready to perform on "stage".. for whatever reason I'm overtired and/or something is out of my control, and shit hits the fan.

Btw, shit hitting the fan doesn't necessarily mean "Panic Attack". Over the past two years it has been:1)- Traumatic childhood flashbacks-flashbacks to abuse when I needed to be strong. I've been working through those. Those have been especially annoying as it's like, no pun intended, it's the body that remembers and you don't even know why you're freaking out. Luckily they have subsided a bit and I'm learning to breathe through them and learn my triggers.2)- Someone else acting completely foolish (outside the family) and scapegoating me for it.. This is still a therapy session in of itself. A couple of times this has been caught on camera luckily. Complaints magically redacted when reviewed.3) Some combination of one, two, and my family trying to *poke* at me... just like they did since I became a scapegoat and the cycle of emotional abuse continues. I woke up today and everything felt so... positive. I don't know how this happened.My boyfriend suggested maybe its time I go no-contact with middle sister. Maybe he's right..
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2023.06.05 07:28 Noghbuddy Impromptu Test Run

I got a little bored and drunk. Then this happened. Just a bit of dumb action. I could try and spin this as me improving my ability to write more action oriented scenes, but well. Yeah, drunk and bored. Enjoy and tell me what you think.
CW: Sweet sweet excessive violence
The little skiff drifted lazily along the asteroid belt. In a backwater system, free from prying eyes, the crew had ample time and space to test their newest toy. The ursdain in the pilot’s seat adjusted a couple controls before settling back in his chair. His avian co-pilot was observing the rest of the crew on the security feed.
“What is he doing?”
The ursdain leaned over, “Practicing?”
The avian’s half lidded stare was the only response.
In the cargo bay were the skiff’s other three occupants. A rather burly male human with brown skin and a mostly shaved head was yanking his tomahawk back out of the wooden board he had hung up on the wall. He walked back a few paces before turning and hurling it back at the target.
“Do you have to do that right now?” asked the exacerbated vulptan.
“Nope.” He responded while lining up his next throw.
“Just let him. If he doesn’t keep busy, he’ll keep trying to add ‘modifications.” The red-headed human female interjected while elbow deep in their prototype.
“You’re just jealous of my brilliance.”
“Sure. We’ll call it that.”
Meanwhile as the ursdain began to ponder his next meal a red blip flashed on his display followed by a sharp claxon. He slammed the red alert, “Thakt, we got company!”
The avian was already attempting to jam the enemy sensors, but they’d been made. “They’re on their way! Pirates looking to board!” She keyed the intercom, “Prepare for boarders!”
As soon as the lights went red the man in the jury-rigged shop ran to the new machine. “This thing ready?”
“The targeting computer hasn’t been installed and there’s still the issue of-“
“Can it move!?”
“Yes, but-“
“Strap me in!” He snached up the helmet and mask then climbed in the suit. The women began closing and sealing panels as he donned the helmet, flipped down the visor, and sealed the mask to his face.
“Gonzo! Listen to me. You don’t have a lot of time in that thing, so you gotta be in and out. Alright?”
“Lil, this is what I’m good at. Let me work.” She rolled her eyes as she closed the front up.
He opened then closed his mechanical fingers and rolled his shoulders. The suit seemed to be responding well. He stood to its full height and slammed the dome helmet down over his head. The other two already snatched a couple weapons and ran for the bridge to secure it. He stalked over to the armory bench to pick up some toys and party favors when the com cracked to life in his ear.
“Gonzo? You receiving?”
“Loud and clear.”
“Our only shot at getting out of here is you disabling their engines and breaking whatever they use to mate with us.”
He giggled slightly as he strapped the weapon harness over his mid-section. “Copy. Break shit. Can do.”
The ship shuddered and jolted. “They’re broadcasting for surrender.”
“Sure, I’ll accept their surrender.”
“Funny. They’re about to breach the stern airlock. Get ready.”
Gonzo drew a breath and put his game face on. Their MO is to breach loud and fast. A little shock and awe. He planted a couple surprises by the hatch then took cover around the bulkhead.
“They’re about to breach.” He popped a couple smoke grenades and tossed them down the corridor. Then an idea struck him, and he popped a couple more and thrust them in his harness for a bit of Blackbeard flair. He readied his weapon and checked the other two. All he could do was wait.
A few seconds later the hatch blasted in and two canids rushed into the haze. Gonzo didn’t know how armored they were, but he figured being covered in burning napalm was a bad thing. He leaned the nozzle around the corner and lit up the entrance. The blinding light pierced the smoke and judging from the screams, they weren’t ready for assaulting a weapons manufacturing ship. Now came the fun part of the suit. While the auto-aim and friend/foe feature weren’t installed, it did have a suite of sensors such as sonar, lidar, and infrared.
Gonzo could see the outlines of the thrashing pirates and held his fire. A couple more pirates entered the hall to drag their comrades out. That’s when he hit the clacker. The anti-personnel mines went off, filling the confined space with hundreds of ball-bearings in an instant.
“Hey! We gotta clean all that up when you’re done you know!”
“Relax. I’m advancing now. Give me a map.”
Sure enough, a holo layout of the pirate ship sprung to life in the corner of his vision, complete with the highlighted sections of engineering and security. He advanced through the smoke onto the pirate ship. As he emerged through the smoke, more billowing off him like a demon fresh from Hell, he saw more pirates readying to storm his little craft. They were lightly armored. Shame. With another squeeze and lazy turn, he coated the would-be intruders.
Realizing they bit off more than they could chew, the lights on the pirate vessel began flashing red, and a call to repel boarders went out. Gonzo hustled down the passages headed toward engineering. He rounded the corner and dove back behind the corner as the ursdain with a gatling laser opened up from the other end of the hall. He wasn’t sure the flamethrower would make it to the other side, so he swapped to his baby. He tossed his last smoke grenade around the corner and counted to ten.
When he felt the passage was good and obscured, he held his replica China Lake around the corner and fired. Fwoomp…BOOM! Something wet and red hit the wall beside Gonzo. I think I got ‘em. He pumped another round into the chamber and continued.
He found Engineering easily enough and stormed inside. It was a large room dominated by…Well, the engine he supposed. Gonzo wasn’t an engineer, but he was a 2300. He was about to jog up to the biggest most important looking bit when his legs were taken out from under him. He was quickly bound up in ssypno coils and could hear the suit groaning under the pressure.
“There’ll be no more of that. Now let’s get you out of that can.”
Gonzo struggled to no avail, but he’d be damned before he gave up. He took a breath and forced his arms out away from his body. The suit groaned and struggled to give him the breathing room he needed. When he thought he had the space to work with, his hand shot to his knife strapped to his belt. He drew it and twisted his hand just as the coils snapped shut around him. The pirate stabbed herself in the soft scales of her underbelly just as Gonzo drew his arm around his torso slicing long and deep.
She shrieked as he carved, and quickly tried to slither away, but he snatched a piece of her armor and rode her, continuing to stab and slash at the joints in her suit. She tried to curl in on herself and grab the man with her upper arms. He wrestled with her for a while before he drew his offhand behind her opposing arm then using her own death grip on his main hand bent her arm around his. Her elbow snapped and she shrieked. With brief freedom of movement, Gonzo drew his knife up and plunged it into her sub armored neck. Her tail thrashed and writhed before the life seeped from her.
Gasping and sweating profusely, he drew himself up and stumbled to the drive core. Or what he thought was the drive core. He wasn’t an astrophysicist, but he was sure this thing didn’t like heavy explosives. He quickly rigged up an IED around the biggest glowiest part and set it to go off on his clacker.
He jogged from engineering to security but was stopped in the passages by a couple canids ambushing him. One opened fire with a laser-rifle, striking him in the upper torso, but the armor kept his chest from being cauterized. The blast streaked off the chest piece leaving a red-hot mark. It burned.
“Keep out of fire, Gonzo! I was trying to tell you that the heat-sinks aren’t finished yet!”
There may not have been a new hole in him, but it burned like Hell. He closed the distance to his attackers, too close to use his rifle, and they met him with claw and teeth drawn. The first canid threw themselves at him, knocking him down, and clamping their jaws around where his neck would be. He heard a hiss as something gave way on his shoulder. He fought and rolled to buck them off, but they held fast.
Gonzo decided it was time to draw his sidearm and clamped his hand down on the head of the assaulting canid to keep them in place. The other one tried to claw at his legs, but only found solid titanium alloy. He reached down to his holster and drew the comically oversized revolver, now appropriately sized in the power-armor’s fist. He thrust the barrel under the canid’s chin and fired. Their friends’ helmet rocketing off their head gave Gonzo the brief shock needed to roll the first pirate off him, raise his pistol, and fire point blank at his second attacker. As their head snapped back, he hauled himself back onto his feet and limped into security.
He needed to find a way to release his ship but drew short at the two canids and taurian blocking the consoles. The two canids threw themselves at Gonzo, biting and clawing for all they were worth. The heat in the suit was becoming unbearable. It was starting to sear bits of exposed flesh. Gonzo regretted jumping in in a tank top.
One canid clamped their jaws on his neck while the other went for his legs trying to drop him to the deck. Something snapped to his left and he lost all control of his left arm. It was just a hundred pounds of dead weight. He fell back swinging his pistol around trying to pistol-whip his attackers.
“That’s enough! Just give up and we’ll sell you somewhere nice.” The taurian called out.
Gonzo bucked his hips and fired at the canid by his legs but missed. Repeating what he did before he point-blank lobotomized the canid by his shoulder. With a roll, he popped himself back up readying his next shot when the second canid fell on him. He held his ground as they slashed and leapt to bite.
He caught them in the air and slammed them into the bulkhead beside him. It was nice to be eye level with them for once. He used this to his advantage by slamming his titanium fist into their face and gut repeatedly, feeling each subtle bone crack and snap. The taurian grabbed him under the arms and hurled him to the other side of the room as the last canid slumped down the wall.
The pirate drew some kind of bladed weapon. Big mistake. Gonzo drew his tomahawk, and sprinted forward with his head down. Using all the power in the suit he had, he slammed into her stomach and drove her forward into the wall.
She recovered her breath quickly and began raining blows down on his back and shoulders. The strain was beginning to get to him. Sweat was streaming down his body, stinging his eyes. The suit burned. He bent his knees then shot upright, driving his helmet into her chin. She rocked back in shock and Gonzo took a couple steps back. His left arm was dead. He could only grasp with the fingers. The pirate rubbed her chin.
“Oh, you’ll pay for that.”
Gonzo quickly tossed his tomahawk up and grabbed it by the end, before hurling it at his enemy. It buried in her shoulder, and she screamed. He sprinted at her full tilt with his head down shoulder out and pinned her to the wall. She kept fighting and pushed him back. Gonzo used his hips to swing his dead arm around to the pirate and clamped down with his hand. His hand locked in place as the taurian began to try and ineffectually push him away. Panting, he decided to give her a bit of backward-knee syndrome. He hauled back and put his and his suits’ full weight into a stomp kick right on her knee.
It folded back and she shrieked. Now at chest height he began slamming his fist into her helmet until it warped and broke. He stopped when he saw the stream of blood pour out the bottom.
He tried to make his way to the console, but realized his hand was stuck gripping the dead-weight of the corpse. He planted one boot on its back and pulled for all he was worth. With a fresh souvenir of taurian hide trapped in his grasp, he quickly worked the security console and disengaged the clams holding his ship in place. Once freed, he pulled out his clacker and slammed it. The whole ship rocked and shuddered. Catching his que he limp-jogged back to his ship. The remaining pirates were too busy with damage control as the ship quickly began filling with vacuum. Gonzo found his airlock with minimal resistance and threw himself in it.
“Blast!” he cried as he clutched the safety bar inside the lock. Grokna punched the skiff for all it was worth headed for the nearest jump point.
When the airlock cycled Gonzo limped back into the scorched cargo hold with hydro leaking down his left side. Lil and Korsk sprinted in to check on the man as he clumsily clutched at the emergency releases. The dome helmet fired clean off the top while the chest piece fired out revealing the sweat drenched and burned pilot. The suit dropped to its knees as Gonzo flopped out ripping his mask and helmet off. He gulped at the fresh air and luxuriated in the coolness of the metal floor when he gasped, “I…I have…Some notes…Need…Better cooling…”
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