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Not Feeling So Hot

2023.05.29 23:34 NordWizard420 Not Feeling So Hot

I've felt this bad before but never really done anything about it, on Friday I started to cut myself and was so close to just ending it right then and there in my car blade to my throat type of stuff the thing that stopped me was when I went for a walk over to a Memorial near where I live. What got me to this point is being so far from home and the fact that I keep fucking up in my relationship it feels like I'm constantly getting talked to by my GF and I really just don't care I always self-sabotage my relationships and I really just don't wan to live anymore...I just can't anymore.
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2023.05.29 23:33 DisgustingLobsterCok V90 Cross country unavailable EVERYWHERE?

I'm looking for a 2017-2022 V90 Cross country T5/T6 however they're super hard to find. I've looked at all the Volvo lots near me. I've checked FB marketplace, offerup, and even local craigslist. I'm in Seattle so it's not like we don't have luxury cars here. Why am I having so much trouble finding a vehicle that's relatively new?
Related: I had this issue when trying to find an XC70 2016 T6 so I gave up on attempting to even find one.
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2023.05.29 23:32 cardsfan3535 Bi curious married male

Bi curious married male looking for for with a female or couple. In a sexless marriage dont like it? Just keep scrolling if interested send me a message. Located near Evansville. .
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2023.05.29 23:32 LilacRobotics The Kobold & the Djinn

I guess this post calls for a little backstory. My Kobold alchemist, Snoutbroth, is the emissary of a tribe of kobolds living near to humans. They've allied with eachother and the adventuring group he is a part of has been mending and building relations with the surrounding races to help stand against the tide of evil blah blah blah.
You get the jist. The highlight of his adventures, so far, has easily been his encounter with Riggnorg, a dragon who was trapped in an extra planer library for a few millennial. Riggnorg is a gold dragon, and as such believes that the kobolds are slaves that should find their own way, that the chromatic dragons should not be worshipped and all that. He is also very reluctant to assist Snoutbroth any further than giving him some budding advice as he views being a 'master' to be abhorrent.
This has obviously severely confused Snoutbroth and now he's in a tizzy trying to figure out the best course of action for his people, and the best method to do so.
Recently though, Snoutbroth has come into possession of an Efreeti bottle. A genie in a lamp for those not in-the-know.
This is a major deal for him. He knows he should speak with the party about it, the implications of such a powerful magical being would be huge for the party, but it could also be a massive step for the kobolds to become independent of their draconic slave masters and establish themselves as a respected race in the realms and force for good in the world.
My question to you is, how the hell do I go about this?
Should I ascend my kobold to be a dragon(born)? Have the kobolds be freed from their bonds (both theological and cognitive)
I know SB's next move will probably be to speak to Riggnorg about his predicament (IE, get my DM to give me some options) but I really need some help coming up with ways to solve this very unique problem.
As people who love Kobolds, I was hoping we'd be able to put ourselves in their shoes and suggest some big things that a kobold would wish for.
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2023.05.29 23:31 kayletan Looking for roommate or an apartment 🤗

I am going to a UX/UI Boot Camp in late July and I am looking for roommates or an apartment that I can take over for 3 months. The coding bootcamp is in the Flat Iron District so I’d like to be ~30 mins commute to that. My budget would be max $2k a month but I am semi flexible with that. I’m not looking for anything too fancy just a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. About me! I am a 25 year old female and I just got out of the navy a few months ago! I currently live in Chicago with my boyfriend and two cats but I will be the only one going to NYC; they are going to stay here in chi. My hobbies include gaming watching anime and I love brunch!
feel free to DM if interested😌
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2023.05.29 23:31 321ECRAB123 halo infinite bums me out

I was so hyped for infinite but we are nearing the 2 year mark and player count is still really low. I think this has shown myself and most others the true incompetence of 343, they have no more excuses left. Is there any hope the game could even be saved at this point but really infection is the only thing wr are missing and ikd if that would save it. This whole mess up with infinite really makes me thing halo is finally, not meaning to sound dramatic, on its way out. I cant see microsoft wanting to chance another halo game or even another season of infinite after this next one. I only hope the servers stay up for another few years after them pulling the plug like im sure they will soon. Thoughts?
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2023.05.29 23:30 stsh Is sitting near kids a major buzzkill for anyone else?

I know this a touchy subject and probably a super unpopular opinion. I myself am a bit conflicted on it but my experience last night was not something I’ve experienced on other tours. My entire section was almost exclusively parents and young toddlers. So. Many. Very. Young. Kids.
Really disappointing at first because my idea of a good time at a show is to dance, smoke a couple of joints, and listen to some great music with other heads. Most of the kids sat on their tablets the entire time.
One of the parents kept insisting that I smoke and that his kids wouldn’t even know what it was but I still just didn’t feel comfortable smoking around kids. I finally took a few hits when it got dark out thinking it’d be a little more discreet and, almost immediately, another family behind me starts telling their kids (loud enough that I’d hear) how people who smoke weed are losers and wasted potential and how the kids shouldn’t kill their brains. Probably great advice for a kid but… c’mon.
As soon as I heard that, I ditched the seats and found a spot on the lawn where I danced my ass off. Still a bit disappointing to have to leave great seats though.
I know the general sentiment is that kids are welcome at Dead shows but am I the only one who gets a bit put off by having to sit near them?
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2023.05.29 23:30 CoffeeLuster Scotiabank Amex Gold (with no annual fee) vs Amex Cobalt

Hi everyone,
I know the Cobalt vs Scotiabank Amex Gold has been asked many times but I was hoping for some insight in my specific scenario.
For context, I don't travel much, and I just want a card that is conveniently able to save me money.
I currently have the Scotiabank Amex Gold with NO annual fee. I'm able to rack up points fairly quickly, but to redeem Scene+ points at 1cpp I need to redeem for travel (I don't travel much), at Empire grocery stores such as Sobeys or Foodland or Freshco (there are none* of these stores anywhere near me), or movies (I don't watch much movies).
The reason the Cobalt card is appealing to me is that I can use all the points I earn to pay my credit card bill at 1 cpp (100 points for 1 dollar). Whereas, for the Scotia Amex Gold, I think it's ~0.7 cpp to pay my credit card bill.
So Cobalt seems better for me, but as I said I have no annual fee for Scotia Amex Gold (but I don't have a good way to redeem the scene+ points!).
Any thoughts?
Thanks everyone!! :)
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2023.05.29 23:30 blurry_forest Gardens open in Evening?

Are there any gardens open in the evening, closer to DTLA, USC area?
I love plants, especially quiet spaces with flowers. It’s a nice break from my small apartment, and would like to visit one after work on a regular basis for mental health and give my eyes a break from the screen.
Huntington Gardens is ideal, but a bit far and it closes at 5pm. Descanso Gardens closes at 7pm, but it’s a lot farther.
There’s a park near me that I walk to sometimes, and the homeless population there hasn’t bothered me, but would prefer a garden with an entrance. Might get a membership if available to go regularly.
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2023.05.29 23:30 Republican_Wet_Dream Do any of the campgrounds in the Adirondacks offer evening educational programs?

My family (now down to me, wife, and 17 year old son) takes a camping vacation every summer. Some of our favorites have been at parks where rangers provide evening talks on geology (that was in the badlands), bison (South Dakota), stars and sky (many places.
Do any of you know which, if any, parks in or near ADK offer programs?
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2023.05.29 23:30 no4200 Emetophobia; starving myself, haven’t drank water

Hi. Earlier today my mother set bleach on the kitchen counter near the sink about 2 hours ago I feel ike the whole kitchen is covered in bleach I can’t eat I haven’t had a meal since early on Saturday. I haven’t drank in like 10 hours I feel like passing out and I don’t know what to do in my head the bleach is gonna make me sick and kill me and I have severe emetophobia
As I type this im literally considering calling an ambulance because my vision and hearing is going weird I can’t breathe and I don’t know how im gonna survive like I feel like I have 2 options to either not eat or eat and both options r ginna kill me
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2023.05.29 23:30 Agreeable_Anybody613 What are some key factors to consider when choosing a cleaning service near me? I recently moved to a new city and want to ensure I find a reliable and trustworthy service to take care of my cleaning needs.

I recently relocated for a new job and with a busy schedule, I need to find a cleaning service that can help me maintain a clean and organized living space. I want to make sure I make the right choice and hire a service that meets my expectations.
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2023.05.29 23:28 constants_changing Maybe...

Maybe if I leave him alone for a while, just continue not talking to him and giving him space, he'll reach out?
Maybe he still cares about me? I still care about him.
I would be okay with friendship. Dating him again would stress me out, and I think him too. But having him as a friend to chat with once in a while would be nice.
I still think he's cute though. I wonder if he thinks I'm cute. And I miss his guitar playing. You know...I just remembered haha. He said we were gonna start a bluegrass band, record an album and everything! When's our first rehearsal gonna be? Hahaha
Ah damn, it's just hard you know? Every time I try to let go, I remember something about him and it makes it harder. Some people say that it took them years to get over someone. I feel like with him, it's gonna take me a while.
I honestly don't want to let him go. He's just so adamant about us not speaking.
I wonder if he's ever read these posts. I wonder if he read the one where I said I'm sorry. And the one from yesterday...yikes. I don't think it was that bad. Maybe the only part that I don't agree with anymore from that post is when I said I don't want us to be friends. I still do.
I want to do my foot spa now. And watch more BB10.
This season is very good. I miss Libra, she was awesome. Love Renny. And Dan...he is just so adorable, I love that kid! He's playing a near perfect game so far.
Alrighty, foot spa time 😌
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2023.05.29 23:28 hullyk What to do about a work crush

TLDR: is my work crush also crushing on me? He knows a lot about me even though we just met
I recently started a new job that I got because of glowing recs from a bunch of guys I used to work with. As I started going into the office, a guy caught my eye and I recently learned he works with all of my old coworkers.
We were formally introduced last week and he seemed to know a bit about me in our first convo. This past week we were talking with one of our mutual connections and he remembered stuff I told him from the week before and seemed tuned into whatever I would say. Later in the day he was on the phone with another mutual connection and he mentioned that we were sitting near each other and tried to fill me in on the meeting (even though they didn’t need my input).
I then found out later that when he was out to lunch with one of our mutual connections he brought up that I’m “obsessed” with this one lunch spot… he’s not wrong (I get it every week) but we’ve never talked about this so it’s strange he would know this.
It feels like he has a crush on me but maybe just wishful thinking? Also how do I go about this since we’re at work. We don’t really have much to do with each other, just know a lot of the same people
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2023.05.29 23:28 Fearl3ss_Mastermind Summer touch up

So my ex and I work in the same company, but not the same location. Toward the end of the summer our division is having a management “meeting” at the lake. The meeting is a facade and really it’s just a paid beach day. Call me petty and insecure if you want, but I’d really like to show up looking hotter than her. Not aiming to look like the Hulk, but it would be nice to tone up a little. Looking for some good work out routines and nutrition guides for the next two and a half months. 33/M, not in terrible shape but for sure nowhere near as fit as when I was a total meathead in my mid twenties. Would also love to hear some good recovery routines to keep me functioning.
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2023.05.29 23:27 CuriosTiger Long read: An expat's life story across 3 decades abroad

I see a lot of expats posting about problems and challenges in their new country, and I am not objecting to that. When you're unhappy, this can be a good place to find some support or at least a sympathetic ear. But I've lived outside of my home country for nearly three decades now, and I'd like to share my story and some of the positives I've experienced.
I was born and raised in Norway. By all accounts, that's winning the birth lottery. I'm proud to be Norwegian, and that will always be a part of my identity. However, in my teens, small town Norway felt kind of boring, and I wanted an adventure, so I went on a pilgrimage.
I was a computer geek before geeks became popular. When you're a computer geek, Mecca is in Silicon Valley, or at least it was back then. And so for my first real trip outside of Scandinavia, I moved to California as a high school exchange student.
High school was different. There was homesickness, but there were also new friends, new activities and a whole new climate. I arrived proficient in reading and writing English, but my spoken accent was very characteristically Norwegian. By the time I left, I was basically fluent. A slight accent remained, but it was no longer a barrier to communication.
I came home with a very pro-US viewpoint. I was dazzled by this land of opportunity, and in retrospect, I was overlooking some of the negatives, even back then. But I decided that I wanted to go back to the US for college.
I did exactly that. This time, I moved to Texas and enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. This was my first experience really trying to live on my own (in California, I had had a host family) and it would be a lie to say that the international factor didn't make it extra intimidating. My dorm roommate told me he couldn't imagine what it would be like to be that far away from his family. Then his parents moved from Houston, Texas to Fairbanks, Alaska, so I guess he got to find out.
Even I can't find anything positive to say about dorm food, and there were some other problems. Surviving and thriving on a student budget could be tough, for one thing. But there's a silver lining to every cloud. I was able to obtain an off-campus work permit by showing the US government that the strengthening dollar had left my scholarship (in Norwegian currency) inadequate. Work permit in hand, one of the easiest student jobs I could find was a bus driver position with the university shuttle system. Not exactly your typical job for a computer science student, but it paid surprisingly well and I could schedule my shifts around my classes, so it proved a great fit. The only drawback was that junior drivers got no work over the summer when the university ran a much reduced bus schedule.
I solved that conundrum by going into trucking...helped in part by a really nice road trip I had stumbled into with a trucker friend the previous year, and by statements from him and others that I wasn't the trucker type and would never make it in that industry (challenged accepted!) Over the next few years, I was a college student from September through May, and drove trucks coast-to-coast every summer. I made it through 46 states and got paid to see the country.
That likely wouldn't have happened in Norway. Not because Norway doesn't have truckers, but because that kind of random detour from the "ideal" career path wouldn't sit well with Norwegian society. Norway likes social order. America likes individualism. I found that American friends found my little detour into trucking cool while Norwegian friends mostly just found it...odd.
Fast-forward a few years, and my first job offer out of college landed in my lap very unexpectedly. Through a friend in Norway, I landed my first full-time job. However, it wasn't in the US. Or in Norway. It was in Vienna, Austria. And it was too good to turn down, especially in an IT job market on life support after the .com bubble burst.
So I packed my bags and moved to Vienna. I still had an overly positive view of the US, although the way the US conducted itself in the wake of 9/11 would shake those convictions to the core. The job in Austria was fantastic in every way, I had fun at work, I had supportive coworkers...and then I had a few challenges.
One of them is that I have asthma. And in Austria in 2001, people still smoked inside. The first thing that happened in my new job is that I had to walk in and tell the three people I was sharing an office with that they could no longer smoke in the office. Thankfully, HR backed me up, but that didn't exactly win me any popularity contests I tried to be humble and explain as best I could that the asthma was beyond my control, and that did work...eventually. The ice thawed, and I settled into my new job.
But what about when it was time to go home? I did not have much of a social life at first. In the beginning, I could blame the language barrier -- much like my school English, my school German was inadequate at first. My coworkers were mostly fluent in English; the rest of Austrian society, not so much. And after all, I was in their country, it was only proper that I should learn THEIR language. So I put a lot of effort into that, speaking German with my coworkers and with anyone else who would put up with me. This was when I ran into another typical expat problem: Whenever I encountered an Austrian who spoke English, he/she would detect my foreign accent and switch to English unprompted. It took me a while to pick up on Austrian accents in general and Viennese German in particular, but eventually, I did.
That still didn't help my social life. Nor did the fact that bars and other similar venues were off-limits due to the aforementioned asthma. My coworkers were nice and polite, but Austria seems to have a bit of a taboo against socializing with coworkers outside of work. Truth be told, this is a nut I never quite did manage to crack. I did eventually make a number of friends in Austria, but the majority were fellow expats.
One of those friends was an American who had moved to Austria for personal reasons, but still tried to run a business along with a business partner of his back in Florida. To make an already-long story somewhat shorter, they hired me on a skilled worker visa and I moved back to the United States. I was excited to be in the US again, and I was not sorry to leave Austria behind. But I also don't regret taking the opportunity I was given in Vienna. I learned a lot from my years there.
Since then, my career path has been more normal. I've mostly lived in Florida since, with the exception of a few years back in Norway during the Great Recession. Even then, I wound up working for a well-known US company, so I'd sit in Norway fielding conference calls from Oklahoma and Texas. Then I moved back to Florida again because my wife (now ex-wife) decided she didn't want to live in Norway. At this point, I've lived in Florida continuously since 2012. And while I miss friends and family in Norway, life in Florida has been good to me. I've met great people here, and I've had adventures that wouldn't have been possible back home.
My asthma likes the Florida climate. Warm and humid sounds like a nightmare to some, but that warmth opens up my lungs and the humidity keeps the worst of the pollen out of the air. On the social scene, many Europeans call Americans "superficial", but I find that makes it easier to break the ice and make friends. So not everyone you meet is going to be your new BFF, but what's the harm in meeting them anyway?
People often ask me why I would leave Norway when the quality of life there is "so much better" (their words, not mine.) But quality of life is subjective. Sure, there are things I like better in Norway than in the US, but the reverse is also true.
Life has not been the straightforward path I'd envisioned in my teens, but it has been an adventure so far, and I can't wait to see what's around the next corner.
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2023.05.29 23:27 md_balls 24[M4M] - looking for male friends that would find it funny to have a dynamic that involves my balls getting hurt. Not inherently sexual. Read or send me a message! #AlleganyCounty

Hey there! I’m looking for fun, nice male friends that would have the added dynamic of you hurting my balls, whether that be for fun, humor, entertainment etc. I’m near Allegany county.
Ideally, I’d like this to be a normal friendship with that dynamic added on top. Can be completely platonic if you’d want. We can discuss the what’s and such in chat!
I’m not looking for anyone over 30, and I prefer slim guys. Otherwise, the other stuff doesn’t matter.
If you think this may be of interest to you, and you want to discuss it further, send me a chat!
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2023.05.29 23:26 MagmaticDemon I LOVE CHEESE, IT'S THE BEST FOOD NO CONTEST

Okay so i just need to start this by saying cheese is absolutely incredible, it's actually insane how good of a food it is overall. Cheese is like the only food that works with almost anything, it's so ridiculously versatile that not meals on average have cheese in them far far more often than not. It even works with straight up stupid combinations like one i saw the other day, "pear and cheese salad". It was just pear, cheese and mayonaise but supposedly it worked surprisingly well together (according to my sister who's quality of tastes vary greatly. I don't fully trust them truthfully). All the best foods also make great use of cheese as well, let me give you a few examples here: Spaghetti, Pizza, baked potatoes, mac-n-cheese, chicken alfredo, lasagna, cheeseburgers, and many many more. Don't even get me started on the various different cheese types and qualities such as: cheddar, swiss, feta, blue cheese, provolone, pepperjack, white cheddar, ricotta, brie, gouda and so many more as well. There are some people who just don't get it, some aliens perhaps that hate eating cheese on anything. I cannot understand them in the slightest, how can you not foam at the mouth when someone offers you a cheesy meal like mac-n-cheese? How do you eat hamburgers without cheese on them or eat sandwiches without any cheesy flavor? Insanity, truly.
Reminds me of a meme i once saw about southern american men gifting their girlfriends massive cheese wheels as a gift on dates, and they weren't appreciative!! WHAT? People need to get their fucking priorities straight, any sane person would prefer a cheese wheel over a ring or fancy dinner. Some people just don't understand true southern values and the amount of hard work that goes into fiddling cow nipples for some milk to make cheese with. They just don't get it. Fuckers are blind to the wonderful world of cheese and milk, they'd rather eat hot chips and drink tea and coffee. They're in their own world of darkness, unaware of the beautiful basting light of cheesy goodness. Okay maybe SOME of those hot chips have cheese but they don't even notice!! they eat chips that are so spicy that they can't even taste the fucking cheese so it doesn't count. I swear if one more person gives me another negative opinion about cheese, i'm gonna put holes in my wall. Many many holes, with my fists and with weaponry, even guns. Nobody insults my favorite fucking food, EVER. I play the game skyrim JUST because it has cheesewheels in it. I buy a house in the game and just explore the world collecting every single cheese object in the game and storing it in my house, i don't even play the game the way its intended or to progress the story, JUST CHEESE. A peek into my cheesy mind would make one simply go insane, they can't handle a reality as yellow as mine, the average brain is unable to accurately comprehend the true omniscient godliness of cheddar and swiss. I am enlightened, i am gifted with divine cheesy knowledge of the universe and it's most delicious food.
I sleep on a pillow padded with cheese, filled with cheese. I sleep on a water-bed and.. you guessed it, it's filled with cheese too of course. I even go as far as to wash my clothes in cheese sauce (no soap, it ruins the cheesy aroma). But if you thought it stops there, oh boy, you are sorely mistaken little one. I broke my leg one time, shattered the femur bone into a billion pieces and i had the surgeon replace my femur with a solid cylinder of hardened cheese, a massive concrete cheese pole, sturdy and built for walking. I am one with the cheese, i'm becoming cheesy, cheese-man they sometimes call me (no they don't, i just made that up). But hey did i ever tell you about the time i built a car out of cheese, FROM SCRATCH!? That's right, i shit you not, i built an entire car by hand entirely from cheese. The wheels were cheese wheels screwed on with carved cheese bolts and nuts, the motor was a standard piston motor made out of beautifully aged gouda cheese, and it didn't run on gasolinr either. What it ran on was a specialty type of cheese sauce (surprising i know) but it was a kind of cheese sauce that apparently they don't sell around here anymore so i can't drive my car anymore, yay. Also i made a second grave error that ruined my car, the gasoline tank was made of swiss cheese, i'm not sure uf you've seen swiss but its typically full of holes and you know, in hindsight maybe making my gas tank have millions of holes in it was kind of barely a slightly godawful idea perhaps. I was driving one time unaware of the disaster i had created and was currently driving on the road when suddenly i smelled an interesting yet stenchy odor. It hit me like a truck (the smell did, i didn't get hit by an actual truck, that part of thr story comes later on) but yeah i smelled a stinky cheesy aroma and like a smoky smell too? It smelled like someone was genuinely smoking cheese in my backseat, so i turned around and i kid you not, the back of my car was fucking flaming and my back cheese wheels were melting off. Let me tell you, there's no doubt about it, i almost shit my pants. But i'm not a pussy so i turned around and hit the emergency eject button to launch myself out through the sunroof in the ceiling of the car and i flew through the air probably miles high. I nearly got hit by an incoming plane (dipshit). Then i deployed my parachute i made in case of emergencies but damn i'm stupid as shit, i made the same mistake twice. My parachute was made out of swiss as well, all full of holes, so i started plummeting. I started panicking not gonna lie but i remembered something! My backup cheese slices! (I keep thousands of cheese slices in my right pocket just in case i get hungry while im out). So i ripped those bad boys open and started patching the holes of the parachute and you wouldn't believe me normally but im living proof since im typing this... I lived! I lived through that catastrophe, but don't get the wrong idea, it wasn't the cheese's fault, it was my own. I just don't want you getting the wrong idea about cheese, they're a good fellow.
Did i ever mention the time i accidentally crippled an elderly lady with cheese? So, funny story, i was setting up a hilarious prank for my friend (i don't have friends, i fully intended on crippling this lady) and i laid an extra slippery puddle of liquid cheese on the sidewalk when nobody was looking. Then i covered it in a thin layer of leaves, in hindsight that makes no fucking sense and basically anyone with half a braincell would notice the pile of leaves as an obvioud trap or pitfall, I'm just lucky the old lady is absolutely not intelligent like me. Anyways, i camp up in a nearby tree with binoculars and watch from afar while snacking on my tiny cheese cubes. I see this old lady, about yay high and covered from head to toe in floral patterns and colors that make me feel like im on a drug trip. She takes a few steps with her cane in hand before stepping on the cheese and man.. SHE WENT FUCKING FLYING BRO LMAO. That poor mf went skateboarding down a hill but using her face as the skateboard. I choked on a cheese cube from laughter and ended up spilling them all over the place, hate to waste them but that laughter was uncontrollable. All the nearby pedestrians rushed to help the old lady and i just started throwing cheese cubes at them for fun, hitting them in the head. I remember vividly one guy shouting, "WHO IN THE FUCK IS THROWING CHEESE CURDS AT MY FUCKING HEAD?" and then i threw one into his mouth-hole, he stopped yelling after that and kept his mouth shut. Anyways, after a day's work i went home and eventually i heard on the news that the lady broke all of her legs (she should get cheese femurs like me fr) and that they were putting a bounty on the head of the "Cheese Trapper" Kind of a shitty nickname but whatever, i'll take what i can get i suppose. God, i love cheese.
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2023.05.29 23:25 Presentation_Cute Leandros did nothing wrong

Let's start from the beginning.
Forge World Graia is being invaded by Orks, who at this point have ships in-atmosphere, plus throughout the game are shown to have control of, or at the very least are contesting, anti-air emplacements. And, while in a thunderhawk, Titus makes the decision to put on jump packs, leap through a hurricane of fire, board an enemy ship, and spend the first section of the game just reconvening with his squad. Titus risks the entire "strategically absolute" mission on a gamble, and Leandros calls him out on it. Leandros at first is suggestive and follows along with Titus, but once Titus separates and nearly dies on a crashing ship, Leandros, who also nearly died, is understandably pissed. Even Sergeant Sidonus questions Titus at the beginning, and he's an experienced veteran. Instead of explaining his reasoning, Titus continues to belittle Leandros, openly taunting him while on the thunderhawk (Try to keep up) and then claiming that Leandros interprets the codex narrowly, again, as they land wildly off-course and have to footslog their way back to the objective. There's no "narrow" interpretation, it should be common sense not to run into a firefight and Leandros is absolutely right on the money.
Then, it's Leandros that gets the idea to blow up the macrocannon by planting a melta charge on the shell. This guy, who the community presents as not doing anything unless the Codex explicitly says, is the one who gets the creative idea to destroy the gun battery, by being resourceful and knowledgeable about how to take down a big gun. A lot of people might be tempted to dismiss this because it seems too easy, but that's the point. Leandros taking the simple, effective, and quick solution is not a fault on him, but instead a praise, and Sidonus does just that.Leandros doesn't really take issue again until Titus moves to get the power source. The entire facility collapses, and Titus suddenly rings out that he somehow survived, against the Inquisitor's expectations. Then Drogan reveals that the power source conducts warp energies, and Leandros takes the most aggressive jump by associating it with chaos. Titus and Sidonus, on the other hand, trust the Inquisitor at face value and ignore it, so Leandros once again bites his tongue. The Inquisitor then reveals another test project, which uses the Power Source, and Titus still continues to trust him despite repeated warnings that the weapon could destroy the planet on accident. Considering he was sent here to protect the planet, Titus is weirdly invested in protecting an inquisitor that has already repeatedly kept secrets that impaired their mission, and again, nearly killed a 2nd Company Captain.
Once the daemons emerge, Leandros' first words are "how is this possible?" Then, Titus is once again demonstrated to have warp resistance, in addition to Drogan's puppeteering also emerging. Nemeroth expresses both gratitude to the space marines for helping his plans unfold, and interest in Titus specifically. In addition, its discussed that Drogan was likely killed by chaos agents, and not by orks. So Leandros is led to believe that 1) his captain has overt warp resistance, 2) his captain has a thing for disappearing suddenly by making brash decisions 3) its revealed that Drogan was a highly convincing puppet and 4) chaos has been at work on this planet for some stretch of time, without their knowledge. What was he supposed to think? Chaos changes the game here, and Titus' odd behavior has never been reassuring all the while. If you were playing the game from Leandros' perspective, you would think the game was setting up Titus to be the villain, another puppet or perhaps an agent of chaos that reveals himself a master planner. That this ends up not being the case isn't incompetency on Leandros' part, but is instead simply a bit of dramatic irony. That you happen to play as Titus doesn't excuse the fact that Titus himself is simply not a very inspiring or trustworthy person at this point.
The strike force successfully destroys the orbital spire, and Leandros suggests giving the power source to the inquisition for safekeeping. Titus remarks that the Inquisition has already failed thus far, and suggests destroying it. This isn't Leandros making a bad call per se, but its a deliberate test, seeing as Leandros already suspects Titus of mega-ultra-heresy. If Titus moves to get rid of the power source, it would objectively be a bad call because of Titus' reasons. However, if he tries to keep it, Leandros might think that Titus is up to something. Titus, being reasonable for once, chooses the middle route and suggests safely destroying it once they get back to the chapter, while still carrying out the mission here. Titus passes on the power source to Sidonus, and Leandros falls back in line.
However, just as this occurs, a sizeable force of Chaos marines emerge, and Titus orders Sidonus to make a break for it. And as Leandros is preoccupied elsewhere, Nemeroth suddenly emerges, takes the power source, and kills Sidonus. And yet, despite not being there to confirm the story, Leandros takes Titus' advice and plans to carry out vengeance. He openly protests Titus once again making the genius tactical move to split up to take on a Chaos Lord alone, and calls out that Nemeroth might plan to take advantage of Titus' warp connection. During this conversation, it's noted that Leandros does not openly say that Titus has a connection to Chaos, even though its already been said. Once again, Titus decide to play aggressively with a hypothetical question, and ask if Leandros fears him falling to chaos. Leandros says no, but turns away and imagines another hypothetical wherein Nemeroth takes advantage of Titus, a sort of long-winded way of saying "yes" without actually saying it. Again, Leandros has some very valid concerns at this point, and while its a stretch to think that Titus will directly fall to chaos (which the player picks up on), Titus is not at all reassuring. He's not just ignoring the Codex, he's actively pushing against basic ideas of how not to handle a chaos incursion, written by Bobby G, who wrote the book with every ounce of knowledge he had for preventing Chaos. Titus rejecting the Codex and being so chaotic at such a pivotal moment is where Leandros really ramps up his suspicions.
Nemeroth and Titus then have a facedown, and Nemeroth himself openly believes that Titus is connected to Chaos. Not only does Titus have warp resistance, but Nemeroth calls out how the very specific events that have occurred are entirely in line with the intentions of Chaos. This is a point brought up many times in other books, that one doesn't have to worship Chaos to serve Chaos, and Nemeroth puts it on display. Regardless of what Titus was doing, he was going to end up "serving" Chaos regardless, and his unique connection to the warp was seeming evidence of that.
And finally, at the climax of it all, Titus once again emerges, killing a half-daemon prince after falling through the warp and somehow using the power source to just right himself back into realspace. Titus and Leandros have their last stare down, as Leandros comes to the same conclusion as Nemeroth that Titus is connected to Chaos, and informs the inquisition forces that showed up. Many people have said that Leandros should have gone to the Master of Sanctity, but I disagree. This is the Captain of the 2nd company, who is just now experiencing weird warp-related phenomena, who seemingly keeps popping in and out of reality after going on suicide missions, and whose every action is made in such a way that they either ignore Leandros despite his valid criticisms, or are downright hostile to his loyalty to the codex. Leandros was put on the spot, and had to make a decision, and like any decision, he turned to the Codex for guidance.
Leandros is adamant that the Codex contains the truth, and Titus says that its a set of rules with the test to see what a Space Marine can make with them. This is where Titus honestly loses me. People always like to go on about how the Codex is a set of guidelines and not rules, but honestly I've never seen it that way. It laid out the philosophical groundworks to describe the role of the Adeptus Astartes from galactic conquerors to humanity's defenders, it made explicit strategic organization and developed doctrine and tactics to explain where every unit type fit into the grand picture, it set the precedent for Imperial separation of powers from legions to chapters and Imperial to Navy and Militarum, and it overall served as a historical document that outlines different situations and how soldiers (astartes mainly) should deal with them.
We know that Guilliman himself didn't like how narrow the Imperium viewed the codex, but that often ignores a lot of the context about his opinions. Gman hates that 1) the High Lords abuse codex stipulations to their own end 2) soldiers follow the rules without accounting for the situation. In some cases, as Leandros points out, the Codex does account for the situation, because the Codex was meant to embody the wisdom of a tactical genius in a single document. If Titus was just willing to explain anything at all, Leandros would probably find it reasonable. He could have explained that he would rather protect the Thunderhawk for evac rather than risk it trying to land, he could have explained that he will submit himself to a chaplain once the battle was done, and he could have explained that him being warp resistant was not something wholly the result of Chaos (this is where I think Space Marine just has poor writing, there's nothing in the lore to suggest that the mutated and mad forces of Chaos are immune to the warp and there's plenty to suggest that loyal forces of the Emperor can resist warp powers. People will argue that its Leandros whose at fault for that, but those people are hypocritical to blame Leandros for quoting the codex if the Codex in this game explicitly says "Warp resistance = evil". IIRC Space Marine had no lore input from GW and was given free reign to make up whatever, so this checks out).
Moreover, this is an area I find to be hypocritical of the community. Leandros himself states that he uses the Codex for guidance, but he only references the hard and true facts that the game presents, which are "don't fly into enemy gunfire" and "Resisting the warp is something that heretics do". He has shown, through him going along with Titus' suicide jump and thinking to plant the melta charge, that he's fully capable of not acting directly according to the Codex. So I find it odd, in a community that continuously shits on the Codex Astartes and interpreting it too rigidly, that the community wants Leandros to wait until they get back to the chaplains(as the Codex intended) and not seek out a ranking Inquisitor. To me, I think the community got too wrapped up in playing as Titus that they go along with his "rules for thee but not for me" approach. Given the seriousness of the situation, Leandros had every reason to not want to wait and risk Titus corrupting other people.
One more thing I wanted to mention. People sometimes think that Leandros' original purpose was to show that Titus was right all along, and that throughout the planned sequels it would have shown Leandros coming to his senses. But I feel people are really taking that idea out of context, just because they hate Leandros. In an article by The Escapist, the director for Space Marine revealed his plans for the sequels.
“The second part of his story was to focus on a ‘Titus Unleashed’ plot … basically there were forces arrayed against him that would see his loyalty to the Adeptus Astartes pushed to its limit, and his reaction would be to kind of ‘go rogue,'” van Lierop said. “He would survive, and come back even stronger in the third game, where other Space Marines still loyal to him would rally around him and he’d return to ‘clean house,’ but as the head of a brand new Chapter that we would build around him.”
And this is why I ultimately think, even in the original vision, Leandros was right. Titus shows up, makes brash decisions, can be definitively tied to the Warp and is hinted at being connected to Chaos the entire game. So where does his original story go? He ends up becoming a renegade, and leads a breakaway faction with the forces that were loyal to him while he was captain, all the while doubting the position of the Adeptus Astartes in the Imperium. Goddamn, if that is not the most explicit depiction of a heretic they could have made, and it would have shown that Leandros had every reason to think Titus was a danger to the Imperium. Forget all that defense of Titus by being the main character and therefore we "know" he's innocent, they actively planned to have him give in to everything that he went through. If they had gone through this this original plan, I think I would know the exact reaction the community would have had to Leandros questioning Titus.
There are far more egregious examples of codex worship in the novels, but Leandros is not one of those people. He remains loyal, level headed, and focused while also trying to work out the situation. Titus never really defends his innocence that strongly because it relies on the player to trust Titus, but between Drogan, Nemeroth, and finally Leandros, Titus is up against the wall. Maybe its just poor characterization, but Titus is so bland throughout the game he never really backs up the idea that he's taking this seriously after everything that happens. Leandros might have turned in the player character, but honestly he had every reason to.
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2023.05.29 23:25 GreyBag Do Narcissists Succeed in trades that require them to “feel” and empathize with clients?

I’m specifically thinking of: counselling, therapy, DV assault survivor groups, basically any position where they have to deal with highly emotive people.
My N-Ex assaulted me physically after a single tear leaked out of my eye, has never shown one instance of remorse, accountability, empathy, has been nearly taken to court over rape/emotional abuse (not by me), yet now they’re saying they’ve applied to do outreach/counselling work for vulnerable groups.
Curious how that works out? Anyone has DV prone Narc Ex’s who went on to provide closure and support to others, but was physically/emotionally incapable of it with you?
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2023.05.29 23:24 wee-wee-e-d 4 month sleep regression?

My LO one is 18 weeks (14 corrected) and he’s suddenly changed. Up until last week he’d been having 7 6oz bottles throughout the day including one in the early hours. He’d just started having longer stretches of sleep, the longest being 5.5 hours…which was fantastic! Up until that point it had been less formula, but 3 hourly feeds around the clock. He also has bad reflux, so I have to keep him upright for 30mins after every bottle as well as medication. So obviously I’ve been exhausted and the fact he could now go 5 hours was bliss! That was until last week! I’ve never set a strict nap time and feed him on demand. Its always worked for us and up until this point he’s always napped as and when he needed, either on me or in his Moses basket. But after a walk out last Monday, we got home and all hell broke loose! Screaming uncontrollably, he was hysterical. He was starving just over an hour after his last bottle. So I fed him, held him, then set him down to nap. But 30 seconds after he drifted off he let out the most blood curdling scream I’ve ever heard! His eyes were wide open and he looked terrified. My immediate thought was something was hurting him, so I stripped him down and checked…nothing. But he did settle as soon as I held him. I eventually put him down again, for the same to happen another 3 times. Its continued to happen at every nap time since. But the other strange thing is that he’s dropped 2 of his bottles (his night ones) and has been sleeping for 7-10 hours at night. I did think maybe I’ve been trying to make him nap when he’s not tired enough, but I’m getting all the sleepy cues from him? Its so out of character that I took him to see his dr, who gave him a clean bill of health. So I’m just wondering if this could be the 4 month regression? I was just under the impression they didn’t sleep at all? The only other thing I thought was over tiredness? He’s a very wriggly baby, so maybe his near constant moving has finally caught up with him?
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2023.05.29 23:24 juan-moltisanti I (M29) feel like I will be better off without her (F32)

I am in a 4 year relationship with long breaks with my girlfriend. 6 months ago we got together once again. We have had some fights but overall good. However, these arguments can be tough ones.
She does not like the flat I live in, so she refused when I offered her to move in together. She is a stewardess so her airport is far away from my flat (hers is a bit less near to the airport but not that much). She also says the flat is very old. I don’t like this attitude not because we cannot work this out, but simply because she is complaining and not supporting to do things better together. I feel alone.
She makes big deal of the things she considers important and does not reconcile. For example, the other day I was browsing with my smartphone and she told me to cut it. I said sorry no big deal, but then she picked her phone and I also picked mine. Then she started bickering again. Even though I said I was not paying attention and sorry, she was not accepting my apologies.
Another thing, today was her birthday. I bought her gifts and took her out with my friends to celebrate. I did not think birthday cake was necessary, I just didn’t. I apologized and ordered one to her flat, she says thank you and that’s that! Night ruined.
One week I was staying at her place paying for groceries and all that, I politely said if we could share because I needed to save some until the next payday, she was so embittered by my offer and she considered breaking up with me over economics.
I have other examples, but the main idea is I really don’t like being treated like this. I feel trapped. I was depressed just before we got together, but im not anymore, I have a decent job, hobbies and friends. I am healthy. I also find other girls attractive and would like to meet them (I never cheated though). However, I also like spending time with her, she is overall nice and caring. Sex is not bad either.
I really wish we could make things out and marry someday, but I don’t think we can be married for long. I don’t have the necessary will to continue like this.
Tl;dr: I find my girlfriend high maintenance and think better off without all the negativities she brings now that I am not depressed.
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