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Elden Ring Online Help, Co-op and PvP. Welcome Traveler from beyond the Fog, I offer you an accord. Use this subreddit to arrange online matchmaking for the game Elden Ring.

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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

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Welcome to Summon Sign, this subreddit is dedicated to online multiplayer in the Souls series and was made for you to: Request help with a boss or area; Offer help with bosses and areas; Find co-op partners; Arrange for PvP matches.

2023.06.05 09:25 Shibe45 Intel Core i3 13100 Help

I was looking for good graphics cards and CPU's, and I thought the Intel Core i3 13100 seemed pretty decent for Elden Ring / modded Minecraft (I don't know if that's necessarily true, I just looked up some FPS tester sites and it seemed to run okay)
Then I did some more research and found out bottlenecks were a thing. Now I am sooo confused, so I thought it'd just be smarter to ask rather than do research. So, what's a good graphics card to match the Core i3 in terms of bottlenecking?
Also, is the Core i3 not good enough for what I want to run it on? I'm open to suggestions for better ones - I just don't want to spend too much money, and I don't think I need any more than 90 FPS if I'm being honest. If possible, I'd like suggestions for cards and CPU's that are available on the DreamPC website, as that is the site I'm using to build my PC.
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2023.06.05 09:16 dalebeans Thank you, Dark Souls.

Starting college last fall was not an easy change for me. I thought that moving away from home would be just like going to hotel for a while but it wasn't. Never felt quite where I was supposed to be. During the first few weeks I tried to socialize with my roommates and some other people I thought I was sharing a bond with. It went well but whenever we agreed to hang out they never came through on their end. Every conversation never led to me getting new friends no matter how many times I tried. All I wanted was that supportive and cool friend group to hang out with every now and then like everyone else, but I never got it. I gave up trying to make any kind of long or short term friendship because I knew it would lead nowhere. Naturally, I fell into a depression.
My grades started to slip and I felt even more stressed and pressure to get a good grade at the end of the semester. This weight had I had on myself was too much, and actively lashed out in my room from the work I had to catch up on. It got so bad that my anger just turned into sadness and crying laying on the floor. This happened frequently until the semester ended. Even though the work load was over for a small time, I still felt bad since I didn't really get the grades I wanted. Alas, winter break began in December.
This is when I discovered Elden Ring. I was walking the path of grace, yet I couldn't see it... I played it for the gameplay and hype alone which was really fun. So fun that I got burned out and switched games once I cleared everything up until the Altus Plateau. I forgot about it, effectively shutting out my window to true freedom for a while.
The day is Christmas, 2022. I get some cash and spend it on Dark Souls Remastered. I am immediately hit with that "yucky old graphics" feeling the second I see my character. I do as any sane souls player would do and choose Ryan Reynolds and the Master Key. I picked Knight for my first class as I thought that made the most sense. I got in and went through the tutorial prison blah blah blah. Rested at Firelink Shrine and tried to go to New Londo Ruins and wondered why this game was so god damn hard. I said whatever, guess that's not where I'm supposed to be yet. I go to the graveyard by the catacombs and at this point I about quit the game.
Eventually I learned where to go and found the combat to be much better (who would have guessed?). I started progressing more until I hit the Bell Gargoyles. Struggled super hard even with Solaire as a summon. I ran out of humanity after a number of attempts so I put the game down altogether. Keep in mind, I was in not the best emotional/mental state this whole time so I was very prone to giving up. I guess this was it for Dark Souls. For now.
Second semester rolls around and I feel like I can do it right this time. I learned a decent amount of new study skills and made some mistakes that I learned from, so I should have this in the bag. Classes go well the first few weeks, and then I stop. I just quit doing my work. I thought to myself, "I'll just do it tomorrow" or "After this one game". I never did. I lived on campus pretending like I was still a college student. This whole time I felt down on myself and guilty for doing this to myself. My parents would be super disappointed if I told them the truth, so I lied to them. Lying made me feel bad too, so it felt like there was no escape from the feeling of dread. I had to stay at college to appear like I was doing school work so I was essentially trapped there.
Months went by and regret lurked around my shoulder no matter where I went. Even college students studying was a constant reminder that I never did study and that I'm a failure. That depression crept in again and I felt lonely more than anything. More lonely than I had ever felt before. Miles away from everyone I loved, no classes/clubs/activities to attend, no friends to share stories with, no partner share feelings with, no family to keep an eye on me - no more purpose. Video games were my best friend during these times, and I almost lost my grip on that too.
I was going Hollow. I had ran through all of my games...

Except one.

I loaded up my character to accept the challenge once again. This time I couldn't lose because I didn't have anything else to run to, so with everything on the line I swiftly rid of the two gargoyles. I did it! The things that had been causing me so much trouble before are finally out my way. I made my up the ladder to ring the first bell. The feeling of accomplishment I got from this was something unlike anything I had felt for the past months, which is what got me invested in the game.
There was a seemingly insurmountable force ahead of me, but yet through my own development of skills and thinking of different strategies, I was able to beat them easily. Could this be what Dark Souls is? If it is, I didn't want to give this up.
Through the messages on the ground, invasions, and player summons I learned that this community is absolutely priceless. I watched video after video about the game's lore, builds, tips and tricks, anything I could get my hands on. Long story short, I beat the game.
This is where I realized that through my own sheer determination, will, confidence, and human spirit I could accomplish anything. I felt that my dark soul was truly starting to come out, my true self that I kept so suppressed within me during the school year. The real icing on the cake is when I was listening to ds2 ost and then came upon the song titled "Longing". It is the end credits theme for the original ds2. This the first time I have ever balled my eyes out to ANYTHING. I couldn't even get close to shedding a tear watching the saddest movie ever made, but this song got to me. These weren't tears of sadness, though. They were tears of joy.
It felt like lifting a fog over not only my head, but my heart too. After listening, I can remember feeling whole again. Like my human side finally returned to me to greet me. My depression faded and my mood quickly became better. Life was becoming good once again. Now I had the ability to see things in a positive light and not in an "everything is over because I failed" way. I started working like I was supposed to but never did (because I was overwhelmed as I mentioned). In plan on starting to get into shape soon and maybe even get a dog. As far as my grades go, I withdrew so I never failed (technically). I am looking towards the future of continuing college with my newfound attitude and outlook on life.

If you read all that, thank you so much. As always guys
Don't you dare go hollow.

Don't say it--
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2023.06.05 09:00 Sydney12344 Too much non class Damage in the game .. see my log .. 42% has nothing to do with my class

Too much non class Damage in the game .. see my log .. 42% has nothing to do with my class
So yesterday i did heroic Aberrus and got a 96' orange log on the first boss with my Blood DK with 63k dps .. what bothers me that way too much damage is contributed to systems outside of my class
1) my Trinket 1 does 13.4% of my dmg
2) my Trinket 2 does 9.3% of my dmg
3) my Ring does 11.5% of my dmg
4) Embellishment 1 does 4% of my dmg
5) Embellishment 2 does 3.6% of my dmg
SUM ... 42% of my 63k dps is non class
42% of my total dmg has NOTHING to do with playing my blood DK and i think this is insane and stupid .. how u balance classes if nearly half of the dmg comes not from playing the class?? I could have a green log without pressing any ability .. this is also hard to compete of u dont have the correct trinkets
Also i dont like that u only get orange logs if u are lucky that your trinket from the last boss crits on 2 or atleast 1 of the uses.
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2023.06.05 08:42 mewandersen ✂️ Elden ring, awesome pvp😐

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2023.06.05 08:41 SPinalloverdaworld Why the f*ck are you rushing the game?

I've been opening reddit for two days and it's more the criticism of the game itself than the appreciation for having created a good arpg. I was lucky enough to get an early access version, I started playing June 2nd at 8 a.m. and after three days, two characters (80 experience levels in total) and 20 hours of gameplay, I couldn't finish Act I because I get lost in exploring the map, completing dungeons, doing side quests, in short, enjoying the game (I want to clarify that I participated in all three betas, early/open/ sts). It is useless to rush the game, without enjoying it, and then criticize it. Everyone is free to express themselves as they wish, but a little criterion is needed.
It's an open world, right? What's the point in not enjoying the exploration part? It's as if, making a somewhat extreme comparison, on Elden Ring, you come to Margit The Fell Omen, underleveled, and get angry with the fact that "It's too hard"; how about discover the map and leveling a little before Stormveil Castel? Now, it's not a soulslike Diablo, okay, but if the developers implement a map that can be explored far and wide, perhaps, you have to use it, or not?
I'm enjoying playing D4!
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2023.06.05 08:36 its-pandabear [Discussion] Currently busy with #48 and #49, and thought about doing something big for my 50th plat ! Any suggestions ?

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2023.06.05 08:14 ImgonnaDPonwakeup Need some help with Graphic settings

Need some help with Graphic settings
My fps is doing great without any problem, but my graphics look very Terrible. It keeps changing to a blurry texture and then normal very often. World Tour texture and background stage look very pixelated and blurry .So I need some help with the setting that will solve this problem. I’m using Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 laptop, I can run Elden Ring, and Re4Remake just fine with high settings.
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2023.06.05 08:09 mewandersen ✂️ Elden ring, awesome pvp😐

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2023.06.05 08:06 JaredJraws Finally beat the main story of Tears of the Kingdom. Best game I've played since Elden Ring. That ending was spectacular! 10/10 game. Now to 100% the game 🎮

Finally beat the main story of Tears of the Kingdom. Best game I've played since Elden Ring. That ending was spectacular! 10/10 game. Now to 100% the game 🎮
My new favorite Nintendo game <3
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2023.06.05 07:57 Tgray_700 Any Axe that are good in the game?

Any Axe that are good in the game?
Just started playing Elden Ring. I finished Demon Souls and played dark souls 3 (which I am planning to replay) until Dragonslayer by abusing the 100 physical reduction of Kite Shields so I decided to play as Hero. Is there any good axe in the game I can use which some flashy looks and skill. I always end-up using Greatsword in previous souls game and i'm getting bored with it.
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2023.06.05 07:29 TraSh_Legend I came across this nice armor/dress piece when watching an Elden Ring video. Does anyone know it’s name?

I came across this nice armodress piece when watching an Elden Ring video. Does anyone know it’s name?
Mainly looking for the name of the open back dress. I think it would work with my Femme Fatale character I have. Appreciate any help!
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2023.06.05 07:23 gdog4444 Is it just me or is pvp etiquette far poorer than in DS3?

Just starting to pvp in elden ring, I would say >60% of my colosseum duels start with the other player shooting me with spells or arrows, or running in for melee while I'm trying to buff at the beginning of the match. To be clear, it isn't like I'm taking forever. Just golden vow and flame grant me strength, as soon as my inputs aren't locked out, that's it. I played a lot of DS3 pvp and I don't remember this problem being so pervasive. I'm on ps5 at rl180 (I only have 1 character), for what that's worth. Thoughts?
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2023.06.05 07:21 HorselessKnightBenoz [PS2] [Before 2007] Horror Themed with Desaturated/Black and White Color Palette

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Survival Horror or horror themed Action or even a horror Hack 'n' Slash (doubt it).
Estimated year of release: Before 2007 for sure, probably earlier than 2005.
Graphics/art style: decent graphics, 3D environments with either fixed camera angles or a hybrid like the one used in Silent Hill 2 and 3. The palette's saturation was either very low or it mostly was black and white, but maybe you were able to see red, purple and other colors related to stuff you could interact with in the environment.
Notable characters: you controlled a girl armed with handguns or rifles.
Notable gameplay mechanics: you mainly used firearms to fight enemies, maybe on a side of the screen you had one of those graphic ammo counter showing the bullets you had left. Maybe enemies dropped colored little shiny things (like the red orbs dropped by enemies in God of War).
Other details: All I remember is a stage set in a graveyard and you fought some kind of humanoid statues (or monsters/demons/vampires that resembled human statues) and there maybe were some kind of little stony imps too (like the little f*ckers that roam the dungeons of Elden Ring). Maybe the graveyard one was the first level since it was either hard or maybe the friend who had it was really bad at it, or the game was in english and he didn't know how to progress.
This is probably the only game ever, from my past, I wasn't able to identify. I looked countless lists of obscure PS2 horror games but I was unable to find it, so maybe it wasn't categorized as an horror game or my memory of it isn't that perfect.
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2023.06.05 07:12 Piss_Biscut So, according to Quantums Ex-Wife, Quantum made up the Elden Ring Review all for Clout...

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2023.06.05 07:03 JackfruitLower Game is amazing

Finished Campaign. In T3, still playing.
Hated D3, loved D2.
I don’t get it. This game is extremely fun with a huge world, it is the best isometric ARPG I have ever played by a long shot, the world feels alive, the music is incredible, the detail is incredible….. How? How do some of you have a problem with this game lol 😂
Honestly if you have a good critique that’s fine, but if this game isn’t quality enough for you I’d love to see your taste in gaming because you’re probably someone who likes weird and trash niche games.
This is a home run. Plain and simple. Keep that negative garbage to yourselves.
Game is legendary. It feels like Elden Ring and D2 had a baby to me.
Love it.
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2023.06.05 07:02 RIPBlueRaven I have to be doing something wrong. The game seems super simplistic and im already bored.

My buddy and i duo'ed up to when it told us we can lose our characters. I didnt really complain much the whole time we were playing other than the lowered reticle driving me absolutely nuts. But now that im out of the "new player" window, im just really not getting it. We spawn in, we find our clues, we go banish the boss, we leave. Sometimes we run into players and pvp. Sometimes we do quest steps like kill zombies. Sometimes someone beats us to the boss and we fight over it.
But i just am not seeing the long term appeal. What's the goal? Get xp to unlock perks and guns? To go back in to get xp to repeat? We do the same thing every match. It got to the point we pushed every team we came across just to try keep it interesting. What am i supposed to work towards? Is it really just unlocking new stuff to buy? Is there nothing to find in matches? It seems my only goal in each match is to just get money and xp. I wasnt expecting tarkov, dont get me wrong, but this seems too simple.
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2023.06.05 06:56 LordGoremonger Just hit 200 Subs today, dropped a new Elden Ring [Video] to commemorate

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2023.06.05 06:51 LordGoremonger [ESQUELETO] Elden Ring (Ep 27)

[ESQUELETO] Elden Ring (Ep 27)
I just hit 200 subs today 🤘
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2023.06.05 06:49 SweetPockets51 Deciding to play either DS3, BB or Sekiro after playing my first souls game (ER), any recommended guidance/suggestions?

Title. Btw, loved Elden Ring!
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2023.06.05 06:39 MaintenanceTiny7291 Will we get a Shadow of the erdtree trailer at summer game fest this Thursday?

Will we get a Shadow of the erdtree trailer at summer game fest this Thursday?
Summer Game Fest 2023 will kick off on June 8th, 2023, do u guys think they will show us a teaser or a trailer for Shadow of the erdtree dlc ?
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2023.06.05 06:34 Mateo_Dragonflame "OH NAH!?" Elden Ring: Glitch/ Hacker Guy, D, Beholder of Death

Can someone come up with a reason as to why this person was so op? They didn't even flinch when i smacked him with my big sword. Also, fog door glitch
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2023.06.05 06:29 fxaxcx_fns Elden Ring is Art

Elden Ring is Art
Edit by me.
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