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Subreddit for Washington DC and DC area residents who want a happy place to talk and hang out where Politics and negativity isn't allowed. Went on a cool hike? Went to a great restaurant? Saw a cool mural? Show us and Share with us!

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A place where Washington DC area residents that are part of the Georgia Institute of Technology or Georgia Tech (GATech) can post. The idea is to have a central place for DC area OMSA students to set up meet ups at coffee shops or wherever to help each other out with the program.

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A subreddit for those living in and visiting Washington, DC and the immediate surrounding area. The humidity will pass, and remember: stand on the right, walk on the left.

2023.06.05 09:12 seraengineered The Role of Technology in Erosion and Sediment Control: Advancements and Applications

The Role of Technology in Erosion and Sediment Control: Advancements and Applications
Technology has revolutionized various industries, and the field of erosion and sediment control is no exception. Advancements in technology have greatly enhanced the effectiveness, efficiency, and precision of erosion and sediment control Washington dc measures. These innovative applications are crucial in preserving our environment and ensuring sustainable development.
One notable area where technology has made significant strides is in site design for commercial and residential developments. Computer-aided design (CAD) software enables engineers and designers to create detailed plans for stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, grading, and utility design. These tools allow for accurate site analysis, modeling, and visualization, helping identify potential issues and optimize control measures.

In addition to CAD software, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping plays a vital role in erosion and sediment control. It allows for integrating spatial data, such as soil types, topography, and land use, to develop comprehensive erosion control plans. GIS mapping helps identify high-risk areas, optimize the placement of control measures, and monitor their effectiveness over time.
Another area where technology has significantly impacted is real-time monitoring systems. Advanced sensors and data collection devices can track sediment levels, water flow rates, and erosion patterns on construction sites or waterways. This data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of erosion control measures, allowing for timely adjustments and interventions when necessary.
Furthermore, technology has facilitated the development of innovative erosion and sediment control products. These solutions offer effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional methods, from biodegradable sediment control blankets and erosion control mats to permeable pavers and sediment containment barriers.
The role of technology in erosion and sediment control Washington dc cannot be understated. These advancements and applications enhance the planning, implementation, and monitoring of control measures, ultimately contributing to preserving our natural resources. By embracing these technologies, we can achieve more efficient and environmentally responsible erosion and sediment control practices, ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.
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2023.06.05 08:55 MsStoneHeart 39F [Chat] About to hit my 40s. Feeling super old! Still a night owl though. Anyone else?

Luckily with my job I won’t be FEELING 40. I’m a cop so I tend to keep an active lifestyle. All be it, work keeps me active enough. But the training, conditioning, and such is what I do off work to stay in decent shape. Best part of my day is ending a 13-16 hour shift and taking off all my gears. Which includes weapon belt, bullet proof vest, and some extra armor lol. Probably has got to be 35-40lbs on me and I’m only 102lbs lol. Always feel refreshing and light. I work about 4 days a week.
I like to go shopping on my days off. I’m in the New Jersey and New York area so plenty of places to shop. I’m a jeans and breezy shirt type of person. I also take a bit to do yoga. So far I don’t sound too old right lol? I also sometimes am invited to be a guess speaker at elementary schools and colleges.
There’s not much else I could say without oversharing. Had a top secret mission in Washington DC the other week which involves the president so that was pretty cool lol. I only got one small tattoo on my wrist. It’s small a samurai rabbit. I’m a blonde but the sunlight sometimes makes me look like a red head lol. I’ve been shot before. I have experience in infantry recon missions. Been involve in some high risky deadly missions.
If anyone can actually put effort into the conversation than hit me up. If not, just keep scrolling lol. I don’t do and enjoy short replies.
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2023.06.05 08:45 farklinkbot Unresponsive business jet over Washington, DC elicits supersonic F-16 intercept, eventually crashing over 100 miles away to the southwest

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2023.06.05 08:41 That_Permission5911 YAKUB: The evil scientist who created white people.

What follows here is obviously a myth, but the thing is, this story is not just a meme, but is taken seriously by many, and has a long and very real history.
Time for the story of the evil black scientist that created white people.

The story of Yakub comes from a black supremist / seperatist religious group known as the Nation of Islam (NOI). They have a paramilitary wing known as the Fruit of Islam (FOI).

The NOI was founded in 1930 by a white man, WD Fard. That is not his real name, as he changed his name over and over, hidding behind about 58 different aliases during his life. WD Fard is the first known source of the Yakub story. WD Fard and Elijah Muhammad were likely influenced by the Moorish Science Temple, and were possibly even members. Timothy Drew's Moorish Science Temple said that early pre-Columbian civilizations were founded by a West African Moor "named Yakub who landed on the Yucatan peninsula". WD Fard was rumored to have attempted to take over the Moorish temple, but failed, under the name David Ford-el.

It is thought that Wallace D. Fard was the same man as Wallace Dodd Ford, an inmate in San Quentin Prison. According to San Quentin records, Wallie D. Ford was born in Portland, Oregon, on February 25, 1891, the white son of Zared and Beatrice Ford, who were both born in Hawaii.

On August 15, 1959, the FBI sent a story to the Chicago New Crusader newspaper, stating that Fard was a "Turkish-born Nazi agent who worked for Hitler in World War II". This was refuted by the NOI, which called it propaganda and sued the news outlets that failed to check with them about running the piece.

WD Fard was last heard from in 1934. He was linked to the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World and Japanese agitators such as Satokata Takahashi, and Ashima Takis. This led many NOI members to express pro-Japanese sentiment and refused the draft to fight against the Japanese military, stating that they would not fight people whom they regarded as fellow members of the Original Asiatic Race.

After Fard, the NOI was headed by Elijah Muhammed.

Malcolm X publicly accused Elijah of "having 8 children with six different teenage girls" who "were his private secretaries."

Over a series of national TV interviews between 1964 and 1965, Malcolm X provided testimony of his investigation, corroboration, and confirmation by Elijah Muhammed himself of multiple counts of child rape.

Many people suspected that the Nation of Islam was responsible for the killing of Malcolm X. Five days after Malcolm X was murdered, in a public speech at the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours' Day on February 26, Elijah justified the assassination by quoting that "Malcolm got just what he preached", but at the same time denied any involvement with the murder by asserting in the same speech: "We didn't want to kill Malcolm and didn't try to kill him. We know such ignorant, foolish teaching would bring him to his own end".

Elijah's pro-separation views were compatible with those of some white supremacist organizations in the 1960s. He met with leaders of the Ku Klux Klan in 1961 to work toward the purchase of farmland in the Deep South. For more than ten years Elijah received major financial support from white supremacist Texas oil baron H. L. Hunt due to Elijah's belief in racial separation from whites.

The Nation of Islam's mythology states that Yakub is the biblical Jacob. Malcolm X also states that John of Patmos was also Yakub, and that the Book of Revelation refers to his deeds: "John was Yacub. John was out there getting ready to make a new race, he said, for the word of the Lord".

His wife’s name was Maitseye, which means “Miss Manners.” After being married Yakub and his wife started to recruit followers to take part in a special mission.

Yakub taught and proved that there were certain aspects of our imagination and bodies that were deliberately suppressed by leaders and the 24 elders. He taught that the freedom and peace that they were experiencing was false because they were denied knowledge of aspects of mind and body. Yakub simply knew that “if your peace could be destroyed it was not worth much.” He reasoned that the ancient people experienced peace and freedom simply because they had not experienced evil and ignorance which was suppressed by the Elders.

The name Yakub means “big head scientist”. Yakub would be known by this name until he came into the fullness of the understanding of his mission. He realizes that his mission was that of a creator, God of the non-blacks, and patriarch of the Israelites. After this realization, he would no longer be called Yakub but would be called Yahweh.

Yakub created white people in a eugenics "grafting" experiment, to give the evil locked inside of black people a flesh of its own.

The Whites where uncivilized savages at first. Moses and Jesus where both sent out to help them. Jesus created the religion of Christainity to allow Whites to take over the world. Moses taught them to walk upright, use fire, stop eating babies, etc.

Yahweh / Yakub founded Judaism:

"My children, I Yakub, your creator, greet you here on the Island of Pat-mos in the year of eight thousand five hundred and fifty. First, I shall thank you, my created people, the Albinoid people, for adhering to my rules of planned parenthood and selective breeding to bring you into existence. I am here to pass on to you my final piece of wisdom which will allow you to rule the world for 6000 years. I first envisioned creating you when I was just a boy, after the darker tribes killed my mother and father and mocked and teased me in school. I have developed the best methods for controlling the darker tribes. You, my special people, my chosen people, my precious Albinoids, you will have many empires if my program is implemented."

The NOI says the original blacks where members of the Tribe of Shabazz. It claims that this Tribe inhabited Egypt's Nile Valley as well as the area around Mecca in the Arabian peninsula; Elijah Muhammad claimed that Mecca was the Tribe's original home and "the ONLY HOLY SPOT on our planet".

After Malcolm X split from the group, disgusted by the extremism via a change of heart in a visit to Mecca where he saw whites and blacks pray together in the Sunni Muslim religion, he denounced violence and said the revolution could be bloodless, and accept whites as brothers. Malcolm X was murdered. The new head of the group, Louis Farrakhan, hinted strongly that he had something to do with the murder plot.

Qubilah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, was arrested on January 12, 1995 accused of conspiracy to assassinate Farrakhan in retaliation for the murder of her father, for which she believed he was responsible.

Many, including Malcolm X's family, have accused Farrakhan of being involved in the plot to assassinate Malcolm X. For many years, Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, harbored resentment toward the Nation of Islam—and Farrakhan in particular—for what she felt was their role in the assassination of her husband.

During a 1994 interview, Gabe Pressman asked Shabazz whether Farrakhan "had anything to do" with Malcolm X's death. She replied: "Of course, yes. Nobody kept it a secret. It was a badge of honor. Everybody talked about it, yes".

Farrakhan played a key role in getting two of the country's largest gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, to sign a ceasefire in May 1992.

Farrakhan had also organized the Million Man March through Washington DC in 1995 which united a range of African American groups to counter negative portrayals of black manhood; it was the largest black demonstration in U.S.

In conflict with the white US Government, the NOI made intelligence connections. Gamal Abdel Nasser, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein are a few. The LaRouche movement is another.

Kurt Frederick Ludwig was a German spy and the head of the "Joe K" spy ring in the United States in 1940–41. It involved Paul Borchardt, a German archaeologist, who was was fired from his university post and confined in Dachau for being a Jew. He was let out and agreed to travel to the U.S. posing as a refugee and to spy for Germany due to patriotism. He was caught by a janitor informant and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ludwig himself as sent to Alcatraz, but was released in 1953 and deported shortly afterwards. Borchardt was known for his theory that the mythical city of Atlantis was located in Tunisia.

I believe there is an intersectionality between the Borchardt Atlantis theory and the Yakub myth, but at the moment, cannot put into words exactly what it might be.
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2023.06.05 08:22 Rowdy_Roddy_2022 How common is credit/debit card usage in USA?

I've got a fee-free credit card which I always like to use when abroad. I know I'll need some cash with me (it's a 3 week trip hitting Washington DC, Vegas, San Fran and LA) but I am trying to figure out how much.
If you eat at a restaurant and pay by card can you normally add your tip on card? Same thing for taxis? Do ATMs charge a fee? What about public transport? Are there any of the locations noted above which are less card friendly than others? Do you use chip & pin or the less secure swipe and sign?
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2023.06.05 07:16 mcarthurlocksmith21 Protect Your Home and Family with Expert Lock Replacement in Washington, DC

Protect Your Home and Family with Expert Lock Replacement in Washington, DC

Protect Your Home and Family with Expert Lock Replacement in Washington, DC
Protecting your home and family starts with secure locks. Contact MacArthur Locks & Doors today at (202) 760-4589 for expert lock replacement services in Washington, DC. Our team is ready to assist you in making your home more secure and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
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2023.06.05 07:01 algoazpat0 Full Spectrum Survival-EXPLOSIONS OVER WASHINGTON DC. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

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2023.06.05 07:00 gk2go US fighter jets chase small plane over Washington, DC

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2023.06.05 06:59 Floppydiskpornking Yeah right... i have a feeling we`re going to see a lot more creative "eXplAnAtiONs" why market is tanking.

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2023.06.05 06:53 CriticalConnectionus How can we find the best travel physical therapist in Washington, DC?

When searching for the best travel physical therapist in Washington, DC, there are a few key steps to ensure you find the right fit.
Firstly, conduct thorough research to identify reputable agencies or organizations that specialize in travel physical therapy placements. Look for those with a strong track record and positive reviews from both therapists and healthcare facilities.
Next, consider the specific qualifications and experience you require. Look for therapists who possess the necessary certifications, licenses and expertise in your desired areas of focus.
Networking can also be invaluable in your search. Reach out to fellow healthcare professionals, colleagues and industry associations for recommendations and referrals. Their firsthand experiences and insights can guide you toward the best options.
Take advantage of online resources such as job boards, professional networking sites and healthcare forums to explore available opportunities and connect with potential candidates. Be sure to review their profiles, credentials and past work experience.
Lastly, don't underestimate the importance of clear communication. Once you have identified potential candidates, engage in direct conversations to assess their compatibility, discuss your specific needs and ask any relevant questions.
By following these steps and considering your unique requirements, you can find the best travel physical therapist in Washington, DC, who will meet your professional goals and provide exceptional care. You may also go with Critical Connection Inc, a trusted provider of travel therapy placements.
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2023.06.05 06:47 soygabi hello kitty keychains and charms in washington dc (wish i had brought cash with me 😭)

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2023.06.05 06:40 31Pr0-Dacar Some Theories about the Third Season of MM

So, I've been watching the third season over and over again to clear my doubts, here are some suggestions.

The "trees" and the "serpetns" are different entities:
Before you get alarmed, let me explain. First of all, have you noticed that trees like the ones in Rockefeller or the Washington Monument are different than the trees in the Horned Serpent Metastructure? Here's a picture of what I mean.
We can see that the first types of trees (in this theory we will name them "Special Trees Type #1") are larger than the average tree as can be seen in the Rockfeller tree (https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/the-monument-mythos/images/f/f0/SpecialTree_%283%29.webp/revision/latest?cb=20220729035639), but they are darker in color and more robust. On the other hand, the trees of the metastructure (we will name them "Special Trees Type #2") are not as tall as the type #1, in addition to being white without the need to emit energy as the type #1 do when curving (for example, when the Washington tree returned the Washington Absentees, https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/f/f6/SpecialTreeArc.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20220727151304), it is added the one that are more pointed than type #1.
Another difference is that the type #2 emanates a "deep darkness", this characteristic can be noticed in the attack on Maize, that the entire building has been consumed in a deep darkness (https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/the-monument-mythos/images/6/6d/1980_Attack.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/695?cb=20211008221549). In contrast, type #1 trees do not have this.
Lastly, the Rockefeller tree makes it clear that type #1s are not attached to the horned serpent because, despite taking 3 years, they can be removable. With this I also want to ask, what structures were built to cover such massively tall trees? Exactly, the pyramids both in Egypt and on Mars, at the same time this confirms that the trees of Mars are not part of the Martian Serpent.
On the other hand, here comes another sub-theory related to ARNOLDSONALONE. Why were that Virginia's copy and Everett's copy able to identify the tree that led them to Wonderland? Because the class #1 stand out from the class #2 of the Metastructure, since said tree is the one found in the Washington Monument, for this reason in WASHINGTONWANDERER after the monument was destroyed apparently the tree disappeared, but in reality moved to Wonderland.

The glowing thing in the footage of Cthonaut C:
First we must answer, what is the thing that walks in the recording the WASHINGTONWANDERER (https://i.ibb.co/HKw7Tm1/Virginia.png)? It is neither more nor less than Virginia's copy, the same one that guided Everett to the Washington tree to leave Wonderland. This can be verified in that it is mentioned that the music of the Horned Serpent changed just when this walking thing appeared. At the same time, we know that Virginia's clone sings according to the events of ARNOLDSONALONE. The latest proof is that according to DC, the song "Heavenly Dream" which is featured in WASHINGTONWANDERER is important as it was Virginia's favorite song (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/323396446470668289/1105900334993379349/image.png?width=646&height=353).
So this copy was doing more than just singing? Yes, she was leading Cthonaut C to the Washington tree, which is the same one we see in the videos made in the Metastructure in WASHINGTONWANDERER (https://i.ibb.co/NN9HTMY/Tree.png). Why would I do this? This tree is the same one where Cthonaut C would find Everett, Virginia's copy wanted them both to meet; because as if that were not enough, we are seeing the exact moment in which Virginia changed her life for Everett when she fell to the ground in the events of WASHINGTONWONDERLAND, a copy of Everett was teleported and Cthonaut C found him, how is this possible if both events are decades old of difference? Let's remember that space and time do not exist in the Metastructure, so Cthonaut C finding Everett or a Virginia girl being cared for by an adult Everett are things that can happen.
However, this doesn't answer the question why the Virginia copy would want the two of them to meet; but the answer is simple. This is related to why Everett's copy ended up in Babylon Forest in ARNOLDSONALONE, and that is that according to DC, he was guided by "fate" (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/323396446470668289/1104184928926707772/image.png?width=1403&height=438), however, it must be remembered that Virginia's full name is literally Virginia Fate Arnoldson, giving to understand that Everett was guided by this copy of Virginia, the same one that guided Cthonaut C.
Sorry if I'm going around a lot, but how does this answer that Virginia's copy leads Cthonaut C? This is because this copy is not just that, she is really "fate" as DC said, now she is a living memory of Wonderland and they are one; there was really no reason for Cthonaut C and Everett to meet, it just happened, because "fate" wanted it that way. One possible answer is Virginia's living memory needed little Everett to be protected long enough until he developed AWS, which DC mentions, it was thanks to his status as AWS and by "fate" that he was able to survive for so long (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/323396446470668289/1105900334993379349/image.png?width=646&height=353). time in Wonderland until he was able to get out.
Before I continue, I also want to clarify what happened to the Virginia's copy after WASHINGTONWANDERER; and the answer is that she just went back to Wonderland. This is supported by what Everett says in ARNOLDSONALONE, I quote "She led me out of Hell, but she couldn't follow. She was a figment of Wonderland, she could not leave. A dream which could not separate itself from the dreamer"; so Virginia's copy emerged from the remains of the Washington Monument for only a few moments so she could guide Everett to the Babylon Forest.

The identity of the False Children:
Based on a DC comment, the Serpent deity eggs are related to the False Children (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1102163002427453480/1104192685344038963/image.png?width=892&height=488). Interestingly, if we count the number of eggs and the number of False Children, they both consist of 16, here is a picture.
Despite that, this may be a mere coincidence and I will explain why. First, do you know what the strange beam of light was that killed Entropis at Giza? Exactly, it was the False Children reacting on Earth as can be seen in GIZAGUARDIAN (https://i.ibb.co/dPcrx8m/Starry.png). So, as mentioned in MONUMENTMYTHOLOGY, Entropis fell victim to "chaos" as it was an uncontrollable force; so with this I conclude that the False Children are the chaos itself. So what do eggs have to do with False Children? Well, here I have 2 alternatives.
The first is that they are the eggs of the gods, which are the ones that would give order to the world; in this case, they determine if the world should be consumed by the special trees type #1; but having a close relationship with the Egyptians, it would give them the opportunity to stop this possible apocalypse by building obelisks around each tree. How would they make these obelisks? Well, even though we know the Giza Guardians, they were never really "abnormally tall" humans, they were always statues. This is possible thanks to the blessing given by the serpents when the Egyptians created Pyrasma to kill the gods, according to MONUMENTMYTHOLOGY: "The three powerful Baby Serpents thanked Pyrasma and gave the gift of Life to all statues in the Land of Men" .
Knowing this, said statues would never get tired or have basic necessities. On the other hand, this would help the Giza Guardians to be able to create obelisks on Mars without running out of oxygen. However, how did they get to another planet? Possibly they used the Sphinx, although it was not as dangerous as the TFMD shown in STARRYSPHINX ; it could have been a ship powered by the power of the False Children. Another question that may remain is, why would the special trees on Mars need to be cover? The answer is that the False Children were aware of the power of the Serpents, and in case the special trees type #1 activated their full power or most of them emerged, they could awaken said beasts, especially the Martian one, avoiding a scenario like the MUSKMARS one.
It should be noted that it is possible that this blessing is part of the myth and not a reality, since another answer is that the Giza Guardians were made of Giza Glass just like Pyrasma, so they used slaves to kill them and put them inside the Giza Guardians in the same way that Thomas did to enter Freedom.
The second alternative is based on the theory that in reality there are not 3 serpents but only 1, and that "Red Wonderland" and "Wonderland" are not 2 different places but the same Wonderland, since as it is something abstract we look at it as separate individuals. What I want to get at with this is that the 16 eggs given by the Serpent deity is a representation of how the Serpent from the 3 planets gave "birth" to these orbs. Why would the Serpent do this? Since the special trees type #1 are not part of the Serpent, it needed a "mediator" to control them, in this case, said mediator would be the False Children, creating them with similarities with these special trees such as being able to bend and create lightning of energy, with the flaw that they were not able to send people to Wonderland, but rather kill people nearby and create the Giza Glass.
Another possibility is that the Serpent created the False Children to pretend to be an Egyptian deity and manipulate the Egyptians to build these obelisks and have greater control over these trees. This is supported by the fact that the obelisks were activated when the False Children appeared around the Sphinx, in the same way, the obelisks of Mars were activated in MUSKMARS when detecting human presence after centuries; this was the work of the False Children themselves to attract human attention and that there would be more possibilities of awakening the Martian Serpent (which they did).

This is all I had to say, and it would be a pleasure for you to tell me what you think of all my theories. I will see you in the future with more speculations.
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2023.06.05 05:40 Handsprime US jets pursue light aircraft over Washington DC before it crashes in Virginia

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