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2023.06.05 09:05 bluefire97x Daily gift openers wanted. Best friend XP fast!

Four super active accounts in Vancouver, Canada. Looking for new friends that can open gifts every day and send occasionally as well. Please only add us if you can send/open every day up until best friends. Will remove inactives after a couple weeks of inactivity.
3478 1918 0288
8452 2952 6355
0578 8719 1935
9545 8213 3293
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2023.06.05 09:05 MrSluagh I want to see John Wick 4, but I have to wait until my 3yo daughter has insomnia on a day when my wife has work, so I can pirate it and watch it on the other screen, while she watches Teletubbies

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2023.06.05 09:05 m_1810 How to access 5th Station of Yoshida Trail off season late at night?

Hi I am planning to hike Mt. Fuji this month, prior to the official season in order to avoid the crowds, no worries I am an experienced mountaineer :)
I was curious as to how I should access the fifth station and manage the time. My idea was to start the climb from the 5th station Yoshida at midnight to enjoy the sunset at 4:25am during my hike.
However I have checked for buses and they of course dont run off-season to the fifth station that late. So the idea would be to either rent a car together with my friend or go by taxi instead. But then I found out that you have to pass a toll both alongside the way, which is currently only opened until 5pm.
So how is it possible to get to the fifth station that late of the day? Do I have to consider taking a different trail? Have you climbed Mt.Fuji? If so how did you do it?
Thanks for your responses in advance :)
Hope you have a nice day.
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2023.06.05 09:05 Apprehensive-Panic32 Maybe Someday I’ll Show You This

I know we just met, but I’ve never felt such a connection with anyone. Ever. You have the kindest heart and the most beautiful soul. When you smile, you light up the whole room. I can’t help but to look at you and be happy. And oh my God, that laugh!! It’s infectious, intoxicating…I’m so drawn to you.
And that was before everything that happened today. In one of the scariest moments of my life, you got down on my level and did everything you could to quell my hysteria. You held my hands, and you held space for me. Very few people have ever done that. You put my well-being and safety before your own. You made sure I was okay. You made sure I was safe.
When I had to say goodbye to you after, it was one of the most difficult things, and I could tell you felt it too. I could hear it in your voice. And it was like I was drawn to you. It took everything in me not to run out of that place, back to where you were, and wrap my arms around you. To show you the care you had shown me, because you deserve that too.
You deserve the whole world. You deserve so much love. I don’t think I could ever come close, but if you let me, I would love you with everything in me. I would give you my whole heart.
I didn’t think love at first sight was a thing until 3 days ago. Now I know.
Like I said, this is just the beginning. I don’t know what’s to come between us, what more adventures we’ll share. But I do know that one day, I might show this to you, and I hope that you’ll know just how special you truly are.
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2023.06.05 09:04 InternalChard I'm just so tired of this rollercoaster

I did some light physical work today and my sugars would not stay up. My cgm was constantly beeping at me about impending lows despite me drinking juice box after juice box (25 carbs each). I downed 2 boxes and waited and my cgm still blared at me 2 hours later. I said fuck it and drank a bottle of coke and had some cereal, probably around 110g of carbs worth because my sugars just would not stay up.
Things seemed ok until about 2 or 2.5 hours later I looked at my cgm and I was at 250 and rising. And yeah, I realize now, looking back on it, and writing it down, that it wasn't a wise move. But I my sugars were low, I was tired, and I just wanted to get my sugars up.
I took 5 units of insulin to hopefully bring myself down to around 180-ish to continue working, but my sugars now wouldn't come down. An hour later I take 5 more units, no change. Anther hour later I take 8 units because I'm still at around 300. Still high.
Then out of no where my sugars plunge from 300 to 80 in the course of what seemed like an hour. That's the fastest I've ever seen it drop. So I drank 60g of carbs of juice. Wait an hour. Still low. I ate another 25g of carbs and that brings us to right now. Sugars at 85 and hopefully will correct up to around 120 and I can go to bed.
I'm just so tired man. Both in the long term of dealing with diabetes each and every day. And the short term of just feeling physically wiped out from having gone low and high.
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2023.06.05 09:04 Tufugirl chance a clueless asian female for bme and meche

Demographics: Asian (maybe pacific islander too I've seen filipino both considered as asian or pacific islander, for malay i dont really see any conflict ab it online but for the malay people ik some identify as pacific islander, others as asian) Female, Upper-middle income (family has 4 dependents if that plays into anything), georgia, legacy at UIUC and UChicago (idk if they consider it tho)
Intended Major(s): Biomedical for most colleges and either bioengineering or mech engineering at UGA
ACT/SAT/SAT II: Taking ACT in July but based of practice so far I'm expecting anywhere from 31-33, SAT is currently a 1390 superscore (reading score is probably gonna go up after June SAT tho, rn 720 bc i had to skip a couple questions bc proctor accidentally used a broken clock so time management was rly bad, math prob not going up, if anyone has advice on sat math please lmk i keep practicing and i do so much better on practices (700s) vs the actual sat (600s) so im kinda confused on what i might be doing wrong bc usually i feel like the sat went just like the practice and boom bad score)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0/4.0 UW, 4.2 W, 45/825 (top 5% at school and the state)
Coursework: All Honors/Gifted courses throughout HS, 7 APs by end of HS: APHUG 5, Bio 5, Chem (awaiting score, expecting 4), USH (self-study, awaiting score, expecting 4-5), Calc BC (senior year), Phys C (senior year), US Gov (senior year), Macroecon (senior year), maybe self-study either ap lang or ap lit senior year as well idk which one will be more worth it tho
2nd in state TSA Photographic Technology (national qualifier)
4th in nation TSA Digital Video Production
9th and 4th respectively in state TSA Engineering Design (national qualifiers) - developed designs for a moldable bioplastic (competed at the national level for this, club advisor forgot to tell us how we placed, def not in the top 10 tho) and a solar-powered nanocrystal radiation detector (also qualified for nationals with 4th but couldn't go due to club financial difficulties and not enough people eligible to compete to make the fees worth it)
Honorable Mention in county science fair - developed a moldable bioplastic to address the concerns of current-day bioplastics
Academic Letter: 9, 10, 11, expecting to letter senior year as well
Orchestra Letter: 9, 11 (took orchestra for one sem only in 10 to fit in a language and 2 sem was required to letter) expecting to letter in senior year as well
Certificates of merit: one from the state, another from the county for achievement bc of placing 2nd in a state competition
Extracurriculars: pretty good but idt their considered exceptional for many of the schools I'm applying to
TSA - Secretary (12) - for anyone that doenst know what this is, its a club based off of competition events around STEAM topics and careers; i kept track of all meetings, organized files and paperwork, in charge of creating/handling forms and sign-ups, filled out some paperwork, Event Lead (11) - organized and led meetings for several competitive events by facilitating stuff like conversation and cooperation among team members, served as a student advisor for certain events, roles from this role will be maintained as secretary
Green Team - Co-President (12), VP (11), Head o. Communications (10), Shadow Officer (9) - in charge of organizing and planning meetings and various events, managed communication between officers and sponsors through emails and social media, as of rn me and co pres are in charge of finding a new sponsor
Crochet Club - Co-President (12), VP (11), Founder (10) - same duties as listed with Green Team, helped teach members how to crochet and gave out advice on crochet
Crochet - tutored others in crochet, had a crochet business in 9-10 grade (had to stop in 11 because it got in the way of school), have a passion project for crochet in the form of an instagram account documenting projects and my crochet journey, potentially might start a non-profit but still figuring out details for if its plausible for me
Viola - played for 7 years so far, highest level orchestra class, section leader (we didn't really count section leaders as just first and second chair in my class), private lessons, alternate position at Emory Youth Symphony (one of the top state orchestras), tutored viola for 3 years (unsure if continuing next year because new orchestra teachers)
Photography - self taught myself photography, been doing it for 7 years, passion project in the form of a private senior year dump on insta comprised of various pictures from the year, designed to showcase the chaos and ups and downs of the senior year experience with pictures for everyday until graduation (styles ranging from professional to looks like a toddler took this), entered my work into several competitions, am currently working on reviving my school's photography club
Creative Writing - write poems in my free time sometimes, had a work published in my schools literary magazine
Work (Paid) - cashiebarista at a boba place
General member for NHS, Beta, AASO, and SWENext
100-150 volunteer hours (could be more could be less but the lady in charge of hours at my school has not responded to the last 5 emails i've sent over the year asking about how many I have)
Common App Essay - solid 7/10 averaging the ones i've started, language arts teacher last year told me I'm one of the strongest creative writers she has and she's very tough on writing. I have what i think might be good topics (might be generic tho in terms of my demographic), I've started on multiple essays for my strongest topics: red and the multiple meanings it carries (i.e. culture, events, people, memories, objects), being torn between my passion for the arts vs academics (as my ecs lean heavy on the arts so that addresses that a bit) and how that divide affects my relationship with those, or my tumultuous history with instruments and my cultures effect on that relationship
11th LA teacher - she's my school mom and I love her sm, she's seen me really grow in my writing (and as a person) and has helped me to be able to get more creative with it as well. Whenever I need god advice she's one of the first people I turn to and she's probably my most trusted adult at school; I can ask her about pretty much anything and she won't judge (i'm able to talk with her ab my mental health and how school's been affecting it which I can't really talk ab it to my parents because they don't really believe that much in mental health if its not something obvious), we're pretty close and i even got the chance to write something for her wedding as well, she's definitely going to be a teacher that I'm gonna visit a lot senior year
ap chem teacher - she's seen me really grow as a person over the year and out of all my teachers, she especially can testify to my curiosity, drive to learn, and my determination/dedication as she knows i've stayed up late many nights so i could get good calculations and pre/post-lab questions (i'm surprised i didn't drive her crazy with the sheer amount of stuff i asked too), we're pretty close and i also tie-dyed a onesie for her upcoming baby
Note: my schedule got really messed up in junior year so I wasn't able to take many aps then so trying to make up for it with senior year (considering the self studied ap i did, I'm around 2-3 aps behind most of the top students at my school so my ranking is thus a lot lower than it could be, school offers around 20 aps but many are blocked behind prereq classes), schedule resulted in me taking senior year science in junior year as well an additional credit of Chinese instead of another AP (now at 3 years of Chinese, conversational level)
Schools: going for the ivies and JHU are considered me shotgunning I'm pretty sure considering my ecs lol
Idk which admission path yet so if anyone has any advice on deciding which admissions path would be most beneficial for me, that would be greatly appreciated: JHU (idt its legacy but i have several aunts and uncles that have attended), Cornell, UIUC (legacy, leaning towards EA), UChicago (legacy from grad school, admission path and if i even submit an application is hinging on how creative the writing prompts are gonna be), UPenn
EA: UGA, Georgia Tech
RD: MIT, UMich, Georgia State University, Kennessaw State
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2023.06.05 09:04 hotcheetochi Potential Vendor Scam Concern

Also posted on weddingplanning
My fiancé and I had a phone conversation with a photographevideographer after reviewing their website, which seemed legit. I found this vendor on a facebook post. We signed a contract and paid a 40% deposit via PayPal using a credit card.
Since we signed the contract (10 days ago), I have gotten almost daily texts from them including a text at 1:08AM on a week day that I found unprofessional. They messaged me about a promotion to “pay in full now and get a free wedding photo book.” Then, we started receiving invoices in our email for payments with due dates starting within a week after we paid the deposit. We never agreed to a payment plan nor was it discussed or mentioned in the contract. The contract stated the final and full payment is due 30 days before the event.
This vendor then starts texting me non-stop about the invoices. We kept getting new invoices with different dates and amounts every other day. We emailed her regarding this confusion. She continued to text me instead of emailing us back, saying the invoice must be paid and can’t be changed or removed in their system. Then, in my email response, I kindly asked her to only use email for communication as texting is not preferred and only goes to one of us. The next day, she sent another text anyway right after sending another email with a new invoice amount. I requested a phone call to clarify the terms of the contract and these invoices. We had a brief call and I clarified we don’t need to pay now per the contract. But the next day, she sends me another text about a new yet another payment plan option which requires us to make a small payment immediately and to pay the rest “after June 23 or by July 30th at the latest .” According to the contract, the final payment is due by August 3rd. The volume of texts started to feel a bit much by this point.
On a side note, the vendor’s IG only has posts from June 2022 to Sept 2022 with only 66 followers. On Facebook, their photos have no likes. Majority of their website gallery is not posted on their IG.
We’re starting to wonder if they’re a scam or just awfully unprofessional. I can’t find reviews either.
TLDR; Vendor keeps sending text messages demanding invoice payments and keeps sending new dates and amounts. The contract does not state a payment plan and the final payment isn’t due until August. Their IG and website don’t align and wondering if they’re a scam.
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2023.06.05 09:00 curvydumpling 35 [F4R] West Coast/online - ISO warm fuzzy feelings

Your girl is single, 35, Caucasian, and about to blow up her stable life by quitting her job and taking to the road. The final destination is unknown, but the goal is personal fulfillment and a place she can put down roots.
Third person gets old fast, so pronoun shift: Hullo! I'm home with the flu, too sick to do anything fun but not sick enough to sleep all day, and thought it might be fun to see who else out there is feeling friendly. Most of my good friends are preoccupied with spouses and babies these days, so it's time to cultivate new friendships.
As I mentioned, I'm about to give notice at my job, pack up the apartment, and hop in the car to try to find a path forward that fills me with joy instead of blah. Doing the "smart" thing over and over and over hasn't made me successful or happy, so I figured I'd try something different.
Salient details? I'm introverted but thrive on deep connections with people. Am very empathetic. My friends are small in number but high in quality; we go back years and decades. I've been involved with penpal communities in some form or other for over 10 years; some of those connections have turned into thriving in-person friendships. I'd give the shirt off my back and fight a bear for almost anyone who needed it. It's true I have definite opinions about injustice and fairness, but I've also lived in enough places across the world that I can listen to and learn from those I disagree with.
My fatal flaw? I can't have an intelligent conversation about video games. Truly, I've never even met Mario. The closest I've managed is Stardew Valley.
My hobbies include pottery, reading widely (from historical nonfiction to Brit Lit to sci-fi-fantasy to trashy romance), indoor plants and outdoor gardening, letter writing, and all manner of crafty endeavors I've done once and always thought I'd get back to. I've hiked and camped a little, and traveled a lot. I can listen to most music, barring screamy/foul/whiny stuff. Although I don't have a true ear, I really enjoy classical music and going to symphony concerts. Classical music calms my mind right down. Dvorak's Serenade for Strings is one of my favorites.
I've fallen in love once, a long time ago. Although the love didn't last, the experience was a gift because I had been thoroughly skeptical that it was a real thing. It would be nice to find again someday.
Screen-wise, old black and white movies are often favorites. I'll argue until the end of time that The West Wing is the best piece of television writing ever produced. Most superhero flicks are a fun romp. It's really hard for me to separate myself from the characters on screen, so I tend to avoid realistic violence. Big emotions on screen tend to strike particularly hard; I'm definitely a crier. Most recently I enjoyed (and cried at) Everything Everywhere All At Once.
Physically, I'm short, with straight brown hair past my shoulders, blue eyes, a small upturned nose, and freckled white skin. I believe the polite phrase these days is thicc, but to cover all the bases I could also be described as curvy, a lil chubby, and slightly overweight. I rock 50s style dresses and would fit right into a Renaissance painting.
Wanna be friends? If you got this far, put PRIDE in your message :)
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2023.06.05 09:00 depressedblunt Chef with ARDIF

Hello just found this sub recently and have been reading through a few of the post and figured i’d share my story and maybe get some advice to point me in the right direction. I’ve always had a negative relationship with food and due to being a “picky eater” and childhood ab*se i never really got help with my problems and would just go days without eating unless i cooked it for myself. My safe foods are Chicken tenders, fries, pizza (just pepperoni), and i can eat tacos and spaghetti if i make it myself.
Around high school once i started playing sports i went for my physical and told my doctor about my eating habits and he just brushed it off and said i’d grow out of it. This has been the case constantly so not even knowing ARFID was a thing it was starting to feel hopeless.
During the pandemic i started researching and realized this is definitely what i have and it brought me some hope that i’m not alone in my struggles. I’ve told my therapist about this and again i was just completely brushed off.
My relationship with food is very weird tho. I’m a Chef by trade and i love cooking but i won’t eat 99% of the things i make which i know is one of the greatest taboos i can commit has a chef but i can’t help it. I can like the idea of eating something hell my mouth will even water but when it comes to actually eating it i’ll either dissociate and have a full blown panic attack or i’ll try and eat it and even if i don’t hate it i’ll just start gagging until i throw up.
I know i’m not healthy and there’s no way i’m getting all the nutrients and vitamins i need but i’m not really sure where to go from here. Due to my Autism i’ll just forget to eat and won’t remember until i’m literally starving and in pain and at that point it’s very hard to find something appetizing. Even when i do find something appetizing i can get it and then mid way through i’m just repulsed by it or even the thought of it.
I know people in my life know i have some sort of eating quirk but not to the extent it is. It makes me extremely guilty too being a Chef from the South food is a love language and it feels like i’m just disrespecting people to their face not eating their food but i just can’t i’ll literally break down and cry before i even taste it
Idk i’m glad i have a label for it and i know i’m not alone but actually getting treatment or finding a plan towards getting better has been very challenging and i’m not really sure what to do. Sorry for my all over the place post/rant just feels good to finally get all this off my chest.
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2023.06.05 08:59 Internal-Dig4904 husband is mentally abusing me.

I’m tired. He buys me the alcohol then torments me the next day about how I act. I went through a postpartum episode where I drank a gallon of vodka each day for two days. He brought that memory back and was triggering me asking me if I did anything behind his back when he left me alone those days. It took me a year to finally get over the ocd attacks and anxiety attacks those nights gave me. It was the darkest time in my life and I almost died leaving my newborn son. I threw up blood and the days after going through bad withdrawals. I started convincing myself I DID do something wrong and until this day I don’t know if I did. He knows I was at the brink of insanity for months. For weeks I was losing my mind cause I don’t know if I did something. Tonight he decided to trigger me and I was screaming. He just calls me crazy and tells me he wants to leave me. I’m starting to believe I am crazy and I forever hate the memories I csnt remember thanks to alcohol. Im just at a very low point right now im sorry for venting..
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2023.06.05 08:56 DamBustersChastise I'll add whatever the top comment says to this Mi-24 until the war in Ukraine ends. (Day no. 1)

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2023.06.05 08:56 Gold-Jackfruit-4549 AITA for waiting until after our holiday to break up?

I'm (23F) planning to end my relationship with my boyfriend (31M) after our city break. We are currently in Amsterdam. We've been together since November and officially a couple since February. We've had fun together, but we're not compatible.
My boyfriend inherited a car and house from his parents, and they pay for all the expenses. Yes, this makes me feel jealous because I have debt from university but I’m not bitter.
When we talk about money, my boyfriend makes me feel uncomfortable and often jokes about how little I have in comparison. He knows that he doesn't have any expenses, which is why he has so much money.
I asked my boyfriend what he likes about me, and he said he likes how I pay for my own things and always beat him to the bill. But the truth is he goes to the bathroom for a long time before the bill arrives, so I end up paying it by default. I didn't feel like it was a real compliment, and it was a very materialistic thing to say.
On this trip, I realized that my boyfriend's sense of humor is too different to enjoy compared to mine. I like to laugh with people, but he always makes someone the butt of his joke and that person is often me.
At the airport, we had food, but there were long queues, and the food and coffee weren't great. My boyfriend just kept complaining. After eating, I noticed that my boyfriend left his rubbish on the table and when I asked him why, he replied entitledly that there are people being paid to clean up after him.
He is always stoned and that has caused a few issues in our relationship, so you can imagine how a holiday in Amsterdam is going! AITA for waiting until our trip is over (in 3 days)?
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2023.06.05 08:55 wsharp807 What should I do

So this girl that ive liked for over a year had a boyfriend but about a week or two back they broke up and just recently she asked me to hang out, we went and played pool then went back to her place and hung out until about midnight and towards the end we smoked a bit and it was a really good time. Toward the end of the night she kept getting closer to me and right before I left she was complimenting me and I was doing the same to her. About midnight she said she was gonna get ready for bed and so we went to say our goodbyes and she hugged me and started staring at me while I was holding her and I think she wanted me to kiss her but I started to overthink and the smoking hadn’t helped and so I didnt. I texted her the next day and told her I had a great time a few hours later she texted back that she did too but that shes got a lot to think about right now. And now i think ive ruined my chance, what should I do?
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2023.06.05 08:55 Commercial_Card4094 I’m doing well in life but I find it hard to enjoy life and I’m just waiting for it to end

I’ve never actually posted on Reddit so I’m not sure if this is the right group. I just wanted to get some opinions and see if anyone else feels the way I do. Btw I’m not the best writer.
To give some background, I (22M) grew up in an East Asian immigrant low income (17K/year) household where my parents constantly fought throughout my childhood. As I grew up, I always saw money as the solution to all of my problems so that became my main motivation to doing well in life. I realized around age 15 that I didn’t have enjoyment anymore in my life.
As life progressed on, I ended up attending an out of district high school which was the best of the state then moved away and graduated from the best public university in the country on a full ride scholarship. I’m now spending my summer school and work free as I saved up a good amount of money to not have to work until I start my full time job. Right now, I’m in a pretty good place in terms of everything but I still don’t seem to enjoy it.
I have plenty of friends, romantic interests, hobbies ect that I do just because I know it’s what I’m supposed to do. When I’m with friends I can laugh or make jokes but when I start to realize my smile starts to shrink and I have to replace it with a fake one just to make sure people know I am having a good time when I’m not anymore. I have had stable long term relationships that have last years but the downfall of most of them has been that I don’t seem like I’m into the relationship anymore when I know I should be because they were what I wanted . The only time I continue to try in a relationship is when it’s close to being over because I know I’m supposed to and owe it to the person for giving me the years or months of their life. I never talk about how I’m feeling to them because then they’ll actually believe they’re the issue when most of them have been great. I always have new hobbies and as I realize they’re not bringing me any joy i move onto the next.
I feel like I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to do but every night and throughout the day I ask why I’m still here and what my purpose is. I sometimes pray that I’ll just pass the next day so that I do not have to fake my enjoyment anymore. I’ve thought about ending it myself but I have a few goals I want to achieve and I do not want to die a failure. I do not want people to think that I couldn’t handle life but rather I’m waiting for everything to be perfect before I actually do. To me, every check on my goal list is one step closer to the end and that’s honestly all I look forward to.
I’m not sure if I’m just going through some really long phase in my life because I know on paper my life should be great now. I could really use some advice to get out of this feeling. Im sure I left some details out but feel free to ask.
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2023.06.05 08:54 technocracy90 Can a fractured bone, which was not misplaces at the point of injury, can be misplaced without major pain?

Mandatory data:
33M, 170cm, 65kg, East Asian (Korean living in Korea), got a boxer's fracture 34 hours ago.
While the fracture is obvious on the X-ray, I don't feel significant pain at the wound site. The orthopedist at my local clinic said surgery is not necessary since the bone doesn't appear to be misaligned. He advised against applying excessive force or torque to the injured hand, such as making a fist, as it could potentially displace the bones and lead to unnecessary surgery. No painkillers or other medication were prescribed, just a splint.
As an office worker, I tried typing on a keyboard with the splint removed, and the pain was minimal. However, I'm unsure if this means it's safe to continue doing so. While a single keystroke doesn't cause noticeable pain, repeated impacts could result in cumulative damage. Taking longer to heal the fracture is not a concern, but I would prefer to avoid additional, unnecessary procedures like a surgery.
I plan to visit a Hand and Upper Extremity Orthopedic specialist in 72 hours to seek professional advice. Would it be significant risk if I continue typing on the keyboard for a few hours a day until I visit the clinic?
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2023.06.05 08:52 chewabl3 Its come full circle

Its come full circle
Gege will pay for getting our hopes up
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2023.06.05 08:51 ausername- being in poverty really sucks.

i've been poor my entire life. my father had money, growing up, but he never wanted to spend much on me. he got me food and my clothes, but outside of bare essentials he wouldn't spend money on anything for me. i had poor friends who had more toys and video games than i had. even other single parent families did.
when i was very young i saved up all of the money i'd get from christmas and birthday cards. i had a small fortune, it seemed to me. it was probably only a little over 1 or 2 hundred dollars, but to very young me that was a lot. i was proud of myself for saving it, for not wasting it on anything dumb. one day, my father saw me counting it, and he took it from me. he must have thought i'd stolen it from me, he just told me he put it in my bank account (we started bank accounts in kindergarten or first or second grade or something like that, it had nothing really in it, just 25 dollars or so), but he never did. after that, i had a really hard time holding on to money, i just wanted to spend it before he'd have the opportunity to take it away again. i think i developed some kind of complex because of that, honestly.
i had a summer job, when i was 14, or so. i was a "CIT", a "counselor in training," for my local boys and girls' club. They just had you work 3 weeks out of the summer and they paid you 50 dollars a week. It was below minimum wage, I don't know why they were allowed to do that but it was somehow legally allowed by law to pay minors less than minimum wage. so i worked for my 3 weeks and my father never let me spend that money. he forced me to put it all in the bank and not buy myself anything with it, even though he'd let my older brother buy a pair of sunglasses with his when he was 14. i didn't get access to that money until I was 19 or something like that.
then i got my first real job, probably at 19 or so, cleaning a bank for an hour a night 5 nights a week. then they cut me back to 2 or 3 nights a week. i forgot how much i was making then, but it couldn't have been much more than 50 dollars a week. i did that for like 3 years before i got a job at the taco bell.
i worked part time for a few years, always at that taco bell. it was a taco bell / long john silver's combined restaurant, i fried the fish and chicken and french fries. i could only work part time, even then when i was 23 or 24 or so. at first i worked more than i could handle, something like 16 or 18 hours a week, or so. three or four nights a week. but, after a while, that was too much for me, so i cut it back to two 4-hour shifts a week. it didn't pay much, but it gave me enough money to eat at the mcdonalds i practically lived out of with how often i was forced to eat there. it was 3 quarters of a mile away and i had to walk there and back every time i ate there, but it was open 24 hours - for a while, at least -, and i needed a place to eat late at night, since i wasn't allowed to eat late at home. literally most of my money i earned went into eating because i wasn't allowed to eat in my home at night.
i didn't work for a couple of years but then i moved in with my mom and her awful alcoholic partner who extorts money out of me. first he forced me to work while i was waiting on my disability claim to come through, which had negative implications for my claim and also aversely affected my benefits once my benefits actually came through. i had to work at some dumb convenience store, stocking the sodas in the cooler, for 2 four hour shifts a week. i didn't make much money. maybe 400 dollars a month? i had to pay half of that in rent, so i'd only have 200 dollars to spend on myself, and importantly, my dog, for an entire month. things like vet bills wiped out months of savings. i'm constantly worried about money.
now i'm on disability, and i get very little money from it. i get barely more than enough to pay my rent - and, now that i'm on medicare, i have to spend more money on my medical treatment than i had to when i was on medicaid, which i no longer qualify for since i'm on medicare now. i've actually been losing money month to month lately without even spending anything on myself, i just make less per month than my expenses.
and this is just going to be the rest of my life. i will always be poor. i will never feel secure. my entire life has been in poverty.
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2023.06.05 08:49 Mother-Word-8440 I need some help and tips

So I've been weight training for quite a while now, though quite inconsistently since I was never really too into it. Until I found calisthenics and I really enjoy it. But I have a problem, idk if I'm actually starting out right. I've watched a few videos about it and such, but never truly understood it. I've made a routine of my own and need to know if I can make further improvements to it. I've made it into this kind of like upper lower split. I'm only 15 and I can't do many reps of the bodyweight exercises, I can only do somewhere around 3-5 of them except push-ups, I can do 10 and I do 3 sets for each exercise until close to failure except the last set. Also, how do I know when I should transition to more advanced calisthenic skills?
Monday- Upper Body
Pike Push-ups
L-Sit (Progression)
Tuesday- Legs & Core
Isometric Core (anything I feel like doing)
Calf Raise
Pistol Squat
Calf Raise
Wednesday- Rest Day
Thursday - Upper Body
Bench Press
Military Press
Incline Bench
Lateral Raise
Barbell row
Bicep Curl
Thursday - Same as Tuesday
Saturday - cardio
Sunday - Rest Day
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2023.06.05 08:48 ackley14 Intermittent high pitched whine every hour or so. Unknown origin

So we purchased this single story home in march and just yesterday we began hearing a high pitched whine that starts high and lowers over the course of between 10-30 seconds. the volume is relatively constant and is not very loud.
The only significant change in that time is our we had our AC's out door unit fan motor replaced and the coolant topped off. That was on wednesday so several days ago, and we hadn't been using the AC until just the last few days so that's my current theory. It seems to line up with the AC turning on (i.e. the noise can be heard about a minute before the AC kicks on. but it's not fully consistent. I do believe we've heard it both during the ACs operation and not causing the AC to kick on at all.

I'm unsure as to what it could possibly be as it is so rare and so short lived. there is almost no time to get up and listen for a source, and it being a high pitched noise makes that part even harder.
any tips on finding the source and determining if it's anything worth worrying about?
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2023.06.05 08:47 xartux I am a 27 year old male who was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis and severe chronic Cirrhosis last spring 2022. Alcoholism is the worst addiction I’ve ever experienced. No other drug has come close. It’s run rampant through my dad, grandpa, uncles and now me…

I was an innocent kid for most of my life. I had horrible untreated anxiety that I didn’t understand and it got the best of me when I turned 21. I had never really drank or done anything of the sorts until about 19-20 and then the day I turned 21 I was finally able to purchase liquor myself… and it got out of control.
I am 27 years old and was diagnosed last spring at 26 with Liver failure, alcoholic hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the liver with advanced scarring. I was rushed to the emergency trauma center near me in Minneapolis Minnesota after my now fiancée returned home from a work conference out of state and found me in our bedroom completely yellow, tremulous and swollen legs and fluid build up in my stomach. When she left the week before I went on what would be my last drinking bender.
For the past 6 years I was consuming at minimum a liter of 80 proof vodka all the way up to a 1.75 liter handle per day. I stopped once for 2 weeks in 2020 after a small medical scare and also became sick with covid. That’s the longest break I had for those 6 years up until my hospitalization.
I spent a week in the hospital as the doctors tried to do anything they could do to get my increasing liver enzymes and bilirubin down. I was yellow and in a lot of pain. I was immediately placed into CIWA withdrawal protocol and was monitored for worsening mental status and seizures.
I had an MRI done, 2 ultra sounds and countless testing on my first night. I was informed I would need to undergo a transplant in the future as long as they could combat my symptoms. After 3 days the doctors started losing hope of getting it to come down with proven methods. They were left with no choice but to discharge me after a few more days with experimental steroids.
I returned home and was bed ridden while my fiancé spoon fed these steroids once daily and we hoped for a positive outcome. A week later I had blood work done and my bilirubin was decreasing by the day. I was so relieved.
My family is filled with alcoholics and I feel like I was foolish to think it wouldn’t come for me too.
I have since had countless imaging and ultra sounds done that show permanent damage and cirrhotic liver with abnormally enlarged spleen that hurts like a MF. I am now almost 400 days sober and have lost a ton of weight. I finished up my outpatient treatment at the original hospital and gastro clinic here in Minneapolis. I am now getting set up with a liver specialist at the Mayo Clinic here. I will be there getting 2nd opinion tests and imaging done to determine my future. I will most likely need a transplant down the road.
I’m not here to lecture but I wanted to share my story in hopes it helps someone else out. Sober life was hard as hell at first but has gotten so much easier. I am proud of where I’m at but have a long way to go.
On the 3rd morning of my stay I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to make it out. I was able to keep my drinking a secret for 6 years and no one knew about my problem or never questioned me. I didn’t want to get caught and face the embarrassment to my family. I awoke that day and thought about how I was going to have to call up my family members, brother and sister and tell them I wouldn’t be around much longer. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would never get to see my newly born niece grow up and how selfish my actions were. They would have been so taken off guard and would have to watch me go a slow death. My over was already shutting down and the only thing left was my kidneys next. After those shut down it’s game over.
The last 6 years of my life are a blur. I now run a small business from home while I build my life back up.
Anyways, sorry for the long winded story.
I went to the hospital last year spring 2022 and was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. Addiction can fuck off and so can alcohol.
I drank a liter of vodka a day for 6 years. Don’t be dumb like me and ignore the signs of illness after your body can’t take it anymore.
Here’s a few links with some of my medical experience from that incident. With 400 days under my belt I feel as though I can help someone and prevent making the same mistakes I did.
This is a first for me and I’m only sharing this picture of me when I checked into the emergency room. I just want people to see what can happen in a short amount of heavy drinking time and what might await some alcoholics in their older years.
Peace & love
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2023.06.05 08:46 _KarmaLlama_ Update on my 50” extra 260 arf build

Update on my 50” extra 260 arf build
Big update from a full day in the shed:
Fitted all control hook ups
Figured out wiring loom location and initial switch on to test servos
Final assembly of wings on to fuselage
Made up custom exhaust from parts to fit better in cowling
Initial test fit of engine
Cut cowling to fit around silencer
Start fitting Dubro tail wheel
Still to do:
All fuel plumbing
Finish and install wiring, battery and receiver
Balance wings and C of G
Happy days! Not too long until a bench test run up then out to the field for its maiden
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