Voltron: defender of the universe characters

Putting ladder as siege engine (to build prebattle), would solve 2 problems

2023.06.05 09:31 Eddas95 Putting ladder as siege engine (to build prebattle), would solve 2 problems

It would solve the problem of units getting up the walls instead of going throw the door. And it would solve (partially) the problem of siege where ultra big cities can be taken with all the infantry taking walls, making it undefendable using theses walls.
« But there is monsters and flying units so… » yeah so why adding more to deal with as the defender (the auto generated ladders), when there is already so much to deal with? No ladders? Go throw the gates, defender can take advantage of that.
The return of ladders in pharaoh is a good news, but it would be awesome to at least have an option on warhammer 3 to have ladders as siege engine when sieging
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2023.06.05 09:30 AutoModerator Decoding Terminator Scenario for AI!

Decoding Terminator Scenario for AI!
According to an Oxford University professor, the probability of a 'Terminator scenario' caused by AI is close to zero.
The warning letter released by the Centre for AI Safety, which claimed that AI could potentially wipe out humanity, was dismissed by the professor as nothing more than a publicity stunt.
It seems that the fears surrounding AI may be unfounded as experts continue to research and develop safe and ethical AI technology.
Learn more: mendax.ai
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David intentionally made himself homeless in order to travel the country helping homeless veterans. He has created the Character by Integrity Act with hopes of getting it into the hands of a member off congress, with hopes that it could potentially house every homeless vet

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2023.06.05 09:30 Flatus_ MoP Timewalking and Welcome to Sanctuary event rep buffs, ideas on what to do with them?

Hiya, I noticed that next week there will be both MoP timewalking and Welcome to Sanctuary events going on which both give +50% reputation buff (only from quests and killing stuff that gives rep). I dont know if these stack, but I'd like to use the opportunity to do something with it nevertheless! I just dont know what exactly, besides grinding reputation for sake of it!
Does anyone have ideas on how one might benefit from this rep buff? Be it for collecting pets, transmogs, mounts, achievements or something else.
I was thinking on doing questing as opposite faction character to experience and unlock all faction-specific things, if there's any.
But what else there might be to do, any ideas? Will you do something with these events overlapping?
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2023.06.05 09:30 Hiraeth3189 Teachers should stop confusing intelligence with effort.

I remember back in high school one of the teachers told me that intelligence equals good grades but I've proved it to be completely false; university has taught me effort is what leads you to success and that's the reason many good classmates of mine haven't done well or aren't suited for our degree (i study translation and interpretation btw and we learnt that being proficient in any language doesn't guarantee success). It's one of the most toxic comments I've heard in my lifetime and it's one of the reasons many students feel resentful against high-achieving ones.
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2023.06.05 09:30 HippoTheGreatO Why isn't all renown earned account wide?

I know you keep the skill points, extra potions, obols, and paragon points you get for each renown reward. But why isn't the amount of renown earned.
I know you can earn it again and gain gold for doing so, but is anyone actually going to do that? The amount of gold gained is pitiful too, like I could do one dungeon at level 50 and earn double it from selling the items that drop.
I say this because I died at level 39 on my Barbarian a while ago, I was collecting all the lilith altars and getting the renown as I wanted that edge the potions and skill points will give. Although it sucked, I honestly didn't care too much about having to level another character again. What did suck though is that any tier 2 or 3 renown rewards I didn't get I needed to achieve again, and for the zones I did the 3 renown rewards for I will need to do again when it comes to getting the 4th and 5th reward for.
Now I'm level 50, and I really don't wanna die and am still grinding WT1 to max out the renown rewards before starting WT3. I have it unlocked so I am still getting the rewards for it, but at the point dying would be fucking awful renown wise, and once I get all the rewards it will be such a burden lifted as I can die happy knowing all I will need to do is speedrun levels.
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2023.06.05 09:30 yemenvoice An organization: Coalition war on Yemen left nearly 6,000 disabled children

According to the “Insaf” organization, 8,218 Yemeni children have been killed and injured since the start of the war in the country. These crimes have shown how the UN has failed to defend the rights of Yemeni children, who are most suffering from psychological and physical harm as well as a lack of healthcare.
The organization stated that 5,559 children have suffered physical disabilities as a result of the war, and the actual number is anticipated to be much higher, on the occasion of the annual “International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression” on June 4, and added that from January to May of last year, coalition cluster bombs resulted in the deaths and injuries of 182 children.
While estimates show that poverty rates have increased to about 80% and that more than eight out of every ten children live with families that do not have sufficient income to provide for their basic needs, “Insaf” emphasized that 12.6 million children require some kind of humanitarian assistance or protection.
The coalition siege, according to the organization, has led to “an increase in malnutrition rates, which have risen from 3.6 million to 6 million people in the past two years, an increase of 66%,” noting that approximately 60 out of every thousand newborns die due to the war, siege, and lack of incubators.
According to the organization’s report, there have been 145 cases of kidnapping and 88 cases of child rape in Yemen as a result of the war, which has increased gender-based violence against children by 63%. The organization acknowledged that the United Nations and its agencies had been absent since the start of the war but rather abandoned their responsibilities and withdrew support from most vital sectors.
Source: alkhabaralyemeni
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2023.06.05 09:29 peppermunch Found Argyve's debut novel:

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2023.06.05 09:29 trafficconecolorcar Wedding Season thoughts

I really liked this movie. I think it was the first time I've heard colonic and seen a vintage record store in a Hallmark movie. Some stuff was really dumb. We all knew that record would break. But I what i was most impressed with was most of the characters actually acted like adults. I liked this. I liked the intelligent breakup for the one couple. I didn't think there much chemistry between the leads, but both preformed well and I liked them.
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2023.06.05 09:29 Junkymonkeyshoes Picked this up for $420. I think I did pretty well.

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2023.06.05 09:29 Nice_Cauliflower2066 Scourges ever coming back?

I left the game and came back right at the end of the Apoc saga, because of this, I have archangel and red hulk unlocked but am only about half way to rogue and morgan le fay. Now that it seems like we're getting new scourge-like characters (Nova), I wondered if the scourge event will return soon. (Only now getting into the community so more then likely someones already asked this) Thanks!
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2023.06.05 09:29 VilliansAreBetter Custom Universe Mode Show

I'm stuck on an idea for universe mode. My first idea is to create one in an alternate universe where wrestling remained a combat sport. The main promotion in this universe (aka the one I'm playing) is called Gladiator Championship Wrestling (GCW). It has no restrictions on who I can use in the universe
My second idea is to make a universe mode where the WWF lost the Monday Night Wars and collapsed. Shane McMahon would revive it as the WWE and I would follow the process of raising it from the dead.
My decision I feel like can be swayed as I like both of these ideas but don't feel like making two separate saves.
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2023.06.05 09:29 Least-Blacksmith5813 Who comes at night to those who believe that the main character of the movie "Drive" died at the end?

Ryan Ghostlyng
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2023.06.05 09:29 That-Helicopter-6628 It’s been almost 3 years

It’s been almost 3 years and I don’t know what to do. I just can’t get over him and I’ve tired everything. From going on as many dates as I can to one night stands to even a temporary engagement that I called off because I realized that my heart really just wasn’t in the right place. We grew up together and I loved him from the day we met but he could care less about me. We developed a friendship over the years that ended up turning into so much more. At least for me. Over the years I defended him when people would spread rumor about him, I did my best to be there for him when life got difficult at home and anything else I could to try and make him feel loved. In return, he humiliated me twice in front of my friends, family and everyone I care about. Breaking my heart in the process. The most recent humiliation being 3 years ago. We had been dating at the time and he ended our relationship in the worst possible way at the worst possible time. I recorded everything in my diary to look over when I need to remind myself what an asshole he is but despite everything I still love him. I’ve kept no contact and don’t plan on reaching out to him and have him blocked on socials but keep his number unblocked just in case he reaches out. I know how messed up it is that I still care about him but I can’t get him out of my head. I could really use y’all’s advice.
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2023.06.05 09:28 cutemo-cyu Expediting the ECCTIS degree verification process

Hi all,
i) Did you do anything on your end to expedite the ECCTIS degree verification process?
ii) If yes to (i), what did you do?
iii) Did you intimate the university that they should be expecting a verification of your records? Whom does ECCTIS contact in the university? Whom should I intimate at my university?
I graduated from UT Austin, USA this year.
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2023.06.05 09:28 SpiritualWinner2131 Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar story in real life

I want to ask you all (especially girls), what is your opinion on Ranbir Kapoor and his family in real life in the movie Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar?
1.Would you like a guy like the role played by Ranbir Kapoor or such guys even exist? 2. Would you be OK with the family being so indulging where they give so much love, care, attention etc so you will see that or still want your own space?
Any other comments about the main characters of the movie?
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2023.06.05 09:28 ZayoKarod Why do some trans people love to headcanon fictional cis characters being trans?

It’s probably the most annoying thing ever in this community, because there’s so many original and canon trans characters out there yet trans people want to headcanon popular fictional characters that are cis as trans.
All it does is spark more controversy and hate for the trans community. If y’all don’t want people to hate on you why are you sparking more hate towards your community? I’ve only seen trans people mostly do this. There’s dozens of Twitter posts of Gwen from Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse being ‘’trans’’ even tho she’s a cis woman and Samus Aran being ‘’trans’’ and it’s done nothing but spark controversy.
Same with Harley Quinn being trans, and when these people get rightfully called out for wanting others to agree that so said cis character is trans, they love to play victim and set a bad example for their community. Why can’t y’all create your own trans OCs instead of trying to imagine characters that are cis as trans? It’s not that hard and it’s the reason why society is going backwards and failing nowadays.
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2023.06.05 09:28 suprem_lux Full prompt (souless) vs A.I assisted (excellence)

After all theses month of scouting, we can clearly see a trend and not many people will like what I'm going to say
Currently, we see two type of user who use A.I generate softwares:
  1. Hobbyist, great defendant of the "A.I will put artists out of jobs" usually using only PROMPT to generate images. (midjourney, dall-e, etc) -- they usually generate the most standard shit, always hunting for the "best prompt" possible, copying all trends, etc. Yes, usually boring, souless.
  2. Artists, using their design sense, taste, trained eye, fundamentals to create A.I assisted image. They design all their shit themselves (3D, painting, you name it), and they use A.I to pixel-perfect it. (stable diffusion, control net, etc)
I've seen numerous case recently on twitter from Japanese artists on the latter category and I was absolutely blown away by their results.
Current artists are actually the true winner of this era. Because A.I is technically excellent, you don't have to train 10+ years to achieve technically good digital art but I recently understood that you still need a shitloads of fundamentals to make a "good image" and this is where hobbyst, dev, and usually most of what they call "tech-bro" are completely off with their narratives.
Lately, I have growing respect from people being legacy designer and using their skill + A.I to create something, people using full prompt to generate images are going to be as disappointed as much as when NFT people said that NFT were going to change art forever. Full prompting won't change much.
I personally think with everything we've seen since the beginning of this era that full prompting images will unfortunately mostly remain in the hobbyist zone while open source A.I + ControlNet will elevate current artists like crazy as they use it as a real tool, as an addition to an already complex technical workflow (3d, painting, sketches, etc)
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2023.06.05 09:27 KoNrUsHi_ Which of these universities would be the best choice?

Good day! I live in Rizal and plan to take BSCS in Manila. My aunt offered to pay for my studies, giving me two universities: Adamson University and the University of the East - Manila. I've seen both campuses, and they both look good, and I like the vibes of both, but of course, I am aware that I can't base my decision on those alone. Both universities are among the best in Manila, but which would be better for the course I plan to take? Been surfing this subreddit, and the clashing opinions of different users are giving me a hard time deciding.
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2023.06.05 09:27 Physykz Question regarding LBO with dividend recap proccess

Hi, I’ve recently started to study the BIWS 400 questions as preparation for a business course in university and came across the question: Could you end up with negative shareholder equity?
The model answer given is that it can arise from a leveraged buyout with dividend recapitalisation, but I was unfamiliar with this process. I’m mainly trying to clarify what I understand is correct.
So as far as I understand the VC or whatever firm starts by buying out the company. It then borrows money from a bank, increasing its debt and cash equally. It then issues a one time dividend to itself(?) to recoup some of the expense of buying out the company, decreasing the shareholder equity (possibly into the red), and decreasing cash by the same amount. The result is that total assets in the company remains the same, while shareholder equity decreases and liabilities increases, balancing the balance sheet.
Any feedback on my explanation of this is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.05 09:27 secret-accoun-t guilt

i knew how this story would end. i saw you sink your teeth into the rotten thing before me.
now i lay still. hoping for it to pass.
shaking with rage and terror.
i have buried it deep. i have buried it deep.
can we leave it there? leave it to rot?
or will i have to smell it. the smell of a thousand rotting corpses, pungent and thick and the air is tinted red.
i saw you sink your teeth into the rotten thing before me.
so now i imagine, in some universe i got away from you.
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2023.06.05 09:27 No_Integrity_4578 Fighter Meta

Hey all! I'm pretty new with the game at about two weeks and mistakenly visited Ghost Hallow and that one popular drug mission to only be blasted out of the sky before I even saw the enemy players ship. I'm rolling with the Avenger which does alright in about every other department, but I'm looking for something that helps me defend myself in these situations.
What ship and equipment (Shield generators, laser repeaters) do you think is best for PVP? I've heard the Arrow and Gladius are good ones. Are there any tips or videos that would teach me how to fight as well?
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