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2010.12.04 15:18 fauxpasgrapher Phoenix Meetup

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2023.06.05 09:44 healingat30 Should I ditch my pregnant friend?

This friend has always been pretty bad at replying... but recently it takes the piss. She's close to her due date so I've cut her some slack as she'll be busy and tired... but 2 months ago, we were supposed to meet one weekend and she just never got back to me. I respectfully said to her I'd appreciate her letting me know in the future and she said that she was sorry, had been really tired and wanted to see me. She was still despondent after that so I kinda gave up... left it 3+ weeks and didn't hear anything. I checked in and she just sent back a generic 'Hey I'm good thanks how are you? what you been up to xx'. My message back was largely positive, but I did mention my family cat died. I haven't lived with him for years, but he was 20 years old and I had him since I was a kid... he was very special to me.
It's been nearly 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything. I find this really rude considering I opened up that my cat died and I once considered her one of my closest friends. I have bad physical and mental health issues but if my friend text me that something important to them died, I'd make the effort to check they're ok regardless of how tired or busy I am (unless I was literally comatose in hospital).
Clearly I'm not of value anymore... it's so sad.
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2023.06.05 09:42 ShiroX6 [Magnet Mech] Nguyen fr gave me damn near nothing useful :V Bob did tho :D

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2023.06.05 09:41 TheRealJ33BUS My Ex ( 24 ) and I ( 27 ) broke up last week and now she wants to try again…

So literally around this time last year I met this girl ( I was trying to go after her best friend but after some drama long story short we started to date ) and everything was okay I guess, she had just got out of a 5 year relationship and I just got out of a 7 year one. We took things slow at first and eventually we would have our fights but eventually it turned into every day, like I would forget to text and I’d get an ear full and she’s come over un announced and I’d loose my shit, I’m not claiming either of us were perfect and we did try to fix this issues, I was constantly ask her to go out and do things ( the bar, a walk in the park, grocery shopping) but all she would want to do is watch Disney+ and do the nasty. Eventually in September we went on a 3 week break to see if this would help. Well after we got back together it went back to the same repeat situation, there came a time in December where I asked her to spend a Sunday with me so I could treat her to a spa day as a Christmas gift and when that day came I got ignored all day cause she was “ at her exes visiting her dogs “ I could never ever find out if this was true or not as she wouldn’t let me near him as he would “ move awake and take my dogs “ according to her, anyways on that day I lost it as I spent around $400 on mani pedi reservations and message appointment as during the holidays they weren’t accepting refunds. And we eventually stopped talking for the last week of December, now everything from January to march was okay, things got worked on a bit and I was hopping things would get better, but when march came it was her “ birthday month “ not her birthday so the whole month I was basically on eggshells, she would yell at me if I touched the radio or the thermostat in the car, but yet would let her best friend do whatever to the car, on the day before her bday she didn’t want to go out and do something she just wanted a repeat of Disney+ and fun time, and the next day on her birthday I found out that she was on a party bus with the girl who basically got me hammered by ordering me doubles instead of singles and got black out drunk she took advantage of me. And according to her when I found out I shouldn’t have gotten mad as “ since I haven’t told the cops it didn’t happen “ and yet I said okay and continued to be with her, ever since march it’s been fights over and over and last week we got into an argument as I told her I’m felling distant as we’re not doing anything besides fighting over spilt milk and when it comes to doing other things you do it with other people and so she hung up on me and I didn’t get a call or text until she messaged me 8 hours later saying “ hey I’m almost at my cousins I decided to go there for the weekend “ ( btw her cousin lives 3 hours away ) and so I told her “ if we’re going to have all these fights and not be a couple and you’re just going to run away from me and your problems then I think it’s best if we end this and focus on ourselves “ and so she blocked me and I didn’t know this till the next day when I called and it only rang once when I called so I just accepted the fact. Now follow just a couple hours ago I get a call from a blocked number and it’s her asking if we “ can actually try again “ and that “ things will be different “ but I honestly don’t know what to do as I still have feelings for her but I don’t want the constant fights and feeling like fuck buddies.
TL;DR ~ Me and my ex broke up cause of constant drama and now she wants to try again after a week of being broken up
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2023.06.05 09:40 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday
What do you do to get away from it all when you've gambled away all your money, your pec implants are drifting apart, and you've spent time in prison? Why, go on an African Hunting Holiday, of course, for another 'In Vision' commentary recap from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"RIGHT... thrrough.\"

For this one Louis is joined by Terry Nutkins, a British TV presenter and conservationist, who sadly passed away in 2012. This is my personal favourite commentary, as I grew up watching Terry on 'The Really Wild Show' and just thought it was lovely to see him again.

Cast of characters: Riaan (hunt organiser), Ann-Marie and Paul (American couple), Piet (animal breeder), Lolly (vet running a game farm)

  • The idea behind the episode was to cover another "luxury lifestyle" after they had explored gambling and plastic surgery
  • Terry does eat meat, but feels strongly against the "outright cruel" and "obscene" practice of "trophy hunting" (especially as the "hunting" shown in the episode is merely "shooting")
  • Louis says the "trophy hunting" had been made so easy it was more like "furniture shopping"
  • It was a struggle for Louis and the crew to get permission to film with a hunting agency, because the agencies knew how unpopular they were, and expected any media attention to be negative
  • Louis felt "an obligation to be fair" to Riaan, because he had "gone out on a limb" by agreeing to go on camera
  • Louis on hunting: "Not a good thing, really."
  • Terry has "no respect whatsoever" for the hunters in the episode, and considers it "outrageous" that they encourage their young children to shoot the animals
  • Louis was surprised that, at the time of filming, people were still able to shoot rhinos, but Terry suspects they could "bend the law, somewhat", if rhinos they had bred were being killed on their own, fenced-off land
  • Louis notes that a "300-pound" bloke just sitting on a truck shooting animals would be looked-down upon by the "hunting fraternity"
  • Most of the people who went hunting were American, but there were also Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, and British
  • Louis: "Apparently, the Spanish just, don't really care about trophies, they just want carnage [...] They like to shoot as many animals as possible."
  • Terry on Ann-Marie: "She's... yeah, someone I wouldn't, uh, want to spend much time with, really."
  • Louis brings up how much pressure there was on him to get involved (later saying that it upset him), after mentioning how spending time outdoors with the hunters "softens you up a bit" to joining in
  • Terry doesn't believe he could ever be "softened up", as he could only justify killing an animal for survival, and was appalled by how the other hunters were there for trophies, not "the excitement of the hunt"
  • Piet had previously been interviewed by Roger Cook, after Cook had made a documentary on "Canned Hunting" in South Africa, where he posed as a rich businessman and a lion was drugged to make it easier for him to shoot
  • Louis says the rules for lion-hunting had since been made stricter in South Africa, requiring lions to be allowed to live in a large enclosure for several years before being used for hunting
  • Louis and Terry agree that lions are "ferocious" and "incredibly frightening beasts" that have "no emotions for humans"
  • Louis mentions how, irrespective of the cost, hunters would not typically want to kill lions, and they were considered to be "the most emotive" species
  • On the other hand, hunters could also have little interest in animals that were too easy to kill, with one species of rhino having such poor eyesight that you could just "run up to it and shoot it"
  • Terry says tigers and lions are the most dangerous land animals, with lions being the more dangerous of the two, as at least tigers are solitary animals (a few lionesses would "tear you apart")
  • Terry is very impressed by Louis' South African accent (you can listen to Louis' 'Call of the Weird' audiobook to hear him to do plenty of other accents)
  • Louis estimates that a lion would cost £20,000 to £30,000 to kill, and a rhino would be £25,000 to £35,000, whereas something like a kudu would be only £1,000
  • Terry believes that a vet like Lolly justifies what he does with the near-instant deaths his animals will receive (Terry earlier spoke about how farm animals suffer worse deaths when they are slaughtered)
  • Louis discusses how much more "tame" the animals seemed to be on reserves where only crossbow-hunting was allowed, though Terry takes exception to Louis saying that they were "happy"
  • Terry never uses the word "happy" ("a very human sort of word") with animals and prefers to use "content"
  • Terry: "An animal is content when it has young, and it actually successfully rears its young."
  • Lolly refused to let anyone shoot his giraffes, and Louis visited two other reserves where the giraffes could not be killed (though Louis isn't sure if part of that is because they're "too easy" as targets and the owners knew people wouldn't ask for them anyway)
  • Louis relays how the "professional hunters" said that Lolly was in "the wrong job", because he was too close to his animals and would get angry at any hunters who weren't taking it seriously
  • Terry on a hunter posing with his kill: "Well, if it's so wonderful, why kill it?"
  • The hunters would stay for a week, and got together each night to show off their kills
  • There was a taxidermy workshop attached to the hunting lodge, which is where the heads are being taken during the butchery scene
  • Louis says "in theory" the meat from the killed animals was being "distributed to local villages [...] although, I never actually saw that"
  • Terry does not disagree that the amount of money hunting brings in can make the reserves worthwhile, and mainly has a problem with the attitudes of the hunters
  • When asked what species he wouldn't hunt, one of the hunters told Louis that "he would hunt them all, if he had the money"
  • Terry brings up how Ann-Marie might not want to hurt a zebra, but a zebra would want to hurt her ("a zebra would give you a really nasty bite, and a really nasty kick")
  • Terry warns how it may be that poachers wipe out a species in the wild and they only exist in game farms, but then the poachers will just move on to killing the animals in the farms
  • Terry believes animals "know when they are going to die" and that any preparations for their death will cause them stress
  • Terry states that all the animals he has seen so far appear healthier than they normally do in the wild, and have clearly been looked after
  • There is a discussion of whether our survival instinct means that human beings have an innate desire to hunt animals
  • Personal Note: After Ann-Marie shoots the impala, I always found it extremely creepy how Paul keeps saying "Lots of blood! I saw lots of blood!"
  • Terry goes off on Ann-Marie being "like a child" (and, despite how uncomfortable she seems, Louis mentions that she went on to shoot more animals)
  • There had been a lot of discussion about Louis hunting, and Louis knew that people would expect him to take part in the topic of the documentary
  • Terry had not seen the episode before, and so did not know if Louis shot anything (Louis, obviously, keeps quiet about what happens)
  • The Director and Assistant Producer had gone on "2 or 3 trips" to South Africa before filming began, were confident that they could have shot an animal, and strongly felt that Louis should try it
  • Terry notes how artificial the "hunting" setup for Louis is, with the animals lured to the area with food and water, and how the birds pecking the ground resemble chickens at a farm
  • Louis had "made an agreement with himself" to at least line-up a shot, take the safety off, and put his finger on the trigger
  • Terry acts like a proud father when Louis doesn't shoot anything
  • Louis had mixed emotions after not pulling the trigger, as he felt relieved at having made "the right decision", but guilty about possibly disappointing his audience
  • Terry says he's never killed an animal, then clarifies that he has accidentality killed two deer stags who had jumped in front of his car
  • As soon as they appear on-screen, Terry talks about how dangerous sable antelopes are, and that he knew a worker in a safari park who was horned by one, managed to get to his land-rover to call for help, and then died of blood-loss before anyone arrived
  • When Louis asks Terry if a lion cub could be raised as a completely tame lion, Terry replies with "No, you can't do that. They are always wild animals. Always."
  • Louis on Piet becoming angry: "I thought he was going to whack me."
  • Terry on Piet shoving the camera: "Good telly!"
  • Piet was big into genetics, and tried to breed animals from different locations to bring together their positive traits
  • They both note that Piet "improving the gene pool" to create animals with longer horns just so happened to mean that they would be worth more money to trophy hunters
  • Piet was also into "inline breeding" of his animals, which is just a fancier way of saying "inbreeding" (Terry does not approve)
  • Piet had claimed that sable antelopes were brought back from the brink of extinction by the numbers being bred for hunting, which Terry thinks could be true
  • Louis notes that such an approach would mean that only the "good-looking" animals will be saved
  • Terry talks about how if the hunting acts as culling (i.e., targeting older animals), the meat is used afterwards, and the animals are well cared for without any inbreeding, then it would be acceptable
  • Terry may, or may not, have been a champion jet skier ("Let the rumour carry on!"), but he really is missing parts of two fingers after they were bitten-off by an otter

Next up will be the final recap, where Louis (in 2009) lets us know that 'The Most Hated Family in America' has gone bankrupt and may never be heard from again.
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2023.06.05 09:39 badatbjjthrowaway Would you like a side of sexual harassment with your pizza? (UK07 on Wellesley St)

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2023.06.05 09:39 jolly_hires Uncovering Local Jobs Near Me for A Successful Career

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2023.06.05 09:37 nextgeneration123 Job Agencies Near Me - Next Generation

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2023.06.05 09:37 saidfgn Update 1: Help me find my lost cat

Here is the original post.
Yesterday we glued about 20 A4 flyers on walls and columns around place that we lost my cat. Some people immediately noticed our flyers and asked some questions. There is also school nearby, so I hope kids can notice my cat and call me.
Woke up today with my cousin at 3 a.m. We brought my lost cat's brother in a carrier. He was meowing and sometimes trying to escape but mostly fine. We walked whole perimeter of the place we last saw him for about 1.5 hours. We made stops for 1-2 mins every 10-20 minutes. Brother cat was meowing, not very loud. But I think you could still listen him from significant distance. We still couldn't hear or see my lost cat, unfortunately.
Today I am going to place my dirty socks and shirts in a box at the place near vet's office where we lost him.
Will appreciate any useful advice. Please help me.
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2023.06.05 09:35 ronishainformatics Digital Marketing Service in Noida/ Best Digital Marketing Agency near me

Digital Marketing Service in Noida
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2023.06.05 09:32 Hot_Relationship295 We need Trainer-Lvl 60

Im sitting at lvl 50 for now likely a year. And honestly I wish they would add a lvl increase soon. The game is nearly fu**in' 7 years old. And if they handle the lvl system like the regular game how should we expect getting to lvl 10? In 30 years? I mean I would love to reach, even lvl 60 before the game dies. And honestly when they're done with integrating all pokemon to the game there are probably alot of people who quit. Maybe not forever but at least when a new generation comes out.
And for me the lvl up tasks help quite a but to keep me playing. Right now I just do a little GBL and play once a month the community day. That's it.
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2023.06.05 09:31 SwingBlade Issue with Dreadnought AI tracker

Hey folks!
So after getting in a massive shootout with sentinel forces, where I went from ~25 to ~80 interceptors downed, I finally figured out I had to take down the capital ship. Doing so got me the dreadnought piece to find my first interceptor ship. Yay!
Activating an anomaly got me an encounter with a Dyson Eye, which got me another capital ship, and another of the items to find a ship. I activated it, and it took me to the same planet as last time. And following the beacon took me... to the crash site of the last ship. Which was empty. I arrived there and the quest completed, with no gain/resolution.
Is it because I used the thing too near the first planet? Do I only get one interceptor? How do I prevent this in the future?
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2023.06.05 09:31 forestdigitaluk Fabric printing services near me

Looking for top-notch fabric printing services near you? Look no further than Forest Digital! We specialize in delivering exceptional fabric printing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures vibrant and long-lasting prints on a wide range of fabrics. Forest Digital is your go-to destination for all your fabric printing requirements. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of fabric printing!
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2023.06.05 09:29 Working-Plankton-370 pain and swelling after hard bite

hello! Couple days ago I bit into some food that was harder than expected and tooth nr 5 started hurting afterwards. pain is dull and sometimes pulsates, was localized strictly in that tooth. when i take painkillers it only hurts if i bite on it, ive been more careful with it overall.
second day a bruise appeared like 1cm above the tooth and goes into the fornix(the gums immediately near teeth are normal) . my cheek is a bit swollen in that area but nothing obvious, you have to stare a bit to see it and skin has normal colour. some of the pain seems to have migrated into the bruised/swollen area but it doesnt pulsate like the tooth one. it goes away for like 7hours after 400 mg ibuprofen and wakes me up at night if the effect goes away while i sleep (my pain tolerance is kinda low to be fair)
now on day 3, bruising has started to go away, pain is the same, swelling was a bit worse when i woke up but i think i slept on it.
is it a bruised tooth? could the swelling be inflammed sinus? could it go away with just painkillers and eating carefully?
i was supposed to go to the dentist this month for a cavity filling anyway but idk if i should rush it to get this checked out.
background: i have a mouthguard i wear at night because i clench my jaws. my teeth are pretty tight together even after taking out all winsdom teeth + braces for a year to fix the positions, have been told my bite is alligned nicely. whole family has cavity issues, i got 1 root canal and 10 fillings so far(early 20s). no smoking, havent drunk in 2 years.
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2023.06.05 09:29 Ill_Marionberry_131 Yet another picture from the elementary school near me

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2023.06.05 09:29 Astra_Arc Faust The White Mist

I've been thinking about this idea the whole night. First fanfic I've ever written. Final ID for Faust during her chapter
Faust L.corp remnant, uptying tier EX, The White Mist
Uptying requirements: 500 threads, 300 Faust EGO shards, chapter 12-x to be completed, special item (guiding thread Faust perhaps)
Story: Despite the absurdly huge amount of individual you can encounter in the city, it's almost impossible to find someone you really need
Our research facility slowly grows, but we've encountered a seemingly unbreakable ceiling
To extract matter from human subconscious, a phenomenal task requiring the most exceptional individual
Who knew we encounter one of them in the backstreets of all places?
While giving one of my speeches to the city folks, we've been stopped by a grade 2 fixer
White hair, pale skin, a high quality silk that made her clothing and eyes staring into the void, as if thinking about something grand
She seems out of place in this dusty and gloomy area, as if she somehow escaped the incurable disease that have been plaguing the minds of everyone in the city for ages
My words has caught her attention and she proposed to join my side
Her unusual intellect and wit was already enough to give her a position as a executive of the wing
But she chose the life of fixer
Gathering intel, giving valuable advices and eliminating threats in the city
Getting to this high grade and progressing even further seems almost trivial to her
And yet she chose us
Perhaps she's already knew who we are?
My friends and colleagues protested inviting her in, pointing out high possibility of her being a spy, sent to destroy us from the inside
But i knew that wasn't the case
Carmen: "Faust, I have an amazing news for you!"
Faust: "Have Faust's instructions finally paid off?"
Carmen:"Exactly! Using the right dosage of Cogito we've managed to extract a special equipment"
It was a solid black scythe emitting eerie sound with each swing
It's painful to hear it, nevermind actually wield it, yet holding it produces a weird melody that only wielder can hear
A soothing yet sinister music, trying to break wielders mind
Carmen: "While this weapon might be crude and even weaker than a sword you have right now, it's certainly have a near infinite potential, given the right wielder"
Faust: "Faust's knowledge in music is not as great as you might think, however I guarantee that with enough time, Faust will be well acquainted with this power"
In the midst of battle, a cacophony of painful screams, broken bones and grinding metal is broken by indescribable melody
Each swing tore the air in the most beautiful yet terrifying way, stunning any combatants senseless
Child swiftly slash enemies trying to escape the dreaded song
Each of her steps, her breath and even blinks was in rhythm with the melody
After the battle a weapon starts talking to the child
Not a rare occurrence, but something that have been happening quite a lot since child grow familiar with a scythe
???: "Da capo! From break and ruin the most beautiful performance begins"
???: "You shall become the conductor for the most beautiful performance this world is yet to see"
???: "As the symphony would come to an end, a new one would emerge from the ruins"
???: "An endless cycle of immortal art"
Faus: "Faust respects your admiration for the art of music, yet I must decline your proposition"
Faust: "To live in an endless cycle, means endless stagnation"
Faust: "Inability to move forward and experience something new, a true hell for researcher like me"
Faust: "Thousands or millions of years in a loop would bring only pain and despair to everyone, a fate more horrible than anything the world can give"
In a bright light, followed by resonating humming, child unlocked something new
In the midst of battle, the area came to a complete silence
Child, wearing a set of complete EGO, cover the entire battlefield in the mist
No sound can be heard, combatants slowly losing their mind enable to see or hear
A coloured fixer swiftly slides from enemy to enemy until nothing remains
Only the music that no one can hear, but everyone can listen to stays
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2023.06.05 09:29 Jabre7 This whale is one of the worst fights i've had to suffer through in this game

Now, Poborubarumu conceptually is pretty unique and cool, even among the Frontier monsters i've fought. He's a walking whale that can play songs to buff himself and whatnot, almost like a living Hunting Horn. His buffs even affect whatever's around him, including the player and whatever CPU companions they have, which is pretty nice and adds some dynamic to the fight...which doesn't mean much because his fight is abysmal.
Constant tremors and shockwave attacks that send you flying for most of your health even with proper gear and health buffs, very frequent hard to dodge attacks from the front, making attacking the tail near exclusively the only viable option for a Blademaster that i know of unless you constantly block...the fight would just be another annoying but managable check off on the list if this was all. But the reason this post was made was his healing. His heal buff applies slow regen to your party...but also to himself. And "slow" for a monster with a large health pool like him means your DPS needs to both naturally be very high and you need to be at your A game to outpace it...
Even then he'll seemingly have undone a large chunk of your damage so far. I know because i fought him for almost 30 minutes, and i kill even high health monsters in HR5 in 20 minutes tops, and he didn't even limp. I spammed charge slashes at lv2 whenever i could, and i have Focus+2 and the Resolute Faith GS, one of the best in HR5 for it's raw, sharpness, element and paralysis being very high. I also carted to the most stupid situations, though that might be on me for using a slow weapon like Greatsword. I'll try again with SnS and see if i do better, but i still never want to fight this thing again after this. The fact this is a Key Quest too just rubs salt in the wound...anyway thanks for reading, if you have any tips please tell
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2023.06.05 09:28 kitchenwitchin How did you roll up Ace in Mutsuo's level?

I picked up Dipp after a couple of tries once I had most of the non-animal items and cousins rolled up. However Ace runs around the other side of the tree from me whenever I get near him. I tried running straight into the tree to see if some of the katamari could reach him from the other side, but no. I don't see anything else I can roll up to make the katamari big enough to grab the bigger animals or shrubs. Help!
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2023.06.05 09:28 Fancy_Variety_1009 [Get] Adventures in SEO – Lena Gott

Visit Here:

Adventures in SEO Information

This is the registration page for the instructor-led course Adventures in SEO.
Let me clarify what I mean by "instructor led" because it is a little different from most courses available.
On Day 1, all course materials—including video lessons—are accessible. The instructor-led segment is designed to guide you through the content in a methodical manner and answer any questions you may have along the way.
The "live" component can be taken or left out entirely.
You will be a part of the Adventures in SEO Central Facebook group for the entire six weeks, where you may ask questions and get answers from other students and me personally during my weekly office hours.
I'll also be in the group for the duration of these six weeks, providing additional comments to supplement the courses we're studying that week and posing discussion starters to encourage learning.
You will continue to have access to the course materials after the 6-week live component has ended.
Additionally, you will be invited to join a community for course graduates where you may keep up your conversations and support one another:
In what areas is this course covered?
keyword optimization for Google and Pinterest. The two have a nearly equal share of it. This is due to the fact that many of the same principles apply to both platforms due to how comparable they are to rank for.
If you want to gain consistent traffic from Google, Pinterest, or both, this course will show you how to optimize your content.
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2023.06.05 09:28 NightmareLuna1996 Screaming kids

Anyone else notice this a lot? Nearly everyday especially when I'm out and about, there's always kids screaming, especially when they're playing, examples: 1: I was in my garden, there's a public grass patch right outside it, all of a sudden 2 girls show up, stand in front of each other and just scream out of nowhere into each other's faces. 2: I was swimming at an indoor pool and there was a little girl getting swimming lessons, every time she jumped into the water she would scream, thankfully her swim instructor told her to stop after nearly everyone was getting annoyed and leaving the pool. 3: I was at the mall and 2 kids were chasing each other and screaming. I have sensitive hearing so it really bothers me sometimes.
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2023.06.05 09:25 32Gold Mental health

hey everyone, hope you're doing well. Last month or so, i was feeling overwhelmed and made a post about possibly taking a break from RS, and there seemed to be a lot of support from other addicts/daily players/returning players/casual/new players, etc... it was really eye opening and has increased the quality of my life two-fold. i appreciate anyone who took the time to comment and share their story or give advice.
flash forward a month or two unto this very moment, i've decided that i'll be officially leaving (dailyscape) june 12th. with more immediate changes like playtime reduction and physical activity happening today monday june 5th.
i really really love this game, and all of my online friends. it's practically all i live for, and while it's been a good 3-4ish years, i really need to stop sitting down for like 8-18/+ hrs daily. it's draining, and i'm sleepless most days. my arms, back, knees, very weak. whats crazy is that doesnt even include my time spent on the cellphone scrolling reddit/twitteinstagram/youtube all day.
My diet has been daily 2-4litres of coca cola/pepsi soda and tens of thousands of dollars in delivery orders. which at times has put me in the negatives/debt and neapenniless several times. even wasnt able to pay my rent one time because of it and that was a bad month playing catch up. all while still playing the same amount. and it's crazy cuz there was a solid year or two where i only survived because i stumbled into a situation with an abusive but somewhat caring partner who kept me fed and would help me with housework. enabling me to play more. and instead of caring about my situation and doing something about it, i didn't tell anyone until it was too late for me. i was afraid of losing food and extra rs playtime comfort, and they used it against me in the worst ways. but thats on me. nobody else. not the point of the post, but just saying that focusing solely on Runescape can really prevent you from 'running and escaping' your real problems. in the real world. it's like putting blinders on a horse... all fine and dandy because it can carry a few hundred extra pounds, but eventually some miles down the road it will possibly have some sort of fracture/injury/death.
im now fully aware that i hid/e behind my addiction and it's not helping long-term. no matter what i tell myself, and what my 'friends' and commenters have said.. it's not cool.... and its not healthy to play hours on end every single day, unless you;re already maybe housebound or chronically ill. but the exception does'nt make the rule.
in recent months it seems like everyone wants to throw around the word 'fomo' (fear of missing out) and it can be a real thing forsure, but only if you let it be.
i/we need to be accountable instead of something like chuckling at our 'time played' on steam overlay. it's really not funny bros.
same with "just logging for dailies" it's never just that most times, and doing every reaper + daily + dnd x2/4 back to back within a small timeframe certainly does'nt help either. the xp and gp rates are some of the best for the time played... i can agree, forsure. but is it really fun in comparison to a full life outside of runescape? really think about that.. it took me lots of notetaking and comparison/research/conversations just to even start thinking. i was sold the illusion that i can do whatever i want because it's my life. which is true!!! and hey i definitley loved playing 12=18 hours some days, forsure, but i couldnt begin to tell you how many times ive played for days and weeks on end with not a glimmer of hope.. just because i wanted to force prgoression. it's scary to think back on it sometimes because whenever i look at my window from outside on the way home now one of the first thoughts is "wow i cant believe i've sat behind that curatin for 250+ days playtime".... almost literally can't unsee the imaginary shadow of depression that lurks in my window.
when people say "do whatever you want" they almost will never lay out the consequences for you.. because it's your situation to deal with... and that's fair. figuring stuff out on your own is oftentimes a really large part of life, i mean heck me and my buddies would joke about touching grass and opening the curtains for sun these past years.. like i mean yeah it's an mmorpg, but it should'nt be the end of our lives. confined to a chair. i literally didnt realize the damage i was doing.
funny story, so two weeks ago i bought an $80 mop and spin bucket instead of ordering takeout food for the day. when it arrived i realized i couldnt even sweep or mop because i had hundreds of soda cans, delivery food bags, and random stuff all over the floor. after spending 12 hours cleaning it up, i mopped the floor for the first time in........ 16 months? maybe longer? was probably like near xmas 2021 last time i swiffered/reusable mop, and wow bros i mean wow.... i know i forgot and i knew it was dirty all the time.. but like.. not that dirty.. it literally took me x4 buckets on each section of my apartment, a whole bottle of floor cleaner, and lots and lots and lots of moving around.. even passed out from exhaustion at one point. it was embarassing.... i felt like asmongold when he went to build his ikea bedframe with pinksparkles, but couldnt because he was too lightheaded. if anyone knows what im talking about you know thats not a good thing lol.
after i woke up to nice clean floors, but messy everything else, i revisted the old post i made about contemplating a break, and it was like i had a sudden realization that mopping my floors is only 1/100th of the responsibility and accountability i should be holding in my daily life. fr. since those past few weeks i have now swept and mopped every other day with the windows and curtains open. it has literally been changing my life. going barefoot ona nice clean floor with a fresh scent really makes the place feel like 'home' and brightened up. i dont know how to explain it bros but i promise if theres one small step thats worth making.. its having a clean floor, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, and clean bed. feels like a 5-star hotel or some kind of exspensive airb&b rental. which is crazy.
so odd to think with the money ive spent to be a degen on rs3, i could've been pursuing my dreams of nationwide, and worldwide travelling - literally could've even bought a small piece of land, fixed up an old vehicle, and camper trailer aswell. all of my major life goals would've been met... odd.
starting to realize it's really weird how i have many accounts, billions of xp, gold, rares, etc... but truly not very much to show in the real world other than my awesome personality and smile. which means a lot to a select few, sure, but probably means nothing to the majority.
nobody except my rs friends and readers of this post know that i sometimes stay inside for 1-12 months at a time (zero sunlight) playing 12 hour days the majority of the week. it's always been my little secret that i sweep under the rug. like a dirty little cave goblin.
i really don't know any helpline phone numbers anyone can call if there in the same position as me, because i've never had any assistance or anybody to talk to except the people i play with everyday, and honestly while playing does help in the moment, it's not ideal. not saying you cant do it like i did or keep doing it or whatever.. your call homies, but like this post is specifically for the bros wanting to pursue recovery and make positive change.. not quit.. just fix things to a healthy playstyle.
it's not impossible bros, please don't give up and relapse if there's something you want to achieve in the real world. we're all gonna make it brah. i promise you.
someone said it a few months ago on here and i cant remember who, but "RS will always be there for us. always. and the real homies will keep your discord and rsn on their list." and with max cash + necromancy being released soon, i just know for my sake that it's time to slow things down. i can't/won't play catch up with re-maxing my acc/s and finshing trim. i just cant do it for my health sake and at this point im finally OK with it taking years.
irdk if this post is even allowed, but i just really wanted to share my experience of addiction and my journey to a healthy recovery and healthy playtime.
i really love everyone in this subreddit and lots of people on the rs official discord server. except the trolls of course! lol! but yeah RS family.. it's time i start being a more casual player instead of daily addiction. i miss sitting down in a restraunt, going on hikes, going to gym, tanning, basic hygiene. you know normal everyday human stuff that's shown to increase quality of your life. all the stuff that i used to somewhat do before covid pandemic. which isnt an excuse. just saying the pandemic really exacerbated my already bad situation and ended up putting blinders on. thats all. my fault 100%.
hang in there bros, you're not alone ,not now not in the past not in the future, you have more support than you know and all it takes is making those first few steps... sometimes and id probably personally even go as far to say.. most times those first steps and reaching out to someone can be the hardest. i'm living proof of that, but every centimeter you move forward is another centimeter from falling back, bros. which really makes all the difference.
really really hope everyone has a really good monday update and monday morning... and a really productive week too - y'all are on my mind all the time and i don't know where i'd be and what i'd be doing without y'all. this community has saved me and rebuilt me from the ground up too many times to count. thankyou coomunity.
also goodnight to the late night players who didnt go to bed a hella longtime ago, lolz. imma get a few hours of sleep too then need to walk across town and drop off some mail.
but yeah if anyone needs a buddy for the next few days or wants to learn some pvm/skilling tips, or even just vent for some support or something about ur addiction... i'll be around a little bit for the next week on reddit and ingame for small stuff until june 12.
also p.s. i'll end this with a hot-take: Mental health awareness event and the matching MHAW promo that ended early was absolutely terrible and did my/friends mental health no favours. which we're aware is our fault, but really just seemed like one big, poorly planned, cash grab.
have a great week y'all
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2023.06.05 09:25 DSanchez35 First Car

First Car
Hi everyone, got my first car (2003 gls) back in march and it's treated me well ever since. Only modifications so far are the wheels, radio, some of the plastic coolant flanges, one of the door locks and the antenna. Looking forward to making it more my own in the near future.
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2023.06.05 09:23 Fuzzywigbutter AITA for trying to steal a business from a child?

Okay so i live out in a frontier town near the border of my country. Its a simple place with even simpler people. The village is rather poor and doesn't have many exports to bring in money. Other than some low quality crops are only real export are potions from an apothecary. The problem being is that apothecary is run by a 13yo child, who is quite gifted when it comes to potion making but he is far to young to in charge of such a vital part to the village economy.
My proof for this comes for this is when one of his employees came to my party to ask us help her deal with a rat infestation before it gets out of hand because the owner was to scared or embarrassed to do anything about it. The next day we ventured into cellar where we found out that not only are the apothecary's extra ingredients stored but also the villages entire winter rations supply. After a grueling battle in the damp, dark, and decrepit cellar fighting off giant rats we emerged victorious.
The next day i went to speak with the village leader to discuss the dangerous situation regarding the food storage, because it seemed obvious to me and the rest of the party that this child is far to naïve and immature to be responsible for something so vital to the villages survival.
The village leader mostly agreed with mine and my parties decision to put someone else in charge of running the business at least until he comes of age, but when the guard captain (whos been a real thorn in our side for awhile), started rallying the towns people against us by claiming we were trying to steal the business the he started away from him but that wasn't are intention. Now half the town is mad at us and its getting harder and harder for us to get people to see our side of things.
so reddit are we TA's?
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