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Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

2023.06.05 08:29 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!

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Package Includes:

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2023.06.05 08:03 Dorothy2023 "Hilarious" Australian Sov Cit Scammer Dave Oneeglio & Quack Peter Evans

I clicked on an article called Hilarious in-fighting derails ‘sovereigns’ thinking it would be funny but nope, disturbing.
Aussie scammer Dave Oneeglio:
  1. Followed by murderers Gareth, Stacey and Nathaniel Train who killed two cops and another man. Dave's comment “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty.”
  2. Misused $500,000 money meant for flood victims on jet skis, etc. Source
  3. Backed by Rebel News Source: Dave Oneegs: Punished for helping Lismore flood victims
  4. Trying to raise money to challenge the court -- GiveSendGo - Dave Oneeglio Supreme Court Challenge fund: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site. Only $7 out of $100,000 requested LOL
  5. Sells fun Sovcit merchandise like these Why Are We Dying tank tops!
It's fun!

Even clothing for kids
From his website:
On a recent trip to Melbourne I caught up with Vicky Derderian.
At the time of filming last week,
Vicky was being denied a heart transplant unless she submits to 3 doses of the you know what.
Today, Vicky has now informed me that the Alfred Hospital has now suddenly told her she is simply no longer eligible for a heart, which is basically a death sentence for her, unless she somehow finds a way to get a transplant overseas.
I don’t think we have seen a more callous example of medical apartheid in the last 3 years.
This is a case that affects ALL Australians.
Remember to always be honourable and respectful, but at the same time do not be afraid to tell them how you feel about this complete lack of compassion, empathy, and common sense.

Fake Reviews

Friends with quack Pete Evans who:
  1. Suggested recipes for new moms with "extremely deadly for all babies" recipes according to health experts. Source: Pete Evans relishes claim he ‘wants to kill your babies’ in the wake of his paleo diet book being delayed
  2. Advice for osteoporosis sufferers: Stop eating dairy products as it really removes calcium from bones. (Doctors don't know this.) Source
  3. Promotes brief and direct looks into the sun. Source
  4. Said a doctor who died from pancreatic cancer didn’t know how to "deal with" his illness, and should have talked to him. Source
  5. Sold a BioCharger NG for AUD$15,000 as a cure for COVID Source
  6. Posted Nazi symbols on his website. Source

Source: Sovereign citizen Dave Oneeglio starts charging for website membership
Sovereign citizens are up in arms after a decision by prominent conspiracy theorist Dave Oneeglio to start charging for access to his radical beliefs.
February 2, 2023
Sovereign citizens in one of the movement’s most popular Aussie chatrooms are up in arms over a decision by their de facto leader Dave Oneeglio to begin charging $20 per month for access to his conspiracy theorist website.
Oneeglio, who runs the chat under his username Dave Oneegs, announced he would be adding a monthly payment option for access to his website, supposedly to make his radical conspiracy beliefs more accessible — except that it is significantly more expensive than paying annually upfront.
Oneeglio is frequently spotted online peddling radical and, at worst, dangerous anti-government conspiracies that fall under the sovereign citizen umbrella.
His most recent move, though, has garnered backlash even from within the community.
Followers slammed the decision to grant access to Oneeglio’s website for $20 per month — $239 per year — as opposed to the currently available $192 annual payment.
“Dave, read the room, mate. The market sets the price for what a product or service is worth, regardless of what you believe it’s worth. And your audience is telling you that you are overpriced,” one user, Tash, wrote.
“No point getting offended and defensive by that and making people feel like s**t. You will NEVER win people over that way.”
“You’ve completely lost the plot if you think that people are going to pay more than their streaming service subscription that they can turn on 24/7 for something that comes out on Tuesday’s (sic) and Thursdays,” said another user, Fox Hunter.
“I’ve supported Dave since the beginning but tbh (to be honest) I feel like he’s talking down to me and attacking me because I can’t afford to sign up to his website. It’s pretty tone deaf to tell people what they can and can’t afford. I’m on a disability pension so there no way (sic) I can afford $97. And I don’t think that’s my fault but Dave makes me feel like it is,” wrote a third.
The critics earned the vitriol of Oneeglio, who insisted even a “homeless person” could front up the cash.
“I guarantee a homeless person can find $5 a week. I guarantee it! We have a media that has decimated this country … and I’m doing something about it,” he wrote in one rambling response.
“The team and I and everyone who is supporting are tired of complaining and we are actually going to DO. something about it. If you can’t find $5, that’s fine … It’s not because you don’t have it … It’s because you don’t see the value yet in how important this is and u will spend the $5 elsewhere.”
He later doubled down, posting a videoed rant in which he accused the chat’s members of “shooting (him) in the back”.
“Why don’t you actually put yourselves in our shoes just for two seconds and think, wow, these people have been going non-stop for three years now. They might actually give a s**t about this country, they might actually be doing their best that they can,” Oneeglio said in a vlog from his car.
“We don’t plan on stopping but just stop trying to shoot us down when we’re fighting for you. Had enough of it. Over and out.”
Inside the conspiracy beliefs
The term “sovereign citizen” encompasses a broad range of ideologies, including anti-vaccine, anti-mainstream media and anarchist beliefs, but at its core refers to an insistence that the government and its actors are illegitimate.
The movement shot into public consciousness late last year after three of its members, the murderous Train trio, shot dead two Queensland police officers and a bystander.
One of the Train brothers was a member of Oneeglio’s own Telegram channel, and had referenced the conspiracy leader in his writings.
It is not suggested that any member of the group, including Oneeglio, was involved in the events at Wieambilla.
Unsettling screenshots of conversations being had inside the chat showed participants sympathising with the Train trio and even praising the cold-blooded killing of Constable McCrow and Constable Arnold.
One of the most disturbing comments came under a post from Oneeglio himself asking how his followers were “feeling”, after sharing a photo with the phrase: “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty.”
“How is everyone feeling? I feel flat and unsettled. Something feels very ‘wrong’ on some level today. Please share a comment below,” he wrote under the image.
One follower replied to this comment, urging others in the group to “take up arms” just like Nathaniel Train and his brother had.
“It feels very strange today. One of our fold has finally carried out their promise to make a difference. It will make a difference,” they wrote.
“They can’t keep suppressing us forever. Time to take up arms like our brother Nate.”
In other posts, commenters referred to one of the Train brothers as a “modern day Ned Kelly”, warning the “same thing might happen” if police officers tried to come onto their land.
Oneeglio has created a career for himself off the back of the movement and his Telegram channel, which has more than 61,000 subscribers.
The self-purported “influencer” has even started a merchandise range.
One shirt has the lines “Pharma funds the media, the media funds your fears. Your fears fund your disease, your disease funds pharma,” while another design states, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”
In recent months, he has been linked to numerous public clashes between sovereign citizens and police.
Oneeglio is currently facing a legal fight over allegations he used money raised for northern NSW flood victims inappropriately.
Oneeglio, also a friend of controversial chef Pete Evans, has been charged with one count each of failing to comply with lawful requirements, conducting unlawful appeals for support and person assisting an appeal converting money for own use or failing to properly account for the money concerning the flooding in Lismore.
The Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) recently told News Corp that charges against the 48-year-old had been filed following an investigation.
Magistrate Colin Strofield adjourned the matter to March 17 to set a trial date if required.
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2023.06.05 07:07 desertplum Patrick Merrill, Missing from Plymouth, NH since 1987

Patrick Merrill, Missing from Plymouth, NH since 1987
Hey everyone! Sorry for the length and any formatting issues. I wanted to compile all the information I found into one document, especially since this took place in the 80's - 90's there wasn't a full summary of this case anywhere online. I know it's really long, but I felt all the details and nitty gritty was important to include. I watch way too much true crime, and was browsing New Hampshire cold cases online. One that stood out to me was Patrick Merrill. I am from Plymouth, and before seeing his case I wasn't aware of it happening. The man who did this to Patrick is apparently still alive, and I feel passionately that Patrick's family deserves justice and closure.
Patrick Merrill was a 21-year-old freshman Plymouth State College student from New York who went missing on April 6, 1978, last seen on Route 3, near downtown Plymouth. He is still listed as a missing person. At the time of his disappearance, he was living in the Bradford Manor student rooming house. Patrick’s family described him as having a heavy beard, light mustache, bright blue eyes, a scar on his nose, a false front tooth, reddish-auburn hair, 5’9” (an additional article I found stated 5’11” and 130-140 pounds (Valley News, Apr 23, 1987). In 2023, he would be 57.
Photo from WMUR News 9
I have searched the web and old newspaper articles related to his case, and it is infuriating to say the least. Merrill was last seen at 7:30pm on April 6th, 1987, getting into George Pregent’s (40 at the time) green Mercury Comet with VT plates. Pregent was a resident of Keene, NH. Merrill met Pregent in February 1987 while hitchhiking from the University of MA to Plymouth, NH. He collected (newspapers say anywhere from $6,000 - $13,000) from his friends to buy 10lbs of marijuana from Pregent and was never seen again after entering Pregent’s car. According to Merrill’s sister, he was a casual marijuana user and was not involved with dealing before this incident. Also, according to his sister, Merrill was conducting the deal for friends at UMass, and possibly PSC students, and expected to profit $2,000. Merrill’s Mother felt that he would not voluntarily go missing, as his father was terminally ill with cancer (The Burlington Free Press, Jul 7, 1987).
On April 13, 1987, Pregent, along with David Langlois (20, VT) were arrested in Rumney, NH, (driving the same Mercury Comet that Merrill was last seen in, which was impounded upon Pregent’s arrest), and arrested on possession of controlled substance with intent to sell. Pregent was taken into custody at Grafton County jail and refused to speak about Merrill (Valley News, Apr 23, 1987). According to the Concord Monitor (May 27, 1987) Pregent was living in “the 1875 House” (618 Fairground Rd, Plymouth, NH) at the time (contradicts the other article stating he is a Keene, NH or Proctor, VT resident), and was arrested on theft of services, between April 4 – 6th he used a false name and address to avoid paying for car repairs. Pregent’s record dates back to the 1960’s and is described by police as a career criminal (The Boston Globe, May 1990).
On July 10, 1987, while awaiting trial for theft of service charges in Merrimack County Jail, Pregent escaped through a skylight after cutting the bars with a smuggled hacksaw blade (Concord Monitor, Jul 11, 1987). I was not able to locate information about Pregent’s capture or return to prison. Previously, In 1976, Pregent escaped from a Burlington, VT prison while serving time for the theft of 32 Volkswagens. He was caught in Boston, MA in September 1978. Pregent was paroled in 1981, and then became a teacher at Lamoille Union High School until he was arrested in December 1984 for planning a break-in and theft at Copley Hospital pharmacy. He was imprisoned for this, and again paroled in December 1986 (The Burlington Free Press, Jul 7, 1987). In 1990 Pregent was jailed in North Carolina on forgery convictions (The Boston Globe, May 1990).
A week after Merrill’s disappearance a Jeep owned by Pregent was believed to be seen in Proctor, VT, close to a bog. This bog, “Proctor Bog” is near West Mountain, about 1.5 miles up a trail on Cain Street off an old logging road. This trail is also referred to as “High Ledge” by area locals (Rutland Daily Herald, May 1990.). Pregent (no date provided) formerly lived in Proctor. In 1987 a gallon plastic jar containing decomposed hand palms and foot soles was found in another wooded area in Proctor that Pregent was known to frequent. Merrill has a relatively rare blood type (AB), the skin from the jug was tested and matches Merrill’s blood type (Rutland Daily Herald, May 1990.) An article by the Boston Globe states that a DNA analysis was conducted on the skin to determine if they were Merrill’s, but they would not discuss the test results (The Boston Globe, May 1990).
NH and VT state police searched the bog in Proctor on May 9, 1990, using police dogs trained to sniff out bodies. The police dogs indicated that on the west side of the bog they may have smelled body parts (Rutland Daily Herald, May 1990.). Another article states the police dogs alerted to a specific spot of the bog three individual times, but nothing was found in the area (Valley New, May 24, 1990). A direct quote from the Rutland Daily Herald article, “police have believed for several years that Merrill’s dismembered body could be in the pond, their plans to execute a search have repeatedly fallen through. After waiting for two years for the bog to drain naturally in the fall, police finally opted to obtain permission to drain the pond.” (Rutland Daily Herald, May 1990). During the search, east of the bog near a stone wall five bones ranging from 4-7” were found. The bones were tested by pathologists and an anthropologist at the University of VT and were later found to be animal bones.
Police stated that George Pregent was the only suspect in the case, but without a body they felt that prosecutors would have difficulty convicting Pregent of Merrill’s murder (The Boston Globe, May 1990). A confidential informant gave information to VT and NH police that suggests that Pregent never intended to sell Merrill the marijuana. The informant conveyed that Pregent stole the money, murdered, and dismembered Merrill, burying the bones in “Proctor Bog” (this article states that Pregent was living in Proctor at the time of Merrill’s disappearance, contradicting the other articles that list Plymouth and Keene). Police say they recovered some of the money from the drug deal, and that the money is connected to Pregent. The informant, an associate of Pregent told police that Pregent showed him the plastic bottles with palms and foot soles two days after Merrill’s disappearance. This informant also told VT state police that he saw Pregent with a plastic bag containing limbs, and that Pregent went to “Proctor Bog” the day after the informant saw the bag. Tire tracks and “other evidence” (doesn’t specify) suggest Pregent drove to the bog, and walked along the marsh (Valley New, May 24, 1990).
VT State Police Detective Sgt. Brian Abbey said that police will not search the bog again for the body, but he predicts Pregent will be charged with murder. He is quoted as saying “We have a very, very strong case.”. The only record I could locate relating to anyone in this case after May 1990 is an article about Pregent’s arrest in Concord, NH in January 2002 on felony-level counts of possession with intent to distribute and being a felon in possession of a firearm (Concord Monitor, 2002).
As described by his sister: Merrill was the youngest of three, enjoyed basketball, scuba diving, and the outdoors. He read everything and loved to play chess. He was a wonderful kid with a sense of adventure, and a wonderful sense of humor (The Boston Globe, May 1990.)
From what I could find George Pregent is STILL alive today and was never charged. (Presuming that he is guilty), he needs to be charged so Patrick Merrill can finally have justice. Patrick’s family deserves to have peace, closure, and to know what happened to him all those years ago. I think it goes without saying but nobody deserves to be murdered over pot. I’m not sure what, but I’m sure something can be done with all the advancements in DNA, and science that the criminal justice system has today in comparison to the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. All I know is Patrick Merrill deserves to be found and put to rest. I found an obituary of his Mom, who passed away last year. I cannot imagine the heartache and turmoil she went through all those years not knowing what happened to her son, or where he was.
WMUR Article: https://www.wmur.com/article/new-hampshire-unsolved-case-file-disappearance-of-patrick-merrill/19673486
NH Department of Justice Cold Case File: https://www.doj.nh.gov/criminal/cold-case/victim-list/patrick-merrill.htm
NAMUS (National Unidentified and Missing Persons System): https://www.namus.gov/MissingPersons/Case#/23398?nav
Concord Monitor. (January 25, 2002). George Pregent, Marijuana Arrest 2002. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 5, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/concord-monitor-george-pregent-marijuan/125825136/
Concord Monitor. (July 11, 1987). George Pregent Escapee Caught Jul 1987. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/concord-monitor-george-pregent-escapee-c/125825171/
Concord Monitor. (May 27, 1987). George Pregent, the 1875 House - theft of services May 1987. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/concord-monitor-george-pregent-the-1875/125825847/
Rutland Daily Herald. (May 10, 1990). Proctor bog, search for Patrick Merrill continued. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/rutland-daily-herald-proctor-bog-search/125872899/
The Boston Globe. (May 13, 1990). Boston Globe, Patrick Merrill mention. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-boston-globe-boston-globe-patrick-m/125873157/
The Burlington Free Press. (July 7, 1987). Patrick merrill mention continued. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-burlington-free-press-patrick-merril/125872328/
Valley News. (April 23, 1987). Patrick Merrill, Apr 23, 1987. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 4, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/valley-news-patrick-merrill-apr-23-198/125824332/
Valley News. (May 24, 1990). Bog Search for Patrick Merrill, May 1990. Newspapers.com. Retrieved June 5, 2023, from https://www.newspapers.com/article/valley-news-bog-search-for-patrick-merri/125824491/
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2023.06.05 06:44 Dan_Stainberg [Election]

[M]/Doing retro coz reddit has apparently locked my account before 2024 expired, and I just realised this hasn't been published /[M]

Canadian Federal Elections 101

Canada has inherited its political system from the United Kingdom, sticking to Westminster parliamentary system ever since. This means, that unlike in the United States, the outcome of Canadian elections are won by whichever party manages to elect the greatest number on Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of Canada, allowing the leader of this party to assume the office of Prime Minister.
The Senate of Canada provides for a stark contrast, since despite being originally designed to ensure provincial representation, the upper house remains unelected and is largely subjected to the politics in the House of Commons.
When no party is able to secure more than 50 per cent of seats in the House, a leader of a political party that is able to command more than 50 per cent of MPs, for example through singing supply and confidence or coalition agreements with other parties, becomes Prime Minister instead. Historically, however, the largest party in the House of Commons tends to form a monitory government, when it commands a plurality of MPs, rather than an outright majority. This allows the largest party to remain in power, but it has to rely on MPs from other political factions to pass crucial pieces of legislation, especially when it comes to votes that indicate parliamentary confidence, such as federal budgets. Losing those votes, would effectively mean that the current government has to either be completely re-staffed with new Cabinet Ministers, or call a snap election.
However, minority governments remained fairly uncommon in Canada, since the current voting system, called First-Past-the-Post (FPTP), allows for individual MPs to win their respective ridings - also known as constituencies - to be elected into the House of Commons with a simple plurality of votes. Thus, a political party can win most seats in the House of Commons through strategically placing their bets on ridings with very tight margins, where just one extra vote may allow their nominee to win a permanently seat, effectively making all votes for the opposition candidate in that riding meaningless.

General Backgrounder

For example, the Liberal Party of Canada has won the last two federal elections with a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, despite coming only 2nd to the Conservative Party of Canada during popular vote. The Liberals, despite becoming the largest party in the House still fell short of winning the majority of seats, being forced to rely on the New Democratic Party, that represented are more progressive social democratic part of the electorate, for crucial votes. Later, the Government has called a snap election aiming to get their desired majority, but failed, and had to sign a formal Supply and Confidence Agreement with the NDP, that included a massive package of social programmes, such as the recently implemented national dental care and prescription drug insurance.
However, while enjoying a steady lead in polls vis-a-vis, the federal Conservatives during the pandemic, the Liberals had experienced persistent slump as post-pandemic recovered coupled with sticky inflation and rapidly deteriorating housing crisis. As the Federal Conservatives have moved to the right following the election of a new leader, they have utilised concurrent economic challenges and liberal economic policy, blaming the current government's pandemic related emergency spending coupled with expansion of social programs as the root cause for inflation into collapsing housing affordability.
As Canada had to respond to America's Inflation Reduction Act with a new public investment into green transition, conservative criticism of the Trudeau government has become ever more vocal, with fiscal deficits presumably exacerbating, concurrent inflationary pressures.
Liberal policies, especially introducing the federal backstop mechanism for carbon pricing, has also spurred, vicious opposition, among Conservatives, especially those living in the Western Canada, that culminated in the razor-thin re-election of the United Conservatives in the oil-producing province of Alberta. The federal response to the freedom, convoy protest, as well as the general push, forever wider collective community during the pandemic, has created some fertile soil for the opposition, Conservatives to capitalise on, especially as the more moderate leader of the party had been ousted shortly after the convoy protest.
After more than eight years in government, the liberal party has also been embroiled in several corruption and ethics candles, including the SNC-Lavallin affair, the pandemic-era ArriveCan App scandal, and, most recently, the accusations of Chinese electoral interference, and Chinese police stations operating in Canada.
In fact, the situation for the current government has become so dire. It's a point, but more than 80% of forecasters projected a Conservative minority government has the most probable outcome for the next election. According to some polls, the Liberals would be unable to form a government, even with the support of the New Democratic Party. The liberal convention in late spring 2023, didn't provide much of a relief either, how's the party continued to lack a comprehensive platform to combat the issue of housing and affordability - something that steadily climbed the rate of priorities for many Canadians, to become the most pressing issue, when deciding who to vote for. If anything, the Conservative party has become the most popular political force, among younger Canadians, with their laser, sharp focus on the issue of inflation and housing affordability.
The issue of housing affordability has become central to the Conservative Convention, where the Party has committed to "restoring" home ownership across the country, through planning laws deregulation and "removing resections on the supply of housing". This would see the federal government to tie federal spending on housing to municipalities shortening approval times, waive HST/GST for housing, as well as allow landlords to re-invest their profits into new housing tax-free. The Conservative convention also proposed federal infrastructure funding to be linked to higher-density housing construction.
What did, however, play in favour of the current government, what is the time. Within Canadian Parliamentary system, the Prime Minister can call an election effectively anytime, so long their term doesn't exceed the four year threshold, that was approaching at Fall 2025, supported by the Supply and Confidence Agreement with New Democrats.
As inflation in North America has started slowly subsiding toreturn to the 2% target in early fall 2024, Trudeau has managed to re-gain some the economic credibility his government has seemingly lost. The Liberals have also continued their tilt to make some inroads into the NDP camp, with the Federal Budget 2024 going heavily on Net Zero and Green Transition.
However, the Liberals also had to deal with a political deadline, whether to call and election before or after the Budget 2025 would've been published. The former might allow the LPC to avoid the criticism of "buying up votes" that the party received after calling the snap election shortly after introducing their Federal Budget in 2021. However, Trudeau also had a stake at deferring the election for long as possible, hoping that waiving inflationary pressure might open up more space for the Liberals to re-gain the economic ground over the Conservatives.

Federal Election 2025

After long deliberation, the federal Cabinet has opened to hold an election in late March 2025, right at the time when a government would have normally tabled their budget. The election that both the Liberals and the Conservatives have approached after almost a year or neck-and-neck perforce in the polls, with Trudeau having a minuscule advantage in personal ratings.
The economy, especially housing affordability, have become two main issues during this election, closely followed by healthcare - namely access to family physicians and waiting times for selected procedures - and the issue of inflation still lingering at the back of the public debate.
Trudeau himself because a matter for the debate, with the Liberals banking on his personal likability, while Federal Conservatives continuously pressed with corruption and ethical scandals and corruption allegations, combined with the Liberal campaign continuously bringing up the "electability issue" of their opponents.


With the Tories enjoying slight lead on the matter of economic competence, the Liberals opted to treat the housing crisis as a matter of social policy, while banking heavily on personal popularity of Trudeau himself. From the policy-standpoint, LPC Election Platform has effectively copied the proposal originally voiced during the Conservative Convention. Namely, waiving GST/HST for housing construction, allowing landlords to re-invest their profits into constructing more units tax-free, as well as linking federal spending to new housing development and liberalising permitting process. The difference with the Conservatives was the focusing on new federal spending to combat housing affordability.
Liberal election promises involved the commitment for new federal housing construction to exceed population growth by the end of the first term, through the government directly contracting private developers to build more affordable housing, and task the Canada Infrastructure Development Corporation to provide funding to non-market housing in numbers meeting or exceeding population growth in larger metropolitan areas on Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and across Atlantic Canada.
Unlike the Tories, Trudeau also went further, promising the government would cover development charges for projects that included affordable housing. The Liberals have also committed to conducting of affordable rental housing, aimed at younger Canadians and those who are yet to start cloning the property ladder. Conservatives on the other hand emphasised Trudeau's poor track on housing affordability, combined focusing on making home ownership more affable through market-driven construction of new units for sale.
Both Team Blue and Team Red have committed to expediting the arrival of new skilled trades professionals, especially those working in the housing sector, including interest-free loans to have their qualifications recognised or to up-skill their existing credentials. Liberals however, took a step further, promising automatic Permanent Residency who has worked in residential construction after 1 year, as well issuing Open Work Permits - exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment - to anyone with construction work experience willing to come to Canada, so long they continue working in the construction sector for the majority of their time before obtaining permanent residency. The Tories on their part suggested granting PR automatically after they've worked in construction for at least 5 years.
On the matter of banning foreign buyers, both parties have committed to banning home purchases in Canada for those who do not hold Canadian citizenship or are not Permanent Residents of Canada, with Liberals maintaining existing exemptions, so long the person buying has invested an equivalent amount in affordable housing construction.
Rhetorically, the Liberals have echoed the National Housing Act 1938, suggesting their government would run fiscal deficits to finance nation-wide home construction, especially affordable rental units. CPC has openly accused Trudeau of "policy stealing" choosing to emphasis permitting deregulation, subsidies for new units, and investing more construction professionals.

Healthcare & Social Care

Federal Conservatives have focused their attack in increasing waiting times, as well as increasing shortage of medical professionals across the country. Liberals, however, aimed to conservative proposals to introduce more private providers into the system, while emphasising their expansion of public health insurance that now covers both dental care and prescription drugs. Both parties suggested increasing the immigration intake for doctors, nurses, medical researches, providing financial support to have their credentials recognised in Canada as well as to update their skills.
The Liberals have however suggested lowering tuition rates international students who come to study health, social care, and eduction, granted them access to domestic rates of tuition, as well as a designated pathway to Permanent Residency for health, eduction, and social care who have obtained at least 1560 hours of Canadian work experience, and received at least part of their eduction in Canada. This would come as a supplementary measure, with domestic students becoming eligible for federal student loan write off if they have accumulated at least 1 year of post-graduation work experience in health, social care, or education - so long their degree is in the same field.
The Liberals have also committed to covering a Royal Commission to introduce a national social care insurance programme for seniors and people with disabilities.

The Economy

The Conservatives suggest introducing "full expensing" allowing companies to deduct up 120 per cent of their expenses on machinery, equipment, and non-residential property, akin to UK's Super Deduction, to combat Canada's low investment levels. They also propose to introduce tax credits for Canadian companies to up-skill their workers, as well as increased federal funding to provinces to support job training and second career programmes and labour market integration.
The Liberals suggest increasing the minimum wage in federally-regulated institutions, linking as a proportion of executive pay. LPC also pledged to introduce at least 4 weeks of paid vacation after 1 year on employment, with additional increases in line with employee tenure, as outlined in their Convention 2023, while brining paid leave of up to 6 weeks a year, allowing recipients to tradition onto disability payments after that.
Both parties have committed to supporting Employee Ownership Trusts, as well as introduction of worker representation on corporate boards in federally-regulated industries. Team Red however to it a step further, suggesting they will employee ownership mandatory for large corporations , with the only exemption provided for profit-sharing schemes.
Both parties have also supported reforming Canada's Employment Insurance Program:
The Conservatives suggest introducing Individual EI Savings Accounts that any Canadian can access whenever they are let go of their job or decide to quit. The proposed accounts would be funded through mandatory employer and employee contributions and could also be used to pay for labour training and re-skilling, with means-tested federal assistance available for those who's exhausted their accounts. Tories also suggest expanding current marginal earnings projection to apply to both individual and household income. The party also suggests waiving EI Premiums and provide rebates for C/QPP Contribution rebates to those not paying federal income tax, to guarantee every Canadian can earn at least $1000 a month free of payroll deductions.
Trudeau on the other hand suggested making EI coverage universal, and providing up to 90 per cent wage replacement in the first month of claim, while also introducing EI Benefit Floor, where every Canadian would be entitled to a minimum benefit equal to federal minimum wage regardless of their original earnings, for as long as they have enough insurable hours. The Liberal plan also introduces expands "working while on claim" provision, allowing people collecting EI benefits to have their wages supplemented through the program so their total paycheque reaches at least 90 per cent of their average 5-year earnings at all times, regardless whether the claimant is eligible for EI Regular Benefits. EI Parental Benefits are set to be fixed at at least 60 per cent of the family's income, subject o the benefit floor. Liberals suggest paying for the programme through waiving maximum insurable earnings to levy EI Premiums on all income of an individual, while introducing cap on benefits linked to median regional wages. However, the basic exemption shall be aligned to the federal income tax minimum threshold. Surpluses generated should be used to pay for expanded WWoC provisions and putting EI Operating Account back into surplus.
Both parties also committed to brining in a Canada Savers' Creditthat mirrors both the amounts and eligibly criteria of the GST/HST tax credit, but is instead deposited in people's Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and automatically invested into corporate equity. Tories and Liberals also support introducing automatic enrolment for Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Eduction Savings Plans (RESPs), Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP), First Homebuyer Savings Accounts (FHSAs) and TFSAs upon either birth of obtaining Canadian tax residency for eligible non-Canadians. While the Conservative proposal would new accounts automatically linked to existing financial institutions the individual already has an account in, the Liberals instant new accounts should be automatically assigned to a new independent crown corporation, so long the primary account holder haven't decided to the move their registered accounts to an eligible financial institution.
Both parties pitch the policy as a potential interim solution to address Canada's sky-high household debt, through increased asset ownership and participation in stock markets.
When it comes to fiscal policy, the Liberal Government suggests they'll keep their "structural deficit" - as defined by tax revenues versus programme expedites - bellow the rate of economic growth over the 10 year period. LPC however is open they'll not restrain their spending on new housing construction, Ottawa set to absorb almost all the costs of housing under the liberal plan. The Conservatives on the other hand suggest introducing the $1 for $1 rule for federal expenditure, where every dollar of new spending has to be offset by a dollar in spending cuts or increased taxes, suggesting to balance the budget in their first 5 years in the office.
Somewhat comically, the Liberals seem to be attacking Conservative proposals on the grounds it may bring back the pain on the nighties - referring to the Chretien austerity era - especially in Atlantic Canada and the Regions of Quebec where benefit dependency ratios have traditionally been elevated.
The Liberals have also committed to expand existing childcare agreements, to make childcare services and spare available to anyone, and drastically reduce wait times for subsidised spots.

Energy & Environment

The issue has surprisingly played a somewhat muted role during this election, as CPC has contained to opposed federal price on carbon, pressuring the idea of turning Canada into a "natural resource superpower". Liberals on the other hand boasted about their massive investment into Net Zero Transition, while also attacking the Tories one potential fiscal penalties that the government would assume after cancelling the carbon tax. Team Red had also opened to cling to previous commitments of the Conserve Leader to ban overseas oil, which Ontario, and Quebec, as well as Atlantic Canada remain fairly dependent on, due to lack of oil transportation infrastructure from western oil production facilities. Considering the fact Quebec has remained one of Liberal strongholds even at the lowest, as well as the party's perceived electability in the province, CPC would've had even harder to fight for the votes in Quebec.

Tipping the Scales

However, what truly decided this election, was something that may in the future divide the country even more, namely the issue of the French language. Something that has been present in Canadian politics for generations, but something that this time brought a party over the finish line, while completely tanking their opponents.
While both leaders fluent in French, having French Canadian roots, combined with an almost unchallenged dominance of the local Bloc Québécois, it seemed quite unlikely either party would be able to gain any meaningful advantage in Quebec, until both parties have revealed their election manifestos.
Here was the moment the Liberals played their cards best. Namely, the party has committed to supplying French language both within and outside Quebec, through drastically bolstering access to Francophone eduction across the country. The Liberals has committed to introducing a brand-new federal agency tasked with facilitating access to French eduction and integration services - Francisation Canada.
The agency was set to provide free-at-use eduction in French, while also providing up to $1000 a month in finical assistance to immigrants who were willing to learn French. On top of that, the Liberals have committed to make existing Explore and Odyssey Programmes more universal, integrating them into school curriculums across the country. The Party has also committed to negotiating bilateral agreements with all provinces to provide additional funding and guarantee access to services, including eduction in French across Canada, while making French a mandatory subject for Early Learning & Childcare, as well as in secondary education. LPC would also waive tuition fees for post-secondary eduction in French, and negotiate agreements with other francophone countries, to facilitate French-speaking immigration into Canada and Quebec.


Thus, on the night of the election, the sudden realisation waived through the country. The Liberal Party managed to protect their urban ridings, even in West, as their pledge to "spend whether it takes to make houses and rents affordable for everyone" managed to persuade swing urban voters across the country, combined with their massive investment in green transition. The Tories has also lost their lead in Atlantic Canada, where an idea of a massive EI expansion has resonated with voters much more than the concept of individual accounts. Massive subsidies in battery production have also helped the Liberals to protect their seats across Ontario, especially in former industrial towns. However, what actually brought Trudeau over the finish line, was Quebec. The Combination of absolutely massive investments into green tech, coupled with new social programs, and proposed childcare expansion, on top of the Liberal pledge to "protect and promote the French language from Coast to Coast to Coast" allowed the party to make some significant inroads across the province, despite loosing some suburban ridings, Central Canada gave Trudeau yet another chance to form yet another minority Liberal government.
Party Name Popular Vote Number of Seats
Liberal Party of Canada (LPC_ 33.8% 158
Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) 35.8% 140
New Democratic Party (NDP) 19% 20
Bloc Québécois (BQ)6.2%21 People's Party of Canada1,5%0


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2023.06.05 06:28 runslack New start, new try

After seeing a few messages from the team here, I regained some hope. In fact, I hurt myself and took my MP02 out of the closet, where it had its best place and its best role: gathering dust.
In short, I tell myself that perhaps the problems that have been ours for months will finally find the beginning of an attempt at a real correction.
So I put the bug back in operation, removed the useless and distressing Signal / Pigeon, switch the phone to 2G only.
Typing in t9 is still as bad but much less than typing on the LPII. The device remains very successful from an aesthetic point of view and a function that I learned to master turns out to be very useful for me who makes pastry: the timer. Well seen !
Another appreciable point, the USB-C port. I'm tired of all these different cables and chargers.
Finally, battery level, since the removal of the infamous Pigeon dung, it lasts much longer. That's how much of a Pigeon dung it is.
In short, all I need to do is find how to redo my contact database and that will be more than enough.
Thanks for reading me.
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2023.06.05 06:18 DudeNeedsToTalkRN What is going on in Senegal in 2023? Explained in details #FreeSenegal

Skip to the Last part for 2023 specifics reading everything would really enlighten you tho.
Location and Alliances
French Control / Neocolonialism
Senegal was a well ruled country despite its politics being mainly ruled by France from the shadow, France hold the reserve of CFA Francs currency and print it for 15 countries. 15 sovereign nations are entirely dependent on France's currency. France also control most of their seaports and has priority in every new market offering with mandatory acceptance for these nations. Despite its many resources Senegal is a very poor country it has gold, zircon, lots of sea territory for fishing, clay and many more industry needed resources and forestry that I can adequately explain. France also has military bases in most of these countries until recently they've been kicked out by Burkina and Mali. Recently lots of Gas and Oil sources have been found in Senegal and that could change the lives of millions of Senegalese citizen (keep that in mind as you read)

Abdoulaye Wade, Macky Sall, Dirty Politics and Spiraling Debt

3rd Mandate, Abdoulaye Wade vs The People (Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour incl.)

Link Archive Protest Youtube: https://youtu.be/i224i8CTB64
Link Archive Macky Sall Coallition : https://youtu.be/P_wigR7JFYY

Hopes, Justice, Regrets and Embezzlement of Funds

Dynasty Faye-Sall, War of Gains and Scandalous Deals (Petro Tim Oil & Gas)

Then slowely but crescendo new names started popping in the government, branded as the FAYE-SALL dynasty : Macky Sall, his wife Marieme Faye and the in laws Aliou Sall and Mansour Faye.
See here the BBC documentary that angered the Senegalese citizens: https://youtu.be/1TAN6PsxKAc
See video here: https://youtu.be/eS8UV8EtykQ
see video here: https://youtu.be/r4DHowh8KLo
The others (Moustapha Niasse, Youssou Ndour, Mame Mbaye Niang...)

The Claws of France gripping harder

Harder Living Conditions

The Rise of Ousmane Sonko

Macky Sall's 3rd Mandate, Sonko-Adji Sarr, 2021 Protests

Amnesty International Article : https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2022/03/senegal-one-year-after-march-2021-families-demand-justice

2023 Protests

After sentencing Ousmane Sonko to 2 years of prison, he is at first kidnapped while he travelled back home from Ziguinchor occasionally touring the country ,held at home and the people are out protesting to end this masquerade, for Macky Sall to either leave Sonko alone and finish his 2nd term or to leave the country altogether.
There's already 600 political prisoners before the protest.
The police shot live rounds, beat up and runned over several people.
And a new type of tear cas that can blow your limbs.
The people are fighting for a better future. Macky Sall doesn't care about Senegalese people. Senegalese so desperate for a better future that many died at sea on shipwrecks trying to reach europe on rafts or canoes.
In 2019, 210 senegalese people died in the mediteranée trying to reach europe because there's nothing left of hope of a better future in thish country, in novembre 2020, 414 senegalese people died at sea trying to ge to europe according to IOM
The 2023 protest showed an escalation of violence from the police, the constables and the 'nervis' these paid militias that have gone increasingly violent with machetes and semi automatic rifles and handguns. Fighting along side the police they have killed 28 people officially many were shot.
The Freedom to tour the country that Macky Sall was offered by Abdoulaye Wade is what Macky Sall is denying Ousmane Sonko.
The 3rd mandate that Macky Sall thought for is what he is denying us all.
Abdoulaye Wade never asked for the police to shoot at civilians, under his presidency killing in broad daylight wasn't a thing, he may have been a bad tyrant but Macky Sall infinitely a hating arrogant good for nothing that is acclaimed as Political Genius a lapdog if anything.
A warzone atmosphere against unarmed civilians.
The government issued an order for the internet to be cut off
Everybody is using vpns to keep the outside informed. Today, June 4th the mobile data were cut off only wifi network worked in order to keep protesters at home.
A terrible rumour that spent chills down my spine earlier today a senegalese citizen called on live tv saying he saw DEAD BODIES IN REFRIGERATED TRUCKSS BEING THROWN AT SEA near the Diamalaye Beach. The senegalese citizens are enquiring about it. Some people have confirmed through text but I am yet to believe it until photo or video proof is shown. We are talking about mass execution I will not believe it until I see proof of it.
This a very long and tedious thing to write and I'm doing it because I am afraid the Senegalese people will be cut off from the world and die in the dark.
The sound of an entire nations going silent is something I have witnessed once and I hope I never do.
ECOWAS took a neutral stance may the wrath of God be upon them.
For once in my lifetime I wish for Military Coup if it means the killers will be stopped. Please save the longest lasting WEST African democracy.
Please Spread the word under #FreeSenegal. A senegalese fearing for his freedom.
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2023.06.05 06:14 Justtiredkupisasu My work is eating me up inside

I am a fresh grad and I’ve just reached 1 year at my job. I work in PR and I enjoy some aspects of my work, however I feel like the job is eating me up. My officemates are great and the pay is okay. But the admin work is slowly eating me up.
I know no job is hard, but the work seems to keep piling up and lowkey I’m trying my best to finish all the work in a timely manner. Is that an okay expectation or am I just unreasonable.
Also my social battery keeps getting drained because I would need to talk to 15+ people in a given day. Having a hard time managing it.
My body is also not taking the workload as well. I get flare up in my eczema and dandruff, Im always tired and irritable.
Sorry I’m rambling at this point, I just need some help in knowinh what to do next. Should I continue to work, or should I find a new job that suits me better?
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2023.06.05 06:04 Cherryy- Is my vehicle at the end of its life?

I own a 2006 Ford Ranger automatic with 180000 miles. While the engine is in very good shape according to several mechanics, and the wheels, tires, suspension have been upgraded alongside bedliner, a roof repainting, and a new stereo, the transmission is beginning to fail, alongside the car struggling to start, with it either being the fault of the battery or the alternator. Is this a good time to stop putting money into the car and begin searching for a new vehicle? I am going to be going to university in a few years and while I feel like fixing the cars major issues will be cheaper than buying a used car, I'm not sure on whether or not this will be a good decision. Ultimately although I'd rather keep the ranger due to the money I've put into it, I want to make the best financial decision I can. Thoughts?
Edit: The truck has been well maintained since I've gotten it and it has never broken down on me apart from struggling to start twice, although it was able to start on its own both times without needing to be jumped.
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2023.06.05 05:56 LevelTo That’s the CEO of Green Power shaking Joe’s hand…

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2023.06.05 05:41 joshuber “Sold as-is. Please no casual test drives.”

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2023.06.05 05:23 moist69swag I'm going to have the best serviced ranger ever.

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2023.06.05 04:06 Xdxpedia9343 so here i go, 9:38 pm 6/4/2023 im writing this story cause im bored as hell :p. if your sensitive to swear words i recommend you dont look at this.

So i was getting ready for my first day at my new school. i came in from a small north Carolina town called laurinburg from Leland. Leland is a town that has more than what laurinburg had but i really missed my friends from there. anyways i walked into my class and i was greeted as normal. everything went ok for the first 2 weeks until my "bully" came back from covid. he didnt realize there was a new student so he said he was gonna make me feel "real welcome here". I didnt think much of it at first until he continusly called me all sorts of bad names and even racial slurs even though im white. i just ignored him for my first couple of weeks. until he actually started to harass me even more. one day i came from my math class and i went back to homeroom so i was pretty much ready to go home. until he started to kick the back of my knees and kicking really sensitive spots. i had enough, i smash his face up against the wall with my chrome book. his head hit the wall with a very loud thud. He was going to hit me until my math teacher came out and asked me what was going on. i explained the full story and the kid got sent to the office. the next day when i came back home from school my mom was crying. i asked her why she was crying and she said the parents of the dude were going to press battery charges on me. i said they cant because I already told my math teacher about what happened. But 1 hour later my mom got a email saying that my math teacher told me hitting people with chrome books was not acceptable even though she never told me any of that bullshit. apparently i told the principal to check the cameras before the case started, just a week before it did. he checked the cameras and said i did the right thing and i and the other guy would only receive 2 1/2 days of ISS. i didnt have a problem with that and after that he didnt bully me for a while. But then came the last day of school. we had some kickball to play on the last day of school in the softball field. So I was standing in the dugout waiting for my turn until i didnt realize he was right beside me. i just ignored him at first and hoping he didnt notice me because i didnt want to get in trouble on the last day of school. He started to talk massive shit but then i grabbed him by his collar and pushed him up against the fence. here is what i said: "Bitch i swear to god its the last day of school motherfucker. im telling you i am not in the fucking mood right now. Im tired as shit and i just want to go home. say 1 more god damn word and ill fucking donkey kick your teeth in." he then started to talk even more shit and said ill beat your ass first. So i pushed him 3 times lightly on the shoulder until he got pissed off and pushed me. i then snapped. I punched him in the face and push him into the ground and started to beat the hell out of him. by the way there was not a teacher in sight. i continued to beat the shit out of him until 30 seconds later. i got up from him and then the dugout started cheering for me since i was beefing with this guy for a long time. one of his friends came over to me and said hit him again and ill beat your ass. i didnt really care at all because i wasnt really scared of both of them considering the bully was like 5'1 and his friend was 5'6. his friend was about a inch taller than me so i just decided not to be scared. But then when i went to lunch i had to go to the bathroom. they both noticed me and followed me into the bathroom. but they were to late when i came out of the bathroom. they really didnt see me leaving, but they both kinda fucked with me the entire day. the end.
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2023.06.05 03:34 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!

This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure.



Package Includes:

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2023.06.05 03:31 weaverinva 10 day Ireland itinerary for adventure vacation....comments pls

Hello all. Any comments on this busy itinerary appreciated.
Active family of 5 ages 17 to 55 with our own rental vehicle. We like to hike and be active. We will likely not get back to Ireland again. I realize this is a busy schedule with several packed days. Any comments appreciated. We usually like a day or two at the end so we don't get home exhausted.
July 15 arrive Dublin from US at 10:30am Drive to Killarney.....May stop at Waterford Crystal and Blarney Castle. Yes we will be tired. 3 nights in Killarney lodging
July 16 and 17 Killarney area July 16 Killarney National Park, Possible trip to Dingle, catch up on sleep July 17 Ring of Kerry and skellig ring
July 18 Leave early towards the Cliffs of Moher 2 hours at Cliffs of Moher Drive to Galway and stay near there for the night
July 19 Ferry from Rosaveel to Inishmore Aran Island Spent 3-5 hours on the island; rent bikes Drive to somewhere near Clifden for the night
July 20 Enjoy Connemara area; possibly 4 hour hike Drive to Westport and lodge for the night
July 21 Enjoy Achill Island for first 2/3 of the day Drive 4 hours to Derry for nights lodging
July 22 Big day but think can do it Start at 7:30 am with drive to Giants Causeway 1.5 hours at Causeway Drive 1.5 hours to Belfast 1.5 hours at Titanic Museum Drive 2.25 hours to Dublin Lodging 3 nights in Dublin
July 23 and 24 in Dublin near downtown Take in sights, possible day trip to Kilkenny or Wicklow moutains The Book of Kells, Trinity College, EPIC museum, St Stephen's Green Relax for a moment or two
July 25 Leave Dublin airport

What would you add or subtract or make sure you see in some of the locations above?
If u/scorchio77 has any comments too. I would welcome them.
Thank you kindly in advance!!
Have a great day!
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2023.06.05 03:28 itsSkylahYo This will sound crazy (positive realisation)

I had a very good day, post binge day so I did do behaviours to counter it like excessive walking but I went on a lovely walk with a poddy and book great day abit painful in the stomach bloat wise
Had alot of energy talked to people very fluently things went great no social battery wear out
I'm starting to think that binge was needed like my pre recovery mindset was very hazy and tired and I think i was feeling that way
I'm very athletic I would not call it a honeymoon phase at all i have full intentions to fuel properly but I think I haven't and took my normal hunger again to advantage my vanity reasons I exercise
I did some kettamine today still bloated would not normally look at myself but then I did and I saw the body dysmorphia like fade away it was so strange for the first im sorry excuse this but for the first fucking time in ages I was happy with what I'm looking at not happy because I'm not bloated because I was just happy that I can see what other people do, it's so beneficial to my life if this mindset stays I want it to but not abuse this chemical
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2023.06.05 03:13 uwuCachoo EV Mode Doesn't Work and Prius Randomly Not As Powerful As Before?

Hello, I used to get 50mpg on my 2018 Toyota Prius c, could accelerate decently fast and brake smoothly. When in low battery it would get loud and generate electricity.
Now the generator (?) Isn't as powerful, the acceleration is slower, and my mpg is lower by 10-15. Eco mode doesn't work "EV Mode not currently available"
I don't think it's running on battery now I don't understand why. I changed tires and oil a few weeks ago and it was running better than before. But now it's muuuch worse. I have no idea what's happening ): has anyone experienced something similar?
The generator has to stay on for a whiiiiile when before it was just 10-15 seconds and then silence. I miss it ): been going on like this for only a few days but I'm worried.
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2023.06.05 03:12 AllTootsNoPoops Tips for getting my old bike started after a long period?

I have a 1981 Yamaha SR250. I haven’t rode it since last August and I’m getting it cleaned up for the season.
It has been kept outside under a tarp in colder weather. I filled the battery with more battery acid and I have it charging now. I have an air compressor for my tires and I bought some starter fluid.
Do you guys have any tips on getting my bike running and ready for the season? Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 02:43 ap17o4 My Full Conquest 2023 Experience

Disclaimer: While my experiences may sound positive, they are my own and I do stand with the people who feel like they got robbed from. The event could have been handled better and I wish they did. What im writing is my experiences as my first properly planned convention as i attended 3 previous Ozine Conventions by accident.
The day before going to conquest i already set my expectations in check and already expected a shit show at some point because this is a national level event and i had to prepare and think how i can not be waiting in lines. I didn't want to meet a lot of people in the event, only a small handful but i just wanted to roam and experience it, so here are my experiences
Day 1: The Ideal Day
I woke up relatively early and already went out early for breakfast, i got to a bus going to Moa at around 7am and arrived there around 45 minutes later, me and another person where gonna get our passes for the whole 3 days, the lines werent bad and were great, they flowed well and the area was roamable. I managed to check all the booths from the first and second floor and just enjoyed it. This Day in particular was deemed as a great day by many because of how little people there were compared to Day 2 and 3 which i aggree with, the amount was perfect and sufficient and i just knew looking at the amount of people today and with day 2 being sold out that i had to be quick for the next day. Food was also stupid expensive and just really limited what i can do with my set budget to which i kept on raising for every sequential day annoyingly. I left at around 4:30 and went back to where im staying and just rested for the next day
Day 2: The Shit Show
I woke up a bit later than Day 1 but i got up to speed pretty quick i arrived the day the same time i did as Day 1 but this time i had my Passes for the whole event, when we got there, no official line was made and people kept queing up behind eachother creating an unofficial line, i took advantage of this and kept positioning myself near the front and was just 30 feet from the entrance, it may sound shitty but i just took advantage of that rule. We got in the building a bit earlier and i just roamed around went to day fan meet and greets in Smx and just played board games, it was fun and just calming to just relax when your just walking around, i got out the main hall to get food in the second floor and to my fear a line had form going to the 2nd floor hall, i said to myself, im gonna get food and think about it later, i did so and just waited in line annoyingly but i said to myself "could be worse" (big mistake) i got in and i watched the keyboard making class a bit and roamed again, i saw some merch and after a while i decided to go to the first floor and i was shocked seeing there was even a line going up the second floor i got mildly infuriated with that but with that many people i cant blame em. I went to the first floor and played dirt rally lmao i got off a bit and decided to go back up, i didng wanna wait in line just to go up so i remembered there were escalators at the sides and took them and to my surprise they were clear, got back up in and lined up again and just stayed a bitz i got a bit tired and was gasping for air so i left at 4pm although not looking outside and i remember just being shocked and scared with the amount of people waiting in the lines and when i heard the message that the building was full i just gave a sign of disappointment. If getting in the building was a pain, getting out was the hard part, the entrances were clpgged and i squeezed myself out just to leave the place, i got into a bus and called it a day
Day 3: The Patch Job
A day before the last day i was reading their socials and the community page and saw that they are converting day 2 passes to 3 for some and i realized that the same might happen to day 3 and left an hour earlier, got to a bus and arrived almost being 7am in moa, this js when there was a line of people in the side and since there was no official line yet i took advantage of that as well and got even nearer to front. I wanted to meet Spicyuu but i realized that the claiming of stubs was at the atrium and i wuickly realized that i have to fall in line again and the chances of me getting a stub was low so i decided to not ho to the atrium and just stayed in smx for the whole time. I never went to Conrad for the 3 days out of fear i wont get back in as easily. Since they are opening an hour later my decision leaving earlier worked in my favor, i got in and my main objective was just to get alot of things as gifts to my siblings as the next day i was going back to my home province. At 12 30 i blown half of my budget already and got something to eat. I was surprised that the lining for second floor halls was removed and that was nice for once i also saw the planning they did albeit inconsistent to a degree but it was a patch job at best so i cant give much. I got food, got in and ate my lunch on the floor, after that i roamed again and decided to play the games made by creators, a really fun experience, i purposely didnt go to the first floor as i know getting back up would be a pain in the ass and i just put it last on my to do list, i roamed here and met some people there it was fun but a bit expensive and just got freebies instead. I left at 4pm and weng to moa just to find a place to seat, as i was roaming alot of cosplayers and event goers where around the mall as well and after that i went home with my friend who didnt go to the event and just ate dinner somewhere else as moa was packed with people.
Conquest 23 was half assed at best but coming from a university who specializes in being half assed and living in a country that barely meets the bare minimum, it isnt surprising, The premium pass holders and the vendors situated outside where the most who felt they were done dirty, for day 3 no once was buying food outside out of fear of waiting in lines for so long. And the stalls inside were told not to sell anymore ao they can divert people outside which was fucking wrong. My experiences were okay and enjoyable as i just kept my expectations in check and with me as well as the majority being first time con goers as well, its sad since the organizers hyped this event alot but failed in accomodating everyone. For me both failed but majority of the blame is with the organizers. I might get flamed but when you go to a national level convention u have to prepare for the worse, but then again we all paid a shit load of money just for this so i cant blame them for being angry. The security was inconsistent, one guard may be lenient and the other maybe strict but thats with every event but then again we paid alot. Conquest 2023 wong get much backlash to the point that they will be blacklisted, they got the money and people came, and with the capacity, they probably were able to sell tickets as they had conrad as another venue so a probable loophole in my opinion to why they were able to sell so many tickets.
Im not fully optimistic with next year but i do hope there is one, the cosplays were geeat and i enjoyed seeing people be themselves and enjoy the event. A lot can be done, the space they have has a lot of potential and i hope they downsize a bit for next year. Although i enjoyed this years but i hope next year is even better.
Edit: Spelling and If you have any questions i can answer them
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2023.06.05 01:24 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 15. Redirect:

Being told to deal with the Sorcerers now by the shadowy cabal of Asgorath-worshiping monks, I proceeded to do just that.
Well, more specifically, I looked for wherever the hell they holed themselves up in.
The faithful of Bahamut shot me frosty glares as I walked around the city unimpeded, though I did very pointedly give them a very strongly worded letter about spying on me and ambushing me, and that if Nakk wasn't going to tolerate their shit, he wasn't going to tolerate mine.
Hopefully, that bought me some breathing room.
Now, the Sorcerers hadn't fucked off elsewhere, or I would have gotten a lot of questions as to where they went. They still operated in the town, still used their magic appropriately, so it wasn't like they were being assholes about it.
But, considering I was being warned about them specifically, shit was about to go down.
Now, I didn't go alone. Not specifically. I had my Warlocks move about, searching for any clues as to the whereabouts of the Sorcerers.
Naturally, they were extremely dodgy about where they were going.
But, the more we looked, the more we found clues, the more we got closer until we realized they were gathering under the Council Chamber.
So there they were, all nine of them, not counting the however many probably awoke due to my machinations. Nine Sorcerers, Nine Warlocks, and me.
They were gathered around some sort of sacrificial altar that was stained with blood, on which they were very pointedly bleeding on.
"You know-" I said, startling them and causing them to look at me. "-If you'd just been respectful to my Master, you might have gotten more than you could have ever dreamed of."
"Ruuk, what are you doing here!?" Goss hissed.
"Looking for you before you get yourselves killed." I said. "I've been warned twice that you were getting into some shit, and here I find you bleeding all over an altar that isn't even configured right, you fucking idiots."
They shared looks, first shocked, then angry. They started yelling, my Warlocks screamed into their heads to shut up, which caused them all to rub their heads.
"Which one of you has the highest Level?" I asked. "Goss? Taklak? Kashak?"
"I am a solid Level 4!" Molo bragged.
"That's it?" I asked. "Fuck's sake, I'm Level 6. I've been out there busting my fucking ass. We got invaded while you were playing fucking secret society! People died!"
"We wouldn't have lost anyone, if Kurtulmak gave us power!" Hagnar snapped.
"No, we would have lost more." I said. "If you actually cared about the Warren, you would have been out there, leading rather than plotting."
"Says the man who's clearly getting boosted by Kurtulmak!"
I strode toward them, my patience wearing thin. "I want to make something very clear now." I said. "You've wasted more time trying to get stronger than it took me. You think hard work hardly works? Hit me." I removed my armor. "I'm wide open."
They didn't do anything, they just stared at me with wide eyes. "Oh, this? This isn't armor." I said. "It's a sign of my fealty to my Master. Now, Hit me."
The spells were flung at me, and most of them did hurt. "Nine of you." I said, grinning. "And you couldn't even hit me properly. Kneel."
They began backing away.
"I said kneel!" I roared.
They all fell over themselves as they tried to kneel. They all looked terrified.
"I am going to give you exactly one chance to make up for your foolish behavior." I said. "I will call you out one by one, you will approach, you will kiss my hand, and you will swear your undying loyalty to me, your Imperator, and the Empire that our Master will raise. If you refuse, I will end your pathetic excuse for a life right then and there. And if even one of you attacks me, my Warlocks will make that scream in your mind feel like a gentle tickle."
I held my hand out. "Goss." He scrambled over to me and knelt. He took my hand and kissed it. "I swear my loyalty to you, my Imperator, and the Empire our Master will raise." He said.
"Good. Stand among my Warlocks. Arix."
One by one I called their names, and they came. They spoke their vows, all nine of them.
I put my armor back on and said, "Excellent. From this moment on, every hour, one of you will go to my Tower, you will pledge your fealty to our Master, and you will allow him to mark you such that you can never disobey him again." I looked at them. "And if even one of you tries to escape, I will track you down as easily as I have now. You are marked, each and every one of you. I will make your deaths as slow and miserable as I see fit. My Empire has no room for traitors."
"Yes, Imperator!" They said.
They all left, clearly trying not to piss themselves or run. I felt a wonderfully powerful sense of pleasure and smiled. "Warlocks." I said. "Continue about your day."
I cleaned up the mess the Sorcerers had made left the Councilor Chamber. I ran into Tallyn on the way out.
"Brother." He said.
"Sibling." I replied.
"What are you doing here?" He asked.
"The Sorcerers were trying to summon a Demon for power." I said. "Considering they tried to petition my Master for power as well- he denied them, rightly noticing they did not care how they got power- I threatened to kill them if they kept trying, ordered them to submit to my Master, whereupon they will be marked such that they will no longer be a threat to the Warren."
He stared at me in utter shock. "Did you-? Do you hear yourself?" He asked in a horrified whisper.
"Brother." I said. "This is an outright Demon we're talking about. We're lucky they're fucking idiots and didn't make their altar correctly, so they were just bleeding on a fucking slab of rock with pentagrams and shit on it. They attacked me. That on top of your fellow Paladins ambushing me and accusing me of conspiracy-" I gave him a pointed look, "-my capacity of mercy is very low at the moment."
"Ruuk... What happened to you?" He asked.
"You and your Temple tried to kill me." I replied. "For the sins of compassion and mercy." I shrugged. "I've tried meeting you and yours half way, I sought atonement out of guilt, to rectify what I had done. I've tried to walk the path of good, and the cold, simply truth is, you and your order have not given me much incentive to continue to walk that path."
He was silent.
"Tallyn." I said, taking hold of his hands. "I miss the days when you were the good brother." I was able to see the exact moment when his heart ripped right in half. I walked right past him. I was tired of his shit, and at that moment, I wasn't going to play his or his Temple's game anymore.
I took a deep breath to try and center myself, as I started heading back for my Tower.
"Has it become your mission in life to leap merrily from the slippery slope?" A familiar voice asked me. I turned around, coming face to face with a gray-scaled Kobold, behind him were seven others with ruddy yellow scales.
"You've certainly changed since I last saw you." Bahamut stated. "A turn for the worse, it would seem."
I gave him a reverential bow. "I take it the Fizban persona wouldn't work now." I remarked.
"No, it wouldn't." He said. "All your doing, it would seem."
"Indeed. My doing." I couldn't help but smile.
"And with such pride as well. Walk with me, and understand I speak with you only because what I have to say is important."
I nodded and walked beside him, his seven companions following as inconspicuously as a septet of yellow Kobolds could- which I had to admit was surprisingly good.
"I am not happy." He stated.
"I sincerely doubt you would." I replied.
"With you, I expected it." He remarked dryly. "My followers have been playing fast and loose with their morals, day by day, their actions speak louder than their affirmations of faith, and what they say is, 'We are only concerned with our own power'. Does that amuse you?"
"No." I replied. "In fact, it pisses me off."
"The gradual corruption of a sect of holy warriors disgusts you?" He asked, his tone carrying a hint of surprise. "For all your posturing about, you still manage to get things done, even if they're via less morally sound standpoints."
"Is there a purpose to this beyond chatting?" I asked.
"Yes." He said. "One way or another, this Warren will become a theocratic nation, your faith spreads like wildfire, while the faith of my followers tapers off. You've manipulated events such that you are winning, and my followers have nobody to blame but themselves."
We stopped in front of the Temples, he looked at them. "Kurtulmak is relapsing." He said. "And you are walking a narrow rope between good and evil. Between judicious rule and tyranny." He looked at me. "And unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain contact with this world."
He paused, then added, "I will, of course, be supporting my faithful, trying to keep them on the correct path, but in the event they utterly fail, and the only option left is you, I would rather the lesser evil of you win than the greater evil that is my sister. This is not tolerance, this is ensuring that no matter what, the forces of good can always pick up the pieces."
"I understand." I said. "And Bahamut... I am sorry things turned out this way."
"Your apology is sincere." He remarked, surprised. "I am sorry for the way I treated you in Darastrixthurhi, I chose the wrong course of action."
"You don't deal in words, but actions." I said. "Therefore your apology is sincere."
"Within the mines, there is a yet-untouched vein of platinum in your Warren's mine, enough to supply enough holy symbols for my Clerics, and to forge one sword, fifth level down, three lefts, and at the far end. I leave it up to you how you will handle that information. And Ruuk, remember the entire point of you remaining down there was because you believed Kurtulmak could be redeemed. Do not forget that can apply to you as well."
He walked away, followed by his cadre of Kobolds.
'I sure as hell don't like his followers...' I thought as I headed for the mines. 'But I definitely respect him a lot more.'
My gear compelled me to do good, and right now, I was in a better mood. I gathered a few miners and told them to follow me. They did so hesitantly, but dug where I indicated. I watched as they dug maybe a half-mile before they yapped.
"There's ore here!"
"I know." I said. "Mine out the entire vein and take it to the Artificers. It's platinum, they're going to need it soon."
I left them to their work and headed for the Artificers. Once there, I had them gather around.
"You will be receiving a shipment of Platinum, once it comes in, you are to create enough Holy Symbols of Bahamut to equip each Cleric, as well as one sword. Once they have finished, you will deliver them immediately to my Tower. Do not tell anyone what they are. Understood?"
"Sure, but why?"
"Simple." I said. "I need them to get the fuck off my case and start realizing they're only hurting the Warren. Their God saw fit to speak with me, so it's in my hands whether or not they continue to measure out rope to hang themselves with."
It was several hours before the crates came in. I wordlessly picked them up and carried them to the Temple.
The Paladins were, of course, pissed when they saw me approaching. "Stop right there!" They snapped. "By the High Priest's orders, you are not allowed in here!"
"Your weapons and your faith isn't enough to stop me." I said. "Fucking try me."
I walked straight up to them, and my attempt at intimidation worked, as they backed away while I walked in.
Galax immediately noticed my entry, as did every Cleric and Paladin in the room.
"Who let you in!?" Galax roared. "I have expressly forbidden you from entry!"
"I let myself in." I said. I walked toward him, glanced around, and sighed. "Do you guys just not believe in tables, or is the whole ascetic aesthetic really this fucking sparse?"
"I am warning you, Stingtail, if you do not leave this Holy Temple, I will have no choice but to kill you."
I wreched the top off the crate I brought in, he glanced at them, then his eyes widened in complete shock. "What..? Those are..."
"Holy symbols to Bahamut, made from the vein of platinum I directed the workers to." I said. He stared at me, clearly incapable of comprehending what I'd done.
"Why..?" He asked.
"Because you've been playing fast and loose with your morals." I said, paraphrasing what Bahamut stated. "Even though you preach Bahamut's words, you've forgotten that actions are how you pray. You've become so enamored with bringing about the perfect theocratic kingdom of Bahamut, that you don't even realize you're telling the people you're only concerned with power."
I handed him the sword crate, which he opened.
"I want you to understand, Galax." I said. "Bahamut came to me and told me where the platinum was. I could have kept it secret, or I could have used it for literally anything else. Because as much as Bahamut was disappointed in you, he wasn't giving up on you. And as much as he's rooting for you, he understands if you fall, it's either the lesser evil in me, or the greater evil in Tiamat. And honestly? I'll gladly leap headlong into Hell if it means keeping this Warren safe. This is your last chance from Bahamut, and your last warning from me. Understood?"
"I understand." He said soberly. He approached me and hugged me. "Ruuk, oh Ruuk... I thought we had lost you."
"You did." I said. "And I'm not coming back into your fold." He let go of me. "I don't know what the fuck you need a platinum sword for, but whatever it is, if it's aimed anywhere near me, I'm exploding people's heads."
I turned around and left the Temple.
Returning to my Tower, I felt the anger I'd been holding in just melt away. I went upstairs and smiled when I was my Emperor was finishing up another armor set.
"That makes seven." He said. "Still far too little, but it's more than we had before."
"Tireless and industrious." I remarked as I approached him. I knelt. "I have news, some you likely won't like."
"Tell me this bad news first." He said.
"Bahamut decided to speak with me." I said. He tensed, his eyes widened as he looked at me. "Thus far, he's not particularly pleased with my... progress, but he's at least indicated he'd rather us winning over Tiamat." I paused. "He also told me of the location of some platinum. I deigned to give his worshipers holy symbols and a sword, as he had directed. As nice as it would be to have them fall under their own stupidity, we still need them."
My Emperor nodded. "There was no correct way." He said. "Keeping Bahamut less inclined to try and smite us is better than his Temple getting holy symbols. Was there anything else?"
"Yeah. I told them what he told me, he wasn't pleased with what they were doing, that they were acting like they only care about power, and that Bahamut came to me rather than them."
"I see." He said. "That devious old bastard."
"What is it, my Emperor?" I asked.
"It's unimportant." He said. "Was there anything else?"
I told him about the ambush, the Shadowscale Clan, and the Sorcerers- he indicated that a few had shown up and pledged their fealty to him, and that due to their transgressions, he ensured they would never disobey him.
"I made them some collars." He said, smirking. "Any time they go against my will, or they try something that will harm the Warren, it chokes them long enough to make them stop." He leered at me and added, "I should have done the same to yours. I'd never have it choke you, but the knowledge alone would have excited you, yes?"
"Not really, my Emperor." I admitted. "I'm terrified of choking."
"Is that so? All the better that I didn't, then." He looked thoughtful. "Tell me, was there any particular logic to your choice of giving Bahamut's Clerics holy symbols and a sword?"
I shrugged. "I don't like his followers." I said. "I told you what I said to Tallyn, I'm sick and tired of them being paranoid about me. Like, yeah, I admit that they have every right to be at this point, but when it was just you and me, they didn't even really give me a chance. It just felt like them going mask off and showing themselves to be no different than any other religion I've had the unfortunate experience to try."
"Yet you respect their God." He mused.
"Yeah." I said. "I do. Everything I've done out of spite was because of those hypocrites, every good word I've spoken to them was a challenge for them to get their shit together. I've never once done anything to spite Bahamut himself- though whether that was simple pragmatism on my part, or some latent desire to serve the first God to accept my challenge to prove they exist... I don't know. All I know is that I don't regret choosing you."
"As should be." He remarked. "These Monks, these followers of Asgorath, have you any thoughts on them?"
"As long as they are true to their word, I could see them having a place in our Empire." I said. "Having a group that's willing to deal with you if you go off the deep end and start oppressing the very people you started out wanting to protect is useful. At the very least, I'll potentially have a warning."
"And do you think Bahamut's Temple has a place in our Empire?" He asked.
"Maybe if they got their shit together." I replied. I looked at him. "My Emperor, was there ever a point you honestly considered compromise?"
"Yes, in honor of a fool who would choose to consign his life to a God he barely knew, simply out of compassion. I am ruthless, yes, I may be a liar when it is convenient for me, and I most assuredly will twist such compromise such that the letter, but not the spirit, is carried out. But when I make a solemn vow, I hold true to it. If you cannot keep a promise, nobody will believe you again."
"And nudging me toward evil?" I asked.
"You took the first step." He said. "Some actions transcend morality. Kindness to one's family, it is not merely good. It is an act that ensures survival, an act that builds trust. There is always room for kindness when it is deserved."
I nodded. "My Emperor... Do you see a place for Bahamut's Temple in our Empire?" I asked.
"Anything can have its place." He replied. "The only grudge I have held for him is that he- self-proclaimed Justicemaker- did nothing simply because our people were born of Chromatic Dragons. Perhaps in those days, we were born into evil, perhaps in those days, we were enemies... Yet they raged, knowing what Garl did was wrong... heinous even. It was targeted retaliation for something his children did first, for the natural result of- I believe the term is 'fucking around and finding out'."
"Good old FAFO." I remarked.
I heard the door open, followed by Molo meekly coming up the stairs. When he saw me, he looked terrified. He approached my Emperor and pledged himself, was collared, and sent on his way.
"Seven out of nine so far." My Emperor mused.
"Good, it means most of them got the memo." I replied. I heard the door open, then shut, followed by footsteps approaching us.
It was the Rogue from earlier. He knelt and said, "Master, Imperator, I am here to report that we have successfully managed to leave beyond the wall and enter our enemies' base of operations. We have managed to do this without being spotted. Our Leader is waiting for you."
I nodded. "By your leave, my Emperor." I said.
My Emperor nodded and I followed the Rogue down a street I've been on countless times, one that was open and public. I recognized the house I was led to as Nakk's, the rogue knocked, and the door opened.
"Councilor Ruuk, thank you for coming. I'm sorry to divert you just to fix some of my stuff." Nakk said amiably, gesturing for me to enter.
I simply nodded and went inside. The moment the door shut, he dropped the amiable demeanor and said, "Thank you for coming, Imperator. This way."
He led me into his house, then into a closet. I didn't expect the floor to move underneath us, but it led us down into a large room.
"You have a basement." I observed.
"This is my base of operations." He said. "This was where our sewer system used to be, cleaning it out was a headache and a half, but since we moved onto more sustainable means of addressing waste- Merti's idea to use it as fertilizer and the Artificers' Guild designing a means of filtering and cleansing urine being particularly inspired- we decided to make use of the existing architecture to ensure our stealthy movement through the town."
"That explains why nobody's really wised up to how you've been spying on everyone." I remarked. "What were your plans, before I found our Emperor?"
"Keep everything stable." He replied. I noticed there were a few Kobold Monks present among the dozens of Rogues. "Rogue, Monk, we're all Shadowscale." He said. "That being said, our Monks are strictly neutral, they made it clear they won't align themselves to a singular ideal, their only interest is ensuring the Warren does not devolve into infighting."
"As I've already seen." I remarked.
"They're happy with how you handled the Temple, though they can't fathom how you found the platinum."
"Bahamut visited me." I said. "I honestly thought he was being obvious."
"That would explain it." I didn't notice the Monk walking on my other side, but it sure as hell startled me. "You are here regarding the recent mission's success, we ensured nobody was detected."
"Our Monks do not identify themselves." Nakk spoke. "I don't understand it, but it's what they agreed was the right course of action, so we just go along with it."
"For the sake of convenience, you may call me Fox." The Monk spoke. "And before you ask, we have all elected to live apart from the Warren. We may walk the streets, but until things have achieved equilibrium, we will continue to observe from the shadows."
I nodded.
We came over to an area where a handful of Rogues were sat. They stood up as soon as they noticed us, and began casting spells to show the interior of our enemy's base of operations. It felt like a punch to the gut, seeing not only electricity clearly being supplied to them, but also having established sinks and refrigerators.
They glut themselves on what we struggled to provide for ourselves, things that needed miracles just to sustain us. Through tears of hatred, I spat out my incantation.

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2023.06.05 00:48 sierpc Battle of Kuril Islands

Battle of the Kuril Islands
As a result of winning the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the summer of 2023 and regaining most of the lost lands (without Crimea, which fell only in 2024 after negotiations with Admiral Igor Osipov), Russia collapses and many areas declare independence and the rest is ruled by warlords (Siberia, Kuriles, southern Russia eastern parts of European Russia), the Federal government (led by Medvedev, who is still trying to continue Putin's policy) in Moscow and Veliky Novgorod, the national government (a coalition of pro-Western parties, maintained by NATO troops, the areas of Smolensk, Kursk, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Karelia, Vladivostok) and by communist rebellions (mainly Tatarstan and Siberia). All of Russia is in chaos and looks more like Somalia than a civilized country. The Kuriles were occupied by the 810th Marine Brigade, the 4th Mechanized Regiment and many broken coastal and island defense units.
With the help of the US, Japan decided to take over these islands. Izumo, together with several American destroyers, conducted a raid on the southern Kuril islands - Shikotan and Iturup
Operation "Young Boy". April 1, 2024
450 paratroopers and 750 Japanese marines with the help of 20 NAVY SEALs and 50 Rangers conducted the first raid. Several dozen planes took off from the "Izumo" helicopter and amphibious units from the Kunisaki landing ship.
The paratroopers (who had to use helicopters for logistical and operational reasons) overran the radar and the battery of 120mm guns within a few minutes. The first units landed on the southern and northern coasts. After a short fight for the base No. 453 in the north, the units met in the main arsenal of the coastal battery. Then 12 Russian Su-25 planes arrived. After a short bombardment, 2 of them were shot down and escaped.
After 4 hours the island was cleared and garrison units arrived.
Operation Tsar. April 2, 2024
Phase I
1,200 paratroopers and 2,000 Japanese Marines supported by 350 Marines and 5 Abrams M1A2 tanks were to take over Iturup Island. This island was much more important than Shikotan. The airport, many artillery batteries and most importantly - the General Staff of the Onrona Corps of the Kuril Islands. Thanks to the capture of this base, further operations would be won in advance - the Russians would have no chance in defense without the general command.
Phase II
Twelve Japanese F-4s supported by 24 F-16s bombarded the coastal artillery, allowing the US destroyers to get close enough to conduct detailed and accurate fire on the targets. Under cover of gunfire, 1,200 paratroopers (already using cargo planes) landed in the middle of the island. Colonel Imiro Dakahaki decided to attack the airfield directly, instead of guerrilla combat as recommended.
Phase III
American marines, supported by Japanese, landed near the southern naval base. The bloody fights (as one Abrams tank and 120 soldiers were lost) ended with the success of the Americans (400 Russian prisoners and 1200 wounded, about 230 killed). Only then was the alarm raised across the island.
Phase IV
American units separate from the Japanese and lead the offensive to the north. Many times shot at by single units, they reach their goal without much damage. However, the whole airport is on fire, the planes are destroyed and the Russians are still there. It turned out that the Japanese units had been destroyed in the course of the fighting and most of them were dead or prisoners of war.
Phase V
After making sure, American forces stormed the airport. Tired Russian soldiers surrendered after 40 minutes of fighting. The island fell the next day.
Operation "Prostitute in the Doorway"
More than 340 close support aircraft, 130 fighters, 300 multi-role aircraft and 60 bombers bombed the Kuril Islands as part of this operation. The fleet, on the other hand, began blockading the islands. You must be wondering why? When the public opinion learned about the massacre of Japanese units near the airport, they were against further warfare on such a large scale. By November 2024, most of the islands had fallen and eventually the commander of the defense of the Kuril Islands and the civilian administrator of these areas signed the Peace Treaty between the Kuril Islands Army and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
Peace Treaty
Eventually, the Japanese agreed to grant autonomy to the islands and release the Russian prisoners with their light weapons. The operations were considered a success and after a UN resolution, these areas were recognized as an "autonomous region of the Empire of Japan".
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2023.06.05 00:31 jeeperjalop Need help pricing JKUR

hey all, in the process of getting ready to sell my 2009 Jk Unlimited Rubicon Wrangler with half doord and trying to find a good price point to sell it. I've tried looking at Craigslist and ebay to find a comparison and the prices for something similarly equipped ranges from $12-$19k. Trying to be fair in pricing so any help would be appreciated, but would asking $17k for this rig be too much or too little?
For the specs here's what I have: The good: -2009JK Unlimited Rubicon with roughly 104,000 miles -ExterioProtection -JCR Rock Sliders &JCR Front Bumper -Ramsey Patriot 9500 Winch with synthetic rope -Icon Rear Tire Carrier -New front upper windows -Newer soft top -MetalCloak Rear Diff skid -EVO Oil pan skid, EVO Automatic Transmission skid, EVO Connection Skid -Poly Performance Cross member
Suspension & Steering Poly Performance Stage II 2.5 inch lift with adjustable UCA & LCAs, Fox 2.0 Reseviour shocks PSC Big Bore Steering box Poly Performance Tie rod & Drag link Poly Performance Track bar mount brace Newer Teraflex ball joints (installed 2022)
Axles, Tires and Brakes Rubicon Axles with 4:56 gears Tires/Brakes 35 inch Faulken ATs Powerbrakes Tow package f/r Pro-Comp wheels
-New battery, New Starter, Rock lights -Viair Onboard Air system w/2.5 gallon tank -Newer radiator installed in 2021 -Pro-Comp Front drive shaft
The bad: -will need new tires in the next few months, soft top leaks on corner near driver's side, dent from small fender bender, cracked wind shield and the paint is scratched and the clear coat is coming off from the hood and window frame. A/C will need to be recharged and new hoses swapped out. Touch screen on stock stereo doesn't work but stereo still does with a MIDI cord to an iPod.
Here's the link to the gallery for photos.
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2023.06.05 00:16 Devastate89 WLTOYS 124019 - Stripped screw - Please help on what to do for repair - or replacement part

WLTOYS 124019 - Stripped screw - Please help on what to do for repair - or replacement part

I should start off by saying that I'm newer to the RC hobby and bought this car to learn my way cheaply into the hobby. Well I had done some upgrades and took the car apart and back together several times including the diffs. Really the car has held up well. A while back I was ripping it with a new 5200mah battery and the steering went flat on me. Upon inspection I noticed that a screw that goes into the post for one of the steering components had stripped the head off. What would you even call this part?
Not really sure how to fix this. I was just going to buy a new part, but none of them I could see come with that metal post that my screw is stuck in.
Any suggestions on getting this out, or where I could find that replacement part with the post? Loved this car especially after putting foam tires on it, and would hate to shelf it.
Thanks for any help if any.

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