How does aux cord work


2019.11.22 01:25 quiprr HowDoesKarmaWork

How does Reddit Karma work? The long lost secret... Feel free to post memes, theories, and shitposts (that pertain to reddit karma) but don't abuse it.

2013.09.20 16:18 MindOfEvilTL Laser Cleaning Porn

Demonstrations of laser cleaning technology.

2008.12.03 19:34 How does this work

How does this work? Kind of like /whatisthis

2023.06.05 08:59 Queasy_Pool4683 help

Does anyone know how I can make the reskillable mod work with another mod in aternos, I followed the steps I read but I still can't get the number needed to use it
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2023.06.05 08:58 Sea-Carpenter-3550 How long does the qld children gender clinic take from getting referred to getting hormones?

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2023.06.05 08:58 Archerpierre Help with remote/wfh job

Hi, i'm looking for a work from home job because of medical reasons. (i just graduated high school and i have experience in retail and service) Ive looked online and on facebook but all i can find are scams and jobs that require degrees. does anyone have any tips or suggestions on getting a remote/ work from home job?
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2023.06.05 08:58 Object-Golf2001 I loved old socks more than God

TLDR - apologize ahead of time this is another long post, but for the sake of those who don't do too long of posts, I loved old socks more than I ever loved God. And it's just enjoyable to throw my thoughts out into the universe sometimes.
It's kinda fun to think about. Perhaps not entirely worth thinking about, better things to apply my thoughts towards, progressive thought consumption, but just attempting to fully unpack why it happened why it's still here, and if/when it will go away - the new mindset I've arrived at, my little corner of peace.
There are not very many people out there to share these things with but yesterday my one friend suggested that most everyone out there does not enjoy looking into other possibilities, what's out there, what's after this, everything of that nature. His thoughts, the vast majority of the populous lives molded into the trends and flow of whichever society surrounds them. Something along those lines, not necessarily the indoctrinated chains of thoughts, like those of Christianity for example, but something closely resembling. I guess what's comfortable and prevalent.
Pretty sure that he loves me I'll ask him questions but never really get a response back, nevertheless I kinda reach out. Fairly certain he loves me but sometimes I question my perception of the relationship. Like perhaps I'm just another one of those "most important creatures in the entire universe" but in reality he sees me merely as a highly evolved ape-man servant, I'm simply here to serve him and clean out his litter box, also let him outside and feed him.
He does love me. And I love him. He's my best friend but is merely a house cat which somewhere along the lines all those hundreds of years ago, even thousands, his relatives discovered that by befriending ape-man, well man could be molded into becoming thier servants. Funny and pretty cool to think about, ponder over, this evolution of sorts of tiny feline friends.
It was something I struggled with during my short relationship with God - that I most certainly love my cat more than God. It's not even a question I even love old socks more than God. Everything that was even somewhat good in my life was loved more than God. But then people say that God created my cat, somehow God created socks as well, all glory goes to God, but everything gets credited back to him. No. Sorry but God did not turn cats into fuzzy warm piles of joy who curl up on your lap and fall asleep purring.
But God-loving people try, and try and try some more, to turn everything around and hand it back to him. Especially this good place I'm at and have been for a pretty long time. You tell a Christian that you feel free and clarity and peace by not believing anymore, some of them say these my mental states still comes from God. Or they head a darker direction and say that Satan won the battle he got me to return to my sins and that's why I'm chill. No. My cat loves me God had nothing to do with that and God is not real and I'm just an ape-man who will someday pass away but in the meanwhile I want more of where I'm at right now.
It's a pretty simple thing. This place my mind is at. Not even doing anything to be here. No meditating no....nothing. It's just here. Will it go away? Probably but I'm pretty sure those Tibetan monks even have lapses of crap in thier lives, but how do I keep this. Not try to? Just go with the flow and maybe just flip the concept of God a massive middle finger that's larger than his suggested endless size and scope. Yea that sounds good here's a giant one for you. Right up your incoievably massive cosmic butthole.
I'll not do it. Not if I can help it. Go crawling back to God when the good goes away. Believe that my sins had me in good thought standings. Give the concept of satan a giant middle finger as well.
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2023.06.05 08:58 FiftyCalTalons Second Monitor HDMI No Display w/ Integrated Graphics (AMD)

Alrighty got an integrated graphics issue (probably, hopefully.) I scanned through the search here on Discord but didn't run across anything that seemed to be what I have going on. I've upgraded from a MSI motherboard and Intel CPU to a Gigabyte/AMD Mobo and CPU (Gigabyte B650 Gaming X + Ryzen 5 7600X) and I have a dual monitor HDMI set up. One HDMI is connected to the GPU (RTX 3070) and the other HDMI to the Mobo. With the original set up I'm aware of the integrated graphics enabling and did that through BIOS and updated drivers and it worked fine. With this set up, however, even in the BIOS with the Integrated Graphics option set to Forced it does not work. Knowns: 1 - The second monitor does work 2 - The system has displayed on the second monitor. When I performed the first boot and it cycled it displayed duplicate information during the initial POST and BIOS on both monitors. Once it cleared BIOS and reset, the second monitor stopped displaying. 3 - CPU does have integrated graphics 4 - Drivers are up to date 5 - Integrated graphics displays in device manager 6 - Second monitor does not display in device manager Going through the usual online troubleshooting leads me to copy paste articles telling me to enable the integrated graphics but they are enabled and drivers are updated.
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2023.06.05 08:58 Ornery_One_4098 28M routine work is boring. How is with you ?

So as the title said, I'm fed up with my work and can't have another one especially in the main time. So would like to chat and have good time.
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2023.06.05 08:58 E-cult Laser Disc Lain

Does anyone have a link or their own video captured of what Lain looks like on Laserdisc compared to other formats? I am really interested to see. I'm not sure how difficult it is to capture laserdisc on a digital device but there has to be a way.
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2023.06.05 08:58 Tough-Term1646 I can't live this humiliation down

I don't think that people can understand what it is like to have been castrated. It's not just about the obvious that I am now sexless but worse than that is docile effect of having been deballed. I submitted to this getting done because my wife was going to divorce me because of my sex addictions that contributed to 2 affairs. But it was also because my sister in law and mother in law found out that I had taken a lot of money from the company I worked for. If they reported me it would almost for sure mean prison time. The only options they gave me was either they report me or I agree to being castrated. I now believe more than ever that they wanted to be able to control me and that after they learned that castration caused the docile effect they wanted that effect to happen to me. I didnt want divorce and not having my kids. I didnt want to go to prison either, but I also didnt want to be castrated and especially since they insisted it be done by my sister in law. I was boxed in between a rock and a hard place. I was given 3 days to decide. In the end I finally agreed to castration. The humiliation parts started when I called my mother in law and told her my decision. Pretty hard to tell your mother in law the words she wanted so bad to hear because I knew she wanted very much for me to be deballed. It was very humiliating being tied down laying there completly exposed waiting to get it done. My mother in law was there and of course my sister in law. They were looking for stuff they didnt have yet. Arguing about sissors or what kind of knife. They were looking stuff up on the internet.Talking on their phones to my other sister in law and a family friend who used to be a veternarians assistant and they used their phones to show me to them and get advice. When the time finally came I changed my mind. When I first felt the sissors begin to cut me there I went crazy to get loose and then beg for my balls not to be cut off. Very mean, very cruel things were getting said to me at that time and that continued the whole time she was using the sissors and when she held up what she had cut off for me to see and for the phone cameras. I laying there with no balls felt overwhelmed with burning shame and humiliation as they called people they knew talking about the whole thing right in front of me, my sister in law using speaker phone so I could be sure to hear what her sister had to say. And it is known by most in my family that I am sexless but also they take advantage of how docile I have become. Which basically means I have hard time standing up for myself now. Being made sexless and docile is for me ongoing never ending humiliation. It seems that all respect for me is gone now. The only plus is that I am not in prison and I still have my kids.
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2023.06.05 08:58 nilkanthenggworks Cement Silo: A Key Component for Efficient Concrete Storage and Delivery

In the world of construction, the storage and management of cement play a vital role in ensuring the success of concrete-related projects. Cement silos are essential structures designed specifically for the storage and controlled discharge of cement. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of cement silo, their functionalities, and how they contribute to efficient concrete storage and delivery.
  1. Understanding Cement Silos:
Cement silos are tall, cylindrical structures typically made of steel, designed to store large quantities of cement. They are equipped with various components such as filling and discharge systems, level indicators, and safety devices to facilitate the storage and controlled distribution of cement.
  1. Types of Cement Silos:
· Vertical Cement Silos: These silos have a vertical design and are commonly used in construction sites where space is limited. They offer a smaller footprint and are suitable for storing cement in smaller quantities.
· Horizontal Cement Silos: Horizontal silos have a horizontal orientation and are often used in larger construction projects. They offer higher storage capacity and are efficient for bulk cement storage.
· Mobile Cement Silos: Mobile silos are designed for easy transportation and on-site mobility. They can be transported to different construction sites, providing flexibility and convenience.
  1. Benefits and Features of Cement Silos:
· Efficient Storage: Cement silos provide a secure and protected environment for cement storage, protecting it from moisture, air, and other external factors that could compromise its quality.
· Controlled Discharge: Cement silos are equipped with discharge systems that allow for precise control over the amount of cement released, ensuring accurate batching and minimizing wastage.
· Improved Workflow: With cement silos, construction sites can have a continuous supply of cement, reducing downtime and improving overall workflow efficiency.
· Enhanced Safety: Cement silos are designed with safety features such as pressure relief valves, level indicators, and alarms to ensure safe and reliable operation.
· Customization Options: Cement silos can be customized to meet specific project requirements, including capacity, material of construction, and additional features like dust collectors or pneumatic conveying systems.
  1. The Role of Cement Silos in Concrete Production:
· Continuous Supply: Cement silos ensure a continuous and reliable supply of cement, enabling uninterrupted concrete production and reducing the risk of project delays.
· Batch Accuracy: The controlled discharge from cement silos allows for accurate batching of cement, ensuring consistent and high-quality concrete mixtures.
· On-Demand Cement Delivery: Cement silos enable the delivery of cement in the required quantities at the right time, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the chances of contamination or waste.
  1. Choosing the Right Cement Silo:
· Consider Capacity: Evaluate the storage requirements and choose a cement silo with an appropriate capacity to meet the project’s needs without excessive downtime or space limitations.
· Quality and Durability: Opt for a cement silo constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity, protection against corrosion, and structural stability.
· Advanced Features: Look for additional features like level indicators, pressure relief valves, and dust collection systems that enhance safety, efficiency, and ease of operation.
Cement silos play a critical role in the efficient storage and delivery of cement, a key component in concrete production. Nilkanth Engineering Works providing secure storage, controlled discharge, and a continuous supply of cement, these silos contribute to improved workflow, batch accuracy, and overall project efficiency. When selecting a cement silo, it is important to consider capacity, quality, and advanced features that align with specific project requirements. Embrace the benefits of cement silo Manufacturers and ensure smooth concrete production and delivery for successful construction projects.
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2023.06.05 08:57 cowsandcocoa I have visible panic attacks around a coworker for unknown reasons. He notices. Should I quit?

Without going into much detail, I will get panic attacks around very specific people. It becomes a phobia almost. I get shaky and lose control of my voice and body movements and I think it freaks my coworker out. Hes not leaving anytime soon. He is the owners son.
I can tell it makes him uncomfortable. I have left rooms when hes entered them to avoid him. He knows. I never speak to him or anyone else at work. I work with him 3 days a week and mentally dread those days so so much. My body feels tired living through intense somatic flashbacks.
This coworker did nothing to me. Like literally absolutely nothing. My brain does this to me. It selects a random person for me to be scared. Not anxiety. Primal fear, like I need to find a place to hide, curl up in a ball and freeze.
I am so tired of my somatic trauma controlling me. Its not fair how little control I have of my own body. But its also not fair to the teenage boy who I have panic attacks around. Imagine being like, 19 and seeing a mid 20s person breakdown just being around you. This kid doesn't deserve this.
But honestly, I dont deserve it either, this situation is unfair to both of us. I hate my caregivers for abusing me to be this scared and being left with unsafe people. I have to give myself understanding and compassion. But that doeant make the panic attacksband embarrassment go away.... I am tempted to try xanxax. My body is wearing down from my nervous system being in this state all the time.
I feel bad for this behavjor. I dont even speak to this cowoeker at all just to avoid him and I am sure it makes him and others uncomfortable. I dont knkw what to do. I need the job so bad. Its difficult
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2023.06.05 08:57 n_giff Does anybody have experience with ISA? How was it?

I'm thinking about going the bootcamp route with Income Sharing Agreement to pay for it. I am NOT expecting to instantly get a six-figure salary when I finish. It's going to take a lot of hard work and some time to get there. What I'm hoping for is the chance to get the basic skills I need to start building a unique portfolio and hunting for entry-level web dev jobs. With the current job market, the ISA seems like a good idea because it motivates the school to help me find a position. Some schools, like General Assembly, even specify a minimum salary before payment begins. Still, the ISA seems almost too good to be true, and I can't help wondering if the other shoe is going to drop at some point. How were other people's experiences?
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2023.06.05 08:57 universaljester "On teaching humans" an instructional guide from an Elven professor

It's been a long time since I've written anything, if you have criticism, please be constructive, I'd love to write more and improve it.


Never forget their creativity, for it takes a race, who's truly adept in nothing and makes them capable of more than the races could through cooperation.
Orcs may be able to wield shamanistic magics, enhancing their bodies, along with their natural enhancement by magick, mold trees, and command animals.
Elves may be able to bend nature's magickal elements to their will, fire a bow through a knothole a mile away, and make leather that might as well be a second skin.
Dwarves may be able to smith armor so light and weapons capable of more than their appearances would give away. They may be able to make those items enchanted to a degree that the mere thought of cutting or bludgeoning would cause the weapon to be dangerous to the touch, armor near living and capable of enhancing the wearer to the strength of an orc
But the humans, not the best at any of these for the longest times, languished, trying to find their place. During the great wars era, theirs and other races found themselves and bound themselves to a stronger, more established race. The humans and elves, the gnomes and dwarves, the orcs and trolls.
It was only once we founded the academies, our kingdom's being one of the few that continued to accept the humans as part of their people. That given the time to study, to think did their true value, their true power amongst us shine through.
They, like all races, are capable of all the magicks, but unlike us, have nothing they're particularly adept at, unlike us, they don't suffer in another to gain that advantage, they are truly neutral, and therefore it was never their use of one set of abilities, it was their creative nature, their cleverness, and their intuition that made them our most valued, from the crafts to the battlefield.
Walls built, enchanted, further warded all to make the academy a haven, a city's sanctuary in the case of a conflict or cataclysm. Many grand masters and grand masters have as testaments to their strength gone to attack with their mightiest powers only to leave naught but a chip in the edifice of these great monuments to what the races achieve when they work together. A human, one of their adolescents, while testing out the enchantment she gave armor that rivaled the dwarven students' own creations, while channeling magick through herself to enhance her body and mind, barreled through this faster than one could even see, her sprawled form dizzy as she sat where she'd crashed into a mountainside.
Many instructors, staff and students went to check on the young one, who'd been mostly unharmed except for pride over being too eager. The child was taken to the infirmary while the staff and I sat in disbelief, a hole in the walls that were meant to protect us, by a child who'd been holding back only trying to test movement. She's one of the students I hold the most pride in, she, almost 25 years later, leads the largest all human regiment on our front line, holding our borders pushing back as we teeter on war with a kingdom that joined an anti-human faction.
But of all the things I've seen humans do that have both terrified me, and inspired me. It was their nearly indefinite flexibility with wielding magick, not only our elemental magick, no, their skills with that formidable in and of themselves, they took it a step further and began forming pure magicks, it started off with forms attached to themselves an adaptation of what is done to empower one's self. Then I watched as they slowly learned how to take that form, that bubble, and separate it. Sometimes it exploded, and laughter would erupt from everyone in the room, and the student who'd had they been any other race might have just given up, would start the process anew.
In the span of a week, we'd had an entire class of human students, teaching others how to do it, how to not injure themselves while doing it, and it spawned a new course of magic, led by the ringleader of my human students who'd just graduated.
If nothing else, please remember, their creativity and cleverness is boundless, nurture it, and it will bring value to you, your other students, and themselves.
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2023.06.05 08:57 Law1927 Looking for Used Vessel Cranes

Hi guys. Im a crane vessel technician and my boss ask me to look for two used cranes that are in working condition. Does anyone here knows where website, social media page or subreddits that i can find used vessel cranes that are for sale. Im looking for two 150-200 ton cranes. Thank you
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2023.06.05 08:57 selkie8 How to live my life again

I feel zombified from my meds... I have no bf, no friends, no job. Ive been stalked and SA'd & some of the doctors tell me stuff like "I know it seems very real to you", which makes me feel so alone... At the moment I dont want to even wake up in the morning. Does anyone know the chances of recovery? Im 28 this year, how should I be improving and not spiralling?
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2023.06.05 08:57 Pure-Engineer5068 Any devs from Safeway Philtech? How is it?

I'm looking to apply to them. I'm impressed sa median tenure nila on LinkedIn. Clearly, may something na nagpapastay sa employees nila doon. I saw some GlassDoor reviews na keen daw ang company sa work-life balance and pagiging family-oriented. How's the dev culture and tech stack like? How's the changing work shift? Do you recommend working there? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 08:57 OriginalStress1 Broken music box is breaking my heart

A music box of mine broke I know what’s wrong with it the comb has two teeth missing I know how to fix it it’s two screws but today when I found a replacement comb it didn’t work they’re identical and I don’t understand can I get some advice please I’m so upset about this I’m actually going to cry about it I think the model is m472 if that means anything to anyone
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2023.06.05 08:57 saidastarling Why can't I uninstall certain (Google) apps on my Android phone, even though I installed them from the Google Play Store?

NOTE: I'm posting this in a few subreddits b/c I don't know where the best place to ask this is. I'll remove the other posts once I find correct one/answers
Also, I'm not entirely sure this is JUST an issue with Google apps. I'm only basing this theory on recent experiences with apps I've had this same problem with.
ISSUE: Hi all, I've been having trouble uninstalling certain apps on my (Android Samsung GalaxyS22) phone.They were all downloaded from the Google Play Store (not pre-installed), so I'm not sure why this keeps happening. Also, when I try to remove them from the Play Store, only the most recent update is deleted. (If you already have all the information you need after reading this, feel free to skip the "DETAILS" / "EXAMPLE" sections below, and just reply to this/my question at the bottom of the post).
Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks so much in advance!!!
• • •
DETAILS: - I'm not talking about apps that come pre-installed on the phone.
EXAMPLE: - I downloaded the app "Messages by Google"
• • •
QUESTION: Why does this keep happening eith different apps, and how do I fix it/permanently remove these (large) apps from my phone?
• • •
(PS: Not sure if this is helpful, but under "info" in the Messages by Google apps, at the bottom of the screen, it says: "Version messages.android_20230118_04_RC01. phone_samsung_dynamic" at bottom of app
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2023.06.05 08:56 Kevindulu Gf has major UTI. She has chills, back, and sides hurt. Please help

Main symptoms. She shakes violently, feels cold for awhile then feels hot afterwards. Her stomach hurts and feels weak.
Bit of background My gf has been having a uti for the past few days. Last night she has been having something similar to a fever. She has sharp pains in her stomach and her urine came out dark brown/orange.
We went to the ER earlier today and she got discharged. All they did is take her urine test with nothing major. They tried to see if she may have a kidney infection but they didn’t seem to find anything. She got prescribed a medication but we couldn’t get a hold of it due to it being Sunday and the pharmacist being closed. The doctors told her to come back if the pills aren’t helping in 3 days
Here’s the main part Ever since we got home. She started shaking violently because she was really cold. She said that it hurt but after awhile of shaking, she stopped. Then she started feeling really hot. She never sweats but right now she is sweating. Idk what to do. Should I take her back to the ER? Or should I wait to get the pills in the morning and see how she does once she starts taking the pills.
Sorry for my horrible formatting. I’m just typing as I’m taking care of her
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2023.06.05 08:56 Icy-Aioli-8686 Pharmacy pay

Seriously curious, how much do u get paid as a pharmacist in NZ - like what the pay rate as an undergrad student and/or after 2-10 years of experience... i heard alot of stuff about the pay rate like is it that bad in nz? i thought pharmacist get paid more than nurses? (dont come at me, i know nurses work hard, but so do pharmacists - both professions specialise in different areas!)
for those who will comment that pharmacist just count pills.. they don't ;) they don't spend 4 years in Uni just count pills - really depends on where u work too
ThankS O.o
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2023.06.05 08:56 arvenkhanna Vitamin D and cofactors (BORON specifically)

Hi guys,
This past year I have been experimenting with high doses of vitamin D (6 -10k IU), over the months I have dialed in the major vitamin D cofactors such as vitamin K2, magnesium and Calcium. To say the least, it’s been life changing!
I have had numerous suggestions from people to also add in Boron to my stack. Can someone please help explain the benfits of boron, how it works within my current stack? And their opinions on wether it is worth it or not? Also any potential side effects of it.
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2023.06.05 08:56 opposity How much of a target are top economic consulting firms?

Hey all! I did my undergrad at Columbia and have been working at a top economic consulting firm (Cornerstone/NERA/Analysis Group/Bates White) for the past year. Although I am enjoy doing statistics & data science for high-profile antitrust lawsuits, there is no future for me as I do not have a PhD or Masters. I am hoping to apply for an MBA in the next 2-3 years and started to prepare for GMAT.
I am aware that WE plays a role in the admissions process and that IB/MBB folks tend to have a leg up compared to the rest of the applicant pool. How would WE at a top econ consulting firm be viewed in terms of WE prestige? Would I have any advantage/disadvantage? FYI, I am aiming for M7 schools.
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2023.06.05 08:56 SirEljoenai Motorcycle warranty

Sooo... I bought a new motorcycle, the 3rd one in my life and was wondering if I keep my warranty if I go to a mechanic that's not an official partner of the brand.
I never even thought about it until now. I got to know a mechanic that does all complicated problems for an official partner (different brands than mine) as a hobby and could also do the service for way less money and still sign in the service booklet.
But as I'm driving a Fantic and the Company he works for is partnered with Suzuki, Yamaha etc. I was wondering if that's even an option considering warranty?
(Note: I'm from Europe)
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