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2023.05.29 23:08 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of SAW (CHAPTER 26, 27, & 28) Converging Paths

Read Chapter 25 Here:
*** CHAPTER 26 **\*
Traveling to the warehouse, Logan felt relieved knowing Melissa was in good hands, but his momentary comfort was quickly replaced with apprehension when he arrived at Hoffman’s lair. Checking his surroundings, Logan was unfamiliar with this place, despite living here for over a decade. Stopping the car, he tilted the visor down and looked at the photo of his wife.
Through the security camera positioned outside, Hoffman watched Logan enter the parking lot and smiled. He grabbed the bottle of chloroform that sat next to the aqua green box and a cloth from the table, then switched on the furnace. Walking towards the entrance, he turned off all the lights except the one shining on Elanor, who sat unconscious beneath the aluminum dispenser.
Walking towards the entrance, Logan removed a tactical knife from his pocket and held it surreptitiously. Finding the door unlocked, he breached the doorway and stepped into the building, his chest full of anxiety. Logan shuffled through the inoperable machines, boxes, and various tools until he found Elanor under the strobe light. On the floor, he noticed the chrome pool of aluminum that had dried and discovered the dispenser above her. Quickly pulling the chair out of reach, he removed the gag from her mouth just as the liquid started to pour.
Slipping out of the darkness, Hoffman watched as Logan attempted to cut through the ropes that bound Elanor, and while he was distracted, Hoffman slammed the grip of his gun into the back of Logan’s head with traumatic force. Falling to the floor, rattled and disoriented, Hoffman used this moment to render him unconscious with a considerable dose of chloroform.
Seth’s body is brought to the triage center, where the on-call doctors get to work. They extract the bullet from his neck and clean the wound. Then, fill several vials with his coagulating blood and immediately begin several tests. It doesn’t take long for them to find something unusual in his blood. The pathologist examines the results and calls the precinct.
Waiting to hear from Agent Kullen, Lincoln left a message for Autumn and contacted the patrol unit, which was watching over her. They spoke briefly and assured him she would be brought to the station as soon as possible.
With her safety guaranteed, he reached out to the crew sent to Gavin Beck’s residence. They informed him that an officer was found in the garage with his arms, legs, and mouth wrapped in duct tape, but he was still alive, suffering from a major contusion on his head. He was currently being transported to the hospital for evaluation.
Fixing his posture, Lincoln loosened the cilice, providing a moment of comfort, and sank into his chair. Through the window, he caught another glimpse of the remaining survivors. Obstructing his view and thoughts, Marlow entered his office.
“Linc,” he says, “I’ve been in touch with Agent Webb. She’s in recovery and would like updates on the case. Additionally, I’ve been in contact with Dr. Steward’s wife and son. They’re both okay. Presumably an empty threat. The same for Renee’s family.”
Lincoln squints his eyes, contemplating, and suggests, “They didn’t fit the code.”
Marlow shrugs and is about to speak when a call comes through, “Detective,” the pathologist says, “Please come to the triage center at once. There’s something you should see.”
Taking his jacket from the chair, they leave the room hastily and head next door, cutting a path through the other corpses, beelining for Seth’s cadaver. The site of the body hits Lincoln in the gut. They shared a long history, and this wasn’t how he imagined their friendship would end. Saddened by the loss, Lincoln backed away and placed his hands in his pockets.
Inside, he found the last canister of Nitrous Oxide, which he had forgotten about. Already inserted into the cracker, it was taunting him. With the pain of losing another friend, Lincoln’s urge to use was returning, and he felt he would never escape its grasp. Checking for an exit, Lincoln was about to give in to his compulsion when he caught sight of the pathologist using a centrifuge.
Detailing her findings into a computer, she greets Lincoln, “Thank you for coming.”
“What did you find?”
Moving around the device, she grabs a portfolio and takes a blood-filled vial from the rack. She hands the vial to Lincoln and says, “When we ran the first test, I found Seth’s blood was contaminated with some sort of bacteria.”
Holding up the vial and looking closely, “Agent Kullen said he was sick….” Lincoln explains.
Her expression is one of doubt, “I checked that too, but these cells reacted differently than a common cold. It’s microbial.”
Turning a page in the portfolio, she removes another vial from the rack that is filled with green fluid.
“Do you recognize this?” She asks.
Swapping vials, Lincoln shakes the cylinder and watches the fluid splash against the walls.
The pathologist elaborates, “It was confiscated from Dr. Gordon’s apartment.”
“Well, Detective, my theory is that poison not dissimilar to this was injected into Seth’s body. I’m certain we will find an entry point with a little more time.”
Handing the vial back to the pathologist, Lincoln displays concern.
He says, “Have Logan assist you with the autopsy. Find the entry point and get back to me.”
Confusion drapes the pathologist, “Logan isn’t here, Detective. I thought you knew that.”
“Fine, get Elanor on it immediately.”
“I’m sorry, Lincoln, but she’s not here either.”
Marlow looks worried, and Lincoln says, “What are you talking about?”
“The on-call Doctors are here because Logan and Elanor never came in. I assumed they requested a break….”
Lincoln pushes past the physician, and Marlow tries to keep up. “Get a unit to Logan and Elanor’s addresses.” He says, “If you can’t get in touch with anyone, I want an APB out within the hour.”
“Chief Savino?”
“My orders, just do it.”
They enter the precinct, and Lincoln breaks off from Marlow, heading to his office while Marlow requests the attention of the other officers. Perched in the seats, eyes fixed, they await instructions. He explains, “Two of our colleagues are missing, Logan Nelson and Elanor Bonneville. Logan was last seen leaving the precinct between 7 pm and 8 pm last night. We must track them down as soon as possible.”
Listening to Marlow in the distance, Lincoln paces his office, trying to call Autumn. He leaves another message and fidgets with the Nitrous Oxide in his pocket. Needing a distraction, he contacts Agent Kullen.
Outside the Convention Center, Agent Kullen acquired an identical parking slip to the one they procured from Seth. He stood beside his vehicle, surveying the surroundings, taking mental notes of the area, including the security cameras and the construction site for the museum across the street then headed inside.
At the front desk, he finds two staff members and security personnel. Flashing his badge, he requests to see the surveillance footage taken from the last forty-eight hours. They informed him that a power outage corrupted the data, and the footage was essentially erased. Incensed by the revelation, Kullen shows them a picture of Seth Steward and asks if they’ve seen him on the property. The security guard holds the photo close to his face and recognizes the man. He saw him the night before, smoking in the parking lot, but he never entered the building.
Kullen’s stomach churned, and his hand twitched as he exited the convention center. Retrieving his medication from the car, Kullen consumed two pills and evaluated his surroundings once more. Walking towards the street, he looked up and down the road diligently.
Near the shoulder, across the street, he saw something glistening off the sun. About to head over, a call rang through his cell, “Kullen,” he said, still curious about the object.
“It’s me.”
Hearing the Detective's unsettled tone, Agent Kullen asks, “Lincoln, what’s going on?”
“Elanor and Logan are missing. Marlow is pursuing leads. Where are you?”
Crossing the street, Kullen discovers the reflective object to be a broken padlock. He carries the item towards the gate and says, “I’m near the Convention Center.”
He stops at the entrance and discovers that a new padlock has replaced the broken one. Suspicious, he looks to the Convention Center and then back to the gate.
Overwhelmed by his sudden emotions, Lincoln pushes through a fog of anxiety and asks, “Have you found anything?”
Kullen tilts the new lock in his direction and discovers a keyhole. “Send a team to the museum, now.”
Quickly returning to his vehicle, Kullen starts the ignition and drives towards the parking lot's exit. He waits anxiously for the road to clear before pulling out onto the street. When he reaches the gate, he makes a sharp turn and slams his foot into the accelerator. Crashing through the barrier, he speeds toward the construction site.
Pedestrians outside the Community Center observe the unexpected breach and appear excited and perplexed, with at least one individual phoning 9-1-1.
*** CHAPTER 27 **\*
Sitting at his workstation, watching the news, Hoffman can hear Elanor’s muffled cries for help. In front of her, she could see the limp body of Logan, handcuffed to a metal fixture that Hoffman bolted to the floor below the aluminum faucet. Pleading for him to wake up, she quivered in fear.
Unaffected, Hoffman increased the volume of the television. Showing footage of the National History Museum from a helicopter, it was reported that a new game had been discovered. In the video, Hoffman saw several cop cars and news vans positioned outside the building. They revealed that triggers and tripwires had been placed throughout the museum, preventing safe entry.
Photos of the victims flash on the screen, and Hoffman sees Renee Walsh, a test subject of John Kramer, who he had captured over a decade ago. For her game, John requested an eye for an eye, forcing her to remove the organ with a sharpened spoon. Unbeknownst to Jigsaw, Dr. Gordon provided a numbing agent for Renee that would aid her in the endeavor.
Hoffman’s eyes glazed over, and the memories of previous games rushed to his mind. Staring through the television, he heard a voice.
Hovering over his shoulder was the rotting corpse of Amanda Young, who said, “Hello, Mark….”
“You’re dead,” he replied calmly.
Watching the news, Amanda folded her pale arms and said, “I know it’s hard to concentrate.”
Having been haunted by these hallucinations since he escaped the bathroom, Hoffman felt exhausted and tortured, “Why?” He said, his voice drained of emotion. “Why are you still here?”
Amanda stared out the window while Hoffman watched the blood ooze from her neck, and she said, “By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal.”
“When this is over, you’ll be gone….”
Smiling, Amanda responds defiantly, “Somehow, I doubt that.”
Photos of John Kramer are displayed on the television, followed by images of Dr. Gordon.
Seeing the pictures, Hoffman remembered sending letters to various news stations, hospitals, and local law enforcement, implicating Lawrence Gordon as an accomplice. For many years, he had planned his revenge on the Doctor, which started by exposing his true identity. However, with Gordon’s upstanding reputation, the implications were deemed a slanderous rumor, and nothing ever came of it.
Now with Gordon gone, only one obstacle remained; there was only one accomplice left; Logan Nelson.
*** CHAPTER 28 **\*
The sun is chased out of the sky by a flurry of dark clouds, creating a reddish-black horizon. An aft beautiful sight, if not for the crowd that has formed outside the precinct. Families of the deceased Jigsaw victims have led a throng of supporters to the parking lot, where they demand an end to Jigsaw’s legacy and the police department that has allowed this to go on for so long.
Among the swarm of bodies are the ex-husband and children of Sarah Harper.
Inside, Chief Savino preps a SWAT team on the situation at the museum, reminding them to be wary of traps, and displays a picture of Hoffman on the television for each of them to memorize. He insists that no one enter the museum until all the traps have been disarmed.
After the speech, Lincoln is informed that Autumn has arrived at her house and is collecting her belongings. The officer estimates that they will reach the precinct within the hour. With one problem solved, Lincoln allows himself a moment of comfort. When he is about to leave, Marlow approaches with more good news.
“We just spoke to Cameron, Logan’s Mother-in-Law,” He says, “She has Melissa, they’re fine, and Logan left around 7 am this morning.”
“Did she say where he was going?”
“He said he was going to work but to contact you if there’s trouble. Chances are he’s inside the museum with the others.”
Lincoln considers the possibilities and says, “Let’s retrace his steps. He took his vehicle, right? I don’t care how long it takes, pull CCTV, check gas stations in the vicinity, schools, everything. If we can triangulate his phone, do it. Find him."
“I will, sir,” Marlow says, without moving, "What about him?"
Lincoln glances at Daniel inside the Infirmary, “He doesn't leave my sight," he says.
“What other options do we have? I'm not losing anyone else."
Forgoing his apprehension, Marlow said, “It’s your call, Lincoln.”
Within twenty minutes, Lincoln arrives at the museum with a SWAT team. Staring at the building, he feels a sudden surge of anxiety, dread, and a strange sense of relief, knowing this will all be over soon.
“Are you okay?” a voice asks.
His eyes move to the rearview mirror, and Lincoln can see Daniel Matthews in the back seat. Still awaiting a response from Autumn, Lincoln checks his cellphone and re-reads his message to Lynn.
“I'm ready for this to be over,” he said, tightening the cilice around his waist.
Looking through the window at the commotion outside the museum, Daniel responds, “This isn't your fault, Detective.”
Reminded of his conversation with Seth Steward, Lincoln ignores the words, "Let's go."
Both men exit the vehicle, and Marlow joins them.
"Kullen is sending in a bomb squad," Marlow said, "We've set up an observation terminal towards the south entrance. I'll move the witness there."
As the men separate, Daniel, notices the news crews positioned themselves just outside the parking lot. He stares at them approvingly.
Lincoln waded through his grief and reached Agent Marlow, who was relaying a message via radio.
“Get it done,” Kullen said.
Standing with the Agent, Lincoln asks for a breakdown of the situation.
“Come with me.”
Lincoln follows Kullen towards a police car, and the Agent removes the museum floor plans from his pocket. He lays the map on the car's hood and specifies the trap locations.
“The entrances are blocked off,” he said, “There’s no way through. Now, I’ve got a team working to deactivate the traps, but it’s going to take some time.”
“Have you had any communication with the survivors?”
Drawing a line on the map with his finger, Kullen says, “Not yet, but I’ve spoken with the construction crew, and they’re building an expansion right over here.”
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2023.05.29 23:04 RogueTraderDiplomacy Cyclic Ion Cannon— HLF

I was looking at a bunch of the reveal profiles and this is leading me to cautiously hypothesize that the CIC will be the best weapon for the vehicle.
Here is my thought process:
Currently CIC is d6 +3, blast with 9/-2/2 SP heavy conversion Beamer is 2, conversion, and sustained d3 for 10/-2/4
Magna Rail is 1 shot so for now I am removing that from the calculus. If something can raise the BS so you can hit on a 2+ maybe I’d consider it, but for right now that one shot isn’t worth it.
My thoughts on CIC being the BIS is that most invulnerable saves we are seeing on hood infantry are 4++ or 5++. Most of these models are also 2-3 wounds. I haven’t seen many with 4 wounds. Because the SP Beamer is only -2 ap and because sustained only hits on 4+ at >12”, you are looking at roughly 2-4 beam shots. Sure you’ll wound most infantry on 2+ without a JT, but still you are looking at a 4+ / 4++ to counter.
The CIC appears to provide more flexibility and even though it is 2 less dmg, should be on par to the output of the Beamer. There are tons of assumptions that have to be made for the Beamer and it somewhat contradicts the role as a combat transport.
I’m not saying I wouldn’t play the Beamer, In fact it may be the best choice at str 10 4 dmg. However, most people tend to overlook the CIC and the more I muse on it, the more appealing it becomes.
Also as for hearthguard, I think ETaCarn are the way to go. They haven’t nerfed the AP or dmg for the plasma pistol or beamer on the hearthkyn squad so you can assume 8/-4/2 to be the profile. This outright kills most marines and puts anything else on a 6+ or invul. That is also a viable anti tank weapon if the target has 2JT
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Airman Magazine - Official magazine of the US Air Force.
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2023.05.29 23:00 Chewbacca319 Did I get a solid deal?

So I just got home from the dealership where I signed my life away, lmao. Here's a breakdown of the deal I got, all prices are in Canadian. First a bit of back story.
I own two vehicles. One is a 2012 grand Cherokee Overland that I bought used last year for $16k all in. Loved the vehicle but I really want something with wayy less kilometers(180k). Did some repairs but just sold it today for 17k private, broke even on the car.
I also own a 2020 Bullitt mustang. Fully paid off, every option. Back in 2020 I paid $62k all in with a 8 year extended warranty.
I have decided to trade in the mustang because living in northern Canada I only get to drive it 6 months of the year and would rather have my fancy new car be something I can drive year round.
Now onto the deal.
I got a 2023 grand Cherokee Overland. Special thing about this unit is that it has the 5.7L Hemi, 2023 grand cherokees can't be specced with this motor. It was a special order right as the 2023s were being launched, most likely one of a handful ever made. Besides that it has pretty much every option available. Macintosh sound system, massaging seats, air suspension, passenger front and rear entertainment displays, night vision, you get it, plus arctic prep package for northern climates.
The MSRP is $90,550. I paid 85,550, so $5000 off MSRP.
Of that $85,550 I got a $53,300 trade in value for my mustang (in the end depreciation was $9000 on a three year old car, pretty great imo). I also got the extended 7 year warranty for $4500.
In total after fees taxes and trade in total financed amount is $40k. Financing is 0% interest.
I'll be sad to see the mustang go but this grand Cherokee is beautiful and has everything I want and more. I think I got a good deal, 5k below MSRP plus only lost 9k in value from owning my mustang for 3 years. I also got them to throw in an oil pan heater for free which isn't part of the Arctic prep package.
Would love your thoughts. I know this sounds like a lot of money but it's all in Canadian, and Canadian dollar is crap, but I make good money (over 100k year) and can easily afford this. Also take away the 17k I got for my old jeep I'm essentially paying a difference of $23k
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2023.05.29 22:59 schwebelroom 3PMD Episode #321

3PMD Episode #321
Youtube Live May 30th 2023 9:30p
Youngstown's 3PMD Podcast Episode #321
3PMD Episode #321


1: Black lives matters going ‘broke’
Black Lives Matter risks going bankrupt after running an $8.5 million deficit last year, financial disclosures indicate.
The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) saw the value of investment accounts fall by almost $10 million in the most recent tax year

2: Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18yrs
Stewart Rhodes the founder of the far-right Oath Keepers has been sentenced to 18 years in federal prison in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol following his conviction on seditious conspiracy.
\-FBI involvement? 
3: Tic Tok teen “Mizzy” handed a video ban after home invasion prank
Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, who is known on social media as ‘Mizzy’, is behind a series of spoofs including stealing a woman’s dog, ripping up library books and jumping into strangers’ cars. He filmed himself invading a family’s home & has apologized for the “stupid” stunt as he was handed a two-year video ban.

4: Part 1: Chicago street “parking scammers”

An organized team of thieves on motorized scooters have been descending on side roads and Dan Ryan expressway exit ramps around Guaranteed Rate Field.
These men wearing yellow vests, stop drivers heading to White Sox games. They act like official parking attendants and push drivers into turning over $40.

Part 2: Man on date kills man over a $40 fake parking fee
Erick Aguirre, a 29-year-old man from Houston, Texas, allegedly shot and killed 46-year-old Elliot Nix, a fake parking attendant, on April 11, 2023, while on a date at the Rodeo Goat restaurant.01 Aguirre paid Nix $40 after he claimed he was the parking attendant and said it would cost $20 to park Aguirre and his date's cars. Witnesses saw the shooting unfold, and Aguirre was charged with felony murder. Aguirre returned to his date and told her "everything was fine," according to court records.

5 AITA: for cancelling the entire vacation when I found out that my stepdaughters deliberately hid my daughter's passport to get her to stay home?

I planned a vacation and my stepdaughters hid my child's passport so she could stay home & babysit their kids.
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2023.05.29 22:54 shrew_in_a_labcoat Update: Sold car by dealer pretending to be private seller- car dies less than 24hrs later. Won't refund.

So after having the car inspected by a garage, sending the seller the list of faults (which were many and some dangerous), much wrangling and threats of court, the dealer has agreed to a full refund. However he has asked for the car to be returned to him with a signed letter stating I will take no further action against him or his business, only when the car, keys and paper work are in his possession will he credit my account.
I'm nervous to do this as what would stop him from just refusing to refund when the car is on his property? He lives nearly 100 miles away so it's not easy for me to hang around until he payes me.
This was his last email to me:
"I will say again for the last time – The car will be delivered to my car park. The keys/paperwork and paper from you stating no further action. Then and only then, will I refund you the money. If the car is not delivered to me within 14 days from the date of this Mail then the refund offer is retracted.
I will not correspond with you anymore only to confirm your delivery date and time."
I know he cannot legally revoke the refund offer but I'm wondering where I stand with the return issue?
I had said that once the truck arrives and he has the letter of no further action I need the refund in my account before the transport company will unload the truck. Is that unreasonable?
Does he have to have the vehicle on his property before making the refund?
Any advice welcome
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2023.05.29 22:46 Realmfire The Memorial

It is a well known fact within this galaxy that humans place an extraordinary amount of respect on their fallen service members. I was gifted recently to be able to visit a human world on a holiday called “memorial day”. On memorial day the remember and pay their respects to their service members who fell in the line of duty.
As I got off the transport vehicle, they called it a bus, I immediately took in the sight. Rows of banners with blue stars on them, with intermittent gold stars. I would later come to learn what this meant. I followed the crowd, while mainly human there were the intermittent Rakhari, Telechian, Avian, and a few from many of the other species that make up the Galactic Commonwealth. While there I bumped into an old Human friend of mine from the academy days. After catching up, he told me “Hey, follow me. Theres going to be a speech and I want you to hear it.”
Because I wasnt on the guest list I didnt get a seat, but I was able to stand just off to the side of the seats. Behind the seating area there was a group of maybe a hundred army cadets standing at parade rest in their dress uniforms. A dozen individuals gave their own speeches before a General made his way to the stand. He talked about those he had served with, and lost, during his time in service. How fifteen years ago, as a young captain, his company was at a firebase when they were attacked by pirates. How he buried three of his brothers the next day. And how he has witnessed more memorial services than that. How final roll calls can be heart tearing- hearing a name called off that you may never hear again. The loss of a brother or sister, how it hurts more than he can emphasis. He then went on too explain the gold and blue stars.
The blue stars are put out by family members who have immediate family currently in the military. A gold star represents a family member who has fallen in recent memory. I looked at the group of cadets and noticed the looks on some of their faces. I quickly realized that some of the cadets may not be the first of their family to join the military. As the cermonies concluded my friend showed me to the parade route. I saw as.. Thousands of service members and civilians marched down main street, from the city hall to a cemetery within the city. We moved with the procession and arrived at a memorial within the cemetery. There, the general from earlier gave another speech. This speech was about the effects losing a soldier has on a family, and about how this memorial was funded by a mother who lost two sons and a daughter in service of Humanity’s forces assigned to the Galactic Council.
Shortly thereafter a 21-gun salute was rendered, and the crowd dismissed. I later found out that the memorial was called the Centris Three Memorial- in memory of those who fell in defense of this planet. Centris Three, the place where humanity’s first true war on the galactic stage happened.
Humanity remembers their fallen, and they also remember their past. It is with this I leave you. Humanity has yet to lose a war on the galactic stage despite the fact that they have almost lost their home. Which is why I am requesting that we hire human instructors at our own military training facilities, so we can learn from their history of war. Additionally, I believe we should have a similar holiday, as it is ultimately our history and culture that defines us as a species.

Hey all, Realmfire here. So this one was kind of hard for me to write. While it's not my best work it is… kind of personal to me. In fact, a few of the parts of this story are either directly inspired by my experiences or the experiences of those around me. Lest we forget those have gone before. Have a good one all.
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2023.05.29 22:32 Ralius88 Pali lookout history hits hard.

Pali lookout history hits hard.
Standing at the lookout I always try to imagine how it must have felt to be one of the Maui warriors forced off the cliff by Kamehameha’s men. It’s a really striking contrast to the beautiful views below. For us it’s just a pretty view, but for 400 warriors, it was their last. What are some other places like this that might have a large significance but can easily be overlooked as “just another pretty view”?
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2023.05.29 22:26 jd55513 What do you hope to see in Fallout 5 or a future spinoff?

While it's painfully obvious that Fallout 76 will be the bridge to a future spinoff or eventually Fallout 5. It's good to see that support for the game shouldn't waiver for the next 5 years or so.
We seem to be getting another Expedition and another big story expansion (probably enclave) later in the future.
The next fallout game is probably atleast 10 years away(assuming we get a New Vegas 2 or future Fallout spinoff now that Microsoft makes the decisions)
If not....then probably 15 years or so away for Fallout 5(since it would come out using a new engine that will take a few years to get ready. (Creation Engine 3?) and release on the next generation of consoles.
So with all that said, here is what I'm hoping to see in the next game:
--A multi layered, evolved branching storyline with multiple faction endings that have host of different consequences for uniques, companions and post world endgame. (Fallout 4 failed at that imo)
--Evolution of the weapons crafting mechanic in Fallout 4. Specifically I want more unique weapons and I want them to feel "unique" Fallout 3 and New Vegas had more weight and aesthetic to the genre of weapons you could expect in such a game. For example, where is the Displacer glove? More unique melee weapons, power fist specials, more sniper types, more unique energy weapons etc.
-- With the technology of Creation Engine 2. It seems vehicles and ships will be possible in a large Bethesda worldspace. I expect the idea of the Vertibird transport mechanic in Fallout 76 to be a main gameplay feature for the next Fallout. Imagine New York is actually the next setting. But near the middle of the game, we move to a completely different map. Like Chicago, Miami or even the west coast.
-- Pipboy 4000 or a really cool upgrade, Fallout 4 introduced the Pipboy 3000 mark IV, which mainly featured the ability to play Holotape games. Whatever the next iteration is, it also needs to feature a sensible upgrade that is based on the needs of the region. Most of the mechanics have been Vault door opening, radio, communications, radiation tracking, signal tracking, the social stats, biological telemetry etc.
What should be the next iteration?
-- new unique factions
--Vault tech space station. So since the grand purpose of the vaults was to build and test the necessary technology needed for survival of Humans and Space exploration. I would love to see the elite of the elite cozied up in a secret supervault(space station) that maybe requires something as crazy as the Institute teleporter. This is where a unique Pipboy 4000 or special version maybe need for the quest or access.
--Expand from the settlement building of Fallout 4, 76, and Starfield.
--Do something with water next time! (Lol it's a crime that they cut the underwater vault and overseer squid thing)
What are your thoughts? Leave your comments down below, thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 22:08 RatingSix18 「Always Crashing」

Stand:「Always Crashing」
Namesake: Always Crashing in The Same Car by David Bowie
User Namesakes: Ranz (subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation), Lexus (division of the Toyota Motor Corporation), Evel Knievel
User:「Ranz-Lexus Knievel」
Character Background: Ranz-Lexus Knievel is a struggling car salesman trying to support his now 6-month pregnant wife, Jasmine, who urges that Ranz should drop what he's doing now to pursue another career. In order to keep his house paid for and his wife healthy, he secretly makes deals with a local drug gang that makes and sells cocaine. With his cars, Ranz drives to an undisclosed location every weekend and lets the gang tear up and reconfigure the cars to hold a shit ton of cocaine as well as put a tracker somewhere in the car. From here, Ranz will take the cars back to his lot and wait until someone is desperate enough to buy from his lot. If the newly bought car crosses the county line, Raz earns some money, but if the car is detained by the police in any situation, Ranz makes sure that the cops suffer for it.
Type: Artificial Humanoid, Automatic, Psychological Assault
Appearance:「Always Crashing」resembles a mechanical crash test dummy that wears a black leather jacket that has long, hanging tassels and a short cape as well as a helmet which is adorned with flames.
Ability:「Always Crashing」 is an automatic type stand. Knievel sends it out to attach to non-organic objects, in this case cocaine, and the Stand will remain there until activation. To activate the Stand, the object needs to be “moved” by a third party. When activated, the stand will force anyone involved in the “moving” of the object to see the stand, which will continuously annoy the target until they die.
Power: C / None (Ability)
Speed: C / None (Ability)
Range: ∞ (Infinite)
Durability: ∞ (Infinite)
Precision: ∞ (Infinite)
Developmental Potential: E
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2023.05.29 22:08 PrincipleOtherwise70 [DarKoaster @ BGW] review (kind of) slightly underwhelmed ?

I rode BGW’s DarKoaster Saturday and I was…a little underwhelmed for my first impression. This could in part be because
a) I got one ride (back row) B) the line was 3 hours long and very few rides are worth that kind of a wait…
Grant it I know to go to Pantheon if I want a thrill coaster, but I was really expecting quite a bit more in the theme department. The queue is better themed imo than the actual indoor ride. To me it felt nearly pitch black the entire time. .
I think the ride really could benefit from extra screens in there or flashing effects.and even if no to the screens to keep the ‘dark’ component they absolutely could use some noise effects (ie: howling wind, arctic wolves in the background, a snowmobile motor, SOMETHING).
The tire launches weren’t bad. They had some kick to them nothing too crazy, but not boring like a Mack launch to where you would question why they even bothered to make it a launch.
The layout was alright and I wasn’t expecting it to be anything more than that, but IMO that layout doesn’t stand on its own it needs that indoor SFX element and I feel like it doesn’t quite have that. Personally it’s probably my least favorite out of BGWs launch coasters. Verbolten which I would also kind of consider a family thrill coaster is definitely superior.
But kids and families will definitely like it and I understand that is the target audience. I just think it was another missed opportunity in the theming department for BGW. Had they just done just a little bit more it really could have had the potential to rival Verbolten and have two elite family launches but for me it probably wouldn’t be something I wait more than 20 minutes for.
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2023.05.29 22:01 martun-baker Giving up drivers license

I’ve read lots of posts about getting their drivers license or privileges restored. I live in Texas and I’ve never had to. In your state is it mandatory to inform the department of motor vehicles you have epilepsy or had a seizure?
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2023.05.29 21:57 bgrental Electric Car Rental

Electric car rentals are becoming more popular as more people adopt environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Renting an electric car allows you to experience the benefits of electric vehicles without committing to a long-term ownership commitment. Here's some information on renting an electric car:
Rental Car Companies: Many car rental companies now have electric vehicles in their fleet. Electric automobiles are frequently offered for rent at Electric Car Rental major rental firms such as Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, and Budget. There are also specialised electric car rental firms that only lend out electric automobiles.
Booking: You may usually reserve an electric car rental online using the rental company's website or third-party networks. During the booking procedure, express your desire for an electric vehicle.
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2023.05.29 21:54 EffectSubstantial909 Lost Terran - 1

This is first time writing a story and English is not my primary language, so don’t expect too much on the Grammar and spelling. Before I start I’ll explain a bit of the world building as I did put some thought into the world building. While I’m not a scientist I based a lot of my world building on science. World building The story will be Sci-fi and it will take place in a galaxy far far away (basically don’t expect anyone else besides Mc getting there, I don’t want my story to get too convoluted) Mc is PMC security personnel and would get sent there from a lab explosion. The place Mc gets transported to is a younger part of the universe where a lot of stars that will ever be born hasn’t been born yet, which mean there’s less heavier elements there. To get a better understanding here’s a elemental tier list from light to heavy. Tier 1: Hydrogen (H) Tier 2: Carbon (C), Oxygen (O) Tier 3: Silicon (Si) Tier 4: Iron (Fe), Titanium (Ti) Tier 5:Silver (Ag) Tier 6: Gold (Au), Lead (Pb) Any element below Tier 5 can be created from normal fusion from any Star but those above it can only be formed in the cores of a super Nova a much rarer type of star. So basically Iron where the Mc finds himself is equal to Gold on Earth. In that part of the galaxy dude to the lack of heavier elements most of their construction materials are made using a plastic like substance so it wouldn’t be strange for Mc to rip door off it’s hinges. I do pat myself in the back for my explanation. Natural as per HFY standard the worlds there are mostly low gravity worlds. Next is that the gender ratio of that galaxy place has more female, I’ve also thought of the explanation for this and it would be in the story. Rest assured I would explain despite them having sci-fi technology “why don’t they just make more men?” (Story start)——————————— 14th Jun 2078 23:30 local time Southern Africa ‘Yet another night’ Franz signs as he goes over his monotonous patrol route, not that he’s complaining that nothing is happening especially with the salary he’s getting paid, besides that the benefits are quite good too. Franz walks towards a security door then swipes it with his key card. Click With the click Franz opens the door and examine inside for anything out of place. …… …. .. Not finding anything suspicious he closes the door and goes on his scheduled route lugging his cumbersome bolt-action rifle. ‘Man how old is this thing? My grandfather’s grandfather would have carried these to the battlefield’ FranZ thought as he stares at the Mosin-Nagant he has been issued. ‘The legendary garbage rode’ Franz thought as he looks at the rifle. Ever since the company has been subjected to western sanctions for “human rights abuses” the quality of the equipment non-frontline units like him has seen a major decline. Like dude! How are you supposed to deal with child soldiers insurgents?! Oh and we certainly know how the Americans dealth with it when they were in Africa. They shot them! ‘Those hypocrites, it’s fine if they do it but if others do it it’s a war crime’ Franz grumbled at the antique he has been issued. Of course it’s not just shooting child soldiers in Africa, probably the major reason is that the PMC he’s working for accepted a contract to help Saudi Arabia conquer Iraq. Iraq has always been a sore subject to the Americans and they heavily sanction anyone involved. Currently Iraq is being fought over by Iran and Saudi Arabia. After Iran succeeded in developing a nuke they got bolder and reignited the Iran-Iraq war, but unlike the last Iran-Iraq war that ended in stalemate this time Iran was steamrolling the Iraqi army. Seeing Iraq being steamrolled without much resistance Saudi Arabia took this chance to grab some lands. It didn’t take long before Saudi armies and the Iranians meet near Kuwait which ended in a 3 way cluster fuck. Suffice to say the Americans are not the least bit pleased their ties to the Saudis turned sore and they pulled all support to the Saudis and heavily Sanctioned all the mercenaries that joined in. After that Franz’s SMG got confiscated and replaced with this crappy Bolt-action. Saying that it’s not all bad as China and Russia is more than willing to step in, it’s just that their weapons are not as high tech as the westerns ones, there’s also compatibility issues (like the ammunition calibers, the rail system which all the mods can be attached) and that’s just for things like small arms not mentioning bigger items like tanks and armored vehicles. With all that in mind the PMC is still a business after all so drastic actions were taken and cost cutting measures needed to taken. Anyway as Franz passing a corridor he sees someone he doesn’t recognize coming out of a room. ‘Who that hell is that?’ He wondered as nobody should hear this late at night, like he could understand if someone just wanted to finish an errand which caused the to leave a bit late but it’s almost 12 midnight now there shouldn’t be anyone here. Even so it’s too early to jump to conclusions so Franz did what he was taught to do in this situation. “Who are you?” Franz asked the person from afar thinking that it could be one of the senior researchers need something or some shit. Like there’s no way it could be an intruder life is not like in the movies, there’s no way in hell that he’s dealing with some James Bond espionage nonsense. Right? But seeing the person still not responding Franz asks again “Oi! who are ?” But the person still didn’t respond to him and continues walking away, visibly at an increased pace. ‘Well fuck me!’ Franz cursed inwardly as things seems to have gotten real “Identify yourself!” Franz yells for the last time before he takes drastic actions. In response the person just flat out runs. ‘Shit!’ Franz curses as he calls in control. “Control this is Franz from unit 5, I’ve just spotted an intruder at section D exiting from one of the highly secured rooms. He was heading towards section E when I lost sight of him” There was a brief pause as the personnel at control was probably reviewing the cam footage from his helmet. A reply eventually came back “ other security personnel are now converging on section E, go investigate what that intruder was up to” “Copy that Control” Franz said before making sure his helmet’s built in cams are working properly and that control are receiving his live feed. Franz then head towards the door the intruder came out from and Franz swipes his key card. Booooooot “Control my access is rejected” Franz said as he made sure the cam can see the red light coming out of the access panel. “Ok try again now” the woman at control seems to have given him access and so he swipes his keycard again Click With the click Franz slowly opens the door and looks inside “Well fuck me” Franz said, as soon as he opens the door he sees a bomb was strapped in one of the devices in the lab. “Emmm control I think we may need a bomb squad” Franz said as he was just about prepared to run away but before that an elderly man’s voice came out of the coma “Not enough time the nearest bomb squad is at the capital, you’ll have to disarm the bomb, I’ll patch the you through to the experts and they’ll guide you on how to disarm it” ‘Awww shit’ Franz cursed as that elderly man is probably one of the high ranking personnel, he wants to run but he has seen videos of what happens to cowards and deserters. “Copy that” Franz replied as she sallows a lump in his throat. ‘There better be bonus after this one’ he grumbled inside while maintaining a poker face as he steps closer to the bomb and examines it without touching. Moments later another voice came through the coms “Alright let’s see what we have here…” ‘This must be the expert’ Franz thought “Oh my god, are they insane! The strapped a bomb to anti…” the coms was cut off A bit later the coms came back on “Alright sorry for the interruption, now follow my instruction as closely as possible and DON’T do anything I didn’t tell you too” “You don’t have to tell me that, I want to live to see another day” Franz replied “Alright so let’s…” then the expert gave him instructions on how to proceed He followed the instructions of the expert, but unfortunately despite there having an expert that doesn’t mean the bomb would get defused 100% of the time and this is one of those times that the bomb doesn’t get defused, as Franz doesn’t even know what he did wrong before the bomb exploded. Next thing you know Franz woke up in a totally different place
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2023.05.29 21:50 bgrental Electric scooter

Sure! Electric scooters, often known as e-scooters, are battery-powered personal transportation vehicles. They have grown in favour in recent years as an environmentally friendly and convenient means of urban transit.
Here are some important facts concerning electric scooters:
Electricity: Rechargeable batteries power Electric Scooter. These batteries provide the energy required to power the scooter's engine and propel it forward.
Motor and Speed: E-scooters have electric motors that power the wheels. The top speed of the scooter is determined by the power of the motor. Most personal electric scooters have top speeds ranging from 15 to 30 miles per hour (24 to 48 km per hour).
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2023.05.29 21:47 captaindata1701 DeSantis like Abbot doubles down as well on helping destroying the country.

Florida GOP passes sweeping anti-immigration bill that gives DeSantis $12 million for migrant transports (
"Legislators also set aside $12 million in the bill for the DeSantis administration to transport migrants from outside the state to Democratic strongholds and agreed to roll back a measure adopted in 2014 by Republicans and signed by then-Gov. Rick Scott that allowed undocumented individuals to be admitted to the Florida Bar. "
Many may be upset with the statement but division is death. They will use them just like other minorities to destroy and help finish the 10 stages of genocide. Many believe the democrat states are getting what they deserved but it will affect everyone. We will all pay for this and the consequences of bussing vs deportation will continue to help ramp up the immigration plan.
Jesuit controlled Biden,
bitchute com/video/lONpqONhGt43/
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2023.05.29 21:26 WOLFiLEE Women intentionally projects her own faces at officers.... 😬

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2023.05.29 21:13 Electronic_Wash6493 Coach to North

Hi all, my first SD this year, generally had a good time, but it I just want to see what you all make of this...
We got the Big Green Coach from Manchester, scheduled to depart at 10am, but we didn't get there till after 1pm, and that was when we all gave up waiting and just walked the rest of the way. Read on to find out why, but my question is, is this a normal time to arrive when using the coach? I was expecting to be there for 11:30ish... The BGC website says that coaches are scheduled to arrive at SD in time for gates opening. Should I have foreseen this and not bothered to get my hopes up for some of the early bands?
Thoughts appreciated
The first coach didn't arrive at the departure point until gone 10am, and with the volume of people travelling it took several coaches to get us all there. Our coach didn't actually depart until 10:30.
Our driver took us to the incorrect side of Temple Newsham, and went up a road that was signposted as unsuitable for large vehicles. Inevitably, the road narrowed and we couldn't pass. Driver spent a while looking at written instructions and satnav, eventually realised his error. We were forced to reverse back down the road, which took ages as the coach had to obviously stop any time another car needed to pass.
We eventually (I'm sure we went around the same roundabout twice later on) made it back through the city onto the road leading to the dropoff point, this was predictability packed and slow moving. We all vacated the coach before it got to drop-off and just walked. This was just after 1pm.
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2023.05.29 21:06 TheDispatchNet Modern trends and challenges in the logistics of road freight transport

One of the main trends is the increase in freight transportation volumes. With the development of the global economy and trade, there is a growing need to transport goods over long distances. This creates a necessity for more efficient organization of logistics processes and the use of modern technologies. There is a need to optimize routes, increase delivery speed, and improve overall system performance.
Another important trend is the development of electric vehicle technology and the transition to environmentally friendly transportation. Due to the growing awareness of climate change issues and the need to reduce harmful emissions, the automotive industry is increasingly focusing on the development of electric vehicles. This opens up new opportunities for freight trucking logistics, as electric vehicles can be more economical and environmentally friendly to use. However, a challenge in this case is the creation of appropriate infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and ensuring their sufficient energy capacity for long-distance transportation.

truckingindustry #logistics #trucking

See the whole post here:
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2023.05.29 21:00 autotldr NASA Seeks Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services for Artemis Missions

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
The Artemis crew will use the LTV to explore and sample more of the lunar surface than they could do on foot.
The Lunar Terrain Vehicle will operate similarly to a hybrid of an unmanned Mars rover and an Apollo-style lunar rover.
The LTV will be used by the Artemis astronauts to travel around the lunar surface and transport research gear, increasing the lengths they can travel on each moonwalk.
NASA has specified requirements for businesses interested in creating and demonstrating the LTV under the Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services Request for Proposals, including a strategy that encourages businesses to create an innovative rover for use by NASA and other commercial customers for several years.
The Lunar Terrain Vehicle will need to have several systems to support both crewed and uncrewed operations to manage the peculiar environment near the lunar South Pole, which includes permanently darkened regions and prolonged periods without sunlight.
The deadline for proposals for the Lunar Terrain Vehicle services contract is July 10, 2023, and the contract will be awarded in November of that same year.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: lunar#1 NASA#2 rover#3 LTV#4 crew#5
Post found in /worldnews, /spaceflight, /SpaceLaunchSystem, /sciences and /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.29 21:00 autotldr NASA Seeks Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services for Artemis Missions

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
The Artemis crew will use the LTV to explore and sample more of the lunar surface than they could do on foot.
The Lunar Terrain Vehicle will operate similarly to a hybrid of an unmanned Mars rover and an Apollo-style lunar rover.
The LTV will be used by the Artemis astronauts to travel around the lunar surface and transport research gear, increasing the lengths they can travel on each moonwalk.
NASA has specified requirements for businesses interested in creating and demonstrating the LTV under the Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services Request for Proposals, including a strategy that encourages businesses to create an innovative rover for use by NASA and other commercial customers for several years.
The Lunar Terrain Vehicle will need to have several systems to support both crewed and uncrewed operations to manage the peculiar environment near the lunar South Pole, which includes permanently darkened regions and prolonged periods without sunlight.
The deadline for proposals for the Lunar Terrain Vehicle services contract is July 10, 2023, and the contract will be awarded in November of that same year.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: lunar#1 NASA#2 rover#3 LTV#4 crew#5
Post found in /worldnews, /spaceflight, /SpaceLaunchSystem, /sciences and /news.
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2023.05.29 21:00 TCGamingMILSIM [A3][US][EST][Recruiting][Realism]75th Ranger Regiment brought to you by TCG[Tactical Combat Gaming][30-40+ Man Operations][main OPS on Sunday][100+ active members] Recruiting

[A3][US][EST][Recruiting][Realism]75th Ranger Regiment brought to you by TCG[Tactical Combat Gaming][30-40+ Man Operations][main OPS on Sunday][100+ active members] Recruiting
TCG’s Realism Division consists of two units from Army Special Operations:
Our primary force, the 75th Ranger Regiment, consists of 1 Platoon. Men enlisted with the 75th can expect to experience a direct combat role by attacking objectives and securing landing zones.
Our detachment force, 160th SOAR, consists of rotary-wing pilots. Men commissioned with SOAR will be aiding the 75th by providing transportation, close air support, and logistical support.
We offer:
- Our dedicated server box and TeamSpeak run 24/7, allowing you to connect and play at any time with outstanding performance.
- Alpha Company(75th Rangers) operations are at 8:00 PM EST on Sundays.
- Handmade missions, a custom mod pack, and a healthy administration to support our gameplay.
- A fully functioning forum site hosting information about what’s coming up in the unit.
- A place to hang out to enjoy multiple games alongside the usual operations.
- A flexible community that listens to input.
I’m sold. How do I join?
Register on our website and then click on “Enlist!” on the navigation bar!
Media (More on the TCG YouTube Channel):
TCG 75th Ranger Reg - Operation Iraqi Freedom
TCG Promo Video
Unit Documentation:
Company Roster
What is the minimum age requirement? Applicants must be the age 16 at a minimum to join Alpha Company
Do you run mods? Yes, everything, including the entry request forum, can be found on our website here
Exactly where do I apply? Register on the website, then click on the Task Force Legion section and fill out our quick application. A recruiter will get in touch with you soon after you have applied.
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