255 75r17 tire size in inches

Douceur de l'écriture.

2009.07.27 04:36 bankhamz Douceur de l'écriture.

Notebooks and related stationery: "any aspect of your life which you want to give more conscious attention to can be used as the foundation for a notebook."

2023.03.28 10:44 confusid1 Inverted face in a box

I am looking to have a 3d face cut out of a block. In other words (because I'm not sure of the correct terminology) I want to take a 3D head and basically imprint it in a solid block (like if you were to push your face into snow).
I have a copy of a face I would like to use here, although it isn't solid which is giving me problems. I've tried following instructions/tutorials to close the shape but I just can't get it to work.
The box size should be slightly bigger than the imprinted face. I was thinking of splitting the face with a plane right in front of the Adam's apple. So there would be a little part of the throat to the front of the face imprinted on a block. Here is a picture of where I would like to split the face. The split plane is in cyan blue by the neck, but I didn't know how to extend it.
As for size, I'm not really sure what size the model is, but it would be great if the final block size was about 9 inches tall (and the other dimensions adjusted to fit the face).
Please let me know if you have any questions! TIA.
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2023.03.28 10:41 Vheraun Give me feedback on Evergreen's cheat sheet!

Hey everyone!
Not too long ago I made a post asking for feedback on my character sheet, which you guys seemed to like! This time I'm back with a cheat sheet for Evergreen, that concentrates most rules players would need to refer to during play. It's made to be printed in the back of the character sheet. Both are designed for A5 size (half of an A4 page), but can be upsized to A4 for people that have a visual impairment or just want more space.
For a slightly deeper understanding of how the system is set up, feel free to visit the post I linked above, where I describe how each part of the character sheet works. You wouldn't need to take such a deep dive for the feedback I want however.
Without further ado, you can find the current version of the cheat sheet here. I won't tire you with specific questions, and I intentionally don't provide the whole book as I'm looking for feedback on the setup of the sheet specifically, and not on the rules in general. Soon I hope to have a first playtest out to actually discuss rules with everyone!
Feel free to comment on anything you find noteworthy, from wording and conciseness to visual design. Is there anything that stands out? Could I present this information in a better way somehow?
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2023.03.28 10:33 OkValue2644 Penis head and girth increases

Will the penis head increase in size too or will it stay the same? Are girth increases predictable? Wouldn’t want my penis to go much over 6 inches in girth.
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2023.03.28 10:14 Panasit WARNING! Close All Your Windows on Bugs' Night. (edited just for Creeky Hours)

When I saw flying ants swarming the street lamps, I knew it was going to be bugs' night. Bugs' night is that one night every few months where if there was even the slightest opening in the house, by 7 PM there will be hundreds of squirming and dying bugs on the floor.
Not wanting to spend the entire evening getting fast-crawling bugs out of my hair, I hurried home to close all the windows
I turned off all the lights to avoid attracting any creepy-crawly intruders. With nothing to do in the dark, I went to bed early.
At around 1 AM, I woke up to the sound:
JOOF! JOOF! JOOF! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
I was startled. As I was taking off my headphones, which had wires back then, I felt like there was an extra cord.
As I was trying to feel this thin cord-like thing in the dark with my hand, I was disturbed that it had an organic texture like that of a string bean. I was even more disturbed when I realized one end of it was stuck to my neck.
Soon as I felt it, I jumped right off the bed. I quickly turned on the bedside lamp to take a good look at what this organic rope thing was. It looked like a black cord. One end of it was attached to my neck, and at that very second I couldn’t find where the other end was right away.
It didn’t hurt at first. until I started tugging on it. I felt even more so when I tried to yank it off.
Then I heard the sound again.
JOOF! JOOF! JOOF! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
I was grossed out and had to swallow a big gulp of saliva to prevent a full-on meltdown. I followed this cord, and it led me to a small crack in the window which lead to the outside balcony. The other end of the cord was outside.
It was completely dark outside, as it was 1 AM. I took a deep breath and turned on the balcony light, not knowing what to expect. And that was when I saw it.
It was a giant naked humanoid creature that had a face of an old man, with long unkempt white hair.
He was sitting in a squat position, but if he stood up, he could be as tall as 8 feet. The size of his head was twice as big as a normal human's. He was all bones with barely any flesh covering him, but the bones of his legs and arms were several inches thick. The way he sat made him look like a giant spider crab.
He had big eyes, the size of ostrich eggs, that were completely black.
But the worst part was his mouth. It was a tube. The tube started straight but then curled up into a cord, and that cord was what went through the opening and found its way to get attached to my neck.
Suddenly, the old man’s cheeks started to rapidly deflate and inflate. And then, I heard that sound again.
JOOF! JOOF! JOOF! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
A few seconds after, I could feel the blood being drained from my neck. It didn't hurt, but you felt it. Kind of like how when the hospital draws blood, the pain was from the initial prick and the pressing, not from the draining. This old man was sucking my blood!
His mouth was a straw that was attached to my neck and he is sucking my blood! I could feel liquid moving inside the black cord. I wanted to scream but I was in too much of a shock.
I then remembered a neighbor three doors down from me who died in her house on the last bugs’ night. The police said almost all of her blood was drained but didn’t know who did it or how.
I started to feel dizzy, which is normal when one loses a lot of blood. I tried to find something sharp in the room. I had to hurry before my mind finished processing everything and I could no longer function. I found a knife and despite the entire room spinning, I managed to cut the cord and freed my neck.
What was left of the cord seemingly got sucked back out. The old man then scampered sideways like a crab and disappeared into the darkness.
I walked out to the balcony as if on autopilot, to see what that was. Despite it being dark, some lights from the street lamps helped me see around a dozen of these creatures in the field on the opposite side of the road. These giant spider-crab creatures with the face of old men scurried sideways back into the blue ridge forest of Appalachia.
I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but I didn't want to wake the neighbors. knew I had to be better at blocking all the openings to my house. Because more than likely these things will be back the next bugs’ night.
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2023.03.28 10:02 yokohamaoht Tire Solutions for Rental Equipment Fleets

How to Select an Optimal Rental Equipment Tire

Rental fleet managers must strike a delicate balance when selecting tires for their equipment. They need to meet their customers’ expectations for performance and uptime while satisfying their own need for tires that deliver low total cost of ownership, ensure profitability, and keep customers returning to rent equipment. What makes selecting tires for rental equipment so challenging is that fleet managers do not always know exactly what applications, conditions, or even attachments renters will subject their equipment to.
Ultimately, equipping a machine with the right set of tires can help rental houses thread the needle between happy customers and healthy bottom lines.

Tires and Rental Equipment

Reliance on rental equipment is growing—it plays an essential role in the day-to-day operations of many construction businesses and was key in helping businesses in a variety of industries survive the low inventory levels resulting from the pandemic. According to Construction Business Owner, more than 50% of equipment on a job site is rented. Tires are among the most expensive consumable items on in-demand rental machines like skid steers and telehandlers, and as the hours pile up on these popular pieces of equipment, so does the influence tires have on both the bottom line of the rental fleet owner and their customers' business.

The Challenges Facing Rental Equipment Tires

Rental fleets are made up of a wide variety of equipment that differs in everything from size to capacity to usage; however, the requirements of their tires are fairly universal. Rental equipment tires must deliver needed traction, resist punctures, and provide long service life—often across a wide range of jobs with both skilled and novice operators.
While there is no one-size-fits-all rental tire solution, pairing an understanding of how customers are using equipment with a knowledge of how elements of a tire affect performance can help rental fleet managers home in on a tire that will best serve their needs as well as the needs of their customers. Two of the most prominent contributors to rental tire performance are tire construction and tread pattern.

Tire Construction

Tires for rental equipment are available in a variety of different styles of construction, with some better suited to particular applications than others.
The more fleet managers know about the applications their equipment is employed in, the more informed decisions they can make about what type of tire construction will be best for their equipment.

Tread Patterns for Rental Equipment

Today’s pneumatic and solid tires come equipped with a broad selection of tread patterns, each with its own unique advantages.
Rental fleet managers will find a number of tires with versatile tread patterns that work well for a variety of applications and terrain—for example, our Galaxy Mighty Trac ND was designed to specifically meet the needs of skid steers and backhoes working in the rental industry. That said, the better rental fleet managers understand the demands placed on their tires, the more informed decisions they can make.

Other Considerations When Choosing Tires for Rental Equipment

Matching tires to the specific application rental equipment will operate in is one of the best ways rental fleet managers can optimize their tire spend. However, there are some other factors they should consider, the most notable of which is the age of the equipment they’re buying tires for. For example, the long service life and low total cost of ownership offered by a solid tire is a good investment for a newer machine that will be part of a rental fleet for the foreseeable future. Conversely, the low upfront cost of a bias pneumatic might make more sense for a machine that’s close to retirement.
Learn More About The Galaxy AT Grip Steel

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America’s Alliance and Galaxy brands offer a wide variety of tire solutions for the rental industry. Our diverse portfolio contains an array of tire constructions, tread patterns, and sizes—all of which are ready to help rental managers improve machine performance, impress customers, reduce costs, and improve profits. Contact your local Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America dealer or rep to learn more about our tires and how your rental company can benefit from them.
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2023.03.28 09:53 Eliasgarciaa Mens Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses were originally designed by Ray-Ban in the 1950s. They quickly gained popularity and became a must-have fashion accessory for men. Their unique style and practicality made them a hit among movie stars, musicians, and fashion icons. In the 1980s, wayfarer sunglasses fell out of fashion but made a comeback in the 2000s, becoming a staple for men's fashion once again.
Key Features of Mens Wayfarer Sunglasses
Men's wayfarer sunglasses are known for their distinctive shape and bold style. They typically have a trapezoidal frame shape with thick temples and a wide bridge. The lenses are usually dark and have a slightly curved shape. Wayfarer sunglasses are made from a variety of materials, including acetate, plastic, and metal. They also come in various colors, patterns, and designs.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Choosing the perfect pair of men's wayfarer sunglasses can be overwhelming, but it's essential to consider a few key factors. Firstly, consider the shape of your face to determine the ideal frame size and shape. Secondly, think about the material and color that will complement your style and wardrobe. Lastly, pay attention to the UV protection level of the sunglasses to ensure your eyes are adequately protected.

Popular Brands of Men's Wayfarer Sunglasses

There are numerous brands of men's wayfarer sunglasses available in the market, each with their own unique style and features. Some of the popular brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, and Gucci. These brands offer a wide range of options in terms of frame materials, lens colors, and designs. How to Take Care of Your Wayfarer Sunglasses Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity of your men's wayfarer sunglasses. Make sure to clean your sunglasses regularly with a soft cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals or paper towels. Store your sunglasses in a case or pouch when not in use to protect them from scratches and dust.

Styling Tips for Men's Wayfarer Sunglasses

Men's wayfarer sunglasses can be styled in various ways to complement your personal style. They look great with casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt or with formal attire such as a suit. You can also experiment with different color combinations to add a pop of color to your outfit.

The Benefits of Wearing Men's Wayfarer Sunglasses

Apart from their stylish appearance, men's wayfarer sunglasses offer several benefits that make them a must-have accessory for any man. Firstly, they provide protection against harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your eyes. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can reduce the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye problems. Secondly, wayfarer sunglasses are a practical accessory for outdoor activities such as driving, hiking, and biking. They can reduce glare and improve visibility, making it easier to see clearly in bright sunlight or low-light conditions. Lastly, men's wayfarer sunglasses can improve your overall style and confidence. They can elevate any outfit, making you look more put-together and fashionable. Plus, they can also help you hide tired or puffy eyes after a long night out or a lack of sleep.Click here to know more: https://thetintedstory.blogspot.com/2023/03/mens-wayfarer-sunglasses.html
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2023.03.28 09:28 f1newsbot How the Mercedes gearbox has slowed down Aston Martin

It is now well established that Aston Martin is F1’s ‘surprise’ of 2023. Unlike Ferrari, the Silverstone-based team was able to translate its performance from the simulator to the track.
What Aston Martin has done in the last year is very impressive. Just last season, in the first four races of 2022, the AMR22 was two seconds slower than the RB18.
This gap has been cut down to just half a second per lap in the last few races, partly thanks to a better understanding of the last year’s B-spec AMR22, introduced in Barcelona.
An improvement of 9 tenths was made over winter, which has positioned the British squad as the nearest challenger to Red Bull, currently faster than the established front-runners Mercedes and Ferrari.
Two consecutive podiums put Fernando Alonso 14 points behind Max Verstappen in the standings. In both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Alonso was the closest to the Red Bull duo in race pace:
“The most important thing is to see that the car was also so strong in Jeddah, as we were second team,” said Alonso post-race.
“We were much stronger than Ferrari, and we managed to control Mercedes. All this was unthinkable before the weekend.
“In Bahrain, we had an advantage in terms of degradation while Jeddah showed that the car raw pace because we were faster than the others – and this was not because of tire management,” said the Spaniard.
What was the gap to Red Bull? Looking at the last stint on the hard tires in Jeddah, the deficit was about six-tenths per lap – similar to Bahrain. However, it should be noted Red Bull managed their pace and used very conservative power unit mappings.
The Silverstone-based squad has stressed that the AMR23 is entirely made by Aston Martin and that, if anything, their car is most similar to Mercedes in terms of components – since Aston buys the rear of its car from the Silver Arrows.
More broadly speaking, Aston cannot deny where much of their aerodynamic concept , including their underbody and front suspension, comes from.
In this sense, although the RB19 uses a pull-rod front suspension and Aston Martin uses a push-rod, the overall geometry in this area is clearly inspired by Red Bull.
Regarding aerodynamic stability, the AMR23’s geometry is more relevant than its rod type. Both Aston Martin and Red Bull’s front suspensions are very anti-dive , meaning the front arm of the two triangles is positioned much higher than at the rear.
Ferrari has also tried to be more aggressive with its front suspension, as seen with the SF-23’s front far less conventional design compared to last season. This allows the front suspension to significantly limit the transfer of load to the front, ensuring aerodynamic stability.
However, excessive anti-dive has its drawbacks. The main weakness is an inability to absorb bumps, resulting in instability when braking.
The key for Red Bull and Aston Martin is in this area and how they have managed to eliminate the possible instability caused by an aggressive anti-dive front suspension.
According to a rival engineer, a very anti-dive front suspension is an important factor in not triggering porpoising, as there is less front-end instability.
It is no coincidence that both Red Bull and Aston Martin have not shown any issues with porpoising, even though the two cars have two completely different rears.
The aerodynamic concept of the Aston Martin AMR23, as previously mentioned, has many similarities to the Red Bull RB18.
“Aston Martin? I‘m happy that the old Red Bull is still going strong,” joked post-Bahrain Christian Horner.
Red Bull’s biggest strength was never its peak downforce level, but instead, its ability to maintain a high level of stability with different ground clearances – as well as aerodynamic efficiency.
Simply put, the RB18 could run higher without losing too much downforce, as opposed to Ferrari and Mercedes, which opted for lower ride heights.
The AMR23 has a rear end with similar characteristics to the RB18, allowing Alonso and Stroll to generate significant downforce levels.
However, the Silverstone-made car lacks the aerodynamic efficiency and top speed of Red Bull’s RB19. This is where the rears of the two cars come into play.
Aston cannot be a copy of the RB18 because their rear end is purchased entirely from Mercedes. Their gearbox and rear suspension are the same as those used on the W14.
In terms of transmission, there are very important differences between the Red Bull and Mercedes specifications.
The Mercedes specification is bulkier in the area closest to the floor, which limits airflow through the AMR23’s diffuser. This area is designed for a car with ultra-compact bodywork like the W14, as seen with the Mercedes ‘zeropods.’
Having a less efficient diffuser means the AMR23 needs more rear wing to compensate, which generates more drag.
In the two qualifying sessions so far this season, Alonso lost about half a second in the straights, more than 10 km/h slower in the speed trap compared to the RB19s in Jeddah.
This cannot be solved immediately, in part due to the budget cap, with Aston Martin choosing to introduce a very similar rear wing in Jeddah compared to Bahrain.
Only a slight modification to the AMR23’s DRS flap was introduced in Saudi Arabia, designed to reduce its resistance. In any case, a lower downforce wing will arrive in Baku.
Meanwhile, Red Bull has focused solely on aerodynamics when designing the RB19’s transmission, with an extremely small lower section.
This has resulted in some reliability problems with its drive shafts and the transmission more generally, with two having already mounted two power units on both RB19s in the first two rounds of the season.
This compact size is also made possible by the team’s use of the rear push-rod layout.
As such, the internal part of the suspension has been moved much higher – compared to the classic pull rod used instead by Mercedes, and therefore Aston Martin, which has them in the lower part.
Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni
Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang
Source: https://www.formu1a.uno/en/how-the-mercedes-gearbox-has-slowed-down-aston-martin/
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2023.03.28 09:27 nick11221 Passive-aggressive roomate.

Overall, as a roommate, I am not controlling. Nor am I just passive. I am just not a negative guy, I keep myself healthy enough to try and be open-minded, I am not glued to sensation obsessions (like knowing when a box of cereal has been moved to the left one inch in the pantry), and I am not a bad person for trying to help to a reasonable extent. I have screwed up (taken a few food items that I forgot to replace). Not always been ultra-clean. But I do the vast majority of the deep cleaning of the apartment now, and 99% of roommates would be happy to have someone like me that can legitimately deep clean and clear a 2-bedroom apartment in hours. I clean the apartment every Sunday/Saturday to try and keep it fresh. My "roommate crimes" are extremely light. Much better than a huge majority of random roommates.
I have given into a lot of demands from my roommate. Demands that never changed, be it unemployed, or employed and coming back from a 12-14 hour shift. Some would say way over the top demands, and very controlling. Part of it is just their core personality. The other thing is that they went through a lot of previous health issues, which are now thankfully cleared up, but past the age of 30 and going through lots of inflammation...it can change you. So I always give this roommate breaks. Even if they're just not being a good person at the time. And the big issue here is their health deeply affects how they talk and interact on good and bad days. Same with all of us, but it's just not fully normal form of that.
But now it's gotten a bit weird. Where things are being moved, things are being taken, that are just ALARM BELLS for "I want to affect you negatively." There's a difference between taking someone's cookies and throwing away personal art. Taking drawings off the fridge, erasing art for no good reason, removing chain locks because twice a month I forgot to take the chain off and it surprised them. Taking food covered on plates in the fridge (just one, not like a collection), throwing the plate into the sink to make me clean it. I literally deep cleaned that fridge last week, and even cleaned each, single, bottle, in it. By moving that covered cabbage nothing changed in that fridge. It was a power move. Still just as clean as it was before. When they want things to change, they will get upset quickly. When, after months of inaction, they decide to act, suddenly you need to do exactly as they want.
And frankly, I am bit of tired of walking on eggshells, and always having to be the one that has to solve non-issues. This roommate uses non-issues as control. Enough third parties have sided with me on this, and that includes the landlord. And the reality of it is that I see all of this and let things go. Nor do I ever say I'm perfect, I have conceded many things. So it's to a point where, I want them to feel ok, but I can't just say something and make them feel ok. I've literally been at points where all demands were met and they'd still come at me. It's more, I am not fully willing to go "are you ok? what can I do to help?" because all they care about is them. They make it very clear they're very concerned about themselves. And many times I believe they actively do not want me to feel well (as in, don't want me to be energetic or have a good time). It's been over half a year and this person has never once asked me "how are you?" Not once. It's possible, but I can't recall. Not the same by me. I want them to feel well. But guess what, I want to feel well and expressive too.
So maybe more of a rant, but I'm just not sure what their gameplan is, because frankly, I am going to ignore all this recent stuff. It weirds me out. And only address if I see it continue. Because their complaints and aggressive attitude is about tons of non-issues as a way to control their own anger at me. Anger that isn't justified. As I put in well over 50% of my share to furnish, clean, and maintain the space. I am not overbearing or over the top as a roommate.
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2023.03.28 09:17 ranay0 How to get back my husband???

tl;Dr : my husband has/had a crush on someone, our marriage is hanging on a tread. After some progress major setback. I NEED advice on what should I do next?
I've been here complaining before about my husband unexpectedly announced that he is done with our marriage. Since then a lot happened just in a few days, and i thought we're getting somewhere.
So it started with he became very distant very suddenly. We've been sleeping separately since more than a year as we had a new born and he said it's just because he can't sleep with a crying baby. He insured me it's not me or us. He stopped had sex with me way earlier but he blamed the continuous "baby project" we were in. Since i had 4 miscarriages and we tried to have a baby in the past 4 years. We've been throughout ivf treatment and we had a baby in the end. During this time he didn't want to have sex with me, and i even understood it, because it's a lot of pressure to do it on time all the time.
As i said, he very suddenly just stopped talking to me and went to the other room all the time. I was confused, but after a lot of talking he confessed he is having a huge crush on someone at work. He said it's just a crush nothing more, but he feels like he doesn't feel anything about me anymore and he wanna fall in love again. He said he needs time to figure out if he wanna divorce or start to try working on our relationship.
After that i had that feeling on the back of my mind that something isn't right here.... I know he had some crushes during our years together, but it was nothing just he liked them for a short time and that's that. Happens to everyone, right? This time something is obviously different so i snooped around. I didn't needed to dig very deep. I found his secret reddit account and i read his post and comments. I found out he was actually asking that woman out for a date. She turned him off. He was heartbroken about it, but he was planning to try it again later, or that's what he wrote in his post. That happened about 2 weeks ago.
A week ago he wrote about that he should stop being into that woman because she won't start anything with him anyway. That was when we started to talk finally a lot about our relationship. It seemed like it start to go somewhere. After a week of that we just had some cocktail and hanged out a bit after absolutely not spending time together other than the uncomfortable talks about us. It felt like he is opening up a bit. And on that night we had the most passionate sex. It was like when we just got together in the beginning. And then things got more natural and nice. The next day we talked and hanged out and had sex twice that day too. Had a really nice Sunday and Monday together. Or i thought we did. Our conversations were flowing and we joked around. On Monday he even texted me while he was at work. Shared some fun videos and just chatted about things. Even the evening was really nice and i felt close to him.
In the evening encouraged by our renewed exciting sex life, i did put on some sexy lingerie he bought me 6 years ago. I did put on some weight during all the pregnancies and treatments, not much but some so i couldn't wear this particular lingerie since quiet a while. During this horrible weeks we have had here i totally lost my appetite, and i lost so much weight I'm 3 size smaller than a month ago. Now I'm looking the same as when we met. Honestly it makes me feel sexy again. The point is, i put on the lingerie, i wanted to show off my new body to him. I went to his room and told him that if he's up to it... I'm up to it.
He said he's tired. I asked him if it's the end of our good strike of sex we had here, or it is just really being tired. (This what he said to stop having sex with me for years, so i thought it might be just an excuse again.) He said no, we will have sex just not now. I said ok, but just let me show you I'm fitting in this underwear again. He recognized it and he said it's sexy. He said he is actually turned on. So i stayed. I took it as he wants me to seduce him. So i was flirty and asked what i should do then, go upstairs without him or stay. He said he doesn't say yes and doesn't say no. So i teased him and told him that i don't wanna force him to do anything, if he doesn't want it I'm going. But we were very flirty during that. So we had sex in the end.
We had some nice chat after, and he even came to say good night to me before i went to sleep. I thought finally we're getting somewhere. I went to bed feeling good for the first time in a month.
Today out of nowhere he sent me a message, saying he will tell me this for the very last time. If i go against it he will immediately file for divorce. He needs time and i did everything else in every way to not give that to him. He feels very tired again, and one of the reasons for it is that i selfishly made him have sex with me even though he said no. He told me not to even answer for this message because he doesn't care my explanation. He wants time what he was promised.
I guess i majorly fucked this up. Even though I think it's mostly that he is actually exhausted, and I'm there to blame for that too, but i feel really bad now. Even though I honestly thought it's just a flirty foreplay to push and pull before we had sex last night.
I'm so confused. He was coming closer again and things felt like there's hope, but with this sudden turn of events we're back to zero. I don't know what to do now. I guess i have no other choice than let him be. That means we aren't gonna be in the same room again. Not talking again. I don't see how that would work out in any good way. But it feels like if I'm not retreating i will make it worse at this point.
What should I do in this situation? What's the next step? What is the whole plan even? I'm out of ideas.
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2023.03.28 09:11 Sansmit2910 I never seem to get the indentation right. my required variable refuses to be recognised by python in the loop.

so I wrote this loop for performing the function of opening a window and starting a live feed at press of a key r and save frames as images at the rate of 1 fps. furthermore at the press of d it opens a Tkinter window to manually select an image from the directory which is then supposed to further open windows where this iumage is subtraczted from the live feed. the code runs fine until the part of selecting an image for the variable bg. but the loop refuses to recognise the variable bg itself. I'm guessing it has something to do wuith the indentation itself but I cAn't figure out what. the entire code itself is pretty big so I'm just giving the loop itself here without all of necessary imports that are in my original complete code, the problem with the recognition of the bg variable starts first from the if selected_image part of the loop:
while True: path = r'C:/Users/skhandelwal/Desktop/Dsa Simulator' #change directory os.chdir(path) #change to above path to savew file # Read a frame from the video capture object ret, live = camera.read() #read live feed #key=cv2.waitKey(0) # If the frame was successfully read if ret: # Display the frame if the 'r' key is pressed key=cv2.waitKey(0) & 0xFF #to run live feed smoothly if key == ESCAPE_KEY: exit() elif show_video: cv2.imshow('Live Video', live) #create a blank window # Wait for a key press and check if the 'r' key is pressed key=cv2.waitKey(0) & 0xFF #for making the live feed run smoothly if key == ord('r'): show_video = True elapsed_time = time.time() - start_time # check if time difference is greater than 1/fps seconds if elapsed_time >=1: start_time=time.time() #create file name with date and time font = cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_PLAIN cv2.putText(live, str(datetime.now()), (20, 40), font, 2, (255, 255, 255), 2, cv2.LINE_AA) now = datetime.now() #get current date and time dt_string = now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S") filename = 'Background_'+ dt_string +'.jpg' cv2.imwrite(filename, live) elif key==ESCAPE_KEY: exit() else: show_video = False # to freeze live feed if key == ord('d'): root = tk.Tk() # Set the title of the window root.title("Image Viewer") # Set the window size root.geometry("400x400") # Create a global variable to store the selected image selected_image = None # Get the current working directory current_directory = os.getcwd() # Create a function to select an image file from your directory def choose_image(): global selected_image # Open a file dialog to choose an image file filename = filedialog.askopenfilename(initialdir=current_directory, title="Select an Image File", filetypes=(("PNG Files", "*.png"), ("JPEG Files", "*.jpg"), ("All Files", "*.*"))) # Open the image file and create an Image object img = Image.open(filename) # Resize the image to fit in the Tkinter window img = img.resize((300, 300), Image.ANTIALIAS) # Convert the Image object to a PhotoImage object to display it in a Tkinter Label image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(img) # Create a Tkinter Label to display the image label = tk.Label(root, image) label.image = bg label.pack() # store the image as a variable bg = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image) # Store the PhotoImage object in the global variable bg = image # Create a button to select an image file button = tk.Button(root, text="Choose Image", command=choose_image) button.pack() # Run the Tkinter event loop root.mainloop() # Use the selected_image variable for further processing outside the Tkinter loop # if selected_image: # print("Selected image size:", selected_image.width(), "x", selected_image.height()) # font = cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_PLAIN # cv2.putText(bg, str(datetime.now()), (20, 40), font, 2, (255, 255, 255), 2, cv2.LINE_AA) # now = datetime.now() #get current date and time # dt_string = now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S") # filename = 'Background_'+ dt_string +'.jpg' # cv2.namedWindow(window_name_bg, cv2.WINDOW_NORMAL) # cv2.imshow(window_name_bg,bg) # cv2.imwrite(filename, bg) if bg is not None: liveDsa=cv2.subtract(bg,live) liveDsa=cv2.cvtColor(liveDsa, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) #https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/python-opencv-cv2-cvtcolor-method/ #liveDsa=cv2.resize(liveDsa, None, fx=1, fy=1, interpolation=cv2.INTER_AREA) cv2.namedWindow(window_name_liveDSA, cv2.WINDOW_NORMAL) min_val, max_val, _, _ = cv2.minMaxLoc(liveDsa) cv2.convertScaleAbs(liveDsa, 1.5, -120) #for changing image parameters like contrast and brightness cv2.imshow(window_name_liveDSA, ~liveDsa) # min_val, max_val, _, _ = cv2.minMaxLoc(liveDsa) #stretched = cv2.convertScaleAbs(liveDsa, alpha=255.0/(max_val-min_val), beta=-255.0*min_val/(max_val-min_val)) # Display the stretched grayscale image #cv2.imshow('window_name', stretched) diff = cv2.absdiff(live, bg) normalized = cv2.normalize(liveDsa, None, 0, 255, cv2.NORM_MINMAX) # Apply histogram equalization to maximize the contrast equalized = cv2.equalizeHist(normalized) # Display the resulting image cv2.imshow('Maximized Contrast', equalized) # Apply histogram equalization to the difference image gray = cv2.cvtColor(diff, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) equalized = cv2.equalizeHist(gray) # Show the resulting image cv2.namedWindow('Contrast Enhanced Image', cv2.WINDOW_NORMAL) cv2.imshow('Contrast Enhanced Image', equalized) #ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW(0,"Frame captured successfully!",1) if key==ord('s'): path = r'C:/Users/Smit/Desktop/Dsa Simulator' os.chdir(path) target = pyautogui.getActiveWindow() location = ( target.left, target.top, target.width, target.height ) image = pyautogui.screenshot(region=location) now = datetime.now() #get current date and time dt_string = now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S") image.show() filename1 = 'Screenshot_' + dt_string +'.jpg' image=image.save(filename1) # Get the handle of the window by its title else: c=cv2.waitKey(0) # wait for keypress 
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2023.03.28 09:09 Kodiacftm We Really needing some advice here.. sorry for the long all over the place post

Hi so a few days ago I posted how my boyfriend and I just welcomed our son to the world well now we aren’t sure what to do he slept well last night but tonight he’s been really fussy “we’ve”fed him burped him changed him, tried every trick the nurses had suggested he’s only sleeping 10 minutes at a time but only if he’s being held by my boyfriend and he has to have his finger in his mouth. My boyfriend who hasn’t been able to eat more then one meal today because of it is so tired he’s falling asleep just trying to keep little man calm I’ve been looking up other tricks but can’t find one we haven’t tried that isn’t just “stick a pacifier in baby’s mouth” as we are waiting for his pacifiers to arrive(could only find ones that where too big in stores near him so I sent new born sized ones supposed to arrive tomorrow). I’ll add I’m in a different country at the moment trying to get us a place for a fresh start and a safe place to raise little man due to the anti trans laws/bills making it not safe for any of us to live there so I’m trying my best to help from the distance… which is very hard on both of us emotionally and physically I’m a crying mess because I can’t be there and my boyfriends holding together really well considering yes I’m awear it’s probably colic but we are both running on little sleep due to baby and the time difference screwing things up neither of us have slept more then 4-5 hours since he had gone into labour on the 24th
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2023.03.28 09:08 Korezen [Hiring] (USA) HTML+FABRIC.JS

I am looking for someone to fix an issue with the canvas export function for .png and possibly if done well keep you on for more addons to the little app.
Issue: When the canvas is downloaded the png file is larger in size then what it was on the canvas.
Example: 12.5inch x 20 inch becomes 16.666 inch x 50 inch I just need proper fix for this
Pay: $20+ and potential for more work
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2023.03.28 09:02 Worried-Amount640 Larger clot than normal?

24F and have a very regular cycle, very familiar with what’s “normal” for my body. Every cycle i pass small pieces of uterine lining, today for the first time in all my years of having a period i passed a “clot” probably an inch and a half in diameter. I’m not too concerned as it’s the same consistency as usual (not very thick, just thicker than straight blood), just bigger. Is there any reason for this? I had the tiniest cramp when it passed as i always do when i pass clots, but it wasn’t more severe than usual so i was honestly surprised by the size. Don’t think I’m bleeding more than usual either. I’m thinking maybe it just didn’t break up as it usually does?
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2023.03.28 09:02 Adam-best Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

Brighten up your room and sooth your sinuses with our stunning Stardust Oil Diffuser.
Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as an air purifier and humidifier. Use it to improve your home's air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more!



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2023.03.28 08:59 MAu_klasik I've always wanted to try BJJ - I recently saw this advertisment in my local area! Sounds too good to be true! HELP!

Hey You!
Are you tired of feeling weak and defenseless in the face of danger?
Do you want to learn how to choke out a would-be attacker with your bare hands?
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With BJJ, you'll learn how to take down opponents twice your size, escape from the most precarious positions, and submit your foes with lethal precision and iron strong will.
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But wait, there's more!
With BJJ, you'll also develop an unbreakable bond with your training partners, build rock-solid abs, and boost your confidence to new heights!
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But don't take my word for it, listen to these satisfied customers:
"BJJ changed my life! Now I can take down my little brother without breaking a sweat!"
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So what are you waiting for? Join the BJJ revolution today and become the ultimate badass you were meant to be!
Join now and receive a free gi (that's a fancy word for a Jiu-Jitsu uniform) and a lifetime supply of confidence! That's right, a lifetime supply! But you gotta act fast, because this offer won't last forever!
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2023.03.28 08:50 sjwsmbaby I am concerned my partner may have an addiction to sex and I don't know how to bring it up without judging

I want to start off by saying I know very little about sex addiction so I don't want to judge my partner.
I've known him for 6+ years now andin our friendship I've heard him express frustration and disappointment when it comes to his past sexual partners. Because of his size he puts a lot of time and energy into caring for his partners and would talk about the disappointment when that was reciprocated. He's also expressed an intense fear of being with a "selfish" partner sexually. Another trigger seems to be that eventually most women settle on the fact that he's asking for "too much" (sexually), and sometimes they don't feel like they are enough for him. I am now experiencing the same thing.
Fast forward to our relationship, our last discussion on how he was feeling he asked that I research sex with him more often. He's always on reddit reading about different sexual experiences and reading different articles on it. He's joined a sex community online which I don't mind. What's hard for me is to engage in this with him. I don't understand why I would research sex to this extent no matter how much he explains it I can't grasp this concept.
We've also had this discussion around his desire for physical sex. He wants to have sex often almost everyday (would be everyday if he wasn't tired) and for a very long time. He describes loving the tension in his muscles and presence in his body- like a workout. He doesn't look forward to orgasms, and prefers the physical act of sex. For me, it is very painful to go this long especially with his size at 8.5" & 6" circumference (I measured myself while he was fully hard). In his 20s he would have sex for 4-8 hours.
I'm also concerned because sometimes he goes on a shame spiral and starts researching chemical castration, or other ways to suppress his sexual desires including self mutilation. He usually settles on hoping that as he gets towards his mid 30s his desire will decrease.
Along with this since we've been in a relationship he has thrown out anything he's ever shared about his past sexual relationships. He acts as if he never shared that information with me. I've never experienced anything like that before in any other way in our relationship but it's almost like he's gaslighting me into believing he never had these same sexual issues in his other relationships. It's hard because I am finding it hard to want to have sex, I am also feeling like he wants a lot of engagement about sex outside of having sex as well as feeling inadequate because he is rarely satisfied no matter how hard I try.
In recent years he's started struggling with alcoholism and his mother was an alcoholic and he's always been afraid of developing it too.
I want to bring up sex addiction to him but I know he'll reject the concept entirely. I settle for asking him to go to therapy and he agrees but he has not prioritized it for years now.
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2023.03.28 08:35 pcbpowermarketusa PCB Panel Design Guidelines For Trouble-free Product Manufacturing!

The proper PCB Panel design of a panel is crucial to guarantee the production of error-free PCBs. A panel typically contains multiple PCBs arranged in an optimal manner. Panelization offers various benefits such as time and cost-effective production, standardization, and increased protection for each individual circuit board. Panelizing circuit boards saves time and increases efficiency by processing multiple boards simultaneously instead of individually. Panel assembly can be either homogeneous or heterogeneous. In a homogenous assembly, the panel comprises only one type of circuit board. Conversely, a heterogenous assembly contains a combination of different standard circuit boards in a specific ratio.

To achieve a successful and cost-effective design of the PCB panel, it is crucial to adhere to specific guidelines:

Size of the Panel:

When designing a PCB panel, size must be considered for effective handling by machines like pick-and-place or AOI. Panels less than 2 inches may cause problems with machines, but can be fixed with extra PCBs or free space around the edges. Note the maximum panel dimensions, typically 12" x 18" (305 mm x 460 mm).

Form of the panel:

For irregularly shaped PCBs, it's important to create a handling edge. This is because automated machines like milling machines and saws are designed to work with standard, geometric shapes. A handling edge provides a reference point for machines to handle and manipulate PCBs during manufacturing. This helps ensure the accuracy and precision of the finished product.

Margin for the panel handling:

Leaving a narrow strip of free space around the edges ensures safe & secure transportation of panels. The recommended width for this strip depends on the type of PCB structure being transported. For single-sided or double-sided structures, a minimum edge width of 12.5 mm is sufficient. However, for multilayer boards, a wider edge of 25 mm is necessary to provide additional support and stability during transportation. This precaution protects the board during transit from potential damage caused by external impacts or forces.

Distance between PCBs:

The distance between individual circuit boards during the manufacturing process depends on the specific separation method being used. Laser de-paneling enables closer board spacing, usually just a few hundred micrometers. When milling is used to separate boards, a 2-3 mm distance must be maintained between them. Laser de-paneling is a non-contact process that can separate boards close to each other without damage.

Distance between cutting edge and components:

Maintain distance between the cutting edge and mounted components when cutting PCBs in manufacturing. Required distance depends on component height to avoid damage. The appropriate distance may vary depending on the specific cutting method and tools being used. Contact-based cutting methods require operators to maintain a greater distance to avoid damaging or knocking off components.

Cutting Process:

Preparing the PCB panel Design according to the specific cutting method being used is an important step in the manufacturing process. One such method is the use of breakout-tabs, which involves adding tabs to the panel to facilitate separation of the individual boards after the cutting process. By preparing the panel in advance with these tabs, manufacturers can increase the speed and efficiency of the cutting process, ultimately reducing the overall throughput time. The cutting method should be given careful consideration for each panel to ensure the highest quality and most efficient production.
PCB Power Market recognizes the challenges and varied requirements faced by designers and innovators on a daily basis. To meet their unique needs, we provide a flexible solution with a "No minimum buys" policy, allowing customers to order precisely what they need. Our commitment to customer convenience extends beyond flexible ordering, as we provide fast turnaround times for delivery across the USA. We understand that time is of the essence, and our streamlined process ensures that our customers receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner without any inconvenience. At PCB Power Market, our goal is to support our customers with reliable, hassle-free service that helps them achieve their objectives.
Original Source: https://mrguestposting.com/pcb-panel-design-guidelines-for-trouble-free-product-manufacturing/
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2023.03.28 08:33 OldWeather7553 How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle?

How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle?
A Pickleball paddle is a flat paddle that is used by the players in the sport of Pickleball. The paddle is made out of wood, and it’s shaped like a racquetball paddle, except it has an oval shape instead of a round one. It can be used to hit the ball over the net or to hit the ball onto another player’s side of the court. The Pickleball paddle is a standard paddle that is used in the sport of Pickleball. It is a lightweight paddle made from wood or plastic and is shaped like a tennis racket, but a small face pickleball paddle.
Unlike other rackets, this paddle has a smaller head and more rounded edges. It also has an arched handle that makes it easier to grip than other paddles.
The size of the paddle depends on how good you are at playing the game. Beginners, usually use paddles that are between 20 inches and 24 inches long. However, if you are an experienced player, you can choose to use one that is longer than 24 inches.
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2023.03.28 08:29 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!

This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure.



Package Includes:

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2023.03.28 08:25 spamlorde Aquasphere

16g total size. Capped top, open for feeding, else closed to prevent evaporation. No water changes
Pumice and activated carbon topped with plant soil and size sieved rocks for aquascaping.
2 shrimp, three types of live oxygen producing plants, 6 guppies (5-1+2 = 6). Tank passed stress test of leaving adult female guppy carcass in without any outward signs of stress. Had an ever expanding white fungi looking silk web growth about a cubic inch in volume, then the other female guppy took a nice bite, eventually it sank, and was eaten.
5 months in, was expecting problems by now, but still waiting. Everything seems very under control. I’m ramping up feeding to build biomass. Eventually, I might try
Got a fluval nano plant light, but didn’t want the big ugly attachments and all. Turns out the light is very small and very hot and is glued to the aluminum frame to dissipate heat. Oops. So I put the 1 inch square (reduced from 3” square) 6.5w led in a small glass jar with a lid with a small hole for the power cord. The light hangs facing upward, under the waterline, where an exchange of heat happens, heating the tank and cooling the lighting. The power cord is taped at the top to prevent the light sinking any further.
I’m hoping the plants surround it and suck the light out of it, hiding the ugly light fixture and diffusing the light. Might be a nice scene if the plants all gravitate toward the centre of the tank, leaving the outer edges clear to observe the fish.
I used to feed the fish 1-2x a week while it built up cycles, now I feed them 2-3x a week to produce more ammonia and plant mass and oxygen to support a breeding population of fish.
How will it end? Probably in disaster. Feel free to predict its demise.
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2023.03.28 08:13 Xaxvu Laptop handbag size

So I'm looking forward to buying a handbag for my laptop. After searching for various days, I found one I liked. The thing it's got various sizes. Considering that my laptop's got a screen of 15.6 inches and I want to use the handbag to carry my laptop and other things (like books and notebooks) to high school/university, should I buy the size that matches my laptop's screen or will the device be safe in a bigger handbag too?
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2023.03.28 08:12 Mo3inaz Was it a dream?

There is no specific easy way to start this. I am not gonna pretend or say that I was cursed by karma or someone. I am in my mid 30's and have children, married and divorced. I work a job that I greatly dislike. Just like everybody else my age that has wasted their youth or made not so smart decisions. I had little or no time for myself due to shared parenting, so my life was work, sleep and raising my kid. I am writing this in hopes that someone has gone through this or otherwise can help me solve this problem.
It started with a neck ache that I attributed to either sleeping wrong or drinking too much after my kid had gone to bed. I am not proud to state that sometimes after my kid went to bed, I sometimes stayed up, way later than I should have, thinking about the glory days and drinking too much. This was a Sunday, after one of those nights, I turned my head and immediately I was met with quick flash of an outline of a figure and a jolt of pain to the bottom of my neck/head area. I had to get up and take care of my kid regardless.
I got up feeling dizzy and debilitated from that pain but I knew I had to cook breakfast for my kid. Like a boxer after the second time being knocked down, I made my way to the kitchen on wobbly legs. I never made it to the fridge, I saw that flash and felt that pain, leaning into the sink to throw up. I felt disgusted with myself as I turned on the water to wash that disgraceful mess down the drain. After washing my face and calming down, I knew I had to go check on my kid, surely all my retching must have woke him up.
I stumbled into the room to check on him with my eyes still filled with post puke tears, clearly still dizzy and unable to see clearly. The room I walked into was dark and very much different, yet familiar. I had seen this room before, but not in like over ten years. This was not my kid's room. This room did not belong to the 30's version of me, this was something from 2007. I rubbed my eyes and was rewarded with that same blurry, yet dark and frightening outline of some humanoid form.
I took a few minutes to take the room in, My head was throbbing and I felt like death, yet I could make out the details of the room from my past. There was a dresser with an almost empty bottle of vodka, a cheap lamp and a bed with a semi covered woman. Even though my head was throbbing, I recognized that woman, she had been a woman who I had dated at time. I rushed out of the room.
I ran down the hallway of the apartment from 2007 and to the bathroom. I knew that this must be a dream or some kind of revolting joke from the gods. I wasn't 19 years old, I was a man in my thirties, a father with a kid that needed to be fed and looked after. I ran to the toilet and gagged hard, of course I didn't have anything in my stomach to puke up. Swaying my pathetic ass to the sink, I turned on the faucet and started washing my face with ice cold water.
After drying my face, I looked at the mirror to see if I looked as bad as I felt. My blood ran cold as the image in the mirror was not mine but a shadow version of my kid with blood red eyes. As I stared at the cruel imitation of my kid, I couldn't help but feel regret for every morning that I was too tired to play or too sick due to alcohol. Was I in hell or some sort of purgatory???
That moment of pity or shame didn't last long, as the shadow version of my kid reached through the mirror and grabbed me by the neck. Not my proudest moment but I admit I peed myself as it pulled itself out of the mirror as it continued to choke me. I was slammed over and over against the bathroom wall, my neck and head hurting more and more with each blow. I felt myself start to fade as I was finally pulled into the mirror itself.
I awoke with my head throbbing and my neck aching, in my present day bed. I opened my eyes to see that my kid's face was inches away from mine. I won't lie, I recoiled a bit out of both fear and instinct. I gave him a once over and knew this was my kid, not the shadow version. It had all been a dream, maybe a way of my guilt letting me know to lay off the sauce. I told him to go play while daddy got up and dressed.
Was it a dream? As I write this, asking for input or advice. I have to add two details that I noticed after he left the room. The first was when I made my way out of bed, I looked at my neck in then dresser mirror and had a large bruise around my neck, to go along with the neck ache and headache. The second was when I walked into the restroom to relieve myself, there were shards of glass on the floor and sink. The bathroom mirror was missing. So, the question still is very much unanswered, Was it a dream?
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