Uh manoa masters programs

did i make the right decision? (not trolling)

2023.05.30 00:21 ExcellentDolphin did i make the right decision? (not trolling)

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2023.05.30 00:18 travelling_cirque International Master's programs?

Hi, I just graduated with a bachelors in French (minor in environmental studies, so I have had a handful of related coursework) and have realized over the past few years that I am particularly interested in pursuing the general field of urban planning. For financial (among other) reasons, I am considering pursuing a masters in planning in France.
I have a few questions:
- Would getting a masters in planning in Europe negatively affect my future ability to find planning work in the U.S.?
- What would you recommend looking for in a (European) master's program?
- Any other words of wisdom for a potential future planner?
Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 00:02 Cmarkodarko Master degree at Copenhagen business school

Hello everyone!
I am a student from a small country called Slovenia. I am looking to apply to a masters program at CBS. Does anybody know if it is hard to get in to the program business administration and digital business (previously e-business)
I got my bachelors degree in management but i specialised in business informatics. My GPA is 8.91/10.
Any help would be great!
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2023.05.29 23:59 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 30 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.29 23:59 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 30 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.29 23:57 evoxyya Graduate programs that teaches Max MSP

I'm looking for master's programs that focus on sound arts/design, code art, sound programming, interactive art, and other related fields.
No music programs please. Ideally in Europe.
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2023.05.29 23:54 Formal_Pea9167 I Watch Paige's Week At Home Blog So You Don't Have To, I'm Serious The Vlog Is Like An Hour Long Don't Do This To Yourself

A day late but we're here, my little cheeto eaters! Remember as always to grab your bingo cards and let's get our little long weekend slumber party going. This whole fucking thing is FORTY MINUTES LONG, you're all lucky that my sibling who was supposed to spend the day chilling at my place has apparently forgotten that plan.

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2023.05.29 23:51 Cmarkodarko Masters degree

Hello everyone !
I am a student from a small country called Slovenia. I am looking to apply to a masters program in Sweden. Does anybody know what GPA do you need to be accepted to DSV master program in information security? What is the university like? Is it hard?
I got my bachelors degree in management but i specialised in business informatics. My GPA is 8.91/10.
Any help would be great!
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2023.05.29 23:50 AutoModerator Jordan Mackey - Tube Monetization (complete)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation course.
With Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation, absolutely ANYONE can succeed from ANY country in the world because it doesn’t take any technical skills or experience, fancy equipment, or a personality to make it happen.
Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation will show you the secrets to make income from YouTube, regardless of your location or background. This program is the perfect choice for beginners!
The step-by-step process will teach you how to:
Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation is a proven roadmap designed to take you from YouTube novice to monetization expert.
You'll receive in-depth training and insider tips from industry professionals who have cracked the code to YouTube success.
If you are interested in Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762 (Telegram: silverlakestoreproducts)
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.05.29 23:43 ReplyStraight6408 [GUIDE] How I Emigrated And Gained Citizenship Abroad

I've been seeing a lot of posts and comments on here and other Magrebi subs talking about how to "get out" of the country and live abroad. I grew up in a mixed household and had two Magrebi passports before I turned 18 and most people in my community have traveled, worked and some emigrated. Now I wanted to share what I have learned with this community in hopes of helping others who want to do the same.

Completing Secondary Education: The Journey Begins

When I completed my secondary education I became qualified to apply to America's Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is by far the easiest way to emigrate. The application is free and you can reapply every year until you win. The only requirement is you have a passport and completed some form of post-secondary education.I was also attending University but I kept the necessary documents saved and placed an annual reminder on my calendar which told me reapply every year on October 5th when the application opens up. A few of my friends won while they were still completing their undergraduate degrees and transferred to American Universities. I had yet to win so I looked for more opportunities.

Graduating University: First Time Abroad

In my 4th year of University I began aggressively applying to jobs abroad. I applied to jobs all over the world but 90% of my applications were to positions in the Khaleej because they allow you to gain residency if you find employment and don't tax your income. This was important to me since my primary reason for seeking employment abroad was to make more money.From my experience the best platforms to apply for jobs are LinkedIn, Bayt.com and Stack Overflow if you're in tech. I eventually got a good job offer in the UAE and moved Dubai to start my new career. I opened a bank as soon as I had my National ID card so I wouldn't have to worry about the capital flight restrictions anymore.I also made the decision to live incredibly frugally because my goal was to pursue graduate studies in Canada (more on why later). I studied and took the TOFEL and IELTS exams since they are necessary for both education and immigration purposes. Meanwhile I kept applying to the American DV lottery since it would still be the fastest way to get permanent residency.

Graduate Studies: Moving to Canada

After about 2 years I had saved enough money to being studying in Canada. While education in Canada is not as expensive as the United States it is still very expensive so knowing where to apply is very important. From my research the following Universities offer the best tuition rates for international students:
  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  2. University of Manitoba
  3. University of Regina
  4. Simon Fraser University
  5. University of Saskatchewan
  6. University of Calgary
  7. Dalhousie University
In addition to the low tuition costs they are also located in inexpensive cities which is as important.The reason I choose Canada as my destination for graduate studies is because after you complete a Master's degree in Canada, you are eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which allows you to work in Canada for a duration equivalent to the length of your program (3 years max).I enrolled in my two year graduate program and began my graduate studies in Canada. I made sure to network during this time and attended every career fair regardless if it was for undergraduate student or graduate students. I kept my CV up to date and used LinkedIn strategically to network with hiring managers. Meanwhile I continued to apply to the American DV lottery.

Finishing Master Degree: Gaining PR in Canada

After graduating from my Master program I found a job and applied for the PGWP so I could remain in Canada. After a year of working in Canada I became eligible to gain permanent residency (PR) via the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration program.The CEC makes it very easy for educated and skilled foreigners to gain PR in Canada. It's a point based program so the more "qualified" you are the easier it is for you to gain PR. There are many nuances to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) but here are the main things the program looks for:
In general if you completed your education in Canada and worked in Canada then you are a very strong candidate for Canadian residency. This was my case so I gained permanent residency after being on a PGWP for about two years. I continued to apply to the American DV lottery the whole time.

Becoming Canadian Citizen: First Foreign Passport

After living in Canada for three years I became eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. I gathered the necessary documents, completed Form CIT 0002 and paid the application fees. Later I completed a citizenship test which tests your knowledge of Canada's history, values, institutions, rights etc.. After passing the test I attended a Citizenship Ceremony and received my Certificate of Canadian Citizenship which allowed me to get my Canadian passport. By this time I had lived in Canada for 6 years and thought I would have lived here the rest of my life but something interesting happened: I won American DV lottery.

Moving To America: The Journey Continues

I had kept applying the the American DV lottery because I saw it as a form of insurance in case one of my applications was denied or if my immigration to Canada ran into issues. I was ready to stop since I finally had my Canadian citizenship but on May 6th I received notification that I won the DV lottery.Since I work in tech I feel the United States will be a better place for me to work and many of my Canadian colleagues had already move to the United States for higher paying jobs. I wasn't interested in going through the H1-B visa to PR process but now that I can skip ahead to the PR I'm going to go for it. I submitted all the necessary documents and once I have my Green Card I'll being applying to jobs in the United States. I'm really excited to see what the future has in store for me!

Final Thoughts

Like I said from the start my goal was to write about my journey to help people on here learn more about what opportunities are out there and show it's no that hard to "get out" if you really want. I would say my main takeaways are the following:
If anyone would like more information I am happy to answer question and provide more information about my journey. I have tried to give as much information as possible while still maintaining some privacy so forgive me if I have been too cryptic. I hope this post helps!
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2023.05.29 23:39 philosophicallyd How do I (F23) handle facing my traumatic situationship ex (F25) again?

During college I fell in love with a fellow student to the point I couldn't stop thinking about anything else. Since it was covid at the time, we usually texted, the times we actually saw each other was rare. From the beginning, the relationship was toxic. For a start we fell in love with each other while still both being in committed relationships and we'd complain about our relationship to each other (for the record we didn't physically cheat on our partners, we just texted. not that it makes it any better as my partner was a good guy). Secondly, he always kept me on a leash (for the entirety of our 2 year situationship). We texted 24/7 and whenever we did see each other the chemistry was overwhelming, but he never wanted to commit even after we broke up our relationships. We did sleep a few times with each other, which was a huge deal to me, but he brushed it off as saying he just wanted to get laid after he broke up with his gf. We had exactly the same interests, in fact to this day I've never met someone so compatible with me on an interest-level, so we grew together on an intelligent level (but obvs not on an emotional level), and we also had some similar personality traits. Because he was so available and so unavailable at the same time, and because we were so compatible in some ways, I became obsessed with him and was always looking for his confirmation of his love to me.
This situationship really messed me up to an extent I cannot describe, I completely lost my sense of self and any boundaries I had with myself and him. At the time I knew our situationship was toxic and we talked about it a few times, but nothing ever improved. It just kept going on and on. He never showed any sign of self-reflection or compassion towards me.
I last spoke to him a year ago when he texted me and I told him I don't want to see him because he is toxic and I deleted his number. Since then I haven't heard from him or seen him as I moved. I've grown a lot emotionally and deconstructed our relationship a lot. For example, literally everyone in his family is divorced and his father is a narcissist, which may say something about him too; he might have had psychological issues that he may have (subconsiously) expressed onto me.
I'm a loving relationship now and really don't want to see this guy from my past again. Yet, I found out that we'll follow the exact same master program at the exact same college come fall. It will be impossible to avoid him because the program is small and since we have similar interests, we'll probably be classmates. I don't know what to do. He never once apologized for keeping me on a leash, and in the past he gossiped about me many times. It is easy to say that I should just stand my ground, but I don't know how this will work out in reality, especially given he probably will reach out to me again and pretend he wasn't a dick (but then again idk how he reflects on our situationship). By being his classmate, I can't imagine I can continue my healing from him. I am not scared to become infatuated with him because I've grown over that, I am scared to face him and therefore my painful past with him if that makes sense.
Could someone please give me tips on how I can handle this unfortunate reality upcoming fall?
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2023.05.29 23:36 icallshogun Bridgebuilder - Chapter 41

Poorly Hidden
First Prev
There were very few things to do in quarantine.
Alex had spent his last two days sleeping as much as he could. There were six movies available to watch and nothing else. His techs steadfastly refused to tell him anything about the outside world, which was standard procedure. Nothing that would get him riled up, as Shawn put it. That sort of riled him up.
Aside from sleeping, the only thing that broke the monotony was meal time. First he would get scanned and then one of the nurses would drop off clean scrubs and a steaming hot bowl of nutragel in the small airlock. In the morning it tasted sort of like a cinnamon roll. The lunch nutragel bore some resemblance to chicken soup and the dinner nutragel was similar to but distinct from beef stew.
Nutragel was easily more dissatisfying to eat than anything else a dispenser produced. It provided everything he needed to live and made things easier on the scanner, but lacked any other redeemable features. Freedom could not come soon enough.
So he thought.
Being released was nearly as strange as being brought in. Shawn gave him his marching orders - There’d be a representative from the Civilian Pilot Program waiting for Carbon and him once he was out of the secure portion of the station, and said his goodbye before turning the airlock on. It cycled automatically around him and he walked from the quarantine room down the hall to the patient elevator. Even before the doors opened, he could smell the cleaning chemicals. A minute later his eyes were stinging and his scrubs smelled like something that would denature a prion, but it did deposit him in front of the first human he’d seen since the day he arrived.
The nurse behind the counter was not operating under the same conditions, and seemed pretty bored by his arrival. He pushed a bag with Alex’s name on it across the stainless countertop, and pointed out where the changing rooms were before turning back to his terminal.
There was technically a shower in the quarantine room. One of those dry ones that used ultrasonic waves and a vacuum. It allegedly did the job. The changing room had a real shower, towels, and the most generic little bottles of soap and shampoo Alex had ever seen. Even if everything was a little threadbare, this still felt like luxury. It had been longer than he cared to think about since he’d gotten the chance to take an actual water shower, and he was not going to skip the opportunity to wash the stink of chemicals off his body.
Once again clean, though looking a bit scruffy from nine days of stubble growth, he donned the same clothing that he had been brought in with, now so thoroughly decontaminated it appeared a shade lighter than it had started, and immediately sat down in the waiting room.
Carbon arrived about fifteen minutes later, slightly damp and visibly exhausted. While she did perk up when she spotted him, a brief flash of a smile tamped down as she glanced over at the attendant operating the elevator to the rest of the station. Alex followed suit, keeping it professional as he requested access to leave quarantine.
Once alone in the elevator, a brief look of longing may have been exchanged.
“Oh. It’s real.” Alex murmured to himself as the doors opened to the main deck of the small station, the smell of cooked food wafting through the air as they stepped out. They had arrived just in time for breakfast. He inhaled deeply. “I think they have bacon. And pancakes? You’ll like both of those, I’m sure.”
“Pilot Alex Sorenson? Shipmaster Tshalen?” An older man wearing a button down shirt and nice slacks stepped forward before Alex could determine which way to go to get to the food. He smiled affably, extending his hand. “Dae Yeong, I’m with the CPP.”
Alex barely kept his shit together and shook his hand. “Oh yes. We were told you’d be here.” He didn’t manage to keep the disappointment out of his voice, though.
Dae gave Carbon a short bow, which she returned, and he handed them both new CPP access badges. They were clearly labeled PILOT and ENGINEER respectively, with photos. Alex grinning like he’d won the lotto, Carbon straight-faced and looking a bit like she was getting a mugshot taken. It wasn’t necessary on the quarantine station, but they’d be needing them for access in secure areas elsewhere. “If you both don’t mind, we should be departing for McFadden station immediately. Traffic is already bad and there’s a lot to do.”
Alex did mind, but he kept it to himself. It was a short walk to the hanger, and they quickly found themselves wedged into the back of a four seat transport. It was an inexpensive but serviceable civilian model with CPP branding all over the outside. Mr. Yeong kept his hands on the controls even though the short jaunt to McFadden station was likely to be entirely autopilot.
“I still cannot believe it is so large.” Carbon leaned over as far as her seat’s safety harness would allow, whispering to him as the station grew on the main screen, already lined up with one of the bays on the docking arc. Parking lot speeds were strictly enforced this close to a structure, they were still 30 minutes from actually coming aboard.
“Third largest in system, twelfth in all of human space.” Alex suppressed the urge to make that joke, keeping his voice down too. It was probably pointless, Mr. Yeong was just over an arms length away in the pilot’s seat and could easily hear them. It still felt sort of conspiratorial, almost fun.
“I am aware of that, but I do not know why.” She shifted back into her seat properly, ears twitching as they pressed into the headrest. Carbon had curled her antenna over her shoulder, preferring that to crushing them between her back and the seat that had not been made with that particular biological difference in mind.
He shrugged. “They had to make room for all the old spacecraft in the Exploration museum.”
Carbon straightened up and looked at him, perplexed. “A museum?”
“Uh huh.”
“You put a museum in space? In a station that some of your most advanced spacecraft are based from?” Carbon was starting to get that tone that said she may be offended by the very idea being discussed.
“Not me personally, no. But it does seem like a reasonable place for it.”
“I did not mean you specifically, Alex. I meant as a species. Space is not a reasonable place for a museum, no matter the subject.” She was adamant about that, a finger
“Space is the perfect place for a museum about space exploration. That was the jingle they used during construction.” He cleared his throat and sang, off key. “Space... is the per-fect place.”
Mr. Yeong chuckled quietly.
Carbon’s jaw set and she huffed with frustration. “Your species is so cavalier about so many things. Space is dangerous, it is no place to leave a collection of historical knowledge.”
Alex looked out of his window with a snort, watching a row of single-container cargo drones waiting for access queuing up as he dismissed her argument with a wave of his hand. “Oh yeah, nothing of value has ever been destroyed on a planet before, right?”
The back seat got very quiet.
When he looked back, Carbon was staring down at balled fists with deadly intensity, normally blue lips pressed so tight they were pale.
He figured out where he had fucked up a moment later. “I didn’t mean- Not like, I... Hell.”
Her words came slowly, precise. “I know you did not mean it that way.”
“I’m sorry.”
“You have nothing to apologize for. The statement is true, disaster or not. A planet can still oversee untold destruction.” She closed her eyes and exhaled, her body relaxing. ”It has been a difficult week.”
He had forgotten that isolation is hard on the Tsla’o. It had been annoying for him, but being nearly completely cut off from interaction in what was ultimately an alien prison cell must have weighed heavily on her. “Is it alright if I feel bad?”
Carbon took a deep breath and exhaled slowly again, watching her hands uncurl and fingers stretch as she recentered herself. She straightened back up, ears unfolding from being pressed tight against her head before she glanced over at him with a brief nod. A thin, wry smile slowly working across her short muzzle. “That is acceptable as long as you are done by the time we arrive.”
Alex laughed just as Mr. Yeong looked back at them over his shoulder. The older man gave them a bemused smile. “Has anyone told you two that you sound like a married couple?”
That shut both of them up for the rest of the trip.
First Prev
That's right, I wrote the P word.
They're really not good at keeping things under wraps.
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2023.05.29 23:34 ApprehensiveCap6525 Exchange Program Shenanigans (2)

Credit to u/SpacePaladin15
Memory transcription subject: Salvek, Human-Venlil Exchange Program Candidate
Date [standardized human time]: September 3, 2136
I hate banks. Or, more specifically, I hate the United Banking Service. I've never really used another bank, on account of my mother signing me up for a twenty-five year family plan for a cash bonus that never came (it was twenty-five thousand credits, I can't really blame her) but that just makes me hate this one more.
The fat, lazy Gojid on the other side of the bulletproof glass teller window tapped away at his keyboard in order to process my application for a loan. Above him I saw the UBS logo and motto: "Speed, Security, Success." All a load of vyalpic if you ask me. (I will die of old age before this loan ever comes through)
"Sooooo....." Thank the Herd, he was finally talking. I was worried his fat ass had a heart attack and died with how little moving he did. "Your credit score issss....." Oh Protector, just spit it out already! Now I get why predators have such violent impulses. (What if I can't control mine? What if we're worse than them?)
Brahk my intrusive thoughts. How does Jack control his so well? I resolved to ask him when my loan got processed, assuming neither of us starved to death in the meantime. (Speed, security, and success this dick)
"Seven hundred and ninety." Oh, thank Inatala. (Inatala hates predators, can I still say that with one as my best friend?) Venlil credit scores go from zero, being applied to people who took out million-credit loans and blew all the money on gear to unsuccessfully rob the bank they got the loan from, to one thousand, which went to those who panicked over a two credit overdrawn balance and had a heart attack whenever they were a week away from a loan's due date and it still wasn't paid.
Seven hundred and ninety was above average, since my parents had always taught me to manage my finances well, but only slightly above average since Jack's presence and the constant racism that came with it were more trouble than the government stipend was worth. (I would never send him back home, he's better to me than many Venlil)
I thanked the Gojid with sincerity that I meant none of, and asked "Is my loan approved?"
He told me "Yes, it's been approved at..." Oh Herd, not this again. How do his coworkers interact with him? "5% quarterly interest." That's not even bad. (Five percent might be a robbery, but for UBS banks it's decent) "You'll have six months to pay it off in full... or the interest will double every quarter." (Somebody should disband the United Banking Service)
I agreed to these terms, since they were the best I was going to get, and left without another word. Eight thousand Federation credits had just entered my bank account, making me a very rich man. (Not really, but it was the most I'd ever had)
Jack was sitting on a bench outside the UBS building tapping away on his pad. A more skittish Venlil would have assumed that he was plotting something or bathing in the virtual blood of his prey, but I knew better than to assume the game he was playing was predatory.
Never mind, it was absolutely predatory. An army of huge winged beasts descended on what looked like a walled fortress in the middle of a hellish landscape, and lightning rained down from the skies at Jack's command to pick apart what I assumed were strategic defenses. (He might not actively do predator things, but he is excellent at them)
Within thirty ticks of the timer at the top of the screen, the beasts were above the fortress raining destruction on whatever they pleased. A few soldiers ran out of a building near the center of the base, attacking Jack's army, but they were quickly dealt with. Without the defenses that were destroyed by what I assumed was orbital bombardment, the base was helpless against the conquering predator.
A chill ran down my spine as I saw the defenders being slaughtered. A Venlil general or admiral (there were actually surprisingly many when compared to the rest of our military) could accomplish such results but those types of Venlil were very few and often had mild cases of Predator Disease. (That needs a new name. Maybe Arxur disease? No, too scary)
Seeing an average human, whose only military experience was four years serving on a war boat (They still have a boat military? Herd, those predators love their weapons) complete what many Federation officers would struggle to do terrified me for good reason.
We Venlil had treated Humans like they weren't even sapient, just dirt or pests that we had to tolerate. And the rest of the Federation treated them even worse. What if they decided peace wasn't worth it? What if, in our fear of the Arxur, we unleashed a threat worse than them? (Could Jack spare me from a human cattle farm? I'd have to kill myself if he couldn't)
Venlil Prime would be the first world to fall. We'd all die of our own hubris.
"Hell!" Jack turned his pad down so I couldn't look over his shoulder anymore. "I'm sorry you had to see that." Why did he have to be sorry for everything? The way my species, my Federation, treated him and his kind always angered me.
I told him "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault your hobbies are so... you know." I didn't like using the word "predator". At least, not to describe humans. Jack was cool with me using it as long as it wasn't in a derogatory way, (since they are predators) but it just reminded me of how unjustly he and his kind were treated.
Jack clearly didn't listen when I said not to be sorry because he kept apologizing. "Yeah, but it's not your fault you're so damn skittish either. And it is my fault I played Clash... I mean the game here. I should've known better." Herd, why did he never stand up for himself? The exterminators can't be that bad!
I explained to him "You don't have to apologize, Jack. You never meant to scare anyone." and before he could keep apologizing (I know him too well to think he wouldn't) I changed the subject. "We have money at our disposal now, we can buy something from the Mellow Firefruit on our way to the train station."
Jack agreed, but he was worried about "spacists". (Oh Herd, has he lost it?) I asked "What in the Arbor is a spacist?" In case you don't know, the Arbor is where followers of the Great Protector go when they die. It's a huge forest with plentiful and delicious food, and no predators.
When I finally mustered up my courage and told Jack that the god I worship hates his kind, I was half expecting to die horribly by his unusually short claws or extremely dull fangs. (Are they so peaceful because of their lack of natural weapons, or do they lack natural weapons because they're so peaceful? I should ask Jack that)
Instead, he shrugged it off and told me that, apparently, "Jesus still solos." When I explained the Arbor at his request, he had the brilliant idea to convert to worshiping the Protector and then kill himself in order to appear there and scare the afterlife out of everyone else. He quickly and profusely explained that he would never actually do that, but Inatala would never have accepted him anyway so it didn't matter.
Anyway, back to real life. Jack told me "Oh, spacists? They're just space racists except I mushed the two words together. It's a play on words type thing." The words 'space' and 'racists' do not fit together in Venlilese, and frankly, I was astounded that the translator even gave me the concept. (I bought it second-hand from a Mazic who stepped on it one too many times, but it was incredibly cheap)
I told him "If you told anyone but me that the words 'space' and 'racists' fit together then you would be screened for Predator Disease." and he covered his mouth in the gesture that was universally recognized as a prey-safe predator's laugh.
"God, sometimes I forget you guys have a sense of humor."
Just then, I started walking. I was tired, like any Venlil would be after a long walk, a long wait in line and the anticipation of another long walk, but the thought of the sweet, delicious food at the Mellow Firefruit kept me going. (I have to get Jack some, he's been underrating Venlil cuisine ever since he first tried my subpar cooking)
Jack fell in behind me, then he moved up to be at my side as an equal. Us Venlil didn't care where you were in line, but I guess predators have different priorities. (Is thinking 'predator' as bad as saying it? That's a dilemma I need to deal with later) I asked him "How come your claws and... uh... those pointy front teeth are so small?" (I don't like talking about fangs, sue me)
Jack turned to look at me, jerked his head away a little, then he turned and looked at me again. He responded to my question, realized I was a Venlil, and realized I was Salvek, in that order. I was good at reading people. He told me "First of all, they're called nails and canines. And second of all, we've never needed claws so they never evolved." A predator never needing claws was absurd! When would Jack learn that he didn't have to lie to me?
I interrupted my friend's explanation by telling him "Jack, I'm not going to run away or faint just because you tell me that ancient humans hunted. I get it. Just tell me how you lost your claws."
Jack sighed. He didn't sigh a lot, only when he was driven to the end of his very long rope (Turns out that's a human idiom too! Who knew?) by someone else's, usually my, stupidity. "Salvek, we didn't lose them. We evolved to eat fruit from trees, and by the time we were eating meat we had at least developed the art of throwing rocks at things. There was never any need for them, and they never appeared as a result. Satisfied?"
Developing weapons early on did make sense for humans, given how good they are at combat, so I nodded. It wasn't really a Venlil expression, but those in the exchange program had learned everything they could about their human partners. (I'm saying human instead of predator! Progress!) "Yeah, that makes sense."
Jack continued, explaining about human 'canines'. We just called them fangs. "Canines were originally fangs, yeah," He lowered his voice when he mentioned fangs. "but when we made fire around a million years ago, we didn't need them anymore and so they got smaller. I'm no expert, but that's what I know."
That actually made sense. I knew the Arxur didn't eat cooked meat, since I found uncensored raid footage on an internet rabbit hole when I was fourteen, (I peed myself and had nightmares for weeks but no one has to know) but I always assumed humans shared that trait. Maybe I was just like the rest with how I kept comparing humans and Arxur. (Why am I capitalizing one and not the other? No one knows!)
Maybe I was just like the rest. Maybe one day I would lose control and run from Jack, or freeze up, or worse, call the exterminators, and then it would all be over. I could never live with myself if my damned instincts got him to hate me or got him killed. I've only known him for a few weeks, but when we met we just clicked.
It's still weird to me how the concept of platonic soul mates doesn't exist yet.
"That's it, right?" Jack asked while pointing to a red restaurant a few blocks away. That was it. I was about to eat good.
"Yeah, that's it. Come on, let's go!" I ran to the Mellow Firefruit faster than most humans could, on account of my species being designed for sprints, (or we're just better than them) and Jack tagged along in a brisk walk. He was probably trying not to be mistaken for chasing me and shot dead, or worse, set on fire.
I know most predators don't feel pain, but humans do. Why in the Herd didn't exterminators at least have the decency to kill them humanely?
A couple seconds later, Jack was waiting outside the restaurant and looking at his pad while I waited in line (In case nobody noticed yet, I hate lines) for my meal. Jack's meal too, since nobody wanted their entire customer base to leave the second they began serving humans. At least, that was the official reason. The real reason is that most Venlil are still racist.
After an agonizing minute and a half of waiting, since the Mellow Firefruit was a popular restaurant (for good reason, as Jack was about to discover) I finally got to order my food. "I'll have two yaccay salads, and two red fires please." Jack only asked for a salad, but red fires were excellent drinks and if he said no to one I would drink both. I was being smart with this.
"Okay, that will be 43.8 credits." All right, maybe not so smart.
I asked "44 credits?" in shock as my mind struggled to wrap itself around this sudden increase in price. The last time I got a meal here it was only twenty credits.
The cashier, a large green Krakotl who was a tiny bit taller than me, explained "Inflation. Those damn predators brahked up the economy and now we have this." Putting hate on my friend Jack wasn't something I would normally tolerate, but my father had always said it wasn't wise to anger the people who made your food. I just swiped my card across his card reader and stayed silent, like dad would have wanted.
"If you ask me, Sovlin was right."
Was my father really that wise? He probably didn't know what he was talking about.
"How can you say that? No one deserves what he did to Marcel." I shot back, managing to contain the venom in my voice.
The cashier retorted "No one sapient. But those... things that Tarva's dumb ass let roam our planet don't qualify." with barely-contained hatred. (Thank the Herd Jack doesn't have to hear this)
Before I could respond, however, the manager came with my order and reprimanded his subordinate. "Don't get into politics with customers, and certainly don't spit those lies in my establishment!" Maybe the Great Protector was still looking out for me.
The manager handed me my items and apologized profusely. "My cashier here is still new to Venlil Prime. He hasn't gotten used to the... the new arrivals yet. Herd, even I struggle sometimes, and I'm in the exchange program!"
I thanked him, explaining that it wasn't a big deal but the cashier should still be reprimanded, and brought our food to Jack. He wasn't playing that predatory (it was predatory, but predatory didn't necessarily mean bad) game again, but he was scrolling through his account on UHerd.
UHerd was the Venlil's main addition to the galaxy at large, being a huge social media service that Jack had described as "just like Instagram." when he first heard of it. Bleat was another large website just like it, but it was much less known than UHerd. (Fun fact: the U stands for Internet! Maybe not in English, but in Venlilese it does)
Jack never posted much, but he had me and a few mutual friends from the Program followed and he liked hearing what we were doing. I plopped down next to him and handed him his food. "Here, I got you something."
He picked up the salad nonchalantly, but when I handed him his drink, he inspected it curiously. "What in God's name is this doohickey?" He asked.
I told him "Try it, it's a red fire. It's good." and he did try it.
Jack exclaimed "Holy christ!" and the look in his eyes was comparable to what I saw the first time I agreed to being pet. "This is heavenly!" He guzzled the spicy fluid with hunger that would have terrified me if I hadn't seen him devour meals a dozen times before, (He'll eat me next I have to run I have to run run run run for it [oh, shut up already]) stopping only to praise its taste. "This is like the nectar of the gods!" Then "Shit, this is what I was missing out on? We gotta desegregate the restaurants immediately!"
That got him thinking, and I could almost see the money-making gears turning in his head. "You know, Salvek, what if we opened up a restaurant? You could be the official owner and waiter, I could cook some delectable earth recipes, and as long as no one saw me, we could make bank!"
I didn't like that idea. It sounded a lot like a recipe for disaster. I told him "Nah, it would be too hard for just the two of us. And besides, we already have the clothing business." Selling shirts online is a lot easier and cheaper than owning a restaurant.
Since Jack asked me a question, I figured I could ask one too. "Hey Jack, do you mind if I ask you a question?"
Jack didn't care, and he told me as much, so I continued. "How do you keep yourself in check all the time? How can humans control themselves so well?"
He paused for a bit, causing me to involuntarily panic, (he's looking for weak points, or exterminators, he's going to snap my neck for this) but I quelled these thoughts and there was no visible change in my expression. Finally, the colossal man spoke. "How do you do it?"
"W-what?" I stammered, and he picked up a leaf that was blowing in the wind before cherishing his last sip of the red fire.
He held the leaf up to my mouth. "How can you resist the temptation to just chow down on every plant you see? It must be exhausting." I took a brief nibble of the plant, despite it being completely unappetizing in nature, and he told me "See? Your herbivore instincts made you eat it! How can you keep them in check all the time?"
I wasn't a fool, not by any means. I knew he was mocking me. But the thought of a predator not having any predatory instincts was an entirely unheard of concept, bordering on heresy for some. It would probably have gotten me screened for Predator Disease if I spoke of it aloud, but I still spoke of it aloud. (There were no exterminators, I was fine) "So you're trying to say that you don't have predatory instincts? But what about the drive to hunt?"
Jack sighed again, muttering "So smart, but so damn stupid." in a low tone before he explained to me exactly what I wanted to know. "We have the need to eat meat in the same way you need to eat plants, because if we don't do it we die." That made sense. "But just like you don't have a primal urge to devour all the greenery in sight, we don't have any instincts of our own. Make sense?"
It did, but I was still struggling to wrap my head around it, so I just nodded and finished off my salad. Jack had apparently forgot about his salad, as he hadn't touched it. He opened the plastic carton, looked at its contents weirdly, and took a bite.
"This is mid." He told me, point blank. "Like, I don't mean to offend anyone, but it is mid. I'm not even hungry."
I was mildly offended, but there wasn't much I could change about his honest opinion, so I just told him "I thought it was good." and left it at that.
Jack slid his salad over to me (I love these things like my only son) and offered "You can have it. I don't want it." I would have accepted, but I wasn't hungry. Jack didn't really mind, so he threw his salad out and told me "Then we should get going. We have only [1/8 of a claw], I mean... 1/8 of a claw before our train leaves."
I agreed, getting up and walking to the train station, and Jack followed. I was well rested by then, so the brief walk was easy. Jack... Jack was Jack. He never got tired.
We actually made a pretty good pace to the train station, and within 1/16 of a claw we were on our way back to my home district and my third-floor apartment. I had money to my name, I had a huge predator (Human! Damn, those words get mixed up too much) friend, and he and I were about to make a truckload of credits. Life was good.
Previous Next comes when I say it comes
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2023.05.29 23:34 Double-Record7670 UTSC CS vs. McMaster CS vs. McMaster Engineering (Free Choice)

I got into Uoft Scarborough Computer Science, McMaster Computer Science and McMaster engineering with free choice (Will choose Software Engineering). Which one should I choose? I am interested in software development. All these programs have co-op.
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2023.05.29 23:32 Double-Record7670 UTSC CS vs. McMaster CS vs. McMaster Engineering (Free Choice)

I got into Uoft Scarborough Computer Science, McMaster Computer Science and McMaster engineering with free choice (Will choose Software Engineering). Which one should I choose? I am interested in software development. All these programs have co-op.
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2023.05.29 23:31 Double-Record7670 UTSC CS vs. McMaster CS vs. McMaster Engineering (Free Choice)

I got into Uoft Scarborough Computer Science, McMaster Computer Science and McMaster engineering with free choice (Will choose Software Engineering). Which one should I choose? I am interested in software development. All these programs have co-op.
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2023.05.29 23:30 Beneficial-Teach-800 What should be next position/company in my (perhaps ambitious) career?

Hi everyone!
I hope this is correct sub-reddit for this kind of question.
I have CS master degree and 14 YoE in Information Security and software dev including: 2y - contract work - sw dev, machine learning, security assessment 1y - UPC - security advisor project 4y - Deloitte - security manager 5y - UBS - security director 2y - Google - security technical program manager
I am looking to advance my career and wondering what would be best next career step. My goals are - international recognition in the profession contributing and advancing the industry and financial independence with aim to retire (if possible in next 10 years if my health is hopefully still good).
Could you kind and knowledgeable mentors here provide your opinion (ideally empirical) on what company and position should I aim for next?
(I have some ideas, but rather want to give a blank slate for all suggestions and opinions.)
Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts.
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2023.05.29 23:28 ih8uheaux CPP or Fullerton for business programs?

So I’m actually already a graduate business student at Fullerton, it’s a good school and all but I want to switch programs. I’m in the master of accounting program at Fullerton but I want to pursue a masters in business analytics instead.
Ngl it’s kind of a blessing how many resources we have for business students at Fullerton but most of them lead to opportunities in Orange County and I want to work in LA.
Does CPP have good resources , active clubs, etc for business students? Do big companies come to job fairs here?
A lot of ppl I go to school with at Fullerton are telling me to just switch to another program here bc of the opportunities but I’m still leaning toward coming to CPP if I get in lol.
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2023.05.29 23:12 YourOwnBiggestFan Can you get Accelerate exemptions on the Masters levels for courses you've taken on the Bachelors level?

While choosing courses for the first semester of the 3rd and final year (I'm in Poland) of my Bachelors, I took ACCA courses without knowing about the Accelerate program. Now that I've completed them and know about the exemption program, I want to register for it at the next level of my study, starting this October.
My question is: will the things I've done at the Bachelor level count towards my Masters exemptions, or will I have to do it all again?
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