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2023.03.28 09:57 cripplin-deppression Korbanth OWK-TPM vs KR Sabers Apprentice OWK1

Hello, I was wondering for those who have purchased either Korbanths or KR’s version of OWK which was better? In terms of quality and accuracy, if there is any differences between the two.
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2023.03.28 09:57 Pornaccount7000 Seeing as the patch is still some time away, here are some small quality of life changes I would like to see implemented.

1) Make Hurricane Pike work with manual casting auto attack modifiers
I'm the kind of guy who will always manual cast everything. I don't like the idea of accidentally wasting mana, or a cooldown, on an orb attack that shouldn't have been an orb attack.
This usually isn't a problem, it even has the upside of not being as dangerous against Blademail + Taunt, as you aren't casting Arcane Orb, Searing Arrows, or any of the other auto attack modifiers that could end up killing you.
Except for in the case of Hurricane Pike. If you Hurricane Pike someone, and then try to manual cast your orb attack, you will not be able to make use of the unlimited range aspect of Hurricane Pike. This is especially odd, as manual casting will still make use of the bonus attack speed.
Functionally, it would still usually be better to autocast with Hurricane Pike, seeing as you wouldn't need as much time to click on the enemy hero. But it would be nice if the possibility was there, for people like me, to be able to manual cast.
And while on the topic of auto cast vs manual cast:
2) Give Marci a separate ability for her shard
I'm generally not a fan of all the non-attack modifiers that have been given an auto cast, because it's a very clunky solution. First, it was given to Devour, which was alright, because you very rarely change out Neutral Creep abilities with Doom anyway, especially on the fly.
But the trend continued, with changes such as Marci's shard and Sven's Aghs gaining auto cast functionality, that doesn't actually represent auto casting at all.
Now, it's understandable why these things exist, because there are times when you don't want to throw in an ally, or yourself. It's a good thing that there's an option to just use the baseline functionality of the spell. The problem comes from the fact that these spells are spells that you'll need to be able to switch between functionalities quickly.
And auto casting does not do particularly well in that regard. It turns Marci's W or Sven's Q from a 1 button press (Just the spell hotkey, and a mouse click if you don't use quickcast) to a 3 button press (Alt+Hotkey to toggle auto cast, and then casting the ability) in certain scenarios.
The solution would be to split the functionalities up, like what happened to Morphling's Adaptive Strike and Troll Warlord's Whirling Axes. Now, in Morphling's case, that had an actual balance effect, but that doesn't need to be the case for Marci (& others). You can make the shard have a shared cooldown with the actual spell, so that you aren't able to use the two in quick succession.
3) Fix Earth Spirit's Boulder Smash's interaction with Cast Range bonuses
Quick quiz: Earth Spirit has Octarine Core (+225 Cast Range) & Seer Stone (+300 Cast Range), if he targets the Axe's location with Boulder Smash, which of these stones will he kick?
Answer: The bottom one, which ends up completely missing Axe by a mile, despite my cursor being just in front of axe when I cast it.
This can even be the case when the boulders are right in front of you
Why does this happen? Because, for some weird reason, Cast Range not only affects the distance that the boulder will go (Which makes sense), but also the radius in which Boulder Smash will search for a stone to be kicked (Which, at least to me, does not make sense).
The easiest solution would be to just remove this effect, but if that doesn't happen, it could at least be mitigated by having the boulder move towards the point that you have indicated, instead of parallel to a boulder that would have been launched if it was right in front of you. That might have unintended consequences, so I think the first solution seems a lot better.
And, as we are talking about Earth Spirit, might as well add:
4) Make the Enchanted Remnant have priority over other remnants when it comes to Boulder Smash
Now, according to the Wiki, this is already the case. However, in my tests, I found that this does not happen reliably. Sometimes, the Enchanted Remnant will get launched, and sometimes, it won't. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether or not the Enchanted Remnant is the closest to Earth Spirit or not.
I will admit, on these last two issues, that I've only shown results from Demo Mode, and we've all heard that Demo Mode isn't always the most reliable. However, I have been able to replicate these bugs with some kind of consistency in the Custom Game Overthrow 3.0.
In conclusion:
I don't think any of these proposed changes would end up affecting the balance of the game, however, they would vastly improve my experience on heroes that are affected by these issues.
If you think I'm wrong, and that these changes would somehow affect balance, or if you have other qualms, then I'm all ears.
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2023.03.28 09:57 SlidingSignifier Used wrong ATX power cable, could it have caused potential damage to the motherboard?

I just learned today that you're only supposed to use cables that were provided along with the modular power supply, and they're not interchangeable between different brands/models.
Learning that info gave me quite the heart attack when I remembered that I was still using the 24pin ATX cable that came with my old Corsair CX 750F RGB on my newer, current, MSI MPG A1000G (because it had a nice braided sleeve). I swapped the cable immediately, but I am worried now that I may have potentially damaged the motherboard by using the wrong ATX cable for almost a week.
Is this a legitimate concern?
When I was using the wrong cable everything appeared to work perfectly fine. The rig posted without incident on first boot, OS seemed stable, and it was able to handle 100% CPU and GPU load for an extended period of time when I was doing some 3d graphic rendering work.
My X670E-F motherboard is still under extended store warranty, so I can still RMA without directly going to ASUS for the next 2 years. But I'd still like to avoid going through the trouble of swapping the motherboard if I can't even pin point anything wrong with it.
So is this a "if it powers on then it's fine" situations or is there anything specific I should test/keep an eye on?
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2023.03.28 09:56 naijaorganics 5 SKINCARE PRODUCTS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE

To achieve clear skin and to keep acne, dark circles, and other skin issues away, it is essential to follow a skincare routine. Skincare should be practiced by all as it ensures better health of our skin. Lack of proper skincare not only causes acne but might make you prone to cancer, wrinkles, and other health issues.
A skincare routine can differ person-to-person. From your skin type to age, there are various factors that can influence your skincare routine. However, there are still certain skincare products that must be part of everyone’s skincare routine.

Why is skin care important?

Skincare is important for women for several reasons, including:

5 skincare products that a woman must have


This is the obvious choice. If you’re not washing your face, we’ve got a problem, pal! I usually cleanse my face in the shower in the morning. However, you will also use your cleanser before going to bed.
Cleansers are used to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. They aid in the unclogging of pores and the removal of dead skin. Seasonally, I switch between two cleansers dependent on my skin type and concerns. This cleanser is great for summer, and this cleanser is great for winter.


An exfoliant is a product that removes the surface layer of your skin to improve its texture. This comes across as harsher than it is. However, eliminating a layer of dead skin not only reveals younger, more beautiful skin but also helps your subsequent treatments (serums and moisturizers) to be better absorbed. It will also assist you to apply your makeup more evenly and smoothly. Exfoliating should be done 1-2 times a week, rather than every day. Always increase the frequency gradually.


A toner should be used immediately after cleansing and before applying any serums or moisturizers. I prefer to use a toner that contains BHAs, Lactic Acid, and Salicylic Acid. Because I have oily skin, this helps to balance it out. It also aids in the removal of a second layer of skin that the exfoliator did not remove. Choose one that is appropriate for your skin type.


Finally, moisturizing cream! I know it seems like it took an eternity to get there to what you believed was THE ONLY thing you needed. But believe me. After you’ve applied your toner and serum, your moisturizer will not only function better, but you’ll probably require one less pump. Truth! I have a couple of moisturizers that I switch between depending on how my skin feels or what the day has in store for me. You may have one for the morning with SPF and one for the evening that is more moisturizing to sleep in.


Now for our evening ritual. You should also cleanse your face and use a toner at night. When you have the opportunity, exfoliate. However, you can skip the moisturizer and let your night creams do the work. Retinol is essential for anti-aging. Period. Retinol promotes the development of new cells. It’s a type of Vitamin A and is the fountain of youth.
Explore a complete range of natural skincare products and haircare here.

Switch to organic natural skincare products

Organic skincare products are manufactured from natural materials and do not include any chemicals. The contents are naturally grown and include no genetically engineered materials, synthetic residues, or chemicals.
Here is why you should switch to an organic skincare brand like Naija today.

High in nutrients

Natural skincare is composed of nutritionally dense natural materials. These components are most beneficial to your health, thus they are also beneficial to your skin. Herbal skincare, which is made with components such as coconut oil, peppermint, and shea butter, is strong in vitamins and antioxidants, making it highly nutritional and efficient in healing skin problems.

No harmful chemicals

These chemical-free natural skincare products are gentle on the skin. You will notice a significant reduction in allergic responses, inflammation, itching, and acne in your skin after you begin using them.


Organic skin care products are created from natural substances and thus do not have a negative impact on the environment. They do not leave chemical residue in the environment or pollute the land or water when washed down drains.


Herbal skin care is more beneficial for your skin because it is free of chemicals and manufactured from natural materials. It penetrates the skin deeply and produces apparent benefits with no adverse effects.


Many chemical substances, such as petroleum, are produced in ways that threaten the environment. Animal by-products are sometimes utilized in cosmetics, indicating unsustainable practices. Natural skincare, on the other hand, is long-lasting and does not hurt animals or the environment in any way.


There is a wide range of skincare products available for women to use, but it is important to choose the right ones to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Some key products to consider include cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and serums that target specific skin concerns such as aging, pigmentation, and hydration. It is recommended to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional to determine the best routine and products for individual skin needs and types. With regular and consistent use of quality skincare products, women can maintain and improve the appearance and health of their skin.
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2023.03.28 09:53 BusinassGoose Will a muffler or better couplers reduce fan/vibration/airflow noise heard inside the house?

My installers have been great and have installed additional suction points and different fans to try to reduce my radon levels after the original plan didn't quite hit the target pCi/L. That said, the current fan makes some variety of noise that's heard in a room I quite like. On top of that, I'm not sure the additional airflow or suction is actually helpful. It's not a resounding success relative to what I see on my monitor, at least. Assuming the more powerful fan is needed, what I can do (or have my installers do) to reduce that noise? I see that there are couplers and duct mufflers that claim to reduce noise. How can I determine whether it's mechanical/vibration noise or airflow noise that's bothering me? If airflow noise is the problem, will the muffler help if placed inline between the fan and my interior space?
Any other recommendations? To be transparent, I'm a little nervous to deal with my contractors as I know they expect a check soon and I'm not happy with either the radon levels or the noise at this point. I would live with one or the other problem, knowing that the radon is much reduced, but I had hopes this would be a simple fix.
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2023.03.28 09:50 zavrod How to randomize sets of 2?

Sorry to bother you almighty people of this subreddit, but I work on one project and I just reached my IQ limit. I can't wrap my head around one problem and wanted to know if you'd be so kind and share some wisdom.
It's basically google sheet form used for firearm training. In one sheet I've got data for all the different drills and via lookup function import it to the main training log.
There's 5 exercises and every exercise can have two tasks. The whole training system comes with printable targets which are 2 on every list. All together there's 8 numbered targets on 4 lists.
In data sheet I can turn the cell of the task target on and off and I managed to get the numbers of the targets to the cells which are turned on only. From 1 to 8 for the on tasks.
Then I wanted to add the function to randomize the target numbers. You turn one checkbox on and via rand function I get different numbers between 0 and 1. I sort this two columns and voila I have randomize target numbers.
By this point I'm already sweating blood. So the next thing I need to sort out is different distances. In the main form there's 4 different distances which you can choose on the range. Most of the drills will be for only one but there will be some for at least two different distances to train transitions. The catch is my targets are 2 on one list. I can't let the numbers go one by one because I might end up with one list of two targets for two different distances.
I fetched the distance classes next to the active target numbers and sort it by the distance. I can't assign the targets to the right distance and most importantly start new list of targets for different distance class. If I have 3 tasks for distance 1 and 4 tasks for distance 2, I need the targets for it to be: Target list A(1 and 2) distance 1, Target list B(3 and 4) distance 1, Target list C(5 and 6) distance 2, Target list D(7 and 8) distance 2.
I can manually write the target numbers to the data sheet but after this I will also need to add the randomize checkbox function so I need the form to assign the target numbers automatically.
Can you point me to the right direction, please? I really don't know how to do this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.28 09:49 garlic_riot_187 My(28F) boyfriend(26M) of 3 years wants me to "adjust" to his parents living with us for months at a time

My boyfriend of 3 years wants me to "adjust" to his parents living with us for months at a time
My boyfriend (26M) and I (28F) are working professionals and have been living together for 3 years in a city in Australia where we met as students. We are both from different parts of India.
A few months ago, his parents arrived from India to live with us. I was excited to make an impression and went out of my way to make them feel comfortable. They were nice to me in the beginning and I enjoyed our conversations, but some of their demands soon started to make me feel queasy in my own home. 1) They were uncomfortable with my boyfriend and I sleeping together in the same room, resulting in my boyfriend having to camp out in the living room for two whole months 2) The mother taking over the kitchen and excluding me from grocery shopping even after requests to include me, resulting in me having zero control over my own kitchen 3) Not acknowledging me as his girlfriend in front of friends 4) Not offering to help with cleaning and general upkeep 5) Rearranging furniture multiple times inspite of being requested not to 6) The father expressing his concern over me not helping his wife in the kitchen (which was not true) 7) The parents giving credits to my boyfriend and thanking him instead of me on multiple occasions even when they knew he was not involved in planning or execution of dinner parties/trips/general outings etc 8) The last straw - the father feeling "uncomfortable" that I wore a short dress at home. He did apologise later when I ended up crying about this but insisted that these are the "values" him and his family have been brought up with
I suppose my issue is not that his parents are not very nice to me, but that my boyfriend who has been nothing short of ideal all the years I've known him, seems to not acknowledge any of these as real issues and did not stand up for me when his father had an issue with the dress I wore once. All of my concerns are either dismissed with "So what? They're guests. We have to make them feel comfortable" or "My parents are traditional and there's nothing wrong with his mentality". Not once has my boyfriend refused a compliment from his parents that I rightfully deserved, but insists that he did when I wasn't around.
The parents left to India after spending three months here and I moved to another city in Australia for a job shortly after that. I see my boyfriend every month for a couple of days, alternating between the two cities. My long distance relationship with my boyfriend has been great for the four months that we've been living apart. However, a couple days back, my boyfriend hit me with "my parents are visiting in May again for a couple months"
I am shocked that my boyfriend wouldn't consult me or warn me before their flight tickets were booked. It has triggered the concerns I previously had - I am treated like an outsider and that my boyfriend doesn't take a stand for me since he's too scared to speak to his parents. When I voiced these concerns, they were again swatted away with "but they are my parents!". I was also told that these visits will be frequent and I HAVE to be okay with this when I move back in with him.
I am being asked to give up my privacy and personal space for months every year. Not to mention the fact that I am now very self conscious around his father, given him feeling "uncomfortable" about what I wear. I want to make it clear here that I would never ask my boyfriend to stop his parents from visiting us for a few weeks once a year or so. But I'm afraid 2-3 months will take a toll on me.
How do I make my boyfriend understand that it's wrong that he doesn't take my needs into consideration and stand up for me when needed?
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2023.03.28 09:48 Euphoric_Ad6235 What is the difference between schaffen,erschaffen and machen?

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2023.03.28 09:47 nileshRavana Reincarnation Tavern

I’ve been reading reincarnation tavern on webnovel and have absolutely loved it so far. I loved how it brought the idea of classes featuring powers from different anime and you could buy different powers at the beginning to help and u train to get better and travel between said anime’s. I was wondering if I could get recommended other such fanfics many thanks
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2023.03.28 09:46 frOznDD Another Druid Issue I Didn't See mentioned

As caster druid the AOE seemed just lack luster. I liked the spells but damn the landslide, boulder and tornado just feels small compared to the names. Landslide chunked and felt nice, but it only hit like 4-5 enemies in bestcase scenario.
Also Tornado just feels like a straw in a wind (unless we get later like extra tornados per cast).
Unless the balancing was intended in the beta it feels wierd how much difference there was between low tier and top tier at this point. Of course it was just beta and we saw only early game with some extra legendaries, but seems odd that necro needs 1 legendary to blast like crazy when druid needs to cast 12 basic skills to gain maximum spirit to cast 2-3 spender skills :D They should double spirit gain and half the cost of spenders it to feel somewhat ok, at level we saw the game in beta. One can wish it gets better later :)
Anyway can't wait to play this fully.
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2023.03.28 09:45 randpass eyes of the world and the arch

What is the difference between the eyes of the world and the arch?
Both are the strongest male and female. Both give power to control fate and reality. Could these two powers be different names for the same thing? Could Father Balder have been the arch Adam until he died?
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2023.03.28 09:38 plasmaz Aeron first impressions

My brand new Size C Aeron PostureFit SL arrived 1 hour ago. I am 6' tall and about 188lbs.
I have the seat adjusted as low as possible.
Back sinks nicely into the mesh, my shoulders aren't touching the plastic like they were with the Size B.
First impressions are that the seat pan depth might be a tad too much for me. On the right leg I can fit about 2.5/3 fingers worth in the gap, left leg about 2-2.5 fingers (guess my legs are slightly different lengths? Had no idea until I sat in this chair..)
I bought the C for the extra width. It did the job. Perfect. But the depth is probably too much. The gap between the seat and my knees is at the point where we have those "tendons" or whatever the muscle is behind the knee is probably get just a smidge too much pressure from the chair.
I will see how I go but so far its not looking great. I measured the additional differences from a size B and thought it would fit with slightly more room.
If I could lower it a smidge more it might be perfect for avoiding pressure behind the knees, but my knees would probably be at about 85 degrees rather than 90 degree angle.
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2023.03.28 09:36 UMeme_IFuck What are the main differences between West and East Algeria?

Like I already asked in the title, what are the differences between West and East Algeria.
Thx for answering
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2023.03.28 09:35 mr_trashbear Prequel (again)

This seems to come up every 6 months or so. But, good discussion is always fun. Also, I have not finished ZD yet, but I'm loving it. Hoping to get close this week. Having said that, please don't spoil anything with your responses.
I think a prequel would be fantastic. Utilizing the same universe we are exploring, but set during the rise of the machines/Faro's Fabulous Fuck Up.
Even if it was done as a more linear setpiece style game like a CoD or Halo campaign, I think it would be really friggin cool to play as that poor dude on the Apacoshitstorm tour. Or, even little vignettes from all over the world at different stages of the collapse, like how Battlefield V did its campaign.
A TV series could also accomplish this really well, and if it blended enough stories, could last a few solid seasons.
Idk. As amazing and imaginative of a world we see as Aloy, I think playing a game that ultimately ends in hubris would be great. Fall of Reach was fantastic because of the looming demise. One of the most impactful gaming moments in the the last 20 years was that moment in CoD 4 when the nuke detonates while you're in the helicopter, and you just crawl around for a bit watching the mushroom cloud rise.
What I'm saying is, gamers respond well to "bad endings", and they make for great stories.
Between just finishing The Last of Us on HBO and finding all the audio logs and such, I really think that the zeitgeist is ready for a commentary on technology, capitalism, human arrogance and resilience, and hubris.
TL/DR: A semi-linear shooter game or a well made TV series about the fall of humanity and Project Zero Dawn would be freakin rad.
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2023.03.28 09:33 Technical_Contestant Terrific tuesday

Dear diary
Woke up at 4am but stayed in bed until 6 trying to unpick the dream, sleeping in bed the other way up in an attempt to change the coordinates.
Coffee, meds, cigarettes; the morning ritual of God why am I still smoking. A song plays in my head determined to block me from thinking about the dream further.
Had enough of stimulating myself, chemically speaking and went to make bed, sat on the golden feathers and wrote in blue and gold book with orange ink inserted into quill. Affirmations, gratitude, all the good things and God solves for me.
As I'm writing out lines I watch the flow of spacing to get it through my thick skull the actual reason for alignment with higher vibration; unity consciousness. What needs to be solved today I question god, is it more of the same thing just from a different angle until something happens?
Diary tells me there's a lecture on at the institute regarding the ten pound poms and I have to go to school as I have two assignments due. Angel card pulled says get out in nature today, positivity card tells me the umph in triumph is required when trying.
Sooo much time to spend...daily cards pulled, recorded in book, caught up with sister's - they are my current rock - early morning touch base between the US and AUS makes the pain of distance less every day. I love them so much, they have helped with the goal of the collective.
Left over chicken and chips for breakfast, diet gone out the window this week, dark night of the soul again. Reading the power of one bit by bit, it's such a great story, I miss boxing.
Shower, potions applied to skin smells like real vanilla, looks in mirror until I think I'm me. Clothing applied, all black today, hair back up in a bun and boots for walking - the suede is fucked from yesterday's rain, sigh. Weather says no need for weapons today, leaves giant umbrella against wall.
Walks and watches the parade of cars, the little kids wishing me a good morning. Finds blue chalk, graffs the shelter with my tag. Same bus driver as yesterday and the train wasn't too far behind. Packed carriage, the idea of everyone is you pushed out, I'm fending off energetic push back on my frequency from men eyeball fucking me, can hear their thoughts ticking over regarding my appearance.
Wander through station separate from the tide, through the turn of the barrier and up to outside. Hide. Come back, cross road, there's a tool cd on the ground and strewn chaos from a crazy person. He tells me to watch his stuff as he disappears into the convenience store. When he magically reappears we put hands up almost touching and I heal some of his issues, he broke out in goosebumps.
Walks away, walks up the same way as usual, finds silver ring in doorway. Places ring on finger and weaves through back streets to the hidden coffee refuge to hide again. Places ring on a window sill, it will be back in its evolved form if it really wants me.
Coffee at Zhivago's laneway, uses blue chalk to add to the current running list of travellers. Rejoins reality, coffee still in hand and sees what's changed. Finds red guitar pick, thinks about Knifey, he said he would message me in a month and his time is up, I won't contact him again. Lossy to a dear friend, I forgive you.
Sits at battle station, it had been a while. Two windows side by side, instructions and response. Typing, touch typing, I kinda forgot how much I enjoy watching the words appear on screen as fingers remember the dance...got stuck, gave up as the other thing was calling me.
Wanders off down into the mall, music intersected areas, to stand under a tree and just listen. Found a man blowing a trumpet riding an elephant and arrived on time to the theatre.
Numbers, names, locations, dates offered up for synchronization data, I feel like an undercover agent on a recon mission. No idea its relevance yet, knows it matters doesn't matter - depends on when I go down that rabbit hole.
To the train station once more, waits on platform, saw Mikey and Graham briefly as we were in the same world space for an instant. Eventually got back to the place I'm staying at, and mum was home from her trip, I made us lunch and we got into the scotch. Telling eachother the stories of our trips, the pictures painted in each others minds fills in the blanks.
The Amanda fairy dropped by with cake and I've just written this chapter into the library.
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2023.03.28 09:32 ZapatasGuns Help with bi folding commercial garage door motor

Hello everyone. Last week I had a large bi folding bay door quit working. The vfd shows a fault for motor short or ground fault. I can hard reset (unplug) the vfd and it will work again but only for a short period of time. When I went to remove the motor from the gear box, about 3/4’s cup of water poured out from where the terminal block is located. I tested resistance of each terminal to ground, they all read infinity. Then when checking resistance between v1-v2 I got 8, W1 - w2, I got 3 and u1 - u2 I got 3. When checking them against each other, they give slightly different readings such as w1-v2 =3.2 w1-u2= bounces around W1-w2 = 3 V1-v2 = 8 V1-u2 = Hovers around 11.9 V1-w2 between 12 and 12.9 I stopped testing at that point because I felt the motor is a lost cause. I just wanted to run this by someone with more knowledge than myself to get their thoughts about it. I haven’t tested the vfd yet but probably will when I get in this morning. Any knowledge is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
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2023.03.28 09:32 CanadianYeti1991 Need Help Breaking My Time Travel Rules/System

Hey ya'll, so I've been working on my magic system for my book series, and part of that magic system (or an additional one separate from regular magic use) is a time travel system. For the last few days I've been obsessively working out this time travel system, thinking about how it can work within the fantasy world I've created. Now, I don't want to bog everyone down with every detail of the time travel system I've created, I'm mostly here to see if anyone can poke a hole into the system because 1.) I haven't explained it well enough or 2.) Because there's an obvious hole within the logic of my system that needs to be shored up.
I unfortunately do not have any friends that are writers or are keen to work this out with me, and I just feel like I need some assurances that this system makes some sense to other people before I go ahead and start really outlining the timeline. I'd rather not base my whole outline and who knows how many drafts for a story with a time travel system that has incredibly easy to see holes in. So I'm asking any people that enjoy time travel to help me out. Not necessarily asking for HOW to fix it, just if there are fixes to be had. Ill try to keep the rules brief and to the point, but if there is need for further explanation then I'll happily provide it.
NOTE: All names and terms are subject to change. Terms like aetheaetherial I know have been overdone in the last decade, and I'm still searching for better ones. But for now they will do. Also, names like Soulseer I know are already taken, even though they may not mean the same thing as my version. I am for sure changing these, they're subject to change.
NOTE: I've traveled back in time because I explained more then I originally thought I would, however I think its necessary for at least the first few topics because I need to paint a picture so people will actually be able to help me out. I don't want to leave out crucial details that may change someone's opinion or advice on the system. I'll try my best to TL;DR every section for those that just don't need or want the in-depth explanation.
Basic Anatomy of the Soul: Before going into the specific rules of time travel, it's important to know how its even possible in the first place. In my setting, every human has a soul, and souls in this world are more like aetherial organs then anything. They are connected to the spine, and they physically mirror the brain. A soul is composed of aether, a spiritual material that permeates the earth's atmosphere just like oxygen and nitrogen. Souls almost always need two humans having sexual intercourse to be created, both souls contributing aether and "genetic" information to this new soul. The new soul in terms of nature is a mixture of the two parent souls, but their nurture, like real life, is up to their environment and upbringing.
A soul's anatomy consists of a core, where a human's consciousness is uploaded to when they die or dream, and is the most crucial part of the soul. If this is destroyed, you're done. No afterlife for you, you die just like the rest of us in the real world (in my opinion). Outside of the core is a shell made of hardened aether. This is simply the cores last line of defense from harm. Outside of this shell is another "shell", though its function is not for protection, per se. This layer of "shell" has visible segments to it, almost like a round piece of glass that was shattered and has been glued back together, but you can still see the cracks of the broken shards. These "shards" are called memory fragments.
Memory fragments are the souls attempts to record the memories that the brain produces. Each memory, at the time of creation, are being recorded onto a memory fragment. Souls have an unlimited amount of memory fragments that can exist at one time, and multiple memories can inhabit the same fragment, even if they're unrelated. If a memory fragment is only filled to lets say, 80%, then a new memory that would take up 20% of a fragment is saved to it, even if the other memories on that fragment are from when you were 10, they would inhabit the same space. Outside of this memory fragment shell is another wall of shell that protects the memory fragments, and outside of this wall is the outermost section of the soul where free aether resides, essentially aether that has no form that can be used for whatever the soul needs it for. Want to cast a spell? Use free aether. Your soul was damaged? Free aether, if enough is available, can fix it given enough time as long as it isn't damaged beyond repair. If a soul doesn't have enough free aether available for these tasks, then if commanded, the outer shell and memory fragments can be consumed instead. This destroys the memory fragments, and while a soul can regrow new fragments given time, the memories that were destroyed are unrecoverable.
TL;DR: Souls are spiritual USB devices that constantly upload the brains memories to the soul. It's possible to insert your mind into this USB device and look at the memories, though only a specific class of humans can do this.
Basic Cosmogony: So without getting into the cosmogony and creation myth to deeply, there is a God that created this universe that used soul fragments to create 10 beings that are called Urtra, souls without true vessels. These powerful souls, unlike regular human souls, were not created by two souls reproducing. The God of this world, while not omnipotent, was powerful enough to perform Emanation to spawn these souls. These souls are, in essence, clones of the God. They are "genetically" identical, though through nurture these souls will become unique individuals with their own desires and personalities, separate from God.
These Urtra, long after their original creation, would befriend humans and give them a memory fragment in exchange for a human memory fragment. This covenant gave both parties new abilities, for instance the Urtra could now look back on this human memory fondly as well as be able to form a physical body resembling the human at the time of the trade. The human would arguably get the better deal, as not only was their soul more powerful because of this Urtra fragment, the link that existed between God and the Urtra could now be accessed by the human soul, letting them use the magic of their corresponding Urtra. This more powerful soul, this more evolved soul, now had the ability not only to use magic by manipulating their free aether, but they gained the ability to Soulseer. These humans are called branded.
TL;DR: God creates angel-like Urtra using fragments of his soul, creating spiritual clones yet not as powerful. These Urtra exchanged fragments of their souls with humans, which gave humans power to cast spells and other amazing abilities.
Soulseering: Finally, we have come to the time travel system. However, it may not seem like time travel at first. And that's the point. A branded can, through a process seemingly akin to meditation or sleep, upload their full consciousness to their soul. In this state, branded enter into their own souls "pocket dimension". Im still formulating exactly what this space is, but right now my thinking on it is their human minds create a visual representation of the souls form. When they do this, they must use a constant stream of free aether to construct and hold an astral body, a spiritual representation of their consciousness. They can use this astral body to float around the aetherial sea, which the human mind visualizes as being contained in a giant womb-like sphere surrounding them and the soul. They see the soul and its memory fragments, and are now free to access the memories on these fragments. When a memory fragment and a specific memory are accessed, the soulseer is literally traveling to the past, when the fragment was first being formed.
TL;DR: The humans with Urtra fragments can astral project into their soul or another's, seeing memories from either a 1st or 3rd point of view. Think Christmas Carol. Theyre not only veiwing the memory, but traveling to the past when the memory was being formed.
Now without further adieu, lets get into the rules of time travel. Note that the timeline of this universe is Stable Time Loop, or a Predestination Paradox. All time traveling has been accounted for in the timeline, and no one can go back to the past to change anything, only fulfill what always happened.

Rule #1: When You Time Travel To Your Past You Assume Past Self POV: Soulseering into your own soul to access memories means you experience the memory like you were experiencing it at the time, in 1st person perspective, but you have no input on what your past self does. Soulseer’s will do this for spiritual, therapeutic, and nostalgic reasons. The past cannot be changed this way.
Rule #2: When You Time Travel Into Other’s Past You Assume 3rd Person POV: When a soulseer accesses a memory fragment of another’s soul, their astral body travels to the point at which the memory was forming. Once they travel to the time and place the memory was being created, they can either invite the host soul to relive the memory or not take part, at which time the soulseer can view the memory from a 3rd person perspective, following the memory of the host and watching the memory play out. A soulseer cannot bring about change to the host's memory in any way, only allow the host soul to re-experience it, and for the soulseer to experience it from a 3rd person perspective.
Rule #3: No Time Traveling From Present To The Future: At the moment that a memory was formed as a result of a certain event, a soulseer can peer into the soul fragment and memory, effectively time traveling in astral form to the time and place the memory was formed. However, due to the fact that events that haven't happened yet cant be accessed in a memory that hasn't formed, someone in the present can’t time travel into the future because the memory hasn't been formed yet in the present.
Rule #4: Cannot Re-Experience Another’s Memory More Than Once: A single soulseer cannot enter into a memory of a host soul more then once, since their soul is already present at the time of the memory. Two souls of the same entity cannot exist in the same place at once. This means that if a soulseer makes a mistake and misses details within the memory, they cannot go back and fix that mistake or get a better look around. They've seered into that memory already and existed in that moment, and a single soul cannot exist twice in one place, so being able to go into a memory you've already gone into is impossible.
Rule #5: Cannot Travel To The Past And Effect Change: A soulseer cannot seer into a memory and effect any sort of change, since the rules of time travel dictate that you assume a 1st person point of view when viewing your own memories, or assume a 3rd person point of view that cannot interact with the host or anything else within the memory. You can only experience the memory again in crystal clear detail, not change anything about it. For branded, that is...
Rule #6: Time Travel Is Exhausting: Soulseering can only be achieved by going into a trance-like state, where a person's consciousness is completely transferred to the soul. In this state, they can delve into their or another's soul. Within the soul, a soulseer takes on an astral body in which to float around the aetherial sea with, as well as interact with their soul or anothers. This astral body takes up a constant stream of aether from the soulseers own soul, and if another’s soul is being seered into the seer can call upon the free aether of the host soul. This means seering into another soul means seers have a longer ability to stay in their astral body. It is possible to burn through a soul’s shell and memory fragments, but this is dangerous for both the soulseer and host’s souls. Most soulseers aren't skilled enough to remain after free aether is used up, and are ejected from a soul back into their own body and mind. The time that passes while soulseering can be extensive, and once you return from a seering the body and soul are weakened. Many seers have attendants that will care for their physical body while seering.
Rule #7: Time Travel Is Time Consuming: The perception of time to a soulseer is skewed when in their astral body and within the soul, and what can feel like the span of three hours can in actuality be three days in the physical world. This means that in order to seer into a soul, you need a safe place and time to do the seering. If a soulseer is within a soul for a prolonged period of time, they need people that will take care of their physical bodies while within a soul. This is why many soulseer’s have a servant with them. If a soulseer has no one to take care of them for an especially long seering, then they run the risk of starving or dying of dehydration.

These are the rules that the "normal" soulseer's follow. No branded can break these rules, however they find quite a bit of use in them. Now, lets get to the real time travel. In this section, I bring up a party that hasn't been mentioned up to this point; The Original Arbiter and Clone Arbiter's. Know that the O.A (Again, an amazing show uses this acronym, I'm using it only by happenstance and will change this) is a very powerful soul, actually the second most powerful soul in the universe only under God, and is also able to emanate genetically identical souls. The main character of the series is the current Clone Arbiter, and there have been many before him. Though the current Clone Arbiter was the only one to gain the ability to soulseer, and therefore time travel.

Rule #8: Emanation: God and the Original Arbiter (O.A) have both engaged in emanation, a process of aetherial reproduction where a new soul is created without the need of another soul. God created the souls of the Urtra through emanating, and the O.A created the souls of the Clone Arbiter’s (C.A) the same way, though with a less powerful result. Souls created this way are spiritually and “genetically” identical, but will still be young souls that will become different from their original emanator through nurture. Both the Urtra and the Arbiter’s may be less powerful copies of their emanators, however they all hold vastly different ideals, passions and personalities.
Rule #9: Emanation Soulseering: Because God and the O.A’s souls are genetically the same as their emanations, you may think that if the emanators were to soulseer into a memory of their emanations they would experience it from a 1st person point of view, since their souls are the same. But this isn't the case, because even though an emanation's soul is to some extent genetically the same as the emanator and therefore Rule #1 should kick in, the souls have grown to be different enough entities that a soul can view the emanations memory through 3rd person point of view. Because of the inextricable link between an emanator’s soul and an emanation’s, the party that is soulseering (emanator or emanation) can communicate with the soul they’re viewing a memory of. This means, in theory, God can look into the Urta’s memories and the Urtra can look into God's and talk to one another. God doesnt allow this access to the Urtra though, so God essentially has a one-way road access to the Urtra’s souls. The O.A allows access to his soul, and so the O.A can soulseer into any emanation as long as it’s close enough, and allows the emanations to do the same.

So those are the rules right now. Some ways that I intend to use this time travel system are for God to be able to manipulate the Urtra, and for the main character Clone Arbiter to go back in time to the Original Arbiter to influence him to create the Clones in the first place. Obviously I dont want to get into every little thing I have planned, but those are the two main uses. Its essentially information time travel. Time travelers cant bring about physical change themselves, though they can influence people in the past to bring about physical change. Id love to know what everyone thinks.
I apologize for the extremely long post, but again I wanted to make sure everyone had the tools to be able to poke holes in the system.
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2023.03.28 09:31 BanditPaladin712 Comparisons and Differences between Pre-Memory-Loss Touma and Post-Memory-Loss Touma

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2023.03.28 09:31 UncleThlop Sky Islands Idea (New endgame biome)

I’m not sure if this idea has already been brought up but I wanted to make a post about it.
New area: Sky biome, sky islands in the air, a post end game area made above build limit by around 50-100 blocks and only accessible by using an elytra.
It would need to use some kind of new block, cloud blocks for example or a different new block so that everything built above it does not cast a shadow, so then it cannot be seen from the ground and only while flying high in the air with an elytra. It would not effect the player until they have an elytra. The islands would need to be a rare spawn like bastions or end portals to avoid the islands cluttering the sky and would be rewarding finding the biome.
Because it would be above build limit once you get to the island it would only have a max height of 50-100, but wouldn’t be able to build a ladder down or up because of the in between limit. It would open the door for a new area to build in, new blocks and new different mobs. Part of the fun would be if you die up there you can only get back with another pair of elytra and fireworks.
It would be a nice challenge that is post endgame for all of the players that don’t know what to do after killing the dragon and getting end game items.
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2023.03.28 09:30 Altruistic-Tap-2135 How to Use Cricut Pens ?

Have you been looking for a way to make your Cricut machine even more useful? Have you found that traditional scissors, which are often used for cutting and trimming fabrics, are not enough because the little blades tend to break and create uneven cuts? If so, you may want to try using the Cricut pens. These pens allow users to cut fabric with ease without worrying about unnecessary wear and tear on their machine or having a difficult time implementing their design.
This blog post is ideal if you're looking for ways in which your Cricut machine can be better utilized. It will also help beginners learn how they can use these pens to make all of their designs come true.

What Are Cricut Pens?

Cricut pens are simply markers that can be used to cut materials like paper and fabric. They are available in different colors, making it easier for users to find the ones they need. Like other types of ink pens, they can also be used on magnets, glass, mirrors and more. They might not be as effective as traditional scissors when it comes to cutting through heavy materials like denim and leather, but they still offer users a viable solution for finishing their projects.
Cricut pens could also be used for coloring or just drawing a design on paper or fabric. In fact, this is one of the most common ways for users to use these markers. You can either use them to color or draw directly on your project.
Cricut pens come in different colors in terms of their tip. For example, you can find black and blue pens, making it easier for you to easily distinguish between the two. They are also available in tiny sizes that are convenient for creating small customized decorations or writing messages on gifts.
Another way in which the Cricut pens are used is by sewing and embroidering designs and words onto clothing and accessories. Users can also use them to make photo transfers from fabric to paper so that they will have great color combinations for their projects.
In addition to the traditional green, blue, and black ones, you may also find them in pink, red and other bright colors that are ideal for creating attractive designs.
Cricut pens are available in different sizes. They can be bought in sets which include a wide range of sizes so you have more versatility when it comes to your projects. For example, if you are only going to do simple drawings with your markers, you won't need all the sizes. But if you're planning on making detailed designs or working on complex projects like sewing clothes or accessories that would require undivided attention and precision work, then having more options is ideal.
source url : cricut.com/create
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2023.03.28 09:30 WegianWarrior Patent time: John T East’s shaving mug

Every invention seeks to solve a problem. In the case of John T East’s shaving mug, the problem was that of unsanitary shaving mugs. Or, to use a less technical term, icky soap.
According to John, the soap would fit snuggly in a regular mug, and thus get moist and soft, and, well, icky. Or in the words of the patent;
This invention relates to improvements in shaving mugs and has reference more particularly to a shaving mug intended for use by barbers which is equally suitable for individual use. The ordinary shaving mug is difficult to keep clean and in spite of the greatest precautions, it is unsanitary. The ordinary type of shaving mug is of such size that a cake of shaving soap will fit the interior snugly and rest on the bottom. After the mug and soap have been in use for some time, the water softens the soap around the edges and makes the soap very unsatisfactory besides giving the mug and the soap an appearance of uncleanliness.
John was neither the first nor last inventor seeking a sanitary shaving mug. Previously we’ve looked at a sanitary package, two different shaving cups invented by Angelo Piccione, an aseptic shaving cup for barbers, a disposable shaving cup, and more. John focused less on disposability and stream punk goodness, and more on keeping the soap from getting soggy.
Patent drawing from US patent 2,215,691
This he managed by keeping the soap in a separate compartment of the mug. This had a number of drain holes leading into the main compartment. In the soap compartment there was a ledge that held the soap of the bottom, and helped keep the drain holes clear. There would be, according to the patent, a significant space between the soap and the bottom of the compartment.
This, John claimed, would make the mug easy to use and easy to clean. Or as the patent text states:
When this mug is used for shaving a small amount of hot water may be poured into the compartment 13 and a cake of soap 12 positioned in the upper compartment, as indicated in Figure 3. After the shaving is finished, the cake of soap may be removed after which the two compartments can be readily cleaned by means of hot water and the soap replaced. The facility with which this mug can be cleaned and sterilized and the facility with which the cake of soap can be introduced and removed makes it practical to always maintain these two elements clean and perfectly sanitary.
While I don’t see any showstoppers in the patent, I also don’t see much of a point. But then, I shave in an era where mug soaps are less popular. So much so that WIlliams Mug Soap – which I find to be a decent soap – was discontinued last year after being on the marked for over one hundred and sixty years.
You can read the full patent for John’s shaving mug at Google Patents.
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2023.03.28 09:28 f1newsbot How the Mercedes gearbox has slowed down Aston Martin

It is now well established that Aston Martin is F1’s ‘surprise’ of 2023. Unlike Ferrari, the Silverstone-based team was able to translate its performance from the simulator to the track.
What Aston Martin has done in the last year is very impressive. Just last season, in the first four races of 2022, the AMR22 was two seconds slower than the RB18.
This gap has been cut down to just half a second per lap in the last few races, partly thanks to a better understanding of the last year’s B-spec AMR22, introduced in Barcelona.
An improvement of 9 tenths was made over winter, which has positioned the British squad as the nearest challenger to Red Bull, currently faster than the established front-runners Mercedes and Ferrari.
Two consecutive podiums put Fernando Alonso 14 points behind Max Verstappen in the standings. In both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Alonso was the closest to the Red Bull duo in race pace:
“The most important thing is to see that the car was also so strong in Jeddah, as we were second team,” said Alonso post-race.
“We were much stronger than Ferrari, and we managed to control Mercedes. All this was unthinkable before the weekend.
“In Bahrain, we had an advantage in terms of degradation while Jeddah showed that the car raw pace because we were faster than the others – and this was not because of tire management,” said the Spaniard.
What was the gap to Red Bull? Looking at the last stint on the hard tires in Jeddah, the deficit was about six-tenths per lap – similar to Bahrain. However, it should be noted Red Bull managed their pace and used very conservative power unit mappings.
The Silverstone-based squad has stressed that the AMR23 is entirely made by Aston Martin and that, if anything, their car is most similar to Mercedes in terms of components – since Aston buys the rear of its car from the Silver Arrows.
More broadly speaking, Aston cannot deny where much of their aerodynamic concept , including their underbody and front suspension, comes from.
In this sense, although the RB19 uses a pull-rod front suspension and Aston Martin uses a push-rod, the overall geometry in this area is clearly inspired by Red Bull.
Regarding aerodynamic stability, the AMR23’s geometry is more relevant than its rod type. Both Aston Martin and Red Bull’s front suspensions are very anti-dive , meaning the front arm of the two triangles is positioned much higher than at the rear.
Ferrari has also tried to be more aggressive with its front suspension, as seen with the SF-23’s front far less conventional design compared to last season. This allows the front suspension to significantly limit the transfer of load to the front, ensuring aerodynamic stability.
However, excessive anti-dive has its drawbacks. The main weakness is an inability to absorb bumps, resulting in instability when braking.
The key for Red Bull and Aston Martin is in this area and how they have managed to eliminate the possible instability caused by an aggressive anti-dive front suspension.
According to a rival engineer, a very anti-dive front suspension is an important factor in not triggering porpoising, as there is less front-end instability.
It is no coincidence that both Red Bull and Aston Martin have not shown any issues with porpoising, even though the two cars have two completely different rears.
The aerodynamic concept of the Aston Martin AMR23, as previously mentioned, has many similarities to the Red Bull RB18.
“Aston Martin? I‘m happy that the old Red Bull is still going strong,” joked post-Bahrain Christian Horner.
Red Bull’s biggest strength was never its peak downforce level, but instead, its ability to maintain a high level of stability with different ground clearances – as well as aerodynamic efficiency.
Simply put, the RB18 could run higher without losing too much downforce, as opposed to Ferrari and Mercedes, which opted for lower ride heights.
The AMR23 has a rear end with similar characteristics to the RB18, allowing Alonso and Stroll to generate significant downforce levels.
However, the Silverstone-made car lacks the aerodynamic efficiency and top speed of Red Bull’s RB19. This is where the rears of the two cars come into play.
Aston cannot be a copy of the RB18 because their rear end is purchased entirely from Mercedes. Their gearbox and rear suspension are the same as those used on the W14.
In terms of transmission, there are very important differences between the Red Bull and Mercedes specifications.
The Mercedes specification is bulkier in the area closest to the floor, which limits airflow through the AMR23’s diffuser. This area is designed for a car with ultra-compact bodywork like the W14, as seen with the Mercedes ‘zeropods.’
Having a less efficient diffuser means the AMR23 needs more rear wing to compensate, which generates more drag.
In the two qualifying sessions so far this season, Alonso lost about half a second in the straights, more than 10 km/h slower in the speed trap compared to the RB19s in Jeddah.
This cannot be solved immediately, in part due to the budget cap, with Aston Martin choosing to introduce a very similar rear wing in Jeddah compared to Bahrain.
Only a slight modification to the AMR23’s DRS flap was introduced in Saudi Arabia, designed to reduce its resistance. In any case, a lower downforce wing will arrive in Baku.
Meanwhile, Red Bull has focused solely on aerodynamics when designing the RB19’s transmission, with an extremely small lower section.
This has resulted in some reliability problems with its drive shafts and the transmission more generally, with two having already mounted two power units on both RB19s in the first two rounds of the season.
This compact size is also made possible by the team’s use of the rear push-rod layout.
As such, the internal part of the suspension has been moved much higher – compared to the classic pull rod used instead by Mercedes, and therefore Aston Martin, which has them in the lower part.
Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni
Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang
Source: https://www.formu1a.uno/en/how-the-mercedes-gearbox-has-slowed-down-aston-martin/
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