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This is the unofficial Georgia College & State University (GCSU) subreddit for students, faculty, and alumni. GCSU is located in Milledgeville, Georgia.

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2023.03.28 09:37 vaasuki1359 Types of website audits

Types of website audits
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Content Site Audit:
A content website audit analyzes the text, graphics, and other material on your website. This kind of audit evaluates the usefulness, worth, and relevancy of the information on your website, as well as how well it conveys your message to your intended audience. A content website audit aims to find weak points in the content and develop a plan for producing high-quality content that attracts and converts users.
SEO Website Audit:
The goal of an SEO website audit is to make your website as search engine-friendly as possible, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This kind of audit assesses the on-page and off-page SEO of your website, including keyword placement, meta tags, and backlinks. Finding places where your website may be enhanced can help it rank higher and appear more prominently on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Analytics Website Audit:
An analytics website audit measures the effectiveness of your website, taking into account user behavior, traffic, and conversion rates. To determine areas where your website may be enhanced to maximize traffic, engagement, and conversions, this sort of audit evaluates your website's analytics data, including Google Analytics. The objective is to develop a data-driven plan for enhancing the functionality of your website.
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Course Curriculum:
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2023.03.28 09:34 West_Adagio_4227 the meaning of Revelatory Monument (of Temple of Silence)

the note found near the valley of dhari says:
" order of the Temple of Silence, all machines from Khaenri'ah shall be sealed in accordance with the Revelatory Monument's format..."
chinese (说法处) and korean (설법처) seem related to a buddhist term (as in, the teachings of buddha)
"revelatory" makes it sound like knowledge is being bestowed on a person (from a higher source), but could it be more in the sense of something being communicated? like for example, taking into consideration that the organization is called temple, the place where a member reports to their superior or where they have meetings, like a central office of sorts? and by "format", could that be what they call their rules or techniques?
if it's something they use to seal the machines, maybe it's a spoken method like what cyno did in the comic to collei?
(not a theory, just some rambling)
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2023.03.28 09:26 Key_Reading_9644 I refuse to let my homeless friend and her boyfriend crash at my place for a few days

I’ve been best friends with this person both (26F) for years now . We were thick as thieves before I straightened my life up and got out of the party scene . Despite this but we still are very close and she’s near to my heart we talk often and always are there for each others major life events . She and her live in boyfriend (30M) of 3/4 years are currently homeless . Living in hotels with another couple (who were their former roommates) after failing to pay their rent and getting evicted from their house . She was keeping me updated on this and I’ve been offering her a place to stay if SHE needed it. Fast forward to today and she asked me if they (her and the bf) could crash at my place while I was at work because the other couple they were splitting the costs of the hotel room with didn’t hold up their end of the finances . Shocker. I told her she herself could stay, her boyfriend and dogs , could not . Let me explain . The boyfriend cannot hold a job . And has barely held one for more than 3 months at a time during the entirety of their relationship . He quit when they got evicted . Shitty excuse if you ask me . I would’ve made sure I was PROMPT at work knowing I would lose my house . She allowed herself to struggle while an able bodied man sat in her house and played games all day . Leading to the eviction . The roommates (relatives to the boyfriend ) also did not keep jobs and they knowingly did the hotel thing with them even AFTER they didn’t hold up their end of rent the first time . I kept my mouth shut about that but reassured her she shouldn’t be solely responsible for the eviction when 3 other people live in the residence . She got pissed at me when I told her the dogs and boyfriend couldn’t come . She got enraged and said I was jealous of their relationship and always have been . (Yea sure ) and that she’s not leaving him and that I’m a shitty friend etc . Cool . I told her the offer stands for her, not him or the dogs . My apartment is small . Very . And even two adults would struggle being there let alone three . They have two very large dogs and are limited to where they can stay in general . I also have an infant son and I’m not willing to do that to him . I love her to death but the jealous of her relationship comment makes me not give a fuck . I offered her shelter . The dogs and The bum boyfriend however wouldn’t be welcome in my home . I cannot have pets at all and my lease states that - even for pet sitting . I wouldn’t be comfortable even letting them crash for a night without him bringing some financial support to their situation . I don’t even care if they sleep in their car or even the sidewalk .
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2023.03.28 09:24 chili_ladder Trusted place to get oil near Highland park?

I always have bad luck with shady car places. Are there any trustworthy places to get ones car maintained? I need the tires looked at and an oil change
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2023.03.28 09:23 Cold_Rock123 Nikon throws coins

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2023.03.28 09:20 wardmuylaert Belgian Half Marathon Championships

This is also posted on my blog, but there are no ads so I don't care where you read it.
The Belgian Half Marathon Championship last year was my second time running a half marathon. That time I set a PR at 1:16:43. This year the same group was handling the organisation. A flat course and avoiding too many turns. A field of competitors aiming to run fast and limited to those running 80 minutes or faster. What's not to love?


As described before, I spent the winter building my base. That was almost exclusively calm running to give whatever was causing the hip niggle to pop up from time to time the chance to fully disappear (knock on wood). Meanwhile I was pushing my weekly distance up to 120 km and holding it at that consistently. This also made me add a mid-week (mid-)long run, usually of about 23 km, once I hit 120 km weeks. All singles.
I decided to start reintroducing workouts in the week of 30 Jan-5 Feb, i.e., six weeks before the race (including race week). I will count down in this section. Workouts are described in terms of their goal effort / planned idea. I ran quite some by feel because of the undulating terrain, so that confuses the matter further. Up weeks I aim for 120 km total, long run of 30 km. A usual split over the week would be: 18, 14, 23, 14, 11, 30, and 10 km. All the details and meaningful deviations are mentioned explicitly further down.
Week 6. Monday I planned 2×3k LT, but because of a red light that became 3k, ~1.5k, and ~1.5k. Paces averaged 3:47, 3:42, and 3:52. Heartrate seemed to be high 150s until the final km which was low 160s.
Wednesday I tried Marathon pace, something I had never done before. I was not signed up for a marathon, but was tentatively trying to get into Rotterdam (16 April) still. When I saw Rotterdam had sold out, I realised I was for the first time in my life actually in the mood to try a marathon. Despite being sold out, people can still put their bibs up for sale in case they got injured or something similar. If I managed to at some point get a bib that way, I wanted to at least have given Marathon pace a try beforehand. Wednesday was a first try at that. I set out to do 12 km. Pace wise the calculators put me around a 2h40 marathon (3:47-3:48 per km). I ended up aiming for that as the faster end of a slightly more conservative range: 3:47-3:54. I had no heart rate to aim for and the terrain was still undulating, so feeling wise I settled on "feels easier than LT, but you gotta remember to push harder than regular running". Splits were: 3:40, :54, :34, :45, :50, :59, 4:13, 3:38, 3:55, 3:57, 4:02, and 3:58. Heart rate apparently hovered around 155-157. I don't really look at my watch during this. Just vibes. Also am doing Citystrides at the same time (and really for almost all my runs) and it turns out dead ends are not great when you're pushing the pace some.
Later that week my left hip area felt a bit more tired than I liked, so I decided to do just one workout per week the rest of the weeks, replacing a workout day with strides instead. No point overdoing things when you are coming back to the harder work.
Week 5. Monday I did some strides. I do not really count them any more, I just wing it and hope I will hit something in the 6-8 range. Tends to work out. Wednesday I did 12k Marathon pace again. Again mostly by feel, though I glanced at my watch if I noticed it buzzing. Parts of this workout was on earth frozen into weird angles which I had to navigate a bit carefully to not twist an ankle. Other parts had thawed in the sun and instead had a muddy slippery upper layer. That said, most sections were fine. I tried a gel to see what the stomach would say: it was fine. Splits: 3:42, :59, :47, 4:03, 3:46, :49, :52, 4:03, 3:51, :48, :38, :50. Heart rate in the low 150s, so that was likely not hard enough.
Week 4. I took a down week so that I could do two more up weeks before race week. Two days with strides, a 25 km long run. 96 km total.
Week 3. Monday was strides again. By this point I had actually signed up for the half marathon, so I switched away from Marathon pace and did some LT again on Wednesday. I had planned to do 3×3k, which comes down to about 30 minutes total. Aim for ~2 minute break in-between reps. Seems I went by vibes again. If taking it more seriously on the flat, the goal would probably be about 3:35 per km. Actual split: 3:43, :34, :40, jog, :29, :35, :50, jog, :49, :42, :49. Average: 3:41 per km. As before: undulating and citystrides. Heart rate high 150s, low 160s near the end. I was happy when I neared the end of the workout. I recall back in the day aiming more for like 170 for LT work though, so I might be taking these too easily. The realisation did not bother me. I'm having fun. Felt a bit deflated for Saturday's long run, like when you run out of carby energy. Not sure what was up with that, don't think it was related to anything.
Week 2. Monday strides again, Wednesday 3×3k Threshold again. Same caveats. Paces: 3:34, :41, :44, jog, 46, :32, :53, jog, :33, :27, :48. Average: 3:39. HR a bit lower than last time. Was wearing a chest strap and I am not sure whether it connects up perfectly. Eventually reached 160 HR in the last km.
Week 1, race week. Distances for the week: 13-16.5-13.5-13.5-10-6-24. Tuesday I did race pace / threshold. By this I mean I wanted to see what a sub 1:15 half marathon might feel like, so I set out to do 2×2k at 3:33 per km. It was a shitty day raining through the night, morning, and during the lunch workout. Headwind for the stretch I planned to do the workout and there were soooo many puddles everywhere. Sunday was also looking shit, so I saw it as a good test in all manners. Felt a bit out of it in the warmup, but I was not deterred. Splits: 3:31, :34, jog, :35, :31. Average: 3:33 per km. Perfecto. Heart rate settled around 165 bpm. Feels like: maybe just a bit too fast for an entire half marathon. Thursday and Saturday, I threw in some strides to keep the legs on their toes (badumtsj).

Goal and Strategy

My obvious goal was to PR, beating last year's 1:16:43. I was not sure what shape I was actually in though. I had been running a decent amount, more than ever before, but not much of it fast. What could I run? Eventually I thought "sub 1:15 looks pretty, let's do that". Was I capable of it? No clue. Did I mind blowing up trying? Nah, just go for it. A true scientific approach. Note: this is why I did the workout I did the Tuesday before the race, I wanted some feel of the pace.


I had to wake up at 6:00 to get ready and catch my train. Had my usual bowl of muesli with soy milk (150g muesli, 300g soy milk). Did not have time for tea, so just had some water. I took the metro to catch a train and brought a bike along. Once dropped off in Ghent by the train, I biked the last 4 km to the stadium from which the race starts. Could have also taken a bus for that part, but it would have involved more waiting around in the station.
Tried to use the bathroom (and would continue doing that periodically prerace just in case). Grabbed my bib. Went to sit in the cafeteria to pin the bib onto my singlet and the guy on the next table over was mentioning the wind might make this tricky. It did not seem to have bothered him that much in the end… :)
Bashir Abdi, a.k.a. the guy on the next table over, would end up winning the race in 59:51, a Belgian national record. He did conclude it could have been better with better weather.
I started some stretches and tried to time my getting ready to not stand around too long. It was around 8C and cloudy. Shorts and singlets would be fine for running, not as much for standing still. Eventually changed and dropped off my bag.
I ran maybe 2 km total as a warmup. Did two strides. They announced the start would be soon so I went on over the start area. The organisation had placed some signs so you knew where to line up: sub 65, 65-70, 70-75, and 75-80 minutes. The signs also said there would be pacers from 75 minutes and faster, spread out around every 2-3 minutes. None of us where I was lined up actually saw the 75 minute pacer though. Oh well. After a bit of an extra wait because the police was still clearing the course, we eventually got ready and waited for the gun.


At the start line I had noticed a younger looking guy, bit taller than me, shirt was for RAAC, another club in Brussels. After the gun, he was in front of me, so I semi-followed him over the first 500 metre as a sort of pacing guide. We were both on the inside of the track so that worked out. Getting out of the track was a bit cramped, but then we were on the streets and things were fine. Everybody is a bit looking for their pace so I just focus on keeping things under control and doing it right™. According to my watch, the pace was a few seconds per km fast, but I figure that is just how these things start.
After about 2-3 km, I found myself at the front of a little group, with another group maybe 10-20 metre ahead of us. The other group did not really pull away and from time to time someone would zoom past me to get to that group. Eventually I looked back, saw maybe 3 or 4 people, so I too decided to bridge the gap. A brief acceleration later, I latched onto the back of my new group of 25(!) people (I counted them afterwards using the official 5 km split). I was happy here and hung at the back of this group for the next several km. The pace kept perhaps a few seconds faster than I wanted for sub-75, but I was not going to let go of this group just yet. The wind picked up along the water and it was interesting to see how we all manoeuvred to try to not get hit too much by it. Did not feel like I was protected much though. At some point along the water I also saw someone lying face forward in the grass along the path. He looked like he might have been one of the elite or pacing African runners. I wondered how you could be so dead so shortly into a half marathon and whether he would be OK.
Around 6-6.5 km, we turn away from the water and shortly after that the path also narrows. Some jostling for position because of that actually saw me move up in the group without intending to. I felt good though and, without changing how the effort felt, seemed to be slowly moving up further in the group. The feeling did not last too long. Around 8.5 km, when passing under a highway bridge, I felt a side stitch developing. It did not hurt yet, but I recognised the signs and reined myself in. I went backwards in the group, sort of hung on for a bit, and then went out the back. But at least I did not have a side stitch.
As I tried to find the right effort again, I noticed I was alongside or in front of a woman. I only mention it because in situations like these she, rightfully so since she was around 10th at that time, gets more attention from the crowd with constant shouts of encouragement for "Elke". We ran together for a little bit, but by the time I hit the water again (around 10.5 km), I must have gapped her: the shouts were further behind me.
Somewhere around the halfway point. Elke in the background. Think white shirt is Ploegsteert. Runner furthest in the back is probably fluo yellow patches.
At some point a guy with a shirt that said "Ploegsteert" passed me and I latched on. We ran together for at least the second half of the path along the river. He did most of the work in front, I must admit. When we passed the spot where earlier the runner had been lying face forward, there now were two ambulances on the one-car-wide path. We had to squeeze past them. Now I really wondered what the hell had happened to the guy. Anyway, I had my own suffering to focus on.
Ploegsteert and I left the river path and stuck together. At some point a guy with some fluo yellow patches on his shirt passed us. I had spotted him a few times before as we yoyoed around one another throughout the race. This time I decided to follow. It seemed fine. However.
When we hit the bridge area again, around 16.5 km, I had a side stitch issue again. Now it was straight into pain. I tried to keep myself focused on the pace, but it actually hurt, so I slowed down a little. I had to let fluo yellow go. Soon, the side stitch was gone again. I think it was around the same spot as it had disappeared the round prior. My conclusion: that stretch of road is cursed. (Looking at the GPS splits, I am probably to blame though)
From here on, things are a bit more vague in my mind. I think Ploegsteert passed me again and, feeling better, I decided to hang on to him. I seemed alright again and started looking forward to the finish, breaking down the kms into "just x more minutes of holding on". We passed RAAC club guy, throughout the race I had seen him up ahead, but had never gotten close to him. I then recall following some guy in a triathlon suit, I assume he passed us and I latched on.
At around 20 km I decided it was time to just squeeze out anything I still had left. I sped up, repeating to myself it was almost over anyway, repeating to myself to just ignore any complaints from the body. Back on the track where we had started, I went into what I choose to describe as a sprint. Any onlookers may disagree with that nomenclature, but this is my story. I was passing other people though. As I came out of the final bend, two people were also sprinting for the line and for a moment there all three of us were abreast, racing our hearts out. It lifted my spirit and I tried my best to outkick them. I failed. They beat me. I crossed the line and had no clue what time I had. In my tunnelvision to sprint to the line and beat those guys, I had not even thought about looking at the clock on the finish line or my watch at any point in the past km.


Once past the line, I did check my watch. Success! I did it, sub-75. Turns out "I'll go out at sub-75 pace because it looks pretty" is a valid tactic. Official results place me at 1:14:52. There's also my Strava for gazing at the map and splits.
Assuming I got their names right, the people I specifically mentioned finished as follows. All times chip times. RAAC guy 1:15:01. Ploegsteert 1:14:29, so he really dropped me. Fluo patches 1:15:00. Elke 1:15:46. Ah and of course Bashir Abdi, who set a Belgian national record in 59:51. He told the media afterwards he could have done better if it had not been for the wind. You and me both, Bashir, you and me both.
Of the 25 person group I was in at the 5k point, 12 finished ahead of me, 11 finished behind me, and 1 DNFed.
Splits dump. Since GPS wise the activity ran a little bit longer than a half marathon, all the projections slightly lowball the result. Projections are made from the cumulative time. As you can tell, the start was a little too fast. On a whole, I am satisfied with my race though.
Distance Time Split Projected
1 3:28 3:28.3 1:13:15
2 6:57 3:28.8 1:13:20
3 10:28 3:30.4 1:13:33
4 13:57 3:29.7 1:13:36
5 17:27 3:29.4 1:13:36
6 21:02 3:35.0 1:13:56
7 24:31 3:29.1 1:13:53
8 27:58 3:26.8 1:13:44
9 31:28 3:30.2 1:13:45
10 35:01 3:33.3 1:13:53
11 38:36 3:34.6 1:14:01
12 42:06 3:30.8 1:14:02
13 45:40 3:33.1 1:14:06
14 49:17 3:37.1 1:14:16
15 52:49 3:32.5 1:14:17
16 56:25 3:35.4 1:14:23
17 59:53 3:28.8 1:14:19
18 1:03:29 3:35.3 1:14:24
19 1:07:06 3:37.8 1:14:31
20 1:10:40 3:34.0 1:14:33
21 1:14:07 3:26.7 1:14:28
Official splits, though I probably would not trust their distance. Overall position is neat though (includes women and non-Belgians). At least it went the right direction throughout.
Distance Position Time Split pace Projected
0 169
5 156 17:40 3:32 1:14:33
10 135 35:37 3:35 1:15:09
13.2 131 46:33 3:25 1:14:24
18.2 124 1:04:49 3:39 1:15:08
Finish 120 1:14:52 3:28


Maybe half a year ago, the thought first crept into my mind: maybe it is time to do a marathon. I never cared for them and for a long time used "they can wait till I can run sub-3" as an excuse when people asked me about them. That time has come and gone for a while now though, and I still did not care. Half a year ago, I for the first time considered the idea and had a look at the options. At the time, the Rotterdam marathon seemed like a good candidate. Largely flat, lotta fast people (i.e., people I could run with), relatively close-by. And then I got distracted from the idea again. I did not really care.
Then around the end of January, I thought about the Rotterdam marathon again. I had a look to sign up for it aaaand they were sold out. It was at that moment that I realised: I was slightly disappointed about missing out. So from then on, I tried to have a look at the bib selling platform that Rotterdam offers, a place to get in contact with people that cannot do Rotterdam any more, e.g., because of injury, and are looking to sell their bib. It took a lot more checking than anticipated, but by early March I finally did have a bib.
So that lies in my future. The Rotterdam marathon on 16 April. I am not quite sure yet what time to aim for. Plugging this half marathon time into JD's vdot calculator makes for a scary sounding 2:36:35. I will probably aim for something more conservative, but how conservative? 2:40? 2:45? I am tempted by the 2:40 or more correctly 2:39:59. This race has shown "because it looks pretty" gets you there. I remain undecided though. My future holds a lot of pondering. And that marathon.
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2023.03.28 09:19 Thick_Inflation5440 [US] Is it OK to have an overburdened mortgage in this situation?

I'm in the process of purchasing a house. I've been looking for quite a while (nearly a year) and finally found a place I can afford (read: qualify for a loan) and has what I want.

The only issue is, 90% of my take-home pay from cash salary will be going towards mortgage. This is with me reducing my 401k contributions to zero.

In a vacuum, most people including me would say this is a horrible horrible thing and should absolutely not be done. However, there is more to it.

1) First, there are other sources of income. Around 20k a year of after-tax stock income, as well as a once a year bonus of around 30k, as well as my father who makes around 20-40k a year (variable but 20k is definitely a safe lower bound). So I think we have at least a bare minimum of 60k a year income in the worst case, if I count my entire salary going towards mortgage. My family and father live with me and don't have their own place. I don't have any other debts. I also have a respectable amount of savings both cash and 401k if I need to do an emergency withdrawal.

2) Second, I expect my pay to increase a respectable amount (5-10% a year), and in 5-6 years I should have a near doubling of my base salary pay (or at least non-trivial amount of increased compensation) where I expect it will stagnate and stay the same, just based on the average increase in salary in my field and upper ceiling of pay. This year, with everything that's happened in the tech industry, I got a 7% increase in pay, without promotion. Most people got that. Last year was 9%. With promo and stock increases I should get around 10-15% raise

3) I live in the socal area, and prices here have done nothing but go up. Waiting to have more income to buy a house doesn't seem to make sense since houses are appreciating faster than wages so if I can't afford the house I want now, it's unrealistic to expect some kind of magic to happen for me to afford it suddenly in the future. Sure, maybe some kind of economic crash happens, but theres no reason to assume that the same economic crash doesn't affect me and severely impact my ability to afford a house.

I just want to hear people's opinion on this. On paper it's kind of ludicrous to pay almost entire paycheck to mortgage but with 1) other sources of income and 2) the expected increase in my pay over the medium term and 3) expected appreciation of properties in the area, I think it makes sense, even if I'm a bit overstretched at the moment.
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2023.03.28 09:17 Few_Border_2033 Housing suggestions

Hello My office is in Udyog Vihar phase IV, I am looking for a 2 BHK under 35K. What are the best places to look for rental accomodation which have good facilities of gym, swimming, sports. Should I look for options near Vasant Kunj or is it better to stay close to the office.
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  1. Start by asking your friends, family, and colleagues if they have any recommendations. Chances are, someone you know has already had to use a roadside assistance service and can give you a good idea of who to call.
  2. Once you have a few names, do some research online. Read reviews of different services to see what others have to say about their experience.
  3. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, call each service and ask about their rates, coverage area, and response time.

What to Do When You Have Roadside Assistance

If you’re stranded on the side of the road, the first thing you should do is call for roadside assistance near me. But how do you know which service to choose?
There are a few things to consider when choosing a roadside assistance service. First, think about what kind of coverage you need. Do you want 24/7 support? Does your insurance company offer roadside assistance?
Once you’ve determined what kind of coverage you need, research different roadside assistance services to see what they offer and how much they cost. Compare reviews from customers to get an idea of the quality of service each company provides.
When you’ve found a few roadside assistance services that meet your needs, call each one and ask about their response time and availability in your area. Then, choose the company that you feel most comfortable with and that offers the best value for your money.


Choosing the best roadside assistance near me in Gulfport, FL is essential for any driver, as it can help you stay safe and prepared in case of an emergency. With this guide, we have provided some tips on how to choose the best roadside assistance program that caters to your needs. We hope that this article has given you a better idea of what to look out for when selecting a roadside assistance provider and helped you make an informed decision.
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2023.03.28 09:14 vaasuki1359 SEO trends to know

SEO Trends to know
Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool for drawing customers to your online platforms. Keeping up with the most recent changes in SEO might be difficult because it is always changing. But the work is worthwhile: About 70% to 80% of people completely ignore sponsored listings in favor of organic results. Furthermore, about 28% of those searches end in a purchase. Get more SEO trends for your business by learning digital marketing courses in Bangalore
Below are some SEO trends to watch out for in the upcoming year:
Voice Search Optimization: Voice search is becoming a more significant component of SEO as voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home gain popularity. Focus on natural language keywords, provide clear, succinct answers to queries, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly if you want to optimize for voice search.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI is transforming how users engage with online information. Particularly notable is the AI algorithm used by Google. The RankBrain algorithm, which was unveiled a few years ago, is a key component of Google's ranking criteria for search engine results pages (SERPs) results. Because of this, it's vital for organizations to comprehend how these technologies function and how to apply them to raise their search rankings.
Structured Data: In order for search engines to comprehend the content of a website, structured data is becoming more and more important. Search engine optimization and website exposure may both be improved by including structured data on your website. This will assist search engines in understanding the subject matter of your site.
Mobile Optimization: Since more and more people use the internet via mobile devices, it is essential for businesses to have their websites mobile-friendly. This provides assurance that your website is responsive and quick to load, as well as that your information is accessible across a variety of screen sizes.
Local SEO: For businesses trying to target local clients, local SEO is becoming more and more crucial. Use local keywords, add your website to local directories, and make sure your company has a Google My Business profile if you want to optimize your website for local search.
Personalization of content: SEO is placing more and more emphasis on personalized content. You may boost engagement and raise your search rankings by tailoring your content to the wants and interests of your intended audience.
Above are some useful and essential trends that every digital marketer should learn and be aware of. In order to learn these strategies, you may enroll in an institute that offers the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore with guaranteed placement assistance and quality coaching. When it comes to quality coaching, Digital Academy 360 ranks at the top. At Digital Academy 360, you will be learning under the guidance of industry-level experts who have several years of vast experience in their respective fields.
Course Curriculum:
The instructors at Digital Academy 360 are excellent and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. They are fervent about what they teach and go above and beyond to make sure that the learners get the concepts.
With the help of digital marketing courses in Bangalore, you will not only learn SEO trends but also each and every aspect of digital marketing in detail.
Digital Academy 360 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Institute in Bangalore
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2023.03.28 09:12 Gehrett790 North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting, Dry Ice Cleaning, Ice Blasting, FRAC Pump Radiator Cleaning, Mold Remediation, Contaminant Remediation, Food Manufacturing Equipment Cleaning, Turbine and HRSG Equipment Cleaning, Heat Transfer Equipment Cleaning, Fire Restoration
North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting provides environmentally friendly, fast, cost-effective solutions to the toughest cleaning challenges. North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting services their clients with the best solution possible. They service all across the North Carolina area. They offer no-hassle free estimates, so visit their website to learn more today.
The cleaning of industrial equipment is critical to improved performance and reduced maintenance costs. Dry ice blasting provides an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution for cleaning industrial equipment without extended downtime or damage to sensitive components.
Also called CO2 blasting or dry ice cleaning, dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning method which uses solid carbon dioxide in pellet form, projected by compressed air. Due to the force behind the compressed air, dry ice pellets accelerate through the blast hose at near supersonic speeds. As these pellets impact the target surface and convert into CO2 gas, which facilitates contamination removal caused by rapid gas expansion.
As a dry process, dry ice blasting does not require downtime for components to dry. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-conductive, and does not release any harmful chemicals or secondary contaminants into the environment. This eliminates the need for waste disposal and allows for cleaning equipment in place, ultimately reducing labor, downtime, and overall cleaning costs. Dry ice blasting is approved by the EPA, USDA, and FDA as an industrial cleaning method.
Owner Name
Mark Gehrett
4929 Lady of the Lake Dr
Raleigh, NC
Business Email
[email protected]
Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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2023.03.28 09:10 George_Norway Upcoming Guests And Topics

Hi, I’m George Norway, your hostess with the mostest and I’m pleased to reveal some of the exciting and interesting programs on Coast in the near future.
NOEL WASTREL, a noted tree surgeon who has personally cut down over 20,000 trees will take your calls about which of his proprietary supplements to take to cure your cancer, heart disease, blindness, paralysis or any ailments that you might have.
THE PHONE NUMBERS LADY-Gwyneth DeCunt returns for her weekly show and will take your calls and tell you what your phone number says about you.
HOAGIE RICHLAND will discuss what he says is evidence of ancient freeways on Mars, complete with tollbooths and rest areas.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE MAFIA-was Lincoln assassinated by time-traveling Mafia hit men because he was having an affair with Dorothy Kilgallen’s grandmother?
THE CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NUMBERS LADY will take your credit or debit card number, security code, expiration date and zip code and tell you what type of pudding you like.
IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT CHARIOTS-Archaeological evidence uncovered in recent years suggests that ancient Mayans drove cars that were very similar to the 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix
THE ANU-NOOKIE-Did ancient space travelers come to Earth solely to have sex with Earth women?
THE TRUTH ABOUT HOFFA-Researcher and author Shark Maw reveals that James Hoffa’s body was stored in a freezer for decades and then sent to a pizza roll factory, where it was dismembered and used to make filling for microwaveable convenience store pizza rolls
BIRTHDAY SPECIAL-In June audience members will have the opportunity to call in with birthday greetings and tales of childhood sexual abuse
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2023.03.28 09:09 Kodiacftm We Really needing some advice here.. sorry for the long all over the place post

Hi so a few days ago I posted how my boyfriend and I just welcomed our son to the world well now we aren’t sure what to do he slept well last night but tonight he’s been really fussy “we’ve”fed him burped him changed him, tried every trick the nurses had suggested he’s only sleeping 10 minutes at a time but only if he’s being held by my boyfriend and he has to have his finger in his mouth. My boyfriend who hasn’t been able to eat more then one meal today because of it is so tired he’s falling asleep just trying to keep little man calm I’ve been looking up other tricks but can’t find one we haven’t tried that isn’t just “stick a pacifier in baby’s mouth” as we are waiting for his pacifiers to arrive(could only find ones that where too big in stores near him so I sent new born sized ones supposed to arrive tomorrow). I’ll add I’m in a different country at the moment trying to get us a place for a fresh start and a safe place to raise little man due to the anti trans laws/bills making it not safe for any of us to live there so I’m trying my best to help from the distance… which is very hard on both of us emotionally and physically I’m a crying mess because I can’t be there and my boyfriends holding together really well considering yes I’m awear it’s probably colic but we are both running on little sleep due to baby and the time difference screwing things up neither of us have slept more then 4-5 hours since he had gone into labour on the 24th
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2023.03.28 09:09 lutyrannus Wisdom of the Chief - Greenhorns start here!

As many of you may know, the "Wisdom of the Chief" tutorials are practically the only thing left untranslated in the MH1JP English patch. Because of this, I've decided to transcribe the tutorials from the US version of the game, with the button prompts changed to match the JP version. If you're a new player and want to read the tutorials, then you've found the right place!
The tutorials are sorted by quest. This list is currently incomplete, but I will update it over time to add more tutorial text, unless Vic updates the English patch to translate the tutorials.
Quests that are featured in this post:
Quests with Wisdom of the Chief that are not yet featured:
If there are any other quests with Wisdom of the Chief tutorials that I'm forgetting about, please let me know.
Text below is in italics if it appears as orange text in game, and bold if it appears as yellow text in game.

Basics: Finding Raw Meat

Hunter Basics: Viewing Your Surroundings
You can hear the village chief's voice...
This is the village chief, also known as the Hero of Kokoto. I'll be guiding you through your first quests.
You're standing in the base camp right now. This is where your quest begins.
Let's take a look at the basic controls. If you want to call yourself a hunter, you've got the master the fundamentals!
Left analog stick: Move character
L1 button: Center camera viewpoint
To be a good hunter you must always be aware of your surroundings! Make a habit of pressing the L1 button frequently, so you can stay one step ahead of your quarry.
You'll find a Supply Box, a Delivery Box, and a bed at the base camp. Try using the L1 button as you look around for them.

About the Supply Box
Appears when you're near the blue Supply Box. You can hear the village chief's voice...
That is the Supply Box. It contains useful items that will aid you on your journey. Be sure to take a look in there whenever you start a new quest.
Circle button: View contents of Supply Box
Use the circle button to remove items from the Supply Box and place them in your personal inventory.
If you take the map from the Supply Box, you can see an overview of the region.
After checking over the gear at camp, take a look at the map and try moving into Zone 1.
The red mark on the map indicates your current position.
SELECT button: Toggle map scale

About Beds
Appears when you're near the bed in camp. You can hear the village chief's voice...
This is a bed where you can rest up and restore your Health. It's a godsend when you don't have any recovery items.
Circle button: Rest in bed
The green gauge is your Health gauge.

About the Delivery Box
Appears when you're near the red Delivery Box. You can hear the village chief's voice...
This here is the Delivery Box.
Put the requested items for a quest inside the box to complete your task.
Circle button: Place items in Delivery Box

Hunter Basics: Hunting
Appears when you enter Zone 1. You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. The region you're in now is home to relatively docile herbivorous monsters.
Let's try hunting an Aptonoth for some weapons practice. These fellas are skittish. If they run, use the L1 button to keep your attacks focused.
L1 button: Center camera viewpoint
Left analog stick + cross button: Quick roll

Weapon Sharpness
You can hear the village chief's voice...
No matter how powerful a weapon may be, its edge will always become dull and pitted with use. However, this damage can be repaired by sharpening it. Always keep an eye on your weapon's Sharpness!
Swords, Great Swords, Lances, and Hammers lose effectiveness as their Sharpness decreases. The worse the condition the more likely your blows will be deflected by the hard parts of a monster's carapace.
Of course, you can use items like the Mini Whetstone to sharpen a dull weapon.
L2 button + square or circle: Select item
Square button: Use item
Check the blade-shaped icon on the upper left of the screen to view the Sharpness of your weapon. If it flashes red and the icon is pitted, it means your weapon has lost its edge.
Icon at upper left indicates Sharpness.
No matter how powerful your weapon, it'll be next to useless if you don't pay attention to its Sharpness! Don't forget what I've told you.

Using Swords
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. Let's try using a Sword.
Right analog stick: Draw sword
R1 button: Guard
Square or circle button: Sheathe sword
Now let's try attacking.
Right analog stick up: Slice down
Right analog stick left/right: Spin-slice
Right analog stick down: Jumping attack
Press the right analog stick in a set pattern for combo attacks.
Swords are known for their attack speed and the fact that you can run while they're drawn. You'll find they work better than other weapons when fighting fast-moving monsters.

Using Great Swords
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. Let's try using a Great Sword.
Right analog stick: Draw sword
R1 button: Guard
Square or circle button: Sheathe sword
Now let's try attacking.
Right analog stick up: Vertical slice
Right analog stick left: Side-slice
Right analog stick right: Slice up
Press the right analog stick in a set pattern for combo attacks.
Great Swords are known for the Attack power their weight gives them. But that weight also adds to the time it takes to swing them. It also goes without saying you can't run with one unsheathed.

Using Lances
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. Let's try using a Lance.
Right analog stick: Draw weapon
R1 button: Guard
Square or circle button: Sheathe weapon
Now let's try attacking.
Right analog stick up: Medium thrust
Right analog stick down: Upper thrust
Press right analog stick: Charge
While brandishing a Lance press the circle button to perform a back-step.
Lances are known for their mid-range attack ability. They also allow you to move and fight while keeping your Guard up.

Using Hammers
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. Let's try using a Hammer.
Right analog stick: Draw weapon
R1 button: Charge power
Square or circle button: Sheathe weapon
Now let's try attacking.
Right analog stick up: Smash down
Right analog stick down: Side-smash
Hammers are famed for the wide variety of attacks you can make when they're charged with power. The longer you hold the R1 button, the more power will be charged.
As for the attack variations, try using a Hammer and see for yourself! Oh, and one other thing: you can't use a Hammer to Guard against attacks.

Using Bowguns
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must hunt!
You won't last long if you don't master hunting. Let's try using a Bowgun.
Right analog stick: Draw weapon
Square or circle button: Sheathe weapon
Let's try attacking.
Right analog stick down: Reload
L1 button + directional button: Move sights
R3 button: Fire
When the word "RELOAD" appears at upper left, reload right away!
For more precision, add a scope.
R1 button: Switch to scope
Left analog stick/directional button: Move sights
You can switch between the normal view and the scope to match the situation.
Remember, a Bowgun is useless without ammunition! Try different types of ammunition with your Bowgun to see their different characteristics and effects. Some of the more specialized ones can only be obtained via combination.

Carving up a Kill
Appears when you slay an Aptonoth. You can hear the village chief's voice...
Well done, hunter!
The monster you killed may contain some usable items.
Press circle button while on top of a fallen monster to "carve up" the body and obtain items.
You'll find different items depending on the type of monster. Keep that in mind, as it's one of the fundamentals of becoming a hunter!

Basics: Preparing Meat

Hunter Basics: Survival Skills
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must take care of yourself. You won't last long if you don't keep that in mind!
You can cook the Raw Meat you obtain from carving up monsters to make it edible.
Take the Portable Spit from the Supply Box with you when you go out hunting!

Appears when you enter Zone 1. You can hear the village chief's voice...
You can Sprint by holding the R2 button while moving. However, as Sprinting expends Stamina, keep an eye on your Stamina gauge.
Left analog stick + R2 button: Sprint
The yellow gauge is your Stamina gauge.
As time goes by, the upper limit of your Stamina gauge will decrease. This indicates your hunger level. If it drops too low, you won't be able to Sprint, so don't let your food items run out!

How to Barbecue
Appears when you slay an Aptonoth. You can hear the village chief's voice...
It looks like you have what it takes to be a hunter! Now, carve up your kill, and cook the Raw Meat on your Portable Spit!
L2 button + square or circle: Select item
Square button: Use item
Cooking meat is all in the timing. Press the cross button just after the music stops (the moment the color of the meat changes). If you press the cross button at the right time, you'll have a perfect Well-Done Steak!
You can eat the meat that you just cooked by pressing the square button to use the item.
The better job you do of cooking it, the more your maximum Stamina will increase.

Abandoning a Quest
You can hear the village chief's voice...
If you want to abandon your quest, selecting Abandon Quest from the menu will return you to the village.
However, when you abandon a quest, your status will be returned to exactly how it was before you left on the quest. Deciding whether to abandon a quest is left entirely up to you.
START button: Open menu

Basics: Searching for Items

Hunter Basic: Searching
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must learn how to search for items. You won't last long if you don't master searching!
Find the requested items in the region, and put them in the Delivery Box.
One of your requested items, the Spiderweb, can be found somewhere in Zone 6.
The other requested item, an Herb, is out there somewhere too. Search under trees and among the tall grass in the zones that you can access.
And make sure you don't get lost!
Every quest has a time limit.
For this quest, you've got 50 minutes to find the items and place them inside the Delivery Box.
Time remaining is shown in the upper left.

Obtaining Items
Appears when you enter Zone 1. You can hear the village chief's voice...
The wilds are a treasure trove of items. If you see anything out of the ordinary, be sure to search the area.
Press circle button while your weapon is sheathed to search for items.

Climbing Cliffs and Vines
Appears when you enter Zone 2. You can hear the village chief's voice...
Areas with low cliffs or hanging vines can be climbed.
Press circle button when facing the cliff or vine to climb it.

Basics: Combining Items

Hunter Basics: Item Combination
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must learn how to combine items. You won't last long if you don't master combination!
Search for an Herb and a Blue Mushroom, and combine the two materials to create a Potion.
Search around the region in underbrush and in the shadows of trees.
And be careful that you don't get yourself lost!
The time limit is 50 minutes.
Don't forget to place the completed Potion into the Delivery Box!

You can hear the village chief's voice...
Combination involves taking two materials and combining them to make something entirely new. To carry this out, just select Combine from the menu.
START button: Open menu
Once you get the hang of it, you can use materials you find on the field to make new items on the spot. However, each combination has a difficulty level.
The higher the difficulty, the lower the success rate.
When you successfully make a new item for the first time, its "recipe" will be added to your Combo List.
Try different combinations and see what you can make!

Basics: Fishing

Hunter Basics: Fishing
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must learn how to fish. You won't last long if you don't master fishing!
You'll find areas called Fishing Points scattered throughout the wilds, generally around streams and lakes. Keep your eyes peeled and look out for fish in the water!
If you're carrying bait, you can try fishing at these Fishing Points.
Find a Fishing Point, catch a Sushifish, and bring it back to the Delivery Box.
If you search hard enough you will find Worms and Crickets to use as bait.
There's a Fishing Point right here in camp as well, but you can't catch any Sushifish there. You will find them at a Fishing Point located in the upper left of the map. Good luck!

How to Fish
You can hear the village chief's voice...
When you're close to a Fishing Point, the X mark next to the bait item icon will disappear, meaning you can fish in that area. When the X mark disappears, press the square button to use the item and start fishing.
The trick to fishing is watching the movement of the fish and keeping a close eye on the bobber.
Press the circle button the moment the bobber sinks!
If you're too slow, the fish will take the bait and run, so you have to be on your toes.

Your First Monster Hunt!

Hunter Basics: Winning Battles
You can hear the village chief's voice...
To become a hunter you must defeat your foes. You won't last long if you don't master combat!
The Velociprey you're stalking are carnivores. These monsters are known for their sharp claws and blue skin. Stay alert, pay attention to your surroundings, and take them down!

Reward Money
You can hear the village chief's voice...
You probably already know this, but every quest has a corresponding reward.
However, if you fall in combat during a quest, the reward is reduced by 1/3.
When your Health drops to zero, you will fall unconscious.
This means that if you fall in combat three times, your reward is reduced to zero, and you fail the quest.
One the other hand, if you can finish a quest without falling in combat once, you'll get the full reward amount. When you're hunting carnivores in particular, be sure to keep an eye on your Health.

Confirming Quest Details
You can hear the village chief's voice...
You can select Quest Info from the menu to confirm the conditions required to complete a quest, such as the number of monsters you need to kill or items you need to deliver.
START button: Open menu

Carving up a Kill
Appears when you enter Zone 8. You can hear the village chief's voice...
You can carve up carnivores to obtain items, just like with other monsters.
Materials you obtain this way can be taken to the crafting shop in the village or the armory in town for use in creating or improving your equipment.
If you want to take on more powerful monsters, you'll have to improve your weapons and equipment to make them stronger! Got it?

Raid the Wyvern's Nest

Hunter Basics: Recovering from Injury
You can hear the village chief's voice...
It appears that there are Wyvern Eggs in a nest in Zone 5. The only problem is, a Rathalos has been seen guarding the area.
They're far too powerful for you to face one-on-one. So if you encounter it, don't try to fight back, just get out of there at once!
Remember, hunters who know when to run away can live to fight another day.
Use your judgement and run whenever you feel it's necessary.
I will pray for your safe return.

Wyvern Tactics 1
Appears when you enter Zone 4. You can hear the village chief's voice...
If a monster notices you, an eye icon will appear on the left side of your screen.
If you run into a monster, be sure to check whether or not they've noticed you.
This is an ironclad rule!

How to Carry Eggs
Appears when you enter Zone 5. You can hear the village chief's voice...
Press the circle button when you're near an egg to pick it up.
Eggs are very fragile. If you are attacked by a monster or fall from a high place, it will almost certainly break.
Also, since carrying the egg will occupy both hands, drawing a weapon, using an item, or simply becoming fatigued from Sprinting will cause you to drop the egg.
Be very careful about the actions you take.
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2023.03.28 09:08 jwinters2358 Astral Projection or Acid Trip?

Hi, this is my first Reddit post ever. I apologize if I don’t follow proper posting etiquette.
I had an experience 10+ years ago that I’m now thinking it might have been astral projection and wanted to post to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing or was it just an acid trip.
Back story: I was in college and smoking a lot of weed for the first time with a group of people. I got super high and started hallucinating (yes, people have told me it was probably laced). The people I was with put me in my bed to, I guess, sleep it off. After a few minutes I watched my body below and I floated up and I believed I was dead. I then kept floating up, saw some flashes of earth and people from my life, then after awhile it felt like I detached myself from earth and continued floating up. Until I ended in a black abyss. It wasn’t scary, it was peaceful and calm and then I could start seeing other souls that just looked like stars in the near distance. Then I had to wait there for what felt like a couple thousand years. It felt boring but like I was just waiting. Then I felt a really deep vibration and a bright light and I woke up like normal. In my bed, nothing hurt, I was completely fine.
It’s been a very strange experience in my life that I’ve hoped other people have experienced too. Thought this was the best place to ask if other people have experienced it. So did I astral project out of earth or did I just have a deep acid trip?
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2023.03.28 09:02 KagamiRose Just remembered I had these and looked through them.

Just remembered I had these and looked through them.
They had awesome stuff.
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2023.03.28 09:02 DirectorOfKamchatka What's it like to work for Garmin in Canada?

I was offered an RTE dev job at Garmin in Canada, in a place called Cochrane, Alberta. It's near Calgary.
I am not Canadian, and will have to relocate there from Israel.
I am a firmware engineer with around 3yoe, and have a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering.
I have several questions:
1) What is the salary I should demand and expect?
2) What's the COL in the area? Like rent, utilities, groceries, car maintenance?
3) How is it to work for Garmin in general?
4) Not being a Canadian citizen, will they sponsor me for permanent residency? How does the process work? I heard that after two years on work visa I can apply for permanentl residency and after several years I can try to pass citizenship exams.
Thank you for the answers.
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2023.03.28 09:01 rvieoestate1 Kasauli properties near picnic spots

Welcome to your dream vacation home! Our Kasauli properties near picnic spots are the perfect place to relax and unwind with your loved ones. With breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and easy access to nearby picnic spots, these properties offer the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation. Book your stay with us today and discover the magic of Kasauli for yourself! Visit our website link:
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2023.03.28 08:55 connectionarental Table And Chair Rentals in Ventura CA

Table And Chair Rentals in Ventura CA
Hosting an event in Ventura? Ensure your guests have a comfortable place to sit with our table and chair rentals. Our high-quality rental service offers a wide selection of tables and chairs to suit any event size or style. Create a memorable and stress-free event with our reliable table and chair rentals in Ventura Ca.
Call us at (805) 876-0020
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2023.03.28 08:54 AvillionFarmhouse Managed Farmlands Near Bangalore - Avillion Farms

Investing in managed farmlands near Bangalore can be an excellent option for those who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio. The reasons for considering managed farms for sale are many, and in this article, we will discuss some of the main benefits of investing in farm plots near Bangalore.
One of the significant advantages of investing in managed farms is that they are relatively stable investments. The demand for food and other agricultural products is relatively consistent, and as a result, the prices of agricultural commodities tend to be more stable than those of other investments such as stocks and real estate. Additionally, investing in farm plots near Bangalore can provide investors with a hedge against inflation. As the price of food and agricultural commodities tends to increase with inflation, owning farmland can provide an investor with a tangible asset that can hold its value over time.
Another significant benefit of investing in managed farms is the potential for long-term appreciation. Historically, farmland has appreciated in value over time, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. As the population grows, the demand for food and other agricultural products will continue to increase, leading to higher prices for farmland.
Avillion Farms is one such company that offers gated community farmland near Bangalore. Investing in Gated Farm Land for sale in Bangalore can provide investors with a secure investment that is protected from encroachment and other potential threats. Additionally, investing in a gated community farmland near Bangalore can provide investors with access to a range of amenities such as irrigation facilities, electricity, and other utilities that can help to maximize the potential return on investment.
For those looking for smaller investments, 1 acre farm land for sale near Bangalore can provide an excellent opportunity to enter the market. While larger farms may require significant capital investments, investing in a smaller plot of land can provide investors with an affordable entry point into the market. Additionally, owning a small plot of farmland can provide investors with an opportunity to grow their own crops, providing them with an additional source of income and an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio further.
Finally, investing in farm houses for sale in Bangalore can provide investors with an opportunity to generate additional income through rental properties. Many investors choose to purchase farmhouses on their managed farms and rent them out to tenants, generating a steady stream of rental income. Additionally, owning a farm house in Bangalore can provide investors with a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, providing them with a peaceful retreat and an opportunity to connect with nature.
In conclusion, investing in managed farms for sale can provide investors with a range of benefits, including stable returns, long-term appreciation potential, and a hedge against inflation. Whether you are looking to invest in a gated community farmland near Bangalore or purchase 1 acre farm land for sale near Bangalore, there are many opportunities available in the market. By working with a reputable company such as Avillion Farms, investors can ensure that they are making a sound investment that will provide them with a secure and profitable asset for years to come.
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6th Cross Road, 1371, 29th Main Rd,
Munivenkatappa Layout, BTM 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
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2023.03.28 08:54 -JustPeachy- Ballz - Deep [IN-U.] is recruiting! (AU TZ)

I am an ex Odin's Call/No Handlebars pilot who was part of Odin's 7th place AT run.
I am opening up my solo corp to like-minded individuals who enjoy small gang/blackops vs the null bears.
If you wanna kill krabs, nano against the odds, and occasionally pull off crazy stuff... Come join me!
I am semi-nomadic, bouncing between lowsec and NPC null, near sov null. Currently hanging out in Outer Ring.
Unt here iz ze killboard:
No blues, only death.
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