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2023.05.29 23:16 isthatmyusername Who are some of your favorite roasters that also sell instant coffee?

I've been getting most of my beans from B&W and I see they sell instant coffee as well (I haven't tried any yet). I'm going to be traveling and hiking soon and was thinking about grabbing some instant packs for weight savings and simplicity since I'll have my backpacking stove with me. Who are some of your favorite roasters that also sell instant coffee besides B&W?
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2023.05.29 23:15 Jealous_Ad_1736 How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed by the amount of attention you’re getting? (31M)

I’ve started putting myself out there since the beginning of the year and the results are really starting to show now. I get hit on every time I go out, I get asked for my number multiple times every evening, so things do feel like they’re going in the right direction and that I might be able to meet someone I mesh with pretty soon.
The flip side is, it’s actually just too much. I struggle to return the energy a lot of these women are showing me right now, even when I am genuinely attracted. A part of me wants to slow down and take a break but that seems really counterproductive.
I imagine the attention I’m getting is small potatoes compared to other people, especially anyone successful in OLD, so does anyone have some tips they can share?
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2023.05.29 23:15 Nimyron Scripting problem : dividing a float by another gives me float with 0.000 when it shouldnt.

Let's start with the script :
Scriptname NIM_Sunstride_script extends ActiveMagicEffect
; ---
; CarryWeight = CW and SpeedMult = SM Float PlayerCW Float PlayerSM
Float Property SunstrideCW Auto Float Property SunstrideSM Auto
; ---
Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster) ; Save original CW and SM values PlayerCW = akTarget.GetAV("CarryWeight") PlayerSM = akTarget.GetAV("SpeedMult")
; Returns a number between 0 and 150 that we turn into a ratio Float PlayerLightLevel = akTarget.GetLightLevel() as Float PlayerLightLevel /= 150.0 Debug.Notification("Light Level = "+akTarget.GetLightLevel()) Debug.Notification("PlayerLightLevel = "+PlayerLightLevel) ; Calculate new CW and SM ratios Float CWRatio = SunstrideCW * PlayerLightLevel Float SMRatio = (1 + SunstrideSM * 0.1) * PlayerLightLevel Debug.Notification("CWRatio = "+CWRatio+" SMRatio = "+SMRatio) ; Set new CW and SM akTarget.SetAV("CarryWeight", PlayerCW + CWRatio) akTarget.SetAV("SpeedMult", PlayerSM * SMRatio) 
Both properties have a value of 50, they are filled, no problem there.
The Debug.Notification functions return this : * Light Level = 69.777786 * PlayerLightLevel = 0.000000 * CWRatio = 0.000000 SMRatio = 0.000000
It's expected for the last one since the value depends on PlayerLightLevel but I just can't figure out why my PlayerLightLevel is always at 0. akTarget.GetLightLevel() works properly and returns something and I just want to divide the result to get a float between 0 and 1 but the float is always 0.
At first I thought maybe the operation bugs somewhere so I tried first getting the light level, then dividing it but still 0.
Then I thought maybe it was a type problem, the operation return an int which then gets converted to a float (so it would cast 69.777/150=0.49 as an int which would round it a 0 before converting it to 0.0000) so I replaced 150 by 150.0 to have floats on both side of the operator, but I still get PlayerLightLevel = 0.000000
I need help to figure this out.
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2023.05.29 23:15 JoshAsdvgi The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister
The Native American Story of the Brother and Sister
(( This story of the Brother and Sister is featured in the book entitled the Red Indian Fairy Book by Frances Jenkins Olcott published in Boston, New York by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1917 ))
An Arapaho Story

The Story of the Brother and Sister
There were three streams all flowing east, and near them a tribe of Indians was camping.
A brother and sister were playing at a distance from the camp, and a Chief passed by them. The children called him saucy names and he was very angry.
Going to the camp he bade all the people pack up, and move to another camping-ground. Before moving away, the people took the two children who had been saucy to the Chief, and tied them each to a pole.
They leaned the poles against some trees, and leaving the children to die, they took their goods, and went to another place.
Well, the poor children suffered hunger and thirst, and wept bitterly.
At last an old Wolf, the Chief of all the Wolves, saw them, and he said to himself,
"How pitiful these children are!"
Then he cried out to the pack, "Come, all ye Wolves, from all directions!"
In a minute Wolves and Coyotes came running from every part of the Earth, and the old Wolf said to them:—
"I pity these children.
Seize the poles and lower them slowly.
Then chew off the ropes and free the children."
The Wolves and the Coyotes did as he told them to do, and loosed the children.
But when the boy and girl saw all the wild animals running about them, they were terribly frightened, for they thought that they would surely be eaten.
But the old Wolf said:—
"Do not be afraid! Stay with us, and we will care for you."
After that he called four big Wolves from the pack, and said:
"You, Clouded Wolf, who are above all others in daring deeds, provide food for this boy and girl.
White Wolf, I want you also to look for food for them.
Black Coyote, go out and find meat.
And you also, Black Wolf, who are brave and cunning, provide meat for them."
Immediately the four big Wolves ran away, and soon came back laden with the best parts of a Buffalo; and piled all the meat in front of the children.
The brother and sister ate, and were made strong again.
Then the old Wolf told them to go into the timber near by, and live there; and he said that he would stay with them.
It was now Winter.
The boy got together some poles and made a frame for a brush house; while his sister gathered long reeds, and with them thatched the house.
She made a door of brush and sticks, and inside she put brush for two beds.
They then made a nice comfortable bed near the door where the old Wolf might sleep.
When the house was finished, it began to snow.
They all went in, and the old Wolf said,
"I am feeble, and suffer much from cold.
I have no strength, no swiftness, no warmth.
If it were not for your kindness I should be out in the snow.
Therefore I thank you for letting me live with you in this comfortable house."
So that night the Wolf slept by the door, the girl slept on the north side of the house, and the boy at the back.
Well, in the morning the boy was the first to get up to make the fire; and he looked out, and the snow was over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Elk near by.
The whole snow was yellow with them as far as he could see.
In the timber, on the banks of the rivers, and everywhere, the Elk were standing, walking, or lying down.
The boy shut the door quickly, and said to his sister, "Get up!
There are herds of Elk close by."
"Why should I get up?" said she; "I can't do anything."
But the boy answered, "Just get up and look at them anyway."
"I can't do anything by looking at them," said she.
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Elk."
So she rose, and opened the door; and as soon as she looked at an Elk, it fell down dead. Then she gave her brother a flint knife with a bone handle, and he ran out into the snow, and skinned the Elk as easily as if he had always known how to do it.
As soon as he had skinned the animal, he threw its hide into the house, and the girl folded it three times, and sat on it.
Immediately the hide became a soft and beautiful skin, all dressed ready for use.
Then the girl looked at more Elk, and they fell down dead; and the boy skinned them; and so she did until they had thirty-six skins.
They next sliced the meat, and hung it to dry on the trees near the three streams.
After that the girl took some of the thirty-six skins, and piling them one on the other, she sat on them, saying,
"I wish that all these skins may be sewed together for a tent."
And when she got up, and spread them out, they had become a tent with a bird ornament on top, and four round ornaments on the sides, and rattles over the door.
Then the girl said, "I wish for twenty-nine straight tent poles."
And when she went outside, there were the tent poles made of otter-weeds. Soon the tent stood covered, and was very handsome.
Then the girl folded three skins, and sat on them, saying,
"I wish for a wall-hanging embroidered with Porcupine quills of every colour."
And it was so, for when she got up the Elk skins were changed into a beautiful hanging, which she fastened behind her brother's bed.
Then she folded three more skins, and sat on them, and wished for an embroidered hanging for her bed, and she got it.
After that she did the same to more skins, and wished for an embroidered and ornamented blanket, and she gave that to the old Wolf.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Buffalo near by.
The whole snow was black with them.
He waked his sister, and bade her get up, but she said:
"What can I do? You have broken my sleep. Let me sleep longer."
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Buffalo."
So she rose, and opened the door, and as soon as she looked at some of the Buffalo, they fell down dead.
The boy skinned the animals, and brought in their hides.
The girl took one, and folded it three times, saying,
"I wish this to become a robe with bird ornaments."
Then it became an embroidered robe, and she gave it to her brother.
Then she took another skin and did the same, saying,
"I wish this to be a painted robe for myself."
And it turned into a robe; and when she spread it out the painting was seen bright and beautiful.
Then she took another skin, and, in the same manner, made it a robe with red and yellow embroidery at the four corners, and eight lines of embroidery across it, and between them black lines painted with charcoal.
This she gave to the old Wolf.
After that she made three pillows for the beds.
On the one for her brother was the picture of an animal embroidered in yellow quills.
The eye was dark with yellow quills around it.
On the throat were a hundred bars of yellow quills.
The ear was a yellow cross of quill-work.
The head was round, and the tail and nose were bars of yellow quills. All around the edge of the pillow were fifty bars of yellow quills.
The pillow for the girl was white, embroidered with an animal made of black and white bars of quill-work; while the pillow for the old Wolf was very beautiful, embroidered with red and yellow quills.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up in the morning to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow covering the land.
And what was his surprise to see more herds of Elk near by.
The snow was yellow with them.
He called his sister, and the old Wolf bade her rise and look at the animals, and she did. Immediately some of them fell down dead.
Then as before, the girl folded, and sat on their skins, and wished for a fine hunting-shirt for her brother, embroidered in circles of red and yellow quills, with fringes along the edge, and tufts of long hair hanging between the fringes.
Then she wished for leggings for him, and a pair of moccasins embroidered with birds.
For herself she wished for a woman's dress handsomely embroidered, and with four rows of fringes, also for leggings and moccasins.
As the old Wolf could not wear clothes, she of course did not wish for any garment for him.
Then the boy said, "I wish I could have for a Dog a Panther of yellow colour with white sides."
His sister went outside the tent, and called, "Come, Panther of yellow colour with white sides!"
And immediately the Panther came walking through the timber, slowly twisting his tail.
He entered the tent, and lay down by the boy, and put his head on the boy's knee.
Then the boy said, "I wish you could have for a Dog a Bear with white streaks down his fore legs, and whose claws are white with black streaks."
So his sister went outside the tent, and called,
"Come, Bear with white streaks down your fore legs, and with claws white with black streaks."
And immediately the Bear came pacing through the timber, and sat down at the foot of the girl's bed.
After that the brother and sister lived very happily with the old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
They had plenty to eat, for the dried meat was piled up before the door of the tent, and there was meat still hanging from the trees.
One day two Indians from the tribe that had deserted the children, happened to be hunting by the streams, and they saw the handsome tent in the timber.
They went toward it, and, lo, there were the boy and girl beautifully dressed; while on one side of the tent sat the Panther, and on the other side the Bear, and the old Wolf was lying just in front of the door.
Well, when the animals saw the men, the old Wolf rose up growling, the Panther crouched to spring, and the Bear stiffened his hair.
The men were very much frightened, but the boy told the animals to lie down, and he invited the men into the tent.
The girl bade them be seated, and gave them pemmican in wooden bowls.
Now the men saw the wonderful tent and all its fine furnishings, and they looked at the great pile of dried meat before the door, and said to the children that they would return at once to the tribe, and tell the people to come and see them.
But the girl said that if they came, they must camp down by the streams, and not approach the tent, or the animals would kill them.
So the men went back to the people, and the tribe came to the streams, and made their camp.
And though they could see the beautiful tent in the distance, they dared not approach it for fear of the animals.
But the brother and sister gave some of their meat to the people, and after that the two continued to live happily in their tent, guarded by the faithful old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
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2023.05.29 23:15 lesheeper When our mom is our first bully

I saw this quote in a wedding sub, where a beautiful bride was self-conscious about her tummy area because her mom said it was not flattering with her dress. Someone commented pointing out that the area was her internal organs, and to ignore it because our moms are often our first bullies. I keep coming back to this quote, and today I decided because of it.
For context:
My mom and I live on different continents and FaceTime or send pictures from time to time. I started having thyroid issues right after moving, and that made me gain weight. Every time she saw me she commented on my body and round face.
I started treatment and today I went to my gallery to see if there are visible changes. Well, my face is less puffy but the most relevant part is that I look happier!
I sent her the pictures because stupid me still needed approval. She told me “I am pretty and it is too soon for treatment to have worked”. This would be a lovely comment if it wasn’t for the constant need to put me down before it.
Now, for the second part. She was talking about my nephew’s grades, and how he got a bad grade but it’s okay because the family always has average grades. This would be okay, but she followed with “Even you did not achieve perfect scores”. Well, not only I did quite frequently, but I was the first to go to college and it was the best college in the whole country. Why do I need to be put down? It was not about me.
At first, I felt bad, like I was being vain or egotistical. But honestly, I can’t win once. My whole life it was never enough, and I’m tired.
So to my decision:
My mom is no longer allowed to comment on my body. I don’t know how I’m going to shut her comments down, but I will do it. And second, I no longer need her approval. I am an adult and am happy with myself. I am enough.
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2023.05.29 23:15 KombatWombat9853 Any good non-alcoholic grog recipes?

Me and some friends are having a sea of thieves night soon and I wanted to make a “grog” because I bought some tankards on Etsy. It just has to look like the drink, that being a dark green murky liquid. Something fruity is preferred. Any ideas?
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2023.05.29 23:15 Sacemd Adventures in spelling a descendant of Russian in Katakana

So my setting features Kamchatkan, a future descendant of Russian deeply influenced by a large influx of Japanese migrants to the Kamchatka peninsula centuries before the present. Of course, the reasonable choice would be to just use Cyrillic, which fits like a glove with just the digraphs дж and дз and some historical spelling rules when one should use e or э. However, katakana could feasibly be historically justified.
Therefore, without further ado, I present the Katakanization of Kamchatkan.
Consonants Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Vless Stop p t k
Vcd Stop b d g
Vless Affr. ts
Vcd Affr. dz
Vless Fric. s ɕ h~x
Vcd Fric. β z ʑ (ɣ)
Nasal m n
Liquid r j

i o
e a
[ɣ] is is not phonemic, and occurs as an intervocalic allophone of /g/.
There are two diphthongs, /ai/ and /oi/, although these are generally written and analysed as /a/ or /o/ plus a final /j/.
Syllable structure is generally (C)(C)(j)V(C), with a limited number of consonants legal in coda (p, k, ts, ch, s, sh, m, n, y). Clusters either have the form sibilant+voiceless stop, so /sp st sk ɕp ɕt ɕk/, or consonant+j, where the legal clusters are /pj bj βj mj nj rj/. /ɕpj/ is the only legal triconsonantal cluster.
ㇲ: s-, ㇱ: sh-
CV clusters:
ㇷ゚: -p, ㇰ: -k, ッ: -ts, チ*:-ch,ㇲ :-s, ㇱ:-sh, ン:-n, ィ:-y
*Final -ch is supposed to be a smaller chi katakana but that one doesn't exist in unicode.
This gives us such beautiful words as バィショィ for "bayshoy" ("large"), チェヨワィ for "cheyovi" ("heavy"), ㇱピェナ for "shpyena" ("back") and ワィェ リョカ for "vyeryoka" ("rope"). An improvement over plain old байшой, чеёви, шпена and верёка, if I say so myself.
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2023.05.29 23:14 SchorpionJ 33M Netherlands, chatty people from the Netherlands in here?

Heeya stranger
I have met some nice people on here in the last few months, not all chats were longtime sadly. But heey that doesnt mean it hasnt been fun.
I once again try my luck with meeting new people on here, at first for a chat(doesnt need to be daily, if you dont want) and if we hit it off. We might be able to meet up at some point and start a real friendship, who knows
But first a few things about me:
I am a man from the Netherlands(southern part, Limburg) and im 33. I have 2 cats that i love and hate at the same time(cat people will understand this haha). I work in healthcare and love my job. I like to play videogames(xbox) and listen to music. I recently started going to the gym again, cause i have some goals set for this year. Some goals i have achieved already and some are a longterm project. I watch some movies/series from time to time and im waiting for the good weather to come, so i can start doing my night walks again.
I am open to voice calling, i use discord, whatsapp and snapchat. We can talk on reddit ofcourse, but the reddit chat sucks.
Feel free to send me a DM if you wanna talk and lets see where it goes from there.
PS: yes i have pictures of my cats that i can show you haha
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2023.05.29 23:14 Unable-Designer2483 Share your stories and concerns here!

I believe wholeheartedly that there is something shady going on with Musely. I have been using their spot cream for a while now. My face smells strongly of self tanner after using it. I can even wipe my face with a paper towel and an orangish/brownish color comes off. My face looks exactly as if I’ve applied self tanner. A couple days ago I finally decided to just ask them about it. Truly thinking they would give me some logical reason as to why that was happening. I left my question underneath their most recent Instagram post. It was immediately deleted. I left another comment and then went on to my husbands Instagram to see if it would show up (because I had my suspicions) and it wasn’t. Which means my comments are being restricted. Restricted on Instagram is when only me and musely can see my comments. They don’t want future customers to see it. They never addressed my question, never sent me a dm, nothing. That was enough for me to realize something very shady is going on. The only response I get in emails is - we do not put self tanner in our products. I’m sorry guys…but we ALL know the smell of self tanner. We all know that orangish tint. I’m not making this up. My first comment was kind. I was really trying to figure it out. Now I’m mad. I want a refund which I’m sure won’t happen. I made this group here because there is no way I’m the only one. Do NOT purchase from musely! That’s the moral of this story. I will add pictures at another time. I wish I had thought to take pictures but honestly this was never my intention. I still have a lot of product left so for the sake of this group I’m going to start using it again just so I can show you guys what I’m talking about. (Not that anyone is even in this group yet😂…hopefully soon though) Until next time!
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2023.05.29 23:14 xvndr Cat squinting one eye – but otherwise acting normal

Hey all,
I wanted to share a situation regarding my cat's eye and seek your advice. Since my vet is closed for the holiday, I won't be able to take her until Wednesday. This morning, I noticed that one of her eyes was slightly squinting, which I initially thought was due to just waking up. However, after an hour, I observed that the squinting persisted. I called my vet, but they informed me that they are closed and suggested giving her a few drops of isotonic saline now and again in a few hours. If the issue doesn't improve, they recommended taking her to an emergency vet, as they are the only ones open in my area.
The squinting isn't too severe; there's a subtle difference compared to her normal eye, with the eyelid appearing around 10-15% or so lower on the left side (subtle to the point where I had to have my partner confirm what I was seeing). However, I have noticed occasional slow blinking from her affected eye. There is no redness, the pupils are the same size, she isn't pawing at it or trying to groom it, and she is behaving normally in terms of eating, using the litter box, and even making biscuits right now as I write this. The only additional observation was a small amount of clear discharge earlier, which we wiped away and hasn't reappeared.
I understand that eye issues should be addressed sooner rather than later, but emergency vet visits can be expensive. If this is something that can wait until Wednesday (or hopefully clear up on its own), that would be ideal. However, if you all believe it's necessary to see a vet as soon as possible, I'll go ahead and take her to the emergency vet. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 23:14 presentmethatass Advice and Tips Needed!

I'm 25M, been studying in the Uk for close to 2 years now. Have always been intrigued by Iceland hence I made a last minute decision to go on a solo trip to Iceland this coming 3rd of June. My return flight is booked on 17th of June. As of right now, I've only got my flight tickets booked and nothing else. This will be my first time venturing completely on my own.
Based on the things I've gathered from YouTube and Reddit, it'll be unwise of me to set Reykjavík as home base. I've read that the city can be fully explored within 3 days, and that most other interesting places are outside and some even 6hr drive away from the city. How true is this?
As mentioned, I'm still a student and have only just finish Bar school, ideally I'd like to not overspend. Some additional questions that I have are:
  1. Should I set base in Reykjavík, book a cheap hostel, and then go on individual guided tours (Golden Circle, Sniper's Nest, Whale and Puffin Tour, Food Walk, South Coast)? Or would it make sense for me to rent a car, drive around, and explore Iceland on my own and save on accommodation by sleeping in the car or at campsites? My concern is that I've read that petrol and rental cars are expensive in Iceland, and the roads can be quite tricky to drive on.
  2. Everywhere online I can see ads for booking guided tours, if I were to opt for guided tours, what are some websites worth noting in terms of value, and not having too large of a tour group?
  3. Blue lagoon, to avoid or not? Some say its not worth the expense?
  4. I'm a student on summer break in the Uk, and I have extra time to spare, is 13 days too much / long? Should I shorten or to extend my visit?
  5. Throwing out the final question here but if anyone happens to know if the Malaysian driver's license is valid in Iceland, please do let me know below, thanks in advance! I've been driving for about 8 years now and can drive both manual transmission as well.
In the meantime, I'll dive into this subreddit and look for more information. I do apologise if I'm asking questions that have previously been asked, but given the spontaneity of this adventure, I'm pressed for time right now. Cheers!
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2023.05.29 23:14 Comfortable-Tie7484 Western countries need some sort of constitution to deal with what is acceptable use of ai.

I say western because these are the most technologically developed. I think some sort of constitution should be made that aims to protect rights and upholds virtues that people vote on. This would help determine where to draw the line on problems such as to what extent people should be allowed free control of ai software because that is soon going to be used for some very disgusting things if we're not careful. Not sure if I explained this particularly well but hope you get the idea.
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There was once a young man whose parents were not overburdened with the riches of this world, and consequently could not dress their only son in as rich a costume as the other young men of the tribe, and on account of not being so richly clad as they, he was looked down upon and shunned by them.
He was never invited to take part in any of their sports; nor was he ever asked to join any of the war parties.
In the village lived an old man with an only daughter.
Like the other family, they were poor, but the daughter was the belle of the tribe.
She was the most sought after by the young men of the village, and warriors from tribes far distant came to press their suit at winning her for their bride.
All to no purpose; she had the same answer for them as she had for the young men of the village.
The poor young man was also very handsome despite his poor clothes, but having never killed an enemy nor brought home any enemies' horses he was not (according to Indian rules) allowed to make love to any young or old woman.
He tried in vain to join some of the war parties, that he might get the chance to win his spurs as a warrior.
To all his pleadings, came the same answer:
"You are not fit to join a war party.
You have no horses, and if you should get killed our tribe would be laughed at and be made fun of as you have such poor clothes, and we don't want the enemy to know that we have any one of our tribe who dresses so poorly as you do."
Again, and again, he tried different parties, only to be made fun of and insulted.
One night he sat in the poor tepee of his parents.
He was in deep study and had nothing to say.
His father, noticing his melancholy mood, asked him what had happened to cause him to be so quiet, as he was always of a jolly disposition.
The son answered and said:
"Father, I am going on the warpath alone.
In vain I have tried to be a member of one of the war parties.
To all of my pleadings I have got nothing but insults in return."
"But my son, you have no gun nor ammunition.
Where can you get any and how can you get it?
We have nothing to buy one for you with," said the father.
"I don't need any weapons. I am going to bring back some of the enemies' horses, and I don't need a gun for that."
Early the next morning (regardless of the old couple's pleadings not to go unarmed) the young man left the village and headed northwest, the direction always taken by the war parties.
For ten days he traveled without seeing any signs of a camp.
The evening of the tenth day, he reached a very high butte, thickly wooded at the summit. He ascended this butte, and as he sat there between two large boulders, watching the beautiful rays of the setting sun, he was suddenly startled to hear the neigh of a horse. Looking down into the beautiful valley which was threaded by a beautiful creek fringed with timber, he noticed close to the base of the butte upon which he sat, a large drove of horses grazing peacefully and quietly.
Looking closer, he noticed at a little distance from the main drove, a horse with a saddle on his back.
This was the one that had neighed, as the drove drifted further away from him.
He was tied by a long lariat to a large sage bush.
Where could the rider be, he said to himself.
As if in answer to his question, there appeared not more than twenty paces from him a middle aged man coming up through a deep ravine.
The man was evidently in search of some kind of game, as he held his gun in readiness for instant use, and kept his eyes directed at every crevice and clump of bush.
So intent was he on locating the game he was trailing, that he never noticed the young man who sat like a statue not twenty paces away.
Slowly and cautiously the man approached, and when he had advanced to within a few paces of the young man he stopped and turning around, stood looking down into the valley. This was the only chance that our brave young friend had.
Being unarmed, he would stand no show if the enemy ever got a glimpse of him.
Slowly and noiselessly he drew his hunting knife (which his father had given him on his departure from home) and holding it securely in his right hand, gathered himself and gave a leap which landed him upon the unsuspecting enemy's shoulders.
The force with which he landed on the enemy caused him (the enemy) to lose his hold on his gun, and it went rattling down into the chasm, forty feet below.
Down they came together, the young man on top.
No sooner had they struck the ground than the enemy had out his knife, and then commenced a hand to hand duel.
The enemy, having more experience, was getting the best of our young friend.
Already our young friend had two ugly cuts, one across his chest and the other through his forearm.
He was becoming weak from the loss of blood, and could not stand the killing pace much longer.
Summoning all his strength for one more trial to overcome his antagonist, he rushed him toward the chasm, and in his hurry to get away from this fierce attack, the enemy stepped back one step too far, and down they both went into the chasm.
Interlocked in each other's arms, the young man drove his knife into the enemy's side and when they struck the bottom the enemy relaxed his hold and straightened out stiff and dead.
Securing his scalp and gun, the young man proceeded down to where the horse was tied to the sage bush, and then gathering the drove of horses proceeded on his return to his own village.
Being wounded severely he had to ride very slowly.
All the long hours of the night he drove the horses towards his home village.
In the meantime, those at the enemies' camp wondered at the long absence of the herder who was watching their drove of horses, and finally seven young men went to search for the missing herder.
All night long they searched the hillsides for the horses and herder, and when it had grown light enough in the morning they saw by the ground where there had been a fierce struggle.
Following the tracks in the sand and leaves, they came to the chasm where the combatants had fallen over, and there, lying on his back staring up at them in death, was their herder. They hastened to the camp and told what they had found.
Immediately the warriors mounted their war ponies (these ponies are never turned loose, but kept tied close to the tepee of the owner), and striking the trail of the herd driven off by our young friend, they urged forth their ponies and were soon far from their camp on the trail of our young friend.
All day long they traveled on his trail, and just as the sun was sinking they caught sight of him driving the drove ahead over a high hill.
Again they urged forth their tired ponies.
The young man, looking back along the trail, saw some dark objects coming along, and, catching a fresh horse, drove the rest ahead at a great rate.
Again all night he drove them, and when daylight came he looked back (from a high butte) over his trail and saw coming over a distant raise, two horsemen.
These two undoubtedly rode the best ponies, as he saw nothing of the others.
Driving the horses into a thick belt of timber, he concealed himself close to the trail made by the drove of horses, and lay in ambush for the two daring horsemen who had followed him so far.
Finally they appeared on the butte from where he had looked back and saw them following him.
For a long time they sat there scouring the country before them in hopes that they might see some signs of their stolen horses.
Nothing could they see.
Had they but known, their horses were but a few hundred yards from them, but the thick timber securely hid them from view.
Finally one of them arose and pointed to the timber.
Then leaving his horse in charge of his friend, he descended the butte and followed the trail of the drove to where they had entered the timber.
Little did he think that he was standing on the brink of eternity.
The young man hiding not more than a hundred yards from him could have shot him there where he stood, but wanting to play fair, he stepped into sight.
When he did, the enemy took quick aim and fired.
He was too hasty.
Had he taken more careful aim he might have killed our young friend, but his bullet whizzed harmlessly over the young man's head and buried itself in a tree.
The young man took good aim and fired.
The enemy threw up both hands and fell forward on his face.
The other one on the hill, seeing his friend killed, hastily mounted his horse and leading his friend's horse, made rapidly off down the butte in the direction from whence he had come. Waiting for some time to be sure the one who was alive did not come up and take a shot at him, he finally advanced upon the fallen enemy and securing his gun, ammunition and scalp, went to his horse and drove the herd on through the woods and crossing a long flat prairie, ascended a long chain of hills and sat looking back along his trail in search of any of the enemy who might continue to follow him.
Thus he sat until the long shadows of the hills reminded him that it would soon be sunset, and as he must get some sleep, he wanted to find some creek bend where he could drive the bunch of ponies and feel safe as to their not straying off during the night.
He found a good place for the herd, and catching a fresh horse, he picketed him close to where he was going to sleep, and wrapping himself in his blanket, was soon fast asleep.
So tired and sleepy was he that a heavy rain which had come up, during the night, soaked him through and through, but he never awakened until the sun was high in the east.
He awoke and going to the place where he had left the herd, he was glad to find them all there.
He mounted his horse and started his herd homeward again.
For two days he drove them, and on the evening of the second day he came in sight of the village.
The older warriors, hearing of the young man going on this trip alone and unarmed, told the parents to go in mourning for their son, as he would never come back alive.
When the people of the village saw this large drove of horses advancing towards them, they at first thought it was a war party of the enemy, and so the head men called the young warriors together and fully prepared for a great battle.
They advanced upon the supposed enemy.
When they got close enough to discern a lone horseman driving this large herd, they surrounded the horses and lone warrior, and brought him triumphantly into camp.
On arriving in the camp (or village) the horses were counted and the number counted up to one hundred and ten head.
The chief and his criers (or heralds) announced through the whole village that there would be a great war dance given in honor of the Lone Warrior.
The whole village turned out and had a great war dance that was kept up three days and three nights.
The two scalps which the young man had taken were tied to a pole which was placed in the center of the dance circle.
At this dance, the Lone Warrior gave to each poor family five head of horses.
Being considered eligible now to pay his respects to any girl who took his fancy, he at once went to the camp of the beautiful girl of the tribe, and as he was always her choice, she at once consented to marry him.
The news spread through the village that Lone Warrior had won the belle of the nation for his bride, and this with the great feat which he had accomplished alone in killing two enemies and bringing home a great herd of horses, raised him to the rank of chief, which he faithfully filled to the end of his days.
And many times he had to tell his grandchildren the story of how he got the name of the Lone Warrior.
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2023.05.29 23:14 ElectronicPea28 $TATE 20,000%+ Pump and increasing ! Join Us ERC-20 !

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2023.05.29 23:13 SnooGoats8671 Lesser Included Crimes MEGATHREAD. T75+ law school grads: GTFIH. Edgy T14's: STAY OUT.

Lesser Included Crimes MEGATHREAD. T75+ law school grads: GTFIH. Edgy T14's: STAY OUT.
I love to relax on Memorial Day and cook up Megathreads

Whattup everyone it's your boy Goat, just got off the phone with NCBE.

They said I won Bar Exam Baller of the Year award last night.

Me yelling at them about the 41% pass rate in February

Just kidding. They didn't say that. All I've been getting this week is haters in my inbox and over text. Took this video of them.

Haters barking for me daily

We can't let any bad energy bring us down in 2023.

We will LOVE our lives and pass this test.

Let's get two more points on the MBE.

Throw this soundtrack on for the rest of the thread and let us get into the zone.

Mavis Staples fans rise up
A lesser included offense just has all the same elements of the greater offense.
Robbery is larceny + force.
Larceny is just larceny.

Larceny is a lesser included offense of Robbery.

Hands up
Can they even make it ANY EASIER for us to win? We are figuring out tricks DAILY.
The Bar Exam can be fun
You pretending like you are with me on this

So what are the tricks we need to know?

Let's jump right into them

Trick #1: Sometimes the problem will just ask you if the court can give an instruction in a lesser included offense when asked by the defendant.

The answer is yes.

The answer will say: "If the jury could rationally find the defendant not guilty of the greater offense but guilty of the lesser included offense, the judge may give the instruction."

I know this stuff sucks but...

Trick #2: If you get convicted on a lesser included, you can't be charged for the greater crime later on. That's double jeopardy baby boo.

If you get charged with first and second degree murder, and the jury only convicts you on second degree murder, that is an implied ACQUITTAL of the First-Degree murder charge AKA they CONSIDERED IT and didn't think you did it.
So they can't try it AGAIN.

Trick #3: A woman will be driving at 90mph in a 50 or some shit. She will be charged with murder. They will ask you what lesser-included the lawyer should go for.

In this instance the proper lesser-included would be INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.
No, it would not be depraved-heart murder
That's all for today my baby goats
I will be dropping some paid tricks this week if anyone wants to buy them on my little website I just created
Stay focused, follow the goat cycle.
I will be lounging in my bath tub drinking Burgundy red wine and remembering all the gunners from 1L we lost to this test.
I will talk to you all soon my sweet darlings.
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2023.05.29 23:13 SignorPanzerotti How do I flesh out my plot?

The story takes place in a fictional analogue to the Roman Empire, called the Corisian Imperium. It revolves around the family and court of Emperor Aulurius, a weak willed but kind ruler who cares more for family than he does for rulership. At the beginning of the story, he names his eldest son Marcus his heir- which is controversial among the politicians of Corisia- Marcus is the commander of the armies in the north, and he is not an experienced ruler.
Soon after, Aulurius finds himself in a coma, secretly induced by his wife, Empress Diana (who is the mother of Marcus’s best friend, Avidius, and the brother of Aulurius’s closest advisor, Marcellus, who’s command she was acting on). This leads Marcus to become the new Emperor, but he is eventually turned on by the politicians, including his close friend Avidius.
Lucius is the second son of the Emperor. He is often disregarded, but he is intelligent and caring, albeit as the son of royalty often spoiled and irresponsible. Marcellus is his mentor, which makes it all the more tragic when Lucius learns the truth about the conspiracy around the climax of the story. Lucius goes down a dark path- he initially helps his family after Aulurius’ goes into a coma because he wants love and respect from them, but his actions lead to situations where he must sacrifice his morality to be a political operator, and eventually the next Emperor.
Julia is the only daughter of the Emperor. She is an ambitious socialite who will lie and do whatever necessary to gain power. She is ruthless and cunning, but not as smart as she thinks she is. Her husband is Claudius, a good looking man, but socially he is beneath her. Their relationship is unhealthy, and Claudius is often mistreated due to Julia’s superiority complex and narcissistic tendencies. During the story, she and Claudius eventually split, Claudius betraying her in favor of Lucius. Before that, Julia was considering divorcing Claudius to remarry to the son of Marcellus, Gemellus.
There are some gaps in my plot that I am struggling to fill. How to make Marcellus’s conspiracy coherent? I don’t want the antagonist to be stupid, and the genius of it is that Marcellus is seen as a meek uncle figure, but is actually a shrewd politician and power player. How to make Marcus’s assassination make sense? What circumstances lead to the necessity of Avidius’ betrayal? What is Lucius doing this whole time? What actions need to happen for his character arc to work? How does everything work together? The five main characters are Marcus, Lucius, Claudius, Julia, and Avidius- and I want them all to be understandable despite their differences.
Any advice is immensely appreciated- if you have any questions I am happy to answer. Thank you!
submitted by SignorPanzerotti to fantasywriters [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:13 Balrogos Is there any way to switch to odl graphic before it was downgraded[Remaster version]

I wonder if there is any way to get old graphics we got in the game before they downgrade it[Remaster] , Turning off Remastered mode and using High Setting not solve problem cause they are not the same setting we got before Remastered graphics.
Also is there is any way to make sky look normal cause its full white and at the same time ground is so dark that i barley see my character?
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2023.05.29 23:13 JoshAsdvgi The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

A poor widow woman once lived near the sea in Eastern Canada.
Her husband had been drowned catching fish one stormy day far off the coast, and her little boy was now her only means of support.
He had no brothers or sisters, and he and his mother, because they lived alone, were always good comrades.
Although he was very young and small, he was very strong, and he could catch fish and game like a man.
Every day he brought home food to his mother, and they were never went without a meal.
Now it happened that the Great Eagle who made the Winds in these parts became very angry because he was not given enough to eat.
He went screaming through the land in search of food, but no food could he find.
And he said, “If the people will not give me food, I will take care that they get no food for themselves, and when I grow very hungry I shall eat up all the little children in the land.
For my young ones must have nourishment too.”
So he tossed the waters about with the wind of his great wings, and he bent the trees and flattened the corn, and for days he made such activity on the earth that the people stayed indoors, and they were afraid to come out in search of food.
At last the boy and his mother became very hungry.
And the boy said, “I must go and find food, since there is not a crumb left in the house.
We cannot wait longer.”
And he said to his mother, “I know where a fat young beaver lives in his house of reeds on the bank of the stream near the sea.
I shall go and kill him, and his flesh will feed us for many days.”
His mother did not want him to make this hazardous journey, for the Great Eagle was still in the land.
But he said to her, “You must think of me always when I am gone, and I will think of you, and while we keep each other in our memories I shall come to no harm.”
So, taking his long hunting knife, he set out for the beaver’s home in his house of reeds on the bank of the stream near the sea.
He reached the place without mishap and there he found Beaver fast asleep.
He soon killed him and slung him over his shoulder and started back to his mother’s house.
“A good fat load I have here,” he said to himself, “and we shall now have many a good dinner of roast beaver-meat.”
But as he went along with his load on his back, the Great Eagle spied him from a distance and swooped down upon him without warning.
Before he could strike with his knife, the Eagle caught him by the shoulders and soared away, holding him in a mighty grip with the beaver still on his back.
The boy tried to plunge his knife into the Eagle’s breast, but the feathers were too thick and tough, and he was not strong enough to drive the knife through them.
He could do nothing but make the best of his sorry plight.
“Surely I can think of a way of escape,” he said to himself, “and my mother’s thoughts will be with me to help me.”
Soon the Eagle arrived at his home.
It was built on a high cliff overlooking the sea, hundreds of feet above the beach, where even the sound of the surf rolling in from afar could not reach it.
There were many young birds in the nest, all clamuring for food.
Great Eagle threw the boy to the side of the nest and told him to stay there.
And he said, “I shall first eat the beaver, and after he is all eaten up, we shall have a good fat meal from you.”
Then he picked the beaver to pieces and fed part of it to his young ones.
For some days the boy lay in terror in the nest, trying to think of a way of escape.
Birds flew high over his head, and far out on the ocean, he could see great ships going by.
But no help came to him, and he thought that death would soon be upon him.
And his mother sat at home waiting for him to return, but day after day passed and still he did not come.
She thought he must surely be in great danger, or that perhaps he was already dead.
One day, as she was weeping, thinking of her lost boy, an old woman came along.
“Why do you cry?” she asked.
And the weeping woman said, “My boy has been away for many days.
I know that harm has come upon him.
The men of my tribe have gone in search of him, and they will kill whatever holds him a prisoner, but I fear he will never come back alive.”
And the old woman said, “Little good the men of your tribe can do you!
You must aid him with your thoughts, for material things are vain.
I will help you, for I have been given great power by the Little People of the Hills.”
So the woman used her thoughts and her wishes to bring back her boy.
That night the boy noticed that the beaver had all been eaten up and that not a morsel remained.
He knew that unless he could save himself at once he would surely die on the morrow.
The Great Eagle, he knew, would swoop down upon him and kill him with a blow of his powerful beak and claws.
But when the boy slept, he saw his mother in his slumber.
And she said to him, “Tomorrow when Great Eagle goes from the nest, brace your knife, point upwards, against the rock.
When he swoops down to kill you his breast will strike the knife, and he will be pierced to death.
You are not strong enough to cut through his feathers with your knife, but he is powerful enough to destroy himself.”
The next morning when Great Eagle went out, the boy did as the vision of the night had told him.
He braced his sharp hunting-knife, point upwards, against the rock and sat still and waited. Then he heard the young eagles making a great noise and crying loudly for their breakfast. He knew that his hour had come.
Soon the Great Eagle, hearing the screams of his young ones, came flying back to the nest to kill the boy.
He circled around above him with loud cries and then with great force swooped down upon him, hoping to kill him with his beak and claws.
But instead, he struck the blade braced upwards against the rock.
The knife pierced far into his breast, and with a loud scream he rolled over dead into the nest.
The boy then killed the young eagles, and he knew that now for a time he was safe.
But he did not know how to get down from the Eagle’s nest, for it jutted out like a shelf far over the beach, and behind it was a wall of rock around which he could not climb.
He had no means of making a ladder, and his cries would not be heard upon the beach because of the constant roaring of the surf.
He thought he would surely starve to death, and that night he cried himself to sleep.
But in the night he again saw his mother in his slumbers.
And she said, “You are a foolish boy.
Why do you not use the thoughts I send you?
Tomorrow skin the eagle and crawl inside the skin.
If the wide wings can hold the Eagle in the air they can likewise hold you.
Drop off from the cliff and you will land safely on the beach.”
The next day the boy did as the vision of the night had told him.
He carefully skinned the Great Eagle.
Then he crawled inside the skin and thrust his arms through the skin just above the wings, so that his extended arms would hold the wings straight out beneath them.
Then he prepared to drop down.
But when he looked over the cliff, he was very frightened, for the sight made him dizzy.
On the beach, men looked like flies, they were so far away.
But he remembered the promise made to him in his slumbers.
So he pushed himself from the cliff and dropped down.
The wings of Great Eagle let him fall gently through the air and he landed safely and unhurt upon the beach.
He crawled out of the skin and set out for his home.
It was a long journey, for Great Eagle had carried him far away, but towards evening he reached his home safely, and his mother received him with great gladness.
The boy began to boast of his adventure, and he told how he had killed Great Eagle and how he had dropped down unscathed from the cliff.
He spoke of himself with great pride and of his strength and his shrewdness.
But the old woman from the Land of the Little People, the fairies of the hills, who was still present with his mother, said, “Oh, vain boy, do not think so highly of yourself.
Your strength is nothing; your shrewdness is nothing.
It was not these things that saved you, but it was the strength of our thoughts.
These alone endure and succeed when all else fails.
I have taught you the uselessness of all material things, which in the end are but as ashes or as dust.
Our thoughts alone can help us in the end, for they alone are eternal.”
And the boy listened and wondered at what the old woman from the Land of Little People had said,
but he boasted of his strength no more.
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2023.05.29 23:12 Benjo1985 seeking advice on my HTCG mechanics

Hey, everybody!
I've been working on designing a TCG, and I thought I had some interesting ideas for the game mechanics. However, I was sharing my ideas with someone, and when I explained my original idea for the life system, they hated it!
After a bit of a rant, they advised me to bounce some of my ideas off fellow HTCG designers/players.
I've already determined an alternative to my first idea for the life system (a pretty easy fix, honestly), but my other concerns are the resource engine, and win conditions.
My initial idea for the resource engine resembles the "memory" system of an existing game; a sliding scale that tracks the resource as it's expended, and doubles as a turn tracker, since once you make an expenditure that pushes it passed zero, the other players' turn starts with the difference.
One alternative I have in mind is either cards that impart/generate the resource (a popular system), another would be gaining tokens each turn. I really like my first idea, but, I've only just gotten through my first draft of a rule set and need to not be so precious about my ideas if they don't work/appeal to players.
my other concern (this one was also mentioned in the conversation that prompted me to explore my ideas more) was win conditions. My initial idea was 2 possible win conditions; either reduce another players' number to zero, or, be the first to earn a specified number of points by completing "investigations"; these cards give in game objectives (that can be accomplished deliberately, or passively via normal game play), and award a number of points upon completion based on the difficulty/number of objectives.
So, there it is, points of concern I have in designing my TCG; sure, it's prompted by a whopping ONE persons' opinions, but, it also forced me to consider things I hadn't, before. So, let's discuss, why not?
submitted by Benjo1985 to homemadeTCGs [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:12 MissDiem They did NOT stick the landing

Love the show, still do, always will. But the ending was a letdown for this masterpiece.
I've lived in the real world version of Succession, and one of my favorite things is how uncannily accurate the depiction of the business and culture has been. The situations and details, while exaggerated for comedy and drama, are ones that can and do happen.
The ending chapter tosses that away, along with character consistency. Hear me out.
Character-wise, Kendall wouldn't be stammeringly unprepared for his pitch. Shiv has always been composed in the business environment, even under pressure, even when she has no right to be. Last parts of this season, she abruptly becomes a nervous wreck, which isn't even her. Roman has always been an overconfident and ebullient douche, and now suddenly zaps into a fragile introvert?
This ending required the main protagonists to instantly and magically convert into characters they've never been. And that's key. Characters can grow, or can change more quickly from an unexpected event, but you don't make your entire story dependent on all of them undergoing the most improbable and instantaneous re-inventions.
A large merger doesn't really turn based on the name of an inconsequential CEO. And for Gojo, there's zero reasons to select Tom, and a hundred reasons not to. It's a regulatory and legal and governance and optics improbability of huge scale, betraying the usual verisimilitude of the Succession universe. If a puppet is sought, there's a million faceless ones available.
We can see why that was done, to set up one more pair of scenes in which Shiv and Tom can verbally slaughter each other. But it was possible to have that without the nonsensical ending. Mattson could play them each for his sadistic fun, without actually making the impossibly unrealistic Tom choice. Fans get those scenes, but the plot remains solvent.
As an aside, another example of how the finale departed from the overall solidity of this series was how nobody was even that aware or even concerned of what might be happening in the Presidential election. Really? Seriously? Oh, is something happening in Wisconsin that would change the president from one to the other? I hadn't heard...
Shiv's last second board room flip makes zero sense in or out of the Succession world. It rests on her suddenly remembering something she's known for a long time and has long since made her peace with. Hours earlier, the "Drink Fit For A King" more than confirms that. It's even sealed by their shared accord that to execute Mattson requires a killer.
Then the plot next relies on Kendall being replaced by a different character wearing his skin, who suddenly starts lying transparently and gets violent. It's not Kendall. Kendall didn't physically attack and kill a waiter. His weakness and passivity led to that incident. No intent, and no violence, just indifference. It's much different. For those who will say he pushed Rome at the birthday, that meek baby push just cements that physical violence is foreign to Kendall.
And Kendall's way of lying has always been slick and calculating. Always. Suddenly, replacement Kendall is lying like a toddler. True Kendall would have rapidly deduced whatever Shiv wanted to hear, and would have at least tried to lie in ways that would seem to placate her interests. His pitch would never have been one of begging.
So, yeah, to me, this last chapter flopped, relative to the immense strength of the series.
I don't critique unless I know there were better endings possible. I'm sure lots here have ideas on that. Here's just one that I think I would like to have seen instead...
Greg intercepts what he thinks is Mattson's betrayal, tips off Shiv, who flips the merger. We get enjoyable scenes of the Roy siblings completing the foreshadowed "bleed the Swede" mission, including the glee of watching consequences hit the loathsome Mattson. In the show (or perhaps even post-show?) viewers discover that what Greg thinks he discovered is in error. His translation app has botched it and given opposite meaning to the translation. The ending and permanent consequences for everyone have all been driven by Greg's limited competence and self-serving paranoia, and maybe, by the fact that phone apps are often bullshit. That's the kind of ending I would have loved.
Look, there was fun to be had in this finale. Typical Kendall disregarding someone as "new Jess", Caroline being Caroline, Connor being perfectly consistent Connor, emotion in the "found footage" and the Kendall drink coronations. But the unrealistic plot and total character bankruptcies at the last minute did not land.
submitted by MissDiem to SuccessionTV [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:12 throwaway3773637281 How do I deal with a stalker?

So in the beginning of 2021 I made a mistake that I wish I could take back. I was 17 at the time and was always wanting to make a little cash. A few of my friends and myself were getting adds on snapchat from people wanting to “buy nudes” so I had the “brilliant” idea to take random girls OF pictures that kind of resembled me and sell these pictures to these men. One of them took a particular interest in me with a specific account and would always ask for more so I gave more.
One of these days he took the pictures and didn’t give me any money, though I got more adds and made more money. I started racking up about 250$ from all of this so I decided to stop because I had my fun. I didn’t realize that all of these men adding me were the same person. I started blocking them but I got an add atleast everyday. sometimes I would add them back and ask what they wanted and it was always the same thing, so I started telling “them” to leave me alone. They always had the same type of username, it was the most generic american name that you could think of with no bitmoji and no snap score.
I got an add from a person with a different type of name with no bitmoji and out of curiosity I added them back. As soon as I added them a chat popped up which I opened. It said something along the lines of (which I can’t exactly remember) “Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have a friend that is obsessive over you and keeps telling our whole friend group how hot you are and that you keep sending him nudes. He is obsessive so just be careful. His name is ____ ____ and we live in _, __. He’s also 16.” From what I can remember, I think he said that they live in Michigan which is very far from me, like 800 mi. I said something like thank you for letting me know and unadded him. This is where things get obsessive.
Of course the weeks and months go by and I was not adding these no bitmoji people back. I then started to get adds from people WITH bitmojis so I added them back. I wasn’t the brightest so I always added everyone back as I would get quite a lot of adds. (I thought these ones were real people.) But of course they started asking for nudes. So I told them to leave me alone and blocked them. I started noticing that they didn’t have barely any snap score so I avoided them for a while. I wasn’t too worried about it.
I got an add from a girl with a bitmoji which looked quite normal but for some reason didn’t show the snap score. I started talking to them thinking it was just a friendly girl and they started asking very personal questions. I stopped talking to them and a week goes by. I got a chat from them saying “I have puppies that i’m selling in ___ (city that is very close to me) and I said no thanks I don’t want any puppies. (Very creepy IK) They then said “I can just give you one”. I again said no thanks I don’t want a puppy. They begged for me to take one and I blocked them.
Months go by and I am still getting adds but this time with bitmojis and more believable names but I still know it’s him because of the low snap score. This is where he gets desperate. I had a boyfriend at the time of this happening. He told me that he got an add from someone with a chat that said “Yo, your gf been sending me nudes bro you should break up with her.” along with all of the nudes that I sent that I had no idea he somehow screenshotted. (snapchat gives a notification when you save someone’s pictures.) I had to explain to him that that wasn’t me in the pictures and the entire thing before this. We of course did not break up.
I then started getting no name instagram accounts viewing my story. There are many other small things I can name like this but you get the point. Very recently I got an add that had a username “____ (my first name) Add Me Please”. It scared me and I was too curious not to see what it said. Of course, there was a chat that popped up when I added it back. “I’m ngl I’m obsessed with you please can I have more nudes” and I didn’t read the rest. I blocked them. Today I woke up to another add with the same type of username.
I need advice on what to do. This has given me anxiety, nightmares, etc. Should I keep blocking? Should I see what the chat says in case it’s important? Should I tell him to stop contacting me or I will contact authorities? What do I do? He’s younger than me but I am still scared. I’m 19 now so he would be 18. I don’t want to underestimate his abilities. Clearly he knows the area where I live.
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2023.05.29 23:12 Groanalisa How to get funds moved over?

I retired a couple of years ago (60f). I have a ROTH, an individual IRA, a rollover 401k, and taxable investment accounts. Prior to retiring, I signed up with a financial planner to be sure I had my ducks in a row. The accounts are held in a TD Ameritrade custodial account. Currently being charged 1.89% of AUM, so I would like to discontinue using them and do it myself, using a simple Bogle-esque type plan to keep my expenses down.
My questions revolve around how, exactly, does one go through the motions, beyond signing up at a different custodian and telling them to pull it all out? I'm concerned about taxes. Do they have to liquidate all positions to cash first, then reinvest? Or if I do a self-directed version in TD Ameritrade (I already have an individual brokerage account at TDA, and an HSA account at Fidelity), can I simply transfer them to my other account? For instance, can I take the funds in my TDA Roth and move them to a new Roth without penalties (excluding the termination fee at the custodian)? Sort of keeping the same portfolio, just changing ownership? I would want to simplify many of the holdings, but that is the theory. I do realize that all my TDA accounts are going to become Schwab later on. I'm not unhappy about that, except for the low rate cash deposits they make you keep.
Are there any flowcharts or articles on which accounts to pull, how to avoid taking tax hits, etc? Are there any rules about best practices?
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