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2023.03.28 01:29 Dull-Chocolate5658 The most Monster Hunter story ever

Ok I wasn't sure what to flair this as, but this is too good to not talk about. Bascially, me and a friend of mine were doing hunts together, and eventually he got an urgent quest for Crimson Glow Valstrax. We, along with some other randoms, killed it, and he said, "Thank god there's no afflicted version, right?" Oh. Oh this unfortunate soul. You see, he dreads Valstrax. It was his nemesis.
When he learns that Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax was a thing, he lost it. He thought that it was basically impossible. He hasn't even fought the other Risens yet. So one rando joined and said, "Why don't we hunt it anyhow?" I figured why not, since my Switch was dying and I was curious on how it would go.
Needless to say, it was of the most hype things that happened in the game. First off, I try to get Anjanath so I can get some free damage, when it ambushes it and volley fires, landing right in front of my friend. As time passes, faints happen and we're on the last one. A Hunting Horn comes in. They doot and stun it. Then I end it with a Spiral Slash. It was a simple thing, but it was so satisfying. Now he has materials for some gear. I love this game.
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2023.03.27 19:34 Sodaman_Onzo Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea: Royal Edition Part One

Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea
Royalty Edition
By Michael Porter
Part One
People you tend to gravitate toward as a loyal member of The Royal Camp…
You also want romance Katarina, as she is a member of the richest family in the game and needed for the secret mission. You’ll end up being friends with Cazarosta. You’ll also have to make nice with Lefebvre, even though he’s an ass. You “save” the daughter of your greatest enemy, for the enormous ransom…
Sabers of Infinity
We start off with your character arriving at Military School.
Choose to observe the men training outside.
Try to offer some excuse explaining my lateness.
Being from the Capital puts your lands close to the Royal Camp, reduces your families standing debt, and gives your character some stat bonuses.
Choose the capital city, Aetoria.
I went with Age 18. Age 14 takes away from some of your other skills for some extra intelligence. You get stat bonuses for being older but playing through the next 3 to 5 games I’d like to start off a bit younger.
Choose A set of books on philosophy and the natural sciences.
You start Chapter 1 with 55 crowns.
Your Soldiering is 32, Charisma 40, Intellect 48, Reputation 16
Choose At your service to be polite to your future friends. If you are rude to Cazarosta you score bonus points with Elson, but he disappears at the end of Sabers. Other than affecting some comments from his Dad in Lords and your rep with Grenadier Square, you get more out of being friends with Cazarosta. Go through all the questions until tomorrow’s training.
This regimen is impossible! I am barely surviving!
I do all right, but academics have never been my strong suit.
I have already become fast friends with many of my fellow officers.
Go look for Cazarosta.
I’m trying to find an option to boost my Charisma.
Practice sparring and marksmanship with Cazarosta.
Which is enough to Stay behind: I must try to help Elson.
You have now cemented your friendships.
You start Chapter 2 with 60 crowns.
Your Soldiering is 32, Charisma 60, Intellect 48, Reputation 26
You need to get your Charisma to at least 65 for the Secret Mission, so go with
Try to socialize with the common sailors.
Since you were able to max your friendship with Cazarosta during training choose Take Command! We should not leave the conduct of the battle to a mere sergeant!
He will allow you to.
I hold up the boarding party and try to figure out what it is.
Be cautious: We can hold midships and force the Antari to come to us.
You pick up a sweet 150 crowns and a decoration. God Save The King!
You start chapter 3 with 210 wealth.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 48, Reputation 32
Choose Of Course, I would not turn down a chance at leisure before I receive my orders.
Play Tassenswerd
I select a sergeant and assemble my unit first.
Go with Decide that none of these men will do. Lanzerel is still unassigned, might I request him instead? Sergeant Lanzerel has many admirable qualities the others do not.
Go with Buy a horse from a merchant with my own funds.
My first time playing I assumed I would be penalized for going with the biggest most expensive horse. Just go with it.
Buy Thunderer
You start Chapter 4 with 140 wealth.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 48, Reputation 38
Drill my men relentlessly.
Choose any of the four choices.
You meet the infamous Captain Hunter. Damn the horses! Ride at full speed!
Pocketing the seals would be a money-making opportunity, but you don’t quite have the Intellect to pull it off.
Set the seals exactly as the diagram says…
Care for the horses.
Cut firing loops.
Block the road.
And now for the battle. Mount up! We’re going to charge the enemy!
You now decide on how to split the ransom money. Your men could use a loyalty boost for King and country.
Generously: I split the money between my men…
For the newspaper question answer however you like.
Nets you 240 crowns.
Request cavalry reserve duty.
You start Chapter 5 with 670 crowns.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42, Health 65
Your men have 40 Discipline, 30 Moral, and 40 Loyalty
Ask your commander all the questions.
Choose Extra shot and powder.
To be prepared for anything
That this moron will shortly get all of his men killed. He must be delt with.
Lieutenant Carrecort, you are a disgrace…
He is. Now you have to back it up.
I am a better leader.
Try a frontal assault.
The Crown shows no mercy Carrecort is an incompetent and a disgrace…
A Runegun could come in handy! Keep the weapon for myself.
Return to patrol duty.
You start Chapter 6 with 265 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 45
Your men have 40 Discipline, 35 Moral, and 50 Loyalty
I pick the Eastern route…
Your goal here is not to piss off Lefebvre as you need his cooperation for the secret mission in game two.
Approach them: Ask what they are talking about.
You have enough loyalty for them to spill the beans.
Try to convince them.
Now you need Lefebvre to spill the beans. You have the stats to convince him.
Try to convince Lefebvre give me more answers.
Tell them that I am under Lefebvre’s orders to offer them assistance.
Find the others.
No need to be rude. Escort them back as guests.
Keep quiet. Lefebvre will pay you 100 crowns, and you get a few points with him for not turning him in. You need his cooperation for the Secret Mission.
You start Chapter 7 with 425 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 45
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 40, Loyalty 55
You can choose whatever you want.
You need to learn Antari for the Secret Mission.
Learn the Antari Language.
I pick the men from my old patrol.
The men need discipline above all else…
If the army…
My men stand as ready as they’ll ever be…
You start Chapter 8 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 40
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
You can choose any of the three choices.
You can choose any of the three choices.
I haven’t decided quite yet.
Eat with Cazarosta.
I stick to small talk.
You don’t quite have the intellect stats to push your own plan through.
Elson’s plan is better.
Choose whichever of the four choices you would like.
You start Chapter 9 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
Now for the battle.
Wait until Elson meets the enemy in battle, then move in.
Set the Antari camp aflame immediately but leave the civilians a way out.
Fire off a parting shot at the Antari to speed them on their way, but no more.
You start Chapter 10 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
Talk through the choices with Elson and then I excuse myself and retire to my room…
Urg, the Elves…
Take a look.
You can choose whatever choice you want.
We don’t have enough rep to make a huge splash, go with
Rank, last name, and regiment will be fine, thank you.
You can choose whatever choices you want.
Talk to anyone accept Cazarosta.
You start Chapter 11 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
And now for the mother of all battles!!
Choose whatever you want.
Spend some time with Elson.
I spend the evening with my men.
Choose whatever you want for Elson.
Choose whatever you want for Elson.
Say whatever you want to your men.
Agree with whoever you choose.
What shall be our next move.
Volunteer to guard the castle with Cazarosta…
I try to convince him of the tactical merit…
Very well, we will stand and hold this position then.
Wait for Cazarosta to say something.
Surely, I shall. Tell us the truth.
Wittelbrook is a lost cause, I speak to his men instead.
Block the passage between the two castle towers with my men alone.
I should find a way to make my defensive position more formidable. A barricade, perhaps.
I want to bottle the Antari into a narrower passage, to slow them down.
I cannot leave, but I can allow my men to. I shall let everyone not willing to fight to the death escape with their lives.
Be clever: Find a way to unhorse the Hussar and gut him before he can recover.
You start Chapter 12 (Epilogue) with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 66
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 50 Loyalty 70
We live!! .
Listen to all the Keane options.
The King knights you. You rock. Thus starts game 2.
Guns of Infinity
Chapter 1 starts you with 605 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 25, Moral 30, Loyalty 35, Strength 100
Whatever you choose, your men will fail.
You’re right Staff sergeant. Changes need to be made.
Very good, Staff-sergeant, see that it is done.
Chapter 2 starts you with 605 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 25, Moral 30, Loyalty 35, Strength 96
The Duke of Cunaris isn’t happen with your results.
We’ve already identified the root causes, and my Staff-sergeant is already working on it.
Your sort of friends with Cazarosta so
Chat. Choices don’t matter.
Family decisions. Your relationship with your father doesn’t matter. You want your mother to be alive, and she might as well like you (You get bonus health in game three). No siblings, each one adds 3000 debt to the family.
Excitement; I want to know what news…
My mother and I are quite close.
I am an only child.
The amount of your debt paid off compared to important choices you have to make is negligible.
I send back nothing.
Since you got Knighted, you are gifted a lovely set of Bane-Infused Armor and weapons. I’ve found that most situations are improved by you wearing it, but I still like to have the option.
I shall decide on a case-by-case basis.
Your Lieutenant pick doesn’t matter.
3rd Troop, Under Lieutenant Blaylock.
Your opinion doesn’t matter.
Extra drill costs you loyalty, Rewarding the best costs you moral, Working itself out doesn’t. I went with…
I order extra drill…
You still need 65 Charisma to win the Secret Mission, so go with
Self-Improvement; I seek to improve…
Investigating the boxes does nothing.
It’s not worth the trouble.
Chapter 3 starts you with 1385 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 49, Loyalty 48, Strength 100
You meet Katarina for the first time. She’s rich as F$%^
My squadron is the best in the regiment, I swear it.
The questions don’t matter.
Order the men to maintain normal readiness.
I don’t like losing men. You break even with your Katarina rep for doing this but
Give them a good volley to speed them on their way.
We were still able to kill some of them with that volley.
Your questions to her don’t matter.
As far as the disposition of your men, you want to get there as soon as you can without losing carts. You don’t have the soldiering to send a detachment ahead to hold the bridge, but you have enough troop stats to take the bridge. Your best bet is
I order the column to make moderate haste.
I charge with my lead troop to sweep the Antari off the bridge.
Your answer to the Lt. doesn’t matter.
Your feelings don’t matter.
Chapter 4 starts you with 1415 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 47, Loyalty 48, Strength 99
Your charisma is high enough for
I try to turn the tables with a bluff of my own.
The questions don’t matter.
Keane’s questions don’t matter.
No; there is none to be spared.
Supporting Hunter effects your rep in Lords of Infinity, but ultimately isn’t that important.
Choose what you want.
You are now given choices on different activities you can do. You can do 3 out of the 4.
I shall visit Master Garing and see what he is up to.
The first two questions don’t matter.
Might I take a look at your plans?
Now this next bit is purely speculation. There’s really no immediate payoff, or payoff in Lords of Infinity other than getting his new tech adopted by the military. But investing in his new gun designs are bound to pay off eventually, right? Giving him 600 crowns boosts your rep with him in Lords of Infinity. Or don’t, it doesn’t really affect anything right away. I chose…
I would be happy to invest in this project.
I would like to see how Lady Katarina is fairing.
In fact, I did.
Ask her the four questions.
Since you are friends with Cazarosta, and he is her brother, she will apologize for being a bit$% when you first met.
There is no need to apologize.
I would hope earnestly to gain her deep affection, perhaps even more.
I want to make sure my men are doing well.
I call a staff meeting and get my subordinates to figure out a solution.
Now you have to decide if you want to command the Forlorn Hope. It gets you a free promotion to Major, you get decorated…there are some benefits. I picked taking part in the main battle. If you go on the Forlorn Hope, you take at least 15% to 20% losses and your health gets knocked down to like 45-50. In the long run, it’s not worth it. You still want to go into the tent. Yielding to Catarosta gets you a huge bonus with him.
I’ll volunteer for the Forlorn Hope; glory calls to me!
It is good to see you, Sir Caius.
Yes, I suppose I shall.
Chapter 5 starts you with 885 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 48, Loyalty 48, Strength 99
Keane questions don’t matter. Skip the battering ram question.
Blaylock questions don’t matter.
Wear your armor.
Attack without Keane. Your men don’t need the moral hit from him being a coward, you take a slight rep hit.
Saints damn him! If Keane is missing, we’ll do without him.
Keane had the right of it; (NOT) I will keep my men in column.
You’ll take some losses, but your sergeant will protest, and you gain some independence points.
Lanzerel’s right; it’d be best to spread out into extended order.
The questions don’t matter.
Hawkins will win the fight on the walls.
I assign men to clear the walls.
Third Squadron and Lieutenant Hawkins.
I assign men to guard the flanks.
Sixth Squadron and Lieutenant Blaylock.
I assign men to guide the reinforcements.
First Squadron and Lieutenant Butler.
I send my remaining men to support the main attack.
Your choice doesn’t matter.
When you’ve more experience, such things will come naturally.
You don’t have the stats to stop them from looting.
The men have fought hard for their victory, best to let them savor it.
Chapter 6 starts you with 915 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 31, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 53, Loyalty 53, Strength 91
Well, that was an adventure.
Your choice doesn’t matter.
Far too lenient.
The sack disgusts me as much as it does you.
Agree to act as Blaylock’s second.
Then I must congratulate you on your victory.
You might thank me next time seeking out my council before things go too far.
I’ll request as many replacements as I can.
What you think of the Takarans doesn’t matter.
Talking to Cassius doesn’t matter.
Chapter 7 starts you with 290 Crowns and 0 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 37, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 55, Loyalty 52, Strength 100
Spend time with Katarina. Secret Mission $$ she’s rich $$.
I would like to spend my time getting to know Lady Katarina better.
She totally brushes you off, but you got the relationship points anyway.
Be polite to Lewis.
Major Ebenezer d’al Scrooge, Royal Dragoons. At your service, sir.
Very good, we’ll lend a hand.
Letting Cassius fight pisses off Katarina, Telling him to stay pisses him off, telling him to protect Kat gets you positive points for both.
Your Excellency, would you please head to the rear, for the lady’s sake at least.
No, I will take charge.
You don’t have the discipline or moral to succeed at the charge, and if it fails you’ll take heavy losses. You also don’t have sats to cover the retreat, but less people will die.
I order Lewes to retreat and have my dragoons cover him.
We did our duty, that was all.
Lewes give you the “Not All Bastards, Are You” achievement. (Not a real thing lol).
To please Kat.
Given the circumstances, caution would be best; we go east.
It would only be sensible…
Get more Kat rep.
I’ll show my men where our countrymen died in order to stoke the fires of vengeance.
You have enough Charisma to buy food, 120 crowns. To have a shot at pulling off the secret mission we don’t want to take the troop stat hit for the other options.
We will buy from the locals.
Scrooge throws up a little in his mouth.
This is my responsibility as squadron commander; I shall take on the cost myself.
Chapter 8 starts you with 1045 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 33
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 57, Loyalty 54, Strength 96
I would trust his excellency to handle himself.
For the next choice you are essentially trading Reputation to score points with Kat. In this instance it is better to hold onto that rep.
The proposal is admirable but utterly impractical for a kingdom at war.
Your King summons you. An opportunity to earn the ultra-rare royal favor stat.
I kneel, presenting myself as if I were at court.
Not all, sire; some change is needed, and one must decide on an individual basis.
You views don’t matter.
You take a small moral and rep hit if you let Sandoral attend the salon twice, but you get independence for your officers.
Consider it done, Lieutenant.
You may attend, if you relate to me the substance of the discussions afterwards.
Yes, I would very much like to be a major.
Donations to Hunter’s family are not vital to the Royal cause. However.
Fifty crown would be a fair donation for a man of my position.
Your opinion doesn’t matter.
Chapter 9 starts you with 325 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 39, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 50, Loyalty 54, Strength 96
Your Dad died. Sorry? Your opinion doesn’t matter.
I shall be wanting to fight this battle in armor.
We shall ride right through them.
Let us not see if I can rattle their nerves.
Now you could pick up an easy 650 crowns here by joining the looters, but you take massive stat hits. We want to make it through that 25,000 crown secret mission.
I’ll deal with the looters later; my orders come first.
That was a compliment, I think; nothing lost in humoring him.
Since you captured the enemy commander in the first battle of Sabers of Infinity, he just got captured again. You can hire him to run your lands in Lords of Infinity.
Of course. You may lead me to him directly.
Why would you grieve so at the death of an enemy.
I must present to you my compliments; you fought well.
Shall you be ransomed soon?
Should you want for employment, you may inquire after me when this war ends.
I shall call upon and spend time with a personal acquaintance.
I shall call upon Lady Katarina.
You don’t have enough rep for the easiest option.
Surely, there must be fuel for purchase somewhere.
Now Kat drops by to offer you the Secret Mission.
For you? Anything.
Chapter 10 starts you with 314 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 48, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 50, Loyalty 58, Strength 93
Since you never turned Lefebvre for his illegal activities, you should have his cooperation.
Then I am glad Grenadier Square had the judgement to offer their support.
Kat shows her appreciation.
Cue Suicide Mission Soundtrack!! (Rolling Thunder 2 -12- Hopeless Mission (SEGA GEN/MD) - OST - YouTube)
Your questions don’t matter.
Then let us see it to the very end, together.
I see if any of the men have problems I could resolve.
There’s no point in taking risks; I’ll put my armour on.
I’ll stay here; I shouldn’t abandon my men.
I form the men up in close order around the gate.
Stand firm! Hold the line!
I order my men to aim high.
I rally my men in the hopes of capturing her in a sudden rush.
I cannot allow her to escape; precautions must be taken.
I was following my orders.
Epilogue starts you with 14364 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 51, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 71, Loyalty 60, Strength 39
I have no sympathy for cowards…
I bought the promotion; it would be a great help should Tierra find itself at war in the future.
I shall be inheriting a seat on the Cortes…
Why, that is a marvelous idea!
Why, of course, I expected this!
The honour of merely receiving such a medal is reward enough for me.
Both have proved steady allies apart, together they would prove even more formidable.
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2023.03.27 09:28 hkzklahxju 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Walking out…
“Oh God Wes, we’re doing it, we are really fucking and it feels so good. I can feel you way down in my pussy and I can feel it as you bring it out. Oh Wes, please put it back in me, please oh please. Fuck me with it Wes, fuck me hard,” she cried.
With a quick stretch she got to her and headed for the door, “C’mon, its movie night.”
He asked, “Is that alright, do you want me to stop?”
“Okay, okay, wait,” she said, pushing my head back and coming up for air. “Wooh, you really like these things, don’t you?”
But there were other videos that were quite a bit harder. There were clips of girls smoking while getting fucked by men. There were movies of smoking girls sucking off their men. There was also a clip of a girl, with a cigarette held between her fingers, masturbating an impossibly rock-hard, towering cock. Angel clicked on the link and the very short video started, immediately showing the girl’s cigarette-clutching fingers wrapped around the cock. She jacked it through a few strokes and then suddenly the cock started shooting semen straight up into the air. The rocketing sperm fell back down, only to splatter all over the girl’s jacking fist, and all over her cigarette. In the case of the latter, the final frames of this short video showed several massive volleys of cum shooting up in front of her startled face. The ribbons of sperm could then be seen falling back down, landing on her cigarette and putting it out, while more male seed dripped in strands from her fingers and from the cigarette.
Chase didn’t reply and turned away. “Well, at least I think I’m funny,” Faith mumbled to herself.
“It’s only for one day honey, we’ll be back bright and early, I know you’ll make sure of that.”
“Come on baby, fuck me! We don’t have a lot of time as it is!” Rita said.
“Don’t apologize. It was just fate. I get…” he cleared his throat. “Well, fuck, you already know. So like, on my end it’s my fault. You, you’re just a geek who seems to be everywhere. Either you’re way craftier than you look, no offense, or it’s just because you and Nicole are a thing.”
“Yeah. I’m not worried. This text says he’ll be okay. But the fact that the toughest guy in our grade is in a coma in the hospital! I mean...it’s like its more of a security thing. Like, if someone like Blane can be taken down, what about us?”
We pulled on our pants and I helped her change out her blankets. “Are you feeling better?” I asked her as we put her old blanket in the washer.
“No, Joe, not inside me! I’m not on the pill!”
“Don't look at them look at me!” Stephanie said as she grabbed his head forcing him to look at her then went back to slapping and hitting him.”
2013-01-02 02:59:24
The few weekends leading up to her birthday Jeremy had started to hang out with her more and more and she was used to always having him around.
“What are you guys doing?”
Karly was still wrapped up in my arms, having found her Christmas presents and having said thank you for them in the second nicest way I could think of at the moment, by kissing me passionately.
Fuck, another no good answer situation. If he told her the truth, in your panties, he'd be a creepy incestuous brother, but if he admitted to blasting the mirror and the counter, she'd think, that's where I put my toothbrush. "I catch it,” he said. “That's what I try to do, so it doesn't get on anything."
He quickly grabbed the can and took pinch out and put it in a piece of paper.
I reluctantly agreed, and turned toward the light. Just before stepping out of the shadows I pulled her close and kissed her as hard as I could, pulling her hips tight to me so she was sure to feel my hard cock pressing into her tummy. Michelle returned the kiss with equal passion and wiggled her little bottom against me. We hurried back toward the bridge where I gave Michelle a quick goodnight kiss and jogged to the cabin.
The heat had momentally broken; a cold front from the north had chilled the air cooling us off, a welcome change. The chill caused her nipples to become small erect buttons that morning. Both of us were increasing our state of hornieness as we intertwined our bodies. I found myself in a position of debate, succumbing to any qualms I had she voluntarily open her legs as my head vanished between them. I found the smell distinctive, different from my finger after a finger wave. Not attractive but I went ahead probing my tongue into the fleshy folds of her pussy to her enchantment. I had no idea of what or where here magic button was located but that didn’t hamper my enthusiasm or hers. Together we sucked in each other’s sex organs, the crown of my dick being nursed like a pacifier as I sucked her cunt. It was at that moment I understood today would be my day.
"Time to pay up" I grinned
She smiled at me, “You are so getting your dick sucked right now…”
I wondered now: was my newfound passion for exercise orchestrated by Otto?
There aren’t words that can express the intensity of the emotions flowing through me as she said “Yes” I thought to myself as I tried to explain to Joe how the date went. After I asked her and she said yes, we mostly just made out, hard and passionately, soft and slow, our hands wondered all over, but never really staying in one place mostly just wondering, as if to claim her as mine, and her to claim me as hers, and the that of that made me dizzy with ecstasy, I had already said goodnight to Kar, and just said bye to Joe, and after throwing my phone into some corner of the room, softly mind you, I almost instantaneously fell asleep.
"I own you." I repeated. "I have all this...control over you, and I didn't even have to take it from you. You gave yourself to me."
"It was the same with me, no one came after us, To make sure that no one was following us, we crisscrossed the town while I took her home, not as eventful as you though"
By now I was convinced she was up to something. But how far was she willing to go? My move I thought. I moved my face so it was just behind her ear and I just softly breather into it.
“Yeah? How do you start the lawn mower?”
“Lizzy...I'm gonna cum,” I warned her.
MSN pinged and my attention was brought back to the real world (in my mind I was slowly undressing Joe). Ah, Joe had just signed in. It was four PM there, these time differences came in handy, my grandmother was safely upstairs in bed, oblivious to the horniness of the teenager downstairs, and his mother was at work. But Canada seems so far away, how I longed for us to be together. We will be, one day. Nine months and I was going to Canada. Going to see my baby, be with him forever more.
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2023.03.27 06:30 Hack_Jammer So I did something that I'm not proud of in my latest DMZ match, truly I am conflicted.

So last DMZ match for the night I decided to squad fill in hopes of running another 6 man on Ashika and maybe get the weapons case since I'm 6 of 7. Game starts up and I hear my comrandoms speaking French so I figured that plan went out the window. They continued to speak French in voice chat and I figured I wouldn't overcomplicate things by talking so I just used my Pings and communicated that way.
We did a stronghold, a contract, looted a bunch and even grabbed a few air drops but nothing else of significance was done, and disappointed I gazed at the castle, pondering what could have been. As I walked back over the hill I noticed the extract beyond it was activated, evident by the indistinguishable green flare and suddenly I spring into action, start pinging like crazy to alert my fellow Frenchmen and maybe channel some of their current civil unrest into the engagement. Remembering the UAV tower on my side of the hill I make a break for it, only to be met by an enemy operator who beat me to the punch, I fire at him, barely managing to crack his 3 plate, before succumbing to his volley of premeditated aggression. He activates the tower, and I can only crawl away in defeat, my fall from grace mimicked in turn by my fall off the mountain. I cringed in disappointment at my own gameplay, when suddenly, a squad invite appears. I hastily accepted, thinking maybe my fellow squad mates would take heed to such invitational ceasefire, but I soon found myself fighting the very men who helped me.
The battle was swift, I missed crucial shots that I knew I should've hit, but I blamed not the game. It might have been my own reservations at my sudden betrayal and lack of honor that restrained me from going forward with it in its entirety. But soon, they too fell. But not without taking half of the 4 man squad I was now a part of. They say that to the Victor goes the spoils, and in essence they did, I took their dog tags, silver in color, as well as a weapon from each of them. I could feel their essences emanating from both relics as I carried them as spoils of war, and their aura was almost haunting. Through the French chatter of the death mics I was only able to barely utter the words "I'm sorry" in what I can only assume would have been very poor French on my part, may they forgive my transgressions.
I helped heal our wounded as we prepared to board on the final exfil point, and yet, a cloud of shame and regret loomed over me. One that even the radiation could not permeate, and as we sat in the helicopter to relish in our victory, I realized that I had only failed. I failed myself and my squad, I was only used by the new squad. I won nothing and yet I walked away with everything, a pyrrhic victory for sure.
I feel I may just hold on to their weapons, die with them. Maybe then I'll have died with them the way I should have at the start. Or maybe I'll keep them and let them carry me to the 7th case, either way, they'll haunt me till the day I lose them.
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2023.03.26 15:19 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Tennis recap for the week of March 19 - March 25

Sunday, March 19 - Saturday, March 25


score comments title & link
2,299 138 comments Ballperson becomes Paula Badosa's hitting partner during long break in play
1,532 68 comments Hilarious moment between Elena Rybakina & Aryna Sabalenka during the trophy ceremony
1,131 149 comments Alcaraz moves to 1 game away from the title with 3 consecutive dropshots vs Medvedev
276 21 comments Hi Daniil, I heard you like running.
259 10 comments Impressive save from Bianca Andreescu against Maria Sakkari | R64 Miami Open
133 20 comments Amazing practice point between Alcaraz and Tsitsipas
130 29 comments All 17 Alcaraz Drop Shot Winners from Indian Wells in 2 minutes!
36 7 comments Rohan Bopanna playing Roger Federer in singles 17 years ago
29 27 comments Carlos Alcaraz exposing Daniil Medvedev's return stance in the Indian Wells final
19 23 comments Missed call from Alcaraz / Sinner


score comments title & link
1,037 65 comments Martina is cancer free!
892 178 comments Iga Swiatek is out of Miami with a rib injury
485 110 comments Iga now sponsored by On (same shoe company that sponsors Federer)
353 107 comments Paul Annacone thinks Carlos Alcaraz is more like Roger than Rafa: "Roger could always stay on the baseline and always look like he had time, and that’s how this kid looks.”
207 44 comments Monte-Carlo Masters on Twitter - Nadal in


score comments title & link
608 46 comments Alcaraz and FAA practicing. FAA hits the winner and Alcaraz is delighted. Gotta love these guys!
297 60 comments 😧🧐
293 72 comments Who's more fun to watch at their best?
284 1,053 comments What Tennis opinion will put you in this position?
259 13 comments Even though Sabalenka leads 4-1 in H2H, are we seeing a rivalry develop at the top of the WTA?


score comments title & link
1,733 26 comments Times are tough for MuryGOAT
847 148 comments Poor Novie…
815 63 comments I love the internet
735 24 comments What really makes Rybakina happy
712 40 comments Alcaraz won this match


score comments title & link
137 26 comments Iga Świątek and Ben Shelton clothing now sponsored by On
137 9 comments Tiafoe drop volleys for a point off Ben Shelton in practice at the Miami Open today
128 6 comments Gasquet has withdrawn from the Miami Open with an ankle injury, putting Tsitsipas into R3 by walkover
49 15 comments Sneak Peek of On’s Miami Kit on Ben Shelton! Thoughts?
44 12 comments Giorgi Hits 14 Double-faults At Miami Open, Hangs On To Win


score comments title & link
518 30 comments to whoever asked this to casper ruud I just wanna talk 😭
483 55 comments John Millman on Twitter
461 21 comments Truly evil Casper strangles defenceless puppy
440 38 comments Rublev and Medvedev meet Louis Tomlinson, Rublev looks stunned 😂
259 43 comments Stefanos Tsitsipas hails Jim Courier's TV commentary


score comments title & link
926 145 comments Masters 1000 wins as a teenager
631 60 comments Now that's something.!
346 66 comments Male World #1s with the Lowest Win%
305 27 comments Most Consecutive Weeks in the ATP Top 10 in the Open Era
275 47 comments Thiem Forehand Effectiveness 2019 vs 2023


score comments title & link
662 33 comments I hear this is a Rybakina's sister stan sub now
489 92 comments Maria Sakkari actually has photographic memory 🤯
480 78 comments Here is a elusive sight in tennis, Elena with a big smile:). Looking dazzling in the desert!! (@JJlovesTennis Official Photographer @WTA)
408 47 comments Bianca is back!
291 23 comments As we remember Ash Barty today and her retirement, let's revisit Pliskova's golden contribution...

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1,439 117 comments [Post-Match Thread] [10] E. Rybakina 🇰🇿 wins her first WTA 1000 title by defeating [2] A. Sabalenka 🇧🇾 | 7-6(11), 6-4 | Indian Wells Final!
1,350 440 comments [Post-Match Thread] [1] Carlos Alcaraz d. [5] D. Medvedev 6-3 6-2 to win the 2023 Indian Wells Masters
1,305 234 comments [ATP] Carlos Alcaraz is back at no.1! 👍🎈🥳👏🔥🥰💪🎾

Top Comments

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513 roamiedumbass said Unbelievable mental strength to pull it off from here
495 Simple-Load4182 said I am enjoying tournaments where both Nadal and Djokovic are absent. They are amazing, I wish them both more successful seasons and tournaments, but I just like to take a break from those two every now...
490 Hot_Protection_2827 said The fact that tennis courts were made systematically slower in the last 20 years benefited Rafa and Nole’s play styles, while probably hindering Roger’s to some extent.
487 The_Entheogenist said He exercised his freedom of choice and says he stands by that decision. Stop trying to create a victim where there is none.
450 Cloudy0- said Not people's opinions being downvoted in an unpopular opinion post 💀

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278 - 27 comments 1 Platinum [Big 3] I tried to make a collection of events that happened during the 912 weeks that Nadal stayed in the Top 10 (well, mostly in the "western" world)
76 - 82 comments 1 Gold Warm vibe Wednesdays

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1 Platinum, 1 Faith In Humanity Restored 411 JeffTheComposer said Considering her win records against other opponents I’m not sure why cancer thought it had a chance
1 Take My Energy 426 HenrikLarsson88 said Ash Barty is the most overrated player, legacy wise, probably in any sport People talk as if she was this completely dominant player on the WTA tour... when she just wasn't. She never reached the dom...
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2023.03.25 00:05 casocial Ahead of the fighter playtest release, let's take a look back at the 5e fighter design goals.

The Fighter Is the Best at . . . Fighting!
This might sound like an obvious point, but the fighter should be the best character in a fight. Other classes might have nifty tricks, powerful spells, and other abilities, but when it’s time to put down a monster without dying in the process, the fighter should be our best class. A magic sword might make you better in a fight, but a fighter of the same level is still strictly better. Perhaps a spell such as haste lets you attack more often, but the fighter is still either making more attacks or his or her attacks are more accurate or powerful.
The Fighter Draws on Training and Experience, not Magic
Fighters master mundane tactics and weapon skills. They don’t need spells or some sort of external source of magical power to succeed. Fighters do stuff that is within the limits of mundane mortals. They don’t reverse gravity or shoot beams of energy.
The Fighter Exists in a World of Myth, Fantasy, and Legend
Keeping in mind the point above, we also have to remember that while the fighter draws on mundane talent, we’re talking about mundane within the context of a mythical, fantasy setting. Beowulf slew Grendel by tearing his arm off. He later killed a dragon almost singlehandedly. Roland slew or gravely injured four hundred Saracens in a single battle. In the world of D&D, a skilled fighter is a one-person army. You can expect fighters to do fairly mundane things with weapons, but with such overwhelming skill that none can hope to stand against them.
The Fighter Is Versatile
The fighter is skilled with all weapons. The best archer, jouster, and swordmaster in the realm are all fighters. A monk can match a fighter’s skill when it comes to unarmed combat, and rangers and paladins are near a fighter’s skill level, but the fighter is typically in a class by itself regardless of weapon.
The Fighter Is the Toughest Character
The fighter gets the most hit points and is the most resilient character. A fighter’s skill extends to defense, allowing the class to wear the heaviest armor and use the best shields. The fighter’s many hit points and high AC renders many monsters’ attacks powerless.
A High-Level Fighter and a High-Level Wizard Are Equal
Too often in D&D, the high-level fighter is the flunky to a high-level wizard. It’s all too easy for combinations of spells to make the wizard a far more potent enemy or character, especially if a wizard can unleash his or her spells in rapid succession. A wizard might annihilate a small army of orcs with a volley of fireballs and cones of cold. The fighter does the same sword blow by sword blow, taking down waves of orcs each round. Balancing the classes at high levels is perhaps the highest priority for the fighter, and attaining balance is something that we must do to make D&D fit in with fantasy, myth, and legend. Even if a wizard unleashes every spell at his or her disposal at a fighter, the fighter absorbs the punishment, throws off the effects, and keeps on fighting.
Source. What do you think? Will WotC do a better job with OneDnD?
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