Tulip glass lamp shade

License Plate Theft in Oakland Gardens

2023.03.28 11:47 The_Lone_Apple License Plate Theft in Oakland Gardens

A couple of my neighbors in the Windsor Park/Oaks area had their plates stolen over the past couple of days. Usually sometime between 2 am and 5 am - one neighbor heard odd noises around 3:30-ish one evening.
Another neighbor reported what they saw to the 111th Precinct even though it was dark and in a spot shaded from street lamps. Black four door sedan with two people dressed all black head to foot. She saw them working on one car but couldn't get the plate off and then got skittish when a couple of cars came along down the same street.
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2023.03.28 11:42 jonceee2 Glass Matte Black [CYCLES]

Glass Matte Black [CYCLES]
Hi:) Im trying to get a glass material, and just bringing up transmission always worked for me, but on this project it makes the object black. I've set my light paths all to 12, i believe i has enough light. Im rendering in Cycles, GPU
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2023.03.28 09:13 texas__pete Small hue-compatible bulb (E27)

Small hue-compatible bulb (E27)
I'm trying to find something to replace this small E27 bulb (at the bottom in the picture). Anyone seen anything close? The hue bulb is a little too long for the lamp shade.
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2023.03.28 08:12 Mo3inaz Was it a dream?

There is no specific easy way to start this. I am not gonna pretend or say that I was cursed by karma or someone. I am in my mid 30's and have children, married and divorced. I work a job that I greatly dislike. Just like everybody else my age that has wasted their youth or made not so smart decisions. I had little or no time for myself due to shared parenting, so my life was work, sleep and raising my kid. I am writing this in hopes that someone has gone through this or otherwise can help me solve this problem.
It started with a neck ache that I attributed to either sleeping wrong or drinking too much after my kid had gone to bed. I am not proud to state that sometimes after my kid went to bed, I sometimes stayed up, way later than I should have, thinking about the glory days and drinking too much. This was a Sunday, after one of those nights, I turned my head and immediately I was met with quick flash of an outline of a figure and a jolt of pain to the bottom of my neck/head area. I had to get up and take care of my kid regardless.
I got up feeling dizzy and debilitated from that pain but I knew I had to cook breakfast for my kid. Like a boxer after the second time being knocked down, I made my way to the kitchen on wobbly legs. I never made it to the fridge, I saw that flash and felt that pain, leaning into the sink to throw up. I felt disgusted with myself as I turned on the water to wash that disgraceful mess down the drain. After washing my face and calming down, I knew I had to go check on my kid, surely all my retching must have woke him up.
I stumbled into the room to check on him with my eyes still filled with post puke tears, clearly still dizzy and unable to see clearly. The room I walked into was dark and very much different, yet familiar. I had seen this room before, but not in like over ten years. This was not my kid's room. This room did not belong to the 30's version of me, this was something from 2007. I rubbed my eyes and was rewarded with that same blurry, yet dark and frightening outline of some humanoid form.
I took a few minutes to take the room in, My head was throbbing and I felt like death, yet I could make out the details of the room from my past. There was a dresser with an almost empty bottle of vodka, a cheap lamp and a bed with a semi covered woman. Even though my head was throbbing, I recognized that woman, she had been a woman who I had dated at time. I rushed out of the room.
I ran down the hallway of the apartment from 2007 and to the bathroom. I knew that this must be a dream or some kind of revolting joke from the gods. I wasn't 19 years old, I was a man in my thirties, a father with a kid that needed to be fed and looked after. I ran to the toilet and gagged hard, of course I didn't have anything in my stomach to puke up. Swaying my pathetic ass to the sink, I turned on the faucet and started washing my face with ice cold water.
After drying my face, I looked at the mirror to see if I looked as bad as I felt. My blood ran cold as the image in the mirror was not mine but a shadow version of my kid with blood red eyes. As I stared at the cruel imitation of my kid, I couldn't help but feel regret for every morning that I was too tired to play or too sick due to alcohol. Was I in hell or some sort of purgatory???
That moment of pity or shame didn't last long, as the shadow version of my kid reached through the mirror and grabbed me by the neck. Not my proudest moment but I admit I peed myself as it pulled itself out of the mirror as it continued to choke me. I was slammed over and over against the bathroom wall, my neck and head hurting more and more with each blow. I felt myself start to fade as I was finally pulled into the mirror itself.
I awoke with my head throbbing and my neck aching, in my present day bed. I opened my eyes to see that my kid's face was inches away from mine. I won't lie, I recoiled a bit out of both fear and instinct. I gave him a once over and knew this was my kid, not the shadow version. It had all been a dream, maybe a way of my guilt letting me know to lay off the sauce. I told him to go play while daddy got up and dressed.
Was it a dream? As I write this, asking for input or advice. I have to add two details that I noticed after he left the room. The first was when I made my way out of bed, I looked at my neck in then dresser mirror and had a large bruise around my neck, to go along with the neck ache and headache. The second was when I walked into the restroom to relieve myself, there were shards of glass on the floor and sink. The bathroom mirror was missing. So, the question still is very much unanswered, Was it a dream?
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2023.03.28 07:22 parrow Need Inspiring decor? Try the Flea Market!

The lamps that the Flea Market can spawn include the career-exclusive "Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere" (looks like a giant martini glass) and "Flegal Studio Floor Lamp" (this one looks like a chair + lamp) - both of which provide the Inspiring moodlet if emotional auras are enabled.
As an aside, I've also seen it spawn "The Hipster Hugger" - a 3-seater sofa that gives a Focusing mood.
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