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2023.03.28 09:52 theartsyspot2023 Buy Classroom wall decals, School wall decals, School wall decor, and more – The Artsy Spot

Buy Classroom wall decals, School wall decals, School wall decor, and more – The Artsy Spot

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2023.03.28 09:32 Botbapapa Ben isn't real.

See the title ^
If you want to help spread the word, please find the source code and easy to follow instructions below. And thank you in advance for your help in this effort.
5 easy steps:
  1. Download and install python: https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/
  2. Install praw (the library that lets you talk to the Reddit API), you could read the documentation but serious, just type "pip3 install praw" into your terminal and that's all you need.
  3. Download/copy the source code from here into a file called something like "super_important_reminder.py", modify it per the comments, and save.
  4. Go into the directory with the file, and run the bot with the command: "python3 super_important_reminder.py"
  5. If you want to really prove your worth, use crontab or something else to automate your computer to run that script every day, or every hour, or whatever floats your moat. Or if that's too hard, just run it manually every day, or every hour, or whatever floats your moat.
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2023.03.28 09:14 Sudden-Molasses2749 Forethought

For TGM,
There was a lot of forethought into your actions.
It took me over a decade to realize it that these moments were not all coincidences or were they? If I would have confronted you about it would you have lied? Of course, you would have. Am I right about you choosing dishonesty over letting me see what cards you were holding? You were not just a male that was biologically wired to gawk at the nearest woman that could provide you with some eye candy as I was probably in a lecture you sat and could actually pay attention to as you once explained was the case. That was a cop out and deciding that I was insulted (slighted was the word you used) by your rejection of my advances as if it wasn't I had come to expect or had an abundance of that it ceased any self-confidence I might have held a glimmer of as a child. You are not the only one who has deadened my past hopefulness. I hope you are not giving yourself that much credit, but I suspect you might.
That experience (not that experience alone -- I hope that you are not that presumptuous! ) has led me to find future potentially embarrassing moments foreboding like I never thought would be the case prior to taking matters into my own hands. Whenever I felt the need to summon a bodacious side of myself even if I was feigning the long desired characteristic as a necessary means to create the future I could have only dreamed of prior to my life before you and I stood before each other. I now choose myself and that will probably always be the case until I finally depart and never have to think or wonder about anything ever again! It will be a much needed rest for the unfortunate brain I carry. The experience you gave me helped me make that choice for the good and the bad. Do you regret "the experience I gave you?"
Why did you want attention from me? How many times had you laid eyes on me before I noticed you noticing me a year and some months before you and I assigned ourselves to sit a row and some chairs away in that lecture room? I hope it wasn't too many! Don't worry I do not think that you followed me there. That I do believe was by chance.
I am glad you didn't respond to the message I sent on Reddit last year as curious as my nature is; it is worth being measured as a sin. That option is not listed thankfully? I am far from lustful despite what you might think. This again I am sure is your skewed perspective of me if you could conjure up any thought of me. You couldn't before to my surprise. I hope there wasn't many more for their sake if they are anything like me (which isn't as many as psychology has led me to believe). The reply would have only been a lie; I am almost sure of it now. Curiosity killing the cat must have been a reality and not the myth that mistook a positive attribute for foolishness.
You would have never admitted that you saw me pull out a cigarette and watch me shake my head and retracted the unlit cigarette from my lips. The reason I failed to light the cancer stick was due to your peeping. Again, I thought this was just a coincidence that I happen to be in your immediate view once again. I never thought you had any ill intention or any intentions at all for that matter, but this would only be one of X amount of times I felt scrutinized by your gape. That X might be ever changing as my memory attempts to catch up to one of your average adult even in today's age.
Was your smoking as you skated past me on my way to the library contrived? Did you know that I was watching smoke as you skated past the hall on our last day of lecture? The day your friend knocked on my door I believe was 100% chance, but what about the time you watched me walk into the apartment while you were hanging out with your friend, I presume was the girlfriend you told me you were committed to? What were you thinking as we walked past each other at the Santa Ynez apartments so closely it could have been an encounter that may have prevented the idea I would hold onto years later? That clock is still ticking. At least I have a new perspective in that matter whether you believe it or not, whether it is a tale of truth or a fabricated tale of my sick imagination, whether right or wrong, and even if it would have never mattered at all!
You moved your seat purposefully, at least three times. Even your friend wondered why. I was naïve to your orchestrated actions as well. I am glad for at least one of those. I was glad you decided to sit right behind me after your friend decided to place pressure onto the back of my seat and into my back causing discomfort and hours later, pain. Did you make the seat change for my benefit? That was nice of you. I really appreciate it. I am not being sarcastic here.
It doesn't matter now, and it may not have never mattered at all especially to you. Nobody else knows of my experience with you. I expect you told nobody as well, since any thoughts of me were so minimal that I didn't cross your mind when I revealed my desire to connect a year since my last intense surveying of you both smoke and skate paying no attention to my pathetic self (I hope my attentiveness didn't make you feel like prey although that desire becomes more apparent as my mind reminisced the more hopeful self of the past). I was inexplicably crestfallen and may have wished you felt the same even if only for a second. I have never hunted before and a successful capture was not something I have ever been confident in. That is limerence for you or maybe I am just sick in the head as everyone thinks I am.
It might matter to someone else though. My previous letter was sent out of my unrest and desire to inform you (someone I thought of as friendly then) as a means to bring awareness to what my limerence led my belief of was a battle you held with rumination and "love" addiction. That was the case for me, but I erroneously believed was a shared unique experience.
Only one other knows of my struggle with limerence. Do you regret the experience you stated you lived for on Reddit (you never specified that the experiences had to be positive, beneficial or meet any previous standard or criteria)? You had thanked me for it in the past though I didn't consider a message online an experience at all. I could easily be a bot even now (kinda -- but because of the details not so much).
N, you are the mastermind. You are in good company with a fellow writer Miss T. Swift. She used her skills to her benefit and successfully locked it down as a career and engrained herself into American culture, so that isn't a jab... not in the slightest. I don't know what you think about this. I contacted you a year ago because I suspected that you may have been a limerent and thought that the discovery of the condition I never heard of (I was a psych major, so much for choosing to study that). I regret you more than my decision for the subject choice for my degree. The feeling is mutual I am sure. Be careful what you wish for, huh?
Although, you may not be aware of how this "experience" has affected me. I now wish to inform you that I might not be the only unintentional victim of limerence. I hope you consider your actions towards others in the future (yeah, yeah, hypocritical, I know since this text is being written),other potential eye candy that encaptivates your male monkey brain you are enslaved to with no shame or fault. I wouldn't want them to become imprisoned by their addictive brain when you had no intentions of any type of relationship with them at all what so ever not even a little bit.
Like I mentioned before, it is my fault I am in this spiral, but I am not 100% at fault for the disturbance I have subjected you too. You must take credit for a minimum of 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% for making yourself the target. If you want to look at it positively, you saved someone else from the frustration you insisted I was creating for both of us by my futile effort to seduce you into committing treachery to the one you had dedicated yourself to.
I am getting deja vu, N. I am stuck on repeat. I guess these thoughts and emotions are something I truly wish to disclose to you, since the only benefit I am getting from this is ingraining myself as an image in your monkey brain of a sappy, pathetic, stupid, emotional, obsessive little person. Nobody wants that. So, what really was it? I know it wasn't because you thought I was eyeing you and interested in bedding you as I first theorized. Was it a case of pining for the first woman you saw that was emotionally unavailable after a heartbreak? Did my appearance resemble someone in your past? That is my new theory.
What was it? Why me?
the one who wishes she would have never created any false hope for herself now and in the past
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2023.03.28 09:13 mike_lynx The Eye of Ra, Chapter 1 of a web novel.

3187 words
A god's secret name holds the key to their deepest powers, and speaking it to their face transfers that power to the speaker. Isis once tricked Ra into revealing his secret name, giving her his powers and making her the most powerful goddess in the land. This precedent still stands for all time, as the power of the gods lies not only in their secret names, but also in the courage of those who claim it, even if they are otherwise a fool.
-RV. Chronicler of the Kenoma.
Once upon a time, as I crouched down to clean the kitten litter boxes in Madam Zoe's cluttered garage, I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from my smartphone. I paused and checked the screen, confused since I had music playing that should have overridden all notifications. An emergency broadcast was flashing across it. On the screen, I saw Ra, the Sun God. His shimmering golden fur glowed as he stood on a space chariot with billowing golden sails trailing out behind it like the sun itself. Alongside him were Set, the God of Violence in the form of an indigo lion, and Bastet, a pink Abyssinian Cat Goddess of Protection. The three of them were locked in fierce combat with a monstrous storm of green neon space dragons that swarmed around the solar chariot. Behind them, some impossibly large monster's wings blocked out all other light beyond the solar chariot.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like some wacky TV show, but the graphics were so realistic that I couldn't help but be mesmerized. After a few moments, I shrugged it off and went back to cleaning the litter boxes. After all, the posters on the walls read "the Golden Rule of Goodness is this: save all cats and kittens!" And for me, that meant keeping their litter boxes clean and tidy.
Suddenly, a weird golden cat with spinning clock eyes appeared out of nowhere in the garage with me. I yelped in surprise and stumbled backward, knocking my head on a hanging light. Catnip bags came tumbling down on top of me, adding to the mess I'd already cleaned up. While rubbing the back of my head, the golden cat hissed at me. Despite its striking appearance, I couldn't help but think to myself that there was no way this cat was actually Ra. The cat had all of its hairs standing up, its back arched, and its sparkling crystalline fangs bared at me.
"Ra!" I hissed back at the cat. I reached out to shoo it away, but something strange happened. It let out a meow that sounded like it was about to speak words. Then, I felt a strange sensation as a sound wave rippled through the room. The lights shattered, and everything started to fly off the shelves.
A surge of warm electricity coursed through me. I didn't know what was happening, but I could feel the energy radiating through my blood and bones and tips of my fingers and toes. Meanwhile, the strange gold cat had dimmed to a dull orange and was throwing a tantrum, spinning around and tearing up bags of catnip before running out of the room and down the hallway.
I was left standing there, feeling like a bolt of lightning had just passed through me. I didn't understand what had just happened, but as much as I wanted to clean up the mess, rescuing the clock-eyed cat was way more important.
As I chased the cat down the hallway, I was struck by the intricate carvings on the walls. This hadn't been there before. Usually that was just a plain jane white hallway. I hesitated to wonder where all this stuff had come from, but shrugged that thought away as well. Egyptian iconography, long lost to time, adorned the limestone walls, depicting scenes of feline gods and goddesses. Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the dead, was shown weighing the hearts of the deceased against a feather. Bastet, the feline goddess of protection, was depicted with her claws unsheathed, ready to defend her followers against any who would threaten them. The hallway itself seemed to twist and turn in on itself, like a labyrinthine temple.
As I entered the strangely embellished cat lounge, I was struck by the cozy and inviting atmosphere that hadn't been there before. The walls were adorned with holographic images of Egyptian gods, their glowing forms seeming to dance and shimmer in the dim light. The air was filled with the soothing hum of advanced air filtration systems, keeping the space free of allergens and pollutants. The furniture was sleek and modern, with plush cushions and soft, faux fur coverings.
In one corner, a group of cats lounged on a platform adorned with intricate hieroglyphs, their eyes closed in contentment as they soaked up the warmth of a futuristic heating system. Another group of cats played with high-tech toys that emitted colorful lights and sounds, their playful antics made me smile and want to tumble down and play with them.
The space was a harmonious blend of futuristic technology and ancient Egyptian aesthetics, creating a unique and welcoming environment that felt both modern and timeless. I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe as I looked around, marveling at the beauty and ingenuity of the space while also wondering how I had not noticed whoever put all this stuff there.
At the end of the corridor, I could see a faint light emanating from a door carved with the likeness of Bastet. The door was made of a strange, shimmering metal that seemed to pulse with a faint light. As I approached and reached out to touch the door, I was struck by a strange sensation - it was as if I could feel the power of the goddess coursing through my veins. For a moment, I felt invincible, as if nothing could harm me. But then, as quickly as it had come, the feeling was gone, leaving me feeling empty and alone.
Despite my initial thought that the clock-eyed cat could be Ra, I knew deep down that it was impossible. The cat was too small, too ordinary to be a god. But as I looked around me at the ancient carvings and futuristic architecture, I couldn't help but wonder if there was more to this place than met the eye. Perhaps, in some way, the garage had fused with a temple to Bastet - a place where her followers could come to seek protection and guidance in a world that had long since forgotten the ancient ways.
The orange cat ran out of the room and headbutted a fire escape crash bar on a door. Fire alarm klaxons blared, scaring the cats to scurry all over the place. Above the blaring fire alarms and mewling cats, I could hear the distant music of a piano, bass, and violin in my earbuds fighting against the song of the sirens. Looking at the time clock on the wall to my right, I took a deep breath and said to myself, "I gotta save the Kittens. No matter what!" The excitement got my breathing a bit too fast. Electric tingles trickled up my fingertips.
As I caught my breath, I noticed my favorite teal hoodie hanging on a hook. It was the softest thing in the garage (other than the cats) and always brought me comfort. The intricate patterns woven into the fabric mesmerized me, reminding me of the veins a gentle, persistent stream bores into soil or stone.
As I clocked out, the monotone voice of the time clock reminded me, "You have thirty minutes for lunch, Aktaly." Sigh.
Stepping outside, I was greeted by a teal and violet sky that hung over an oil-stricken river lined with brambles and sycamore trees. The plastic trash balls that tumbled across the causeway leading to a broken bridge were an all-too-familiar sight. 3D printed coffin towers ate up most of Neo-Babylon's horizon. Each tower had solar-powered drone ports lifting cargo from them and buzzing like flies. Madam Zoe's wise, old face was painted along each tower, but the eyes were all scratched out.
It had been my routine on lunch breaks to explore the hidden paths around the old sycamore tree. It was easy for me to chase Kittens across a half-full parking lot behind Madam Zoe's garage. I followed him towards the riverside bramble of trees to a familiar spot.
The violet sun shone down on us like the light of Pistis, illuminating our path through the tangle of the old sycamore tree. Kittens stopped to chew on some soft teal flowers and golden mushrooms that grew out of the base of the tree. Madam Zoe had a song about these symbols of the goddess Inanna's power over nature. I plucked a few petals and mushrooms to nibble on and honor her as I settled down in my secret spot.
Mellow tones from pianos and violins distracted me as I searched for a song that would make me whole. One addiction had replaced another. Searching for a song that didn't exist kept me craving with no way to fix my fix. Some scabs felt better to remain perpetually fresh.
Five years ago, I had finally sobered up after rehab and started working for Madam Zoe, the greatest musical composer in Neo-Babylon as a halfway house kind of deal. I had been an assistant for the care of her music transcriptions ever since she had lost her sight. But, someone better inevitably came along and I was demoted to care for her cats and cars. I still wasn't sure how to make a difference beyond keeping litter boxes tidy, playing with the cats, and keeping them fed.
With a deep breath, I closed my eyes and let the music carry me away. For the next few minutes, I melted into the melodies and rhythms of a string adagio, feeling more whole than I had in a long time. In that peaceful moment, I thought about the song I had been dreaming of for eternity. The sounds and vibrations called to me, pulling me toward some deep, distant plane of existence. In this world, every face and facet held a crest or trough in the waveform that harmonized with the universe. I yearned to compose a song that would let me become one with everything. Whispers of this song would visit me in fleeting moments and right before I would nod off and out, urging me to unlock its secrets.
As Kittens approached me with a meow, I couldn't resist giving him some attention. "Look at you, ooooh!" I said, patting his head and ruffling his pointy, caracal ears. Kittens rubbed his face on my hands and crawled further into my lap. A warmth tingled from my knees to my elbows and right back down my spine. "See we can be friendly kittens."
Kittens let out a contented purr as I absentmindedly stroked his fur. My hands craved to flick a lighter or pop a topper, ever tempting me like an old flame. But I refused to give up control again. I took a deep breath of cool, fresh air and closed my eyes, listening to the rustle of leaves through sycamore trees and the soft adagio of strings.
Despite being one level above tone deaf, I had poured countless hours into studying and practicing music, determined to replicate the tones perfectly. As I reached for my synthesizer app on my phone, a surge of creative energy flowed through me.
But then, a deafening sonic boom shook the ground. Startled, Kittens leapt up, clawing at my favorite hoodie. As I cursed and tried to calm the frightened feline, a bloody slit opened up in the sky, revealing a portal to distant Bronze Saturnus and its icy rings.
The sight reminded me of Inanna, who had once traveled to Saturnus to aid its defense against the Marzans through a similar crimson star gate.
But this time, instead of a Goddess, a swarm of huge, shimmering dragons poured out, their scales reflecting the light of the violet sun. Behind them, I caught a glimpse of something darker and even more massive than all the dragons combined, looming closer and closer as if pushing the invaders towards us.
"What in the world?" I gasped, my eyes wide with disbelief. But instead of succumbing to panic, I quickly shifted my attention to something playful. "Kittens!" I exclaimed, grabbing the stray cat on my lap and cuddling him close. "Do you think those dragons like catnip?" I asked, giggling as I rubbed his belly. Kittens let out a happy purr, and I could feel my anxiety slowly dissipating for the moment at least.
The dragons soon answered my question with an onslaught of green lightning. Their beams sliced through the pale coffin towers at a 45-degree angle. But even as they wreaked havoc, I kept my focus on Kittens, determined not to let the chaos consume me.
The feeling of two fingertips rubbing against each other, that uncanny sensation of mirrored texture, billowed through the air, leaving a weight upon every single breath as if a ghost was getting close.
"Nope!" My bony behind scurried back out of the bramble branches with Kittens still in my arms. I pushed through the tangle, ignoring the cuts, scrapes, and bruises the tree and cat carved into me. My coping method wasn't perfect, but it had helped me avoid a panic attack.
In the parking lot behind the garage, a few dozen people were all recording videos of the dragons in the sky. I tried to look skyward but got all spinny and nauseous at the red slit widening in the sky and dripping with shimmering space dragons. I stumbled down right in the middle of the sidewalk. Kittens hopped away only to become mesmerized by the celestial sights. His little kitty mouth was even hanging open with a bit of drool dangling.
A bicyclist zoomed down the sidewalk. I looked up in time to realize they were about to hit the distracted cat! "No!"
I rolled into the path of the bicyclist to shield the poor kitty. The bicyclist ran into my back and crashed. "Watch out!" yelled the bicyclist once it was already too late, as their head smeared the sidewalk with a fresh coat of blue. Blue blood? Aye, yai. I shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms.
Spikes of pain bloomed on my face and back, scrapes widened as my body roiled. But I had saved Kittens! Oh yeah!
I jumped up and spun around with Kittens in my arms. Our happy moment was quickly interrupted by some people yelling in the parking lot. "Hey, hey, what the, where is my signal?" was echoed from the mouths of all the rubbernecking videographers.
"Down for you too?" said some dude.
"Yeah, why don't you fix it?" said a dudette.
Then, some hobo dude ran up and stole the other dude's bike that had crashed into me, "Haha, all you stupid phone people, your reckoning's come! We're all going to Kur, but not me because-"
Suddenly, one of the shimmering dragons landed in the parking lot, crushing cars and squashing people, including the hobo and his contraband bicycle.
Rather than roar, this huge diamond-scaled beast screamed toward Kittens, who approached the dragon without any fear and meowed right back at him.
The sight triggered my amygdala, and it blasted me with cortisol. I froze up, unable to move or think. I was lock-jointed while my lips pursed for a cigarette. My heart pounded in my chest. I realized that the invasion was just the beginning. The real danger lay beyond the portal, waiting to consume everything in its path. If the dragon meant us harm, nothing would have stopped it, but no, it screamed out in pain with
The sight triggered my amygdala, and it blasted me with cortisol. I froze up, unable to move or think. I was lock-jointed while my lips pursed for a cigarette. My heart pounded in my chest. I realized that the invasion was just the beginning. The real danger lay beyond the portal, waiting to consume everything in its path. If the dragon meant us harm, nothing would have stopped it, but no, it screamed out in pain with a sharp, crystalline grating scream.
The dragon's scales reflected the violet light of the sun and the crimson slit in the sky. Disoriented, I tried to snap out of it, to take action, but all my cortisol paralyzed me still. The ground shook violently as the dragon screamed even louder, straight up into the sky, as its brethren soared above.
Kittens ran back and hopped into my arms right as a rush of air lifted me off the ground. I braced myself for the worst, but then I felt the warm, scaly tail of the dragon wrap around me and Kittens, pulling us towards its jaws. I held the cat close to my chest, trying to protect him with my body as much as possible.
As we approached the dragon's mouth, I couldn't help but think of the old sycamore tree and how close to peace I had been in those moments. And how fast all of it had been torn away. But before my life could flash before my eyes, a familiar aroma distracted me from my impending doom: toasted bread.
I opened my eyes to see the silhouette of a person holding a bagel standing in a portal that floated in the dragon's mouth. A voice came from the portal, sounding worried and confused. "Oh dear, you look like her, but you're not her. Oh, dear, oh my, this is not good."
"Hey, you! What the hell is going on?" I shouted, hoping for some answers.
"Come, receive a chance that the rest of your species shall not. If you survive the procedure, that is. Bring her in, Pep." There was a beep-boop-bop, and then the dragon's tail reeled me in with smooth, mechanical cranking towards the portal.
I held onto Kittens tightly, assuring him that everything was going to be okay. But deep down, I knew that no one was going to come save me from this bizarre situation. As we were pulled closer to the portal, I looked up and saw a face beyond that I would never forget.
A handsome, saturnine man in his fifties, at least seven feet tall with five green eyes that had bronze pupils and violet flame-like irises in between two diamond spiral horns. He had red, leathery, rune-scarred skin and wore a golden bathrobe while holding a pumpernickel rye bagel. An aura of teal light shimmered an inch above his body, and as he looked down at me, I couldn't help but feel a shiver run down my spine and through every hair on my body.
I wondered what I had gotten myself into. The answer lay ahead, beyond the portal, and I had no choice but to refrain from having a panic attack and find out.
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2023.03.28 09:12 Gehrett790 North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting, Dry Ice Cleaning, Ice Blasting, FRAC Pump Radiator Cleaning, Mold Remediation, Contaminant Remediation, Food Manufacturing Equipment Cleaning, Turbine and HRSG Equipment Cleaning, Heat Transfer Equipment Cleaning, Fire Restoration
North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting provides environmentally friendly, fast, cost-effective solutions to the toughest cleaning challenges. North Carolina Dry Ice Blasting services their clients with the best solution possible. They service all across the North Carolina area. They offer no-hassle free estimates, so visit their website to learn more today.
The cleaning of industrial equipment is critical to improved performance and reduced maintenance costs. Dry ice blasting provides an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution for cleaning industrial equipment without extended downtime or damage to sensitive components.
Also called CO2 blasting or dry ice cleaning, dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning method which uses solid carbon dioxide in pellet form, projected by compressed air. Due to the force behind the compressed air, dry ice pellets accelerate through the blast hose at near supersonic speeds. As these pellets impact the target surface and convert into CO2 gas, which facilitates contamination removal caused by rapid gas expansion.
As a dry process, dry ice blasting does not require downtime for components to dry. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-conductive, and does not release any harmful chemicals or secondary contaminants into the environment. This eliminates the need for waste disposal and allows for cleaning equipment in place, ultimately reducing labor, downtime, and overall cleaning costs. Dry ice blasting is approved by the EPA, USDA, and FDA as an industrial cleaning method.
Owner Name
Mark Gehrett
4929 Lady of the Lake Dr
Raleigh, NC
Business Email
[email protected]
Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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2023.03.28 08:55 navjothtz Srinagar Package

Srinagar Package
Jammu and Kashmir Have Some Most Beautiful Towns & Cities Of India. Srinagar, Gulmarg And Pahalgam. Enjoy Your Holidays In Srinagar. Book Your Package On Affordable Price. Book Now And Get Upto 55% Off. Hurry up! Call Now And Get Your Package Details.
Destinations : Srinagar - Sonamarg - Pahalgam - Gulmarg
Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days

DAY 01 : Arrival Srinagar
Day 02 : Srinagar - Sonamarg - Srinagar
Day 03 : Srinagar - Pahalgam
Day 04 : Pahalgam to Gulmarg
Day 05 : Gulmarg to Srinagar

Package Inclusion :
* Welcome drink on arrival
* 24 - hour helpline. ( 9811158570 )
* Pick Up & Drop from Srinagar Airport.
* Sightseeing as par Itinerary by Private car.
* Transport services as per itinerary by Non A/c Vehicle.
* Meal Plan (Room + Breakfast + Dinner ) as per Itinerary.
* 02 nights accommodation in Srinagar.
* 01 night accommodation in Pahalgam .
* 01 night accommodation in Gulmarg .
* Shikara ride on Dal Lake for 2 hours
* Half day tour of Mughal Gardens.
* One Full Day Sightseeing Sonmarg.
* All toll taxes. Drivers allowance. Parking charges.
* All Applicable Hotel Taxes.

Contact Details :
E-Mail : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Website : www.srinagarpackage.com
Mobile No. : 9811158570
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2023.03.28 08:31 Happy_sappy_wappy Itenary check please :) May 11th-May31 Solo traveller

My questions/ concerns:

Day 1: Arrive 8:50PM KIX airport

Day 2 OSAKA: Wake up 8:00am
• Walk to Osaka castle ($10 entry for both)
• Go to Nishinomaru Garden
• Bus to Nakazakicho in the afternoon for coffee
• Bus to Dontonburi at night time

Day 3 OSAKA : 8:30am Kuroman market →11:00AM Shinsekai →3PM Umeda
Day 4: 🐝 Wake up 7:30am
🐝 Train to Kyoto station (arrive approx 10am)
🐝 Drop luggage off to accommodation
🐝 Explore Kyoto- Gion area
🐝 Check in 4PM
🐝 4PM-7PM Rent bike to bike around Kamo river
Day 5 KYOTO:
Wake up 8:00am
🦌 Catch train to Nara station from Sanjo station (8 minute walk, 2 train rides 50 minutes) ~ $30
🦌9AM-3.30PM Explore Nara
🦌 Go to michilin star ramen place Men-ya Inoichi
Day 6 KYOTO:
🌿4:00 wake up
🌿5:30- 6:20 Arrive at Arashiyama station (50 minute trip)
🌿6.35-7.30 Walk through bamboo groves
🌿7:45amWalk to Arashiyama station to rent a bike
🌿8:00am Bike to Togetsukyo Bridge and Katsura River. Drop bike off once finished
🌿10:00 Grab brunch somewhere
🌿12pm-2pm Explore Tenryuji temple
🌿2pm-3pm Check out Gioji
🌿3pm-4pm rest
🌿Train home
Day 7 KYOTO:
Day 8 Kyoto-Kawaguchiko:
Day 9 Kawaguchiko- Tokyo:

Day 10 TOKYO Asakusa→ Ueno park→ Ikekbukuro
🎎Wake up 8:00AM
🎎Walk to Asakusa, go eat some street food
🎎11AM, stroll through Ueno park
🎎 Go to Tokyo station for some lunch
🎎3-7PM check out Ikekbukuro

Day 11 TOKYO
🍣9am wake up
🍣10AM head to shibuya
🍣11AM Go to Genki sushi for early lunch
🍣12PM go to Mikan Club in Shibuya
🍣1:00PM-3:30PM Explore Shimokitazawa
🍣3:30-6PM Explore Shibuya at night
🍣6PM Go to Shibu Niwa rooftop terrace at Tokyu palace for roof top view

DAY 14 Tokyo Kichijoji/ mitaka
Day 15 TOKYO
DAY 16 TOKYO- day trip to Yokohama
Day 17 tokyo
Day 18 Kamakura?
🌾Day trip to Kamakura.
🌾Wake up 6AM, get to Kamakura by 9AM (1.4 hour trip).
🌾9AM cafe near Kamakura station (THE CIRCUS KAMAKURA).
🌾 maybe go to Hokokuji Bamboo Forest - haven't planned Kamakura in full yet
✨Go to my favourite neighbourhood during the day
✨Roppongi hills for Mori tower observation sky deck at night
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2023.03.28 08:24 HSudev521 Rewriting Doctor Strange 2 as a personal story about overcoming guilt with Nightmare as the main villain

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" was in no way a bad movie, but story and character-wise it left a lot to be desired. The movie did a heel-turn on Wanda's redemption journey set up after Wandavision and it had to do a lion's share of setting up the multiverse at the expense of Strange;s own story. America was underdeveloped, multiverse underutilized and Strange and Wong relegated to passive players in a story that should have been a lot more impactful following up everything Strange has been through. I think a simple fix would be to have Multiverse of Madness be the THIRD movie in a Strange trilogy with a new Doctor Strange 2 added in between Doctor Strange (2016) and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. This way, we can set up Wanda's descent into villainy as well as concepts of Multiversal travel in this movie, leaving the next movie to explore America more thoroughly without sacrificing Strange's screentime. Without further ado, I present:

Doctor Strange: Nightmare on Bleecker Street

The opening sequence of the film is a flashback to when Strange was a child playing with his sister Donna over a frozen lake. Steven lost his footing when the ice cracked. When Donna tries to assist him, the ice breaks, causing her to drown in the process. After failing to save her, Stephen decided to pursue a career as a doctor in order to help people.
In the present day, after the events of "Avengers: Endgame" and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Stephen Strange is struggling to cope with his survivor's guilt and the loss of those he failed to save. His grief is compounded by memories of his sister Donna, who died tragically during their childhood. He admits to Wong, his friend and the new Sorcerer-Supreme, that he cast the memory wipe spell in Spider-Man Far From Home even though he knew he shouldn’t have because he feels guilty that Spider-Man (whose name he cannot remember) lost all that time because he couldn’t defeat Thanos during their first go-around. Wong asks Stephen to focus on the future and not the past. Stephen agrees but has difficulty following through. He tries to move on but when he runs into his ex-girlfriend Christine Palmer who invites him to her impending wedding with someone else, he finds himself shaken by all that he has lost and he blames himself for it.

Meanwhile, Strange’s former ally who has turned against him, Baron Mordo, is on a mission to purge the Earth of all magic-users, and he is tracking down Wanda Maximoff for her role in the events at Westview. Wanda turns to Strange and Wong for help, and they arrive to find Wanda and Mordo mid-battle. Stephen gets a bout of PTSD while fighting Mordo who is using arcane spells to divert Wanda’s incredible powers against Strange and Wong. Surprised by Mordo's power, Wong realizes that Mordo has tapped into the mystic powers of the Multiverse. Wong tells Strange that the arcane spells connect Mordo to a pocket of magic suspended from time and space. Learning this Strange, in a split-second decision, decides to use Mordo's connection to this pocket to his own advantage and banish Mordo there. Desperate to save Wanda, Strange casts a forbidden spell to trap Mordo in an “abyss”.

Following this encounter, Stephen and Wanda reminisce with Wanda expressing remorse about everyone she hurt in Westview. Strange empathizes with her inability to let go of grief and guilt but condemns her actions. He offers to help Wanda understand the Darkhold and her powers better. Strange takes Wanda and the Darkhold to Kamar-Taj, but when they get there, they are attacked by nightmarish creatures. Wanda recognizes the Eldritch monsters from the Darkhold and they discover that they are minions of the timeless entity- Nightmare.

Strange, Wong, and Wanda need to embark on a perilous journey through the multiverse to find the pieces to the one artifact (McGuffin) that can stop Nightmare and prevent him wiping out all pain in the multiverse. The pieces were scattered across multiple timelines by Agomotto. Wong, Doctor Strange and Wanda journey through different universes that are home to terrifying creatures and monsters. With each new place comes more danger, but also more opportunities for them to gain insight into how they can defeat Nightmare. Along the way, Strange must confront his own inner demons and learn to let go of the past in order to move forward.
Strange soon discovers that when he tried to banish Mordo into the magical “abyss,” Mordo got sucked into the 'Citadel at the End of Time' following the events of the Disney+ show "Loki." Abandoned, following the death of He-Who-Remains in the show, Mordo is able to peruse its vast libraries. He frees Nightmare who had been imprisoned by He-Who-Remains in a last ditch effort to get out of the End of Time and back into his world in order to get revenge on Strange and rid the world of magic-users. Instead, Nightmare stole Mordo’s own magic and started his mission to eliminate all life in the multiverse to end the pain of existence once and for all. Mordo offers to help Strange and company in return for his survival. He reveals that he and Nightmare had been working together to open portals between dimensions in order to bring forth an army of monstrous creatures from beyond our world.
Reluctantly using Mordo as a guide, Strange and team battle their way through a series of nightmarish landscapes where Strange is forced to confront the trauma of his past and come to terms with the loss of his sister. With the support of his friends and allies, he discovers a newfound strength and resilience that allows him to face his enemies head-on.
Despite the horrors that await him, Strange refuses to give up or succumb to despair. And makes it to the Citadel at the End of Time- the nexus of Nightmare’s powers. Using the pieces of the artifact he recovered from the multiverse, Wong assembles it as Strange and Wanda battle out Nightmare, only to learn that Nightmare is actually a variant of Stephen from another timeline. In this other timeline, Stephen lost against Thanos and watched Christine die, leading him to want to eliminate all pain by eliminating all life. With this new information, Strange must confront his own survivor's guilt and learn to overcome the loss of his loved ones. Nightmare tries to entice Strange to join him in his crusade to rid the world of all pain, but Strange instead, draws on the lessons of his journey and uses his powers to fight for the greater good. He triumphantly declares that life might be pain but it also love, and beauty, and kindness and learning from your mistakes, and most of all life is forgiveness.
During the climactic battle, Strange faces off against his Nightmare variant, Wong fights the Eldritch beasts while attempting close all the portals and Wanda battles Mordo who, predictably, has switched sides again. Ultimately, Strange defeats Nightmare, and Wanda kills Mordo in a brutal confrontation after he taunts her about her children. Strange is about to confront Wanda but the magical battle causes the Citadel at the End of Time to collapse. They have to get out of there before it collapses lest they may be trapped in the abyss forever. With only seconds to go, Strange pleads Wanda to join them but before she can take his hand, the Citadel collapses and they are separated by rubbles. Wong closes all portals, and the two Masters of the Mystic Arts barely making it back to their Earth in one piece- the mystic energy of the jump causes the Agomotto artifact to explode casting a mystic block throughout the multiverse thereby destroying the ability of magic users to travel or even commune with other timelines and dimensions. Strange tried to go back to save Wanda but he could not. Heartbroken, Strange sits down, staring at his broken watch from the first movie. He remembers the advice from the Ancient One to keep going. He remembers the advice from Wanda that grief is love persevering. He remembers the lessons he learned through this ordeal. And in the end, Strange emerges victorious, him having overcome his guilt and found a new sense of purpose in life.

In the aftermath, Strange lets Christine go and attends her wedding. He accepts Wong as the new Sorcerer Supreme and finally ceremonially bows to him. He also visits his sister Donna's grave for the first time to pay his respects, finally letting go of the pain of her death. And he visits the Sokovia survivors and martyrs monument as seen in the Disney+ show "the Falcon and the Winter Soldier," where he lays a red rose down for Wanda.
In a mid-credits scene, we learn that Wanda is alive and actually caused the collapse of the Citadel. Throughout the movie, Wanda is shown her biggest regret and pain - losing her children - over and over again by Nightmare, slowly corrupting her. The film ends with Wanda stealing the Darkhold from Kamar Taj, setting her up as the villain for the next Doctor Strange movie.

In a post-credits scene, America Chavez, a teenager on another Earth wakes up from a nightmare and murmurs, "Oh no."
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2023.03.28 08:22 a2cthrowaway9000 448 Lake Shore Limited vs. 48 Lake Shore Limited->448 Lake Shore Limited

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing well today!
I've never taken an Amtrak yet before, so I'm very sorry in advance if this is a commonly asked or basic question. I tried to search the subreddit to see if something like this was talked about before but couldn't find anything, so I hope this is okay to ask!
I plan on taking the Lake Shore Limited soon and noticed that I had the option to either take a train ride just on the 448 Lake Shore Limited or to take a route that begins on a 48 Lake Shore Limited with an about half hour layover, then transfer to a 448 Lake Shore Limited train. They're both the same price, and even with the layover, both train options would take me the same amount of time to get to my destination.
Based on the fact that the layover is short for the second option and that the first option allows me to directly arrive without having to transfer, that seems like the better choice to me. However, I was wondering if there's any reason I should consider the second option.
Thanks so much for all your help and time! I really appreciate it and hope you all have a great day/night.
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2023.03.28 08:19 SrVerataro Truesight: Tapes from the Backrooms #1

Let's make this quick.
My name is not important, but if you insist, you may call me The Keeper, my job on the other hand is, i work as a cataloger in a national library, but is there wasn't a catch i wouldn't be writing this, now would i, i don't work no desk job here, I'm in the basement, behind 3 blast proof doors and a military grade security system the likes of which none of you have seen before, the likes of which i affectionally call Truesight Archives.
So i catalog... let's say "Artifacts" i get as much information as i can from them, file it up and depending of what the "Artifact" is i get them stored in a shelf, crate or a vacuum chamber, if its a particularly particular "Artifact" the big guys come and retrieve it and store it god knows where.
So, why am I willingly standing in line for the guillotine by writing all this?
If I'm being honest... I'm not sure, maybe: peace of mind, stress relief, clout chasing, maybe even is all of those to a certain extent, what I'm sure is that it aint for a noble quest like "telling the truth to the masses'', I'm not that good of a person, you cant be when you are in this line of work.
Alright, enough introductions, let me get for you the first file I transcribed. If I remember correctly, this tape recorder was found by a guy that's... not around here anymore... it's one of those old magnetic tape recorders that were really popular in the 90s... or it was 80s?... it don't matter, here's what's on the file:
Object Description: G.E. Tape Recorder
Object ID #256A-G45H-6H49-A5G7
- Contents of the Tape -
The first entry contains the voices of 3 people, the first female voice that has been identified as Jasmine Hale, was 19 at the time of recording, the first male voice has been identified as David Walters, was 19 at the age of recording, the second female voice belongs to the owner of the tape recorder, the voice couldn't be identified, based on the contents of the entry, it's safe to assume that the owner of the tape recorder goes by the name of "Niko", no family name is mentioned in any of the tapes and no records of this person were found during the investigation.
The rest of the contents of the first entry is irrelevant, full transcription will begin starting from the second entry.
- Second Entry:
"Hello?... looks like this is working... shit... Well, I'm in a situation here, it's been a few days since i last saw anyone really and i feel like I'm running out of options. I was... I've been... I really don't know how to explain it, okay? what i know is that i was going to camp with Joshua and Jasmine, i missed the last step of the stairs leading to our campsite and i... I fell through the floor? that's the best way i can put it, i fell and ended up in this place, its corridors, lots of corridors and room without rhyme or reason or anything, the wallpaper is this horrible yellow that's driving me insane, it doesn't help that the carpet is damp and the only sound i can hear is the hum of the lights... GOD DAMN THE HUM.
I started recording because i felt like I was going insane, minutes melting into hours and hours melting into days and days melting into seconds, my internal clock is fucked and if my wrist watch is working then im not even sure what to think, it says ive been here since the 26th of september, that makes it 10 days, i felt like i have been only 2 days in here and i have eaten half a day worth of supplies. I'm losing it... i... shit...
- Third Entry:
15 days, no sleep, no food, no water since the 10th and I feel like the reality is slipping from my grasp, and the more i try to hold it together the more it hurts to think, existing is exhausting.
But the first log did help a bit, after i was done i felt a little more grounded in reality, i aint sure, but i think this place is trying to drive me insane, i can swear i see things moving on my peripheral vision, i glanced at a wall last time and saw, of god it was moving, like millions of ants on top of a deer carcass, but when i saw it again, it was just a wall, plain, yellow, like every other wall in this condemned place... but i am still alive and breathing, aren't i?, so that means there's oxygen here, everything has a logic, a set of rules, a way out.
Back home I only have two friends. I'm not very good at socializing, you see... I am... talking like I'm having a conversation again, well... i'm not good at people and i tend to avoid them, but i like outdoors and science, in both of those everything has a set of rules, i just need to discover those, so, the time of crying is over and i've done that plenty, now, it's the time of action, ill record my findings in the next logs, i just hope i find a way out of here soon... is that's possible in the first place.
- Fourth Entry:
Alright, so it's been 22 days, i finally ate a full day worth of food and water so i should have enough for 4 or 5 more days... regular days... but i did discovered something, i made some markings in the wall with a handaxe like im im Pam's labyrinth and if i walk in a straight line i go back to the start... God knows how long I have been walking in circles without making any kind of progress... if there's such a thing as progress that is...
All this thinking and testing has kept me from going insane, i think that would have gone insane if i weren't doing what i'm doing right now, but this also makes me think, how many people have been in this place before me, i know i'm not in kansas anymore, or rather nowhere on earth or maybe even... Well, no use to think about all that, I need to focus, I don't want to lose it, I can't lose it, I need to go back, I'm gonna go back.
I'll try and keep trying everything, something must work, there must be an exit somewhere, somehow, i feel like that's right.
- Fifth Entry:
I... it's been 30 days, i wonder if someone besides those two still remembers me... no, i cant keep thinking like that, i need to move forwards and never... never... wait... is that wall a different color?...
I thought I was gonna... I don't know, run towards any kind of change after a month of yellow walls and damp carpet, but I'm... I'm absolutely terrified... i feel like my legs want to run away and run towards it and just fall limp all at the same time, i need some time to think but at the same time i'm running on borrowed time, i feel like if i blink everything around me will change.
My eyes are getting dry, my legs move on their own and my decision is already taken.
- Sixth Entry:
I had no idea how I could know.
When i got in this room, i had no idea a wooden stool would feel so good, it's a damn wooden circle in 4 legs but after a... month of non-stop walking i feel like I'm in heaven right now, as soon as i sat down all the strain i couldn't feel but my body was enduring hit me at the same time, i was too tired to even lift a finger, dear god did i slept, after waking up my whole body felt stiff and had to fall asleep again after painfully eating some of my rations, even now i still feel like a newborn learning to stand up and walk, my whole body feels stiff and limp at the same time, like an old ragdoll.
Apart from this stool, there isn't much here, which is weird to say because 3 stools and a desk table is not a lot of furniture, but after all this time, those make the atmosphere here alien and almost overwhelming...
I'm scared of myself, I had a thought, I wanted to go back to those empty hallways.
- Seventh Entry:
Fell asleep again, I need to get those thoughts out of my head.
After searching a bit on the file cabinet i found an official looking document, and papers so old that crumbled when i picked them up, i really cant tell whats on those papers but it kinda seems like this es from hundreds of years ago, from the era of the frontier, maybe even older, i can understand just a few of the handwritten words, something about hellhounds, ehh... purgatory i think, redemption and trespassing for some reason, i gotta keep those in mind.
If I'm honest here, I don't think this is hell or purgatory, but... it does feel like it.
There's those thoughts again, but there's no time, the clock seems to make sense in this room and this room alone, and the clock does affect my rations so... silver linings about the hellhole out there i think.
Right, the other documents, those are the most important documents i have seen in my entire life, a mix between a guide and rulebook of this entire place, but as my luck demands the information in it is… kinda useless right now, most of it is what to first do if you arrive here and what items to bring or have in hand at all times, but im past that point already, the don't panic and stay put rule could’ve been useful several days ago, for real, who made this thing?.
On second thought the other document was the important one, it explains the mechanics of this thing called phasing that makes you fall through solid matter, which now that i'm saying it out loud makes me sound insane and i probably am for believing this thing may work and risking a contusion attempting it, but hey, don't it sound leagues better than starving to death?
It does state that this is no exit, it's just a way to get to a different “Level”, you know, like in a building, does that mean I'm in some sort of construction? I mean, I know I'm inside a place but I… don't understand…
Well, that's for way smarter people than me to crack their heads about, right now I'm gonna go crack my head against that wall over there, so dear recorder, you’ll be hearing about me again, very soon… I still can't believe that I'm gonna do this…
-Eight Entry:
Against all odds, it did kinda work after a few tries, i mean, i'm kinda bleeding quite a bit and bruised all over, i did manage to bandage it by sacrificing a shirt, even if all the cuts and most of the bruises are in my head the friction burns on my arms and legs from sliding down the wall are by far the most painful, and that's not even talking about the actual phasing process.
During the actual being inside a wall thing, it felt numb, like my whole body stopped existing, i was just a consciousness floating in space, i may have thrown up, but i can't really be sure, i had the feeling that i was doing that but the disconnection from my body was impossible to overcome, but when i tried to overcome it i could feel the entire space i was trapped in and at the same time everything was just feeling… blank.
Focusing to move my body felt wrong, maybe the contusion played a part in it, focusing on my body felt like trying to feel all the items in just by feeling the vibrations in the floor those made when they fell into place eons ago, but that never happening and yet its happened every second and forever…
No, that's too much, my brain isn't wired to think that way, just focus on the here and now.
I've been walking for a bit while trying to put all those thoughts in order and this place… hold on, i just realized something, this is the first entry in which i feel mostly sane, anchored to my body and in control of my thoughts in actions, i guess existential horror and dread does wake you up, or maybe it was the contusion, hell, maybe it was the back to back naps, i don't know.
Right, this hellhole again, well… it can't get worse than damp carpet, this place at least has a concrete floor, it still has a lot of puddles and the air is heavy with moisture, hell, this parking lot or warehouse or mix of both has a low hanging fog like its a swamp or something, i'm surprised that the concrete isn't filled to the brim with mold.
It does feel weird, doesn't it? just a few days, or at least i think those were days i was a rambling mess trying to grasp any kind sanity i had left and now i'm here, joking about my situation, don't worry recorder, i know out-absurding the absurd is just a band aid on a broken leg, but it should buy me enough time to at least come up with a plan, or at least for me to get my bearings on whatever this place is.
But right now let's start with the simpler problems, hunger, maybe I did vomit after all because with this meal I'm about to have that would put me half way through my foodstuff and my water is… not looking good. I can try doing the thing again, but rather than that, lets try and recover first, if i do have a contusion i would rather like for it to not to be a permanent issue.
I guess it's that time again to do what I do best and keep walking forward. I'll be sure to record when something happens.
-Ninth Entry:
I see crates.
“Who puts the epilogue of the whole thing right after the first chapter?”
A dead man walking does and I would rather have these words heard sooner rather than later or most likely never, I hope it's never.
Alright, remember the “I don't know why im doing this” debacle?
Well, during the writing of all this i did figure it out, and i don't mean this chapter, i mean the whole thing, to put it simply, if you are reading this, i'm already dead.
A dead man’s switch for a dead man walking, pretty sweet if you ask me, so yeah, this ain't no more than my revenge for letting me go and then hunting me, so, i rigged several computers all over the globe all linked to each other in a chain like fashion and the primer being an inconspicuous blog about cats.
of course i have many failsafes and the computers currently rigged to post are on the hundreds, if there’s a weird spot on your wooden floor or an abandoned house that mysteriously has electricity around you may wanna check that out, you may score a new laptop, or you rather not, it's most likely junkies.
Well, this was fun, this whole writing and rigging process probably was the only recreational thing i have done for years now, so i'm happy with how it turned out. But right now, I feel that the time to face the music is getting near.
And i regret nothing.
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2023.03.28 08:18 strawberryclefairy I finally finished Scarlet and need to talk about it

So, yeah okay I'm slow lol. I'm an adult, what can I say. Amazingly, I got very few spoilers before/as I was playing, so none of these opinions are because I was spoiled for anything and developed an opinion before I saw it in context in the game. Speaking of, there will be spoilers in here.
The New Pokemon: Boy, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! We're starting on the highest high note because, geez I love these new 'mons. They're cute, they're clever, they're weird, they're everything Pokemon should be imo. Shoutouts especially to the Smoliv, Fidough, and Tinkatink lines. And Palafin? *chef's kiss* All in all, new Pokemon this gen are 10/10 wanna catch 'em all.
The Open World: Where to start? The complete lack of direction despite the absence of level scaling leading to you being incredibly underleveled half the time (though I did find being underleveled fun and exciting, at least) and incredibly OVERleveled the rest of the time (which is horribly boring)? The fact that most of the world seems to be a nigh-featureless green plain dotted with Pokestops and sprinkled liberally with random Pokemon spawns? The fact that a refusal to chop the world up into a handful of separate load zones resulted in a barely-functional game that was not worth the one cool view of the whole region from on top of the mountain?
It's honestly perplexing. With all the excellent open world games out there, somehow Pokemon ends up like this. It's even more confusing because of Legends Arceus - literally, that's the way to do it! Open world doesn't need to mean "absolutely no load zones", it just means "go wherever, do your thing".
Unfortunately, despite "choose your path" being the advertising scheme for this game, there isn't much choice about it. Either you do everything in the correct (completely unstated and unhinted) order, or you suffer. I went up the left side of the map first, before heading to the right side of the map. The left side was exciting, and taking down Great Tusk with my early-to-mid-20s team was a strategic challenge that recalled when I played the Golden Sun games for the first time back in high school. Unfortunately, there was only going to be one more moment like that in the game. The entire right half of Paldea was a slog, in comparison - because no one, from wild Pokemon to Gym Leaders, could stand up to even one hit from any of my 'mons (at least without Sturdy). I was bored - genuinely BORED - playing through most of the game after Great Tusk. The only true challenge that I'd face was fighting Arven with a mid-40s team (he was much easier to defeat than Great Tusk, but at least it got my heart racing).
Speaking of "choose your path", the fact that you are forced to complete all three storylines before going to Area Zero had me frankly infuriated by the end. I literally bought this game for Anxiety Budew and ancient Pokemon, and one of the main draws was held over my head until I'd done everything?! To draw a comparison, imagine if Skyrim had advertised itself as a go-anywhere-do-anything game and also with the mystery of all the cool stuff you'd get to find and do in Sovngarde, but then when you actually got the game and played through ~50 hours of it, only then were you finally informed that you'd have to do the entire main storyline as well as the Companions and the College of Winterhold before being allowed to actually go to Sovngarde. I don't mind endgame areas being locked away, but then like, maybe don't hype those endgame areas so hard?
Honestly, as far as the open world aspect of this game goes, I could go on. I was shocked at the state of affairs after reaching the little town between the player's home and Mesagoza. A game guide tells me it's called Los Palatos. Did you even remember it's there? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't - there's literally nothing to do there. That's where you discover that you can't go into houses and that you can't interact in any way with most NPCs. I actually thought my game was broken at first when I couldn't enter buildings, and the lack of NPC dialogue makes the vast majority of towns in the game even more disappointingly flat than the wilderness. It was so bleak that around halfway through the game I described it to my fiance as reminding me of Daggerfall, and quite frankly I'd stick to that assertion (for the southern half of Paldea, at least), but in retrospect I might be doing a disservice to Daggerfall.
Luckily, the northern half of Paldea is at least a little more polished than the southern half. You still can't talk to almost anyone or enter almost any buildings, but at least the locations have a little more colour to them. The town with the normal and ghost gyms were actually interesting and memorable, I enjoyed that the ice gym was just out on the slopes all alone, and the snowy mountain, dragon lake, and bamboo forest biomes were unique and interesting.
All in all, I'd give the open world aspect of SV 2/10 for very poor planning and execution, as well as misleading advertisement.
Generational Gimmicks: As a huge magical girl fan, I'm not going to say that the sparkleriffic crystal Pokemon don't entertain me, they definitely do. I can't say I remembered they existed most of the time, but as I'm just entering the postgame now perhaps I'll finally be doing higher-level raids and enjoying a bit more of this aspect of the game. The idea of changing a Pokemon's type with terastallization is also still intriguing to me, and I really enjoyed the bit of personality the use of this imbued into the Gym Leaders. I still haven't successfully made use of it yet, but I'd like to try. It's also made me want to tune in to the world championships for the first time in... ever, so that must count for something. I won't say that I don't miss the spectacle of Dynamaxing my Pokemon, but at least raids are back in some form - I really liked them in SwSh.
Picnics are cute. I like the idea of chilling with my Pokemon out... wherever. I miss playing with my Pokemon from the SwSh campsites, as well as the more detailed interactions between Pokemon that happened there, but the way they'll play with each other cooperatively with the ball is heartwarming and adorable. I wish that they didn't rush you so hard through washing your Pokemon. I definitely appreciate being able to heal my whole team with sandwiches. I like messing with the myriad of sandwich ingredients, too - one of the only things about making curry in SwSh that disappointed me was that I couldn't mix ingredients - and am just starting to try to figure out recipes to make specific effects happen. I must admit, though, a shadow when placing ingredients would be extremely helpful; this isn't the 3DS and a lot of the time I can't tell what I'm doing.
The school was... cute, I guess? Kind of disappointing, to be honest. I imagined roaming the halls, talking to other students, but you have to fast travel between rooms. I'd hoped the classes would give an insight into history, science, and culture in the Pokemon world, but thus far what I've received is trick questions in maths, a self-advertisement in biology, and a terastallization tutorial in art. I haven't done all the classes, though, so maybe when I power through the rest they'll be better. I can't say I'm counting on it, though. It is kind of cute how you get to know the teachers as you advance in school, at least.
Finally, and this may seem weird, but I miss Pokejobs from SwSh. It was so nice to be able to free my poor boxed Pokemon from time to time to let them do something useful, and they'd bring home some pretty nice items occasionally. Never before SwSh had I felt emotionally close to 200+ Pokemon per game file, and honestly I miss it here. It was cute, probably low-memory, and would have fit in here just fine - maybe the Pokemon could have been working around the school this time, doing various odd jobs. Alas.
Ultimately, I'd give the generational gimmicks 6.5/10, mostly for the sparkles and sandwiches.
Dressing Up: This gets its own section because... I'm the kind of person that spends an hour choosing what to wear every time I turn on Animal Crossing, because most of my nearly-maxed storage is filled with clothes. And yeah... it's pretty lacking in SV.
Now, don't get me wrong. I know that before generation 6 the only character customization available was choosing between a boy or a girl - and in gens 1 and most of 2, not even that - but the last two generations have been so great in that aspect, and I'm just so underwhelmed this time around. Like I get that we're in school, sure. But being bound to one and only one colour scheme the entire game is painful. Why did they even bother making clothes that clash with the school uniform colours??
I don't even like most of the options that are there, with so much focus being put on this "motorcyclist" kind of look. Like I get that Koraidon/Miraidon are a Big Thing in these games, but... ugh lol. And I truly must ask, where are my skirts? Why have I been bound to pants this entire playthrough? Honestly, I'm so frustrated. At least there were two cool rainbow clothing items - the tights and the beanie. I did enjoy those.
The one thing I do want to say is improved here is literally making your character themselves. The facial options were much more varied than I expected and allowed me to make a character that's cute and unique. And the hair colours! FINALLY, a red hair option that isn't maroon!! I was so delighted to see it, I haven't changed the colour the entire game! The option to customize your character at the very beginning of the game was also really nice, it let me get into my character's skin from the beginning rather than changing her hair and eye colour in the third town and feeling weird about it.
Character customization and dress-up get a collective 6/10 from me - not overall good and not overall bad. However, if I was breaking it down, the customization alone I'd rank an easy 9. Very nice in that aspect.
The Quests: Before jumping into the three main quests, I need to say one other thing about quests in this game, and that is: there aren't sidequests. It took a long time for me to figure out why this game was claiming to be open world and literally was open world, but didn't feel like an open world game, and this is it. It's literally the only open world game I've ever encountered that has absolutely no sidequests. There's no walking into a new town and finding out that this person needs a bunch of this item, and that person needs that Pokemon. It's just empty. This is once again perplexing because of the myriad lovely sidequests in Legends Arceus, but then in the main game they drop the ball?
One could argue that Pokedex completion is a sidequest, but... it's literally only the one. You're also never given the quest unless you go talk to Mr Jacq, and literally no one else, anywhere gives you quests, so why would you think to talk to him?? After trying to talk to everyone in Los Palatos and Mesagoza and being disappointed, it didn't even cross my mind that the teachers would be interesting. Not to mention that they're hidden behind a weird fast travel system. I had to be told to go talk to him by my fiance. Very disappointing, but I suppose there's at least that one.
On to the main quests, and we're going to go through them in the order that I did, meaning that first of all is Arven, Mabosstiff, and the Titans. This quest was my raison d'etre for at least half the game. I needed to help that dog, and quite frankly I got the most emotional satisfaction out of this storyline, both because of Mabosstiff and because I enjoyed going from thinking Arven was kind of a jerk to sharing this great bond with him. The Dragon Titan in particular was clever, and I really enjoyed it.
Becoming the new Champion was fun (except when I was heinously overleveled)! It wasn't impressive, but it didn't really need to be. I was always curious who I'd run into in the next gym, and the slow revelation of the Elite Four members was pretty neat. I think these might be the most well-developed Elite Four members outside of Alola maybe, actually? Unsure on that front, but it certainly felt like a nice change of pace. The Gym Leaders were kind of neat, too - some (Larry, Grusha, Iono) more than others (sorry, bug gym girl whose name I don't even remember), but all in all, it was fun enough to meet them all. This is the basic Pokemon experience I'm here for, in the end - I have no complaints other than the lack of level scaling.
And then there's Starfall Street. I know this is the storyline everyone loved. I know this is the one where people say they cried at the end. But for me, personally, it was... just awful.
The basic concept of Starfall Street was solid, to begin with - there's a group of bullies, and you need to stop them. Cool! I'm into stopping bullies. But with each successive base we raided, it was made more and more apparent that these kids weren't the bullies, they were the bullied kids. It's made even worse by the game actively working to make you feel bad about what you're doing while also making your character all smiles through the whole thing. The character I lovingly made became a monster. There's an option to say to "Clive" that Cassiopeia is untrustworthy, but never any option to say no, this isn't right and I won't do it. The fact that they keep literally every scrap of justification for your actions to be part of the big reveal at the end of the storyline does not help this one bit.
Furthermore, not only are you tricked and manipulated into bullying the bullied kids in-game, you're also tricked into it in a metagame sense. I reiterate that I bought this game basically for the ancient Pokemon. 50ish hours in, I'm told that I have to keep beating up bullied kids and breaking up their anti-bully-bridage friend group in order to access the thing I bought the game for, in an open-world game. I genuinely considered returning the game and deleting my file.
This is the part where I could talk at length about how I myself was bullied severely in school for my entire childhood, how most adults just gaslit kids who were being bullied when I was a kid, how that bullying itself turned into even more gaslighting when I was a teenager, how I was the weird theater kid, how if I was actually attending Naranja Academy I'd probably have joined Team Star, how being forced to be the bully and relive my childhood from the other side of the aisle made me feel physically sick, how forcing myself through this storyline forced me to confront deep trauma while everyone told me that was ridiculous and this story was great, and ultimately messed me up so bad I was having days-long depressive spells punctuated by wild angry mood swings. However, I'll leave it at that quick skim through the muck. Suffice to say, I found Starfall Street to be perhaps the worst plot Pokemon has ever had. Those of you familiar with fanfiction terminology might know the phrase "untagged trigger", and that's the best summary I have of Starfall Street: it was one big untagged trigger for bully victims... even, apparently, at age 35.
Then there's the end. I appreciate all the main characters gathering for this part (even if I was still spitting mad at Penny), and I enjoyed leading everyone around through Area Zero. It made the game feel... less empty, to have friends with you, especially since they were chatting along the way. I loved the progression of this part, because the way the information was doled out reminded me of going through Pokemon Mansion back in Pokemon Red, reading about Mew and Mewtwo. And oh no, the plot reveals. Oh no, Professor Sada! Oh no. Honestly, I came out of it heartbroken but loving it. The battles were excellent and kept me guessing, and the whole thing was a rollercoaster that didn't drag out the precipice of doom too long. I can even put up with Penny if she helps make Arven feel better.
It's hard to put this number together, since I felt such disparate ways about the different parts of the plot. I suppose I'd rate the sidequests at 1 and the Titans at 9, becoming a Champion at 7, Starfall at a flat 0 and Area Zero at 8, which averages to... exactly 5/10. What a basic number. It somehow expresses it all, and doesn't express any of it. Interestingly, looking back, I see now that Arven basically carried this game. Go figure.
Inevitable Comparisons and Conclusion: For more than half of my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet, I'd turn off the game for the night and, a few minutes later, realise I wished I'd just been playing Pokemon Shield instead. If this was a big article being posted on a gaming website, that's a sentence that would be in large print and bolded beneath a vaguely-related Shutterstock image: For more than half of my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet, I'd turn off the game for the night and, a few minutes later, realise I wished I'd just been playing Pokemon Shield instead. It would probably be the final image of the article, too.
Don't get me wrong, there are things I'll miss if and when I do go back to Shield - the new Pokemon, the sandwiches, Koraidon, ancient Pokemon, the ability to view IVs (once I get it). But honestly, I kind of wish I could just go play Shield, except with all the new Pokemon and moves. Maybe Nemona and Arven, and maybe even some of the teachers, Elite Four, Gym Leaders, and Team Star Bosses popping in from time to time. The rest of the game, I'm not likely to miss. I find that sad, really. As someone who has played Pokemon games through the good and the bad in the series, and the good and the bad parts of my life since I was a preteen huddled under the living room lamp playing Pokemon Red, I find that sad.
My final score, averaging all my other scores equally, is apparently a 5.9/10, just barely above the midpoint. I feel like that score is too generous in some ways, but I gave my honest feelings for all of them, so it must be correct. It's a disappointing number, just like this was ultimately a disappointing game.
I'll keep on playing Pokemon Scarlet - there's the gyms to re-challenge and Pokemon I missed the first time around to catch, now that I'm all loaded up with Quick Balls. I really like that there's an actual Champion's duty to fulfill at the end of the game this time, should you want to. I suppose 5.9/10 is just good enough for me to continue playing. But I won't pretend that whenever I hear about updates to the game I don't always hope there will be a new interior added, or a couple lines of NPC dialogue slipped in. Maybe someday. Maybe with the DLCs. We'll just have to wait and see. Until then, thank you for reading.
If you've made it this far, I apologise. I've been ready to boil over with all of this for the last 90-odd hours of gameplay and I suppose it finally happened. If you read this all, you're the real champion here! Thank you for letting me get this all off my chest.
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2023.03.28 08:17 KirDroi What kind of a dragon you are

What kind of a dragon you are
Hey, guys! Have you ever wondered how many different beings can live in one person - a warrior, a dragon, an elf, a good wizard, a capricious princess or a grumpy dwarf miner ? Different situations in life demand different behaviors from us. Sometimes each of us has to be a dragon, protecting his lair and his treasure.
Guys, let's have a little distraction.
Let's pretend we've just become a dragon. Let us know in the comments what sort of dragon you will be when you turn into a fire-breathing lizard. Well, for all the fans of Kirill Klevanski, I remind that the 18th book of the "Dragon Heart" series, "Way to the South", will be released very soon - on the 5th of April, 2023. The warrior with the Dragon Heart continues his journey, and we continue to read great books!
Way to the South
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2023.03.28 08:16 EllyGG Loot filter planned .... even have room for one more rule (Teaser for the Good Gaming Item Filter and how you can help with the development of it)

Teaser for my filter plan showing that it is currently going up to rule number 74 out of 75


Hello Travelers, I'm Good Gaming Elly and I have given myself the ambitious goal of making the go to Item Filter for Last Epoch. It will be obtained through a website which will give you a super simple character builder letting you specify everything you need to have an Item Filter made specifically for your character. Here's an example character to show how it will work.
Basic Settings
Advanced settings
When finished the filter will work out that you want the affixes such as cool down reduction, shock chance, freeze rate multiplier and mana regeneration based on the information provided above, in addition to the more obvious affixes like elemental damage over time and chance to inflict frostbite on hit with cold skills.

So, how can you help this filter come to life?

If you are an Eleventh Hour Games Employee
Please please please let item filters have more than 75 rules
If you are a web developer
I need advice on options for hosting this website. It will need to have a database on the back end that will have the necessary data and logic to build the item filters. The front end will need to be dynamic, receiving field options from the database as a result of previously selected options. It will need to be as cheap as possible. I know how to do SQL (Microsoft transact SQL) and have done a little bit of Model View Controller with C# HTML and also a little bit of Ruby on Rails. SQL highly preferred for the database, but willing to go with whatever is easiest or most recommended for the front end. If you would like to contribute to the HTML/CSS/whatever else then that would be super duper appreciated.
If you are player with knowledge about item sub types
Please let me know what the good and bad helmets, body armours and other items are. Preferably broken down by class.
If you are a player with knowledge about item affixes
Please let me know which affixes are good and which are no good. For example pick a damage type like poison and give all of the affixes the scale poison damage. Tell me about a niche build or a unique items that uses a niche affix like the freeze rate multiplier that Snowdrift uses.
Is there anything else you can think about? Please do share
submitted by EllyGG to LastEpoch [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 08:14 KirDroi What Dragon You Are

Hey, guys! Have you ever wondered how many different beings can live in one person - a warrior, a dragon, an elf, a good wizard, a capricious princess or a grumpy dwarf miner ? Different situations in life demand different behaviors from us. Sometimes each of us has to be a dragon, protecting his lair and his treasure.
Guys, let's have a little distraction.
Let's pretend we've just become a dragon. Let us know in the comments what sort of dragon you will be when you turn into a fire-breathing lizard. Well, for all the fans of Kirill Klevanski, I remind that the 18th book of the "Dragon Heart" series, "Way to the South", will be released very soon - on the 5th of April, 2023. The warrior with the Dragon Heart continues his journey, and we continue to read great books!

Way to the South
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2023.03.28 08:09 ConfusedExplorer41 24 Hr Study Libraries in Banglore

Hello. My coaching at a technical institute ends at 3 pm. Post that I need to study for long durations. Can anyone please suggest study libraries in Banglore that are open till late night or 24 hours? Thank you
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2023.03.28 08:06 EtonMedia Help with worldbuilding

My world has 22 Aspects, each with a god of that aspect. Each god made their own species.
Creation and Null have always existed, and from then came everything. Aether and Nether. Alpha and Omega. The origin of all and the end of all. Aether is split into Mana and Miasma, which can combine into Aether.
Nymphs, Slimes, and Humans have the greatest adaptability of all species. Nymphs have evolved to live in perfect harmony to the environment they are found in, rivers, lakes, trees, mountains, etc. Slimes can change themselves to fit their needs. Humans were made as reflections of the gods, as such they can have affinity with all 22 aspects. Subspecies of Human, or races if you will, evolved to have better affinity with certain aspects.
Each species has a selection of defining traits, unique to the species.
Dragon - Dragon Heart(Infinite Mana) Dragon Eyes(See Mana) Dragon Scales(Indestructible)
Human - Human Affinity(All Aspects)
Demon - Demon Horns(Infinite Miasma) Demon Eyes(See Miasma)
God - Creation
Titan - Titan Size(Enormous Height) Titan Strength(Huge Strength)
Phoenix - Rebirth(Reborn at death) Feathers(immune to heat)
Nix -
Leprechaun -
Sphinx -
Angel -
Oracle -
Wisp -
Slime -
Nymph -
Cosmid -
Chronid -
Genie -
Kitsune -
Ent -
Fey -
Horror -
Norn -
I would like help to fill out the Human evolutions and the traits for all the species. Three average feels like a sweet spot. I would love to answer any questions about anything in my world!
Edit: formatting
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2023.03.28 07:57 deepakhtz Srinagar Holiday Package Upto 55% Off

Srinagar Holiday Package Upto 55% Off
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Package Inclusion :
* Welcome drink on arrival
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* All toll taxes. Drivers allowance. Parking charges.
* All Applicable Hotel Taxes.

Contact Details :
E-Mail : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.28 07:49 SolutionDesigner58 First trout as a resident

First time got skunked for an hour, this time much less windy and got one. Looking forward to getting out in the kayak once the lake opens for it!
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2023.03.28 07:48 mrmrsgoatman reverse chance me- junior

NGL i’ve got zero clue what schools ima apply to. I’m thinking purdue, UIUC, the T20 i’m taking n linear alg at, maybe some UCs and Gtech. and state safeties. any advice would be appreciated
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2023.03.28 07:46 tigerfart P4S Plex Server USA/EU/Middle East Servers 📷 4K Content 📷 High Quality Media IPTV 10GBit Requests via Discord 1Pb Library Google Drive Shares Local Storage

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You can join only via discord!
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2023.03.28 07:41 AI_RPI_SPY Unfair advantage given to Chat GPT users.

I asked Chat GPT to write an article based on a perceived advantage given to students who have access to ChatGPT, and for those who did not. Here's what it came up with (context I was previously asking about the style of humour used by Monty Python)
In today's news, those who grew up without Chat GPT are speaking out against the unfair advantage that today's students have in their academic pursuits. These former students claim that the current generation has it too easy, relying too heavily on the internet and advanced technologies, while neglecting the old-school methods of research that they had to rely on.
Back in the day, students didn't have the luxury of a magical machine that could summon information at the click of a button. They had to actually use their brains and fingers to find information. They would spend hours poring over encyclopedias like the mighty Britannica, thumbing through thesauruses, and wandering the stacks of the university library in search of reference books.
These former students reminisce about the struggles they faced in their academic pursuits. "When I was a student," one of them declares, "I had to walk two miles to the library, uphill both ways, just to find a single reference book."
Another chimes in, "Ha! You had it easy. I had to make do with the local public library, which only had a handful of outdated encyclopedias."
A third adds, "You call that difficult? I had to take a bus to the nearest university library, and even then, I had to wait in line to use the one computer they had!"
Finally, a fourth exclaims, "You're all lucky. When I was a student, I had to carve information into stone tablets and deliver them to my professors by hand!"
The group erupts into laughter at the ridiculousness of their exaggerated claims, all the while lamenting the loss of traditional research methods.
These former students are urging today's generation to take a step back from technology and embrace the traditional methods of research. "There's something to be said for the tactile experience of flipping through pages and taking notes by hand," one former student said. "It's a much more immersive and personal experience than just staring at a screen all day."
So, students of today, listen up! Don't take the easy way out by relying too heavily on Chat GPT and other technological resources. Embrace the old-school methods of research and you might just find that you learn more and appreciate the process of learning. And don't forget to have a sense of humor about it all, like these old fogies reminiscing about their stone tablets and two-mile walks to the library.
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2023.03.28 07:35 TheCatAteItsOwnBalls MH3U GRank is a huge pain for me

I had 3 minutes left on the clock, no potions, and 10 percent of my health remaining when Rust Duramboros started limping, and I barely managed to trap him and not triple cart. I had a max upgraded Diablos GS (to get the next upgrade I would need GRank Black Diablos parts) and I was hitting him pretty much constantly, using the poison knives and sleep knives they give you when the supply crate fills, and going under his spin attack to topple him. Used all my traps and all my barrel bombs. I'm just convinced now that it's because I'm using a high rank weapon in Master Rank, but here's the thing. The only other MH game I've reached GRank in (or Master Rank, whatever) was Risebreak. The very first monster in Sunbreak was Daimyo, and he let you conveniently craft MR weapons right off the bat. Since there's absolutely no monsters before the first few urgents of 3U that aren't subspecies, I have to not only reach Black Diablos to upgrade my sword, I have to farm him for hours to get his comically rare horn drop. The only other weapon I have upgraded all the way is the Zinogre longsword, but I would still have to reach Zinogre, which is even further in, and then get a mantle drop. I tried going back and making the Great Jaggi longsword, so that I would have a useable weapon in MR after just killing Great Jaggis, which was very doable, but then I found out it just formed into the Baggi one and something else, which forked into an Uragaan one and a Gobul one. I don't want to fight Uragaan ever, especially in GRank, and I dread the experience of doing a 30 minute hunt against a Gobul multiple times. I feel kind of fucked over, and I'm sad that they couldn't just put a monster at the start of MR that gave you a useable weapon without having to do 50 key quests or go back and farm low rank Jaggis to upgrade a weapon that ends up not having a GRank version. Is there some kind of solution I'm not seeing? I'm only playing LS and GS in 3rd Gen, if that's relevant. This is as much of a vent as a cry for help, so it might be a little long, and I apologize for that.
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