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2012.07.18 23:09 trees sucking at things

Trees aren't very good at things.

2023.05.29 22:53 KohanaCat Serendipity, my King Galaxy Koi. She has a kink in her spine and a tumor on her face but she's still the most beautiful fishy I've seen. (I continue to treat her health issues the best I can)

Serendipity, my King Galaxy Koi. She has a kink in her spine and a tumor on her face but she's still the most beautiful fishy I've seen. (I continue to treat her health issues the best I can)
To treat her facial tumor I just use aquarium salt and kanaplex once in a blue moon (probably once a month) in an isolation tank. She used to look a lot worse so I think it's working out for her! I'm not brave enough to do surgery on her face so I just try and make her life more comfortable.
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2023.05.29 22:53 TheStubbornIntrovert 30 may 23 (escape room)

In a place like vadachenmai movie, we family were on 54ip and got looked into escaped room unknowingly and it's near fishing water and forest.
First event table. Someone sits on it and once stands up, he got pulled into hole under seat. On seeing it is seen there is a huge tunnel like going straight down under the home on which these tables are laid.
There is some pattern to escape. All members sits on dinning table. One person stands. Next person if he is not correct person then both falls. Girl was crying. She is sis of yam near home. Her marriage got delayed since her grandfather died. She was crying in a pattern.
It is seen and we followed and one by one diganolly stands and leaves dinner table.
Something like these goes on...
In another thing, group of 3 has to confess who is badass in a particular thing by thorwimg something into that huge hole is ground. Sis, me. And one more person confessed how ...... Least badass gets killed. Once all 3 confessed, person with mask comes from forest hidently which .we noticed. He was going after 3rd person. But we helped him to escape. We were trying to beat the villain.
That guy turned his way and goes to another place and randomly smashes face of another guy and runs into forest since we intervened.
Many scenes were forgotten but
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2023.05.29 22:53 dontgiveaderp 32 [M4F] Houston, Texas. Hoping to find a relationship.

I'd like to find someone who captivates me. Someone who I can talk with effortlessly. I want to meet a person who I can include in my daily tasks, and talk with throughout the day. I just want to find someone I can be open with. Platonic conversation or romance. Whatever you are looking for, don't hesitate to message me. I hope to hear from you.
I love a number of things, and hate very little. I'm fairly open to trying new things, but some of the things I enjoy are as follows. I love the outdoors. I've never been camping, but I would like to try it with someone some day. I also love to fish. I mostly fish salt water. I do occasionally fish freshwater though. I like to check out new spots around me, but I mostly fish on the beach. Do you like to fish? What are some of your favorite places to go?
I also enjoy the shooting sports. I primarily target shoot. I take part in a little bit of everything, including rifle, pistol and shotgun. It would be nice to find someone who is into shooting or would like to learn/become more familiar. If you shoot, what do you like to shoot mostly? What's been your favorite gun to shoot so far?
PC games are also a enjoyable pastime for me. I have a variety of games, most of which are on Steam. I have other games on various other stores/services. I enjoy a wide variety of different kind of games, so I'm sure we can find something to play together if you game. What are some of your all time favorite games? What are you currently grinding on that you can't put down? One hobby I discovered later on in life is Magic the Gathering. I play both online on MtG Arena, and with physical cards. Magic has become something I am particularly fond of. Do you play any kind of card/table top games? What's been your favorite so far? If you play Magic, what are some of your favorite deck themes?
Music has always been a part of my life. My tastes are varied, ranging from country, death and black metal, electronic, classic rock, folk, pop punk, and more. Do you have a favorite band? What has been your favorite concert you've been to?
I'm honestly an ambivert. I enjoy doing things outside, as well as spending time indoors. I can veg out all day under the covers curled up in my bed, or I can take a trip somewhere and experience something new. I think my personality is a mix of the best of both worlds. What would the perfect day consist of for you?
As far as my personality is concerned, I would say I am fairly relaxed and laid back. I feel like I am somewhere in the middle between loud and excitable, and shy and quiet. Around people I don't know, I tend to be fairly quiet and to myself. In the company of someone who I am close with, I am more open and free. Do you open right up to people, or does it take a while to become comfortable with someone new?
All I hope for is a connection. It could be platonic, or it could blossom into romance, and commitment. I'm not putting a limit on what I am looking for.
With the prior being said, I am single. I may be interested in changing that with the right person. The idea of commitment excites me. Monogamy is appealing to me. Do you feel satisfied with your social life? What kind of connection are you looking for?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate it. I hope you can identify with something I wrote. If you do, please reach out.
P.S. Please feel free to check my post history, and check out a few pictures of my cat if you would like.
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2023.05.29 22:53 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle Courses (Bundle Here)

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2023.05.29 22:53 Doing_my_best_ok Grand Canyon with the kid

Grand Canyon with the kid
So I was so happy to purchase Grand Canyon XL earlier this year. This is their first Canyon bicycle for me and in my country you can't just buy it - no shops or official resellers.
Once I got it, I wanted to drive it on the trails but also wanted to commute with me 1.5 yo kiddo. So I buy this Thule RideAlong bike seat. Everything was fine and dandy until a guy at the bike service told me I should never have my kid in the seat. I was shocked but he claimed that the bike was too fragile and the aluminum is super thin for that type of pressure. 1,5 old kid weighs 12kg.
Do you have any similar experience? I am torn between "I don't want to risk anything related to my baby" and "Are you f:$&@ kidding me?"
I would buy another bicycle for RideAlong, but I don't have enough room in my apartment.
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2023.05.29 22:53 doblermuir Met Doug Adams! (S12/Boston)

Went to Grand Fir Brewing (Portland, OR) with a few coworkers this week and was pleasantly surprised to find Doug Adams (chef/owner) working the pass! A bit stunned and fully fangirling, I was just enjoying being in his restaurant and then my coworker told one of the hosts that I was fan and the host said she would see if he could stop by to say hello. Totally embarrassed and not wanting to be an imposition it felt like a long shot. But then, a few minutes later he was there! Everyone in my group had either lived in Texas or is from Texas, so we talked rural Texas, BBQ, beer, Southern food vs. Texas food, Buc-ees, and differing culture shock and politics across the two states. He was as genuine and kind as he appears to be on the show. Grand Fir is his collaboration with his wife and has incredible “elevated” bar food with award winning beer. All around great time - best chicken wings of my life and a knock out burger. Check it out!!
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2023.05.29 22:53 graveYardGurl666 Email I Never Sent

I know it’s been a long time since we talked. It’s probably the best for both of us in the long run anyways but the silence was starting to eat me alive a little bit.
Life’s really weird without you. Seven years of our lives spent together is crazy to me looking back now. Most of them were happy honestly. Some not so much. But still.
Im watching Eat, Pray, Love rn. At a house in —— that I babysit at. It’s actually a really good movie but it got me really in my head and I fought myself for about 20 mins on sending this or not. I deleted your number the last time we talked because it was just honestly to fucking painful. This rn is also painful.
Idk when it goes away. Idk when it stops being painful? A literal lump goes to my throat and tears fill my eyes anytime I even think about you.
Sometimes I wonder if we had just gotten married or had a baby if things would be different rn.
If we could have figured it out someway or somehow.
It’s literal torture actually. Sitting around thinking about it. But I do. At least once a day- when something reminds me of you- which is a lot.
I’m seeing someone. And it’s really hard.
I’m trying but I feel myself doing thing like this or thinking about you and it feels unfair of me to be seeing someone when I still feel this empty.
I don’t have fucking shit to give to anyone anymore.
If I knew someone I was trying to be with was thinking the things I think about you, about us, as often as I do I’d legitimately never speak to them again.
It’s just hard when you think your life is going to go one way and it doesn’t go that way at all.
When we broke up I think I put myself into a dissociated state for like… months. On purpose. It’s kinda similar to what I do when my mom brings up the name of who sexually abused me as a kid, bc she doesn’t know about it. I just shut down and nod but don’t actually listen or feel anything about what she’s saying afterward.
I thought if I could just shut down and turn everything off eventually when I came back to myself I’d be ok and less hurt or less sad.
That’s not even the case at all.
Sometimes I think about just showing up at your apartment. Or your job. Or calling you and telling you to tell my dad you’re coming home and we’re fixing it.
But honestly idk how to even fix it. Idk how we would even fix it. It’s so broken now.
You hate me. Part of me sometimes thinks I hate you but I don’t I just resent you. I resent you for the life we could have had together. Different from both of our childhoods. We could have had kids and raised them to be healthy, kind, loving and caring people. We could have loved them in ways our own parents couldn’t love us. Protected them. Helped them grow into happy humans.
I think about it so much it physically hurts.
So instead I call my mom. I drive to my parents house or ———‘s and I cry with them. About the life I thought I was supposed to have with you.
My parents apologize and tell me they loved you. That they still do. And that all we can ever hope is that you’re okay.
My dad says everything will work out how it should. My mom says I did what I had to do for me. That a life with someone who abuses alcohol isn’t someone I want to inflict on future children.
Both of those things suck to hear honestly.
I won’t send this. Probably ever. But it does relieve some of the heavy pressure on my chest.
I love you. I miss you. I hope you’re doing ok. I hope someday we can at least be friends again.
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2023.05.29 22:52 mobile_toilet Is my boyfriend being dramatic?

For background info, my boyfriend and I have been together for nine months now. I recently came out to him as bisexual, although I have been bisexual two years prior to us dating. Anyways, to get to the point, he has trust issues between me and my female best friend. He suspects me and my best friend have feelings for each other. I’m not sure about my best friend but I personally, do not have feeling for her. My best friend is bisexual as well, but has a boyfriend. Me and her are gay with each other as two best friends are but not gay enough to be suspicious of. My boyfriend always tries to start an issue by saying that my best friend has feelings for me but me personally, I think he’s just being over-exaggerative. Is he being dramatic or am I being under-dramatic?
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2023.05.29 22:52 Bell_pepper_irl Rollerblade - Wood Elf or Orc (PvP)

Planning on making a classic rollerblade with 2H/Bow since melee MagBlade isn't as fun as I thought it would be. What race would be work best for this? Wood Elf would be less tanky but the speed while stealthed is nice. I'm wondering if the additional sustain is needed though and if Orc tankiness and sprint speed is a better fit overall.
Also, what sets would work best for this? I saw a cool build using Gourmand's and Moth Theurge to lean hard into crit damage. I don't have those sets so if anyone has suggestions before I start farming I would appreciate it. Honestly might even do Clever Alch + Stuhn's since I can craft both.
Planning on doing Cyro and BGs with this character.
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2023.05.29 22:52 SavCItalianStallion My brother and my friends (now mostly former friends) have almost all fallen for Christianity

I really need to vent. I was raised in an atheistic household, and my family is liberal. My father went to Catholic school as a kid, but he has never believed, nor did his father nor his grandfather. For years, the only believer in my immediate family was my dear Grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. She was an exemplary Catholic: she never once tried to push her beliefs onto me--I don't believe we ever had a discussion about God, religion, or faith. Occasionally, she would mention winning stuff in a church raffle. I am grateful to her for that.
I think my parents did a good job raising my siblings and me, especially when compared to their parents. I was spanked once and yelled at quite a bit (things I don't intend to repeat if I have kids), but my folks grew up having wooden spoons broken over their necks. My folks also drink considerably. I spent many of my teenage years anxious and at times depressed, unable to express this to them because they did not know how to help. When I did express it, they promised to get me help, but didn't, and ended up making me feel worse. I don't blame them, given what they went through, but this is the environment my siblings and I were raised in.
Sorry for the long introduction. A few years ago, my brother turned to Christianity (thanks a lot Kanye). He thinks atheists are immoral. I think religion (along with alcohol, pot, and vaping) is his coping method. He fell for Andrew Tate (although thankfully he no longer listens to him) and Jorden Peterson. It pains me, but he's my brother and I love him. But it hurts to see. When I went off to college, I turned to alcohol to cope, but I have spent most of the time pursuing counselling sessions and psychiatry sessions, both of which are really hard to to do when you're depressed and don't have much support.
Asides from falling in with alcohol, I also fell in with my brother's friend group. I shouldn't have. They've all turned into Christians since then (and also fell for Tate and Peterson). However, they were prejudiced from the get go, and I knew it, and I still stuck with them. I think it's because we drank together, which played with my emotions, and depleted my self esteem, leaving me feeling powerless. I was trying to kick them out of my life after three months, but it took me nearly eighteen. I sobered out in December, and after months of minimizing time with my brother's friends, I finally kicked them out of my life this month, telling them off for their bigoted behavior. I was met with name calling and lots of demeaning language. I'm relieved that it's over and done with, although I seriously regret that it took me so long.
Anyhow, asides from all of the other nonsense, watching them all turn into Christian was really irritating. I'm glad they're out of my life. Here's the slap in the face though: my closest friend, who happens to be the furthest (although not entirely) removed from my former friend group, is becoming a Christian before my eyes. He's a polite person, so he hasn't been in my face about it the way my former friends were. He did say he's been reading Steps to Christ. The one that gets me, though, is that he told me, after I sobered out, that he was praying Satan wouldn't send the urge to drink back to me. That annoyed me. He had good intentions in saying it, but suggesting that my drinking was at the him of "Satan," besides being nonsensical, completely minimizes the effort that I made to get my drinking problem under control (which included learning out to set boundaries with my former friends, who always pushed me to drink (I failed to sober out three time last fall until I finally found success in December)).
It just bothers me that all of the people I once considered friends have fallen to Christianity (and other toxic internet stuff). I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to help my brother at this point. Even if he's a Christian I want him to be healthy, but he's getting his mental and physical health advices from toxic celebrities and influencers. Even my best friend is reading Christian books, while I'm over here reading books about childhood emotional neglect and self-regulation (for stress). I'm listening to real doctors (not frauds like Jorden Peterson) and real medical advice to help me protect my mental health, yet all the young men around me have been misled by an imaginary sky fairy.
I need, and am actively searching for new, reasonable, liberal (or left leaning), atheistic friends. That does not make my current situation any less frustrating, but this is what I get for wasting a year and a half on toxic individuals. I'm thrilled with my progress, but the religious delusion around me has got me so annoyed.
Thank you for reading my rant!
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2023.05.29 22:52 aSilentNoOne 3 AEW House Rules Tickets

Ok so I've been trying to sell extra tickets for the AEW event coming to Huntsville this Saturday June 3rd at 7 pm at the VBC Arena. I bought tickets then learned that my friend bought us tickets already. (For those unfamiliar, AEW is All Elite Wrestling... in my opinion, better than WWE).
Would anyone be interested or know a place where I can sell them? TicketMaster won't let me sell them and I've bad them on Stubhub for a month and gradually been lowering the price just to try to get them sold with no success. Also posted on social media, asked friends and asked for their help with no success. Someone please help!
They're in Section 207 (Mid-level if anyone isn't familiar with seating in the arena) so they're pretty good seats but I dont understand why I'm having such a hard time selling them.
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2023.05.29 22:52 squallido616 i just converted i dont really know how to pray

assalamalaikum brothers and sisters,
im 14M and i have converted 2 days ago, i have been planning this for a long time. i am trying my best to stop doing haram things like eating pork etc. i started reading the quran online and im currently on 2:140 my dad has an old quran with a persian transalation but i cant read Farsi. i am a very confused person now with prayers, i understand wudu, but what do you do for all the 5 prayers? is it all Salah? and for Salah, its very hard for me to remember these verses you have to recite during Salah, am i permitted to read from my phone while praying? am i permitted to recite salah in my own language? im very lost, i know islam is the way but im lost in the prayers, i have many other questions if someone is willing to answer them please private message me.
may allah protecf each and one of us
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2023.05.29 22:52 Trutoptravel Ultimate Guide to Baby Travel Essentials: What Are Your Must-Haves?

Ultimate Guide to Baby Travel Essentials: What Are Your Must-Haves?
Hi fellow parents and travel enthusiasts! I've just published a comprehensive guide covering baby travel essentials here.
From baby gear like car seats and strollers to feeding and diaper changing supplies, it includes everything you need to ensure a smooth journey with your little one.
But I'm always eager to learn from others' experiences. What are your must-have items when traveling with your baby? Any tips or product recommendations that didn't make my list?
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2023.05.29 22:52 Pozityvus Tetris effect

Hello there. Like 15 years ago my thoughts were literally typed on keyboard in my mind. I could imagine every word I type as I think it. Even my fingers would move a little. I no longer experience this, it was during the days I used online chats (irc) the most. Anyone else experienced this and is the Tetris effect the best way to describe it? Because I struggle to find many if any info about this phenomena of thinking thoughts while typing them in your mind.
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2023.05.29 22:52 reece_178 THIS GAME IS TOO GOOD

A friend gifted this to me on my birthday, and challenged me that this will be the best thing you'll play ever, and no game would even come close.
Well, she wasn't wrong.

Just finished this masterpiece! There was laughter, tears, jump scares (in a Space game!?). I will not be able to forget this anytime soon!

Thank you Mobius Digital Games and Annapurna Interactive for making this beautiful game!

edit - Apparently its been 4 years. Happy 4th Anniversary! Once again, thank you Mobius for making this wonderful game!
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2023.05.29 22:52 alaflam23 What’s your cooking tax?

I was thinking of this today while cutting up a mango as a snack for my husband - I always keep the pit to eat around for myself since it’s the juiciest bit and I did all the work to prepare the food. Selfish? Maybe. But he neither knows nor would care that I taxed his food.
Another example I can think of is the butt of the roast chicken. It’s the best little crispy fatty bite and I always keep it for myself. What are some food taxes you apply when you’re making food for others?
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2023.05.29 22:51 RainbowUnicorns Can you buy dex imaging home plate club tickets on the ballpark app?

Hey there,
Was looking at potentially treating myself to a home plate club game and wasn't sure if any of the ballpark app tickets in sections 101-108 actually had the home plate club. If you can, how many rows are there for the section? The app doesn't make it easy to identify. I would hate to purchase what would seem to be a premium seat to be directly behind where I am trying to sit.

Help appreciated.

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2023.05.29 22:51 RaindogFloyd Now I get it!

Now I get it!
I’m about ten years of practice and tech behind most of you. I just bought my first real camera- a used Canon T4i (aka 650d) DSLR w/4 lenses in preparation for an upcoming Alaska cruise. I’ve always had an interest in quality photos but never saw myself as a photographer -especially with the price and hassle of a lot of gear and since iPhones seem to commoditize the art. But I’ve also been drawn to nature, road trips and learning -so it seems like an exciting area of expression.
Capturing this image on my first day only to later zoom in and realize there was a surprise visitor in the scene made me finally get it. It’s not about being the world’s best photographer, it’s about exploring nature and seeing how much beauty there is to capture.
Any advice on how you would crop this one? If at all?
And how did you prioritize your learning journey? My plan is to focus on observation, composition, exposure triangle, and learning my camera and lenses for the first year. I’d like to focus on landscapes and forests/flowers/animals and then maybe architecture and astro. Is that mix manageable for a newbie or should I swim in just one pond for awhile before branching out?
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2023.05.29 22:51 Alt_Designer Best way to not defeat a Gleeok

Best way to not defeat a Gleeok
My girlfriend was SUPER proud of this creation… it did not go as she planned lol
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2023.05.29 22:51 peabrainbyu Reddit Mock draft Redo 26th pick

Hey all,
There have been a lot of comments from individuals who were unaware that Jett Howard was still available in the mock draft selection who said they would have voted for him if they had realized he had not yet been picked. although I did post the draft results in the previous post i do want to be as upfront and fair as I can. Jett Howard did go to Charlotte with the next pick but that was due to their mods immediately locking the post again and so I defaulted him to their roster feeling that would have been the best pick.
I'll open up another poll so you can vote between Cissoko and Jett only since it would be one or the other and the Jazz subreddit is already 3 hours in on voting and don't want to impact their players available. I'll let it go for a few hours and make the changes if necessary. Please be aware that you did take Jarace Walker with your 7th so I'm not sure if that will impact your pick here or not but wanted to make sure you had all the details.
View Poll
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2023.05.29 22:51 Commercial-Goose-929 Salad eaters: what greens do you cycle between?

Obviously it's best not to have too much of a good thing. Looking at you spinach, I don't want those kidney stones. How often do you switch up your greens and what's the cycle look like? I usually use 2 at a time when making salad for the week. This week I used Romain lettuce and spinach. Next week I might use arugula and chard.
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2023.05.29 22:51 Discount_Sunglasses I'm not convinced u/HighDwarfBat isn't a karma farming bot flooding this subreddit with low quality posts.

Mods, I sincerely hope calling out a potential spammer isn't a breach of Rule 2, my apologies if it is.
I don't know if anyone else has noticed the increase in low quality question posts, but this account is one month old and has a habit of spamming this sub with simple questions designed, in my opinion, more to attract votes than discussion, then deleting them.
When I called them out on it they deleted the post and blocked me.
As I said in that comment, this account's history looks like classic bot behaviour.
The only thing throwing me off was their first submission asking about Kyle plushies, which has now been deleted, and the comments in Roblox subreddits.
HighDwarfBat is either a child or a bot, and either way should probably not be participating in this subreddit.
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