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2023.03.28 11:40 InsulindianPhasmidy How can I (30F) let my friend (30M) know I find some of his comments patronising without hurting his feelings

Hello! Hopefully someone can help me out with a social situation I’m unsure how to navigate.
TLDR: I have a good friend who has a habit of praising me for very minor things, and it makes me uncomfortable and feels a little patronising, but I’m unsure how to tell him without hurting his feelings.
(And the longer, not TLDR version:) I’ll preface this by saying I’m not very socially adept so I fully accept I might be making more of this than I need to. Apologies if that is the case.
I have a friend who likes to praise me for very minor things. It happens a lot. I’m a crafty person, I enjoy working with my hands even if I’m not very good at it and I like to post about that online. Sometimes I post things that are low to average quality on my personal social media accounts just because it’s fun. Example situations might be if I decide to take up a new crafting hobby and talk about my very first attempt at it, or I post a low effort sketch of a raccoon because it made me laugh. They’re fairly normal things that can easily pass by without much comment - maybe a polite question about if I’m enjoying my new hobby, or a passing “cute raccoon” if you wanted to start a conversation about it. The problem is he‘ll react very strongly and make comments about these things being so amazing, telling me “well done” and that I’m doing so well, or him being so proud of me. I’m certain he doesn’t intend it to be patronising and it’s just meant to be a nice, encouraging thing, but the disconnect between the reaction and the thing being reacted to throws me off. It is also starting to make the reactions to times when I do share something I’ve put effort into feel insincere in comparison now.
I have a history of people treating me in condescending or patronising ways, so my sensitivity to things like this is probably a little on the higher end. I fully accept this. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still bother me. The issue is he’s also quite a sensitive person, and since he’s definitely only meaning to be nice I don’t know how to bring this up without hurting his feelings. “Stop being overly nice when I post mediocre things” only makes me sound petty. But it’s reached a point where when he does this I either have to ignore it entirely and just act as if he hasn’t said anything which comes across as rude, or just close our chat window and take a moment away because it bothers me.
Again, I’m not very socially adept so apologies if this is a silly thing to be asking advice on, but I’d really appreciate if anyone could help me find a way to let him know it bothers me while also not hurting his feelings and acknowledging I know he’s only trying to be nice.
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2023.03.28 11:40 apeloverage Good-Looking Corpse - Hold Me

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2023.03.28 11:40 Ritushido Moving back to the UK and remote work?

Hey UK!
I'm an expat living abroad and I'll be moving back to the UK at the end of April.
My current employer will allow me to work remotely for them when I move back but the be honest the wage is crap, so I will be looking for new work opportunities when I move back. I'm a web developer of 14 years and curious about remote work opportunities over there in this field at the moment as I'm not entierly sure where I'm going to end up living as of now but as long as I have my computer and an interent connection, I can work and earn money! What places or sites can I look for remote jobs?
Bonus question because I might aswell ask while I'm here. I was a kid when I left so I'm not too clued up on where I should go in the UK once I get back to inform that I'm moving back permenantly and get things in order? Is there like some kind of citizen's advice place?
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2023.03.28 11:39 HadEnoughGirl Would I be the AHole if I decided not to turn up for family dinner?

I 32F have an older sister, whom I like to call NS (Narcissist Sister (35F) and LS (Little sister (30F).
NS and I have never gotten along due to the fact she is a complete Narcissist and a Bully. She made my childhood and teen hood miserable by relentless bullying, intimidating and making me feel like no matter what I did, I would never amount to anything in her eyes. I am on the spectrum (high functioning) and ended up going through in and outs of depression because for the way she's acted towards me. Even as we are grown adults, she still finds ways to hurt me. For example, she asked me to make beautiful cavas portraits for her two daughters as a gift, and when I completed them, she never said a word about it. Not a thank you or omg they are amazing....nothing. This shot down my confidence when it came to doing any painting for some time. There was another time I spend my hard earned money making a beautiful surprise Mother's Day tea for mum, to which NS completely ruined by throwing a tantrum and storming out because of a disagreement she had with our father. I tried to chase her to her car and coax her to come back for our mother's sake, but she refused, leaving our mother in a state of tears. She never apologised for ruining the tea or thanked me for going after her. That's just what NS is generally like...she doesn't care about who she hurts or how she ruins's all about herself she cares about. She is the type of person who cannot show empathy or deal with things for the sake of others or care about whether she hurts anyone else's feeling. Her behaviour has gotten so much worse over the last several years since she got married and began having kids. She's become extremely entitled, snobby and rude. She even treats our home like a hotel/daycare centre, doesn't even help to clear up any mess or tell her own children to tidy up their mess. So in the end, mum and I have to do it all. I also hate the fact that NS and LS used to completely ignore me as a kid, and sometimes seeing them together they still generally do that, though LS and I have formed over a better bond. Still, I cannot bare to see the two of them together since it's just a reminder that I am the outcast when it comes to the three of us.
Before you ask about my parents....basically according to my father, NS always gave him nothing but aggravation. At one point she even tried to tempt him into hitting her, which he never did by the way. Dad has never been a domestic kind of person or laid a hand on anyone. He's always been a great father who wants the best for all of us. As for mum, she's always tried to play mediator to the situation, despite receiving abuse from NS as well.
Things have gotten to the point where Dad wants nothing to do with NS due to the way she's treated an ATM machine. She and her husband have gotten nowhere with being able to afford a mortgage and have three children, and she's made that dad won't just buy her a house, despite the fact that he's given her money towards family holidays, presents for the kids and other things.
I don't want to see NS due to her toxic behaviour and way she's treated me over the years. I've spent the last year going to counselling sessions before of it and have slowly began speaking out what I've been keeping in for a long time. Dad is very much on my side whilst LS doesn't want to pick sides. Mum is just playing as mediator as always. I have decided to cut NS out of my life for as much as I can, realising I do not need this toxic person to keep bringing me down. week will be my last day of working at the same work place I've spent the last several years working at, due to it's closing down. Whilst I am excited to begin my new job, it's also kinda sad that I will have to say goodbye to my old team and ending a chapter in my life. I know emotions are going to be high that day, so I asked mum if she could prepare a special dinner for me, like just make something nice like her homemade schnitzels or lamb chops. That's when she revealed to me that there will be family coming for dinner, and of course...NS will be coming with her family. This has made me feel really furious and upset, since I have made it clear that I do not want to be around her.
The only thing is, my grandmother and some other people will be coming too and I wouldn't want to upset them. Part of me is wondering if I should just suck it up and avoid her during the dinner, try to be the better person or if I should just go to the cinema or restaurant somewhere else? I kinda wanna make a clear statement that I don't want to be around her. I'm also worried that I might snap at her after years or resentment and anger that had built up inside.
So would I be the AH if I decided not to turn up for dinner? Should I just deal with it? If anyone has some helpful advice, I'd really appreciate it.
TLSV: Am I the AH for not wanting to turn up for a family dinner to avoid my narcissist sister who has spent years bullying me and putting me down?
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2023.03.28 11:39 SpecialistApricot126 My (19F) ex wants to go to a concert with me (19M) since we got the tickets when we were together. Is this a good Idea?

First off we have been together for about 2 years, but we broke up recently and they bought us concert tickets when we were together and like right now we are friends. However, I never been to a concert before so this would be my first concert ever and I kinda wanted it to be special, but I don't want to hurt there feelings of me not wanting to go anymore. But it also doesn't feel right for me to go. What should I do?
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2023.03.28 11:39 RyanToesReview loga heart my beloved

loga heart is so cool he makes me want to do nothing but watch loga heart loga heart is very cool and makes very nice videos also logaheart is make fun and cool videos logahert is also a straight white male not that woke so i say he should rebrand as a asain trans crippled dwarf with downsyndrome as it would be very woke and political correct i also think that kanye should b e president because i agree with his views on the jewish people they try to take your gold and distract you defences when four golems break you motar also logahart shold play clash of clans as i think it is a very good game and is very politically correct and woke logahrt is also very cool bhecasue he makes me go ha ha ha when he tells a joke but i think his jokes could be a bit more politically correct and woke
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2023.03.28 11:39 BananaEatingLion [Question] Square Women's Watch (to replace Rolex Justdate)

So I was gifted a 26mm Rolex Datejust a few years ago, and I have never worn it. I'm thinking of selling it and buying something I would actually enjoy wearing.
I KNOW watch people hate brands such as Chanel, but that's the one that caught my eye so far... Either Boyfriend or Premiere (don't like the J12 because is round). Something I really like about the premiere is how the band is weld into the piece, I really like how it makes it into a whole object, something more than a watch.
But I'm here to hear opinions and better suggestions.
I'm a 2D designer, so I do put a premium on the visual of it (hence considering Chanel... I happen to also own a couple of their overpriced bags, I don't mind the price tag because I think the design is worth it, not because of brand recognition), but I know watches can be it's own world and I would quite enjoy knowing I own an interesting and intrigated piece of horlogerie (and it would honour the intention behind the original gift)
My only musthave really is the square/rectangular shape, and of course not being huge (I can go larger than 26mm comfortably... I have a small wrist but large hands), I appreciate the lines of the watch lining up with the band somehow, or just following it's flow. I prefer a minimalist look, really just as little 'information' as possible on the face.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and taking the chance to educate me, appreciate all tips.
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2023.03.28 11:39 RamaSchneider Governor Phil Scott's freely chosen political party is still busy building an argument in defense of Putin and his terrorism. We can do better, Vermont, we can do better.

Not long ago, just a year ago for that matter, there was Ukraine trying to figure out how to live in peace with its neighbors as the nation liberalized its society and economy. And then came Putin and his Muscovy government (you know - the same terrorist that trump and the GOP turned to for direct assistance in attacking our democratic institutions, processes and values).
Before this city was occupied by Russian soldiers and the buildings crumbled to rubble and ash under a rain of steel and fire, life was good for residents in the medley of apartment buildings known as the Triangle.
"In war-ravaged Lyman, Ukrainians live underground months after liberation", Washington Post, 03/28/23
Sorry folks, Phil Scott is a weak non-leader with his head firmly stuck in the 1990s. We can and really need to do better - much better.
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2023.03.28 11:39 apeloverage Good-Looking Corpse - Hold Me

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2023.03.28 11:39 Crafty_Bag_4871 off road trail. asking for advice

What is trail riding like? Ive been riding my master for about 6 months around my town. I want a good workout. Have to drive to a trail. Wondering if I should take anything into consideration when going out there with my wheel. I am doing this because I was riding around a field for a while and go a really good leg workout. I guess off-roading will be a great workout as I've heard. But yeah if anyone has any advice I should consider before heading out to a trail let me know. I dont have any examples. I'm just trying to see if there is anything I wouldn't have thought of
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2023.03.28 11:38 ndhdhh hacking whatsapp, instagram, remote phone access

hacking whatsapp, instagram, remote phone access
i few weeks ago i wanted a service to hack a iphone of my ex, since we have a court case and i wanted some evidence that she is cheating on me. thanks to my good friend who referred me to a good hacking team on deepweb. they did the job incedibly well and now i got photos and conversation recorded from her phone as evidence.

hacking team
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2023.03.28 11:38 limpiatodos Question about pinky

So I broke my little finger at the knuckle about 5 years ago. I started playing guitar 2 years ago. At first I thought i was never going to use my pinky, because it had always been weaker and slower then my good pinky. I kept on using it, and although it's still fatigued a lot faster then the rest of my fingers, it is still improving.

Lately howerver, I've been doing more technical exercises, and my pinky and ring finger hurt, and are fatigued faster then the rest.
i've been reading a lot about pinky strength, and everyone kind of struggles with it.
My question is, did your pinky hurt more in the first two years of playing then the rest of the fingers? was it a lot weaker then the rest? I'm just wondering if I should blame the pain on the break all those years ago. Or if it's normal that the pinky takes a lot of practice before it can be used like the other fingers?
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2023.03.28 11:38 heyuiuitsme meh, this one has a tl:dr at the bottom

So, the fdic is putting a plan into place in case the banking system fails, how to tell the american people. I mean, it’s good to be prepared, sure. Yes. frightening none the less. I’m sure that’s all perfectly standard.

I’m sure i’ll be fine. I ain’t got no money to lose, so that makes it a little easier to prepare for. Since, you know, if things go according to plan, they’ll announce it on a friday after all the banks have closed for the weekend.

So, you know. Do your grocery shopping prior to that. Lol, i’m not really worried about that, i’m sure it will straighten itself out, i mean, everything else in america is going so great, so you know. It’ll be fine

Over the past couple of months, or i guess it’s been going on for a year, or years, or more. Idk, but, i saw a ratty trailer in a trailer park for rent on facebook the other day, $1000 a month. And, according to google you’d have to make 40K a year to comfortably and pay that rent.

Your typical trailer park residents don’t make that much, so, i guess they’re going to get pushed out for higher rents on .. well, i’ve lived in a trailer park, it’s subpar housing. And, that’s exactly what that trailer on facebook looked like, something from the 80s that was ragged out as hell

For only just $1,000 per month you, too can risk the toilet falling thru the floor while you’re sitting on it. Yay, congratulations. Good for you. My first apartment that i rented on my own probably goes for that, or maybe even more.

It was a wood paneling and shag carpet townhouse, that’s what they called it, that just meant the bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs with the kitchen and living room on the main level. It went for $435 a month way back then, back in 99/00. It wasn’t great, and sometimes the range hood would shock you if you touched it.

Quirky, i guess. That apt is no doubt up to $1200 a month. Sure, they probably remodeled it. Ok. but, they ain’t remodeled my pay, you know, since then. That’s what made my decision to leave the area. October 2021, i couldn’t figure out why i was so broke.

That’s when inflation caught my attention and i thought, holy shit, is my check right. I’m so broke, this can’t be right. That’s when inflation started cutting into not just my ability to save, but also my savings. Just for basic necessities, you know. Food and such

I was working at a corporate place that paid .. you know, just a tiny little bit above the going rate for wages around town. Based on experience the fucking ad said, lol. I hate that fucking shit. It’s just bullshit, you know, me with decades of experience at that exact job hired in at the same rate as people who’d never stepped foot behind a desk.

That’s why unions, you know. Make those words in employment ads mean what they say again.
Anyway, i pulled up their payroll system, you know, where you could see a copy of your checkstub. Idk, i thought maybe there was a tax issue or something, and when i pulled it up, it was pretty obvious they’d designed the system around their corp employees.

I full well knew what i made an hour, i think it was $13.50, then. How it appeared on the payroll system, it was posted like that, but instead by the year. And, i was like, well, shit - that’s why you’re broke. I was making the same exact wage i made in 99/00, minus free benefits and a gas expense. Wtf.

Making less money. That’s when i was done, just fucking done with the whole ass damn town. I’d been paying $1,000 a month for rent, so during the time that i lived there, my rent more than doubled for about half the space and my wages didn’t fucking budge.

Fuck ‘em. I hope some trust fund babies gotta go cover some shifts this season. Wouldn’t that be nice. I mean, you know, the trust funds up there are the cause of it. Own a lot of businesses and most of the rentals, that’s where those funds came from.

You know, that they all worked so very hard for. I saw a tik toc today, appeared on my facebook newsfeed. Some blond in a benz going on about how people who pronouns are lazy and require special treatment at work

Yeah, that’s totally been my experience at work, but not with people use pronouns. Not them. You. judging ass thinks they’re better than every other person on earth. You. you’re the fucking problem, and your ass ain’t better

And, i hope every one of you fucks end up having to cover the shifts at the business that pay for your lives. I hope you have to labor this year.

She began the video with the words “if i was a hiring manager and … “ well, here’s the thing, i have been the hiring manager before, i’ve also been the fire your ass manager. I’ve worked jobs like the one i have now that the whole staff is just a handful of people, and large corporates with more than 250 people there.

The problems at work ain’t ever come from gays or trans or any other person just looking to be accepted as the person they are. It’s always the “good christians”

What is it about you that makes you think you have the right to tell others how to live.

What is legitimately fucking wrong with you. Why don’t you get a life and mind it. Hoe your own row. Worry about that plank in your own eye. Cast the first stone. Isn’t that what your fucking book says. The one you always throwing up in people’s faces

Why aren’t you following that. Why don’t you.

I mean, i keep going on about this, but:

Tl;dr: nazis are bad.
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2023.03.28 11:38 daisyjones66 Feeling disrespected and frustrated at work, has anyone else had this experience? How did it turn out?

I have been in my workplace for 3 years, in the time there has been a lot of turnover. I am talking the whole management team, soon I will report to a 5th manager, as well as a lot of my co workers have changed. In this time the workplace culture has really changed. My role is very dependant on my co workers, I need information from them and for them to do their steps in a chain for me to do mine and so on. I am struggling as I am finding people literally ignore me if I follow up overdue stuff, give me the run around or in the last minute change plans which affects the work I have done, with no other reason then they are disorganised or don't like it (when it's not really their role to do this). I am at my wit's end. I use the love my job, and I still enjoy certain aspects of my work, but I feel like I have to jump up and down and pull teeth to get the things done so I can do my part. Has anyone else had this happen before. I honestly don't know how to handle it anymore. I had a manager who was really good at keeping everything in line, but since she left it is just a battle.
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2023.03.28 11:38 _sierra_tango_ Just got Mirena no. 2 🌈

Hi! i wanted to take some time to share my Mirena experience. I’ve never thought to and only came to this sub to see if X problem was because of the Mirena, and didn’t even stick around or visit during the last 5 years of being very happy with it in.
This will require a lot of backstory & context. I KNOW it’ll get long so i’ll add a TL:DR below:p
I suffered for years with terrible periods and painful intercourse. Tried many different BC pills, with outcomes ranging between perfect skin but weight I couldn’t get rid of, to lighter periods but horrific hormonal migraines every month, but nothing helped the pain.
Eventually got sent to do a diagnostic laparoscopy for Endometriosis, and had the Mirena put in while under. Un/fortunately(?) no endometriosis was found (Dr said something about a low pelvic wall possibly causing my pain), but I was satisfied with the fact that the Mirena was in and I had a chance of not having periods anyway.
The laparoscopy recovery sucked (3 incisions), so I can’t really say if I was in pain from the insertion or not. For the first couple of months I had spotting and light cramps, assuming around what would have been my period - I was never regular, so can’t be sure, BUT I was one of the lucky ones! I kept waiting for a period that never came :D I was super paranoid about being pregnant and we took so many tests haha, but I finally realised the Mirena was working well for me.
The one problem I did have, though, was acne.
Now, I had always struggled with acne prior, especially when I had a period, my face would be covered, and only clear up for about a week before it all started again, so I wasn’t too bothered. I knew I was acne prone, and not having a period (and the suffering that came with it) outweighed some spots cropping up every now and then.
It got worse though. FFWD about 2 years - My wedding was coming up, and I decided to go get a facial, this was the beginning of the end. My face blew up.. Cystic acne that hurt. Then Covid happened. Lockdown meant snacks, wallowing, boredom face-picking, and weed. Not a great combination for the skin.
I came to this sub, googled like a madman, and came to the conclusion that the Mirena was to blame. Obviously. There were other things I started blaming the mirena for after that, my extreme anxiety, binge-eating, moodiness, suicidal ideation…. but I digress lol.
I became obsessed with fixing my skin, without having to remove it because the thought of having a period again made my skin crawl. I tried new products and eventually Differin which made everything worse. Derm wouldn’t put me on Accutane because of my depresh & anxiety so I eventually gave up and just resigned myself to being the only adult with acne i knew. Not like I left the house anyway 🤷
FFWD again to 2021. Experienced a bunch of shit that would require its own post (and is not really relevant here anyway) and I had a breakdown, my boss recommended a psychiatrist. Got diagnosed with severe ADHD and put on antidepressants & other meds. The world started to make sense again.
After a couple months my psychiatrist recommended a new gynae and cleared me to be put on a very low dose of Accutane if the gynae agreed. She did, I started it and it certainly helped with the persistent, painful cystic bumps, but clear skin was not my reality.
ANYWAY FFWD again to the end half of last year, some more shit happened which called for some major life changes. Realised I had a smol (lol) dependency on weed, and cut that shit out in around September. I had stopped the accutane already for some time as I had only had a 6 month script, but … BAM?! no spots? My skin cleared up almost overnight other than the scarring I did to myself (don’t!!! squeeze!!🤦🏻‍♀️).
I was confused as hell, but again, the world started making sense.
I finally realised my bad covid habits were the actual reasons for my struggles, and the Mirena was honestly just vibing and trying its best.
Everything was amazing .. … until the fire nation attacked! At the beginning of January I got a period. Nowhere near as bad as I remembered them being but still terrible. I wanted to die and spent to the first two days of it curled up like a prawn. It eventually passed and I went back to living my best life, that is, until February rolled around… a period! Again! Anyway it finally dawned on me that almost 5 years had passed since my insertion and it was probably losing its efficacy! (my hubs has had the snip ✂️so this is purely period related not so much for contraception, apparently that’s like an 8 year thing)
Booked a gynae appt. and set up the removal + insertion, which took place on 17/03/23 and .. well.. I should probably detail that - If you recall from the beginning of this giant wall of text, I was knocked out when I had my first one put in. I had no idea what to expect, really..
It hurt like a bitch. I don’t want to lie to any of you. And my Dr is a saint - I used the cervix open-y tablets the night before. Took 2 tension painkillers about an hour before, she cracked me open and spritzed some numbing spray in there - but still! Tbf the previous Dr had cut the strings too short so it was mission to get out but it was like a pap smear times 10. That said, I had had period worse than that, and it only lasted a couple minutes, sooooo 🤷.
Dr gave me a couple more minutes to catch my breath before inserting the new one, and asked if wanted the “crack pipe” - this amazing inhalable pain relief they use in the ER when people have like asphalt or something that needs to be scraped out of a wound - (saint!) um, yes please. Weird sensation and 2 minutes later, and we were done! Husband picked me up and I felt a little crampy for the evening but since then, nothing! My skin is still clear and no signs of a period yet.
All in all, the Mirena has been an absolute godsend for me. I know everyone reacts differently, but it’s not all horror stories. Some people have a good experience.. there are dozens of us! ;)
If you’ve made it this far, I hope my experience helps or offers some peace if you’re worried!
*TL;DR - Mirena stopped my periods. Thought it caused my acne but it was in fact me who caused my acne. Removal hurts if your strings are short. Insertion also prolly hurts, but not if your Dr is awesome. *
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2023.03.28 11:37 Terrible_Inside_5094 Worried about our children and their future

Hi everyone,
New in here, felt compelled to drop my thoughts somewhere.
Where to start....
I am living in Denmark, and maybe our challenges with children and teenagers are more common in Denmark or western countries, apologies for that, these might seem like "white mans problems" or luxury problems, but this is still a generation that I hope will build on top of some good and fight some bad things from our time. The following thoughts are to consider whether we as parents should start a political revolt against some of the mechanics out there, I fight my own fight here, but perhaps I can be motivated, through your comments to take this beyond my little family.
Challenge: In Denmark we are facing an increase of 40% of children receiving a diagnosis, being stress (exams), anxiety, ADHD, or alike (The last one should be genetically based, but my personal belief is that attention disorders are also caused by society's mechanics). In (and outside) schools we are facing more and more brutal violence scenarios between children, caused by, what I believe, a generation of parents, lacking the tools to navigate a very complex world AND finding the passion and energy to move away from their devices and focus on their children. I understand both challenges, the world IS complex, causing fatigue and thereby causing parents to jump on the device for a dopamine rush, escaping the day-to-day problems around them (myself included).
Help me out here, I hope with this post, at least, to spark a conversation, maybe inspire a thought or two, and get feedback, I know I might provoke some with certain gender views, take this as my lack of education in this area, and if you answer, do your utmost to educate me, thank you. 1) What do YOU believe is wrong with society and the movements right now, that are causing our children to suffer?
2) What do you believe can be done (in society, NOT individually in families) for children to thrive and believe in a strong future for themselves, nurture real-life friendships, be present in the moment, and get out of dopamine addictions (Through SoMe, Tik/Tok, SnapChat....). Do we need political regulations to make this happen?
2) 3 of my 4 children are girls (two are claimed pansexuals), and I see their suffering when they are pushed into a performance-led world when their female inner voice is being distorted and pushed away from I really believe what are their true inner beings; empathy, caring, and nursing other human beings (I know there are exceptions, at work, I am surrounded by strong and goal-oriented women, but if you ask me, they do not seem to be truly happy, and have VERY little interest in the next generation and "love thy neighbor") . Our girls react extremely bad to the pressure of exams and their own expectations of high grades. My suspicion; the push for women to be independent, which I see as a FANTASTIC thing, has caused female-minded individuals to force themselves into a performance-led and individual-focused society, and for a LOT of them (not all of them) this is in direct conflict with their inner being. Am I wrong?
3) My 11-year-old son, who, at heart, is an old school "male", yes from time to time primitive and insensitive, but also extremely willing to protect anyone from injustice, work hard and provide anything to the social groups he is part of. My ex-partner and I share a very diverse view on what shape we want him to have, and those 3 behaviors are what he has chosen to navigate after, but know he has learned through teachings at school that these 3 values are representing toxic masculinity, besides, this to me is insane, it is also a new way to tell our children that they are doing wrong, and should navigate after an agenda that, to me, is being pushed by the press and some very few loud voices on the internet. Could it be fair to say that we could benefit from focusing on the gift that a masculine mind bring to the table (For a lot of reasons, but to me, to stop a generation of young men from feeling extremely wrong for having a mind that nature brought them, and thereby needing assistance from medicine, feel "normal" at least to fit in to the current norms.
4) I have worked in marketing for 25 years (doing my utmost to get out, to make a difference in the world instead of promoting further consumption) and when I noticed the movement of individualized content, it worried me. It seems, to me at least, that the focus on individual needs and harvesting "likes" on SoMe is causing a lot of social mechanics to start to suffer and fall apart) In Denmark, very few educate themselves in fields that are about caring for humanity, social communities, and alike. This is becoming very critical for our healthcare systems, but equally, our schools are starting to suffer, as they struggle to find qualified teachers, and the teachers suffer as they spend 50% of their time listening to parents that find their childs individual needs need to be met, instead of focusing on how their child could do the best to support and be part of a group, and perhaps address individual needs in the spare time. Do you agree/disagree? If you agree, what could be done from politicians, from the press, from social media, to start pushing forward and awareness of contributing to the greater good, and not entirely focusing on your own needs and harvesting "likes". Is their any parents in here that could perhaps help me gain a more positive view on these movements?
Parents, should we revolt, or make more peacefully, stand up for our children, build 100.000+ member groups that could actually push through an agenda in the press and the political agenda, there will probably be no funding for such an organism, but perhaps with enough people behind we could get funding OR use SoMe against it self and promote the idea there and generate funding through views :)
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2023.03.28 11:37 PrinsassJasmine My cuddly boy NIPPED me!

My nearly 6 month neutered male Alfie just showed aggression directed towards me for the first time ever and I feel so upset and like the worst bunny owner. He was neutered about 3 weeks ago and since the operation Ive had to work really hard to regain his trust because he was really mad at me about taking him to the vets for the operation and the stress of having to regularly check his wound for the days following. I thought we were finally getting to a good place - he has been letting me touch his feet without getting skittish and loving cuddles just like normal and he has seemed like he had forgiven me. Then I was using the dustpan and brush (which he is usually aggressive towards but never that intensely) and I must admit I was testing his reactions to it a bit to see if his hormones were calmer after the operation yet and he got really upset and nip and boxed it (he has only ever nipped and lunged before, but always distinguished between me and the brush and never showed aggression to me). I put it away and went to cuddle him to calm him down and he suddenly nipped me hard for the first time ever. I put him back in his cage to hopefully cool his aggression and then as I walked past he lunged at me. I know he was probably feeling scared of the brush and got confused and took it out on me but I can't help but feel heartbroken that he has shown aggression towards me, especially seeing as I will soon have to go through the bonding process with him. Does anyone else have any advice or similar experiences to make me feel better. I also want to help reduce his aggression to this brush as it's very difficult to deal with!
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2023.03.28 11:37 LastFollowing3930 SparkReceipt receipt scanner and business document manager

TLDL; Elevator pitch
SparkReceipt is an app for managing, tracking and sharing all your business documents. Scan and store all your receipts, invoices, bank statements or other documents in the cloud, and access them from anywhere, anytime. Your receipt data is automatically extracted using OCR. Invite your employees, co-founders or accountant to the app to manage your documents, expenses and income together. Easily manage your documents online on iOS, Android or a web browser.
Why another receipt scanner app?
Even though I tried, I was not able to, at easily find a simple app that does the following:
Feedback requested
Whether the app itself is useful for you or not, one thing I would like feedback on is the look and feel and the UX. The app is done with Flutter (multi-platform framework) and I've tried my very best to make it feel like native, but would love feedback on anything that feels "off" in any way. I have used iPhones for the past 10 years and I think it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
App Store:
Thanks a lot,
Antti, Valorbyte 😊
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2023.03.28 11:37 Hot-Hair2293 Homeless kids asking you to sign on a sheet of paper, outside metro stations.

Recently I've seen a rising number of homeless kids, especially, outside blue line Metro station that will come and stop your way to ask you to sign on a sheet of paper.
They claim that their village has been taken over by the government for construction of dam, or a similar story and they are collecting signatures (sort of a petition).
I personally have not signed on any of it, but I've heard from people that once you sign, they will ask you for money, and surprisingly these kids ask for atleast 100-500 Rs, and will simply grab you and keep following you if you refuse to pay or sign.
Today also, one of these kids (roughly 10 year old) was sitting outside Noida sector 52 metro station, I accidentally made eye contact with her, and she came running towards me saying, " bhaiya sign, bhaiya sign", at first I was interested in listening to her, but as soon as she came near me, she grabbed my bag, in order to make sure that I won't walk away. I got irritated and scolded her and walked away, as I was leaving she grabbed the strap of my bag from behind, and at that time I told her that I will call the police if she kept on grabbing me and my stuff, at that moment she was frustrated and cursed me and ran away.
Just wanted to know has anyone else come across these kids? I genuinely believe that their story is fake, and they are just a part of a larger gang of maybe trafficked kids from other states of the country or migrants from Bangladesh, and it is a new technique for begging, some of them even speak decent english.
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2023.03.28 11:37 saaaalut Having trouble setting my perception involving regret/lesson & moderation

I have foolishly, in my late teens years, and also my early adult years have wasted almost all of time, the time was was supposed to be spent on making career, extending my knowledge and studying. I squandered it all & now have a small internet addiction
I know I shouldn't live in regret or past. Since they are out of my control, but I also don't feel like letting go of this for a simple reason. So I can value time now, I only want to take actions over thing if they are necessary & make every minute count.
Though I am in doubt, if living like this, will break the virtue of "moderation" cause my lesson fuels/motivates me to study/learn/work as much as I can & not waste time over unnecessary things but that will also require for me to revisit and realize my past mistake.
I am having trouble thinking how should I go about this
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2023.03.28 11:37 Miserable-Chip9710 What are you thinking today?

I am gonna share my thoughts here. Thoughts that I couldn’t usually share with others. Maybe it’s because i do not that kind of friends near myself, or they are not there when these thoughts comes up. Don’t know. I just believe writing down the thing in my mind could help me avoid overthinking.
Anyhow, Anything new you’re coming up with?
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2023.03.28 11:37 dreyse555 Alternatives to medication?

I'm writing this post, because so far, I've tried 3 different ADHD medications: Atomoxetine, Vyvanse and Methylphenidate. None of them worked and some usually had side-effects, mainly leaving me on edge or irritable.
No luck with other medications either, such as Bupropion or SSRIs (these are nasty).
I've tried some supplements, but their effects aren't noteworthy either. Sulbutiamine helped, but not much. Ashwaghanda is good for calming me down and has a slight cognitive effect. Is there any supplement(s) or combo that helps you?
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