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2023.03.28 09:51 Few_Organization_789 Girlfriend (24f) not respecting my (25m) workspace

Around 5 months ago I took a new job that involved working from home. Before I took it, I spoke with my gf about it since we only live in a small apartment and the small spare room we have is being used by my gf for university work and it isn't big enough ot have my work desk and equipment. She said I could set everything up in our bedroom and that she would be fine being out of the room when I'm working. We agreed that if I don't have any meetings she can be in the room as long as she isn't watching me work since the work I'm doing is confidential and as long as she is quiet and not distracting since I work best in quiet environments.
She agreed to this and it was going well for a while. This time of the year is the busiest time for me and my gf has started disliking her job and says it's causing her anxiety which she'd said before about previous jobs. This is leading to her calling in sick from work and just saying she's going to spend the day in bed. I point out to her that I have meetings and things and I'm really busy so she can't really stay in bed all day she's started getting annoyed. When I'm not in meetings she'll be sat in bed watching videos on her phone and refused when I asked her to use headphones and will try to talk to me and will get annoyed when I tell her I can't talk since I'm busy.
She's saying I'm judging her for having anxiety but she refuses to speak to a doctor to look at changing her medication and refuses to put her name down on a waiting list for therapy so there isn't really much I can do. It's like she fails to see that just because she phones in sick regularly from work, there are people who actually take their job seriously. Since I have meetings on and off each day for the next 2 weeks and I'll be non stop in between meetings I've asked her to still be out of the bedroom at the normal time even if she isn't at work because she's not compromising and being quiet when I'm working but she accused me of not taking her anxiety seriously and not being supportive. Does anyone have any advice
tldr; I work from home and my gf has started calling in sick from work due to anxiety but refuses to be quiet so I can concentrate on my work when she's in the same room and is saying I'm unsupportive. Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.03.28 09:50 zmWoo Eye contact

I’m wondering if all the eye contact I’ve been making with this shy girl has been coincidental. There are times where we’d just stare at each other for a solid couple of seconds before either I or her turn away and look somewhere else. There are also times where I’m wondering if she’s looking at me at looking at something near me. Today I think I’ve caught her looking at me a couple of times today (she’d turn away or look at something else the moment I turn around). Does she like me? I’m planning to add her on Facebook
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2023.03.28 09:50 Apart_Midnight_1348 I was harassed

Hi, sorry idk where to put this but I just kinda want to say it I guess.
I was in a psychiatric facility for about 2 weeks.
About 2 days before leaving, a man came to the facility and it seemed like he was high on something. Doctors had to almost carry him in his room. His room was one of the secluded ones if tahts what it's called.
He was a bit scary in a way, he kept breathing out kinda aggressively, I know that sounds weird. And he just walked around the whole place and stopping to stare at things or people, mainly people like myself included.
On the same day he came, I walked pass him and he stopped to stare behind him at me. It felt weird and like he realized something or had a thought idk. I did not feel comfortable.
The night before I left, I went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up to someone laying on top of me with their head on my chest, I realized it was him and he asked my name and before that I think he said good morning, I said my name and I asked him to get up after like a minute of being awake. He got up quite immediately and started asking questions like, what's my diagnosis, do I want to be his friend and constantly kept asking if I'm alright. And it didn't feel like he was worried, more like he was asking to make sure I was okay so there wouldn't be a need for me to go tell someone, if you know what I mean. But it definitely wasn't because he cared....
He also asked to hug me, I refused and said I don't like hugs that I'm not that kind of a person, he said he either but he still really wanted to hug. He spread his arms after a moment of trying to get me to hug him, he came and hugged me. I didn't try to stop him because I was obviously terrified and everyone is in a different state of well being and everyone is there for a different reason. He hugged me kinda tightly while petting my back and repeating that everything is going to be okay. I hated it so much, I didn't hug him, my arms were in front of my chest.
He stopped hugging me and I also asked him to leave quite a few times and finally he did. I went almost immediately to the nurses and told them, they moved him in some room with a camera I'm assuming from what they said. They told me they'll be monitoring him and that they won't let him in the shared spaces.
I got some more sleep after talking a bit with them and in the morning I also talked, he started staring at me at one point again in the morning, for at least like 2 minutes. I didn't look at him, I tried to look away and ignore it.
I finally got to talk one last time about it and then leave that place.
And mind you, my room was also the furthest from his, he specifically came to me....
I don't know if this is too long, I'm sorry, it is too long I didn't even realize. But it did feel good to let it out again 😅
Thank you for reading if you did <3
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2023.03.28 09:49 CultureDapper7069 We are offering Virtual Offices for rent in BGC, MAKATI, and Ortigas

"Loft Spaces" are offering virtual offices for rent on the said locations. You can use these offices for physical mailing addresses and temporary meeting spaces.
comment and/or DM me so I can be of service.
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2023.03.28 09:49 garlic_riot_187 My(28F) boyfriend(26M) of 3 years wants me to "adjust" to his parents living with us for months at a time

My boyfriend of 3 years wants me to "adjust" to his parents living with us for months at a time
My boyfriend (26M) and I (28F) are working professionals and have been living together for 3 years in a city in Australia where we met as students. We are both from different parts of India.
A few months ago, his parents arrived from India to live with us. I was excited to make an impression and went out of my way to make them feel comfortable. They were nice to me in the beginning and I enjoyed our conversations, but some of their demands soon started to make me feel queasy in my own home. 1) They were uncomfortable with my boyfriend and I sleeping together in the same room, resulting in my boyfriend having to camp out in the living room for two whole months 2) The mother taking over the kitchen and excluding me from grocery shopping even after requests to include me, resulting in me having zero control over my own kitchen 3) Not acknowledging me as his girlfriend in front of friends 4) Not offering to help with cleaning and general upkeep 5) Rearranging furniture multiple times inspite of being requested not to 6) The father expressing his concern over me not helping his wife in the kitchen (which was not true) 7) The parents giving credits to my boyfriend and thanking him instead of me on multiple occasions even when they knew he was not involved in planning or execution of dinner parties/trips/general outings etc 8) The last straw - the father feeling "uncomfortable" that I wore a short dress at home. He did apologise later when I ended up crying about this but insisted that these are the "values" him and his family have been brought up with
I suppose my issue is not that his parents are not very nice to me, but that my boyfriend who has been nothing short of ideal all the years I've known him, seems to not acknowledge any of these as real issues and did not stand up for me when his father had an issue with the dress I wore once. All of my concerns are either dismissed with "So what? They're guests. We have to make them feel comfortable" or "My parents are traditional and there's nothing wrong with his mentality". Not once has my boyfriend refused a compliment from his parents that I rightfully deserved, but insists that he did when I wasn't around.
The parents left to India after spending three months here and I moved to another city in Australia for a job shortly after that. I see my boyfriend every month for a couple of days, alternating between the two cities. My long distance relationship with my boyfriend has been great for the four months that we've been living apart. However, a couple days back, my boyfriend hit me with "my parents are visiting in May again for a couple months"
I am shocked that my boyfriend wouldn't consult me or warn me before their flight tickets were booked. It has triggered the concerns I previously had - I am treated like an outsider and that my boyfriend doesn't take a stand for me since he's too scared to speak to his parents. When I voiced these concerns, they were again swatted away with "but they are my parents!". I was also told that these visits will be frequent and I HAVE to be okay with this when I move back in with him.
I am being asked to give up my privacy and personal space for months every year. Not to mention the fact that I am now very self conscious around his father, given him feeling "uncomfortable" about what I wear. I want to make it clear here that I would never ask my boyfriend to stop his parents from visiting us for a few weeks once a year or so. But I'm afraid 2-3 months will take a toll on me.
How do I make my boyfriend understand that it's wrong that he doesn't take my needs into consideration and stand up for me when needed?
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2023.03.28 09:49 no1honeybear My son said I was psycho and everyone agrees

For context my sons dad and I haven't had a relationship since my son was 1yo. He moved away and didn't tell us where he was going 8years ago. When he was present he would just pick up our son and drop him off at his mums house for his custody time and then pick him up and take him to school when his time was up. His dad at times wouldn't even pick him up without notice. Just leave him waiting with his bag. Everyone in my family would feel sorry for him and over compensate so he was always spoiled. Leading to now.
I'm remarried and have 2 other children. My son went into depression during covid and has always had anxiety. Post covid he's having behavioural problems at home and at school. He at times can become quite aggressive when he doesn't get his way. And the school at this point would rather him just drop out so they give him an extra hard time. He had end of year exams 2022 and never studied. The week of his exams I asked him if he planned on studying for them and he blew up screaming and got physical. It was quite scary and left home. Things came ahead. My husband went searching for him and I went through my sons ipad (not something i want to do. Im a big believer in privacy and have never gone through my husbands phone let alone my sons devices) to try and get a location and learned he has been doing drugs. After couple of days my son returned home and we discussed boundaries, expectations and safe spaces. I told him I knew about him using and that he needed to attend therapy. I also asked my son about getting a diagnosis as I believe his behaviour could be a result of being undiagnosed ADHD (his diagnosis is almost finalised now. Psychologist believes him to be autistic and ADHD. My youngest is autistic). With his diagnosis we have been doing our best to be reduce expectations, allowing process time and just giving him a safe place. We don't expect him to work so he can focus on school as it takes him longer to do and then his spare time can be friends or down time to regulate his emotions. The only chore he has is dishes. He does them probably 50% of the time and he constantly needs reminding to do them when he does do them. Homework he still doesn't do and it's always an argument after a million gentle reminders. He just snaps back and says mean things and hurtful things or things completely not true. If I try to say anything he never let's me speak and cuts me off and tells me to shut up. Which I find extremely rude and disrespectful. If I try to discipline him he just leaves to my parents place (they take him im because they feel bad for him and would rather know where he is). It's like he's holding us hostage. We can't speak in our own home in fear he's going to misinterpret us and explode or if we hold him to his responsibilities he'll explode and leave.
Well today he said he thinks therapy is useless and she can't teach him anything new. He thinks it's useless. His psychologist last session with his permission said that he barely contributes in sessions and he doesn't want to be there. She said it's like she's there on her own. He refuses to accept there is anything wrong. Which I echoed today saying if everything was fine and you knew everything we wouldn't be where we are today. There is having the knowledge and there is knowing how to use what you know. If he didn't want to go that's fine but he needed to start doing what's expected... homework, dishes, no drugs. He exploded and said it was one time which is a lie. I know this as a fact to be a lie and he goes on a rant about how insufferable I am to live with and how I'm psycho. When I ask for examples he's like it's terrible how I don't even know. He's told everyone and they all agree. Thing is he makes stuff up or completely twists things. Things he remembers from his childhood are completely different from reality. So I know what he's told everyone isn't the true. He won't say what he's told everyone (everyone as family, friends, school, therapist) and now I feel he's holding me at ransom AGAIN. He's like a room mate at this point. I know it's possibly related to his diagnosis but it doesn't help. I've spoken numerous times to the school, I've spoken to the police, done the therapy, diagnosis, tried talking to him about what he wants out of life and how we can assist him, tutors but it's like we aren't family and he's just waiting to leave. It's sad because we've given him everything and yet it's like I'm the worse person on the planet for trying to keep him alive. I'm making him feel bad for having mental health problems because i once brought up his drug use. Hes behaviour has caused me to go into a deep depression. Ive reduced my youngest sons therapy to really prioritise my son (not that he didnt already have my attention) Would I be wrong for just giving up? He clearly has no aspirations academically or in life generally (he doesn't want to do a trade or any other alternative)and let him leave home when I know it's just going to end terribly?
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2023.03.28 09:48 pfft-has Should I keep this dog?

I found a puppy near my place who suffers from skin problems and I've heard his owners don't care for him at all, beating him or isolating him at times. I took him home once and in a couple hours, my partner and I madr the decision to keep him back where we found him since we both work and study and also don't make enough to support the dog.
After this incident, I didn't see the pup for 3-4 days and got very concerned. I even went out at random times to check if he's there and OK. I didn't feel good about leaving him there anymore. One day I finally saw him and took him home. Informed my partner about this since he was traveling around this time. He was OK with it then but on returning, he had more time to think and said we have no choice but to keep it back again. It had been 2 days since the pup was with me. We got quite attached to each other. Today, I don't know what to do or whom to ask what to do.
For context: My partner and I make around 40k together. We spend around 25k on rent, food and other necessities. We can save 15k if all runs smooth and well.
Keeping the dog would surmount to around 3k per month. That means 28k. And 2k can be emergency contingency.
So we'd be saving 10k with the pup. But we'd also be spending quite some time and energies on it, all of which my partner is very concerned about. I still want to keep it, but feel terribly torn.
I need some advice stat. Help me out y'all.
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2023.03.28 09:48 Proper_Scar7773 Best General Physician In South Delhi

A general physician near me, also known as a primary care physician, is a medical doctor who specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages. They are typically the first point of contact for patients seeking medical care and are responsible for managing a patient's overall health and well-being.
Best General Physician In South Delhi are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions, and they work with patients to develop treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs. They may also refer patients to specialists for further evaluation or treatment if necessary. If you are lived in Delhi so immediately search Best general physician near me.
In addition to providing medical care, general physician in Delhi often focus on preventive care, helping patients to maintain good health and avoid illness. They may provide advice on healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, and recommend screenings and immunizations to prevent disease.
Overall, Physician near me play a critical role in the healthcare system by providing ongoing care and support to patients, helping them to stay healthy and manage their medical conditions.
More service given below:- Best Asthma Doctor In Delhi Best Asthma Specialist Near Me Best Asthma Doctor Near Me Best Asthma Doctor In South Delhi Best asthma specialist Doctor in south Delhi Best Respiratory Physician In South Delhi Best Cardiac Specialist In South Delhi Best Gastrointestinal In South Delhi
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2023.03.28 09:48 Ready_Ad7271 AITA for not telling my best friend her husband tried to make a move on me on their wedding night.

I'm going to leave out names for this story, since we are still very good friends. I 36(F) have been best friends with someone that I met at my job over 10 years ago. I've seen her go through crazy relationships over the years, but around 7 years ago she met the man who now is her husband. They got engaged, and then my friend found out she was pregnant so she wanted to get married before the baby was born, and before she started to show too much. Their wedding was very intimate on the beach, few friends and family. Afterwards they were having a reception at this very low key balounge 2 minutes from their house. I should also mention that I was staying over their place in the guest bedroom because it was almost an hour drive from my house and would be drinking alittle. My friend is usually the life of the party, but since she was pregnant it was weird to see her as the stone cold sober one. I could tell she was getting tired so I asked if she wanted to head home and her husband would be home in a hour or so. I was alittle tipsy, but not wasted in any means. So I help her take her dress off, we take off our make up and just hang out watching TV. She's laying on 1 couch and I'm sitting on the far right of another couch. My friend eventually ends up knocking out from the long day and I'm just playing with their dog and watching TV. And this is when shit goes down. I hear her husband, sister and brother in law come through the door. We're talking quietly, since my friend is asleep. Her sister and brother in law leave and her husband sits down next to me with the dog in the middle and we are watching some show on that channel vice. Also note that me and her husband are cool and nothing had ever happened like this. Her husband is totally shit faced. And all of a sudden this dude gets up grabs a blanket and puts in over both of us. He then proceeds to try and pet my vjay! And was trying to kiss me and I literally went into frozen state of shock. All I'm thinking is my pregant friend is sleeping literally a foot away from us and I could t even imagine if she woke up. I also didn't want to cause a scene and yell get off of me! Because my friend's feelings and when he drunks he gets alittle aggressive. I sat there staring straight ahead with my knees hugging my chest. I kept wishing in my head "please just pass out, please just pass out" so finally he does! And quietly sprint into that bed guest room and lock the door. I just layed there like wtff just happened. And you know what? I acted like I didn't know what happened. Before I went out there the next morning I was thinking he was really drunk he probably doesn't excuse what he did. I just thought that telling my friend would crush her. She was pregnant and her wedding night. Sometimes it eats me alive. Am I the asshole for keeping this from her for all this time?
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2023.03.28 09:47 LunarBearBear I live with my ex who cheated on me.

Sorry if this is horribly worded or the grammar isn’t correct. I’m basically on elementary school level of English and very distraught after finding out that my Ex has cheated on me.
I will try my best to keep it short and include the most details while trying not to give too much away to blow my cover. I’m very sorry if this is too long, it is my first ever post and I don’t know anything about Reddit. Just heard stories and thought I should ask here.
So it all started after she convinced me to leave my job and do what she does. Taylor, (not her real name), told me she would train me and give me the run down so I could make more money than I was already making.
Everything is here and there but she decided she wants to move cross country to be with her family which I agree to, considering that we’ve been together for a year and I feel like starting a new chapter.
As time goes on, she decides to go back to the original place to be with her kid and work because money was tight and she and I were struggling here. I applied for so many jobs but with the long break in my resume, they wouldn’t get back to me.
Eventually Taylor goes back and forth for a week every month and everything seems good. I stay here in the new place to learn more about the industry and so I don’t make Taylor’s expenses skyrocket by going with her.
Just last week, something weird happened with her and she did a full 180. She went out with friend and never texted me when she got back. Odd because usually she talks to me before bed. I give her the benefit of the doubt and play it off because she was with her friends, Caitlyn and Roman, both whom I have met before.
Well just as she arrived back in the new place, I could tell something’s off. The way Taylor looked at me, didn’t kiss me, no hugs, and hiding her phone. Immediately I knew something was off. My gut feeling told me to figure out what’s wrong but before I could, she broke it off. So we currently stay under the same roof but she’s super distant and happier when she gets on a call with her friend Caitlyn. I noticed they text a lot and call a ton. During those calls, it would sound like the way she spoke to me when we first dated which through me for a loop and that’s when I knew something was happening that I had no clue about.
So this morning I did something I regretted and shouldn’t have ever done. I feel like a butthole for this but I went through her phone while she was showering, (she had a new password but I figured it was something I would guess easy), what I say between Taylor and Caitlyn hurt more than anything I’ve ever known.
They were sending explicit photos, texts of wanting to see each other, wanting to passionately hug in bed, etc. The time stamps all show months before today.
I don’t know what to do because I was taken to a new place where I make no money in the industry as I learn. I have no where to go, no income to move back to where I originally came, and no motivation for anything.
If anyone has any advice on what I should do or go on about things, please let me know.
TLDR: I live with my ex who cheated on me so I’m seeking for any advice or guidance on what to do.
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2023.03.28 09:47 AToastyLeaf Sugaya Risako on leaving her agency (kindly translated by @icejiggly on twitter)

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2023.03.28 09:47 Sgt_Peppers_A2 Sick of yoyo-ing

Ok, Ive been lurking here a bit cause im usually pretty shy about posting but, its now gotten to the point where I really want/need to do something about my weight and Idk where to start so, hoping to get some advice?
Currently I weight 169Kg (372lbs for Americans) and whilst ive tried things in the past (fasting, weight loss shakes, calorie counting, trainer, dietitian) ot usually seems to devolve into a bit of a yo-yo dieting which im getting pretty sick of doing and having so real impact or change on my situation. I'll be homest that I havent been exercising for a bit due to life circumstances but, im trying to get back to walking everyday (which I use to do but, still didnt feel like much change occured)
Idk if keeping a sugafood diary should be where I start? Or do I go back to calorie counting? I know the principles (cal in/out etc) but, I dont feel like im actually eating all that unhealthy other then maybe soda/alcohol? So, that feels like what I should address first but, it seems like its too small a change to have caused me to be where I am.
I also dont know how to maintain motivation and drive to keep going for extended periods of time? Like, I want to weigh under 120kg so, thats nearly 50kg and Idk how long itll take to lose that. And whilst I know the promose of better health should be a good motivator, ive been spoiled by the internet and the whole 'instant results'.type shit (not just with weightloss too).
So, tl;dr, what do I change and how do I keep myswlf on track?
Thabk you ❤️
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2023.03.28 09:47 seekalsety 26 [F4M] #SF - White miss looking to be fucked multiple times in one night

Please don’t take it personally if I don’t respond! So I don’t have much sexual experience and haven’t made it a priority.
I’m a 5’7”, 118 lb, white miss straight woman. I have big assets, also have long legs and a defined waist. I work out just enough to stay toned.
Recently I’ve been thinking about being fucked multiple times in one night. Whenever you’re hard, you’re allowed to put it in whether I’m sleeping or not. It’s ok if it hurts. I just want to be used as a cum dump by a tireless, fit guy. Is this a strange ask? Let me know….
I usually receive attention from White and Asian men. I don’t have a preference for race myself but am looking for someone under age 50. I expect you to understand personal hygiene and provide proof you’re clean. I’m on birth control and I’m clean as well.
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2023.03.28 09:45 throw_away0170 Dressing after JC (entering Uni) and whether I'm bad for not taking my dad's money

Hello everyone, just wanted to seek an extra set of opinions. I will be entering university this year, assuming my health condition permits.
I never knew who my mother was, as she left after I was born. Dad's overseas for almost all the time. The last I saw him in-person was before COVID. I live with grandpa but he has dementia and is spending his final months in a hospice. Currently, I work part-time hourly, since I have some time before school starts. I am unable to do a full-time role as I need the flexibility for my clinic/hospital appointments. Also I get unwell even on working days so I sometimes have to leave earlierest.
The bulk of my salary is used on medical expenses, with the rest going to groceries for cooking, electric/gas bills and transport. I occasionally try to buy herbal soup for grandpa. Sometimes I may need additional treatment/medicines, so I might spend more than expected.
Recently, there were some payment issues regarding my grandpa's hospice. Dad has an account set up for that, but in any case I was notified when I visited, and I paid the rest. I didn't tell Dad about it.
He found out somehow, and he called me. He framed it as a casual chat, asking what I was up to. I told him the above. He then mentioned about expenses for college such as clothes + school fees, and I told him I didn't want his money.
We had an argument about it, and he brought up the hospice thing. I screamed at him saying that he was uncontactable. I then refused his money because:
  1. I don't think I should be taking his money as we never had a relationship.
  2. He keeps talking about coming back for a visit but never lives up to it. In fairness, COVID may have affected his plans. I was disappointed with his recent failed promise to visit last year.
  3. I live in the house he owns. Grandpa used to live here too. I know that the house would fetch a good price on sale or rent, and I'm not paying any rent, just the electric/gas bills.
In any case, I gave in and accepted payment for the hospice fees, and taxi/Grab fares for my next medical appointment, I drew the line on other expenses like my medical fees.
Dad also mentioned getting clothes for uni. I'll admit that it never occurred to me to buy new clothes. Perhaps that I never really had an experience shopping for clothes with friends, because I was unwell for most of the time. Another reason was that I have a few school-based shirts, and my school blouse and skirt are in good condition, because I hardly attended a full-day of class due to my health issues. Given that I spent quite a bit of money already on school clothes, I was hoping to keep using them until I saved enough money to buy more durable clothes for working, if I could get an internship in year 2 or year 3. But there is a chance my health could worsen too, so it is also a maybe.
However, Dad seemed to think that wearing my JC shirts/skirts to uni was a stupid idea. My friend agreed too. She offered to give me some of her clothes, but I rejected it. I asked others for their on wearing my JC clothes/school skirt to uni, and while there were no rules against it, people seemed to think I would be judged, although some said it was OK.
I'm just wondering if it was ok to do so in uni? Alternatively, would it be okay to wear them, perhaps when I'm going for my hospital appointments/grandpa/grocery runs? Would people judge me? I'm sorry if I come across as being naïve, but treatments/appointments leave me quite drained and unwell, so I have never really thought about getting new clothes or thinking what is appropriate. For me, if it is in good condition, its fine. Also reluctant to spend money on durable clothes since my JC clothes are fine.
Also, was I bad to reject his money?
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2023.03.28 09:45 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Charlie Morgan - EasyGrow Contact to my Telegram Username--->PcAssets

As it says DM for this courses:

I have the new Charlie Morgan Easy grow course
If you are interested in any of those, write me, it doesn't matter if you don't have anything to trade, just write me
THIS IS MY TELEGRAM USERNAME THERE: t. me/Pcassets (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name Pcassets).
Do not send a dm to this reddit user please.
Over there, I'll share more than +600 comments with positive reviews from telegram users who have gotten assets from me in the past. And when I mean users I mean people you can ACTUALLY verify and message directly and ask... no fake reviews, from random youtube videos or reviews that are impossible to verify if they're actually real people, bots or multi accounts. I'll also send you proof that I have what you're looking for in a way that NO ONE else on reddit will be able to send you.
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2023.03.28 09:44 Mindless_Bad_1591 Shrek 1&2 will leave Amazon Prime on Friday, 3/31 at 9 P.M. PST.

Shrek 1&2 will leave Amazon Prime on Friday, 3/31 at 9 P.M. PST.
For those who have Prime and would like to see these masterpieces again before they leave the service. Link to the website for all Prime movies leaving soon:
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2023.03.28 09:44 PennyArena Is it my (37F) place to ask if an acquaintance (40M) had an ED?

“Jeff” (40M)(not his real name) is a friend to some of my (38F) friends. We’ve known each other for about six years. I mostly see him at events that others are hosting. We’ve bonded over a mutual appreciation for working out, but the more we talk, the more I worry about him.
Last year, he went vegan, allegedly because he cares about animal welfare. The way he talks and acts makes me think that it’s actually an excuse for calorie restriction. For example, he talks a lot about how being vegan helps him to stay at or under 1300 calories/day, which seems really low considering how much time he spends at the gym and that he’s 6 feet tall. He also makes a lot of comments about how much better he’ll look if he can drop another 15-20 pounds (he’s currently 150. I know because he complains about it a lot).
The people who are actually close to him only praise him for being so disciplined. One friend did say that he should eat more if he’s at the gym everyday and working to increase his weights, but Jeff only laughed and said she doesn’t know his body like he does.
Should I say something? I feel like it’s not my place because we aren’t close, but it doesn’t feel right to nod and smile along. How would I even broach the topic?
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2023.03.28 09:43 samrader [s1 spoilers] My thoughts about Jayce

Jayce is the villain in Arcane. Let me explain why.
  1. Failures in Safety: He kept highly dangerous magic in his house barely secured. Instead of being punished for his actions the kids were blamed. The city never even bothered discovering WHY an entire building exploded. He could have spoken to the police and prevented the raid on the under city.
  2. Failure on the council: Despite having time to place in massive arcane gates. Being able to create trade he totally failed to help the under city at all. Instead treating them like violent extremists for... wanting to breath quality air. Despite Viktor being his partner and being from the undercity.
  3. You are in a war. To end the war you demand the death of the other sides soldiers? Instead of admitting they caused the war to begin with he asked for the death of Jink. So he asked for more blood. This lead to Jink tea party and later her bomb. He could have just offered peace no strings attached.
  4. Literally every bad event in the show is partly linked to him. He acts greedy and constantly does not think how he affects others. He is the prime example of Piltover greed and deserves to die with the rest of the council.
Tell me what you think! I know Arcane has no true villains but if you look at it from a plot perspective Jayce seems to make every situation worse. He ignores systemic issues when he has power. He is not punished for blowing up a building (I know the kids did it by mistake but he had deadly illegal magic orbs just laying there). He then attaches strings to peace deals. Like he causes EVERY bad event practically.
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2023.03.28 09:43 DeathReaper130 My Fantasy Basketball Draft Algorithm (Video Example / Explanation)

Hello All,
I made a post a while ago talking about how I created a fantasy basketball draft algorithm which would essentially help me in drafting my team. For reference to my earlier post, here's the link if you want to check it out:
I wanted to make a post showing a brief description / explanation of how my model works. In order to do this, I've made a video regarding a simulation of a fantasy basketball draft using my algorithm. The video is a little long so I had to make it into a YouTube video in order to be able to share it and here's the link to it if anyone wants to check it out:
Couple Notes About The Video:
1) There's no audio/sound of me explaining things unfortunately, just a screen recording of how I use my algorithm to make the picks since I'm not too familiar with making videos and all that. I'll be explaining briefly how it all works below so hopefully that can give some context when watching the video above.
Note: Also if you have trouble seeing the video or it may be a bit blurry, try raising the quality of the video to a higher quality. Sometimes, I've noticed the video being shown in a blurry quality from the get go so changing that to something higher makes it easier on the eyes to see.
2) In my video above, I'll only be sharing one screen of my algorithm, which is the actual screen of what my algorithm shows as an output. Unfortunately, I won't be sharing any of the extra / background stuff in my algorithm such as formulas, rookie rankings, player potential trends and etc as that's more of the research and analysis which I've done personally. I've also made a couple of changes to some stuff to have some things hidden in my algorithm so letting everyone know.
Explanation of the Video:
1) The first thing you will notice is that I start of the video by randomizing my draft order and my draft pick which I will be simulating. So in this case, my algorithm is focused towards a 9 Cat 10 Team league as that's what my fantasy league's play style was originally and so that's what my simulation in the video above will be based upon. So in this case, I have my draft pick number randomized and I have a list of how the draft goes based on which player goes which pick randomized as well. I did my best to have it randomized as reasonable as I could to player draft ranges to make it as similar to an actual draft as I could.
2) Once I have my draft pick and draft order set, I have it kept on the side as a frame of reference so it can be seen how an actual draft would be like. After I've gotten the randomized draft list, that will be the order which players will be picked in this draft simulation. Every time until it's my pick / turn, I will be going down the list and marking each player in the order which they are drafted. I'll mark each player as drafted on both the draft order reference list with a small "x" noting they've been drafted and in the "Still on Draft Board" column so my algorithm knows which players are either taken or still available. The capital "X" is what I use to mark my picks so I can keep track of them as well on the list.
3) The columns on the left most with titles "Rank", "Player", "Position" and "Team" are not my algorithm's rankings. Rather, those are what the Yahoo Pre-Draft rankings were. This is the list which I will be following by as the base draft order as the Yahoo platform was what my fantasy league was drafted on so that's what we would have seen order wise as we entered the draft. My algorithm has it's own different pre-draft rankings for the players.
4) Moving on to more the central side of the algorithm, the upper part is where I input my players' names that I've drafted so that my algorithm can keep track of how my team is looking so far.
5) Scrolling a little down from that, you'll see an area which shows my algorithm's suggested pick (left one) and my algorithm's expanded pick (right one). So in order to understand this, you'd need to see first the two sections titled "Yahoo Next 10 Picks" and "Algo Recommended Options". The Yahoo Next 10 Picks section shows what are the next 10 available picks on the draft board according to the Yahoo Pre-Draft Rankings. The Algo Recommended Options section shows what are the the algorithm's next 15 players which could suit your team the best. Furthermore, the Algo Recommended Option also helps to identify reach picks which have more value than current players on the board (which you will see in the video). Therefore coming back to the picks section, the "Algorithm Pick" section will show the next best player suited for your team according to the Yahoo's Next 10 Picks Section. The "Algorithm Expanded" section will show the next bit player suited for your team according to the Algo Recommended Option section. I take both of these into consideration when choosing who to pick when it's my turn. Under each of these two picks as well, any notable injury risks will be listed for players who my algorithm thinks has a risk (the formulas or statistics for showing how this is derived will not be shown in the video). Another thing to note is that all the stats projections you see in the Yahoo Next 10 Picks and the Algo Recommended Options sections are all projections which my algorithm made so that's interesting to keep a track of in the video if you're interested in that.
6) Finally, on the more right hand side of the screen when I scroll through, you'll see a small section which has different custom rankings for players based on the individual categories. This is one thing which I take into account when I have to make a choice when my algorithm decides multiple players could be a good fit for my team so at that point it's up to me to choose based on some specific criteria I have. The Score Column is what my algorithm uses to decide the next best pick for my team and that's what my algorithm and I take into account along with many other factors when we determine which player should be drafted next.

Hopefully, you all enjoy this and find this project / algorithm of mine fun and interesting to take a closer look at through my video above. If you all want to see more simulations with different draft picks and different draft orders, feel free to comment those below. I know I've given a lot of explanation of my algorithm above so if there's also any confusion on why I do what I did in the video or any other questions about my algorithm, feel free to comment those down below and I'll do my best to answer them all.
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2023.03.28 09:43 electricButterscotch How do you stop feeling guilty about being lucky in life?

We live in a big city and were lucky enough to get an apartment (rented) in a popular area. Our apartment is significantly bigger than a lot of our friends', with a nice courtyard where kids can play. We got it through pure luck.
Every time someone visits for the first time and starts commenting on how big and beautiful it is i say 'yes but' and start listing some things that bother me about it (it's not perfect, it's just big). I know it's an obnoxious habbit and i try to resist the urge to react like this.
I grew up relatively modestly so i feel like there's some guilt about living comfortably that's behind all that. This touches other parts of my life too. How do i ditch that? What should I say when someone comments how big our place is compared to theirs?
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2023.03.28 09:43 smilepleaseez Work gives me anxiety

So I graduated in journalism in 2021, went abroad after graduating to intern and came back in 2022 and started working in PR (public relations). I worked at a place for 5 months and left a month before my probation ended because the other place was offering more money and accounts I preferred working in. So it's to say that I only have 5-6 months of work experience. The thing is that, working here at this new place has been giving me a lot of anxiety. It feels like they expect too much but there's also no room for making mistakes. I've only been working here a month and I've gotten sick twice, the second time I was bloody scared to ask for a sick leave but it got approved. I am also really scared of questioning them when I do not understand something and I am the most introvert human I know. In my almost one month of working I've only failed to not complete my tasks for the day twice and my direct manager gave me a lot of shit for it. I am really scared to work here but I also don't have the option of quitting and finding a new place of work because I am planning to move abroad to study by August.
What should I do?
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2023.03.28 09:42 smilepleaseez Work gives me anxiety

So I graduated in journalism in 2021, went abroad after graduating to intern and came back in 2022 and started working in PR. I worked at a place for 5 months and left a month before my probation ended because the other place was offering more money and accounts I preferred working in. So it's to say that I only have 5-6 months of work experience. The thing is that, working here at this new place has been giving me a lot of anxiety. It feels like they expect too much but there's also no room for making mistakes. I've only been working here a month and I've gotten sick twice, the second time I was bloody scared to ask for a sick leave but it got approved. I am also really scared of questioning them when I do not understand something and I am the most introvert human I know. In my almost one month of working I've only failed to not complete my tasks for the day twice and my direct manager gave me a lot of shit for it. I am really scared to work here but I also don't have the option of quitting and finding a new place of work because I am planning to move abroad to study by August.
What should I do?
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