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2023.05.30 00:21 Freddycipher Do you think Hank Loomis could return

Hank Loomis the father of Billy Loomis who has never been seen since the first movie when he’s in the police station. Not only did his affair set most of the events of the series in motion, but he was a lawyer for Sunrise studios so he pretty much helped kept Milton out of prison too.
At this point if he’s still alive he’d be one of the final biological relatives Sam has. Her mom disowned her and she’s only got Tara. So it might be possible that Sam decides to contact him. It might also be refreshing to connect to someone in her paternal side that isn’t a straight up killer and likely more sane. From Hanks side we never really knew how he reacted to Billy and his ex-wife’s killing sprees. It might be interesting to catch up with him and also see how he views Sam.
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2023.05.30 00:21 Equivalent-Design-65 Just unlocked the m16a1 looking at the stats it looks like a really fun weapon, what is a good set up that gives it minimal recoil and high accuracy?

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2023.05.30 00:20 Longjumping-Size-762 Took in new roomies, not sure how to handle what’s transpiring and need some perspective/advice

I took in a couple as roommates. They had reached out to me through a friend. I have a weird drive to help those who are marginalized, neurodivergent, have been abused, etc. It's part of me feeling like I want to help people with things I never got help with. Friends have told me I need to stop doing this kind of stuff. They were moving to my city and weren't having luck finding a place because they hadn't had jobs set up yet, but assured me they had plenty of savings and would be getting jobs right away. I spoke with them on the phone and asked a lot of clarifying questions, and honestly felt good about it. I am usually very good at vetting people and have never had a truly bad roommate situation.
So they get here and already things are changing up on me: The savings that they told me they had, it turned out that not all of that money was in the bank - partly they were relying on a last paycheck from the job they had just quit to move here that it turned out had actually already been paid out. So that was about $2k that wasn't coming. It turned out they were near broke. I now realize I should have asked for a bank statement, but I was just going on trust. I don't think this was done on purpose, they were very upset when they realized that happened. Ok, I was willing to just move past it, as long as everyone was going to get jobs and get back on their feet.
I did what I could to help remove barriers to them relocating and making a life here: Waived the deposit, got my landlord to approve a 2 month stay, where normally they would ask for everyone to be on the paperwork after 2 weeks. Gave them time and breathing room to find jobs and get working again, all with the idea that they'd save up and move out. I made it clear that I needed this to be a temporary stay and this was agreed to by all. So they get here and one of the roommates is very motivated to find work and applying all over the place, and is now working full time. Cool, awesome for them! The other roommate was shooting down most of the suggestions I was making and had a list of very specific things they could do, and a longer list of things they wouldn't do. At first I was like, it's just not going to be possible to find a job with all of these requirements. Except that I did find them the literal perfect fit, that met every single one of their criteria. One month in, they have quit that job. Citing burnout and mental health issues. Here's my dilemma. I totally understand that as a neurodivergent with PTSD myself. However, it feels like a bait and switch. If it had been presented to me that when they get here, only one of them would be working, which would mean they wouldn't be able to get their own place, I would not have agreed. My expectation with making all these accommodations for them is that I was functioning as a temporary launching pad, and as part of that I expected both to be employed and working toward that goal of getting their own place. I was willing to tolerate some discomfort as part of this transition phase.
Here is the other compounding factor here: The chores are not being done. For 2 months, I've been handling the trash. The dishes are left in the sink all the time. Stovetop left dirty, crumbs on the floor. I continue to come home, after being out of the house for 10 hours working full time, to a dirty kitchen. When the recycling bin is full, stuff starts to get put around it, instead of just taking it out really quick.mI have tried everything: explaining why it's important to me, giving some leeway, thanking them when they do the dishes and giving positive reinforcement. This past week I was dealing with a cold, and then returned to work. Even while sick, I took out all the garbage in the house, and did all the dishes. I am starting to feel disregarded, frustrated and like my kindness is taken advantage of. The roommate that quit their job and is home all day just leaves the dishes all day long. I have tried to not do the chores to see what happens. Things have been in the sink for 4 days, garbage just keeps piling. I really need help figuring out how to handle this. I've tried assertively talking about it, I've tried just doing it myself. Now, there's the new development of the other roommate not working. HELP
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2023.05.30 00:20 Background_Bed2623 Can I use whatever the value of rental valuation certificate as the rent?

Few days ago, I asked a question here about rental increase and I was advised to do a rental valuation with Dubai Land Department where you will pay 2k AED and get the certificate of the rental valuation. I have done that and I am just waiting for the result.
Now, my question is, once I get that certificate, regardless of the amount, can I use that to set the price of the rent or am I still supposed to follow the percentage increase rule which is this one…
If the rent is 10 per cent less than the market value, there is no increase
If the rent is 11 to 20 per cent lower than the market value, the maximum increase may be up to 5 per cent
If the rent is 21 to 30 per cent lower than the market value, the maximum increase may be up to 10 per cent
If the rent is 31 to 40 per cent lower than the market value, the maximum increase may be up to 15 per cent
If the rent is lower than 40 per cent or more of the market value, the maximum increase may be up to 20 per cent
Or can I just set the price to whatever is on the certificate provided that the increase is not more than 20? Since the certificate is legal and official.
I would appreciate any helpful advice
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2023.05.30 00:20 fuzzysockedpug I cant blame anyone but myself

Im 23 and i can safely say i have truly and full fucked my life up. I miss the girl i used to be so badly and i know ive failed and lost her. I was 18 dancing my cares away in any club i could get to, enjoying myself/ making memories. But now thats all i have left, the memories of her. She was fun, a bit loud, rowdy and able to mix and mingle with anyone. She was carefree and could make anyone crack a smile. I miss her. Now the most excitement i get is going to asda to do the weekly shop. I have 1 single friend, am extremely social akward, quiet and alone. The lasttime i went out on a night out is my 21st with my best friend. I dream of letting her out, regaining some sense that she might still be somewhere inside. But i know shes gone. And i know it my choices that lost her. I yurn just to feel alive instead of like a zombie. Im on autopilot and dont think i want to keep going on like this. I look back at old pictures and i dont recognise the girl smiling back at me. I remember trying to hurry everyone to the taxi, bottle of wine being shared in the back and than walking in to feel the music, atmosphere and seeing everyone just having a good time. I see the pictures and try to feel anything but my heart breaking. But i know my lifes now this: cooking, cleaning, working, sleeping and misery. Ive lost 5 years of fun, ive lost the girl i used to be, most of my friends and family. And i cant help but cry. For her, for myself and for the husk i know i am going to be. This is my life now and my future. And im powerless to escape it. I know my decisions have led me to this but my god it still hurts to look in the mirror and wonder who that is staring back at me. I wish i could go back and tell her to listen to herself instead of him. Tell her to go whilst she still can, never look back and live her life for her. But i cant change the past and my future is set. I cant leave, recognise myself or feel anything but sorrow. And its all my fault.
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2023.05.30 00:19 ndef896 Free dedicated PvE server for use

Hey everyone. I recently played through Gloomrot on a dedicated PvE server with a few friends. A couple days ago we finished all we wanted to do in the game and have since stopped. There's still (at the time of writing this) 17 days of playtime left on the server, so I wiped it, removed the password, and figured I'd post the info here if anyone wants to use it.
It's set to the standard PvE settings, but because there's only 17 days left, I slightly increased the drop rates and reduced the crafting times. Additionally, the clan size goes up to 10.
Info: Host: GPortal
Region: US-east
Server Name: Ends June 15
Password: None
As the title implies, the server will expire June 15th. Have fun!
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2023.05.30 00:19 kkessler1023 Can anyone recommend a good deployment strategy for sharing data to end users?

I'm trying to set up a path to allow our end users to access the reports and objects we create through a sharepoint site. I'd like to have some refresh schedules set up and preferably something within the microsoft environment.
I'm considering power bi pipelines, but wanted to see if any of you have experience setting this up.
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2023.05.30 00:19 jmmoliveira13 My Iphone 13 mini doesn't recognize specific glasses

Hey there, I've been trying to solve this problem by myself but it's now time to turn myself to these communities.
My Iphone 13 mini, which I love, doesn't recognize my sunglasses when I try to set up a new FACE ID with them, I know that if I try with other random glasses they will work... it's very annoying!
Any ideas how to solve this besides me getting other glasses?
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2023.05.30 00:18 ReeceBridger EK Breaks A £500 Guzheng, EM Threatens To Deport Employee If They Charge Her

Not my story, but I was a witness. This happened about five years ago and I'd completely forgotten about it until I went back to the scene a week or so ago.
I live in a city in the UK that's in no shortage of entitled people. I have my own stories, including one or two I've posted before, but this one was on another level. Close to the high street and the malls is a shop that SPECIFICALLY sells acoustic musical instruments—mostly guitars, drums, and a lot of folk instruments like lutes and mandolins. They also sell really niche, hard-to-find instruments including second hand ones, and depending on what they have in stock these instruments can be really niche.
About five years ago during the summer, I had some time to kill in town before I met a friend down the road so I went into this shop just to browse. I have zero musical ability but I'd always wanted to check this place out. In the back of the shop I saw an instrument that I now know to be a Chinese guzheng, a flat-laying string instrument with about 20+ strings. This one in particular was over five feet long, and even though it had some metal parts and some pearly-looking decorative insets, the bulk of the body was a polished dark wood. It was BEAUTIFUL to look at, and even though the shop has a policy where people can play any of the instruments as long as they're careful, I couldn't bring myself to touch it—especially when I saw it was priced at over £500, even marked second hand. Of course there were other fascinating instruments and other things in the shop, but the guzheng is the star of this particular story.
After about ten minutes browsing the shop, listening to people picking up instruments and jamming with the super chill owner (CO), I get ready to leave. But before I do, in comes EM and her little hellspawn, EK, who looks to be about 6 years old. EK immediately starts running around the shop poking at various display instruments while EM just hangs out by the door on her phone. Obviously EK was the one that wanted to be here, and EM couldn't give two shits. CO immediately stiffens and watches the kid as he runs around this really densely packed shop, trying to grab anything he can reach, giggling and shrieking with unchecked energy. EM still stays within a few meters of the door, on her phone.
Now remember when I said the guzheng is a flat-laying instrument? It's usually played on a table or a mount, and this one was rested on two sets of legs that held it pretty low to the floor—at 6-year-old height. EK sees it and barges over, starting to pick at the strings wildly. It's… awful to listen to. And even though he's been patient so far, this is where CO steps in.
CO: Miss, your son is--
EM: He's just playing. Just leave him alone. He'll get bored in a minute.
CO: But that instrument is really expensive. We have some children's guitars over there that he might like to--
EK: Mummy! I want the big guitar!
EM: No, EK, you don't even know how to play it. Now come on or we'll be late.
EK: But Mummyyyyy! I waaaaaaant iiiiiiit!
This is where it all goes south. EK grabs the guzheng and tries to take it off the legs. But this thing is taller than some full-grown adults, and it is a CHONKY beast. I guess this kid had enough freaky 6-year-old strength to lift it off one of the two legs before he let go of it completely. The guzheng crashes onto the floor, and the sound it makes is AWFUL. It's completely split down the middle of its length and at least one of the strings has split. It was probably quite old so it might have been more fragile than it should've been, but even so it's trashed, completely ruined. EK just starts freaking out. He's screaming, crying, and he runs straight back to EM.
CO: Oh, God! Are you okay? EM, is he okay?
EM: Of course he's not okay! That piece of rubbish could've crushed his feet!
(His feet were fine. He literally just sprinted across the shop back to EM, clearly in no pain at all.)
EK: I wanna go home, Mummy! Take me hooome!
EM: Come on, EK. If he's hurt himself in any way, I'll sue you for everything you've got.
CO: Hang on! That guzheng is completely wrecked!
EM: So what? It's just a weird guitar. If it was worth that much you should've had it insured.
CO: It's not a guitar. It's a Chinese guzheng and it was second hand! It was still worth over £500!
EM: Five hundred pounds for a chunk of wood?! You're joking! It sounded awful! If you think I'm paying for some used, overpriced Chinese rubbish you've got another thing coming.
It's at this point that I notice one CO's employees, CE, has come down from upstairs to see what's going on. Fun fact: the city I live in houses students from five different universities including two within a mile of each other, and these universities take in a lot of international students that are allowed to take part-time work in the city. CE is clearly student age just by looking at him. He also happened to be East Asian—and just going by statistics of the city here, most likely Chinese. EM also seems to notice CE standing there. She immediately pulls her phone out and points at CE with her other hand. She's going red in the face, moving herself closer to the door and pushing EK outside while she confronts the CO and CE.
EM: Was that thing yours, huh? You bring it with you from China? Fuck you, and fuck you if you think I owe you anything. My son's feet are probably broken and if I hear anything about this or see either of you again, I'll sue you (CO) for negligence and have you (CE) shipped right back where you came from. I've got you both on camera! I know who you are!
With that, she charges out the door, grabs EK by the wrist and bolts down the street. CO and CE just look absolutely shattered. The other people in the shop, including me, offer to help clean up, ask if they're okay. After a few minutes, I had to leave them to it as I was already late to meet my friend. In the end I never followed up on the situation, but five years later CO is still running the shop so clearly nothing happened to them. I took my now-partner in there a couple weeks ago, and they had not one but TWO absolutely beautiful guzhengs for sale.
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2023.05.30 00:18 Motor-Scarcity7840 Should I keep trying at this career? Or give up because of my ADHD?

21F here with diagnosed ADHD. This disorder impacts my life in a lot of ways, specially regarding working memory issues, RSD, and impulsivity. I just got a new job at a casino as a games dealer. I trained all last week and love the people there and the management. I genuinely enjoy it.
I knew it was gonna be hard to learn to be a games dealer with how fast paced it is, but I’m starting to worry that I genuinely cannot do it. I hate to let my ADHD define me in that way and succumb to its symptoms and difficulties, but I just don’t know if I can get past it.
While training, I’ve realized how much working memory plays into the games and mental multitasking, two things my ADHD makes me absolutely deplorable at. I’ll look at cards and add them up and then completely forget the total a second later when glancing over to a different set of cards. I’ll randomly get a little anxious about messing up and then totally forget what I’m doing and where we are in a game. It’s like I can feel myself panic and my mind just goes blank. Then thinking about after training being alone with the casino packed with all the noise and a full table just seems so overwhelming.
I’m more than willing to put in all the work and practice I need to be successful, but there have been a few days when things just feel so damn discouraging. There are just SO many rules to remember and apply (how to deal cards specific to each game, how each game works through and through, how each side bet works, how to deal chips, how to count chips, certain necessary hand movements, and simply things to look out for). Right now it feels like no matter how much I practice, I will never be able to keep track of everything I need to. My mind begins to move so fast then freezes when I catch up to it. I’m terrified to make a major mistake my first day alone. I can be on a roll while practicing and the second a tiny mistake happens, my entire brain goes blank. It’s discouraging because I don’t want to give up, but I don’t know if I am wasting my time trying. I really want to become good at it and keep pushing, it’s just hard because I’m trying to be realistic in terms of self-efficacy.
I can’t even talk to anyone about it because nobody understands what it’s like inside my head. It seems so silly to others that I can’t learn the way others do and need to ask the same questions over and over. I put in so much effort yet need to have the same rules repeated to me 10 times before understanding or make the same mistake 10 times before remembering not to.
Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation? I’d appreciate any and all advice 🤍
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2023.05.30 00:18 ItzMehak Two factor/Passport York

Hello everyone I’m an incoming first year Schulich student and I have my course enrolment appointment tomorrow at 9am. I was just wondering how come when I made my passport York account it didn’t give me a welcome screen to set up 2FA with the duo mobile app is this normal? I’m just curious so I don’t stress about it overnight. I did get an email a few days prior that said you need your passport York account and 2FA to enrol so i’m a bit worried.
If someone could tell me what to do so I can feel at ease that would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 00:18 snidnfjdnfjdnfj TIFU by Embarrassing Myself During a Job Interview (Bathroom Disaster Edition) (20F)

So, this happened just a few hours ago, and I'm still cringing from the embarrassment. I had a job interview at a prestigious company today, and I was determined to make a good impression. Little did I know that fate had something else in store for me.
I arrived at the company's office 15 minutes early, dressed in my best outfit, feeling confident and prepared. As I sat in the waiting area, reviewing my notes and going over potential interview questions in my head, I suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom. I figured I had a few more minutes, so I quickly excused myself and hurriedly made my way to the nearest restroom.
Now, here's where the real disaster begins. I entered the restroom, relieved to find it empty, and proceeded to the stall. Without getting into too much detail, let's just say that nature was calling with a vengeance. I won't go into the gory details, but it was an epic battle that required more time than I anticipated. As I finished up and flushed the toilet, I heard a horrifying noise. The toilet refused to flush properly and started to overflow.
Panic set in as the water began to rise rapidly, spilling onto the floor. I frantically searched for the emergency shut-off valve, but it was nowhere to be found. I stood there, watching in disbelief, as the water continued to overflow, creeping closer to my shoes. At that moment, I realized the gravity of the situation. My interview was about to start, and I was stuck in a flooded restroom with no way to escape without being seen. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, I grabbed some toilet paper and started mopping up the water, trying to prevent it from seeping out of the restroom. But the water was relentless, and my efforts were in vain. It was like a scene out of a nightmare.
After what felt like an eternity, I managed to somewhat contain the flood, but I was soaked, embarrassed, and running out of time. I quickly washed my hands, hoping to at least appear presentable, and left the restroom. As I made my way to the interview room, water squelched in my shoes with every step. I arrived just as the interviewer was about to call my name, and the look of shock and amusement on their face was unmistakable. They tried to hide their laughter, but it was clear that they knew something was up. Throughout the interview, I could tell that they were trying their best to focus on my qualifications and answers, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I had become the butt of their inside jokes. Needless to say, I didn't get the job. It was a disastrous interview from start to finish, and I can't help but wonder if my unfortunate restroom incident played a significant role in their decision.
So there you have it, I flooded a restroom and made a terrible first impression during a crucial job interview. If you're ever in a similar situation, make sure to check the plumbing beforehand, or you might end up flushing your dreams down the drain, quite literally.
TL;DR: I had a job interview, got stuck in a flooded restroom, and made a terrible first impression on my potential employer.
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2023.05.30 00:18 -_-mei Gaming laptop (1k max budget(which is about 3.000tnd)) Tunisia

for school/work i have personal projects (game dev is one of them )
i would love it also if i'm able to stream or record gameplay
here are the options im considering :
asus tuf a17 (rayzen 7 / 16ram /512ssd/rtx 3050) (but from what i read it has problems with overheating personally i wouldn't mind using a cooling pad if it helps )
lenovo ideapad gaming 3 (rayzen 7 / 16ram /512ssd/rtx 3050) (from what i've read people don't really like the screen ?)
hp victus 15 (rayzen 7 / 24ram /512ssd/rtx 3050) (from what i read the build is cheap ? and the keyboard isn't really comfortable and the screen isn't also the best ?)
so far i'm really leaning into tuf but as i said i will be recording gameplay so ig this isn't the best esp with the overheating issue
any help ? i would love if the prices are also in the same range as these as i can't go any higher
oh also i'm going to be installing a linux distro instead of windows most likely arch
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2023.05.30 00:18 Spadesandspaghetti Full House Trophy (5 kills with all bolts)

Currently working on the platinum trophy (ps4), I’m trying to get 5 kills with each bolt, minus the DLC bolts (incendiary and poison) as I do not have the DLC. I swear I’ve killed 5+ enemies with each bolt. No trophy.
-I’ve blinded multiple enemies and gotten at least 5 stealth kills or 5 shotgun kills while blind
-I’ve electrocuted multiple enemies and gotten at least 5 burn kills (matches) and 5 shotgun kills while still stunned on the ground
-I’ve head shotted 5-6 enemies with regular bolts (level one, no fire)
-punched multiple frozen enemies
-easily blown up many with the explosive bolts
None of my bolts are upgraded, but the gun is fully upgraded. I kept reloading auto save on chapter 2 during the section where multiple enemies are feasting, and many more spawn when noticed. I’m gonna try again during chapter 6 where there’s another big enemy spawn rate, and maybe chapter 5 after that (saving Kidman)
Do I have to get the 25 kills in one go? Or am I able to keep reloading a save? Any tips please :,)
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2023.05.30 00:17 Skookum_Smoke Upgraded from Meater Block and I am not mad

Upgraded from Meater Block and I am not mad
I had enough of the inconsistent connections and inaccuracies of the Meater Block and finally pulled the trigger on the Signals. What an improvement. Set up was a breeze and not one issue with wifi/bt connection at all. So simple and flawless so far. Can't say that for the Meater products which in my opinion are trash and that is exactly where the block ended up.
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2023.05.30 00:17 Kid-606 Has there been any info released on preorders?

I see that there is a listing on the PlayStation Store to bookmark the Master Collection, but I cannot seem to dig up anything on preorders on that or the MGS3 remake. I’m assuming they just haven’t been announced yet and I’m jumping the gun, but I’d have to imagine with Konami finally releasing all of this there will be some form of “collectors edition bundle” and I’d like to stay clued in as best as possible!
Thanks in advance!
[End Call]
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2023.05.30 00:17 noimpression18 Do I have a mouse problem?

Getting the trailer ready for our first outing and found a handful of mouse droppings (less than a dozen) in a cabinet under the sink in our Jayco 174bh. I looked high and low through the rest of the camper and haven’t seen any others. Is it possible there was just one mouse in there that is now long gone? Or am I possibly dealing with a mouse problem in places I can’t see? We had one trap set under the tub where we found droppings when we purchased it last year, but that area appears untouched.
We added tons of spray foam and steel wool last year after we bought it to close up any potential entrances, but we did find a few gaps in the underbelly some could have got through.
I HATE mice and am paranoid about effectively cleaning everything. Do I need to bleach all surfaces and wash everything just to be safe? Or could this be an isolated incident?
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2023.05.30 00:17 Tangerine_author I need advice for dealing with my family

TLDR: my gf (MTF) just came out as a trans woman around the middle of April this year and ever since I’ve told my family it’s gone downhill since then. My family is showing their true colors and I need advice for how to deal with them / (possibly) get away from them.
For context, I’m (20 cis Female) about to be a junior in college, as is my (19 year old) gf, and neither of our families have been accepting. We live in TX, so I already don’t like it here. I took some time to make sure I was ok w the change my gf is going through, and in fact, I’m more happy w our relationship than before because I’ve always favored girls over guys. But my family is a different story. My parents were mostly accepting, though they worried about how my life might be harder in the future because I am with a trans person. I am currently visiting my grandparent in AR and when I told them about it, they (and my aunt) ganged up on me and tried to convince me to transfer schools. My grandmother called my gf “disgusting” and “unnatural “ even though she is a docent at a very liberal museum. She threatened to take away my cell service if I stay w this person and constantly makes assumptions about what I want and what my girlfriend wants.
My other set of grandparents don’t know about my gf’s transition (yet? Not sure if I should tell them.) and I don’t know how they would react. They’re usually a lot less accepting than my AR grandparents (appeared) to be.
I really really don’t know what to do at this point. My whole life I believe I have had depression though my family has always written me off as overreacting to things and being melodramatic. When I am w my gf though, sure things are stressful at times (especially bc we’re in college) but we are happy together and we support each other. I do own a car, and so does my gf, so I could drive if I need to, and I did just get back from a trip to NY so I just made some friendly connections there.
I really thought I could trust my family, and I know they are all older and come from a different generation w different mindsets but I really don’t know if I can ever fully trust them again.
I’m already looking at NM and CO as states to move to (thought I’m not sure when I should), even before my gf came out. If you were in this situation what would you do?
(Also please don’t repost or report this anywhere—I’m already very paranoid that this post may somehow end up being seen by my family even though none of them are on Reddit)
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2023.05.30 00:17 wineAndDine49 Anyone else think of this alternate ending?

At the end of season 6 episode 11, when Gene breaks into the cancer patient's house (Mr. Lingk) I had theorized that Gene would dig around his financials and find that he was involved in some sort of white collar crime. At this point the Mr. Lingk wakes up and confronts Gene with a gun, and like he did with Walt and Jesse, Gene convinces him to let him in on the crime rather than kill him. They then fire a shot by the window and Jeff drives off assuming Gene is dead. They concoct some schemes to steal more money, and the series ends with Gene finding his new Walter White.
Did anyone else have this thought? The biggest problem I can think of is that Jimmy is far less valuable as Gene to Mr. Lingk than as Saul Goodman for Walt and Jesse. Unless he needs some underworld contacts to launder money (not sure if Gene even has these anymore), what use would he have for him? Thoughts?
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2023.05.30 00:16 ItsMrColeslaw [US][Selling] Nagatoro, Gleipnir, etc.

Hello! Looking to make some space on the shelf so I'm selling some books. Not interested in splitting sets. Anything equal or less than $20 does not include shipping, anything greater than $20 and I will cover the shipping cost. Always happy to answer questions or provide more photos.
Timestamped Photos:
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2023.05.30 00:16 Raxtz1 19m looking for some preferably long term/close friends! Around my age :)

Please read atleast a bit of this post before messaging haha
It’s currently 5:16pm for me. So preferably around the same time for you. (So we aren’t asleep with the other is awake normally haha)
Hi! How are you doing?
My name is Kyle!
I’m from Florida(CST for time zone)
Some of my interests/hobbies include: Gaming,fishing,listening to music 24/7, occasionally watching movies.
I would love to find some friends to play some Xbox with! I have tons of games! A few being Cod MW2, stardew valley, terraria, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of thieves, deep rock galactic, Diablo 2&3, Apex, gta, rdr2, rust I have like 100 games installed. I’m sure we could find something to play! (Im super bad at games, so I’m looking for people that are casual with games)
I also have a switch! So we could also play some switch stuff :)
Gaming obviously isn’t required for us to become friends! And I wouldn’t like to only talk because of gaming.
Music wise, I listen to mainly hiphop/rap. Stuff like carti,lone,ken,yeat,Summrs, lucki,UnoTheActivist,hardrock, Izaya Tiji. If you listened to the new lone album let’s talk about it!! How u feel? Is my favorite song of all time now. Loved the entire project.
I mainly watch horror movies. I don’t watch much these days, but I would definitely be down to watch something together threw discord or something. If you know how to set that up haha.
I love saltwater fishing the most, but freshwater is great aswell! I’m always down to talk fishing!
I’m kinda shy at first, but I’m working on it! I would prefer, if you would be down to voice chat, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker :)
I work weekdays. So I don’t get home till about 5-5:30pm cst. So that’s when I can play games and possibly voice chat.
I can message throughout the day everyday. Feel free to dm me! Hopefully we get along!
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2023.05.30 00:16 THROWRA-483984 My (24f) Ex (24m) acting strange and self destructive after breakup. Why do guys/people do this?

My ex (24m) initiated the breakup to grow and we ended on good terms although he lowkey was stringing me along and claimed he still loves me and wants a future with me. I felt bad for him bc of things he was saying only to find out shortly after our breakup he was already following someone he never liked and ruined the first half of our relationship by harassing him and causing issues. They're also a terrible person so I, of course, got angry because if you claim to love someone even in a breakup why would you associate yourself with someone who ruined part of your relationship and who hurt the person you claimed to "love" and I said if he ever wanted to reconnect with me in the future this is a big thing he wouldn't have done especially so soon. He also said a long time ago he would never talk to them or follow them again even if we potentially broke up and thanked me for helping him set boundaries with this person. I told him how upset i was and he didn't understand and kept chucking it down to just a "follow" and 1. couldn't understand the principle of it all and how he's essentially letting me know he never cared about the harm they caused to me, him or our previous relationship. 2. he doesn't get that following each other again on every platform is an invitation to the other person to come back into his life.
With the way he's acting you'd think I was the one who dumped him. It's very destructive. I'm wondering if it's a universal immature and self-destructive phase that some people go through after a breakup only to realize how stupid they were to fall back into a poor cycle. Thoughts?
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