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2023.03.28 09:59 madzz00 Mom is an alcoholic and I don’t know how to tell her that her behavior is a problem.

Alcoholism runs in my family and my mom definitely has the habit. She’s a wine mom in every sense of the word, and every night she drinks a bottle to herself, then proceeds to nag at everyone in the house. Whether she is being generally mean, rude, dismissive, or taunting, she is not pleasant to be around after 5pm. I’m the only child left in the house, so I (as well as my dad and grandma) receive all of the backlash).
Tonight was my birthday and I arrived home from a weekend trip at around 7pm. She was excited to see me for 5 minutes, but when I told her I was going to grab kava tea with some friends at 9, her entire demeanor changed. She was annoyed (an attitude she cannot hide) and incredibly rude.
Earlier today, she asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner, and before I could give her a response, she decided. I’m not mad at her decision, although it wasn’t what I would have chosen. Once dinner was ready, I took an additional 5 minutes to lay in bed and recuperate from a 7 hour drive (already not the most ideal birthday). She yelled from downstairs, “I made you fucking dinner; come eat it.” Then she mumbled under her breath, “I could have just eaten leftover spaghetti.” Again, I didn’t chose this dinner.
Later, I tried to sit with her and enjoy her presence, but she stopped talking half way through a story to say, “whatever. You don’t care anyways.” I checked my phone for a brief moment to catch up on my plans for the night, but I still knew what she was talking about. She refused to talk to me after that.
I went to my room after a short while, because I just genuinely didn’t want to deal with it. I overheard my nana say, “I hope she has fun tonight because her birthday seems kind of boring. I wish we could have done more.” In anger, my mom replied, “NO. She was out all weekend for her birthday.” I personally don’t care much about anyone going above and beyond for my birthday, but an expression of appreciation and love seems like the bare minimum. I did not get that from my mom tonight, and every night is the same.
She knows she has a problem, but she does not take any steps to better herself. My dad has lost a lot of patience with her, as have I. She’s rude to my dad, my grandmother and I every single night, and at this point, I don’t want to be home at all. I love my mom and when she is sober she is great, but that is rare.
How do I reach her? Can I?
TL;DR: mom is a naggy alcoholic wine mom and becomes extremely passive aggressive when she drinks. Tonight, my birthday, was no different than any other night. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. How do I reach her? Can I?
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2023.03.28 09:44 Dadadabababooo Looking for some clarification on Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Ever since they were added I've been told that they prioritize exotics that you don't have in your collection and then once you have everything, the drop rate falls significantly and that's also how it has always worked for me. A few days ago I was heavily downvoted and told that isn't how they work.
Two days ago I did three runs of the Legend Lost Sector and got the new Hunter helmet that I didn't have. I just got done with twenty five runs of today's Lost Sector which drops arms, a slot that I have everything in, and received one drop the whole time. And again, this is how it has worked for me since day one. I can pop in to a Lost Sector and receive the new exotic within a few runs but trying farm ones I already have is basically pointless.
So my question is did the people telling me that's not how they work have no idea what they were talking about or is it just the absolute biggest coincidence of all time that my experience with these lost sectors has consistently lined up with what I've been told until a few days ago?
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2023.03.28 09:33 Ok_Memory8971 Combat ptsd boyfriend says it’s “okay” for him to get angry and yell because that’s how he deals with his emotions, not sure what to do?

My long distance Army veteran boyfriend (31M) and I (30F) have been together for almost 5 months. We met at an event through my clients-acquaintances who kind of introduced us. He has been through a lot in his life including losing both his parents in high school, which I cannot begin to imagine how devastating that is and that pain will be with him forever. He has lived life pretty much alone, he has some family but none are super close to him, especially now. He joined the Army right out of high school and of course suppressed his feelings as he was trained to. He went to Afghanistan for 15 months and was in some extremely scary situations almost daily. He has lost friends. He told me it took him a decade to recognize and admit he has PTSD, which I understand some veterans can’t even get to that point.
Lately things between us haven’t been good at all… He keeps getting angry about the smallest things. He keeps disagreeing with me. He will apologize after at least. But I’m getting confused because I’m seeing a side of him I didn’t know was there. He had mentioned from the start he has PTSD, and he previously was in a 3 year relationship. But he’s showing me red flags already that I don’t know how someone would have lasted 3 years in… I’m beginning to feel like I’m not sure if this relationship is healthy. We are a great match and get along really well when things are good. I have developed feelings for him and we’ve talked about the future a lot. But his angry emotions and bi polar attitude (which he admitted he thinks he has) have been making me feel worried. I’ve never had a boyfriend lash out at me shouting and throwing stuff (like he’s thrown his phone) over a simple argument or conversation. I feel bad for him because the other day after a big fight he sobbed to me that I’m the first person that’s said they’re proud of him…
Today he told me that holding in his feelings (anger) is bad and destructive to him and it’s better to do it that way than physical violence. But obviously neither is good, and he needs therapy. I didn’t sign up for a relationship where telling us normal. I know he’s under a lot of financial stress but he hasn’t been wise with his financial decisions. I don’t know if he will ever allow himself to heal or get help, and this worries me for any possible future together. We haven’t been dating long, the honeymoon phase was short. I’ve mentioned he could try free therapy through the VA but he said he’s not sure if he will ever get there. It took a decade for him to admit his PTSD, therapy could be even longer. But does he want to push people away in his life? I’m confused and unsure what to do. My heart is big and caring, I haven’t had any luck in my dating life. So I feel hopeless that yet another man I meet is going to become an ex. I’m exhausted I’m my dating life, it’s very hard to date in my small city. But I’m not sure what to think anymore… any help?
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2023.03.28 09:23 Real_Neighborhood326 Sos only doesn’t turn off iphone 12

I was behind on the ios16 update until tonight. I was driving to work today and maps told me i lost service. (Still on ios 15 at this point) But I haven’t had service all day and now that i am home and connected to my wifi the “sos only” is still appearing on my screen. (Updated to ios 16 at this point) I have trouble shot everything google told me to do. Restarted the network multiple times, took out my sim multiple times but nothing is working and I cannot make any calls. I am on the iphone 12 and my face id hasn’t been working for months but I doubt that the face id has anything to do with my cellular data. Any suggestions please? Or is apple doing that thing where they force me to update? Any other suggestions? I cannot afford to upgrade right now and I have tmobile:magenta if that means anything.
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2023.03.28 09:22 nomad_Henry I had been working hard to improve my dating skills for years, I went from a completely hard-case noob to dating multiple women at the same time, few lessons I have learnt

Just some interesting experiences/lessons to share with the community. English is not my 1st language, and this is a long post on a complicated topic. So apologies for not making this easily readable.
I had long been struggling with dating. I am of East Asian background and have been living in London for the last 10 years. I came to the UK with very little English, so I was not even fluent in English when I first started this journey. London can be a very lonely city to live if you do not have very deep root. It is hard to meet new people. My entire youth was overshadowed by this feeling of loneliness and lack of romantic intimacy with woman. The crushing loneliness had got really bad and it felt, no matter where I went, there was a drak cloud hanging over me.
I was super motivated to improve my dating life, I actually was so desperate I hired a dating coach to help me improve my dating skills. I had approached random girls on the streets in London for 2 years, hitting the gym hard and improving my fashion sense. At the start of the process, it felt like I was a lost cause, I would end up alone for the rest of my life and no one likes me. The progress was very slow but I did get there in the end. I managed to date several beautiful women at the same time, hoping on different dates effortlessly and managed to sleep with an attractive woman usually on the 1st or 2nd date. I am now married to the most beautiful woman for 5 years now, and even after being married for so long, I am still madly in love with my wife. We have beautiful children, and I really do enjoy my family life. So all the efforts, money spent on coaching and dates and time spent is worth it in the end. To marry a good partner is going to be the most important factor for my happiness, no amount of money and effort should be spared for this.
Not going to lie, getting good with women probably is the hardest thing I have ever done. Just put things into perspective, I have mastered the English language from scratch as an adult(believe or not, very difficult to do), graduated from a top university in the UK, get a good job from one of the best companies in the world and started my own business and became a self-made millionaire by 30. All these achievements were easier than getting good with women. The sheer amount of frustration, hopelessness and heartbreaking was too much at times. (because this stuff is not logical, it is like art, you either get it or not). There has been a ton of material online, so I won't bore people with details and theories, you can google these staff yourself. There is also a big community on the internet for improving dating skills, many people are much better than me with this stuff. Just sharing a few key things I have learnt from this journey.
Key lessons I wish I had known when I started this journey:
1, Don't get picky with women, when you started, the goal should be simple, get laid with as many as women as possible. You need to get used to women treating you nicely, women head over heels in love with you even if you don't find them hot. Some of the best sexes I have had are with woman I considered not so desirable. Like any skill, practice makes perfect.
2, Don't bother with women that do not treat you well, no matter how hot and attractive she is. I make this mistake all the time, I become quite needy when I am around an attractive woman. I was all over my head and was obsessed with their boobs and their sexy legs. Women are good at manipulating men and they dress in tight and sexy outfits to get you hooked and pull your heart string. It is difficult not to be needy and clingy around attractive and sexy women. But we need to develop the discipline not ass-kissing women treat you badly, period. This is easier said than done, especially since most men like myself had been going through a long dry spell and have not been with women romantically for a long time. Your eyes light up when suddenly there is a sexy woman that is friendly toward you. I get it. It will be hard not to fall in love with her. This is why you need to have a lot of random sex buddies, you need to have active sex life to not be too needy around an attractive woman. Off course the sex buddy bit is easier said than done.
3, You need to be yourself, be polarised, not be afraid to lose her and not to care what other people think. We are all social animals, we want to get along with people and obey social norms. I don't want people to think I am weird. But I am. I am a nerd and weirdo through and through and I am ok with this. My wife likes the real me, not the fake persona I put out so people don't think I am weird. I am a people pleaser myself, I enjoy pleasing other people, so I feel good about myself, I feel accepted and liked. My wife is very used to my weird behaviour FYI. But this is counter-productive to my dating life. Very simple, no one will go to bed with you if you simply have polite conversation and she feels tepid about you. Going on multiple boring and dry dates often goes nowhere. That is why it is more effective and productive to be very extremely polarised, woman should know how they feel about you immediately, it does not need to go on several dates to find out how they feel about you. I have learnt to speak without a filter, just say whatever weird shit comes into my head with everyone (not at your workplace). I am a very brash and weird guy. I like making stupid, dumb and self-deprecating jokes. For example, today, I just went to take a piss at someone's garden when I took my son to play in the sand, it is an emergency. I then texted to one of my English friends to say I just took a slash at xxx's garden as a proud English man. I am into this kind of weird joke. I do not think whether he will think I am weird or not. If so it is even better he is out of my life, I doubt this friendship can go anywhere if he does not fully accept what I am truly like. This is how I act around the woman. Say what you think, how you feel and truly be yourself, if she doesn't like the real you, not a high chance she will fuck you. The vibe I put out to women is I am a very sexual person, I did not hide this from women. I lock eyes with them, standing close to them, touching them and standing squarely to them, so they understand if they are alone with me, our interaction will be very sexual. So when I made my move, they are already anticipating this.
I believe a woman knows immediately whether you fit the bill as a husband, fuck boy or friend immediately. I only went on one date with my wife and this is all we needed (we met randomly 6 years ago prior to that, chatted every now and then on FB and went on a date 6 years later). That is why I always go for a kiss at the end of our first date, no matter how disastrous this date went, she will have to decide whether she wants to be my lover or not. Don't worry if you are getting rejected. A rejection for a kiss will save you so much time, money and heartache. You shouldn't bother with this woman unless she reaches out to you first.
4, As a man, we have time, there is really no rush, we can take our time. 20s usually sucks for man, we are inexperienced and behave like idiots around woman and it looks like the woman has all the cards. I used to think like this and had a lot of resentment toward the woman. But we really shouldn't. I believe men have huge advantages when it comes to dating. Man has time and we do not have to give birth to a child. Witnessing my wife giving birth to my son is the most traumatising thing I have experienced, she, unfortunately, had a bit of an incident with her surgery, it got really bad. So as a woman, this is the price they pay for being romantic with a man. Don't blame women to be choosy and being difficult with you, they really have to be guarded at all times. In my 30s, when I have achieved success in my career, and developed a ton of experience with women, it is so easy to pick up young women. I would say it is almost effortless. I have already built a social circle where I can meet a lot of women. Most of the dates I have had in my 30s go like this, all I did is just have some conversation, have a joke here and there, have a date or two, and we have sex. Success builds on success. This is true for business and it is true for dating. Either no woman wants you, or all the woman wants you, the same as rich people get rich, the rest 99% working off their ass fighting for peanuts.
Just few lessons I have learnt from my arduous journey, it is easy said than done. If I am single tomorrow, I don't think I can 100% strictly follow all the correct things I am supposed to do around pretty women.
A lot of women may be very angry with my thinking, they will blame man using and abusing women with so-called "techniques". Well, woman manipulates and use man just as much. So FFS.
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2023.03.28 09:21 Sattamatka1212 sattamatka

The game of Sattamatka involves choosing a set of numbers from a range of 0-9. The numbers are then combined in a specific way, and the winning numbers are generated. The game is played at specific times during the day, and the players who have bet on the winning numbers earn money. The game is simple to understand, and it has a considerable following in India.
The authorities have been trying to curb the spread of the game for years, but it continues to
thrive due to the high demand.📷
Welcome to Satta matka glad to tell you. This is one such popular website on the Internet. You get Fastest Satta Matka Result accurate and fastest. A website at number one since 5 years.
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Sattamatka is a form of gambling that originated in India. It involves betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. Sattamatka is a popular form of gambling that originated in India in the 1950s. It was originally played by betting on the opening and closing prices of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. Today, it has evolved into a game where players bet on a combination of numbers that are drawn from a Sattamatka, which is a large earthenware pot.
📷 is a website dedicated to providing the latest news, tips, and tricks related to Sattamatka. Here are some content ideas for your website:
Satta matka Basics: A comprehensive guide to the rules, strategies, and types of Sattamatka games that are popular in India. This can include details on how to play the game, different types of bets, and the various markets that are available.
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You must know that Sattamatka game is the most popular game played in the world, people play in India and also in outside countries.
This game was started by Kalyanji Bhagat's name, after that Jaya Bhagat Suresh Bhagat started it all.
This market is opened in two parts i.e. the first Sattamatka number will come at three o'clock and the second number will come at six o'clock.
The name of this Sattamatka market was earlier (Kottan Matka) was started on the first cotton exchange, after that what they used to do before that the number 1 to 10 number Pani Matka used to put slips in it and give three to the public. Used to ask to take out the slips.
The three slips that were taken out were given to the public by making a single figure and emerald which became a total.
Sattamatka market is considered to be a game of the poor, who do not have money, who are troubled by money, whose work is small, they play this game more.
And what people used to do by doing work, they put numbers with the little money they have, they get the number, no one thinks that they get double the money.
The one who does not feel that he has a loss, but he has a hope that at some point or the other, the number and debt will be over, according to this he goes on playing By doing more, he goes into harm and his intoxication becomes a Sattamatka .
Satta matka has a considerable impact on the Indian society. It provides a source of income for many people who rely on the game for their livelihood. The game also fosters a sense of community among the players, who often form groups and share their experiences. However, the game is also associated with addiction, and many people have lost everything they had in the game. The game has ruined countless lives, and it is crucial for people to be aware of the risks associated with it.
Despite the legal restrictions, the game of Sattamatka continues to thrive in India. The rise of the internet has made it easier for people to access the game, and there are many online platforms that offer the game to players. The online platforms have made it more convenient for players to place bets, and the industry has seen a significant increase in the number of players. However, the online platforms have also made it easier for fraudsters to cheat the players, and it is essential to exercise caution while playing the game online.
In conclusion, Sattamatka is a popular game of chance that has a long history in India. While the game provides a source of income for many people, it is illegal and is associated with organized crime and money laundering. The game has a considerable impact on the Indian society, and it is crucial for people to be aware of the risks associated with it. While the game continues to thrive despite the legal restrictions, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid playing the game altogether.
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2023.03.28 09:20 lavendergay AITA for borrowing money from my parents

My employment has been really up and down lately. Lost a job due to weird drama end of last year, my backup job went on holiday for 3 weeks in January, and now I’m a clinic receptionist and last month one of the doctors went on holiday so I didn’t work some usual days. I’ve still managed to scrape together money each month for rent, which I split with my dad.
Now my dad makes really good money in IT, and he works in my city while living with my mum in the country, so he pays half my rent and uses my apartment when he’s in town, which is about a couple of weeks a month. With covid and my original flatmate vanishing suddenly (she’s fine, just on a spiritual journey or smth), and jobs being unstable as I finish my degree, I’ve occasionally asked him for extra money for the rent, which he and my mum have been fine with. My mum said she doesn’t expect me to pay them back because then I’ll never be able to get ahead, but I’ve insisted on starting this year, and my dad will pay less rent for a while to make up for what he’s lent me.
now the issue is this month. I had a friend visit from America and took a little time off work and while I did some work in that time I’m a bit short on rent. Now I’m happy to arrange with my real estate agent to pay 2 days late so I get my next paycheck for it, but I told my mum this today and she said that’s unreasonable and they’ll give me extra money. I don’t want to accept but it would get me through the month and it can be added on to what I’ll repay them for the next few months.
Im just stressed about asking my dad. He’s frequently late with the rent payments and ignores my texts asking about it until rent is due that day. He doesn’t let my mum have access to his accounts so I’m gonna have to ask him for the rent he’s missed and the extra money. I feel intense guilt for relying on my parents at 25, but I am going in to stable employment next month and we do have arrangements for paying them back. I also pay for things for my mum sometimes because my dad won’t give her anything, like her therapy and groceries. Plus I pay all the bills and groceries when he’s here, and while I’ve offered numerous times to get a studio apartment so they don’t have to pay anything for it they say that doesn’t work cause my dad needs the apartment for work.
So, AITA for borrowing parents from my money this month for rent, and then arranging a payment plan to pay them back starting next month
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2023.03.28 09:18 Alfcx Libreoffice and Noto Fonts: bold not working

Libreoffice and Noto Fonts: bold not working
Hi everyone
Today I encountered a weird behaviour in LibreOffice Writer (dnf-Package, official repositories) on F37: When using the Noto Fonts (also dnf-Package, official repositories) in Libreoffice Writer bold doesn't work. It does work like intendend in the editor (Picture 1).
Picture 1: Formating in LibreOffice Writer
But when I print the document or save it as a PDF bold formating gets lost (Picture 2):
Picture 2: PDF Output
Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
Kind regards

Further Information:
$ uname -a
Linux [nodename] 6.2.7-200.fc37.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Mar 17 16:16:00 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ dnf list --installed google-noto*
Installed Packages
google-noto-cjk-fonts-common.noarch 20201206-5.fc37 u/fedora
google-noto-emoji-color-fonts.noarch 20220916-2.fc37 u/fedora
google-noto-fonts-common.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-naskh-arabic-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-armenian-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-canadian-aboriginal-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-cherokee-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-cjk-ttc-fonts.noarch 20201206-5.fc37 u/fedora
google-noto-sans-ethiopic-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-georgian-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-gurmukhi-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-hebrew-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-lao-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-math-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-mono-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-sinhala-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-thaana-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-sans-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates
google-noto-serif-vf-fonts.noarch 20201206^1.git0c78c8329-7.fc37 u/updates

$ dnf list --installed libreoffice*
libreoffice-calc.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-core.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-data.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-draw.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-emailmerge.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-filters.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-graphicfilter.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-gtk3.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-gtk4.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-help-de.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-help-en.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-impress.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-langpack-de.x86_64 1: u/updates
libreoffice-langpack-en.x86_64 1: u/updates

Edit: formating
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2023.03.28 09:17 ranay0 How to get back my husband???

tl;Dr : my husband has/had a crush on someone, our marriage is hanging on a tread. After some progress major setback. I NEED advice on what should I do next?
I've been here complaining before about my husband unexpectedly announced that he is done with our marriage. Since then a lot happened just in a few days, and i thought we're getting somewhere.
So it started with he became very distant very suddenly. We've been sleeping separately since more than a year as we had a new born and he said it's just because he can't sleep with a crying baby. He insured me it's not me or us. He stopped had sex with me way earlier but he blamed the continuous "baby project" we were in. Since i had 4 miscarriages and we tried to have a baby in the past 4 years. We've been throughout ivf treatment and we had a baby in the end. During this time he didn't want to have sex with me, and i even understood it, because it's a lot of pressure to do it on time all the time.
As i said, he very suddenly just stopped talking to me and went to the other room all the time. I was confused, but after a lot of talking he confessed he is having a huge crush on someone at work. He said it's just a crush nothing more, but he feels like he doesn't feel anything about me anymore and he wanna fall in love again. He said he needs time to figure out if he wanna divorce or start to try working on our relationship.
After that i had that feeling on the back of my mind that something isn't right here.... I know he had some crushes during our years together, but it was nothing just he liked them for a short time and that's that. Happens to everyone, right? This time something is obviously different so i snooped around. I didn't needed to dig very deep. I found his secret reddit account and i read his post and comments. I found out he was actually asking that woman out for a date. She turned him off. He was heartbroken about it, but he was planning to try it again later, or that's what he wrote in his post. That happened about 2 weeks ago.
A week ago he wrote about that he should stop being into that woman because she won't start anything with him anyway. That was when we started to talk finally a lot about our relationship. It seemed like it start to go somewhere. After a week of that we just had some cocktail and hanged out a bit after absolutely not spending time together other than the uncomfortable talks about us. It felt like he is opening up a bit. And on that night we had the most passionate sex. It was like when we just got together in the beginning. And then things got more natural and nice. The next day we talked and hanged out and had sex twice that day too. Had a really nice Sunday and Monday together. Or i thought we did. Our conversations were flowing and we joked around. On Monday he even texted me while he was at work. Shared some fun videos and just chatted about things. Even the evening was really nice and i felt close to him.
In the evening encouraged by our renewed exciting sex life, i did put on some sexy lingerie he bought me 6 years ago. I did put on some weight during all the pregnancies and treatments, not much but some so i couldn't wear this particular lingerie since quiet a while. During this horrible weeks we have had here i totally lost my appetite, and i lost so much weight I'm 3 size smaller than a month ago. Now I'm looking the same as when we met. Honestly it makes me feel sexy again. The point is, i put on the lingerie, i wanted to show off my new body to him. I went to his room and told him that if he's up to it... I'm up to it.
He said he's tired. I asked him if it's the end of our good strike of sex we had here, or it is just really being tired. (This what he said to stop having sex with me for years, so i thought it might be just an excuse again.) He said no, we will have sex just not now. I said ok, but just let me show you I'm fitting in this underwear again. He recognized it and he said it's sexy. He said he is actually turned on. So i stayed. I took it as he wants me to seduce him. So i was flirty and asked what i should do then, go upstairs without him or stay. He said he doesn't say yes and doesn't say no. So i teased him and told him that i don't wanna force him to do anything, if he doesn't want it I'm going. But we were very flirty during that. So we had sex in the end.
We had some nice chat after, and he even came to say good night to me before i went to sleep. I thought finally we're getting somewhere. I went to bed feeling good for the first time in a month.
Today out of nowhere he sent me a message, saying he will tell me this for the very last time. If i go against it he will immediately file for divorce. He needs time and i did everything else in every way to not give that to him. He feels very tired again, and one of the reasons for it is that i selfishly made him have sex with me even though he said no. He told me not to even answer for this message because he doesn't care my explanation. He wants time what he was promised.
I guess i majorly fucked this up. Even though I think it's mostly that he is actually exhausted, and I'm there to blame for that too, but i feel really bad now. Even though I honestly thought it's just a flirty foreplay to push and pull before we had sex last night.
I'm so confused. He was coming closer again and things felt like there's hope, but with this sudden turn of events we're back to zero. I don't know what to do now. I guess i have no other choice than let him be. That means we aren't gonna be in the same room again. Not talking again. I don't see how that would work out in any good way. But it feels like if I'm not retreating i will make it worse at this point.
What should I do in this situation? What's the next step? What is the whole plan even? I'm out of ideas.
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2023.03.28 09:15 idkjustwantrant Idk what I should do with my parents

I (20F) has been having rocky relationship with my mom these past few days. I don't know what should I do. I don't even know where to begin to write this. Kinda just wantet to vent. It all started few days ago when I complained about not knowing what I should do with life since I finished school. Note, I have huge passion for acting, my mom kept telling me to think positive way, I just didn't know how. I have been talking about wanting to some day be an actor in some movies or shows, one day at work I tried to think life positive way and found school where I could apply. I sended link to my mom and she blew off saying I should stop having my head on the clouds and start thinking about life. This is where it all went downhill, next morning she complained about my whole life, about my friends, about how I need to focus on life and not stupid dreams. Talking about people she knows that how their kids life are going and me and my brother are here just acting like we do not appreciate anything. Today I disagreeded with something and she just blew off again, starting to cry and saying how me and my brother are like this and not people who should be happy with life. The thing is I am happy. I'm just lost about what wanting to do with my own life, but she makes me feel like I'm with my brother just black sheeps. She don't realise why I am sad is bc how she has been acting recently. I'm trying to save up to move out but it's not happening any time soon. I'm the youngest of the family, I have 2 older brother and 1 oldest sister. My sister and older brother are living happily in own homes and me and my brother are living here trying to figure out what to do with life. I would open up to my sister, we have great relationship where I can tell her anything. But I don't want to get yelled at again for saying something to my sister. I just have been crying for these past days because I only hear my mom complaining about my life, her thinking it's my friends fault for me being who I am. This is first time me actually trying to open up to them but it was useless. They always said we can talk about anything to them but things just only escalated. I don't know what to do, I have talked to my friends but it doesn't help me how I feel now almost every day. Crying my eyes out, feeling like I am black sheep who can't do anything and just have to be not myself kinda person, it was first things when I woke up and started to just sense this coming. Now only 2h later after I woke up I'm already crying in my bed silently so she wouldn't come to yell why I'm crying.
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2023.03.28 09:10 Grey_wolf_whenever Something about the idea of never speaking to my family again has shifted in me

I want to post this here because I don't know where else to share it and I want to know if anyone relates. I apologize, it is massive. It is my first time posting on this board and I am under some emotional duress.
My family unit is basically five people, myself 30m, my older sister 35f, our biological father, our younger step sister 19f and our step mother.
I have issues with my older sister. Every time we're together there's inevitably a conversation that leaves me feeling horrible. I honestly feel insane typing this, like some part of me is convinced that I'm imagining it, or over reacting. But the most recent situation went like this, at a family gathering the day after a wedding, the five of us and my amazing partner, my plus one for the nuptials. Older Sister talked to me about my relationship with a semi estranged biological mother that I have worked to repair a lot of damage from over a decade and a half from a divorce. Her tone was accusatory,
she starts with a "mom thinks you hate her", I reply "I don't think mom thinks I hate her, I know I don't visit enough but-"
"then why don't you visit more, she thinks you hate her"
"I know I should, it's just a really, really, long bus ride and-"
"why don't you rent a car? You're an adult"
I am an adult, we had just spoken earlier, as a family several hours ago, about my difficulty finding a job after being laid off in January.
"It's still a long drive. I honestly wish Mom would visit sometimes" "It's only 2 hours, that's not a long drive and you're making excuses" "2 hours is a long drive for m-" "No it isn't"
My expression changes. I am now having a bad time. After a shockingly, inappropriately short amount of time, sooner than I could say a word, my sister immediately says "what? What are you glaring at me for?" And offers a vaguely remembered taunt about me being angry.
Mom visits me about once a year, I visit her once or twice a year, usually overnight. This is more contact than we've had in the past. I talk to Mom, she doesn't think I hate her. We have less issues than ever. It's still a sore spot, for who wouldn't it be? I can't functionally imagine a situation in which my sister doesn't know this will make me emotional. In fact, I think it transcends a personal emotional effect: this is rude. It's purpose is to inflict pain. If this is the story of a repeating cycle, one that always starts the same way is it foolish to think this?
I went into an incredibly blank state, all I could do was walk around. I felt like I couldn't speak, and sitting outside the gathering I see my step mom. She asks what's wrong, I reply, she says "I see" and goes back into the party. Later on, it torments me that I tried to share this with her and neither her, nor her daughter who I used to consider very close could simply knock on my door. Accused of "closing them off" I maintain: I was just down the hall.
I felt like I could see the future. What always happens, happening again. Eventually I'll talk to my father. I just can't help it, it's very hard to contain, her words can cut me so deep. And every time he just acts like I'm a rude jerk for being upset. I don't need him to intervene, I've told him this when I apologize for being upset, i would be so helped by even condolence. I've been begging at this altar of paternal affection, I'm here to tell you: there is no God.
During a family dinner a year or more ago, the five of us, my sister complained about anxiety symptoms and I offered a suggestion: a combination therapy and anti anxiety prescription. I'm not a doctor but that's not the point: I was sharing it along with the information that it had worked for me, the first time I had told my parents I had even done therapy, frowned upon by our them, I thought this offering of information would help ease her fears about seeking treatment.
She responds, loudly and in tears "I don't need therapy, I don't have anxiety like you, I'm autistic you fucking asshole"
I feel the need to share this: she has used "autism" as a get out jail free card many times.
She cries and goes upstairs, the dinner continues silently. I ask my father if he thinks that reaction was warranted and he has no response.
"I don't know, you're being dramatic. Besides, I don't know what you want me to do"
I don't know what you want me to do. Ive heard that sentence a hundred times. The solution can not come from me, because then he can do it sarcastically. It's happened before. Words of comfort. I have told him this, how a simple "I'm sorry about that and I don't think you deserved it" would be an entire world.
This most recent time, after the conversation about our mother, I found myself in such a depression, I didn't speak for the rest of the day and just kept my head down in my room.
The next morning when she was out I said something, I could feel my blood pressure rise and my body tense as it almost unwillingly slipped out of my mouth.
"[Sister] lectured me about mom"
The eye roll I received made me want to die. Complete rejection, disappointment in a look. "You do this every time" he says. " why do you have to be all moody?" He sneers. But I've told him why, we had this conversation today, 8 weeks ago, 4 months ago, a year ago, 2 years ago. We have this same conversation, me andy father, and when he responds he always says "I don't know what you want me to do", the tone completely dismissive. This time I say it together with him, in unison, to make a point. I've heard it so many times, and all I want is for him to show the level of interest to offer me any condolence. He knows this, and it would be easy to just put an arm on my shoulder and say "I'm sorry that happened to you" but it never happens, the point is clear: I am being disruptive, and that itself is the problem.
My father is an Olympic champion of dismissal. On one family trip I was having a hard day, my older sister making many repeated small comments, criticizing looks, intelligence, morality etc. My parents, father and step mother, pull me aside to tell me that it's because in the conversation over breakfast I had referred to myself as the "athletic child" and that she had taken offense to that, as it means I called her fat. In context, my comment earlier in the day was a joke about my own athleticism: "I got all the athletics genetics" I jested, after all I had a couple semesters high school tennis and I enjoy jogging. We were a trio of very nerdy kids, unathletic kids. Im skinnier than my sister, we do not have the exact same build, but I didn't think she's overweight and I have never, ever, in my remembered life made a comment about it, disparaging or not. My sister shouts at me, red faced, as I am in line at an outdoor restroom "Owen! Move! You are always in the way!" My crime? There were people behind and I was taking a too long to figure out the coin operated bathroom door (you have to put the coin in the slot. Still, rare to see). Privately I become upset by the days events and let slip a phrase in anger "shes been yelling at me since high school", a strategic blunder as my father now pretends I'm actually angry about something that happened in high school, and he can successfully play it off as A, a ridiculous long time grudge that I'm being horrible and holding onto and B, denying knowledge of the situation. He tells me I should "save it for my therapist"
My sister gets back to and the conversation is dropped completely. The rest of family talks to my older sister as if nothing has happened and I follow like a silent wounded dog on the days activities.
I am not addressed by any member of the rest of the group trip, besides my always loving partner, who my family talks past me to speak to about anything. My dad waits a few hours to ask me a casual question, about some boat he saw, I respond in quiet, defeated, embarrassed, impotent anger "that's what you want to talk to me about?" And he resumes his previous eye roll. He takes the same dismissive voice "oh, you're still upset."
I simply have lost the spirit of it. My stomach and back feel tremendous pain from the stress, I go nearly comatose. I cant eat, I can't hold onto water, and I spend the rest of the day, luckily that same day, shivering in the bedroom of an air bnb, being held by my supportive partner, waiting for our flight. I am in emotional ruin, I've explained it so many times I've lost count but: every time this happens I feel the effects worse, like it kills a larger part of me.
My partner and I avoid talking to them. I have nothing to say. I look at my father like a stranger, so indifferent to anything, so willing to plead ignorance "how was I supposed to know you were being upset" He'll say.
We call and Uber and move to sneak away. I make a weak goodbye. "That's sad" my father says, barely looking up."
"You're a selfish, spoiled child who doesn't deserve any of this" my step mother responds. More context: I have crossed the state in a blizzard to take care of this womans pets after her original sitter, my younger step sisters boyfriend, had to suddenly leave them adrift mid vacation, with no one to feed the dog and cat. She later bought her daughters boyfriend a car. They put a down payment on my sister's house. But I'm spoiled, because they have done the pitiable charity of including me. I tell her I never want to hear from her again. You won't, she responds. I offer a final Fuck You, she returns it. I leave.
I imagine their reaction to reading this. Poking full of holes "it says recently, but that vacation was technically a year ago" they'd immediately, bluntly state.
I do not offer this sentence, full dissolution, lightly, it is not common. I understand the pain of being disconnected from family all too well: my father's father has disowned him, and, in a letter addressed to "resident". It is an early, defining memory of mine. I was too young to understand the reasons, if there were any, I still don't know. The only times I've brought it up came after equally miserable conversations. It came from me as an offer, a plea that I have to, in any way I can, claw away from this miserable maelstrom of rejection that eats me alive.
I've never felt I had the strength to follow through on it, I am so needy. I despise my weakness immensely, that I crave their approval, the comfort of something I'm so held at arms length away.
But now, writing this, here, it feels like a light. A chance for both parties to forgive, and heal, and not keep opening wounds and I think maybe I understand my grandfather a little. Maybe it's not unimaginable this would be for the best.
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2023.03.28 09:09 Mark_297 Economically Liberal & Socially Conservative

Under modern socio-political infrastructure being socially conservative brands you with the iron of being associated with the LNP or other major non left-leaning parties depending on how active you are and vocal on your socially conservative values. This is because during the 1950's the Labour party underwent a seismic shift that broke away from it's working class Catholic roots and the values that made it socially conservative. The result of this was a shift away from conservative fiscal policies that sought to restrict immigration towards more economically liberal policies (for its time). By 1922, Labor had adopted a "socialisation" policy, which was essentially intervention economics. At the same time, Keynesian economics would take root via John Maynard Keynes writing his first piece of economic literature called, "A Tract On Monetary Reform". This and other works by the author was then adopted by Labor in the 1930's. This caused Labor to move away from fiscally conservative policies but not socially conservative policies. In essence they moved towards more liberal economic policies like it's Liberal Coalition opposition had somewhat at the time, as it sought to take care of the working class and wage theft. Whilst the Liberal Coalition moved in the opposite fiscal direction.
Today neither main party are economically conservative but economically liberal, however, the centre of politics (both centre left and centre right) can be labelled as "conservative". Conservatism in Australia at it's core I would argue, can simply mean the preservation of current institutions, practices and values that can be either cultural, social or political or all three. In America conservatism is a strict binary that refers to anyone who is not Republican or conservative in social and economic values. In Australia this dichotomy does not work and does not translate into this strict binary. Conservatism, is not just the preservation of Christian social values or the restriction of liberal market interventions on the economy. It can mean the preservation of the Westminster system of government, the preferential voting system, legal values such as innocent until proven guilty or the right to free expression of religious values, sexual orientation, identity and life in general and so on at a very basic level.
This results in an Australian political landscape that can be confusing for most people to understand. Both major Australian parties and the Greens, are both economically liberal and yet conservative at the same time according to their values. Both socially liberal and socially conservative as well. Although with the Greens fiscal or social conservatism does not exist, but rather a tradition of progression. The Labor right has been enjoying a long successful run in government at a state and federal level for quite a period of time because of this reality, while it’s support base is increasingly socially liberal. Meanwhile the Liberal National Party whether in coalition or not, have lost sight of their original values in this regard. Christians exist on both sides of the spectrum. Most members of the Liberal or National Party, are not socially conservative unless traditionally Catholic or Protestant, most are socially liberal yet economically conservative. Yet at the same time they have been marketing themselves to the Christian community and other communities as the social conservative choice. This leads to a predicament that does not work for the LNP but works for both the Labor and the Greens. Being a socially conservative Christian does not necessarily mean total conservatism across all political issues aka it does not equal "fiscal conservatism" (restriction of immigration, tax cuts, reduced government spending, free market and deregulation etc..) in fact Christian would often advocate for this rather than against it in modern times.
In modern politics whilst the LNP holds the higher amount of Christians at a federal party level 40%, the Labor Party still holds 30% more or less according to an article by the Conversation. This means that strict binaries that hold true in the US do not hold true in Australia. In the most recent NSW Election, NSW swapped one Catholic premier for another, in the form of Chris Minns. A Labor right candidate who will freeze executive wages (rich people's wages), yet hold to the idea of small government. In Queensland Anastasia Palaszczuk is Labor Right, which is characterised by being economically liberal (Keynesian) and socially conservative. Striking at the heart of Australian politics is the need to strike the right balance between social change and economic management. Labor is doing this much better as of current than the LNP.
From a young age I have been Labor, but as time shifted and my economic situation changed I became LNP, just like many Roman Catholics. When I say that, I mean general support, not membership. But as inflation rises (demand on the market), and wages stagnate, I am more than happy to have Labor Right government’s in power as I am economically liberal. But even more so given the LNP doesn't understand the current political landscape is not conducive to fiscal conservatism even amongst Christians.
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2023.03.28 08:59 Pooja-12 Increasing Access To Machine Learning And Democratizing Data And Insights

We know how data accessibility, insight access, and data availability have changed over time and what Google is doing right now to support clients in democratizing the production of insights across organizational identities. In this blog, we'll talk about why artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are essential for producing insights in today's big data environment, as well as what Cloud Computing is doing to make this potent form of analysis more widely available. There are many best data science courses in India available online, which can benefit you in learning cutting-edge data science technologies.
The stakes are significant, according to a McKinsey analysis, which estimates that by 2030, organizations that fully integrate AI could face a 20% decrease in their cash flow compared to those that don't. Unsurprisingly, several businessmen frame their ML aims around HR challenges because AI and ML have historically been viewed as the domain of specialists and those with PhDs: establishing new departments, recruiting new talent, developing retention programs for the present staff, etc. However, this does not have to be the case. At Google Cloud, we're committed to integrating ML capabilities into every aspect of daily work for everyone who handles data, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of the experts.
We have created a complete set of tools specifically for specialists, the typical ML audience. Thanks to our AI Platform, they can iterate quickly and efficiently transition concepts to deployment. AI Hub streamlines teamwork among ML teams so that work can be completed more quickly and without duplicating work streams. The final option is TensorFlow Enterprise, which offers supporting and scalable TensorFlow on the cloud straight from the top OSS project contributors (we!)—making current specialists more quick-thinking and productive, which increases their production, which broadens access to ML inside a company.
However, to truly implement machine learning (ML) across an entire organization, we must develop and test that more personalities can use it to generate useful insights. Let's examine what Google Cloud is doing to democratize machine learning (ML) across three key personality types: data analysts, developers, and data engineers.
The foundation of many Fortune 500 companies' data analytics is proficiency with SQL, experts in data warehouses, and well-versed in corporate requirements. We knew that to influence this persona's adoption of ML, we had to meet them where their existing areas of expertise were.
That's precisely what BigQuery ML accomplishes; it integrates machine learning into the data warehouse and is implemented using only a few simple SQL queries, which are considerably more known to analysts than the Python, R, and Scala-based tools many data scientists rely on. BigQueryML enables data analysts to run ML on enormous amounts of data to unearth previously unrecognized insights since it can scale to greater data volumes than typical business data warehouses. BigQuery has many models that can assist users with use cases, including segmentation, forecasting, prediction, anomaly detection, and recommendation. In addition, ML specialists can create bespoke models if necessary and upload them into BigQuery so that analysts can use them to measure.
Do you want to become an AI or ML specialist? Sign up for the best data science course in Bangalore, offered by Learnbay.
BigQuery ML has been successfully implemented by customers in a wide range of sectors and use cases. By combining machine learning and geospatial analytics, Geotab is advancing the development of smarter cities. Telus has already used ML to deploy detection methods that secure its network. UPS has used it to obtain correct package volume forecasting. BigQuery ML has even been used to predict moviegoers' preferences. In addition, we see financial institutions assessing insurance risk, insurance forecasting by merchants, and gaming enterprises anticipating long-term client value. For data analysts to drive this analysis in the past would have been impossible. Today, in addition to being effective, it has a relatively short path to production.
We've created two distinct services for the developer community that democratize ML and act as "building blocks" for making apps. The initial is a collection of models that have already been trained and are readily available via APIs. These APIs address numerous typical use cases involving sight, language, conversation, and other topics. We offer AutoML specially made models, which enable developers to create domain-specific customer models for models that call for greater specificity, such as identifying all vehicles of a particular make and model instead of general identification of a truck. Companies, including USA Today, PWC, AES Company, Keller Williams, and others, have benefited from these tools.
Developers (as well as data scientists and analysts) now have the extraordinary speed and efficiency to automatically construct and deploy ML models on structured data with AutoML Tables, a tool for generating machine learning models at scale. A codeless interface not only makes it simple for anyone to create models and integrate them into larger systems, but it also speeds up the deployment of ML models, reduces costs, and improves their quality. By speaking to the correct user at the right time and place, our customers have been able to conduct marketing programs that have generated 140% higher levels of user engagement and 150% more subscribers per dollar spent than industry standards.
Furthermore, these ML APIs serve more purposes than only helping app developers. These APIs are simple for ETL developers utilizing Cloud Data Fusion to incorporate into data integration pipelines to improve and prepare analysis for downstream apps and consumers. The point, clicking, dragging, and dropping ML now comes naturally.
In our discussion of the democratization of ML, the data engineer is the last persona. It's important to note that every one of the personalities we've covered profits from Google Cloud's platform's autoscaling feature, which does away with the need for time-consuming infrastructure provisioning and tuning. Data engineers may be overrepresented in this work (or can turn data scientists into de facto data engineers as they try to produc their models).
The open-source Dataproc road and the fog Data Flow path are two categories of data engineering that we have attempted to integrate machine learning (ML) capabilities into. Let's look at both.
We make it simple to run SparkML jobs that you may be able to create or have already created for people who support open source and are familiar with Hadoop and Spark settings. You can get a free trial of our simple-to-run Qwiklab, which can introduce you to ML using Spark on Dataproc. To enable GPU-powered ML, we also allow customers to deploy customized OSS clusters on customized machines quickly. Users of Dataproc may now easily deploy ML, take advantage of user-friendly notebooks, schedule cluster deletion, and other capabilities that were previously announced this year.
To design and manage ML workflows in production for data engineers using Dataflow, Google Cloud has made TensorFlow Extended (TFX) simple. This integration uses Apache Beam (Dataflow's SDK) to produce a toolkit for creating ML pipelines, a collection of common components you may use in a pipeline or ML training script, and libraries for the core functionality of many common components. Our solution teams aim to simplify this by publishing widely used patterns like anomaly detection, which telco customers use for cybersecurity, and banks for financial fraud detection. Visit the data science course in Pune to learn how fraud detection is done using tools used by data scientists.

To Sum Up

The most important use of big data—producing insights that help organizations in making forecasts, discovering new customer segments, making recommendations, and more—is democratized by bringing ML skills to this large group of new personas. Businesses that can use artificial intelligence and machine learning more widely will win because the deeper insights they provide will become increasingly important to corporate success. According to Google, the finest ideas tend to pop up rather than be squashed. Your entire organization will be prepared for whatever happens once everyone has access to the data and the resources needed to analyze it.
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2023.03.28 08:59 True_Professor5928 need advice on a girlfriend situation

For a bit of context, I often have trouble remembering names, and I can easily get names mixed up in my head. I rarely have this happen with my girlfriend but it still happens, with the worst scenario being when I accidentally called her by her twin sisters name. From what I can tell, our relationship has been going very well and she makes sure to stay transparent with me, even if it's to a fault. I'm not exactly the most charismatic or flawless guy out there. but from what she's told me, she likes me for the goof I am.
Recently, she left on a cruise for spring break and as of writing, she's been gone for three days and is going to be gone for around eight more. Earlier today, I had found out that she had made some friends, one of these friends being another guy. Don't get me wrong, she has plenty of guy friends back at home that I get well with just fine, it's none of my business how many friends she has, I myself have girls I am friends with and have no romantic interest for. For some reason, she decided to give this guy her phone and he started texting with me, first he was just joking around a bit, which I decided to play along with, he seemed nice. After a while, he started to get a bit aggressive, and started calling me an "Incel" and "a walking red flag" trying to tell me that I needed to start acting better because I got names mixed up easily. He was doing everything in his power to make me seem inferior and he seemed to be serious.This four eyed fuck had the audacity to call me names on my fucking girlfriends phone, from what I could tell, all he wanted to do was to convince me that I wasn't good enough. I was pissed beyond what words could describe, and I lost my cool. I called him some names I shouldn't have and we both got at it. After that ordeal, my girlfriend texted me goodnight and I asked her about this guy, she said that he was a friend and that what he said didn't bother her. I told her that she has the right to do whatever she wants, but I don't want to get a text from that guy again.
I just want to know if I could have played this differently, and if I should be worried about this guy. Should I let this bother me as much as it is?
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2023.03.28 08:57 SgtRuy I believe Destiny will unironically end in "power of friendship" moment.

Had this theory for a while, but some dialogue from Ghost in one of the Neomuna lost sectors make me even more convinced.
Ghosts mentions that using the light now feels like "pulling water from a well instead of a tap", Light as I see it, if truly a symmetric opposite to Darkness, which is taken, then Light works by giving.
The Traveler completely selfless being, it can only act in relations of others, something kinda hard for us humans to understand, it's a concept I've gather from this sub; anyways that being the case the Traveler is capable of acting as a beginning point for a chain of "giving", the Traveler gives the light to the Ghosts and in turn the Ghosts are capable of giving light to us.
Now, if the Traveler is gone how are ghosts still capable of giving light? You might ask.
Well I believe is just the type of thing that just becomes habit, giving. Ghosts are used to being subservient to their guardians, in most part, so they can just keep on giving the Light to us.
I would be curious if they start writing some story about some guardians losing the Light after the events of LF.
Anyways, what I believe in general is that at some point we are somehow be completely disconnected from our Ghosts (or he might actually die) and our allies will just learn to give out Light the same way Ghost did, a-la DBZ spirit bomb style.
Honestly, this theory is kinda ridiculous and I feel like I only want it to be true just because of how ridiculous it sounds, like a shameless properly justified "power of friendship" ending. Part of me wants to be wrong and the weeb in me wants to be right.
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2023.03.28 08:53 PeterPanTheGrownMan My Dog Approached Two Rattlesnakes Having Intercourse 🐕🐍🐍

(20M) Today I was hiking with my dog on a desert trail by my house with a small lake nearby. I live in Southern California so today was a sunny day.
I went off the main trail onto a side trail to take a leak. The stupidity in me let my dog off her leash. I began to walk down a side trail while my dog pranced around the few other trails nearby.
I arrived at the end of the trail to find it leading to some ground level boulders. Then, with my own two eyes, I saw two rattlesnakes getting it on. At this point, I stopped in my tracks about 10 feet away from them.
Then, my innocent, curious pup came prancing over.
I should’ve picked her up but I didn’t think fast enough. Before I knew it, she was face to face with two rattlers ready to tassel.
The snakes began to hiss and shake their rattles so I began to scream at my Dog to come back over to me. She can be pretty disobedient especially at the worst of times.
I was yelling so loud, the whole canyon was echoing with my yells. I screamed her name about five times before she came running back to me.
She was fine. Luckily, the snakes didn’t bite her or even strike at her. Thank the Lord.
I could’ve lost my precious pup today.
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2023.03.28 08:41 dot_mun Common eCommerce Website Design Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

Are you planning to launch an eCommerce website? Learn about the common website design mistakes to avoid for a successful online business.

As eCommerce continues to grow in popularity, more and more businesses are launching online stores. However, not all eCommerce websites are created equal. Poorly designed websites can turn away potential customers, resulting in lost sales and revenue. In this article, we will discuss the most common eCommerce website design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Poor Navigation

One of the most important aspects of any website is its navigation. It's essential to make it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for. Poor navigation can cause frustration and lead to a high bounce rate.
To avoid this mistake, consider organizing your website into categories and subcategories. This helps customers find products quickly and easily. Use clear and concise language in your menu options and make sure that your search bar is prominent and easy to find.

Slow Loading Speed

In today's fast-paced world, people don't have time to wait for slow websites to load. Slow loading speed can lead to a high bounce rate, which negatively affects your search engine rankings.
To avoid this mistake, optimize your images and reduce the number of plugins on your website. Use a reliable hosting provider and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve your website's loading speed.

Cluttered Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing that customers see when they visit your website. A cluttered homepage can be overwhelming and confusing, leading to a high bounce rate.
To avoid this mistake, keep your homepage clean and simple. Use high-quality images, clear headlines, and concise descriptions. Highlight your most popular products and use a call-to-action to encourage customers to explore your website further.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, you could be missing out on a significant amount of traffic and sales.
To avoid this mistake, use a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate on a mobile device and that your checkout process is streamlined for mobile users.

Poor Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions are a vital part of your eCommerce website. Poor descriptions can lead to confusion and lost sales.
To avoid this mistake, write clear and concise descriptions that highlight the benefits of your products. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your products from different angles. Include customer reviews to add social proof and increase trust.

Complicated Checkout Process

A complicated checkout process can lead to abandoned shopping carts and lost sales. Make sure that your checkout process is straightforward and easy to follow.
To avoid this mistake, reduce the number of steps in your checkout process. Use a progress bar to show customers how far they've progressed and what steps are left. Include multiple payment options to make it easy for customers to complete their purchase.

Ignoring SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for eCommerce websites. Ignoring SEO can lead to poor search engine rankings, resulting in lost traffic and sales.
To avoid this mistake, optimize your website for search engines by using relevant keywords, meta tags, and descriptions. Use alt tags to describe your images and make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.


Designing an eCommerce website is a complex task, and there are many things to consider. By avoiding these common website design mistakes, you can create a website that is easy to use, visually appealing, and optimized for search engines. Remember that your website is the face of your online business, and it's essential to make a great first impression.
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2023.03.28 08:40 Rhett_Arty Polaris Lance trivializes Master Lost Sectors

Unstoppable incinerator? Stun bing bong bing bong beep boom bing bong bing bong beep boom IGNITE BOOM and repeat, all from across the map, enjoy your 61 stat Wrathweathers, you earned it
Why did I get 61 Bungie you know I’ll never get another one ever again with your rng
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2023.03.28 08:40 notanotherkarmawhore Instagram Deactivated Account, Requiring Selfie

The only reason I use this garbage app is because I am a small business owner. If I could help it, I wouldn't ever have an account. Anyway, I only log in on a desktop computer via Librewolf. Today, out of nowhere, I get a notification letting me know that my account is deactivated.
Retrieval or reactivation process starts with reCaptcha. Fine. The problem is what comes next. I am being asked for a "verification selfie." If I don't provide one, my account will be "permanently disabled."
Is there anything I can do or is this a lost cause?
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2023.03.28 08:28 dankdaimyo Do not fall for this trap!

My brothers in Christ. I'd like to remind you all that we need to not fall victim to the Anti-Trans/LBGT phobia narrative that the powers want to use to divide you and to condemn your minds to be full of sin and hatred. Today's event is clearly a Freemason ritual. Covenant Church building number "33"?
3 Adults and 3 Children killed? (God rest their souls) It's clearly a ritual and a further attempt to disarm America. Just look at the Crisis actor that just so happened to be nearby.
Remember that Jesus took up with the Sinners and the Lost ones.
Human beings are not qualified to pronounce judgment because they are blind to their own sin. He will judge those who judge others. He will hold judgmental people accountable for attempting to take on His role. He will bring perfect justice by judging those who are wrongly critical with using the same exacting standards they attempted to afflict on others.
You are literally incurring negative Karma every time you do this which means that you will ultimately be persecuted in the same way because it needs to be paid back in full. In these dark times we need to practice tolerance and acceptance. Because only God can judge people who have become lost or erred in their path in life. We His Children and are just trying to make it through the day.
Don't give up your guns.
On other news did you know that there is literally a conspiracy of people trying to recruit you to be a transphobe/LGBT phobe and neo-nazi?
They use this sub to recruit and warp your minds. Save your souls!
I will accept my downvotes now, thank you.
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2023.03.28 08:27 jbailie38 I lost my 15 yr old son mid December and today, for the 2nd time since he's been gone, three of his friends showed up to check on me and brought these flowers. It meant the world to me!! 💐🥰❤️

I lost my 15 yr old son mid December and today, for the 2nd time since he's been gone, three of his friends showed up to check on me and brought these flowers. It meant the world to me!! 💐🥰❤️ submitted by jbailie38 to u/jbailie38 [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 08:25 safelyhq-com Online Shopping, Scam, US Postal Service, Delivery, Online Scam - Coppell, Texas - Received a package of seeds today that I never ordered. Return address is 940 W. Bethel road Coppell, TX 75019 but it was m... #onlineshopping #scam #uspostalservice #delivery #onlinescam

Online Shopping, Scam, US Postal Service, Delivery, Online Scam - Coppell, Texas - Received a package of seeds today that I never ordered. Return address is 940 W. Bethel road Coppell, TX 75019 but it was m... #onlineshopping #scam #uspostalservice #delivery #onlinescam
Received a package of seeds today that I never ordered. Return address is 940 W. Bethel road Coppell, TX 75019 but it was mailed from zip code 11714 which is NY I'm in Randleman In reference to the seeds I have now discovered this was a scam. What I actually purchased was 2 raised garden beds. They have taken my money and only sent seeds and have written the order as delivered. The company is craftsman-buy and being advertised all over Facebook. They are also making it look very similar to and listing Home Depot to be deceitful. This is being reported to the BBB as well and Facebook. I would like to know what is going to be done about the $50 I lost. Thank you.
I'm in Randleman
Read full report here
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