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Grocery stores are open but it's never too early to learn some squirrel recipes.

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2023.03.28 11:45 fasteinern7 EU or NA server?

I’m a player from SEA region (UTC +7 timezone) currently playing on the NA server. Ever since I started playing the ping has either been annoying or unbearable for me (231ms at best with Exitlag, 790ms at worst). Some days it’s just so bad I can’t even do chest collection. The cause of this problem stemmed from those pathetic strands of hair that dared to proclaim themselves “submarine cable system” (AAG/APG) constantly being disrupted like some sort of recurring April’s Fool joke. The lag is so bad that I constantly die from long animation time & delayed reaction, making my newbie GW2 experience ever more frustrating.
Later on, I made a free EU account and found that playing on the EU server is a much more tolerable existence (150ms, not bad). However, what I want to ask for here is the cultural difference between NA and EU, if any.
An example of my concern: some years ago I played World of Tanks NA and switched to SEA servers for better ping as soon as it opened. The cultural difference between WoT NA & SEA was like night and day: NA players have been an absolute joy to play with (then and now), very open-minded and almost always up to some interesting shenanigans. Whenever someone asks for a wolf-pack attack, my teammates will respond with “woof woof!”, “let’s roll baby”, rushed to the middle of the map and found the opposition also doing the same, and we ended up having an absolute blast dogfighting each other. Meanwhile, SEA chat was like, deader than dead, unless when someone made a mistake, only then he would recent dozens of angry pings; nobody ever responded to communication attempts; and everyone camped the shit out of the map, even the scouts.
Now I wonder the same for GW2. In my 3 months experience, NA players are always willing to help out a guy in need, one way or another. I have a very wholesome experience here: some veterans took me on their fishing trips, some took an hour explaining stuff to me, some gave me bags and so on. But I have yet to play on the EU server for a long period as I was there for reaction testing only so I have no idea.
I meant no offence to anyone as this is all a matter of perspective, what is fun for me might not be fun for you and vice versa. I just want to know beforehand what it’s like on the other side, because to be terribly honest I’d rather endure the lag than not having my kind of fun. It would help me a lot to hear from EU veterans about how life is over there.
TLDR: I need your opinions (doesn’t matter where you’re from) on the gaming experience in the EU community, in all aspects of the game: PVE, group-contents, sPVP, WvW etc.
Also some extra questions:
Thank you for reading this far! Have a nice day!
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2023.03.28 11:39 Sousatsu 28 [M4F] Occasional post-work drinking in BGC

Hello, looking for someone to drink with socially after my late work hours during the weekdays, since I only become free around 11PM onwards sa BGC. Could be a one time thing, pwede rin hindi, I'd post here again anyway.
Di ko nasusulit yung location ko haha
Basically just post-work socialization, meeting new people, expand network, etc. Gusto ko maki explore outside my regular social circles.
Why M4F? Sausage-fest na yung hobbies and social circles ko by virtue of being a nerd, and female friends that I regularly interact with are limited.
To be clear, I'm not looking for a romantic relationship, just new female friends I can vibe with, but I'm open to the idea haha.
About me
About you
Just send a DM if anyone wants to hit me up o7
A short intro would be nice, but I'd definitely lean towards saving the conversation for the meetup once a date has been set haha
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2023.03.28 11:37 SquareEvening8978 I am part asshole and part heartbroken

Hi reddit. I will try to keep it short but it doesn't go like that. I lied.
I can't really talk to my friends about this honestly because I'm ashamed of all this and I'm depressed as fuck so I need to let this go as it's starting to affect my every day relationships with friends and family, I'm drained and tired idk, maybe this helps.
Exactly half a year ago I was sad about my life. I have a decent job, it's not perfect regarding pay but everything else is pretty much great. I have lots of spare time if I organize correctly, let's say. The pay isn't anything wow, but it's a bit above average I'd say and in my current situation I get to spend it on basically whatever I want. So it's not the job.
My friends are great, but we are all collectively challenged. We are really bonded well, we live in a same town, but we almost never go out. If it's going out it's going to another friend's place to play some poker and that's about it. We spend about 95% time playing games on Discord and the sad part is I'm not really into fps and not many new games impress me (unlike them) so I'm left with one or two friends and I depend on playing with them, if they're online. Lately they really aren't, one found a job and the other one doesn't have one so he wakes up at like 2AM or random times and goes to sleep when he wants to. Most of us smoke weed, including me. Usually daily. I'd say we're all pretty functional though, we all have jobs and do all our daily obligations but I personally don't remember a day when I didn't smoke a bit unless I was out or if I was on tolerance break (I thought it was actual break but that's what I consider it now haha).
I realized it must be love I'm looking for and since I don't go out often and the city I live in is relatively shitty regarding night life. I decided let's try Badoo and Tinder. Also, my seduction skills are shitty, let's face it, not going out every weekend, sitting home and smoking weed isn't gonna do your social skills any good.
Anyway I meet this 9 year older girl (me 29 - she 38) and initially she seemed amazing in every aspect, I actually cried about this whole first part of relationship with her on a different alt on this same sub but I don't give a shit anymore.
She played with me mostly, to condense it all. TLDR is pretty much I was in love with her over my ears and she felt intimidated by it or whatever. At first she took me to trips with her friends for multiple days and I thought, well maybe she likes me so much she's already showing me to them! Also, the messages she sent me seemed like she was really into me, the gist is that she finds it hard to love someone, but if she does, no one loves like her. All bullshit, at least from my point of view after all this.
I designed her a nice coffee cup (I am decent in Adobe Illustrator but extremely uncreative, it took me over 10 hours drawing cartoon version of her and some stuff that I found interesting about her, filled with a couple of hearts here and there) for her birthday because a few weeks before she said she hates stuff that people order and appreciates the meaning in the gift. I was like wow! this girl must be special! She dumped me then. It was pretty much birthday party and after that she was cold until one day after drinking Friday with colleagues we had a chat over whatsapp and she said she didn't fall in love with me.
I was so fucked up for a week, but after a few weeks I pretty much collected myself and asked her to a dinner, just to say goodbye so maybe one day we can smile when we see each other in some random place in 10 years. On the dinner we speak about how yes, we're not compatible, some random stuff and occasionally we throw something jokingly about either one of us meeting another person so in my head it's ok, we've done our goodbyes. She's tiny so she didn't eat much and it was late anyway so we finished up and when we hugged she started kissing my neck and later me. Idiot me fell for it momentarily because I don't know, it's hard to explain. I am so abnormally attracted to her in every way and my lizard brain wasn't about to lose its chance for a dopamine pump.
To do a small digression, the reason I can't whine to my friends is because of the last two paragraphs, that's where I cried to them about being dumped, pt1.
Some days later she invites me over and we have a talk about how I guess I talk to much over the phone which she hates because she works as a hair dresser (often gets calls) and she's often tired, needs to hang out with friends blah blah (which I all met and they're idk what kind of people, but they all really do often go out together everywhere).
I thought to myself, I guess that's actually ok. We don't really have too many common interests and this way I get to spend a lot of time to myself but we can still see each other and this worked for a bit, then we were supposed to meet at New Years, but yup, she went to another city with her friends.
I didn't want to interrupt her as she said it was going to last a few days and she does hate phones, but after 5 days she still doesn't send any messages so I figured fuck her, if she wants to go anywhere she needs to call me now.
About a week or two later, she sends me something about needing an edit on her price list (which I made in illustrator), I edit it to her and still wait, not wanting to ask her anywhere. Nothing. Wow ok.
Two more weeks pass by and now there's a mask festival in town. If you go there, you get drunk, it's almost a custom and I got fairly drunk to be honest. At some point in the night, some guy was bothering some girl and she kind of caught me and started dancing with me to get away from him. At this point in my mind I was thinking I didn't see the first girl in basically a month so yes, I will dance with this cute girl and eventually we kiss and exchange facebook accounts.
In the morning I wake up and there's a "hey, wanna come?" message from girl 1 on whatsapp and to keep this short, this was two long weeks where I couldn't decide what I want to do. The moment I got the message I felt like I cheated on her and I got extremely depressed, just because I didn't have balls to break it off in time. I really liked both girls, but I had something with the first girl, whatever it was. The little time I got with her, I really cherished.
Digression number 2, this is where I cried to my friends pt2, most of them saying let the B go. But no, I follow my heart because romantic movies say so.
We met and she said how those same friends she went everywhere with abandoned her and they're not friends anymore basically. She listed some reasons I found legitimate because otherwise the whole thing would be a lot easier. As we left the coffee shop we met at, I asked her if we were going to be together like boyfriend and girlfriend (considering we were just great friends according to her) or not and she just hugged me hard and said something like "please, I'm really all over right now, just give me a month or two". I was a bit pissed because there was no movement, we were supposed to break up or become a thing, not stay where we are.
The whole thing was eating at me hard, I would wake up, start thinking about how I cheated on her and couldn't confess it, shed a few tears and move on with my day feeling like shit. I couldn't take it anymore one morning and I told her over a video call, it wasn't nice for me emotionally, she was pretty much insulted, and told me to fuck off.
The other girl seemed nice but not my type mentally. Other than TV shows, we didn't have any common interests, at least from the chat. (thanks for Casa de Papel, if you ever recognize yourself though!). She did chat a lot and seemed annoyed at first if I didn't answer fast enough which was a bit of a turn off and honestly, I didn't really wanna chat enough until I did what I was about to do (read on). Still, in my dumb head the logic said she's very hot and seems very kind, maybe there's more to it, I shouldn't just reject her before I get to meet her personally.
Few days in, I feel like a complete crap. Girl 1 was abandoned by her core friend group and now there's me, slam dunking by telling her I was with someone else over a video call. Also I remember her telling me of different ways boyfriends dumped her in a bad way and now I think to myself, great, I'm gonna be one more in a row when she tells it to someone else. I send her a message apologizing and saying I really feel like shit and I hope she won't hold the grudge forever, I thought lucky myself that I am good with numbers so I remember it despite deleting it... We have some kind of a fight about me being immature not having balls to tell it in her face and I end up at her place, wanting to say goodbye and all that, but again she starts kissing me and stuff happens and I'm fucked again because I'm at square one now.
All this mess in my head caused me not to want to go anywhere for next weekend, then I got sick for a week, then girl 2 got sick for a week and after all this I figured, I had something meaningful with girl 1, I'm just gonna call the girl 2 to have a coffee, give her a teddybear and explain myself and break it off.
Girl 2 at this point either got tired of me not going out and not chatting actively or not, but she said she doesn't see me like that after asking her out to a coffee. I was just an adventure for her that night. I was a bit surprised because initially she definitely didn't give off those vibes, but I also thought BINGO! Now my moral torture is done, she even didn't want to be with me so I don't feel like a complete piece of shit anymore.
Now that I was free, I was supposed to enjoy my time with girl 1, but she starts claiming she's having mental problems and she's visiting doctors so she doesn't want to see me. I say ok and I have a week of moral dilemmas regarding if it's something than I can support her through or not, especially since she's not telling me anything. Is she going to lose it and start crying, shouting on me or should I be worried she's gonna slit my throat if I sleep over?
I ask her out again and her reply is in style of "why do you still want to go out with me when I'm fucked up like that?". I replied something in style that I find it cute and we're all crazy in a way so I don't mind it one bit. I figured, she needs more time. In a week, I bought some chocolate and candy and went to her hair salon to give it to her, I really wanted to hug her and talk to her about all that, but her salon is closed. At this point I'm in a bit of a panic, she has always been opened and this thing that's bothering her must be terrible.
I contact her on whatsapp and she says to leave it in front and doesn't reply anymore. The other day, I ask her if we're never going to see each other again. In short, she says something in style of "yes, I like someone else now". I kind of lost it here and told her she was rotten. It's one of the things I'm afraid will happen to me and next to that, I went through all that shit with her, felt like I cheated on her because of something most others probably wouldn't even mention. I poured all my creativity in every gift I gave her, I went out with her whenever she asked, I thought about her when her friends didn't (regarding picking stuff up or something like that) and now she breaks it off because she likes someone. I thought (and she made me think) we had something special, multiple times, and now she just gives it all away for someone else. I also said "I hope you guys are happy" to which she replies "who says we're together?" and this is where I blocked her.
And that's all folks, last half a year has been a complete shitshow. I learned I am not a good person I thought I was and I am left all alone again. The sad thing is half a year ago I was a pothead with zero social skills and I was so happy with my life, now I'm back where I was but I hate myself and my life. I just hope it passes in a few weeks, it's really shitty having a beer or two with friends and when alcohol hits me a bit I remember her and start feeling depressed again.
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2023.03.28 11:34 SkirtSea7209 INTJ or ISTJ

So, I am confused between the two.
I am unsure if I have Ni so I'll just explain how my brain works. When somebody talks to me about anything, I always try to read between the lines and understand the why. Why do they behave like that? Where does it come from? Always why why, why. I do tend to see things before others. For example, I'll know before anyone else that something is either going to work or not. I am good at noticing patterns in others, things, or me. I have been told to have a good intrapersonal intelligent, mainly because I am always analyzing myself and try to get better at what I am bad at. I have a hard time with details in the physical world. For example, I will not notice if somebody changed an object in my room, or if they change the color of something (my mom painted the front of our house in a different color and I didn't even notice). BUT, I am excellent at remembering birthdays and dates in general. I'll know exactly when something happened when everyone around me forgot. I'll say that I love my comfort zone, but not to the point of not trying something new. I love trying new things sometimes just for the sake of it, and because I love exploring. For example, I am on the bus, and I'll see a book store that looks interesting by the window, and I'll go because I am curious. I also deal with changes easily, and I actually love new experiences because they make me grow as a person and I learn new things about the world. It is not to the point where I am always changing and exploring new things, and usually, it is not something I'll do with other people. I love being on my own more than anything else. I am very open-minded and just looooveeeeee hearing others opinions, point of views and analyzing them. So interesting! My last point is that I am mostly independent and can come off as unapproachable to others, but I am also somebody who prefers to observe than engaging with others. When I say I love hearing about others opinions, I usually do it from afar because I don't like having people too close to me.
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2023.03.28 11:33 columbine_headhunter SAILING HAS POTENTIAL TO BE THE BEST SKILL

I've seen comments here saying that sailing would be boring content and would feel like a minigame and I couldn't disagree more. I just had a brainstorm of the different content and gameplay that could potentially be developed and the possibilities with sailing are limitless. I could think of so many different ways to train and experience the skill that I mocked up a loose path for the skill.
levels 1-5 Canoeing, some xp given from catching charter ships quick travel.
levels 5-10 Helping sail charter ships on open waters, repairs for masts, sails, deck etc giving bonus construction xp.
levels 10-30 Buy your own yacht. This would be a small ship you could sail alone. Use it for fast travel around the map without the chartering fees or take it to shallow waters where you can gain small sailing xp continuously plus have a chance for an encounter. Repairing the yacht would be easy as its very small. Encounter shoals of fish, or have trawling options. Discover islands with resources like herbs, unique creatures to hunt, or groups of pirates similar to sandcrabs/gangs which could provide some afk training till they're killed. They could drop treasure maps and pirate currency.
levels 30-50 Complete dragon slayer 1 to unlock your own ship. It would have a small storage chest on it to help gather resources and bring along supplies and could be upgraded for more space. There's a space for a cannon to be mounted, a hull which could be upgraded to push through icebergs, an upgradable torch for navigating new slayer caves, upgrade your mast and deck for better durability or upgrade your sails for more speed. Navigate through the Isla de Muerta to reach Tortuga, a piracy island where you could hire a crew of low level scallywags or higher levelled pirates. These could help with encounters and help repair your ship for you, making sailing more afk but they cost a hiring fee. The more pirates on your ship the more likely there will be mutiny/betrayal, pirates could turn on you or try to steal your loot. Complete pirate assassinations, or find pieces of their maps to gain pirates loyalty. Upgrade the size of your crew as you level up.
levels 50-60 tier 1 expeditions, 60-70 tier 2, 70+ tier 3 Buy a larger ship. Gain further xp upon completion of expeditions for the Ardougne navy. Trustworthy and skilled crew can be hired from Ardougnes navy once you have earned enough rank. Ardougnes navy may give out bounties for wanted pirates, ask you to transport precious cargo, or want information on undiscovered lands and creatures. You could also sail with the Fremennik in search of whales. Perhaps Fremennik need you to bring them supplies from the mainland. Some rewards could be your captain hat or navy coat, which gains more respect from your crew, or a royal pass to allow pirates freedom so they can sail alongside navy crew. Navigate deeper waters to find even more resources which can be stored on your ship. Take on rough weather, upgrade your cannons, ballista or catapult to take on demi-boss megalodon sharks, pirate raids, explore new slayer caves that have an invisible +5 slayer buff, or include the effects of the expeditious bracelet/bracelet of slaughter. Explore coral reefs and go diving. Perhaps even unlock an off hand flintlock pistol, maybe a new T-65 rapier to train strength with from the Ardougne navy. Maybe even command a fleet of ships.
Navigate the deep sea to the north, where you can encounter Fremennik raiders, some of these raid groups might include a mage, a ranger and a meleer while some might include warlocks who use all three styles, similar to demonic gorillas. These should require basic tribrid gear to kill. While at deep sea there's a small chance that you could be ripped out to worlds end, where PvP is enabled, so only take gear you're willing to risk. This chance would increase as crew moral drops, damage is taken to the ship, strong winds arise or navigating goes wrong. But if you make it at the end of the open waters you can find new bosses.
75+ could unlock a solo farmable boss, the colossal squid
80+ could unlock repeatable content similar to easy ToA or the gauntlet
90+ could unlock a new raid where you take on Poseidon
While in worlds end, there would be sections of singles PvP and multi PvP, limited by the size of you crew ship to deter large clans. The conditions are harsh here, so you will take damage as you face encounters, which could deter players from roaming for too long. As the content in the open north waters requires tribrid gear, players will be ready for fighting if they see an opportunity where they think they can beat their opponent and plunder their ship. Safely navigate out of these dangerous waters for a high sailing xp reward.
If you live while ship is destroyed, you could wash ashore a small island, where the heat will kill you if you don't quickly make a shelter, or a dingy to get to your friends ship, with the supplies washed ashore. If you manage to make a shelter its only a matter of time before a passing navy ship will take you back to Ardougne. If you find yourself on one of these islands while at worlds end, PvP is still enabled, so be careful of who you share it with.
This is just what I think would be a fun way to implement different aspects of the game into sailing, including complementary training of almost all other skills without intruding on the core game. There are potential for quests. There's potential for LIGMA training methods as well as click intensive skill based methods. There's room to develop bosses, raids and PvP. I'd love to hear peoples feedback on what they think could work well and what might not work well. The point for me was the vast amount of options for how this skill could develop.
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2023.03.28 11:30 FinalRepresentative2 An Upset Rant About Daz's Community And A Cry Out For Help

Hey guys,
This will be a long post, if you take the time to read it, I thank you for your time.
Please understand this isn't directed at you guys per say or anyone personally. Really this is me just venting thoughts and maybe even starting a discussion around the topic
After 3 years of some of the issues, I'm at my wits end on some projects. Some are even completely halted while I try and figure out what I can do without having to just go jump in Blender and C4D and just create everything from scratch in there. Most of these projects already have models ready to go in Daz but getting them out of Daz proves very problematic so I can finish my work but that will be discussed later. Ultimately, it would be awesome to just finish my work in Daz without the need for external 3D software like C4D, Maya, or Blender.
I've hit several snags with Daz as I have progressed in this craft. Simulation and hair designing being my biggest complaints to be honest. I would like to stay with Daz as I have invested a decent amount in the assets and I'm also comfortable with a lot of what it does. I wouldn't mind using Blender or C4D if I absolutely have to but there are problems there like I mentioned.
My frustration comes from not being able to learn a lot of the more advanced features on my own. So I naturally search google for a day or two and find little to no results after reading as an example 35 posts and watching 20 tutorials surrounding a subject. The information I need just isn't in them. So I turn to forums, discords, reddits, etc.. to try and network. Get to know the people who know this stuff in and out so maybe I can learn a few things.
I know the things I want to create are possible, I see others doing it and then selling it. It's almost like no one wishes to share the exact process on these things. Maybe they have and I've just missed it in a google search, idk. Maybe I'm miss reading all of this and maybe people just don't have the answers. It's possible maybe I'm not asking the questions correctly. All I know is I have pulled my hair out enough trying to find out some of the info.
With Blender, if it's blender and not Daz related. I ask a question, even an advanced one, and 10 people have not just one answer but several with step by step instructions. You'd figure Daz would be even more like that as it is more of an "every persons" software.
I feel like several of my questions are just ignored. I've even had people tell me in hair discussions to just go buy hair from the shop and I don't need to make my own... no. I want to make my own stuff now. I've spent $4800 or around there in Daz's shop. I have plenty and have given plenty to PA's but now I need more specific things in my work and it's much better that I just create them myself.
In a discord I joined not to long ago there was a very... elite mentality and people were overall not as welcoming to noobish questions. Granted they would state the answer to your question but give no indication on how to get from point A to point B. They would just specify the end result even knowing based on the question that I do not have the understanding to reach that result. It's like trying to get to the other side of the country with no map or gps. I can also understand this is a me problem not knowing these problems and not a them problem since they already know it. Somehow they learned it though, at least tell me where to start to learn it myself kinda thing. I don't need my hand held per say, just good directions on where to go. You're gonna get lost a lot without that map or gps from that earlier anology.
It seemed a large amount of the discord members were PA's so maybe this is why... can't give away those trade secrets that keep people like me paying. Knowing I wasn't a PA may have made it even a little worst as part of me wants to learn this stuff so maybe I could share some of my models and crafts on the Daz store one day.
Here is a list of some of my road blocks that I've run into. I know many more wait for me even after these steps so it's become a little disheartening. It really is to the point to where I either just give up and move on from working with 3D stuff or uninstall Daz, stop giving anyone money for this software, and turn my attention to a more fleshed out software as well as a community willing to help in more advanced tasks.

1.) Creating Dforce hair as a non PA (I can create Fibermesh and SBH well enough. I am having a hard time understanding how to do Transmapped geometry based hair though. I would like to try and get SBH to work with dforce as a non PA. You would think you could once you export it as geometry. I always get the "you need to be a PA" but then people tell me you can use fibermesh and do it. Which btw, I've never seen dforce fibermesh before, no tutorials, or anything. Also, After you turn SBH into geometry... what's the difference?
A lot of my work needs fur and very complex hair styles on custom G8 morphs. Store bought hair won't work on my critters, creatures, and monsters I make, the head is shaped way differently.
Getting dforce up and running for my custom stuff would be a miracle I feel like.
So as another example, one of my issues is once I put dforce weight on my geometry and test it, the geometry expands and looks weird. I'm told this is due to intersecting geometry but this happens even when there are only 2 strands of hair that are not touching at all. I've tried every setting under the sun I can think of but the geometry still balloons. Oh but wait, there are several things in the shop that say buy me and it will make that stop, I've been down that road and what I tried didn't work, same result.
2.) Getting geografts / geoshells to merge after exporting to Cinema 4D using the bridge. I can't even get started in that software without figuring out this step. The materials also look like garbage just like blender.
3.) That leads me to this, getting my textures to not look like water paint trash in Blender after export using diffeomorphic. Merging grafts is easy in blender, I just need to know how to make the textures look good so I can start using blender as my final software in the workflow. This way I can just make hair, animate, and do simulation in there and toss Daz in that regard.
That's all I can think of for now, just these 3 things. Sure there will be more but eh, even if these 3 things get figured out I could finally breath a sigh of relief.
So, what do you guys think, why are these questions so hard to get a straight answer to?
Maybe you guys know of a tutorial or guide I haven't found yet that makes all of this trivial and all of my frustration has been for nothing.
Either way, I appreciate your guy's time and I hope you guys have a good day.
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2023.03.28 11:27 w1ck3dme XC 8.0Ah. Keep or return?

Recently purchased home depot deal of M18 drill/impact kit + 8Ah battery for 350. I didn’t open it yet because I’m considering should I do the hackable deal and get the kit only for 253. the reason is I’m worried that the 8.0Ah battery is too heavy
This is my first M18 tool. I am currently invested in M12 and corded tools. The M12 fuel set proved inadequate while I was fixing up a fence recently. I plan on tackling a few decent sized jobs this summer starting with building a small landing and steps.
I always like to have extra batteries. The battery costs 97 based on kit price. And I haven’t seen any recent deals from a trusted store) for that battery for around that price. I’m a homeowner who helps out friends a lot and I also manage a few properties for a family member and try to deal with as many issues (mostly requiring drill/impact. But never ran out battery even on the M12 99% of time ).
How’s the 8Ah battery with the drill and impact driver? Is it too heavy or feel out of balance? I’m an average sized person, not particularly strong or anything
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2023.03.28 11:25 Banoffee_Breakfast Staying back late with no overtime pay

I'm in NSW Australia and I need some advice. I work in Hospitality for a local chain Café. I'm on a part time roster that changes every week. Most of my job is fine except for when it comes to the closing shift. Our store has three employees rostered each day who take the open, middle, and close shifts. The open shift is 6-2, the middle is 7-3, and the close is 10-5:30. After 3 pm there is only one person left to run the store and do closing procedures. Most people who do the close, including myself, end up staying after 5:30 to get all the necessary tasks done. The problem is we don't get paid after 5:30. The obvious thing to do would be to lock the doors and leave at 5:30 regardless of whether all the tasks have been completed, but this creates serious issues for whoever does the open the next day. I struggle more than most with the close bc I have adhd and autism, which I have made known to my employers since they first hired me. My executive function disorder means I get easily overwhelmed when faced with multiple tasks, and the massive amount of tasks to complete at the end of the day by myself while still serving customers is the definition of overwhelming. Most of my co-workers say they end up staying til around 5:45-6:00 pm to get everything done. However I'm usually still at the store til well after 6 pm. Just tonight I stayed to 6:50 to get everything done. That's 1 hour and 20 minutes of unpaid labour. I've tried lists, and reminders, and following a strict schedule but I consistently cannot close the store to an acceptable standard before 6pm. I don't know why I'm so incompetent in this area but it's been a consistent source of stress and anxiety ever since I started getting closing shifts. I've brought these issues up to my managers and their solutions so far have been to give me more lists. Many employees have shifts at different stores throughout the month but I spend 99% of my time at just the one store. Other stores in the chain have two people to do the closing shift, which used to be the case at my store but for some reason they stopped doing it at our store and leave it to just one person. I want to say to our operations manager who makes our roster that she either needs to roster two people to close, pay us for the extra time we stay back or stop giving me closing shifts because I suck at them and I hate them. But I'm not exactly in a position to be giving ultimatums. What should I do?
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2023.03.28 11:14 Harmsiee CAT FLEA MEDICATION HELP- OTC Specific

Hey so I just found some fleas one one of my cats (i have two) I quickly gave her a Dawn soap bath (figured it can't hurt) and immediately went went to three different Drug stores and none of them had any flea medicine. I'm going to go to wal-mart as soon as it opens today but was wondering which brand y'all recommend? This is just temporary as they usually Get Revolution from the vet but i ran out.
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2023.03.28 11:12 No_Fact_4666 Lost Treasures of World War II

In the Second World War, the war that consumed the most wealth in human history, countless wealth mysteriously disappeared. It is said that before their demise, the German-Italian-Japanese fascists hid countless riches they had plundered in the sea, in the desert, and under the earth
In the Second World War, the war that consumed the most wealth in human history, countless wealth mysteriously disappeared. It is said that the German-Italian-Japanese fascists, before their demise, hid countless riches they had plundered in the sea, in the desert, under the ground, and even in the cities, and they were waiting for brave people to explore and discover them. And where are they all? Behind these treasures is the greed of the invaders who indulged in plunder, and perhaps this, is the reason for their demise.


"The Awa Maru, Japan's ace transport ship in World War II.

This huge ship of 10,000 tons, built in accordance with military requirements, but it was a ship that the U.S. military promised not to attack. According to the agreement between Japan and the U.S., the Awa Maru was a rescue ship carrying relief supplies, and the U.S. forces were allowed to release it.

In the eyes of the Japanese, the Awa Maru became the safest ship. When it set sail from Southeast Asia for the last time to return to Japan, the Awa Maru, designed to carry 236 passengers, was packed with more than 2,000 people, and a mysterious amount of cargo was carried to the ship's hold during the night. It is said that the cargo included thousands of tons of tin, tungsten, rubber and other military materials, but more strikingly, there were 40 tons of gold, 12 tons of platinum, and about 40 boxes of jewelry and relics.

Among them was a mysterious box that, according to legend, held the skull of the missing Peking apes.

On April 1, 1945, April Fool's Day in the West, fate played a cruel joke on the "Awa Maru".

At midnight, the Awa Maru crossed the Taiwan Strait and arrived near Niushan Island in China's Fujian Province when a U.S. submarine suddenly attacked, and in just a few minutes, the Awa Maru quickly sank.

All indications are that this may not have been a "mistake" as claimed by the U.S. military, but rather a long-planned attack. The truth, along with the sinking of the Awa Maru, became one of the 20th century's most notorious unsolved mysteries.

The U.S. Army recalls that more than 2,000 people on board refused to be rescued by the U.S. Army and all perished at sea. There was only one survivor left, a cook on board, and he kept his mouth shut about the Awa Maru.

From 1977 to 1980, the Chinese Navy and the Ministry of Communications spent four years to recover the bow of the Awa Maru, but did not find the legendary treasure. According to the divers' recollection, diving cylinders with English letters were found in the hull, and the safe at the back of the captain's cabin had been cut open.

Did someone already take the treasure of the Awa Maru? Perhaps no one will ever know.


In the vast desert, there are indeed countless treasures hidden. It is said that in the yellow sands of Tunisia, North Africa, there is an unknown sand dune underneath, buried full of ninety boxes of gold coins, a box of diamonds, rubies and dozens of other treasures. The one who ordered to bury these treasures was none other than the Nazi German Field Marshal Rommel.

Historic North Africa has been a concentration of wealth since ancient times. According to post-war reports from the Federal Republic of Germany, the treasures plundered by Rommel in Africa were worth no less than one billion pounds.

But with the defeat of Nazi Germany in North Africa, this wealth has since been lost.

Some say that these riches are buried in the vast Sahara desert, waiting for the Nazi successors to find them. But others say that Rommel, as cunning as a fox, would not honestly follow the plan, and that the treasure buried in the desert was a fake, and that the real treasure had been shipped to Europe by Rommel's sound and fury. But what Rommel did not expect was that this treasure transport, in the middle of the British army found, the Germans threw the treasure into the sea. To this day, the treasure is still sleeping quietly in the shallow sea near Corsica, Italy.In 1945, with the fate of the German Nazis' defeat already sealed, the Nazis began to find a way back for themselves. A large amount of treasures scavenged from all over Europe were systematically hidden by the Nazis to prepare for a future comeback.

In April 1945, Patton, commander of the U.S. 3rd Army Group, had already forcibly crossed the Rhine River and divinely occupied the village of Merckx in the Thuringia region of Germany. According to all the signs, the U.S. Army judged that the Nazi's treasure hiding personnel, just hurriedly evacuated. According to the clues left by these people, half a month later, a chance, the U.S. troops in the bottom of a mine shaft, found a huge steel safety door, after blowing open this door, all the U.S. troops were stunned.

In this chamber, which was 45 meters long and 23 meters wide, there were piles of gold and silver treasures. In addition to gold bricks weighing more than one ton, there were 8198 gold ingots, tons of silver ingots, 110 bags of diamonds and jewels, and countless banknotes, etc.

More valuable than the gold and silver, there was also a large cache of artwork, including paintings, prints, engravings, etc. The priceless treasures were soon brought back to the ground and properly preserved. The treasures, however, eventually became Germany's war reparations and were returned to the victim countries of the war.


In 1944, as the American army approached the Philippines, the Japanese commander in the Philippines, Yamashita Bongbumi, continued to resist, but he knew that the battle would be lost.

After hiding all the treasures scavenged by the Japanese, Yamashita Bongbumi, however, silenced all the tens of thousands of workers who built the treasure-hiding fortifications, and most of the Japanese soldiers who participated in the silencing at the treasure-hiding site died in the subsequent battle. After Japan surrendered, the U.S. Army sentenced this criminal war criminal to death and promptly executed him. The "Yamashita treasure" has since become an unsolved mystery that no one can solve.

There are rumors that the Japanese have given these treasures, to the Americans. It was these treasures that prompted the United States to change its policy toward Japan, and MacArthur, who strongly advocated supporting Japan, had a large amount of gold from the "Yamashita treasure" stored in a Swiss bank.

It is also said that these treasures have been secretly shipped to Japan. It was with these treasures that Japan was able to recover quickly after the war with unimaginable speed.

Who is telling the truth, just like the "Yamashita treasure", has become an eternal mystery. But in any case, this is a fortune that can change the fate of the country, and the truth about it is still being sought.


In ancient Europe, there was a legend that whoever got the sacred Holy Gun and the Holy Grail could rule the world, but if the holder lost it, he would die quickly.

The Holy Gun, the rumor says that Jesus on the cross, was stabbed to death by this very gun. The Holy Grail, on the other hand, was the cup that Jesus used to drink wine at the "Last Supper.

Hitler, the head of the German Nazis, was very superstitious and believed that these two holy relics would allow the Aryans to conquer the world. After he came to power, the Nazis went crazy looking for the Holy Lance and the Holy Grail.

It is said that the Holy Lance had broken into three pieces, one of which, fell into the hands of the Nazis. When Hitler got it, he was so ecstatic that he soon launched a war.

On April 30, 1945, at 3:30 p.m., Hitler killed himself in despair.

Legend has it that the American troops got the Holy Gun. And where is the Holy Grail?

In April 2014, an archaeologist announced that a wine chalice preserved for thousands of years in a church called San Isidoro, in the city of León in northern Spain, is the very same chalice used by Jesus.

But many believe that the Nazi remnant, in order to resurrect the Nazis, had already taken the real Holy Gun and the Holy Grail, on the eve of their demise, out of Europe to a part of the world where no one could find them.

The truth, I'm afraid, is no one knows anymore
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2023.03.28 11:09 hellopandachocolate JUST LISTED! BLUE ÖYSTER CULT 2 8TRACK TAPE LOT. Great condition, been in storage past 40+ years. Auction starts at $10! LINK IN PICTURE CAPTION AND COMMENTS 👇

JUST LISTED! BLUE ÖYSTER CULT 2 8TRACK TAPE LOT. Great condition, been in storage past 40+ years. Auction starts at $10! LINK IN PICTURE CAPTION AND COMMENTS 👇 submitted by hellopandachocolate to 8track [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 11:09 JELLYGooey What if we could get events to earn new cards instead of luck based chest?? Could be cool??

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2023.03.28 11:08 Mirko_ddd Manage your Beta programs

Hello dear community, this is a self promoting post, but I hope may helps you.
I am the Developer of an app called Beta Maniac, which is the only app in Google Play that lets you manage beta programs easily and have special spots even if Google Play app says a beta program is full.
Recently I made an update which includes also a feature to auto join a beta program as soon as a spot is available, a section where a user can suggest an app and make it available to other users, new dynamic color theme with material design 3 and updated to latest target SDK.
Honestly I think this app is amazing for beta testers and I am really proud of how the app came out, but it is easy for me to say that, right? :D
Obviously the app has pros and cons, and I open this thread as an opportunity to ask me anything about (if you want to).
If you are interested, even to watch at the screenshots or read the comments about the app here is the link (guide lines for auto promotion do not let me publish images or videos):
See in Google Play
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2023.03.28 11:08 shaverfan 31 [M4F] Heights but will travel looking for ladies willing to cut their hair

Howdy, 31 M with a hair fetish, looking for women who would let me cut their hair short. Would love to buzz or shave, but open to any play.
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2023.03.28 11:07 Appropriate_Ant_1618 How Magento 2 Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

Take Your E-Commerce Business to the Next Level with Magento 2 - The Leading Platform for Online Sales.
The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving, and it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a powerful and reliable platform to manage their online store. Magento 2 is one such platform that has gained immense popularity over the years, thanks to its robust features and user-friendly interface. In this article, we'll discuss how Magento 2 can boost your e-commerce sales and help you take your business to new heights.

Understanding Magento 2

Magento 2 is a popular e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create and manage their online store with ease. It's an open-source platform that provides a range of features and functionalities to help businesses improve their online presence and boost their sales. Magento 2 is built on PHP, which means that it's highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Benefits of Using Magento 2 for Your E-Commerce Store

There are several benefits of using Magento 2 for your e-commerce store, including:
1. Improved Performance: One of the biggest advantages of using Magento 2 is improved performance. The platform is built to handle large amounts of traffic and data, which means that your online store will load faster and perform better. This is crucial for e-commerce businesses, as slow loading times can lead to a decrease in sales.
2. Mobile-Friendly Design: In today's world, mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, and many consumers prefer to shop online using their smartphones or tablets. Magento 2 comes with a mobile-friendly design that ensures that your online store looks great on all devices, regardless of screen size.
3. Advanced SEO Features: Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any e-commerce store, as it helps improve your website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Magento 2 comes with a range of advanced SEO features, including meta tags, sitemaps, and URL structure, that can help boost your website's search engine rankings.
4. Easy Integration with Third-Party Tools: Magento 2 is designed to work seamlessly with a range of third-party tools and applications, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, and marketing automation software. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their online store and streamline their operations.
5. User-Friendly Interface: Magento 2 comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses to manage their online store, even if they don't have technical expertise. The platform comes with a range of pre-built templates and themes that can be customised to match the look and feel of your brand.

How Magento 2 Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

Now that we've discussed the benefits of using Magento 2, let's take a look at how this platform can help boost your e-commerce sales.
1. Personalization: One of the key features of Magento 2 is its ability to provide a personalized shopping experience to customers. With Magento 2, businesses can create personalized product recommendations, targeted promotions, and customized content based on the customer's browsing and purchase history. This can help improve the customer's shopping experience and increase the likelihood of a sale.
2. Streamlined Checkout Process: A complicated checkout process can be a major barrier to completing a purchase for many customers. Magento 2 comes with a streamlined checkout process that makes it easy for customers to complete their purchase quickly and efficiently. This can help reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversions.
3. Improved Customer Service: Magento 2 comes with a range of customer service features, such as live chat, email support, and ticketing systems, that can help businesses provide better customer service to their customers.


In conclusion, Magento 2 is an excellent platform for businesses looking to boost their e-commerce sales. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other tools, it can help you create a powerful online store that engages customers and drives conversions. By leveraging the power of Magento 2, you can take your e-commerce business to new heights and achieve your growth goals.


Q: What is Magento 2?
A: Magento 2 is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create and manage their online store.
Q: How can Magento 2 help boost my e-commerce sales?
A: Magento 2 provides a range of features and functionalities, such as easy customization, a mobile-friendly design, and seamless integration with other tools, that can help improve your online presence and engage customers, ultimately leading to more conversions and higher sales.
Q: Is Magento 2 easy to use?
A: Yes, Magento 2 has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses to manage their online store, even if they have little to no experience with e-commerce platforms.
Q: Can Magento 2 handle a large volume of products and customers?
A: Yes, Magento 2 is designed to handle large volumes of products and customers, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes.
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2023.03.28 11:04 Accomplished_Ad_5339 My gf(F28) and i (M28) have been together for 11 years . However the last 2 years have been difficult. Am i being led on ? Hard to say

My gf and i have been together for quite a while now . 11 years and have known each other for close to 20 . Id say about a year and few months ago things began to shift in a negative direction regarding “us” . So shes a general manager and manages 2 stores and is responsible for her own schedule along with all other employees. Anyway in the beginning of 2022 i noticed she starting becoming very distant from me - (emotionally , physically) started showing little to no afffection at all and she didnt seem to care much that it was affecting me . I brought it up to her attention several times and each time she dismissed it as me being insecure or paranoid. Soon after all other “red flags” started to pop up such as using her phone a shit load more and keeping it close to her person. Caring about her appearance way more than ever . Staying late at work etc . One thing that really had me questioning her was an incident regarding her lady parts and the hair down below . Im not a controlling weird bf she can do watever she wants to her body. This was different because we had gone a month with out sex because of an issue that came up and hadn’t planned on making love anytime soon. It was a Saturday and we started fooling around and as we began undressing I noticed she was shaved down there prob a week prior to me seeing . ( very strange becuz she isint one to shave often . Usually only when i ask her or if shes feeling it . Anyway so i asked her about it and she said “i did it for you babe “ i asked are you sure? And she responded nervously “babe i shaved becuz im going to be getting my period soon. I always shave right before my period “
This response left me speechless becuz it was a complete lie. She was trying to tell me that for 10 years she had always shaved every time right before a period ! Like iwouldnt know or remember ? Wtff lol .
Just to clarify , ladys is it even common to shave below before u get ur period ? I read that its not recommended.
Theres alot of other things that have happened ill have to get back as im headed to work . Btw i have no concrete evidence of her cheating but i have the gut feeling and literally all red flags have been seen . Is there a super secret app to hide a secret life . Im starting to think she has another cell phone she keeps at work . Idk . Any advice helps - peace and love
TLTR - suspecting gf of cheating . No concreteproof but all red flags have been present
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2023.03.28 11:01 whatisfinanceorg The Visa Merchant Account

The Visa Merchant Account
What can a Visa merchant account do to help your company? You might be surprised. Talk to colleagues in your field of business, and chances are many of them already have a visa merchant account. Basically, the way it works is that a bank or other financial institution will review your application for a merchant services account that can be attached to a company Visa account you are currently using or wish to open. If your company’s credit history and current line of business meets with approval from the underwriter, your account will be opened and you can be ready for new business in a matter of hours.
A Visa merchant account lets you accept your clients’ credit card payments, which is one of the main reasons people want to get this type of account. If you are used to accepting just cash or check payments, you will love the ease with which you can swipe a customer’s credit card and have that payment processed instantaneously so that the money flows directly into your specified checking account through an underwriter-designated gateway system. You can hire fewer employees to conduct an even higher level of business that can increase your profits by as much as 400%. Merely swiping a card or letting customers key in a credit card number at one of your operative systems will make life easier and more enjoyable.
Obtaining a Visa merchant account can provide additional benefits, since you can use your new credit line to purchase technical services and set-up that were previously unavailable. For example, you can buy or lease a credit card processor for your store or home based business. You also can get a wireless model for sales associated with deliveries, seminars, conferences, and trade shows. Most small or home based business owners don’t have a lot of cash to pay for these things outright, but a Visa credit line will provide the means of setting up the type of services that will help your business operate more efficiently.
Your Visa merchant account can help you pay for a pager or a debit processor. Perhaps you want to invest some credit into a telemarketing project. Whatever you need to expand your customer base and get your company’s name before thousands of potential clients, those are some of the things that a Visa account with merchant services can help you do. Make sure you get the lowest possible interest rate, and avoid a variable rate Visa since the monthly fees could rise and fall dramatically, depending on the economy at any given time. Instead, choose a fixed rate at the lowest percentage that is available. Use your credit account to purchase items that fit with your company’s business plan and monthly budget. Never buy spontaneous items or indulge in impulse buying, as your credit balance could get sharply out of a hand very quickly.
Get in touch with a Visa account provider that is willing to link merchant services to your account for more information on how to apply for a Visa merchant account.
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2023.03.28 11:00 Accomplished_Ad_5339 My gf(F28) and i (M28) have been together for 11 years . However the last 2 years have been difficult. Am i being led on ? Hard to say

My gf and i have been together for quite a while now . 11 years and have known each other for close to 20 . Id say about a year and few months ago things began to shift in a negative direction regarding “us” . So shes a general manager and manages 2 stores and is responsible for her own schedule along with all other employees. Anyway in the beginning of 2022 i noticed she starting becoming very distant from me - (emotionally , physically) started showing little to no afffection at all and she didnt seem to care much that it was affecting me . I brought it up to her attention several times and each time she dismissed it as me being insecure or paranoid. Soon after all other “red flags” started to pop up such as using her phone a shit load more and keeping it close to her person. Caring about her appearance way more than ever . Staying late at work etc . One thing that really had me questioning her was an incident regarding her lady parts and the hair down below . Im not a controlling weird bf she can do watever she wants to her body. This was different because we had gone a month with out sex because of an issue that came up and hadn’t planned on making love anytime soon. It was a Saturday and we started fooling around and as we began undressing I noticed she was shaved down there prob a week prior to me seeing . ( very strange becuz she isint one to shave often . Usually only when i ask her or if shes feeling it . Anyway so i asked her about it and she said “i did it for you babe “ i asked are you sure? And she responded nervously “babe i shaved becuz im going to be getting my period soon. I always shave right before my period “
This response left me speechless becuz it was a complete lie. She was trying to tell me that for 10 years she had always shaved every time right before a period ! Like iwouldnt know or remember ? Wtff lol .
Just to clarify , ladys is it even common to shave below before u get ur period ? I read that its not recommended.
Theres alot of other things that have happened ill have to get back as im headed to work . Btw i have no concrete evidence of her cheating but i have the gut feeling and literally all red flags have been seen . Is there a super secret app to hide a secret life . Im starting to think she has another cell phone she keeps at work . Idk . Any advice helps - peace and love
TLTR - suspecting gf of cheating . No concreteproof but all red flags have been present
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2023.03.28 10:51 Sweet_Caroline-_- AITBA for calling out somebody?

I 14 femalehave a best friend. Just some background information my best friend Is so kind but recently told me she wanted to have a sleepover. I'm always up for it. But she said on new years eve. There wasn't a problem except for her grandma. I can't tell you how many times her grandma said I don't like them for their body ,or , I don't like them for their skin/hair. It's so scary to got to big parties for me because I have social anxiety. Let's call my friend Lydia. Lydia has problems in big parties too. So she said "well let's just hang out in my room" so we did. We ate cotton candy and watched youtube. Something else important we are both girls and are not attracted to eachother.
Her grandma SWINGS the door open and yanked on my friends arm and pulled her off the loft bed. And her grandma said "LYDIA, you don't need her to do things with her. I hate her skin tone she's going to steal from your house!" I heard all of this and was on the verge of tears. My friend comes in apologizing purfusley. I forgave her but she didn't do anything wrong. 1 hour later I had an intrusive thought to go into the party. I grabbed an Ora ge juice for the kids and threw it on her and said "APARENTLY IM JUST GOING TO STEAL FROM YOU BEACUSE IM DIFFRENT!" The silence was so loud. My friend tells me how her grandma keeps saying things like "ugh I hate her hair" "her skin tone is disgusting". So,am I the bad apple?
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2023.03.28 10:50 Kindly_Image1041 22 [M4F] #UK Hampshire Looking for women to breed and help impregnate with my seed

White native British male that is drug/disease free. Am 5'10 with brown hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders.
Looking to breed any women who is wanting to be impregnated NI with child. Also willing to breed FTM's. Must be genuinely wanting to be bred. Let's make you a mother.
DM's open for more info (Open to multiple session's, don't charge, dm ASL and what your looking for)
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2023.03.28 10:49 CPaMoiCeLui Story of a missed migration to Proton...

Hey All,
I thought it would be good to take some time and share my unfortunately failed experience at migrating to Proton. Important to say: There is no criticism in my testimonial, I would have loved to make it work, but the hurdle was probably too high for me.
Background: I’m interested in privacy and security topics, have a low threat model but love to try out things out of curiosity, and to be ready if I would need to make a more strict move to a more secure IT setup. I have cut most social networks and accounts from the GAFA… Except Apple where I decided to keep on using their ecosystem (family convenience balancing the potential concerns - out of scope here). My family uses iPhones and other Apple devices. I also use Mullvad VPN and have my own domain for my emails (with a catch-all).
I love a « unified » expérience, ideally with a low number of platforms and a consistent experience across devices.
I saw that the price for my domain and hosting + Mullvad was higher than Proton Unlimited. I’ve been curious about Proton for months now, and decided it would be a good time to make the switch.
Registration process was seamless, but I then faced several issues (which despite very kind and competent Support, are not solved at this stage):
  1. Proton VPN does not work on my Mac. As soon as a VPN is established (all destinations, all protocols), Mac gets offline. Even after « disconnecting » (for what it worth since I seem to be offline), any ping, trace route or browsing attempt fails. Only a Mac restart fixes the issue, until a next VPN connection attempt.
  2. I have a very high volume of emails stored not only on my domain, but also locally (like 200GB). I really wanted to have all my mails in 1 place, and Proton seems perfect for that. Proton Easy Switch works great, but not for local mailboxes/folders. I tried to use the Proton Import/Export tool, but despite using the very latest macOS and tool version, the app blocks and tells me that I must update to its latest version. I’m therefore stuck with having a separate (local) place for my mail archives, while my MacBook storage is smaller than the Proton storage.
  3. I also face some (very legitimate) downsides of moving to such secure provider, for example:
I had moved my domain emails to Proton (very smoothly), but with all of the above, since I had not closed my previous « hoster » subscription, I considered giving up and going back. Unfortunately, a domain transfer can only happen again after 60 days (which seems to be an ICANN obligation).
It means that for now, I have « moved back » my iCloud emails to Apple Mail, but am stuck with the Proton Mail app to manage my own domain emails for the next 2 months. That means 2 email apps and less integration, which… I don’t like ;-)
At this stage, tickets are still open with (excellent) Proton Support, as I hope that this will help improve the service for other customers.
I will check if there is anything I can do to speed up the DNS transfer process to get back to a unified and integrated (even if less secure) setup. I will then see, talking about integration, if I keep my own domain name on my « hoster » or if I integrate it to iCloud Mail (since my domaine is solely for email).
TLDR: I would have loved to be a happy and loyal Proton customer, in my case the « barriers to entry » were too high, due to a cumbersome migration (massive amount of local emails) and some technical issues. Also, maybe (to be confirmed!) the Mac applications are not fully mature yet (issue with Mac Proton VPN and Mac Import Export tool)? I want to add that the excellent Support I got from Proton didn’t suffice, but I want to express my gratitude to them for doing their best.
Last note: If you want to try out a service, don’t do a too quick « leap of faith »: Test carefully and think about how you could rollback if you would need too!
Hope this helps, happy to discuss any of those topics or suggestions you have!
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2023.03.28 10:47 Itachiuchiha301 Microsoft store apps closed after laptop wakes from sleep

Hi everyone, hopefully you can find a workaround. Basically, whenever I close the lid of my laptop putting it into sleep and when I reopen them, I find all apps, both those open and those running in background, working except for Ditto (clipboard manager) and Phone Link. I tried to reset battery saving settings, runned sfc and other types of commands to see wheter there was an issue, tried tweaking with the registry editor by adding them manually to the run folder, lastly, i tried to reset microsoft store with powershell with this command:
Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
Nothing seems to work; moreover, I get some errors while running this last command. Anyone knows a fix for this? Cause both apps are useful for my workflow and it's kind of annoying to reopen them everytime. Thanks a lot!
Don't know if it could be related, I'm running last insider version avaiable in my country: build prerelease 230317-1432. This problem was already present before last update.
Lenovo Ideapad 5
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