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This is a companion to surfing and longboard. Post your musical stuff for surfing or the trip in and out of the beach.

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A place to post and discuss interesting content and information related to Scenic Highway 30-A in South Walton County, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

2010.09.16 01:10 chrispyb Skimboarding

Skimboarding is a water boardsport akin to surfing but starting on the sand instead of in the water. Started on the Hawaiian islands but popularized in Laguna Beach, California. The sport has two disciplines, ocean and flatland. Ocean skimmers ride out to waves close to shore much like surfing. Flatland skimmers utilize rails and ramps much like skateboarders.

2023.03.28 10:11 glofosho91 Did anyone check into unit 826 today in one of the Waikiki beach condos?

Lost item, please help…
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2023.03.28 10:10 TequilaLippy The desperation of this photoshoot reminds me of so many ageing glamour girls here in the UK. The paps called and all. The tackiness and ick is beyond embarrassing.

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2023.03.28 10:03 Correct_Package316 What words come to mind or do you feel when you see this project

What words come to mind or do you feel when you see this project
Hey guys, currently working towards the end of an assignment and stumped on something. For choosing the title of the assignment, my teachers instructed is to consider a single word that best encapsulates “what the site is about”.
For site context, the home is located in Australia, in the bush lands along Sydney’s northern beaches. The home is intended for comfort in all seasons: it captures cool breezes from the east in summer and is splayed to the north toward the winter sun.
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2023.03.28 10:03 basetornado Why doesn't Australia have a Beach Soccer team?

So i know this isn't A League related, but it is related to Football in Australia.
The Beach Soccer Asian Cup has just been held, noticed Australia wasn't in it, but then I also noticed that we had only ever been in two of them, coming 4th back in 2013, plus 1 time at the World Cup in 2005. We don't even have a current world ranking.
I saw that a competition was held in 2022 by Football Queensland that listed "a potential return of the Beach Socceroos."
But does anyone know why we no longer have a team, or why we stopped sending teams in the first place? Is it simply costs?
It just seems odd for a country surrounded by great beaches to not at least have a national team.
Also just to get ahead of any "it's Football" people. It's literally called Beach Soccer by the governing bodies.
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It’s an unavoidable fact that as we get older, we all develop different night and daytime skincare routines. The most significant component that distinguishes a night care ritual from a daycare ritual is a moisturizer.
“Do we really need a separate night cream?” This is one of the most common questions that linger in our minds. And the answer is a big resounding YES. Of course, you need a separate night cream (if possible, organic creams) unlike any other creams for day skincare.

Why do you need a separate night cream for your skin?

Our skin behaves differently during the day and night, requiring different care. Our day creams are typically designed to hydrate, brighten, plump, and level out the complexion, whilst our night creams are heavier and thicker in texture, as well as more calming to the skin. Our skin prepares to mend, regenerate, and restore itself at night. So having a night cream specifically tailored to aid the process makes perfect sense.
During the night, while you sleep, your skin goes into a regeneration mode. To support this process and help your skin repair and renew itself, it is beneficial to use a night cream. Night creams are formulated with active ingredients that are more easily absorbed by the skin at night.
In addition to boosting tissue repair and cell renewal, night creams like saffron cream, tee tree cream, or aloe vera cream can help to remove dirt and pollution from the skin, improving its overall quality. By using a night cream, you can support your skin’s natural defense and repair mechanisms, helping it to combat the damage it encounters during the day.

Benefits of using a night cream

Hydration for skin

Even when you sleep at night, your skin requires ongoing moisture. If you live in a dry climate, use an air conditioner, or don’t drink enough fluids during the day, your skin is more prone to dryness and subsequent damage. A night cream is thick and hydrating, thanks to substances such as hyaluronic acid. Night creams are designed to provide hydration during the night while also acting as a humectant by retaining moisture.

Prevent premature aging

This is most likely one of the benefits of night creams that most of us are aware of! The skin moves into cell renewal and regeneration mode while we sleep. The night cream aids the skin in this process by hastening cell repair. Night creams also stimulate collagen formation with substances such as retinol and help to prevent early indications of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Heal skin damage

Our skin is exposed to contaminants in the air and water, as well as chemicals in makeup, during the day. Even while you’re indoors, your skin is still exposed to the sun’s rays. In the winter, you may be subjected to harsh, dry winds that can cause chapping. All of this damage is addressed at night when cell regeneration is at its peak, which is why a night cream is essential for repairing damaged skin.

Treat skin conditions

Each of us has distinct skin problems. Whether you have hyperpigmentation, acne, dryness, dark circles, or irritated skin, there is a night cream that can assist. Because the skin is more transparent and open to collecting nutrients at night, it makes sense to apply a night cream containing substances to address your specific skin concern.

Increase blood flow to the face

Night creams should be applied with mild massaging strokes in an upward circular motion. This mild massage increases blood flow to the face, which promotes product absorption and ensures your skin receives all of the nutrients. Increased blood flow also stimulates cellular regeneration and gives the face a natural glow.

What distinguishes night creams from other regular beauty creams for skin?

Day creams are intended for use during the day when you are more likely to be exposed to the sun’s rays. The primary function of a day cream is to protect your skin from the elements, filth, and toxins that it is exposed to on a regular basis. They frequently contain SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. As a result, day creams typically have a light consistency and can function as BB cream, tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen.
Beauty cream, whether it is a natural cream for face and skin or organic moisturizing cream, is thicker and contains many more active chemicals such as glycolic acid, AHAs, and retinol. Because the skin experiences the most cell repair and regeneration at night, all of those elements are especially important.
So, what exactly are these advantages? Here’s a quick rundown of why night creams are essential to your skincare routine and why you can’t skip them or ‘adjust’ with your regular day cream.

The bottom line

In conclusion, it is clear that incorporating a night cream into your skincare routine can have numerous benefits for your skin. Not only can it help to moisturize and nourish your skin while you sleep, but it can also assist with anti-aging, acne prevention, and skin repair.
It is important to choose a night cream that is suitable for your skin type and concerns and to be consistent with its use for optimal results. While a night cream may not be a necessary step for everyone, it can be a valuable addition to a skincare routine for those looking to address specific skin concerns or to improve the overall health and appearance of their skin.

Check out these organic and natural facial creams in India that you can use at night

About Naija

If you are looking for the best organic brand for skin care in India, then you must check out the best organic skin care products in India brought to you by Naija. To buy organic skincare products and organic beauty products in India, visit
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2023.03.28 09:59 Aleeda_wetsuits Mens Beach Towel

Mens Beach Towel
Beach towels are typically crafted from quick-drying and lightweight materials like cotton or microfiber. At Aleeda, we offer a diverse array of mens beach towel in various colors and styles, ensuring that you'll find the perfect one for you. So come on in and gear up for a great day of surfing!
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2023.03.28 09:58 jurafic_park [For Sale] MEGA SALE! Little of everything!

Selling off a bunch of doubles to make room for more records. Offers welcome!
Shipping to CONUS is $5 for up to 2 records and $2 for every additional record.
All records are sealed unless otherwise noted.
And just because someone always asks: I have a lot of sealed copies because I try to buy 2 copies of every record I buy in case one is a bad press. Most of the time the first one is fine so I end up keeping the doubles until I gift them or sell them like I’m doing here now.
100 Gecs - 10,000 Gecs (Purple) $30
100 Gecs - 10,000 Gecs (Yellow) $30
Arctic Monkeys - AM $15
Cute Is What We Aim For - The Same Old Bloodrush (Silver) $15
RAC - EGO $15
Armor for Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead (15th Anniversary Edition 1/1000) $25
Beck - Modern Guilt $20
Crumb - Jinx NM/NM $20
Crumb - Crumb/Locket (Pink/Black Swirl 1/500) NM/NM $35
El Ten Eleven - El Ten Eleven (15th Anniversary Edition - Gold) NM/NM $20
Her’s - Songs of Her’s $20
Japanese Breakfast - Sable OST (Pink Marble) $20
Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B (Green) $25
Kenny Beats - Louie (VMP) $30
Metric - Fantasies $25
Minus the Bear - OMNI (Green) $25
Molly Burch - Please Be Mine NM/NM $20
Muse - Blackholes and Revelations $20
Run DMC - Raising Hell (VMP) NM/NM $30
Senses Fail - Still Searching (Yellow w/ Magenta & Black Splatter) $35
Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights $20
Teen Daze - Interior (VMP) $30
Thom Yorke - The Eraser $25
Various Artists - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (Blue w/ Orange Splatter) $50
Vince Staples - Vince Staples (Blue) $30
Polygon Dream - Zeldawave (Sacred Rain) NM/NM $25
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Hotel Pools - Fall 18’ (Pink Lemonade) NM/NM $30
Hotel Pools - Palmscapes (Dragonfruit Splatter) NM/NM $30
Hotel Pools - Pacific (Pink/Blue Split) NM/NM $30
Windows 96 - Magic Peaks (Red/Yellow Haze) $20
Windows 96 - 100 Mornings (Sun Splatter) $25
Windows 96 - Enchanted Instrumentals & Whispers (Purple Marble Translucent) $25
Esprit - Virtua Zip (Virtua Galaxy) $35
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George Clanton - 100% Electronica (Blue w/ Red Splatter) $30
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Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats (Blue, Purple, White Static on Clear) $20
Vaperror - Mana Pools (Heaven Sky) $30
Vaperror - Acid Arcadia (Unicorn Splatter) $30
Caspro - Making Waves (Purple Transparent Marble) $35
Caspro - Dream Tower (Yellow/Blue Split) $35
Surfing - Incubo (Orange) NM/NM $20
FM Skyline - Illuminations (Blue Marble) NM/NM $30
Deaths Dynamic Shroud - Live From Japan (Blue Jay w/ Butterfly Splatter) $20
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2023.03.28 09:55 CoffeeAndCats2000 Leash training with stray dogs.

I have a Groendale puppy, and he is a generally good puppy responsive alert not overly friendly w strangers but good w them after introducing he is 3 months of age.
I haven’t walked him bc our area is saturated w stray dogs and cats and I didn’t want him to get sick. So when he goes somewhere it’s an enclosed area for him to run around and play he basically is on the leash very little. Just walking to the car or the area.
After his last round of vaccinations I was told its ok to start walking him by the vet. And our trainer said he needs to get out and see things. So we have taken him more public places the beach, in-laws etc.
Well my little 12 pound puppy squares up aggressively to every stray dog we encounter. And not the yelping I want to play the “oh you want to start something” growl with his tail straight up. He is super alert.
He also does the same with all dogs behind fences. I think this normal in Greece all the pet dogs are some form of guard/alert dog. But my goal is for him to walk by houses whose dogs are alerting quietly.
Now we’re we live in Greece it’s a village in the mountains most of the stray dogs are massive they have Caucasian Shepard in them, olympious dog in them and Turkish Kangle because those are the most popular working breeds here. They are bigger then me. These dogs are territorial but not truly aggressive if you don’t start anything.
My puppy starts it!!
He started something with every dog we saw.
For most of them I just kept walking w the stroller (Yeah just to add to the chaos) told all the dogs NO and kept my puppy moving away from the other dogs.
Twice I had to pick him up. Which doesn’t do anything to stop his behaviour except put him at eye level of the other dog. But the other dog did stopped advancing once I picked him up.
Aside from the dogs he was great to walk with. I mean obviously we need to work on leash training but by the end of the walk he was ok at it. Walking next to me without zig zagging. We went to a park 10 min away.l where I tied him next to the stroller and he sat quietly watching everyone and everything for about a half hour. I think that was great for socialisation no one interacted w him but he got to see a lot of things.
He does have dog friends that he socializes great with and people he is good with. It’s just strange dogs he gets upset at.
We do have a trainer who specialises w the bread. And only dose positive corrections. However he won’t see him until after his 4 month vaccinations.
I also found a huge basket ball court that is empty (and enclosed) at this time. So I thought I could bring some toys and let my toddler run around while I practice walking w the puppy in a safe place where he can see the outside world safely. But the strays can’t get to him.
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2023.03.28 09:55 ALostStrawberry Trying alternative ways to improve, AI has solid advice

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2023.03.28 09:55 Daxv5z3r0 I don't like my dad as much as other people like him.

I (27m) could even go as far as to say that i resent him(60). I'm just going to rant for a bit
All my life, i have felt like he's treated me differently than the rest of my siblings. I'm the middle child of 5, and the housing situation has gotten pretty complex since the pandemic. I moved out when i was 17, bought my own place, a trailer, and havent relied on anybody since.
In those 10 years, i sold that place, moved to a better town, picked up a career different than the family norms and excelled. I have made an entire life for myself, and i am respected by my friends, coworkers, and employers. I sound like a dick saying this, but I'm a good person. And I'm not trying to convince anybody of that.
But i guess I'm still a disappointment, at least to my dad. I knew i was gay, since forever, i don't want to get into that right now. I am comfortable with who I am, and it took me YEARS to get there. When the pandemic hit, i was already planning on moving into their place. They had signed their place over to me, before they would retired back in their home country. Ultimately, that had been the plan, for the past few years, but now, i don't want anything to do with it. They are still here, and i love that for my mom.
I've been living with them for the past year and a half, and I've hit my tipping point.
I love my mom so much. She deserves so much better. My dad is stuck in his outdated ways. He's a nice guy, but he could be better at least to us.
I am sick of hearing about of great of a guy he is, while knowing he is not. He works blue collar, and a lot of my family/family friends do to. I didn't have a choice in moving back, i got priced out, and this is what my parent had wanted even before then. It was the plan.
But since living here, I've gotten to hear of how he is such a great person. How he's been such a good father figure, and how he's been such a good person to know and work with. About how generous, and how forgiving he is. My sibling love him! He and my mom adopted 2 of my cousins kids, he is a saint in the eyes of everybody.
Except for me.
Because my whole life, he has been an asshole to me behind closed doors. And nobody has gotten to see that. He is a good person, but he hasn't been that to me for a long time.
He's never helped me when i needed it, "because a real man doesn't need help" so i never relied on him. I could never open up to him, "because men aren't emotional." He has been so stuck in his ways that he refused to change, but he hasn't had to deal with change until i came back into the picture.
A couple weeks ago, one of my friends (who works in the same company has my dad does) and i were out for drinks. He was telling me about how great my dad is, his dad is a dick in the open, so i get it. And i just had to sit there and listen to him tell me how great this guy he works with-- and i live with is. It wasn't the first time I've heard that or something similar.
But how dare i ruin our fathers reputation? I just accept the compliment and don't elaborate. "Your dad did this for me when..." "He was the only person i could talk to about.." "he has always been so supportive..."
My older brother is married and they have their kid, he works with my dad. My sister has her son, and has been getting by with a little support, does house keeping. My younger brother has his 2 kids and his wife, he also works with my dad, and he and his wife have their problems, so he couch's surfs here often, then there's my kid brother, and the 2 they adopted, not gonna get into them. And hey all idolize our dad!
He was the provider! We always has food on the table, and we always had a place to sleep, what else to you want?? But that's what's expected, right? I didn't ask to be here, i couldn't fend for myself, he kept me housed and fed, until he didn't have to, then i did it for myself. I move out before i came out to him. And I'm glad i did.
I woke up in the hospital the next day because i tried killing myself. He couldn't accept me then, and i couldn't bear disappointing him. Spent some time in therapy, worked on myself, that's another story. And we kinda just went like nothing happened. Nobody else knows what happened that night, except for me, and him. Nobody know about my years of therapy. We don't talk about it. But now my kid brother is going to go into therapy. He felt like he needed it, and i reached out and gathered some resources.
My kid brother is the only person i have hope for. He's 17, a senior in high school, and i feel bad for him. We've been living together for a short while now, but I'm leaving soon. And in that time, I've really gotten to know him as a person, rather than just my little brother. He can have a brilliant future, he just need some direction.
However, the other night my dad said, he doesn't want him to be like me.
Just, out of nowhere.
We were talking about me moving out, and the opportunities i was looking forward to, and he just, dropped that.
I instantly knew what he was talking about. He doesnt want him to be gay. And that just did it for me. We've had our past dissagreements, typically after a few drinks, so i stopped drinking with him, but i figured what the hell, i move out in a few days, I'll share a drink him my pops.
But that just broke my heart.
I hate to say it, but i am the most successful of my siblings, they're doing great in their own regards, but i have always been the black sheep. I didn't go into a masculine job like the men did, and the women typically have down housekeeping. I've been a cook (specifically pastry) for the past 10 years. I'm a humble person, but like i said, i excel in my craft. I didn't go to school, but with my skill and portfolio, i could get a position in any restaurant in the area I'm going to live in. But he could never be proud of that.
All my life he has been putting me down, regardless of how hard i worked on getting myself to where i am. And i am sick of it. I have been getting really good about my boundaries, i have fully cut people out of my life, that i see frequently, with ease; in-laws, aunt's, uncles, cousins etc. I can maintain the peace, while simultaneously being around people that make my blood boil.
And my dad has become one of those people. He has been such a dick to me and so nice to other people, and i have had it. I've decided to cut him out.
Our relationship cannot be mended. He will always be a homophobic asshole, and there is nothing i can to to change that. I've tried. I do not plan on reaching out to him after i move out next week, and i do not want anything to do with him.
We have already stopped talking. Things are tense, and he wants to act like nothing happened. But I'm not letting it slide again.
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2023.03.28 09:53 HeartlessBubble1 23[M4F] #Melbourne (single) - looking for an exciting older woman!

Hi there! I’m 23, 6', slim/lean guy currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a master’s student and work part time!
I’m looking for an older woman to talk to and connect with. While I’m from Melbourne, I don’t mind if you’re local or anywhere else. Lockdown’s helped me switch to connecting online quite well!
I do enjoy reading, exercise, hiking, photography, walks, cooking, the beach, sketching and exploring new joints for food and coffee. It’ll be exciting to have someone to explore these activities with and maybe we can discover new ones together too.
I’d really just like to connect and get to know an older woman who might be looking for something similar in a younger man. Someone who’s fun and young at heart yet honest and understanding. It does get quite boring on my own despite having interesting hobbies and an active career as I’d like to share that with someone.
Well thank you very much for getting this far! Send me a chat if you think we’d connect well! (Take a chance and shoot me a chat anyway I reckon!). In any case, all the best to everyone here! Cheers :))
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2023.03.28 09:51 Clowreed48 Homeless advice

Living in canada BC
Long story short, i have to leave my home in a hurry. Its nothing to do with the landlord or anything, the reason is solely personal. I really dont want to get into specifics.
I have 4 days until i can no longer stay here and am attempting to move to a city with a large amount of open jobs in my field. the main issue is I dont have a place to live. Im heading out this Wed to talk to private leasers but if i dont get 1 of those places im effectively homeless.
Its a worst case scenario, and i MIGHT have some place to couch surf for a bit but i would like advice.
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2023.03.28 09:48 Ready_Ad7271 AITA for not telling my best friend her husband tried to make a move on me on their wedding night.

I'm going to leave out names for this story, since we are still very good friends. I 36(F) have been best friends with someone that I met at my job over 10 years ago. I've seen her go through crazy relationships over the years, but around 7 years ago she met the man who now is her husband. They got engaged, and then my friend found out she was pregnant so she wanted to get married before the baby was born, and before she started to show too much. Their wedding was very intimate on the beach, few friends and family. Afterwards they were having a reception at this very low key balounge 2 minutes from their house. I should also mention that I was staying over their place in the guest bedroom because it was almost an hour drive from my house and would be drinking alittle. My friend is usually the life of the party, but since she was pregnant it was weird to see her as the stone cold sober one. I could tell she was getting tired so I asked if she wanted to head home and her husband would be home in a hour or so. I was alittle tipsy, but not wasted in any means. So I help her take her dress off, we take off our make up and just hang out watching TV. She's laying on 1 couch and I'm sitting on the far right of another couch. My friend eventually ends up knocking out from the long day and I'm just playing with their dog and watching TV. And this is when shit goes down. I hear her husband, sister and brother in law come through the door. We're talking quietly, since my friend is asleep. Her sister and brother in law leave and her husband sits down next to me with the dog in the middle and we are watching some show on that channel vice. Also note that me and her husband are cool and nothing had ever happened like this. Her husband is totally shit faced. And all of a sudden this dude gets up grabs a blanket and puts in over both of us. He then proceeds to try and pet my vjay! And was trying to kiss me and I literally went into frozen state of shock. All I'm thinking is my pregnant friend is sleeping literally a foot away from us and I could t even imagine if she woke up. I also didn't want to cause a scene and yell get off of me! Because my friend's feelings and when he drunks he gets alittle aggressive. I sat there staring straight ahead with my knees hugging my chest. I kept wishing in my head "please just pass out, please just pass out" so finally he does! I quietly sprint into that guest room and lock the door. I just layed there like wtff just happened. And you know what? I acted like I didn't know what happened. Before I went out there the next morning I was thinking he was really drunk he probably doesn't even remember doing what he did, even though that still doesn't excuse that behavior. I just thought that telling my friend would crush her. She was pregnant and it was her wedding night. Sometimes it eats me alive. Am I the asshole for keeping this from her for all this time?
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2023.03.28 09:46 SourceStrong Signs of affection in Kuwait

So the lack of romance in the air prompted me to look up information about the laws in Kuwait when it comes to public displays of affection. Chantal frames Kuwait as a nation that will ruthlessly toss you in prison if you show any romantic gesture of any kind in public. However, a quick search on the Googles about this just leads me to results that contradict everything.
(I've never been to the middle east or know anything about Kuwait so correct me if I'm wrong.)
Most of the stuff I found are signs at beaches that say 'no public displays of affection' but it's not getting a positive reception from locals. The locals just don't give a shit, understandly so I mean who is hypervigilant about showing too much affection when you're walking AT NIGHT on a empty beach? Sure Chantal is a hamplanet but she wears mostly black so she blends in dark (except for the moon face).
I think Salad convinced her that Kuwait is a anti love dystopia of some kind as part of the scam so she won't touch him. Now you might be thinking 'no yeah duh, the only person willing to touch the beast is a desperate cokehead' but I think Chantal is the perfect sucker for this. She's naturally hyper vigilant and paranoid in Canada so I imagine that it tripled in Kuwait. Not to mention that she can't sedate herself with edibles and she's sweating bullets.
Sure Chantal will love nothing more than Salad doting her but whether or not she thinks the marriage is legit, I think her discomfort trumps her teenage girly feelings for Salad. I feel like there is going to be a mental break soon, I've never seen Chantal look so uncomfortable and miserable. Whenever she talks about her love for her huzzband it's always this cliche monologue that frames them as a passionate forbidden love but it's almost like she's mainly trying to convince herself.
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2023.03.28 09:42 Pushpam_sanskruti Why Alibaug is a Great Choice for Investing in Second Homes?

Why Alibaug is a Great Choice for Investing in Second Homes?
Second home Investment in Alibaug has exponentially rise because of many reasons. Alibaug, located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India, is a popular tourist destination that has been gaining popularity as a second home destination among investors. Alibaug is a picturesque coastal town situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is known for its scenic beauty, pristine beaches, and lush green hills, which make it a popular destination for tourists. The town is located just 120 km away from Mumbai, which makes it an ideal location for those looking to own a second home investment in Alibaug.
Over the years, Alibaug has seen significant developments in infrastructure, with new roads, bridges, and transport links being developed. This has made it easier for people to access and travel around the region, which has led to an increase in the demand for second home investment in Alibaug.
Balibaug Resort Home Investment Project

Reasons why investing in a second home investment in Alibaug can be a great choice:

  • Proximity to Mumbai: Alibaug is just a short ferry ride away from Mumbai, making it an easily accessible weekend getaway for Mumbaikars. This proximity also makes it a convenient location for a second home, as it can be easily visited during weekends or holidays.
  • Developing Infrastructure: Alibaug is experiencing exponential infrastructure developments like highways, water transport, and Navi Mumbai Airport. This is the main reason why Alibaug is an emerging hub of the Real estate market. In addition to the development of roads, schools, colleges, and new business opportunities, the massive airport project has also created a large property investment market. Resort Home investment is also one of the huge developing infrastructures in Alibaug.
  • Affordable Properties: Due to all future economic investments, Alibaug has become a micro market for real estate investors, developers, industrial houses, luxury villas for sale, etc. As a result, development in Alibaug has accelerated in the last decade. While row houses in cities typically cost between Rs 70 lac and 2 crores, bungalows in Alibaug can be purchased for between 1 crore and 7 crores. It is also possible to buy a plot for 10 lac and build your vacation home on it when you have more financial security.
  • High ROI: People are keen to do a second home investment in Alibuag. They prefer it as for more than just a weekend getaway; they want to benefit from an impressive return on investment. Buying a luxury villa for sale in Alibaug gives you the best of both worlds. The real estate market has exploded in Alibaug over the past decade, increasing at least three-fold and reaching 150 percent growth.
Pushpam Balibaug- Villa for sale in Alibaug
Whereas prices of properties in major cities remain mostly static, plots in Alibaug have jumped from Rs 250-300 per square foot to Rs 1200-1400 per square foot between 2007 and 2020. Thanks to ongoing developments and investments, high ROI is expected from properties bought today, prompting investors to bank on luxury villas with pools for holidaying and long-term returns.
  • Amazing properties in Alibaug: It is highly recommended to work with a renowned developer when looking to purchase a villa in Alibaug. This ensures that you are able to access all the necessary permissions and licenses. Moreover, partnering with an established brand provides you with luxurious bungalows in Alibaug equipped with modern amenities, beautiful gardens, and various shared communal spots. Some of these projects even provide large rooms complete with all the conveniences one could possibly need and around-the-clock housekeeping and catering services. As of now private pool villas in Alibaug, a gated community in Alibaug, and luxury villas for sale in Alibaug are high in demand.
  • Serene and peaceful location: Alibaug is a quiet and serene location with beautiful beaches, greenery, and fresh air. It offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it an ideal location for a second home investment in Alibaug. Resort Home investment is beneficial in such a beautiful location as it is equipped with all the amenities & facilities.
  • Growing real estate market: The real estate market in Alibaug has been growing steadily in recent years. There are several new developments, including luxury villas for sale in Alibaug and gated communities in Alibaug that offer a variety of options for investors. In the short resort, home investment in Alibaug is currently in high demand.
  • Tourist destination: Alibaug is a popular tourist destination with several historical and cultural attractions, including forts, temples, and museums. This makes it an attractive location for those looking to invest in a second home investment in Alibaug that can also generate rental income.
  • Well-connected: Alibaug is well-connected by road, rail, and ferry to Mumbai and other major cities in Maharashtra. This connectivity makes it a convenient location for a second home investment in Alibaug, as it can be easily reached from anywhere in the state.


Overall, Alibaug's proximity to Mumbai, scenic location, growing demand, and increasing property values make it an ideal location for second home investment, especially a resort home investment. Resort Home investment in Alibuag is the hottest trend in the real estate market. With its stunning landscapes, excellent connectivity, and peaceful surroundings, Alibaug offers a perfect blend of nature, leisure, and comfort, making it a favored destination for second-home investment. Pushpam’s Balibaug is an emerging resort home investment in Alibaug.
A second home investment in Alibaug can be a good option for those looking for a peaceful retreat and potential rental income. However, Pushpam’s Balibaug is an excellent option that can be your best resort home investment till now. It is a luxurious accommodation with 5-star equivalent amenities & innovative investment options.
Want more details about the Balibaug project contact us on:
Website -
Contact No- +91-7887889617
Email - [email protected]
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2023.03.28 09:34 Desperate_Bag1410 Indoor Team Building Games

Indoor Team Building Games
Looking for fun and engaging team-building activities that can be played indoors? Look no further than our Indoor Team Building Games package! Our games are designed to promote teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. From escape rooms and trivia contests to problem-solving challenges and group games, our activities are sure to inspire creativity and build lasting memories among team members. Our experienced facilitators will guide your team through each activity, ensuring that everyone has a great time while learning important skills that can be applied in the workplace. Whether you're planning a corporate retreat or simply a fun day out, our Indoor Team Building Games package is the perfect way to build camaraderie and boost morale among your team, even in inclement weather. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable packages and start planning your next indoor team-building event!
Indoor Team Building Games
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2023.03.28 09:30 MarpatMatt Being accused of causing $2,500 in damages for scratches on floorboards

Hello everyone,
I recently rented an AirBnB in Oregon and I'm being accused of causing $2,500 in damages to the flooring. Let me back up.
Over this past spring break, some friends and I decided to make a trip up the coast toward the Pacific Northwest. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, which amounted to slightly under $600. The place was gorgeous, and we had a view of the beach from the living room. All in all the stay was a dream, until 8 days later...
I received a message from the host stating my party scratched the floorboards in what I would describe as the family room. I wish I could post the pictures, but I cannot attach images/videos, so I will attempt to describe the scratches as accurately and unbiasedly as possible. There are visible scratch marks against, what I presume is, wood floorboards. The damage is seen to span 4 floorboards, with each floorboard being about 2 feet in length, and maybe 4 inches in width. The damage is in the form of a few scratches that span about 1.5 square feet--2 square feet max. Lastly, the scratches, while visible, do not appear to be very deep from the pictures.
I received a review from the hosts (management) of the AirBnB wherein they said "Thank you for being a great guest, OP! You're welcome back any time." This made me feel great, since my friends and I worked hard the night prior, and the morning of our checkout to get the place clean and ready for the cleaning crew. Then the property management hired by the host contacted me on Friday... they said a manager found scratches the day that I left (which was the Thursday of the week prior to them contacting me). The pictures provided do indeed show scratches, but I have one main issue with them. There are 4 photos in total, but only 2 are zoomed in on the scratches, and these 2 are the only photos where you can actually see the scratches. The other 2 photos are taken as though the person stood back to get a wide shot of the family room, but either because of the quality or compressing of the image I genuinely cannot make out the scratches on those.
I think this is important because if management consistently takes before and after photos of the rooms in the house after guests leave, couldn't I make the point they don't have good evidence to compare the state of the house with after my stay, and thus making it harder to prove that my stay is what caused the damage?
So, I have questions and points that I would like to discuss with everyone.
  1. Do the repair costs seem appropriate for getting scratches repaired on a wood floor?
  2. If the 2 zoomed-out photos do not show scratches, could I bring this up in my defense?
  3. Has anyone been in a similar situation, and how did AirBnB resolve the situation?
  4. How can I defend myself to AirBnB when they have not asked me for my side of the story?
I would like to add that AirBnB's resolution team has contacted me already, but mostly to formally inform me of what the host is alleging. Not once have I been asked about my side of the story, and the team has only mentioned getting more evidence from the host and how they will pay for the damages in the fairest way.
I think this describes the overall situation well, but if you have any questions regarding the situation please feel free to ask.
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2023.03.28 09:30 Easternost4349 StepDaddy Whips Out His Dick Of Treats In Santa's Suit

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2023.03.28 09:29 Isenbart No tools challenge run - A full write up

I have seen this challenge mentioned a few times on the subreddit but I have never seen a proper write up. Since I did the challenge run recently, I decided to post the results.
Challenge Rules
I placed all my starting tools in a chest on day 1 by cutting down a few trees. I then never touched them again.
I suggest you stop reading here if you want to try out the challenge yourself! Below this line, I am going to talk about my experience of the challenge and how I completed the various bundles.
I am not going to talk about every single bundle or aspect of the run. Just the ones that are significantly different to normal playthroughs. I also don't know the "optimal" route. This was my first time trying the challenge and I tried a bunch of things without really considering time.
Farm Map
The farm map choice here is very important. You have to use the Forest Farm if you want to complete the community center. I will go into the reasons later as we talk about specific bundles.
Making Money
Without tools, farming is out of the picture. So my solution for earning money was to start with fishing and then move onto animals. You want to build your coops and barns as soon as possible before the spreading debris makes it impossible to find space. And even then, you run the risk of having no way to get to your coops/barns if the debris blocks all paths.
Getting bombs
Without a hoe, axe and pickaxe, your main tool becomes bombs. Bombs can fell trees, explode rocks and till the ground. Unfortunately, you do not get the cherry bomb crafting recipe until Mining level 1. Luckily, exploding rocks with bombs counts towards mining xp. So you just need to get enough bombs to explode enough rocks to reach level 1 mining. Note: exploding generic rocks in the mines give you no experience unless they drop coal. Only the dark grey rocks give you xp. So either use your bombs to explode those, or use them to explode rocks outside the mine (each rock outside the mine gives you 1 xp). After reaching level 1, you can craft cherry bombs and get lower in the mines to find the four dwarf scrolls. These will give you access to the Dwarf and you can directly buy bombs from him for the rest of the game.
So how do you get your first bombs? There are a few different ways to do this:
  • Keep grinding floor 1 of the mines and kill any rock crabs you find. Rock crabs occasionally drop cherry bombs. You need 100 experience to get to level 1 mining, so you will need quite a few cherry bombs.
  • Grind level 1 of the mines to gather quartz. You can trade 5 quartz with the desert trader to get one bomb. To get access to the desert trader in the first place, you need to complete all the vault bundles which I did using fishing (I don't mind the minigame). In my case, all the fishing also gave me a Jade from the fishing treasure chests. I used that with the crystalarium (reward from 25,000 gold bundle) to make 4 Jades and traded them with the desert trader to get 4 staircases. This allowed me to get to level 5 of the mines easily where enemies like rock crabs spawn more often.
  • Marry Maru: After marrying Maru, if you talk to her daily, she sometimes gives you bombs. While this works in theory, it takes ages to marry Maru and the actual rate of bomb receiving is quite low. So I wouldn't suggest this as your primary source of bombs.
  • Becomes friends with Kent: Kent sends you bombs and mega bombs once you become friends with him. Again, this works in theory but Kent doesn't arrive till year 2. So unless you want to sleep through the whole first year, I wouldn't recommend it.
Crafts room bundles
The Spring, Summer and Fall bundles are straightforward foraging. The other three have elements that are tricky:
  • Winter foraging bundle: You cannot get Snow Yam as a drop from monsters. You also cannot blow up artifact spots to get snow yams. The only way is to till artifact spots but we don't have a hoe. The other way of course is to plant winter seeds, however you need snow yams to craft winter seeds. The way around this is to use the desert trader. On Saturday, you can trade 2 spring seeds for 1 winter seed from the desert trader. Now you just need to grow them (see pantry section for how to grow crops without tools).
  • Construction bundle: Hardwood is extremely annoying to get since bombs don't work on large logs and tree stumps. You can get hardwood from breaking barrels in the mines but the drop rate was so low that I got 1 despite reaching level 120 of the mines. The only other solution is to choose lumberjack as a profession. This makes normal trees drop hardwood and you can fell normal trees using bombs.
  • Exotic foraging bundle: This is one of the bundles in which using the forest farm is extremely beneficial. You can get all the mushrooms without entering the secret woods.
Pantry bundles
  • Animal bundle: Pretty straightforward, just need lots of money to build things and buy animals. And space free from debris (i.e. you will probably need bombs).
  • Artisan bundle: Choosing the bat cave option makes this easier. You could grow fruit trees but without your tools your ability to clear debris is limited so your trees might not grow properly.
  • Other crop bundles: The rest of the bundles depend on you having access to bombs and having done enough animal farming to be able to craft sprinklers. You use bombs to till the ground and place sprinklers so you don't need the watering can. I suggest using fertilizer for gold quality crops so you don't have to plant too many of them. Note: When the season ends, you will need to use bombs again to till the ground or to clear the rotten plant remains. You cannot use a sword to clear those. So in all likelihood, you will destroy your sprinklers and will need to craft new ones every season.
Fish tank bundles
Nothing changes here. The only noteworthy thing is that the forest farm is necessary to complete these bundles. The only place you can get a woodskip outside the secret woods is in the forest farm pond.
Boiler room bundles
Nothing changes here. Once you have a steady supply of bombs, it's just a matter of making your way all the way through the mines and collecting the various items you need.
Bulletin board bundles
  • Chef's bundle: The tricky one here is fiddlehead fern which you would have usually gotten in the secret woods. Without the secret woods, your only option is to get it on the prehistoric floors of the skull cavern. How you tackle the skull cavern is up to you. I relied on my crystalarium to make lots of Jade which I traded in for stairs and then I just used those to find my way to a prehistoric floor.
  • Fodder bundle: This was the bundle that tripped me up the most. I thought it was easy until I went to harvest my wheat and realized I needed a scythe to do that. The only way around this is to first complete the crafts room bundle. This gives you access to the quarry where you can enter the quarry mine to get the golden scythe which you can then use to harvest wheat.
All other bulletin board bundles are straightforward.
Vault bundles
No real tips here but I do suggest completing this one as soon as possible. Having access to the desert trader is key to completing a lot of other bundles.
Other tips
  • Friendship with villagers can make some things easier. I got to two hearts to Caroline so I could get tea saplings. Tea saplings are the only plant that don't need tilled soil and don't need to be watered. I also became friends with Pam because sometimes she gifts you batteries which sell well.
  • Swords can cut weeds and grass. So you don't need a scythe except to harvest crops.
  • Once you place an item like keg or fornace, it can be hard to move it since you don't have access to an axe/pickaxe. You can however spam click the "Y" button (I play on a switch) while running against an item to get it back. This won't work on a crystalarium if it's already placed. So be careful about that.
  • Buying bombs from the Dwarf is cheaper than buying ores from Clint and crafting a bomb.
  • If you play with remixed bundles, you can choose to play on the beach farm map instead and hope that you do not get the woodskip fishing bundle. Playing on the beach farm makes things significantly easier because you have more space for barns/coops (the lower half of the beach map seems to get no debris in the first season). Also, the supply crates can contain bombs which makes the "how to get the first bomb" problem much simpler.
Would love to hear if anyone else has done this challenge run and what strategies you used!
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2023.03.28 09:26 Historicap6480 Brunette in the beach

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2023.03.28 09:24 carmensol1 Carmen Sol- A Brand Housewives’ like the Most

If there is one thing every woman can agree on, it is that a good brand plays an important role in developing a fantastic style sense. To see proof, look no further than Dolores Catania, Vero Pliego, Gizelle Bryant, Teresa Giudice, Kameron Scott, and Lizzie Rovsek. These stylish modern-day housewives established themselves as experts in different fields.
By choosing a brand like Carmen Sol and its products like jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, jelly purses, studded purses and jelly beach bags, rubber beach bags these beautiful housewives have shown that looking stylish and chic has nothing to do with your age. It is all about what you choose to wear and feel comfortable in.📷
Carmen Sol is EVERYTHING that a woman expects it to be. When you see lots of powerful women like Lizzie Rovsek (a former Miss Kentucky) wearing eco-chic jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals and jelly purses it is enough to convince you how credible Carmen Sol is.
Let’s get into the details to find out more about these housewives and why they like Carmen Sol.
Popular Housewives from the Reality show
Popular reality TV personality Bettheny Frankl is known for her role in the hot favorite show “The Housewives of the New York City.” The show’s popularity made Betheny one of the most the highest-earning TV stars. She joined the reality show in 2008, which catapulted her career further.
The Real House Wives of New York managed to win the hearts of people, especially women, for a long time. Women loved and hated the characters of this ten-seasoned show because of the wine-swigging, cat-fights, man-sharing, and back-stabbing that took place, along with the classy accessories like jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, and Jelly totes these stars wore on the show.
Similarly, the “distinct humor” of Dolores Catania from the Real Housewives of New Jersey made people laugh and forget their problems, even if it was just for a little while. As the longest-running Housewives show, it brings about endless drama and laughter.
Plus, the depiction of camaraderie in Bravo’s series, along with giddy-thrill and fashion sense, is why women fell in love with the show.
Fashion icons and relationship specialists like Siggy Flicker became popular quickly when they first made appearances on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her sweet and close friendship with the beautiful Dolores kept the show refreshing for the viewers.
Teresa Giudice is also a fan- favorite of the show. She joined the show in the first season and has been the center of the drama since then. Thrilling scenes like Teresa flipping the table or having a shouting match with Melissa Gorga set a high bar in the world of reality TV.
Kameron Scott, on the other hand, was loved because of her color choices, cute banters, and ‘ditzy blonde’ personality which go along with interesting accessories like jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, Jelly purses, and jelly totes.
Gizelle Bryant- the African-American lady in the Real Housewives, was another loved character who added her personal experiences of divorce and relationships to the show by giving them friendly advice for the situations. The characters of Emily Simpson and Lizzie Rovsek have also been viewers’ favorites for their witty and hilarious performances.
What’s Common in these Housewives?
These leading ladies are style icons! It explains why they’re an inspiration for so many women. These housewives prefer a fashion that is safe for both their health and the environment. Their preference for sustainable accessories means they choose Carmen Sol’s impeccable designs. The Made in Italy accessories such as jelly sandals, jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags are chic, recyclable, and luxurious.
Whether it is their Italy flat jelly sandals, jelly beach bags, jelly handbags, or Jelly purses, Carmen Sol symbolizes a feminine personality and seamless comfort. All things considered, they’re a renowned lifestyle brand that has made its mark on the fashion industry.
Plus, the eco-conscious brand is a favorite of many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Miss J Alexander, Becky G, Sofia Vergara, Hilaria Baldwin, NIckiminaj Chanel and, Lola Ponce. You might have seen Beck G and Jenifer Lopez flaunting her jelly wedge sandals and jelly totes in various spots.
Summing Up
If you trust your favorite celebrities’ taste in fashion and want to stay ahead of the curve, Carmen Sol is your best bet.,clothes%20are%20more%20durable%20too.
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2023.03.28 09:23 Travel_Center Follow the Glow: Top 15 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

Follow the Glow: Top 15 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

The glowing waves may seem like an optical illusion, but trust us – it’s not. We know how many travellers have compared this sight to the fantasy world of Avatar, and we know how how much everyone loves it. In recent times, many explorers have expressed an interest in seeing bioluminescent beaches that come to life at night.
The neon-glowing waves can be seen around the beaches in Thailand, Maldives, US and many other places around the world. We’re sure you’ll have this magical experience on your itinerary! So, stick around and read all about the top 10 bioluminescent beaches in the world.
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