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Ever try fixing things on your own? Didn't come out the way they were supposed to? Do you stand there questioning your whole life? If so, post your results here to DiWHY (Pronounced: Dee Eye WHY). Where shitty projects from DIY live prosperously. If at any time you feel that a specific post isn't living up to the sub (be gentle as this is a humor sub, not meant to be taken seriously), please feel free to report (give exact reason) and let your voice be heard with downvotes and comments.

2018.08.08 22:50 CaptainDroopers Cats bite anything, everything.

Photos and videos of cats biting things.

2014.02.06 18:04 DangKilla Hey, bitch! Hold my cosmo!

Girls failing at life in funny ways, usually drunk. Hold my cosmo aka HMC.

2023.05.29 23:24 Keep_Striving14 Ghana or South Africa

Hello there! I graduated with an undergrad community health degree and recently just finished a human rights graduate degree. I've been considering Peace corps for several years now, and more than ever these past few months. Really interested in the health sector and thinking about serving in Africa. I'm set on either South Africa or Ghana. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of South Africa mostly about safety issue; heard great things about Ghana as well.
Anyone currently serving in country care to share their experiences. Which country would you choose and why?
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2023.05.29 23:24 BentheBruiser Y'all already waiting at exits? Come on, now people. Win if you can win

The last thing we need to do is bring *any * of the toxicity from DbD and other asyms over to this game.
Please do not be toxic.
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2023.05.29 23:23 Gorotheninja I genuinely cannot belive there are lefties like this who scoff at the idea of voting for a political figure who doesn't want you dead instead of letting awful people take power.

I genuinely cannot belive there are lefties like this who scoff at the idea of voting for a political figure who doesn't want you dead instead of letting awful people take power. submitted by Gorotheninja to VaushV [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:23 ThrowingMage Noob class choice

Absolute noob looking into wow. I love exploring and getting immersed in mmos, and am already loving what I've seen looking into the game. I'm going horde on an RP realm but can't decide on a class. A lot of things point to hunter or warlock, but I rarely enjoy pet classes and don't vibe with warlocks class fantasy. I've looked at mage and rogue as possible options, since both seem cool. Before this I played ninja and black mage in FFXIV, so if anyone has experience with that game are the classes similar? I'm mostly looking to do pve content and just mess around.
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2023.05.29 23:23 Vigeeee If someone takes 1 gap year, what's the point of gaining experience during that year if the application cycle opens during the summer before the year starts?

Basically the title. I'm just wondering cause if you gain experience during that gap year you're not applying with it because you've already applied. I get that it gives more time senior year but like why should you even get more experience in that year if you're not going to do anything with that.
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2023.05.29 23:23 vark1222 How one person can destroy your life

My wife Shanda is a nurse who has been fired from four hospitals for stealing and consuming patients prescribed narcotics. She has had her nursing license on probation 2 times. Addiction is only one of her flaws. She has been with her husband for 18 years, married for 11. In October of 2022 they went away for the weekend to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. After returning from their trip, Shanda wasted little time by starting an affair with a co-worker just 2 days later. She had laid the ground work for this affair before leaving town. This winner she cheated on her husband with, is 7 years older than her (50 years old). He is also married, actually been married 3 times. He is also a nurse. She confided or should I say spread lies to her coworker about her husband to gain sympathy and attention from him. She also told him all of her husbands business and secrets.
A little bit abour her husband. They have 3 children 17, 7 and 5 years old. Her husband workes 80 hours a week to ensure that Shanda could buy anything and everything she wanted. He loved her deeply, and tolerated everything she threw at him. Fast forward to 11/29/23. the affair had picked up steam, she spent less and less time at home and taking care of their children. She was 6 weeks in and played her wife role to ensure her husband did not suspect anything. A week prior, her husband was starting to notice weird things like changing passwords, less communication from her on a daily basis and she had become increasing guarded of her phone and spending more time than she ever have had on her social media accounts. Her husband finally had an opportunity on 11/29 when she left her phone upstairs and he grabbed it went straight to recently deleted messages and there they were 490 text messages that chronicled everything, the entire evolution of their affair. By the first week of November they were full blown sexting. She became enraged and assaulted him, saying she didn't love him anymore and didn't want to be with him. He was beyond hurt, he sacrificed his own happiness for years for her. December and January were brutual, she continued to cheat after telling him and the 17 year old daughter that she was sorry, used bad judgement and was going to focus on repairing their marriage. Her treatment of her husband was absolutely disgusting, she would assault him, broke his Imac twice, the 2nd time she hit him over the head with it. She's the one that caused all of this and she felt she had the right to take out her anger on him because he caught her. She had opened up 3 different snapchat accounts because this was her preferred way to communicate with her affair partner. Her husband had been documenting all of her violence and continued to stand by her hoping she would realize how her actions were destroying him and their children. Most of the arguing and fighting took place in front of the 7 and 5 year olds.
By January she was openly cheating in the face of her husband. January 23, 2023, her husband had found a way to have her text messages sent to his phone, that evening she gets home from work, he pours his heart out to her, begging her to stop her affair and recommit to her family. While he is doing this she is texting affair guy lies about her husband, he is telling her how much fun the day before with her was and how he is divorcing his wife and wants her to refinance his house with her, she responds with I need to make plans to leave him and spend the rest of my life with you. The whole time her husband is reading this exchange in real time, he puts his phone down but didn't close out the messaging app, Shanda notices this because the last text sent from her was a blowing kiss emoji. I forgot to mention that in the middle of January her husband got into her snapchat account and found a message from her to him where she proclaimed her love for him. In the beginning of January she was busted by her nurse probation case manager for failing a drug test which resulted in an addtional year tacked on to her probation and mandatory outpatient rehab for 30 days. Anyways after she noticed his phone she got pissed and chased him around the house trying to get his phone from him, grabbing his car keys to prevent him from leaving the house. He shouted for her to stop and not in front of the kids, put the kids to bed and i'll give you my phone he said, but she wouldn't stop. Finally, he grabbed her to get his key from her, he leaves she calls the cops, he is arrested and put in jail for domestic assault. She gets him out the next day, he notices that while he was in jail she spent most of her time on the phone with her affair friend. She tells her husband that she will go to court and not press charges, that was a lie, and on Feb. 3, 2023 she files for divorce telling her husband she was going to have the charges dropped, he knew she was lying because he put a gps tracker in her car and new she as at a divorce lawyers office. February she claimed to have ended her affair, but really it was her lawyer telling her to be more careful with her affair till this is over. Her husband, is devasted by this, but vows to get her to change her mind. she at one point tells him she will stop the divorce and another time says she will pause the divorce to attempt reconciliation. Both these times were straight lies. By this time she is telling her husband "why are you here? No one here cares about you".
She became very emotionally abusive after filing for divorce. So much so her husband contemplated taking his own life and actually staged an event to make it look like he was trying, that all backfired though. Then came March 29th, this was the anniversary of their first date, her husband comes home for work, he notices she has regular clothes on and not pajamas, she always changes into pajamas. She starts an argument on purpose for an excuse to leave and stay the night at her moms house. She leaves, he can't sleep at around 3:30am, he has a funny feeling, looks a her email and notices a hotel receipt from 12:21am that morning. He jumps in the car and races to the hotel, sure enough their is her car in the parking lot of a neighboring hotel and their is his car in the hotel parking lot that matches the reciept. Her husband calls the hotel and asks to be transferred to her room, no answer, he goes in the hotel and asks the front desk to try again, no answer, tries one more time. This time someone picks up but says nothing, he cries to her on the phone asking why? He returns to his car and now can tell what room they are in, he waits, 30 minutes later the punk ass 50 yr old walks out of the hotel and to his car, her husband just stares at him, he drives off. Hours later, she returns home packs a bunch of clothes and moves out to stay with her mom. 3 weeks later her husband has to appear in court for the charge, her divorce lawyer shows up and has the case prolonged for 2 more months. She appears to feel bad and returns home but says no affection or sex and she will let him know if she feels anything. Back up to her moving out, her affair friend started sending text messages to her husband threatening him and bringing up things only his wife knew about him, he crossed the line when the affair guy brought up his daughter's name. By this time it wasn't enough to for her to fuck another man and tell her how much she loves him, she had to mentally torment him and talk of their children to this low life piece of shit.
Now here we are in May, he tries to give her a good mother;s day and she insults him. Four days later, here comes the phone call from CPS. They interview all 3 children and Shanda and her husband, now this has gotten way out of hand, he plans to comply with CPS, Shanda has no plans to comply, that is where we are at right now. She is a cheating whore who never had the balls to tell her husband that she was unhappy before spreading her legs for someone else. She has mentally destroyed her husband and their kids, she never has shown a bit of remorse, she is looking for an apartment because their house will have to be sold because her husband cannot afford it by himself. The kids will have to lose their house and change schools. Her husband is in financial turmoil and he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She never put one ounce of energy into saving their marriage and has never apologized for the things she has done. Mediation is not scheduled till July 22nd, so this is far from over, who knows what the hell will happen next. This is a great example of how one person can destroy another persons life and makes you question if you even know your own wife. I will surely post updates as this seems to be far from over. I apologize for this post being in the 3rd person.
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2023.05.29 23:23 wisconsinking Future of the podcast and everything else.

I know there's been lots of behind the scenes drama and controversies about the podcast and cohorts, but... I just hope sooner or later something good happens because yes I miss the podcast but I hated how Pan tried to do that reboot (I stopped listening after a couple episodes). Yes I know pan's video are the only redeeming thing (I still like his videos) but with all the stuff that's been happening I seriously think someone should take over the podcast and I also think Pan should make up with everyone, I know they all went their separate ways but I think if Pan made up with his cohorts they could revive the podcast but make better like bring on actual celebrities (you'd be surprised how many celebrities are into pop culture) or at least let one of the cohorts take over (at least the cohorts could try to make it work). I also think (if the podcast does come back) Pan should tone himself down/change his ways because I swear to God it felt like he'd spend most of time talking about goth girls (though Pan is openly bi) or talk about some weird random outdated things that only 90s kids or teens from the 2000 would know about. If the podcast does get another reboot I hope it's worth listening to, but I think one or two of the original cohorts should host it.
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2023.05.29 23:22 Main_Accident_351 Temu

https://temu.comArIfWXmwfEy2Idl I might sound as one of these beggars but I really need this stuff heres why, My parents are not so rich so I have to work very soon to help them. While we don't have enough money I cant wear "cool" clothes to school and sometimes gave to wear the same shirt for 2 weeks because we cant afford new shirt. Pressing this link will give me a free shirt/other things I selected. Thanks to everyone who will help me out and spent their 1 minute on me :)
god bless you!
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2023.05.29 23:22 bigfishinmypants if u distance urself when things get hard or when u need to get shit done why ?

am genuinely curious because a lot of people seem to be doing that and personally would love to know why (respect to those who do tbh i could never)
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2023.05.29 23:22 FriendlyFoundation47 Chronic Lyme after concussion

Long story short, my lyme settled in the base of my skull/upper neck after a concussion. As my other symptoms are starting to clear and I can do more, my pain is getting really bad.
I’ve had back pain between my shoulder blades since I was 14. Then TMJ immediately after getting my braces off. That started to go away until I got the concussion in 2018. Huge shocker I was undiagnosed and untreated for anything for about 5 years. I finally found a doc who discovered the lyme as well as candida, low thyroid caused low vit D, low testosterone, low estrogen, low progesterone, low iodine.
My neck is so bad I have to get accupuncture twice a week for the past year. This just isn’t sustainable financially and accupuncture isn’t meant to be that often in a treatment model. I’ve done pt, dry needling, chiro, osteopathic manipulation, massage, you name it. I tried CBD, muscle relaxants, and basically every available non-opiod pain reliever with either minimal help or bad side effects. I just don’t even know what to do anymore, is this a lyme thing?
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2023.05.29 23:22 crazy54 Need Advice: Coming From Sony XM3 Buds - Next Buy? Bose QC2 Buds Too Large for my Ear Size!

Okay I want to start off with a few things.
I have Sony WH XM3s. They're good but need new earbuds. I want ANC, great sound (listen to EDM and media like TV and Youtube, so want more rich punching bass but also an EQ so I can tune it down or up at will) and bluetooth.
Past sets - for this purpose ATX-M50xBT, Sony XM3 buds, Pixel Buds, Echo buds 1/2.
I am even open to getting over the ear headphones if the price and features justifiy the purchase. I have severe ADHD and some spectrum tendencies, so I want something to block the world and provide a superior sound for my tv/youtube/other content that I consume daily for a few hours. My wife is in bed next to me and they need to have almost 0 bleed so she does not complain.
Open to suggestions. I am android, not iOS so no Apple products please 🙏!
  1. Not looking for the best headphones ever made - recommend things inside the bounds I have setup.
  2. ANC is important for me but sound is always king over ANC. Turning things up is the same thing as canceled outside sound.
  3. Have to be bluetooth and no more than $400 USD
If you have suggestions please respect my thread and keep things limited in scope according to my bounds I explained above.
I need new headphones for media consumption before heading to bed. I do not use them for music most of the time but I want to use these more than only at bed time like during working hours so ANC and good EQ settings or balanced output is key for me, but I use them for watching YouTube for a few hours before heading to sleep.
I have tried the Bose QC buds 2 and they're too big for my ears. Even with the small wing and eartip. These need to be flawless as they get thousands of hours a year put on them. My Sony xm3 buds fit flawlessly so thinking about the XM4 buds or XM4 or 5 over the ear sets to follow up those xm3s.
I am also wanting to know how the xm4 buds from Sony match up to the linkbud s as the reviews suggest getting the linkbuds as they are better at ANC and fitment for less. Also how are Samsung buds pros or Pixel Bud pros?
I am open to going with Sony XM5s or Bose 700s/QC 3, instead of the earbud route. Gotta be closed back though so my audio does not get passed to my wife in bed, but I want earbuds as they are better if you fall asleep or want to listen to a book or podcast while going to bed.
Need help! Let me know what I should try next.
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2023.05.29 23:22 Sdstewart49 Acne after surgery?

Will keep this short. 30M, never had any issue with acne since High school aside from an occasional zit. Since my surgery in December I have extreme neck, shoulder, arm, and back acne. I’ve chalked it up to Gabapentin since it’s the only thing I take that I didn’t use to take but I also don’t understand why that would cause acne.
Anyone else deal with this post surgery? If so what helped or ended it?
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2023.05.29 23:22 k_babz follow up re: thrift question

i just wanted to clarify bc it seemed like a lot of people read my first post as me wanting to not pay/not buy after winning shopgoodwill auctions. i just wanted to clarify that i would never do that, shopgoodwill is the only way i can afford to participate in this hobby and i'm grateful for it and would never abuse it like that. thats why i was wondering, bc it seems like some people might abuse it based on how many dolls end up getting relisted. i just wanted to clarify bc it seemed like a lot of people read it wrong and thought i was looking for ways to not pay.
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2023.05.29 23:22 Quirky_Review4336 Finding it difficult to find a job after graduating?

I was wondering if anyone had the same issue like me at finding a job after graduating. So Last summer of 2022 I finished my last year of collage and got my degree so I started job hunting.
To sum it up during June 2022 till September 2022 I applied a total of 36 jobs all that are related to what I studied for. Only 3 contacted me for an interview, 6 contacted me that I was not chosen for an interview, while the rest no contact. Just to clear thing up the vacancies I was applying for were only 2 weeks max since they were put up on recruitment sites (Keepmeposted, Jobsinmalta, Konnekt, Alfred jobs & LinkedIn)
After giving up I found a job which has noting to do with my studies, but I enjoy my current job especially my coworkers, they are the best part of the job. But after almost a year I want to try and find something that has something to do with what I studied for. I tried to apply for the last 3 months but still same issue as last summer.
I was wondering if there was anyone that had a similar experience. Thank you for reading and your time. Naprezza ❤️
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2023.05.29 23:22 burningpearls I (F/26) have been contemplating breaking up with my boyfriend (M/37) but I’m just wondering if I’m being hasty…

We’ve been together for 3 years, live together and we have a really great relationship! We’re very good friends and are on the same page on most things besides one. We have completely different sex drives - I am a higher drive and he is lower. We’ve had issues with sex pretty much our whole relationship but there was always excuses for it (medication, moving, roommates, wellbeing). Anyways I’ve finally (and maybe I’m stupid for just coming to this conclusion) just determined that our drives are different and there’s nothing I can do to bring him to my level - and there’s nothing wrong with his level! Maybe we just aren’t compatible in that way.. is it okay to end something based on sex? I’ve started feeling less romantic/sexual about him and just more of a deep love and friendship. Our life is comfortable and we’re happy- but I just would like to have more consistent sex and I think he should be able to find someone who has a similar drive as him.. he loves me so much and I hate that I’ve been feeling this way but I just wonder if things could be better for us both if we were apart? So basically is it okay to end a long term relationship based on sex? Is that shallow?
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2023.05.29 23:22 StayGuava [LFM][Savage][Static][sMC][Prog] LF 2 - Shield Heal & MCH OR BRD

We are a group of friends who have been gaming together for 10 years across multiple MMOs.We have some Savage experience from previous expansions and are looking to run our own Static.The focus of the Static will be to complete current Savage and Extreme content as it releases. There is also an interest in revisiting old content Synced for players new to FFXIV.

We have done everything from high end raiding down to casual in other games and we would like to keep this Static casual. We are all adults with fulltime jobs that want to do progression content.We are open to all players new to savage as long as they understand there will be an expectation.

**We are in need of** Updated**1 ranged dps BRD/MCH1 healer SCH/SGE

We are looking at a 2day a week schedule Fri/SatFriday 8:30pm to 10:30 CSTSat 8pm to 11pm CSTWe are looking to progress on Savage and Extreme content while gear is relevant. Friday will be 2 hours on the Extreme content and will be farmed until no longer needed for GEAR. Once the extremes are not a gear priority Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to Savage raid progression ONLY to ensure that on a short schedule we are still clearing content reasonably.

Expectations are that you come knowing your class, your rotation, and your BIS. You are expected to pull your weight during raid time, Do your research beforehand. We are asking that personal responsibility is a priority for you so that we may learn and progress at a reasonable rate and enjoy ourselves while we progress through content together!

We have a laid-back attitude but we are serious about clearing content and we want to enjoy and experience the game outside of raid time doing things like old content synced, blue mage spells, PVP, mount farming, pet farming, crafting & gathering. We are looking to build a community within our discord and eventually into our free company for those who want to come join us.
We understand that cross-realm/data-center is so convenient so people can stay on their friend's server as well! There is no expectation but if you feel so inclined, come join us!
Please reach out to me at #Xaiket9252 on Discord to discuss further.Thank you :)

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2023.05.29 23:22 autotldr NATO condemns clashes in Kosovo, 25 KFOR troops injured, 3 critical

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)
While these machines seem like a worthy replacement to subjective hiring managers, they can perpetuate historic company and algorithmic bias, discriminate against an applicant's gender or age, and erode the laws in our democracies.
Since AI hiring tools can unintentionally discriminate against others, they can also be applied consciously as a way to manipulate a candidate pool.
A case from 2018 showed that while Amazon's recruitment tool was designed to solicit applicants of all genders, the hiring data used to train the tool was male-dominant.
Prior to AI recruitment tools, Applicant Tracking Systems have been popular applications used since the 90s. ATSs are helpful for sourcing, filtering, and analysing candidates throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process, but they can exacerbate workplace bias, and many have become outdated.
All humans have an unconscious bias to prefer things familiar to them, which can directly skew the hiring data a machine learns from.
Minimising the risk of exacerbating discrimination in the recruitment and hiring process can be achieved through the implementation of safeguards such as auditing systems designed to detect bias and conducting thorough reviews of the data sets used by AI learning.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: hiring#1 applicant#2 tool#3 used#4 bias#5
Post found in /europe and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.29 23:22 mido9 Lack of storage limits for train and truck stations (still) ruins vehicle usage almost 2 years after U5

Hi, I like using trains and trucks, but the biggest problem with them is that truck stations and train stations take too long to fill and buffer and setting up balancers for them is painful and time consuming.
If you wanted to make a truck route that moves iron, what you would want to do is:
Iron Mine -> Iron Dropoff 1 -> Iron Dropoff 2 -> Repeat
This is annoying because you need to wait for the entirety of Iron Dropoff 1's truck station storage to fill up before ANY iron goes to Iron Dropoff 2. A truck station has 48 slots, so that's 4800 iron ingots, maybe 20 minutes of waiting even in midgame, not a big deal so far.
Maybe you can even have two trucks, one hauling to iron dropoff 1, one to iron dropoff 2, but scheduling and distance make it so getting both to take equal amounts will be impossible, and you'll need to add another truck if you build a third dropoff.
But this gets extremely worse if you ever want to use your train/truck system to haul something made in low quantities like Heavy Modular Frames, to fill a whole truck station of HMF and buffer it out, you would need 2400 HMF, which is 20 hours, your first HMF dropoff would starve the entire operation basically permanently. This also means that moving things to a mall is difficult.
Then what do you do? Do you just have a huge megabelt that carries all the very low throughput items throughout the whole planet? Do you stuff storages full of rubbish like 1 leaf/concrete, have a filter splitter move it back and forth forever? Do you just never move anything other than the highest bulk products, meaning only have a truck for iron, copper, coal, and etc, and then create the whole heavy modular frame from scratch, and also drive back and forth between them to collect building materials?(this is actually my preferred solution and way to setup factories)
Honestly, it's genuinely one of my biggest problems with the game and one of the most important QoL updates.
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2023.05.29 23:22 mynuggel Opinions/ Experiences in HVAC

Hey, I’m just a 21 year old wondering if I’m heading down a good career path. Was intrigued by HVAC because it seems to have some variety and I wanted to learn a trade. Was interested in plumbing or electrical, however I’ve been doing factory work building firearms for almost 3 years and it’s been good but extremely repetitive and physically challenging due to the repetitive nature of the job. Just been saving for school and applied for a condensed course on HVAC. Seems like a good trade and I’m excited to learn and get into the trades, however I’ve had people tell me it’s not a great idea to get into hvac due to the work and school. Some people say the course is to hard and drop out, some people say they see hvac techs doing shit work in confined spaces all the time. One person I know started hvac course and ended up taking elevator mechanic instead.
Just figured I’d make a post to see what people who actually have experience in the trade or have worked in other similar trades have to say about it. My biggest fear is I’ll get through school and realize it’s not the job I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Plumbing and electrical seem fairly repetitive as well so I figured hvac is kind of a mix of the two trades and I love working with my hands and problem solving so I figured I wouldn’t mind hvac. I’ve also heard many great things about the trade and heard it pays well. If you have any feedback that could help me on my journey I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to share your personal experiences from working in the trade, I’d love to hear what you guys got to say about it, thanks!
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2023.05.29 23:22 Admirable-Remote5172 GS and constant heart palpitations

Does anyone else get heart palpitations with GS? Other than yellow eyes, it has been the most annoying symptom and one that comes and goes. There will be times like right now where they are constantly happening and have been happening for the past 3 days. Other times it will just happen a few times and than won’t happen again. How do you get rid of palpitations? What things help? And what to avoid?
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2023.05.29 23:22 MyPersonalVentAcc One of the biggest fights between my sister(18f) and mother (37f) happened before my (15f) very eyes, and I don't know how to feel.

Hi! I'm a 15 year old girl. (Background and characters:) My mother, (37f) is a clean freak with severe OCD. She loves a clean house. She spends a lot of her day cleaning up to three times a day (probably more lol).
My sister N is 18, she has just graduated a few days ago! N is messy, she doesn't care about a little mess. She doesn't do her laundry, she doesn't make her bed, she doesn't clean up after herself. But in her defense, she needs back surgery, so that's her excuse. And she's going through a lot, she's a hard worker, she studies and struggles a lot with her dispraxia.
There's my mom's bf P, he's messy too.
Story: yesterday my sister N was in the bathroom taking a bath. She loves to do that for around 1-3 hours, she enjoys relaxing after studying/anything hard/a hard day overall. The bath was left for a while so obviously it got cold, N waited until the end of the day to get in when it was luke-warm. By that time P had turned the water off to my mothers command. After that N had texted me, asking me to check, so I did and told her it was off.
The next thing I hear is N getting out of the bath, unlocking the door, pounding on my mother's door (she keeps it locked) and P opens
They began arguing, I couldn't hear it all but from what i gather it went like this
P: -unlocks door - wha- N: why did you turn the water off? My bath is cold and I don't even have any water to wash my hair P: your mother told me to. N: well I needed to wash my hair!!
From what I heard from downstairs either P slammed the door on her or she pulled it shut. Then she went into the bathroom, slamming the door again, and draining the water. She began screaming about how she "can't even FUCKING wash my hair in this house" and screamed "FUCK YOU!!!!" and continued talking to herself before my mother yelled from her room to shut up.
The next day.
I had woken up to my mother yelling, "Op! Where's the yellow liquid?" (she's talking about yellow cleaning stuff. I had cleaned the house with it yesterday) I responsed "I don't know, I put it back" But of course she continued yelling, by that time I was up and preparing getting dressed for our appointment at CAMHS (It's a place that helps Minors with high anxiety and depression)
My mother turned her anger to N, yelling about what happened last night. It begun, the screaming match. This is all i can recall as I was also crying (I never cry. I usually just sit in silence, )
Mom was yelling at N, N was screaming back and started bawling about how she's suffering too, about how she's in pain too, and about how mom abuses us and screams all the time (she does) mom screamed back that she's only screaming because N doesn't clean up after herself, and about how she's always a slave to N (something she says often) It goes back in forth with N saying that mom screams all the time and mom screaming back about how she's a slave, and had just lost her sister in the last year, and she never had time to grieve.
I was just in my bed crying. After they were done screaming my mom called me to sort the clothes. Finding what's mine, she saw I was crying and was a bit shocked since I never cry. She talked in a gentle manner to me to just find my clothes.
My mom said she didn't want me to be upset. She said that N was making out to be her fault, I stayed silent, she sighed and said it was both their fault, I nodded and walked passed.
I got dressed and mom said we weren't going to the appointment anymore because it was just to discuss my antidepressants (which I have, its just to talk about how it's going) I said fine, now I'm on the couch typing this out. My mom wants me to calm down and not be upset before leaving. She said she's keeping a close eye on me because she's afraid I'll commit suicide.
I'm just so confused on how to feel. My chest hurts. My cheeks are wet. This can't be normal.
Id really appreciate any feedback at all, maybe about who's in the wrong? Maybe about how i should feel? I'm happy to answer questions...
TL;DF: my ocd mother is screaming at my sister about being messy and rude to her. It ended up becoming a screaming match between the two.
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2023.05.29 23:22 EdgarIsAPoe If you have two dogs, do you use different reward markers for each one?

I currently live with two dogs. With one of them I use the reward marker “yes” at the end of a cue. The second dog, however, I’ve been debating on giving him a new reward marker. When I train the first dog, I usually do it in a separate room so that the second dog doesn’t get in the way because he tends to be a bit pushy and I want to give individual attention every now and then with the first dog, especially when learning something new. I know that dogs can be trained in front of each other by giving them both treats (one for waiting/being in place while the other dog is learning) but sometimes the first dog feels intimidated by the second dog (who is triple his size) and doesn’t want to take treats around him. At first, I used “yes” for both dogs as a reward marker, but on one recent occasion the second dog heard me saying “yes” while I was counterconditioning the first dog and the second dog started frantically barking, whining, and jumping at/scratching the door to that room every time I said “yes.” The second dog also struggles with severe anxiety and is on medication for it, but every now and then he when there’s a lot of trigger stacking that I can’t control (seeing the delivery guy, seeing another dog outside, etc.) he can’t settle down as quickly and small things can get him really upset. This made me think to use a different reward marker for him, so that I can train the first dog in peace without the reward marker meaning anything for the second dog. I was thinking of using the word “beep” for the second dog. For others who have two dogs, do you use the same reward marker for both of them? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of this? I feel like most other trainers use the same reward markers for all dogs in multi dog households.
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