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[S] Survivor Papa Louie: Season 2: Papa's Burgeria Part 2/2

2022.10.13 04:20 Misfit298 [S] Survivor Papa Louie: Season 2: Papa's Burgeria Part 2/2

If you haven't seen part 1 or just want the Brantsteele link then go ahead and check that out first.
Episode 8:>! Later that night, Mitch gets emotional about seeing his only friend leave the game as Prudence comforts him. Allan once again thanks Cooper about sticking with him and promises Cooper that he'll be safe with him. Sarge talks about wanting Mitch gone next however Tohru admits that they need his vote if they want to maintain their advantage over the Ketchup tribe, commenting on Sarge being a purely emotional player which is a difficult person to play with.!<
At the reward challenge, castaways were tasked with catapulting items in to a tower with a plank. Tohru was the first to get all 9 items in and won the challenge which was a visit to an African village to exchange two goats for whatever she wants. She selects Allan to go with her as they both enjoy their trip away. While on their reward, Tohru comes up with a plan to counter Prudence's power, in that if Cooper and Mitch were on board like Allan said they were, they could have three of them vote one way and the other three vote the other way since her power could only protect one of them. Allan agrees with this plan, thinking that it could work out for them. While they were away, Cooper comments about how popular Allan is getting within the Mustard tribe and that the longer he was in the game, the more powerful he'd get. Cecilia agrees, saying that Allan was getting too cocky for his own good and that they should try and flip Mitch to their side to get him out. Mitch however was hesitant with this plan, saying that he was trying to re-gain trust with the Mustard tribe since he was on the outside of the vote. As they returned from reward, Allan and Tohru got biscuits for the entire tribe with Chuck and Prudence bonding over enjoying these at the beach and Chuck confirming the rumor that he is in fact Taylor's roommate from last season.
At the immunity challenge, it was a test of memory as everyone had to memorise contents in a barrel and solve them. Allan was the first to finish, winning immunity once again. Back at camp, the Ketchup alliance were annoyed that they couldn't vote for Allan now, worried that Cooper and Mitch wasn't going to be with them as a result. Mitch admits to not being able to go through with the Ketchup alliance's plan, further devestating them. Allan then brought up Tohru's plan to Cooper, saying that them and Chuck will vote for Prudence whilst Mitch, Sarge and Tohru will vote for Cecilia, explaining that if Prudence uses her power then Cecilia goes home and if she doesn't then she goes home with it unused. Cooper was excited that their plan worked and that they had an opening but had cold feet over potentially having to turn his back on Allan and showing his cards this early. Allan promises him that if he sticks with the plan then they would target Mitch next to spare them for another round. Cecilia then reminds Cooper that Allan has likely made deals with loads of people and begs them to stick with them.
At tribal council, Tohru and Allan execute their split vote plan however it blows up in their face as Cooper blindsides them by voting out Chuck in a 4-3-2 vote, making him the eighth person voted out as well as the first member of the jury.
Episode 9: Allan congratulates Cooper on managing to play them, saying that he will get his vote if he is on the jury. Cooper then says that he was never with them and plays confused which Allan straight away sees through. The Ketchup alliance celebrates managing to even up the numbers and hopes this means a fresh start for them.
At the reward challenge, the final 8 would compete in pairs and the winning pair would win a movie night out with an all you can eat feast. Cooper and Tohru were the winners with Tohru happy to win her second reward of the season and Allan annoyed that he got paired with Sarge. Mitch was sad he lost as he would've loved to spend more time with Prudence. While enjoying the movie, Cooper explains to Tohru that the move was nothing personal, hoping that she would understand. Tohru was fine with it however admitted to wanting Cooper out since out of the Ketchup four, he is the biggest threat to win the game in her eyes. Back at camp, Mitch and Sarge once again get in to an argument over the fire going out which Sarge grows increasingly annoyed with Mitch for. He then approaches Peggy with an alliance with him and Tohru to vote out Mitch which Peggy agrees to, happy that she has more options in this game.
At the Immunity Challenge, everyone was challenged to build a fire using sticks as well as a magnifying glass. If anything other than the flame touched the cord, that person would be disqualified. Allan accdentally did that when he was chucking sticks at the fire, causing him to be disqualified. Tohru held a comfortable lead through out and managed to win her first immunity and third win overall. Back at camp, with Allan finally vulnerable, the Ketchup alliance did not want to waste the opportunity and decided to target him tonight while Allan recruited the remaining four Mustard tribe players to vote for Cooper. Sarge however admits that he would still prefer Mitch to go but Tohru did her best to convince him that doing that would give him the numbers, so he agreed. Mitch seemed bothered by Sarge's behaviour towards him and hopes to address it later tonight at tribal council.
At tribal council, Sarge and Mitch got in to yet another argument when Mitch questioned Sarge's behavior towards him with Sarge berating him over not taking the game seriously. Once the votes were revealed, it turns out that Sarge went back on his vote and voted for Mitch as a message to not mess with him, allowing the Ketchup four to vote out Allan in a 4-3-1 vote, making him the 9th person voted out and the second member of the jury, leaving Cooper relieved and Allan speechless.
Episode 10: As they got to camp, Tohru was annoyed that Sarge decided to throw his vote away like that and now realised that the two of them were on the bottom with Sarge sighing in defeat that maybe he was not cut out for this game. The Ketchup Squad celebrated managing to get Allan out and maintaining the majority.
At the reward challenge, players were treated to the Survivor Auction where Peggy won a coffee and croissant, Tohru won cheese, crackers and a cold beer, Sarge won a sundae with chocolate syrup, Prudence wins a breakfast meal of pancakes, bacon and eggs as well as a mug of chocolate syrup while Cooper wins a full meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables which he decided to share with Peggy and Cecilia won a meatball sub. Once everyone got back to camp, they all questioned Mitch as to why he didn't spend any of his money to which he answered that he wanted to put it all towards his sister who wasn't doing well, causing a couple people to get emotional for him. Tohru then got in to an argument with Cecilia over the Ketchup Squad all pooling their money to get items for each other to which Cecilia responded that her and Sarge still got all of their items. Meanwhile Cooper continues to work hard around camp, earning Sarge's respect for him, admitting that he was glad not to vote for Cooper.
At the immunity challenge, the players were challenged with questions based off of Burgerburgh. It came down to a close race between Tohru and Sarge however Sarge edged her out for Immunity, keeping him safe from the vote. After the challenge, Mitch was bummed out, saying that he would either have to spend 3 more days with Sarge or that Sarge would make it further in the game than him. Sarge was adimant about voting for Mitch again and Tohru, knowing that no one from the Ketchup Squad will flip, decided to go through with it. The Ketchup Squad knew they had a decision to make between whether to vote out Mitch or Tohru. They admitted that Tohru was the strongest player, winning 3 out of the last 4 challenges and this being her first loss in a while but also looked towards gaining respect from the jury and thought they had a better shot of doing that if Mitch were gone sooner. Prudence had a soft spot for Mitch, admitting that she wanted him to be in the game longer. Peggy on the other hand strongly considered voting Mitch out as it would maintain her alliance with Sarge and Tohru and place her firmly in the middle of both sides that would keep her safe.
At tribal council, Tohru called out Sarge for messing up last tribal and apologising to Mitch for making him feel excluded. In the end, Tohru got voted out in a 5-2 vote, becoming the 10th person voted out and the third member of the jury.
Episode 11: Sarge got in to an argument with Peggy, attempting to call her out for trying to make an alliance with him and Tohru to get Mitch out which Peggy simply denied, stating that they had never talked game. Prudence however seemed skeptical of Peggy and talked to Cooper about this, re-affirming that they had made the right decision just in case.
At the reward challenge, the final 6 were treated with getting to interact with their loved ones online. Cecilia had her best friend and dance partner (And also Season 1 player) Timm, Cooper had his little brother Greg (Also from Season 1), Mitch had his grandfather Wally (Again, Season 1), Peggy had her mother, Prudence had her sister + her dog Pickle and Sarge had his grandmother. They were asked a series of personal questions about themselves and if their family member had a matching answer with them, then they would earn a point. The person with the most points would win a trip to the resort, a chance to sleep in a bed and a feast. Cecilia and Timm had the most matching answers and therefore were the winners. Cecilia also got to pick one more person and she picked Cooper. This bothered Peggy since out of everyone left in the game, Cooper was the only one who had already been on a reward. Her and Sarge talked about the growing threat in the game that was Cooper and that he would have to be voted out soon. Mitch overhears this and is unsure of the plan. While on the reward, Cooper, while enjoying it, questioned why she picked him as he thought everyone else was more deserving, this got the two in a major argument however it was resolved the next morning.
At the immunity challenge, everyone used a slingshot to take out pots of other tribe members, the last person left standing with at least one pot left wins immunity. The competition came down to Cooper and Sarge with Cooper managing to take out Sarge's last pot, winning him his first immunity. Back at camp, since Cooper was now immune, Peggy had decided to go back with the original Ketchup tribe as they had planned to target Sarge for winning the last immunity. When asked about the vote, Mitch said that he would be voting for Peggy since she was looking worn out from the game and she was the only one not to have her name written down and he wanted to be fair to everyone. Cooper and Prudence thought this over and wondered if taking out Peggy would be the right move for them game wise. Sarge meanwhile decides to pitch Mitch's name again since he had nothing to lose after Cooper had already won immunity and he knew that he would be a likely target. He begged the Ketchup Squad to think it over.
At tribal council, Mitch openly said he was voting for Peggy since she was the only one who hadn't had a vote cast against her yet which Peggy admitted was a stupid reason to vote for her. Sarge ended up getting voted out in a 4-1-1 vote, becoming the 11th person voted out and the 4th member of the jury.
Episode 12: Back at camp, Mitch was surprised to have lasted as long as he did and talked about how fun this adventure has been for him. Cooper meanwhile was weighing his options about who he would stand the best shot against in the end since it seemed like the jury as a whole did not respect Mitch or his game.
At the reward challenge, it was a word search to find multiple Burger ingredients and then descramble the hidden word on the intersecting letters. Cooper was the first to finish as he won a brand new car. He joked about giving this to his younger brother when he was old enough. Back at camp, Mitch opens up to Prudence, talking about his rough life at home and that he tried to make the best of this experience as he could. He was comforted by the remaining members of the tribe. He talks about knowing he needs immunity or he's out of the game. Meanwhile Cecilia and Peggy talk about their chances at making it to the end against Cooper and Prudence compared to their chances against Mitch as while Mitch wasn't liked by the jury, they figured that the jury would probably be anti-Ketchup tribe as so far they were all made up of Mustard tribe members. At the same time, they wanted to stick with the alliance as they had been through so much together and to have made it all the way to the final 4 would be such an accomplishment for them.
At the Immunity Challenge, it was an obstacle course of past challenges through out the season and the first to finish will win immunity, Mitch was doing surprisingly well and it seemed like he would be able to win, however Cooper kept a commanding lead and won his second immunity, punching his ticket to the final 4. Back at camp, Mitch announced that he knew his time was up and that he was happy to have made it this far however he wasn't giving up and was hoping that the others would at least hear out his pleas, to which they all agreed on doing so. Mitch had decided to pitch Cecilia's name due to already voting for Peggy and liking Prudence more than her. To which Prudence admitted to Cooper that it would be difficult for her to have to vote Mitch out because of his kindness while also thinking that Cecilia and Peggy would both take each other to the end to which Cooper agreed with those thoughts but also wanted to stay true to what the Ketchup Tribe had agreed with all the way back on Day 13 and finish the job.
At tribal council, Mitch accepted the reality that he was probably going home and was proud of the 4 remaining players for all the work they put in and was proud that one of them would be winning this game and in an emotional vote, Mitch became the 12th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury in a 4-1 vote in which he hugged everyone on the way out.
Episode `13 (Finale): This was a major milestone for the 4 remaining Ketchup members. They all had a familiar story of coming back after losing the first 4 challenges and 7 challenges overall. Cooper voiced conern over his position, not only was he the last guy remaining but he had also won the last two immunities and the last few people to have won immunity were eliminated right after they had lost so he had to make sure his alliances were solid. Peggy knew she was going to need a big move to impress the jury and had to make sure where her vote was going to land at tomorrow's tribal. Cecilia didn't consider herself too big of a threat but knew there were a couple people in particular that needed to be dealt with soon. Prudence was proud of the game she played but grew nervous of who was actually planning on taking her to the end and is counting on her jury management to carry her through. To everyone's surprise, at the next day, they were all instructed to head to tribal council immediately tonight. As they arrived, it was revealed that they would compete in their next immunity challenge right now in front of the jury and vote someone off straight after as with last season. The challenge in addition was fallen comrades where they were quizzed about the members of the jury. The person with the most answers correct, wins immunity. Through out the season, Cooper was taking notes on what he knew about certain people and that helped him majorly as he answered every question right and secured immunity for himself for the third time in a row. It was now straight to the vote and Cecilia voted for Prudence, viewing her as the bigger threat, Prudence voted for Peggy, wanting to eliminate a threat for final immunity while Peggy and Cooper both voted out Cecilia, with Cooper wanting to keep Prudence around as a final 3 shield and Peggy wanting a big move to call her own. Cecilia became the 13th person voted out and the 6th member of the jury.
The final 3 all celebrated getting as far as they did while reflecting on their journeys to get here. On Day 38, they all went through the rites of passage process where they went through the 13 previously voted out castaways and reflected on them all. They then arrived at the final immunity challenge which was hands on an idol where they would all keep their hand on the tribal immunity idol used through out the tribe phase which was placed in the middle. If they had moved their hands or feet from where they were positioned, they were out of the challenge. When it came down to Cooper and Peggy, Peggy tried to strike a deal with Cooper, saying if she lets him win, he'd take her to the end. He accepted and she dropped, winning Cooper his fourth and most important individual immunity, guarenteeing him a spot at the final tribal council where in addition, he would chose who would join the jury and who he would sit next to. Cooper weighed out both options. Personally he liked Prudence more, admitting that it would be nice to see one of the two win but feel like he would stand a better overall shot against Peggy. At tribal council, Prudence and Peggy both made their pitches to Cooper where Peggy claims that Prudence has played a great under the radar game with great moves such as the power lie. Prudence talks about Peggy attending almost every tribal council without some form of immunity and only having her name written down once which was an impressive feat. Cooper in the end decided to vote out Prudence in a tough vote for him for her being such a power player. Prudence became the 14th person voted out and the last member of the jury and Cooper and Peggy were officially deemed the final 2.
Final Tribal Council: Peggy and Cooper both celebrated making it all the way to the end with a special Day 39 breakfast as they got to work on their speeches. As they arrived to final tribal council and faced the jury of seven, Cooper's opening speech contained managing to create multiple relationships, making moves such as the flip at the Olga vote to make the mustard tribe think he was with them and his many immunity wins. Peggy's opening speech contained managing to survive numerous tribals without immunity or having her name written down, always being a vote in the middle and building a relationship with most members of the jury. One at a time, the members of the jury came up to address the finalists.
Chuck was first. He talked about being impressed about the odds the two managed to overcome. He then asked who else is most deserving of sitting at the end to which Cooper responded with Mitch and Prudence due to their character, good nature, gameplay and being able to survive. Peggy responded with Allan and Tohru, claiming they were the biggest power players on the Mustard tribe and would've won the entire game if they weren't taken out.
Allan was next, he asked Cooper if Sarge had not flipped his vote if he thinks he would've been able to beat him in a tiebreaker. Cooper responded with yes, saying that he always kept his mouth closed and his eyes open and knew a lot about the game than everyone thought he did which was his strategy. He then asked Peggy if she tried to make a move at all and if so, when. Peggy answered with wanting to vote Mitch out at 7 as she had already made an alliance with Sarge and Tohru which she managed to cover up when Tohru got voted out.
Tohru was up next. She congratulated the two asking how much of an impact they made on the season as a whole. Peggy said she was a major impact, talking about her being a key player in the Ketchup alliance as well as extending her relationships to protect her and give her options. Cooper responded with his flip at the Olga vote, giving the Mustard tribe a false sense of security and thus making Prudence's idol plan work and allowing them to vote Chuck out and give them an opening.
Sarge was fourth and addressed his grudge with Mitch and asked the two if there was someone they struggled getting along with. Cooper responded with Tohru, saying there was this awkward tension when they were both on reward that they both knew how much of a threat the other was to them. Peggy responded with Mitch, saying that him voting for her for no reason rubbed her the wrong way and made her think their relationship was unsalvagable.
Mitch asks the both of them what they would do with the money. Peggy asks that she would rent and buy more farm animals to expand her business and help her mother while Cooper says he'd help send his brother to college and also one day hopes to take care of another cat so that his cat has a friend to play with.
Cecilia critisized Peggy for voting her out, saying that there was no need in doing so and that Prudence was the bigger threat. Peggy defended herself saying that out of the final 4, she thought the jury would have the least reasons to be mad at her, thus giving her the money out of everyone she was against. She asked Cooper the same question to which Cooper asked that she was the only one who wasn't taking him to the end and felt confident that both Prudence and Peggy were.
Prudence was last up as she asked Peggy who she would've taken to the final 2, she answered that she would've taken Cooper, proving Cooper's point about voting out Cecilia. She asked Cooper if there was anything he would change about his game, to which he answered that he wish he got someone else to flip at the Olga vote so that he wouldn't be targeted come final 8.
Winner Reveal: The votes were revealed and by a vote of 7-0, Cooper was crowned the official winner of Survivor: Papa's Burgeria while Peggy was awarded 2nd place. The Reunion took place where Cooper showed pictures of his cat while also announcing that him and Prudence started dating, Mitch got promoted at the Taco Shop he worked at and Tohru said that she kept a diary of the experience for memories.
Voting Chart: https://i.imgur.com/iHPZsJK.png
My Thoughts: I can definitely see this season being polarizing to some people and that comes down to whether or not you enjoyed the story of the Ketchup Four. I personally found it engaging, while not as fun as Penny's solo underdog run, still great. I also preferred the pre-mergers that went out this season. Olga, Clover, Hugo and Robby were all great in their own rights and are Second Chance material. We had some great characters along the way such as Sarge and Mitch and their amusing feud, solid strategists in Allan, Tohru and Prudence and we had a great dominant win from Cooper, being in danger at only 1 tribal. While there were some noticeable trends from last season that carried over such as the Immunity curse where the people who win immunity lose the game as soon as they lose immunity, the 2-1-1 vote and the winner being a challenge beast, I still liked this season. Was this season as strong as the first? I think it misses the mark personally because of having longer stretches of predictability. The Season definitely started off slow but I feel picks up after the swap where we get two great swap tribals followed by two iconic tribals in the Chuck and Allan boots. After Allan leaves the game, it's pretty much a steamroll from there, and not an engaging one like last season.
Hero: Mitch. Always an upbeat personality and his vote off was really sad for me as I was hoping he'd make it through.
Villain: Allan. Dude was always scheming in the most backstabby way possible.
Underdog: Mitch. Feels weird to call Mitch an underdog when we had a massive underdog alliance power through all the way but he goes through a lot in the merge and it's genuinely impressive to see him hang on and become the last Mustard Member standing.
Best Duo: Cooper and Prudence. I know they weren't necessarily a duo in the Brantsteele but me writing it up in the season summary just felt right. I wanted to give this to Sarge and Tohru but they didn't feel as relevant. Cooper and Prudence worked close together until it was time for one to cut the other.
Best Move: Cooper flipping on Olga + Prudence's Idol Lie (Something I inserted in as a plot point to have consistency and to hint at the Season 3 theme.)
Worst Move: Sarge voting for Mitch at the final 8 and giving control over to the Ketchup Alliance (Literally don't get why Sarge did this still and I don't think I made sense of it in the summary write up. This doomed his and Tohru's game and determined the rest of the season. Speaking of...
Most Robbed: Tohru (Got screwed over by her ally voting for someone he wasn't supposed to and then said ally winning immunity and her being the default target. It's a shame since she actually had potential to win the game. Had my money on her coming in to the merge actually. Just never shaked up. And in case you were wondering, last season I woulda given this to Claire)
Best Moment: Allan's downfall. The buildup, the storyline, the execution, it's all compelling.
Player of the Game: Prudence (Prudence was a great player when it came to navigating situations. She was a very popular target in the pre-merge due to her challenge game not being strong as well as her voting in the minority at the first tribal. But she engineered such a great lie in the power that it gave her alliance control and she came so close to winning the whole thing. Girl deserves props.
Fan Favorite: Cooper (Personally I woulda given this to Mitch but it's nice that the winner also gets an award out of this. Way better than last season's simulation fan favorite decision.)
Potential Returness: Cooper, Prudence, Mitch, Sarge, Tohru, Allan, Mindy, Olga
As always, let me know what you thought of this season. What Brantsteele template should I use next? What cast should I gather for Season 3? Let me know down below. Was busy so writing all this took a WHILE.
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2022.09.26 08:00 Professional-Map4486 Decoder!!!

Ok two people smarter than me have figured this shit out y’all and I’m making this post to combine the two pieces for everyone. The Redditor with the Morse Code is 100% right! read that post hereAnd this I think is confirmed because of this tik toker figured out the words Taylor weirdly emphasized can be descrambled like an anagram. watch her video decoding the first mayhem video
then she decodes the second one
This one the message says “I won’t talk or text code with cadence again. Next epic clue in Sadie Sink and Dylan Obrien vignette but when a man loves a woman 28th night of September 2 o’clock if mix up I’ll duet this no glitch meet me in the afterglow”
Ok then the next video does not have punctuation or weird cadence. She said she wasn’t going to do it so that checks out.
Ok so then our genius tik toker decodes the nice boy Ed tik tok HERE
She scrambled the artist and the title and came up with “deny defy a clue I lie boo” and if you remember the first video she says deny and defy. And if you remember our genius redditor decoded the second Morse code as I lie.
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2022.08.02 04:26 IUniven August 1st

100 Words - "Insanity"

Throwing yourself at the same thing over and over an expecting a different outcome, right?
But it is different! One time the rock skips three times, the next it skips four! Then five! Then not at all! Isn’t it fun?!
No matter how much you do the same thing, the world doesn’t give a flying fuck! It just keeps running, all the while giving you nothing!
One pebble, two pebble, three pebble, four,
Who is it that waits by the door?
Surely not my mind, I lost that a long time ago.
Gee, thanks you unpredictable sleazebag piece of shit.

"More than One"

I don’t know who I am anymore.
Yes you do. It’s simple. You’re me.
“No I’m not!”
I keel over and clutch my head as the gravelly voice within returns, even louder than the day before.
Well I’m definitely not you!”
“No shit you aren’t!” I exclaim as I dig my fingers into my scalp. The feeling of my hair being pulled does little to quiet the voice, but manages to soothe the torrent of thoughts that run through my head.
My caretakers come over briefly at the sound of my outburst, and I have to uncurl from my spot to tell them an abridged version of “everything is okay.”
Lying won’t get you the help you need.”
I ignore it as they walk away.
If you didn’t need help, I wouldn’t be here.”
“Would you just shut up?I whisper-cried as I lay back down on my bed. “I just want some sleep.”
Sleep won’t make me disappear. You should know that much by now.”
“At least it will give me some quiet…” I mumbled as I pulled the pillow over my head and around my ears.
...You know that won’t work… right?”
The creaking sound of a door opening fills the room.
“Ah, hello! I take it you’re miss… Letter?”
A sigh. “It’s Lenora,” she said as she sat down across the desk. “Mind descrambler extraordinaire, at your service. You called me here because of a… ‘serious case’?”
They cleared their throat. “Yes that would be correct. This child.. they have some baggage. The longer they’ve stayed here, the more they’ve closed themselves off, and the more times they’ve been heard screaming at someone when nobody is around them.”
“Hmm… alright, I think I know the treatment. Now, before I do anything, how’s about we talk about payment.”
A groan. “Must we?”
“I’ve been stiffed one too many times. Yes, we do.”
“Alright… three Brin.”
“Four, final offer.”
“Four and five Sil.”
“Three Sil.”
“You have yourself a deal,” Lenora nodded with a sly smile. She watched on as the head of the home reluctantly pulled out the light blue-ish and bronze-looking coins. Taking them in hand, she counted them one after another before pocketing them. “Alright, now where is this child?”
The head stood, then walked to the door. “I’ll lead you to them.”
“Perew?” one of the caretakers call from across the room. “Are you doing alright today?”
I furrow my brows, but don’t say another word as they walk over to me.
“Are you sure?”
I hesitate, before trying to speak. As I open my mouth this time, though, nothing comes out.
Just admit it! You need help!”
“Alright… Well, we brought someone here who we think we can help.”
I look up to them with a doubtful gaze, and they stare right back at me. I hate it, seeing my reflection in their eyes, and what they’re trying to do, but I simply nod.
Why do you, though? They’re just trying to help!”
“Shut up!” I exclaim as I hit myself in the head. Immediately, the caretaker in front of me is atop me, keeping my arms restrained as they begin speaking frantically.
“Lenore, please…”
Someone I don’t know comes into view, but before I can react, they place their hand on my head and close their eyes. Weirded out and slightly uncomfortable, I struggle to squirm out of their grip, unsuccessfully.
Would you just stop, kid?” The voice was even louder now.
Wait—“ a third, feminine voice enters my head, but cuts off as the woman who placed her hand on my head stumbles backwards and flutters her eyes open.
“T—there’s… that’s not…”
“What?” the caretaker asks. “Did you help him at all?”
They open and close their mouth like a fish a few times, clearly struggling to find words before they manage to say, “There’s… not just another voice.”
The caretaker’s grip on me loosens, allowing me to wriggle free and back up to the edge of my bed. “What?” I ask.
“What do you mean?” the caretaker asks.
The lady looks to them. “This child has a whole separate mind in their head!”

2022 Total Word Count - 146,544


Possible Improvements

Closing Thoughts

I'm kinda all over the place right now, so this is all I'm doing tonight.
Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed, and if there's any critiques, please leave them in a comment below.
I hope you all have a great day, night, or whatever the case may be, and I will see you all tomorrow.
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Descrambling 12 word seeds (Using Tokenlist feature for BIP39 seeds via seedrecover.py)
Wallet File password recovery for a range of wallets
Seed Phrase (Mnemonic) Recovery for the following wallets Electrum (1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x) (For Legacy and Segwit Wallets. Set --bip32-path "m/0'/0" for a Segwit wallet, leave bip32-path blank for Legacy... No support for 2fa wallets...) Electron-Cash (2.x, 3.x and 4.x) BIP-32/39 compliant wallets (bitcoinj), including: MultiBit HD Bitcoin Wallet for Android/BlackBerry (with seeds previously extracted by decrypt_bitcoinj_seeds) Hive for Android, for iOS, and Hive Web Breadwallet BIP-32/39/44 Bitcoin & Ethereum compliant wallets, including: Mycelium for Android TREZOR Ledger Keepkey ColdCard Jaxx Coinomi Exodus MyEtherWallet Bither Blockchain.com
Bitcoin wallet password recovery support for: Bitcoin Core MultiBit HD and MultiBit Classic Electrum (1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x) (For Legacy and Segwit Wallets. Set --bip32-path "m/0'/0" for a Segwit wallet, leave bip32-path blank for Legacy... No support for 2fa wallets...) Most wallets based on bitcoinj, including Hive for OS X BIP-39 passphrases (Also supports all cryptos supported for seed recovery, as well as recovering "Extra Words" for Electrum seeds) mSIGNA (CoinVault) Blockchain.com pywallet --dumpwallet of Bitcoin Unlimited/Classic/XT/Core wallets Bitcoin Wallet for Android/BlackBerry spending PINs and encrypted backups KnC Wallet for Android encrypted backups Bither
Altcoin password recovery support for most wallets derived from one of those above, including: Coinomi (Only supports password protected wallets) Metamask (And Metamask clones like Binance Chain Wallet, Ronin Wallet, etc.) Litecoin Core Electrum-LTC (For Legacy and Segwit Wallets. Set --bip32-path "m/0'/0" for a Segwit wallet, leave bip32-path blank for Legacy... No support for 2fa wallets...) Electron-Cash (2.x, 3.x and 4.x) Litecoin Wallet for Android encrypted backups Dogecoin Core MultiDoge Dogechain.info Dogecoin Wallet for Android encrypted backups Yoroi Wallet for Cardano Master_Passwords extracted from the wallet data (In browser or on rooted/jailbroken phones) Encrypted (BIP-38) Paper Wallet Support (Eg: From Bitaddress.org) Also works with altcoin forks like liteaddress.org, paper.dash.org, etc... Brainwallets Sha256(Passphrase) brainwallets (eg: Bitaddress.org, liteaddress.org, paper.dash.org) sCrypt Secured Brainwallets (Eg: Warpwallet, Memwallet) Ethereum UTC Keystore Files Ethereum Keystore files, typically used by wallets like MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, etc. (Also often used by Eth clones like Theta, etc)
Supported on Windows, Linux, and OS X
Support for Unicode passwords and seeds
Multithreaded searches, with user-selectable thread count
Ability to spread search workload over multiple devices
GPU acceleration for Bitcoin Core Passwords, Blockchain.com (Main and Second Password), Electrum Passwords + BIP39 and Electrum Seeds
Wildcard expansion for passwords
Typo simulation for passwords and seeds
Progress bar and ETA display (at the command line)
Optional autosave - interrupt and continue password recoveries without losing progress
Automated seed recovery with a simple graphical user interface
Ability to search multiple derivation paths simultaneously for a given seed via --pathlist command (example pathlist files in the )
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2022.05.27 18:23 TheCorpseBrigade Finding HireVue Interview Questions Method (Now Scrambled Eggs)

Finding HireVue Interview Questions Method (Now Scrambled Eggs)
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to show people how they can get the questions beforehand in HireVue. However, the questions are word scrambled in the JSON code.
I just did this today for my friend. Click on the provided link which looks something like this.
Accept cookies and press F12 for web dev tools. Ensure you're on the Network tab and search for 'practice' as shown below.
![img](v4p9i0s8m1291 " Select the line item and copy/paste into an editor (I used Visual Studio)")
Format into JSON (you can right click and select format document)
Search for 'questions' and you should find them. The kicker is now they're scrambling the questions.
The first one is obvious, you can see it spells out 'Tell us about yourself?'
This is not my interview, nor am I in the process. I just wanted to share this with everyone and help my friend and everyone out on this subreddit.
I don't have a method to descramble the questions, so if anyone does feel free to share! Happy unscrambling everyone.

Sincerely, - TheCorpseBrigade
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2022.05.14 07:07 WGUinsixmonths80085 🌸Concepts in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Contact – D077 COMPLETE! My Review 🌸

🌸Concepts in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Contact – D077 COMPLETE! My Review 🌸

Okay, if you've been following along then you'll remember that I blasted through organizational behavior like it's nobodies business. I cannot say the same for D077, I passed this course by the skin of my teeth. At least that's what it feels like. I won't say that the material itself is hard to grasp, far from it, but the amount of material is what makes this course a doozy.
Now I can't blame my misgivings all on the course, I feel like there was a good amount of human error on my part that made understanding the concepts quickly difficult. On the first day I repeated my same Strat for C715 only the entire note taking process took four hours and I hadn't even finished the first module yet! I was floored by how much information there was! Already I knew I had to adjust my strategy so there was a semblance of a chance to pass this course in time. So on the second day I took more notes but I also payed more attention to the cohort videos provided for me. When it comes to memorization I find it easiest when I physically right the thing down so that's how I had been taking notes but it comes with the price (teehee) of being incredibly time consuming. so I feel I may have focused too much on the videos and not enough on the reading. I think this was also during the week where I was booked straight for work so I would allow myself to oversleep to compensate for the extra energy spent. The actual course material itself while extensive was super interesting! I loved learning about the four p's and strategy, tactics, targets, etc. Good stuff! But anyway on the fourth day I decided to take the PA and while I remember feeling rather confident taking it, I ended up missing quite a few items.

See? I just barely passed x/
I actually studied what I missed an took the PA a second time but it was not a very fruitful experience because it was the exact same questions. Not sure why I thought it would be different or at least randomized. I ended up getting a 100% for real this time but it was just from memorizing all the answers. So for the next day I saddled up, woke up on time and studied my butt off. I finally took the OA and....I just barely passed again...but I passed!

This screen bothers me in a deep dark place in my soul.
Ya see I really value getting the most that I can out of this experience, so I ideally like to pass five feet away from the line and not two inches from it. But unfortunately it was day 5 and I had to move on.
Okay let me tell you something about this here Objective Assessment alright? Tell me why every question is worded like an anagram you have to descramble before the temple walls come crashing down on you. That's what made this OA difficult, not the concepts but the way everything was phrased. The PA was more of the same, definition/answer and vise versa but jazzed up a bit so there's some challenge to it. By the end of the OA I literally came out of it feeling like I was in a fever dream. At least one concept from all of the modules your suggested to focus on will be on the test so please prepare for that. I'll also say don't be afraid to answer the same thing twice! That's how I got a few answers wrong because I figured they wouldn't put the same answer like three times in a row and then they did.

  • Really take your time and study this one. There's a lot to cover.
  • Module 1, 2, 6, and 7 are important to study
  • Memorize the BCG Matrix, Swot Analysis, Five Forces, Market segments...honestly memorize as much as you can. :0
  • The supplemental videos are helpful but take time to read through the pages.
  • A few answers from the test were direct quotes from the reading that would be hard to guess otherwise.
  • Read the questions carefully and make sure you fully understand what is being asked.

I always say to read the material because I'm coming from a place where I have absolutely no background knowledge. Really reading and understanding the concepts are crucial to success. Obviously this will differ depending on the amount of experience your coming into this course with.
But anyways I'm done for now! Like, comment, and subscribe for more! Except I'll be posting regardless if you do! Byyyee!
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2022.05.14 00:22 moreusersmorefiction How do I find multiple phrases within a block of text for use in a word descrambler ?

I'm 1 week into learning my first language, Python! So go easy on me, please :)
EDIT: Y'all I'm messing this formatting up something real bad. Here's the stackoverflow with the right formatting Working on that but for the moment here's the stackoverflow with the right format in the meantime https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72204689/how-do-i-find-multiple-phrases-within-a-block-of-text-for-use-in-a-word-scramble
So my case sensitive word scrambler program is essentially an a = b scrambler, but instead of single units it replaces it with an entire phrase. I'm using this to turn normal sentences into crazy rants about needing to change my name. Which is something I've been doing all my life.
The scrambler looks like this:
def scramble(phrase):
scrambled = "" for letter in phrase: if letter in "A": scrambled = scrambled + "I need to change my name! " for letter in phrase: if letter in "a": scrambled = scrambled + "Gonna change my name to Sclurbs! " return scrambled 
print(scramble(input("enter a phrase")))
it repeats for every upper and lower case letter with different phrases related to the rant
The translator looks like this:
def translate(phrase):
translation = "" if "I need to change my name!" in phrase: translation = translation + "A" if "Gonna change my name to Sclurbs!" in phrase: translation = translation + "a" return translation 
print(translate(input("enter a phrase")))
This doesn't work because it stops as soon as it finds the first time the phrase is presented as input, and doesn't continue to see if the phrase is used again.
I think I need a for loop in here somewhere to keep the chain going, but I don't know how to express it in a way that doesn't index each letter in the string individually and not the whole phrase itself. How can this be done?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.05.03 00:30 GoomaDooney Heterogram, isogram

What up wordnerds! Thanks for playing and lurking with us. I’m glad that a little competition has invigorated the sub.
On to more serious matters. The elusive one word answer is out there, taunting us. Through our collective ability, we’ve demonstrated the flexibility of two word solutions. Let’s take things to the next level.
Here is a list of alphabetized words with unique 12 letter composition. I have a feeling we’ve already let some one word solutions slip by unnoticed. Never again.
adsorptively ambidextrous amblygonites amylopectins bankruptcies blastodermic bluestocking cabinetworks centrifugals computerniks configurated considerably counterplays countervails customizable demographics demonstrably descrambling discountable discrepantly disreputably doublethinks drumbeatings earthmovings edulcorating euchromatins exclusionary exculpations expurgations exhaustingly farsightedly flexographic flowcharting Francophiles gourmandizes granulocytes hematoxylins housewarming hydromancies hypnotizable hyponatremic imponderably incomputable incomputably kymographies lexicography Lubavitchers lycanthropes malnourished mendaciously metalworking multipronged neurotypical nightwalkers outpreaching outscreaming outsparkling outspreading overhaulings overmatching overstudying overwatching packinghouse patchworking pelargoniums phagocytized phagocytizes phytoalexins polycentrism preadjusting postcardlike problematics productively questionably recognizably ropewalkings stakeholding stenographic stickhandler subnormality subvocalized thunderclaps unforgivable unforgivably unglamorized unhysterical unprofitable unprofitably upholstering voluntaryism xylographies
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2022.04.13 12:03 TessaBissolli What Mr. Lacroix knew *** SPOILERS TO 9.15 ***

This is what Lacroix knew:
PANABAKER: I don't know who you are, Mr. Lacroix, but I can tell you this, you are now squarely on the Justice Department's radar. You don't want to answer our questions? We'll get the answers anyway.
LACROIX: Good luck with that.
He murdered a man named Doug Koster.
LACROIX: That would concern me if you had a single shred of evidence proving that it was actually true.
He targeted Harold Cooper, the Assistant Director of the FBI, tried to frame him.
LACROIX: Mere accusations.
RESSLER: And the bartender that he forced into helping him was also killed.
LACROIX: How sad. Not that some bartender was killed, but that you can't seem to accept reality.
RESSLER: Yeah? And what's that?
LACROIX: You have nothing. You can't connect my client to either murder. This frame-up sounds like total fiction.
That we can prove. He was blackmailing Mr. Cooper. We have your client's voice on a recording.
LACROIX: No, you have an altered voice on a recording. You made assumptions when you descrambled the voice, but you can't be sure if you accurately reversed the process.
The NYPD confirmed that it was Cole.
LACROIX: It sounds like Cole. Sounds like.
LACROIX: I'm just getting started. Hell, I've not said a word yet about Agent Keen.
And there it is. The motive. I assume you know about the tracking device recovered from Agent Keen?
LACROIX: I may have heard something, yes.
Then maybe you want to tell us why your client acquired a tracking device that was then used to stalk and murder one of our agents?
LACROIX: He bought the tracker. That's not a crime. You can't prove he caused Keen to ingest it,
LACROIX: and you can't prove he had any contact with Vandyke.
How do you know that name?
The question is if Marvin knew all of this in a timely manner, or if we are being led down a sea of red herring.
In other words, are we getting Kate Kaplan V2.0 or are we getting Diane Fowler 2.0 and/or The Thrushes 2.0
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2022.04.11 00:42 subarucriesalot Word descrambler


Can anyone make sense of this?
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2021.12.17 09:05 YeTensTavern I'm building an analytics app using node.js. Should I scramble people's IP addresses or does it matter?

Hi all
Would love your opinion on this.
As the title says, I'm building an analytics app using node.js.
In a nutshell, users will add a link to some JS to their websites which loads my code. I track who visited their website and try to calculate a fraud metric on them.
So, I need to be able to present this fraud metric to my users (i.e. show them the bad IP addresses), so hashing the IPs before I save them to my database won't work, but maybe I can do some simple scramble (reversible with a password) so at least the data is (sort of) anonymous in the database.
In other words, I receive the data, do some processing on it, scramble the IP using a password, save the data to the database, and then when presenting the data to the users I descramble the IP address.
Or maybe I'm overthinking this and I can just save the IPs to my database?
Any thoughts appreciated.
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2021.12.16 14:30 NazgulMcNally Otto Hillig and the Nazi Trasure

Have you heard about Otto Hillig and the legend of his buried Nazi treasure in Upstate New York?
Otto Hillig came to America from Germany in 1892 and became a somewhat famous adventurer in the United States. He was an aerial photographer; his pilot none other than Captain Holger Hoiriss. One day in 1942 german saboteurs hijacked Hillig's plane and forced him to fly two germans with a large sum of money to buy explosives. He motioned for Hoiriss to “roll the plane”, which undoubtedly threw the Nazis into disarray. He killed the German spies and apparently buried their money somewhere in the Catskill Mountains. Upon his death, he left clues to where the treasure was hidden.
👉🏼👉🏼Sound interesting? Read on for the full story👇🏼👇🏼
The story following, in its entirety, is from a popular tourist guidebook by Francine Silverman:
During World War II, saboteurs in this country aimed to blow up electrical plants, telephone switching facilities and railroads. One day they targeted Ferndale, a hamlet in Liberty, planning to destroy its railroad trestle to cripple the flow of arms from up-state New York to its ports of departure in New York City. German sympathizers had trouble finding the dynamite, however, and often had to purchase explosives from the black market.
One group schemed to force a local pilot to fly them to an airstrip on Long Island for this purpose. As they staked out a Liberty airstrip for a victim, a local photographer, Otto Hillig, and his pilot Holger Hoiriis prepared for a sunset flight, as they boarded, two men hijacked the plane and giddily displayed the huge sum of money for purchasing the dynamite. Once in the air, Holger rolled the plane and Otto grabbed his gun from the cockpit and killed both captors.
Afraid they’d be accused of robbery, Otto and Holger contacted the authorities, but withheld information about the money. Instead they buried it in a box, agreeing to use the funds only for a noble cause. As they grew older, Otto asked a young aide to recover the money and deposit it in a savings account. The assistant was directed to place a large coin engraved with Otto’s initials, O.H., to mark the spot. He was further instructed to place the story in the local newspapers and on radio and to assure that clues to the location be published periodically.
The money is presently in an unnamed account at the Fleet Bank on North Main Street in Liberty. The Sherlock who finds the coin, which is supposedly out in the open, can redeem it for the bounty. The assistant who still lives in the community but remains anonymous, never claimed the money for himself.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the clues. Some will lead to the treasure, others lead nowhere. A good knowledge of area history will be of assistance in locating Otto Hillig’s treasure.
The Clues . . .
  1. The Witch Cannot See.
  2. The Coin is in the open.
  3. Broad head Points to.
  4. Blue Mountain Cemetery looks over Otto’s treasure.
  5. Grady’s horse kicked the spot.
  6. The Lennon Building holds a clue.
  7. From inside Manion’s Store, the Mongaup will roar.
8, What once was Hortonville, now is not.
  1. She is as beautiful as her closest sister, who once left Skeetersburg.
  2. Dr. Blake Wales knew it as two log houses.
  3. William Ayers mourned Liberty’s first death.
  4. Four pins mark the spot, maybe yes, maybe not.
  5. “Foul wrinkled witch, what makes thou in my sight?”
  6. O Tsuga Canadensis, protect me!
  7. As you pass by behold and see in a restaurant across from the old “Big G.” My works live on and hold a clue to find the coin now known to you. Enjoy the food and have a ball, examine all the pictures on the wall.
  8. You are very close at number one, the plaque is a spot which you should plot, go in and eat, and count the feet, from there to here, let’s have a beer.
  9. The fish won’t bite at the Western part but begin the hunt. It’s OK to start.
  10. Liberty Public Service was there in my time, now in its place is a restaurant which has food that is fine. Descramble the words on the bar and you will be one step closer to being the star.
  11. Ugly Acer rubrum on the trade, then 30 paces and you will have it made. Turn to the right if walking at, turn to the left if walking back.
  12. The municipal corner is basically nutty.
  13. The arch of the roots is by your boots.
  14. The lens of my camera has revealed the spot.
  15. Mr. Manion’s home plate.
  16. Lucky me, I’m in the Queen’s backyard. If you can’t find me, you haven’t looked too hard.
  17. This is it, you have all the clues. If you do find me, call the news. Fred will know what to do, he the treasure to give to you.
And a final clue has been added:
  1. The root of the problem begins at the base of Tsuga Canadensis. Rana catesbiana faces your problem every day keeping one eye on it the other on that wretched witch.
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2021.11.16 05:30 Knifeparty103 Strange Facebook Job Post

Hi all. Strange case on my hands. Not sure if my computer has been compromised, but I thought it'd be worth it to come here to hopefully figure this problem out.
About an hour ago, I was looking for careers within Facebook, because I am so keen to join Zuckerburg in the MetaVerse. I stumbled upon a listing that I was interested in and applied. There's a feature where if you import your resume, it auto-fills components of the application questions through the information within your resume.
It gets weird here. Everything looked mostly fine, with all my recent positions transferring over. As I scroll down to the last job experience, which should have been blank because I had no other positions left to be imported, it showed me this message in the "Employer Name" section:
I gOt IcE in My vEinS, bLoOdiN mY EyeS HAtE iN mY hEaRt,LovE iN mY MinD I sEenniGhTs fuLL oF pAiN, dAyS oFthE sAmE YoU kEep thEsuNshinE, sAvE mE thE rAiN IsEaRch buT nEvEr fiNd, huRtbUt nEVeR cRy I woRk aNdfoREver tRy, bUt I’m cUrsEd.eM RaYxxxx
The location for this "Employer"? Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Through my digging, I found that this is an excerpt from a song by Lil Wayne called Drop the World. Not sure of the resemblance here. I also found a Facebook page with this title that has 4 page likes.
I tried to descramble the capital letters, and found these string of letters, per capital letter, per word:
Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.11.08 15:03 PlsHlpMyFriend Those Days with the Monsters - 49

Kirell held his breath as the ship glided into the derelict's docking bay. It looked as abandoned as ever, but he knew that wasn't a good way to tell. Would he find any Khumans left after whatever Sleepy had done? Would the ship be covered in Tzyx, or empty?
The door of the Fisher opened with a hiss; Kirell's frill was stained entirely yellow with anxiety as it slid to the side. All the air seemed to leave him in a rush as he saw Sleepy standing in front of the door, Alex and Dopey beside him, and others of the crew gathered behind him. They didn't seem to be injured.
"Heya, spaceman. Had a good flight?"
"I-I think so." Kirell wasn't quite sure what to think of that trip, but it hadn't been bad, so wasn't that good? "Is anyone hurt?"
"Nah. Everything's fine on our end. Were ya worried, spaceman?"
"Well... maybe a little. The Captain said you'd be fine, but I wasn't sure." At a certain point, it shouldn't matter if the Khumans were deathworld creatures; there was a limit to strength, right? But the station didn't seem to have been swarmed.
"What's the situation, Sleepy?" the Captain asked, moving past Kirell and out of the ship.
"Well... I don't know if ya'll think this is good news or bad news, Cap, but we looked and looked and we didn't find a thing. There were a few odd packets sent out, but Dopey ran 'em through every descrambler he's got and they came out gibberish on the other end. It looks like noise from some of the scrap ya brought in before. Dopey found their transmitters and Grumpy fried 'em, but those wouldn't help 'em get to us faster anyway." Sleepy sighed; he looked tired. Kirell wondered how long he must have worked in order to make that kind of a face. "So we've got three options. One, they've gotten better at predicting us. Two, they've gotten better tech to catch up to us. Or three... we missed something."
The Captain nodded. "I don't like any of those, but I guess it's what we've got. Better than having nothing, anyway. Think those packets would be a problem?"
Sleepy glanced at Dopey. "Ya wanna weigh in on this, Dopey?"
"I'm not Dopey, and they weren't 'descramblers.'" Having said this with a strong tone of indignation, Dopey sighed. "I don't think there will be an issue. They didn't have any new information, and they went out in normal space, which means they've got quite a distance to go before they hit anything that could detect them. But I can't be sure."
The Captain nodded quietly. "I know. Just like we can't be sure on our end. How's Aladdin's Lamp coming along?"
"It's not." Grumpy sounded very, very tired. "It doesn't matter what we try; it can't take the stress. The shear forces from jump are too high." He groaned, while Tinker patted his shoulder awkwardly. "It would be one thing if it couldn't take proximity to a star. That's not the issue. The issue is opening the thing. It gets ripped apart every time we try a test run."
The Captain sighed. "I was hoping for some kind of good news. What's the damage when it goes up?"
"Well, there's a brief snarl and some cracking, but it doesn't seem to break anything permanently. Approach would have been a lot riskier if it had. The tangle's short-lived, but it completely destroys the prototype, of course."
The Captain nodded, then took a deep breath. "Grumpy, I'd like to change focus. Instead of a lamp, let's find out the MSD when we try to connect it. If we can't throw the sun at them, let's throw a hole in space instead."
Kirell didn't understand what the Captain was talking about, much less what the "lamp" was meant to be, but Grumpy's tired expression had completely disappeared with the Captain's words. The look on his face was... The best description Kirell could come up with was a combination of hungry and insane. He remembered this expression from early on, when the Captain had announced the Khumans' information robbery. What was Grumpy about to do? Then again, Kirell wasn't sure he wanted to know. The last time a Khuman had had that look, they'd robbed a military hospital of classified information.
"Captain, what's Aladdin's Lamp?"
"It's... uh, well, right now it's not really anything. We're still working on it."
"But... you don't need more weapons."
"Maybe not. But they're nice to have, plus I always did like a big gun."
Happy, somewhere in the group of the Khuman crew, made a strangled Khuman amusement noise and started coughing violently. Kirell's frills flared, pulsing bright red.
"You OK, Happy?" the Captain asked, arriving quickly and smacking him on the back a few times.
"Bad time for a drink. Damn you, Cap." Happy had some kind of bottle in his hand that smelled like some kind of bright fruit, along with a whiff of whatever Sleepy liked to drink. "Wasting good lemonade."
"That ain't lemonade anymore, buddy."
Happy bared his teeth. "Go back far enough and the rum used to be sugar. Still lemonade."
"Yeah, and go back far enough and we'd all be children. What's your point?"
Happy dipped his head slightly. "Fine. Spiked lemonade."
"How much is lemonade and how much is spike?"
"Not enough to make me drunk on company time." Happy bared his teeth, but his tone sounded almost insulted. "Not dumb enough to get drunk in a war, Cap."
"As long as that stays true." The Captain's face was sober. "There's still a long haul ahead. We don't need our munitions guy falling off the edge in the late game."
"I know." Happy scowled, taking a quick sip of his drink. "Never take this up with Sleepy, do you? You trust me any less?"
The Captain sighed. "With alcohol? Maybe."
Kirell couldn't follow that very well, but he was immediately distracted by Dopey moving up the ramp to the ship and shooing Kirell out the door. Bashful's blue hologram flickered to life, and the door slid closed behind Kirell.
"Uh, did you give 'em off time, Cap?" Happy asked, taking another sip of his drink. The Captain shook his head, but Sleepy interrupted.
"That, uh... that was me, I guess. I told Dopey he could have some time if we got through everything before ya got back. Ya, uh... ya didn't need the ship for anythin' urgent, did ya?"
The Captain sighed. "Not immediately, no. Just... I hope they left the alarm system on. Just in case."

Collected chapters
Chapters voiced by A Good Bean
Support me on Patreon!
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2021.10.02 21:20 Zephylandantus TEV Tricard - Entry

[First] [Wiki] [Previous]
Hansen stood on the bridge of the Tricard as the ship slowly edged its way into the dead zone. He smiled as the familiar response to entering the zone caused a ripple of concerned murmurs to zoom across the bridge of the ship.
One by one the screens lost detail as the sensors that fed them stopped sending input.
Hansen knew this would happen. This was why it was called the ‘dead zone’. No sensors worked inside it. It had been his biggest asset in keeping his end-table seat in the skimmers. A seat he took at the age of twelve and had held until he joined the academy at sixteen.
He was the youngest of the skimmers and everyone challenged him for his seat. He would accept the challenge and plan a course that would take them through the zone.
Less than half would accept the course and of those that did, less than half again would finish the race.
He had initially flown on instinct, using the transparent cockpit of his skimmer to visually navigate through the zone. A challenging and dangerous way of flying at 0.25 lightspeed.
Eventually he had discovered a number of objects in the zone that held a fixed position and he began using them as reference points, cutting his flight time through the zone in half and ensuring decimating victories in the challenge races.
But that was in a single seated skimmer, with a full hemispherical cockpit. This time he was entering in an eight hundred tonne exploration vessel with the bridge placed in the center mass of the ship. There were no windows, which was a tactical advantage in any and all encounters outside of the zone.
Inside the zone, it was an eight hundred tonne blind spot.
He had placed marines on key points on the outside of the hull with hardwired comm lines and fixed, hardwired cameras had been placed on nine key locations on the hull as well.
Lieutenant Redhorseshoe was fidgeting nervously in her seat at the navigation console. The nine fixed view camera feeds gave her very little visual information and the marines were feeding her verbal instructions on the blind spots.
Hansen walked up behind her. “You got this, Lieutenant,” he said with confidence, “just ease us into the zone.”
The navigator didn’t look away from her limited input screens. “I don’t know, Sir, I’ve never flown blind.”
Hansen gently placed a hand on the sweating astronavigator’s shoulder. “It is just a different input. Move slowly and respond to the marine reports. They’re trained spotters and very disciplined. Besides, the Admiral wouldn’t have chosen you if you didn’t have the skillset to pull this off.”
The last addition caused the lieutenant to look at Hansen in disbelief.
“Every crew member of the Tricard is hand picked by Admiral Derrish.” He said and patted her shoulder twice before he turned away. “Incoming asteroid: x-22, y-501, z- minus 332.” He noted as he walked away.
The lack of visual input on the screens made it impossible for the crew to notice the roll of the Tricard as she dodged out of the way of the asteroid, but the look of gratitude that the lieutenant shot at Hansen told him that she would be just fine.
He really wanted to nudge her out of the way and take the controls, but his job was no longer to fly a ship.
His job was to get the right people in the right place to get the mission done and right now, his place was not behind a nav console.
Krähe was standing on the XO spot on the bridge, arms crossed, with a look of pure concentration on his face. Hansen walked over to the Chief Engineer.
“What’s your take on this?” he asked.
“The interruption is fluctuating in an unpredictable pattern. The oscilloscopic frequency is all over the place and it seems like there is no repetition.” Nick sighed as he had to verbalize the only conclusion he wouldn’t accept. “The only way to descramble the dead zone is to find whatever is transmitting the disruption and turn it off.”
Hansen nodded silently and walked over to the sensor suite operator. “That one,” He pointed at one of the nine screens that the cameras were feeding in, “is static, mark it as a waypoint.”
The operator marked the asteroid he had pointed out.
“Starboard twenty two degrees.” Hansen instructed loudly.
“S-B-2-2,” came the reply from the focused helmsman, “verified.”
Seven turns and two hours later Hansen ordered a full stop.
“There,” he said and pointed to a giant asteroid, “take us in and touch down. Alert the landing team: The Admiral, his protection detail and myself are going in.”
A loud thump caught Hansen’s attention and his curiosity forced him to turn around to see what caused the noise.
Derrish had planted himself firmly on the decking, sitting with his arms crossed in front of his torso and with a facial expression that gave him the resemblance of a beauty pageant toddler who has just learned that there is no prize for a runner up position..
Hansen walked over to the pouting admiral and squatted down on his haunches in front of him.
“You don’t want to go?” he asked with a soothing tone.
Derrish nodded slowly, still pouting.
“You don’t want the twins? or me to go?” Derrish repeated the reply.
“Admiral!” Hansen’s tone shifted to a more stern intonation. Derrish replied by looking past him with a soft, slightly confused expression in his eyes.
Hansen slowly turned his head and followed the Admiral’s gaze. His sight line was interrupted by the back of a regulation red-hued braid, casually slung over the back of the tactical operator’s chair on the Tricard’s bridge*.*
“Lieutenant Simms.” He called for the operator’s attention.
“Sir!” Simms got up from the chair and stood at attention, facing the two men on the floor.
“Are your EVA qualifications up to date?” Hansen had turned his head back to look at Derrish.
“They are, Commodore.” Simms replied immediately.
“Then suit up, you’re coming with us.”
Derrish scrambled to get on his feet, ran over to Simms and grabbed her by the hand, then he skipped off the bridge with a deliriously happy facial expression as he dragged the semi-running lieutenant behind him.
Hansen watched the two leave with a concerned facial expression.
“I never thought I’d actually see her landing gear in use.” Krähe remarked as the Tricard touched down on the asteroid.
“Then now would probably be a good time to inspect their state.” Hansen remarked as he slipped the helmet over his head and heard the seals snap tight. “Just to verify that they actually do what they were intended to.” He added in an effort to take the sting of the insinuation that Krähe could have neglected that specific feature of the Tricard’s equipment catalogue.
Krähe nodded solemnly as he checked Hansen’s suit status on the technician’s tablet. “I’ll do that while you watch a madman draw a penis in the dust on an asteroid at zero point two five g’s.”
“Point taken.” Hansen chuckled.
Krähe didn’t look up from the tablet. “I wasn’t joking.” He said as he gestured out of the porthole in the airlock with his right hand.
Outside the ship Hansen could see the twins and lieutenant Simms standing in a loose line as Derrish was moving backwards, dragging his heels through the fine layer of dust.
Hansen opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted as his HUD told him that hardwired external communication was deactivated. It also told him that remote comms were disabled due to interference of an unknown origin.
He looked at Krähe through the transparent plasteel dome that was his helmet. The XO of the Tricard gently ushered him into the airlock and threw a victorious smile in his direction as the chamber cycled the atmosphere out and the external hatch opened.
Hansen realised that checking the status of the landing gear was probably the easier job of the two as he exited the Tricard through the mid-ship accessway and watched the beginning of what was most definitely going to be a phallic outline around the Tricard.
He walked over to the three spectators and touched his palm interface port to the shoulder equivalent on Simms’ suit. “Assist the Admiral please.” He said when the HUD informed him that a tactile line was established. “Or we’ll be here until we run out of O2.”
Simms looked at him, the expression of disbelief that filled her face froze as she realized that Hansen wasn’t joking. She looked at the direction the Admiral was heading and nodded slowly. “I’ll do the tip.” She noted and headed to the front of the ship.
Hansen made eye contact with the closest of the twins and indicated that he would heel the testicle outline and received a nod in confirmation. The other twin immediately set out to mirror the Admiral’s effort on the other side of the Tricard.
When the Admiral finally looked up and saw that the image had been completed through team effort, he nodded happily and skipped off in a seemingly random direction, closely followed by the twins and with Hansen and Simms pursuing the three in as close an approximation to ‘orderly fashion’ as possible, which turned out to be a near panicked sprint.
It didn’t take long for Hansen to realise that Derrish’s choice of direction was anything but random as the slightly scattered group approached a cave entrance on the asteroid surface.
As he and Simms caught up to the twins and their ward he realised that Derrish was staring at him with the all-too-rare hyper focused gaze that the Admiral had trademarked.
He paused at the entrance, looked around at the others in turn and then he entered the cave.
The opening was large enough for all of them to enter comfortably in a single file, but Hansen realised instinctively that this would be a perfect defence zone. Any assailants would, at the most, be able to enter two at a time and that would only be possible if they were willing to sacrifice room to dodge.
The narrow opening sloped downwards towards the center of the asteroid and in the cone of his helmet mounted light emitters he could see that the path took small turns every fifty meters or so. Essentially making the pathway a unidirectional gauntlet if someone was to ambush them.
Despite his instincts screaming at him to turn around and leave this death trap, Hansen pressed on. The inch thick layer of dust told him that nobody had been through this way for decades.
Suddenly the narrow tunnel widened into a large cavern. Hansen’s light cones allowed him to estimate the room as a ten meter radius quarter dome shaped artificial clearing. They had entered at what seemed to be the middle point of the outer shell and were facing a large, smooth wall. Hansen slowly approached the surface, it was a concrete casting, seemingly seamless, with no indentations of any kind.
He felt a slight pressure on his left shoulder and his HUD flashed a ‘Tactile coms open’ message at him. He turned his head and saw the Admiral standing beside him a decent two feet away from the wall with his hand on Hansen’s shoulder.
Derrish began a slow tilt forwards, visibly stretching his neck to get as far away from the back of his domed helmet as possible, his tongue extended to its fullest capacity.
As the Admirals continued to lean forwards, Hansen watched in disbelief as the admiral managed to touch his plasteel dome to the wall by only bending in the ankle joints.
It wasn’t until the Admiral took one step forward to improve his traction against the dust that Hansen realised that the man was trying to lick the wall. Derrish pressed the domed helmet against the concrete and pressed himself forwards in his suit, tongue extended to it’s fullest.
“Sir?” Hansen utilised the tactile link to try to convince the Admiral to stop. “You won’t be able to—”
He was interrupted when Derrish managed to touch the tip of his tongue against the dome. The Admiral smacked his lips once and then he disconnected the emergency backpack that was strapped to his shoulders, instantly freeing the man from his forced placement at the back of the suit.
Derrish immediately went to second base with the wall, his arms splayed out in an attempt to hug the concrete surface and his tongue doing frantic circles on the inside of his visor.
Hansen touched the Admiral on his shoulder point.
“This is the place.” Derrish’s tone was elated, bordering frantic. “It has the taste! This is the place!” the Admiral was weeping with joy. “I am home.” He whispered gently before turning to rest his back against the wall, placing his hands on Hansen’s shoulders.
“Now open it.” The Admiral insisted as his focused gaze once again locked Hansen's eyes in unbreakable contact.
“What? How?” Hansen didn’t understand.
Derrish dragged him over to the right hand side of the cave where he dusted off a horizontal surface that had been dug into the rounded cave wall.
The surface was cleared of dust easily, revealing a tactile comms port.
“Touch it!” Derrish let go of Hansen before he could answer.
Hansen stared at the port. Then at Derrish and then at the port again.
He placed his palm connector onto the port and a new interface immediately popped up on his HUD.
A request for a voice input.
When Hansen hesitated a picture slowly faded onto his HUD. It was a young woman, her face was filled with love, an expression he knew intimately.
“M...Mom?” he was shocked. The woman in the picture was not Septerra Hansen. Her nose was smaller and her hair was blonde, not brown. Yet he knew the face. He could never forget it. It had been the first thing he had ever seen.
The interface recorded the word and shone a green light across his face as it read ‘S.E.E: Verified. Access granted.’


A/N. The plot plotteth itself. Enjoy the cliffhanger.
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2021.09.27 04:35 LusipherStarLine778 The problems in the reasons why

The question of credibility
Is what I say real or true
Was very complicated question and the reason for this has complicated complexity of existence
And who I IS
was actually in Leipzig germany
American government the reason why the reasons why they're attacking Germany besides in order to try and get the well multiple reasons they wanted to get the printing presses are get access to the printing presses they also wanted to claim that they had invented things that the Germans had and they wanted too kill me
And there are other things like the hairy move man or the church. If they kill Germany there be pulling the rug out from under me
Germany was quite secure and LemineL went up into Lushien and Country
And I was in Sipher electric heaven it was cold no one want to be there so I got to invint and do things for 500 years
It wasn't until he realized that they were gold tables and diamonds and jewelry and all kinds of wealth in Lussia that the Yankees wanted to get in there
The Yankee problem was mostly in warmer climates where they could walk for great distances without dying or freezing and the colder place is or where life is harder and harder to get to
The Yankee deceivers actually had a much harder time getting to there because they couldn't like walk for miles and then come across the house and kill people in the house and take everything that was there was valuable and try and run away
The Yankees would say that they were doing guerrilla warfare which basically means that they were using muscle enhancers and basically trying to kill people and then and then denying it
Though they were caught by Germans and Chinese and Russians and many other people even Mexicans also often times when the Kennedys are the Christ Catholics chaos Catholics or whatever when they stole these valuable items from the Museum's from the places they would steal cups from one of my houses on one of my castle and then they would go to a town to try and trade these cups for for money or food or transportation
Except many of my things were well known for hundreds of years thousands of years they knew who owned those things they knew who made those things they knew where those things were supposed to be so the Yankees were young children who would go into other countries and try and steal watches and things like that
So this is why so many Americans were killed and stuff like that on whether it was a government tries to keep the secrets of how many of their own soldiers that they actually killed or tried to force other people because they were trying to cover up those ties to those things
Also to explain the current situation and everything else like that is because my identity and my title is real
Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Lusipher
It's very complicated Bruce has basically the government or the Congress man and other people were trying to become electrics but a flash can I ask to become Electric Life form so
It's much like becoming a car you can't become your car can you
Though it's possible for your car to be home Advanced enough that it might be able to communicate with you and even ride along with you turn left in 778 feet and the one girl that will love you is on the left
The boy guy that will abuse you and and deceive you is on your right and has no hair
I stoped candy from removing the hair of females
They where protecting Lusphur I was of Little size and qute cute
Yellow silvee white Blond hazel hair 1.7 or about 28 inches in Size so 1976 though I moved to 1977 I like LL Lusphur Lite
So,many people where angry why dose he get to move
So well I'm Lusohur so I can move from before Christmas like December 7th 1976 to 1977 April 12th 1977
4 light sphere system 4 lines of life and 12 lines in Existince
So the word Galaxy actually means
Count the L /_ \ L / _\ X = 4L
Galaxie. I E (E = 2 L )
It's not math
So in 1970 through 1977 they got me
They're actually drugging me for about three years of my life to keep me out of communication and then they later on tried to poison me with Mercury or did Poison me with Mercury to try and make me go insane or to try and keep me from doing things or remembering
So it's one group was trying to basically take over trying to do identity theft trying to kill me basically
The Renault was actually doing flyovers at 471 Mountain Drive and I supposed to be at 477 Mountain Drive
And because I was supposed to be at 477 Mountain Drive
They where trying to meet people and keep me at 471 I'm actually trying to call me Rodney or say that I was Brian or some other child
The Gypsies in the Hell's Angels actually heard about some boy or some person being held and they're trying to figure out which one was Lucifer
I would have actually died at 471 Mountain Drive except for the Hell's Angels and also use the deputies also found out about it and the actors actually saved my life Actors of Hollywood
And Rodney and Rick Bush and some other people that were her remove we're trying to say that Santa Barbara was owned by them and therefore killing me wasn't betrayal or treason
They thought they could kill me as Bryan then just cover up that I was Lusphur starline
Do as I say all of these ideas that they had these are the ideas of a 15 to 25 year old person that doesn't think about the fact that America would figure it out that she went our line of life and that he person if they were going to go to the White House or do anyting basically that they would need to fill out verification validation and also even though Rodney and Rick Bush. If they controlled America and if Rodney wouldn't do what I wanted and Rick Bush wouldn't do what I wanted in other people wouldn't do what I wanted then basically I couldn't do anything to them
Though America said they should be shot for treason and killed hung and burned just for good measure
Many of the people from 1944 and many of the people in both Jehovah's Witness group or the white supremacist group found out that basically Rodney Rick Bush and his other people were planning on blaming them and killing them saying that they were the treasonous ones
As I say they plan to basically kill everyone on Earth and basically the people that run the government they plan to basically do all these things Munch The missiles in many ways by keeping me out of the White House they're basically making America and the whole government basically guilty of treason I'm making every human guilty of betraying their Lored in flesh
For which basically America planned or one white supremacist group planned to blame Germans Chinese and the greater America
So and basically what you have is a life-form piperline or basically a derogation of the form type and basically pretty much free crush and Rodney were trying to make everyone disrespectful and lewd
So they could say what happened to me was not there fault like trying to say its not so bad
So of course later on nude find out that they couldn't actually take over lust and they couldn't become an electric like I was
In some ways a lot of things like profanity disrespect and other things like that Rodney and Rick Bush were trying to say that they were going to blow people's minds with the new system
Basically amounts to profanity depression frustration and anger and basically they added that to existence
I,mean its epic stupid
To explain things Rick Bush was trying to show how he was the true Lucifer Lord and Rodney was trying to trying to prove how he was the true Lucifer Lord so they got a brief little something or kill enough people and hurt enough people that basically they were able to basically do something that basically led to corniness pathetic frustration and anger hopelessness
Yup well funny I mean besides ancient past and so many other life-form types and everything else like that knowing about my existence in my existence existing for hundreds of trillions of years I mean there wasn't really that many I mean there are other electronics that are all the people there are other leader and inventors in existence there are there are many other peoples in existence and stuff like that to get advice from him and the Germans are liminal people they were amazing people the asions as well
Some of the best years of existence were actually because of the agents there is this one female queen that was Asian and her rule they would try and say that she ruled with an Iron Fist and everything nothing was she was true she was real she had a real line she really work for me she was basically one of my servants or whatever I mean servant is kind of hard to say when I say slave it's like saying lussin
Like is Land LSLand
Lusphur Star lust
So yes real
Though tell Rick Bush and Rodney are trying to make it so people don't believe what I say
So also while rock bush and Rodney are trying to be lord and trying to hurt every one EL Lusphur was protecting people
Another reason why I mean there were children that would say that they were missed that they misspoke by accident because they were told any valid or were mistaken information it wasn't their fault though Rodney and Rick Bush and other people want to punish them and kill them and make them suffer they were only children
And I'm not going to,let some 6 year old little person be punished for thousands of years
No I wouldn't allow that like I said they were trying to use schoolchildren and other people to basically do their deception and it was wrong and I wouldn't allow other people wouldn't allow it
I mean a German would every one stops abuse and disrespect
There are things in life and existence that can happen and do happen and sometimes they are unfortunate and then there is what would not be let to happen
Not by me or any one
So Rodney Rick Bush would try and overrule Germany and try and overrule humans and try and say that they had higher level and they didn't
So there are things that people find out about
And snuggles EViL Little Lusphur oh they where going to want to have sex with me
I was realizing what I was becoming like I said it wasn't on purpose it wasn't something that they wanted to happen he was just kind of an effect
I was that person that was like father and I rapped my self around the young girls so they would not die
As I say in many ways I protect my lines of life I protect my love my life won't they protect me I protect them
They would have too kill me before they could abuse others
As long as you're following proper procedure as long as you're falling logic and reason
As long as your not being abusive then the Lored wrapped himself around the lines of life like a shield my Existince protecting the inosent and linea my right As lord
Its my flag yes should be 6 pointed L L L L
As long as life and existence understood where they came from how they came to be the importance of Science and Technology and existence and education
Then I could help them and I have 7 lines of life I had unity so as long as they knew Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Lusipher
Then they could be protected by EL
How do I say there are 14 Galaxy's out there there are 14 there's Germany China Mexico America every line every life-form everywhere
The particles
So my Existince is real
So as I say while people are deceiving and trying to do the ception and like I said this is bad for everyone many people would understand military would understand the FBI the CIA the police people that run the jails my words are true and real
So basically explain what happened and why things are the way they are pretty much I was of little size and basically some people said that they were my parents were that they were older and that they had right and authority over me
So this is how they
So I'm not a secret everyone the Germans knew about me being in somewhere Cottage A mountain Cottage as I say the Germans knew exactly where I was Americans were trying to force Germany to give up my location so they could kill me
Is actor you took the Harry move man like 35 years to actually find me
I never actually takes him until he's like 80 or some Mage taxi find out any real information about me and mostly probably finds out from me
What they were trying to do was have a speaker above me do as I say what they don't know is that the phone conversations from 477 Mountain Drive as well as they were using a AM radio to communicate to a speaker they are doing it extremely low-tech Renault actually sent to servicemen to basically go and set up a recorder
As I say if you look at the report it's actually the servicemen actually commented that they actually brought a descrambler because they thought that any kind of communication or abuse or something I thought they would be basically scrambling the signal and they actually didn't need it
Yes people actually all over Santa Barbara or at least in the mountains could easily hear everything and anything that Rick Bush transmitted from 477 Mountain Drive to 471
So I didn't really know who to contact or who to tell about it so they actually release the new news article
As I say this is why you would be finding out about newspapers being burned and newspaper reporters being threatened and killed or burned they killed many people that they they kill whole building's actually I said young people laugh about this but I says I say these are all records that you would find in the government and other sites I said what month was Rodney and Rick Bush didn't understand they thought the local police department would have all this information and no this information is with other planets and other lines life and other countries
Despite what Rick Bush and Rodney would believe or want to believe or want to be true most lines in life and entities consider their creator and / or human form to be very valuable and very important
So this is why Rick Bush and other people would be trying to basically say that they were making 44 and they were real and I was a crazy child I'm thinking that's funny and stuff like that and like I said well they haven't died yet
I have A little surprised for them waiting after they die
As I say the religious people and the church and the government and many other people they're acting they're pretending like they're successful like this is okay like things are status quo and things are normal
Rick bushes was acting and like I said the thing is that he said many things you said that I was a crazy child and I would die or I would be where I would stop existing basically you're saying that Lusphur was going to stop existing
The scene switches to a little girl with her arm supporting her head kind of looking dreamy and she says nope
They just changed my birth record from Lusphur Lored Lite StarLine too Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley
So I'm basically betrayal of the Lored in Flash
The life form line and treason trying to take over America
So they actually might have actually changed my birth record as high up as 1981
How do I say it's very complicated and it's how I exist in some changed and things like that do anything like that I mean trying to change a forbidden sacred name that is forbidden laws and rules and everything else
So they're going to be saying Brian until their last breath
The weather trying to do they're trying to say that someone else is the Lord or someone else's Lucifer and they try to say that the joke though I didn't think it was funny in or did the Germans or Chinese or anyone else
They try using my true name Lusphur though no one would let that happen
Star fleet is real
Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Lusipher
So well the thing is is that there's many planets
This is another reason why they try and say that Earth is a loan and blah blah I mean while like I said during 19:58 on somewhere on their Kennedy and Nixon would speak into his cuffs or his shirt
Like I said he was kind of ridiculous and a joke because I mean someone like me does not do that we can speak directly to a person's head and brain you just have to think it and we know
We are electric
So so they say a little bit higher like I said the level difference like I said humans of America and humans around are like on one level and my level is like that ridiculously high Level
As I saying this way they were trying to kill me and basically a x i wouldn't appear somewhere or I wouldn't be somewhere basically my existence would shift
I'm basically Rick Bush and Rodney and some hair remove people and some other people couldn't understand why people kept on supporting Lusphur
Um line A little girl says
Basically they want to do all this stuff we're basically pretend like I don't exist even though Starline sweet did exist does exist
And basically want to do all this whole National Security and top secret and basically Rodney want to know lots of things from me and I would tell him know that he didn't need to know those things and it wouldn't do them any good
Rodney hated that I kept things from him like I said it's just Rodney and Rick Bush and some other people and they're trying to be white supremacist and trying to be the people the toes if you go to do the trimsetterz I'm so basically began and 1950 years aren't that basically Rick Bush and Rodney going around saying how he was Lulu and the love and tough love tough guy he was taking over or going to control This Town Country basically eventually people get really angry at him
Anyway like I said it's this whole thing that basically ends as soon as they die
And and to explain everything basically it is treason and basically Rodney Rick Bush and other people are trying to say was the father Rick Bush tries to say that he's the father except and Bishop and then later on he tries to say what he meant Rodney was the father and like okay so now you say butt cheeks not really fathering Cappy father is no father and the first reference to the forefathers was actually Four Feathers 4 AVE
Anyway like I say it's actually a misspelling of feathers
So there is no real for forefathers long ago or any reference to that
So feel like I say what your reality is or your country or everything else basically as Laird deceptions
And Rodney Rodney Rick Bush rather people were saying that they were going to be confirmed as Lucifer are confirmed as Lord or it was in the bag and basically trying to say that the evidence would come out never never comes out of course
So basically you have all these words and all these things and basically a bunch of politicians a bunch of Congressman in a bunch of people get very angry then of course the Harry Movement try to take over try to kill them and try to do all this stuff and basically I mean a lot of things happened and basically pretty much
They where insisting I was Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley
Like I said basically and there's another problem because I was actually Star Line that was my actual birth name and I made sure that and other people make sure that and basically Rodney or other people kept on hitting me up wanting thousands of dollars they want $5,000 they wanted to try and get my name
So it became this Nightmare and for my people in my lines and other entities and stuff like that like in the greater existence and look like that I could be Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley and in effect they would actually protect my name as Rodney and other people couldn't use my name
And so basically my people will just wait for Rodney to force
Star Line is Existence LS
So I do exist and have existed
So A Nixson with a briefcase says I'm Goin In
Its arm cupping nixson
As I say many people because I do make them suffer I A lot lot more I'm on one I'm not person so like I say they would find out they would regret betraying me much much more they would do what I wanted
And by now after the Caesars of Rome had killed me 4 Caesars and 1500 other boy guy men now know that you don't disagree with Lusphur
Though they think they can say I'm not Lusphur
So well quite unfortunate so and like I said I worked with entities in lines in my friend it's all very real and so the negotiations are mine and me and so like I said Harry move man or Rick Bush and Rodney were trying to renegotiate trying to say that they were like me or that they could do what I could do or that they had something to do as we move into the future you would be found that that is not real and not true
So its complex
Hendrick Collision Rodney and other people are saying that's an act or that I pretend or act a certain way and now in fact I don't really want people to really know the true me. You're not worthy
Though there is knowing me and purposes
You might think of what I actually do in existence and everything else as basically like when you get to the end of the line or yeah when it gets real
Then Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Lusipher
So they thought they could take over by insisting I was Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley
So basically like there's some young teenage kids that were like what do you mean that was the whole plan was supposed to die when he was a child is Rodney and Rick Bush and other people had gone to people saying that I was going to stop existing I thought I was going to be dead
Rick Bush would say I and I got a way I can kill the kid which is actually calling the Lord by another name and deception and stuff like that
Do Rick Bush and Rodney and other people thought where they have to lose and thinking they would be rich
It took me a quite a long time to understand why he was a logical and it was stupid and like I said it was just so illogical and crazy I couldn't understand why they would do what they did
As I say there is no logical rational to explain stupid
With that Sam cyphers would actually show a picture when I was going to die and everything else like that deciphers didn't know what to do and so what they did was they released the photo was stupid my photo
It was actually really cute and it actually saved my life
I love those electrics
Only in 1979 when I died did the photo change to Rick bush
As there last bit idea that maybe if people knew about him they would know about me
How do I say this is why I get so angry my anger in my wrath and everything else like that anger I have inside and my sureness and everything else I dies because of the answer because I feel their pain Because I know their pain
So I do everything and explain everything we do as much as I can to help them as much as I can to explain what happened what happened where happened the reason for which it happened and to explain your existence in such a way that those people who did things will not be punished or hurt that there's no reason to kill them
As I say if I don't say these words if I don't explain myself so I don't make myself knowing about then basically government and Rick Bush and Rodney and so many other people will what are the death of all those people and think that killing those people are turning these people will actually get them and realistically it just makes it even worse
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2021.08.13 06:50 EliWest721 Ok. The new video on YouTube from GameStop had an Easter Egg. Here is my tin foil take....

TL;DR 1. Easter egg is at the 4:20 mark....420 yall 2. That’s our diamond in the picture 3. There are 41 hashes/marks at the bottom T41 4. The message “There is no escape. This is Canon” includes “Cant Stop” and “R Cohen”
Ok, so I remember the RIP dumbass tweet and everyone descrambling the letters. And I remember thinking that everyone was stretching on it.
So when I saw the Easter egg at 4:20 in the GameStop YouTube vid, I thought it would be fun to decipher this message.
I searched the screen for anything sticking out. I noticed that the bottom of the screen had a lot of dots and hashes. Well if you count all of the dots and hashes there are 41. Made me think of T41. I laughed and chalked it up to an interesting coincidence due to my confirmation bias.
Now I start looking at the letters and words. After about 15 minutes of not finding anything tangible, I found the letters for “can’t” and “stop”. I got excited. Then I found “Cohen” and “R” and I got my Jits Tacked up.
But now I need help:
The best sentences I can come up with are: Eases in. I can’t stop. He is R Cohen
I think there is something there, but I can’t fully crack it and I have to go to bed. Hopefully our collective ape brain can figure this out while I sleep.
here is a link to my post with a picture of the Easter egg
here is the YouTube vid
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2021.05.25 08:53 DJWalnut A Bitcoin Future: A short story I wrote

A bitcoin future
The year is 2050, and cryptocurrency is no longer the future, it is the present. Mining is now the biggest industry, consuming most of the earth’s natural resources. Under the stress of the growing crypto black market, the word’s governments collapsed in the Great Tax Crisis of 2040. now code is law, on the blockchain.
Satoshi Baker is an average twenty something man from the doge republic. His parents, like most, were nocoiners. When the hodlers became the new kings with their crypto wealth, the common man was left with comparatively nothing. However, no man rules alone, and thus an army of labor is employed to run the great mines, where cryptocurrenty is mined. Satoshi (whose name is now the most popular baby name) pulls our of his driveway onto the road. The Roadcoin transponder in his dash automatically pays the toll for the road, which like all roads, is now private.
Satoshi decides to take the back route today, since the Dentacoin Expressway is a bargain today due to last week’s 51% attack on the blockchain. After the transaction confirms 10 minutes later, he’s on the highway to Doge69 mine, in nakamoto city.
The car ahead of him slows and comes to a stop. Out come four men, carrying guns. Life is cheap, but wallet keys, and the funds within, are not. Remembering the time he got mugged and lost all his Theta Fuel a few weeks ago, satoshi baker reaches for his 3D-printed shotgun he bought at the market for a few dozen SushiSwap. He loads a 12 gauge and pumps. Satoshi’s aim is true, and he survives the assault by the highwaymen. One of the attacker’s wallets has the title NFT of his car. Satoshi drives off in it, being nicer than his old one.
Over the horizon, a large campus of warehouses comes into view, stretching on for miles. On the other side of the freeway, the large pit mine supplying lignite coal to the nearby power plant complex, providing the mine with cheap electricity, enabling more profitable mining “Exit 34A: Doge69 Employee Parking” Satoshi pays the CueCatCoin toll and the traffic spikes retract, granting access.
Satoshi swipes his wallet, which transmits the door key NFT, and the door opens. Satoshi baker picks up the newspaper in the breakroom. “SpaceX announces first crypto mine on the moon” he chuckles. Bitcoin finally went to the moon. “Historic Bailout Passes as Bitcoin Slips Further.” he puts down the paper and clocks in for work
The loading bay doors open and the pallets of new ASICs are rolled off. The captain of the Doge Republic knows that one doesn’t stay a profitable mine with outdated tech. Some of the highest payed workers work in the vertically integrated in house ASIC Research and Development wing. Satoshi’s parents claim to remember when scientists researched other things, and when computers did all sorts of things and not just mine, but the invisible hand of the free market has deemed that the vast cavernous mines were a better use, he thought.
He gets to work, unboxing the new xX_hashMSTR420_Xx miner rigs and plugs them into the rack. The work is easy but for the sweltering head of the mining rooms, as the HVAC can barely keep up with the heat output of the miners. Satoshi drifted off into his daydreams while he works. He dreams of a day he can make the lucky trade and retire from slaving in the mines and pollution of the ASIC factories to some tropical oceanfront property in Tennessee. At last, the final pallet is installed, and Doge69 remains competitive another day.
Satoshi drives home after work, and makes it home without incident. He pays for today’s broadcast descrambler NFT and turns on the TV. “crypto today with Satoshi Crtiz” begins. Satoshi lazily pulls out his phone to trade along with his favorite crypto streamer. “What’s up hodlers, it’s ya boi satoshi, we got some wild news for y’all sitting at home there, Zkswap’s ICO is HOT! Get it while it lasts” satoshi logs into bitdesk and leverages his houses NFT to buy into the ICO. Satisfied with his portfolio, satoshi baker passes out on the coutch.
Crypto News Network interrupts the tail end of Crypto today “BREAKING: Bitcoin Blockchain ceased functioning months ago, Bitcoin Mining Council denies coverup”
“CNN has learned that the bitcoin blockchain was covertly shut down months ago to save costs. We go live to our chief crypto technical consultant to explain what this means, nick? Yes samantha, the bitcoin block reward is capped at 21 million, almost all of which has been mined. Maintaining the blockchain without transfer fees was costing the Bitcoin Mining Council billions to mine. Seeing as the mining pool had long been centralized, the council quietly agreed to shut down mining and switch to an obsolete ledger technology called Microsoft Excel to process the few transactions bitcoin processes.” “what effect do we expect on crypto markets?” samantha asks. “given how most of the value in crypto markets is in smart loans backed by bitcoin, we expect a credit crunch to follow shortly” “thank you”
“we now go to Satoshi Musk, CEO of the Bitcoin Mining Council. Satoshi, what effect do you expect on crypto markets?” “thank you. Bitcoin is a store of value. Shitcoins aren’t backed by anything, but bitcoin is digital gold. Buy the dip!” “Thank you, Samantha Howard, CNN”
The electricity goes out
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2021.05.22 20:33 Alex_Ad628 Digging deeper: why 24-words phase does not work - fuds lost with Ledger Nano S upgrade

Hello all,

This is a follow up post to the initial one here:

Let me remind the problem:
  1. Had initialized my Ledger Nano S in early 2018, wrote down the only 24-seed on the piece of paper, then purchased some coins (sent from and to), then left untouched till 2021. 2) Got forced to update the firmware, Ledger Nano S reset to default after the upgrade.
  2. Restored with my 24-words seed (mnemonically correct), but got different addresses with no transactions.
  3. I had the last bitcoin address I deposited in December 2018, all funds are in place.
  4. Using seedrecovery/btcrecover tool (thanks to u/Crypto-Guide and Co) I tried to recover the correct seed that would correspond the last known btc address. I used the following: checking on wrong words (up to 2 entirely different words), descrambling of up to 12 words (1-12 with fixed positions of 13-14 words, 13-24 with fixed 1-12 words, 1-6 and 13-18 with fixed 7-12&19-24 words), all with different derivation paths ( m/49'/0'/0'/0, m/49'/0'/1'/0, m/49'/0'/2'/0, m/49'/0'/3'/0 - considering I could create a few accounts through Google Chrome BTC Wallet).
  5. I even tried to brute force my 24-seed with passphrase (consisting from the most commonly used passwords I could use) - even though I'm 100% sure I didn't use a passphrase (I did not know about such a thing that time and only recently discovered such an option). But I still decided to try this option. Also with no success.
  6. I found and purchased used Ledger Nano S with the old 1.3.1 firmware in attempt to reproduce the error: I restored my seed on the old Nano S with 1.3.1, and connected it to restored Google Chrome BTC wallet app (thanks to u/mastooo123 and his Post) - but no success as well.
By now my only guess after all the attempts to restore the correct seed: There could be an error in derivation path (or derivation code) and Ledger Nano S generated not correct Master Private Key out of my 24-seed phrase and I worked with those "wrong" addresses, not knowing that. The reason (assumption/hypothesis) - if Ledger Nano S used wrong libraries to generate Private Keys - just like it was described in GitHub BIP39 issue here).
u/Kerckhoffs_, u/btchip - please advise, may be some number of 1.3.1 firmware devices had different libraries where derivation mechanism could be affected (just like that described on BIP39 issue with bip32jp and bitcore.io)?

Now I'd like to dig deeper into the issue, and collect a bit more info from people that faced the same problem with Ledger Nano S:
  1. Are you sure you've got the only one 24-w seed? (My reply - yes, I'm sure as far as I trust my memory);
  2. Have you checked if your seed mnemonic correct (e.g. with iancoleman tool)? (My reply - yes, I tested with iancoleman - the seed is mnemonically correct)
  3. Are you sure you did not use passphrase? (My reply - yes, I'm sure I did not use passphrase)
  4. Have you been only receiving or also sending the coins from your wallets? Did you see the changes in Google Chrome wallet apps? (My reply - yes, I did send coins from wallet to crypto exchange and received them on my addresses from the exchange)

PS. More info - the better. u/Europe202, u/Livid-Proof-6427, u/jonyskids, u/AmbitiousPig, you all had the same issue. What are your replies on questions 1-4? May be together we can find the solution?
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2021.04.02 00:29 rdb9879 10GBASE-R 64b/66b decoding questions

I am trying to understand the 64b/66b encoding/decoding used in 10GBASE-R. I thought I was understanding it until I looked at some real (descrambled) data being generated by a known working transmitter. I received a bunch of 0x7800_0000_0000_0000 values in a row, sync value 2. My interpretation would be: This is a start-of-data-packet (implicit S0), followed by 7 data bytes containing 0x00. But then I get a 0x7800_0000_0000_0000 on the very next cycle. Shouldn't a data packet be terminated before starting a new data packet? Then, the first different packet I receive is 0x1eaa_aaaa_aaaa_aaab, sync value 2. This would mean this is a control block format that contains 7 control words (C0 to C7). When I look in Table 49-1 of IEEE 802.3 Clause 49, I don't see any control codes with the value 0xaa or 0xab. There's some confusing language on some codes for 10GBASE-R that says "Encoded by block type field", which I'm not 100% clear what this means. I definitely can't find a table anywhere that says "here's how the control code is encoded versus block type field."
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2021.01.20 22:27 Sarah-Tang Azur Trek Enterprise #3 Part 1: Yorktown Class Down

Period: Enterprise // August 13th, 2158

STATUS [KANSEN Akagi]: Starting Main Computer Sync
STATUS [KANSEN Akagi]: Main Computer Sync Complete
Index Date: Index 0913-13-08-2158//Access Primary Feed
Reference: SS Akagi//Columbia-Class NX-Refit//NX-20
Transmission [From KANSEN Yorktown To All Allied Ships]: "This is the SS Yorktown, we have detected a large Romulan force approaching our position, any ships in the area, please come at once."
End Transmission
STATUS: 17 Minutes out from SS Yorktown
STATUS: Weapons Ready, Hull Polarized, Crew at Battle Stations, Sensors Operational.
INTERNAL: Move Combat Tasks to Secondary Feed
INTERNAL: Pull Up Message Archive.
Saved Message [From KANSEN Enterprise To KANSEN Akagi]: Akagi, I'm sorry that Starfleet isn't commissioning more Sakura Kansen back into service. Mikasa and I have tried to convince the Admiralty, but many of them doubt your loyalty. They’re having trouble moving past your history. I'm not going to give up, but it might be a while before they’re brought back, I'm sorry.
Attachment: List of New Columbia-Class Ships: SS Hood, SS Richelieu, SS Bismarck. List of New Intrepid-Class Ships...
Akagi signed. She knew that there was some hard feeling between Command and the old Crimson Axis Kansen, however, she was frustrated that between the Ironblood and the Sakura Empire, they had only brought back 3 Kansen, herself, Bismarck, and her sister Kaga. They needed more Kansen, Taihou...she needed to bring back Taihou. They had never truly gotten along, however, Akagi had rarely met a Kansen with more drive and determination. If Taihou supported bringing back more Sakura Kansen, no force out there would stop her. After all, bringing us back is what Shikikan-sama would want.
Transmission [From CO SS Akagi To SS Atlanta, SS San Diego]: "Sensors aren't detecting any Romulan Ships near Yorktown, everyone, prepare to handle causalities and began damage control operations."
End Transmission
Akagi tuned out of the Open Channels and delved into the Private Ones. What were those other ships saying about her? She knew they didn't trust her; she didn’t blame them. No, no she did. She had been trying for years to make up for working with the Sirens, what would she have to do for them to believe she was on their side?
Transmission [Encrypted//XO SS Atlanta to XO SS San Diego]: "I don't know about you, but I don't fully trust Akagi. Don't get me wrong, I trust her captain and crew, but remember, Akagi betrayed Humanity for Power."
End Transmission
Transmission [Encrypted//KANSEN San Diego to XO SS Atlanta, XO SS San Diego]: "First, try better encryption, even I can get through this~☆. Second, Akagi betrayed us to bring her sister back, not for power...[Encryption Changed]"
End Transmission
Akagi tuned out. She knew better, she knew all these messages would be recorded in her Access Record, but she couldn't help herself. She had been trying hard to earn their trust. However, besides Enterprise she knew that very few Kansen wanted to work with her. Damn them, she had fought for Azur Lane against the Siren for Decades and later to protect the rest of the world from the Eastern Coalition, and yet...
STATUS: 10 Minutes out from SS Yorktown
Akagi stopped after hearing the announcement and began battle preparations.
STATUS: 5 Minutes out from SS Yorktown
Transmission [Internal//SS Akagi]: "This is the Captain, we're 5 minutes out and we're detecting no Romulan signatures. However, we are detecting a pair of our ships, Enterprise and Hornet. Prepare to receive causalities from Yorktown. Engineering crews prepare to beam over for damage control. We must get Yorktown out of here as quickly as possible. Comm, are Portland and Essex still in Inbound."
"Yes Captain, they're around 18 minutes out”.
"Relay them my instructions”.
End Transmission
ATTENTION: Dropping Out of Warp
Akagi saw 2 Columbia-Class Ships and 1 Yorktown Class. Nearby was a cloud of Romulan and Starfleet debris that must have been Yorktown's escorts.
Transmission [From CO SS Enterprise To SS Akagi]: "Akagi, we're glad you're here. Yorktown took quite the beating during the fight. She's going to be down for a while, so if you can spare any repair teams they’d be grateful."
"You look like you took quite a bit of a beating yourself Enterprise".
"We'll be able to get back for repairs, Yorktown on the other hand is dead in the water. Do you know if any other ships are in range, our sensors and long-range comms are down?"
"Two Daedalus class ships, Portland and Essex are around 15 minutes out. We've also detected a Vulcan Patrol group in the region."
"Contact the Vulcans, see if their long-range sensors detect any pirates in the region. We could be stuck here for a few hours until Yorktown's ready to move."
"Of course, Captain. See you soon, Akagi out."
End Transmission
The Intrepid Class Atlanta and San Diego went over to Yorktown's docking ports. Akagi began scanning the debris field to see if anyone had survived.
ATTENTION: Unknown Warp Signature Incoming
Transmission [From KANSEN Akagi To Bridge]: "Captain, I'm detecting an...unknown...signature..."
"Akagi, what's wrong."
"It's a Siren ship, I know it."
"All Hands, Battle Stations. I’m not taking any chances. Comm, contact Captain Archer."
End Transmission
Akagi Tuned out. She began transmitting messages to the shuttles to dock at the Yorktown and stay over there for the time being. Then she Atlanta and San Diego to prepare for Combat.
Akagi looked out at the ship as it emerged. It looked like a Black and Gold mechanical Squid. Most of the lights seemed to be off and it seems that it had taken a lot of damage.
Transmission [From CO SS Akagi to DFC Seleya]: "Seleya, this is Captain Ryder of SS Akagi, a large Siren Cruiser has just warped into the area, I know you can't help against the Romulans, but we could use some assistance.
"Captain, we do not wish..."
"Seleya, Yorktown's dead in the water, and we can't evacuate the almost 600 crew aboard her."
"Captain Ryder, inform Enterprise that Seleya and her are, what's the human word, 'Even' after this."
"Will do Seleya, hope to see you soon."
End Transmission
Transmission [From ??ERROR?? To Fleet]:
The Woman?..that appeared on screen had pure white hair, sickly pale skin, and glowing yellow eyes. She appeared to be wearing an ill-fitting Starfleet Uniform, as if she had been outgrowing it.
"I am Arbiter XVI: Tower. You shouldn't have interfered. Yorktown was brought here so I could gather her for my experiments. I was also to gather the Kansen from those Romulan Ships. I will now have to suffice to gather the Kansen from your ships. Since I have so many humans to experiment on your crews will be killed."
FROM:[CO SS Akagi]: "Captain Garrett? Is that you? What are you talking about and what happened to you”?
FROM:[??ERROR??]: "I am Arbiter XVI: Tower, not Captain Garrett. You are interrupting an experiment meant to bring back my race. As Humans are woefully unfit to become Arbiters, I will need to see if Kansen can be made to fit the role. Pawns, prepare to open fire, target the Yorktown. Scavengers prepare to board the ship. Orders are to Capture Yorktown and kill the rest."
End Transmission
One of the arms of the ship moved to aim at the Yorktown, the yellow spots on the hull clearly weapon emplacements. Before the Captain could even give the Order, Akagi used the engines to put herself between the Yorktown and the Arm. She knew her captain and his thought process very well. 'If the Yorktown can't move, we'll have to'.
**PULL_PROFILE//**Captain Oliver Garrett
PROFILE//Summary: [Oliver Garrett: o edp nursiserabcpesstuniodl ce s ceeuf,sesas f ta3ao1rfmcp,tldiime , \Restricted\**]
WARNING//PROFILE: Oliver Garrett is Classified. See Article 14 of the Starfleet Charter
**WARNING//**Access Attempt Logged and Sent to Starfleet Command for Corrective Action
**RESPONSE//**As of 1200-07-08-2158 All Action of Captain Garrett are Disavowed by Starfleet Command
Akagi was shocked at the level of security around Garrett's profile. She would be able to run the few bits she found through a descrambler later, but the ship was now in position. She saw several Yellow projectiles leave the arm and streak towards Akagi. The entire ship shook as the blasts ripped the upper hull apart and systems turned offline.
WARNING: Hull Breach: Decks 1,2,3
WARNING: Contact with Bridge Systems Lost
WARNING: Connection to A Deck Severed
WARNING: Main Hull Polarization Module Offline
Akagi used what sensors remained on the upper section to see that the decks had been ripped apart by the blasts and the entire bridge had been destroyed. The other ships had begun trying to damage the Siren ship, however, it's shields were holding too well.
Transmission [From KANSEN Akagi to Engineering]: "Mercier, are you there?"
"Yes Sir. We’re shook up, but we’re holding."
"Send anyone not keeping those engines working to rig the structural clamps on Decks 7 and 8 to blow. I want to be able to eject the upper section if needed. After that, evacuate all Nonessential personal to the Yorktown."
"Yes Sir. And Akagi, it's been an honor serving with you."
End Transmission
Akagi continued to view the fight outside while working to flip the ship over. The arm took a bit of time to recharge, however, the small fleet didn't seem to be making much of an impact. Eventually, the Arm recharged, and it took aim at Atlanta and it fired.
Poor Atlanta, being smaller than Akagi, was almost torn apart.
SCAN [Lifesigns//SS Atlanta]: HUMAN: Sporadic, KANSEN: Stable
Akagi stopped the rotation of the ship. She figured that the upper primary wouldn't take another full volley from that thing, but the Lower Primary and Secondary hulls might. And she'd be able to get a few shots off with her Phase Cannons.
ATTENTION: Vulcan Warp Signature...
Akagi shook as another volley ripped into Akagi, tearing apart her lower sections. However, she managed to protect Yorktown from another Volley.
WARNING: Internal Sensors Offline
WARNING: External Sensors Offline
WARNING: Primary Communications Connection Lost
WARNING: Secondary Communications Connection Lost
Primary Connection: Failed
Secondary Connection: Failed
Emergency Connection: Successful
Transmission [From KANSEN Akagi to Engineering]: "Is anyone live in there?"
"*Cough* *Cough*, This is Mercier, a few of us survived, but we're dead in space."
"Can you give me something?"
"Nothing substantial"
"Anything, I need anything."
"I might be able to get a few seconds of warp, but with our structural integrity compromised, we wouldn't last. We still have some chemical thrusters, but I doubt they'll do much."
"Get them ready, Mercier. And I have enjoyed having you serve on her crew."
End Transmission
Akagi began using the thrusters to flip the ship around. Luckily, the blasts had did a lot of the work for her, but she needed the upper section at a particular angle.
Akagi began computing where she is and where the next blast would happen. She remembered facing Tower alongside the Northern Parliament's ships in the Arctic Ocean...she'd...she'd....she fire here.
Using what was left of the main computer, she predicted when Tower would fire next. She readied the Warp Engines.
Transmission [From KANSEN Akagi to Engineering]: "Mercier, we're going to be doing a quick Warp Skip in a moment, as soon as we're out, detonate the Charges on decks 7 and 8 and use the Thrusters to Shove the upper decks as far as possible away. And...don’t leave engineering until the rescue teams arrive"
End Transmission
Akagi felt the ship warp forward barely 100 meters away.
WARNING: Warp Core Offline.
The Entire ship shook as the structural clamps were blown, causing the upper hull to be torn from the engineering section. The Thrusters then ignited and began to separate the two sections of the ship. What was left shock again when a shockwave slammed into the remaining section of the SS Akagi. An explosion rocked the section, and a massive beam slammed into the chamber.

First, sorry this is late.
I have to say this is a more experimental one. I decided I wanted to do a story that the Kansen was Synced into the computer system for the entire story. The first thing I learned is the mundane things that Kansen mostly do are boring and sloggy. Part 2 will begin when Arbiter XVI: Tower began her attack, and will mostly (but not completely) follow the SS San Diego and the Fleet and will finish the story. If you don't like the style, it's ok, I understand.
Now, If you dislike this style, I can do a more traditional style where I describe what's going on in a more traditional sense, however, I like this because it creates a mechanical difference between being In and Out-of System. Any honest comments on it welcome.
Now, I wanted to do an In-System story because I'll be starting work on my first True Multi-Part Story and I'm going to need to be in-system for parts of it.
Azur Trek Enterprise #4: "Let History Never Forget...'
Part 1: "The Silver Buffalo": The Enterprise-C detects a distress call from a Klingon Colony.
Part 2: "Tomorrow's Enterprise": Pulled Forward into the Future, Enterprise meets her future self.
Part 3: "...The Name Enterprise": Enterprise Returns to Face Certain Death
These are going to be space out with Mothballed and a New Sub-Series: Mirror
Azur Trek: Mirror: Mirror mainly focuses on the Mirror Universe. Usually (although not always) during or after the TNG-DS9-VOY Period. Just like in Mothballed, most of the stories are going to revolve around a different ship each episode.

Next Episode: Azur Trek Enterprise #3 Part 2
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