Restaurants in silver lake michigan

Civil War Gold in Lake Michigan

2018.02.12 01:34 Nates94 Civil War Gold in Lake Michigan

Could it be?

2009.12.11 06:59 shopcat Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Silver Lake is a hilly district east of Hollywood in the city of Los Angeles, California.

2021.02.06 20:20 1968camaro Explore one of Michigans islands

A place to explore Beaver Island residing in Lake Michigan, Michigan. USA

2023.03.28 09:45 tonnie_taller Georgia man charged with murder after allegedly killing ex-girlfriend, burning her body

A Georgia man was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and burned her body in a car. Officers with the Gwinnett County Police Department conducted a welfare check on Thursday at Rubi Maldonado Nava’s home in Lawrenceville at Club Lakes Parkway, but she was nowhere to be found, according to … Continue reading Georgia man charged with murder after allegedly killing ex-girlfriend, burning her body
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2023.03.28 09:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description
Get the collection here:
[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection
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  • Kiyosaki Live NY City
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2023.03.28 09:42 tom442233 seafood in arlington tx

seafood in arlington tx This casual restaurant features a variety of seafood dishes, including blackened catfish, shrimp and grits, and seafood pasta. They also have a great selection of beers on tap and plenty of TVs to watch the game.
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2023.03.28 09:39 New-Initiative-5081 abandoned silver mine (second photo is how we got in and out lol) goes back very far, we went about an hour before turning back.

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2023.03.28 09:39 DinosaurDavid2002 Why is tone chasing became so popular among guitarist and even bassist?

Where as we typically don't see that with drums, percussion, synthesizer players, vocals, or for any other instruments, just guitar and bass.
Is tone chasing even worth it? Most music listeners from what I heard certainly don't care about tone, and care more dancing and vibing to the music(and in the case of places that plays music as a background such as restaurants and stores, making their costumers happy) then the tone of a guitar, bass, or any instrument.(Even my mother thought all electric guitar tones she heard sound the same to her)
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2023.03.28 09:38 MichaelsTutorials UK - 3 day walks in the Midlands

Hi all, I'm looking for some 3 day hike suggestions in and around the Midlands in the UK? Experienced hiker, but have mainly focused on Snowdonia, the Lake District, and the Peak District, so I'm looking to explore a new area.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.28 09:37 MichaelsTutorials UK - 3 day hikes

Hi all, I'm looking for some 3 day hike suggestions in and around the Midlands in the UK? Experienced hiker, but have mainly focused on Snowdonia, the Lake District, and the Peak District, so I'm looking to explore a new area.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.28 09:35 MirchiCalgary Mirchi Calgary Northeast: A Flavorful Journey to the Best Pakistani Cuisine in Calgary NE

Mirchi Calgary Northeast: A Flavorful Journey to the Best Pakistani Cuisine in Calgary NE
Looking for the best Pakistani restaurant in Calgary? Then look no further. Mirchi Calgary Northeast is a must-visit destination for food lovers who crave the authentic taste of Pakistani cuisine. Located in the heart of Northeast Calgary, Mirchi is known for its flavorful dishes that are made with the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.
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2023.03.28 09:35 KingHuge19 23 years old. No girlfriend. No close friends. And am starting to realize it’s not good.

Title sums it up. At 23 I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve never dated, made out, banged, nothing. When it comes to confidence I don’t think I’m lacking. Other than one girl in high-school, I have never had a girl that I genuinely wanted to go out of my way to get to know more personally. Also after talking to other dudes my age apparently I have next to no sex drive, all they talk about is women who they find attractive. Don’t get me wrong if I see an attractive woman I’m not numb. I get the same feelings anyone would, I just get over it almost instantly rather than keep thinking about them. Either way. I’ve started becoming more and more noticeable of how not normal never having a girlfriend is at 23. Even just a hookup, or even a date. I also don’t drink, smoke or party. My life consists of work. School. Gym. And that’s it.
As of now I have two major concerns. One is I hate going on dates despite not ever have been on one. I don’t have an issue with small talk, quite the opposite, every girl I’ve ever talked to for more than a few days has ended up always going into deep personal stories, which I’m fine with, but I don’t really know why they all seem to open up to me, but the amount of trauma and personal stories I’ve heard from girls I have had no relationship qualities or attachment to is surprising. But the main reason I hate dates is because traditionally they don’t leave room for anything more than small talk if you connect with someone. I think eating somewhere as the main event is dull. It’s not a money issue. I just think there’s more entertaining things we could do. Also I have zero interest in going on dinner dates constantly. I’d much rather go walk, explore, shit I’d take driving around the city and just talking for a few hours over a restaurant.
Second major hurdle. I have zero sexual experience. I have no way of practicing so if I do every manage to find a girl willing to bang. It’s likely going to be a disaster unless she’s cool with teaching or help me understand what she needs to enjoy it. Also making out seems more difficult than boning in my mind, it just seems awkward. I’m praying for a girl who I just connect with that likes to stay home, snuggle and relax. The problem is me finding someone.
I’m just worried that in the next 7-8 years if I don’t find a partner my insane goal of having s family of my own is not physically going to be possible.
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2023.03.28 09:35 Tampa_Metal TAMPA AREA upcoming Metal/Rock shows - Mar 27 weekly update


Tue 28th @ Orpheum Fit For An Autopsy, The Acacia Strain, Full of Hell, Primitive Man
Tue 28th @ Jannus Polyphia
Wed 29th @ Orpheum Eluveitie, Omnium Gatherum, Seven Spires
Wed 29th @ Crowbar Unwritten Law, Authority Zero, Mercy Music
Fri 31st @ Orpheum Suicide Commando, 00tz 00tz
Fri 31st @ Born Free Spy, Pez, Colonial Wound, Horsewhip, Shining Wizard
Fri 31st @ Brass Mug The DOOD, Cypher Machine, Get out of Nashville, Burn Forever, Crimson Shadow, MANNA


Sat 1st @ Brass Mug Svinfylking, Warrior's Chalice, Tunnels of Set, Slutwitch, Sacrilous, Othalan
Sat 1st @ Orpheum Magnolia Park, Arrows In Action, Poptropicaslutz!, First and Forever
Sun 2nd @ Jannus Nothing More, Crown the Empire, Thousand Below
Sun 2nd @ Orpheum Free Throw, Can’t Swim, Heart to Gold, Early Humans
Wed 5th @ Jannus Lorna Shore, Shadow of Intent, Bodysnatcher, Boundaries, Brand of Sacrifice
Fri 7th @ Crowbar Lightning Bolt, Special Guests TBA
Fri 7th @ Conduit* Deicide, Three Knuckles Deep, Killing Addiction, Vacuous Depths
Sat 8th @ Orpheum Carcass, Municipal Waste, Sacred Reich, Creeping Death
Sun 9th @ Orpheum Escuela Grind, Bonginator, more TBA
Sun 9th @ Brass Mug Eyehategod, Goatwhore, More TBA
Mon 10th @ Orpheum Cold, Divide the Fall, Awake for Days, Sygnal to Noise
Tue 11th @ Crowbar Gorod, Cognitive, Summoning The Lich, Flub
Wed 12th @ Crowbar Speed, Kharma, Day by Day, Three Knee Deep
Wed 12th @ Jannus Wage War, nothing,nowhere., Spite
Thu 13th @ Pegasus Dead Reckoning, Ultimatum, Annabel Lee, Announce the Apocalypse, Trash Panda
Sat 15th @ Brass Mug Ulcer, Promethean Horde, Druid Lord, Parasite Disciple, Sacrilous, Cum Soaked Corpses
Sat 15th @ Orpheum Whitechapel, Archspire, Signs Of The Swarm, Entheos
Sun 16th @ Born Free Rhythm of Fear, Living in Fear, Shades of War, Head High, Odium Rot
Sun 16th @ Orpheum Slaughter To Prevail
Sun 16th @ Jannus Queensrÿche, Trauma, Marty Friedman
Thu 20th @ Brass Mug Catcher and the Rye, Sworn to Decay, Higher Ground, What We Seek, Gallows Down
Fri 21st @ Brass Mug Green Jelly, Collapsor, Abortion Twins, Kindly Shut Up!, One Trip Little
Fri 21st @ Orpheum Morbid Angel, Revocation, Vitriol, Crypta
Fri 21st @ Noise Box Regions, Pure Bliss, Murkov, Days Spent, Gas FL
Sun 23rd @ Orpheum Tendencia, Must Not Kill, March of the Fallen, The Horribles, 123Terrible
Wed 26th @ Crowbar Mac Sabbath, Roxx Revolt & The Velvets
Thu 27th @ Crowbar Dropout Kings, Fatal Frames, and more
Sat 29th @ Union Hall Bottomfeeders, Gas FL, Thirst, With Locusts and Liars, Vile Serpent
Sat 29th @ Brass Mug Diabolic, Piss on Christ, Voidrium, God Rot
Sun 30th @ The Ritz The Black Dahlia Murder, Terror, Frozen Soul, Fuming Mouth, Phobophilic


Tue 2nd @ Crowbar Vampires Everywhere!, Saving Vice, more TBA
Thu 4th @ Brass Mug Agent Orange, Suzi Moon, Blood Donor, Mobius Loop, Bad Future, The Hand of Reason
Fri 5th @ Born Free Leeway, Damn Your Eyes, Fire Is Murder, Highest Crown, Yield to None
Sun 7th @ Jannus Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Lutharo
Wed 10th @ Conduit* Ingested, Devourment, Extermination Dismemberment, Organectomy, Implosive Disgorgence
Wed 10th @ Level 13* Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Left to Suffer, Ov Sulfur
Fri 12th @ Brass Mug GrindFest IV 1st night - Lineup in link - Headliners: Kill Division
Sat 13th @ Brass Mug GrindFest IV 2nd night - Lineup in link - Headliners: Coathanger Abortion
Sat 13th @ Crowbar Woe Is Me, Prison, The Funeral Portrait, Spider Inside Her, Chasing Airplanes
Sun 14th @ Crowbar Meg Myers, Weathers, Band of Silver
Tue 16th @ Jannus Helloween, Hammerfall
Wed 17th @ Floridian Voivod, Imperial Triumphant, more TBA
Fri 19th @ Orpheum Dark Funeral, Cattle Decapitaton, 200 Stab Wounds, Blackbraid
Fri 19th @ Jannus Avatar, Veil of Maya, Orbit Culture
Wed 24th @ Brass Mug Possessed, The Black Moriah, Perdition Temple, More TBA


Fri 2nd @ Orpheum Currents, Like Moths to Flames, Foreign Hands
Sat 3rd @ Orpheum Attack Attack!, Traitors, Belmont, Colorblind, Tactosa
Sat 3rd @ Pegasus Not Promised Tomorrow, Get out of Nashville, Forged with Blood
Sun 4th @ Jannus Ugly Kid Joe, Fozzy
Sat 10th @ Brass Mug Metal and Tats w/ Rob Wolf, Halo Scars, Mind Virus, Cypher Machine and RE-BIRTH
Sat 10th @ Orpheum Spotlights, Horsewhip, Gillian Carter
Wed 14th @ Crowbar MyChildren MyBride, Extortionist, No Cure, Your Spirit Dies, Richard Cory, GasFL
Sat 24th @ MidFlorida The Original Misfits, Megadeth, Fear


Sat 1st @ Brass Mug D.R.I., Metalriser
Fri 21st @ MidFlorida Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, GWAR, Nonpoint, Butcher Babies


Sat 5th @ MidFlorida Disturbed
Sat 26th @ MidFlorida Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ministry, Filter


Sat 30th @ Vinoy NOFX Final Tour - Guests TBA


Tue 10th @ Orpheum Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Persefone
* This is an Orlando area venue, however due to the popularity of this show I have included it here.
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2023.03.28 09:33 Technical_Contestant Terrific tuesday

Dear diary
Woke up at 4am but stayed in bed until 6 trying to unpick the dream, sleeping in bed the other way up in an attempt to change the coordinates.
Coffee, meds, cigarettes; the morning ritual of God why am I still smoking. A song plays in my head determined to block me from thinking about the dream further.
Had enough of stimulating myself chemically speaking and went to make bed, sat on the golden feathers and write in blue and gold book with orange ink inserted into quill. Affirmations, gratitude, all the good things and God solves for me.
As I'm writing out lines I watch the flow of spacing to get it through my thick skull the actual reason for alignment with higher vibration; unity consciousness. What needs to be solved today I question god, is it more of the same thing just from a different angle until something happens?
Diary tells me there's a lecture on at the institute regarding the ten pound poms and I have to go to school as I have two assignments due. Angel card pulled says get out in nature today, positivity card tells me the umph in triumph is required when trying.
Sooo much time to spend...daily cards pulled, recorded in book, caught up with sister's - they are my current rock - early morning touch base between the US and AUS makes the pain of distance less every day. I love them so much, they have helped with the goal of the collective.
Left over chicken and chips for breakfast, diet gone out the window this week, dark night of the soul again. Reading the power of one bit by bit, it's such a great story, I miss boxing.
Shower, potions applied to skin smells like real vanilla, looks in mirror until I think I'm me. Clothing applied, all black today, hair back up in a bun and boots for walking - the suede is fucked from yesterday's rain, sigh. Weather says no need for weapons today, leaves giant umbrella against wall.
Walks and watches the parade of cars, the little kids wishing me a good morning. Finds blue chalk, graffs the shelter with my tag. Same bus driver as yesterday and the train wasn't too far behind. Packed carriage, the idea of everyone is you pushed out, I'm fending off energetic push back on my frequency from men eyeball fucking me, can hear their thoughts ticking over regarding my appearance.
Wander through station separate from the tide, through the turn of the barrier and up to outside. Hide. Come back, cross road, there's a tool cd on the ground and strewn chaos from a crazy person. He tells me to watch his stuff as he disappears into the convenience store. When he magically reappears we put hands up almost touching and I heal some of his issues, he broke out in goosebumps.
Walks away, walks up the same way as usual, finds silver ring in doorway. Places ring on finger and weaves through back streets to the hidden coffee refuge to hide again. Places ring on a window sill, it will be back in its evolved form if it really wants me.
Coffee at Zhivago's laneway, uses blue chalk to add to the current running list of travellers. Rejoins reality, coffee still in hand and sees what's changed. Finds red guitar pick, thinks about Knifey, he said he would message me in a month and his time is up, I won't contact him again. Lossy to a dear friend, I forgive you.
Sits at battle station, it had been a while. Two windows side by side, instructions and response. Typing, touch typing, I kinda forgot how much I enjoy watching the words appear on screen as fingers remember the stuck, gave up as the other thing was calling me.
Wanders off down into the mall, music intersected areas, to stand under a tree and just listen. Found a man blowing a trumpet riding an elephant and arrived on time to the theatre.
Numbers, names, locations, dates offered up for synchronization data, I feel like an undercover agent on a recon mission. No idea its relevance yet, knows it matters doesn't matter - depends on when I go down that rabbit hole.
To the train station once more, waits on platform, saw Mikey and Graham briefly as we were in the same world space for an instant. Eventually got back to the place I'm staying at, and mum was home from her trip, I made us lunch and we got into the scotch. Telling eachother the stories of our trips, the pictures painted in each others minds fills in the blanks.
The Amanda fairy dropped by with cake and I've just written this chapter into the library.
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2023.03.28 09:32 whiskeytowers Looking for a Liquor Bottle Dispenser

A Liquor Bottle Dispenser is a device used for dispensing liquor from a bottle in a controlled and precise manner. It is commonly used in bars, restaurants, and homes to make pouring and mixing drinks easier and more efficient.
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2023.03.28 09:32 Careful-Werewolf-653 Many people love those 8 Sichuan cuisines, but can you name them? 外国人对川菜情有独钟,但是你能说出他们的名字吗?

Day 2: 麻婆豆腐 (má pó dòu fǔ) Pock-marked old woman's tofu The tender tofu with minced beef or pork, seasoned with Sichuan chili bean sauce and Sichuan pepper
In the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, at the head of the Wanfu Bridge on the moat in the northern suburbs of Chengdu, there was an unnamed small shop selling snacks. The small shop attracted many customers because of its delicious food and affordable prices. The shop owner, Mrs. Chen, is known as Mrs. Chen, and because of the pockmarks on her face, she was nicknamed Chen Mapo. The tofu she cooks is numb, spicy, fragrant, fragrant, and has a unique flavor. The business is getting more and more prosperous, and she is famous far and wide. In order to distinguish it from other roasted tofu, customers call it "Ma Po Tofu". Later, in order to attract more customers, the store simply changed its name to "Pock-marked old woman's tofu Store". Now, this dish has become one of the world-famous dishes in Sichuan cuisine.

In fact, it was mainly because Wen Qiaoqiao opened a restaurant based on this dish. Because the dish is cheap and delicious, the business is booming. Because of the pockmarks on her face, the dish she is good at is called Pock-marked old woman's tofu by later generations.

Pock-marked old woman's tofu was created by Liu, the wife of Chen Senfu (one name is Chen Fuchun), the owner of a small restaurant in Wanfuqiao, a northern suburb of Chengdu, in the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. Mrs. Liu has pockmarks on her face and is known as Chen Mapo. The roasted tofu she created was called "Pock-marked old woman's tofu with her last name Chen", and her restaurant was later named "Chen Pock-marked old woman's tofu Shop".
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2023.03.28 09:32 iseedeff Kick Off Family search for being too dam Honest. LOL

A friend of Mine was kick off FamilySearch message boards for asking very stiff questions, and being very brutally honest. They claim it was not following their message borads policy. One of the questions he asked is this why does Family Search support Google and other spyware browsers and logins? He also included how it would be very very good for privacy and better protect people and their genealogy, and also how it would also protect genealogy as a whole. Another is being Honest on how he could create a much better site than theirs, while using many of their same things they use, All he would have to do is explain how it could be done. Another is saying how they have the money to pay people to build a better site, and explained he could point them to the first whistle blowers article, and now he could point them to the second. Also pointing out they need monitors in their trees to make it a much better site and gave a great example of why, one person was so mad they even want to e-mail Salt Lake and claim abuse about the site, this was over their tree. they suggested to that person instead to shove the press down the church throat instead. Do what I said to my Friend that is some major glue on your self, and mainly because of how Family search really don't listen to it people and they treat it like a business instead. I also said to my friend of how Family search is also a cancel culture, and if they don't like your ass or comments then they just block you.
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2023.03.28 09:29 flexium007 Technology in Exercise

Technology has evolved the day to day life of individuals as it has completely changed the way of living and doing business. One of the modern trends and major resources in this is, of course, the use of mobile applications. Technology makes many things better and easier. Health and Fitness are no exception. Apps and smartphones have become a considerable part of today's culture and overruling everyone's life with their ease of use and significant features.
"How do mobile health and fitness apps help the user?" 
The market is flooded with numerous health and fitness apps each offering different advantages. A person aspiring to become more fit can choose from among these options. Let us take a look at how mobile apps help us stay in shape.
• Apps have made fitness routines more affordable and accessible:
You no longer need to go hunting for a yoga class or gym in your neighborhood or hire costly personal trainers to lose weight. Just look up a suitable app that meets your needs, install it on your Smartphone or Android and start pumping. Distance and money can no longer prevent people from exercising.
• Set realistic fitness goals:
There are many of us who aspire to look like supermodels regardless of our lifestyles. We may be trapped in sedentary lifestyles and jobs which offer little or no opportunities for fitness. Setting up an unreachable goal at the beginning of our workout regime can be the catalyst for starting the fitness regime, but is hardly sustainable. Apps like Couch to 5K help to set up realistic goals within our desired time frame. They take us to the next level of exercise only after we achieve the previous target. This helps in sustaining our exercise regime which is the hardest challenge for beginners!
• Apps help to monitor your workout routines:
There are mobile apps that will need you to put data like your calorie intake, your daily routine, your fitness regime, and your fitness goals. They will monitor your calorie intake and calories burnt throughout the day. They will offer encouraging comments throughout your workout regime and tell you how to perform a particular exercise. Myfitnesspal and Edmundo Sports Tracker are apps that store our personal workout history and motivate us to outdo our best performance.
Running apps like Runtastic help us to see our running progress. If you are bored of your running workout, you may use apps like Zombies run to change your regime and make it more interesting. This app turns your daily runs into epic missions. Each run you go on is like an episode of a zombie show and you’re the main character. All you need to do to get started is to start a mission and listen to the story as you run. What makes it more exciting is that you hear zombie sounds as you run and the only way to get away from them is to get moving. Often we feel dehydrated while running. There is an app to monitor your water intake as well! It’s called Waterlogged and it pushes you to take water at regular intervals during your run.
• Offer new ideas for your workout regime:
Apps like Jefit and Body fitness are advanced apps that suggest new resistance training workouts for specific muscles in our body. The Yoga app and Tai Chi are more apps that give specific pictures, instructions, and videos to improve your workout and stretch-on-the-go.
• Monitor our diet and suggest healthy methods of cooking:
It is well-accepted fact that for losing weight and improving our overall health, diet is as important a factor as our fitness regimes. If you are concerned about the food you are eating, there is no shortage of apps to advice you about healthy options of food to choose, the nearest dietary store or restaurant, healthy methods of cooking a particular foodstuff and calculate the number of calories you consumed and need to burn! MyNetDiary and CalorieCounter are two popular apps in this category.
• Apps help us to stay connected with people having the same fitness goals:
Some health apps like iMapMyRide, FitGang, and iMapMyFitness are linked to social networking sites like Facebook. They help us to connect with people having the same fitness goals and following the same fitness regimes. This helps to build an inspiring community of health lovers and even offer healthy competition among the members.
"So, what are you waiting for? Just download a suitable app and start working out."
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2023.03.28 09:28 fixtheblue [Marginalia] Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Hello readers. With the 1st discussion check-in for Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik about a week away I present the Marginalia.
This post is a place for you to put your marginalia as we read. Scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, illuminations, or links to related - none discussion worthy - material. Anything of significance you happen across as we read. As such this is likely to contain spoilers from other users reading futher ahead in the novel. We prefer, of course, that it is hidden or at least marked (massive spoilers/spoilers from chapter get the idea).
Marginalia are you observations. They don't need to be insightful or deep. Why marginalia when we have discussions? - Sometimes its nice to just observe rather than over analyse a book. - They are great to read back on after you have progressed further into the novel. - Not everyone reads at the same pace and it is nice to have somewhere to comment on things here so you don't forget by the time the discussions come around.
MARGINALIA - How to post??? - Start with general location (early in chapter 4/at the end of chapter 2/ and so on). - Write your observations, or - Copy your favorite quotes, or - Scribble down your light bulb moments, or - Share you predictions, or - Link to an interesting side topic.
Note: Spoilers from other books should always be tagged.
As always, any questions or constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. The post will be flaired and linked in the schedule so you can find it easily, even later in the read. Have at it people!
Happy reading 🐥
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2023.03.28 09:28 f1newsbot How the Mercedes gearbox has slowed down Aston Martin

It is now well established that Aston Martin is F1’s ‘surprise’ of 2023. Unlike Ferrari, the Silverstone-based team was able to translate its performance from the simulator to the track.
What Aston Martin has done in the last year is very impressive. Just last season, in the first four races of 2022, the AMR22 was two seconds slower than the RB18.
This gap has been cut down to just half a second per lap in the last few races, partly thanks to a better understanding of the last year’s B-spec AMR22, introduced in Barcelona.
An improvement of 9 tenths was made over winter, which has positioned the British squad as the nearest challenger to Red Bull, currently faster than the established front-runners Mercedes and Ferrari.
Two consecutive podiums put Fernando Alonso 14 points behind Max Verstappen in the standings. In both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Alonso was the closest to the Red Bull duo in race pace:
“The most important thing is to see that the car was also so strong in Jeddah, as we were second team,” said Alonso post-race.
“We were much stronger than Ferrari, and we managed to control Mercedes. All this was unthinkable before the weekend.
“In Bahrain, we had an advantage in terms of degradation while Jeddah showed that the car raw pace because we were faster than the others – and this was not because of tire management,” said the Spaniard.
What was the gap to Red Bull? Looking at the last stint on the hard tires in Jeddah, the deficit was about six-tenths per lap – similar to Bahrain. However, it should be noted Red Bull managed their pace and used very conservative power unit mappings.
The Silverstone-based squad has stressed that the AMR23 is entirely made by Aston Martin and that, if anything, their car is most similar to Mercedes in terms of components – since Aston buys the rear of its car from the Silver Arrows.
More broadly speaking, Aston cannot deny where much of their aerodynamic concept , including their underbody and front suspension, comes from.
In this sense, although the RB19 uses a pull-rod front suspension and Aston Martin uses a push-rod, the overall geometry in this area is clearly inspired by Red Bull.
Regarding aerodynamic stability, the AMR23’s geometry is more relevant than its rod type. Both Aston Martin and Red Bull’s front suspensions are very anti-dive , meaning the front arm of the two triangles is positioned much higher than at the rear.
Ferrari has also tried to be more aggressive with its front suspension, as seen with the SF-23’s front far less conventional design compared to last season. This allows the front suspension to significantly limit the transfer of load to the front, ensuring aerodynamic stability.
However, excessive anti-dive has its drawbacks. The main weakness is an inability to absorb bumps, resulting in instability when braking.
The key for Red Bull and Aston Martin is in this area and how they have managed to eliminate the possible instability caused by an aggressive anti-dive front suspension.
According to a rival engineer, a very anti-dive front suspension is an important factor in not triggering porpoising, as there is less front-end instability.
It is no coincidence that both Red Bull and Aston Martin have not shown any issues with porpoising, even though the two cars have two completely different rears.
The aerodynamic concept of the Aston Martin AMR23, as previously mentioned, has many similarities to the Red Bull RB18.
“Aston Martin? I‘m happy that the old Red Bull is still going strong,” joked post-Bahrain Christian Horner.
Red Bull’s biggest strength was never its peak downforce level, but instead, its ability to maintain a high level of stability with different ground clearances – as well as aerodynamic efficiency.
Simply put, the RB18 could run higher without losing too much downforce, as opposed to Ferrari and Mercedes, which opted for lower ride heights.
The AMR23 has a rear end with similar characteristics to the RB18, allowing Alonso and Stroll to generate significant downforce levels.
However, the Silverstone-made car lacks the aerodynamic efficiency and top speed of Red Bull’s RB19. This is where the rears of the two cars come into play.
Aston cannot be a copy of the RB18 because their rear end is purchased entirely from Mercedes. Their gearbox and rear suspension are the same as those used on the W14.
In terms of transmission, there are very important differences between the Red Bull and Mercedes specifications.
The Mercedes specification is bulkier in the area closest to the floor, which limits airflow through the AMR23’s diffuser. This area is designed for a car with ultra-compact bodywork like the W14, as seen with the Mercedes ‘zeropods.’
Having a less efficient diffuser means the AMR23 needs more rear wing to compensate, which generates more drag.
In the two qualifying sessions so far this season, Alonso lost about half a second in the straights, more than 10 km/h slower in the speed trap compared to the RB19s in Jeddah.
This cannot be solved immediately, in part due to the budget cap, with Aston Martin choosing to introduce a very similar rear wing in Jeddah compared to Bahrain.
Only a slight modification to the AMR23’s DRS flap was introduced in Saudi Arabia, designed to reduce its resistance. In any case, a lower downforce wing will arrive in Baku.
Meanwhile, Red Bull has focused solely on aerodynamics when designing the RB19’s transmission, with an extremely small lower section.
This has resulted in some reliability problems with its drive shafts and the transmission more generally, with two having already mounted two power units on both RB19s in the first two rounds of the season.
This compact size is also made possible by the team’s use of the rear push-rod layout.
As such, the internal part of the suspension has been moved much higher – compared to the classic pull rod used instead by Mercedes, and therefore Aston Martin, which has them in the lower part.
Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni
Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang
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2023.03.28 09:23 drmlnd824 [H] Coromon, Tinkertown, Praey for the Gods, The Blackout Club, and more [W] Wants list and Offers

Open to all offers. No Paypal. My region is NA.

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2023.03.28 09:23 HellSentNetoRare666 There can only be one!!!

There can only be one!!!
I can only grow one strain… Most are regular seeds(non fem) … so help me decide
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2023.03.28 09:23 Due_Alternative3538 This may sound hypocritical because I work for tips. But I’m against tip outs

So before I start I know I’m going to catch some backlash, and I know that this might come of as hypocritical but after years of being a server I’m starting to feel the requirement to tip out us bogus.
Now this hurts my heart to write because as someone who’s income is dependent on the generosity of others it feels wrong to have a problem with tipping out my coworkers but before you hate me, hear me out.
Like most places The laws in my state allow for tipped workers to be paid less than half of minimum wage hourly because we are compensated with tips. I know that this is not unique and when you add the tips service workers average a pretty decent hourly wage, but im starting to get frustrated with the mandatory tip out.
I I understand that as a server I am not a one man show and I could not do my job without my the help of my coworkers. restaurants require team work and I appreciate all the work that goes into my job being possible. But as a server I feel like it shouldn’t be my responsibility to pay my coworkers.
I’m sure many of you will read this and Think this is just as much of a butthole take as customers who pull the “shouldn’t have to tip because it is not their responsibility to pay the workers a livable wage” card but hear me out.
In the restaurant I work in I am required to tip out the bar 10% of alcohol sales and the host 1% of net sales. Now lI know a lot of you have it much worse but doing the math I’m spending between 50-100 dollars a week to pay my employers employees. Doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s around 300 a month, 3600 a year.
I understand that everyone works hard to make the restaurant work but servers shouldn’t be forced to clock in and then pay our coworkers. If I was making minimum and tips were an extra bonus then I get it, spread the love. But when we making 4 dollars an hour because tips are considered “presumed income” why should we have to pay out when we work. They aren’t our employees they are coworkers….
The bartender makes our drinks but we run their food, roll their silverware, portion and pack take outs (bar gets 100% or 2 go tips btw)
Hosts are required to bus tables if we are on a wait but they get a base hourly pay so idk that just sounds like part of their job.
I know I’m probably going to be blasted but idk it’s wack
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2023.03.28 09:20 dumbomato My coworker makes people think I’m strict so that he would look better

For context, I’m (22f) an assistant manager at a restaurant. I’ve worked my way up to my position for the past two years, let’s say my name is Jane. My coworker (31m) is the GM, let’s call him Tom. Tom and I have the exact same job responsibilities (I’m not a GM bc they don’t want to pay two people GM money).
Tom and I really wanted to improve the restaurant. The last few GMs were too lenient and basically there was no structure to the restaurant and our servers were getting frustrated bc of that. Tom and I start implementing a few things to help the servers.
For the longest time, even when I was a server, the women would complain that there are a few guy servers who wouldn’t pull their weight. Usually they wouldn’t care but our tips are pooled/split evenly and sometimes when the guys don’t do their jobs, it leaves more work for the other servers. (Disclaimer: it’s not all men who do this, just some of the guy servers, our restaurant is like 80% guys).
I thought that we should be fair and expect the same amount of work from everyone. I brought this up to Tom and he said “you know it’s kind of hard to tell them because they’re my homies but you know what, you’re right we need to be fair.” I thought that was that, the problem would be solved.
No. Instead the problem gets even worse and one of his “homies” suddenly gets to have “shift lead power without the shift lead title”. Keep in mind, this server (23m) has the most complaints from everyone else for how much he doesn’t work. He will take orders and that’s it, no hosting, no bussing, no restocking or anything (theres no designated host or bus person, we all share responsibilities). If he’s not taking orders he’s watching football on the tv.
I’m not the kind of manager that has a stick up my butt, but I will tell you to look busy if you’re not doing anything (aka just do your job). So usually if someone is just standing there watching TV and there’s stuff we have to do before closing, I’ll ask them to restock or something while watching TV. Because of this, I’m seen as somewhat of a strict manager (I don’t think I’m strict, our servers are just used to having managers that don’t do anything).
Lately, Tom will say to my face “we need to be more strict about doing this and that”. So I’ll tell the servers, “hey, you guys should be doing this and that”. But Tom will go behind my back and say, “don’t let Jane see you doing this or she’ll yell at you” or “good thing I’m here today and not Jane bc she’d be so mad if she saw you do that”. Basically he’s trying to make himself look like the cool boss even though every rule I enforce was made by him.
He’s been doing this a lot and is making me out to be this bad cop. I tell the guys and the girls the same thing, I’m just more strict because now the guys have to follow the rules like everyone else? I’ve been fed up recently and today was the last straw. I told the other servers that if Tom pulls that kind of thing at all this week I’m putting my two weeks in. Yesterday, the server who doesn’t do anything was sitting on a stool at the host stand, literally just on his phone and trying to milk out as many minutes as he can. One of the girl servers (18f) comes in for dinner shift and notices nothing is restocked so she restocks it while the other server just sits there and watches her. Tom says, “sorry we didn’t restock because we were short one person and so busy! If Jane were here she would be like ‘restock this! Restock that!’” And today, one of the other servers (18m) was rushing to make bundles of to-go utensils because he knew I was coming in for dinner shift. Tom goes, “you’re scared that Jane will yell at you, aren’t you?”
I’m so tired of being made out to be the bad guy, I haven’t even yelled at anyone or scolded anyone. If they’re not doing something right I just tell them when they’re not busy, regardless if they’re my friend or not. At most, Tom will say “hey, make sure not to make another mistake because Jane might get mad”. But if a girl messes up, Tom will pull them into the office and will give them a stern talk. It feels super unfair and I feel lowkey disrespected but he keeps telling me that I’m being too critical of the men and that I need to stop picking on the guys.
All of the girl employees want to have a meeting about this and try to resolve it. Tom told me he doesn’t want to have a meeting until he talks to me one on one but has been avoiding me lately. It really seems like he’s pushing it aside and now all of the girl employees want to quit. The only reason why I haven’t quit yet is because I don’t want them to think they’ve won, I didn’t want them to think “wow, now that Jane’s gone we can finally relax”. I’m just really frustrated and fed up about all of this and I’m trying to find a new job now. I’m worried that this post makes me sound like a karen, but tbh all I want is for people to do their freaking jobs.
TLDR: my coworker is a man-baby. He makes all of these rules and tries to act like I’m the strict one when I try to tell everyone to follow the rules. He gets angry with all of the girls and let’s the guys get away with everything because they’re “homies”. But if I say anything to the guys then I’m picking on them and I need to relax. I’m just trying to do my job bro and I think it’s fair to want everyone else to do their jobs too.
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