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2023.05.30 00:39 Latter_Loss_2912 24 [F4R] #Texas/online/anywhere Looking for something real

Hi! My name is Tori. I'm married and have a (almost) 6 month old son. Me and my husband have been poly basically our whole relationship. We did communicate for a few months about our wants and needs and such before seeking anything tho.
We date completely separate from each other cause it works best for us.
A little more about me. I'm a stay at home mom. When I have time I am a not very skilled gamer, I love to read, I am 420 friendly (it helps keep my anxiety in check and it helps me eat and just destress in general 😂). I love the outdoors tho the weather hasn't been great for that with the kiddo this year yet 😂. I'm honestly pretty dorky and down to earth. I love music too! I love to sing probably more than anything else.
I don't wanna force a relationship on myself or anyone else for that matter. I'm just seeking genuine connection, no matter what that evolves into. I want something real and special and deeper than just the sexual. I'm done with being seen as an object 😆 I'm too tired for that.
I could type all day and I never know how long to make these things. Feel free to message me if you made it this far 😊
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2023.05.30 00:37 teronism [Online][EST][7-9PM][Saturdays][Flexible][Other][Genesys][GURPS][PBTA] Unleash Your Imagination: Story-driven Game Nights & Adventure Awaits!

The Elevator Pitch

I am creating a weekly tabletop game night group (that's a mouthful) focused on roleplaying/acting using various systems and a rotating cast of players every week. Super low stress; just picking up with whoever is available and playing whatever we're in the mood for. I'm seeking out fellow imaginative individuals who also enjoy TTRPGs and tabletop games that focus on improvisation and narrative more than crunch and crits. Bonus points for those interested in GMing or playing colab story games. Sessions will typically lasting 3-6 hours, and I usually run my games in the evenings (EST). Hoping to build a small community of friends and create unique, memorable gaming experiences.


Let's get to the meat and potatoes: I'm wanting to start up a new tabletop group and make some friends! I've made a handful of attempts in the last 6 months to start up new campaigns, some with players I've played with a bunch already, but sadly I'm at the point now where I'm not excited by the idea of shopping around a single idea anymore. SO -- instead of looking to set up a campaign table, I'd like to arrange for more of a game night weekly event with roleplaying as the focus!
Each game will be predominantly theatre of the mind but might use some maps, some of which might be combat maps, but not at all focused on providing a balance of roleplay and combat. The focus will be on roleplay first and foremost, tactical combat isn't as much my priority but if the other members of the group have that listed higher I'm fine including some of it. Systems I'm interested in running/playing include:
I'll only be running games for 5 people~ at a time, but given this is hopefully going to be a small community of friends eventually there's no limit hard limit on how many people I'd like to bring into the fold. I'm getting up there in age (my early 20s are a fond memory at this point) so I'd prefer older folks, but as long as you're not underage and you're a relaxed person looking to play some games and make some friends, I'm not too picky. Creative ability and personality is ultimately more important to my endeavors than anything else.

Bonus Points

If you also enjoy GMing, I'd love to incorporate something similar to this idea I've tried to get going a few times where several people in the group would alternate GMing privilege's to run a concurrent story line letting it evolve and go to all sorts of crazy places as the current GM tries to build off of the last one. Not mandatory, but I'd love to give something like this a try!

What I'm looking for in prospective players:

  1. Decent microphone quality: Don't sound like you're broadcasting from a submarine or a wind tunnel, okay? Let's keep our ears happy and avoid the earbud microphone crisis of 2021.
  2. Discord access: It's like a virtual clubhouse for our gaming shenanigans. Don't worry, no secret handshakes required. Just bring your virtual self and your A-game.
  3. VTT knowledge or willingness to learn: We're not all tech wizards, but knowing a bit about Virtual Tabletops (or being willing to learn) makes our gaming experience smoother than a freshly ironed shirt. Trust me, it's worth the effort!
  4. Imagination and flexibility in play: We're looking for gaming yogis here – be ready to bend, twist, and stretch your creativity like you're in a cosmic game of Twister. Expect the unexpected and embrace the chaos!
As I'm imagining things, there could be a lot of jumping from one shot ideas back into a campaign we started, then back to something else until I'm ready to go back again. I'm only really looking for players who will be cool not necessarily doing the same thing every week; I might later decide and ask the group if they're okay with sticking to one idea for awhile, but it isn't a certainty. Most likely it will look like this:
  1. Early in the week I'll let everyone know what I'm feeling like running, either using a poll to let everyone vote on an option or just declaring what we'll be doing.
  2. Everyone playing that week will have 2-3 days to either figure out a character or otherwise prep.
  3. Anyone who doesn't get a charactematerials ready by game day [but still wants to play] will be given a premade of some sort to improvise off of.
  4. Session plays as normal, and then process repeats following week.
Voice will be done exclusively on Discord, table stuff will either be Roll20, images via discord, or possibly FantasyGrounds. We might also use something like Tabletop Simulator or VR if people are in them mood. I'm perfectly fine using webcam during sessions as well, and you're free to do so if you want to. I may also record some of these one-shots for my own purposes (with forewarning and consent of course), so if that is an issue for you please let me know up front (not a big issue but wanted to throw that out there!).

About me, the guy starting this endeavor off

If you're interested in this little endeavor, send me a private message telling me a bit about What you yourself are looking for, and we can arrange a time to introduce ourselves properly and chat a bit. Don't think of it like too much of an interview - You don't need to sell yourself, I just want to Make sure that we're all looking for the same things and personalities will clash as little as possible.
Alternatively, you can fill out this Google Form and I'll contact you instead! Booyah!
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2023.05.30 00:35 Good-Start-525 Started antipsychotics again and need some positive stories

I just started taking antipsychotics (Haldol) after a couple serious psychotic breaks I’ve had the last couple months.
Two years ago I had my first psychotic break which scared me so much I started antipsychotics (Olanzapine) almost immediately. The symptoms went away mostly but the side effects were a bitch. I gained 15 kilo’s, slept all day and I couldn’t even feel close to the people I love most.
So the past few months I tried to tell myself that I could handle all the psychotic breaks I’ve had and I’ll be okay. Starting antipsychotics would be the last thing I wanted to do.
I just started taking Haldol. In only two days I started to see benefits already. My memory started to get a bit better and self care started to get effortless almost.
But I’m still very scared of the side effects that could occur. I’m terrified of gaining weight (I most likely would also have an eating disorder) and loosing interest in everything and everyone.
All the experiences I read here about antipsychotics are negative (which I get) but I also want to get better and try to stay on my medication. I’ve tried these meds before and convinced myself and my psychiatrist I didn’t need them.
So long story short I came here to ask for advice and for some personal positive stories on antipsychotics and/or haldol.
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2023.05.30 00:33 coca_evagria HyperPOTS or people w/ hypertension. Does summer make your pressure worse?

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I live in a beach town. Weather has been creeping up and getting warmer lately. The last few days I’ve been taking more medicine (doc permitted) and I noticed last summer I was at my peak of illness. (Hospital admits and having my HR be at 120+ for hours). I usually take 15-30mg of propranolol a day and today I took 40mg my HR & BP is still high. Also feel yucky in general.
Any of her potsies feel worse/take more meds in the summer?
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2023.05.30 00:30 stevetheclimber OPENING the /r/Mindcrack Time Capsule of 2022!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the annual peak back into the past!
It's been another year since the 2022 capsule was posted, and for the 9th time we'll be unpacking all sorts of info that was stored away in this annual tradition. Not only is this a great way to look back on what all changed over the last year, but the time capsule also serves as the most complete recap for the current state of Mindcrack and is the best way to see the entire group's recent overall activity with info not found anywhere else.
We'll be opening the ninth edition of the mindcrack time capsule from 2022. You can also find these frozen moments in time for every year going back to 2014 here: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. Now that all that's out of the way, let's officially open the 2022 time capsule!
Today is the 29th of May, 2022.

General Information

A current concise definition of Mindcrack is "A group of friends and content creators founded in 2010 who come together for gaming content and regular charity events primarily based on Twitch."
Mindcrack currently has 24 official members and around 18 VIPs/Friends active in the group, though there is no official list on who all is a Friend and the linked image is probably missing at least Darkosto and Sapphyrei. Mindcrackers and Friends essentially differ only in name.
The latest member to join officially was OMGChad on the 31st of October, 2014. The latest member to leave was BTC (BlameTheController) on the 12th of November, 2015. The latest Friend to join is difficult to determine, as most Friends have gradually become involved in the group over multiple years.


There have been nine full Mindcrack Marathons to date and a multitude of other charity efforts, both from individuals and the full group. In total Mindcrack has raised an incredible $1,950,563.23 for others through their group fundraising streams since 2013, of which $1,817,090.78 has been for the charity Extra Life (totals missing $0-5K). The latest full marathon was on November 8-14 and ran for 117 hours across a full week for the first time, raising a record $348,565.69 for Extra Life plus Twitch and merch revenue.
A complete list of all totals raised during Mindcrack group fundraising streams can be found here, the source message is pinned in the Mindcrack Discord and regularly updated.
The most recent fundraising event was held less than a month ago for Arbor Day and was Mindcrack's first time supporting Gone West, the UHC raised £6,161 for the company, helping plant over 1,125 trees for the planet. It's been mentioned that Gone West will return in future fundraising events. Mindcrack also raised $15,651.94 for Extra Life last month during the first spring marathon since 2019 which ran for 12 hours. It was followed up by Extra life United's return to Florida just over a month ago, Mindcrack had multiple attendees who also spent several days at Disney together where some of them unfortunately got COVID-19. ELU 2022 featured the return of the Minecraft Building Competition, and Pakratt led team Mindcrack to a 1st place finish against 6 other teams which included Aureylian.
The Mindcrack Patreon has now been supporting Mindcrack's charity efforts for over 2 years, allowing the marathon to grow in size and production quality. A new $10 tier was added in fall which gives monthly behind the scenes updates on charity events. Currently the Patreon has 413 Patrons pledging $3,626 per month, with 88 Patrons on the $25 tier, 1 on the $500 tier, and the rest split between $5 and $10.
Kurt's Far Lands or Bust journey has continued on as always, having just started Season 10 with Season 9 ending a couple months ago after close to a million blocks traveled in a year. He is currently at 5,765,878 blocks traveled towards the Far Lands as of March 28th, 2022, sitting at 45.9% of the way there. The latest episode was #829 on May 28th, 2022. The series has raised $472,939.92 for 7 different charities since 2011, with $4,470.00 raised during Season 9 for Rise Above The Disorder, and $4,600.00 raised for Equality Texas Foundation during the recent FLoB-a-Thon.
MCGamer and the Zeldathon Team have raised $3,064,623 for 11 different charities during their 32 charity events. The latest Zeldathon was Zeldathon Ascent which raised $176,843.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from December 26th to January 1st, and they just finished the smaller event Piece of Heart raising $20,120 for St. Jude at MomoCon from May 26th-28th. The next Zeldathon will be Zeldathon Daybreak, scheduled to start on August 2nd raising money for Direct Relief.
There's also a multitude of individual charity efforts in Mindcrack; several people in the group hold streams supporting their individual Extra Life campaigns, and there's frequently one-off streams for various charities, such as a few days ago where Justin, McLaffyTaffy, and MyLawyerFriend were in a D&D stream supporting St. Jude. A complete list wouldn't be feasible to collect, but their efforts are appreciated. In total everyone in the group have raised over $5.5 million for charity over the years.

Regular Series

The Mindcrack Podcast is hosted by Sevadus, Guude, and recently Soccer releasing two episodes every week, consisting of a public episode every Monday and a Patron-exclusive episode every Thursday. Additionally, Patrons at the $25 tier can watch the recordings live and discuss in the live chat. The latest public episode was S2E99 which released on May 23rd, 2022, and the latest premium episode was episode 99 released on May 26th, 2022. The 10 year anniversary of the podcast is just a few weeks away.
Cone, Kurt, and Zeekay host the podcast Ran When Parked which releases new episodes every other week, the latest episode was episode 78.
As of tonight Coestar's StreamADay is sitting at Day 3,099, and Phedran's daily streaming streak is on Day 1,702. Coe still holds the second longest daily streaming streak on Twitch.
There have been over 500 collabs within Mindcrack in the last year, but with Mhykol's Discord bot not posting VODs it's hard to track them and get specific numbers. In the last year Monday Group Games, Space Cops, and the Dads have gone on indefinite hiatus, so there's currently fewer weekly series than normal.
The following is a list of the more stable weekly collab series within Mindcrack currently:
  • Armo, Breon, Coestar, and Kingster play PUBG for Sunday Gunday every week, and PUBG also makes frequent appearances throughout the week with other squad combinations.
  • Pakratt's Vintage Story Tuesday with Honney and DireDwarf recently ended after 38 weeks, it's likely TFC Tuesdays in MC 1.18 will replace it in the near future.
  • Coestar and Guude's Two Bananas for Sale continues strong, playing games together or with Patrons every Friday night. Their most recent games include We Were Here Forever, UHC, Traitors in Salem, and Codenames. Their joint Patreon currently raises $625 per month thanks to 36 Patrons.
  • Arkas, Guude, Nebris, and Pakratt have recently returned after a long hiatus to play Divine Journey 2 every other Saturday and just passed their 7-year anniversary playing together.
  • Arkas and Cone just wrapped up another season of Cities Skylines, this one being a challenge to build the best city in 36 hours.


Season 9 of the Minecraft vanilla server is currently ongoing; Amethyst, Guude, his daughter Apple, Honney, Mookake, Pakratt, Phedran, and a multitude of $25 tier Patrons have been on in the last month. The current season started on December 11th, 2021, and the server is running on 1.18.2 with some extra plug-ins. For the first time the majority of Mindcrack is using shaders on the server in a client modpack with other QoL mods. This season has had approximately 765 hours streamed by Mindcrack so far. The most recent event on the server was the Spring Festival held on May 1st and 7th; Amethyst, Guude, his daughter Apple, Honney, Pakratt, and about 15 Patrons attended one of the two.
Mhykol hosts a server map at https://mindcrackmap.com, the map uses BlueMap which was used as a secondary map on the previous season.
The most recent full modded server was Crackpack Season 4, Mindcrack's 7th modded season which was active from November 2019 until January 2020. A more restricted Crackpack 3 server was active for 3 hours every week from May to October last year as part of Monday Group Games.
The Dadcraft Minecraft server reset at the start of December for 1.18, Arkas and Jaaski joined Chiblee, Coestar, Justin, and Pause with others and the server was active for about a month.
Adlington, Arkas, Cone, Dire, Doc, Kurt, Phedran, and VintageBeef all have fan servers for Twitch subs and/or Patrons.

Ultra Hardcore (UHC)

There have been 33+28 (Twenty-seven donation UHCs and S4b) seasons of Mindcrack UHC. There were 8 Mindcrack UHCs in 2021, the most since 2012 with 9 UHCs.
Breon, Coestar, ConeDodger, and Kingster are the winners of the latest UHC season, Season 33, which was streamed on the 26th of February, 2022.
Mookake and SethBling are the winners of the latest donation UHC, the 27th of its kind, which was streamed on the 30th of April, 2022 for Gone West.
PauseUnpause is the most deadly player in regular UHCs with 36 kills, and Coestar is the most deadly player in donation UHCs with 38 kills, having recently taken the lead from Arkas. Nebris and VintageBeef are tied for the most wins in regular UHCs with 9, and Guude and Kurt are tied for the most wins in charity UHCs with 7. (Latest UHC Stats by Guardax)
Seasons can be categorized as follows: 21 teams of four, 15 teams of two, 13 teams of three, 8 free-for-all, 2 PvE, 1 teams of five, 1 teams of ten.
UHCs have been becoming more frequent recently with renewed interest from the group and there's plans for even more in the future, starting with the first ever collaboration between VintageCraft and Mindcrack Patrons with a UHC next month on June 11th.

Individual Members

The table below contains current subscription, follower, and member data for the Mindcrackers' various social media accounts. Each number is hyperlinked to include an image of that member's account as it appears on this day for easy comparison of account contents, videos, and Discord channels:
Mindcracker Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord Size Discord Messages**
Adlingtont 2,889 35,200 6,405 9 ($71) 44 29,700
AnderZEL 286,781 532,000* 72,995 Twitch sub to join 4,160
Arkas 39,358 86,300*/383 25,712 447 51,640
Aureylian 148,698 267,000* 164,528
AvidyaZen 21,652 274* 353 78(new) 9,090
Coestar 62,880 110,000* 30,709 29 ($79) 1,554 1,943,640
Docm77 128,355 982,000 225,648 124 ($952) Patron only ?
Guude 45,651 366,000 95,260 Twitch sub only 875,670
JSano19 5,103 48,800 14,035 1 ($5) Patron only ?
Kurt 53,293 412,000 57,844 199 Patron or Twitch sub only 180,680
MCGamer 87,722 HIDDEN 36,934
Mhykol 15,793 53,000 25,336 154 17,280
Millbee 55,977 114,000 45,799 545 754,160
Nebris 20,809 134,000*
OMGchad 53,832 119,000*/1,390,000 32,816 2,047 34,920
Pakratt 102,661 50,200 20,929 562 351,980
PauseUnpause 151,562 HIDDEN 947 134,680
Pyropuncher 29,807 HIDDEN 48,857
SethBling 246,113 2,020,000 380,303 330 37,240
Sevadus 412,912 45,600* 57,420 1,875 45,810
Vechs 9,692 171,000 50,404 114 1,061 154,270
VintageBeef 28,405* 1,570,000/13,800/19,800* 197,020 251 Patron only ?
W92Baj 9,548 113,000 43,394 7 Patron only ?
Zisteau 55,408 340,000/981(new) 72,216 91 1,240 400,910
Mindcrack Network 70,390 153,000 50,044 413($3,626) 2,711 262,240
* indicates accounts that haven't been used in the last year ** Discord messages are all messages sent in default channels since server creation.
The following table is the same info for Friends that are content creators, though this isn't an official list so it may have extras and not be complete:
Friend Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord size Discord messages**
Amethyst 552 852
Breon 2,605 291 1,705 167 49,230
Chiblee 24,332 4,330(new)/1,540(new) 31,923 2,338 473,600
ConeDodger 5,598 9,340 1,423 160 Patron or Twitch sub to join/use 1,006,770
Dahl 458 21,400/25(new) 837 0 Patron to join 51,560
Darkosto 76,839 3,560 6,049 7,947 439,360
DireDwarf 18,335 4,730 3,104 5($56) 372 190,740
Drooo 346 11 446 54 21,150
HCJustin 66,741 13,500 19,144 29($178) Twitch sub to join 1,184,780
HonneyPlay 11,607 3,100 1,259 11 562(shared w/ Pak) 351,980
Jaaski 10,850 458* 2,694 606 220,530
Kingster 390 2(new) 20
Mookake 690 2,360* 244
Phedran 9,470 8,870* 4,900 52($388) 372 89,430
Ryuski 1,383 181 436 75 26,541
Sapphyrei(formerly OnlyBentley) 17,636 58(new)/129,000(old) 12,243 3($19)
Soccer 505 137* 251 Twitch sub to join 440
There are currently about 28 people part of Mindcrack that stream on Twitch regularly, and about 10 that upload to YouTube regularly.
In the last year there were approximately 30,813 hours streamed on Twitch by about 41 Members and Friends, with 2,483 combined hours streamed during last month. During that year there were 792 unique categories streamed, 4,294,294 total views, and 3,863,022 hours watched on Twitch which is equal to 441 years.
The most streamed games in order were Minecraft, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, RimWorld, and Elden Ring. Minecraft had the most streamers with 37, most hours streamed with 6,278, and most hours watched with 713,580; the category Just Chatting was also among the most streamed and had the most views with 718,610.
Here's a chart showing monthly hours streamed by Mindcrack members from August 2015 to April 2022; here's a similar chart with Friends added from May 2020 to April 2022.
According to the Mindcrack website, the total YouTube subscribers across all official Mindcrackers is 9,042,471(+24,900 in the last year), the total number of videos is 71,787(+1,586), and the total views is 2,418,417,594(+36,497,698). The website hasn't been updated in years so the accuracy of those numbers isn't guaranteed.
The total member count across public Discord servers in Mindcrack is 25,526 which includes significant overlap(13,595 for just Mindcrack Members). In total there's been approximately 9,394,181 messages sent across all 33 servers including from bots, but I don't currently have Doc's or Beef's numbers which would push that number well over 10 million. Coe's server remains heavily active and is poised to be the first to reach 2 million messages in about 4 months.
SethBling is the most subscribed on YouTube with 2.02 million subscribers as well as the most followed on Twitter with 380k followers. Sevadus has the most Twitch followers with 412k followers. Darkosto has the largest Discord server with 7,947 members, and among the Mindcrack Members OMGchad has the largest with 2,047 members.


mindcrack has approximately 45,100 subscribers. Discord servers and Twitch chats are the primary places the active Mindcrack community's interactions are based, so the subreddit sees minimal activity.
The Moderator Team of mindcrack consists of 10 humans and 2 robots: GuudeBoulderfist, pakratt0013, stinusmeret, Zisteau, pajam, Lost-Chord, Compieuter, ArmoAram, stevetheclimber, emilythecool, MindcrackTwitchBot, and CrackBot / AutoModerator.
This is the subreddit today using old Reddit (Picture Version), and this is the same page using the redesign (Picture Version).
Here's the current flair selection, and here are the subreddit's traffic stats which are normally only viewable by mods.


Docm77 and VintageBeef are both also members of HermitCraft, and Arkas, Chiblee, Coestar, Jaaski, Justin, and Pause are all members of Dadcraft.
SethBling currently holds 2nd place for the Super Mario World 0 Exit speedrun with a time of 41.350 seconds. He also holds records for several speedrun categories he created, including SMAS+SMW All Five Games with ACE which he'll be running in this year's SGDQ in July, he currently holds a record of exactly 9 minutes for it.
On the IRL side of things several people in Mindcrack have gone through changes in life; in the last year, Guude and Jess got engaged, Cone and Paint also got engaged and announced they have a baby coming, and DireDwarf got married. There's also been multiple kittens and other pets, at least half a dozen job changes, and several moves, including Soccer living with Guude until earlier this month.
There have been no updates in the last year on Mindcrack's progress towards becoming a non-profit that's publicly been in the works for years.

Community Contributions

u/Omegatron9 has kept his spreadsheet and graphs on YouTube subscribers up to date.
The events of Mindcrack's first 10 years are covered in my History of Mindcrack written in 2020.
Some spreadsheets I have with stats:
Thanks to Guardax, Pellervo_page, and Ageofdune for providing Discord numbers.
And there we have it, another look back into the past is complete as we take a moment to reflect on how we got here amongst the never ending flow of time. Even in just one year there's been countless changes throughout the many people in Mindcrack, both good and bad, and it's easy to lose track of just how much happens with so many different people each living their own lives. Who knows what kinds of changes we'll see as another year passes and we open the 10th time capsule in 12 months.
The 2023 time capsule will be coming soon, there's a lot of info to collect so I'll be asking for help in the Discord, and anyone in the community will be welcome to add their own messages and info in the capsule. For the time being though let's focus on this capsule and all the changes that took place in the last year, and feel free to discuss any of them that stood out to you!
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2023.05.30 00:28 Powerful-Rain7724 Unsure of how to improve

Hello there, 23 year old guy here
Long story short: up until the age of 18 I escaped and disowned my abusive parents. Not sure how I lived up there until 18, it wasnt good, I had to get heart surgery at 15 and the abuse stopped for a few weeks, and it went back again
I'm 23 now, pretty independent guy. Live in student accommodation, one year left of university, work in IT and looking to get my own place
I've talked to therapists over a year ago, got diagnosed with PTSD, which is not surprising but I don't think much about that
However, I feel the way I am is still as a result from my upbringing. I am very on edge and (I hate to admit it) socially awkward and withdrawn. I don't really connect with anybody, I just want to be on my own
I've been told I'm a handsome guy. Women have gave me clear hints they wanted to date or were interested e.g asking if I was single // asking what I would do on a date // adding me on social media - I just gave a funny answer and moved on. Not interested.
Went on a date last year and before that I was 14 (yes, fourteen) that long ago. I don't put myself out there and I just don't feel interest at the moment
I never seen my parents have any love/connection. It was just hitting, screaming, shouting and locking me in dark rooms. Thats all I know
When I go to work, I often forget stuff and my manager called me careless. He knows about my background but I can't keep playing the victim card and blaming it on that, I struggle with every job and struggle to keep jobs
When I go outside or for a walk and see people my age I feel very lonely, I do most things by myself and go eat myself, it's worse on sunny days as I feel that I should be with friends or a date or something
I use to have a brother who's 21 now, I haven't talked to him since I was 18. He was the golden child with my parents and is brainwashed by them. He's the only sibling that talks to them
We done everything together, from childhood, play games, eat, hang out. Just normal brother stuff. Now it's gone and I'll likely never talk to him again.
Since we have stopped talking he has punched my sister (35) in the face, tried to set her flat/apartment on fire, sent my sister abusive messages on Instagram. And now I think he has a baby. So probably not
I feel so behind other normal people. I went to the gym for a while and did cardio and weights, that helped for a while but I burned myself out and haven't went since. I'm very healthy person but my mind is not
What to do?
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2023.05.30 00:22 MarkLyach I’ve tried homebrewing some monsters for lvl 4-6 encounter, but I guess I’ve sone an overkill. What CR would you give this creatures? How likely are they to kill the party?

Batfolk Captain Medium Fey (male), Typically Lawful Neutral Armor Class 18 (natural armor) Hit Points 22 (5d8) Speed 30 ft STR 14(+2) DEX 16(+3) CON 10(+0) INT 10(+0) WIS 18(+4) CHA 14(+2) Saving Throws Dex +5, Cha +4 Skills Acrobatics +5, Arcana +2, Nature +2, Perception +6 Damage Vulnerabilities necrotic, radiant Damage Resistances poison Condition Immunities charmed Senses Blindsight 100 ft, passive Perception 16 Languages — Proficiency +2 Challenge 3 (700 XP) TRAITS Batfolk climbing. The creature can attach itself to and walk on every surface as if it is ground. ACTIONS Take a Sip. This attack can only be taken if the attacker has not used Darkshift this turn. The creature deals 1d6 piercing damage, gains 1d4 hp and places a curse on the target. If another creature is cursed when new curse is placed, the previous target’s curse is lifted. The creature can activate the curse as a bonus action which lasts for 1 day. The DC for the curse effects is equal to 12 + WIS. Frighten. If the target fails a CON check it is frightened for 1 minute. It can repeat the check at the end of each of its turns. If the target was bitten previously in the last 30 days it has an advantage on every save related to Frighten. Track. The creature instantly locates target and can see it as if it is in a plain sight. Leech. If the target fails a CON check it loses 1d10 hp which is instantly transferred to the creature. If it passes the check, the curse instantly ends. Claw attack. Deals 4d4 slashing damage. Cleanse (1/Turn). Using the crystal the Captain holds in his hand, he cleanses magic off a creature. The target is immediately cleansed of up to two magic effects. If the target is unwilling, it can try a DC 18 CHA check; if it succeeds, the crystal is broken yet the effects are still cleansed off. Anti-magic field (1/Short or Long Rest). Using the crystal, the Captain places an anti-magic field (30 feet cube). When a creature (or up to 3 of them of Captain’s choice) in the field suffers a damage from a spell, the Captain can use his reaction to halve the damage from this instance until the end of the turn. Additionally, when creature in the field tries a save check to avoid any condition, the Captain can give it an advantage as a reaction. BONUS ACTIONS Darkshift (5/Short or Long Rest). Creature chooses a spot (60 feet away if the spot is in darkness, 30 feet away if the spot is under any form of light). It teleports to it. If before the teleportation the creature was under light it gains a disadvantage on its next attack. REACTIONS Deny the Witch (1/Turn). Using the crystal, the Captain prevents a target from casting the spell it is casting. The target can try a DC 15 check using its spellcasting characteristic. If it succeeds the crystal is destroyed.
Batfolk Scout Medium Fey, Typically Lawful Neutral Armor Class 16 (natural armor) Hit Points 14 (4d8 - 4) Speed 30 ft STR 11(+0) DEX 18(+4) CON 8(-1) INT 9(-1) WIS 16(+3) CHA 13(+1) Saving Throws Dex +6, Cha +3 Skills Acrobatics +6, Arcana +1, Nature +1, Perception +5 Damage Vulnerabilities necrotic, radiant Damage Resistances poison Condition Immunities charmed Senses Blindsight 100 ft, passive Perception 15 Languages — Proficiency +2 Challenge 2 (450 XP) TRAITS Batfolk climbing. The creature can attach itself to and walk on every surface as if it is ground. ACTIONS Multiattack. 2 claw attacks, each of which deals 1d8 slashing damage. Take a Sip. This attack can only be taken if the attacker has not used Darkshift this turn. The creature deals 1d6 piercing damage, gains 1d4 hp and places a curse on the target. If another creature is cursed when new curse is placed, the previous target’s curse is lifted. The creature can activate the curse as a bonus action which lasts for 1 day. The DC for the curse effects is equal to 12 + WIS. Frighten. If the target fails a CON check it is frightened for 1 minute. It can repeat the check at the end of each of its turns. If the target was bitten previously in the last 30 days it has an advantage on every save related to Frighten. Track. The creature instantly locates target and can see it as if it is in a plain sight. Leech. If the target fails a CON check it loses 1d10 hp which is instantly transferred to the creature. If it passes the check, the curse instantly ends. BONUS ACTIONS Darkshift (5/Short or Long Rest). Creature chooses a spot (60 feet away if the spot is in darkness, 30 feet away if the spot is under any form of light). It teleports to it. If before the teleportation the creature was under light it gains a disadvantage on its next attack.
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2023.05.30 00:21 BuroraAurorealis Race Report: 2023 Calgary Marathon 10K


Goal Description Completed?
A Stick to training program Yes
B Sub 0:55:00 Yes
C Finish without injury Maybe


Kilometer Time
1 5:10
2 4:59
3 5:09
4 5:20
5 5:22
6 5:22
7 5:24
8 5:33
9 5:47
10 5:34


I (M39) caught the running bug pretty late in life—in my early thirties. I was never an athlete, and actively disliked sports when in school. I regularly went to the gym in my 20s and early 30s, but my cardiovascular fitness was generally mediocre.
I first started running in 2014, but wasn't very consistent until 2020. That's when I put in about 3 km every day, running behind my preschooler as she learned how to ride a bike. I ran longer distances every weekend, gradually ramping up to 10 km.
In 2021, I ran my first competitive 10K (also at the Calgary Marathon). I did no training to speak of, and while I completed the race, I got severe shin splints from it. They would recur every time I ran long distances, so any running between then and now was intermittent.


Come 2023, I decided to give it another shot. I signed up for one of Garmin's 10K training programs (with coach Greg McMillan) in February, and set an aggressive target for myself—10 km in 55 minutes. This was uncharted territory for me, as I had never maintained a consistent 5:30 pace before. My fastest 10K stood at 1:01:20, and my quickest 5K was 28:30 or so.
The hardest part was simply sticking to the schedule. Juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, having a demanding job, and a bustling family life made finding time for running a constant challenge. That inevitably translated to running either at the crack of dawn, or late in the evening (in Calgary weather … brr!). Training generally went without a hitch—I maintained a steady tempo of 25-30 km per week.
I learned some valuable lessons in these 15 weeks. The first was listening to my body. The fear of recurring shin splints haunted me, so I took two week-long breaks when I sensed overtraining. These breaks allowed me to bounce back from fatigue, stay motivated, and prevent injuries.
Another revelation came in the form of easy running. "What? I don't have to go flat-out, chasing personal bests every time I step out to run? Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool." Easy running was fun, stress free, and almost meditative!
I also paid careful attention to my nutrition, making conscious choices to cut back on greasy foods and snacks. Hydration became a top priority. I made sure to drink at least 72 oz of water daily and fueled up with electrolytes before and after my runs.
Lastly, I honed my running form, using YouTube videos and this sub for guidance. I zeroed in on my running cadence—a sluggish 150-155 spm—as a key area for improvement. I increased it to 175-180 spm over a span of a few weeks, and the results were immediate. My runs felt smoother, my legs were less sore after intense runs, and I could maintain my energy for longer. The increase in my daily step count was an unexpected bonus!


As the big day approached, I felt confident and ready. I adhered to my tried-and-true pre-race meal of steamed rice, mashed potatoes, and two boiled egg whites. The excitement kept me from getting a good night's sleep, but I knew the jitters were part of the package. Three hours before the race, I had a light breakfast—a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a cup of tea.
Then, for the next couple of hours, I immersed myself in quiet solitude, mentally preparing for the epic challenge that lay ahe … … naah, I was a bundle of nerves, buzzing around my home, incessantly reminding everyone to hurryuporweweregoingtomisstheraceZOMG!


The weather was about 15°C and sunny; a tad on the warmer side. I planned to maintain a pace between 5:20 and 5:24 so that I'd meet my goal with about a minute and a half of cushion.
The race started on the dot at 7:30 am. The crowded field prevented me from sprinting too quickly. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise: I tend to take off like a jackrabbit, only to fizzle out prematurely. Still, even at a controlled pace, my first three kilometers flew by at 5:10, 4:59, and 5:09. Surprisingly, I felt like I wasn't pushing myself to my limits.
The course went gradually (very gradually) uphill for the next four kilometres, but my run in this patch was smooth: I maintained my target pace and felt things were going well. Somewhere along the way, I passed the 0:55:00 pacer.
Weariness started creeping in during the seventh kilometre. My mouth felt parched, my cadence fell below 165 or so (a telltale sign of fatigue) and my upper back grew stiff. I took a Gu, but it only made my mouth drier. My pace was still on target, but I knew this wasn't going to last. In the eighth kilometer, I allowed myself a slight slowdown in the eight kilometre (clocked 5:33) and again on the ninth. This lap was the slowest at 5:47 (or 3.6 roentgen: not great, not terrible). As I crossed the 9 km marker, the timer on my watch registered 48 minutes and change. Meaning I had a good seven minutes to make the final kilometre.
That knowledge just motivated me to pick up the pace. One forceful, final push—although torture—would be the cherry atop what had been a strong performance thus far. As I crossed the finish line,a feeling of exhilaration consumed me: I knew I had crushed my goal!


Outside the finish zone, I reunited with my family, who had been my unwavering support throughout this extraordinary journey.
My daughter tackled the 1.2 km kids race soon after. Then my incredible wife fearlessly took on her very first 5K, braving the scorching noon heat to set a personal best time. I can't express how proud I am of both for taking up a challenge and sticking with it to the end.
I wanted to finish the race without sustaining any lasting injuries, and I think I succeeded. My legs were burning, and my calves are still sore. I have a slight, sharp pain above one ankle, but I hope it fades away soon.


Looking back on this journey, I'm glad that I challenged myself with an ambitious goal, and went on to exceed it.
But what stands out to me is my commitment to the training plan. Consistently investing effort, time, and energy has resulted in tangible benefits. My stamina has improved, my VO2 max is up by two points, my resting heart rate has fallen significantly, and I feel fitter overall.
I'm now ready to tackle the next obvious challenge: conquering a half marathon. And who knows, perhaps a full marathon awaits me in the not-so-distant future.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.30 00:19 moondaybitch Boyfriend (28M) ready for marriage, I (26F) am having other concerns I don't know how to bring up first

My boyfriend of 4 years brought up engagement again the other day and I had such a negative gut reaction to it that I feel like I need to get some opinions from outside perspectives. It's not the first time we've talked about marriage, the last time was last year when I said I didn't think I'd be ready for at least two years, but he wants to start talking about rings now. I feel like I need to have a conversation with him about some issues first and I don't know of to bring it up now.
He was being really romantic and talking about how much he feels supported by me when he's struggling and to be honest it made me realize how long I've been supporting him. Without getting into too many details, there have been some personal struggles he's been dealing with for the better part of a year now and I think I may be getting a bit burned out on it. It's not that I don't want to support him, but I'm also dealing with a toxic workplace and some health issues, and I've been basically waiting for his struggles to end (hopefully will be coming in a month or two) so I can prioritize myself and focus on getting a new job again. And while I want to be there for him, I'd also like to be the one who has things taken off her plate without having to ask for it.
An example: Over the weekend, I was doing some yardwork I asked him to take care of last fall before winter and he never got around to it. I never wanted to nag about it because I knew he was going through it back then (and he even mentioned at one point he'd just been to stressed to get to it before the snow). While I was working it occurred to me that the same thing had happened when I asked him to take care of opening up the patio this spring so we could sit out there again -- I asked months ago and now it's basically June and I'm doing it myself because he's been too overwhelmed to handle it.
Of course as soon as I started doing it he came out to help but then was really frustrated about it afterwards because he didn't want to spend his afternoon doing that (but I didn't ask, he just said he didn't want me to do it by myself). So I felt a bit like I couldn't win. I was also getting a bit peeved because he kept asking me how to do some tasks, but I don't know either necessarily, I just look up a YouTube video or check the city website on my own and I wish he'd do that instead of asking me sometimes.
I don't want to make it sound like he lies around and does nothing, we've divided the house work basically so that I clean and he cooks, and I really appreciate that. Whenever I take over a week of cooking if he's too overwhelmed I really do notice and appreciate how much effort goes into that weekly prep, it's something I dislike and not having that mental load of meal planning is great. That said, cooking is his hobby, but scrubbing toilets is not mine, and it drives me a bit crazy sometimes to feel like as soon as I clean he leaves beard hair or toenail clippings all over the bathroom. I genuinely think he doesn't notice -- when I ask him not to he always apologizes and says he didn't see it was there. And I guess it bugs me that I help out with the cooking sometimes when he's overwhelmed, but he never has offered to do the same with the cleaning or laundry -- he just tells me it's ok to skip a week. But I don't want to skip a week and have an even bigger task of cleaning waiting for me. But, again, especially when he's been dealing with so much lately, I don't want to put more on his plate and ask him to help me out more.
The last and probably most important issue is that when I am upset, I find I wind up comforting him about it. For example, we missed out on a fun event I was really looking forward to due to weather - genuinely no one's fault, just bad luck, but I was really disappointed and wanted to feel sorry for myself for a bit. Note this was not a days long pity party -- it was probably 45 minutes of being low energy and wanting to scroll on my phone, not yelling at him or anything. But I was definitely being a bit of a downer. He started spiraling thinking that I was upset at him and that he had somehow ruined the event by not preparing more, and I wound up comforting him, but I ultimately did say something along the lines of, hey I'm not upset at you and this isn't about you doing me wrong, I'd like to be the one who gets comforted here. I almost regret that as the next few times I was upset, he made a point of saying something like "I'm also upset but I'm ignoring that to comfort you", which kind of just made me feel guilty for getting comforted.
I guess if I had to sum up a tl;dr it'd be that he is really good at the things he sees and I feel really loved when I wake up to a pot of tea and breakfast, but I don't look forward to a lifetime of being the hype man and ignoring my own feelings to help him. I don't want to dump more on his (very validly full) plate by saying, hey I'm burned out on being the cheerleading squad of this relationship. But at the same time, damn I am running out of energy and I feel like I can't let him think we're in a good place to get engaged if nothing changes. I have no idea what to do because this has been going on so long I feel like all the stuff I did voluntarily because he was going through a tough time is now the status quo for the relationship and I feel like he'll be blindsided because I've been trying to be supportive and chipper about this stuff for so long. Could use any thoughts and advice people might have here!
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2023.05.30 00:19 BeanNCheeze [Breeds] Large dog Recommendation - Active person

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
Lots of training experience. I have a current medium german Shepard mix dog that is very well trained and I started at 0 with.
Before this I did dog training with my other dogs when I was younger.
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
Repudable breeder
3) Describe your ideal dog.
The dog must be capable of being good with cats, dogs, children and everyone.
Eager to please and very reliable off leash. Lovable and cuddly.
low coat maintenace
Ideally they can run 3 miles every other day. (I run 4-6 miles daily but plan on definitely lowering to 3 miles)
Quiet breed
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
• Labrador Good dog, I like the English lab. Checks off most of my boxes. Im cautious because of the exercise they need. Very loving dog.
Smaller size of the english is a con. Not much else.
• Rottweiler Quiet breed. I love the bulk look. Smart breed for training. 3 mile run is possible (max) Good with everyone if socialized well. I like the indifference they have towards others (more focus on me and my family). Lovable. Food motivated. They’re energy needs sounds perfect for me. Good hiker. Good with kids and other animals.
Stuborness is a con for me
• Doberman Elegant look. Can keep up with my runs. Velcro. Lovable. Off leash potential. Love the focus on handler. Potential for separation anxiety and vocalness are cons for me.
leaning away from this one.
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
Basic obedience, running, hiking, impeccable recall for off leash. Holding things on there back pack.
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
No, he would be purely a companion
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
He would be with me 8+ hours a day (work from home), running buddy (45min - 1hr 15min), 30 min training in morning.
This would be an average day. Random play throughout the day. I love controlled rough play with my dog. (with toys)
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
low grooming. Brushing when needed no trimming
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
moderate shedding
quiet breed
low slobber max
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Very. I take my current dog to open areas and plan on also taking this dog.
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
Eager to please.
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
Kind to everyone. But also very fine with indifference / alert. No unecessary agresion.
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
4 hours on average. 8 hours on rare days.
This would be as an adult. Puppy gets much more time.
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
Partner would be involved in training interacting with the dog. She loves dogs of all sizes. Vet tech.
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
• 2 Cats • 1 female german shepard mix (shes very kind to everyone)
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
Not regularly. But will see them regularly and long term, yes.
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
no, I own a home
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
California, and Yes.
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
55 F
No snow ever
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2023.05.30 00:18 Grouchy_Income_7589 PC US NAMALSK DayZGone Namalsk Hardcore Survival #1 (1/1) - 1PP

Welcome to DayZGone Namalsk - an exhilarating first person survival experience like no other! No Base Building, or Cars! Dive into a post-apocalyptic world set on the frozen wasteland of Namalsk, where unforgiving weather conditions and bloodthirsty zombies are just the beginning of your challenges. We have added some additional mods below all while still keeping the Vanilla aspect of the game.
🎒 Military Overhault Pack: Unleash your inner warrior with a complete overhaul of military-grade equipment. Discover new weapons, gear, and clothing options that will make you a force to be reckoned with including the AR-15 and the AKSR.
🔫 VSWeaponry: Prepare to arm yourself with an extensive arsenal of weapons, courtesy of the VSWeaponry mod. From powerful assault rifles to precision sniper rifles and devastating shotguns, this mod brings an exciting variety of firearms to the game. Each weapon is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a realistic and immersive combat experience yet also keeping a balanced level between all weapons.
🙅‍♂️ No Force Weapon Raise: Say goodbye to accidental weapon raises and enjoy smoother, more immersive gameplay. No more frustrating interactions when you need to stay quiet and undetected.
📦 Stack More Items: Maximize your carrying capacity and make the most of your limited inventory space. Stack More Items allows you to stack essential resources efficiently, ensuring you're always prepared for the harshest of conditions.
👕 Windstrides Clothing Pack: Customize your character's appearance with a diverse range of stylish clothing options. Protect yourself from the elements while expressing your unique style in this frozen, unforgiving world.
Join DayZGone Namalsk now and embark on a thrilling journey of survival, where every decision matters. Test your skills, form alliances, scavenge for supplies, and fight to stay alive in this brutal, immersive DayZ experience.
Max Players- 42
Restarts- Every 4 hours.
Mods- Community Framework, Community Online Tools, Advanced Weapon Scopes, DayOne, Military Overhault Pack, No Force Weapon Raise, Stack More Items, Windstrides Clothing Pack.
Playstyle- PvP, PvE, RP.
First Person Only!
Discord: https://discord.gg/a8uc95Ms5s
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2023.05.30 00:18 Right-Dimension5953 Commuter and regular biker (if that is possible) looking for advice/help

Hi guys pretty new here, so i hope i do not cross some guidelines.
I’ve been commuting regularly for about 3 years now without seasonal pauses (weather was kind for biking thankfully) and about 4 months ago i started biking from 30-80 kilometers during weekends.
And I have seen huge improvements in my cardio and especially my strength in legs and lower back, but my legs never ever literally feel well rested. My commute became so integrated into my everyday life that I’m unable to not cycle even for a day.
But even so I’m not forcing myself during weekdays or so I think I’m not.
Now to give some info. Town that I live in is full of hills, my home to work commute is literally 2 km uphill but even if it’s uphill it’s really short and quick commute. During the weekdays every day I average around 10 km, I don’t have a diet or some special regime and only physical activity is cycling and hiking.
So after this awfully long story I truly hope someone with greater experience will help me recover, I have this feeling of leg fatigue for 2 months now and is mentally limiting me from going further even though my lungs and cardio are telling me to go further (that sounded exactly something roadie would say) but i hope I was clear.
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2023.05.30 00:12 GPFlag_Guy1 What car centrism does to the health of people.

What car centrism does to the health of people. submitted by GPFlag_Guy1 to ghostposter [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:08 okaykyle_ AIBTS for thinking my family doesn't want me to vacation with them?

Sorry for the long post!
Earlier this year, my sister started talking about how our dad was going to take us on holiday abroad with our two half-brothers and our step-mum. He'd spoken to me about this a few months prior and had asked if I would want to come with, to which I said yes. I hadn't heard anything about it since, though, so I had assumed it wasn't happening. Apparently, though, he had still been telling her all about what he was planning. No big deal, it just hadn't come up in conversation when I was with him.
Then, a few weeks after my sister had mentioned it, she made a post on her Snapchat story with a screenshot of a flight booking (or something similar, I can't remember exactly), captioned something like "can't wait until august". Then, the next day, she was over at our house (I live with my nan, she lives with our ma. Neither of us live with our dad.) and started talking about the resort and room our dad had booked. I asked her when he had booked it, and she got really confused because "he told me he'd spoken to you about it."
I mentioned it to my nan, and she decided to message our dad about it to double-check what was happening. She got a reply to something of the effect of "Oh, if he [meaning me] wants to come I'll have to change our booking." He was trying to say he didn't think I wanted to go.
Which... I would understand, if it weren't for the fact that he had asked me, and I said I did. Or the fact that he had asked my ma and my nan multiple times, and both had confirmed I wanted to go. Or that my sister had been talking to him about it for ages, and directly mentioning that I wanted to go with and talking about things she wanted to do there with me. She had been talking about things to do there, explicitly mentioning me every time because she was under the assumption that I was definitely going with them. In fact, everyone except my dad seemed to also be under the same assumption.
So he said he would call the hotel to "see if he could add an extra person" (whilst constantly making comments about how he didn't think he could), and when they agreed, started amending the flights. Then, he sends a message saying I can't fly back with them because there aren't enough seats anymore. So he books me on a flight leaving 6 hours after theirs. Whatever, I suppose. The last time I flew anywhere was when I was 5 years old, and I am notoriously bad with travelling alone, but I can deal with it.
Then, he asks for the money for the flight. Which, of course, would be expected if it weren't for the fact that he didn't ask for a penny for my sister. He paid for her flights, her accommodation, he's given her money to get new clothes and swimwear and has told her he has money to give her for spending whilst there. With me, it's the complete opposite. He's not paying for anything. Not only that, but he also ended up mentioning that the price of the flight went up by £100 halfway through booking, so we had to send him extra. When we get to our hotel, I have to pay 50 euros per night (or something like that) because he added me to their booking after the fact.
I know none of this sounds outrageous, or out of the ordinary for many. Maybe people are going to think I'm being stuck up and spoilt for even posting about this. I just feel as though he's treating me as an afterthought not worth his money, despite me making more of an effort with him, my brothers, and his wife than my sister ever has. Last month, my sister told me he tells her that he doesn't like talking to me because he "doesn't know what to say" and feels awkward trying. My ma said it was ridiculous for me to be paying to go on vacation with my father, especially since my sister wasn't expected to do the same. Maybe it's an age thing, (She's 15 and I just turned 17) but my sister has more money saved up than I do and thinking back, it's been like this for a lot of our lives - him often paying for her, but refusing to do the same for me.
I don't know. Typing it out, I feel stupid. It's probably nothing personal, I'm just being a stupid, over-emotional stereotype of a teenager. But I can't shake the feeling that he couldn't care less whether or not I'm there.
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2023.05.30 00:02 Practical_Argument47 Is my 15 day itinerary too much?

Going to Japan with my sister (24F) and parents (early 60s) early October. They're adventurous decently active but I want to make sure I'm not overdoing and rushing the trip too much. Most of my goals have been to integrate all their favorite things (small, scenic towns; cool architecture, adventures; food and drinking) since this will their first time in Japan (and my second time).
Commute to Kadoya (50 mins)
Gyoen Garden
Golden Gai
Kabukicho - Godzilla statue
Hanazono Shrine
Imperial Gardens
Ueno: Tokyo National Museum
Dinner, then Shibuya Crossing Taishushusen Terumae - nomihoudai $4 1hr
Day 2-4
SHIBUYA/Harajuku + Meiji Shrine
Café de l'Ambre - kissaten
Tsukiji Outer market
Monja Street
Team labs
High end shopping district
Tokyo National Museum
senso ji
kappabashi st nearby (knives)
imo pippi - sweet potato angel hair
Hoppy Dori street
Hakone - 1 (arrive morning) (5-6th)
Be at inn by 5pm, ready to chillax, onsen, etc
Hakone Circuit (6-8 hours)
Open air museum
Cable car and ship
Kyoto - 3 (6-9th)
nishiki market
Fushimi Inari shrine
Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
Kinkajou temple
Arashiyama bamboo
Cruise hozugawa river?
yebisu bar - matcha beer
Hiroshima - 2 (9-11)
Arrive: Okonomiyaki at station, then go to hotel SUNDAY peace room
Peace museum
Hiroshima castle
Dad’s bday! Miyajima island (45 minute ferry)
ROUTE FROM HIROSHIMA TO OSAKA early on 11th if we wanna go on side trips
Hejimi 30 min walk either way off route
Kobe (beef, carpentry museum - Takenaka)
Osaka - 2 (11-13)
Osaka cocktail library akashic records
Osaka castle
Nara (30 min by bus) - Buddha and deer park, Horyuji temple -wood
COMMUTE: 3 hours by JR to Kanazawa, get there afternoon/evening
Kanazawa - 2 (13-15)
Kanazawa night tour + dinner $100pp
Kanazawa castle - wood
Kenrokuen garden
SHIRAKAWA town (1 hr 45 mins each way)
COMMUTE: 3hr mins back to Tokyo by bus and JR, arrive late evening
Tokyo 1 (15-16th)
Any leftover activities – flight at 5pm

I worry Kanazawa is one place too many, but my sister wants to see a small town and Shirakawa seemed like a great choice. Is this pace too much? We'll be taking the JR
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2023.05.30 00:01 jjsefton17 Is there ever a time for hate? I get my answer four years later.

Four years ago this weekend I was in the middle of a mental health crisis, one of this existential questionings that was up and down. Context is I was 36 at the time and I had been getting deep into my mental health issues for 15 years and still couldn't find any meaning to it all.
I was sitting in my cubicle practicing a reading I had to give at a funeral. It was Ecclesiastes 3:8 which says: “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” I wasn't a very religious person, somewhere between agnostic and atheist depending on the weather. I thought I get Love and Peace, sure time for that, time for War, I mean I guess in self defense of the innocent (not self defense of the guilty). But hate, why is there any time for that.
I had spent 15 years trying to work on not hating myself, not hating my mental health diagnosis, not hating all the beautiful things pass by cause I couldn't get over how much I hated myself. So right there in my cubicle I thought from now on I will never believe there is a time for hate.
I'm still not sure how it all happened but later that day I did not go to that funeral. I went to my parents and told them I had a problem. We went to my wife and we talked about the problem. I wanted to kill myself or burn down my life and find peace disappearing from everything. I spent the rest of memorial day weekend in a mental health unit of a hospital.
When I went to bed I was awoken by something. Paralyzed in my sleep I listened. It explained everything to me. A blueprint to do something. I've been writing about it and its implications for years on reddit so I won't go into it all, that's not why I'm writing this.
I'm writing this because I at least followed the spirit of that blue print at every decision I made for the next four years. I still made some bad decisions, some very bad ones that almost destroyed me. But I also made a lot of good ones. Tried new therapists and therapies. Read about mindfulness. Tried meditating a ton. Focused on my children, my work, my marriage the best I could and centered my spiritual beliefs on understanding what unconditional love is.
Today on the four year anniversary of being in that hospital, one of one too many stays in institutions, I was feeling very grateful for the past four years, the good and the bad, admiring the beauty of the journey. I decided to take my daily walk with my dog around the neighborhood just clearing my mind and it hit me in it's simplicity. I knew instinctively after I had the idea that it was my higher power's answer to the question "But hate, why is there any time for that."
There is time for whatever you want. You decide what your life means. What you focus on is what you worship, and what you worship will guide your decisions as we all inevitably outsource decision making to whatever we worship be it a God, or a partner, a philosophy, a political party. In that context there is always time for hate. Here is what it has to do with unconditional love.
Unconditional love has been described many ways, I just posted about the most articulate description I've ever heard which was from an AI I trained. But AI is trained on the past so it can only ever deliver variations of the past. On this walk I got a new answer to the question of if my higher power's love is unconditional and I believe my higher power is powerful enough to create everyone and everything then why is there time for hate?
Unconditional love is the ability that comes from mindfulness to recognize that there is never a time to hate another human. Unconditional love is the realization that hate is toxic, but shit happens and you are going to get angry, its inevitable for whatever cosmic reason. It is your choice of what you do with that hate that defines you.
And my higher power's advice was that the only thing you should ever hate is me, the God of your choice. You will be better served focusing on gratitude, you will be better served focusing on the beauty of the present moment, you will be better served remembering all the love that got you this far in life. But if you find yourself hating something, and you end up like Sefton believing unconditional love and hate are mutually exclusive and get caught in a paradoxical hell that sends you to be visited by shit I can't explain, it is ok to direct that hate at whatever you believe in.
That is the source of your hate. That is your enemy. Hate whatever you believe in or forced to believe in or wanted to believe in. Not cause the source of your hate is wrong. But on the off chance you find yourself with a whole bunch of energy that is about to turn into hate, put it towards what you believe in. Your higher power or someone else's higher power can take it, after all they are immortal or whatever.
But that TSA Agent who is moving too slow, that neighbor who gets on your nerves, that life partner who won't let you be happy, that unfairness at work, in the economy, in politics, in cities and villages all over the world. All of those things are just people, like you. Mere mortals worried about the next pay check, their health, their children. They definitely have less capacity to deal with your hate than a deity.
So that is the answer to the question I asked my higher power 4 years ago. If you want to believe unconditional love is the most powerful thing in the universe and you want to practice it the best you can, and on the off chance out of whatever statistical probability of this chaotic existence you find yourself trapped in a moment where you just feel a lot of hate, you won't be in trouble for directing that hate at God or whatever belief you choose. But you will be accountable for the hate you cast out into civilization here on Earth.
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2023.05.29 23:54 throwaway164837 Lab/Heeler mix is driving me insane and I'm about to give up

I feel like I'm going crazy. I have a one year old black lab/blue heeler mix that was an unexpected surprise from an ex. I learned fairly quickly that these are extremely high energy dogs who require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.
Over the past few months, I've slowly transitioned to walking him in the mornings and evenings (about an hour each time due to my schedule, longer on days off) and playtime on breaks from work (fetch, tug of war, treat puzzles, hide and seek, commands and tricks) due to the hot weather. He can be laying on the floor, refusing to budge anymore and then 20 minutes later it's like he hasn't played all day. None of it feels like it works anymore. I'm at my wits end because he's now actively destroying parts of my home out of boredom. So far he's gouged my hardwood floors through digging at some non-existent thing, chewed the trim on several doorways and is starting to chew holes in my linoleum floor.
I know he's bored and has pent up energy as he only does it when I'm working and can't pay full attention to him or when we miss the walks because of stormy weather, which I try to make up for with more mental stimulation. I even rotate toys and occasionally buy him a new one when he's worn out the old ones. He is kennel trained but I don't feel right leaving him locked up for so long while I work, generally 2-3 hours between breaks. He's been checked out by the vet and is perfectly healthy.
I cannot afford a doggy daycare and I have no friends that have dogs that he can interact with while I work. I'm out of ideas on what to do, I'm losing my mind and I'm about to break down and cry. What else is there to even do at this point? Everything I read online just says I'm not doing enough, I'm not trying hard enough and it's all my fault and I cannot stand it anymore. Every single article is copy and pasted from the one before it. How can it be my fault when just about every free moment I have is taking care of him? What am I missing?
Oh and let's add in that he's now starting to guard his food and treats from the cat that just happens to walk by on their way to another room, who's never so much as looked twice at his food because how dare they walk nearby. It's never been a problem before but sure, let's add to the humans stress levels 😭
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2023.05.29 23:53 WeddingCreepy8213 medical mystery or just reality...?

31YO F
trying to see if anyone has been through this.
here's a breakdown w the timeline:
I am sitting at almost 170 pounds, my cholesterol has been high for years. I had blood work done in November (hormone panel, thyroid, etc) but nothing comes up except slightly high cholesterol (117 H). vitamin d & b12 levels are low- I take vitamins to help that.
frustrated because i FEEL like something is 'wrong'- I am lethargic every day, I am super sensitive to heat (it's getting 80+ outside & I can't deal), even if i get 8 hours of sleep I am tired, I feel sluggish, I have no drive, weight is still piling on even though I am working out & eating well.I am happy, great home life, not depressed.
additional things: I have a terrible grip, so weak. I get sore SO easily that it's more like pain. I bruise easily & bruises + scrapes/acne take a LONG time to heal (sometimes months). I am hypermobile making my core weak. I do not have brittle fingernails but i lose a LOT of hair when I shower. I have little to no sex drive now.
anyone experience this? I've never "wanted" something to be wrong with me before now. I am waiting to get back into my PCP to discuss more. i'd love to just feel good. or feel OK. 6 out of 7 days a week I feel like ick.anyone?
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2023.05.29 23:52 WeddingCreepy8213 medical mystery or just reality....?

31YO F
trying to see if anyone has been through this.
here's a breakdown w the timeline:
I am sitting at almost 170 pounds, my cholesterol has been high for years. I had blood work done in November (hormone panel, thyroid, etc) but nothing comes up except slightly high cholesterol (117 H). vitamin d & b12 levels are low- I take vitamins to help that.
additional things:
I have a terrible grip, so weak. I get sore SO easily that it's more like pain. I bruise easily & bruises + scrapes/acne take a LONG time to heal (sometimes months). I am hypermobile making my core weak. I do not have brittle fingernails but i lose a LOT of hair when I shower. I have little to no sex drive now.
frustrated because i FEEL like something is 'wrong'- I am lethargic every day, I am super sensitive to heat (it's getting 80+ outside & I can't deal), even if i get 8 hours of sleep I am tired, I feel sluggish, I have no drive, weight is still piling on even though I am working out & eating well.
I am happy, great home life, not depressed.
anyone experience this? I've never "wanted" something to be wrong with me before now. I am waiting to get back into my PCP to discuss more. i'd love to just feel good. or feel OK. 6 out of 7 days a week I feel like ick.
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2023.05.29 23:47 92_2Infinity 31M - Why have I had 2 false-negatives for Amphetamines in my urine when I take 25mg Adderall DAILY? - Provider has wrongfully insinuated misuse and threatened to END treatment - PLZ HELP!

31M 6ft-1in 182lbs African & European (64/36% respectively)
TLDR: I take 25mg Adderall daily but have received 2 false negative results when urine-tested to confirm that I'm taking the medication. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! :'(
My Concern: I take 25mg Adderall (sometimes generic) daily.. after over a year being treated via telehealth I sought a local doctor to improve responsiveness and accessibility. My new-ish doctor ordered a confirmatory urinalysis/drug screen, presumably they want my results to be positive for Amphetamine and negative for everything else... I was shocked to get a call from him being told my results were negative for EVERYTHING and he was going to cease seeing me as a patient.. I told him there HAS to be some sort of testing error or unexpected factor at-play because I take my meds every morning and afternoon, without fail... I rely on my treatment plan to have even a somewhat normal & productive life with healthy relationships.. I have suffered immensely from ADHD for decades (for as long as I can remember) it took a lot of self-realization, courage, and effort for me to realize I needed to resume treatment as a 30y/o husband, father & professional.. but once I was able to get treated and have the medication tuned to the right dose, my life has changed immensely for the better... I'm horrified at the possibility of being put in a position where i can no longer be treated for this disorder, and equally horrified at the thought of this guy putting a false accusation on my medical record.. which will remain there indefinitely...
This is the LabCorp test they used: 733692 9+Oxycodone+Crt-Scr The pertinent line says this: "Amphetamines Screen, Urine = Negative, Cutoff=1000ng/mL"
Background Info: - Disc Degeneration w/ stenosis in lower 3 vertebrae
- Severe ADHD "Combined-Type"
- Year round allergies (pollen, dander, mold, etc.)
- Prostatitis, frequent urination (10 to 15+ times daily)
- Smell, food & chemical sensitivity (used to have unexplained migraines 2-6 times a month)
- Eczema (Since birth)
Daily Meds + Supplements:
Morning: 20mg Adderall XR, Cinnamon (2-3g, capsule), B12 (3000mg), B-Complex, Co-Q10, Vitamin C 750mg, Zyrtec (cetirizine 10mg)
Afternoon: 5mg Adderall Instant Release, Cinnamon (2-3g in capsule)
Evening: Low-Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg, and sometime i'll have 1-3 beers
Nicotine, Alcohol:
  1. 0 to 3 beers any given night
  2. Juul e-cig (about 2 Juul pods each day at 3% nic.)
I drink roughly 100-190oz of fluids per day in total (I know this is a lot) I have to drink this much water to avoid headaches and other ailments due to the meds and supplements I take daily...
  1. 80 to 120oz water
  2. 16 to 32oz black coffee
  3. 0 to 36oz beer (Coors Banquet or Yuengling)
I lift weights every 48-36hrs (3-4x per week) my workouts last 40 to 90min.. always push myself, plenty of sweat...
I eat pretty healthy, usually I have fruit at least once a day, plenty of vegetables, I avoid processed sugar, processed grains, and junk food.. but will still have a burger at least 1x/wk & a Panera breakfast sandwich 1-3x/wk
So its obvious, I drink a lot of water & coffee, I pee OFTEN, I sweat sometimes, I have some weird health issues... but I've been getting mixed responses - some have said urine can be diluted if you drink a lot of fluids each day, other people have said none of this should cause a negative amphetamine result if I'm taking Adderall, but God as my witness, I take it, so SOMETHING is wrong with how they are testing.. or something is extremely unusual with how my body processes/metabolizes the medication. HELP! PLEASE HELP! WTF IS GOING ON?? :'(
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2023.05.29 23:43 dreamingofislay Feis Ile Caol Ila Day Recap (5/29)

Feis Ile Caol Ila Day Recap (5/29)
Sequel to my recaps for days one and two. It's been a wonderful Feis so far, and we feel lucky and grateful to be able to return after a five-year hiatus.
Day Three, Monday, is Caol Ila Open Day on island's eastern coast. Here are our impressions and advice, let me know if you guys find this helpful and interesting!
  • This year is the first year in a while that the open day has returned to the distillery after a multi-year renovation. The new visitor center is much bigger, sleeker, and glossier than older examples like Lagavulin's spartan bottle shop. Caol Ila's center is a Disney World-esque tribute to all things Diageo, selling many of their major single malts and special annual releases, along with a big array of Johnnie Walker products.
  • Unsurprisingly, Caol Ila day is a lot like Lagavulin day. Great, well-organized team. On arrival, they hand out a welcome packet with a pin, map, and two dram tokens per person, and everyone can choose between two whiskies for those free pours. Caol Ila offered the Distillers Edition and Moch.
  • Like at Lagavulin, the dram-token system is only lightly enforced. We came in and got two packets, then went to the main bar, and they handed me two more packets because I was holding the first two under the bar (not intentionally, I swear!). By 4 pm, team members were passing out more drams, no tokens exchanged, so the famous generosity of festival week is still here, just a little more under wraps.
  • ASOIAF/Game of Thrones fans may appreciate this reference: Caol Ila is the Pyke of Islay distilleries. Not only is it on the coast, it's on a verdant rocky cliffside, so you must take a winding wooden walkway to enter it. Caol Ila is also the most "vertical," for lack of a better word. The gift shop's on Level 3, and the main courtyard was on Level 0. On each level, there are different experience rooms, including a mini-history museum on Level 2.
  • In that history museum, we enjoyed a wonderful experience with Jo and Peter (a Diageo historian and a blending team member, respectively). It was strange; almost every other major event sold out very quickly, but this one was still available a week before we arrived, for a relatively reasonable 45 pounds/person. When we got there, only one other couple had booked it, and all of us had a great time chatting. Jo and Peter were fun company and fonts of whisky knowledge. And the four whiskies ... quite something. As a bonus, Jo and Peter gave us a to-go sample of a whisky they custom-created for the Lagavulin Malt Mill experience (the idea was to recreate the early 1900s whisky made at Lagavulin for blending). Such a kind gesture.
  • If you ever find yourself on Islay do yourself a favor and go to the Ballygrant Inn. Heck, go twice. It may be the best whisky bar on an island chock full of amazing watering holes. The selection feels infinite, and the prices are eye-poppingly reasonable. As a comparison, we had Laphroaig's 2009 and 2010 Cairdeas bottles for 8.50 pounds per pour, whereas they were 25-30 pounds per pour at a bar in Bowmore. And if you want to try rare bottles or festival bottles without the madness of Feis week, this is your spot. They have many Feis Ile expressions from the last 5-10 years.
  • Hang out at a bar long enough, and you realize some people are not here to play. Chatted with one group that was ordering powerhouse dram after powerhouse dram - Ardbeg Single Casks, 20-plus year old Bowmores and Bunnahabhains, etc. - like there was no tomorrow. One gentleman let me taste a sip of an Ardbeg single cask (70 or so pound pour). Yeah, it was pretty good.
  • SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society) does great events throughout the week, and you don't have to be a member to attend or buy their bottles, unlike the rest of the year. They had a booth outside of Ballygrant today, and we got to try 5-6 expressions and ended up buying two festival bottles: a 14-year-old Macallan beauty bottled for Spirit of Speyside and a 14-year-old Caol Ila in honor of their open day, which was better (just IMO) than the official festival bottling and about half the price.
  • The vindaloo curry at Indian Tandoori/Taj Mahal in Bowmore is really spicy. Perfect hearty meal for resetting the system after a long day.
  • Fauna spotting: there are distinctive black and white seabirds with red feet all over the island, named black guillemots, but known at the distillery as "Caol Ila penguins." We also saw a swan couple that we've now spotted at Lagavulin, Bunnahabhain, Bowmore, and across the bay by Jura. Not sure if they're the same single pair of swans, but it feels like they're following us around!
We powered through quite a few drams today (lots of small sample pours, or driver's dram bottles to take home):
Caol Ila Moch - the easy entry ramp into peated single malts, but not going to be any seasoned fan's favorite.
Caol Ila Distillers Edition - Weird but super-fun scent today: chinkiang vinegar. My fellow Chinese folk will know what I'm talking about. Great with dumplings when blended with soy sauce. Maybe Caol Ila DE is a good substitute?
Caol Ila Distillery Exclusive - 2018 bottling with a red-wine finish. Nose is so different than other Caol Ilas, pure vanilla and coconut, but with the spice and tannins of a red-wine finish in the late palate.
Caol Ila Four Corners of Scotland, 14 y.o. - 2022 bottling that was made to emphasize the distillery's character. Core profile: ashy petrols and iodine on the nose, but a sweet, lemon/citrus palate, and a floral/smoke finish.
Caol Ila Feis Ile 2023, 13 y.o. - This year's festival bottling is a marriage of 10 first-fill PX and oloroso sherry casks. Was a surprising dram because most first-fill whiskies are very intensely sherried, at the cost of some balance. For this one, the distillery character won out and there might have been too little sherry influence.
Caol Ila 1996, 26 y.o. single cask - Not for sale, just for tastings like this one. This ruddy dram was so rich and unctuous it nosed like a bourbon, but the taste was all rich, old, sherry-aged, sweet-and-peat Islay goodness. An absolute stunner. My wife said cuatro leches due to the high caramel and brown sugar; I also got some pineapple juice on the finish.
SMWS 53.446, "Blowtorched Mexican Mousse," 14 y.o. - This Caol Ila is more of the classic sherry-and-peat combo, really potent and meaty, like barbecue ribs slathered with some sweet Kansas City-style sauce. Bottled for this year's Feis.
SMWS G16 Rare Release, "Dark n'Stormy Creme Brulee," 6 y.o. - This one-off whisky was a collab with Glasgow Distillery to make a Scottish bourbon-style whisky. Using a mashbill of 51+% corn, rye, and barley (sounds like bourbon, yeah?), aged in new American oak casks (bourbon, right?), this one tastes like ... a pretty delicious rye whisky to me, and a high-rye bourbon to my wife. Fascinating dram.
SMWS 24 Rare Release, "Massive Oak Extraction," 14 y.o. - Single cask, cask-strength Macallan. Burnt matchsticks nose (a common note from sherry aging), followed by a tour-de-force palate of dark, sugary fruits and baking spices. A much more muscular Macallan than any of their own bottlings.
SMWS 3 Rare Release, "The Finesse of a Fragrant Furnace," 18 y.o. - A strange Bowmore, so gentle and light and sweet that it read more like a Highland whisky to us. But maybe that's what happens when you're on your 4th cask strength whisky after leaving a 4-cask-strength-whisky tasting ...
SMWS 53 Rare Release, "Honeysuckle Petrichor," 14 y.o. - Another Caol Ila, which had some similar notes to the previous one, but with an ashier and "dirtier"/farmier palate. Petrichor, for sure. Depends if you want more of that rough, earthy peat, but you can't go wrong either way.
Laphroaig 2009 Cairdeas 12 y.o. - This showcases a fresh-cut fruit and light side to Laphroaig that I rarely see outside of 20-year-old-plus bottlings. Not at all the norm, but that's why I love the Cairdeas series.
Laphroaig 2010 Cairdeas Master Edition - In contrast to 2009, 2010 was straight down the fairway. Ashy, smoky, medicinal, maritime, and warming. I wish I could compare this side by side with the 2015 200th Anniversary or with 2022's Warehouse 1. It sort of falls between those two bottlings. With this dram, I've made it through the entire Cairdeas lineup!
Octomore 08.2 - Well, it's an Octomore, what is there to say? Wave after wave of peat, balanced out by salinity and an intense, tinned-fruit sweetness. After 15 minutes, got some chocolate wafer cookies on the nose.
Ardbeg Galileo - This feels like a classic Ardbeg from a bygone golden age. I wish the juice still tasted like this. It doesn't have any of the mustiness or dirtiness of some peated whiskies; it's fruity, mellow, and citric, like a barbecued fruit skewer. Not your normal 'Beg, not sure if they lowered the peat content here.
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2023.05.29 23:40 Melissaldork [Sell][From US to US] Full sizes and sample perfumes - Memorial week sale, buy one full size, get one half off

PayPal goods/services. I may be out but I'll respond as soon as I'm able. $4.50 shipping. Scents are kept in a dark closet. I reuse packaging and I ship on the weekends.
Memorial Day sale through 6/2 - buy one full size, get one half off. (Equal or lower price will be the one that is 50% off)
Full sizes
Alkemia - Sandscape 5ml extrait roller Sun warmed beach sand, Atlantic ocean breezes, the saline-aquatic scent of drying sea water on skin, and the faintest hints of tanning oil and seaweed. RIS, tried once, $14
Astrid Merci 23 - 8ml oil Candied fruits and amber. Fill slightly below top of label. $15
Astrid Wicked Good 8ml oil Dulce de leche, apple, brownie, spiced woods, and warm vanilla musk. Not vegan. Tried twice, $18
BPAL Supposed to be a Pretzel 5ml Oil "… but also kinda smells like popcorn?" RIS, tried once, $18
Death and Floral - Vintage Cream Soda 5ml oil roller Classic A&W cream soda. Tried twice, $14.
Death and Floral - Black Forest Honey 5ml oil roller Blackened honey musk, deep and rich with a hint of blackstrap molasse (formulated in a skin-safe honey base). Tried a few times, $13
Haus of Gloi - Salty Sea Mist Covered Hay 5ml oil Hay accord with white musk, white amber, and salty sea air. Tried once, $14
Long Winter Farm - Fig & Forest 10ml oil roller Sweet, fruity fig and fir needle. It smells like both the first flow of sap in the spring and that first night after you put up the Christmas tree in winter. Tried once, $12
Long Winter Farm - Porridge 10 ml oil roller Just as warm and comforting as you want it to be, this one's a blend of oats, cinnamon, honey, dried figs, and sweet cream. Tried twice, $12
Osmofolia - Evening Sun 5ml oil roller Dried yellow corn husks and crisp green corn stalks, stacked hay bales, flaky cinnamon sugar pastries, fresh popcorn, and a field full of Evening Sun sunflowers. Tried twice, $14
Snowy White Owl Perfume - Breakfast in America 10ml oil roller blueberry buttermilk pancakes ladled with cinnamon butter, red maple syrup, bacon, and fresh black coffee. Tried once, $12
Themed/branded sample bags -
Alkemia sample bag - 4 samples direct from house - Lilacs Along the Winding Road, Camilla, Madam X, and Winter Sanctuary. All new, $12
Nui Cobalt sample bag 5 samples direct from house - Humbuggery, Hive Mind, Scallywag, Charlatan and Melophilia. All tested once, $15
Who is that/Where am I sample bag - interesting characters and places. Features brands Osmofolia (2), Morari, Stone and Wit, Poesie, Hex. 6 samples, $8.
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