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2023.03.28 11:27 swagsingh93 Hit & Run on Parked Car in Hospital Car Park

Parked in a hospital car park. Upon returning from my appointment I noticed someone had hit my car leaving a huge dent in the rear bumper and no note was left on my car with any contact details.
There is a camera facing directly where I have parked. The hospital won't provide cctv footage to myself due to data protection. They will only provide it to the police or insurance.
I have contacted both the police and insurance who have both requested. The police have informed me they have been told the hospital does not have the footage. My insurance is still pursuing.
I have since been told by a contact who knows someone that works for the hospital security that the cctv cameras are not working. If this is the case is there any chance of being reimbursed for cost of repair from the hospital/can my insurance claim against the hospital? Or am I out of pocket?
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2023.03.28 11:26 SenseiJoe100 FUCK ALL OF YOU

This subreddit's gonna be the death of me, I swear...
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2023.03.28 11:26 mochiiiiicaaaaat leslian's flat, broke down life

leslian's flat, broke down life
i'm sure i'm not the first person to wonder about this but literally what is leslie's life? like, what is she going to be doing three years from now? it's actually really depressing watching her live or a tiktok where she's been wearing the same damn shirt for two weeks getting "drunk" in her musty ass room.
what happens when her grandma passes? i'm twenty, she's what, twenty six or something? i cannot imagine still living at home and relying on my mothegrandmother for support/food/money/transportation by the time i'm twenty six. she says she's "changing" and getting her education but i find that really hard to believe when she's changing her clothes and nearly passing out because she can't breathe.
she's a disgusting human. there's no doubting that, but it genuinely makes me extremely uneasy seeing this grown woman just stagnant. no growth. no moving forward. she's doing nothing with her life.
it's just scary to think by the time i'm twenty three, she'll still be doing what she does
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2023.03.28 11:23 Dwolff95 Looking for Baltoy

Need Baltoy for my Pokédex completion, and cannot for the life of me find it in the desert. Krokorok’s success on calling its help is nearly 0% and Baltoy’s spawn rate is nearly 0% as well. Please help!
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2023.03.28 11:21 xentuat Disappearing Pinned “How to Unionize” Post

Is it just me, or is there something up with the pinned post? You know the one on helping those interested in unionizing your Starbucks? When I go to the top of the page it’s just gone. For me at least. Sometimes the post is there but will literally just disappear right after. Is it being shadow-banned or whatever? I’m a mobile user who doesn’t frequent reddit so it could just be something else i’m not aware of. Maybe it’s caused by something inoffensive but still important. Just seems suspicious.
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2023.03.28 11:21 Jndo What's your favourite cave in the game?

Let's limit this to outdoor caves, so nothing with a loadscreen, but it can be for any reason: the vibes, the convenience, the stuff nearby, whatever
For me it's the big cave by the hunters blind in Broken Railroad
Can spend days in there cooking the bear, reading, doing repairs — it's where I got my three-day fire achievement and where I like to figuratively put my feet up and relax for a while
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2023.03.28 11:21 xenaprincesswarlord [28/03/23] Death Cab for Cutie @ Roundhouse

Hey guys,
I know it’s a bit of a last minute but I have a spare ticket for Death Cab for Cutie tonight at the Roundhouse near Chalk Farm and I was wondering if anyone was interested and would like to join me?
Here’s more info, PM me for any questions!
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2023.03.28 11:20 reverehealth Lasik Surgery in Utah Experienced Providers Revere Health

Lasik Surgery in Utah Experienced Providers Revere Health
Schedule your first appointment with Revere Health and meet our ophthalmologist near me. Weare here to provide a wide range of services, including ophthalmologists near me that can provide exceptional eye care for any issue or condition you may be experiencing. Find an ophthalmologist near you today! For more details about Lasik surgery in Utah, contact us at: (801) 429-8000.
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2023.03.28 11:19 anonymous-answers Can depression affect how you feel in a relationship?

I 21f and my girlfriend 22f have been together for nearly 2 years and we get on really well even moving in together (both students so it made sense) about 5 months ago. However I suffer with depression and anxiety and have done for as long as I can remember, I was briefly on anti depressants at 17 but stopped because they made me feel sick. I have this strange thing and need to know if it happens to others where when I'm having a bad depressive episode/time I can't figure out if I really love my girlfriend, i know I do, I know I love her so much and can't imagine not having her but my mental health makes me question it. Is this something I should pay more attention to or is it a common symptom of depression.
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2023.03.28 11:19 Fun_Gazelle5047 How do you not miss the ex you're in love with?

Mine's on my mind everyday. The tiniest things remind me of him and I get sad. It's been three months of no contact partially because we lost touch.
After our fallout, he got another phone but kept the old number on as well and so did I. We both use our new phone numbers and not the old ones. I've been desperate to do a repair on my iphone screen that'll cost hundreds of dollars just to get his new number off.
You might give me some options of what to do, which id appreciate, since I've tried many things to get my mind off of him that haven't quite worked. (We broke up three months ago when he said it was over after I lied about not wanting a relationship)
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2023.03.28 11:18 Bonexzy lol

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2023.03.28 11:17 Emotional-Caramel562 keen

this man being so so sneaky. he parking in the front, sneaking in to the room and sitting silent. I kid u not. its becoming freaky. all he wants is to hear me say something or I dunno. the lvls man. I hate it. zero privacy. zero. this guy never did anything the right ir straight way. he has conned/robbed/hoodwinked a lot of people. black $$$. this whole shindig is running on loans. paper companies est. and loans applied. I'm sure he has used my details as well. this man robbed his own dad, conned his uneducated brothers. stories stories. these type of people are so unsavoury but when they're in your space, can be a trip. the woman, on the other hand, has been txting me from her country number. she's still in this country. guess times changing. these mthrfuckers, not to sound all that, can only operate in the dark. these .yriads of stupid shit is done on the dl, in front of people & the world, they need to maintain the illusion. it doesn't matter. this been happening. I'm totally done. curious that no one, I repeat, no one will come to me direct. I feel like I'm repeating myself. I'm done. ain't nothing else. this my life. maybe 10 years down the road if I'm alive I'll remember? thing is, easy to get lost in the hate, but, once you see true daces, somehow all the nasty antics become something to be fobbed off, in a healthy way. like right now, he's been there for hours. thought he left. turns out was sitting as quiet as a mouse. can u imagine. & here I was blabbering unbeknownst. punching was a fleeting thought but than they'll get that satisfaction and I'll aggravate myself. take a min when you feel some type of way strongly. divert. it'll pass & you'll be better for it. not that I'd actually have punched. not ever letting them near me again. its been a long road. these are the remnants. I believe he'll get cases filed on him, its already started.
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2023.03.28 11:17 c4ndyf10ss “Orin” “Elmo” “Früg”

What are peoples opinions on these taggers? I’ve seen a couple of posts/comment of people (previously) that seem to be praising them, but is it not going a bit too far?
They’re tagging more and more things, including my boyfriends work place & ruining Colliery Way. Driving down one side of the road I counted at least 5 tags, one of them being a giant “ORIN” and it just looks rough imo. “Früg” used make me smile every now and then, and doesn’t seem anywhere near as frequent as the others.
Please share your opinions on this, I don’t mean this as a hate post or trying to complain too much, I just want to hear what others think about it.
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2023.03.28 11:16 nightmarepenguin23 Some thoughts on the expected, yet still unfortunate news.

Eos has unfortunately been announced, and even more unfortunately, it was to be expected.
I dont want to dwell on negatives, but I do feel it is worth mentioning that Cross duel was unplayable for half of its lifespan because, just like masterduel, the team over at Konami seemed to have hired 3 rodents and a single bag of fibreglass in charge of their servers. I mention this because I hope it doesnt deter konami from being experimental in the future. If cross duel was pushed even harder and konami had more incentive to work on the game, we probably wouldnt be here so I hope konami doesnt pull the typical corporate move and blame the product when their method of selling it was throwing it out of a window so the person recieved it broken.
I really hope this goes the way of speed duels, a short sighted idea to suck the money from new players familiar with the anime and duel links that falls flat on its face before coming back to find a comfortable niche and actually being treated with some respect, but I know that's probably not going to happen.
I'm not gonna give up hope. If we get a miracle, the game could be saved, and that's probably surprisingly likely considering the events we've been promised, though surprisingly likely does not mean likely.
A wild wishlist as the game draws to a close:
Our community is small, so I don't see it happening, but a simulator like dueling book would be neat.
Just filling out a few more terrain skills and characters without their cards/aces.
Playable monarchs
No more earthbound immortals. Knowing what could have been will make me cry.
A few happy notes:
Yami burn will still be one of my favourite strategies in any board or card game
I loved how we nearly never got leaks or reveals prior to content releases.
In the end, links were good.
Abyss Actor Superstar out here CRUSHING it (you go king).
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2023.03.28 11:16 Soul_Repair You are not true AlAnon follower!

Hi there.
My wife is an alcoholic, her mother was super codependant but I showed her the ways of AlAnon and she now is teaching me (against my will) that I understand everything wrong and she is the only right path.
I am too tired of dealing with my wife as she is on and off drinking (currently third day sober), she still thinks she can manage it despite being in rehab and she thinks kids will change her behaviour. I don't think so.
She said outright that all this AA and AlAnon isn't helpful and quiet frankly dogshit, so I am not allowed to go to meetings (online or in person). She refuses to work on herself and I see the writing on the wall, but that's not the point here (I set myself a deadline till the end of April when my vacation starts so I can think about it once again and move out without any problems).
My main problem is her mother who thinks she knows now how to deal with all this shit. "She gaslights you? Well think about how she is hurt too, she has the right to express herself!", "She wants to buy another apartment – look she is trying to plan ahead, she will definitely be a good mother!", "You want to move out – that's not fare to her, she needs to know you are hurt!" and my favorite "AlAnon is about changing yourself, not her, so change yourself so you can stay with her till death do you apart".
Comfortable, ain't it? She has someone who is keeping an eye on her daughter while making that someone feel like he owes all of them his own resources and life.
First thought was "How dare you teach me something you have no complete understanding?" but then I smoked a cigarette and thought to myself that it's interesting how she is still codependant but in a different way now. She has long road ahead of her. If and when I will be ready to speak to her again in the future I sure want to know about her progress.
She tells me running is not an option, but I don't want to drop dead some day and still be guilty of some shit I didn't do.
And about changing myself part: I don't think that changing myself to accomodate something I have problems with is not right. I don't tolerate you know beating a child. But her mother basically asks not only to tolerate this kind of thing but also nearly to join the beating. Sounds stupid? Well it's because it is. I wanted to change myself for the better, to help my family prosper, but why should I do something to enable and even praise her drinking?
I am tired of her family. They are good people, just not my kind it seems. Or is it because I generally hate all the people. I don't know. All I know: stick to my plan – I did what I could, failed miserably, time to leave and ruin some other poor soul's life (that last one is sarcasm, calm down).
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2023.03.28 11:15 BlerdyB I Completed The Show For The First Time Today And I Didn't Have Anyone To Root For By The End

....besides the children at least.
Don't get me wrong: the cast and acting were spectacular, the pacing was great, and it was good drama. My eyes widened several times throughout. But in the end, I didn't like anyone.
  1. Walt started out (KINDA) sympathetic as he just wanted to do good for his family, even though, as a teacher, he should know that drugs destroys families and can really mess up the youth. When he tried to get his own son wasted at his party and made an ass out of himself, it just really went downhill from there. He could've taken the money from his former business partners that they themselves acknowledged as his right, but he pushed them away to flood his community with life destroying drugs.
  2. From the jump, Jesse didn't mind peddling poison to his community. He went to the Spooge's place and saw how messed up the family environment was there, and he kept going. He witnessed his gf overdose, how that affected her father, and then he went to rehab. I thought he would quit the drug game there. But he literally acknowledged that he was bad guy and kept going. He even tried to sell to the woman who would become his new lover. He changed his mind after he met the son, but he kept cooking for other people - as long as he wasn't connected to them. He eventually wanted to quit entirely, but it was too little too late for me. The way the show tried to make me root for him made me scratch my head.
  3. I probably have the most sympathy for Skyler but she cheated on Walt and still laundered his money. Near the end, didn't she suggest that Walt kill Jesse and go all the way? Her lines of right and wrong just kept shifting, so when she got on her high horse, I usually balked.
  4. Hank is a cop (big strike 1) who abused his power for himself his family, used racist language, and was just a product of toxic masculinity, though there were cracks in his armor sometimes. I didn't think he deserved to die, but I didn't like him. I did enjoy the drama of watching him uncover the truth.
  5. I have sympathy for Marie for her trying to communicate and support Hank. To many women have to deal with Hank-like men, so I felt that. She tried to be supportive of the family whenever she could too. But she was a klepto who also used her husband's privilege to get out of trouble. She was also overly emotional and often annoying.
I think the only person I liked was Andrea who was just trying to do good by her family - and they killed her. That hurt me :(
In the end, I didn't like anyone, and having watched it after developing a deeper racial analysis, it just felt like a lot of White privilege and boohooing on display. I'm going to finish the El Camino and probably watch Better Call Saul because I like how he talked, but I'm still trying to wrap my brain around my thoughts on the initial show.
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2023.03.28 11:14 Little-Bench-3888 Guys what should I do

Basically there's this person beside me in class, I kinda wanna make friends or at least just get to know her. But, it's always so uncomfortable and awkward (idk if it's only me or her as well), I've actually sat near her last year as well but we're not close so it's even more awkward (known for long time). Like, I know I should just ask (get to know her and stuff), but it feels forced sometimes or anxiety, and my voice becomes so small ;-; like I have to push it out. And when I am beside her, my mind goes blank(maybe because of anxiety) and idk what to ask anymore, feels even more forced, and I'm worried if it would sound like an interview T-T and if I am the only one asking so much, idk if she even wants back, or if I am annoying her. But if we are going to sit for long time next to each other, I want to make less uncomfortable, i just feel it's so hard
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2023.03.28 11:14 Autorepaircausa “Expert Auto Repair Services in Bakersfield: Trust Your Vehicle to Our Skilled Mechanics”

“Expert Auto Repair Services in Bakersfield: Trust Your Vehicle to Our Skilled Mechanics”
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2023.03.28 11:14 anarchyrainboww How to get over nervousness when dating someone new?

I (19/F) have started seeing a guy (22/M) that goes to a college nearby mine. We met on a dating app and talked for nearly a week over text before meeting in person. We have several interests in common and have a good rapport between each other, and I definitely like him. On our first date, he was incredibly respectful and kind. He surprised me with a bouquet of roses and opened every door for me. He even followed "the sidewalk rule." He had me crying laughing the entire time with his jokes. I've never been on such a good first date before.
The next day, he asked me out again to do our schoolwork in a café. He was very kind once again and we worked for a few hours over coffee. We even have another date at an aquarium scheduled for a week from now, but I'm feeling nervous. We've started discussing our expectations and dealbreakers, and we've pretty much been on the same page. He doesn't want to have sex until we're exclusive, which is just the way I want it to be.
Despite all these green flags, I'm feeling apprehensive. I want to hold his hand, kiss him, and flirt with him, but whenever we meet in person I feel stiff and awkward, like I'm trying my hardest not to do or say anything that he may not like. I have basically no dating experience, and despite craving physical intimacy with a man, I'm terrified of initiating such things with someone I just met. How should I begin to get over this awkward stage and start being openly affectionate with him? I feel like if I keep letting my nervousness hold me back then I'll just be sabotaging myself.
Sidenote: I very rarely get matches on dating apps, and I've only been on two first dates before this. This is a rare, new occurrence for me.
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2023.03.28 11:13 denvervip_bond Local Bail Bonds Near Me Services in Denver

Local Bail Bonds Near Me Services in Denver

If you or a loved one are in need of bail bond services in Denver, look no further than VIP Bail Bonds. As a trusted and experienced provider of local bail bond services, VIP Bail Bonds offers fast and efficient assistance in securing the release of defendants from jail. If you need fast and quick bail bonds near me, then contact VIP Bail Bonds and visit our website.
Bail Bonds near me
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2023.03.28 11:10 corianderkingdom Hi there! just want to share this story with all of you. Be careful with Boox.

Hi there! just want to share this story with all of you. Be careful with Boox.
I bought the Mira Pro 15” because I suffer from awful migraines, and I heard it really could help other migraine sufferers - It cost me £1800 in total. With all the extra taxes you must pay in the UK these days.
I’m not sure when the screen started doing that. As you can see in the video, the screen jitters, and it “auto-ghosts”. It starts getting blurry in specific sections on its own. You don’t need to be moving anything on the screen.
I received the screen on the 16th of Feb, and I got in touch with them on the 20th of March - after some back and forth with their tech team, they’ve concluded that it wasn’t a software problem and that it needed to be sent for repair.
But here’s the deal, it had been 32 days since I bought it, so I didn’t qualify for their policy of a refund or a swap (which is 30 days after purchase). Their tech team keeps sending me the same automated email saying, “Your order is over 30 days after arrival, based on our Return & Refund Policy, this return request would be rejected”, — which I think for a £1600 product that starts failing after 32 days of use is just astonishing.
I’ve also explained to them that I can’t stop working while I wait for them to repair this screen. I also feel like I paid £1800 + whatever the postage to Poland and taxes will cost for a repaired screen.
It’s a nice product, and it really helped me, to be honest, the migraines went down 90% for the two weeks that the product worked fine.
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2023.03.28 11:10 ilikethedaffodils How to support partner with ongoing in-laws emotional manipulation and guilt

Hi I am new to this group and this is my first post so apologies in advance if I inadvertently offend/mess up.
So. Been with partner 10 years, we have a 3 year old. My in-laws have always been tricky, and I always found them intrusive and weirdly materialistic. They also clearly always drank way too much. However, I come from an extremely dysfunctional family so always presumed it was me not knowing what “normal” looked like etc. The pressure to have a baby started about four years in to being with my partner. I was always super clear, we were planning on having a baby when we were financially comfortable enough to do so. Sadly my gran died leaving me with an inheritance enough for a deposit on a house, which my in laws matched, which I was super great full for and when I thanked them the response was “well we want you to have our grand baby now”. Great. Anyway, my P always dealt with them and I only saw them at family events/Holidays so it never was a big deal until I luckily became pregnant. Instantly everything changed, wanting to FaceTime every couple of days, see me (not him, their son) at least every month (they live around 2 hours away) when they did see me rubbing my bump etc without asking, just speaking to the bump. I told my P I was uncomfortable with that, he said to MIL to back off a bit, hysterics and crying down the phone ensued.
I had a shit of a birth. When we rang them to tell them they were drunk (it was during a national holiday in my country so fair enough). P and I had already decided (and told them already) that we were going to probably not see anyone in the hospital depending on how things went. I was not in a place to see anyone, as I was very poorly. They rang us a couple of hours later to ask what time visiting times were, P told them that I was really not great and needed some space but hopefully we’d all be home in a couple of days and they could come over then. They told him they were disappointed with him for not putting their feelings first. They then didn’t speak to us properly for our child’s first week and had various family members ring us and text us to say how much we’d upset them (this is even after they’ve met the baby). My partner was wonderful for the first few days but then had a breakdown through the stress they were causing him. So the first month of being a parent was just ruined for me. I’ll never forgive them for that.
Anyway we finally had them come over maybe five days after the birth (day after I got home) and they wouldn’t speak to P, took the baby on it’s first walk in the park (I wasn’t allowed out of bed) telling P he wasn’t coming as they were too disappointed in him. I was too poorly and knackered really to do anything or say anything. The next few weeks they demanded to see us every week, I couldn’t drive for a couple of months so they came over to us, took the baby out and brought it back having not fed (expressed milk in a bottle) changed or let it sleep, I remember one time they left me on the couch with no drink breastfeeding a hysterical baby wet Baby as they didn’t want to be in traffic (they are retired their car basically drives itself and they live 2 hours away on a bad day). They also called me The Dairy and Lunch rather than my name during the year I breastfed.
Then we had a lockdown in my country during the pandemic. Daily FaceTimes in floods of tears that we wouldn’t break the law to let them see their baby, texting me several times a day demanding videos of the baby. When we were allowed to we “bubbled” with my best friend who is single and had been alone with no contact with anyone for months and they went absolutely mad saying I was selfish for not putting them first and how much they hated my best friend, last year they met her and told her how much they hated her for stealing their time with their baby and for seeing their baby more than they did, it was awful. She was amazing during that very very difficult time and to be abused like that by family was just embarrassing. Fast forward three years and it’s just ongoing. My P was a SAHD for a year as he lost his job owing to the pandemic and I’m more career oriented anyway, they refused to speak to him properly since as they’re disgusted he won’t provide for his family. He has realised so much about his own childhood was unhealthy with them (they consistently left him and his sister to fend for themselves from the ages of 6 and 3, working all hours to provide a massive holiday every year and told them how grateful they should be for that). They are always drunk and expect P and i to drink heavily with them, shaming us when we don’t. MIL is now starting with wanting another baby pressure. Said to me she doesn’t like the toddler years only the baby ones and don’t I think I’m selfish in not giving her more grandchildren. Hinting that they will help us out financially if we have another baby (they never help in any other way, and belittle P for having borrowed money from them in the past which is now paid off). I’ve been really clear, I’m not having another baby. I know they are slagging me off behind my back for this. I honestly couldn’t give a shit for me, but it’s seeing my partner grieve for his lack of love and support that sticks. They do not care about him in anyway other than as a conduit to the baby (now toddler). They never ask him how he is, they offered no emotional Support or empathy when he lost his job, FIL has told him he can’t respect him and MIL emotionally manipulated him to get him to drive over and see them more often with our child (she told him she was loosing her sight, when I checked up on the condition she said she had it is very common and treatable but she had my partner convinced she was going blind with her description of it). This weekend they said to us they would come over for late breakfast and take child out. Partner rang them at 11am as we hadn’t heard from them, they hadn’t even got up. Partner had cooked a massive breakfast and was just gutted. When they got here (around 2) they didn’t speak to him at all and took the child out for two hours then dropped them off and left, didn’t ask him anything about how he was etc. My heart breaks for him. I would love to limit contact and I think he would too but every time we do this another emotional onslaught happens -the “Im going blind” incident happened just after my partner told them he wasn’t comfortable in dropping our child off in a service station near their house “so that he wouldn’t have to come to their house and they could drive Child to their house like they wanted to”, for example. Any suggestions welcome! Thank you and sorry for the long (but extremely cathartic) post!
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