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Pony Express, Jesse James, the Missouri River, it's time Saint Joseph MO got its own subreddit. Anything St. Joseph related and SFW is acceptable. Local business advertising is ENCOURAGED. Note that this sub is undergoing improvements.

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Welcome to /StCharlesMo

2023.03.28 09:33 Obi_Wan_Hair Can an XD5 run 2 blocks 2 internal rads and a mo-ra3

Hi All
As in title looking at upping my cooling game and wanted to introduce a mo-ra3 420 into the mix. Wondered if the xd5 I currently have is up to the task or it I need another d5 pump attached to the mo-ra3?
Thanks all in advance.
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2023.03.28 09:32 theartsyspot2023 Buy Online Customized Gifts, Decals & Much More - The Artsy Spot

Buy Online Customized Gifts, Decals & Much More - The Artsy Spot

Shop best custom gifts online - The Artsy Spot
The Artsy Spot is a one-stop shop to style your home and give unique personalized gift items to those you love! It is the one-stop to find wall decals, coffee mugs, wall arts, wine glasses, and much more for teachers, coaches, moms or anyone on your gift-giving list.
Contact us:
The Artsy Spot 831 Stonewood Bend Dr. LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO 63367 United States
Phone: +1-636-497-7493 E-mail: [email protected]
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2023.03.28 09:10 affectionate_sloth 6 mo struggles to fall asleep for 3rd nap and bedtime. Is this a WW problem?

First two naps she falls asleep fairly easily without much fuss and usually within 10-15 mins. Third nap is a struggle. She fusses a lot and it can take 30-45 mins. Bedtime has been the same. If we skip the third nap and put her to bed earlier bedtime is much, much harder and I can see she gets over tired. Does this sound like a wake window issue? It’s usually roughly 2/2/2/2.5 but I go more by her sleep cues than the exact time. The last nap is always really short (usually 30 mins) so it feels like that last WW should be shorter but the advice seems to be that WW’s get longer throughout the day.
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2023.03.28 09:09 azulki Another local monopoly

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2023.03.28 09:05 chulcoop An Adult Performer Pushing Her Clothed Boobs Together Using Her Arms Showing Her Cleavage Followed By Slo-Mo Followed By Boob Zoom Followed By Slo-Mo With Boob Zoom. The Squeezing Does Not Seem To Affect Her Boobs Though. Mostly Suggestive.

An Adult Performer Pushing Her Clothed Boobs Together Using Her Arms Showing Her Cleavage Followed By Slo-Mo Followed By Boob Zoom Followed By Slo-Mo With Boob Zoom. The Squeezing Does Not Seem To Affect Her Boobs Though. Mostly Suggestive. submitted by chulcoop to SFW_CF_BoobsTogether [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 09:04 Professional-Gap8132 Buy Retrofitted Emission Control Device

Carbon emission and clean air are in concern. Which will be helpful to reduce pollution to buy retrofitted emission control device generators. It is water resistant, weather resistant, reduces pollution, stainless steel, maintenance free, low cost and many will be used higher than 125 KVA DG Set ,voltage up to 410 voltage.Its density to increase up to 300 micrograms per cubic follow all the norms and standard set by NGT, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEF & CC).It can be repower, rebuilt, replace, refuel very effectively and efficiently. Its key features are catalytic convertor, PCV valve, EGR valve, evaporative emission control, and air injection.
Buy a retrofit emission control device & reduce DG Set emission up to 95%.Its manufacture to make our environment a better sustainable future.Low buying cost of the retrofit emission control device. Availability for both new and existing Genset.High-grade materials & super relative technology.
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2023.03.28 09:00 Czarben Outlaw Music Festival featuring Willie Nelson & Family

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2023.03.28 08:59 PoopyWhale Unpopular opinon, I think Lex is not a great host.

I find annoyance in the manner in which he speaks (sometimes feels like slow-mo) but it's bearable for the most part. What I absolutely hate and can't stand is how often Lex attempts to romanticise concepts and idea, (humorously guests often disagrees or chuckles whenever Lex does this) this in turn can oftentimes derail what would be a highly interesting/thought-provoking discussion.
The frequency in which he uses the words "beauty" or "parallels" or "profound" or "echos" is also frustrating, I can almost always predict when he is about to inject one of the aforementioned whenever the topic even remotely enters the realm of something sentimental. My point is not really with the exact words used but rather why Lex selects them, it's my impression that Lex has gotten lazy and refuses to dive into the more low level, technical aspects and instead thinks he can add value to a conversation simply by leaning back and hallucinating some very reaching "logical" connections.
That said I still watch his podcasts, mostly because of the highly esteemed guests he brings on and that Lex does let them speak.
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2023.03.28 08:58 JustARandoAnon Di daw naniniwala sa condom

Nag-argue kami ng pinsan ko tungkol sa safe sex, since promiscuous cya, very active sa dating apps. Nagsimula usap namin sa bago nyang kausap, tapos napunta sa mga previous partners nya and bigla cya nagtanong if gumagamit ako ng condom. Cya pa yung nag 'ew' saakin ksi di daw maganda feeling and di daw cya naniniwala sa paggamit ng condom.
Napa sabi nlang ako 'pagdadasalan nlang kita'. Tapos sabi nya natutunan nya daw yun sa mga mas matanda namin na pinsan, di daw kasi 'nararamdaman yung sarap'. Napaisip nman ako ng 'ganito ba talaga mga to, seryoso sila?'
Personally, I like to practice safe sex, and not risk an accidental pregnancy or STDs.
Na bring up tuloy yung isang pinsan namin na natutunan daw nya, siguro 'ang healthy lang talaga ni ate (yung naging asawa ng kuya namin) kaya na buo' daw. Sabi ko nman 'di ano? Gusto mo unhealthy partner mo para di maanakan?'. Reply nya 'siguro it was meant to be lang'.
Parang ayoko nman iiwan yung choice na 'if its meant to be' sa diyos, lalo na if alam ko di ako ready.
Tinanong ko cya if nagpapatest cya, sabi nya 'bakit ako magpapatest? Di naman ako bakla'. Tinanong ko 'ano nman kung di ka bakla?' Reply nya 'diba sila naman yung mas-at risk?'
Napatahimik nalang ako.
Is this thinking common? Am I the one thats wrong?
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2023.03.28 08:58 Whozdurty My Full MA Sin, Overkill

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2023.03.28 08:57 New_Definition2839 AKO NA NAMBLOCK

Nag uusap pa rin naman tayo after meet up natin pero wala na yung dating spark. Una ka din naman nagcha chat saken minsan sinasadya ko din di mag reply para macheck if magchachat ka pa at nagcha chat ka naman ulit pag di na ako nag reply pero alam mo yun ramdam ko naman na nagbago ka and nawalan ka na ng interest. Mas dry pa sa init ng panahon ngayon convo natin. Delivered mo na din ako for hrs. Nag aantay na kasi ako lagi ng notif if nagchat ka na. May konting kirot din sa chest pag nakikita kong online ka tapos ang tagal mo mag reply sakin sumasakit na sa puso boi hahahah Kaya yun, after sending a cat meme, I blocked you na. Ako na nag adjust para di ka na mapilitan mag chat sakin, takot ka siguro mawalan ng kausap kaya di mo masabi sakin na di mo na ako trip. Ako na nag block sayo para di ka na din mahirapan umisip ng reason para mag stop tayo mag usap since dun din naman papunta.

Ako na namblock para di na ganun kasakit.

Ingat ka. Babye (di mo din naman to mababasa Borgerman hahhaha borger ka sakin boi )
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2023.03.28 08:56 bubblegamy Motivation Mondays 🙌 [T-2 weeks]: Fit Fam Progress Check-in

We are but a few weeks away from going home my friends 🤩
For those of y'all kicking ass, you should be so proud of yourself for putting in so much work! It'll all be worth it when you're feeling amazing on the fields.
For those of y'all feeling discouraged by not meeting your goals, KEEP GOING! Often, our goals are unrealistic and any progress you've made is a win!! Some important things to remember: weight is just a number, and while looking good is great, FEELING good is even better. Fitness is a journey and there's no end point :) Let's just keep trying to make each Coachella better than the last!
And for those wondering if it's too late to start, this is the perfect time to start working in more steps every day, drinking lots of water, and eating nutritious foods. Make sure to invest in comfy shoes too!
Personally, I'm feeling okay about where I've gotten in the last year. I'm a lot stronger than a year ago, but had hoped to trim down a little more. I am still looking forward to seeing how my improved strength will affect my stamina over the weekend! And I'm really dialing in on the healthy eating for this final stretch. No alcohol until Coachella. Protein shakes when hungry for a snack. MO PLANKS!!
Tell me what you're up to for this final stretch! Can't wait to see y'all soon!
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2023.03.28 08:52 Dyde21 Cosmic Crucible Room 4 Unlimited XMen counter help

What's the current best way to deal with UXmen in Room 4? I always heard, and searching the subreddit says replace Fantomex with Cable/Emma but I don't think that works anymore with the new rules? Rogue spawns with immunity, then on her turn gets two immunities and safeguard again. Do I still special her? Or is another counter more common now for that room. I used MoE in a different room with an annoying group, and they aren't leveled high enough yet to meet these decked out UXmen teams from apoc. I don't have Dorm/Apoc yet for the record too.
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2023.03.28 08:50 nxtenz Food logs & Kaiser

Hi! Anyone else going through Kaiser? Did they ask to see your food/beverage log? Were they strict? I didn’t lie on it and I have some days that weren’t the best. I’m worried it’ll halt me moving forward. Tops like 4-6 days in the past 6 mo.
I’m going through Kaiser fresno and it’s definitely not like others I’ve heard. They required me to attend one class and get a weigh-in every two months! (Psych eval still required)
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2023.03.28 08:47 throwawaymiruna Ganda gandahan today! My reddit girl bestfriend gave this for my birthday yesterday. She’s from Pampanga pa then she had it delivered sa hotel na pinagstayan ko sa Makati kahapon. Alam kong makikita mo to beb HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the 18 months of friendship and for always making me feel special, F!

Ganda gandahan today! My reddit girl bestfriend gave this for my birthday yesterday. She’s from Pampanga pa then she had it delivered sa hotel na pinagstayan ko sa Makati kahapon. Alam kong makikita mo to beb HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the 18 months of friendship and for always making me feel special, F! submitted by throwawaymiruna to CasualPH [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 08:38 Pizza_Planet86 Son threw something at me

We went to try and get my 19 mo old down for a nap. He usually doesn't nap anymore. So it's usually no pressure let's just have quiet playtime if the naps not presenting itself that day. He was opening and closing my Nintendo ds today. And pulling out the stylus and putting it back in. He was getting frustrated and then takes the ds and chucks it at my eye. Hard😅. He's never thrown an object at anyone before. His dad takes him away from me and starts yelling at him. Now son is screaming crying dad's mad and I'm toppled over in pain from the black eye I just received. I grabbed my son and removed him from the situation since dad couldn't keep calm. After about 30 minutes of son crying he calmed down. We did a sensory activity and then I talked to him about how I wasn't mad that he threw my toy at me. That I understand he was feeling some big emotions in the moment. However throwing things at people isn't a good way to get their attention. And said when we're feeling big feelings and we need to get them out we can always hit our pillows. I love you buddy and I'm always here for you. I asked his dad if he was going to Apologize for yelling and his dad said sorry I yelled buddy. But we can't hurt mommy. I then had a talk with dad how son hurt me so I should have been the one to handle it. That we don't need to handle things directly in the moment if we can't stay calm. That we don't need to yell we can talk firmly and set the boundaries without yelling. That he is a kid with big feelings and this wasn't normal for him. And also when we do get mad, cause we are human, to apologize and make sure he knows we aren't mad at him because we all make mistakes. So for when this happens in the future what are some better ways we could handle it. Had I been the one to be able to I would have taken away the toy as I did. And said mommy needs to step away for a minute I can't let you throw toys at me. And then addressed the situation. And if he started crying I would have let him know I'm here for him. Any suggestions for next time? Thank you.
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2023.03.28 08:35 uranero Cheating victims who become cheaters themselves

Hindi ko maintindihan kung papano nila nagagawa yon. They’ve been cheated on before, alam nila kung gano kasakit at pano nakakasira ng pagkatao. Ang alam ko when you experience pain, you don’t wish it upon others. Pero bakit sila they know the pain of being cheated on but they also choose to cheat? Ibang klaseng kawalan ng konsensya ang meron sila.
So fuck you Sarah. Iyak iyak ka pa nung kinukwento mo how your ex cheated on you and destroyed you. Tapos gagawin mo rin naman pala. I never did anything but love you pero ganito pa ginawa mo.
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2023.03.28 08:33 97sirdogealot X.M.P not working after reinstalling windows.

I built a PC for gaming back in Nov 2021. It was a smooth sailing for the most part with some minor hiccups. But a few days back I started having BSODs in every 10mins or so. I narrowed that down to a powercut during a windows update (Windows does say do not turn off your PC during an update). And after a few BSODs I couldn't even boot into windows. So naturally I formatted my SSD and HDD, cleared CMOS and reinstalled windows from the scratch. The installation was fine and I was back at it. But when I opened Task manager to check Memory I saw that it was only showing a single 8gb ram stick (I had 2 of them, clocked at 3200MHz when X.M.P was enabled).
I then swapped the position of the 2 ram sticks to ensure whether it's a faulty RAM or faulty DIMM slot. I had previously checked in the BIOS which DIMM slot the presumed working and non-working RAM were in. And thankfully it was just a faulty RAM. But when I was in the BIOS I realised that I forgot to turn on X.M.P. So I turned it on with that single 8GB stick. But then the motherboard gave memory error beeps and reset the RAM to the base 2400MHz speed and booted into windows. I thought that maybe X.M.P only works when you are running Dual Channel Memory but when I searched online most of the answers suggested that X.M.P should work fine with even a single RAM stick. (I could be wrong about this though)
What do I do? Idk whether to buy 1 matching RAM stick or a new set. Or even a new goddamn MoBo.
Here are my specs if they are any help:
Processor - Ryzen 5 5600G
Video Card - Inno3d RTX 3060
MoBo - Gigabyte B550M DS3H
RAM - HyperX 8Gbx2 3200MHz
PSU - Corsair CV550 (80Plus Bronze)
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2023.03.28 08:33 redvoxfox Pistachios - 4g PUFA & 7g MUFA - no more for me!

I've been eating pistachios (usually buy raw, shell off, unsalted) for the potassium content (along with avocados and coconut water).
Brand I usually buy just changed and updated their "Nutrition Facts" on the label to break out fat distribution: 28g Serving or 1/4 cup Total Fat 14g Saturated Fat 1.5g Trans Fat 0g Polyunsaturated Fat 4g Monounsaturated Fat 7g ... Well, mo more pistachios for me. I'd read somewhere that they are low PUFA, but as we all learn, "low" is subjective and doesn't mean none.
Seems the producer & packager are assuming those numbers are good and most consumers want lower saturated fat and higher PUFA & MUFA #'s. Not sure if the recent label change is driven by U.S. gov't requirement or is voluntary.
These numbers aren't terrible, but I'm shooting for extremely low or even zero PUFA's to help clean out and repair a lifetime of trans fats, seed and processed oils and PUFA loaded foods.
Note to self: Up my label reading and research game! Read and understand ALL labels and research ALL food I put in my body.
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2023.03.28 08:30 Mochi_chi16 24 [F4M] I knew you were trouble

Never been to a relationship before, feeling ko ready na ko to enter to one.Gusto ko na kiligin, makareceive ng - goodmorning o - goodnight, yung papagalitan kasi di pa ko kumakain or umuuwi, yung di na magagalit para pwede na ko umuwi ganern
Soo ayun hahahahaha still looking for that someone I can go to at the end of the day to talk about how our days went or anything under the sun. If magwork, maybe we can turn it into something di ba? Pero kapag wala talaga, baka this is the sign na baka destiny ko na talaga maging madre 😂
About me:
-working professional -chinita, but wearing eyeglasses. mas malabo pa sa malabong ipagpalit ka -curvy -in between maputi and morena -confidently a cutie -5' is my height, pwede po ihagis -loves to cuddle -sweet lalo na in private lol -kaladkarin -independent woman who needs lambing every now and then and no need to worry about gastos kasi I can on my own lol except for petsa de peligro HAHAHA -date to marry - I can say I have a lot to offer once you get to know me - will love your doggo more than you - tulog lang magiging kaagaw mo - loves listening to Taylor Swift, kapag inaantok One Ok Rock and the likes
About you: -maybe between 25-30 age -easy on the eyes -matangkad -working pro -loves to cuddle din sana cuz Im a needy person lol -HINDI FRIENDS WITH CASPER o si DANNY PHANTOM PLEASE LANG
If ever you're interested, feel free to HMU! Habol tayo sa Valentines 2024! 🤣
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2023.03.28 08:23 0utcast9851 [FNV] Cannot leave Doc Mitchell's house

Something has gone terribly wrong, and I'm not entire clear what. I recently came back to the game after a long break, wanting to do a new playthrough. I had removed a few mods, installed some new ones, made sure everything that could be up to date was, and started a new character. I went through the entire character creation process, settled on everything I wanted, but when I go to leave the house, I either get an infinite loading screen or a frozen one. I can't even COC out of the house, so I have no idea what could be going wrong on a brand new character. Load order to follow, as always.

Worth noting: Fallout Character Overhaul is at version 3.0, because I cannot get 3.1 to work for the life of me. The Frontier is kept at version 1.0 because I unfortunately have not gotten around to playing it yet and would prefer to do so with as much content intact as possible when I do so; I do use the old Frontier Unofficial Patch in the meantime.

YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
War Never Changes.esm
Functional Post Game Ending.esm
The Frontier.esm
Fallout The Frontier Unofficial Patch.esm
Run the Lucky 38.esm
Functional Post Game Ending - AWOP Patch.esm
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.esm
FNV Vlad's Weapon Depot.esp
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Armor Mega-Pack.esm
FNV Honest Herb's Power Armor Emporium.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - YUP Patch.esm
More Perks.esm
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus.esp
Cyberware OWB.esp
The Lucky 38 Empire.esp
More Perks Update.esp
FCO - NPC Changes.esp
War Never Changes.esp
New Vegas Map Markers.esp
Freeside Junkers Store.esp
Liberty Loft.esp
Donta1979 MK117 Prototype Armor.esp
Area 51 - Project Roswell.esp
Sierra Madre Vending Addon.esp
All Vending Codes - Dead Money.esp
Enhanced Scope Zoom.esp
EnergyWeapons v_0_2a.esp
Moddable Unique Weps.esp
Better Pack Rat Perk.esp
Better Sierra Madre Casino.esp
Breakdown that surplus ammo.esp
EDE MK2.2.esp
XFO - 6aa - Epic Skills - Effects Over 100 (NVSE req).esp
Frontier - Arachnophobia Patch.esp
Frontier - Enable Slaves Harbour.esp
Gun Runners' Arsenal Integrated.esp
War Never Changes - Seven.esp
Holster Gear.esp
JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
Better Sneak - No Stealth Field.esp
Dead Money - Hack Vending Machines.esp
Dead Money - Less Loot.esp
Expanded Traits.esp
Faction Armor Redone.esp
Honest Hearts Workbench Crate Luck.esp
Immersive Karma.esp
Even More Accurate Geiger Clicking.esp
Improved Throwing1.esp
Imp's Timescale Adjuster.esp
Karma Perks.esp
Nerd trait.esp
Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps Random Luck.esp
Cave Fungus Mutation.esp
Limitless Stats.esp
Timescale Pacemaker.esp
workbench better recycle.esp
realistic headshots.esp
minigun replacer.esp
FCO - GlowingOne.esp
FCO - OHSB NPC Edits.esp

If a plugin doesn't have an obvious name and you'd like me to check what mod it comes from, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.28 08:21 Xenon009 The Mallorcan Miracle

I am Jose Mo- Wait, no, thats not right.
The year is 2033, I am [Redacted], Manager of Mallorca, Its been a long time since I started my career with no badges or playing experience to my name, but A few years ago I was offered the posting of any Englishman's dream, a full time holiday job in mallorca.
When I arrived we were struggling, badly. by mid march we were 19th in la liga, and through a minor miracle we managed to scrape survival by 5 points, thanks mainly to real winning the title so long ago that they decided to play their under 11's against us. We just scraped a win.
And then the board, citing our financial difficulties, sold most of the squad, and leaving me with a budget of about 20 pence.
Scraping together a squad of youngsters from the mallorcan academy, and a few youngsters from overseas with the money I made from selling off most of my veteran players we marched into the next season.
It was a touch and go affair, especially when I realized that biquinho (Henceforth known as Bikinio) my young prospect goalkeeper to replace the one that got sold was being offered wages below the minimum wage and couldn't play. FUCK.
And so with nothing more than one of the guys from the pensioners stands between the sticks, we had a go of it.
And we survived. Just. Actually, once I managed to register bikinio we did a bit better, and even managed to win three games on the bounce at the end of the season, getting an impressive finish of 13th. not bad considering I narrowly dodged a sacking earlier. But thats not what this tale is about.
Its the season after.
It was during the pre-season friendlies I noticed something special might be going on, beating Tottenham, union berlin, west ham and Cagliari, and I thought "Hey! We might even make top half this year!"
and then I realize that my first fixture is against Atletico, last years champions.
So we obviously get battered 4-1, but hey, we scored against atletico!
Match 2 is against real san Sabastian. Remember these fucks. We beat them 4-3. We can score, but fuck me we can't keep goals out.
This trend of us being free scoring continues to the new year, with the now ancient Hugo Duro, Noah Okafor and Tyukavin leading the scoring, with our romanian regen dinu setting them up. We even manage to get a win against real!
This impressive run of form puts us in 4th place, quite comfortably, with san seb and villareal not far behind us.
And then new year comes.
And that loss is to san Sebastian.
We drop into 5th, with san Sebastian gaining miles on us as they go 15/15
And so I decide "Fuck it" and give one of my youngsters a go. Garitano, a homegrown regen.
The kid has non existent finishing but 16 technique, and apparently, that's pretty special, because he smashes in hattrick after hattrick after hattrick.
Also at some point I'm given the England job! Yay!
So suddenly we win 4 on the bounce.
And then I realize we have barca, then real.
and we get fucking hammered. I won't be polite about it, we shipped a shit ton of goals, and barely had a shot back, and our morale was devastated.
and so we drop back to 5th.
Now we have villareal and bilbao. 6th and 7th respectively.
by some fucking MIRACLE we draw both games, but 2 points isn't enough as we sink to 6th. So much for champions league, we'd be lucky to get conference league at this point!
And then the refs decide to interfere. bit of luck I took notes off barca in 2023.
Three penalties against real hispalis gets us back to our winning ways, and we get into 5th.
Just in time for us to bottle it against getafe, and drop back to 6th against villarreal.
villarreal has an easy run from here, but real san sebastian still has to play real and barca before the end of the season... One upset and I might make it back to 4th.
And so we go for it, doing everything in our power, doing everything for the last 4 games.
We win our first, and san seb batters villarreal, we climb into 5th.
At this point, Villarreal crash hard, so I'm not going to bother commenting on them.
its just mallorca versus san seb.
and the unthinkable happens. San seb nick a draw against real.
At this point, I need san seb to drop points unexpectedly, against either relegation fodder hispalis, or bilbao on the final day.
The game against barca comes, and it goes as expected, we win our game.
Hispalis comes, and they win, so do we
and now it all comes down to the final day.
When my game ends bilbao is drawing 2-2 with san seb. We're in the champions league!
90+2. San seb score.
And so it ends.
Mallorca ends the season, stuck in 5th. And while its a huge overachievement for a team predicted to end 15th, it still stings. We were so, so close.
And thats it, the story ends. We're playing Europa league.
Still a story I'm damn proud of, as I tell my players to get ready for the Europa league, and the fans tweet about how likely to get smashed we are, still, we gave it our best.
Now its time to prepare for england vs brazil.
I get an email as I'm picking my squad. "Mallorca qualify for UEFA Champions League"
You see dear reader, that has stuck with me through this ramble, UEFA has decided that, to make more money, they would add a few more slots to the champions league from 2024 onwards. You see dear reader, because the Spanish teams, including real san sebastian, did so well in this years European competitions, they decided an extra place would be allocated to la liga.
To the team that finished in 5th place.
at this point, at 6am I started blasting the champions league anthem, probably to the hatred of my flatmates and dancing around my room.
And goddamn do I feel like the best manager ever.

TL;DR a neck and neck race to the final champions league spot comes down to the wire between me and san sebastian, with me missing out on the spot thanks to a 90+2 winner from san seb after my game ended.
I think its all over, but it isn't now! Thanks to san seb almost winning the europa league, la liga gets enough coefficient points to get an extra UCL spot, allowing me to qualify despite finishing outside of the top 4
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