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2023.03.28 11:06 ThrowRA289001 Girl (F28) ended things with me (M28) and it hurts, cause it‘s been going well

So i‘ve been dating this girl for 6 months and we hit off really well. We liked each others company, had the same music taste and interests. We regulary saw each other (3,4 times a week) and texted everyday and called each other everyday. I‘ve said to her, that i wanted a relationship2 months ago and she said she cant commit fully, cause she hasn‘t had that crazy spark she usually has, but i am 95% relationship material - we decided to gbe it time. Last weekend we talked again and she said she can‘t fully commit and is ending things, although she is quite unsure if the decion is right, but if we continue our circle she knows the feeling never comes and she doesnt go into a spce where she feels alone and can get a clear view of whats missing. We cried both and did spent the weekend togehther - with everything normal (hugs, kisses and even got intimate multiple times). Fast forward monday arrived and we hugged and kissed us goodbye.
Now i am really confused what to do, cause i miss her a lot and i dont think she will come back. Any thoughts?
Tldr: girl ended things after a few monrhs dating, cause she hasn‘t had the spark, but gave me mixed feelings in the end.
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2023.03.28 11:06 hygienichandgel How do I make sure my adrenal fatigue doesn’t mean the end of my relationship?

I’ve (30F) been experiencing HPA axis-dysfunction/adrenal fatigue for 7 months now and while I’m getting better, it’s been weighing heavy on my relationship. My girlfriend is a very outgoing type and while she tries to be understanding / doesn’t push me for anything, she’s been expressing doubts about the relationship and says she misses going out with me and hanging with friends together. I get that of course, but it also makes me feel very lonely. We try to do things that are within my scope, such as hiking together, grabbing lunch and seeing a movie, and that’s fun. However I don’t know when I will be better and I don’t want to contuously feel selfconcious about the relationship or myself next to the burn-out. I’m working on it with a therapist, but it’s a slow process.
I’m in a long term relationship 7+ years so I don’t think about ending it lightly and we both love eachother very much.
Any suggestions?
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2023.03.28 11:05 Happy_Medicine_2035 AITA for telling the truth?

first time poster here. Sorry if things don’t make sense
I (16f) added a boy on Snapchat back in 2020 (13-14 at the time), for privacy let call him Tucker White. We had hit it off and got really close. Over the years as our relationship grew we became inseparable. The one downside.. He "lived" in Miami while I live in MA. Now I put lives it quotes because after awhile I let him login to my account because I trusted him. And if you didn't know it emails you an IP address. Me being me I looked it up and it said that it was Dallas, TX. After I told my therapist about it, cause we were stupid and sent stupid stuff to each other. And she had to report to the police because of suspicions I had with his age because when I added him he was supposedly 16. Which over the 3 years would of made him 18-19 and me only 15-16. After that, an investigation opened up and child services got involved. After telling DCF that I won't stop communicating with, they dropped the case. But police still looked into him. After searching they found there was a popular singer named exactly after him. And that caused me to go into more suspicious that he wasn't who he was. Now at the police station I had stated that if he wasn't real I would be devastated because I couldn't live without nor imagine a life without him. So we continued to talk and I kept bugging him about it and he threatened to unadd me if I didn't stop, so of course I stopped. Yes we would ft 24/7 but his screen would always be black, but he would talk and he sounded young. Flash forward to December, it was time for my sweet 16 and he had said he would drive up and come. So I had purchased a plate for him which was $40 ($40 per person where it was) and last minute ended up ditching me. I had let that slide but we had ended up kinda drifting because earlier in the year I had found out that he was still talking to other girls and and hanging out with them sexually. Now I know I have no right to be upset because we weren't together. But he would call me "his love, his wo V all his, and etc". But after that I told him I had gotten uncomfortable a little talking to him because of what he was doing. This caused a huge argument and ended with him blocking me on Snapchat ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!! This cause me to fall into a deep depressive state. After a couple months went by, he added me back.And when I saw this I shattered internally, like my whole world stopped then came back. He told me how much he missed me and regretted unadding me. And I had fallen into a deep depressive state after what he did, and ended up gaining 50lbs. But this caused him to unadd me again after I told him that. This caused me to spiral again. Ever since then I've been down all the time, I don't hang with friends, lost my job, and over all just super depressed. So AITA for stating the truth?
‼️I am better now, getting the proper help I need and keeping in touch with responsible adults‼️
If you do find out his name, please don't spread it. Even though it might be a fake name. And if yk him, don't say anything
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2023.03.28 11:05 Zhiarjaan Feeling pain in my testicular area

I’m having pain in my testicular area for quite some time which makes me nervous. Whenever I masturbate the pain gets worse for almost a week, then it gets better. I tried NoFap for two months and I was nearly pain-free. But I asked my doctor and he said you shouldn’t avoid masturbating because your testicles produce seeds daily and he advised me to do it like twice a week. I'm not sure to keep going on my NoFap or not!?
Help me
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2023.03.28 11:04 ProfessionalBison260 How bad is this? What should I do?

I 25F I started talking + flirting with with 2 different guys.They are friends and I didn't know this and ofcourse they informed each other about the situation. I am single. I didnt go on dates with either of them and there has been no physical contact with either. Only chats for the duration of 1month or so. I am not excusing this behavior, but my plan was initially I talk to a few guys (not many) then I ultimately choose 1. Guy number 1, 25M is the one who brought up that i messaged and flirted with his friend guy number 2 , 27M and that he was the one who stopped responding and informed guy number 1 that I had messaged him again. Mind you I didnt talk much to guy no.2 we only interacted twice.
There is an issue because i told guy no.1 I dont message guys first or reach out to them, but ofcourse i was the one who messaged his friend, guy no.2 I didnt lie when I said I dont message guys first. I only messaged guy no.2 since it was a special situation where i liked him. This doesnt normally happen.
Anyway, guy no. 1 now most likely thinks I'm a h*e and wasnt happy about this at all (as expected) but he passed it as "just teasing" I dont even know what made them bring me up in their discussions. If u wanna insult me in your responses feel free. I have already thought the worst about myself since this happened. Is there anyway to fix this mess? i feel so embarrassed and i regret it so much.
tldr: I was flirting with 2 friends at the same time and they found out. How do I get over this or fix it?
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2023.03.28 11:04 zLiaam Really bad Latency all of a sudden. At a complete loss. Any suggestions appreciated!

Hey everybody!
I’ve been playing cod for a number of years starting back in the glorious days of MW2.
Lately I’ve been having issues with latency, now I know that everyone complains they lag or whatever but this is my current situation.
Latency ms (prior to Thursday last week) 30-35ms
Latency ms (Thursday to current) 120-130ms.
This doesn’t matter what I do or what game mode I search in. My search parameters for ping have also gone to minimum 84ms ping games even though my internet is fine.
Download 270Mbs Upload 20Mbs Ping 4ms
I’ve opened up all ports, I’ve contacted my ISP who have run tracerts as well as ping tests. I’ve gone back and forth with activision support (who are completely useless) asking me to do the standard turn your router on and off and check to make sure I’m using a wired connection.
Moral of the story, has anyone ever encountered anything like this before? Has anyone been able to fix this type of issue before? I’d really like to get back to the ranked grind and it’s impossible to do when I’m at a 100+ ping disadvantage.
Apologies for the long post. If anyone wants any further information feel free to ask!
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2023.03.28 11:04 Sammie156 Please critique the prolouge of a dark-fantasy story I'm writing

This is the prologue for a novel I'm writing titled, "The Battle of Gehebris":
The sky was overcast. Winds blowing could have made any man shiver. There was a disturbance in the air. A feeling of dread, unwantedness. As if even the Gods didn’t want man to be out tonight. Empty baskets lying outside the houses flew away. The streets were empty. No man was visible. Everyone understood the signals from the Gods.
Lady Qualina, wife of Lord John of Riverfell, saw the scene from her windows. She couldn’t see the children playing in the fields, the old ladies knitting for their grandchildren and their mother gossiping at the City Well. She could feel the coldness of the air. She felt Death looking at her through the windows.
“Is something wrong, my dear?” asked John from the table. He was writing a letter to King William reporting about the recent happenings in Riverfell.
“I don’t know. There’s something out there, something that doesn’t want us. Something…” She stopped before she could finish the sentence.
John could see the fear in her eyes. He felt it too. The air had a sinister vibe to it. One could sense bad times were coming. He kept his quill down and walked up to her with a smile on his face, courage in his eyes that he would protect his homeland with all his might, come what may.
Rubbing her head, he calmly said, “Calm down, my love. Everything will be alright. I am always here. We will always be together.” He kissed her forehead.
She looked at his eyes. She loved him. They have been together since childhood. She gave a slight smile, which didn’t last for long. She looked at the scenery. Riverfell was the last village in Kingdom Asturas. From here, the Three Sisters was four miles away. Between that and them, lay miles of green grass and terrains. No soldiers guarding them. Vulnerable to what was to come. The air flew through the windows. She closed her eyes, smelling the air, the sinister vibe in it. She could feel the evil in the breath. Is it them? Is it…? She didn’t want to think further. She lowered her eyes. She felt death knocking at the gates of Riverfell. WHAT IS THIS? Every passing second she could feel the dread growing stronger. Her eyes teared up.
John stood looking at his village. He grew up here. His eyes lost their courage. He felt defenceless. There was an unsettling silence in the room. Qualina broke the silence.
“Something is coming. Something sinister.”
King William, sitting on his throne, in the capital city of Asturas, felt a shiver down his spine. He could feel impulsions in his chest. Something isn’t right… Is my reign over? Or are my citizens in danger? Is The Prophecy true? Are we all going to…
He remembered what the High Priest Celestus said, before he mysteriously passed away a fortnight ago.
"William," he said, his voice trembling with emotion. "I speak to you not as a member of the Council, nor as the High Priest of the Kingdom, but as your guardian. It was I who cared for you while your father ruled the land and drank to his health. I saw to it that you were well-trained, that you might become a king far better than Robert." His eyes grew misty, and he paused for a moment to collect himself before continuing. "I have always loved you as if thou were mine own son”
“I understand Celestus. What brings you here so late at night?” William got up from the bed, and walked towards the table to grab a glass of wine. He poured the wine from the jug into the black stone glass.
Celestus stared at the wine being poured. As if it was blood flowing. The blood of the kingdom. The blood of everything and everyone in Asturas. William handed him the glass. He stared at the wine. Its red colour seemed to be glowing brighter than usual. He didn’t drink. He kept the glass on the table. He looked with his teary eyes towards William. William felt sorry for the man. He kept his glass and walked towards Celestus. He held his shoulders and looked him in the eyes.“Everything will be alright. Tell me. What is bothering you?
Celestus looked at William. "Oh William," he said with a troubled expression. "How can I tell you about the tragedy that's about to unfold? How can I save you and this kingdom from the impending doom that's looming over us? The thought of what's coming fills me with dread and despair." He paused, looking at William with a sombre gaze.
“What is it?” William could feel the dread now as well.
“The Gate of Gehebris is open. I cannot speak further, for the night is unfortunate and full of terror.” He looked at the night sky through the window.
“Can’t you see them William? The Gods have abandoned us. The Gods of Gehebris are here now. To pour forth its ungodly spawn and no amount of preparation or valour shall avail us when they arrive.”
Celestus left the room. He was found dead at the city gates. His eyes wide open and full of terror. No sign of attack. The maester said he died of fear. What could have feared him?
He didn’t think further. His mouth became dry, he rubbed his hand across his head. He forgot he was wearing his crown. The esteemed crown of Asturas. The Protector of all. One who will save his people when the Dark Times come. Or so was it said in The Book of Kings. How easy was it to throw duty upon someone else…
His hands knocked the crown off his head onto the floor. He couldn’t move to pick it up. He didn’t feel like he was a king.
He could feel the fear Celestus had felt. Or maybe he did not. Maybe Celestus saw them. Maybe he saw something worse.
I don't think I can fit more without breaking rule 3. So here's a link to the rest:
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2023.03.28 11:04 Corvus_Manufaktura I'm not sure if this counts but here goes: I automatically click off a tutorial or video if I hear an Indian accent

For context, I've spent years learning English as a second language to the point where I'm not only at a near native level but I actually make a living from it (I'm a translator). Hearing someone speak with a strong accent doesn't usually bother me with one notable exception: Indian accents.
It sounds like absolutely no effort was put into mastering the phonetics of the language, they might as well be speaking Hindi but in English (if that makes sense). If the video's title is in English but the video itself is in Hindi, I not only click off, I also make sure to dislike it.
I know it's petty but I'm completely unashamed about it.
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2023.03.28 11:04 random0_0reddit still hope to switch this out or too late?

my piercer origally gave me a hoop and told me to just use unscented antibacterial dial soap. when it got worse I was just told to do hot water compressions. looking on Reddit everyone told me they're wrong and I should switch it out for a stud and use salien solution. I can't find any titanium flat back studs around me so I ordered one but I'm not sure if it's too late or it'll be by the time they arrive. it was just a like blister but now it's harden.
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2023.03.28 11:04 NOODENTO Sure she did...

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2023.03.28 11:03 Michelleantonella23 My partner wants to move out with her metamours but not with me

I (F, 22)feel disgusting and worthless. I used to be a ray of sunshine for my partner but I was stupid enough to have a jealousy outburst in front of her. We talked about the possibility of moving out together. The idea of waking up next to her every morning, preparing breakfast for her made me so happy. But I lost that chance. I'm the most stupid idiot in the fucking planet. Because of my jealousy she thinks that I'm too immature to move out with her. She thinks I'll create a volatile environment that could damage her other relationships. I'm an idiot. I've read so much about polyamory and about anarchy. I should not be so jealous and stupid and envious. But I've never felt so envious. Her metamours will do everything I wanted to do with her while I rot alone. The saddest part about this whole situation is that my girlfriend is right. I'm unstable and I have borderline personality disorder. I'm just a freak that is not made to love or live with people. I should just go die alone in the Himalayas where I can't annoy anybody. I love her so much. I've never thought I could experience so much love. But now I will not be able to shower her with my love because I'm an idiot. I envy her metamours. They are superior to me in every possible aspect. Prettier, more interesting, more mature. And they will wake up next to her every day. Idk, I feel like all that I've read about polyamory was a waste of my time. I did it to be good enough for her but I'm not. I don't deserve her. they all will be so happy. They are superior and can do kitchen table polyamory. I'm like a worthless tall child. This feels like highschool when nobody ever invited me to sleepovers or thinks like that. I feel lonely, worthless and disposable. And I deserve it.
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2023.03.28 11:03 DriveDifficult693 Car Accessories Shop Near Me Parts Sale KSS Car Accessories

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2023.03.28 11:03 deelyte3 Friends allowed their cat to die

I was at a friends’ back in September. They had two cats, and the older one, much to my surprise, had major build up around her eyes. I’d never seen anything like it. I asked why they didn’t clean it, they said they had, but it kept recurring. I implored them to take her to the vet, but they were fearful, because she hasn’t had shots in quite a while. Recently, they told me she was put down…had something with her lungs, yadda yadda, and for me, the writing is on the wall as to what happened. Now they have a new cat. Really, I’m posting this just to vent; there’s nothing to be done, really. I haven’t said anything to anyone about it so far. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.28 11:03 lostinthewillows Dad time sends them bonkers

Hey all just getting it out We’re newly separated… we still have to live together 2 kids (4 and 2) He is going away for a few days to work in another city (I don’t completely believe him but that is now none of my business) He’s been going to work earlier so the kids and I have the morning routine back to ourselves I’ve noticed huge changes in their behaviour when they’re around him, they feed off all those feelings he’s got battling it out inside.
When they’re with me they are calm happy kids who get along and help each other and use their manners and talk through their feelings and fighting is minimal as 2 young children can try When they’re with him they’re loud and angry and physically violent and don’t stop fighting … I came home from work and they were both covered in little bite marks and throwing things at each other he gets so overwhelmed he just walks out leaving me in the screaming mess
I have trouble in loud chaotic environments and it’s so much nicer when he’s not there I’m looking forward to having the kids and house to myself for a few days! I can’t wait until I can afford to get out into my own place with my babies 🥰
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2023.03.28 11:03 RubyCrowns The Price of Glory

“He was a hero once, sweetheart, a man of glory and greatness, and I? Well, I… I could have been his queen.”
The little boy watched his father cutting wood out the window as his mother spoke. He never understood why his parents both seemed so stoic and distant.
They did not live in the village with everybody else and they always seemed so tired, like they were still recovering from a weight that had bore on them before he was even born.
Obviously he knew that there had to be a story behind their mysterious reclusiveness, but what that story was, he had never been told. Never until now.
Hey there! Thank you for reading that short little piece. I know that it’s not super elaborate, but basically what I’m looking for is a story about two heroes, or a hero and his companion, who loved each other and who believed in hope before they took on the toll that the title of hero gives.
From the beginning to end, I want a story of growth and change and just as much character exploration as world building and lore.
I consider myself to be an advanced literate writer, and I’m also 18+, so I ask that my partner is, too.
I want someone who’s open to discussion and I would absolutely adore a partner who loves to get just as invested in the story and everything around it as I do.
I apologise in advance if it takes a little while for me to get back to any responses as reddit is kind of temperamental for some reason, but I will get back to you as soon as possible, so if you have any questions, queries or otherwise, please feel free to message me!
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2023.03.28 11:03 Aliehak need urgent help....PERIANAL ABSCESS OR NOT?

hi there, i'm 19 ..basically almost 8 days ago an cyst formed of size of almost 2-3 inchs on my butt cheek on the anal sided almost 5-6 inches far away from anus....when it flarred up i start taking sitz bath and antibiotics it helped me greatly it got shrunk and there is no pain now but still there is a lump that donnot even hurts.....i'm really worried that even it is an perianal abscess or not because it just not drained naturally and neither excised and drained it just got shrunk and currently i have no fistula because i'm not having any kind of thing coming out of anus canal.....please help me what should i do and please tell me is it even a perianal abscess....plzzzz
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2023.03.28 11:03 CarpetUnique1284 I have hated my stepdad for 15 years and have never told anyone

My (15 F) Mom (32 F) had me when she was 16 and decided she would co-parent with my Bio Dad. She was a single mom until I was 2.
I remember some of my Moms boyfriends from when I was young but there was one that stuck around a little longer then I would have preferred. She met some guy at a party and soon after they met they became friends; friends turned into lovers and before I knew it he was a part of my family.
My mom and I were living with my grandparents in a big house in a nice neighborhood. Well, that didn’t last too long because a few months after My mom and her boyfriend got engaged they bought a house in the next town over and took me to live with them.
Her “Fiancé” was often really rude to me. I wasn’t even in kindergarten yet and didn’t have any siblings so when I would ask him to play he would wave me off and sit on the couch and drink a beer.
I don’t remember what I disliked about him when I was a kid but I never really liked him. Fast forward to 2023 and we have moved back into the town I lived with my grandparents in and i now have two younger sisters.
Now that my stepdad has “his own kids” he favors them over me. He will make them breakfast on the mornings he’s home and I’m left to make my own food. He gets me in trouble for things like eating some of his chips that were in the family pantry by the way.
He makes unnecessary and inappropriate jokes about my dads side of the family and I find it really offensive since he’s never even tried to get to know them.
He will be on a work call and say things like “I can’t work an extra shift I have two daughters and a wife at home” knowing he has two biological daughters and one stepdaughter.
It’s so much more than that, so many things I can’t even stand to list but I hate that man. For reasons I’m not going to say some of the things that have happened for me to dislike him because it’s very identifying and I don’t want to get in trouble for posting this but I needed to say somehow that I hate this man.
(Edit): I know it sounds silly that since I’m 15 I said I’ve hated him for 15 years but I can’t remember a time since I’ve met him and been able to completely remember the situation that I haven’t disliked him. So no technically I haven’t hated him for 15 years but it just seem like the valid thing to type at the time I wrote this.
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2023.03.28 11:03 TheShiftingParadigm My implementation of Aquatix

Aquatix is the common name of that weird ass mermaid form. It's quite popular, and since I am writing Winx: Mystic Crusaders, I am gonna tell y'all my way of writing Aquatix
My Aquatix is a highly volatile prototype of Sirenix. It allows for a 100% of the oceans energy, using the user's own magic as a conduit. There are two way to grab this form
  1. Through a special ritual that requires surgical precision
  2. I you already have Sirenix
Powerwise, Aquatix is incredibly powerful, in fact, the multiplier from Sirenix is 13x . Above land, the tails would actually fold upwards to become swimsuits.
This all seems to be pretty cool, but there is a caveat; Aquatix is a double edged sword in the form a major Risk vs Reward factor. Simply could kill you. Even if you do everything right, your power has to be compatible with the ocean. Bloom's power is the Dragon's Flame, but since water and fire don't mix, and the Dragon's Flame is inextinguishable, Bloom would probably go into shock after a while.
Depending on your power, you'd have a to be strategic with Aquatix, and go, "Okay, is this fucker strong enough to warrent me using Aquatix? How long can I use it and who close must I get?
In Roxy's case, she becomes both Aquaman and an animorph. Basically, she can acquire the instinct of any sea creature, but she has to fight the instincts or risk losing herself and going braindead.
Now, tell me what you think! How would you do Aquatix?
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2023.03.28 11:03 TheGentlemanist Long distance communication and transport.

Hello. I need some advice.
I am playing on a server with friends and want to build a farming complex. However, we have problems with theft and people disrespecting the effort put into large farms.
Im hiding my farms in a complex a few 10k blocks from the village so that nobody accidentally discovers them. Elytras and sombody with zero orientation made me implement a nether hub way to early and scuffed because he almost discovered my current location so the distance is neccesarry.
What i now need is a way to transmit a serial redstone signal there to order items from the Farm and transport them back. How do i do this with the least amount of server lag? I have heard about wireless redstone and might dabble with that, but is there a way to get items thrue unloaded chunks? Recources are not an issue, i just don't want the server to hate me for lag.
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2023.03.28 11:02 PewPewAnimeGirl i sent a person i admire the following message and got my heart broken...

i sent them this: hi, x (i will keep the person anonymous). i want you to know how much i appreciate you. idk if any of this will make sense to you, but i am in hopes that it does and that this might clear some things up. everything that i am about to say is probably flawed and can easily be crushed by the notion of 'you don't care' or 'why would you care?'. i have noticed that me saying "sorry" or apologising to you probably means nothing since you believe that i wouldn't be sorry if i had thought about it and not said it in the first place. but, yeah, if anything that you read from this message makes you upset or angry/annoyed at me, i am sorry. those were not my intentions at all.
you always make me feel like i could be better and i appreciate that about you. as i said before, you make me feel butterflies in my stomach when i see you or when i get a notification from you. that is definitely not how i should be feeling, but it is. i can't help it. and i appreciate that about you. i said before about feeling like people should be honest with each other, and that is what i am doing right now. i know that i am making myself very vulnerable and that you could easily use that to do something sly. but, i am hoping that you don't.
i do not expect anything of you after reading this. i just want you to know the above statements are all true and i believe every word i have said. please do not twist this in any way. you don't have to reply or say anything about this.
i hope i have made myself clear. thank you. i hope you have a good night's sleep and i will hopefully see you next week.
i appreciate you. :)
(the response that i got was what i expected to hear, but not what i wanted to hear...)
anyway, i got my heart broken again, so, does anyone want to fill in the gap? anyone between the ages of 18 and 22 is welcome to dm me if you so choose. idk, i just had to get that off my chest... sorry if that has inconvenienced your day or something...
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2023.03.28 11:02 Outrageous-Young-692 My simple online heartbreak story

I dont know whether its the right place for it or not but as here everyone talk about their online experience I am sharing mine.
So I met this woman here in reddit few months ago. She used to post in reddit and and we got connected. We used to talk random mundane topics. Sometimes there was flirts and sometimes sexual undertone but mostly casual chitchat and banter. As I use reddit as only social media I was pretty active so our chats were daily and we talked for nearly 4-5 months. During this time we shared our pictures a lot and she seemed pretty beautiful. She is not probably conventionally attractive but she has her own charm. she is like the most beautiful person ever to me.Though I dont know what conventional attractiveness is because there is no defined parameter for me but being a demisexual person I am, emotional connection is needed to feel attracted and it was there for me. We both are bongs so there is cultural symmetry too but we live in different cities but her actual home is near my place. I thought when she will come here I will meet and may be have a date. She has no qualms of meeting people from here from reddit and she had done it in past too.
When I mean date I mean coffee or lunch dates nothing else. But somehow she understood that the person in me is more emotionally attached to her than she is. She is pretty casual about sex and physical intimacy or hookups but anything more than that is not her cup of tea and she scolded me, tried to mould me to not to care for her or invest time in her because she has a habit of leaving people or ghosting people and as in her own words she doesnt need anyone in life to be happy and she is self sufficient and anyone trying to be close to her emotionally, irks her. I understood she has avoidant attachment style. But I believed even if we dont build concrete something we can be friends. She said ok and we postponed the idea of meeting because she thought I will be more attached; than already I am. So we remained connected here in reddit. When I asked her one day why we will not meet even if you come to my city and shared my pain of being unlucky that I have no right to meet her even if I know her so well. But she said I am a good person and I really need not to be at par with new age dating hookup culture because it will hurt me and I cant tolerate ghosting people do, after being physical. Her assesment of mine is quite accurate I think.
I am in my late 20s and she is too. I have met people and I have had two serious relationships before. This is after a long time I felt connected and trusted. I shared my vulnerabilities and she shared her life with me. But when sharing my feelings vaguely that I told she is very close to me and important too, she told me she doesnt care because she talk to lot of people and even if I stop talking it will not matter to her that much but it matters to me. But something or the other she stopped complete communication few days ago because she felt again that I am entangling her in my life more than she wants. I never saw it coming. Ofcourse you dont predict people but I saw her eyes and I saw nothing but truth and I believed she cant hurt like that or stop talking because she knows that I will be devastated. She had her own heartbreak before and somehow I believed that those who got hurt in past will think twice to do the same to other person. And here I am according to her thought,yes miserable after her stopping of communication.
I wake up, I work and study but nothing is meaningful anymore. I get this choking feeling all the time. And when I smile I feel it will vanish in a minute. There will be at times I will suddenly stop doing anything and my eyes will be moist. I cant eat probably or sleep probably and there will be sudden nightmare with sweats and in addition to that an innate feeling of hollowness. Yes she became very dear to me even in that small time. Is there a timeframe to judge in how much time one person will be dear to you? I guess not.
Out of affection I gave her a name, momo. It is my fav food or comfort food but I cant eat it now because eveytime I try to order it or buy it reminds me of her. I have a folder of photoes too named after the nickname which I access sometimes, which I know I shouldnt. I have a sharp memory so I remind most of our conversations and I know myself that it will be tough to forget. I dont blame her, curse her or slutshame her even in my private alone times because you cant suddenly abuse someone days before for whom you were praying. I still pray for her and I will continue do that. We both belive in shiva and in last shivaratri we both did our pujas in our homes and talked a lot about beliefs and many things. There was a concert at shivratri of arijit singh in kolkata and she was very upset that she cant afford that high amount of ticket but I prayed that she can watch arijit perform in his own motherland. She didnt know this. What I understood is that you dont always tell a person their importance, chances are you will be taken for granted or in my case thrown away.
You know some people come to your life and leave unannounced has the most profound capability to wreck the ship you are saling. My sheep has halted in the mid sea with other storms and problems making me sink. I was already at very low phase in my life when she came and now after the departure I am in more distress than already I was. Probably she will forget me amongst the chaos of many people and admirer and attention she gets online or offline but she is like a serendipity to me. You know what does it mean? One happy accident. And to the pain or scratch it caused to me I will keep it safe in my heart. I will protect the purity of the experience and feelings, may be when I will be healed I will take it out and touch it's carcass with a soft touch. Her fav movie is yeh jawani hain diwani just like mine. But her character is like of bunny extrovert and explorer and me of like naina introvert, bookish and comfort seeking. In reel life bunny comes to naina but in real life bunny leaves and never comes back.
She told me once that dont be emotional or nice because people can and will exploit you. Is being nice really a weakness in this world now? I will not be angry to her rather deeply hurt. But I know there will always be a piece of her in me. May be on another time when I will learn how not to be good, we will criss cross our paths and smile to each other. Its not the rejection that hurts rather the feeling of being inconsequential or unimportant to a person whom you gave a piece of your life. Are we becoming so fragmanted inside that we are fearing becoming full?
Anyone reading till this point, I wish you never ride the boat I am riding. I wish you find the right person, who will reciprocate whatever you feel.
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2023.03.28 11:02 InsideHot 23 / Tell me a random fact about you!

Hello there kind people. I'm right now I'm quite bored and I thought I might as well make some friends and talk with people to be friends with.
Tell me a random fact about yourself or maybe something you did or some strange facts about almost anything that might make me curious.
If you want to talk with me and get to know me, be sure to send a message to me and I will reply back when I can.
I hope everyone is having a great day :)
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