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2023.03.28 11:43 davidhud214 Effective tips to increase your Digital Marketing ROI

Effective tips to increase your Digital Marketing ROI
With the advent of digital technology, comprising the extensive use of computers and smartphones, businesses have started to practice marketing ideas. At present, digital marketing delivers the fast forward methods than traditional marketing and has deep roots in almost all business sectors. Regardless of the marketing type and campaigns, every business seeks to get the most in terms of results, revenue generation, and profits. Also, digital campaigns with higher ROI undoubtedly positively impact the business. So let’s learn more about digital marketing ROI to help you shape your online marketing efforts to earn better returns.
Now you must be wondering what the most operative tips to improve your internet marketing ROI are. However, have you ever thought are your Digital Marketing efforts ROI-based? All in all, it is always essential for businesses to plan and apply a sound digital marketing strategy. Be it DIY or via the best digital marketing agency. Such a strategy can effectively expand your business by increasing traffic, leads, conversion rate, and more.

Let’s get started!

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing shows any marketing techniques carried via electronic devices. In digital marketing, a business might hold websites, search engines, blogs, social media, video, and email to reach customers.
So it comprises SEO, search engine marketing, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate & native advertising, and many more marketing services online. All these tactics focus on interacting with the audience, improving website visibility within search engines, and increasing organic traffic, leads, and conversions.
Unlike traditional marketing (which is inert and “one-way” communication), digital marketing is a developing, modern process. In conventional marketing, customers cannot interact with businesses via billboards or print ads. However, digital marketing delivers a driveway for two-way communication between a business and its planned customers.
Nowadays, screen time is at an ever-high for many people. Digital marketing takes benefit of this reality, advertising business products and services over the internet. Hence, internet marketing services make sure to include marketing efforts that can readily access customers by catching them online.
Expanded digital marketing access can lead to crucial commercial perks from small-scale to large businesses. Therefore, businesses can properly plan their marketing direction and employ a combination of diverse methods to ensure a higher return.
Without further ado, let’s move forward.

What is digital marketing ROI?

ROI is an abbreviation for return on investment. Return on investment is the evaluation to explain how much your marketing initiatives return against your investments. The same goes for digital marketing. In short, you calculate how much your company spends on digital marketing campaigns and how much results/ revenue those campaigns make.

Why is Digital marketing ROI important?

Before beginning any new campaign, it’s vital to understand your figures. Keeping benchmarks can help you set a target to evaluate your campaign’s prosperity. At present, marketing is no more a straightforward matter of “getting traffic.” Instead, it’s a difficult method with complex policies across digital and traditional channels.
To make good decisions about where to spend your time and money. You must be familiar with the cost of each policy. Once you calculate your marketing costs, you can make better decisions to make the profit that make your business more successful.
There are many types of marketing ROI.
  • Revenue/bookings
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) ratio
  • Sales cycle days
  • Commitment duration
  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV)
It’s vital to know the difference between each category. For instance, revenue/bookings are calculated in either net sales or bookings. On the other hand, CPA is evaluated in either sales or advertising leads. Despite the ROI you select to track, most of them have the same evaluation manner.
Marketing return on investment evaluates how much you built or lost out of your marketing efforts. While every business wishes to enhance marketing ROI, getting how to do so can be difficult. So it works fine to have the best internet marketing services experts at your back to increase your ROI and ensure your marketing success.
Before getting into more depth, let’s understand the following:

What exactly is a good digital marketing ROI?

To be precise, one can’t specify an ROI figure as every business is different. For instance, niche and corresponding industry factors, overhead costs, and margins will be unique for each. Moreover, the money spent on the digital marketing tactic and platform and its campaigns will vary. So, for the most part, ROI will be different for every organization.
Still, on a generalized note, marketers prefer having an average ROI of 5:1. It means gaining $5 as profit for $1 spent on a particular digital marketing campaign. On the higher side, an ROI of 10:1 seems to be perfectly profitable, generating $10 as profit for $1 spent. On the lower bottom, an ROI of 2:1 is still unsatisfactory following some industry standards as it sometimes leads to breaking the budget and losses.

How could you increase your marketing ROI?

Anyway, to increase marketing ROI, you have to increase your income or decrease your costs. However, if your marketing attempts are inefficient, you might wish to work on cutting your costs. Or else, it’s a better concept to emphasize increasing your income.
The followings are some practical tips to boost ROI for your digital marketing attempts:

1. Set ROI objectives

When you desire to enhance marketing ROI, setting an ROI goal is supportive. Thus, having a determined goal can help you plan for achieving and tracking your progress. When you set your ROI objectives, make it a SMART goal. Yet, SMART means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
Specific: Despite something indefinite like ‘maximize ROI. Your goal must be something specific, like ‘maximize ROI by 25%.’
Measurable: Make sure you can evaluate your development toward your goal. So, have accurate data gathering and reporting procedures in place.
Achievable: If your goals aren’t practical, they won’t do you much good. Hence, your goals should be progressive, but make sure you can practically get them.
Relevant: Your ROI goals must be relevant to your primary business goals. So, if your key objective is to maximize sales, achieving more LinkedIn likes isn’t a relevant goal. However, it’s useless if you are not getting more sales.
Time-bound: Setup a timeframe within which you’ll aim to achieve your goal. Making your goals time-bound gives an impulse to finish them in a timely order.

2. Make an ROI tracing plan.

If you have not started tracking your marketing ROI, you won’t know if you’ve fruitfully expanded it. So, making a plan for tracing your ROI is essential to enhance it. Therefore, decide which digital marketing ROI standards you need to trace.
Though, some common standards comprise sales, website traffic, and leads. But the perfect ones rely on your goals and the type of operation you’re operating. Therefore, you must also confirm you have the ideal tools for tracing ROI.
One of the best accessible techniques for ROI tracking is Google Analytics. To trace ROI via Google Analytics, you have to set up tracing for the conversions you want to evaluate. Whether the evaluation is about the sales, leads, or another conversion category, you can trace e-commerce sales with the E-commerce account. For other categories of conversions, you’ll need to settle Goals.

3. Emphasize standards that matter.

If you want to boost your marketing ROI, be aware while selecting what standards to trace. Make sure these standards truly return headway toward your most vital goals. Hence, the correct standards to trace rely on the objectives of your campaign.
If your goal is to maximize profit or sales, you might want to trace standards like:
  • Conversion rate: The %age of leads or site visitors that convert.
  • Cost per acquisition: How much it costs you to acquire a fresh client.
  • Customer lifetime value: How much a customer has been valued to your business over the complete length of time.
If you aim to increase brand attention, you might want to trace standards such as:
  1. Direct traffic: The number of users/visitors who come to your website directly, like entering your website’s URL into their address bar.
  2. Referral traffic: The sum of users who visit your site through links on other sites.
  3. Social media mentions: The count of times users donate your brand, product, or service on social media.
The digital marketing ROI standards you trace influence the performance of your goals. Therefore, assessing the perfect standards certifies you know how to maximize ROI in digital marketing.

4. Employ marketing computing technology.

The marketing computation market will be approximately worth $6.4 billion by 2024. With this, there’s an excellent reason this market is expanding so rapidly. So, these techniques can help marketers achieve more with less. Thus, this could help in increasing ROI by making marketing methods more efficient and accurate.
Marketing computation techniques can take care of monotonous tasks. Moreover, these techniques help evaluate data to help you enhance your campaigns. For illustration, email computation techniques can send emails to chances at selected time intervals. Also, when they achieve particular actions on your site.
Although your team doesn’t have to send these emails physically, these computation techniques can save them limited amounts of time. Therefore, Marketing computation can also help in different areas, like content personalization, lead tracking, and audience division.

5. Conduct experiments regularly

The best way to increase marketing ROI is to experiment regularly and apply your findings to enhance your campaigns.
Try new platforms and adapt your campaigns to see what delivers best for your audience. Therefore, A/B testing is a superb method to test and process your campaigns. It includes making two or more types of content pieces, like an ad, email, or web page, and presenting every kind to a different unsettled group of users.
Around the test, you trace clicks, sales, or digital marketing ROI standards that are vital to your campaign. After completion of the experiment, you check your outcomes to see which type worked well. Eventually, you can then create the right type, the best one, and go on to test other features of your campaign.
Google provides an open tool known as Google Optimize. So, you can use it to carry out A/B tests and other experiments.

Hire the best digital marketing services.

Last but not least, the fastest way to direct valuable digital marketing campaigns and earn favorable digital marketing ROI is to seek help from the best online marketing services.
Also Read: How to maximize ROI with an Integrated Marketing Agency?
Digital marketing is all about using many tools and platforms to link with customers where they spend their time surfing the internet. So digital marketing services access customers during routine activities. These activities are scanning social media, reading online blogs, watching online videos, etc. So this natural and scheduled manner of exposure for the customers gives many commercial benefits, especially for expanding the business online.
Digital marketing can undoubtedly take a business brand to the next level. However, to gain all these benefits and, in return, an appealing ROI, you must direct optimized digital marketing strategies and campaigns from the start. That is where the expertise of a good agency is needed the most.
An expert digital marketing company will oversee all your digital marketing efforts. The agency can help with content to visual creation, directing ads and campaigns, and monitoring the digital marketing ROI.
In short, your business can expect to have global access, enhanced targeting, evaluated ROI, creating long-time relationships with their customers.


Most businesses use prosperous in-house and varied digital marketing tactics. We have shared some valuable pointers to accelerate your digital marketing ROI. You can follow these suggestions and test and implement an excellent digital marketing strategy.
Good marketing ROI seems to be touching the 10:1 ratio with 5:1 as adequate ROI. However, you need to remember that the ROI ration varies with respect to businesses and their industries.
If you need to catch up in achieving your expected online marketing ROI, work with a Digital Marketing agency that focuses on getting results and helping your business grow fast.
This content was originally published by Navicosoft.
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2023.03.28 11:43 Critical-Debt649 26 [F4M] East Coast USA/online

This is gonna be my last attempt at love ....and sometimes u end up Ina world really sad and smtimes u fight for it....I'm 26 f east coast USA. I'm just Dani life seems so distant rn but I'm hoping it all changes someday...
I work full time and I have my hands full with work..I have alot o love to give but also alot of broken heart left behind I try to make friends n be a good person...I like to say dream alot of life I want I have blue eyes n red hair...I'm shy at first but loving...
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2023.03.28 11:42 Unlikely_Ad_9182 How to track progress?

i started geoff neuperts 12 Week KB Master plan on the 13th of Feb. Ive been logging my progress on each of the movements and i am a little confused about my progress and how to track it.
The program states to start with a pair of kettlebells that are your 5RM for the military press. i started with 2x20kgs.
My progress over the first 4 weeks was easy to see, my swing went from 4800 kg volume on day 2 of the program, to 6240kg on day 12. The volume on C&P also went from 972kg on day 1 to 1400 kg on day 11.
at the end of the fist block, i retested my Max and there was definite progress here too. - for the press i went from 5 max to 10 max (technical breakdown) - squats were not tested initially but at the end of the block i was able to do 24 squats with 2x20 - swings were also not tested initially, but based on my notes there was a definite improvement. i was able to do 24 swings with 2x20 with good form.
now in block 2, i am a bit confused. the exercises are now sets as % of your max reps: C&P is 60%, 70% and 80% etc. How exactly do i track progress? Volume seems to be going down owing to longer rest periods. for example my last C&P+Sq in week 4 was 10 sets each of 3 and 4 reps with 20kg per hand. this is a volume of 1400 kg per hand in 30 mins. In week 6, i did 6 sets of 7 reps (70% of max) with 20kg per hand. this is 840 kg, almost half of what i did in week 4.
the program in brief (for reference): clean, press and squat workouts are 30 mins swings are 20 mins
week 1 day 1 press and squat alternating sets of 1 and 2 reps week 1 day 2 swing sets of 4 week 1 day 3 press and sq. sets of 2 week 2 day 1 swing sets of 5 week 2 day 2 press and sq ladders of 1,2,3 week 2 day 3 swing sets of 6 week 3 day 1 press and q sets of 3 week 3 day 2 swing sets of 4 week 3 day 3 press and sq ladder to 4 week 4 day 1 swing sets of 5 week 4 day 2 press and sq alternate sets of 3 and 4 week 4 day 3 swings sets of 6 TEST RM;s week 5 day 1 press + sq 60%RM week 5 day 2 swing 60%RM week 5 day 3 press + sq 70%RM week 6 day 1 swing 70%RM
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2023.03.28 11:41 Severe_Coyote1639 No pain for 1,5 month then drank some wine. Pain is back!!

It was not even much maybe 4 glasses total for my friends wedding; I stopped drinking for so many months and indeed the “pain” (more like left lower side pressure than pain) was pretty Much gone along with excercises etc I woke up the day after with the pain back on the left side. What the hell is it with alcohol? I think I truly will never have another drink in my life it’s just not worth it.
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2023.03.28 11:41 Lower-Alps2201 [QC] - C+ 126710BLRO GMT MASTER II w/ Oyster Bracelet - HONT

[QC] - C+ 126710BLRO GMT MASTER II w/ Oyster Bracelet - HONT
Hi there!
Here are the QC pics of GMT Pepsi ordered to HONT.
I think this is a solid GL, but any insight would be appreciated.
Only thing that “bugs” me is the 7 SEL that looks ‘big’ but I could live with that.
Thanks in advance!
  1. ⁠Dealer name: Hont
  2. ⁠Factory name: C+
  3. ⁠Model name (& version number): 126710 with “new” 3285
  4. ⁠Price paid: $538
  5. ⁠Album Links: https://a202111041317341460003592.szwego.com/static/index.html?t=1648881287610#/theme_detail/_dr0qfHuBx0_v6wqLFv-aqsuOFn5EEzaFzufaiRw/_djUqfGnZLg28D9FJKM0aJ78errEHo9YAxGCXZTQ
  6. ⁠Index alignment: Looks Good as per the QC Tool
  7. ⁠Dial Printing: Good
  8. ⁠Date Wheel alignment/printing: Good
  9. ⁠Hand Alignment: Good
  10. ⁠Bezel: No speedbumps / Good engraving
  11. ⁠Solid End Links (SELs): Looks good. Small Gap at 7 SEL
  12. ⁠Timegrapher numbers: I think it is good
  13. ⁠Anything else you notice: Serial 897C6267 / Clasp Y8C
  14. Video: https://a202111041317341460003592.szwego.com/static/index.html?t=1648881287610#/theme_detail/_dr0qfHuBx0_v6wqLFv-aqsuOFn5EEzaFzufaiRw/_dktqfLH5DjGKCs7rBCKV5MbW_xgUwmk-Wi9DmPg
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2023.03.28 11:40 KitCatR Tell me funny story of a time when you put a cocky player in his place

I've had a few, 2 notable ones being:
1: guy was trash talking even after I beat him again and again saying he'd wipe the floor with me if he was using his main so he pulled out mih. He lost. Twice, and they weren't even close. Said mih wasn't his main.
He pulls out sp. Wins once cuz I was afk and when I responded he has already taken half my hp but afterwards I folded him and he left the game before I dealt the finishing blow.
2: fighting a twoh and sptw duo. I kept killing the sptw but I couldn't get the twoh before he manages to kill me cuz I'm low from fighting sptw and twoh at the same time.
I don't remember which one, but one of them was trash talking but he was really bad at it. Said stuff like "L" "aim better" (was using ta4 - this made no sense cuz I didn't miss that many nails it just seemed like he was nitpicking stuff to insult me) "ratio" the usual brainless insults but has no actual arguement. I challenge him to 1s. He shit talks, saying he's already won me in 1s before, which obviously made no sense cuz he was teaming the whole time.
He loses, twice. Second time he left the game right before I dealt the finishing blow.
I don't claim being the best player lol, I've had some times when I got cocky (but I don't shit talk) and underestimated my opponent, then proceede to get my ass soundly handed to me.
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2023.03.28 11:40 tackbrahado On 10-day treatment of Predisone, Exposed to COVID

I was recently prescribed oral predisone, a steroid, for a 10 day treatment for my hip bursitis and low back pain. If you’re unfamiliar with predisone, it’s often started on higher doses and then tapered off. My treatment has me start at 40mg a day and then tapers off to 20mg by the end of treatment (considered a moderate dose).
The same day I began my treatment, my partner also tested positive for COVID. Because predisone suppresses the immune response, I’m a little worried that if I continue taking the drug I will be at higher risk for developing more severe COVID.
I reached out to my doctor yesterday and haven’t yet heard back (making me think it’s fine), but I wanted to see if anyone has been on predisone for a shorter treatment while also having COVID. If so, what did your doctor say, how did you feel/ progress? I’m hoping with a shorter treatment im not at increased risk.
Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.28 11:38 _sierra_tango_ Just got Mirena no. 2 🌈

Hi! i wanted to take some time to share my Mirena experience. I’ve never thought to and only came to this sub to see if X problem was because of the Mirena, and didn’t even stick around or visit during the last 5 years of being very happy with it in.
This will require a lot of backstory & context. I KNOW it’ll get long so i’ll add a TL:DR below:p
I suffered for years with terrible periods and painful intercourse. Tried many different BC pills, with outcomes ranging between perfect skin but weight I couldn’t get rid of, to lighter periods but horrific hormonal migraines every month, but nothing helped the pain.
Eventually got sent to do a diagnostic laparoscopy for Endometriosis, and had the Mirena put in while under. Un/fortunately(?) no endometriosis was found (Dr said something about a low pelvic wall possibly causing my pain), but I was satisfied with the fact that the Mirena was in and I had a chance of not having periods anyway.
The laparoscopy recovery sucked (3 incisions), so I can’t really say if I was in pain from the insertion or not. For the first couple of months I had spotting and light cramps, assuming around what would have been my period - I was never regular, so can’t be sure, BUT I was one of the lucky ones! I kept waiting for a period that never came :D I was super paranoid about being pregnant and we took so many tests haha, but I finally realised the Mirena was working well for me.
The one problem I did have, though, was acne.
Now, I had always struggled with acne prior, especially when I had a period, my face would be covered, and only clear up for about a week before it all started again, so I wasn’t too bothered. I knew I was acne prone, and not having a period (and the suffering that came with it) outweighed some spots cropping up every now and then.
It got worse though. FFWD about 2 years - My wedding was coming up, and I decided to go get a facial, this was the beginning of the end. My face blew up.. Cystic acne that hurt. Then Covid happened. Lockdown meant snacks, wallowing, boredom face-picking, and weed. Not a great combination for the skin.
I came to this sub, googled like a madman, and came to the conclusion that the Mirena was to blame. Obviously. There were other things I started blaming the mirena for after that, my extreme anxiety, binge-eating, moodiness, suicidal ideation…. but I digress lol.
I became obsessed with fixing my skin, without having to remove it because the thought of having a period again made my skin crawl. I tried new products and eventually Differin which made everything worse. Derm wouldn’t put me on Accutane because of my depresh & anxiety so I eventually gave up and just resigned myself to being the only adult with acne i knew. Not like I left the house anyway 🤷
FFWD again to 2021. Experienced a bunch of shit that would require its own post (and is not really relevant here anyway) and I had a breakdown, my boss recommended a psychiatrist. Got diagnosed with severe ADHD and put on antidepressants & other meds. The world started to make sense again.
After a couple months my psychiatrist recommended a new gynae and cleared me to be put on a very low dose of Accutane if the gynae agreed. She did, I started it and it certainly helped with the persistent, painful cystic bumps, but clear skin was not my reality.
ANYWAY FFWD again to the end half of last year, some more shit happened which called for some major life changes. Realised I had a smol (lol) dependency on weed, and cut that shit out in around September. I had stopped the accutane already for some time as I had only had a 6 month script, but … BAM?! no spots? My skin cleared up almost overnight other than the scarring I did to myself (don’t!!! squeeze!!🤦🏻‍♀️).
I was confused as hell, but again, the world started making sense.
I finally realised my bad covid habits were the actual reasons for my struggles, and the Mirena was honestly just vibing and trying its best.
Everything was amazing .. … until the fire nation attacked! At the beginning of January I got a period. Nowhere near as bad as I remembered them being but still terrible. I wanted to die and spent to the first two days of it curled up like a prawn. It eventually passed and I went back to living my best life, that is, until February rolled around… a period! Again! Anyway it finally dawned on me that almost 5 years had passed since my insertion and it was probably losing its efficacy! (my hubs has had the snip ✂️so this is purely period related not so much for contraception, apparently that’s like an 8 year thing)
Booked a gynae appt. and set up the removal + insertion, which took place on 17/03/23 and .. well.. I should probably detail that - If you recall from the beginning of this giant wall of text, I was knocked out when I had my first one put in. I had no idea what to expect, really..
It hurt like a bitch. I don’t want to lie to any of you. And my Dr is a saint - I used the cervix open-y tablets the night before. Took 2 tension painkillers about an hour before, she cracked me open and spritzed some numbing spray in there - but still! Tbf the previous Dr had cut the strings too short so it was mission to get out but it was like a pap smear times 10. That said, I had had period worse than that, and it only lasted a couple minutes, sooooo 🤷.
Dr gave me a couple more minutes to catch my breath before inserting the new one, and asked if wanted the “crack pipe” - this amazing inhalable pain relief they use in the ER when people have like asphalt or something that needs to be scraped out of a wound - (saint!) um, yes please. Weird sensation and 2 minutes later, and we were done! Husband picked me up and I felt a little crampy for the evening but since then, nothing! My skin is still clear and no signs of a period yet.
All in all, the Mirena has been an absolute godsend for me. I know everyone reacts differently, but it’s not all horror stories. Some people have a good experience.. there are dozens of us! ;)
If you’ve made it this far, I hope my experience helps or offers some peace if you’re worried!
*TL;DR - Mirena stopped my periods. Thought it caused my acne but it was in fact me who caused my acne. Removal hurts if your strings are short. Insertion also prolly hurts, but not if your Dr is awesome. *
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2023.03.28 11:37 ThrowRAbfprobbs lonelier than ever

I was with my boyfriend for 10 months and it was my first relationship. I wanted things got work but I realize I wasn’t ready for a healthy relationship and we weren’t compatible in many ways. I often felt as though I was trying to change him into someone he wasn’t and that wasn’t fair to him at all. We broke up almost 3 months ago and at first, I felt relieved and happy, but now I wonder if I made a mistake. I know I didn’t because we just weren’t compatible in certain ways, but I miss having someone. I cry all the time now and I think i feel lonelier than ever.
I told myself I won’t go back out of loneliness but I miss him. However, he is thriving. We’ve still been talking because we work together and he wants to remain friends. But it’s so hard because he matched with his ex on tinder and he’s considering a relationship with her again despite what’s happened between them. He is talking to 5 different girls and I guess I’m jealous that his attention isn’t on me anymore but I feel like my feelings aren’t valid because I broke up with him.
I’ve tried to put myself out there again just to have fun or make conversation but I feel like the universe is telling me it’s time for me to embrace being alone and enjoy my company again. I know it’s important but I just hate being alone and feeling so lonely. I cry constantly and I feel abandoned all over again (mommy and daddy issues at large). Some days I just really wonder if I made a mistake and maybe I should’ve tried harder to be more understanding.
Some days I wish I never said yes to a relationship with him. I knew the kind of person I am and I always told myself I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet based on how far I have to feel somewhat healed again, but I wanted to try. Now I’m left even lonelier than before.
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2023.03.28 11:37 SquareEvening8978 I am part asshole and part heartbroken

Hi reddit. I will try to keep it short but it doesn't go like that. I lied.
I can't really talk to my friends about this honestly because I'm ashamed of all this and I'm depressed as fuck so I need to let this go as it's starting to affect my every day relationships with friends and family, I'm drained and tired idk, maybe this helps.
Exactly half a year ago I was sad about my life. I have a decent job, it's not perfect regarding pay but everything else is pretty much great. I have lots of spare time if I organize correctly, let's say. The pay isn't anything wow, but it's a bit above average I'd say and in my current situation I get to spend it on basically whatever I want. So it's not the job.
My friends are great, but we are all collectively challenged. We are really bonded well, we live in a same town, but we almost never go out. If it's going out it's going to another friend's place to play some poker and that's about it. We spend about 95% time playing games on Discord and the sad part is I'm not really into fps and not many new games impress me (unlike them) so I'm left with one or two friends and I depend on playing with them, if they're online. Lately they really aren't, one found a job and the other one doesn't have one so he wakes up at like 2AM or random times and goes to sleep when he wants to. Most of us smoke weed, including me. Usually daily. I'd say we're all pretty functional though, we all have jobs and do all our daily obligations but I personally don't remember a day when I didn't smoke a bit unless I was out or if I was on tolerance break (I thought it was actual break but that's what I consider it now haha).
I realized it must be love I'm looking for and since I don't go out often and the city I live in is relatively shitty regarding night life. I decided let's try Badoo and Tinder. Also, my seduction skills are shitty, let's face it, not going out every weekend, sitting home and smoking weed isn't gonna do your social skills any good.
Anyway I meet this 9 year older girl (me 29 - she 38) and initially she seemed amazing in every aspect, I actually cried about this whole first part of relationship with her on a different alt on this same sub but I don't give a shit anymore.
She played with me mostly, to condense it all. TLDR is pretty much I was in love with her over my ears and she felt intimidated by it or whatever. At first she took me to trips with her friends for multiple days and I thought, well maybe she likes me so much she's already showing me to them! Also, the messages she sent me seemed like she was really into me, the gist is that she finds it hard to love someone, but if she does, no one loves like her. All bullshit, at least from my point of view after all this.
I designed her a nice coffee cup (I am decent in Adobe Illustrator but extremely uncreative, it took me over 10 hours drawing cartoon version of her and some stuff that I found interesting about her, filled with a couple of hearts here and there) for her birthday because a few weeks before she said she hates stuff that people order and appreciates the meaning in the gift. I was like wow! this girl must be special! She dumped me then. It was pretty much birthday party and after that she was cold until one day after drinking Friday with colleagues we had a chat over whatsapp and she said she didn't fall in love with me.
I was so fucked up for a week, but after a few weeks I pretty much collected myself and asked her to a dinner, just to say goodbye so maybe one day we can smile when we see each other in some random place in 10 years. On the dinner we speak about how yes, we're not compatible, some random stuff and occasionally we throw something jokingly about either one of us meeting another person so in my head it's ok, we've done our goodbyes. She's tiny so she didn't eat much and it was late anyway so we finished up and when we hugged she started kissing my neck and later me. Idiot me fell for it momentarily because I don't know, it's hard to explain. I am so abnormally attracted to her in every way and my lizard brain wasn't about to lose its chance for a dopamine pump.
To do a small digression, the reason I can't whine to my friends is because of the last two paragraphs, that's where I cried to them about being dumped, pt1.
Some days later she invites me over and we have a talk about how I guess I talk to much over the phone which she hates because she works as a hair dresser (often gets calls) and she's often tired, needs to hang out with friends blah blah (which I all met and they're idk what kind of people, but they all really do often go out together everywhere).
I thought to myself, I guess that's actually ok. We don't really have too many common interests and this way I get to spend a lot of time to myself but we can still see each other and this worked for a bit, then we were supposed to meet at New Years, but yup, she went to another city with her friends.
I didn't want to interrupt her as she said it was going to last a few days and she does hate phones, but after 5 days she still doesn't send any messages so I figured fuck her, if she wants to go anywhere she needs to call me now.
About a week or two later, she sends me something about needing an edit on her price list (which I made in illustrator), I edit it to her and still wait, not wanting to ask her anywhere. Nothing. Wow ok.
Two more weeks pass by and now there's a mask festival in town. If you go there, you get drunk, it's almost a custom and I got fairly drunk to be honest. At some point in the night, some guy was bothering some girl and she kind of caught me and started dancing with me to get away from him. At this point in my mind I was thinking I didn't see the first girl in basically a month so yes, I will dance with this cute girl and eventually we kiss and exchange facebook accounts.
In the morning I wake up and there's a "hey, wanna come?" message from girl 1 on whatsapp and to keep this short, this was two long weeks where I couldn't decide what I want to do. The moment I got the message I felt like I cheated on her and I got extremely depressed, just because I didn't have balls to break it off in time. I really liked both girls, but I had something with the first girl, whatever it was. The little time I got with her, I really cherished.
Digression number 2, this is where I cried to my friends pt2, most of them saying let the B go. But no, I follow my heart because romantic movies say so.
We met and she said how those same friends she went everywhere with abandoned her and they're not friends anymore basically. She listed some reasons I found legitimate because otherwise the whole thing would be a lot easier. As we left the coffee shop we met at, I asked her if we were going to be together like boyfriend and girlfriend (considering we were just great friends according to her) or not and she just hugged me hard and said something like "please, I'm really all over right now, just give me a month or two". I was a bit pissed because there was no movement, we were supposed to break up or become a thing, not stay where we are.
The whole thing was eating at me hard, I would wake up, start thinking about how I cheated on her and couldn't confess it, shed a few tears and move on with my day feeling like shit. I couldn't take it anymore one morning and I told her over a video call, it wasn't nice for me emotionally, she was pretty much insulted, and told me to fuck off.
The other girl seemed nice but not my type mentally. Other than TV shows, we didn't have any common interests, at least from the chat. (thanks for Casa de Papel, if you ever recognize yourself though!). She did chat a lot and seemed annoyed at first if I didn't answer fast enough which was a bit of a turn off and honestly, I didn't really wanna chat enough until I did what I was about to do (read on). Still, in my dumb head the logic said she's very hot and seems very kind, maybe there's more to it, I shouldn't just reject her before I get to meet her personally.
Few days in, I feel like a complete crap. Girl 1 was abandoned by her core friend group and now there's me, slam dunking by telling her I was with someone else over a video call. Also I remember her telling me of different ways boyfriends dumped her in a bad way and now I think to myself, great, I'm gonna be one more in a row when she tells it to someone else. I send her a message apologizing and saying I really feel like shit and I hope she won't hold the grudge forever, I thought lucky myself that I am good with numbers so I remember it despite deleting it... We have some kind of a fight about me being immature not having balls to tell it in her face and I end up at her place, wanting to say goodbye and all that, but again she starts kissing me and stuff happens and I'm fucked again because I'm at square one now.
All this mess in my head caused me not to want to go anywhere for next weekend, then I got sick for a week, then girl 2 got sick for a week and after all this I figured, I had something meaningful with girl 1, I'm just gonna call the girl 2 to have a coffee, give her a teddybear and explain myself and break it off.
Girl 2 at this point either got tired of me not going out and not chatting actively or not, but she said she doesn't see me like that after asking her out to a coffee. I was just an adventure for her that night. I was a bit surprised because initially she definitely didn't give off those vibes, but I also thought BINGO! Now my moral torture is done, she even didn't want to be with me so I don't feel like a complete piece of shit anymore.
Now that I was free, I was supposed to enjoy my time with girl 1, but she starts claiming she's having mental problems and she's visiting doctors so she doesn't want to see me. I say ok and I have a week of moral dilemmas regarding if it's something than I can support her through or not, especially since she's not telling me anything. Is she going to lose it and start crying, shouting on me or should I be worried she's gonna slit my throat if I sleep over?
I ask her out again and her reply is in style of "why do you still want to go out with me when I'm fucked up like that?". I replied something in style that I find it cute and we're all crazy in a way so I don't mind it one bit. I figured, she needs more time. In a week, I bought some chocolate and candy and went to her hair salon to give it to her, I really wanted to hug her and talk to her about all that, but her salon is closed. At this point I'm in a bit of a panic, she has always been opened and this thing that's bothering her must be terrible.
I contact her on whatsapp and she says to leave it in front and doesn't reply anymore. The other day, I ask her if we're never going to see each other again. In short, she says something in style of "yes, I like someone else now". I kind of lost it here and told her she was rotten. It's one of the things I'm afraid will happen to me and next to that, I went through all that shit with her, felt like I cheated on her because of something most others probably wouldn't even mention. I poured all my creativity in every gift I gave her, I went out with her whenever she asked, I thought about her when her friends didn't (regarding picking stuff up or something like that) and now she breaks it off because she likes someone. I thought (and she made me think) we had something special, multiple times, and now she just gives it all away for someone else. I also said "I hope you guys are happy" to which she replies "who says we're together?" and this is where I blocked her.
And that's all folks, last half a year has been a complete shitshow. I learned I am not a good person I thought I was and I am left all alone again. The sad thing is half a year ago I was a pothead with zero social skills and I was so happy with my life, now I'm back where I was but I hate myself and my life. I just hope it passes in a few weeks, it's really shitty having a beer or two with friends and when alcohol hits me a bit I remember her and start feeling depressed again.
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2023.03.28 11:37 ThrowRAbfprobbs just to vent

I was with my boyfriend for 10 months and it was my first relationship. I wanted things got work but I realize I wasn’t ready for a healthy relationship and we weren’t compatible in many ways. I often felt as though I was trying to change him into someone he wasn’t and that wasn’t fair to him at all. We broke up almost 3 months ago and at first, I felt relieved and happy, but now I wonder if I made a mistake. I know I didn’t because we just weren’t compatible in certain ways, but I miss having someone. I cry all the time now and I think i feel lonelier than ever.
I told myself I won’t go back out of loneliness but I miss him. However, he is thriving. We’ve still been talking because we work together and he wants to remain friends. But it’s so hard because he matched with his ex on tinder and he’s considering a relationship with her again despite what’s happened between them. He is talking to 5 different girls and I guess I’m jealous that his attention isn’t on me anymore but I feel like my feelings aren’t valid because I broke up with him.
I’ve tried to put myself out there again just to have fun or make conversation but I feel like the universe is telling me it’s time for me to embrace being alone and enjoy my company again. I know it’s important but I just hate being alone and feeling so lonely. I cry constantly and I feel abandoned all over again (mommy and daddy issues at large). Some days I just really wonder if I made a mistake and maybe I should’ve tried harder to be more understanding.
Some days I wish I never said yes to a relationship with him. I knew the kind of person I am and I always told myself I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet based on how far I have to feel somewhat healed again, but I wanted to try. Now I’m left even lonelier than before.
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2023.03.28 11:36 Spirited-Blood-6737 I can't with Chaeyeounnie anymore😓, Dubu Dayhun should kick her out of Double so she can join flop garam masala in our kpophead group💕, we need more hags🤶🏻 in the lineup ❤❤❤💥

I can't with Chaeyeounnie anymore😓, Dubu Dayhun should kick her out of Double so she can join flop garam masala in our kpophead group💕, we need more hags🤶🏻 in the lineup ❤❤❤💥 submitted by Spirited-Blood-6737 to kpoopheads [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 11:35 LaVenderllc Post surgery numbness

I had my cystectomy with ileal conduit a little over a week ago.
The worst part pain wise about the surgery was the JB drain. Once that was removed, I was finally able to sit, stand and walk. The left side of my abdomen is completely numb, especially where the exit site was for the JB drain tube.
My surgery was an open surgery so I have a gnarly scar going from the top of my belly button down to where my bladder used to be. Basically, I'm numb from the left side of my scar. Even though I am numb on the left side of my abdomen, it is quite painful. I'm curious if anyone else experienced this post surgery.
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2023.03.28 11:35 NightDog8002 Can someone help me work out what to do with what I have

I’m sorry I’m in a lot of pain right now. Have had eczema my whole life but I’ve been having a flare up since August and it’s unbearable. I also have schizophrenia and struggle to communicate with doctors/order prescriptions so I’ve been trying to save the tiny amounts of steroids i have left. The flare up is over most of my body but my neck is causing me the most pain. It’s extremely dry and raw and leaks a lot of fluid.
Currently have tiny bits of steroids left (eumovate cream and ointment), emollient (exocream), germolene, aveeno moisturiser, sudocrem. I’ve been using my emollient and the moisturiser several times a day and it helps with the stiffness (my skin is so dry i can barely turn my head) temporarily but dries back out quickly. I’ve only tried using the sudocrem once so far because i only found it in the house yesterday, haven’t used it in years and found it really dry so i put emollient on top of it. I’ve been using germolene sometimes to try and avoid infection as much as possible and also because it numbs a bit. If anyone has any suggestions of what I can do with what I have or things I could buy to help I’d really appreciate it right now. I was thinking some vaseline to try sealing the moisture in.
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2023.03.28 11:35 yuleoflife 1. Tudor Heritage BB Fifty Eight SS/SS Blk V2 A2824

Hello team and resident experts
Another first timer QC post. Nervous and excited about pushing the button.
  1. Dealer name: Hontwatch
  2. Factory name: ZF
  3. Model name (& version number): Tudor Heritage BB Fifty Eight SS/SS Blk V2 A2824
  4. Price paid: $288
  5. Album Links: https://imgur.com/a/Nbk51Fp
  6. Index alignment: I struggled with the alignment tool, but I think it looks passable. The 3 o'clock looks a but wonky. Not perfect but passable. Interested in opinions.
  7. Dial Printing: Ok
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: NA
  9. Hand Alignment: OK
  10. Bezel: OK
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): N/A
  12. Timegrapher numbers: tbh not sure what these should show...
  13. Anything else you notice: My main concern is the hour markers all appear to have raised edges on the right hand side. I was initially unsure if this was a lighting issue, but this shows in separate images of the face and looks like poor finish on the hour markers. I have included an extra image in the imgur album with the relevant portions circled in red.

Thanks so much for any guidance.
cheers legends
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2023.03.28 11:34 Pretalien Working in a colorful front for my Yuka Morii/clay binder. Colors, crayons and kecleon ^^

Working in a colorful front for my Yuka Morii/clay binder. Colors, crayons and kecleon ^^ submitted by Pretalien to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 11:33 Fatality32 THE WINDOWS WHATSAPP VERSION IS AN ABSOLUTE MESS AS OF NOW (In depth analysis)

Seriously, I mean I've been using the whatsapp desktop version since it was released, and to be honest each update it received either acomplished two things, it was either a straight upgrade that allowed you to have higher connectivity or higher productivity, or it gave you an option to make your experience more enjoyable as in customization or compatibility with phones without hassles.

But the windows update is the black sheep, it seems as the team working on it didn't catch anything that made the desktop app good, which heavily surprises me considering how responsive and intuitive the original desktop app was and it still is UNTIL THEY MESSED THAT UP TOO.
I know that Meta wants you to use the new whatsapp version, but you shouldn't mess up the one that is perfectly working just to make people transition, as the new app IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT, as it lacks a lot of the functions that whatsapp desktop has and is a straight downgrade, so please give the option for people that enjoy the current whatsapp desktop version to do so without hassles until the windows app version is fixed.

I will proceed to list some of the issues I could catch and also from common criticisms I've read from both versions of whatsapp that recently occured since the windows app made its "great debut":

-Whatsapp desktop now is borderline unusable, the app doesn't stay logged in, when it did automatically and without the need of any intervention after installation.
-Whatsapp desktop now requires you to force close and unlink then link your pc to your phone each time you open the app if your pc was suspended or turned off, which didn't happen before.
-Whatsapp windows has terrible, unintuitive UI, which is a straight up downgrade from the desktop version.
-The background and text size are unchangable and very ugly, you either have generic dark mode, or blind my eyes white without the stylized nice whatsapp themed default background we are used to, and we lack any options to customize either of them.
-You can't hide the archived folder from the top of your chats which WILL bother and HAS bothered some people incluiding me.
-You cant copy more than one message on your conversation at a time on whatsapp windows unlike desktop.
-Most options have been hidden behind hotkeys and right clicks, which limits the speed of doing things we have done efficiently for just the sake of meaningless change and it also limits the capacity to work with the app for people that are not tech savvy which is a terrible accesibility decision.
-Whatsapp business is not implemented AT ALL at the moment of writing.
-Sending videos and pictures its a hassle and it lacks the same options whatsapp desktop has while compromising QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, and EASE OF USE. Which is a downgrade and a liability the original desktop app doesn't have.
-YOU CAN'T take pictures with your webcam.
-YOU CAN'T HEAR AUDIOS AND CHANGE CHATS a feature whatsapp desktop implemented without any issues and works seamlessly.
-YOU CAN'T customize the message area and the message board, which whatsapp desktop doesn't have the option to either, but guess what THE AREA IS THOUGHTFULLY MADE in the whatsapp desktop version.

I could list a lot more issues but that is the things I could currently catch from the first 10 minutes I was exploring the app looking for features that DIDN'T EXIST that whatsapp desktop had and worked perfectly, while instantly deleting the app and reinstalling the old desktop app, that even with the issues THEY created with that dumpster fire of an app still is a far better product that whatsapp windows.
So even with the link issues I will keep using whatsapp desktop and might transition to web if the issues keep happening as im honestly getting really annoyed with them after messing a perfectly working app.
So please, I implore you, first sort out the bugs that are on the desktop app for it to at least WORK AS IT USED TO even if you dont release any other future updates if you really want us to transition that badly.
And even if im thoroughly dissapointed at the performance that the windows version currently provides, im hopeful that you can fix the issues as you already have a great example of how things should be done in the whatsapp desktop app, and that it will become a product worthy of being called an upgrade instead of the mess it currently is.
Thanks for reading. Rant out.

TLDR: Desktop app got messed up by the launch of the windows app, the windows app is a straight downgrade missing a ton of features the desktop has already implemented long ago, and the existing features it shares were tinkered with and made worse.
So I ask for the issues in the desktop version to be fixed and left alone until the issues in the windows version are fixed so we can all have a better product to enjoy and be productive with. Cheers

(All this criticism came from a programmer and graphic designer, so im not ranting without any base, although feel free to comment, reach me and discuss as I could be wrong and biased on some things.)
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2023.03.28 11:33 Jazzlike-Abies7310 Electric pain in wrist when stretching after blood drawn

I had blood drawn from the inside of my elbow and during it I felt a pain down my wrist, after it was done there was a tiny bruise midway down my wrist, now just a couple days later when I stretch out my arm. My wrist hurts halfway down right where it did before. My concern is that I initially went to the doctor for symptoms of a heart attack, and although my chance of having one is incredibly low. Having chest and left arm pain is scary. And I’m having repeated panic attacks from it. I’d appreciate some ideas on what causes this and if I should do anything about it.
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2023.03.28 11:33 columbine_headhunter SAILING HAS POTENTIAL TO BE THE BEST SKILL

I've seen comments here saying that sailing would be boring content and would feel like a minigame and I couldn't disagree more. I just had a brainstorm of the different content and gameplay that could potentially be developed and the possibilities with sailing are limitless. I could think of so many different ways to train and experience the skill that I mocked up a loose path for the skill.
levels 1-5 Canoeing, some xp given from catching charter ships quick travel.
levels 5-10 Helping sail charter ships on open waters, repairs for masts, sails, deck etc giving bonus construction xp.
levels 10-30 Buy your own yacht. This would be a small ship you could sail alone. Use it for fast travel around the map without the chartering fees or take it to shallow waters where you can gain small sailing xp continuously plus have a chance for an encounter. Repairing the yacht would be easy as its very small. Encounter shoals of fish, or have trawling options. Discover islands with resources like herbs, unique creatures to hunt, or groups of pirates similar to sandcrabs/gangs which could provide some afk training till they're killed. They could drop treasure maps and pirate currency.
levels 30-50 Complete dragon slayer 1 to unlock your own ship. It would have a small storage chest on it to help gather resources and bring along supplies and could be upgraded for more space. There's a space for a cannon to be mounted, a hull which could be upgraded to push through icebergs, an upgradable torch for navigating new slayer caves, upgrade your mast and deck for better durability or upgrade your sails for more speed. Navigate through the Isla de Muerta to reach Tortuga, a piracy island where you could hire a crew of low level scallywags or higher levelled pirates. These could help with encounters and help repair your ship for you, making sailing more afk but they cost a hiring fee. The more pirates on your ship the more likely there will be mutiny/betrayal, pirates could turn on you or try to steal your loot. Complete pirate assassinations, or find pieces of their maps to gain pirates loyalty. Upgrade the size of your crew as you level up.
levels 50-60 tier 1 expeditions, 60-70 tier 2, 70+ tier 3 Buy a larger ship. Gain further xp upon completion of expeditions for the Ardougne navy. Trustworthy and skilled crew can be hired from Ardougnes navy once you have earned enough rank. Ardougnes navy may give out bounties for wanted pirates, ask you to transport precious cargo, or want information on undiscovered lands and creatures. You could also sail with the Fremennik in search of whales. Perhaps Fremennik need you to bring them supplies from the mainland. Some rewards could be your captain hat or navy coat, which gains more respect from your crew, or a royal pass to allow pirates freedom so they can sail alongside navy crew. Navigate deeper waters to find even more resources which can be stored on your ship. Take on rough weather, upgrade your cannons, ballista or catapult to take on demi-boss megalodon sharks, pirate raids, explore new slayer caves that have an invisible +5 slayer buff, or include the effects of the expeditious bracelet/bracelet of slaughter. Explore coral reefs and go diving. Perhaps even unlock an off hand flintlock pistol, maybe a new T-65 rapier to train strength with from the Ardougne navy. Maybe even command a fleet of ships.
Navigate the deep sea to the north, where you can encounter Fremennik raiders, some of these raid groups might include a mage, a ranger and a meleer while some might include warlocks who use all three styles, similar to demonic gorillas. These should require basic tribrid gear to kill. While at deep sea there's a small chance that you could be ripped out to worlds end, where PvP is enabled, so only take gear you're willing to risk. This chance would increase as crew moral drops, damage is taken to the ship, strong winds arise or navigating goes wrong. But if you make it at the end of the open waters you can find new bosses.
75+ could unlock a solo farmable boss, the colossal squid
80+ could unlock repeatable content similar to easy ToA or the gauntlet
90+ could unlock a new raid where you take on Poseidon
While in worlds end, there would be sections of singles PvP and multi PvP, limited by the size of you crew ship to deter large clans. The conditions are harsh here, so you will take damage as you face encounters, which could deter players from roaming for too long. As the content in the open north waters requires tribrid gear, players will be ready for fighting if they see an opportunity where they think they can beat their opponent and plunder their ship. Safely navigate out of these dangerous waters for a high sailing xp reward.
If you live while ship is destroyed, you could wash ashore a small island, where the heat will kill you if you don't quickly make a shelter, or a dingy to get to your friends ship, with the supplies washed ashore. If you manage to make a shelter its only a matter of time before a passing navy ship will take you back to Ardougne. If you find yourself on one of these islands while at worlds end, PvP is still enabled, so be careful of who you share it with.
This is just what I think would be a fun way to implement different aspects of the game into sailing, including complementary training of almost all other skills without intruding on the core game. There are potential for quests. There's potential for LIGMA training methods as well as click intensive skill based methods. There's room to develop bosses, raids and PvP. I'd love to hear peoples feedback on what they think could work well and what might not work well. The point for me was the vast amount of options for how this skill could develop.
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2023.03.28 11:32 PenguPoop dream stability

does anyone else struggle with stabilising? I’ve had a decent few LDs over the past few weeks slowly getting better at stabilising. Today was my most stable dream, i tried every trick in the book. Rubbed my hands together constantly, licked the walls and the floors, spun around in circles. It worked for 5 minutes (i pulled out my remote control teleporter from my left pocket and tried to teleport, the machine said “noodles” and then a piece of paper popped up infront of me with some writing). then i felt the dream collapsing and i kept trying the tricks again but i would just get teleported back into my bed. i got out of my bed rubbing my hands etc about 5 different times each time id get teleported back after like 30 seconds, finally the 6th time i got teleported turned out i was in reality. To be fair it seems like every time i try to teleport in a dream the stability starts collapsing. But i haven’t been able to have a dream stable for more then about 5 minutes.
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2023.03.28 11:30 FinalRepresentative2 An Upset Rant About Daz's Community And A Cry Out For Help

Hey guys,
This will be a long post, if you take the time to read it, I thank you for your time.
Please understand this isn't directed at you guys per say or anyone personally. Really this is me just venting thoughts and maybe even starting a discussion around the topic
After 3 years of some of the issues, I'm at my wits end on some projects. Some are even completely halted while I try and figure out what I can do without having to just go jump in Blender and C4D and just create everything from scratch in there. Most of these projects already have models ready to go in Daz but getting them out of Daz proves very problematic so I can finish my work but that will be discussed later. Ultimately, it would be awesome to just finish my work in Daz without the need for external 3D software like C4D, Maya, or Blender.
I've hit several snags with Daz as I have progressed in this craft. Simulation and hair designing being my biggest complaints to be honest. I would like to stay with Daz as I have invested a decent amount in the assets and I'm also comfortable with a lot of what it does. I wouldn't mind using Blender or C4D if I absolutely have to but there are problems there like I mentioned.
My frustration comes from not being able to learn a lot of the more advanced features on my own. So I naturally search google for a day or two and find little to no results after reading as an example 35 posts and watching 20 tutorials surrounding a subject. The information I need just isn't in them. So I turn to forums, discords, reddits, etc.. to try and network. Get to know the people who know this stuff in and out so maybe I can learn a few things.
I know the things I want to create are possible, I see others doing it and then selling it. It's almost like no one wishes to share the exact process on these things. Maybe they have and I've just missed it in a google search, idk. Maybe I'm miss reading all of this and maybe people just don't have the answers. It's possible maybe I'm not asking the questions correctly. All I know is I have pulled my hair out enough trying to find out some of the info.
With Blender, if it's blender and not Daz related. I ask a question, even an advanced one, and 10 people have not just one answer but several with step by step instructions. You'd figure Daz would be even more like that as it is more of an "every persons" software.
I feel like several of my questions are just ignored. I've even had people tell me in hair discussions to just go buy hair from the shop and I don't need to make my own... no. I want to make my own stuff now. I've spent $4800 or around there in Daz's shop. I have plenty and have given plenty to PA's but now I need more specific things in my work and it's much better that I just create them myself.
In a discord I joined not to long ago there was a very... elite mentality and people were overall not as welcoming to noobish questions. Granted they would state the answer to your question but give no indication on how to get from point A to point B. They would just specify the end result even knowing based on the question that I do not have the understanding to reach that result. It's like trying to get to the other side of the country with no map or gps. I can also understand this is a me problem not knowing these problems and not a them problem since they already know it. Somehow they learned it though, at least tell me where to start to learn it myself kinda thing. I don't need my hand held per say, just good directions on where to go. You're gonna get lost a lot without that map or gps from that earlier anology.
It seemed a large amount of the discord members were PA's so maybe this is why... can't give away those trade secrets that keep people like me paying. Knowing I wasn't a PA may have made it even a little worst as part of me wants to learn this stuff so maybe I could share some of my models and crafts on the Daz store one day.
Here is a list of some of my road blocks that I've run into. I know many more wait for me even after these steps so it's become a little disheartening. It really is to the point to where I either just give up and move on from working with 3D stuff or uninstall Daz, stop giving anyone money for this software, and turn my attention to a more fleshed out software as well as a community willing to help in more advanced tasks.

1.) Creating Dforce hair as a non PA (I can create Fibermesh and SBH well enough. I am having a hard time understanding how to do Transmapped geometry based hair though. I would like to try and get SBH to work with dforce as a non PA. You would think you could once you export it as geometry. I always get the "you need to be a PA" but then people tell me you can use fibermesh and do it. Which btw, I've never seen dforce fibermesh before, no tutorials, or anything. Also, After you turn SBH into geometry... what's the difference?
A lot of my work needs fur and very complex hair styles on custom G8 morphs. Store bought hair won't work on my critters, creatures, and monsters I make, the head is shaped way differently.
Getting dforce up and running for my custom stuff would be a miracle I feel like.
So as another example, one of my issues is once I put dforce weight on my geometry and test it, the geometry expands and looks weird. I'm told this is due to intersecting geometry but this happens even when there are only 2 strands of hair that are not touching at all. I've tried every setting under the sun I can think of but the geometry still balloons. Oh but wait, there are several things in the shop that say buy me and it will make that stop, I've been down that road and what I tried didn't work, same result.
2.) Getting geografts / geoshells to merge after exporting to Cinema 4D using the bridge. I can't even get started in that software without figuring out this step. The materials also look like garbage just like blender.
3.) That leads me to this, getting my textures to not look like water paint trash in Blender after export using diffeomorphic. Merging grafts is easy in blender, I just need to know how to make the textures look good so I can start using blender as my final software in the workflow. This way I can just make hair, animate, and do simulation in there and toss Daz in that regard.
That's all I can think of for now, just these 3 things. Sure there will be more but eh, even if these 3 things get figured out I could finally breath a sigh of relief.
So, what do you guys think, why are these questions so hard to get a straight answer to?
Maybe you guys know of a tutorial or guide I haven't found yet that makes all of this trivial and all of my frustration has been for nothing.
Either way, I appreciate your guy's time and I hope you guys have a good day.
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2023.03.28 11:29 Schtevo66 Price Check please. PC SC NL - Eschuta's Orb with a Lightning Jewel in Socket, undecided to use or sell.

Price Check please. PC SC NL - Eschuta's Orb with a Lightning Jewel in Socket, undecided to use or sell. submitted by Schtevo66 to Diablo_2_Resurrected [link] [comments]