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All Necessary Things to Know Before Getting Dental Implants

2023.03.28 10:24 Dentistatfalse All Necessary Things to Know Before Getting Dental Implants

It might be surprising to know that dental implants have a high success rate of up to 98 percent. This number shows how dental implants are successful and effective in replacing missing teeth and giving patients a natural-looking smile. Having missing teeth can be a nightmare as it can disturb your everyday life and make your days unpleasant. It’s hard to chew your favorite foods when you have lost one or more natural teeth. Fortunately, missing teeth can impact your self-confidence and make you ashamed of smiling or talking in public. Many people visit our experienced professionals at Dentist @ False Creek to understand how they can replace their teeth in the best way possible. As we mentioned, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option to restore the beauty and look of your smile. However, not everyone is eligible for dental implant treatment, and the process takes time and a lot of money. Therefore, it’s important to observe different aspects of getting dental implants based on your needs, condition, budget, etc. Here’s everything you may want to know about dental implant treatment to help you make a better decision.
What are dental implants?
The most popular cosmetic dental procedure for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Your implant dentist or oral surgeon can insert these prosthetic tooth roots (replacements for natural tooth roots) into your jawbone to prevent bone loss. After weeks of healing, it’s time to add the abutment and crown over the top to complete your smile.
What is the process of getting dental implants?
Unlike other cosmetic dental treatments like professional teeth whitening, getting dental implants isn’t easy and can take weeks and months.

  1. Consultation – once you have missing teeth, it’s necessary to visit your implant dentist to see whether you are qualified. Typically, people with insufficient jawbone density aren’t accepted to get a dental implant to avoid possible complications. Fortunately, bone grafting surgery can make most patients qualified enough to get dental implants.
  2. Procedure – after the first examinations, it’s time to insert them into your jawbone surgically. Although the process of getting implants is more invasive than denturesor tooth bridges, the results are worth it.
  3. Restoration – after getting healed, your implant dentist should cover the implants with dental crowns.
How are dental implants classified?
Implants come in a variety of types, each designed to meet the requirements of a particular patient. Many factors determine which type of dental implant is best for you. Your condition, needs, personal preferences, the severity of the problem, etc., are some important factors affecting your final decision. For instance, a single dental implant is excellent for those with one missing tooth. On the other hand, you should get multiple dental implants if you have lost a few teeth.
How to take care of dental implants?
It’s so easy to take care of your implants as they don’t require special dental care. However, it’s so vital to take your oral hygiene seriously to avoid dental emergencies and peri-implantitis. You can also visit your dentist for an implant repairment to protect your investment.
Contact us for more information!
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2023.03.28 10:21 novatroop77s Who is a good rate at Morgates i got accepted in principal with Kengiston thru Morgagte shop but at 6.25%

I have a house at min but it mortgage free their is bad family history attached to it and am making clean brake
I had one stupid late payment with very group so am closing that account next two months.
Morgates shop was claiming their one was only one would touch me ? But is that true
Does it do harm to credit searches if a shop around a bit.
Am coming with £170 k deposit.
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2023.03.28 10:15 MemesAreAPlague A simple guide to fully re-enabling Xaero's minimap/worldmap in vaults

DISCLAIMER: The modpack is being balanced around the fact that you have an incredibly restricted minimap; by doing this, you accept that your rate of progression does not necessarily reflect what is intended by the developers. Additionally, this is a personal choice. If you don't want the map to be reenabled, then just don't do this, and let other people have the freedom to do it for themselves if they so wish. Remember, this modpack was made for us to have fun.
WinZip or an equivalent program (Technically optional)
A hex editor, such as HxD
Step 0. Reaching the files First, you need to reach the root folder of the modpack. Presumably you're using a launcher of some sort, in which case you likely have some way of directly opening the modpack's folder. For instance, I use Prism Launcher, and the Folder button is always available on the right-hand side of the window. Once you're in the folder for Vault Hunters 3rd Edition, open the mods folder and find the_vault-1.18.2-[Version Number].jar. Before doing anything else, make a backup of it just in case and save it in a different folder. After you have a backup, open the file using WinZip (You may also temporarily rename the file from .jar to .zip and open it via Windows explorer, as long as you turn it back into a .jar after you're done). Assuming you've opened it successfully, you'll see a few folders within such as assets, data, iskallia, and META-INF.
Step 1. Removing the mixins First, navigate to assets\the_vault\the_vault.integration.mixins.json and open that in your text editor of choice. Inside this JSON file you'll see four things listed inside the "client" field: "MixinMiniMapControlHandler", "MixinMinimapProcessor", "MixinModSettings", "MixinWorldMapControlHandler". Delete all four of these, and then save the file. You CANNOT simply delete the file entirely. After that, it's best to double-check that the changes you made have actually saved; if the zip/jar didn't update, extract that one file, change it outside the archive, and then drag it back in. Be sure to do that in step 2 as well. This file is responsible for overriding your inputs/settings for the map mods. If you just want to be able to enlarge the minimap (Default bind: Z), you may stop here. If you want any further control, you must press on.
Step 2. Freeing the map completely This is where it gets a bit trickier: We'll be editing a non-text file, but for maximum simplicity, our route doesn't require any actual knowledge of Java bytecode or anything. Move back up to the top of the .ja.zip archive, where the META-INF folder is visible, and next navigate to iskallia\vault\integration and open up VaultMod.class in your hex editor. If using HxD, don't just drag-and-drop the file into HxD, as the changes won't save. Instead, double-click and choose HxD to open it, or do the remove-edit-replace process outlined in step 1. Now, it's going to look like total nonsense (especially if this is your first time using a hex editor), but don't worry. All you have to do is make one tiny change by replacing every instance of "xaero" with "yaero". If you're using HxD, you can use ctrl + r to replace each instance at once, and chances are any other hex editor has the same functionality. There are only two bytes that need changing though, so if you want/have to do it manually, replace the 78 at offsets 1107 and 1119 with 79. Note that those offsets are in hex; in decimal, they're offsets 4359 and 4377. And that's all you have to do. After following these steps, you will once again have a zoomable minimap and fullscreen map, the entity radar, waypoints, etc.
It didn't work!
If you are still loading into the main menu but the full map functionality is still disabled in vaults, then none of the changes you made saved. If this happens, try the remove-edit-replace strategy described in step 1.
It won't load!
If the game is crashing right before it reaches the main menu, you probably screwed up in step 2. If that happens, restore the backup, do step 1 again, and then follow the manual process instead of the automatic replacement for step 2.
This is cheating!
I mean, sorta, yeah. I wrote this so that people can play the way they want to in singleplayer to enjoy themselves the most, but this theoretically could offer an 'advantage' in multiplayer. If the devs patch this, please make it a server gamerule like the waypoints are instead of just removing players' choice entirely.
What versions does this work for?
In case this does get patched, I last tested this myself with version of the_vault-1.18.2.jar, and it should theoretically work for any older version as well.
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2023.03.28 10:14 RevolutionaryTell157 22 year old college drop out recently interested in Clinical Psych PhD… Is there any chance for me?

I graduated high school in 2019 and matriculated to an Ivy League college. I spent my first two years of college there and had a lot of traumatic experiences (don’t want to get into them right now) and ended up dropping out at the end of my sophomore year (May 2021). I had a 3.7 GPA for those two years but I didn’t take a single Psych class — only English and Philosophy classes.
For the past two years, I’ve been auditing classes at my local community college and working in food service. It’s so embarrassing to be a former golden child who is now a disgraced drop out. Recently I’ve thought about transferring to either my state university or a small liberal arts college to major in Psychology with the eventual goal of getting a PhD in Clinical Psych to do research on anxiety and personality disorders.
But I keep reading online that these PhD programs have 1% acceptance rates and are crazy competitive. I am a 22 year old Ivy drop out with zero psych classes under my belt nor any experience as a research assistant. My plan as of right now is to transfer to another college starting this fall to spend my last two years in a more supportive environment and study Psychology while working as an RA in a lab.
I feel like there’s no way someone like me can get into a highly competitive PhD program, and I feel like most PhD programs would see the litany of red flags on my transcript and just throw out my application. I don’t know, I just want advice here. Thanks.
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2023.03.28 10:12 El_Huevo Son is considering a: Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program loan...

Anything wrong with these loans (besides the extended payoff)? He literally just hit me up about it tonight ( I'm sure there are people in the group , who know something about these. ) His wife qualifies (nurse), and he's in energy, so that's not an issue, but here's a few bullets of how it works:
They basically start an interest free second mortgage to finance the down payment of your first... When you are done paying the first mortgage, you start paying off the second mortgage...
What Do I need to warn him about (if anything)? Who is making money on this, if it's interest free? Good / Bad / Ugly?
Program Details:
Here's their website: Florida Hometown Heroes
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2023.03.28 09:44 Quiet_Active_2475 It's been a good week... second biggest WT I've ever got, decent size Mela and the Lion I've been looking for all in a couple of days.

It's been a good week... second biggest WT I've ever got, decent size Mela and the Lion I've been looking for all in a couple of days. submitted by Quiet_Active_2475 to Huntercallofthewild [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 09:29 Waldenbottle Why Bottle Recycling is Important in Calgary

At Walden Bottle Depot recycling depot in Calgary, we take pride in providing a comprehensive recycling solution that reduces waste and protects the environment. As a leading recycling, return-it-bottle depot, and bottle drives facility in Calgary, we offer a wide range of recycling services that cater to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. Our goal is to make recycling easy and accessible to everyone, while also reducing the impact of waste on the environment.
Benefits of Bottle Recycling in Calgary
There are numerous advantages to bottle recycling, including:
Tips for Bottle Recycling
Here are some suggestions to assist you to recycle your bottles effectively:
Bottle recycling performs a quintessential function in decreasing our environmental impact. It helps to preserve herbal resources, reduces electricity consumption, and reduces greenhouse fuel emissions. Recycling one ton of plastic bottles can shop for 3.8 barrels of oil, 1,000 to 2,000-kilowatt hours of electricity, and 30 cubic yards of landfill space. In addition, recycling glass bottles saves 33% of the strength required to produce new glass. Recycling additionally reduces the quantity of waste that goes into landfills, which helps to limit methane emissions and the related environmental impact.
If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy bottle recycling depot near you, look no further than our Walden bottle depot recycling center in South East and South West Calgary.
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2023.03.28 09:10 dandelion66 Can I still apply?

I just finished board exams yesterday. I want to apply to Ashoka University for fall 2023. Can I still do it? Also, if I can, what is the acceptance rate?🥲 Last question: does Ashoka provide considerable financial aid? They once told me that if I am admitted to the university, then I can apply for financial aid. Has somebody applied and received financial aid?:/
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2023.03.28 08:50 __helpme Buoyancy control system for On/Off control suggestions

Buoyancy control system for On/Off control suggestions
Theres a bladder thats pumped and deflated.
  • Pumping rate (+ buoyancy) is very slow
  • Drain rate (- buoyancy) is very quick (30 times faster?) - it changes with depth but ignore this
  • The system has a pretty big inertia/drag
  • The real life neutral buoyancy point is very hard to find...
The control system needs to be able to accept different set depths and hover.
I've got a simulation that uses Eulers method for modelling the robots acceleration, velocity, depth with respect to time. It's pretty simple - the force diagram considers two forces - buoyancy & drag.
I'm unsure where to begin with this control system - especially when the exact neutral buoyancy is rough.
  • Bang bang works if you know your neutral buoyancy - however because the system drains really fast and pumps slow, it really doesn't work.
  • PID - the system has three states: Pumping, draining, holding. I don't think PID works here because we can't throttle the states
One attempt would be to have three depth target error margins. This has three predefined velocity 'goals' - ie. 0.5m/s, 0.2m/s, 0m/s that get triggered at say 50m, 20m, 5m error. There's bang bang control at each state - turning on/off the pump to maintain the speeds. Issues is it drains super quick and takes a long time to pump/react to this. Is this what professionals would implement?
I'm imagining something thats able to estimate/forecast the depth an continually varies the required velocity profile thats needed? But this approach would almost double the computational load.
An analogy for this scenario would be trying to control the temperature in a vat, heat/cool/hold. Researching control around this just leads to bang bang/pid.

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2023.03.28 08:49 -JustPeachy- Hi, I'm JustPeachy. This is my take on fixing Eve/balancing the game.

Right, these ideas have been kicking around my head for a while and I figure I'll just throw them out here.
Feel free to criticize, discuss, iterate on, add to, etc...
These are in no particular order of relevance or importance.
Enjoy my mindless rambling.
Let's start with structure limits. 1 KeepstaSotiyo per region, 1 Fort/Azbel per constellation, 1 Astra & 1 Rait & 1 Tatara per system. You wanna put a structure down and the area is clogged with em? Go blow one up. This deals with structure spam and makes placing/having them a meaningful thing.
Let's move on to the structures themselves.
Take tackle mods away from structures. You wanna kill someone with your fortress? Use a pilot in a ship to hold them down.
Remove combat mods and clonebays from all of them except the Astrahus/Fort/Keepstar.
Turn Athanors into a moon drill with tether, nothing more. No docking, no mods. All it does is pull moon chunks for you to mine and allow you to tether up if things look spooky.
Turn the Tatara into a pure refinery, no mod/rig except refining related ones. No moon mining.
Turn the Rait/Azbel/Sotiyo into industry only structures, no other mods/rigs but that.
Azbel/Sotiyo still get to have a market mod, along with the Fort and Keep.

Have plexes in frontlines be the only ones to give LP. This ruins it for bots hiding in quiet systems while also allowing you to plex a strategically important system that isn't a frontline, no LP for it though.
Battlefields should only spawn in frontline systems with high PVP activity. Also, no LP unless you're in the capture rings when it finishes. Maybe throw in that you should have at least killed an enemy NPC to try mitigate seagulls.
Remove FW missions. They have been min/maxed and are run by instawarp ships/bots. They contribute almost nothing to PVP, which is what facwar should be about.
(Side note for mission running in general: All missions, everywhere, should spawn a beacon in space like the facwar ones do. They shouldn't be safe little hideaways that require combat probes to find. If you're in low/null you've already accepted the risk. If you're in highsec you have Concord to avenge your death, unless you got baited, you dummy.)
Lastly for facwar stuff, make a pure t1 frig plex, no navy ships allowed. Perhaps increase the spawn rate of a variety of plexes.

Ship Balance:
These are all specific to certain ships.
BattleShips: My thinking is that they should have defined roles, or if they are a carbon copy of another ship (see Phoon/Phoon FI, Tempest/Tempest FI) they should be a straight upgrade on that ship, worth the inflated price tag.
Typhoon Fleet Issue:
Get rid of that god-awful gun bonus, it doesn't have the grid for it. Make it a Torp/Cruise focused boat. Increase its damage bonus to 10% to make it an attractive upgrade on the T1 Phoon.
Tempest Fleet Issue:
Give it a tracking/RoF bonus to make it an attractive arty boat. This keeps it in line with its smaller counterparts - Firetail/Stabber FI, this will also give it a defining role different from the Tempest.
Dominix Navy Issue:
It's a weird Hype that does a bit more damage. Scrap that and embrace the original Domi memes, ditch the local rep bonus and give it an RR bonus. I am open to ideas on what to do with the Domi Navy, but in its current form it is just a Hype with an extra mid. Hardly an attractive upgrade from the Hype. If you wanna give something a rep bonus give it to the Mega Navy.
Apoc/Apoc Navy:
These are relics from a bygone era, they need some updating. Both of em do sweet fuckall damage. Hardly attractive in this era of easy 1k dps on most BS. What I would do is give the tracking bonus to the Apoc, the optimal to the Navy, then give em both a nice damage bonus. They each get a role, one more small gang oriented, the other more fleet oriented.
Don't get me wrong, I love the current versions of all marauders. They are, however, super OP for their price. Why fly any Pirate BS when for the same price you get a super ship? Hell, you can even cheap fit a marauder and it is AMAZING. I believe their hull cost should at least be doubled.
Also, take away the bonus to buffer modules from Marauders that CCP slapped on all BS. This will make them less attractive in fleet settings, perhaps bringing their T1/faction/pirate competitors back into the light.
Ditch the spare high slot and give it a 5th mid already.
I know it was too strong as an arty boat, but damn, it feels like a weird Sac now. There's gotta be a way to fix this thing, it's current form is not it.

Props to CCP:
The new Navy hulls are great, all well implemented. More like this please.
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2023.03.28 08:36 Critical_Detail_8638 Can I be forced to go to part time

I’m currently a casual and have been for the past 2 years. I have worked on and off consistent hours but for the past 12 months I would say my hours have been consistent. My employer has discussed me going to part time. If my employer actually asks me to go to part time rather than casual do I have to accept it? There’s not much information on this on fairworks. I typically don’t take leave is I don’t see the point of going to part time. I would much rather casual Ofcourse for the rate. Can someone please provide guidance on this?
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2023.03.28 08:29 Shpilkismalilkiss Therapy for me

I’ve been unable to fully communicate mind-numbingly intense pain from trauma and neglect to a therapist. Many reasons including me not knowing what safe feels like. I’m in therapy that’s so effective I actually can see my automatic numbing behavior, in real time. It’s like I’m outside myself seeing myself short circuit and then I feel embarrassed for doing that. I never knew what I was doing but I could feel it. I’ve got a lot inside I’ve carried alone that’s so heavy. I let go of a man who forced me to carry his baggage, dumped it on me and would insult me when I could carry it all (his and mine). I’m in and out of isolation but making use of my time now that I’m not beat down dead. This dude would threaten suicide over and over and it fucked me up. He knew exactly how to manipulate and pull my heart strings. he played with my massive grief. That’s not love. That’s abuse. I was in a fake love relationship that curb stomped my will and now I’m off the ground and that’s my big win. And now I’m looking at why I said yes to carrying his baggage, why I didn’t see my own weighing me down enough already, that I am beautiful regardless. There’s a whole level to me I know of and have access to again. I know healing hurts and it does. It’s going to tear me apart and make me someone new. I’m not even “me” holding onto this much hell. I’m the shell of the me who got rocked. So the shell is cracked. Now the process of the baby chick coming outside and it’s as excruciating and exhausting as that looks.
Comfort eating isn’t comfortable anymore. I’m not stuffing down feelings anymore, I don’t have to. I’m getting healthy.
I’m using medical THC & CBD in therapy to feel my feelings fully and learn what is going on during my panic attacks AND THAT I CAN HAVE A PANIC ATTACK AND IM NOT GETTING ABUSED DURING IT. It’s so good for my soul.
I went on a friend date and experienced a calm gentleman and was reminded that that is what I deserve ALWAYS and can have for myself when I’m ready to accept it. To accept nothing less.
I affirm I am ready to accept the responsibility of my limited, gorgeous life. I affirm I have been deeply let down and that is not my fault.
Fingers crossed I may get a high paying CNA job tomorrow!
Edit: I’m going to log off Reddit for a year and have this be the last thing I post and first thing I see. I know the beautiful, soulful, life saving nurse, gorgeous, no longer living in fear me will be living in the sun, chasing waves instead of a past she can’t change for the better and she will be grateful for every hard decision I’ve made and will make up to that point. I know she forgives any setbacks. She loves me the most. She Already is and will be SO proud of me. I’m in love, with my future…I can’t wait to meet you.
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2023.03.28 08:21 seobelleofx BelleoFX - Your Reliable and Efficient Business Partner

With clients in more than 170 nations, BelleoFX differentiates itself as a reputable and licenced international forex broker. Sincere to say, according to the BelleoFX review provided by their dependable customers, it is a perfect and user-friendly platform with the best trading options and trading instruments available to beginner, amateur, and expert traders equally.

Why Choose BelleoFX?

Higher Leverage

Using several CFDs and trading instruments, BelleoFX provides a simple trading method. With CFDs, you may easily multiply your money and position the currency with only a tiny initial commitment. The trading software makes it simple for traders to open a position in advance.
An outstanding possibility to raise revenues with a smaller investment is provided by forex trading. The reputable brokers at BelleoFX assess market trends in order to capitalize on them using the best possible tactics.


The volatility of foreign exchange is amplified by daily greater deals, which typically include transactions in billions of dollars per minute and frequently occur in a small number of currencies. The forex market aids traders in maintaining larger profits, but price swings and market turbulence can drastically alter your trading experience.

Currency Trading

The traders at BelleoFX have access to a wide range of currency combinations for trading. This makes it easier for everyone to trade and make the biggest profits possible on a global scale.

Trade 24×7

The global market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and billions of transactions take place there every second. By employing patterns and tactics that maximize their chances of success, brokers can trade consistently on the open market.

Profit from Fall & Rise in Prices

Directional trading is not limited in the forex market. This means that you can buy a cash pair whenever you think its value will rise, and you can easily sell it whenever you think its value will fall.
You can actually obtain one cash and sell in each case, regardless of whether you are going long or short, as monetary standards exchange sets.

Forex Trading

Choosing forex trading over other trading strategies with high currency or stock leverage. Market shares to other trade tactics and more volatility make forex trading easy and enjoyable.

Lower Transaction Costs

The lower transaction rate is dependent on the spread, which is the price structure of the foreign exchange market. The reputable brokers of BelleoFX accept that spread as payment for opening the trade.
Spreads are measured in pip units, which are equivalent to one-hundredth of a percentage point in trades or a decimal point. The spread of that transaction, or two pip spread, is what separates the bid price from the ask price in forex trading.
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2023.03.28 08:01 AutoModerator Live Day Trading

Welcome to RealDayTrading Live Chat!
***Please familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette guidelines before participating.**\*
  1. Please read our wiki. If you have not read our wiki in its entirety yet, we encourage you to observe the Live Chat at first. Once you have familiarized yourself with the wiki, post trades that are only in alignment with the strategies and methods outlined in the wiki.
  2. Every posted trade must have an entry and an exit. If you do not post an entry, do not post an exit. Trades must be posted in REAL TIME.
  3. If you have a question regarding someone's trade, please do not ask them in the Live Chat -- instead, create a comment in the Weekly Lounge Thread and tag the trader.
  4. If a Verified Trader or an Intermediate Trader questions or deletes your trade, do not post any subsequent actions taken on the trade (exiting for profit, loss, scratch). Any feedback made on your trades are done only with your best interests in mind. Please remember that this is a learning environment, not your personal proving ground.
  5. If you believe that somebody's trade is unsound, please comment on the trade in a constructive manner that aligns with the strategies and methods as described in our wiki. Furthermore, please refrain from making excessively speculative comments on the market.

Staying on topic during the session:
  1. All comments during market hours should pertain to live trades or stock call outs (see: Etiquette point 5). Comments that do not adhere to these standards are subject to deletion at the moderators' discretion.
  2. If you wished to add context to your trades, please keep them as factual, technical, and concise as possible.
  3. If you wished to post EOD stats, please be sure to include win rate and profit factor, and only do so after the market closes.
  4. Discussion is allowed during the pre-market and post-market hours, but please be mindful of the subreddit rules.

Format for posting trades:
Format for posting commentary:

*Please be mindful that moderators / traders are also focusing on their own trading as well. Comments that violate our etiquette or rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders initially warned, and further offenses will lead to a ban.\*
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2023.03.28 07:59 boringandaloof March 2020

5: The International Criminal Court authorizes the Afghanistan War Crimes inquiry to proceed, reportedly allowing for the first time for U.S. citizens to be investigated.
9: COVID-19 Pandemic - Italy becomes the first country to implement a nationwide quarantine in response to the COVID-19 outbreak / International share prices fall sharply in response to a Russo-Saudi oil price war and the impact of COVID-19. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plunges more than 2,000 points, the largest fall in its history up to that point. Oil prices also plunge by as much as 30% in early trading, the biggest fall since 1991.
11: COVID-19 Pandemic - The World Health Organization declares the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
12: Global stock markets crash due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States travel ban on the Schengen Area. The DJIA goes into free fall, closing at over −2,300 points, the worst losses for the index since 1987.
13: COVID-19 Pandemic - The government of Nepal announces that Mount Everest will be closed to climbers and the public for the rest of the season due to concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia.
16: The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by 2,997.10, the single largest point drop in history and the second-largest percentage drop ever at 12.93%, an even greater crash than Black Monday (1929). This follows the U.S. Federal Reserve announcing that it will cut its target interest rate to 0–0.25%.
17: COVID-19 Pandemic - The European Union's external and Schengen borders are closed for at least 30 days in an effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.[55] The Euro 2020 and 2020 Copa América association football tournaments are postponed until the summer of 2021 by UEFA and CONMEBOL respectively.
18: COVID-19 Pandemic - The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is canceled due to the spread of COVID-19 in Europe, the first cancellation in the contest's 64-year history / Solidarity trial, a WHO-sponsored clinical trial dedicated to finding a cure against COVID-19, is announced.
20: COVID-19 Pandemic: - The worldwide death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 10,000 as the total number of cases reaches a quarter of a million / The Bhadla Solar Park is commissioned and becomes the world's largest solar park.
24: COVID-19 Pandemic - India and the United Kingdom go into lockdown to contain COVID-19. The total number of people in the world facing some form of pandemic-related movement restriction now exceeds 2.6 billion, a third of the global population / Chinese Premier Li Keqiang reports that the domestically transmitted epidemic is now under control.[63] Two days later, China temporarily suspends entry for foreign nationals with visas or residence permits, effective midnight on March 28 / The International Olympic Committee and Japan postpone the 2020 Summer Olympics to 2021. On March 30, the Summer Olympics are rescheduled from July 23 to August 8, 2021.
26: COVID-19 Pandemic - Global COVID-19 cases reach 500,000, with nearly 23,000 deaths confirmed. The U.S. surpasses China and Italy in total number of known COVID-19 cases, with at least 81,321 cases and more than 1,000 deaths / Militants in the Philippines, Syria, Yemen, and Libya agree to U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres' call for a ceasefire; some accept medical aid for themselves and civilians in their communities. Colombia and Venezuela discuss a common response to the global pandemic and the UAE airlifts aid to Iran.
27: North Macedonia becomes the 30th country to join NATO.
30: Russia–Saudi Arabia Oil Price War - The price of Brent Crude falls 9% to $23 per barrel, the lowest level since November 2002.
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2023.03.28 07:57 kittenenjoyers Thrive Scholars Acceptance rate/ stats?

Does anyone know the acceptance rate of the thrive scholars program because it seems to be hard to get into and the decision letters are said to be coming out soon?
My stats are pretty good but I am not sure what the stats of the average competitive thrive applicant really are.
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2023.03.28 07:57 Cyn_6 2023 M&TSI Decisions

Hey guys! Did any of you applied to UPenn’s M&TSI 2023 summer program? I applied by the priority deadline and still waiting for the decisions…Anyone knows how’s the acceptance rate/competitiveness of the applicants by priority deadline?
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2023.03.28 07:56 Proudwomanengineer I need to open up about something...

I have been super depressed lately. I have had depression for years and it it hurts. I rarely have a day without sadness. On top of this, I am in engineering school and my workload is so gruesome. I would take time off but I really can't go home and I want to graduate. I'm have a lot of trauma and it runs in my family. 4 years ago, my cousin and friend killed themselves. My Grandma died and I hardly even called her and I regret it immensely. Then, a few days after my 20th birthday, Jason David Frank died and he is one of my favorite actors from power rangers. Now, this bothers me because Power Rangers was one of the very few positive things that I had as a child. I used it as a safe haven from my traumatic childhood. I literally would cope by watching kids shows. So, when he passed away, it was like I lost one of the few things that shield me from pain. (I hate talking about this because I don't want anyone to assume that I am delusional). This was a symbol of freedom and joy in my childhood, so when he died, it hit hard. The worst part about it is the manner in which he died. That is hard to accept. I know that at the age of 20, one might think "grow the hell up", but in a way, his death symbolized the end of one of the many few positive things that I had in life. I miss the few happier moments of my childhood. Largely because, I wasn't suffering and people that are now gone were still here. Especially my Grandma. The thing that frustrates me about her passing is that she probably died due to medical negligence in the nursing home (during COVID so no family visits). Apparently she vomiting and choked on her vomiting. The idea that she probably suffered is agonizing. My Grandad may or may not have cancer (he won't tell me) and this scares me because he is 61 years old. That in itself is scary. He is the only father figure that I had. I honestly cannot sleep because I keep thinking that my mom is going to call me one day and say he is no longer here. My Mom is getting cosmetic surgery in a few months and she gave me her life insurance info just in case she goes. My Mom is no where near perfect and she is responsible for a lot of my trauma, but I live her and I don't know what I would do if she died. I am crying as I write this because I can't hold it in anymore. My anxiety is through the roof. I get random sharp chest pains and my sleep is geting wrecked. I'm depending on monster drinks and powered. I wish that I had more happier times and less trauma and pain. That is why I cling on to the great times. And it is like I am greedy greedy for more. I know that this rant is all over the place, but I am just an emotional mess right now. I have cried 2 nights in a row this week. I keep getting an impending doom feeling.
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2023.03.28 07:47 Educational_Poem5147 Planning to apply next year and need some advice.

I have been working as a teaching and research assistant at a public university in my home country for over a year. The university requires me to obtain a master's or Ph.D. degree to advance to a higher academic position. This is a government job, so I can take long vacations or travel abroad, and my position will still be available for me when I return. However, the country's funding for research is not very good, and I have to pay 80-90% of my personal income to cover the expenses of my research. Additionally, it takes an average of 10 years to complete a master's and Ph.D. degree due to the long wait times for fine chemicals to arrive from abroad, and the poor exchange rate between USD and our currency.
I have been considering pursuing a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry/organic chemistry in the US because the programs are shorter, and the funding is better. I have a cumulative grade of 91.25%, which ranks me 18th out of 600 students. I also have a 7.5 IELTS score, over six months of wet-lab research experience as a part of my ongoing master's in my country which I haven't finished yet, and teaching experience in practical courses such as organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and drug design. Unfortunately, I have not published any research yet.
My concern is whether I have a chance of being accepted into a Ph.D. program in the US, especially since I will need to stop funding my research to afford the application fees. I plan to save my salary for six months to apply to 7-8 universities. Can you provide any recommendations?
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2023.03.28 07:41 Tibuld First and second kills(pictures in order) on medved right after buying! Not too shabby

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2023.03.28 07:29 BossyQT Bait and switch?

I got a call about a job I had applied for several months ago. It was for a local company and I actually had met the owner several times through a friend of a friend so I was happy to hear from him. The job isn't in my area and it's a type of business I didn't think I'd ever work in, but the pay range in the ad was a little higher than in my area and as I said, I was familiar with the owner and felt like it would be a good place to work. I told him I was still interested and came in the next week for an interview. He made it clear he wanted me but says he'd call me later in the week to formally offer me the job and discuss compensation. He called and offered me the position but asked me to come in to discuss compensation on Monday. I thought that was odd, but as he said he'd rather do it in person, I said that was fine. He said if we agreed on everything I would start on Tuesday. Well, I went in today and instead of meeting with him to discuss the position I was sat down to do training for several hours. I'm eager to learn, but as I hadn't accepted the position yet I thought it odd. I was also filling out all the employment paperwork. I finally said I REALLY need to talk to him about the position to make sure we're good to proceed. I went into his office and he tells me that the job posting I applied for had an "error" and was posted at a MUCH higher rate than he was offering. He offered me 35k less I expected with no benefits or PTO. I told him that although I would have begrudgingly accepted the low end of the pay scale he posted I couldn't do the job for 15k UNDER that. TBH I only was interested in a job this far from home because of the pay rate. He said he understood and would check over his accounts and get back to me. At this point, I'm three weeks in and feel a little blindsided. He could have told me weeks ago about the pay "error" in the posting. He called me back and offered me 5k more than his original offer and hourly instead of salary. I told him I would have to think about it and get back to him. I'm supposed to start tomorrow! IDK what to do. The owner is nice and I try to assume the best about everyone, but I'll now be making less at this job than my last one plus driving 60-90 minutes each way to the office. I DO think I'll like job and the company, but I have 17 years of experience in this exact position; I don't feel good taking this unexpected pay cut.
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2023.03.28 07:26 dividedthoughtshelp How to cancel a return request?

Hi there recently I bought a set of funkos and out of the 7, two boxes came pretty damaged . I immediately got sad and requested a return since all the pops looked in great shape in the sellers pictures. My return request was accepted and I was sent the label to ship
I have a friend over who collects as well, saw the pops and he ironed the damaged boxes to try to fix them. And now the boxes are in “ok” shape, It looks like a box again, just has the lines from where it looked stepped on and crushed but those are on the back and bottom so it’s not so terrible . I’m just happy the boxes can actually stand up now and be showcased properly.
Anyways, I’m content with just keeping the funkos. But there isn’t a cancel return option. It just says if I don’t return the item by the 7th day I won’t be able to return it at all.
Which is fine. I just feel bad I can’t cancel it now so the seller gets the money. Will by the 7th date Mercari just auto rate the sale and myself?
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