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2023.05.30 00:19 Pred4tedHick0ry My Xbox Showcase Predictions Remade

As seeing we’re two weeks away from the showcase, I I thought it be good to redo my predictions and hope for the best.
Hellblade 2 - I fully expect gameplay and a Holiday 2023 Release Date.
Forza Motorsport - I am hoping by the Xbox Showcase that Turn 10 will have a late 2023 release date for the game.
Avowed - Obsidian has had a good track record on great open world Western RPGs. I might try out Pillars of Eternity since Avowed is in the same Universe. Gameplay would be nice but I’m still iffy if we’ll even get a release date.
Indiana Jones - With the Dial of Destiny Movie releasing on the 30th, I feel like a Gameplay Trailer would be imminent for the Showcase.
Contraband - I do hope that Avalanche Studios (Great studio btw, Loved Just Cause 2 & 3) has some exciting gameplay with a 2023 release date. Apparently the game was supposed to release last year but got delayed. Link to article:
Compulsion Games’ new IP - I’m not sure what to really expect but a Gameplay Or at least a teaser trailer might be cool.
Zenimax Online New IP - I hear rumors that it’s either a Star Wars MMO, a Starfield MMO (Very unlikely IMO) or it could be something knew. A reveal would be nice to see.
Persona 3 Remake - Seeing as SEGA/Atlus and MS’ relationship is pretty good and the Persona ports did decently good, I wouldn’t put it past SEGA to show the game off at the Showcase. Maybe it’s a Timed Exclusive. Plus it has been rumored and footage has been leaked. Link to article:
Gears of War Collection - This is more of a personal want and I know The Coalition are busy with Gears 6, but a Master Chief Collection style Gears game would be cool to tie people over until Gears 6 happens. Gears 1-4 & Judgement running at 4K60 with Improved Visuals on UE4 with each game’s MP, all DLC and finally ported to PC would be awesome. They could probably outsource it to Epic Games since IIRC they did help develop the games.
Playground Games’ Fable - With a Series as important to Xbox as its big 3 (Halo, Gears, Forza), I do feel an update is due but I don’t think it’s coming out til next year. Maybe a short Gameplay teaser.
Fallout 4 Next Gen Update - We already know this will appear. I’m hoping for 4K60 Gameplay.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 - Despite what’s going on in Eastern Europe, the devs have teased a 2023 release window. But I wouldn’t put it past the game to be delayed to next year.
Project MARA - Not sure what to expect from the game but we might see something.
ARA: History Untold - I know this is supposed to be a Civ-like Strategy game slated for this year so Gameplay trailer is likely.
Perfect Dark - I feel with everything surrounding the game and The Initiative, it REALLY needs to come out with an update so we know how’s it’s coming along.
I know some third party games will make an appearance, some indies and Ports (FF7R & FFXIV, please god).
Starfield Direct - I highly expect the game to run at 60FPS and have Performance/Quality Modes. I think they’ll show off more of Ship Building, Crafting, reveal more of the cities & planets, and play through the beginning mission of the game.
That’s it for what I predict will appear.
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2023.05.29 11:43 Flaky-Effective7005 jordyn jones nude

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2023.05.29 05:37 hcaz__ Does anyone have any info?

Does anyone have any info?
Found this hobby box in an old storage box in the house. Can’t find anything online about them. This box has (24 packs) with (3 cards each).
All I can find online is the (18 pack) hobby box.
The only (24 pack) box I can find includes (10 cards) in each pack which isn’t the same as mine. Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks!
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2023.05.29 02:12 KingBananaBird2 When try to drink a whole bottle of hot sauce in a job interview, but fail. (So funny) (Repost)

This is SO funny, I am reposting it and will repost it every once in a while.
I have had a number of job interviews recently that went poorly and did not result in securing employment.
I started to think I needed to do something during an interview to really stand out, be impressive, unique, and highly memorable. I thought it could be risky, but might work out.
I came up with the following idea: After concluding the interview, after the hand shakes, etc, when leaving the room stop, turn around, and say "There's one more thing you need to know about me."
Then pull out a bottle of hot sauce, down the entire bottle, slam it onto the ground and say "I can handle the heat." Nod confidently, leave the room.
I imagined that they would be really impressed and wowed by such a performance.
Well it didn't pan out like I thought it would. It was only a small bottle of hot sauce, I figured it would be no big deal to actually do. I should have tested at home first, but I didn't.
I was nervous as a bitch-ass during the interview, but I was determined to follow through with the plan.
So I started exactly as described above. I was leaving, I turned around, maybe not with as much swagger as I'd imagined in my head, and I declared "There's one more thing you need to know about me."
I pulled out the hot sauce bottle, almost dropped it, and started to open the bottle. In my head it was all one quick confident motion, like an electric Indiana Jones, but instead I fumbled around and had a tough time getting it open. It felt like a nightmarish eternity but was probably only about 20 seconds. Enough time for one of the interviewers to ask me what I was doing.
I didn't answer directly. Instead, after I got the bottle open, I repeated "There's one more thing you need to know about me." (But stuttering.)
Then I guzzled down the entire bottle of hot sauce. I instantly regretted it. My mouth and throat felt like lava was swirling around inside me. I immediately started to gag and loudly cough, I was crying involuntarily. Tears hardcore streaming down my face. I was sweating like a terrible fool.
I desperately tried to scream "I can handle the heat" but just kept coughing before I could get anything out.
The interviewers were all standing up looking at me in horror and confusion.
A few seconds before I threw up all over the floor I knew it would happen, but I tried to hold it back. I couldn't.
I threw up all over the floor. It hurt as much on the way out as it did on the way in, if not more so. The vomit felt like flaming barbed wire shredding its way through my neck.
I should mention a disturbing amount of fiery mucus was also leaking out of my nose uncontrollably.
After I finished throwing up I could not bear to look at the interviewers. I hoarsely mumbled an apology and started to stumble as quickly as possible out the door.
I have never been more shamed in my life.
I didn't get the job.
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2023.05.28 19:20 Ann450 I catfish you as Kristina Kim or Jordyn Jones! Just start the chat pretending to dm one of them and let's see where it goes [only on Reddit] [not turning into rp] [I can't answer everybody]

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2023.05.28 09:17 ridi01 Jordyn Jones

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2023.05.27 15:11 RodsNoler Indiana Jones 5 and the Dial of Destiny full plot summary, leaks and spoilers

Indiana Jones 5 and the Dial of Destiny full plot summary, leaks and spoilers submitted by RodsNoler to u/RodsNoler [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 15:04 AutoModerator SW Hopes/Theories and Indy 5/LFL General Discussion Thread—Weekend May 27 2023

Thank you to hectorlizard for creating the header for these posts.
Start your own discussion about story, casting, or any other aspects of these upcoming/rumored Star Wars projects:
Status Uncertain
Or answer any of these discussion prompts, or come up with your own:
What character or group of characters would you like to see further explored in a show, book, or comic?
What stories are you hoping to see in THR Phase III?
Thoughts about what could happen in theoretical S2s of Kenobi, Boba Fett, or Ahsoka?
Ideas about show schedules for this year and next year?
Your thoughts about the three movie announcements? Where do you want them to take Rey’s journey in the next film?
Your reaction and speculation based on the recent official and leaked trailers for Ahsoka, Acolyte, Andor, Bad Batch, and Visions?
Your overall thoughts on Celebration? Are you excited for Tokyo 2025?
Setting Jedi Survivor aside for now, what other stories would you like to see in the future of Star Wars gaming?
What do you want to see in the rumored Visions S3?
Your thoughts on the recent news about Willow? What do you think Disney’s game plan will be going forward with streaming?
Feel free to discuss the critical reaction to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, but please tag any leaked plot spoilers.
What IP would you like see added to LFL’s portfolio? Any book adaptation you think would be up their alley etc?
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2023.05.27 14:21 JuTT8876 Jordyn Jones

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2023.05.26 20:30 BeeDub57 Dial Of Destiny FULL PLOT LEAK

Dial Of Destiny FULL PLOT LEAK submitted by BeeDub57 to indianajones [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 14:01 pvhc47 They’ve massacred Indy as a character.

The more reviews I read the more pissed off I become. You can bury your head in the sand, but the one thing, the ONLY thing they shouldn’t have done, they’ve only gone and done. Fucked up Indiana Jones. I’m not some right wing troll and have nothing against Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The franchise has always had strong women and Helena isn’t my problem. My problem is what they’ve done to Indy. Just going by the reviews alone, he is dead weight in his own movie and “broken and cowering” as the BBC reviewer said. And he’s hardly a snobby reviewer considering the same dude greatly enjoyed Dr Strange 2 and Maverick.
The plot leaks have only made things worse. Some mean spirited, depressing stuff. Taking a massive shit on Indy and his legacy.
Wake up and smell the fucking coffee. We’re all screwed.
Edit: Downvote me all you like…we’re fucked. Mark. My. Words… PERIOD.
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2023.05.26 07:04 oblivious1904 Minor League Batting/Scoring Issue

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**LEAKED FOOTAGE** JON JONES TRAINING FOR TYSON FURY BOXING MATCH submitted by Swuttament to ufc [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 20:34 SundaeWilling3616 jordyn jones onlyfans leak

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2023.05.25 16:03 FelicitySmoak_ Song Of The Day Discussion : "Stranger In Moscow"

Song Of The Day Discussion :
"Stranger In Moscow"
July 7, 1997(Us) - 6th & final single from HIStory: Past, Present and Future—Book I
Written & produced by Michael Jackson
The song was released as the sixth and final single worldwide on November 4, 1996 by Epic Records.It was not released in the United States until much later on July 7, 1997. The track was written in September 1993, while on the Dangerous World Tour stop in Moscow.
"Stranger in Moscow", like several other HIStory tracks, was Jackson's response to recent events in his personal life. In 1993, the relationship between Jackson and the press soured entirely when he was accused of child sexual abuse. Though not charged with a crime, he was intensely scrutinized by the media during the criminal investigation. Complaints about the coverage and media included using sensational headlines and headlines that implied guilt, accepting stories of Jackson's alleged criminal activity and leaked police material in exchange for money, deliberately using unflattering pictures and a lack of objectivity.
The coverage upset Michael and damaged his health; his health had deteriorated such that he canceled the remainder of his Dangerous World Tour and went into rehab. The media showed him little sympathy. The Daily Mirror held a "Spot the Jacko" contest, offering readers a trip to Walt Disney World if they could correctly predict where his next appearance would be. A Daily Express headline read, "Drug Treatment Star Faces Life on the Run", while a News of the World headline accused Jackson of being a fugitive. These tabloids also falsely alleged that he had traveled to Europe to have cosmetic surgery that would make him unrecognizable upon return. Geraldo Rivera set up a mock trial, with a jury made up of audience members, even though Jackson had not been charged with a crime
Originally, HIStory was planned as a greatest hits album, with a few new tracks. However, Jackson and his collaborators were so pleased with the result of "Stranger in Moscow" that they decided to give HIStory a full studio album as the second disc.
It has a tempo of 67 beats per minute, making it one of Michael's slowest songs. The instrumental portion is based on the credits theme of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, a 1994 video game which Jackson and his tour keyboardist Brad Buxer were hired to compose. Conflicting accounts state that Michael either dropped out of the project following the sexual abuse allegations around this time or, chose to be uncredited in-game because of his dissatisfaction with the limitations of the Sega Genesis sound chip
According to keyboardist Brad Buxer, the song itself was inspired by one of the cues he had composed for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. He remembers being called up to Jackson's hotel room in Moscow on the Dangerous World Tour, thinking Michael wanted to hear his new game cues. Buxer played several songs on the piano in the room, among which was the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 credits theme cue (which would become the basis verse for "Stranger In Moscow"); he played it in a more song-like way and Michael loved it. He and Buxer then worked together on developing the chords and changes for the rest of the song over an hour and a half. While the track is an example of the collaborative process between the two, only Jackson received writing credit on the record, and Buxer did not push for credit.
Jackson used Russian imagery and symbolism to underscore the track's sense of fear and alienation. It concludes with a narrative, spoken in Russian, by a KGB interrogator (Ed Wiesnieski). The narrative, translated into English is:
"Why have you come from the west? Confess! To steal the great achievements of the people, the accomplishments of the workers..."
"Stranger in Moscow" received praise from music critics and producers. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic noted of HIStory, "Jackson produces some well-crafted pop that ranks with his best material... 'Stranger in Moscow' is one of his most haunting ballads". Tom Molley of the Associated Press described it as an "ethereal and stirring description of a man wounded by a 'swift and sudden fall from grace' walking in the shadow of the Kremlin". Longtime collaborator Bruce Swedien, has described "Stranger in Moscow" as one of the best songs Jackson had ever done. Fred Shuster of the Daily News of Los Angeles described it as, "a lush, pretty minor-key ballad with one of the album's catchiest choruses". Chris Willman of Los Angeles Times stated:
"Stranger in Moscow", is a step removed from the focused paranoia of much of the rest of the album, more akin to the deeper, fuzzier dread of a past perennial like "Billie Jean". Jackson imagines himself alone and adrift in a psychic Russia, pre-glasnost, hunted by an unseen KGB: "Here abandoned in my fame / Armageddon of the brain", he sings in the somber, constricted verses, before a sweeping coda kicks up four minutes in and the stalkee suddenly breaks his cool to wail about a desolate, inconsolable loneliness. Here, in this song, is the real genius—and probably real personhood—of Michael Jackson
A reviewer from Music Week rated it five out of five, picking it as Single of the Week. The reviewer added, "More melodic than most of HIStory's new, uptempo tracks, this has a somewhat old-fashioned feel, being closer in spirit to "Rock With You" than "Scream". It isn't quite vintage Jacko, but the song is irresistible." The magazine's Alan Jones stated that the Todd Terry remix "works like a dream, and guarantees Jackson another substantial hit.".Jon Pareles of The New York Times stated, "The ballads are lavishly melodic. 'Stranger In Moscow', with odd lyrics like 'Stalin's tomb won't let me be,' has a beautiful chorus for the repeated question 'How does it feel?' ". Further praise came in 2005 when it was felt that the song had successfully portrayed "eerie loneliness" and was characterized as beautiful by Josephine Zohny of PopMatters. Rod Temperton, one of Michael's songwriters from earlier in his career, believes that "Stranger in Moscow" is Jackson's best song. James Hunter of Rolling Stone commented:
"[Jackson is] angry, miserable, tortured, inflammatory, furious about what he calls, in "Stranger in Moscow", a "swift and sudden fall from grace"...HIStory feels like the work of someone with a bad case of Thriller nostalgia. Occasionally this backward focus works to Jackson's advantage: On "Stranger in Moscow" he remembers the synth-pop '80s while constructing wracked claims of danger and loneliness that rival any Seattle rocker's pain"
Patrick Macdonald of The Seattle Times described "Stranger in Moscow" as "a pretty ballad interspersed with sounds of rain." David Sinclair from The Times viewed it as "a dolorous ballad"
"Stranger in Moscow" charted highly in the top 10 of numerous countries music charts worldwide, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. However, it only peaked at # 91 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Michael's lowest peaking on the chart. The song was performed on the HIStory World Tour in 1996–1997
The accompanying music video, directed by photographer Nick Brandt, and filmed in Los Angeles, is focused around six unrelated people living in isolation in a cityscape on a dark, cloudy day while the rest of the world moves around them in slow motion.
In the second half of the short film, heavy rain descends on the city and the citizens try to flee, all again seen in slow motion. From the safety of shelter, the six "strangers" watch everyone's futile attempts to avoid the sudden change in weather. Eventually, they decide to go outside, where they look up at the sky and allow the rain to soak them. The video ends with Michael whipping his hair. During this scene, a soft Russian voice is heard, a reference to Moscow
The music video also appears on Jackson's video albums HIStory on Film, Volume II and Michael Jackson's Vision.
Jackson biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, has stated that the video is based on Jackson's real life. He used to walk alone at night looking for new friends, even at the peak of his musical popularity. The 1980s saw him become deeply unhappy; Jackson, as a teenager, explained in an interview: "Even at home, I'm lonely. I sit in my room sometimes and cry. It's so hard to make friends... I sometimes walk around the neighborhood at night, just hoping to find someone to talk to. But I just end up coming home"

The song has been covered several times"
  • Leona Lewis did a live rendition at the Michael Forever – The Tribute Concert
  • Kevin Parker released a cover by his Australian psychedelic rock music project Tame Impala on SoundCloud on 3/12/14
  • Santana has covered the song in their concerts and the cover
  • The Struts covered the song for their unplugged EP Unplugged at EastWest
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2023.05.25 04:20 Jolly_Topic9467 Mackz Jones Leaks

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2023.05.24 22:29 NotA_ProCritic These people annoy me

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