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2023.03.27 15:54 pooporpics Please help another indecisive M3 choose a specialty

Throwaway account. Reddit has been extremely helpful since the premed days. My mind keeps ping-ponging between IM+fellowship and rads. Those close to me feel either would be a good fit. Please help me decide.
Background info: I have spoken to rads residents and my PD - they said my app is competitive enough for rads. The only red flag is that I took a medical LOA between M2 and M3 after getting diagnosed with some stubborn autoimmune diseases during med school. My health has been stable for over a year now.
IM → fellowship (+2)
Pros (6):
-I love GI pathology… Every time I got excited during M3 was when it was something GI-related. I always want to know what GI is doing in their consult notes. The highlight of peds was when a super constipated kid had a bowel movement with an NG tube and Miralax.
-GI is personal for me because of my family and personal history. I can relate to my patients through these experiences.
-Until I got sick and a bit jaded with medicine, I always imagined myself being someone’s doctor.
-If I don’t want to do GI, I could see heme/onc, pulm crit care, or rheum being options.
-Less competitive than rads so I will have less stress during Monday of match week and (hopefully) more options in terms of where my partner and I end up.
-I love looking things up on UptoDate. It’s also nice to look at more aspects of the patient than just imaging.

Cons (4):
-Long-term patient care given my medical conditions. Conversely, life is short and I might feel fine.
-Pursuing fellowships is another rat race. GI is on the high end of the competitive scale.
-Harder to leave work at work, which is hard when you're too empathetic at times.
-It’s scary to go into something for a fellowship because fellowships are not guaranteed. Everyone says you should go into something if you’re okay with the generalist/non-fellowship path.

Radiology (+2)
Pros (8):
-No BS, just pure medicine.
-I’m a very visual learner and detail-oriented.
-I love actually seeing the objective pathology of something; it's easier to conceptualize and relate to.
-Can leave work at work once I’m done and not worry about long-term patient care.
-Can work from home when I’m not feeling well.
-I have never met an unhappy radiologist.
-You get to make real-time decisions in the hospital and talk to a variety of specialties.
-If I miss the patient care I can always do breast or something more procedural.

Cons (6):
-Significantly less patient interaction.
-Very competitive compared to IM.
-Very mentally taxing days being “on” all the time.
-The mistakes might haunt me more if something critical is missed.
-It can be hard to stay focused on a study with interruptions and people needing scans read urgently.
-The CORE exam is tough and you feel like a medical student again throughout the first few years.
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2023.03.27 06:42 bigchunk69 best school premed?

HS senior deciding between Bing, Stony and Macaulay Honors (CUNY Hunter NYC) for chemistry premed, considering going to Hunter because of full ride but they have grade deflation + bad prehealth advisors and fucking 514 mcat requirement for committee letters:
Six fucking LORs and 514 MCAT. WTF.
Another Reddit post from a current Hunter pre-health student:
"If you have the opportunity to go to stony brook, take it. You may need loans, but I think you’ll have a much better time there, have more support from their pre-health department, and end up in a better position when it’s time to apply to med school.
TLDR: Avoid Hunter if you wanna be a doctor. Go to Stony Brook."
So... advice? It doesn't have to be people who know Bing or Hunter, only Stony is fine too. Is there Grade deflation and how are research opportunities, what are committee letter requirements, etc?
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2023.03.26 14:00 AutoModerator Weekly Essay Help - Week of March 26, 2023

Hi everyone!
It's time for our weekly essay help thread!
Please use this thread to request feedback on your essays, including your personal statement, work/activities descriptions, most meaningful activity essays, and secondary application essays. All other posts requesting essay feedback will be removed.
Before asking for help writing an application essay, please read through our "Essays" wiki page which covers both the personal statement and secondary application essays. It also includes links to previous posts/guides that have been helpful to users in the past.
Please be respectful in giving and receiving feedback, and remember to take all feedback with a grain of salt. Whether someone is applying this cycle or has already been admitted in a previous cycle does not inherently make them a better writer or more suited to provide feedback than another person. If you are a current or previous medical student who has served on a med school's admissions committee, please make that clear when you are offering to provide feedback to current applicants.
Good luck!
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2023.03.24 20:36 melkhouly1 I feel lost, and I don't know what I'm doing

This is going to be a long post, because I feel aimless and like I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

This is my second application cycle to med school (first cycle in the US though), and I haven't even gotten an interview invite to a school yet. I feel like my GPA and MCAT is holding me back, and when I see everyone else on this subreddit getting in with amazing grades and such it's crushing. My overall GPA is a 3.32, and my MCAT is 508 (CARS 123). I have taken the MCAT 3 times now, and the CARS score is always what is holding me back from applying to more schools. I can never seem to do well in this subject, no matter how much I study, and its more and more discouraging every time I see this. My GPA is alright, but it's far from competitive. In my applications, I am basically hoping that my extracurricular activities can help compensate for this deficiency, but I'm worried that maybe my writing isn't bridging that gap and I can't get a good message across with my application. Even this post is just jumbled because I can't think straight.

There are a few things that I'm hoping that I can get into soon that will help me next cycle, but I'm worried that it just won't be enough and I'll be facing that failure all over again. I am interviewing for a virtual scribing job next week to help get me more clinical experience. The week after that, I'm interviewing with a professor to try and get involved with some research opportunities (getting back into them, as the last time I did research as before COVID which got cut off because of that), and I'm also waiting to hear back from my master application to the MPH (masters in public health) program at the University of Alberta.

The main things that I'm worried about with my application are my GPA which is abysmal by comparison to others that I see, my MCAT CARS score which I dread to retake because I don't want to invest that much time and money again when I don't know or even think I will succeed in getting a better mark, and my writing skills to help give the review committee a concrete picture of who I am. The only good thing that actually happened to me this year was getting a perfect score on the CASPER exam, but I heard that pretty much is worthless according to friends of mine. I have a BSc in Honors Physiology, but I feel pretty much like a failure because of these past 2 cycles.

I have applied to MD, DO, and some canadian schools.

Anyways, any advice on the problems I'm having? I know I probably missed a-lot of information in this post, but as the title suggests, I'm lost. Please help.

EDIT: here is the link to my WAMC post to give a clearer idea of my application.
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2023.03.24 19:03 Legitimate_Media_827 Institutional action first semester of freshman year - Planning to apply with no gap year

Okay, so I've been on premed Reddit the past few days just going through dozens of these kinds of posts, and I honestly feel pretty lame for posting one of these things-- I just hope to get this off my chest and to get some answers or, maybe, realistic reassurance.
I'm an undergrad freshman at a private research T20, and I received an IA for plagiarism during my first semester of freshman year. This was a super emotional thing for me, and I've never had it happened to me before-- the usual story. The plagiarism wasn't intentional, but I do blame myself for not reaching out to my PI more (this was an accusation based off a research proposal on an on-campus lab for one of my research courses) because I missed citations and was confused on how to cite as I've never done research/written a research paper prior to this. This was a 5%-weighed assignment. I plan to fully own up to this mistake on my applications during my third year because I fully don't plan on taking a gap year. After that accusation, I dropped the class (I would've received a 1-letter grade reduction if I had stayed), but I remained in the lab because I felt like I owed it to the PI and my bench mentor to continue helping out until the end of the semester. I'm in another lab now, and I plan to never let something like that happen ever again.
The thing is-- I have no idea how this will impact my application. Multiple posts (including on SDN) have talked about how an academic IA can basically just shut down your application for some medical schools, and I definitely plan on applying to T20 medical schools. I've worked so hard to get into the school I'm in right now, and it feels like this IA is literally shutting down my world-- it's hard to tell myself otherwise sometimes even after reading success stories on Reddit from applicants with IA's. How do I go about this?
Also, for anyone who wants additional information + know where I'm at, I'm currently at a 3.8X GPA, ~120+ clinical hours from EMT training (direct patient interaction, 24-hour ambulance shifts), ~150+ research hours, ~15 shadowing hours, ~25 clinical volunteering hours, and I have a research internship lined up for this summer where I'm working 40 hours a week. I plan to keep going at this trajectory, and I really hope to matriculate in 2026, but it feels like I'm doing all of this for nothing sometimes, like my IA would just throw my application out the door for some schools immediately. How do I maintain motivation and a sense of purpose?
Thanks so much to anyone who responds.
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2023.03.24 09:49 misterpusspuss Failed a class, 501 MCAT, no research... got into 2 DO programs

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to speak a little bit about my experience as a premed and spread some hope as I myself got very discouraged looking through reddit for answers/advice because sometimes it seems as though LITERALLY EVERYONE is better than you. But that is just simply not true.
I got my bachelor's in biology with a minor in ethics. My overall GPA was a 3.7 with a science GPA of 3.5. I failed organic chemistry the first time that I took it (I got a D) which they did not include in my GPA since I retook the class, but it still shows up on my transcript of course.
Volunteering: I became an EMT between my freshman and sophomore year of college and volunteered for both my hometown and for my school. I also got some volunteer hours through doing various activities with a Co-Ed service fraternity that I was a part of (Alpha Phi Omega). I had a few different major and minor board positions throughout my three years in the fraternity. The American Red Cross has a really great opportunity where you can help out just making phone calls to people who recently lost their homes and suffered disasters! It was really easy to do and minimally time consuming. There was also a program on my campus that was mostly for athletic health majors, but I jumped in on it, where we taught people of all ages with various mental and physical disabilities how to use workout equipment and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Work experience: I worked as an EMT for 2 years after getting about 2 years of volunteer experience under my belt. I was able to find a higher paying job by waiting until I had some experience. I also worked as a scribe in the ED for about 2 years. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend doing that if the opportunity arises. I was able to make so many connections and actually became friends with many of the physicians that I worked with. Plus, the learning experience is PRICELESS.
Shadowing: Unfortunately, I was all set up to shadow my medical director in the ED right before COVID hit and that went out the window. I did submit about 30 hours through the TeleShadowing program. Not sure how much they counted for, but I thought it couldn't hurt. I also felt like I actually learned some really cool stuff. Other than that, I was able to meet MANY physicians through my scribe job who were willing to help me out with shadowing hours.
RESEARCH: Now this...... I was very stressed about it. I knew it was something that I should be trying to find, but it just seemed to never work out for me. I made connections with a few professors, but they either wanted me to travel far distances (which I couldn't really do without a car) or do things I wasn't really comfortable with (animals). I considered finding a job right after school doing something research related, but it seemed as though most positions wanted you to have experience and that never worked out either.
MCAT: I took the MCAT two times. The first time I got a 497 (42nd percentile) and the second time I got a 501 (47th percentile). I really really struggled with this. The first time that I took it, I had spent about 3 years sporadically studying for it while in my undergrad. The second time, I really buckled down for about 6 months during my 2 gap years. Trying to take the MCAT while I was still in undergrad just didn't do it for me. With work, school, and volunteering, I was spreading myself too thin and I was not giving it my full attention.
APPLICATION: So, I did apply twice. The first time I applied to 14 schools (both MD and DO) with my 497 MCAT score and got one interview and one waitlist up until the end. This was kind of a shot in the dark for me. I knew that I wanted to get my app out there, but it was honestly just a waste of money because I knew I wasn't truly ready. Between applications, all I really did was study for the MCAT because I knew that was really holding me back. I also helped with the Red Cross (again, minimally time consuming and they really needed the help). The second time I applied with my 501 MCAT score to 9 DO schools, got 6 interviews, and 2 acceptances so far, while being waitlisted at the other 4 schools. If your school has a pre-health committee, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, USE THEM. I completely scrapped my initial personal statement and went through 5-6 mock interviews with them. They truly helped me to feel more prepared and confident with my application.
OVERALL: It is important to be well rounded. I was able to speak upon my struggles and how I was able to overcome them through dedication and hard work.
I hope this brings some comfort to those who are also not perfect :)
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2023.03.23 11:21 jwneuro BAA🐑

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2023.03.22 20:14 Queasy-Brilliant-570 How to write a covid essay reddit premed?

Hi all, I hope there are some medical students here. How did you prepare for medical school? I was asked to write a covid essay, but I have no idea how to write an excellent one! I'm very diligent but won't refuse any help!
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2023.03.21 19:01 Most-Contribution468 School list for my application
I received so many likes, and dm's for the sankey I created so I decided to reveal my school list.
Albany Medical College
central michigan university com
cooper medical school rowan
Lewis Katz
loma linda
loyola university chicago
Penn State
SUNY downstate and upstate
UA phoenix and tucson
Univ of colorado
wright state
Looking back my school list was not the best, as I've included schools that literally only accepts instate students but I got in lol.
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2023.03.21 15:50 Left_Wave3107 Premed worries

Hi everyone, I’m a premed freshman and it’s really psyching me out how competitive and difficult this route seems to be. Looking at the apps of people who have applied and gotten accepted (and those who were rejected despite having great apps) it seems like medicine as a whole is a long shot, no matter how good your stats are. In addition, everyone’s experience here on Reddit and the people I talk to seem so well-rounded and thoughtful, I don’t know how I would get there. Does anyone have any advice on the most helpful activities or how to at least get something meaningful out of the premed experience?
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2023.03.19 21:11 Ppman3271 Fruity bitch

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2023.03.19 15:01 Hardstucked [FS][UK] Clear out - N1ke, Suprem3, Yee$y, Gue$$, K1TH, P4lace, R4lph L4uren, P0l0, B4lenci4ga, Pl4ces + F4ces

Tagged photos and Timestamp Images
Vouch Thread
Having a clear out of my reps, batches/seller included where possible. Items are listed in the same order as the photo album.
PayPal Invoice only. Open to reasonable offers and bundles.


Minimum order £15


N1ke Air Force 1 Mids (Size UK9, EU44) £35 posted

Fits TTS.
Bought in early 2022 and only worn a few times, still in great condition. Fit TTS, no original box included.

N1ke Air J0rdan 1 Orange High (Size UK8.5, EU43) [WTG] £50 posted

Fits TTS.
Bought in early 2022 never worn. These are from 'Wood Table Guy' (aka Fat Donglai? maybe something else now). Fit TTS, box included.

S*preme Fuck You FW19 Crewneck Black (Size L) £25 posted

Fits more like a Medium.
In great condition, only worn a few times.


Yee$y Season 6 Crewneck Light Grey (Size L) £35 posted

Fits TTS but is oversized.
This is a really high quality piece made with good materials. Only worn a few times and in great condition. Oversized baggy fit.

K1TH Treats light blue T (Size M) £15 posted

Fits TTS
Bought a few years ago but only worn once, great condition.

Supr3me Black T-Shirt with Black Box Logo (Size M) [?] £12 posted

Fits TTS.
Think this was from HanSolo or UnionKingdom or something like that. Worn a few times, the logo is slightly cracked.

Gue$$ x ASAP Cotton Candy (Size S) [UnionKingdom] £15 posted

As with all Guess items fits slightly larger, would be good for S-M.
Only worn once, in great condition.

Gue$$ x Places + Faces 3M Reflective Striped T-shirt (Size S) [Union Kingdom?] £12 posted

As with all Guess items fits slightly larger, would be good for S-M.
Bought this a couple years ago, worn but still in good condition. Not sure where it was from but I think it was UnionKingdom.

K1TH in Bloom T-Shirt (Size L) [?] £12 posted

Fits more like an M.
In good condition, logo is starting to crack slightly as shown in the photos.

P4lace T-Shirt Black - Yellow/Red/Blue (Size L) [?] £13 posted

Fits more like an M.
Bought a couple of years ago, worn a couple times but still in good condition.

‘Kany3’ Phantom of the Opera T (Size M) £12 posted

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Worn once, great condition.

Places + Faces Reflective T (Size L) £11 posted

Fits more like a S/M
In good condition, reflective logo.

K1TH plain black T-Shirt (Size M) £10 posted

Fits TTS
In good condition, logo is starting to crack slightly as shown in the photos.

R4lph L4uren Polos Black & Grey (Size M) £10 posted each

Fits TTS.
Bought these years ago, they're in good condition but have been worn a good amount.


Balenci4ga Cap [LYFactory] £15 with box

I have a massive head and this didn't end up fitting me so never been worn. Has a box and protective sleeve.
And that's everything, as I said before happy to take reasonable offers and bundle up items. Comment below if you need any more information or would like to purchase any of these items. tag
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2023.03.19 13:00 AutoModerator Weekly Essay Help - Week of March 19, 2023

Hi everyone!
It's time for our weekly essay help thread!
Please use this thread to request feedback on your essays, including your personal statement, work/activities descriptions, most meaningful activity essays, and secondary application essays. All other posts requesting essay feedback will be removed.
Before asking for help writing an application essay, please read through our "Essays" wiki page which covers both the personal statement and secondary application essays. It also includes links to previous posts/guides that have been helpful to users in the past.
Please be respectful in giving and receiving feedback, and remember to take all feedback with a grain of salt. Whether someone is applying this cycle or has already been admitted in a previous cycle does not inherently make them a better writer or more suited to provide feedback than another person. If you are a current or previous medical student who has served on a med school's admissions committee, please make that clear when you are offering to provide feedback to current applicants.
Good luck!
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2023.03.19 02:37 SpeedyPuzzlement Ranking Schools by LizzyM

I used MSAR to find out which schools have the highest stats among accepted students. I only considered schools with a 3.9+ median GPA and a 520+ median MCAT in the USNWR T20 or with 519+ median MCAT. I then recorded 10/25/50/75/90 percentile for GPA / MCAT, used the midpoint rule with definite integrals to estimate mean GPA / MCAT, and used the LizzyM coefficients / stat minimums from here.
Note that the top 3 are in agreement with the pure data points: Hopkins, NYU, and UPenn have MCAT 10%/25%/50% at 518/520/522, which no other school even ties. Similarly, their 10% GPAs are 3.8+, trailed by Harvard with a 10% GPA of 3.79. Hopefully, this can serve as a definitive guide of which schools favor high-stat applicants.
Results (edit 2):
  1. Hopkins: 75.868
  2. UPenn: 75.765
  3. NYU: 75.761
  4. Columbia: 74.676
  5. WashU: 74.666
  6. Vanderbilt: 74.630
  7. Yale: 74.463
  8. Harvard: 74.289
  9. Cornell: 74.051
  10. UVirginia: 73.927
  11. Northwestern: 73.817
  12. UChicago: 73.761
  13. Mayo: 73.081
  14. UTSA: 72.980
  15. Duke: 72.674
  16. Stanford: 72.624
  17. UMich: 72.595
  18. BostonU: 72.425
  19. Sinai: 72.418
  20. Hofstra: 72.025
  21. UCSF: 71.405
  22. UPitt: 71.099
  23. UCSD: 70.618
  24. UCLA: 69.636
  25. UWash: 66.669
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2023.03.18 19:29 ArgonBeast02232 MCATBros: Emotional/Verbal Harassment Evidence and Sexual Harassment allegations (Please spread the word)

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well!
I would like to cite numerous examples of harassment that this user u/grand_sales has engaged in on reddit to promote his brand/company. Yesterday's post inspired me to make this one. For reference, here is yesterday's post:
  1. The original reddit user was u/MC@T BR0S, and after being suspended on reddit created another reddit account u/grand_sales and further created his own subreddit mcatbros to promote his brand. If you go to his profile, you can see he's moderator of hundreds of fake communities: Along with this, you can see the comments on this post talking about the scummy nature of his behavior as well as his repeated history with creating alternate accounts and making numerous fake accounts promoting his brand, including u/ premedsavage. Evidence:
  2. Here is further evidence about the scam nature of his "brand":
  3. Here is further evidence of his manipulative harassment: evidence: more evidence:
  4. He also called a mate of mine on reddit "it" and harassed her and gaslighted her into thinking "it" was the correct pronoun for her. evidence:
  5. Here is additional proof about his scam service. Evidence:
  6. Here is further evidence about the numerous claims about him sexually harassing minors and furthermore harassing individuals over their inabilities to create an adequate schedule Evidence:
  7. Here is more evidence of his derogatory and profane nature. Furthermore, the use of "suck David's dick" was originally one of his colleagues, but as you can see by the thread below, the user u/grand_sales still sends threatening messages on facebook and twitter to said user Evidence:
  8. Here is further evidence and claims of his sexual harassment:
  9. Here is more evidence of his sexual harassment and thus he was relinquished his moderator duties from mcat.
With all this being said, his reddit handle u/grand_sales is one of many and is currently a moderator over at his own subreddit MCATBros. I hope that you all can spread this message, increase and raise awareness, and understand how awful of an action it is to prey on innocent premeds who are just looking for help. The more I try to raise awareness, he just bans me from his subreddit, and I hope this message can spread to his facebook group and instagram so that people are aware not to use this awful person and the morals he represents on their journey. He is trying to create a monopoly and bashes anyone who uses uwhirld or any 3rd party stuff beside his own khan academy "notes" or his own resources. He tears apart people's study schedules when they don't align with his brand's vendetta or personal agenda. I dont' mean any ill will towards the user by making this post. It is meant solely to make the community aware of these allegations/evidence/actions and spread the word and awareness so that all of us premeds are better because of it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy argument and I hope you all have a pleasant day.
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2023.03.18 17:47 DanielRunsMSN I am once again asking you to reconsider your Sankey

I am once again asking you to reconsider your Sankey
Disclosure: I am one of the developers of CycleTrack, a website that promotes med school data accessibility and data visualization. I do not receive any financial benefit from the website.
Tl;dr: Alternative data visualizations besides the Sankey can help future applicants.
Last year I made a post discussing alternative graphing of medical school application cycles. As this year's applicants have begun posting Sankey diagrams of the cycle, I wanted to bring back the discussion of applicant data visualization.
Like many others, I love a nice Sankey diagram. The color schemes on SankeyMatic are beautiful, in most cases, they're relatively easy to make, and it's fairly easy to follow the flow of an application cycle. However, the major flaw of Sankey diagram is the lack of time. One applicant may have sent a primary application in August and received an acceptance in January, and another may have sent their primary in June and received an accepted in May. On a Sankey diagram, these applicants will look identical.
One of the major concerns of any applicant is the timing of an application cycle. Anecdotally, timing questions are among the most common questions on premed. Therefore, I'd argue that if you are to post your data on Reddit, then why not maximize the information you are sharing?
Below, I'll offer several examples of diagrams that I think can better illustrate cycle information. I will reuse several diagrams from my previous post as well as add in a few new ones. As always, adding additional information like statistics or demographics gives important context, but on their own I believe they are still more powerful than a Sankey for a specific intended purpose. I generated these using CycleTrack, but you can use any graphing software you like to make similar graphs (Excel, Google Sheets, R, Python, etc.).
  1. Line Graphs
Line graphs are great because they are essentially a 'Sankey-to-date.' At any specific day, it is easy to quantify a number of applications with a specific date. Below is an example of this:
  1. Bar graphs
I think bar graphs are another great way to give a rough visualization of the application cycle to date over time. In this type of graph, the specific numbers aren't as important as seeing the rough progress over the course of the cycle. In the diagram below, it's fairly easy to see that the applicant received interviews from August to January, and received acceptances near the end of February. Further, we can see how nearly 1/3 of completed application schools did not reply at all until after January.
  1. School specific graphs - e.g. Horizontal bar graphs (or a dot plot works too)
If you are going to create a Sankey diagram, and label all your schools, why not give context about when a school sends interviews, or acts on your application. Something like the horizontal bar chart below gives a clear outline about when the applicant submitted their applications, interviewed, and received results from the school. This type of information can be far more valuable than simply saying that I received X result from Y school.
As I've previously stated, I think that sharing data to make medical school admissions more transparent is powerful and admirable. We can use our stories to show any applicant that they are not alone, and there is someone relatively similar to them that has been through this journey. Thus, I hope I’ve convinced at least one of you to give alternative data visualization a shot.
Unconvinced, don't have your data, or any other reason? That's ok too! We're all still rooting for you and looking forward to cheering on your progress regardless of how you choose to share it.
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2023.03.17 19:37 Recent-Stable-9479 Looking for App Advice!!

Like the title says, I've always been unsure if my stats can compare to other pre-meds since I go to a huge state school. Obviously, scrolling through premed stressed me out more, so please be honest about my stats!! I want to improve any weak spots I might have before it's too late, especially with how fast undergrad flies by.
Year: Sophomore, ORM (Asian, F), not planning to take a gap year but am open to it
Majominor: Biology Honors Major, Creative Writing and Chemistry Minor
GPA: 4.0
Research: ~600 hours of wet-lab/data analysis over four years (admittedly around 100 of those hours had to be online due to COVID) at a private medical school, currently waiting to hear back from summer fellowship programs but honestly I don't have high hopes :(
Publications: article published in a residency program's narrative medicine journal, a poster publication on school directory (it was somewhat popular with 1000 downloads), 1 upcoming poster presentation at undergrad symposium, 1 writing publication at undergraduate arts journal
Clinical experience: 500 hours as dental assistant, 120 hours hospital/elderly home volunteering, expecting more clinical experience once I get my EMT certification
Shadowing: only 40-ish hours now in hematology, oncology (radiology, etc.), peds but am grinding out more soon
Non-clinical volunteering: 100 hours of service dog training under non-profit org, expecting at least another 100 more hours
Other activities: medical club presidential committee, student committee board member of research center (we organize student engagement, currently am collaborating with various stakeholder groups with the design of a new facility)
Anything helps! I’m having trouble figuring out how to stand out. Thanks :)
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2023.03.17 03:11 Paputek101 And the lore continues with Blue-Checkmark White Knight coming in to defend our protagonist's honor (on a somewhat related note, I could see why this poor woman is in such desperate need of a social media manager)

And the lore continues with Blue-Checkmark White Knight coming in to defend our protagonist's honor (on a somewhat related note, I could see why this poor woman is in such desperate need of a social media manager) submitted by Paputek101 to medicalschool [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 09:45 biohoid midnight shower crisis, send help

As the title clearly states, it's just one of those moments where you think a little bit too much in the shower and go down a rabbit hole, spiraling into an existential crisis. And I thought hmm...who to better ask for advice than premed .
Here's the rundown:
I (asian) am currently a third-year undergrad at a T20 school in California (state of residence). A bit non traditional as I am a humanities major if that counts for anything.
cGPA: 3.88
sGPA: 3.8
I do not think that GPA is anything stellar, if anything it is probably average due to grade inflation from COVID-19.
I will be taking the MCAT in late April, so I have no official score yet (yes, I understand that is an important factor but currently most worried about my ECs)
I do not think my ECs are spectacular either, I feel like I've been checking boxes and nothing to show for it.
Research: around 500 hours of wet lab experience with no publication yet (hoping get one next month)
Clinical experience: around 180 hours as an ER scribe for 4 months; 120 hours of hospital volunteering from 3 years ago, around 30 hours from the past few months but put on hold due to MCAT studying (will resume after MCAT)
Shadowing: 20 hours (plan to pursue more in May after MCAT), shadowed internal med and pediatrics
Non-clinical experience: I have a leadership positions in a undergraduate research journal and another in a school newspaper. Not really sure how many hours that is off the top of my head. I've also volunteered for the hospital in a nonclinical aspect by painting for patients and their families (around 40 hours there)
Overall, nothing impressive or necessarily *out there* . My ECs were definitely affected by COVID as I feel I could have gotten much more done if I had that extra year (I regrettably did not do much during the pandemic).
The only thing that may count for anything is that I'm pursuing a research thesis for my non-STEM major for graduation (something related to medicine but more from a historical/social perspective).
LOR: Might have been ghosted by the physician I scribed with and whom had agreed to write me a LOR. I know I will get two strong letters from two of my profs, but not sure about the last one. I can ask my PI as well as a few faculty mentors to supplement as well.
I think that sums up my entire application. Again, nothing I feel in particular is really stand-out-ish, so I am not feeling confident about applying this cycle. Basically, I just need some advice because I do not want to take a gap year, but at the same time I'm unsure whether I will have any success this cycle. (At the moment, I just want to get into *a* medical school, not asking for any T20s or anything like that.)
*rant over*
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2023.03.14 16:19 rpkek MS1 Hosting MPI/Panel/MMI Sessions

Hi everyone! Congrats for those who recently received interviews. I am a current first year medical student who wrote the High Yield Interview Tips series that can be found here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). For context, I interviewed at 4 Ontario schools last year (UofT, Queen’s, uOttawa, McMaster). I was accepted at 3 of the schools and WL’d at the other. I am currently helping a group of premeds with their interviews.
If you are interested in doing a mock MPI/Panel/MMI interview and get some more prep in or if you have any questions about general interview tips, feel free to shoot me a DM! I'm more than happy to help.
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2023.03.13 23:13 No_Knowledge3327 Should we deter Y13s from applying to medicine?

It seems like Y13s are much more aware of what awaits them in the NHS than I ever was back in 2015. I was browsing through the PremedUk thread, and came across this post from an applicant losing passion for medicine due to future NHS working conditions: Withdrawing Medicine Offers : premeduk (
However, this got me thinking to the interactions I have seen between my colleagues and work-experience school students. Many doctors on my ward tell these students to not apply to medicine because it is not worth it. The students visibly struggle to accept this, and seem to think only a minority of doctors are regretting their career decisions.
In light of this, do you think we should do more to show the realities of the NHS and working as a doctor in the UK to school leavers, instead of leaving them to their unrealistically idealistic perceptions of medicine?
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2023.03.13 19:14 Jealous-Feature-8040 Is the Shemmassian MCAT guide useful for reviewing content?

I'm beginning to get ready for some of the MCAT material since I didn't learn some important things during my college classes, and a lot of the MCAT content was not covered. However, I came across the Shemmassian website, which provides information for each subject and topic, and I'm wondering if anyone has used it and if they would recommend it for content review .

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