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California's Employment Development Department

2008.10.01 23:15 California's Employment Development Department

The unofficial subreddit about (not consistently monitored by anyone employed at) the State of California's Employment Development Department: https://edd.ca.gov

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A community for California Residents who are on unemployment, or are seeking information about unemployment to ask questions and give advice.

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For California related unemployment questions, tips, news, and advice.

2023.03.28 03:56 jgrefaldadistrito29 Tips on how to pay off 20k owed to CA EDD

I owe EDD for 20k overpayment. My credit is a joke so I can’t get a personal loan. Their payment plan is max of 24 months however that started when I initial got the letter of overpayment in July 2022 so technically I have like 16 months to pay it off. I just found this out today. Is there any other way? Can I file for bk?
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2023.03.27 22:17 GaryFlippingOak Multi-state income & confusion

Hello All, looking for a little direction here.
I was laid off last year in IL and collected unemployment there for a few months before accepting a job in the Bay Area.
I terminated my UE claim in IL, moved to the Bay, and worked here for 4 months before my new job (a startup) laid off myself and a large % of its staff.
After spending 2 hrs on hold with EDD, they informed me that I cannot open a claim in CA because I should be re-opening the claim in IL. The attendant spoke poor english so I'm not sure if anything was lost in translation during our conversation, but is that what I should be doing?
I did make a fair amount here in CA while I was working (~$48k). The online documentation seemed to imply that I can apply for UE in CA, and that some of my wages in IL can be used to help substantiate my CA application.
Any direction here would be appreciated!
For what it's worth, the UE system in IL is much easier to navigate - it's a catastrophe here.
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2023.03.27 18:43 AndrewPhilip619 [California] UBER and LYFT Drivers who collected during the pandemic

Some of them are reporting that their state unemployment agencies are interviewing them for eligibility. Odd to me as it’s been a long time since the federal government allowed gig workers to get aid from the period of March 2020-September 2021. Anyhow I wonder if any other independent contractors had to pay ALL the money back. I mean they shouldn’t as at that timeframe I mentioned , independent contractors had the right due to the pandemic. Certainly as of today they can’t get on it. I’m in California and my friend who was an Uber driver collected unemployment during the pandemic when the law stated he can, but now EDD (Ca unemployment department) is wanting some sort of eligibility interview. If he has to pay for whatever reason , that’s like $30k he will have to pay back to California. He only has like $1k in the bank and just paid off his car. This would screw him over severely if he owed all that back.
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2023.03.24 06:40 IntentionalFuturist The NEM 3 Solar Worker's Guide

With NEM 3 coming to California, many people in the solar industry have asked me what they should look for in their companies and how to navigate this less pleasant side of the "solar-coaster."
Here are my general, not company-specific, tips on how to know if your company stands a good chance of surviving NEM 3 and what to do if they don't.
Take a hard look at your operations
Ops teams are the unsung heroes of the solar industry. They are the people who fight with obtuse permitting departments, handle city inspections, and ultimately get glass on roofs and permission to operate granted.
Take a close look at your ops team.
Do you have visibility into accounts with a good CRM? A lack of visibility kills momentum and makes it incredibly hard to do business for sales, ops, and administration. If your ops team is forced to run solely off spreadsheets or email chains, run!
Another significant point is how well your company has adapted to NEM 2 ending. For example, when is the cutoff for selling NEM 2 deals? Was it March 14th? Early April? Right up until a few days before the deadline?
How well your company has managed to reorient ops around the temporary processes required for NEM 2 grandfathering by the deadline is very telling about the company's health. Plus, the later the cutoff for sales locking in NEM 2 deals, the more business the company can secure to get through the lean times coming ahead.
Are they being proactive about training on batteries, understanding NEM 3, and how you can prepare for the coming industry changes? What your company focuses on in training reveals a lot about the values and strategy of leadership.
Next, how quickly can your company get a simple solar deal (no roof, electrical, batteries, etc.) through to install? Is it weeks or months? If even the most basic deals take 3-6 months to be installed, not to mention PTO'd, the company can be susceptible to cash flow problems.
Companies that take forever to complete deals (and ultimately pay their salespeople) also suffer from the issue of part-time sales teams where everyone has to have a steady day job and do solar on the side. If most of the sales team are part-timers, then you are in a terrible situation where the entire sales organization could collapse when sales slow down after April 14th and you can't make substantial commission checks for a few hours a month of work.
How are the finances?
As sales, ops, or admin people, you might not get to see the books for your company, especially if it is privately held and not subject to public financial disclosures. But there are signs you can look for to see if there are any major red flags.
Have you suddenly lost access to a tool or platform unexpectedly? While outages happen, they are usually announced on the responsible company's website or social media channels. And sometimes it is an honest mistake.
But suppose there is a pattern of temporarily losing access to software-as-a-service platforms such as design tools like Aurora or Solo, communication tools like Slack or Gmail, your CRM, or other paid-for tools. That is a big red flag in that things are not alright on the company's financial side.
And if your company misses a payday, it is time to start polishing your resume immediately.
High-level departures or changes
Pay attention to high-level departures from your company. A certain degree of job hopping is to be expected. If someone exits the company to take another job with a pay and/or title bump, good for them!
But if you notice that multiple people at the management level are leaving all at once, they likely know something you don't, and they have lost faith in the company. A growing, expanding, healthy company does not typically start losing leaders with little notice and in quick succession.
Also, be sure to scrutinize high-level hires in leadership and management roles. Of course, then there is the honeymoon period, but pay attention to how these leadership hires can change the company culture for better or worse. How do they treat people inside or outside of their department? Do they act ethically? Do they lift up the people around them or blame others for the mistakes of their department?
What about vision, perks, or loyalty programs?
It is easy to have vision in solar. It is a revolutionary technology that democratizes access to power, strengthens the grid (when the utilities cooperate), saves people money, and helps the environment. But don't let a mission statement you wholeheartedly agree with get in the way of making smart financial and career decisions for yourself and your family.
The perks are great but also just fluff. Easy to implement, the first things to go when things get tough, and not a good reason to stay anywhere.
And as someone who was part of two different solar company loyalty programs that involved long-term payouts on commission or company options (only available in the event of a sale), let me be the first to tell you to take cash upfront. Don't let companies underpay you because you MIGHT get a bigger long-term payout later. It is not worth it.
If they allow you to earn stock shares that survive you leaving the company, great. But if the program involves you staying at the company to realize the benefit of a company sale or continuing to get residual commission payments, it is a scam to keep costs low. They are taking a zero-interest loan off your earnings and can keep it if you leave. You are better off with better pay or lower baselines now.
What if my company goes under and I don't get paid?
Suppose you are a W2 employee or a commissioned salesperson working for a California-based solar company that has gone out of business and have not been paid your final paycheck. In that case, there are several steps you can take to recover your unpaid wages.
First, you should file a claim with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE). The DLSE is the state agency responsible for enforcing California's labor laws, including wage and hour laws. You can file a wage claim with the DLSE by filling out the appropriate form and providing documentation of your unpaid wages. The DLSE will investigate your claim and if it finds that your employer owes you unpaid wages, it will issue an order requiring your employer to pay you.
Secondly, you may also be able to file a claim with the bankruptcy court if your former employer has filed for bankruptcy. If your former employer has filed for bankruptcy, you may be considered a creditor and can file a claim in bankruptcy court to recover your unpaid wages. However, bankruptcy proceedings can be complex and time-consuming, and you may want to consult with an attorney before pursuing this option.
Thirdly, you can also file a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner's Office. The Labor Commissioner's Office is responsible for investigating and enforcing California's labor laws, including wage and hour laws. If you file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner's Office, it will investigate your claim and may take legal action against your former employer to recover your unpaid wages.
It is important to note that California law provides penalties and interest for employers who fail to pay their employees on time. Therefore, if your former employer fails to pay you on time, you may be entitled to additional penalties and interest on top of your unpaid wages.
And for W2 workers, file for unemployment quickly as you search for another position.
Finally, if you are a commissioned salesperson, you should review your contract with your former company to determine whether you are entitled to any unpaid commissions. California law requires employers to pay commissions to their employees on a regular basis. If your former employer failed to pay you the commissions you earned, you might also be entitled to recover those commissions.
Green flags
Good reputation: The company and its leadership should have an excellent reputation among customers, employees, and sales reps. Look at online reviews and ideally talk to people who work there about their experience. Get into the details and not just the mission or vibe of the place. As I said, the mission is easy, and perks are fantastic. But it's about the everyday experience and trajectory of the company that is important.
Strong operations: A solid and well-organized operations team is critical for a successful solar company. You want things to run well and have the resources to quickly and effectively take care of customers. No matter your position in the company, a good ops team will make your job much better.
A good CRM: A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is the backbone of a solar company. It provides a single source of truth for every deal so that sales, ops, admin, payroll, and leadership can see everything going on with each account. The CRM allows everyone to do their part to move accounts forward, providing transparency and accountability.
A focus on training and professional development: The solar industry changes quickly. In the past year, we have had the Inflation Reduction Act pass, NEM 3 pass in California, tech improvement, and new brands breaking into the industry while others leave. A company focus on training and professional development is critical to long-term success in a changing and evolving industry.
And finally, for sales reps, you should be able to comfortably sell solar at $3.30 per watt or less to be competitive in a NEM 3 environment. Make sure that your company offers a baseline that makes that possible for you.
Solar will continue to grow and thrive in California, even if we have a period of slower adoption. Utility rates are expensive, and battery technology is improving to the point where net metering policies will not matter soon. Between better and cheaper home batteries and Vehicle-2-Grid technology, all power will be economically generated, stored, and consumed on-site.
Large, strategic companies will buy up smaller, distressed companies for their personnel thanks to installer, electrician, and admin staff shortages. Plus, solar companies can never have enough salespeople.
If you are inclined to move, there will also be opportunities in other states and territories. With energy prices rising nationwide, residential solar is becoming economically viable in more and more areas.
All of these massive industry changes in California may be stressful. However, I hope these tips and tricks help you make better decisions about where you are now and where you may end up. With the right mindset and knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your current situation and future opportunities.
If you're interested in staying up-to-date on the latest news and information about solar energy and policy, then follow me on Reddit!
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2023.03.23 17:28 BriefWorldly Help - provider cannot find the DE2525xx form, how find PDF?

My provider is trying to fill out the paperwork to extend my SDI. However, he is not able to locate it on the SDI Online provider portal! I am trying to do the legwork so that I don't lose the benefits. We've spent hours trying to figure this out. Can you help? Here are our questions:
- How can I get a printable version to mail in?
- Is there more info than can be found on the SDI website (which just tells us to fill it out via the portal or mail in), but it doesn't tell us how to download a mailable version of the form?
- Is there a different number for the form? I don't see DE2525xx on the list of forms provided https://edd.ca.gov/en/Disability/DI_Forms_and_Publications
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2023.03.23 17:13 GetOffMyLawn_ Config

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2023.03.22 20:40 No_Arm_4312 [CALIFORNIA] Is there any obligation for the employer to pay the remainder of scheduled shifts? Also a question about calculating bi-weekly income.

Forgive me if these are dumb questions.
A few weeks ago I got the news that the owners are closing the location I work at. I was told on the 6th or 7th that our last day is the 31st. I just got updated today (22nd) that we're actually closing on Monday (27th). This eliminates about 20 of my remaining hours of work that I had scheduled. I know CA employers don't need to provide any severance, but do they have any obligation to pay me for those remaining shifts?
I think I know the answer to this, but I need to wait until my final day of work has passed to file for unemployment, right? I technically don't have a "last paycheck" to report until then. Right now I'm just a little stressed so I was trying to be proactive ahead of time so I'm just curious.
Finally, regarding bi-weekly pay. The EDD calculator requires monthly salary. A lot of my checks overlap month wise (Jan 29th-Feb 11th, etc.). The obvious thing to do is add up all the checks for a year and divide them by 12. A lot of my checks have a deviation of up to $300 depending on the season. Is there another, more exact way to convert the bi-weekly income that I should do? The vibe I'm getting is that it isn't super important but I just want to make sure.

EDIT: Also, regarding the monthly salary thing. It's divided quarterly (Oct '21-Dec '21, Jan '22-Mar '22). If a paycheck overlaps 2 months in different quarters, do I just count it towards the month with more days or? Appreciate any help. Thanks
submitted by No_Arm_4312 to Unemployment [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:23 4Eight-s Will my M3 arrive in time?

very new to this sub as i have ordered a M3 a couple days ago, and im sure you're tired of seeing this question, but when do you think my M3 will be ready for delivery? i ordered from inventory and it said EDD is March 2023. upon ordering, OD is 3/20 and immediately got VIN and submitted all materials. EDD says 3/25 - 3/31. i called SA and they said its currently in CA and is "on the way" to NY. so my question is, if its currently in CA, about how long does it take to get here? what are your thoughts? will i get it before 3/31?
submitted by 4Eight-s to TeslaModel3 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 06:05 Fast-Avocado9227 EDD claim required when on paid medical LOA?

[CA] If I’m on a paid medical leave of absence, is it necessary to file an EDD claim?
submitted by Fast-Avocado9227 to Edd [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:17 SpencerNewton [California] Laid off, had to apply by fax, haven't heard anything from EDD yet

So I recently moved to CA, and because I had out of state wages in the last 18 months before I was just laid off from my CA job, it said I had to file by either fax or phone, with the website saying fax is the quickest.
I was laid off on a Thursday (2/16), I faxed over my application that Saturday (2/18), and I haven't heard anything or gotten anything in the mail since, I have tried to login online and it cannot log me in. I have not received an EDD number in the mail, but I did a workaround I found to find my EDD number, tried using that to log in to manage my claim, and it says "Your information does not match the records in our system" etc, and won't let me log in.
I called about a week or so ago, and after being on hold and transferred for more than an hour and a half, I talked to someone who seemed relatively knowledgeable and told me that when you fax it over, it goes into a cloud where applications are processed from. Unfortunately the call dropped shortly after and I couldn't get an answer onto whether he could see if my application was waiting there for someone to approve it or otherwise, although from the sound of his voice it sounded like he wouldn't be able to confirm that my application was ever actually received or not, and I didn't have the patience to try calling again and waiting for another hour+ to try and get through.
Basically I'm not sure what to do because if it's truly back logged, then I just have to wait, but I have no idea if they even got my application and if its going through the process, and if no one can tell me whether it's there or not, then I have no idea what the next step forward is. Has anyone waited this long to hear back from anything? I haven't received anything in the mail confirming literally anything, I can't certify online or over the phone because I don't have any sort of login info to manage the claim, and I don't want to have to reapply and lose out on the last months worth of back pay because they never got it, so just looking for general information on what to do and if any of this is normal.
Thanks for your help in advance!
submitted by SpencerNewton to Unemployment [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:50 Aggiegirl2013 Boss told us to do EDD in 2020, went back on it two weeks later in order to get PPP loans. Never touched the EDD money, issue still hasn’t been corrected?

Originally boss told us we were shutting down and to put in for unemployment, then went back on it and remained open to get PPP loans two weeks later. Had everyone back in working and still paid us for those two weeks. They had to in order to qualify for ppp loans.
I had already submitted EDD by that time and certified for like 1-2 weeks as not working. (And was later paid for them anyway)
After that for a couple weeks I put in as working full time. CA EDD kept paying even when certifying working full time. No idea why. So I just stopped doing it altogether.
Tried on and off for like a year after to call them and correct the issue. Could never get through.
Issue is still unresolved. BoA account with the money in it has apparently been frozen for “fraud” (tried checking if they ever took the money back). I never touched anything from them and just left it all sitting in the account they made.
My issue is now that the company is super slow. So I’m worried about getting laid off. In that event I would need to put in for unemployment. But it’s my understanding that some kind of investigation or something needs to happen first.
I would rather just settle the issue now instead of later to get this all handled so that everything is smoother if I need to apply for it in the future.
Does anyone have any idea on how to best get this handled? Trying calling them again?
submitted by Aggiegirl2013 to UnemploymentCA [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 01:19 EnvidiaProductions I am once again asking for your help with my Noise Plethora

I am once again asking for your help with my Noise Plethora
So I'm been troubleshooting this thing for almost two weeks now. I've been able to narrow it down to "the problem is in between these two things", but I think that I simply lack the experience and know-how to dig deeper. I've been going back and forth with Befaco about it, but I'm only getting one reply every three days or so and it's not always the most helpful answer.
First of all, here is the schematic: https://www.befaco.org/docs/Noise_Plethora/Noise_Plethora_V1_THT_sch.pdf
Here is the assembly manual with diagrams at the bottom for IC names and component locations from the schematic: https://www.befaco.org/docs/Noise_Pleth ... Manual.pdf
Now that we've gotten that out of the way, my problem is simply that I get no sound from Generator B. Generator A works perfectly and so does the bottom noise generator. YES, the Teensy board pins are positioned correctly.
Alright, time to pull the schematic out. I've tested the Befaco THT SGTL5000 codec with my scope and it is outputting Generator B's signal. So it's alive at that point. I've also tested "CON2" and that also is carrying the signal. The problem arises when it enters the filter. When testing IC3_CEM3320 I'm seeing no signal. That makes me believe that there is something wrong with the filter. (?) I've tested the 2u2 cap and the 24k at the beginning of the filter and both seem good.

I have the signal here (DAC B):
This is where I lose the signal:
Is there something between these two points that I am missing? Or does my problem lie in the filter circuit? How can I narrow it down further?

When putting the module in test mode (hold the bank encoder button for a while until both banks turn to the #8) to send square waves from the generator, I can see the wave on Generator A's CEM3320.
On Generator B, I just get a steady voltage when testing the pins. No waveforms at all. I've tried swapping Generator A and Generator B's 3320s, but I get the same results so I don't think the chip is bad.
I'm a bit confused as to what pin I should be using for ground when testing the chip because it looks like there are multiple ground pins. Is it situational or do I choose one of the ground pins and roll with that?
Here are some pictures of the build uploaded to Imgur to avoid Reddit compression, thank you for any advice/tips you can provide!
submitted by EnvidiaProductions to synthdiy [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 23:26 Fury-Gagarin How many is "too many"? lol

How many is
I might have a wee problem.
submitted by Fury-Gagarin to tamagotchi [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 20:08 Dolphin_Yogurt42 Biotech layoffs coming in few months (60days from date of silent announcement on "Warn Notice")


March 17:
Amgen is cutting 450 members of its workforce, according to a Reuters report. This is Amgen's second round of layoffs this year; the first, in January, included 300 members of staff.
March 15:
Vaxart, Inc. plans to reorganize its pipeline to prioritize its oral norovirus vaccine program and push back clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine. The reorganization includes cutting about 27% of staff in an effort to extend cash flow into 2024.
March 9:
Olema Oncology announced it is shifting its focus to advancing OP-1250, a treatment for ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer, into Phase III. The restructuring will include cutting about 25% of its workforce.
March 8:
Neoleukin Therapeutics announced it is reviewing strategic alternatives that could include a sale, merger, divestiture of assets, licensing or other strategic transaction. As a result, the company is cutting 70% of its workforce in the first half of 2023.
March 6:
atai Life Sciences announced it has cut staff by about 30% as part of a in order to extend its cash runway into the first half of 2026. The company stated the decision came after a strategic review of its pipeline in an effort to enhance efficiency and narrow its focus.
Coherus BioSciences announced in its fourth-quarter report that it has cut about 60 full-time and part-time employees from its payroll as part of a restructuring initiative. The company's operating expenses for this year are nearly $100 million lower than those projected in April 2022.
March 2:
MorphoSys AG plans to drop its pre-clinical programs and cut 17% of its workforce to extend its cash runway. The cuts will take place at the company’s Planegg headquarters, and a total of 70 employees will lose their jobs.
March 1:
G1 Therapeutics released its full-year 2022 financial report that stated it has cut its headcount by about 30% to reduce operating expenses in 2023. This comes two weeks after the biotech ended a late-stage study of its lead candidate in colorectal cancer, causing shares to plunge 50%.


Feb. 28:
Theravance Biopharma is discontinuing research activities for its JAK inhibitor program in lung inflammation and reducing its headcount by about 17%. The strategic realignment folows a letter from one of Theravance’s largest shareholders, Irenic Capital, urging the company to review its governance structure and reassess its business strategies.
Feb. 24:
ObsEva, a women's health biotech based in Switzerland, is cutting several staff members from its executive team in the U.S. and its board of directors. These cuts include the company's CEO, CMO and several others.
Feb. 22:
Graphite Bio announced it is discontinuing the development of nulabeglogene autogedtemcel (nula-cel), its lead asset. Simultaneously, the Bay Area biotech is launching a corporate restructuring program that will shave off about 50% of its workforce.
Impel Pharmaceuticals is implementing a restructuring initiative that includes cutting staff by 16%. It plans to drop its INP105 treatment for acute agitation and aggression in autism spectrum disorder and focus on developing its Trudhesa nasal spray.
Jounce Therapeutics announced plans to merge its business in an all-stock deal with clinical-stage biotech Redx Pharma. This news came one day after the biotech announced a restructuring plan that included cutting 57% of staff.
Feb. 21:
National Resilience Inc. announced plans to sell a manufacturing site in Marlborough, MA and scale back operations at another in Allston, MA. The decision will result in about 213 job cuts in total.
Aileron Therapeutics announced it plans to drop its its lead candidate, ALRN-6924, after it did not meet the primary or secondary endpoints in a Phase 1b trial studying the candidate in breast cancer patients. As a result, the company will cut its staff from nine employees to three.
Feb. 15:
Grifols announced a comprehensive plan to save money and resources that will result in 2,000 U.S. job cuts. The company stated its goal is to save approximately $428 million USD in 2023.
Feb. 13:
Frequency Therapeutics is cutting 55% of its workforce due to its decision to drop all programs designed to treat Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL). This comes after its candidate, FX-322, did not meet the primary endpoint in SNHL patients in a Phase IIb trial.
Feb. 9:
Eliem Therapeutics is dropping a depression drug candidate that was heading into Phase II and laying off 55% of staff in an attempt to stretch its cash runway into 2027.
Feb. 8:
Aligos Therapeutics announced it has implemented a pipeline reprioritization resulting in a staff reduction of about 25%. The biotech will now prioritize its NASH and COVID-19 assets, including its NASH collaboration with Merck.
Feb. 6:
Thermo Fisher Scientific will cut a total of 230 jobs at several sites in San Diego County, CA. This comes after the pharma reported a significant drop in sales of its COVID-19 tests in 2022.
Magenta Therapeutics is cutting up to 56 positions from its workforce - about 84% of its total staff - according to a filing with the SEC. This comes days after the biotech suspended the development of its clinical programs after a patient's death halted a Phase I/II trial.
Feb. 3:
Eisai Inc. filed a WARN notice with the state of New Jersey that stated it plans to cut 91 jobs. The job cuts will be effective on April 30.
Vyant Bio announced plans to cut its workforce in an attempt to extend its cash runway, though the announcement did not specify how many jobs would be cut. The decision is due to leadership's belief that "its stock price does not reflect the fundamental value of the business."
Medicago, a plant-based COVID-19 vaccine developer, announced it will shut its doors due to a slowdown in the COVID-19 pandemic. This follows the company's November announcement that it planned to lay off 62 employees at a North Carolina manufacturing facility.
Feb. 1:
Evelo Biosciences announced it has implemented cost-saving initiatives that include an unspecified amount of job cuts. In the same announcement, the company also stated its atopic dermatitis candidate, EDP1815, did not meet its primary endpoint in a Phase II trial.
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2023.03.18 13:35 BiomaniacReddit From Fierce Biotech

This is from Fierce Biotech as of March 1st.
Sorrento filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notice in California, stating that 538 positions could be cut. The company, however, confirmed in a statement to Fierce Biotech that no layoffs have occurred at this time. The WARN notice was issued prior to the securing of a $75 million financing. "Sorrento is currently evaluating its staffing needs in order to continue driving forward its priority trials," the spokesperson said.
Sorrento filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago, with the company revealing $235 million in debt. Sorrento has been in a yearslong legal feud with billionaire drug developer Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., and his companies over an alleged scheme to run out the clock on a Sorrento asset bought by Soon-Shiong’s company NantCell. Sorrento was handed a lifeline a week after the bankruptcy notice, however, with a Texas court approving a $75 million loan from JMB Capital Partners.
As part of the financing, Sorrento CEO Henry Ji, Ph.D., indicated that the money would be spent continuing “normal business operations, including the payment of employee wages and benefits and post-petition vendor obligations.”
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2023.03.18 00:01 Salt_Lengthiness4509 Hot Asian Male Dominates Submissive Colleges (Update)

Intended Major(s): Computer Science
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Science Olympiad State Qualifiers 3 Years in a Row
  2. TEAMs Varsity Captain for Team 3 (we had 3 varsity teams)
  3. Key Club Designated Community Service Coordinator
  4. NHS Member
  5. JV Athlete Track
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. County Wide Essay Contest Runner Up
  2. IASP MLK Essay Contest School Entrant
  3. AP Scholar
Letters of Recommendation
AP Calc Teacher (7/10) - We really connected during my Junior year and he took a while to write mine
AP Biology Teacher (5/10) - She gave me a copy for transparency and it was really generic. Just basically said "x student was good for y reasons"
AP Chem TeacheVice Principle (5/10) - Same explanation for AP Biology Teacher
Personal Essay: Was really unique in my opinion. Was about my fascination with the telephone pole and I connected it back to my connection, or lack thereof, with my family
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
ED: Cornell CS (Rejected)
EA: Purdue (Accepted!!!!!)
UIUC (Rejected)
IU Bloomington (Accepted + Scholarship)
How the turntables have tide turned. In all seriousness, I am super happy with Purdue. Outside of being ranked nationally in the field, I have a sort of odd connection with the campus. They used to host some of my middle school band concerts and were where a majority of my Science Olympiad competitions took place. It was my number 1 choice from the get-go (I ED'd to Cornell just for fun) and I am super proud to call myself a future Boilermaker :D
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2023.03.17 22:48 Cindersfor24 Can Ca EDD deny benefits if you have a severance?

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2023.03.17 08:41 unseenbae is that specific max for assets to apply foodstamps?

F(26) CA part-time, my employer just give me one day(3-4hrs) a week and I kinda want to quit because the environment is not good anymore. i am a job seeker basically, but my dad helps me out with food and stuff.i have enough savings in my account, but it's for emergency, and I still have to pay for my car monthly(under my dad's name)
is my savings account gonna affect my application?I just applied for foodstamps and get denied.i want to try edd,if anything.
ill take all advice in the comments section and thank you.

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2023.03.17 03:33 Tempura_Daddy CRM, RIVN Planning Another Round of Layoffs Per California's Employment Development Dept.

CRM, RIVN Planning Another Round of Layoffs Per California's Employment Development Dept.
1065 Workers Total

733 Workers Total
Google is planning to layoff an additional 953 workers on 3/31/23 and Amazon will layoff an additional 504 on 3/19/23 in California.
Pfizer was also listed as planning to layoff 196 employees permanently on 4/19/23 in California as well.
Source: https://edd.ca.gov/en/Jobs_and_Training/Layoff_Services_WARN
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2023.03.11 21:33 h20wakebum CA - C-Section Birth, disability only... no 1099??? tax filing question

Hi there,
I gave birth in July 2022 and took disability as i had a c-section.
I did not take paid family leave.
I have not received a 1099 from CA. My husband who did take Paid FAmily LEave did receive his 1099.
Becuase I took disability only (paid by EDD) will i not get a 1099?

Am I OK to file my taxes or do i need to take action?
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2023.03.11 17:51 BaronVonBroccoli Anon buys a GOTY collector's edition.

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2023.03.10 17:17 CFIpayW2 Flight Instructors paid as Independent Contractors (1099)

Flight Instructors paid as Independent Contractors (1099)
Flight instructors at some of the largest schools across the United States are being paid as Independent Contractors (1099) instead of Employees (W2). This is illegal and you are being underpaid for your services. In most cases, flight instructors do not meet the qualifications of an Independent Contractor, thus your employer must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

What am I Owed?
At minimum, you are owed the employer portion of payroll taxes, about 7.5% of gross wages. However, in many cases the employer can be held liable for employee portions of payroll taxes, unemployment tax, workers comp, and more. These can be up to about 15% of gross wages. Additionally, you may be owed for uncompensated work time (required meetings/training or briefing/ground time with students) and overtime pay. For a typical flight instructor, these may add up to $5,000 or more during your time with a school.

Why am I an Employee?
  1. Integral Part of Business - Flight instructors make up the majority of a Flight School’s payroll and critical to daily functions. Flight School’s primary service is one-on-one flight instruction, completed by misclassified independent contractors.
  2. Permanence of Relationship - Flight instructors generally work for the company for 1-2 years in order to build the hours and experience required to move on to the next step in their career. This is not a short term or seasonal position.
  3. Worker’s Investment in Facilities/Equipment - All aircraft, facilities, maintenance, and other related supplies typically furnished by the flight school.
  4. Control by the Principal - Flight schools often exercise considerable control over flight instructor schedules by laying out strict timelines in which they must complete student training.
  5. Worker’s Opportunity for Profit/Loss - Worker only earn wages and have no opportunity for profit or loss.
  6. Independent Advertising of Services - Flight School instructors often work exclusively for a single flight school with no independent advertising.

How do I get Compensation?
The best way to start is to contact your state workforce agency and let them know your employer has misclassified you as an Independent Contractor (1099) instead of an Employee (W2). They can help you file the appropriate paperwork and obtain compensation.
Contact Local Workforce Agency:

File with the IRS:
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